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I am auctioning off my points for Thursday the 16th of December.... This auction will close at 6PM CST on December 16th, 2010.... The points will be given from 6:30 PM til 6:30 AM.... This will allow for a reset which will generate more rates; thus more points.... Please leave only auction bids in the comments section below.... Thank you and have a wonderful day/night....   I will accept the following: - Fubux - Ability Blings (Boomerangs, MegaPolishers, Famps, Auto 11s, Cherry Bombs, God Mode) - Bling Packs - Happy Hours, Blasts, Pimp Outs, etc....   * Will also consider multiple day bids....   **Remember: You get what you bid for, someone else just does all the work for you.... I am auctioning off my points for Tuesday the 14th of December.... This auction will close at 6PM CST on December 14th, 2010.... The points will be given from 6:30 PM til 6:30 AM.... This will allow for a reset which will generate more rates; thus more points.... Please leave only auction
My Stories
As a solider is on his way home from the fight for peace and love to all he has before his vision  of the sweetest of passions fall before his eyes on his way back home does he find the day or moment where he opens his eyes only to see the purest of angels on a day that has the sweetest temptations and passions of the smallest sins of being on a balcony of true love with the sweetest of strawberries or fruit on the clearest summer day with the most beautiful breeze he has ever felt for she is there with him on that balcony just for to share a single moment and be truly at peace with just that moment if that shall be all she shares with him for he has held so much pain in his heart as she has for they no not of the reasons as of yet until she says no words and allows him only to just look into her eyes to journey to her heart and see what truly exists in her heart of which he never has seen such beauty at that very moment when he opens his eyes that were bleeding and blind for all he wa
My Latest Novel
We looked at 3 offers yesterday; rejected 2 (a cash offer of $285,000 and a USDA financed counter offer of $280,000) and are sitting on a third (the First Time Home Buyer) of $292,000 until Monday @ 5PM. Because we showed our house 7 times over Sat / Sun, we feel there's a chance an offer could come in sometime Monday. Well, the USDA offer we rejected decided to accept our original counter offer of $292,900 (which he had actually REJECTED when he countered @ $280,000) . I guess he saw the REJECTED on his counter and panicked. He sure came up with a lot of money very suddenly. So our Realtor called FTHB's Realtor to tell her that our counter had been accepted by the USDA Buyer. And the other Realtor said, "Hold it!" What a mess! I guess it makes sense that this can't happen. Our counter was null and void when he countered. So now our Realtor has to call Legal to find out what to do. I think the guy needs to write up a new offer for $292,900 if he wants the house. We would love that. B
Birmingham Escort Agencies
You can either dislike visiting because it creates you experience single or you can take it as something which is amazing and fun and appreciate it. There are a large number of men who have to vacation for months together and for them, visiting seems to be very single and gloomy but that is only because they neglect their associates and the company of females. However, you can modify all that by getting together with amazing Birmingham Airport escorts and Birmingham Incalls. Every man needs the organization of a lady, whether he is visiting or not and when you are visiting to a location like Birmingham, discovering the organization of a lady is not very challenging. You can experience assured, liked and suitable in the organization of these amazing females. One of the most effective to create sure that you do not experience single or eventually missed when you are on the street is to get yourself the organization of a lady like a Manchester flight terminal carry no issue where you a
Blond Jokes
Meteor Crater As a Delta Air Lines jet was flying over Arizona on a clear day, the copilot was providing his passengers with a running commentary about landmarks over the PA system. "Coming up on the right, you can see the Meteor Crater, which is a major tourist attraction in northern Arizona. It was formed when a lump of nickel and iron, roughly 150 feet in diameter and weighing 300,000 tons struck the earth at about 40,000 miles an hour, scattering white-hot debris for miles in every direction. The hole measures nearly a mile across and is 570 feet deep." From the cabin, a blonde passenger was heard to exclaim, "Wow! It just missed the highway!" Blonde Arithmetic A group of blondes were willing to prove that not all blondes were dumb. They established a judges panel of people to ask the questions. On the day of the judging the people started off by asking, "What is 59 + 2?" The first blonde contestant responded by saying, "57?" The rest of the blon
Nike Soccer Cleats
Guan Liren it seems as though nothing feel to continue shaking her, "Shang Chi, why do you do this to me? You wake up, you in the end is what the evil? You wake up!" Yinshang Qi was like a scarecrow Liren shake the hook, small wear timely rushed in at this time. After she rushed shouting: "incredible, yet Nike Superfly and adidas predator x trx fg Qi sister, you look at the newspaper to write ... not yet finished, then she looked up at the same time also to swallow it, because she mistakenly thought the Shang Qi Guan the Liren cuddle together. She hastily corrected himself and said: "Sorry, I did not mean to disturb you." Yinshang Qi took the opportunity to push the switch Liren, asked Pei: "small wear, you say what is written in the newspaper?" She was relieved, but for wear come in, she Mercurial Vapor Superfly and F50 adizero TRX FG really did not know they will not be shut Liren shook the bones scattered. Yinshang Qi looked at him calmly, "I did not give Mercurial Vapor Superfly an
Mumbai Property
Lodha Casa Rio Dombivali (Save Rupee 3 Lacs with every booking ) and get assured gifts A 32 inch LED TV with every booking Looking for Property in Mumbai, Lodha Casa Rio Dombivali Mumbai property is the best choice. Lodha Casa Rio from Lodha Group is a prime property in Palava, near the Mumbai Thane Highway in Dombivali. Lodha Casa Rio offers 1bhk,  2 bhk (Optima) (Ultima) luxury apartments at an affordable price. It is an ideal city located in green, pleasing Palava connected to all the commercial hubs of Mumbai. Lodha Casa Rio glorify every necessity, luxury and comfort of modern living from a stylized mall to a world class schools, 2 and 4 lane trees lined roads that take you to your destination to round the clock power. Lodha Casa Rio is a best property in Mumbai, charmed place so abundant in forests and trees, streams and a quiet river which is flawlessly planned it seems to have been designed by God Himself. Lodha Group was established in the year
Gun Control
Dear ______________: I realize it is customary to begin missives to elected representatives with the words Honorable Senator ______________ or Honorable Representative ______________, but I believe that title must be earned. Frankly, you (I am referring to you individually and to Congress as a whole) have not done so and, therefore, do not deserve to be addressed that way. However, the purpose of this letter is not to criticize you, but to inform you about what is happening in the country you were elected to serve. According to a recent poll, Congress’ favorability ranks below lice, cockroaches, colonoscopies and root canals. Have you for a moment stopped to wonder why? It’s because a vast majority of Americans believe that Congress no longer represents them, but instead represents big corporations and, mostly, themselves and their cronies. The recent “fiscal cliff” deal is a perfect example. It socked a tax increase on 80 percent of American workers while dol
Pieces Of Me
It's been a while since I have blogged, I guess I've not had much to say. Now I have something to say so here I am. On the 31st of March sometime between midnight and 2AM my grandmother (forever known to you as my Gaw Gaw) passed away. My mother finally made it into town on Friday and we met at my Gaw Gaw's house only to find other distant family members had made their way through to pick out what they wanted. I wont go into the nightmare this has been. On Friday my mother picked up my Gaw Gaw's ashes and today we released her into the Gulf of Mexico... it's as close to the ocean as I can get here in Houston, Texas. It was a simple ceremony... we read Psalms 23 and then released the ashes with some rose petals at the same time and then we sang Amazing Grace... a song that was last sang almost 12 years ago at my sister's funeral... but I digress. Today was simple, you know for my grandmother to be so lively the bag of ashes was small.... The life that lived was so grea
Poetry And Lyrics...
It is living inside of me like any virus Stop me if you've heard this all before I'm pretty sure you have but you'd like to be lured back in So smile and flirt "Wouldn't you like to stay the night?" "Why of course not my love, can't you see the skies letting loose?" Suspended like a tight-rope walker over the ocean Blowing kisses to the drowning mass Sainted by your self-sacrificial ways Let me greet you with open arms A knife held in each hand Perhaps then you'd get the point Perhaps you'd understand Stab. Choke. Lie. Choke I'd love to watch you die Choke Oh how I tire of circles Every now and then I'd prefer to repeat life in straight lines At least then I'd see just where I'm headed And where I've come from The buzzing flies await The feeding maggots behind All my life I've been ascending Only to be eaten alive The clouds of the night sky Open up like neon thighs Eating the shit off your shoes I am your whore And I'll be b
The Blog!
You know the Bible 66%!  Congratulations! You know a lot about the Bible - the books, the characters, the events. You are able to remember a lot of what you have heard and read! Ultimate Bible QuizCreate MySpace Quizzes hey there just to start off, i never really know what to say in these things...and i say these things because this has to be the fourth or fifth blog i have tried to create this year. im tired. thats all for now. thanx for reading. ignore any typos or spelling mistakes. bye! I fully support the troops that we have sent over there and i wish a safe and short stay for every man and woman over there. I full believe that the world is a safer place now that Saddam and his bunch have been taken out of power and are going to get some real justice, which is more than they gave some of thier own people through the years. I dont think that our forces there should get involved with what is quickly becoming a fight between two different factions that seem to just w
Improve Your Mind, Read Poetry!
Does anybody know how to make this spinning stop? I've been to numerous doctors, all don't know what is wrong with me. After MRI's/MRA's, chiropractor visits, ear tests, and lots of pills, I am still spinning!!! :( This is like a roller coaster ride I can't get off of! Has anybody had experience with it or know someone who has? What worked or didn't work for you/them?? Yesterday the spinning got so bad I almost passed out 3 different times. UGH!!! HELP ME!! Please help comment me! I need 10,000 and I have over 4,000 now. Any little bit you can do helps! I will send you little gifts to show my appreciation. If I'm not on or not around, just send me an email to let me know you sent some comments and I will stop by your page and send you some love!
{poetry Madness
Written:By Blossom_Rose Sitting Here Thinking Of You Hoping One Day We Will Meet, There Will Be No Modern Technology It Will Be So Unique. You Will Be Holding MY Hand And I'll Be Thinking Ain't Love Grand Look Here World It's Just Me And My Man What A Wonderful Plan Yeah Just Me And My Man Listen Up World We're Off To WonderLand Yo I Don't Care Who See's Us They'll Be Just Wishing They Could Be Us You'll Reach out and Touch My Heart It Will Melt In your Hand and We'll Take a Stand There's No If's And's Or Maybe's Just Me And My Baby I Love you And You Love Me What a Call OF Destiny Written By :Blossom_Rose This Poem Is Being Published Right Along With The Other One And All The Rest Are Already Published this is why i feel the way i feel for you ------------------------- this is why i feel the way i feel for you because your special iam too this is why i feel the way i feel for you i need you and you need me oh how happy we can be i'll kiss you and you'll ki
Wolfies Blog
Nothing is wrong as far as i know.. Just kinda tired of the drama of the CT and suffering from a bit of a ct burn out... Trying to reach level 10 and then achieving it was the goal i set... And now im just chilling and popping in from time to time.. Happy Turkey day C I want to start this Thursday Oct 26th at noon TeXas time a new contest... This will run one week!!! I am looking for as much as 12 candidates for Sexiest BBW... C'om Ladies show the world a BBW can be hot sexy and seductive too!! NO NUDITY allowed... scantly clad is fine but no nudity!!... How do you participate? Very easy send me a mail with in the header "Contests sexiest BBW) with a link to the picture in your lostcherry pictures... This photo CANNOT HAVE AN ADULT TAG as i want to rip it to my gallery... Once it hits Thursday noon and i have at least 9 participants the contest will open... I give 2 points for a comment and 1 point for a rating... GIVE HER ONE OF YOUR T-SHIRTS TO SLEEP IN...and boxe
Tinks Blogs
You are a woman to be honored; A woman who knows what she wants to do and will do it; A woman who is not afraid to speak out for what she believes; A woman who is kind and good and giving and yet wants for herself also; A woman who sets high goals for herself and achieves them; A woman who is beautiful on the outside and inside; A woman who understands her body and is in complete charge of her body; A woman who is a success at work and with those she loves; A woman who is intelligent and sensitive, strong and able; A woman who loves being a woman equal to men; A woman who is the ideal woman; You are a remarkable woman accomplishing so much as a strong woman in a man's world; Strong but soft; strong but caring; strong but compassionate. You are a remarkable woman accomplishing so much as a giving woman in a selfish world; Giving to your friends; giving to your family; giving to everyone. You are a remarkable woman who is loved by so many people whose lives yo
??just A Question??
I wish Heaven had a phone so I could hear your voice again. I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought of you yesterday and the days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake from which I’ll never part, God has you in his arms… and I have you in my heart. I could never tell you my true feelings, That I feel for you. I'll keep them to myself, What I feel is true, you see. But I know we can never be, Too many things to get in our way. I can only dream of you holding me one day, I think of you with every waking minute, And long for you each night. Wish I could share with you, what is in my heart. But I am afraid you don't feel the same,And my heart will be torn apart. So for now, I'll keep my secret to myself, I'll just keep Praying that someday, You'll take me by the hand, and tell me you feel the same way. Until then I'll just keep loving you, And hope that
So Jason is being moved from the hospital to the rehab center today. He still has no functional use of his right side. THe docs are still trying to figure out WHY he had a stroke at 32, but so far no luck there. If all goes well, he might be able to come home in three weeks. While watching a special on Halloween last night, there was an interview with a "Christian" minister who was ranting about this holiday and the "evil pagan influx into this country." Over the course of the next few minutes, he proceeded to blame paganism for every ill and moral sin currently rampant in this country, and called for Christians everywhere to spend this Devil's Night educating themselves and others on this horrid, devil worshipping cult of pagans who are ruining the youth of this country. I stared in absolute shock at the television for about ninety seconds, actually appalled that someone in the year 2006 would actually believe and preach this utter nonsense! Has nothing changed since the 160
My Life
As you may already know from reading my profile, I have a love for weights, so much so that I am obssessed with it. Over the past few days I have become even more so in my attempt to break my current max lift in the benchpress. Well, this payed off as today I went over the 300 pound mark, nailing a 305! My first step toward a 400 pound benchpress has been taken :D Today I hit the weight bench again, I really only set out to repeat my accomplishment from Monday and get 305 up again, which I did with ease, so I decided why not try adding on another 5 and see what I did, and to my surprise lifted it several times! That's 310 pounds I'm putting up. I think I am, right at this moment, the strongest I have ever been. A good time I guess to start keeping a blog about it and see what I accomplish, lol Let me see, what else is going poem "Noose" got choosen to be included on a poetry cd, which is pretty cool :) This is a poem that was written by one of my bes
Life Sux..........
Eh I really don't like father's day anymore. I guess cuz I have no real reason to be kinda happy about this day anymore since my dad has passed. Just a day to bring up stupid emotions...But ne wayz I haven't posed in awhile. I went to the Zoo yesterday it rocked. I'm going back friday LoL I'm such a kid at heart I tell ya. I think I'm ready to get back out there in the "dating world"...I kinda miss having a man even though the last one was a low-life douche bag. I don't even know why I spent 4 horrid months with that cock sucker. School is good and I'm actually doing good. Yay go me!!! I hate the heat it totally sucks. I wanna go play in the fountian but it's no fun alone. Nicholas is getting so big I can't even believe it. He's my little man. Honestly I don't know what I'd ever do without him. I think I might be getting sick which really blows. I hate being sick. Hmmm I don't think I have anything else to say....and this blog made no sence just random crap put together.... Gotta Love
Angels & Ecstasy...demons & Desire
Quizzes..horray! Horray!!
Ashley -- [adjective]:Extremely dominant 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at Erm..ummm dont think they got that one right lol Ashley will go to jail for ... Performing a strip tease on the street 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at Ashley -- [noun]:A person who laughs at anything (even this entry) 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at OMG!! they found out lmao..and now this is true i do laugh at everything lol
To All My Cherries
THERE FOR A LONG TIME I WAS WONDERING IF TRUE LOVE WAS EVEN MEANT FOR ME WELL I AM LIVING PROOF THERE IS TRUE LOVE AND A SOUL MATE FOR EVERY ONE WELL I HAVE FOUND MINE AND I WOULD NOT TRADE HIM FOR ANYTHING HE IS MY TRUE LOVE AND MY SOUL MATE MY FRIEND MY LOVER SO IM HAPPY AND WISH EVERYONE THE SAME LUCK IN FINDING THIERS HUGS LIGHTENLADY to all merry christmas happy new years i dont know if or when i will be back so my prayers and blessings are with u all BLESSED BE Diane For many years my heart was filled with clouds and gray skies, no rainbows, no sunshine! When my heart cried for what it had never known,and others just made it cry even worse! It was like my heart and soul was doomed adn drwoning to the gloomy saddness of love! Then all of a sudden you came along,and my heart fluttered for the first time in years! You chased away the clouds and gray skies;and filled it with blue skies and butterflies! To me you brought back the rainbows and
Thoughts And Feelings
As you enter the darkened room, you see me chained arms and legs spread, pussy glistening, nipples hard,just as you had left me hours before. You see me swinging myself back and forth. Wishing you would come to me, Make me scream with pleasure. I see you move in the darkness. I beg you to come closer, To touch me. I want so badly to feel your hands on my skin. To feel your lips on mine, your hardness press against me, to enter me. You move closer, but you don"t touch me. You just stand there listening to me beg for you. My pussy starting to drip with the thought of your touch. I need you so badly, please.As you reach out a single finger and slowly trace my lips I bite softly. Then you move closer and your lips are upon mine. kissing deeply, I feel your hand slowly moving across my belly down to the wetness waiting for you. You run your finger up my pussy. then to your lips. You slowly lick your finger and moan as your eyes close. When they open again, they are full of fir
You have found what I have thrown away, Finding what unlocks my heart. You slowly begin opening, what has been closed for such a longtime. You see so much love inside that, You realize that you are unable to return this love. You tell me, that you’re heart is not ready and you hand back the key. Taking it back with a tear and placing it on the shelf. I tell you, it is here and it is yours, When you are ready, I Love You!!! I have no umbrella here to shelter me from the pain. I can't handle another downpour, Still, flooded out from the last wave of storms. Keeping all out and everything in, so high and thick, Nothing can penetrate this fortress like walls I have constructed. Enjoying the security and comforts and detesting the loneliness brought with it. A dark knight armed only with love, encircles my castle like walls, Searching for a weakness to liberate his dark angel from her self imprisonment unleashing his arsenal of heart felt loving words, knocking
Queens Random Thoughts
Poems & Feelings
Two souls separated by a distance Two hearts engaged with their own lives Two spirits misplaced in each own horizon Two people shackled by their own destiny That’s what we are… Love was introduced breaking the distance Hope brings together the different lives Faith binds two souls together in one horizon Candles of passion burns the written destiny That’s what we are… Only time can tell and erase the distance An eternal flame will burn the rest of our lives Burning intensity you can see across the horizon The scars of love and tenderness will rewrite destiny That’s what we are… Aint no other man, not another one for me. When you came into my world you made forget the pain that i had inside.You became my light in the dark, stars in the night. Never going to need, another man. The only one for, style and class but mine. Not like any other, special and only for me. Enter my life like, a hurricane!! Mean the world, but always so much more. I understan
Happy Thanksgivng everybody! i'm just relaxin' a little and hoping the rest of the year goes just as smooth as today did. well i've heard about how hard long distance relationships are. but damn, it's the shit! my son married right before 2nd tour and it was a BIG MISTAKO! sometimes you have to take off the rose-colored glasses. once you're broken-hearted, then you get mad and finally you let go. and if you're in the sand dunes you really can let it out! so 'STAY ALIVE' that's the best vengeance! 'Proud of all our Troops & Soldiers'! Blue OctoberInto The OceanMusic Video Codes By Music imikimi - Customize Your World
...and it was another chance for me, another chance to make you believe your near. You'll never know what it's to always be last in line with no chance to fight, you're so far gone that you can't even see the light ...and it feels so dark inside me now because there's no one there you'll never know what it's like to be the one who really cares... So long the time ago to be what I wanted to be to you You said, "Don't hold me down, I've got to go and do what I have dreamed, not knowing where you are and missing you would be good for you and me." ...and it feels so dark inside me now because there's no one there you'll never know what it's like to be the one who really cares... Could it be that years have gone from me, gone away waiting for the one I loved? Do you think about me? "I went into the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of put to rout all that was not life; and not, when I came to die, disco
Surveys And Such
EX'S SURVEY This will be interesting!! (1) Would you kiss your Ex again? Maybe 2) How many girlfriends/ boyfriends have told you they loved you? a few (3) Have you ever thought that you were going to marry a person? no, but some how I ended up that way (4) Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt? YES (5) Have you ever made a boy/girlfriend cry... Yes (6) Are you happier single or in a relationship? Single (7) Have you ever been cheated on? Yes 8) Have you ever told someone you loved them and didn't mean it? No (9) Have you ever had your heart broken? yes (10) If you could go back in time and change things, would you? Of course! I wouldn't have ended up married LOL (11) Think any of your ex's still love you? yes (12) Do you believe that you are a good girlfriend/boyfriend? No (13) Have you dated someone who was not good to you? Everyone I ever date tends to be a bad choice for me (14) Have you dated someone older than yo
Mystickah's Poetry
when winter came the snow fell softly to the ground covering the world in a blanket of white listen to wind whistling in and out of the branches of the sycamore tree no noise in the air no sound at all a peaceful silence in the world flying high feeling the air gush past nothing above me nothing below me just me and the sky floating in and out of clouds landing on the nearest star capturing glimpses of this enchantment planets go soaring by on their orbit orion stopped for a visit i'm surrounded by a haze of color mesmerized by it all my heart is pounding my body seduced into ecstasy i'm in a euphoric daze i rebuild my vision found clearly structured closer to my silky dreams
Please help me with this contest... 2 places are awarded... top votes top comments....please help me Proud Soldier ContestLadies and Gentlemen this is your chance to prove to all the Cherries that you are Proud to be a soldier and to represent your branch of Service. Still Taking Nominations the contest has started. Rules Fully clothed...Sorry!!!. Males or females are welcomed. Show your pride. You may comment bomb yourself This will be based on comments because some people do not know how to play fair. Submit link to your picture in a private Message to me RedMex ~THE Dark CHICANA Queen of The RedMex Family@ CherryTAP This contest will begin now and will end 1-18-07 at 12 midnight...(subject to change).... Check here for pics of the Proud Soldiers Proud Service Men and Women If you want to still enter and think you can catch up to the rest message me. Prizes 1st Place 2nd place 3rd place Good Luck to all
My Dead Life
Well I have not been on this site for a very long time. I think it was still Lost Cherry when I checked things out last. Lets see if I can do a rundown of major events. 1) Dallas and I moved into our own house. We rent so we don't own it, but its a huge house. We love it. 2) Soon after moving we got married. We got married Oct. 31st 2007. We are very very happy. I love him so much it still bugs me to be away from him while I'm at work all day. I know...its sickening. 3) We've been through some bad times where we were jobless and then got new jobs that didn't work out, then jobless again...I finally found the perfect job working for a University. I get benefits and time off and all that good stuff. Its heaven and I get a long with all my co-workers. I think I've found my place. 4) Dallas is doing his own thing by running a mobile mechanic business. Its starting to do pretty well. If you need some work done to your vehicle and you're within a reasonable driving
Cool Shit
Okay so its happy hour yet again.. and will be most of the night... which means its time for my happy hour GIFT Giveaway.. This is how it works... come to my page and rate all of my Stash to get a big pimpin gift or rate all of my pics to get the gift... No comments are necessary.. When finished you need to send me a PRIAVATE MESSAGE.. without a private message i wont give the gift.. no sending shouts or comments plz... here is the link to my stash :) Joanna Freaks and Geeks Family **Rate My Stash get a gift :) **@ CherryTAP i am in the mood!!!! anyone need to level up... and need less than 2000 to go.. let me know yo yo my peeps.. I am catching up in the contest im in.. would appreciate your vote.. plz stop by and leave at least one comment..
A woman in her fifties is at home, unclothed, happily jumping on her bed and squealing with delight. Her husband watches her for a while and asks,'Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look? What's the matter with you?' The woman continues to bounce on the bed and says, 'I don't care what you think. I just came from having a mammogram, and the doctor says that not only am I healthy, but I have the breasts of an 18 year-old. The husband replies, 'What did he say about your 51-year old ass?' 'Your name never came up,' she replied. One day Adam asked God "Why did you make Eve so beautiful?" God answered "So that you will love her". Adam again asked "Why did you give her such long flowing hair?" God answered again "So that you will love her." Adam asked again "Why did you give her such a beautiful figure?" Again God answered and said "So that you will love her." Adam said - "Then why did you make her so dumb" and God answered and said "So that she would love you". Wha
Trace's Thoughts For The Day
I have to say I am glad that the holidays are almost over. I still say christmas should be in march lol, Then we all might be able to afford it just a bit better. Is it me or does it seam that the Christmas Holiday has lost its true meaning? And seriously what is it supose to mean now? I thought it was a time for friends and family to get together eat drink and be merry and kids get to get that one toy that was out of reach all year cause only santa can afford it ( specially Now a Days). Now it seams like its the holiday to go broke go into debt and hope and pray there is at least 20 gifts for each kid under the tree and everything cost 50 bucks or more that they want. Time to max those credit cards people pay high intrest rates and what not. I dont want anyone to think I am bah hum bugging christmas, cause I maxed the credit cards, bought the Turkey and all my friends and Family are coming to dinner and there is gifts under the tree, BUT only for the kids this year lol well
Romance And Relationships
Attention...Hot Sex!!!CONTEST.....CONTEST! Okay now that i have ur attention im having a contest...called Hottest Cherry,guy verses guy and girl verses girl sounds kinda gay saying that but its not.So Please stop by my page and vote for 1 girl and 1 guy.....thank you please come and vote.......i cant stress it enough......WHO EVER WINS!! A GUY N A GIRL!! I WILL PERSONALLY BUY THEM A GIFT WORTH 500 TO 1000 CHERRY BUCKS SO PLEASE HELP THEM OUT!i really want to be generous n give to the winning girl n winning guy!help mt friends out! and while ur at some love to me on my ur cherry friend Kitten:) These questions get right to the point answer truthfully and repost .. > > 1. Anal or oral? Both > > 2. Chocolate or whip Cream? Whip cream > > 3. Ice or feathers? Ice > > 4. Two girls and a guy or two guys and a girl? depends > > 5. Movie porn or live porn? live > > 6. What do you wear to bed ? boxers> > 7. Love making or hard fuckin
The Mouthpiece Says:
Ok...I have seen some people rant and rave about how rude it is to rate someone other than a 10. I have even seen someone that put up a little picture to justify why anything other than a 10 is wrong. I have seen someone post under their pics "Rate 10's or Don't Rate At all!". I have seen people call other people haters because someone rated their picture other than a 10. (I am laughing right now as I type this because someone is going through my photos right now rating all of them 10's). Here is what The Mouthpiece has to say about all of that: WHAT FUCKING PLANET ARE WE ON TO BELIEVE OUR ASSES ARE THAT DAMN FINE THAT WE ARE ONLY A TEN?? WHO FUCKING DIED AND MADE OUR ASSES KINGS/QUEENS TO TELL SOMEONE THAT THEY CAN'T RATE US ANYTHING OTHER THAN A TEN??? PLEASE TELL ME WHO THE FUCK WE ARE?? (Clearing throat)Ok. With part of my shouting out of the way, lets dip a little bit into this subject. A rating of a 10 means that we are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. That means we have no flaws. T
The Many Laughs To Come.
>>>Hung Chow calls into work and says, "Hey, I no come work today, I sick, >>>headache, stomach ache, legs hurt, I no come work." >>> >>>The boss says, "You know something, Hung Chow, I really need you today. >>>When I feel like this, I go to my wife and tell her to give me sex. That >>>makes >>>everything better and I go to work. You try that." >>> >>>Two hours later Hung Chow calls again. "I do what you say, I feel great. >>>I >>>be work got nice house." DON'T LEAVE YOUR HUSBAND ALONE WHILE SHOPPING AT WALMART !!!! Why men shouldn't be forced to go shopping with their wives!! Dear Mrs. Blum, Over the past six months, your husband, Mr. John Blum, has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this type of behavior and have considered banning the entire family from shopping in any of our stores. We have documented all incidents on our video surveillance equipment. Also, three of our clerks are attendin
Only Dreams? I Hope Not...
i have been without you and my need for you is strong. i am sitting here and once again my thoughts are of you. i feel your arms encircle my body... i feel your strength and oh, how i feel my burning need. i love to be with you in your room as you sit on your bed. i sit curled on your lap as you tilt my chin up and ask me what my pleasure is for this night. i tell you i want to be yours and tonight i want to be in control. somehow your deep chuckle as you say "ha, my kitten wants claws" does not quite make me feel very controlling but i am determined to show you. naked, as you lean back against your pillows, against the brass headboard sure of yourself and your moves in life as your job demands, to win. "come my kitten, i shall let you play". i do not stay on your lap but slide off the bed and stand naked before you, letting you watch as i slowly turn around in a circle showing you my body. you reach out with your hand but i take a step back and smile seductively shaking my head no. th
Does the pain of being alone every get better?! good men out there!?! and if there are, why can't I seem to find one? 1. How old will you be in five years? 27 2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? Tina. 3. How tall are you? 5'4" 4. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks? I wish there was something to look forward too. 5. What's the last movie you saw? Texas Chainsaw ... the beginning. 6. Who is the last person you called? my mommy. 7. Who was the last person to call you? Rob 8. What was the last text message you received? Don't know. 9. Do you prefer to call or text? Call. 10. Do you have any pets? Two doggies. 11. What were you doing at 12am last night? trying to sleep. 12. Are your parents married/separated/divorced? married. 13. When is the last time you saw your mom? umm.., a year ago... i miss her. 14. What color are your eyes? brown 15. What time did you wake up today? 9 16. What's your
Relief, Peace, well-being, joy and better relations with others will be possible if we practice mindfulness in our everyday life. I am convinced that everybody can practice mindfulness, even politicians, political parties, even the Congress. This is a body that holds the responsibility for knowing the nation's situation well, and knowledge of this kind requires the practice of looking deeply. If our elected officials are not calm enough, do not have enough concentration, how can they see things deeply? To meditate does not mean to fight with a problem. To meditate means to observe. Your smile proves it. It proves that you are being gentle with yourself, that the sun of awareness is shining in you, that you have control of your situation. You are yourself, and you have acquired some peace. We really have to understand the person we want to love. If our love is only a will to possess, it is not love. If we only think of ourselves, if we know only our own needs and ignore the need
Stories, Parables & Fables
Every evening the plucky Skunk went to the brook to look for his supper. It was hard work, but with patience, the Skunk usually came home with a meal. "You are foolish," said the Raccoons. "Why do you work so hard for your food? Come forage with us through the garbage cans behind the fine homes of the people. It is easy!" "No thank you," said the Skunk. "I prefer to catch my own supper." And with the hoots of the Raccoons ringing in his ears, he trundled off to the brook. As the summer progressed, the Skunk became a skilled hunter while the Raccoons grew fat and lazy. One evening, the Skunk heard a chorus of crying Raccoons outside his door. "What's wrong?" asked the Skunk. "Is something the matter?" "The people have locked their garbage cans!" cried the Raccoons. "We have no supper." "You see?" said the Skunk, "I hate to say I told you so, but..." His voice trailed off while all the Raccoons glared at him. The Skunk went back and finished his dinner. He threw the scra
Things I Enjoy And Help Me Through Life!
The Resume of Jesus Christ ------------------------------------ Address: Ephesians 1:20 Phone: Romans 10:13 Website: The Bible. Keywords: Christ, Lord, Savior and Jesus Hello. My name is Jesus Christ. Many call me Lord! I've sent you my resume because I'm seeking the top management position in your heart. Please consider my accomplishments as set forth in my resume. Qualifications · I founded the earth and established the heavens, (See Proverbs 3:19) · I formed man from the dust of the ground, (See Genesis 2:7) · I breathed into man the breath of life, (See Genesis 2:7) · I redeemed man from the curse of the law, (See Galatians 3:13) · The blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant comes upon your life through me, (See Galatians 3:14) Occupational Background · I've only had one employer, (See Luke 2:49). · I've never been tardy, absent, disobedient, slothful or disrespectful. · My employer has nothing but rave reviews for me, (See Matthew 3:15-17)
Babyyy ( Poems )
Online .. If your lucky you find someone that has Passion .. A Heart and Soul .... Someone that has the same wants and needs that you have ... If your lucky ..... Online .... I was just hoping from room to room ,looking around checking things out. I seen something that struck my eye. I decided to check out what was going on inside . And there he was , I heard this voice with a soul so deep . It wasn't just the poems he was reading , It was what he was saying to me . Trying to pull me out of the shadows where I sat .Wanting me to share a piece of me ,But I was not ready for that .I slipped him, some of my work in a (IM) , He whispered to me that they were very good and to send him more . I left the room , and he called me back in . I don't know why , But I came running then . I loved hearing his voice and the things he had said . He opened up a window to talk to me , It made me feel special that no one else could see . He spent some time just with me.

aim- xpho3n1x yahoo- crazybeautiful856 myspace- there is one song i see all over ct and myspace... i do not know if people realize how corny this song is yet or not.... "Smack That" or "Smack Dat" whateverthefuckitis by Akon. It is one of the most annoying songs I have ever heard.
