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About Me...
Name: Kimberly Michelle ... Age: 29 Born: January 6, 1979 in Richmond, VA Currently Live on the southern North Carolina Coast Other places I've lived: Western Michigan, Mountains of NC, South Carolina, New Jersey, Boston, Tennessee...and others I was too young to truly remember. Places I've visited: Minnesotta, Pennsylvania, Canada, New York, Salem Massachusetts...Hoping to add many more to this list someday as I love to travel & explore. Things I LOVE: Music, Art, Animals, Theology, Psychology, History, All things Mysterious, Writing, Reading, Relaxing, The ever changing Sky, Storms, Expression... Freedom, Movement Things I Loathe: Alarm clocks, Telephones, Shopping, Drama, Liars, Cheaters, closed-mindedness, lack of integrity, SPIDERS ~shudder...Clowns freak me out, Discord, Dishonesty, Dispair, Pain, Heartache, Dependance Siblings: 2 younger sisters, both different & beautiful in their own ways Children: Not yet...but hopefully someday Business
Jamie's World
I see the countless Christmas Trees around the world below with tiny lights like heaven's stars, reflecting in the snow. The sign is so spectacular, please wipe away the tears, For I am spending Christmas with Jesus this year. I hear the many Christmas Songs that people held so dear But the sound of music can't compare with the Christmas Choir up here I have no words to tell you, the joy their voices bring For it is beyond description to hear the angels sing I know how much you miss me I see the pain inside your heart But I'm not so far away we really aren't apart. So be happy for me dear ones, you know I hold you dear And be glad I'm spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year. I send you each a special gift from my heavenly home above. I send you each a memory of my undying love. After all, "Love" is the gift, more precious than pure gold It was always most important in the stories Jesus told. Please love and keep each other, as my dear Father said to do,
Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffees and to request that they send some of it to the troops there. Starbucks replied, telling the Marines thank you for their support of their business, but that Starbucks does not support the war, nor anyone in it, and that they would not send the troops their brand of coffee. So as not to offend Starbucks, maybe we should not support them by buying any of their products! I feel we should get this out in the open. I know this war might not be very popular with some folks, but that doesn't mean we don't support the boys on the ground fighting street -to-street and house-to-house. If you feel the same as I do then pass this along, or you can discard it and no one will never know. Thanks very much for your support. I know you'll all be there again when I deploy once more. Semper Fidelis. Sgt. Howard C. Wright 1st Force Recon Co 1st Plt PLT PLEASE
I lay beside him wondering, Does he want to? Not asking, Raising up Going down. Taking him By surprise. Caught, completely off guard. I gripped him tight. Stroked him as I Gently sucked his balls. Readying my mouth to Hold him. Teasing, The skin between his Balls and tight ass. He moaned. I knew he liked that. My fingers stay, teasing….. I raised up, my mouth over his Head, Licking it. Swirling my tongue Around The head of his rock hard cock. Kissing, licking, Playfully taking a little at a time. He thrusts, I rub his belly, Relaxing him back down on the bed. He watched me Fully engulfing him. The air fills with Moans, His and mine. He thrusts constantly, I take it. He grabs hair, I like it. We are in sync, Me sucking, Him fucking My mouth. Balls tighten, body shaking, Still in contact with my throat, He feels me Swallow. I lick him clean. I raise up Kissing his dick, Laying my head on the Pillow. © 2007, Kristin E. Porter. All
Summers Day Can I compare thee to a summer’s day? Where warming sun and breezes play Where dancing flowers in meadow sway And time stretches out the endless day Can I compare thee to a summer’s day? Where swallows swoop there tireless quest And larks proclaim with boundless zest Unseen bees and insects buzz and hum About their business that in the summer sun Warming rays your skin does softly caress Can I compare thee to a summer’s day? Where cares recede and melt away Like turning tides the sand refined And thoughts of you our bodies entwined Stirs my heart and fires my soul Your virtues in verse I must extol Can I compare thee to a summer’s day? Would that every day was summer Till the stars grow dim and the sun hides her face And every moment was in your sweet embrace Then maybe id consider a moment in time Worthy of a day that’s full of sunshine Nova Lost Hollow footsteps, cloaked by night Of sadness known through tortured sight The willow weep
My" Auad "series
this is very important to learn on what to do in situations like this. you ever come across something so strange in the middle of the night. your just sleeping and all of a sudden you wake up to something painful. you wake up to find the pain is coming from your feet. you think to yourself, what is causing this sharp stabbing pain. you look down with tired eyes just to find something so terrible, frightning, huge and varosious, enough to wake you with wide eyes and realise... its not a rat, nor a bat but a huge visious SQUIRREL...(on crack)... biting on your feet. oh i know this story because i've experienced it. and when i say experienced i mean someone i know this has happened to. it all started out on wednesday october 29, 2008 10:00pm at night. my mother tells her boyfriend about people who suffered from the leprosy. and she would explain how they would wake up and find that their finger is missing because a rodent takes off with them wh