Dumb Stuff I Ask
You scored as Slut. Slut94%Popular Bitch56%Goth50%Athletic Tomboy50%Preppy Girl38%Loser25%Nerdy Girl19%Hippy13%What type of girl are you?!!created with Ok, just got out of the shower, and it's FREEZING in my house. Sadly my clothes are in the laundry room and there's some guy helping my mom with her oxygen machine, so I'm stuck in my room, in my towel. I swear I'm going to freeze. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Had to vent. Brr. It's cold. Brr. welll im about to take some pics last chance to give me some ideas while the cameras on oh yeah they have to be good so lets give this another try lovelovelove mandi
please help with the contes im in i need comment bombs here is my newist pic in a contest i think its cute but what ever just wanted to say hi Breaking Benjamin The Diary Of Jane
Your Candy Heart Says "Cutie Pie" You always seem to have a hot date, even though you never try to meet anyone. A total charmer, you have a natural appeal that keeps you in high demand. Your ideal Valentine's Day date: multiple dates with multiple people Your flirting style: 100% natural What turns you off: serious relationship talks Why you're hot: you're totally addicting What Does Your Candy Heart Say?
[ photo: 3166724054 ] [ photo: 2705423565 ]
Jo$huas Poetry
"PAINT" sitting here thinking alone with the sounds mezmerizing my mind surrounded by everybody but yet still by myself my thoughts the wind music the end the beginning what will it be old or new me or you fast or slow how should i know could this really be are we free is this all just art for you and me it could be a beautifull painting a piece fo blank canvas ready to be stained or is it better plain i can't stand it i must know where will we go when this painting is through what wall will we hang on or will the art be gone will it be strong and last for long or will it fall on the floor to get stepped on trampled under foot boot after boot to be turned into root these questions we'll never know untill it's time to go so i'll just follow the road and let it lead me where it knows i should go lifes a painting let the paint flow Jo$hua It's a b
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I have decided to host another cutest kids contest.. send in pics of your kids to Joanna Freaks and Geeks Family **Rate My Stash get a gift :) **@ CherryTAP Hey Cherry Tappers.. one of my new friends needs some help in a contest.. stop and comment bomb her page plz :) Hey all my sis is in a contest and she is behind.. she could use all the help she can get plz stop by and leave her a few comments... its to win a happy hour!!
Mind Of A Porn Star
Here's a pic from my latest set on BrokenDollz! Check out the rest of the set by clicking below: The following is a post from "Deviant Nation would like to formally welcome photographer Philip Warner from Lithium Picnic Studio. Effective immediately, Lithium Picnic will be shooting sets and general photography for Deviant Nation. Lithium Picnic's work has been featured on MTV, A&E, as well dozens of magazine and cover features in the US and Europe. For the month of July, the revenue from all new subscriptions will be donated to his legal defense against Suicide_Girls. We wish him the best of luck with his case and look forward to his contributions to Deviant Nation as we continue to grow and improve the site." For more information about the lawsuit and more ways to help LP check out his site at When I was younger I used to think having sex just for the sake of pleasure, or god forbid for
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Please If you are viewing my site, please dont spam it with junk. If you don't have anything to say but sending spam, I rather you don't say anything. Junk like "Hey cute Are you the one that asked about money for survey or shit" don't bother me with that crap. just been long weekend..just been busy with personal life. Today i'm about to go to my Aunt Bettys for cook out. I hope everyone had great weekend. thanks for those that leaving comments while I was gone. xoxo ~Mary~ tues,wed,thrus be at friends Roxy's appartment dog & cat sitting. Roxy & her brofriend just want get way for few days without phone anyways..sweet dog...Roxy left lot food there for me choose what to eat. very nice she even asked me what I wanted to eat...wish I know she had food..i would of said no thats okay if you have food I just eat that at meals. so she got turkey, big crousants, cheerioes, Skin milk, & Cheese cubes & string cheese. lol sweet lady I took care of her mom betty for while
Looking through the seeing glass I see the light of what will pass Hover cars and techno tones Refuge holes and human bones New pets, marks, fish, and cheers Pictures, art, food, and beers Robots watch our little kids Ruined math and screwed up grids Computer games and viruses Extinct and dying irises No sun, moon, stars, or grain The future holds so many pains Looking through the seeing glass I see the light of what will pass Wars with weapons undefined Guns, bazookas, born in mind Songs with curses new and old Porno art that’s over-sold Living on the moon is great A million new verbs to conjugate No water, soil, land, or love No God, worship, friends, or dove Dumber dogs and smarter cats Annoying birds and fatter rats Looking through the seeing glass I see the light of what will pass The future’s going to be great But let’s think of the rest With all the problems now, you think The future is the best? Now there’s wars and angry gangs Then ther
Drip Drops Of Thoughts From My Leaky Brain.
Ms Racks 2007 Contest!!! Voting open Friday 4/13 at 11am to Friday 4/20 at 11am Ms. Retta Megan SEXY REDHEAD Deliciously Unique NHcutie29 filthy cute Hot & Horny MyJoy
It has been determined, the most used sexual position for married couples is a doggie position.! The husband sits up and begs. The wife rolls over and plays dead. Its amazing that assholes can get girls. Actually, now that I think of it, its not that amazing. They are assholes at heart, but to meet girls they lavish their undying love. ITS A CHARADE. They act nice, friendly, and they listen until they get into what theyre after. Their prey thinks they are in love with them, however when they realize what assholes their predators really are, they pretend like the asshole is really nice inside. The girl tries to change the asshole into a nice guy, but assholes will always be assholes. She gets upset and goes to the nice guy to complain about the asshole. But she claims to love the asshole now this is where the theory begins. She doesnt want to look like she is easy so she wont dump the asshole right away, instead she will stay with the asshole. Girls are idiots. They dont real
Magical Boredom
i would rather/..... sleep then work drive then walk fuck then fight smoke then drink sing then talk dance then hop laugh than cry... sway me in perfect harmony balance my grace with song move meadows in dreamstate entrapping me in song swep moments of memorization captivate me in song release me from this seed of shadow take me away with song I can´t use what I can´t abuse And I can´t stop when it comes to you You burned me out but I´m back at your door Like Joan of Arc coming back for more I nearly died I came to cut you up I came to knock you down I came around to tear your little world apart I cam to shut you up I came to drag you down I came around to tear your little world apart And break your soul apart You burn and burn to get under my skin You´ve gone too far now I won´t give in You crucified me but I´m back in your bed Like Jesus Christ coming from the dead I nearly died
Most Heavenly Body Album(nude Version)
THIS IS MY FREIND Rose2Bud SHES IN A CONTEST TO WIN 4 DAY BLAST AND SHE IS WAY BEHIND IN THE CONTEST SO IF YOU WOULD PLS CLICK ON THE PIC IN THIS BLOG AND BOMB THE HELL OUTTA HER WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED Hugssssssssssssss Love ya.. One day a woman's husband died, and on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of their bedroom, the wife was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't anymore. No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, no more "just one minute." Sometimes, what we care about the most gets all used up and goes away, never to return before we can say good-bye, say "I love you." So while we have it . It's best we love it and care for it and fix it when it's broken and heal it when it's sick. This is true for marriage ... and old cars .. and children with bad report cards and dogs with bad hips and aging parents and grandparents. We keep
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Come & fan me rate me, i have 250 pics you can rate and comment on, you can buy me gifts, leave me comments on my profile and crush me! Anything that can help me level up! PLEASE help me out! Anything will help me and I will go and rate your pics and comment them too! I just need assistance leveling up! Thanks!! :D You know there are times when you feel like expressing something out loud but at the same time you don't want to be judged for it well I'm having one of those epiphany moments and not sure what to do! I've had these ummmmmm emotions bottled up for sometime and I just pushed them to the back of my head but since yesterday for some reason they came forward and now I've done nothing but think about them! It's weird that always just suddenly happens to me! So, right now I'm broke and I'm a mess and not sure what to make of it and I want to shout it to the world but I know some people will not hear me out! :P Somehow I want the world to know everything but then at the same time I
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Ramblings Of A Broken Hearted Soul
I know that people say time heals all wounds, but when you lose someone you love time just seems to standstill. You want so badly to go back into time when that person was still alive in order to hold onto those precious moments you were able to experience with them. You want to be able to see their eyes so full or life or hear their laughter again or even do anything in your power to be sure that they know how loved they were. I guess that's why people say take a lot of pictures in order to capture those moments that you want to remember for a lifetime, because you never know when something such as death might occur. Yes, death is inevitable, it's something that everyone will face when their time comes to join our Lord and Creator in Heaven. Some of you know that my grandmother went home to our Lord on Monday February 16 and we buried her that Friday February 20. She had been suffering for many years and I know it would be selfish of me to say that I wish she was still with us, s
These accounts were created yesterday and today to downrate pics in my 'Sexiest feet in high heels' contest. And ratings dont even count, comments only. A disqualification has been done by me on the appropriate entry. hiitsme@ CherryTAP scammer@ CherryTAP mememe@ CherryTAP hithere@ CherryTAP john@ CherryTAP jojo@ CherryTAP julia@ CherryTAP heart@ CherryTAP tina@ CherryTAP I could us
I don't know how I actually manage to keep upwith things the way that I do. i'm always busy and hey thats ok it's keeping me out of the house but sometimes I just want to strangle an ass hole or two bitching at me like I live for them. Man it just pisses me off, I'm not coming to your whim or every childish need. Grr arg... I enjoy my freedom being single but I miss the intimacy that your friends can't give you. I have had a very great week all and all actually. It shocked me. The baby turned three on tuesday. I went to breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace on thursday, which was the best show I have ever been to. Drunk on Friday and tonight i have the baby's party at chuck'e'cheeses. I have no days off so add in that I have worked at least one job everyday. Damn i guess i should get to bed and dream of being debt free... oh life its always a double edged sword.. I feel as though I have suddenly lost sight of what I have been working so hard to achieve. I've had three Jobs since the
this is my fiance and he really needs our help right now. he bought a blast yesterday and it hasnt done him any good what so ever. he wants to catch up and get on the same level as me, but his friends are all lame and when he asks for help he NEVER gets it. will you PLEASE show him that i have some AMAZING friends and help him level up? (he wants to level up 3 levels, but anything will do.) Thank you in advance. i love you all!!! BK Broiler@ fubar This is pretty much just a recap of all the things that i have gone through/done since leaving Eatonville(my dads house). I will warn you, this is goin to be long. lol. But Im not really writing this for to please anyone, its mainly just for me. Im sure some of you are really bored though, so reading what im about to write will kill time for you, ALOT OF TIME. lol. oh and excuse the many typos that im sure im about to do. Im not all that worried about spelling or anything. Oh, and everythin i say is from my point of view, noth
Here is a list of my reference books feel free to check these out and add to your own libaries. The complete illustrated guide to Runes by Nigel Pennick Rune lore by Edred Thorsson A handbook of Rune magic by Edred Thorsson Northern Magic Rune Mysteries and Shamanism by Edred Thorsson Rune Magic by Donald Tyson The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum A practical guide to the Runes by Lisa Peschel Myths of the Norsemen by H.A. Guerber The Vinland Sagas Everyman EDDA The Poetic EDDA by Lee M. Hollander Goddess of the North by Lynda C. Welch Northern Mysteries & Magick by Freya Aswynn Rituals of ASATRU volumes 1 - 3 by Stephen A. McNallen Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Norse by Leonard Everett Fisher Pagan books Living Wicca by Scott Cunningham Wicca a guide for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham Encyclopedia of Magical herbs by Scott Cunningham Scottish Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland Green Witchcraft 1 and 2 by Ann
Ya know, life is sure hard sometimes! Ya find someone who makes you happier than anyone has in a VERY long time and then things happen that throw it into spin! I wanna scream! Why cant I just be happy? Why cant I just let the happiness continue? Why cant I just give in? Why does life have to throw me curve balls? And boy do I mean curve balls! I wanna scream! This Relevant to Our Country, and our way of life today. Dylan Thomas wrote this as his Father lay dieing, but we can use is as a metaphor for our country, our father. DO NOT GO GENTLE INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night. Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, Rage, rage against the dying
My Poetry
I could have Shared with you~ My laughter, My warmth, My tears, My kisses, My strength, My love, My future, My life, Instead we only shared , My goodbye. By Mary Lee When you are all alone, and your sun has gone away~ when shadows fill your restless night. Close your eyes, My love and remember me ~ and know I am always with you... By Mary Lee He doesn"t know that I kiss him with my eyes a thousand times each night; From a distance ; At first the kisses are soft as a feather upon his cheek Then warm and tender, for it is not passion I seek, My craving is to be close to him and feel his strength For these kisses on air I ask nothing in return But that he accepts and understands, I never meant to feel this way - It caught me unaware Of course our lips shall never meet ; I seek only to be closer to my personal champion The valiant knight upon his bike; My heart sees him as everything the finest knight shoul
Worst Person
Monday, January 15, 2007 Current mood: cold First up, Senator Lieberman - What a difference a few months make. He is already backing away from a campaign promise to investigate what the government did wrong from Hurricane Katrina. Who does Lieberman work for? Not us. He is also providing President Bush political cover by openly supporting the President's plan to send more troops. Next, Vice-President Cheney - Opening ridiculing Democrats and anyone else who opposes the President's plan to add more troops to Iraq by saying that they (Democrats) don't have any better ideas. A bad idea is still a bad idea. Going forward because noone else can come up with something better is just plain retarded. Finally, President Bush - Just days after his "course changing" speech, President Bush is defiant and arrogant. He so strongly believes what he is doing is right that he is literally willing to go it alone. Against the wishes of a strong majority of the American people and a
all try to be on here more just busy moving things and all. take care and night everyone. all try be on more tommrow i sorry i haven't commented or added new ranks or rates to everyones profile i did alot of too much today and my back is killing me so i am going to bed. night all i haven't been on cause i got a bad cold. take care
Yes, I am Moving 2300 miles, and basically, I am doin a total rebuild of my life, Are you with me or not, Get back to me. Those who have commented on this by the time I get online AFTER my move will be kept, those who didn't, I am sure we could have had a good friendship, But Alas, neither of us were willing to attempt one, No hard feelings, just time for me to move on. You scored as Mysterious. You wish to hide who you are from all those around you. You find it very hard to trust people. You also may enjoy the fun that comes from playing mind games with others around you.My advice Get out there and reveal the true you if only to one person!Passion67%Mysterious67%Diamond Eyes58%Eyes full of Pain58%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with The move was succesful, I was greeted by a 3 day winter storm... oh well, that's the price ya pay to Live in canada. as for now, I am headed out. Have a great day.
Just Me.. The Real Me...
When children are littel valentines day is usually a big event in a family. Thenas they get older and everyone gets busier, it seems to loose some of it's importance. But when you have a daughter who grows up to be a woman just like you, valentines day it still just as importnant as it ever was. thats because it gives me an opportunity to tell you just how much you mean to me. It gives me the chance to thank you for all the thoughtful things you do and for all the times you go out of your way to show you care. and it gives me the chance to let you know just how much I love you. I miss you star, and love you very much R.I.P! a man you can respect me, be honest with my, truthful about eveything, open up to me and be real, someone who's willing to try new stuff, a man who can be a big stong tough guy yet who can be emotional and show me some luvs! I want a man who loves the out doors, i want a man who wants to take me out dancing to the country bar and dance. I want a man who likes my
Other Stuff... Hello all, Just wanted to say to everyone that I'm sorry if you saw me come on your page over the last few days but didn't do a thing. lol I have been trying to Fu from my cell since I've had internet issues for the last 3 days and trust me, when you live in the country, you don't have much of a signal. (Not to mention what you do when not zoomed in on a cell phone! LOL) :P I'm still working on getting everything up and running. Right now, it looks like the router is an issue. You wouldn't think with brand new equipment but we shall see what Netgear and Comcast do tonight. Anyway, sorry if it looked like I was being rude to anyone. I promise you it was not my intention at all. Of course, anyone who knows me knows better! :D Hope all is well with everyone and hope I'm back up and going hard at it again soon! (h) Don Marco The Master Crayola Artist Don Marco was born in Northern Minnesota in the late 1920
Adickt's Erotica (nsfw)
ADULT Education Scene 1 I've said for years that I need an outlet for my sensuality, passions and desires that I just cannot take care of at home, and I've been flirting for going on 10 years not. Casually at first mind you, through that silly AOL chat stuff, but in the last 4 or 5 years in much more earnest. Needless to say, I've gone through a few of those cycles that the web goes through. In one of those dry spells, I decided to attend a night class for creative writing. I'd been flirting with a couple of delightful women on-line, yet nothing had was all kind of a strain to get anything moving. I knew that there was no chance of attending a PORNotica class (as my stories normally run), and that there was little chance of an Erotica class. Yet...I was hoping that some outlet would be good, that the interaction with other people would be good, and that I might learn something which could be applied to my new works. The class was taught...actually, they called it "faci
Just Stuff About Me
AMANDA -- [adjective]:100% kinky 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at I have always had the fantasy of being tied to the bed and blindfolded. I haven't found a partner who shares the same desires yet. While tied to the bed, my arms above my head and my legs spread I want my partner to do whatever he wants to me. I want him to tease me, make my moan in anticipation as I feel him run his hands and body all over me. I won't know what he will do next as he plays with me fully, teasing my breasts, my mouth, and between my legs. He will use toys on me while he slips himself into my mouth. So many thing I want to do, now just to find the right person. Karma Sutra PositionYour Karma Sutra Position isStrikingShe sits with raised thighs, her feet placed either side of his waist; the man enters her and rains hard blows upon her bodyGet Your Karma Sutra Position at
i have come to the conclusion that i'm lookin for something in myself that has always been there. my mind has not always execpted my heart.but now something has changed. i dont just want to be nobody. i have just found it easier to love myself. now i think i'm ready to try to love someone else besides my lil girl and my family. i feel good in my own skin and am tryin to improve my life and my lil girls life. i gave up my life for three years to learn how to be a good mother, now that my mind has learned the basic's. i'm ready to have my life and be a mom at the same time. it's time i take my heart out of the lost and found box and start to take a chance and live. I need some fun in my life right now. I'm just so tired of workin all the time and not going out to have fun. I don't want to go out all the time cause I need to take care of my lil girl who I luv sooooooooooo much. I know what my responsablities are and I do the best I can. But sometimes I need to get out and party and do thi
Cassie's Blog
You Would Choose Love Money may buy a little happiness, but not the happiness of true love. You rather have a true soulmate than a private jet. And while many people may claim they would choose love too... You're one of the few who would really do it. Would You Choose Love or Money? 1. I don't know how you do it. Well, guess what? In all honesty, I don't know how I do it either. I just do. Because really, what other choice do I have? 2. I could never deal with it if my husband was gone for that long. does hearing how someone else can't deal with it help me to deal with it? 3. Are you scared that something may happen to him while he's there? This one has always really perplexed me. Of course, I'm scared. I wouldn't be human if I wasn't. But being reminded of the fact that something may happen to him doesn't help me out. 4. Do you miss him? Every time I get asked this, I just want to respond "Oh, no, definitely not. I like it w
A Very Funny Joke
You Are My Angel The Best Gift There Could Ever Be Bringing Fresh Course To Life You Truly Complete Me! I got you, I think i was surely blessed upon Though the wings you loved were gone If you would still have had them Our togetherness, How would it stem? You Smile like the rising sun You Cry like the rains You Laugh like the cool air Every Act of Yours is a Lovable Affair. You carried my burden And taught me they reduce when carried by two Today when we both bid our adieus I knew our lives would start anew. You were my angel, need i say i really miss you? But if you had stayed with me here any longer Your friend's from Heaven would get eager Cause they Would also be missing their 'ANGEL' and that's you. had a dream last night, I know not the most original of first lines but stick with me: I promise it gets better. I was walking down a long corridor with a lush red carpet and ora
Stressful Times ...
HMMMMmmmm ... it seems that one of US is special ... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I think You’re THE ONE … The more I love you, the more you flirt. The more you flirt, the more I’m hurt. The more I’m hurt, the more you flirt. The more you flirt, the more I love you. ONE of US is dirt! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Love 'n(no more) Stuff, RHEY ... September 08, 2007 Visualize a young Sailor, 20 years old ... at sea on a US NAVY Destroyer ... during the Korean war ... looking at the ocean moving ... waiting for the ships guns to begin thundering again ... looking inside his head ... listening to the whispering of his Brain ... dreaming of a love that he wished were true ... of a love he was soon to meet ... ... dreaming is what I used to do when I was young ... ... dreaming/inventing is what I did in the middle years... ... dreaming/thinking is what I do as life ends for me ... ...... DREAM ...... DREAM ...... DREAM ...... DREAM ...... ALL IN ALL, I GUESS YOU CO
Dark's Haiku
Clocks back, SMACK, forward Daylight savings time, oh joy Minus one hour sleep Copywrite info: These are all original Dark Hiaku and thus the sole property of the writer Do not use them in any part or whole with out my writen permission Thank you Dark Happy little lamb Soon to be a dinner gone No more sin has he Copywrite info: These are all original Dark Hiaku and thus the sole property of the writer Do not use them in any part or whole with out my writen permission Thank you Dark Sky so blue calling Nights warm are haunting me Summer calls my name Copywrite info: These are all original Dark Hiaku and thus the sole property of the writer Do not use them in any part or whole with out my writen permission Thank you Dark
Is Music The Food Of Life??
marquee text marquee text marquee text
Rants And Ramblings
Ugh, another commercial to donate to a charity in need. I can't take much more of those. This was for the World Wildlife Fund, on how the polar bears are losing their habitat due to global warming, and they show this Mama Bear with her cute little cubs. I am COMPELLED to send them money. Fuck my car payment--I can't let Mama and her babies die!!!!! That's just as bad as the ASPCA commercials with Sarah McLachlan. If they got a dollar for every time I cried watching those poor mistreated kitties and puppies, they would be LOADED!!!! Well gee whiz...I guess I can pay my car insurance on my next payday. That kitten needs me!! Seriously, I don't send money to these places all willy-nilly, but why do I want to save the world when I can't even figure out what's going on in my own life right now??? Somebody PLEASE shoot me.... It's dark.....It's late.... And you feel so alone. You're tired but you can't sleep; You lie there, listening to your pulse Race through your body As you
SCORPIO - The Addict EXTREMELY adorable. Intelligent. Loves to joke. Very Good sense of humor. Energetic. Predicts future. GREAT kisser. Always get what they want. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Romantic. Caring. LIGHT UP LIKE THE FOURTH,I'M A HAPPY DRUNK, COME TO PAPA BIG MOMMA CAUSE YOUR DADDY'S DRUNK,I WANNA PUMP PUMP IT UP LIKE THE GOODYEAR BLIMP MAKE YA HOLLA FOR A DOLLA THATS THE WAY I PIMP,GOLD LINX AND MINX AND SHRIMP DINNERS ON THE BAYOU,THEM'S ALL THE THINGS I AIN'T GONNA BUY YOU,ITS' LIKE ONE OF THEM FREAK THINGS HIT ONCE MAYBE EVERY COUPLE WEEK THINGS,I GOT NO LOVE,I GOT NO RICHES,I DON'T ROLL VOGUES AND I AIN'T GOT SWITCHES,I GOT NO GAME I CAN'T REWARD YA BUT IF YOU WANT A LONG ONE BABY I GOT ONE FOR YA Brown Eyes Either sexy as heck or are adorable. Loves to make new friends. Their relationship tends to be very honest because if they aren't truly in love, then the relationship won't work. They fall
Dirty Poems.
a poem by cake: bitchsnack pattycrack. suckin' on a buttpop. nutsacks piddlepacks. pissin' in a slingshot. thrilla! thrilla! ass gorilla! eat a batch of gnarnar shrimp! get down tonight! get down tonight! a poem by coco: I want a big wang. I want the whole shebang. I could pass for a small guy. But do I really want to try? I want a giant shlong. I would do me all night long. Then again, wouldn't you? Don't lie to me! You know it's true. But I was born with a clit. I do not like it one little bit. It's small and nubby and not much fun It's sad to know that you want one. So we should trade yours for mine- I think that would work oh, just fine. So I can have your giant dick And you have my button for you to flick. *takes a bow* a poem by the grizz: Ive got a friend Whos name is cupcake She makes weird faces with lips that bend Im writing this for her, while im chowing on steak This is how bored I am right now Hoping she takes th
I Will Rule The World One Day!
Some Of You Already Know This, Some May Not, So Here's The Scoop, Every Other Weekend I Have My Kids And Will Not Be Here On CherryTap So If You Comment/Rate/Fan And All That Good Stuff On My Profile I Wont Be Able To Return AnyThing Until Monday. I Wish Everyone A Very Happy Easter And Have A Safe Holiday, Enjoy Your Family And Kids And Dont Take For Granted Anything! Power Of Pain by Everett AKA KingDickBull I sat alone another day. The world was moving all around me, but it seemed as if my life was in a standstill. The doctors say its anxiety. Everyone thinks anxiety means nervousness or fear, but it is deeper than that. Anxiety holds you prisoner. You can't leave your house. Ding Dong Ding Dong The doorbell rings but I can't answer. There is too much fear inside. You can't answer the phone. Ring Ring Ring "Telephone for you!" my family yells. I tell them to say that I will call back, but I won't. You can't eat. Chomp Bite Chew No, not me.
What's Up
i'm looking at you throught the glass,don't know how much time has pased oh God it feels like forever,but no one ever tells y0u that forever feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head cause i'm looking at you throught the glass,don't know how much time has passed all i know is tht it feels like forver,but no one ever tells you that forever feels like home,sitting all alone inside your that song.
Scattered Emotions
I feel sick. Alone. depressed. All I need is me though right? Thats what I keep telling myself. I love my fiancee` and I want us to work. I just have to be patient or sum'in... right? Still... doesn't change the fact I feel sick. alone. depressed. *shrugs* Ok, so some people are going to strongly dislike me for this, but what the hell is up with all the fat people now days? More over, what is with fat people thinking for one moment they're even remotely sexy? I'm sorry but isn't it about time they got themselves a reality dose and stopped shoveling food into their mouths long enough to go for a jog? People can sit and come up with all the excuses they like; I can't find the time, i have "big bones", blah blah blah; but at the end of the day, they're just that...EXCUSES!! Heres a note from the real world, everyone is busy, everyone has stuff to do in their life but people who actually value their lives and aren't lazy assholes, actually find time to do the exercise the
THAT'S LOVE If you love someone because you think he or she is really gorgeous....then it's not's "Infatuation" If you love someone because you think that you shouldn't leave him/her because others think you shouldn't....then it's not's "Compromise" If you love someone because you have been kissed by him/her....then it's not's "Inferiority Complex" If you love someone because you share everything with him/her....then it's not's "Friendship" But....If you feel the pain of the other person more than him/her even when he/she is stable and you cry for him/her....that's "LOVE" If you get attracted to other people but stay with him/her without any regrets....that's "LOVE" If you let him/her go knowing that he/she has to go but he/she doesn't want to....that's "LOVE" To let go doesn't mean to stop caring; It means I can't do it for someone else. To let go is not to cut myself off... It's the realization that I can't control another... To le
The Life Of Me
when my VIP is up i will not renew it until i have settled in my new place, i am moving November 1st so i will not be on for a while. if anyone needs to get in touch with me probably my 3 closest people are the best way to to (P3nis Flytrap - KK, Throatfawk, Gir- Spike) they know how to get ahold of me... i will miss you all when i go and cant wait to talk to you all again when i return! so if you need anything or need to tell me anything you have 3 weeks to do so before i disappear for a little. Mwahs to all x-x-x Riot Girl so tomorrow i pack the rest of my things into the car and i drive away and try not to look back! getting ready to move over the last few weeks has been really hard on me. to spend so much time in one house and then just switch is dumb, but its what i need to do. i sadly have to leave Tuffy at the old house with Harold (mom's ex husband) because the yard isnt big enough for her at the new house. i cried, shes like my kid, ive had her for 9 years and to let
Central Luzon Corruption (Justice, Philippine Style) Angeles City, Set-up Capitol Of The P.I. What to Do when The Police come To Your Home Our Credentials Triads and Mafioso The Lord Helps Them that Help Themselves Police Brutality and Murders Elections Arrested on Trumped-up Charges David Orland Suffers 13 Years of Torture The Chief Criminal In Baguio City Korean Mafia Take-over of Your Town Land Theft Or Rent-a-Judge Country-wide Hospital Policies, You Could Be Dead Col. Isagani Neres and Drug-lord payoffs How Attorney Abelardo Estrada Misrepresented And With-Held Evidence in an Attempt To Jail His Own Innocent client The worst criminals in The Philippine Islands are the elected officials and all police-types. Not a single team member has met one of these that we can say are honest. We have never met one that we can say is not a criminal. Table of corruption. Zero is the best possible score. 1: Singapore
My Weightloss Journey
Ever have a moment where it was BITTERSWEET? Well I have today and it sucks its more sadness than anything at this moment.. Pair of Jeans that are a size smaller.. i should be happy right.. ya i should but I am not.. i wont get into detail but there are some issues with my mid section.. thats all i will say.. its bittersweet.. i jus sat there and cried.. and i have been bumming since.. wish there was a easier way to end the bittersweet.. Bittersweet Symphony Ringtone - The Verve Music Video CodesCatsBootyStumbleUpon Bot So after a 2 week break from the gym.. i been sick and havent been able to go as i normally.. my eating has change and i hate to see what i gained back.. i am really scared to look at the numbers.. i know numbers not that big of a deal its how i look.. most of you think i look fine but i am hurting on the inside.. i not happy with it at all.. i am a strong person and i can not let this battle take over my life.. its time to get back to my state of mind.. i am just n
Warped & Twisted
That evil creation Made by my fellow sisters To torment and scare me. Every glance into it gives them more power. Feeding off my pain and suffering, sucking on the fear, That grows with in my belly. Everywhere I turn it haunts me, Preying that it will fade so I can not see the demon that now Stands in the place off what was once a woman. My hem grows heavy with the blood, pooling around me, Looking forward with pain shinning in my eyes, the reflection waivers Making the evil creation go black, never to be haunted by that Mirror again. To all my loving friends and family again that i've bugged and bothered, who spent days leaving me votes. Your amazing. It's been a long stressful day at work, and it ahd me thinking about how i've become a freak with this contest. I wish lady onyx a happy win since she wanted it so bad. And plexi the runner up spot, your both lovely. But As to wht i was thinking. High school is over, but not for some people in there minds. I have a wonder
Doctor Dave had slept with one of his patients and felt guilty all day long. No matter how much he tried to forget about it, he just couldn't. The guilt and sense of betrayal was overwhelming. But every once in a while he'd hear an internal, reassuring voice in his head that said: "Dave, don't worry about it. You aren't the first medical practitioner to sleep with one of their patients and you won't be the last. And you're single. Just let it go, Dave." But invariably another voice in his head would bring him back to reality, whispering: Dave............................... Dave...................... Dave........... You're a Veterinarian, you sick bastard" 1. PASS MY SHOTGUN 2. PSYCHOTIC MOOD SWING 3. PERPETUAL MUNCHING SPREE 4. PUFFY MID-SECTION 5. PEOPLE MAKE me SICK 6. PROVIDE ME with SWEETS 7. PARDON MY SOBBING 8. PIMPLES MAY SURFACE 9. PASS MY SWEATS 10. PISSY MOOD SYNDROME 11. POOR ME
Fun Stuff
My result for Are You a Music Buff? is You are the Greatest Music BuffMusic flows along with the blood in your veins. You cannot imagine life without music. With such a great passion for music, you could seriously think of building a career around music. That is certainly your idea of the happiest life.Are You a Music Buff? created by QuizCat.Com - Quizzes, Surveys, Tests, Trivias I saw this pic and's a good one for me!!!LOL!!! ok...this one too.... lol..ok and this one.... So, I found a game on someones page that is incredibly addicting to me. Especially if you are bored and just aimlessly staring at your pc. Thought I'd share with everyone else that may be bored. Trust me,once you start you have to play more than
There is nothing more in this world that I want then a home of my own. My parents are living in Florida now and I am still here in NJ. I am not ready to leave yet even though I don't want to be here. I am getting my life together with starting school to have a better future for my kids and I. I have been through so much with friends and family who have made me stronger and who I am today. Friends come and go and as much as u want them to stay sometimes they can't. Family is always there no matter what goes on in life. It's time for me to do me and for myself to be happy again. my youngest daughter turned 6 on monday and had a good time. i take her to a doctor apointment 6-2-09 for her ears and got told she has to have tubes put in because of fluid build up in her ears. :(   WELL I'M DONE WITH THE SHOTS IN MY BACK. I WENT TO THE ORTHOPEDIC DOCTOR TODAY AND I AM OUT OF WORK AGAIN. I HAVE TO CALL THE SURGEN TOMORROW TO MAKE AN APT TO TALK TO HIM ABOUT SURGERY AND TO GET A DATE FOR THE SU
FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS When I first meet my Tomaran he was and still is the truest friend my heart has ever know.But little did I know how Cherry would also bring me some friends that I will never forget and I'm writting this blog for people that want to meet ginuine people that show that they give a damn about others so as following these people are all wonderful in so many different ways Show them love & I know from experience that they will do the same in return LOVE YOU ALL!!I'M STILL WORKING ON THIS LIST SO IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR MUG ON HERE AND YOU ARE A GOOD FRIEND THEN I WILL ADD YOU ,IF YOU AREN'T BEING A GOOD FRIEND THEN I WON'T BE DOING SO SO PISS OFF STOP WHINING.I ALWAYS TREAT PEOPLE HOW THEY TREAT ME:) DAWN
trapped in sorrow..trapped in pain.. my tears fall like rain.. i cry out to hope.. i cry out to love.. nothing there to hear to me no one there to hold.. nothing but pain. emptyness is all around.. darkness hold sorrow to my heart.. shattered reams. .broken hearts. .trapped souls is where i believe. .pain is what i empty soul.. a lost spirit is who i am gone into darkness.. wanting no light.. hopes for nothing.. dreams of sorrow CLICK ON BANNER TO ENTER! COME ROCK WITH US IN THE LOUNGE! GREAT MUSIC!! GREAT DJ'S!! AND MEET GREAT NEW FRIENDS!!!
Weekly Giggles
Adult: 4 Jokes! These jokes may or may not be adult jokes! "Ham And Eggs" Although he always ordered just ham and eggs everyday, one customer at the diner always studied the menu carefully each day before ordering. One day, his regular waitress decided to see if he could be made to order anything else. Before giving him the menu she marked out the ham and eggs entry. Once the customer had looked over the menu for a few minutes, the waitress approached him and asked, "Sir, did you notice that I scratched something you like?" Without looking up from the menu, he quickly replied, "Well, then go wash your hands and bring me some ham and eggs." =============(Plus)=================== "Women And Sex" 70% of women who smoke have had more than 4 lovers in the last year while 60% of female non-smokers had none. Women who respond to sex surveys in mags like Cosmo may have 5 times as many lovers as typical women. Women who read
Patriotic Stuff
this is made as a tribute to the infantry in the army there are only 2 B's wanna be's and 11-B's we have the one job in the army nobody wants us to do because when we do our job people die thats the main reason for infantry to kill at command hooah! a similar speech was given to me when my term came up after watching half of my unit get killed over there and having it on my concious of the innocent lives i took there were too many what if's now i cannot get back in i filed for disability back in august just now getting the appointment to go to the va doctor for "their evaluation" then who knows. many nights i have lied awake wondering if life was worth living there have been many times that i wanted to end it with a single shot and say fuck it but im glad i didnt ive met some really wonderful people who have helped change me for the better i just wonder if i will ever get the old me back the one that use to be so happy furthermore on this subject i do gotta say the time i spe
Our Universal Energy
MYSTA RHYME & L.O. AKA THE PEACE MAKERS 1ST OFFICIAL VIDEO "BLOOD MONEY" Online Videos by SIGN MY GLOBAL MAP!!!!! LET THE WORLD KNOW WHO U ARE & WHO U SUPPORT & WHO U REPRESENT!!! What is love but simple pleasures, heartache and pain with everything to loose and only heartache to gain; Love that natural inclination, 1st hand notion builds you up to tear you down that 2nd hand emotion; Never again will I fall for love's trickery and deceit prickin me and stickin me love is watchin me bleed. Love that thief in the night stealin my sleep, got me searchin the surface when the answer lies deep. Love jes a word that don't mean shit, one minute " I love you" and same breath one of yall is a " bitch". Sometimes love aint love its a fantasy myth damaging hearts and souls, I've been cursed by
If Anyone Cares
"I Can't Hate You Anymore" An empty room can be so deafening, The silence makes you wanna scream, It drives you crazy. I chased away the shadows of your name, And burned the picture in a frame, But it couldn't save me. And how could we quit something we never even tried, Well you still can't tell me why. We built it up, To watch it fall. Like we meant nothing at all. I gave and gave the best of me, But couldn't give you what you need. You walked away, You stole my life, Just to find what you're looking for. But no matter how I try, I can't hate you anymore. ...I can't hate you anymore. You're not the person that you used to be, The one I want who wanted me, And that's a shame but, There's only so many tears that you can cry. Before it drains the light right from your eyes, And I can't go on that way. And so I'm letting go of everything we were, It doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. We built it up, To watch it fall. Like we meant nothing at all. I gav
Leo Is Me
You may be the only one who can keep their cool around the house today, thanks to a weird energy that seems to rile up people who love each other. Lead by your calm example and others should follow. Note: I live here with my cat. My cat is the most laid back cat I ever knew. I am thinking this is a horoscope for someone else Things are really picking up with your pet project, whether it's a hobby, a work initiative or even a romance! No matter what, your fiery enthusiasm is making it hum -- and you should find that others respond in kind. Note: So true! My project at work just took off today! I have so much work to do, though, but at least it's finally at that point. I love it! You're full of great energy and can tell that now is the right time to make that big change you've been dreaming of. You've got the right idea and you can easily adapt to circumstances as they develop. Note: Since I thought I already had my quota of changes for the decade, I am not sure w
My New Lounge....
Poems I Wrote
My Ramblings
I'm in a 20,000 comment VIP give-away. I need some help. please help me out. some of you guys may not wanna know this and I'm sorry, but here goes.. so.. my period has been playing tricks on me all week making me think I started early.. but I didn't. It'd be real light for 2 days, go away, and then come back two days later and be real light again and then go away. It came this morning. cramps suck balls. [I've been on birth control pills for 4 years and my period is just NOW getting screwy. wtf]. I go for my pap next month and I'm going to talk to my gyno and see if she thinks I should switch pills or if she thinks that's weird. I haven't been able to sleep too well for the past 3 days. It's like I've been sleeping, but it doesn't feel like I've been asleep. like I can't get in that deep sleep that I need or something. I don't know, but it sucks. I've been waking up every morning for the past 3 days before Eric's alarm clock goes off at 6am. This morning I woek up at 5:45. Hi
Couldn't Agree More...
All hair removal methods have tricked women with their promises of easy, painless removal....The epilady, scissors, razors, Nair and now....THE WAX!! My night began as any other normal weeknight, come home, fix dinner, play with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours, "Maybe I should pull the waxing kit out of the medicine cabinet." So I headed to the site of my demise, The BATHROOM. It was one of those "COLD WAX" kits. No melting a clump of hot wax. You just rub the strips together in your hand, they get warm and you peel them apart and press them to your leg (or wherever else) and you pull the hair right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean, I'm not a genius, but I am mechanically inclined enough to figure this out. (YA THINK?!?) So I pull one of the thin strips out. It's two strips facing each other stuck together. Instead of rubbing them together, my genius kicks in so I get out the hair dryer and heat it t
Songs That Touch Me
Abba Videos Abba Videos if you notice is a big abba fan, along with the beegees,barry manilow and others. I have a dream, a song to sing To help me cope with anything If you see the wonder of a fairy tale You can take the future even if you fail I believe in angels Something good in everything I see I believe in angels When I know the time is right for me I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream I have a dream, a fantasy To help me through reality And my destination makes it worth the while Pushing through the darkness still another mile I believe in angels Something good in everything I see I believe in angels When I know the time is right for me I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream I’ll cross the stream - I have a dream I have a dream, a song to sing To help me cope with anything If you see the wonder of a fairy tale You can take the future even if you fail I believe in angels Something good in everything I see I believe in angels When I know th
Unicorne Tears And Stone Dragone
tears fell from my eyes this morning my love your song playing on my alarm yet you were not here and many things i left unsaid when i get angry i shut down all i feel is hurt and pain every logical approach i take lead me to a wall i could not get over without your help how can i fight ghosts? how can i fight your past? how can i make you believe what i feel is real? that i am real? words said in anger can be very destructive harming not only you and me but us as well so i choose my words carefully as not to offend and hurt the man i love so much but yes i was angry at the situation for we deserve better than that we earned this magic we have found i am not impractical when it comes to love very much a realist who would love to have her head in the clouds but knowing truths of the world and the pain caused by callous words spoken in the past but echoing in the present i have my own confidence issues and some of which has been brought to the surface now i fe
REAL FRIEND TEST ! This is GOOD..I expect it back too! I especially like the last Sentence!!!!!! A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens Your Refrigerator and helps himself (and doesn't feel even the least bit Weird Shutting your 'beer/Pepsi drawer' with her foot!) A simple friend has never seen you cry A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean. A simple friend hates it when you call after they've gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems. A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it. A
Asatru/odinism/ Stories, Myths And Poems Of Norse And Celtic Mythology.
Celtic Religion: The ancient Celts believed in an Otherworld. The Otherworld was the home of many gods and goddess. It was a place of joy, where feasts were always happening. The Otherworld was NOT a heaven. It was NOT a reward for doing something good on earth. The Celts believed that everyone entered the Otherworld when they died. Celtic Tombs: Like the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Celts wanted their dead to have nice things with them. They wanted them to have food for the trip. They buried their dead in tombs. Their tombs were not huge things like the Egyptian pyramids. But they were the size of a large room. The walls were decorated with drawings of earth gods, sun gods, various spirits, and scenes of battle and daily life. They never placed living people or animals inside a tomb. Instead, they tucked little figures of people cooking and hunting. One tomb was found with a full size four-wheel wagon in it, and a full size bronze kettle for cooking. Waterfalls were one of
Yahoo 360 Blog
Making Tester Cookies Tonight I started baking tester cookies, these are recipes I have never made before and I will take some of them to work tomorrow to see how everyone likes them. I bake a massive amount of cookies for Christmas. So far I have 22 different types of cookies on the list of ones I'm going to make. People ask me if I have alot of family for Christmas... I don't, there is maybe 10 people who come, so people ask me why I make so many, I tell em that I'm an idiot.. I just like making different kinds and like impressing people with the cookies. Bellatrix is a boy! I know I stated in an earlier blog entry that I took in this black kitten. I thought she was a girl, I mean it looked like a girl, no little gonads to speak of. The other day she was walking away from me with her tail held high, and I saw em.. Little black cotton balls. I picked him up and re examined.. Yep, those are balls alright. I am not going to change his name. More Cowbell and Colonel Angus
Please Help!
HELLO EVERYONE!! TENNISGIRL1987 IS IN ANOTHER CONTEST!! CONTEST ENDS SEPTEMBER 3. RATES ARE 3 POINTS AND COMMENTS ARE 1. SHE NEEDS AT LEAST 11,500 POINTS TO WIN ANYTHING. SO PLEASE CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW TO RATE/COMMENT. ANY COMMENTS THAT YOU LEAVE, EVEN IF IT'S JUST ONE, WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :-D This bulletin has been brought to you by.... Arthur155 is the proud owner of Tennisgirl1987@ fubar Hey everyone, If you have Facebook, please become a fan of this page. I would really appreciate it. It would help me out alot. Thank you. :-D Btw: You need to be signed into Facebook first, then click on the box to become a fan. Thanks again.   TicketLeapPromote Your Page To It's that time again. I've entered myself in another auction. Click on the link to bid. Auction ends Feb. 1 at 6 p.m. fu-time. Thanks everyone!! :-D

The True You You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more relaxed, calm, and composed. With respect to money, you spend as little as possible. You think good luck depends on maintaining good relationships with others. The hidden side of your personality tends to be satisfied to care for things with a minimal amount of effort. You are tend to think about others' feelings a lot, perhaps because you are so eager to be liked. When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you will search and search until you find your perfect match. Who's The True You? Which Top 8 Character are YOU? Your Result: Tasha sweet, generous, hard worker, loves her kids, loves listening to music, cooking, keeps her house neat and clean, caring, unselfish, beautiful soul, only wants the best for the people she lovesJessica Flinch Brad Kendra 
Blah Just Me Don't Expect Great Things In Writing
Blah ever been severaly frustrated??? listening to Rock The Casbah - The Clash What is the point to hate someone if your going to in the end just end up caring about them. Now I knwo there is levels of hate so I am referring to hate as in they just irritate you and no matter what you say or do they have to disagree or critisize. I do everything i can to et along with those I don't but some you just can't. They are just impossible to tolerate. but to get to the level of arguing with them and fighting over stupid shit to find yourself looking forward to arguing with them again is just insane. So in this situation what do you do??? Just another bable of words from me into this blog. Not sure why I type this shit out but I guess in a weird way I am hoping someone can relate, understand, or even explain to me the level of stupidity I am at. ~*~HUGS~*~ Love you all ~*~HUGS~*~ Dj Titanium EXPerience The one thing I can not understand or will never get is why someone has to play wi
Random Stuff Of Interest
You Are Wolverine Small but fierce, you're a great fighter. Watch out! You are often you're own greatest enemy. Powers: Adamantium claws, keen senses, the ability to heal quickly Which of the X-Men Are You? Your Vampire Name Is... Concubine of the Devil's Spawn What's Your Vampire Name? What Level of Witch are you Congratulations you have achieved level 4 witch status... you have studied hard and learned well!!Take this quiz! Quizilla |
I am back on furbar. Sorry it been so long. I have a boyfriend been together for almost year and still so much in love with him. I still love talking about anime/manga and ICP So peace forever Brittany
It's all a memory rooted in my southern spiritual heritage. I rode past a big snow-white antebellum home today. Thoughts exploded; memories perhaps of a previous life? I saw the ornate black shutters, the white imperial columns that held the large balcony atop. Through the grand black double doors leading inside, I envisioned her walking, almost floating about the house. She, so content. She gracefully moves to the window, parting the white lace curtains, and clasping them aside, sees the bright sun beaming down on the greening grass and enormous porch. She smiles, walks to the side French doors, pulls the glass knobs and opens the door to a grand Mississippi afternoon. There I leave her in the front porch swing, rocking slowly, in her pretty pink flowing gown, matching ribbons in her long, auburn hair, and watching two black kittens playing at her bare feet. She is holding three roses to enjoy as she passes a few hours. Maybe she is waiting on her gentleman who will
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Click on banner to enter lounge 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at kscrys Click banner to visit Vicarious' MySpace page! 2:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at mystic_druid_777 Click banner to visit Mystic's MySpace page! 6:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at shotdaddy2004 Click banner to visit ShotDaddy's MySpace page! 8:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at shotdaddy2004 Click banner to visit ShotDaddy's MySpace page! 10:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at anthraxbio Click banner to visit Evil's MySpace page! 12:00AM EST (Midnight) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at anthraxbio Click banner to visit Evil's MySpace page!

A woman in her fifties is at home, unclothed, happily jumping on her bed and squealing with delight. Her husband watches her for a while and asks, 'Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look? What's the matter with you?' The woman continues to bounce on the bed and says, 'I don't care what you think. I just came from having a mammogram, and the doctor says that not only am I healthy, but I have the breasts of an 18 year-old. The husband replies, 'What did he say about your 55-year old ass?' 'Your name never came up,' she replied Come on Guys U know u wanna laugh...hehehehehe In case you missed it on 60 Minutes, this is what Andy Rooney thinks about women over 40: 60 Minutes Correspondent Andy Rooney (CBS) As I grow in age, I value women over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask, 'What are you thinking?' She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 40 doesn't wa
For The Ones I Care About
In My Thoughts... I had no reason to send you a card, no great news to reveal. But I wanted you to know that you're in my thoughts and in my heart as well. And I'm sending you a wish for a wonderful day. I hope lots of sunshine comes your way. "In My Thoughts," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002 As Long As... As long as there's a breath left in your body, there's hope. As long as mankind has prowled the earth, miracles have happened, restoring life and health. As long as you have a loving heart, God will send much warmth and love to you in return. As long as you've been alive, God has been watching over you and answering your prayers. As long as the heaven and stars exist, God will be there for you. "As Long As," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001 Picture of Us... Every day, my mind paints a picture of you... then of us, and suddenly we're the stars in a romantic movie made for two, our bodies entwined.
Lovely writing by my great long time friend~~one that I cherish and adore~~he has such a gift for writing~~ WHAT IF... There weren’t anymore wars Soldiers were at home when they slept. Politicians never spoke a lie Or made promises they actually kept. WHAT IF Families actually had conversations Mom and dads stayed together as one. Children were raised with values Never separated or had to feel alone. WHAT IF Neighbors actually spoke to each other Lent a helping hand and had a blast. All hospital were near empty Cancer was spoken of as in the past. WHAT IF There was no such thing as drugs No homeless people enduring each day. Crime rate and sexually committed diseases Had no place in society today. WHAT IF Everyone sadly sat with tears Their heads hung down in shame. Knowing there are no WHAT IF’S For reality is true, it is no game. Written by Doyle Kirkman
Curse Of The Blonde
Yeah..I keep trying to find the time to be on here. Unfortunately my mom was in the hospital for all of August and on September 7th she passed away. Just FYI, I'm NOT ok with this. I'm not even close to being ok about it. I'm still not even really accepting it. I'm angry at her doctors who totally messed her up. I'm crying still daily and just can't seem to stop. its taking all my ability to even make it through work. So that's where I've been. sorry people but I just can't seem to get past this one. I'm done trainign the end of April and I'll have time to be back on a bit with a snazzy 3 day work week :) Seize you all later :) YES!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'm really busy...don't know when I'll check in...its getting easier now :) Sorry if I haven't been in touch
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What’s up everybody??? I hope you’re all having a good night :-) I’m trying to tie up some loose ends so I can have some down time this weekend...It’s garden time-YAY!!! But, while I’m playing in the dirt, I’m going to be thinking about my next video line...Here’s YOUR opportunity to give me some food for thought :-) What do you want to see me do? What do you miss in your porn right now? Hit me back with some of your thoughts, and I’ll add them to mine :-) Thanks everybody-it’s porn for the people by the people LOL!!! Hey everybody in Greeley! I'm coming to see you!!! I'll be at the 8th Avenue Arcade this Saturday night :-) I'm taking my girlie Jayden with me, and it's her Very First live event. So come out and show your support!!! We'll be there at 7pm, and we'll be signing my DVDs-Jayden stars in MistysXXXgirls Bring Your Own Bitch Volume 5-and we'll be taking FULL NUDE polaroids with you guys. I hope to see you there!!! Hey guys!!! So, it's spring time and I'm ready to start f
Math Question: 12 people enter a room. Two more than two-thirds of these people then leave. How many people remain in the room? A....2 B....1 C....3 D....7 by the way i know the anwser:)whoever gets it right gets a gift from me:) Expires tommorrow 8pm.... #1)What is your 2 most Favorite sexual Positions? #2)Do you like Foreplay? #3)Do you like Recieving Anal Sex or Giving Anal Sex? #4)Are you Straight,Lesbian,Bisexual,or Gay? #5)What was the most Strangest or oddest place u have ever had sex at? Thank you for taking the time OUT to read and respond to my blog! Hugs and Kisses xoxoxo If A = (2, 3, 4) and B = (4, 5, 6) how many elements are in the intersection of A and B? A.....1 B.....2 C.....3 D.....0 You can only pick one anwser....Who ever gets the correct anwser i will give them a Gift. Expires on Friday 20 at 8pm ...Good Luck!!!
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First, I want to say I created this lounge in hopes of providing a comfortable chat room for my friends, single, married, or involved. Not for the purpose of people looking for quick pick ups or of getting points for myself or anyone else and we have guidelines we follow to keep it that way. For all of us, remember, quality friendships bring quality friends, I bring my best so you can too, lets give them a lounge they can enjoy in comfort 1.Keep it clean I don't bring my friends in here to provide anyone with free porn. Please remember, if you don't know us, or are new, don't assume we are single, take a little time, hang out, chat, notice who is maybe with someone, many couples are in my lounge and i don't need to ban you for causing drama by saying the wrong thing to someones wife, hubby, or mate. I will be true to my friends on this issue, it's why they come back. We provide a place where as friends we aren't hit on by pervs coming in looking for a porn provider. Husbands don't
My Silent, Emotional Outburst
I find it amusing that sooooooooo many guys on here just love to message me in my SB and make comments about my Yankees, that they THINK are funny or great ways to start a conversation. Let me just put it this way: If you insult my favorite team, do you really think I'm gonna wanna talk to you? Occasionally I will respond, however, any chance you had of getting any further than that now GONE! Just thought I'd let you all know that. Ok...I feel better now. You need to stop worrying about what other people are thinking (if that's an issue), and just get started on the next big thing. You might have to enlist the aid of a few extra friends and allies. That was my horoscope for today and I found it very ironic because last night and the past few days that is all I've done, is worry about what everyone else is thinking about me. Lately a lot of people have been judging me and without good enough reason. People have not taken the time to get to know the real me, but instea
Song Lyrics
I always needed time on my own I never thought I'd need you there when I cried And the days feel like years when I'm alone And the bed where you lie Is made up on your side When you walk away I count the steps that you take Do you see how much I need you right now? When you're gone The pieces of my heart are missing you When you're gone The face I came to know is missing too When you're gone The words I need to hear to always get me through the day And make it okay I miss you I've never felt this way before Everything that I do Reminds me of you And the clothes you left They lie on the floor And they smell just like you I love the things that you do When you walk away I count the steps that you take Do you see how much I need you right now? When you're gone The pieces of my heart are missing you When you're gone The face I came to know is missing too When you're gone The words I need to hear to always get me through the day And make it ok I m
My Dirty Little Secrets...
Friday night I went on a date with a guy named Jimmy, a nerdy guy from my office… Jimmie was too shy to ask me out, so I asked him. He was kind of cute, even if he was really straight-laced. He tended to wear his shirts buttoned up to the throat, even on the hottest days. He had nice blonde hair though, and a really nice ass. We went to a movie where he almost had a heart attack after I slid my hand into his pants and grabbed his cock. I almost had to drag him back to my place! Jimmie backed away from me when we were inside, and practically fell onto the loveseat. His eyes were bulging as I looked down at him out of lustful eyes. I slid into the chair on top of him. My legs straddled his body as I faced him. My hot round ass cheeks rubbed against his lap, where I could feel his erection already blooming. I slid my arms around his neck and leaned down slightly to kiss him. My mouth touched his gently, my lips sliding back and forth against his. My tongue snaked out and licked over his
Vincent Price
The Oracle went out to see his first Shakespearean play He purchased tickets for the special Wednesday matinee He had a friend, an actor, who was carrying a spear In this production of the Bard’s smash hit called Olde King Lear The Oracle went right backstage where most folks never go And saw his friend was happy that he’d come to see the show But oracles just should not say things like “Go and break a leg.” Because in the first act his friend did, and King Lear laid an egg! The Zany Zoo went up in flames, the reason so they said Was that the kangaroo was smoking cigarettes in bed The monkeys all were screaming and lost all their social graces When a fireman accidentally sprayed some water in their faces The only ones who weren’t afraid were the cobras and adders Who had more fun than anyone, playing snakes and ladders. Grizelda went to hospital, but not ’cause she was sick She took a batch of baking up so they could take their pick The doctor stopped her at the door and
How I Feel
to everyone who remebered and for the 1's who forgot I wont be seeing you on my friend list =) If you dont remeber my birthday or just dont keep in touch I will be deleting you I dont put stuff up just to have noone look at it and yes I know you all have lifes Kill my whole page or remake to smaller page and keep only important people?
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To those people I have met in person and/or through the internet that accepted me as a friend but to those who don't know me well enough. I would love to thank them all for accepting my friendship and accepting me as I am. Yet, to those people who I accidentally offended or those who doesn't like the way I am or my attitude…I would love to make formal and public apologies them to all because I'm that the type of person who doesn't want to be hated for life! I just want to be remembered as a person who tried his best in life when I die. Anyway, I am deeply sorry for my cruel and harsh attitude towards the people I offended and hurt them in any way but that's how I am with everyone in my life. Please, just accept me as I am or you can just say never mind a person who is like that…for me, I accept people for who they really are and if I don't like them personally? I'll show it to them and I won't care if they get offended because I'm just being really and true to myself! I hope who ever r
Fire N Ice
What Type of Kisser Are You?Romantic kisserThis kind of kisser will be a good husband or wife.Myspace Quizzes Is this right? What Kind Of Guy Do You Attract?Preppy GuyAww. You love good little rich boys. Nothing is wrong w/ that. He'll respect you, so go and invest some money somewhere. And you guys will be together till you're sick of em'. because he's not goin dump ya, b/
In a bizarre parasitic death sentence, a fungus turns carpenter ants into the walking dead and gets them to die in a spot that's perfect for the fungus to grow and reproduce. Scientists have no clue how the fungus takes control of the brains of ants so effectively. But a new study in the September issue of the American Naturalist reveals an incredible set of strategies that ensue. The carpenter ants nest high in the canopy of a forest in Thailand, and they trek to the forest floor to forage. The fungus, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, prefers to end up on the undersides leaves sprouting from the northwest side of plants that grow on the forest floor, the new study showed. That's where temperature, humidity and sunlight are ideal for the fungus to grow and reproduce and infect more ants. Once infected by the fungus, an ant is compelled to climb down from the canopy to the low leaves, where it clamps down with its mandibles just before it dies. "The fungus accurately manipulates the inf
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It is very easy to get rates, which on this site make you RED! Now you see all the top members writing they rated your page could you please come back and rate mine...blah, blah, blah. Well that is fine and dandy. However, those nasty little bouncer checks get in your way. Here is what you need to do, go to who's online and then hit new members. That will take you to all the new members that are online. Click next, next, etc. To you get to the very last page of all the green members. Then you work your way back, you can rate over 1000 profiles a day. Most leave a comment, but damn that takes way to damn long with the bouncer checks, so make up a cute little saying (Welcome to fubar and that you rated their profile etc..something cute and something that will make them want to rate your profile back)then send that to them in a drink! Fubar kegs is the cheapest because during happy hours it cost only 50 fubucks. You pretty much will make that back too when you get rated back and some w
so ill break it down real simple: girl likes boy, boy likes girl -- agree that they have way too much incommon and are too mutually attracted to not see where it goes -- guy asks girl if she has facebook, girl says no -- guy searches on facebook, finds out girl has a facebook -- guy calls her out for lying about it but doesnt get mad, laughs it off and says it doesnt matter and no worries -- girl then completely severs all ties with guy for "Reasons unknown"   verdict: AWESOME Try to learn every single ayat So my soul in front of Allah, gon' be smelling good To that moment I be definitely making my move In it for the money? Nah man, I'm in it for the truth Ain't about any gold or the ice Sneaks and close is just part of the hype MTV sucks big time Cribs and bling - get a real life But wow - take a minut or 2 Why we spending so much money man that we don't have boo Every tiny detail, we gotta have kid! Every kind of device to make us look rich Hollywood, magazines, videos
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World's Number 1 drug dealer arrested..... What will u do with this 205 million dollars, 200 million euro and 157 million peso have been withdrawn from the mexican drug-dealer during arrest. Look At This GIF File....How Alphabets Changed Time By Time Ofcourse Hummer
Just Give It A Twirl
Yay only 14 more days till My birthday! I will be 20! Oh boy lol Finally no longer a "teen" lol One year older, a little wiser and more mature (at times lol) Also, if Anyone See's My Buddy KevRho - Wish him a Happy 20th today :) and!!!! Jerry's birthday is in 4 days! so Happy Early Birthday to Jerry, and Happy Birthday to Kevvy! Have a good one :) Well yesterday was Valentines day, and what a GREAT Valentines Day it was. I have never had a Valentine. NEVER! Yesterday was my first year having a valentine and he made it MARVELOUS!!!!! I went to work, had a semi very good day. I got a lot of valentines from my kids at work, and one of the kids even went as far as gettin me a little bug that says "I'm your little love bug" since I call her my love bug lol Jeff was txting me throughout the day and then finally asked me how I wanted my chicken done and what sides. I told him it didn't matter, and rice & green beans. he asked me to call him on my way home. So gettin my stuff a
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help me choose a costume for halloween...its been a couple years since the last time i dressed up so yeah...heres the options... i miss everything that i cant bring myself to do anymore now that my moms gone. Everything i did with her. She was such a fun energetic person and i miss her more than anything. i miss playing in the rain, i miss painting, i miss sitting on the sofa at two in the morning talking to her for hours even though we have to leave the house for work or school at six. i remember every chance i would get i would look at her and say "hey mom guess what" and even though she knew what was coming shed always ask "what" and id say "youre beautiful". and she didnt say what to hear me say she was beautiful...she said what because she knew i loved telling her that. she was. even at her most sick time she was still the most beautiful person i had ever had the chance of just lucky enough to be able to say shes my mother. she taught me that it really di
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30 Mean Things A Woman Can Say To A Naked Man: 1. I've smoked fatter joints than that. 2. Awww, it's so cute. 3. Why don't we just cuddle? 4. You know they have surgery to fix that. 5. Make it dance. 6. Can I paint a smiley face on it? 7. Wow, and your feet are so big. 8. It's OK, we'll work around it. 9. Will it squeak if I squeeze it? 10. Oh no... a flash headache. 11. (giggle and point) 12. Can I be honest with you? 13. How sweet, you brought incense. 14. This explains your car. 15. Maybe if we water it, it'll grow. 16. Why is God punishing me? 17. At least this won't take long. 18. I never saw one like that before. 19. But it still works, right? 20. It looks so unused. 21. Maybe it looks better in natural light. 22. Why don't we skip right to the cigarettes? 23. Are you cold? 24. If you get me real drunk first. 25. Is that an optical illusion? 26. What is that? 27. It's a good thing you have so many ot
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I am in a Happy Hour Giveway and PLEASE help me get my first one EVER! All I need is 50k comments and rates counts as 2 comments... no time limit, just as long as I get 50k. If you would like to help... click the pic below and comment/rate away!! Thank yoooooou!!! Hugs and kisses.... Click on pic to help me win my FIRST Happy Hour EVER! ->HAWKEYE ~ ...: did i tell you that i loved you in that way? no HAWKEYE ~ ...: jo jo go do ur thing i knew u would never give me a real chance.....n its funny only moments after our conversation on here was nick black like in every pic HAWKEYE ~ ...: u never said u didnt ->HAWKEYE ~ ...: i fucking promote the guy and his fucking music HAWKEYE ~ ...: n prob fuck him too ->HAWKEYE ~ ...: i had nick's pictures in my albums and on my page since i started ->HAWKEYE ~ ...: how can i fuck nick black when he's in los angeles! HAWKEYE ~ ...: not the i love jo jo ones HAWKEYE ~ ...: i m sure there is a way ->HAWKEYE ~ ...: are you jealous of him or
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You point out That I wear black You call me emo That's not a fact. You tell me I should change Be like you Wear make-up, lose weight Even though I don't want to. You point out I like to sing Who can't tell It's one of my things. You tell me I'm weird So what I'm not intimidating I'm not feared. You point out I like to write But it's a way to express my feelings and life It's better than to fight. You tell me What you think of me You think I care Me is what I'll always be. You point out My life is fucked up It may be But I don't drown in my own cup. You tell me I need to forget But you don't understand that I can't And I'll never regret. You point out I smoke I also drink And I toke. Get to your point I don't need nor do I want your judgement I accept anyone's friendship Even if you just need to vent. What I don't need Is someone to tell me What I am And what I need to be. You're wasting your breath I'll only change fo
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FOR A REAL MAN, YES THE PICS ARE SEXY, BUT I AM NOT ALL ABOUT SEX.. I WANT A MAN WHO WILL LOVE ME, NHOLD ME, TREAT ME GOOD, THE BEDROOM BENIFITS ARE JUST A PLUS!!!!! SO YEAH ITS GREAT TO BE TOLD YOUR SEXY, BUT I WANT MORE.. I WANT IT ALL. LOVE HAPPINESS AND A DAMN GOOD RELATIONSHIP.. BELIEVE ME THE SEX WILL BE MIND BLOWING WHEN THAT 1 GUY FINDS ME.. LOOK AT ME DEEPER THAN MY PHYSICAL APPERANCE YOU WILL LIKE WHAT U SEE UNDERNEATH TALL OF THE PHYSICAL STUFF.. IF THIS INTRESTS YOU THEN HIT ME UP.. LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG.. U wanted 2 know who I am right??? I am just me. I am benevolent, generally but I can be a little demanding. My over-analyzing is going to be the woe of me. I am older than you. I am boring and plain and nothing special. I am over discomposure, searching for placidity. I dislike most of those whom I meet. I probably figured you out before you figured out yourself or me. HA, you won't figure me out. I don't fall in love often. I have been in love once a
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Lollipop Lollipop lollipop Oh lolli lolli lolli Lollipop lollipop..... Call my baby lollipop Tell you why His kiss is sweeter than an apple pie And when he does his shaky rockin' dance Man, I haven't got a chance I call him Lollipop lollipop Oh lolli lolli lolli Lollipop lollipop..... Sweeter than candy on a stick Huckleberry, chimry or lime If you had a choice He'd be your pick But lollipop is mine Lollipop lollipop Oh lolli lolli lolli Lollipop lollipop..... Crazy way he thrills me Tell you why Just like a lightning from the sky He loves to kiss me till I can't see straight GEE, MY LOLLIPOP IS GREAT I call him Lollipop lollipop Oh lolli lolli lolli Lollipop lollipop..... Murphy's Lesser-Known Dictums: Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. He who laughs last, thinks slowest. Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't. Nothing is foolproof to a suffici
Second Best I try and I try But it’s never good enough I’m just not that tough I’m sick of going with the flow I don’t want them to have you I don’t want them to know- That I love you And I always will But that doesn’t matter, does it? Its just 3 little words to you But they’re 3 big words for me Can’t you see? The pain you’re causing me? I didn’t want to say before Because I was scared That I would drive you away And I want you to stay I really do. But it’s hard when you share your heart It’s hard for us to be apart How many would die for you? I would. How many would cry for you? I would. How many would fight for you? I would. But you just ignore the fact That you’re gonna make my heart crack I don’t want to be the like all the rest I don’t want to be Second Best. Always There At night I lie awake Knowing that I messed up Again and again Over and over But you’re still there Still talking Still listening I don’t understand Why you’re not mad
We Should Have Guessed
Through the years of study and the patience i have exerted through the timeless errors of my ways, i have to come to realize certain things. One of them being, you can not take people for who they say they are. Some people put on this face like... "I'm going to help your friend" ...and the first second they get, they stab you in the back. I would like to believe that i am a good friend. I talk to you when you need to vent, i hug you when youre crying or upset, i keep secrets if i am asked to... etc.....becoming a part of someone's life is easy for me to do...because i have such a huge heart. I wear my feelings on my sleeve...i desire only good things to come for those who have impacted my life. And i see now... thats a flaw.... But, i am so sick and tired of being treated like a complete fool...when all i have done is put my heart on the line and dedicate every waking moment (when im not at work) to something bigger then the pathetic lives of people. Whats so wrong with want
I just thought the video was great... ___________________________________________ Stand my Ground - Within Temptation
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'if' - The Fubar amended version. Original by Rudyard Kipling. Amended version by RocABella.   If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, (if you can stand the drama created by fakes and drama llamas who make you out to be the liar)   If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; (if you can tolerate to have the people you trusted doubt you because they listen to EVERY little bit of bollocks they hear from people who can't keep their trap shut)   If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, (if you can keep your opinions to yourself about what you hear, even if you're implicated)   Or being hated, don't give way to hating, (love your haters) And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise: (Don't tell em I told ya so until you have to - usually in a status message for everyone to hear your effin business!)   If you can dream - and not make
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God sent me an angel from heaven above.An angel so beautiful,An angel for me to love. You are my angel and I want you to know...You mean everything to me,And I love you more than circumstances allow me to show. Sweet dreams my beautiful angel and dream of me tonight.For in your dreams I'll be,Holding you oh so tight. ~Michael~ Click the above image to rate / rip / comment! The day I cease to love you will be the day I draw my final breath ~Michael~ Click the above image to rate / rip / comment! You set my soul on fire, and my heart beats a never ending race. My mind is consumed by you, and my life hasn't been the same since I seen your face. Your name is etched onto my heart. I need you, I want you, I've longed for you from the start. You mean the world to me, this I hope you see. All I want now is to share our lives together, just you and me. You are my soul mate, sent from heaven above. For you I have nothing less, then ever lasting love. I need you in
Tonight come and party with me in Pimp's Boom Boom Room! I will be doing my DJ Show "Ariel's Underwater Jam" for the first time from 11pm to 1AM Eastern time! Please join me with your song requests and come jam with the rest of the fam!  Free drinks and LIVE Entertainment! We need 12 NEW LOUNGE MEMBERS TONIGHT TO REACH 400 MEMBERS AND IT'S MY UNDERSTANDING THE 400TH PERSON TO JOIN TONIGHT WILL GET A SPECIAL GIFT!!!! I am going to have his parental rights taken away from him completely! He's not a fucking father, he doesn't want his kids, he has no idea how to be a father and control his kids and he wants to give them up anyway so that's fine, he thinks I'm screwing him over now....just wait! He's had them 2 days and he's wanting me to pick them up tomorrow because he can't control them, they're being too loud, fighting and if I don't pick them up then he's supposedly going to be homel
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We need all the help we can get and if oyu are bored or have some extra time can you please dtop by and leave some comments on this photo? Much love to all..Hugs and kisses! Due to the ridiculous system glitch that doesn't allow any type of comment bombing what so ever, and the constant bouncer checks, we are going to have to limit the contests to one at a time. I know this stinks, but it can't be helped. I know I was having a very hard time leaving comments yesterday, so until they do something thats the way that it has to be. I am so sorry, but maybe they will realize the potential loss of revenue this may cause and rethink their decision. I hope you all understand..:) So..on that note..we have one member in a contest at the moment, that is in second place as of right now and could use all the help possible. Please make sure you help him out. Lets not let this get in the way of doing what we started! Lets give him a chance to win! We are still in need of much h
Poems I Wrote
anger is my own best friend.. embraced by hate.. consumed by my own rage.. I burn.. slowly building agony.. the pain is the only emotion i feel.. use to bleed to feel alive.. now only numbness left. nothing left to fill this void inside.. the endless sleep.. wishing you would just die.. maybe it would justify this reason i cry.. heartless is the one who claimed to love.. guess it should be of no surprise you were nothing but lies.. my anger will burry me alive.. but at least i'll survive.. burying the memory of you deep inside.. bitter  sconred  angry  alone heartbroken  cold ashamed of what i've become... Screaming into my silence slowly I turn into a monster of hate.  Your body so willing you give up to me .  You dirty boy and your love for the dead.   How he craves how I hunger for a taste of him. Eyes blood shot my body aches with the pain. Knowing I'll ruin your life boy. Yet you still hang around. You're a dirty boy with a love of the dead.   Gr
Xxx Things Plus Funny He He He :d
ok I love you all it's been a blast the last couple days I'm only 5600 away from leveling again so please rate my blog! love ya! Sign my guestbook while your here! Daily Horoscope: Capricorn For November 25,2007 Today is perfect for clearing out old trash or letting go of things you know you'll never use again. You don't have to fill up the free space right away, either -- enjoy the simplicity for a while! Make sure you post yours in the comment space love to know what you all's days are like ! Send much love! I woke up to noticed you was gone! I can still smell you and feel you but your not here! A song plays and it's your voice singing it. I see your smile everywhere a memory around every turn. And it drives through me. It's almost like I've been dealt a losing hand at life's game. So take my hand and rearrange the cards so the odds aren't against me! Your the only one that can cause your the only one I truly love!
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Star Wars Galaxies - Watch more free videos
Antony History
NEED U HELP! SEND ME COMMENTS! I AM NEW HERE My danielle, today, call me, and she told me a spanish numbers!! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, shes a baby, only have 6 years! GOOD FOR DANIELLE, she make me happy today! thanks TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY NUMBER 29ªªªªªªªª HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME; HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME; IS S HAPPY DAY ON THE WORLD! I WAIT UR GIFT!
IS A FRIEND IN DEED! I'M NOW 9,900 AWAY FROM GETTING THE VIP AND ONLY TWO DAYS TO REACH 15,000! I WANT TO THANK ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE HELPED! AND THOSE OF YOU THAT MIGHT BE PLANNING TO! HERE'S THE DEAL! IF i REACH THE 15,000 MARK BY SATURDAY AND GET THE VIP, I'M GOING TO GO TO EVERYONE THAT;S HELPED AND EITHER, 1) GIVE THEM SOME FUBUCKS OR 2)rERATE THEM AND SOME OF THEIR PICS 11'S! sO IF YOU HAVE HELPED ME AND i GET THE VIP, PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE TO LET ME KNOW AND I'LL DO WHAT I SAY! tHANKS AGAIN! Once again, I've received another rejection letter for a job I've applied for! I've even asked for my old job back! At this point, I think I'll get my disability claim before I get a job! Well, thanks for all the support, encouragement and love everyone has shown me for the past couple of months. Please feel free to keep it up if you want to. Thanks! Thanks to everyone that has helped me in the contest I'm in! I'm in your debt! If you haven't gotten a chance to yet, please drop some
I know that its hard to walk away from something that you really want or from someone that you really want in your life. But when you try your best and never succeed, I guess the time comes to walk away! You want to continue trying and it never seems to work in your favor, so thats when you just have to walk away! You hold you head high and hope that no one can see through your hurt and confusion, but you know that there is nothing left to do but walk away. Turn around for one last glance, as the tears start to flow and your heart pounds so hard it feels like it is coming though your chest, you just close your eyes and walk away. Crawl into bed and hope that the dreams will not come, asking God for every ounce of courage possible and hope that only he will help you walk away! I can never stop loving you or caring about you more than my own life, but at this very moment in life, I know I must walk away! Get More Music Video Codes At Music Why do I fee
My Parents
This time, this place, can never trace, must win this race. no more crying, no more lying. This time I must face what is left of what it use to be. I can never see you again. This time I must say goodbye, this time is the end, you once were my friends, but i have come to the bend, not playing your games, dont need no fame. with every tear, was it really for real could you really feel the pain, or see the chains that i couldnt break. Did you ever really hear me calling, everytime i was falling. I must awake, I must live, so i can give back the life you took from me, never allowing me to be, but i can see. This time I say goodbye. Time to close the door, can't take no more. I feel the pain, going in sane. These broken wings, will learn how to fly, time to say goobye. I fall on my knees, and look out into the empty sea. it is time to close the door. nothing left to say, I know i am going to be okay, I can't stay. I wonder why, i walk away with a
Songs I Like
If I had no more time No more time left to be here Would you cherish what we had? Was it everything that you were looking for? If I couldn’t feel your touch And no longer were you with me I’d be wishing you were here To be everything that I’d be looking for I don’t wanna forget the present is a gift And I don’t wanna take for granted the time you may have here with me ‘Cause Lord only knows another day is not really guaranteed So every time you hold me Hold me like this is the last time "Like You'll Never See Me Again" Every time you kiss me Kiss me like you’ll never see me again Every time you touch me Touch me like this is the last time Promise that you’ll love me Love me like you’ll never see me again Oh Oh Ohhhhh How many really know what love is? No you never will Do you know until you lose it That it’s everything that we are looking for When I wake up in the morning You’re beside me I’m so thankful that I found Everythin
Ramblings Of Tasha......
I have faith that I am capable of anything. Beyond that, I have faith that I will achieve my pie-in-the-sky dreams. I will be with my soul mate. I will become enlightened. These aren't so much ifs to me as whens or hows. This understanding goes beyond rational thought. I don't have any logical basis for these conclusions, I guess it is just something I foresee as a natural consequence of life. I have wanted to become enlightened for longer than I knew there was a word for it. I wanted to become enlightened for all the wrong reasons. So that I could be overwhelmingly happy all the time. So that I could achieve all my goals. So that I could help people and have respect and admiration. More recently, so that I could be at peace with myself. I realized that the root of my unhappiness for so many years is the disconnection between what I intend and what I am. I have all these ideas of how I want to change my life, who I want to be, what I want to have. I want a meaningful romantic relat
My son came home from school one day, With a smirk upon his face. He decided he was smart enough, To put me in my place. "Guess what I learned in Civics Two, that's taught by Mr.Wright? It's all about the laws today, The 'Children's Bill of Rights. It says I need not clean my room, Don't have to cut my hair No one can tell me what to think, Or speak, or what to wear. I have freedom from religion, And regardless what you say, I don't have to bow my head, And I sure don't have to pray. I can wear earrings if I want, And pierce my tongue & nose. I can read & watch just what I like, Get tattoos f rom head to toe. And if you ever spank me, I'll charge you with a crime. I'll back up all my charges, With the marks on my behind. Don't you ever touch me, My body's only for my use, Not for your hugs and kisses, that's just more child abuse. Don't preach about your morals, Like your Mama did to you. That's nothing more than mind control, And it's illeg
Funny Shit
YOU KNOW YOU ARE LIVING IN 2008 when... 1. You accidentally enter your PIN on the microwave. 2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years. 3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three. 4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you. 5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don't have e-mail addresses. 6. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries. 7. Every commercial on television has a web site at the bottom of the screen 8. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't even have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it. 10. You get up in the morning and go on line before getting your coffee. 11. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. : ) 12. You're reading this and nodding and laughing.
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you know when i was young i liked looking up to grownups for they had so much to show us and teach us my role model was my mom she showed me so much love it wasn't funny even tho i put my mom through a lot of hell she still loves me even today i love you mom my mom is a sweet woman who raised me the best way she knew how like she was both mom and dad u know i was just thinking about this the other day sometimes as grownups we shed our emotions and at times we make decisions that sometimes hurt us more than we realize and sometimes we cry as well people have told me that when we cry it makes us stronger as people my thought is i know today i can cry and not care if im referred to as a coward for doing so in fact just the other day i felt really bad for when i told my own brother he needed to grow up and be a man and stop acting like a coward funny because his wife miscarried a baby and for the first time i got to see him cry and i felt bad for having treated him li
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The current Fubar name color scheme was recently updated. It is now as follows: Dark Green: This member is new, and has been here for fewer than 8 days. Unbolded Gray: This member has been here for more than 8 days, but has yet to verify his/her e-mail. Bolded Gray: This member has verified his/her e-mail, but does not yet have an approved salute photo. (This used to indicate a member that has reached level 20.) White: This member has an approved salute photo. Red: This member is a Top 10 user, based on rates, comments, number of fans, and other factors. Purple: This member is a top promoter (i.e. is among the top 10 with the most legitimate referrals in the last 24 hours). Lime Green: This member is a Fubar Supporter (level 100). Orange: This member is a Fubar Bouncer (level 150). Yellow: This member is level 200 or higher, and usually works for the site in some way. Pink: This member has VIP access and has selected this color. Blue: This member has VIP access and has s
My Poetry All Copywrited
What do Angels Look Like? Like the little old lady who returned your wallet yesterday. Like the taxi driver who told you that your eyes light up the world when you smile. Like the small child who showed you the wonder in simple things. Like the poor man who offered to share his lunch with you. Like the rich man who showed you that it really is all possible, if only you believe. Like the stranger who just happened to come along, when you had lost your way. Like the friend who touched your heart, when you didn't think you had one to touch. Angels come in all sizes and shapes, all ages and skin types. Some with freckles, some with dimples, some with wrinkles and some without. They come disguised as friends, enemies, teachers, students, lovers and fools. They don't take life too seriously, they travel light. They leave no forwarding address, they ask nothing in return. They wear sneakers with gossamer wings, they get a deal on dry cleaning. They are hard to find when your eyes are closed,
Whats Up Fubar Land!!! :)
Right from the start when we first ment each other all I could do was think about what we said to each other when we first looked into each others eyes. It was like a feeling that touched my very heart, soul, & spirit. If the man upstairs was on my side by showing me the way to your love, I would have to give him all the thanks in the world. Showing Me The Way to your sweet love, is the greatest gift that the man upstairs could ever give me. Just the thought of it alone of us being together, I could never ask for anything more than the love we share. Getting chills down my spine everytime when i'm thinking of that day that we ment & the days that we get to spend together. I cherish all the moments that we get to share with each other. Thanks to the man upstairs for showing me the way to a love that I thought could never happen in my life. But now I see with my own eyes that the love I have for you is like something I n
Pieces Of Me
Anyone who has ever actually had a conversation with me knows i am a really sensitive person and my heart is usually right on my sleeve. I am usually an uber positive, people are mostly good, look for the silver lining kinda chick but that hasn't worked out so well for me. Giving people the benefit of the doubt, being all open and honest and kind, is like going through life wearing a dunce cap and letting people know they can take advantage of you. Kindness is most assuredly a weakness. I used to feel really, really sorry for people who closed themselves off from others and wouldn't give anyone a chance. Now though, the last couple of days has made me totally envious of those people and thinking they may be onto something. Its really stupid to believe that just because you wouldn't hurt, mistreat, abandon or mislead someone that they won't do the same to you. It's kind of like emotional Darwinism..people who can keep themselves from forming attachments and letting others get too
Thank You Sher, Blondie, And Threat Lol
I DONT WANT THESE DUMB CUNTS! Your Celebrity Sisters Are Jessica and Ashlee Beautiful, feminine, and stylish. Who care's if you're a bit of a daddy's girl? Who Are Your Celebrity Sisters? Your Stripper Song Is Master and Servant by Depeche Mode "There's a new game We like to play you see A game with added reality You treat me like a dog Get me down on my knees" Yawn, dancing is so boring without a little spice. What Song Should You Strip To? I think I need spanked.. You Are 19% Pure You're definitely not pure. In fact, you may be one of the most evil people who's ever lived. Remember, good little girls and boys go to heaven. But bad little girls and boys go everywhere! The 100 Question Purity Test
I Speak My Mind Because It Hurts To Bite My Tongue...
Just try reading this without laughing till you cry!!! Pocket Taser Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Taser for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized taser. The effects of the taser were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety....?? WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arc of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs. AWESOME!!! Unfortu
Up Date
Am sry for hurting and saying stuff to my ex about u. I was trying to get her back am for the am sry but am done with her and her lies. I got someone who like me for me and might give me chacn but we are taking thing slowly. I will not say who she is bc i don't crystal or anyone who hate me ruin a good thing. What said on yahoo with u i meant it and i thought u meant to. I think if want to have friendship the let have one but not staping each other in the back. i just want friend with heart and soul lie i think u have. At work today think might found someone. She been hurt by her ex who hite her and everything. She is married but she separted. SHe has son. SHe love to cuddle. She beatiful and she like me. we are metting tomrrow and movie date friday. i keep yaw posted. I real hop it works out. cross ur finger Tomrrow i got back to work with week off. Cool i need the money real bad. Bills are comeing through and everything Sun Com about to shut off. My storage is about to but on the st
My Writings
The sweet caress of your pain across my skin I breathe You  in as you sink deep into my flesh The pain is what I desire Fire in the cut Gimmie the release I need Let the blood flow So I know I want to feel You again dear friend.  Tears flow, Mix with the blood. It trickles down my arm towards my finger tips. I taste it and open the wound wider. Oh what a sight. My skin open and full of my own sweet nectar. It's You I desire and have done for a long time. Filling every fiber of my being with pain. You light up my life with the glint of Your blade. slicing deep and true.  Cutting through my soul with all of Your might.  I need this to feel.
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Abby¢¾Normal@ fubar She DOES do naked jumping jacks...I knew it!!! She helps people too! But she DOES naked jumping jacks! SHOW HER LOVE, use that link! Freak ~Owned by Calgore & Mr.7,000,000~@ fubar Here she is. She says it's her last auction, so I may have one a piece of history. If not, I have in my possession some very nice boobs for a whole MONTH! If you don't know her, you better. She's smart, she's funny, and she helps out everybody! She's also very loyal to her friends. And she's very talented and creative, just look at her great shops in her folders. So stop by and say "Boy Howdy", and check out her boobs...I mean folders, and bling the hell out of her! Please vote for Whitmer Panters Goalie Austyn Roudebush in the BCSN Weekend Warrior. He deserves it.  
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PEOPLE, tuning in is easy! There are many ways and they are all listed here. Just click HERE and your music player will open or a WINDOW WILL POP UP ASKING YOU WHAT PROGRAM YOU WANT TO USE. CHOOSE WHATEVER IS LISTED THERE, such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer, Nero, or whatever other player you use for music files.Click above for the Darkside Radio homepage.Once on that page, TO TUNE IN SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK THE SKELETONS. 6.17.08Be Sure To Tune In !!!Rock out with Lord Genocyde:7:00 p.m. Central TimeClick above to DOWNLOAD THE DARKSIDE RADIO TOOLBAR which will make it EVEN EASIER to access the Darkside Radio stream.Brought to you also by:The Lady Misty Genocyde. Welcome to the softer side of insanity...Tuesday nights are shows dedicated to new bands' premiere songs and the infamous Millennium Omega segments hosted by Lady Misty! We may have a guest on for Millennium Omega. Tonight we premier... new music from SINDADDY !!!Lord Genocyde will also be debuting new mu
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Proposition 420, The U.s. Hemp Act
General Thoughts on Establishing a Comprehensive Universal Health Program Simply stated, I have a little idea I would like to share concerning using the proceeds generated by the “Hemp Tax” to guarantee full Health Care coverage to every U.S. Citizen. I know, that was a big statement and now that it has been made, I need to back it up. I am prepared to but I must first beg you to remember that 25% of all funds from the “Hemp Tax”, that amount growing each year, will be available to support this. I am of the mind that such a large pool, established and managed properly, has the potential to do just that. By using a system of personal accounts, managed by the Consumers themselves and consisting of credit that may be accessed only for medical procedures, from preventative, necessary to elective, we have a means to solve this issue without loss to any individual. Being that this would be paid for exclusively by “Hemp Tax” funds, a levy on a potentially massive industry that has no
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1n$1d3 M3
Get your attention?!? GOOD! Read on... everyone I've talked to, there's times I HATE this site. Now, I never delete my profiles (I still have my original FRIENDSTER profile...I think) but I DO take a "leave of abscence" from certain community sites... ...but for some reason, I keep coming back here. No, I don't care for the NSFW pics... No, I don't care for the vagina/cock talk... And, no, I don't care about the attention whoring... ... What brings me back to this site is the "5%"... If you bare with me for a minute, I'll explain the "5%"... Just recently, I talked to a "fu-friend" on here that has been around longer then me... back during "Cherry-Tap" and "Lost-Cherry" and "Cherry-Bomb" or whatever.... We have both been here for YEARS, yet just NOW we actually conversated as, well, normal folks do... We both laughed at how sad MuMMs and lounges and fubar ITSELF has gotten... ...kind of like the "worst of the internet community"...
2008 June
hey guys help me cheer up somebody some guy she say played her a fool now nobody visit her page she is upset she really a sweet beautiful girl. her weary of guys now .. prove that wrong Cece Look into my eyes, do you think I like your attitude. When I was new on here, it seemed to be fun and everyone was friendly. Of course ratings were coming in as 10's. There were a few that werent, first never noticed. But then I started to ask why. Funny such an attitude I got for just asking why. Then to be attacked for asking why Two women ? One had downrated my profile pic which someone had photoshopped one of my beautiful pictures for me. Out of curiosity I asked why. Suddenly another one downrated me as I discovered they were on family list together. One saying it was funny and laughed about it as they were playing with the ratings changing up and down and laughing. Such hate and cruelty. I read a mumm one did write that l

Christmas in the Sand I had no Christmas spirit when I breathed a weary sigh, and looked across the table where the bills were piled too high. The laundry wasn’t finished and the car I had to fix, My stocks were down another point, the Cowboys lost by six. And so with only minutes till my son got home from school I gave up on the drudgery and grabbed a wooden stool. The burdens that I carried were about all I could take, and so I flipped the TV on to catch a little break. I came upon a desert scene in shades of tan and rust, No snowflakes hung upon the wind, just clouds of swirling dust. And where the reindeer should have stood before a laden sleigh, eight hummers ran a column right behind an M1A. A group of boys walked past the tank, not one was past his teens, Their eyes were hard as polished flint, their faces drawn and lean. They walked the street in armor with their rifles shouldered tight, their dearest wish for Christmas, just to have a silent night. Other soldiers ga
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Making names for people that are interested in paying a one bling credit or 25K for them. Please no copying them as they take time to make and space on my computer! So if you want one please let me know in a private message =D Let me know your favorite color's so I can customize them to your liking =D These are sample’s of my work! Help this wonderful woman hit the next level! Only 49K to go! And she has her auto 11's running! St3ph4ni3~Rate Spankers member~Lollipop gurlz~@ fubar Cobralady™~aka Snakey~Rate Spanker~Keeper Of The Animal's~In The Animal's Den@ fubar FYI To All I Know And Talk To On The Fu! For The Next Month I Will Be Helping Out My Neighbor While He & His Wife Take A Long Vacation He Has Farm Animals That I Will Be Taking Care Of And I Get Fresh Farm Eggs Out Of The Bargin! LOL
as i sit here with tears falling out of my eyes.. i am approaching the 6 mth anv of my mom dead. Funny when she died the first thing i said was she wasnt suppose to leave me. I knew know that she did i would hae to deal with everything in my life. See she was sick for a long while and it helped cover everything around me cuz i was a care taker. It let me let go of friendship and laughter and deal with the guy i was dating. I let me shield myself from the world in a lot of ways. I lost my best friend! the one that i went to for everything. the one that didnt judge me no matter what i did. the one that would throw my 20 bucks cuz she wanted her grandkids to go to dinner that night and knew a single mother just cant make ends meet in this world. I didnt want to deal with life.. face what was happening.. basically think.. i was dating this guy from fl. well he lived here.. when we dated 20 yrs ago but funny after 20 yrs nothing had changed.. i didnt notice it till March.. too me three mon
Bad Habitz
Feel free to help get the word out about Bad Habitz Radio! Below are links to blogs containing codes to post bulletins or comments. Comments can also be used in the about me section on your fubar profile. Comment CodesBulletin Codes We also have custom comments . . . Click Here for more info! You can even invite someone through the bartab - Bartab invite how to. Want the BHR Profile skin?  We now have many different ones Click here to see the list!After previewing you can scroll to the bottom and hit rip this skin or you can rip it from the list. How about the BHR Player in your tracks? Click here! Want to add the lounge tunes to comments or bullys? Click Here. Will be updated for the Smotri cams soon! I'm sorry, but the blog you are trying to find has been deleted. It has nothing to do with the link you clicked in the application that was clearly a complete rip off of our application(considering it links you to here).  That should tell you alot about the lounge you are thinki
Kurt Nimmo Infowars February 8, 1009 On February 6, the blog section of the White House website announced a recent executive order signed by Obama establishing the new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. “Instead of driving us apart, our very beliefs can bring us together,” Obama said on February 5 during the National Prayer Breakfast. “E pluribus unum, in other words,” the blog declared. “Whether it’s connecting groups that are training people to do new jobs, or figuring out the role of faith-based organizations in combating global climate change, this office creates those partnerships in a way that’s responsible, constitutional, and — bottom line — helps those in need,” said Joshua DuBois, a Pentecostal pastor, social activist, and former campaign religious outreach director who was appointed to lead Obama’s faith-based initiative. Mr. DuBois is apparently unaware of what the fat
Mel's Fault
So here is this little personality awareness thingy, I stole from Mel. Things you(meaning anyone doing it) think of me. The first one is positive traits. The second is negative traits. So, yea, go and burn my soul...... You Are Fozzie Bear "Wocka! Wocka!" You're the life of the party, and you love making people crack up. If only your routine didn't always bomb! You may find more groans than laughs, but you always keep the jokes coming. The Muppet Personality Test Your Superhero Profile Your Superhero Name is The Phantom Photon Your Superpower is Mystic Your Weakness is Men Your Weapon is Your Nuclear Axe Your Mode of Transportation is Pogo Stick What's your Superhero Name?
Poems & Stuff
As I hold you near, I can hear your heart beat. With every beat, I can feel your love. As I look into your eyes, I see into your soul. I see what no one else can. I see your true self. The self that you deny. How can you deny what I am so willing to give. I offer you my love, for all eternity. Unconditionally, I will be yours. Just to have you part of my life. To see you smile, to hear you laugh, to hold you close. To tell you how much, I LOVE YOU!! My Sadness. Drowning in a pool of tears My sorrow,I can no longer bear. My mind races with thoughts of despair I feel so isolated,with noone to care. A sleep to end all suffering. Did I swallow enough?? NO! I awoke to even more sadness. How can I end this? I see the shine of the silver. Just a little slice, Enough for all the pain to bleed out. I tried to touch the light. But even the light is out of my reach. The darkness surrounds me.
People Who Help Me W. Spotlight
Br@ndy@ fubar JJ - Stiletto Girl@ fubar ♫ IP aka CP Insane Patient ® S.E.R Metal Dj@ fubar
A Few Things To Remember
90# on your telephone I dialed '0', to check this out, asked the operator, who confirmed that this was correct so please pass it on . . . (l also checked out .. This is true, and also applies to cell phones!) PASS ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW I received a telephone call last evening from an individual identifying himself as an AT&T Service Technician (could also be Telus) who was conducting a test on the telephone lines. He stated that to complete the test I should touch nine(9), zero(0), the pound sign (#), and then hang up. Luckily, I was suspicious and refused. Upon contacting the telephone company, I was informed that by pushing 90#, you give the requesting individual full access to your telephone line, which enables them to place long distance calls billed to your home phone number. I was further informed that this scam has been originating from many local jails/prisons DO NOT press 90# for ANYONE. The GTE Security Department requested that I
I am sick and tired of people saying "I Love You!" How can I believe that what they are saying is true, When I am constantly hated my so many and loved by so few. These three simple words are sometime quite irritating, The way they are thrown around without meaning is very aggravating. There are a lot of things that come from the words " I Love You" Pain, anguish, betrayal and hatred are only a few, Thus the reason I hate them the way I do. So please forgive me if it seems like I have an attitude, Forgive me if I don't show any gratitude, What do you expect from someone who has been devastated By the three simple words- I LOVE YOU? I have found it is harder to be loved than it is to be hated, So to keep from spreading the heartache, When someone does tell that they love me, I say, "I Love You Too," Because hurting someone I love his hard for me to do, It is something that my mind, body and soul just cannot take. Here I am thinking about how my life has been torn apart,
Dark Perversity
haywood jablomee so,i got woke up by party people,and now im winding down,there was a spider on my leg earlier,but i smashed it with ease and total disdain for the craftsmanship god put into his tiny creation,and it dawned on me that we all do this and more when we disregard our fellow man,and mistreat others willfully.thankfully i am at a pretty happy point in my life considering all the circumstances that surround me,but then,it reminds me that is the whole point of have confidence in the unseen despite all odds.two out of three questions have been answered,and the third remains unasked,when the curtain lifts and bows dispensed ,one shall remain and one shall be unmasked.i i i i i i i i-such constant narcissism and over focusing on the immediate wants of self,if youre on the internet,you have basic needs met,so all else is wants to a large degree.we have become a giant yogurt culture,a culture of angry,bitter,abused,brainwashed lost souls,walking wounded and heartbroken an
Things You Shouldn't Say To Someone You've Never Talked To
a_hipps: partying tonight? perfectly_inked: no a_hipps: and why not young lady perfectly_inked: gotta work tomorrow a_hipps: me to a_hipps: wheres your son? perfectly_inked: here a_hipps: oh so didnt send him to dad's today huh? a_hipps: when you gonna get unscared and meet me perfectly_inked: i'm not scared...i just haven't had the time a_hipps: haha you got the time tonight lamo perfectly_inked: no i don't. not with my kid here a_hipps: hmm how can i convince you i am a sane person and not a crazy man a_hipps: i can drive up in my work truck haha a_hipps: its a huge ass box truck a_hipps: with a big wrap of my company on it a_hipps: haha perfectly_inked: oh please. dennis rader killed women while on his lunch break from adt securty systems. so that wouldn't do it a_hipps: im not dennis radar a_hipps: haha a_hipps: im adam hipps a_hipps: and he drove around stalking his victims a_hipps: i got better shit to do perfectly_inked: i don't
My Poetry
 Let me touch you.... tenderly, passionately until cold turns to heat blended breath and bodies transcend the distance and you feel alive again Let me hold you ....   uncover secret desires in thoughts and dreams just close enough and long enough for you to feel loved   I am here, never too far as close as your thought or a soft sigh of loneliness let me hold you against the beating of my heart when you feel hopelessI hold faith for both of us,   Let me see you plainly beneath your stoic mask let me see the reality of such beauty and pain where even the night cannot dim the fire in your eyes                                                     I want to know the secret places of your mind and your body let me hold you even if only in a dream                                                       let me kiss away the fearsthat cloud your sad eyes and render you faithless                              So much more than my curiosity your scent drifts across miles                    
Dc Girl Blogs And Shout Outs
I just want to say thank you So Very Much to all my friends and family for helping me to GodMother... w00t w00t!!! A Very Special Thank You to Fat Sonny And Mr Lincoln for getting all Their friends and family to come help level me!! Ya'll are the sweetest!! Thank You SickBoy :( Hope u get to feeling Better, But i appreciate all those photo comments profile comments rates bling & gifts lol u spoiled me BAD!!!......Thank you 2 My sweetie Geo For rating my page every day and leaving the sweetest photo comments & Gifts ever, all the time HEHE ..ILY :P And As Always Thanx To Paula Abby & Cris They Helped me so so so much You Guys are the Best and i love Yall dearly!!... And ty to all the DC Girlz that came to show love!! It may take a while but imma get back to u all and return all the luvins :P!! Thanx Again Luv u all Muchez!!! >
Insomniac Poetry
The contest will run from May 20th till May 31st and all prizes will be given out June 1st. Each comment is worth 1 point.  Each rate is worth 10 points. 1st Prize will be a Cherry Bomb AND Auto 11 2nd Place will be a 25 credit bling pack 3rd Place wil be a 3 day blast There is also an extra bonus... The person who leaves the funniest/wittiest/most original comment will win a 5 credit bling.  Both the person leaving the comment and the contestant win one! click the pic below to rate n comment i appreciate it so much       this is my girl Kimmie Kinnzz make sure u show her mad love she is too awesome     ~*~Kimmie*Kinz~*~ @ fubar Read Alone..... Especially the Poem I believe whatever is in store for us will be for us. The poem is very true, unfortunately. Make sure you read the poem! CASE 1: Kelly Sedey had one wish, for her boyfriend of three years, David Marsden, to propose to her. Then one day when she was out to lunch David proposed! She accepted, but th
All About Love,emotions Nd Sacrifice
Addicted To You By:Blu Why can't I stop Stop thinking of you I try to fill my day With lots of things to do But I continue to drift Wondering where you are Do you have any idea That on my heart you've left a scar You have priorities Places you have to be I'm just so very sad There's no place for me I fell in love with you The keeper of my heart It's just very hard for me Since we've been apart I think you're amazing A very wonderful man You pulled me in your web I became your greatest fan Just thinking of you Makes my heart race There's no one like you Who brings a glow to my face Did you ever stop to see That each time we were together I would melt within your eyes A feeling I'll always treasure When I stop to think All that we've been through I can't help but realize I'm addicted to you. Breath Of Love By:Blu There comes a gentle knocking in this night, This night where my slumber lays restless. I tumble and turn to stir my
Tunage">   I'm dying to catch my breathoh why don't i ever learn I've lost all my trust that i'm sure we try toTurn it aroundCan you still see the heart of meall my agony fades awaywhen you hold me in your embraceDon't turn me downfor all i needmake my heart a better placegive me something I can believeDon't turn me downyou're far from the door nowdon't let it closeHe only had to goI wish I could let it goI know that I'm only one step awayFrom turning aroundCan you still see the heart of meall my agony fades awaywhen you hold me in your embraceDon't turn me downfor all i needmake my heart a better placegive me something I can believeDon't turn it downwhat's left of memake my heart a better placei've tried many times but nothing was realmake it fade awaydon't break me downI want to believe that this is for realsave me from my feardon't turn me downdon't turn me downfor all i needmake my heart a better placedon't tear me downfor all i needmake
My Life
Now That I’m 27, not really looking forward to heaven. My soul feel dead, like I never been alive. So maybe when I die, I well finally be alive. If loving is healing and hating is killing, Then what is being broken? Maybe it is when the heart feel the healing of  love, then feel pain of losing the love. Maybe why I feel dead inside or broken from being alone. Oh boy who we live your lives, with silly things that we try to feel so alive.  A true Story about a man that nothing to live for. ”Hell found me” I said as I lay on the floor of this run down apartment. Stall feeling the pain and hit from the night before running through me. Looking up from the floor with darkness and hot summer’s night air surrounded me, holding me to the floor like a Sumo is on top of me. I shake me head to clear it from the weighed down like feeling. I struggled to get on my feet, standing upright with my head down. I ran my hand through my hair bring my head up with the pain of last n
Poetry Some New Some Old .. All Mine
Broken, pulled apart, pieces,Torn from the thing that’s called myself.I look about, scattered, all I see is me.Pulled in too many directions,Scarred from the past,Scared of my future,Taunted by possibilities of what can never be.I shower, eat, cry and sleep,Burry myself deep beneath A cold exterior where no-one can reach... Sat beneath the oak tree dreaming once again,Thoughts are oh so fleeting, like little drops of rain,Try to find significance, skitter round my brain.Just coming and going as I sit crying in the rain,I feel the tree behind me, calming soothing meTaking excess energy, so I can focus on just being me. Look in to the mirrorWhat’s looking back is not meMy lifeless eyes look helplessMy skin devoid of blushI’ve cried the tears that I canMy life’s no longer mineDo with it what you willFor I’m devoid of timeFear has a new meaningSome said I am braveTo be brave u must choose your pathAnd this path has chose meSo I am not brave or courageousI am s
...what Some People Have To Say About It...what About You!!???
Albert Camus: [I]n such a world of conflict, a world of victims and executioners, it is the job of thinking people, not to be on the side of the executioners. Aldous Huxley: A democracy which makes or even effectively prepares for modern, scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic. No country can be really well prepared for modern war unless it is governed by a tyrant, at the head of a highly trained and perfectly obedient bureaucracy. Alfred Tennyson: Till the war-drum throbb`d no longer, and the battle-flags were furl`d; In the parliament of man; the Federation of the world. Annie Dillard: "One of the main reasons that it is so easy to march men off to war," says Ernest Becker, is that "each of them feels sorry for the man next to him who will die." Aristotle: We make war that we may live in peace. August Bebel: In time of war the loudest patriots are the greatest profiteers. Barbara Kingsolver: Wars and elections are both to
For Everyone On Fubar!!! This is for everyone asking me to CAM/Cyber. I'm getting Sick and Tired Of Guys Asking to See my Cam or Voice Chat . I Do Not Own A Cam and I do Not Do Voice Chat Unless Your a Friend or My MAN...So Everyone Else Quite Asking..Because the Answer is Always NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! If your a Friend or want to be a Friend thats fine..but Do Not Come to me wanting to Cyber or See Me On Cam!! If your a true FRIEND you'll READ my Profile and understand!! To All The Haters...Keep Stepping on and back Off!!!!!!!!!! Look To Get Your Rocks Off Some Were Else!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You,Panther
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Dear You,  How are you in your other life. Me I am still here on Earth. Seeing how much it's changed since you left. It's a ugly world now. It feels like it rains everyday but no water falls it's like you don't cry. Your too happy where your at while we are here remembering you crying and sad because I miss your friendship. You helped me more than you know. I would have lost my ability to love if I haven't had met you because even though I was a stranger on the other side of the world. A different culture even but you looked past that and called me first friend then brother. I still wonder what might have been if we had the chance to meet but GOD called you home before that chance was given. You were so young not even given the chance to live your life really. You were just a little girl really in this big world but really you were a grown woman by the world's standards. I know it's not suppose to be questioned as to why you left but sometimes it can't be helped. You told
Random Status Messages
Bored to death in the recesses of my perverted mind, lol. The shadows that hide behind these eyes tell a story of beauty and loyalty that has yet to be shown truth without drama and secrecy. Will you be the one to break your silence and tell those words that your heart knows must be told? They say I can make it without you, I can do this alone, I am stronger by myself, I can get through this, I don't need a mate to make me complete, and I am not meant to be happy. I say I do need my partners support in all decision concerning our family. I do not wanna do this alone, I want your support. We are stronger as a team. Only with our combined strength and God's help can we conquer everything. If I was not meant to be happy, whole and complete with your healing love then God would not of sent you to me like I prayed. You are the best thing that has happened to me and the answer to all my prayers. You are the one that has always been for me, you are and will always be my other half. I love you
From The Mind Of Me
feel like ive lost myself in someone im not!i feel like a worthless piece of shiti feel bad for messing with your head like it was a toyrevenge wasnt as sweet as i thought it wastwo wrongs doesnt make a rightand for what i did i feel like a shitty personeven tho it was nothing compaired to what you did to meand im sorry.i know that doesnt make it rightbut atleast i feel better for admitting i was wrongwhen will you ever admit you was wrong tho? as i stand there right in front of you with a million and one things to say i suddenly become speechless   i try to talk but nothing comes out its like im choking only on my own words   thoughts are racing through my head
One fun thing about fubar is that you not only get to meet and learn about people,you also get a sense(over some time with them) of who they are. A profile tells alot about their likes and dislikes. There are somethings you might be interested to know about me. I was married at 16 for 38 years, then was widowed, from a car accident, if that haden't happen he was dieing from stomach cancer, he got from being in Nam. I lost the love of my life (soul mate ). I will never get that back, so moving on. I have four wonderful kids, two boys and two girls, five beautiful grand children. I have spent my life working, raising kids, being a care giver for family and friends. I've cooked for 35 years in restrants and (until the accident) four years at the biggest trout prossening plant in the country. In the mean time had a cattle ranch,  that we had together.      i had it all, then it was gone. Life hits you in the face! I'm strong and life goes on.....All time favorite songs... Alway and forever
The Thoughts Of Mem (please Leave A Comment I Like Your Opinion)
In A City Far Away, In The Purest Of Snow.Lives A Seed That Does Not Grow. Lying In A Crack In The Side Walk. Looking Up At A World That Doesn't Care. It's Beauty Is Taken For Granted. With Each Little Passing Step. The Sadness Within Begins To Fade. Like The Snow That Will Melt On One Faithful Day.  And That Seed That Lives In The City. Will Become A Rose That Grew From Concrete. A Rose That At One Time Was Ugly And Taken For Granted. Will One Day Be A Sign Of Beauty....In This Dark, Cold, Lonely World.   As It Is Written As So Shall It Come To Pass....Quote The MEMesis....Nevermore!! I Am A Being Forever Alone. My Thoughts Are Forever Cursing.  I Am Wandering In The Shadows Trying To Find My Home. Blinded By Life, But Never Afraid Of What's Ahead. The Weight Of The World Crashing Over My Head. I Wish This Curse Would Leave Me Be. And Let Me Rest And For Once Let Me Have Good Dreams. Nightmares They Haunt Me. I Don't Want To Go To Sleep. The Legend Of Happiness Is
Profund Thinking
!To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say...but first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay. I'm writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above. Here, there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love. Please... do not be unhappy just because I'm out of sight, Remember that I'm with you every morning, noon and night. That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through, God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you." It's good to have you back again; you were missed while you were gone. As for your dearest family, they'll be here later on. I need you here badly; you're part of my plan. There's so much that we have to do, to help our mortal man. God gave me a list of things, that he wished for me to do. And foremost on the list, was to watch and care for you. And when you lie in bed at night, the day's chores put to flight. God and I are closest to the middle of the night. When you think of my life on earth, and all those
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DefinitionBy Mayo Clinic staff Staph infections are caused by staphylococcus bacteria, a type of germ commonly found on the skin or in the nose of even healthy individuals. Most of the time, these bacteria cause no problems or result in relatively minor skin infections. But staph infections don't always remain skin-deep. In some circumstances, they may invade your bloodstream, urinary tract, lungs or heart. Severe staph infections usually occur in people who are already hospitalized or who have a chronic illness or weakened immune system. But it is possible for otherwise healthy people to develop life-threatening staph infections.   Symptoms:By Mayo Clinic staffStaph infections can range from minor skin problems to endocarditis, a life-threatening inflammation of your heart valve lining. As a result, signs and symptoms of staph infections vary widely, depending on the location and severity of the infection. Skin infections Skin infections caused by staph bacteria include:
The Lovers
     On the moon let night in the shadows she waits for a strong man to show up. She feeds on the week but craves the strong. She watches a man walk in the light; she craves him, hungers for him. He makes her want more then blood. She attacks him stealing more then his blood, she also takes his heart and soul. He is now hers for all time, forever her slave, her lover, and her other half. They are together in this life and the next for all time.   They are and will forever be lovers.    I am hungry and wanted fresh blood. I decided to go hunting for same prey and have some fun. I found my prey at a party, a tall dark brooding male that looked like he was bored and was off to himself watching people dance. I could tell that he was not like most humans and it made me want him more. So I walked up to him and looked right into his eyes.    "You want some fun with me or do you want to just stand there and watch people? I will make it the best you ever had, just like you I am not just l
Status Messages ... Bwahaha
So, I really need to know it weird to wake up one morning with your hand in your twat wearing scrubs?? It's morning .. I'm still tired because i'm trying to get puppy on a set schedule ... and she is NOT having it !! but I can't trust her around the house at night so, she needs to suk it up and do it!!! I had the worst experience in a long time .... and don't ever try this ... it's nasty tasting (take from this experience) .... I went to have my morning tea, tea bag in cup and honey .. waiting on water.  Coffee gets done for hubby, I pour his coffee and turn and pour COFFEE in my TEA!!!!! yeah, gross and not tasting well, and not something you want to taste when you first wake up. I hope your day has started better ... I may take a bit and play Devil May Cry 4 or Mini Ninjas ... and I'm going to pick up a movie today (luckily I have unlimited rentals) All About Steve with Sandra Bullock. THE BEATLES!!!! good morning, good morning, ahhh!!!!!   ohh n let's not forget it
The Daily Routine Of The Life Of A Bum
Got up very early took Gedy to Friendly house she is going to take care of the baby.  Then took Madam, Hap, and Friendly to shoe factory, to try to get a job but they didn’t have any luck.  Back home again then I went job seeking.  No luck for me they told me to come back Mon. to the upholster factory that is all I can think of. Nothing going on, it started out to be a pretty day, but turned off too Kold.  After Mutt came in he and I went to the Post Office, then went to see a coupla guys he sold them each a suit then home again.  Hap went to see his girl brought her out to the house and didn’t get out.  They sat in the car for an hour or so, until everyone went to bed then they came in.  Gedy and her mother rather sore about it.  I didn’t like it my self too well, I don’t think that a very nice way to do.  I played sol all eve he beat me 6 straight games, then I beat him one.  Well Honey Girl this is 1935, we have got about 3 inches of snow on the ground and it
Poetry By Me
   "Walks, etc"I will take youfor long walksby the wan lightof the full moonJust to gazeat thy lovely facein that wondrous glowwould be worthSo much moreThan a bit of sleepa moment lostaway in the ethercaught on thy lipsFor my caress A mana Real Manfinds no needto strike a womanunless it's to strike up a conversation   "The Other side"The things I see inside those deep eyes cause me to sigh with what is and could bejoys untold, abject fearsongs to soothe the soulor a wall on which to bash my skullhoping, ever hopingto make that crackso I can seethe other side of thoseeyes
New Folder
How many assholes have to think I took someone else's photo, started a default with it, and pretended to be a pedophile? Code words that Jew haters use to describe Jews, not necessarily in order. or complete Banking Elite Zionist Occupation Government(ZOG) Talmud Jews Cosmopolitans International Bankers Unforgiven Israel Supporters If you think of anymore, tell me. This blog, jpub is for anyone interested in Jewish topics, you don't need to be Jewish to comment on my blog. Anyone that I am blocked by, I refuse to vote on their mumms also!  They can *kish mir in tokhes*! *Yiddish for kiss my ass! 
This Is #fubar
Why do Sharks swim around you before attacking? Two Great White sharks, were swimming around in the ocean and they spied the survivors of a sunken ship in the water.  "Follow me, son" the father shark said to the son shark and they swam to the mass of people. "First we swim around them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing."  And they did. "Well done, son!  Now we swim around them a few times with all of our fins showing."  And they
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You're on my mind everyday And in my mind I see your face A melody plays as you walk by My heart beats fast as I look into your eyes What we have is a mystery An adventure that becomes history Amazing feelings flow through my soul Penetrating my glands giving me a glow A bond that remains so strong A love that keeps shining on Keepsake that never loses its value A nightmare to be without you A journey in which we walk miles upon miles No thunderstorms no need for snow plows Just another memory for us to share I need you here... now... everywhere.   She sat at her computer and typed with frantic haste There was so much she needed to say and so little time Her heart poured out so easily through her fingers As the words appeared on the screen before her She filled her screen with her words of affection Then waited anxiously for him to type his reply Her heart skipped as his reply appeared before her She read and reread his words of endearment Then hurried to reply as her h
Dear Person There are many things in our lives that pass us by, there are many things that we hope will pass our way, but then there are things that come to us without even trying.   I write this letter to the person who over the last few days has brought me joy and happiness, who without even trying has touched my heart in so many ways words don’t seem enough right now. There is always someone out there who can turn your spark into a flame and keep it burning, which can make the storm inside turn into a calm gentle breeze, who can keep your heart beating everytime you see them.   But there is one person who has done more than I ever thought was possible, who has taken me and made me feel like a brand new person and giving me a new leash on life, who has brought so much happiness into my life without even knowing it. There is never a minute when I don’t think of him, but there will never be a moment when I cant be without him, I’ve grown to know him as time as go
This And That
Sorry I've been such a shitty friend lately. Just dealing with some real life issues. I'll be here less and less. Between work and doctors and family bullshit, I'm rarely here anyway. I am not going to get all emo and pour it all out here, because, for the most part, it's no one else's business. If you're close to me, and you want to know, you can feel free to ask. Otherwise, I'll see you when I pop in from time to time.   Be good kids.   My Haiku Diva Sweet like a cake with a blade I love how you shine So today started out crazy, woke up late, had traffic court, got there late, but that got continued because the police lady didn't show, and then went to open my business bank account. Then came 10am! LOL   So when I get back to the house (I work out the house, yay for being self-employed!) I find out a whole plethora of family drama went on while I was gone.  The basic run-down with screaming phone calls went like this:   Sister's ex-husband filed for sole custody of t
Cyber Is Not A Std
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Rag Dolls & Zombies
Well I am on the road to healthy weight loss and being more active.  The worse is all the measuring and the weighing in and knowing that if I am to make this work I have to cut out all alcohol and all sugary, fatty, non-healthy, non-essential foods.  Bright side, I love to cook and cooking healthy shouldn’t be all that hard for me.  But yeah I am a bit down tonight after all is said and done, I hope tomorrow will be better.   Brought to you by Well thanks to some very unsuccessful pillow talk over the weekend I am now inspired mostly out of spite though.  So I've put all my other short (and not so short) stories on the back burner and am going to start with a new erotic short story and I will see how far I can take it and even if I can complete it.  I'm kind of a fish out of water on this one though is not my typical light bondage fare.  I’m going to be trying to tap into my bicurious side and doing a girl on girl erotic story.  I have a lot
Lyrics I Love
Garden of Allah Don Henley   It was a pretty big year for fashionA lousy year for rock and rollThe people gave their blessing to crimes of passionIt was a dark, dark night for the collective soulI was somewhere out on RiversideBy the El Royale HotelWhen a stranger appeared in a cloud of smokeI thought I knew him all too wellHe said, "Now that I have your attentionI got somethin' I wanna sayYou may not wanna hear itI'm gonna tell it to ya anywayYou know, I've always liked you, boy'Cause you were not afraid of meBut things are gonna get mighty roughHere in Gomorrah-By-The-Sea"He said, "It's just like homeIt's so damned hot, I can't stand itMy fine seersucker suit is all soakin' wet"And the hills are burningThe wind is ragingAnd the clock strikes midnightIn the Garden of Allah"Nice car.........I love those meticulousY'know, I remember a time when things were a lot more fun around hereWhen good was good, and evil was evilBefore things got so.......fuzzyYea
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wept Friday as he recalled his late mother's end-of-life illnesses, a moment of poignancy in a notably negative Republican presidential Iowa caucus campaign with four unpredictable days yet to run."I do policy much easier than I do personal," Gingrich told an audience of women as he tried to regain his composure. marc jacobsThe tears flowed as the former speaker was responding to questions about his mother from a pollster and longtime political ally. Gingrich's emotional moment came as his rivals engaged in traditional campaign tactics, and as polls suggested large numbers of Iowa Republicans could change their minds before caucuses Tuesday night provide the first test of the 2012 campaign.Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney sought to marginalize his closest pursuer in most polls, saying, "I don't think Ron Paul represents the mainstream of Republican thought with regards to issues, particularly in foreign policy." Paul gave no ground. "I really can
Craig Bellamy bagged a brace and Steven Gerrard was also on the scoresheet as Liverpool boosted their bid for a top four Premier League finish with a 3-1 win over Newcastle at Anfield on Friday.Liverpool trailed due to Daniel Agger's own goal midway through the first half, but Bellamy equalised soon after and the former Newcastle striker netted another goal from a free-kick in the second half.England midfielder Gerrard, who has missed most of the season due to injury, mulberry bagscapped a fine cameo performance from the substitutes bench with his side's third goal. Liverpool are now in fifth place in the league, level on points with fourth-placed Chelsea, while Newcastle remain seventh.Gerrard expressed his delight at being able to play again."It's good to be back. I've had a terrible year with a lot of injuries but I just want to look forward," Gerrard told Sky Sports 1. "I'm delighted to be back with the lads today, to get on the scoresheet and get three points was a perfect return.
Random Thoughts Of A Dying Mind
My Dream, 6/29/2006It started off like all my dreams do ...I sat under my big huge weeping willow tree that was upon a very high cliff over looking the vast ocean below ...The sound of the waves crashing upon the rocks below and the sounds of the waters invading the cavern within the cove below are like music to my ears, I sit under my tree with my golden book and pen ...upon the front of my journal set's a sacred auryn protecting my journal and all it holds inside. I got lost within the thoughts of my mind and the sounds of the crashing waves below entranced me and took me with them as they flowed back out to sea. The pen sat motionless within my hand as my mind was lost within the endless crashing and soothing sounds of the seagulls over head and below upon the beach, as I sat beneath my tree...Being soothed by the sea and all it's depths and secrets it holds ...I slowly slipped into a trance of sorts and slowly drifted into what I only now can say was a vision. As I sat sleeping und
‎"BEST DIVORCE LETTER EVER Dear Wife, I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. ... Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you  came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore; whatever the case, I’m gone.Your EX-HusbandP.S. don’t try to find me. Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life!Dear Ex-Husband Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It’s true you &
The Unlucky Cat
Schizophrenia Split mind / divided soul Disintegration, deteriorating mental faculties Disoriented A future without direction Moving blindly, I walk further into the increasing void The expanding depth of solitude, increasing resistance to ingestion I stand at the edge of the medicine cabinet, unraveling the labels Plastic cylinders containing pressed powder daydreams Beautifully dangerous pharmaceutical hallucination Walking images that overlap into my reality Only conscious in the corner of my eye Breathing only in the absence of actual vantage points The stale whispers talk, fighting for vocal dominance Remnants of past conversations She speaks in a violent clarity Her fragile words shatter with an echo A promise lingers in the air A proposed permanence of loyalty until death I run the tips of my fingers across my wrist The piercing thump of my pulse reminds me I’m among the living An irrational collection of empty skin suits Relying on glossy pages of se
Teléfono comprarlo el día 27/04/2013 en Antelife con el envío de Swiss Post, me dio el seguimiento día 2/05, dejó allí el 04/05 y lo recibieron en 13/05, bastante rápido de Swiss Post. El precio de este teléfono en las tiendas chinas habituales ronda los 190 €, a mí me costó 194 € con el "robocambio" de Paypal, depende un poco donde se realiza la compra y si hay cupones de descuento en el momento. Voy a empezar con algunas impresiones personales. El teléfono parece hermoso, acabados de calidad, se siente sólido y su funcionamiento es casi perfecto. Todo funciona como debería, 3 G, WiFI, GPS, pantalla es sencillamente espectacular, parece muerte, ángulos de visión perfecta, sin fugas de luz notable. En cuanto al sonido en llamadas es clara y firme, al igual que el sonido multimedia y el uso del casco también. Trae una calidad más que decente, los auriculares no distorsionar, aunque no esperan ni son auriculares de lu
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It's 7:15 p.m. and you're finally on your way home from work. It's been a long day, but it's not over yet. You still have to pick up dinner and the dry cleaning before you can catch the bus. It's going to be 9:00 p.m. before you get home. As you finally find yourself seated under a pile of packages on the bus, you begin to daydream about having a car. No more taking the bus or train. No more riding your bike in bad weather. No more sitting in the back seat of the carpool -- you could be the one behind the wheel. Your neighbor just got a cute new coupe. If only you could too. But how would you pay for a car? By doing what most car buyers do -- apply for a car loan. Purchasing a vehicle can be a little overwhelming, especially handling the financing part. But it doesn't have to be. It is possible to navigate the car buying and financing process smoothly. First, you need to have a good understanding of who the lenders are.If you have an established relationship with a bank or credit unio
As fine as spun gold , or so large that they cover all the fingers . This fall triumph more radical extremes   They came hard and as an American fist Balenciaga hand about a year ago and have been implemented as a determinant of style and universal object of desire in a resounding and indisputable . The rings have proclaimed kings promise sublimate jeweler and winter outfits based on large pieces , knuckle -rings- rings climbing up the phalanges and unusual combinations . Best of all is that , once again , to follow the basic premise is that there are no rules : vintage pieces coexist in the same ultra futuristic outfit with jewelry , fine rings like a thread overlap to create an effect baroque, opulent jewels are mixed with pieces of jewelry ... Does the news? The explosion of color that is in charge of the special collection of Mario Testino for Net-a -Porter and sculptural femininity of Dior 's rings-Fashion Rings . This season the main reference is Chanel and her heroines look p
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It's cha gurl, L-T I'm OUTTTTTTTT 4 DA NIGHT BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we say "talent"? Whoa Video - Lil Kim lyricsLil Kim Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureMyspace Layouts Happy Sunday everyone! I hope it is blessed and full of fun and laughter. The subject of this post is "WOW!!!" because one of my friends just brought me a HUGE collection of clothing and accessories from an expensive store called Torrid, for my audition on Wensday. He works there, so he kind of got the employee discount which is always a good thing. I told him that I didn't need it, but he said no. I just wanted to be a blessing. :) All of us should be like that, for real. Give out of WHAT you have and NOT of what you lack. Lots of Love, Lady T
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The second month, the second day, We know is Groundhog's Holiday. The keeper of the local zoo, Photographers, reporters, too, Anxiously await together Woodchuck's forecast of the weather. Each year this time he leaves his hearth, His home beneath good Mother Earth. He wiggles out to see the sun And sure enough - ask anyone- Should he perchance his shadow see, Back to his home again he'll flee. And that sign's still the surest thing Six weeks must pass before it's spring! There's a boat, I could sail away There's the sky, I could catch a plane There's a train, there's the tracks I could leave and I could choose to not come back Oh, never come back There you are, giving up the fight Here I am begging you to try Talk to me, let me in But you just put your wall back up again Oh, when's it gonna end How far do I have to go to make you understand I wanna make this work so much it hurts, but I just can't Keep on giving, go on living with the way things are So I'm
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oh wow, it's been a crazy day. did my nude photo modeling, and it turned out that one of my coworkers was there!!!! AAAAH embarasment city1!!! and then I come back and find I have over 200 friends requests!!!! I can't keep up! lol. so I won't get the photos back til god knows when...but they should be interesting.... I hope. i only did 2 sets, but in one, I got my friend to take her riding crop to my bum...of course, my head will be cut out of it, but it turned out kind of cute, actually. believe it or not, it's not easy work. half of the photos that were shot, aren't useable, which totally blows, but whatever. I had fun with it. I was nervous at first, but once I got into it, I really enjoyed it. if I get permission, I plan on posting some of the pics up here. we'll see how it all turns out, lol. no one has anything to say about my cosplay?! you all fail!!! but not really. so Im about to get a shower cause Im gonna be gone all afternoon! Apparantly Im going to be
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Angst,Language,Original Characters (OC),Original stories,Warm And Fuzzy Feelings (WAFF),N/C(Non consentual), M/F,Yaoi,Yuri,Bi,Anal,Bond,HJ( hand jobs), fingering, Lemon, Lime, Oral, Torture, Blood, Body Modification (scarring, cutting, burning), M/M/F and F/F/M, Double Penetration (DP),Spanking, Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST), Voyeur, Wet Dream (WD) This chapter is a note from the author. The 1st chapter begins in the next chapter. Well, as many of you know, I have a Fantasy/Action/Romance novel series in the works to be published and available in book stores and on the internet beginning summer of 2007. In the journey the characters have followed, there are many times where the characters found themselves in situations they wanted to be in and others they did not want to. Not all the scenes that would be taking place could be put in this novel series if I was to keep it at the Young Adult category. So the more graphic or detailed scenes needed to be released from my mind an
There is no life without you. Without you there is emptiness, sadness, and pain. How can I live a day without you? I cant because if you are not there by my side, I cry, all turns to gray and darkness fills the sky with tears. My life without you is nothing, my life without you is empty. My love for you is eternal, and it will always be there for you as so will I. You gave me the key to your heart, I locked it in mine and I promised to never let it go. My soul is powered by your love, the only thing in this world that keeps it alive, is you. Day by day it is you, that makes me smile, that makes me laugh, and inside makes me cry because you, and your love, is so special to me, you spark my life with joy. Every night I cry not yet a tear of sadness, but a tear of happiness. Ever since I met you, I never knew that love can feel so good, I never knew my heart could beat so fast, so strong. You have filled my life with happiness but most of all you have filled my heart with love. Bef
It has been scientifically proven that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli bacteria found in feces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop! However, we do not run that risk when drinking beer (or rum, whiskey, vodka, wine or other liquors) because alcohol has to go through a distillation process of boiling, filtering and fermenting. WATER = POOP BEER = HEALTH Ergo, it is better to drink beer and talk shit, than to drink water and be full of shit. There is no need to thank me for this valuable information. I am doing it as a public service. borrowed from: T@ LostCherry When NASA firts started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that ball-point pens would not work in zero gravity. To combat this problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12 billion developing a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, on almost any servi
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One day we'll pass eachother on the street. It will be like we never once did meet. I'll look down and away as tears stream down my face. As I remember all the memories of us that I had forced my mind to erase. Your games were quite caddy. You played me like a fool. I finally got tired of hearing it. All the bullshit that you fed me til I was full. We knew eachother for seven years. Stuck our friendship out through all the liqour and the beers. Until you traded me for some piece of white trash at its finest. Just another idiotic ditz that you wanted to sleep with, to be quite honest. You never played a good victim. Everytime you were hurt you ended up at my door. Like some sick kind of stray dog that always comes back to you. But everytime your confidence was reboosted by me, you went back to the same whore. It's now been eleven months since we've seen eachother or spoken. It's getting easier to look back now and inside I'm trying not to feel so broken. Though
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hi I am just bored and hungry. I have penutbutter and jelly, and bread. But I can't get the lid off my jelly. I must have been bored or drunk or something and skrewed it on reallly tight. Guess that makes me a tight skrewer. I don't want to eat just penutbutter and bread. So I'm sitting here hungry. The store by my room is doing ronovation. So right now, they aren't selling frozen foods. Otherwise I could walk over and get a hotpocket. So all I have in my room is pb and jelly and various alchahol. And I can't get the fucking lid of the jelly!! So how is your day going? Eliminating Sexism in the Army through Policies and Training People everywhere deserve to be treated fairly. Treating people equal, promotes the feeling that we are equal, where as treating people differently promotes the idea we aren’t equal. Why treat someone different, if they are equal to you? Sometimes differences in intelligence, strength, and skill level have to be
SHATTERED How many days did you say those words, Thrown freely like so many un-caged birds; You always knew how to say what you thought, So that I would understand the situation not; You lied, you took, and baited at leisure, Your mesmerizing words nearly drove me to seizure; I thought I knew you so, Yet for no known reason you let me go; That was one thing I never expected, I was stupid enough to leave myself unprotected; My heart, you stole from my very chest, I wonder of how you will treat the rest; You took, you stole, what never should have been yours, You ravenously tore me apart, like a hoard of oh so many boars; Yet still you allow yourself of our future to think, While I stand on that uncomfortable brink; The brink of holding on, and of letting go, Looking into a set of headlights like a frightened doe; Confused and stunned, I can not wander, The words which you speak make me ponder; How ominous, the words you speak, So strong, among the many weak; All
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Never Argue with a Woman... One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lake, the wife decides to take the boat out. She motors out a short distance, anchors, and reads her book. Along comes a Game Warden in his boat. He pulls up alongside the woman and says, "Good morning, Ma'am. What are you doing?" "Reading a book," she replies, (thinking, Isn't that obvious?) "You're in a Restricted Fishing Area," he informs her. "I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading." "Yes, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment. "I'll have to take you in and write you up." "If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault," says the woman. "But I haven't even touched you," says the game warden. "That's true, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment." "Have a nice day ma'am," and he left. MORAL: Nev
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You scored as VIII - Strength, Strength is not just physical strength, it also means emotional and spiritual strength. It is the Strength to do what you know is right in the face of opposition. Strength to defy convention and authority. Stength does not have to be used directly. It can be inner strength that supports one in the face of attacks on what they hold dear. The person of Strength remains true to their beliefs. In a Tarot reading, this card can indicate overcoming of obstacles and refusal to be beaten down. If badly aspected this card can indicate loss of faith, failure of Will.VIII - Strength63% XI: Justice56% XV: The Devil56% XIII: Death56% I - Magician56% XIX: The Sun50% XVI: The Tower50% 0 - The Fool44% II - The High Priestess44% X - Wheel of Fortune
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First off I just want to say that this is not ment to bash thin people because I have alot of thin friends. This blog is meant to bash the media and their craze with ultra thin people. But gosh darn it what ever happen to women looking like women? What ever happen to the Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page types. Now those women actually looked like women. They had hips, titties and ass. Marilyn was actually a size 16 and Bettie was a 14. They were what would these days consider "full figured" or "plus" sized women instead of being considered normal. They were beauitiful women. It just aggravates me what they are now doing to Jessica Simpson calling her fat and out of shape because she has some meat on her bones. This sicking trend of starving stars has got to stop! I mean, look at me for example. I am not a stick nor do I wish to be. I eat right and excersize. But I still look like a woman for goodness sake. I see alot of young women my age starving themselves because Allure and Vogue t
Hello to all my friends out there. To you future friends, please allow this one favor to me, be real with me... In return you will have a loyal friend and maybe more :) I am very glad to have found LC. I travel alot and get very lonely staying in a hotel by myself every night. It is nice to know that you all are only a click away... Have fun, make love, and don't forget to think about me before you lay your beautiful head on your pillow at night... I will be thinking about you... MWAH Well, it has been awhile, and I miss the sweet taste of your lips, the scent of your skin the heat of your touch, the beauty of your love. Let us come toether again so we can look into eachothers eyes and sense the sincerity of the future of forever. I awake as I sense the all familiar scent of you. As I lay wrapped in silk, I remember the journey that I took it seems like only moments before. Was it a dream; or, was it real. I know it has to be real because of the ever sweet gift you left me behind, yo
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68 weeks since the last time.... i made it to 64 weeks 38 weeks..2 to go to 40 then 12 more to 52 weeks
While walking through the Colorado woods a man came upon another man hugging a tree with his ear firmly against the tree. Seeing this he inquired, "Just out of curiosity what the heck are you doing? "I'm listening to the music of the tree," the other man replied. "You gotta be kiddin' me." "No, would you like to give it a try?" Understandably curious the man says, "Well, OK." He wrapped his arms around the tree and pressed his ear up against it. With this the other guy slapped a pair of handcuffs on him, took his wallet, jewelry, and car keys, stripped him naked, and left. Two hours later another nature lover strolled by, saw this guy handcuffed to the tree stark naked, and asked, "What the hell happened to you?" He told the guy the whole terrible story about how he got there. When he finished telling his story, the other guy shook his head in sympathy, walked around behind him, kissed him gently behind the ear, and said, "This just ain't gonna be your day, C
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A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. She is not afraid to be afraid. A strong woman is both soft and powerful. She takes compliments to heart and treats herself like the queen that she is. A strong woman is equally visionary and decisive. She is able to hope when things look hopeless. She is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to all the world. -Every moment I look @ you I try so hard not to view you as a piece of meat or a sexual object; but yet I do against my inner will, is it the price to pay for being a man?- -The will to fight the urge seems weak and sometimes pointless; but the morals within my soul keeps me strong and focused- -For my spirit is separate from my body and it's pure and it's the core of who I am; it only wants to do good and thats all it knows- - but the body is tainted and full of false desires and illusions- -Sh
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2007-08-13 07:41:47 #63 of 63 A few years back I studied to be a minister to one of the big denominations (I won’t mention which one) However, I will say when I discovered they made their man made doctrine their primary source of their religion… I got out. I feel you should not be led spiritually by man but by God. A situation came up where this organized religion stated that something was not in the Bible. It was in the Bible. They said but the Bible did not speak against the sin in question. However, the Bible did say that anyone committing that particular sin should be stoned to death. Now, is that not plainly speaking against something? Their rebuttal was that it is NOT spoken against in their doctrine and that was their final word. Half of the church walked out with me on that day. It was sad. My advice to anyone who has questions about God, religion or the Bible is to open the Bible up!!! You have the same tools as any member of clergy. Many of the religions have tri
my sister in law been kicking my ass for a long time for once i like to get her back so if you help me i will help you vote for green at thank you what a soul without a heart, A baby without a name The world without pain, do i dare open my eyes scared to know what i will see. Do i dare walk when i cant run alway. do i try when i know there no way i will win. how do i face people when i cant face myself. when dreams feel so real you dont know if your dreaming.the lights are on but its dark. how do i face the world when the world cant face me. do i stay here or do i try to leave . do i ask to know that noone there. am i alone or dose anyone hear me. if its dark out is it night when there is no tomorrow. am i scared or i run how can i know i just lay here waiting for it all to end do i dare say what on my mind is it so hard to know . is it so hard to be me. i try to stay happy i try to be me but can i win can i push on knowing pain waits for me what a heart with out soul . a nam
Someone out there either has too much spare time or is deadly at Scrabble. (Wait till you see the last one)! DORMITORY: When you rearrange the letters: DIRTY ROOM PRESBYTERIAN: When you rearrange the letters: BEST IN PRAYER ASTRONOMER: When you rearrange the letters: MOON STARER DESPERATION: When you rearrange the letters: A ROPE ENDS IT THE EYES:! When you rearrange the letters: THEY SEE GEORGE BUSH: When you rearrange the letters: HE BUGS GORE THE MORSE CODE: When you rearrange the letters: HERE COME DOTS SLOT MACHINES: When you rearrange the letters: CASH LOST IN ME ANIMOSITY: When you rearrange the letters: IS NO AMITY ELECTION RESULTS: When you rearrange the letters: LIE
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60 Things You Didn’t Know About Me 1. What is in the back seat of your car right now? hahahaha all kinds of shit. Big box o cds, clothes, garbage, vibrator, a kite, a shoe, underwears (which I guess would go with clothes), a body of a small foreign child. 2. When was the last time you threw up? I don’t throw up. 3. What's your favorite curse word? fuck. And any combination involving the word. 4. Name 3 people who made you smile today? 1. ha 2. ha 3. ha….no smiling. 5. What were you doing at 8 am this morning? passed the fuck out. Drooling. 6. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? sitting at work in front of the computer. Hand down my pants on my balls. I wasn’t jerkin off you perverts. Just fondling. 7. If you could meet any celebrity today who would it be? *sigh* ive already met myself but I guess….kieth Richards would be cool. 8. Have you ever been to a strip club? der. Titties. Although they get rather boring. I spend a lot of money and end up still
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Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at Ads by Google Discover Ohio Lots of vacation ideas to explore. Family fun, shopping & restaurants! Ohio Travel Access to articles, photos, maps, and guides on The New York Times Wal-Mart™ Official Site Great Buys at Wal-Mart™ Wide Selection, Always Low Prices. Ohio The biggest source of free info on Ohio Web Results 1 - 10 of about 906 from for ohio. (0.05 seconds) powered by CherryTAP user: **CherryTap Darlin** (280820)IM IN OHIO AT THIS MOMENT RECOVERING FROM MY 2ND MAJOR SURGERY IN LAST YEAR AND 1/2..IM 32 , 5FT 7 1/2 INCHES TALL, I WEIGH 123 LBS, AND YES MY HAIR IS ... - Dec 5, 2006 - Similar page
A biker goes into a bar and sees a donkey with a bucket of money. The bartender says "You put in $1 and if you make him laugh, you win the money. The biker drops in $1 and whispers in the donkeys ear. The donkey cracks up. The biker grabs the cash and leaves. The next week he drops by the same bar. The donkey is still laughing with a fresh bucket of money. The barkeep says that since the donkey can't stop laughing, the money is for whoever can get him to stop. The biker grins, drops in his buck and takes the donkey out into the alley. Soon they return and the donkey is crying his eyes out. The biker reaches for the dough but the bartender stops him. I don't mind you winning the pot but let me know how you did it. The biker replies "Last week I told him I had a bigger dick than him. This week, I showed him." Crash, the Biker, walks into a pharmacy & says to the pharmacist, "Listen, I have three biker babes coming over tonight. I've never had three biker babes at once, &
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I love it when you look at me love it when u stare most of all i love the way your always there i love it when you make me smile love it when you cheer me up even love the way i tickle me make me laugh but most of all your always there i love the way you care for me love the way you bare with me your always there for me Is it because im beautiful or because of me maybe because he loves me or just because he wants me is it that i mean something to him or just some to get pleasure from is it because he thinks im special or just the amuesment he sees does he really want to be with me or is there no one else If i should die tomorrow would you know: how much i love you what you really mean to me whan i amd dead and gone will u even miss me notice that im no longer here
Sitting with a Story Sitting here With a story of love Hope Along with sarrow Pain Sitting here The story unfolds Love, life, pain, sarrow Untold truths Untold scars With nothing left Sitting here Smiling with a story A story that holds The secrets of unknown The universe of knowlodge That shines through A story you can't put down Sitting here With a story That can't be told Only shown To the end This story Something of a suprise That hasn't ended This story Sitting here Writing Ending everything Everything that is Everything that was Everything that ever will be ~me~ next to me the sound of your voice the feel of your skin the smell of you body when next to mine calms a reckless soul highten senses daring to give in longing to take time standing still nothing in the way watching waiting the laugh the kiss the passion everything unfolds as i am yours and you are mine always forever til the end of time
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Those of you who are already familiar with my blogs, can pretty much ignore this and move on to the rest of my blogs... However, for you new comers, it has come to my attention that blogs marked "NSFW" are not listed on a person page. Since ALL of my blogs are infact "NSFW" - I pretty much had to create a nice, crip, CLEAN entry to even get the fact that I have blogs, listed on my page. With that said... Feel free to move on to the good stuff! Thanks to all my readers and those of you that leave comments. You constantly motivate me to log onto Yahoo and see who pops up next. PS - For the record... I only use complete strangers that message me on Yahoo or through other messengers. I change their name to some degree - just to protect them from any further humiliation... You needn't worry about me posting conversations with you. It's no wonder that nobody ever talks to me - they're scared :) XO *~QT~* b_j: are you into dendrophiliaism? PiercedQT: Uhm, no... I don
It is included in his poetry collection bahay-kubo: Mga Tulang Pambata, published by the Philippine Normal College Press in 1967. Tulang Pambata is Tagalog for "Children's Poem."   ANG KAIBIGANG TUNAY Kaibigang tunay ay laging matapat,ang tulong ay laan sa lahat ng oras. Siya ay mabait at saka marangalsa lahat ng saglit ay maaasahan. Sa pangangailangan, siya'y laging handanang ang kaibiga'y hindi mapahiya. Siya'y nakalaan kahit na magtiisupang mapagbigyan, katotong matalik. Kaibigang lubos, kaibigang tapatay kayamanan din ang nakakatulad.     This Tagalog poem is about genuine friendship.     found on ako ay pag-ibig sa iyo magpakailanman! ito ay nangangahulugan na gumawa ng aking mga araw na kumpleto kung ako makita mo! i love you so much, it hurts! Miss ko sa inyo kaya much, kaya kong sigaw ng isang ilog! ako magkulang sa hold ka masyado, wala na hihinto ako mula sa pagkuha ng doon sa lalong madaling i am able! Ako isipin wala mas mahusay kaysa sa hawak
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I don't burn no candles for tomorrow I don't waste my time on yesterday I won't show no pity for your sorrow Seems to me you like it that way You don't know the paths that I walk You can't understand the things I say Its true what they say talk is talk And you don't really listen anyway. I won't bare my soul for the likes of you I don't like the games that you play I won't sing praises for the things you do Yesterday is gone give me back today. I wont listen to your claims of power I won't pick you up off the floor I will laugh at your pain as you cower And your spells don't hold my mind anymore. Now I'm living my life according to me Making my strife thats the way it should be I don't care if you disagree Cause I'm livin my life according to me. This savage goodbye Current mood: crushed Category: Writing and Poetry This Savage Goodbye I know the feeling that my heart is being ripped
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You scored as A Slave To BDSM. Admit it, you like being tied up and being told you've been very naughty. You like teasing your partner and making them squirm, and not letting them be able to do anything about it. Some people think what you do is sick and disgusting, but you know it's all in good fun.A Slave To BDSM88%Sex God80%A Romantic60%Virgin40%How are you in bedcreated with You scored as Steaming, dripping, moaning, unforgetable. Y r we wasting our time on the computer you should be here now...or maby ill just come home and moleste you ( i think ill save eitehr till we both are ready) corny i know but after this u have to realize how much we could make each other moan and shiver and scream and sweat and all those good thinksSteaming, dripping, moaning, unforgetable70%How did this happen50%It could be hott....then again maby not..40%EWWWW get away!
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Well things in my life has been a roller coster for me every time I think things was going good it would take another turn for me. Bad or good it would be both I guess that is just life though. My mother has been very depressed latly worried about me being so far away from home and at the end of January will be 8 yrs seance my Grandmother has passed away from cancer :( She was the rock of our family she always knew what to say and when to say it. No matter what time it was you could call her and she would be there by your side. I just hope one day I can be a wonderfull woman like she was. Things have been going slowly good for me I have a job I love here in SLC I have a Van now to get me to and from work and Hopefully I found my romeo he has been so sweet and helpfull to me too and I thank him so much he knows who he is too ;)My best friend and I are trying to rent a house so we will find out eather today or tomarrow if we got it I am really hoping we did becouse at the momment I have
Create your own friendquiz here There once was a boy, a man, a guy, a jerk teased me with his lust moved me with his words and used me with his mind but he never said a word when i spoke first. So I have this friend, actually she is my best friend has been for the past 7 years or so. We're inseperable do everything together and generally make my boyfriend insane. When we are together he call us the "headache" Clearly I love this girl a ton, but we have a problem. We like the same guy yup. Classic problem, huh? Now first things first yes I do have a boyfriend and yes we are having some problems right now. Naturally getting a crush on another boy isn't such a stretch. Well my best has a crush on the same guy. So he starts calling her. I am taken after all, and they go out, make out, and then go out on an actual DATE!!! Now this is really bothering me and I don't have a leg to stand on in the this debate since i already have a boyfriend, but I really like this gu
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Who Would Like To Cyber With Sound I Just want a female to get naked with me I got my web cam fired up sound is on ready to play. want to get naked with me check out the web cam player on my page click on enlarge screen to join me live I can my the room private with ya wanna get juicy No Fun Alone !!!!! Live Web Cam Chat With Sound !!!!! On My Page Now !!!!! Yes That Is Me............... I Can Make The Room Private..... Females Only !!!!!
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To my dear friends, A few of you may have noticed that I have not been online at all recently. Some of you have taken this absence the wrong way and have decided to remove me from your friends lists, as is your perogative. I have not been gone by choice though, and for those of you out there who give a damn, I have been dealing with alot of family issues since December. My father is getting worse by the day, ands his good days are few and far between now. Most people don't know this about me, but, my father is my hero. Most of my life my father and I have been intellectual sparing partners, which drove my mother crazy, but for us is was fun. He has always had an active and quick mind for just about anything that you could throw at him, and if he didn't understand he was never too proud to ask questions about what he didn't understand. Mi hijta, he'd say, la única pregunta estúpida es la pregunta que no se hace. Which means the only stupid question is the one that hasn't be
My Short Stories.
Dawn had lived in fear now for a year. No one believed her. Know one seemed to care. She told people...friends, family, even the shrink that they made her see. It was always the same. They looked at her with those eyes that said..."Sure dear" "What ever you say" So the terror went on. Maybe, she thought, terror was not the right word. At times, she actually enjoyed it. She had orgasms during the experiences. Mild sometimes, other times, she had cum so hard she was left shaking for hours. But to know what was really happening, you have to hear her story..... It started one hot summer day. Dawn was alone in the house, having just come inside form being out for a couple of hours yard work. She was hot, tired, and badly needed to cool off. A shower would do the trick. As she undressed in her bed room, she looked at herself in the full length mirror. She had a very nice body, supple, firm breasts, and a very nice curve to her hips. Her ass was one to catch the attention of men. She had
help me win this contest ----------At least she died in her best friends arms---------- people like this should be shot! Body: Her dad was a drunk Her mom was an addict Her parents kept her Locked in an attic Her only friend was a little toy bear It was old and worn out And had patches of hair She always talked to it When no one's around She lays there and hugs it Not a peep of sound Until her parents unlock the door Some more and more pain She'll have to endure A bruise on her leg A scar on her face Why would she be In such a horrible place? But she grabs her bear And softly crys She loves her parents But they want her to die She sits in the corner Quiet but thinking, "Please God, why is My life always sinking? " Such a bad life For a sad little kid She'd get beaten and beaten For anything she did Then one night Her mom came home high And the poor child was beaten As hours went by Then her mom sud
Russ' Writings
I am the wolf howling in the night, I am the wolf winning the tough fight. I am the wolf with eyes as cold as steel, I am the wolf Nipping at your heel. I am the wolf The devoted friend, I am the wolf There until the end. I am the wolf taking care of my pack, I am the wolf Never looking back. I see the sadness in your eyes as I reach out gently brushing your cheek, In hope to see just a glimmer of a smile that once was. The smile forced does arrive, Though the sadness doesn't subide Try to touch your heart, lighten it's darkness Let the love flow from inside Letting it's brightness encompass the sadness Until that pain is gone Letting you feel the love you give so freely As it returns back to you This September eleventh will be 6 years, From when our skys were silent for days. And we became aware of all our fears, As we watched in a disbeliefed haze. NYPD and FDNY did everything that they can, We didn't think it could happen here ever. Nothing else
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You scored as Existentialism. Your life is guided by the concept of Existentialism: You choose the meaning and purpose of your life. “Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.” “It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.” --Jean-Paul Sartre “It is man's natural sickness to believe that he possesses the Truth.” --Blaise Pascal More info at Arocoun's Wikipedia User Page...Existentialism95%Divine Command80%Utilitarianism75%Justice (Fairness)70%Hedonism60%Kantianism60%Strong Egoism55%Apathy10%Nihilism0%What philosophy do you follow? (v1.03)created with
I'm New
Cut me open and set me free to forget lifes pain and misery The tears I've cried The life I've lost all at a certain cost At Hells gate I cast aside everything I hold inside with no dread or fear Death made it all to clear Fuck this world I know so well I wish you all would go to Hell     By Smokeyvamp Set me free to be at deaths side where all my feelings will subside I hate all these feeling I hold inside they always eat away at my mind Wether its love or hate I already know my fate A lonely life I have led to only end up in deaths bed A bed of comfort A bed of peace where I will get my sleep no more tears to sting my eyes I close my eyes and say my last goodbyes Goodbye cruel world for at last I'm free Free of all this misery     BY Smokeyvamp As I lay here my mind drifts away, away into the darkness. I see nothing but myself. I feel the need to tear the flesh from my body to find the inner beauty.........My fingers full of flesh and blood, to reviel n
Life Skills Of The Poor And Pink
Are you tired of people who bring drama out of the fucking blue? I am. Seriously. If you're gonna play with me, naturally, you may get the shaft sometimes. But its all in fun, never out of malice. Ever. But when you have to be a tool about it-- then you've got fucking problems. The Scooter Bar is by and far the biggest drama fest I've EVER known. They claim not to have any dramatic people and are friendly. While most of them are, they still keep around the people who have proven themsevles to be little fucking drama queens. The only reason I ever visit that shithole anymore is because TalkSic asks me to see his shows. I help him put on the make-up, joke with him, and generally enjoy the music. But now? The only time I will ever go in there is during his shows and I won't say a fucking word. So, I can safely say that I am happy once again! Just when I thought all was lost, someone came by to be my SuperMan (not like I needed one). He makes me laugh, and all we do is talk about... wel
Exhumed By Scrying Eyes
There are leaves playing with debris out in the streets (and it’s home to me). Tears fill my head to the point of sea sickness, causing me to stagger along; like a drunken pirate. I’m on a road to ruin where life slows to a crawl. Figuratively on my hands and knees, filthy & begrimed most of the time, and I must lie down. Oh please let me rest; I beg for the ground to bare my hindrances, and help me quicken my pace toward extinction. There are no crossroads, no signs, and no sunlight, just the midnight blue and a few stars which accompany the moon. Slovenly I meander through the thickening shadows gaining strength until they are shoulder to shoulder. Insects crawl upon my flesh, looking to burrow themselves a new home. I smack my neck upon their touch, but to the flies, I am only muck. I’m too exhausted to fight this war and swathe a path through the swarm. Let them fly, let ‘em creep and crawl and least my body will not completely go to waste. Everyt
Quote Of The Day
"Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle." ~ Amy Bloom "Truth springs from argument amongst friends." David Hume "Those truly linked don't need correspondence. When they meet again after many years apart, Their friendship is as true as ever." Deng Ming-Dao "You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing. I wove my webs for you because I liked you. After all, what's a life, anyway? We're born, we live a little while, we die. A spider's life can't help being something of a mess, with all this trapping and eating flies. By helping you, perhaps I was trying to lift up my life a trifle. Heaven knows anyone's life can stand a little of that." E.B White (Charlotte's Web) "A faithful friend is a strong defense: and he that hath found such an one hath found a treasure." Ecclesiasticus 6:14 "Friendship with oneself is all important because without it one can
Words I Live By
The most destructive habit.....Worry The greatest Joy........... Giving The greatest loss........Loss of self-respect The most satisfying work..... Helping others The ugliest personality trait....... Selfishness The most endangered species..... Dedicated leaders Our greatest natural resource........ Our youth The greatest "shot in the arm"..... Encouragement The greatest problem to overcome........ Fear The most effective sleeping pill........ Peace of mind The most crippling failure disease..... Excuses The most dangerous pariah.... A gossiper The world's most incredible computer....... The brain The worst thing to be without........ Hope The deadliest weapon..... The tongue The two most power-filled words..... "I Can" The greatest asset.... Faith The most worthless emotion...... Self-pity The most beautiful attire.... SMILE! The most prized possession...... Integrity The most powerful channel of communication ... Prayer The most contagious spirit...... Enthusiasm
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I Am Just Like You
So many things to say...where to start? When I was in a junior in college, I saw my first porno. My roommate, as a joke, left it on top of the T.V. Before he his girlfriend headed to Pismo for the weekend. A sticky note on it said, “You're all alone virgin.” Yes, I was a virgin and remained one until I was married (about a year later) so I laughed at his little joke and tossed the video on his bed. 45 seconds later I had scooped it up and put it in the VCR. 45 seconds later I was cleaning up after myself. While the thrill of porno has subsided, I still remember the my brain turning loops in my head while my heart pounded through my chest. I think I beat off like ten times that weekend. I vaguely remember some scabbing. Alright, not vaguely. There was definite shaft scabbing. I know, I know, gross! No porn ever affected me like that again. Believe me, I tried for years. So, what's my point. A very sexy lady sent me a very discreet photo of herself. It was not porn in any wa
Lost In Wonderland.
I die as I sleep My dreams: A look into the future A temporary death A malicious a taunt A small taste of death to come A tease without sexual desire As I dream As I wander I hope for you. Bereavement takes me within my dreams. Everything is lost. Reality is merely a hallucination You become a vague memory. My engaged thoughts are but a dappled smudge across my mind’s canvas. You are faded still But I will know you were there. I can see the faint smear of your existence As I remember you where once present So clear and evident Erase regret in dreams Expunge the blotches of flaw and defect The mistakes-The errors Hide such imperfection form the eye of a pathetic existence A human sees not my hidden qualms A Horrible regret of what once had been. My concealed miscalculation of my implement Gone. And you are barely observable now Mercifully you remain in my mind. So obstinate, not to leave me in my
Double D's Devious Details
I'm back. Its sooo good to be back home. I hate the hospital! Scary freaking place. Thanks to: Hellfire and Brimstone@ CherryTAP and altearth@ CherryTAP for the get well cards. That really meant a lot to me. THIS IS TRISH, DOUBLE D'S OLDEST DAUGHTER. SHE IS CURRENTLY IN THE HOSPITAL. SHE'S BEEN THERE SINCE EARLY YESTERDAY MORNING. SHE HAD AN ACUTE HEART ATTACK - SHE IS CURRENTLY DOING MUCH BETTER. SHE'LL BE HOME IN JUST A FEW DAYS -HOPEFULLY. SHE SAID SHE MISSES YOU ALL, AND HOPES TO TALK TO YOU ALL REALLY SOON. I WILL BE BACK WITH ANY UPDATES. TRISH. Going to go to the gym, I'll be back later tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to chat with a few of you. Tell your friends about me!! MySpace Comments Graphics
On The Road Again
well vacation is over time to go back to work.headed to broken arrow ok. to load for san jose cala.i hope you all have a great holiday and be happy.enjoy the snow talk soon well hello everyone i missed you all been working my ass off whent out to the east coast what a shit hole to spend the weekend in jail there what now im in elpaso tx.tell morning 2 deliver.i think i whent thru withdraws not being able to talk to you now im sitting here trying to catch up and say thank you to all how left me comments and messages keep up the chat talk to you all soon, well its me is wow im so bored im in tacoma washington tonight its raining and cold here.nothing going on here.just whanted to show some love to all my friends and family and fans hope you all have a great night
The Kids
Well, considering that I have to work at 1130am tomarrow/today...Im going to make this nice and simple. Yes, I did have a problem saving my money and spending it wisely a few years ago. Or at least during the time, my ex was paying me child support and all of that extra money that he was sending me. Yes, I should have saved it up but that gives my ex no excuse for the money problems he has now with his new wife and the family he brought into his life. Yes, it is great that he has a new family but I think that you need to find yourself financially capable first before bringing in a new family. Oh, and I at least did not have to give up my children to my parents for awhile so that I can save money up because I can not afford to take care of them and then risk my parents wanting to get custody of my kids...hmmmm, and this new wifey of my ex's claims that I have a problem with my Okay, so I may be a little off the edge at times about all of this and it does seem
Core Interests
Girl: i love you Boy: yeah i know everyone does! -Girl: really? Boy: yeah... everyone of my friends that are girls tell me that everyday -Girl: oh... but am i only your friend? Boy: no... youre my girlfriend... why? -Girl: so when i say i love you i really do mean it -Boy: yeah i know you do mean it... its just that you dont need to tell me that you love me anymore cuz i know you love me since the day we been together and i love you more each and everyday. Girl: ...... Boy: so wanna go somewhere tonight for our 7th anni? Girl: yeah... where? Boy: i dont know... maybe movie then dinner? Girl: ok Boy: ill pick you up after i get off and get ready ok? Girl: ok. what time do you get off? Boy: in 2 hours and then i gotta go home and yeah get ready which takes about 15-20 mintues... Girl: aye... i thought you didnt have work today... Boy: one of my co-workers called in sick Girl: oh okay! so ill see you around 7:30 then
Poems By Me
for all of u who dont know im i am kays one and only her future husband. the last few days kays been getting alot of messages from former and new friends sayin she doesnt belong with me or u can do better them him. this bull shit needs to stop shes happy im happy. for the fact that im am her first white boy should have nothing to do with it i treat her like a princess i have treated her better then and BLACK MAN ever has. so tuff shit shes mine get over it we will be married in march. i dont appreciate all the FUCKIN disrespect that i have been gettin from all u jelouse haters. the the few who say u should come over to me bc my dicks bigger. i am the only one to get her off and shes been with bigger so fuck off. im happy and shes happy. jut bc u think u love her and wanna be with her u all are two lil two late. and for the few who want phone sex that shit dont fly shes not in to that. and when a girl says NO i dont do that it means NO!!!!!....... ok im
****only In Dreams****
When I look Into your eyes I feel so isolated I feel lost in the skies Our ongoing stare Your soul I can see right through Nothing else matters to me But me and you These feelings that I feel I cannot yet explain As if our interlocking eyes Are like our bodies' veins Transferring our feelings To each other’s hearts Love tainted toxins All doing their part Just in case I begin to forget ... You help me realize I have nothing over which to fret Every moment That we share I hope it’ll never end ... This ongoing stare I’ve never felt This way before You truly are special You’ve opened up the door You have no idea How much you mean to me I’m finally on the right path You’ve set my soul free All I wish for Is that you’re feeling the same way I can barely breathe when I’m with you You take my breath away I now begin to realize Staring into your powerful eyes That the incredible feelings I’m getting inside Are real meaningful “Butterflie
I'm the guy who will text you every single morning and tell you good morning and every single night to tell you sweet dreams. I'm the guy who will hold you when you're crying and wipe away your tears. I'm the guy who still thinks you're beautiful with no makeup on wearing sweats and a sports t-shirt. I'm the guy who WONT pressure you to do things you DONT want to. I'm the guy who kisses you on the forehead, the eyelid, and anywhere it hurts. I'm the guy who doesn't kiss and tell. I'm the guy who actually listens to you when you talk. I'm the guy who's excited ALL day because im looking forward to our date that night. I'm the guy who is content to just be able to hold you and wants nothing more. I'm the guy who can't help but smile when you walk into the room. I'm the guy who melts everytime you stare at him beneath loose strands of hair. I'm the guy who's perfectly content with staying in and watching movies and cuddling. I'm the guy who won't lie to
so.i just read my boy dericks blog on myspace and I'm really sad about it.. like on halloween.. him and a friend vandalized the town they live in which is 30 mins from where i live.. and he got ratted out so he is looking forward to 3 months to 2 years.. but in his blog he said that he wished he never left texas to come here.. and that got me upset and crying because he didn't take into consideration that if he didn't leave texas to come here then he would of never met me and we wouldn't be together.. i know i'm a fucking cry baby as so my brother says.. but it just got me really upset and my mood went from REALLY fucking happy to REALLY fucking depressed.. gosh.... peace people much love! Alex Carter~ okay so my best friend and sister desi started dating my ex brandon 6 weeks ago.. brandon (the guy) broke up wit her and we found out that he was cheating on her.. and i went off on him saying that he was fucking her over tha same way he fucked me over.. (over the summer when we wer
Relaxation Music To Me!!!
Diana, Queen of the Serpents, Giver of the Gift of Languages In a long and strange legend of Melambo, a magian and great physician of divine birth, there is an invocation to Diana which has a proper place in this work. The incident in which it occurs is as follows: - One day Melambo asked his mother how it was that while it had been promised that he should know the language of all living things, it had not yet come to pass. And his mother replied: - "Patience, my son, for it is by waiting and watching ourselves that we learn how to be taught. And thou hast within thee the teachers who can impart the most, if thou wilt seek to hear them, yes, the professors who can teach thee more in a few minutes than others learn in a life." It befell that one evening Melambo, thinking on this while playing with a nest of young serpents which his servant had found in a hollow oak, said:- "I would that I could talk with you Well I know that ye have language, As graceful as your
Misc. I’m am in an Auction and in Desperate Need of Some Bidders… Will You Please Help and Show Some Love??? Crazy Juggalette Bitch is Offering… Rate and Re-Rate all Pics and Stashes… Gifts and Drinks Everyday… (Bombed Daily)… Their Midget om my paige… Promote to Family, Fans, and Friends… Ask me I Just Might Do It…. Or Link to… [ photo: 1152921110 ] Someone please help me, My motherboard took a crap on me and I am in despret need of a new one. If anyone has one laying around that they can give to me I would be your slave forever, lol. No realy does anyone happen to have one they would be willing to let go of cheap.
Me Again
Most of you think I post silly blogs about football etc! Well thats true, This one is different. It stabs at the very heart of the schooling system in this country (England). I am very concern that my government is going to introduce creationism into science classes. I am going to talk about "Creationism",and "Designism". These two phrases by definition are made up, fantasy. Before I go any further, I am an Atheist, and as such believe there is no God, A Darwinist if you will. BUT, I have no problem with YOU and YOUR beliefs (actually, thats not strictly true, but thats another topic) I DO oppose bringing religion in it the science lab. There is NO place for it, and frankly it confuses the entire subject. Answer me this: if theres a Great designer, Who designed him? and who designed him? "There is enough Religion in the world to HATE, but not enough to LOVE." (Doughnut for the first to guess the film.) I don't care what you say,WE WON! My team! you know!
Come one come all, I'm up for auction. Starting bid is 10,000 fubucks. Here is what I am offering: 1. Fu owned next to my name 2. Rate profile, fan, add *if not done already* 3. Rate and comment all pics and stash during HH 4. Crush you 5. Comment at least once a day for a month 6. Add to family and put as Top friend 7. Make a salute to you SFW OR NSFW your choice Contest I am in. All help please. WILL BEGIN: OCTOBER 17th @ 7:00pm Central (8-EST) ENDING: NOVEMBER 1 @ 7:00pm Central (8-EST) PRIZES 1ST PLACE: 3 MONTH VIP OR 30 DAY BLAST 2ND PLACE: 7 DAY BLAST And BIG PIMP GIFT 3RD PLACE: 1 DAY BLAST And BIG PIMP GIFT Stop over and hit up PeggySue *treehugger* she is running this great contest. PeggySue*treehugger*@ fubar I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL OF MY FRIENDS, FANS, AND FAMILY FOR HELPING ME WIN 2ND IN THE CONTEST I WAS JUST IN. IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU AND YOUR FR
Grave Baby
Thy Carnivals Prayer: Our Father of Shangri-La Hallowed be thy name If the world turns over save me From thy fiery rain Keep me pure Keep me clean As the lotus grows I ask you for forgiveness Save me from the crows Juggalo be thy name, Hatchets be thy game, fuck with one, you fuck with all, we never travel alone and are always ready for anything, so be wise and just pass us by and don't say we shine, we are creatures of the night and will always be there when a fellow Juggalo needs us, we stand by the Dark Carnival and all it teaches, so for all Juggalos and Juggalettes, stand firm and always be ready. The Juggalo Pledge: I Pledge Allegiance To The Hatchet Of The Underground Society Of Juggalos, And For The Ninjas For Which It Stands, One Family, Under God, Full Of Freaks, With Faygo And Magic Neden For All!! WE WILL NEVER DIE ALONE, JUGGALOS WILL CARRY ON, SWING OUR HATCHETS IF WE MUST, EACH AND EVERYONE OF US When I die, show no pitty, send my soul to Juggalo
Music And Junk
I keep having these weird dreams about snakes.Never the same dream and never every night.This last one was weird cause i am deathly afraid of snakes.I was at the bayou with some friends for the boat blessing and some of the kids were swimming in the water like every year.And all of a sudden hundreds of snakes fell out of no where.And i got pushed in the water to go save the kids before they got bit. My last dream started out that my back patio was like a horse stable,but when you opened the doors to one of the stables you were near the water,it had a latter to go down into the water to swim.They had a little boy for next door who was swimming down one of the stalls,he kept swimming further and further out,and he just kept swimming till he got to a big snake pit,but only one snake came to him,and i kept yelling at the little boy to smin back as fast as he could.Then the next thing i know my little girl had on a life jacket and she was going down one of the latters to go swim,there wa
im tired of guys just wanting pussy get over it. if a chick likes you enough you will get all the pussy you want but dont force it and dont try to force them into it. thats just a bad start to a very bad ending. if all you want is a good fucking and nothing else go look on the local street corner. if you want more than a one night stand or many one night stands act like it and stop being an ass ................. if you love someone and want to be with them but they hurt you (not physically) should you stay with them when you know that they are jsut going through a ruff time. i dont knwo what to do. he ignores me but says he loves me. he doesnt seem to care but when we are together we are so happy. i hurt shoudl i just go off that emotion. He was sleeping with his ex girlfirend who cheated on him now she is pregnant with that guys baby. All i want to do is be sick. Tell me whats the point of trusting is all that ever happens is lies?
My Poems
Wondering around with no place to go, Trying to understand what I’m supposed to know. Not seeing the truth behind lies they tell, As they try to hide the pain and the horrors of hell. They say you went peacefully with friends all around, But the truth is you died alone on the ground. I’m still waiting for you to come home, Waiting for the sound of the phone. But reality is playing a mean game, As the truth sinks in and I scream your name. I thought I saw you today, But when he turned around I had to look away. It kills me to know your no longer here with me, No longer here to help me through this misery. I can feel our baby kick, But she will never see your little tricks. She will never hear your voice or see your face, As she grows up in a much safer place. you sacrificed your life for this world that hates you, They protest and start riots but will never go through what you went through. They don’t understand the loved ones you left behind, Be
Fire And Ice
So we are here once again without a reason. In the back of this dark alley. The rain hits our face through this funny season. This is what we have chosen to be our reality. Through it all we ended up here. I wipe the hair and tears from your face. You look at me so full of fear. Knowing this will be our last place. You have chosen a road full of love. The only way I knew was full of hate. The message was brought by your faithful dove. Some how this ended up being our fate. You are made up of everything so pure. I was told nothing but the worst lies. They cursed you something that has no cure. I have done everything except die. Our souls were one once before. I left you so you wouldn't see my ways. The only thing I have ever cherished and adore. So we are here at the end of these days. Your reaching for the love that was once there. I am trying to fight the ways I feel. Our lives for now on is full of despair. Tired of the things we have to conceal. I
The Green Spot
Yesterday day at 6 am my mother found my step father dead. This really sucks. He was more of a father than my own. Can't really say it out loud yet. I didn't really like him that much and I don't get why it hurts so much. I need a hug. NAUGHTY APPLiCATiON" ** you will get a reply!!** 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as
Cogito Produit Scribio Con Sua.
To the moral and or religious minority FASCIST BASTARD that labelled two of My pics "NSFW" and thus DESTROYED the integrity of the album : THANKS FOR NOTHING, BASTARD .:|:. To the idiots at the fubar SHOP that allowed such a travesty to go unchallenged, (and thereby ended up licking the moral/religious Fascist's ARSE): Thanks for the support: Your FAILURE to do your job PROPERLY will be certain to encourage ME to bring other people to such a WONDERFULLY SUPPORTIVE SITE, where the religious and moral MINORITY get to DICTATE both the freedom of speech of the rest of the membership AND of the site management. Such consistant brown-nosing is certain to be rewarded : one day, sites like fubar will cease to exist, having been eroded by the brown-nosing of the religous moral minorityand bowing to them, conceding more and more until NOTHING of worth or interest remains to keep membership here. In the faint hope that fubar management wakes up to what is, literally happening under the
As it turns out, Leslie is aroused by ... Hard hats 'What crazy thing are you aroused by?' at You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at You Are Bad Girl Sexy Girl, you are nothing but trouble. And that's hot. You've got the classic bad girl sexiness mojo going on. And your badass attitude makes men fear you - and crave you. Don't give into people who say to tone it down. You're perfect as is. What Kind of Sexy Girl Are You?
To My Fubar/cherry Tap/lost Cherry Friends
To All of my friends and fans and ct family i wish you all a safe and Happy Easter and to take care of yourselves over the holiday period and i know it's the easter break but please be careful on the roads everybody and so with hat in mind i say once again Happy Easter 2008 everybody from Bruce Hey everybody some tips for newbies to the contests ok here goes this is a link pic to the contest you click it and it will take you to the contest when it starts then you comment it lots and lots of times this is simply known as comment bombing and your points needed will be reduced and help you closer to leveling up I just hope this helps you to understand how to comment bomb in contests for people from Bruce Soon I WILL be away from Home for the use of the PC and possibly at an internet cafe for a while because my brother will be fixing the PC for me and i do hope i get it back in time for Christmas So i therefore ask you all to be patient with with my replies
What I did for my birthday... I went to northern IL with my sweetheart and while we there... He took me to the county fair... We took a few pictures... I hope you enjoy them. It's not quite the same as being there... Lots of things are changing around my house.... I haven't been online as much as I used to be... In some ways that's good and in others I feel like I've deserted some of my friends. For many years the net has been where my friends were, after we moved from Michigan this was the only link I had to other people that I felt I knew in some small way. We were so isolated in Kansas and everyone I knew {3 people} had lives of their own and I felt like I was intruding. So I turned to the internet... Since we have moved to Kentucky, I have made more friends outside the net, as well as being coser to my family. It makes a difference, I'm not having the anxiety attacks near as bad, and I'm getting my life back on track. I start a new Job on Tu
My Wonderful Friends
hello cherries. i just want 2 say my dear friend is thinking about leaving Cherry Tap becaue of the haters and i dont want her 2 leave and neither any of her other friends so if all r friends of mine please go by and show her some love. i will be so grateful. let her know that we dont want her 2 go. i will return the favor and i know she will. thanks a bunch. and please repost. boobookitty07 ****{Angel Family}****Stop By and Sign My Guestbooks TY@ CherryTAP so everyone knows me as blue eyed country girl but i was thinking about shortening my name but i dont know what to. so i was wanting feedback on if i should and if i did what would b some ideas. please comment on this. i will appreciate it. JUST WANTED 2 SAY GOOD EVENING EVERYONE. I ENJOYED MY DAY ON HERE BUT I GOTTA GO. BUT I WILL B BACK 2MORROW. GOOD AND READY. SO I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A GOOD NIGHT. AND I WANT 2 SAY A SPECIAL GOOD NIGHT TO ALL MY L.R.L.FAMILY ALSO. I HOPE 2 TALK 2 YALL 2MORROW.

More Fun Quizzes at matthew -- [adjective]:100% kinky 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at I Would like to thank every one how layed CT love on me to date thanks again matt
I would like to be in all my friends and fans family album , that is always an honor . May i be in your's Sometimes we get so wrapped up in who we are not , we forget who we are, in which that is all that matters . If i gave to you all that i had would that be enough to keep you glad or if i came to you for just one day would that be enough or would you want me to stay if i told you i love you would that be fine or would you wonder what i had in mind. If i was one man in your world of ten would you chose me to the end. IF I TOLD I WANTED YOU TO THE END WOULD YOU SAY LET OUR LIFE BEGIN.
1 Man Utd 27 12 1 1 35 8 9 2 2 28 10 45 66 2 Chelsea 27 10 4 0 30 8 8 2 3 18 11 29 60 3 Liverpool 27 10 3 0 25 3 5 2 7 15 16 21 50 4 Arsenal 26 8 5 0 32 10 6 2 5 16 12 26 49 5 Bolton 27 8 3 3 20 12 6 2 5 12 16 4 47 6 Reading 27 9 1 4 26 16 4 3 6 15 18 7 43 7 Portsmouth 27 8 4 2 22 10 3 4 6 14 16 10 41 8 Everton 26 7 4 2 20 9 3 5 5 12 14 9 39 9 Newcastle 27 7 4 3 23 17 3 2 8 11 19 -2 36 10 Blackburn 27 6 2 5 16 16 4 2 8 14 22 -8 34 11 Tottenham 26 8 1 4 21 16 1 5 7 9 22 -8 33 12 Middlesbrough27 7 3 3 19 13 1 5 8 11 20 -3 32 13 Aston Villa 27 6 4 3 15 11 1 7 6 13 22 -5 32 14 Fulham 27 6 4 3 12 10 1 7 6 17 31 -12 32 15Sheff Utd 27 5 5 4 17 16 3 1 9 7 20 -12 30 16 Man City 26 5 4 4 10 11 3 2 8 10 21 -12 30 17 Wigan 26 4 2 7 13 20 3 2 8 14 23 -16 25 18 West Ham 27 5 2 7 14 17 0 3 10 4 25 -24 20 19 Charlton 27 4 3 6 11 17 1 2 11 9 30 -27 20 20 Watford 26 2 5 5 10 14 1 4 9
New Year, New Start, Crap
I hate mumm folk, so if you are a mummer, this blog is completely for blasting you fuckers. I was making some mumms the other day asking silly questions because I was in a funny mood and I needed points.. yes I was being a point whore, I just wanted to level up so I can add new pictures of my black hair.. anyways, one mummer was very very very rude to me in a comment, i dont mind mean mumms and people calling me names, i was finding it quite funny, but he went too far, so I added a comment and it offended the mumm folk i guess because my mumm was deleted and now I cant make anymore mumms. WTF!? I see worse comments left on mumms then what I left. They are a bunch of crying bitchy babies. Dont get me wrong, some days i love just reading mumms, rating them and leaving my own comments, but damn... come on.. anyways, thanks again for letting me rant and rave, ill shut up now and go back to drinking. XOXOXO *flashes bewbies* may be phnemonia.. or Im dying, I hope Im dying, I ha
Erotic Stories...
"Oh, pardon me!" I blurt out as my elbow catches against you, spilling my wine on your dress. "I am so sorry!". You begin to yell about my carelessness, but as you look up at me, your demeanor changes. "It's ok - accidents happen", you say. I feel terrible and offer to help you clean up as we retire to the ladies room at the swanky hotel. We take turns dabbing at your wet dress trying to get as much of the wine up as we can. The embarrassment we felt as I dabbed the top of your dress had passed. When I saw your nipples harden beneath the thin material my breath caught in my throat. You saw my stare and reached up to rub one of your nipples. My eyes widened. "She's coming on to me," I thought. I reached my hand to your other breast and began to caress it, all the while watching your face, ready to pull it back if I caught a hint of a scowl. No scowl. Instead I see a sly smile turn up your mouth and your hand leaves your breast and finds mine. We lean into each other for one of the most
Sexy Make your own Zing! Make your own Zing!
For Thought
s i sit here typen how my mood is,some people think my life is wonderful and grand. only a few select knows what ive been through in the past year and a half. so much mental abuse i have taken within the past that it has taken a toll on me in a way that it is hard to forget, thats why i work 2 jobs so that i can try to foget the past but hasnt worked,i'm fine wile i'm worken but when i have a day or night off it comes back and beats me down, hard for me to have a social life , its scary because it makes me think i will go through the same mess over . i tried to have a relationship with someone special to me but couldnt not that i dont but its just hard for me right now. i have seen people go through mental abuse in the past but now i know how they feel and it hurts from deep in the heart , feels worse than loosing a loved one cause u get so beat up inside that u start beliving wut that person said u r, sorry for the messed up blog but this is how i feel, i want to have a r
My dream was... disturbing. I only have time to record the part that I really remember which is the part which involved again Danielle. We were on a beach and I happened to notice her and I was telling whoever I was with (A male) who she was, she was mentioning her children to her friends and I didnt want her to notice me. He and I went into a glass windowed building and he noticed her right outside and so pointed. I figured what the hell and pressed my face against the glass and knocked. She made a gesture that I guess was rude by touching her nose and bringing the finger outward at me because my friend was like 'wow, she really is a bitch.' She left and he and I went down to the beach area and sat at these tables. I began telling him the history between Danielle and I while at the same time this red-headed friend was telling his friend a history of his own. He was in tears and I soon realised that our storys mingled and I remembered him in my dream and began to tell my fri
And Even More Poems
we hang out daily have become really close yet we both swear we are just friends neither of us want more at least not right now and you know i am already taken so you dont wanna get mixed up in that so why does everyone expect more is it really that wrong for us to hang out so much?? is it really that wrong for us to become close?? i never knew how hard it would be to have a guy friend and not have everyone to think there was more cuz damn friends is all we are In my heart I know I did The only thing I could To make sure She was safe In my heart I think I did The thing anyone would To ensure Her happiness In my heart I feel betrayed By myself For taking it all away With her so young In my heart I blame myself For letting him go Before she got the chance To really know him In my heart I feel like a soldier Who just surrendered Their every wish By just giving up In my heart Im the one who fucked up Im the one who did wrong Im the one
Harley Jokes
This biker went to a store the other day, and was in there for only about 5 minutes. However, when he came out there was a cop writing a parking ticket. So the biker went up to him and said, "Come on, buddy, how about giving a guy a break?" The cop ignored him and continued writing the ticket. So the biker called the cop a pencil-necked Nazi. The cop glared at him and started writing another ticket for having worn tires! So then the biker called the cop a piece of horseshit. The cop finished the second ticket and put it on the cars windscreen with the first. Then he started writing a third ticket! This went on for about 20 minutes and the more the biker abused the cop, the more tickets he wrote. Of course, the biker didn't care. His motorcycle was parked around the corner. Dapper Dan had a sweet custom pan, that had of all things, an external leak. When ever it rained Dan would have to spread a thin layer of Vaseline on the valve
Long ago, far away, once a night, twice the day, the end so near, of love and war, knowing not what we’re fighting for. Darkness here sadness still, deafness forever without the will Hope eternal love is blessed, like the warmth of a lover with his sweet caress. Less than gone, still not dead, burning memories within my head, Want to stop this pain inside, to finally remove the knife that I can’t hide. Want to hate, want to fall, want to risk losing it all. Want to love, to hope, and fear, even though no one will hear. all my life i have thought to myself ... what are you going to do next... what is going to come next in this life that is so randomly delt out to you ? i feel like i will never know what is exactly going to happen... and then the phone rings... someone tells you that you are going to have to do this ... wear this ... act like this... I was not ready for this kind of transaction in my life ... i wasnt ready to become so dead
My Stuff...
I sit here alone My head in my hands Tears flowing freely What has become Of my happiness Dismissed so easily The heartbreak I feel in me Takes my breath away The love I gave Only to you I regret now today You said words Of love to me Now in the past The only thing I ever wanted Was a love to last Now you are busy No time for me Or the baggage I bring along All the nights Your loving touch I felt that I belong Now you’re gone I’m alone again With nothing but dreams I saw myself there Wrapped in arms forever Now all torn apart at the seams Her stomach in knots Their meeting today She’s nervous as hell He’s on his way Starting out the window He pulls in the drive Her heart skips a beat Watching him arrive She walks out the door To meet and to greet Her palms are clammy She can’t feel her feet He exits the car Watching her walk He sucks in a breath But forgets how to talk Face to face Awkward and strange Do
Dmb I'm listening to the Columbus Destroyers-Nashville Kats game via the internet. It tried to snow this morning but nothing came of it. This week has gone quickly - I wish they all went that way. I'm going to see Rev. Horton Heat this weekend in Lawrence. I'm psyched for that. Hopefully the weather cooperates. Then on Thursday, the Dropkick Murphys roll into town. Sweet...
Family     check out this link its of somethng that is going ot affect us all. it has to do with global warming. me and my husband are expecting baby number three lol i cant believe its happenned again lol we have been trying for some time now and this just feels like a dream bc of all the negatives and things so wish us luck hehe we are going to need it lol tonight i lost my dad he passed away and we are trying to deal with it the best we can. please keep us in your prayers.
My Life
Today just sucked. I got a call around 9 am from my manager asking me to come in to work early around 2 or 3 instead of 5 like I was scheduled for. So I agreed and went back to sleep. Well then I woke up around noon and got out of bed and did things around my house. Almost skipped breakfast, well i had the cereal and the bowl on the counter and walked away from them, don't remember why. So I ate the cereal around like 1pm. Sat on the couch for a bit crocheting my blanket. Soon it was time for work I had to leave about 2:30 to be on time. I ended up skipping lunch at home, so at work I was silently yelling at myself on how I failed and the like. I made sure I ate a large meal at dinner, but still I felt like a failure. Then I told the bf on my skipped meal and he was like now is not a good time to piss me off. On the way home the voices of the eating disorder and my other mental condition, borderline personality disorder, almost made me cry. They were like you are worthless and
Writing & Poetry
One should examine oneself for a very long time before thinking of condemning others. ~Moliere Every man alone is sincere. At the entrance of a second person, hypocrisy begins. We parry and fend the approach of our fellow-man by compliments, by gossip, by amusements, by affairs. We cover up our thought from him under a hundred folds. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Friendship," Essays, 1841 He does not believe who does not live according to his belief. ~Thomas Fuller Whatever you condemn, you have done yourself. ~Georg Groddeck, The Book of the It, 1950 Many of us believe that wrongs aren't wrong if it's done by nice people like ourselves. ~Author Unknown Your religion is what you do when the sermon is over. ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all. ~William Shakespeare, Henry VI As no roads are so rough as those that have just been mended, so no sinners are so intolerant as those that hav
Nsfw Vids
Milena Velba cocooil IIUploaded by Supersize call it what you wantUploaded by samanakin
Rambling Idiot
Thank You All My Friends For just being my FRIENDS!!! Back we go again Sunday to try to finish up all the recording for the new SPLINTER cd "NEW SOUTHERN REALITY" We are down to the last 3 songs. And we still have some photo shoots to do. So its looking like we are on track for an April release.
I thought I would fail at this one! You Are Not a Dumb American You got 7/10 correct. You know a good deal about American history, but there's some basic facts you have wrong. Time to go back to history class!Are You a Dumb American? You Are 74% Perfectionist You are a true perfectionist. You are both demanding of yourself and others. While it's great to have goals and standards, they don't need to be sky high!Are You a Perfectionist? You Are 84% Addicted to the Internet The internet is your life - seriously. You spend so much time online, you should be a dot com millionaire!Are You Addicted to the Internet?
Cherry Tap Love!
My CT wife loves me so much! She takes the time to find out how I feel! I want to take her in my arms and hold her fear to let it out! If u only knew how much she hurts u would take one second two love her! She is beautiful, U should take one second to think about her, make her feel the love! She will feel it! She will smile! Yes, Im nuts! I have a heart that is so big! People who really know me LOVE me! CT Loves two Retta! I respect my fav. cherries! Love is not a big enough word for it! Family says it all!
A stoner finds a poor person on the street and helps him up. The poor person says, "Son, I'm a genie. And since you helped me I'll give you three wishes."  The stoner says, "I want a six inch joint!" The genie says, "Okay!" POOF! They stuff a six inch joint and smoke it between the two of them. "What's the second wish?" asks the genie. "I want a twelve inch joint," says the stoner. "Okay," says the genie. POOOF! And they stuff it and smoke it between the two of them. "And the third wish?" "I want a twenty inch joint!!" POOOOF!! So, they stuff it and smoke it between the two of them. Finally, the genie gets up and says, "Okay, it's time for me to go." The genie takes a couple steps, pauses, turns around and says, "Okay, just one more wish." Alone in her Birmingham, England home, a woman stirs a half teaspoon of cannabis into her hot tea. By seeking relief from pain and spasms caused by multiple sclerosis in this way she is, in the eyes of the law, a criminal.She doesn’t take this
Love Is Immortality
... ... DAWN In my secret world I see, YOU are all that Love can be: Spirit inspiration … Woman love sensations … Imagination’s dream come true. These happy feelings grow with YOU, inside of me; inside of me, I see I am afraid of YOU … I am afraid to feel you, filling my life. I an afraid to love you, dreaming of wife. I am afraid to need you, more than I do. I am afraid of YOU ... Inside of me, I see … I am afraid to kiss you, As the love of my life, I am afraid to want you, As my lover and wife, I am afraid to need you, I am afraid … for then, Can I live without YOU … Again? . . . N O 0 O o o o o … ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Rhey W. Hedges, August 23, 2005 I am in love with Love ... and my Dreams of Love give ME away for all to see ... I am transparent ... ..... MY DAWN Imagination bends perception, the world is seldom what it seems. Reality and fantasy blend endlessly in Dreams. Last night I dreamed reality, You asked
It's The Little Things You can burn my house You can cut my hair You can make me wrestle naked With a grizzly bear You can poison my cat Baby I don't care But if you talk in the movies I'll kill you right there It's the little things It's just the little things Aw it's the little things It's just the little things Yeah it's the little things That drive me wild I'm like a mad dog I'm on a short leash I'm on a tight rope Hanging by a thread I'm on some thin ice You push me too far Welcome to my nightmare No more Mr. Nice Guy You can steal my car And drive it into the lake You can stick me in the oven And put it on bake You could throw a big brick Through my window pane But if I ever hear you ask me How I got my name It's the little things It's just the little things Aw it's the little things It's just the little things Yeah it's the little things That drive me wild I'm like a mad dog I'm on a short leash I'm on a tight rope Hangin
I Just Can't Win
What's a guy got to do? I sent someone a dozen roses for Valentine's day. Real roses not the online kind. Nothing, not a peep from her. Not even a "eat shit and die" peep. 3 days later I finally ask if the flowers were even delivered.. oh yeah, they were. uh..... wtf? So much for those survey's in cosmo! My dogs lick my hands and face and beg for a treat but I can't get another human being to acknowledge a dozen roses.... go figure. I think I'll try the "asshole" boyfriend next. I won't buy anything, never pay for anything, act like I'm always broke. Wonder how that will work out..... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So I send a note to a friend about Cherry Tap, she comes on over and signs up. By the time I get to her page 3 hours later she has put up a pic. One picture, no content, nothing else. She had over 30 views with a bunch of comments, of course almost all from older men wanting to welcome her to CT and oh of course, feel free to add t
If you went to hell, what role would you play?PunisherYou get the joy of torturing countles people every day for those who wont cooperate or those who try to escape. Your strong and focused.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic What type of person do you attract? Your Result: You attract unstable people! Congrats, you are an 'insane' magnet, and you probably have no idea why. Something about your mix of styles, how you walk not just 'one' lifestyle, but appear to have a foot in them all. To the insane, you appear to be a beacon of hope and they will flock to you, like it or not. But, they ARE insane. Lucky for you, the insane tend to be the best sexual lovers, just the rest of the package deal may not be for you.You attract rednecks! You attract artsy people! You attract geeks!
Wedding Thoughts
The Year 2007
1. A day without sunshine ....... is like night. 2. On the other hand........ you have different fingers. 3. 42.7 percent of all statistics ....... are made up on the spot. 4. 99 percent of lawyers ..... give the rest a bad name. 5. Remember, half the people you know ...........are below average. 6. He who laughs last........... thinks slowest. 7. Depression is merely ..............anger without enthusiasm. 8. The early bird may get the worm......... but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap. 9. Support bacteria.......... They're the only culture some people have. 10. A clear conscience is ...............usually the sign of a bad memory. 11. Change is inevitable.............. except from vending machines. 12. If you think nobody cares............ try missing a couple of payments. 13. How many of you believe in psycho-kinesis? ........ Raise my hand. 14. OK, so what's the speed ..................of dark? 15. When everything is comin
Not For Public Use.
People ask me as to who i am.. The only way i can tell you is by the music i lesson to. I Come from a back ground that only those know.. I ran with the wrong crowed when i was younger I'm about to finish up my five yr probation...which if that changes ur mind as to being my friend then Your lost F you.. and I'll find some people who aren't as prejudging... besides that i really never had a good relation with women.. Pretty much the cheated, lied, and left me. If you know me well you know that i was adopted and my biological mother left me and my siblings when i was 3.. So the only woman that really has been there for me was my adopted mother.. I never really hung out with just one crowed I know everyone and who they hung out with but i also know were to get what ever u need... Young Marines only gave me a since of mind as well ROTC.. Wrestling was a way to distress Football was just a sport i was good at as well Basketball.. Base ball was something to do when all the other sports w
On My Mind
I hate to admit it, but Cherry Tap hasn't been the greatest experience for me. It was all fine and dandy when I first got started, but well...maybe it's just me. Don't know how to make friends. I'm not talking about the people who add you. Those people checked my page once and never returned. I did however meet a FEW fun and interesting people, a couple of which I still talk to, thankfully. Ah well. I'm sure I won't be missed. Heh, nobody even knows me. For those of you who likes CT, kudos to you. Best wishes and have nice lives. Take care. I'll admit it's crossed my mind. Putting pictures of parts of my body everyone wouldn't see on a daily basis. Thing is, I know I don't need to do it. It's not anything special. I suppose I like strokin as much as the average guy, but don't necessarily have to show what I'm working with. However, it is kinda fun. Would be interesting to see what reactions I'd get. I know there are a lot of women and men who show things in their
ummm if only the whole week could feel as glorious as this day right here. Man-o-man! I freakin' love it!!! Just another Monday-Friday run through, and someone tells me theres something called the "weekend"?? Never heard of that..but people tell me its awesome. =) Nothing like writing in a online journal so to speak. One that everyone can read at that! well I suppose it would be only right for me to say hi and goodmorning....but tell me what's so freakin good about it? I woke up this morning like hell...took a shower, felt a little better...then got thrown for a loop. I really dislike being a woman sometimes lol. Shit just eats me up errr...choclate tears, choclate tears running down my check. rant rant rav rav.....I like my Andy babe...hes the shit don't ca' stop drop and roll cause I'm on fire down in my soul yeah that's why this is called randomness....anyways I just wanted to say that this man Andy man...Captian Butthead of the world rules...and he is the only kind of
Comment Bomb
THIS IS MY CT WIFE. I LUV THIS WOMAN & I HAVE GROWN 2 FEEL VERY CLOSE 2 HER. I HAD SOME CLOSE CALLS OUT THERE, BUT SHE'S THE 1 THAT CAUGHT ME. SHE HAS BEEN VERY SWEET 2 ME. HER NAME TELLS IT ALL. SHOW HER SOME LUV. I'M PROUD & HONORED 2 BE HER CT HUSBAND. HER CT NAME IS SWEETER THAN U THINK. HER MORPH HERE WAS MADE BY BAD BAD MAN SHOW HIM SOME LOVE ALSO THIS IS HER SON. HE NEEDS SOME CT LUVIN' ALSO. RATE, FAN, & ADD HIM. baller89@ CherryTAP THIS SWEET LADY SPENT SOME TIME ON OUR MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. ADD, FAN, & RATE HER ALSO. IF YOUR LOOKING 4 SOME1 2 HELP, SHE CAN. ~X~Just Meee™~X~S.B.A.B.~ Œlìte Bõmber§~Œnfôrçer~X~@ CherryTAP I can remember what I was doing on 9/11/2001 Can any of you?? I was pregant with my 3rd child sitting in the office at my husbands job answering the phones like normal when I turned around to check a parts locater machine and it was coming all over the screen from NY,Fla,Cali,MN,You name it prayers were going out
Video Fun!!! Will They Stay??
"Again" You're tearing me apart Crushing me inside You used to lift me up Now you get me down If I was to walk away From you, my love Could I laugh again? If I walk away from you And leave my love Could I laugh again? Again, again... You're killing me again Am I still in your head? You used to light me up Now you shut me down If I was to walk away From you, my love Could I laugh again? If I walk away from you And leave my love Could I laugh again? I'm losing you again Lacking me inside I used to lift you up Now I get you down Without your love You're tearing me apart With you close by You're crushing me inside Without your love You're tearing me apart Without your love I'm doused in madness I can't lose the sadness Can't lose the sadness Can't lose the sadness You're tearing me apart Crushing me inside Without your love (you used to lift me up) You're crushing me inside (now you get me down) With you close by I'm doused in madne
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as knowing when to come in out of the rain, why the early bird gets the worm, life isn't always fair, and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you earn) and reliable parenting strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a six-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job
Ok, that's it, tonight is the last fucking time someone is gonna piss me off in Texas. And my solution is moving. As soon as I get my shit sold, I'm gone. So for those of you here in Texas, I'm sorry. I can't take it no more. Those of you in Florida, I'm on my way, just give me time. (BTW, just to let ya'll know, I got ran off the road in Mineral Wells, TX, I'm still not very happy about that) Well, if I am friends with any of ya'll on myspace, I'm not there anymore. Myspace deleted my acct cause of my rebel pics that I uploaded the other day. I will not create another acct there. Anyways. Hope ya'll are doing good. Redneck alright, i just received a text from someone who i thought wanted to date me and shit, but you know what. She text me(forget fucking calling me)to tell me we should be friends. I hate ths sorry state(sorry to those of you whole like texas). I"m gonna sell my shit, and I'm moving back to florida. I'm tired of dating, trying to get out of debt and everything else.
My Family
navyboy63@ CherryTAP AMERICAN CHERRY@ CherryTAP american@ CherryTAP
What Is.... Isn't ..... Idk Anymore.
I sat at home, Wishing you were in my arms. I closed my eyes and pictured 'us' Together, looking into each other's eyes, Revealing all that is hidden And all that is true. I sat in my room, Thinking about how beautiful and perfect you are And I realized how lucky I was to be with you... Someone who really cares about me, Someone who actually feels the same, And I can't help but cry. I do not cry tears of sadness, But tears of happiness, Because I have found the one person who makes me happy And makes my life complete. I can't help wanting to have your soft lips on mine. Because I feel without you... there can be no me. I need you to help me Through the day Through the good And through the bad. I need you to be you, Because that is who I have fallen in love with. I love you so much My heart stops when I hold you close... I love you so much I can feel it deep down inside my soul. I love you for who you are And who you want to be. And, when I say
My Blogs
I've had a few people tell me that I've changed and that I don't seem to care about anyone anymore..... That's a lie I do care and I'm still the same person all of you met when I first started coming to this site. The only thing that has changed from then to now is that I'm alot busier now. I'm working 40+hrs a week 6 and 7 days a week. I have very little time to do everything I need to during the week. I try to get on here as much as I can but that isn't very often and when I am here I can't stay long. I am sorry that some of you feel I have abandonded you. I have not I'm just having trouble learning to juggle everything with my new work hours. Those of you that have my cell number feel free to call or text my phone is always on 24hrs a day. If I don't answer leave a message I will get back to you just leave your number cause I may not have it anymore I lost my phone awhile back and lost alot of numbers. I will call you back when I get time. If I know you are trying to get hold of me
Pure Wickedness
*Original Post From 3-11-2007* Ok so as exhausted as I was already I agreed to letitng Tim call me "to play" tonight. I knew it wouldn't be anything specatacular due to my state of mind, but I was willing to try. So we agreed that he would call me in 30 minutes so I had enough time to change my shirt and wash my make-up off. He was pretty prompt and called alomst exactly 30 minutes later. He asked what I was wearing and since I refuse to lie about the anwer I told him simply a longer white tee shirt. He then began to tell me what he wants to do to me which got me all wet. I was working my clit real good and fast and came rather quickly and weakly. I was disappointed so I just kept playing. I kept two fngers inside me using a come hither motion. I was doing this when he asked me what I was doing. So after he asked are you doing it again to which I replied I never stopped he asked me what I was thinking about . . . well here is what I remember about the actual fantasy itself:
Me And All My Thoughts
You know it sucks that when the storms of life end. An the storm clouds start to show some light. In your darkness u see the most heavenly light shining on the path to take. How in this beautiful site. How the feelings you felt before the storm come back so strong. How it feels you with all these emotions.. How you start to remember those dreams that filled you with hope. To remember that person that made you smile. How you smiled cause you could feel there touch. Or the smell they wore.. Oh and my favorite. How they looked at you like you was that person they could not live with out. Only to wake up and see how your dreams where over.How you try to see why they left you alone. How the dreams you both had is gone. Only to read them on letters of broken promises. To see there face and want to cry. An how that heavenly lighted path god is telling you to go on. Knowing they where your start on this path. That they was god way of saying there are more like that out there.. An knowing you w
It's a beautiful sunny day the last day of school...I'm at work and hear an announcement of an accident close by...My partner and good friend makes a flippant comment "ooohh that doesn't sound good!!" A short while later her husband phones and tells her to get to the hospital immediately their son has been in a car accident....yes you guessed the same said accident on the radio.... Now I should explain that Barb and I are partners and good friends and our sons are best friends...She leaves in a panic and I start my own panic...putting two and two together and making 10!! I start to text my sons and there are no I phone the school and have them check the classes no they not in class ...Oh sweet Jesus you can guess what I'm thinking....While I'm putting a sign on the door to explain the sudden closure I get a call from my son...He's at the hospital with his brother and the brothers of Barb's son Cameron....Cameron and a boy named Kevin were joy riding in a fancy sports car K
im a big fuck up in life. why does everyone feel the need to remind me though? i've had a few people on here straight up tell me that i seem to put a wall up, like i won't really let anyone in, or get too close. people who don't know me in real life, and basically had only talked to me a few hours. it's really been bothering me mainly because i dont see myself putting up this wall. so i've been seriously pondering and taking a look at how i approach relationships either friend wise or romantically. honestly i dont know what more to say. i could spend about 90 bagillion hours typing out my sad heartbroken wannabe love stories where it feels like i have always played the victim...but i'll spare you. i guess if you have anything to say about it let me have it.if i've seemed to put up a wall or been fake with you, let me know. i wont be upset or mad. i always have told my friends that real friends will tell you the truth no matter what. and i try to live by that. Instructions...
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For those old enough to remember Quiet Riot, you might remember a song called Thunderbird. If you are not old enough to remember the band go to iTunes and download the song. The song was written bt Kevin DuBrow in dedication of the passing of Randy Rhoads passed on in 1982. Anyway, these lyrics come straight from the heart...listen to the song and think of the victims of Virginia Tech when you do. You might cry, you might not, but the song fits. QUIET RIOT lyrics When a native of Virginia thinks of institutes of higher learning, at least six can come to mind to the common Virginian: University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Richmond, James Madison University and Radford University. Naturally all of these schools have one rival or another, but the one that really stands out is UVA vs. Tech. I have to admit that I am a fanatic of UVA. It was never something that was drilled into my head, I just cou
With You
my life is seem to worthless doing my best for everything but no ones cares about it.. In return they are the one whos going to hurt you alot... If i ever get the chance to wish something and that is, im not here in this world already.. I put my best in everything but why is it im the one who always suffer like this.. I give too much love for everybody but they are the one whos being abusive... I thought everything will be just fine but still its not... PEOPLE ARE BEING ABUSIVE TO ME AND FOR WHAT I HAVE DONE FOR THEM..what am i suppost to do to make them accept me for what i am??? The problem is that, they are not contented for what they have in there life and used to hurt everybody... Gently pull the lips apart and look at her inner lips, lick them if you want Now spread the tops of her pussy up until you find her clit. Women have clits in different sizes just like us guys have different sized dicks It doesn't mean a thing as far as her capacity for an orgasm all it means
Littleb Never Argue with a WomanOne morning, the husband returns the boat to their lakeside cottageafter several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap.Although not familiar with the lake, the wife decides to take the boatout. She motors out a short distance, anchors, puts her feet up, andbegins to read her book.The peace and solitude are magnificent.Along comes a Fish and Game Warden in his boat. He pulls up alongsidethe woman and says, 'Good morning, Ma'am. What are youdoing?'"Reading a book," she replies, (thinking, isn't that obvious?)"You're in a Restricted Fishing Area," he informs her."I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading.""Yes, but I see you have all the equipment. For all I know you couldstart at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up.""If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault," says thewoman."But I haven't even touched you," says the Game Warden."That's true, but you have all the equipme
Screw This
well i got a new job so that generally means that i wont be on here as much, actually i dont think i will have much time to sleep either, but feel free to leave me some love and i will return the favor as soon as i am able to come back well so today was an aweasome day, a little weird but aweasome, i past my training test so needless to say i am now a bill collector! Its Hot!! i had to call this lady today and she yelled at me but it was funny as hell! then i got another man to pay his bills and it was a great feeling Then i got home and i had my first appointment to pierce someones ears and they turned out so freakin cool, i was really impressed, i cant wait til i am a professional tho that would TITS! kk so tomarrow is my birthday, whoooa and thats i guess a good thing. im suppose to work but im pretty sure that i have lost my job today. im not sure why but i think that thats a good thing too, i dont have to deal with a worthless manager anymore! but if all goes according to plan
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so heres the deal,, ive djed on and off for over 4 yrs and have a very eclectic taste in music and im looking for a home to Dj in a part time setting i just purchased a new pc and have SAMS and alot of music, i like to talk on air and give shout outs, once committed i stay committed if your staion only plays one genre then im not the one for you, im available mon thru fri from 6 to 12 est and sat and sun mornings and early afternoons if your interested in hiring me please send a private message to me leting me know and ill come by and check out your lounge, because im not normal and need a fun place to hang randy hey all,,you know how they say when life throws you a bunch of lemons,,you make lemonade,,well,,it seems life has done that to me today was druens first check up,,and after he was born the hospital did a test of his chromosones,, well it seem druen has down syndrome,, which is quite surprising to us,,since he looks perfectly healthy. we go back next week for
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Arthur Davidson, of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Corporation, died and went to heaven. At the gates, St. Peter told Arthur, "Since you've been such a good man and your motorcycles have changed the world, your reward is, you can hang out with anyone you want in Heaven." Arthur thought about it for a minute and then said, "I want to hang out with God." St Peter took Arthur to the Throne Room, and introduced him to God. Arthur then asked God, "Hey, aren't you the inventor of woman?" God said, "Ah, yes. "Well," said Arthur, "professional to professional, you have some major design flaws in your invention. 1. There's too much inconsistency in the front-end protrusion 2. It chatters constantly at high speeds. 3.Most of the rear ends are too soft and wobble too much. 4 The intake is placed way to close to the exhaust. And finally, 5.The maintenance costs are outrageous." "Hmmm, you may have some good points there," replied God, "hold on." God went to his C
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Been awhile since i've been on this thingy lol but i figured what the hell hehe I 've missed all my friends on here a whole lot..and hope everyone is doing okay. I'm hoping to be able to pick up my story again soon and add lots more current pics hehe everyone keep in touch k? *hugs* ~Cin Zachary Neil was born May 29th 2009 @5:36pm He was 6 pounds 13 ounces and 20 inches long. Came home yesterday and he and I are doing just fine. Will be putting up pics for everyone to see him very soon!! untill next time laters! Cin found one of our kittens outside dead this morning..didnt even get a chance to take a pic of her...*sigh*...will miss you smokey...
i just got hit up with a cherry tap survey...after I fill out the enrty form, can anyone tell me how long it takes fro the actual survey to load...because it's alreday been 20 minute since i signed up! grrr!! a little hung...just gonna rate today until typing doesn't hurt my head....gonna get some comfort food...bbl for anyone reading these, i want to apologize to my friends, family, or lovers for not being on yahoo, aim, etc...i just need a rest from that stuff right now! I am also presently trying to find work, and its really kicking my please forgive me...I am just menatally exhausted... I am also training at a gondola service now too, and my muscles feel like they've been in a bar fight! speaking of which...I have to go there right now. have a great day everyone....!
Against all odds ill be with you threw the rain or shine. light or darkness. Against all odds i will love you. threw the good or the badd. The passion or the pain... Against all odds my love for you will succed.. no other will steal me away from ur love.. Against all odds i will call you mine, but at the same time remind that you are not an item, you are not property, but you are a human being. And in my eyes you are the 1 who holds my heart close. the person i trust with my life and my love. Against all odds, the love we have is immortal... when you leave i have a memory of your face. A mother holds her newborn son for the first time,she looks down at him and rocks him back and forth,back and forth,says I will love you forever and like you always and for as long as I live you will be my baby...he grows and is now 2 yrs old,he takes all the books from there shelves,emptys the fridge and flushes his mothers watch down the toilet,she says this kid is driving me crazy:b
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Q. Why do men become smarter during sex? A. Because they are plugged into a genius Q. Why don't women blink during sex? A. They don't have enough time Q. Why does it take 1 Million sperm to fertilize one egg? A. Because they don't ask for directions Q. Why do men snore when they lie on their backs? A. Because their balls fall over their butts and they vapor lock. (You're laughing, aren't you!?!) Q. Why were men given larger brains than dogs? A. So they won't hump women's legs at parties Q. Why did God make man before woman? A. You need a rough draft before the final copy Q. How many men does it take to put a toilet seat down? A. Don't's never happened (come on we laugh at your blonde jokes) Q. Why did God put men on earth? A. Because a vibrator can't mow the lawn or fix the car A father and his son go into the grocery store and come upon the comdom aisle. The son asks his father why there are so many different boxes of condoms. The fa
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You Are 60% Happy You're definitely a happy person, even though you have your down moments. You tend to get the most out of life, though there's always some more happiness to be squeezed. How Happy Are You? You Are 56% Lady You're part lady, part modern woman. Etiquette is important to you, but you brush aside rules that are outdated or silly. Are You A Lady? You Are 40% Addicted to Myspace Your Myspace addiction factor is: Low You're a typical casual Myspace user... you know what it's all about, but you haven't been sucked in (yet)! Are You Addicted to Myspace?
Relationships, Love And Women
Relationships, women and love The Intro and the part Input by Wikkid is what I wrote. This is VERY long but it is worth reading. So far, all the women I have shared it with have loved it. Some of it is generalized and parts of it may seem one sided when they are not. This is not a cure-all but many of the problems people have are in here, but this is why I have more blogs to add more and to address your personal lives. This is not an all or nothing philosophy where the man always has to be dominant and the woman submissive. People switch off at times but here is the thing. Every relationship, whether straight, gay or bi, has to have a dominant and submissive role. This is a ntural law even in social animal behavior and has developed for thousands of years. Two or more of the same role causes power conflicts. You can not have 2 or more people being dominant, without at least one being submissive and vice versa. This is even true in social circles. There is alway a leader.
BREAKING BENJAMIN LYRICS "You" My hands are broken, And time is going on and on, it goes forever (how long). So I got high and lived all that life that I've taken all for granted. [Chorus:] Promise me you'll try To leave it all behind, 'cause I've elected hell, Lying to myself. Why have I gone blind? Live another life. You. You. The only way out Is letting your guard down and never die forgotten (I know). Forgive me, my love, I stand here all alone, and I can see the bottom. [Chorus] You. You. You. You. You. You. The Crow T-Bird: What, what are you talking about? Nah, nah, nah, nah, you mean that place downtown? I remember her. We needed to put some fear into that little lady, she wasnt going along with our tenant relocation program. Then her idiot boyfriend shows up and turns a simple sweep and clear into a total cluster fuck. Who gives a shit? It's ancient history. What? What do you want? What is it? What? Speak to me! Speak! (flashback to t
My Home A mystical and scared place A place of love A place of happiness A place you look forward to meeting, After a long day. A place to meet a warming family Wow, I must be dreaming. It's a place of anger A place of hate A place of bullshit (excuse my French) A place I never liked to be in A place to meet an unsatisfied family A place most wouldn't call a home Maybe it's my fault Maybe I wasn't suppose to be born Maybe I was a mistake Maybe I wasn't suppose to help others Maybe I'm not smart enough Maybe I was switched at birth Maybe I was abandoned Maybe it's entirely my fault Maybe Is this the cause of my migraines, Or is it that I'm lazy. Is this the cause of my low grades, Or is it that I'm stupid. Is this why some teachers like me, Or is it that they think I'm a forlorn kid. Maybe. Maybe my parents were right. I'm a stupid, good for nothing, lazy, low self-esteemed, poor excuse for a child. You’ve saved me From myself From my pai
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Tonight I got one of the most dreaded phone calls. My sister called to tell me that our 46 year old brother had died. This was a total shock to us. About 15 months ago, he had some heart problems and needed to get some stents placed. He really took the doctor's advice to heart (no pun intended) and cleaned up his lifestyle. He quit smoking, started to exercise and ate healthier. When I saw him a few weeks ago, he looked better than he had in years. I am so grateful that we got to have that one last family dinner together. From what we were told, he was driving and pulled over to the side of the road, got out of the truck and dropped dead. Paramedics were right behind him and saw it happen. They immediately tried to revive him but were not successful. My brother and I couldn't have been much more different from each other. He was a diesel mechanic who lived to ride his Harley, rebuild his Corvette, hunt and fish. He did shock me last year and took a stained glass art class.
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over 456 people on my friends list 97% are female and i do not understand why or makes me so hot and so sexy and so on and so on as i have been told and whats with my bedroom eye's i keep hearing this i am flaterd really its all very nice compliments you all have givin me but there are so many better looking guys on ct i'm just an average joe on here really i am noting special here but thank you anyway its very nice of you all YOU KNOW THERE IS MORE TO PEOPLE THEN A FUCKING NUMBER THATS ALL IT IS A NUMBER PEOPLE RATE PEOPLE ON THERE LOOKS AND NOT WHAT THEY ARE MADE OF AS A PERSON AND NEW FRIEND AND FEELNGS CAN GET HURT ALONG THE WAY AND MAKE SOMEONE REALLY FEEL LIKE SHIT I DO NOT CARE IF YOUR FAT SKINNY GOOD LOOKING HOT OR BUTT UGLY I RATE EVERYBODY A 10 BECAUSE LOOKS DO NOT MEAN SHIT TO ME AND RATINGS DONT EATHER ITS THE FRENDSHIP THAT COUNTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on a high,on a high there's nothing more to it. We are the sea and the sky and the blue that runs throu
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would everyone please sign my guestbook i would really appreciate it would everyone please sign my guestbook i would really appreciate it, it is the slideshow in my about me section would everyone please sign my guestbook i would really appreciate it
An April day with the grass coming in green and a soft wind blowing among daffodils is a perfect time to seize the leaf rake and set to cleaning up outdoors. Another similar, April day--also perfect. A third? Slightly less perfect. A fourth such day begins to feel like work. It feels like work because it is work. Leaf raking is a task of a magnitude and a futility rivaling the labor of Sisyphus, the unfortunate inmate of hell in Greek myth who eternally rolled his boulder up the hill, to have it eternally roll back down again. Last year's leaves, pasted to the ground by the snows, cling tenaciously and require vigorous raking. Raked, freed from the earth, they toss themselves gaily in the breeze; they caper and shy about like wild colts. Chasing them with your rake, gathering them into piles, watching as they escape and frisk away, and raking them back to the pile is a job less like bringing order to a disordered setting than it is like herding boisterous and unruly young st
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The story behind   NORAD Tracks Santa, the official name of the program, began in 1955 when a Colorado Springs newspaper ad invited kids to talk to Santa on a hotline. The phone number had a typo, and dozens of kids wound up dialing the Continental Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado Springs, the predecessor to NORAD. The officers on duty played along and began passing along reports on Santa's progress. It's now a cherished ritual at NORAD, a joint U.S.-Canada command that monitors the North American skies and seas from a control center at Peterson. "It's really ingrained in the NORAD psyche and culture," said Canadian Forces Lt. Gen. Marcel Duval, the deputy commander of NORAD, who pitches in to field French-language calls on Christmas Eve. "It's a goodwill gesture from all of us, on our time off, to all the kids on the planet." Duval is careful to say that tracking Santa doesn't interfere with the work of watching out for enemy threats to the North American cont
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I saw this in a blog by MarQ and found it interesting enough to take myself. As written by MarQ, here is the introduction: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality indicator designed to assist a person in identifying some significant personal preferences. Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers developed the Indicator during World War II, and its criteria follow from Carl Jung's theories in his work Psychological Types.The Indicator is frequently used in the areas of pedagogy, group dynamics, employee training, leadership training, life coaching, executive coaching, marriage counseling, and personal development.If you would like to take the test to see your type.Click Here My results are below: Idealist Portrait of the Counselor (INFJ) Counselors have an exceptionally strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others, and find great personal fulfillment interacting with people, nurturing their personal development, guiding them to realize their hum
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C-I-A-R-A Come on Pull up your pants (Just like him) Take out the trash (Just like him) Getting your cash like him, fast like him Girl, you wanna act like he did I'm talking 'bout Security codes on everything On vibrate so your phone don't ever ring A foreign account And another one he don't know about Wish we could switch up the roles and I could be that Tell you I love you, but when you call, I never get back Would you ask them questions like me, like, "Where you be at?" 'Cause I'm out four in the morning On the corner rolling, doing my own thing What if I had a thing on the side, made you cry Would the rules change up or would they still apply If I played you like a toy? Sometimes, I wish I did act like a boy Can't be getting mad, but you mad can't handle that Can't be getting mad, but you mad can't handle that Girl go ahead and be (Just like him) Go run the streets (Just like him) Go home missin sleep like 'em, creep like
ok so...every once in a while I get slack about how...revealing my pictures are and I guess to some extent I can understand that. However, I'm 22 years old for goodness sakes and I'm not really ashamed of my body. Not that I'm conceited or anything but I don't think I have anything to hide. If you don't like it then don't look. I mean, I do get self concious and just like anybody else I'm just curious to see what kind of reaction I'll get from people. I'm entitled to be a little vain...right? So I was supposed to go out on a date today buuuuut I got stood up. No phone call or anything to say that he's not coming. I think that's what I get for putting faith in guys. Just a complete waste of time... Am I not pretty enough? because sometimes I don't think so So I'm uh...gonna be uploading a few...naughty pics today. figured I might as well since I feel like shit and need a little confidence boost. Anyway, they'll be in the private section so emjoy :D
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1) What stickers do you have on your car? none 2) What posters do you have in your room? none 3) What do you hear right now? the sound of the ceiling fan 4) If you could drink anything right this second, what would it be? Water 5) Does anything hurt on your body right now? my stomach and my back and my neck 6) What's your job position called? shit ... don't have a title at the moment 7) What size ring do you wear? i think 6 1/2? 8) Do you own a camera phone? Yeah 9) When's your birthday? may 7th 10) What was your elementary schools mascot? bulldog...?!? 11) What's your favorite bottled water? aquifina 12) What's the next concert/show you're going to and where? i wanna go to john mayor.. but the next definite is Bon Jovi 13) What were you doing at 9 pm last night? driving 14) What's your favorite Starbucks drink? carmeliscious 15) Do you exercise as much as you should? i do, but should do more of it 17) Did you go to someone e
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to all those out there im a gentleman seeking true love and relationship no more need for fakes so if you value the same thing im looking for hit me up some more "We Live to Die, We Die to Live" by the Great Knight J.R. Knightz Order of the Black Rose Knightz NOOO!!!! You opened it!.Tomorrow will be the best day of your life, IF you repost this within 2 minutes with the heading: (pick 1) : Slow Sex : I miss my baby : In love :I
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Friends say that I'm sincere, friendly, out going , funny, easy to get along with, caring and sometimes goofy. I'm shy at first, until I get to know someone. I like to go out and just hang out or small party crowd. I like to go with the flow. I enjoy music, laughter, movies, wrestling, Nascar, sewing (I design quilts), arts, my family, outdoors, ballgames, bowling, dinning out or just staying at home. I can be a little playful at times. Would like to find someone to share my life with. I enjoy life and know how to live it. I am a team player, don't want to control and don't want to be controled either. I am a person who is straight forward, I say what I mean and tell it how it is. I am loyal, faithful, always there when it really counts. I'm easy going, open minded, flexable and romantic. I am not in to head games. I enjoy cooking, but also enjoy dining out. I enjoy a good conversation, listening to music, I love to dance and love to do fun things. I'm looking for
To All My New And Old Friends
okay to start off yesterday i planned on deleteing my profile ,because my 24 year niece found out that she has stage 3 breast cancer i was going to go and take care of her so i deleted well after that she called told me she had set up home health care to come in and help plus because of my health problems she didnt want me to hurt my myself as most of u are or were aware i was a cherry ninja now im starting back from the begging thank you for adding me back you guys r the besti will be going to all your profiles and rating all pics again and boy theres alot lol give me time but thank you all wanted to let everyone know ill be double commenting for sunday and monday i will be in hospital monday haveing surgrey so this way ill be caught up when i get out say a prayer have a great weekend luv hugs evis AS SOME OF U KNOW MY 24 NICE HAS STAGE 3 BREAST CANCER HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS WENT TO DR
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As of 11/14/09, I finally leveled to Godfather. So I'm posting this blog to see how long it will take me to reach the next stage here on Fubar. Fuking was bad enough and well most people around here would agree. What in the world, am I doing this for? I've returned and well miss or missed a lot of you. Drop by if you haven't left. Real life too over and well that was more of a priority. :) Well you guessed it and I posted it. Wasn't too sure where to post such a thing, without being annoying. Feel free to post your midget status here also. Thanks for viewing, have a good one. - Black Knight
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Teen: Toilet Water Cleaner Than Fountain Posted: Jun. 11 4:43 p.m. NORTH BEND, Ore. — Middle School student Kyleray Katherman had a hunch something was amiss with the school's drinking fountain water. And right he was. For an English assignment, he tested the bacteria content at four water fountains and one toilet to challenge a ban on students from bringing bottled water to class. It seems some were using it to sneak in alcohol. Guess which was cleaner? It wasn't the water fountains. He then asked students where they would prefer to get their water. That wasn't the fountains, either. Classmates, teachers, administrators and board members said they had no idea. Katherman attends the Oregon Coast Technology School that operates at North Bend Middle School with a focus on infusing technology into all areas of study. Katherman, 13, used Q-tips and petri dishes, swabbing the spigots of four fountains and sampling one toilet, dunking the cotton in the bowl's center
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OH NOW YOU ALL DON'T WANT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE... YOU KNOW WHY... CAUSE TODAY IS NOT LIKE ANY OTHER DAY... TODAY IS A NEW BEGINNING A NEW DAWN OF DAYS.. TODAY YOU ALL SEE THE WARRIOR AND BARBARIAN INSIDE OF ME.... YOU ALL WANT BIKER STYLE... BURN RUBER ROCKING HARD LIFE ROCKET AND ALL THAT KICK ASS SHIT. JOIN THIS LOUNGE JOIN THIS STATION THERE IS NONE BETTER THAN HERE... YOU KNOW IT I KNOW IT. JOIN THE BEST OR DIE LIKE THE REST! Come home to the original biker bar on ct Allway looking for bartenders/dancers/and lounge help what no way dj Rage is on air right now ? and hanging with dj Kaijaw come join them below are time slots when you can hear them click the picture and listen to them plus others   what no way DJ KAIJAW is live and on air come join him and morebelow are time slots when you can hear one half of the unholy alliance  DJ KAIJAW click the picture and listen to HIM ROCK plus others will be there thats right dj kaijaw is on air yall
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nobody gets it noone understands they see everything but are blind to the truth my pain is an open wound i cant close it up inside its gonna split me in 2 my head is aching my heart is breaking i cant take anymore the days seems to flow together in a river of continuous struggle i try to catch my breath before i sink under loosing what i had left of me im tired of being what you want i want to be me but with you i cant be i have to break free i need a new shot to find myself again ive lost who i am who i thought ive become along the way watching as i drift away a little more everyday im stuck with you why cant they see??? im tired of "fixing" this pretending the abuse isnt there hiding the truth of who you are to put on this false front of pretending i cant and wont do it again so i will leave and disappear noone cares around me so why let them know the day i lost you i felt so much pain it not only stays in my heart it weighs heavy on my
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The way you play the "Box of Condoms Game" is: You have to come up with ONE ITEM to take to the register with a box of condoms to make the cashier raise an eyebrow. The item has to be something you can actually purchase at a regular store (EX: your local pharmacy). NO REPEATS!!! this 38 yr old guy sends me a shout this morning out of the blue. And no, he is not on my friends' list. Below is our very brief conversation. (Sorry..gotta read from the bottom up). Can someone please tell I the retarded one here or is he? DON'T FORGET..READ FROM THE BOTTOM UP! ->Marina - t...:Sweetheart...YOU IM ME. Go jerk off to someone else's pics. Da White S...: Apologizing? Fuck that...u keep flattering yourself cunt....Leave me alone! ->Marina - t...: stop apologizing. But it is my choice not give out my personal information to someone out of the blue. And if you're not ok with that...then that's your problem. Da White S...: not all about YOU all the time...soww
Judy Wallman, a professional genealogical researcher, discovered that Hillary Clinton's great-great uncle, Remus Rodham, was hanged for horse stealing and train robbery in Montana in 1889. The only known photograph of Remus shows him standing on the gallows. On the back of the picture is this inscription: 'Remus Rodham; horse thief, sent to Montana Territorial Prison 1885, escaped 1887, robbed the Montana Flyer six times. Caught by Pinkerton detectives, convicted and hanged in 1889.' Judy e-mailed Hillary Clinton for comments. Hillary's staff of professional image adjusters sent back the following biographical sketch: 'Remus Rodham was a famous cowboy in the Montana Territory. His business empire grew to include acquisition of valuable equestrian assets and intimate dealings with the Montana railroad. Beginning in 1883, he devoted several years of his life to service at a government facility, finally taking leave to resume his dealings with the railroad.
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Red Marbles I was at the corner grocery store buying some early potatoes. I noticed a small boy, delicate of bone and feature, ragged but clean, hungrily apprizing a basket of freshly picked green peas. I paid for my potatoes, but was also drawn to the display of fresh green peas. I am a pushover for creamed peas and new potatoes. Pondering the peas, I couldn't help overhearing the conversation between Mr. Miller (the store owner) and the ragged boy next to me. 'Hello Barry, how are you today?' 'H'lo, Mr. Miller. Fine, thank ya. Jus' admirin' them peas. They sure look good.' 'They are good, Barry. How's your Ma?' 'Fine. Gittin' stronger alla' time.' 'Good. Anything I can help you with?' 'No, Sir. Jus' admirin' them peas.' 'Would you like take some home?' asked Mr. Miller. 'No, Sir . Got nuthin' to pay for 'em with.' 'Well, what have you to trade me for some of those peas?' 'All I got's my prize marble here.' 'Is that
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There's some kinda love And there's some kinda hate The maggots in the eye of love Won't copulate And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh I said whoah whaoh oh, oh oh oh Hear the cats cry Liitle tortured babies in pain Cracked necks by settled limbs They don't hesitate And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh Baby whoah oh oh oh oh And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh I said whoah, whoah, oh There's some kinda love And there is some kinda hate I'm gonna tell you all about it now The maggots in the eye of love won't copulate And it's a whoah oh oh oh oh Baby whoah oh oh oh oh Baby whoah oh oh oh oh I said whoah whoah oh, whoah oh Children in heat They have no conscience No resistance You gotta see this big reaction No resistance Cellophane sex, a new way of life With your heart in your throat And the other alive You've been pissin', pissin' blood Pissin' blood for seven days No resistance No resistance No re
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Those who know me... know that I've lost two friends to cancer... my mother and I have both had it... It's reached out it's ugly claws once again to touch my family... I found out two days ago that my aunt has breast cancer... today I found out the stage... It's stage 3... For those that don't know cancer stages it's 1-4... 1 being the best... 4 being dire... I'm grateful that I've found out this week as I head 'home' to help my mother clean out my grandfathers estate on Fri... I'll be able to see my aunt... to hold her, hug on her, and tell her I love her... I blog this... 1) For your thoughts and prayers... not just for my aunt, but for everyone who suffers from this debilitating disease... until theres a cure... and 2) To remind you, if you're a woman, or if you're married- to have your spouse... get annual mammograms... They're a pain in the a*& but they CAN save lives. God bless my aunt and god bless everyone touched by cancer in their lives. Let me
Poems And Quotes
A is for asphyxiation you don't get your breath B is for the bible that keeps your darkest depth C is for your cock which I squash beneath my shoe, while I watch you wiggle and laugh at you (ha ha) D is for my dildo that you will learn to blow E is for your enema, I control the flow F is for my flogger, I whip you so violent G is for the gag in place to keep your screaming silent H is for humiliation that you must bear I will immobilize you in my sexual lair J is for your jizzing, jerking tendency K for kisses L for love, and licks you all for me M is for the manacles imprisoned in your feet N is for your name I mumble oh baby so sweet O is for the O-ring holding you in place P is for the perspiration dripping down your face Q is for the quirt I use to whip your eager ass R is for restraints to make the magic last S is for sweet suffering that only you will know T is for the torment that keeps you on the go U is for unbridled love that only I c
My Life
  My dad (Tuck) was awarded this - but none of them will see a dime.  But at least North Korea is being held accountable for the torture of my dad and others..... N Korea must pay $94m for torture: judge December 31, 2008 A federal judge has awarded more than $US65 million ($A94.04 million) to several men who were captured and tortured by North Korea after the communist country seized the US spy ship USS Pueblo during the Cold War. North Korea never responded to the lawsuit filed by William Thomas Massie, Donald Raymond McClarren, Dunnie Richard Tuck and the estate of Lloyd Bucher. US District Judge Henry H Kennedy Jr entered the judgment against the country. The USS Pueblo was seized off North Korea while it was on an intelligence-gathering mission on January 23, 1968. The North claimed the ship was inside its coastal zone while the US Navy contended it was in international waters. One of the US ship's 83 crew members was killed and 10 others were wounded. The cre
Funny How Life Is
why is it we play the games we play? why is it we always hurt the ones we care and love? why do they always hurt us? no matter what why does joy and happiness anyways turn to sadness? why does love turn to pain? I'll love you always. twunt goodbye. got to love this video
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My Ding-A-Ling-A-Ling Artist: Chuck Berry When I was a little biddy boy My grandma bought me a cute little toy Two Silver bells on a string She told me it was my ding-a-ling-a-ling My Ding-A-Ling My Ding-A-Ling won't you play with My Ding-A-Ling My Ding-A-Ling My Ding-A-Ling won't you play with My Ding-A-Ling When I was little boy In Grammar school Always went by the very best rule But Evertime the bell would ring You'd catch me playing with my ding-a-ling Once while climbing the garden wall, Slipped and fell had a very bad fall I fell so hard I heard birds sing, But I held on to My ding-a-ling Once while swimming cross turtle creek Man them snappers right at my feet Sure was hard swimming cross that thing with both hands holding my dingaling Now this here song it ain't so bad Prettiest little song that you ever had And those of you who will not sing must be playing with your on Ding-a-ling Be my druidess Be my everything Be my druidess Be mine.
Saturday after noon I won tickets to the Jingle Rock concert! I have been trying to win tickets for the last month... Had to be caller 25 and I was always number 9, 15 or 20. The first two times I called it was busy then I finally got through and won tickets to Jingle Rock. Here's the link if anyone is interested and I got some awesome seats too!!: The concert is Friday Dec 14th this is gonna be who I get to see: Lenny Kravitz Emerson Hart from Tonic Finger Eleven Dolores O'Riordan from the Cranberries Just wanted to share my cool news :-D Sex is like a Gas station. Sometimes you get full service Sometimes you have to ask for service And sometimes you have to be happy with self-service... After today 8/2/07 my VIP will be expiring I just found out that I start my new job this Tuesday so I'm not even sure what hours I'll be working. Just that I need to take some time off the "Internet" for a bit. Still
Random Chaos
Don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others, It is because we are different that each of us is special. Don't set your goals by what other people deem important, Only you know what is best for you. Don't take for granted the things closest to your heart Cling to that as you would your life, for without them life is meaningless. Don't let your life slip through your fingers by living in the past or the future. By living your life one day at a time, you live all the days of your life. Don't give up when you still have something to give Nothing is really over … until the moment you stop trying. Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect, It is the fragile thread that binds us to each other. Don't be afraid to encounter risks, It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave. Don't shut love out of your life by saying it's impossible to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give love. The fa
A Lil Story Called Me......
She knows this guy He has amazing eyes they tell no lies and make her feel so alive She knows this guy he has such soft skin a body made from sin flesh so sweet it makes her weak She knows this guy when he comes around she no longer frowens and her hole world grows She knows this guy he never lets her cry makes her hold her head up high and always hugs her good bye She knows this guy he makes her feel so awake and carefree like she has no control inside eating her soul alive She knows this guy that she cant say good bye and he knows she would die If he ever said Good Bye I tell you I hate you because I love you so much You've ripped my soul in two telling me your sorry please forgive you My tears no longer have meaning yet I still feel blue Wishing and wanting you Smiles come with a price for life still I want your arms in the night Never looking forword in fear my secrets you could not
BRIGUYS PICK YOUR PIC CONTEST!!! WIN A HAPPY HOUR OR A THREE MOTH VIP!! OR A 7 DAY BLAST! JUST CONTACT BRIGUY WITH AN EMAIL WITH YOUR FAVORITE PIC LINK! 1ST PRICE IS A HAPPY HOUR OR THREE MONTH VIP!!!(minumum 75,000 comments to win) CONTEST RULES AND PRIZES!! MOST COMMENTS WINS!! First Place Wins Happy Hour or 3 Month VIP!! (minimum of 75,000 comments to win) Second Place wins 7 Day Blast! 1. Comment bombing is a must to win this and self bombing is recommended! 2. No Drama! Play Nice and Have Fun! 3. NO NSFW PICS ALLOWED! 4. Contest will be two weeks and all contestants will be notified of winners. 5. Must add and fan host to enter or comment! This will be checked! PLEASE CONTACT BRIGUY IN EMAIL WITH LINK TO PIC IF INTERESTED!! BRI GUY CONFEDERATE BOMBER ...........@ fubar
Theunloved Diaries(if You Can't Handle It, Don't Bother Reading!)
Come to My dungeon,It's time to play,You will like it here,You may even want to stay.                             Roam the halls enjoy the sights,You will find us all up day and night.                 No need for a key,I'll show you the way,   To your room where you shall stay.But first things first,It's time to play!   When he first walked through the door I had this feeling that I never felt before He was the finest thing I've ever seen He had me tremblin just cause he smiled at me Then he kissed me softly on my cheek Said to me, "You smell good enough to eat" Girl I swear my heart must've skipped a beat He's got me feeling like I did when I was seventeen And I couldn't wait For him to put his hands all over me...... So I let him know that I was ready For him to make love to me- but slowly Then slowly, he undressed me Then slowly, he laid me down Pulled my panties down Then slowly, he went down on me Then slowly, we made love Ohh, been an hour Since his love had been in me Couldn
This Is A Good One
im feelin like i may need to take a break from all this..... i dont know what ill do ,i may change my mind in the morning.... if you dont hear from me for while its not because i dont like you ... I just need life outside this is all and dont really have all....My yahoo is or my other messenger is i may try to get on these some in the near future...i dont really do so to much right now but theres people on here i really care about and wanna stay in touch know who you are... good bye 4 now but not forever..... (dreaming bout you!) i have 25 11s left...its worth 25 times 50 worth 1250 during hh ...first person to post a comment in this blog gets em...pretty simple...if i have all your stuff rated allready as i do many ...ill post ya 25 comments and so on for 2nd 1st place: Wikid One 40693 2nd place: Fubar Fred 37628 3rd place: Stephie 26329 Runners up Aleana: 9873 Butterfliez:9172 Robert: 8269 Thanks
Memoirs Of An Asshole
yea so i fucked up with a girl got caught doin stuff i shouldnt of been doin. week later she found herself someone that makes her happy. Breaks my heart but shit i got no right to any of the emotions im feeln so im just ignoring it...that and the urge to run out and nail the first piece of ass i find to boost my ego. same ol story, so easy to replace my ass it aint funny and yet i dont really diserve to be clung to. besides i know me and how i work, anything after this that my girl and i tried i would only use to abuse; so its final curtain call. goin to try and be the bigger man this round, keep my head low, my mouth shut, and my dick dry for a time. Give it about a month till im at least ready to go out and fuck with women. i just hope my girl's new boy treats her right cuz goddamn if he dont ive got a world of pent up aggression and nuttn to do but work out. Cheers to you babe... i hate being depressed. Specially when its the ones you care most about causing it. No this isnt some lo
Redoing it as a Best Cleavage Contest...hopefully n one will be rated NSFW but that wont stop that person from getting comment points..Just me from getting points :( Anyone interested?? Would have to show Cleavage or Breasts Pic :) Thing of 10 - 15 people....Winner gets a Free Blast :) 4 in, a few more getting pics to be in... Let me know... As you know the Contest has started and there are two leaders in the pack!! But theres Still lots of time left (6 days) How did they get so many votes? They have posted Blogs, Bulletins, personal messages, and there Fubar Tag lines telling all their friends vote!! You can even rate and Comment...and Bombing is allowed so get to it :) The Leaders have been busy commenting on themselves and have seen one comment on all the others wishing them good Luck.... Remember that not only am I giving away a Blast, but a Sex toy too...One of my Favorites :) The Contest is going well
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Well today I begin my couchsurfing existnce, until I figure out my permanent arrangements. I am so glad to actually have some real friends who are totally being there for me when I need them. The fact that two friends immediately offered to let me stay with them for a while, and likewise my daughter, with 2 days notice is realy cool, and making a tough situation tolerable. Thank you. On April 6th at about 1pm, we lost our beloved dog, a part of the family. We knew it was coming someday, but it was still a surprise when it happened, and has left a huge hole in our lives. I apologize for not writing sooner, but things have been unusually crazy, and between that, and not feeling ready to talk obout it, it had to wait until now. Those of you who were lucky enough to know him, realize what an enormous loss this is for me, even more so for my g/f Corrinne, and for everyone he touched. I have not been able to make it through a single day without some reminder that he is gone. I knew it
Lyrics Talking For Me
"Don't Stay" LINKIN PARK Sometimes I need to remember just to breathe Sometimes I need you to stay away from me Sometimes I’m in disbelief I didn’t know Somehow I need you to go [Chorus:] Don’t stay Forget our memories Forget our possibilities What you were changing me into Just give me myself back and Don’t stay Forget our memories Forget our possibilities Take all your faithlessness with you Just give me myself back and Don’t stay Sometimes I feel like I trusted you too well Sometimes I just feel like screaming at myself Sometimes I’m in disbelief I didn’t know Somehow I need to be alone [Chorus] I don’t need you anymore, I don’t want to be ignored I don’t need one more day of you wasting me away I don’t need you anymore, I don’t want to be ignored I don’t need one more day of you wasting me away With no apologies [Chorus] Don't stay Don't stay Water Bowl Lyrics Cirque du Soliel (Zumanity) For too long, love seemed like an il
What Is Love?
Giving out shot's today, who wants one? Leave me a comment telling me what's your favorite drink and I will get for you! Please sign my guest book and I will do the same for you! Thank you. NOONE HAS A CRUSH ON ME YET, DAMN WHAT DOES A GIRL HAVE TO DO TO GET SOME LOVE?
The View From Jared's Corner Of The World
Guess what? Nope, this is not asking anyone for help on a contest. I know, shocking. I finally have a sponsor for Kuwait. Thats the good news. The bad news, there is no internet in the barracks in Kuwait. That means I'll have to drag myself down to the cafe, and pay for it, which means I'll be very limited. That sucks. That sucks badly. I'll still drop by, but it wont' be often. I am going to save money over there, and if I can find a way to get net in my room, I will have it. So, anyone who wants to stay in touch, guess it will have to most likely be via email. Hopefully I can check that at work over there. So that means it is up to all of you who want to talk to me or stay in touch. That means you need to contact me here, and give me a good email address, or request mine. That way we can still stay in contact. I also do accept letters, cards, flowers, money, jewelry, and just notes of greeting. I have considered posting an NSFW blog entry here, they seem
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