She goes about her day to day and does her duties to perfection, She cries alone and works her way through fears and self rejection. No one knows this angel is carrying around such grief, If they only saw a glimpse of things they'd sigh in disbelief. She seems to be so perfect not one single flaw, Everyone looks at her with envy If they only knew it all. Her heart aches with loneliness and her tears disguised with pride, Why does she care what they think its becoming too much for her to hide. She sits at home and pours her heart out to a man that doesn't really care, He never hears a word she says he looks right through her as if she’s not really there. She is running out of friends to confide in and family's gone astray, Alone and broken hearted, she slits her wrists and slowly fades away. Can you please help me pick up the pieces of my heart, Please help me where do i begin,Where do i start. Please help me place back together, Cause with out your help i could never. He
Bob, a 70-year-old, extremely wealthy widower, arrives one evening at his country club with a breathtakingly beautiful and very sexy 25-year-old Japanese woman who knocks everyone's socks off with her exotic sex appeal, beguiling accent, and oriental charm. Demurely, she hangs onto Bob's arm, listens intently to his every word, and caters to his every whim -- preparing and then lighting his cigar, bringing him cocktails from the bar, rubbing his temples when he complains of a slight headache, etc. His friends at the club are all aghast and green with envy. When she excuses herself to go to the powder room, they corner him and ask, "Bob, how did you get the trophy girlfriend, order her from match-maker website?" Bob replies indignantly, "Girlfriend? She's my wife!" They are amazed, but continue to question him. "So, how did you persuade her to marry you?" "I lied about my age", Bob replies. "What did you do, tell her you were only 50?" Bob smiles and answers,
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Choo Choo All Aboard!!! Get Your Tickets And Join In The Fun PLEASE READ THE RULES BELOW BEFORE JOINING ... You are to leave a comment on members pages if already on your list, not send them a message, thanks! The passengers ... 1 ♥ MishNumber1 ♥ The Conductor 2 ♥ SexyGranny1967 ♥ Carriage One 3 Di aka PiNkLaDy the Original* 4 ****TrAcY mEmBeR oF fuBaR uK wOrLd cRuIsE ******MeMbEr Of ThE bOoZe CrUiSe** 5 Lucie in the Sky 6 ~Metal Baby~CLUB F.A.R. Team Captain~ (#1 FAMILY) ~Fu Cruise~Fu Angels~Sarge's Bad Girls~
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Ah, the joys of womanhoood! All the things that make us unique(and, occasionally, make us crazy), from dieting to driving. As we juggle challenging careers, worrisome health issues, and exhausting family demands ( from tending husbands and corralling kids to refereeing siblings disagreements to helping aging parents), we sometimes want to hang a sign on our lives like the note posted on a harried shopkeeper's door. "Out of my mind. Be back in five minutes." A mask of plastic happiness often covers her sadness Her beliefs hidden from most Afraid of, but willing to face the unknown Wondering where her place is in this life She has come close to sharing herself Never completely revealing anything to anyone Feelings of invisible chains corner her When she dreams, reality shatters before her very eyes Accomplishments she strives f
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Journey -- Open ArmsAdd to My Profile | More Videos Journey - Dont Stop BelievingAdd to My Profile | More Videos Journey -- FaithfullyAdd to My Profile | More Videos
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So in the beginning of October I adopted a puppy from the local animal shelter. I couldn't take her home that day because she had to be fixed. Two days later I called and asked if she was ready, they proceeded to tell me that when they gave her the anesthesia she started snotting from the nose. So they told me to come and get he till she felt better. I ended up taking her to the vet right away and they said she had pretty much pneumonia. I get her well and started calling the shelter back to get an appointment to get her fixed, after two weeks they called me and scheduled it. I took her in yesterday at 10am to get this done, they called me at 1130 and said she was just waking up. I asked them how it went and they told me oh yeah she was already fixed, so when we prepped her we found the scar and so on. They told me to come and get her right away so I did.  When I arrived to get her she was covered in her own shit and piss and could barely walk from the anesthesia and they sent her home
the person i wrote this for KNOWZ who they are... I knew you'd leave, as the others have before. You'd give up on me and love me no more. I knew the wait went on to long. So now I have delayed and you're long gone. I knew I'd cause you pain... not ever meaning to do so. I never meant to hurt you.. I never wanted you to go. I though I knew your love for my heart has new scars. I'll remember your love that I lost every time I see the moon and stars. I knew I'd never love anyone enough to keep them with me. I still dream of your love...that's so hard to see. I knew you'd hate me..for that I don't blame you. I tried to show you my love... I really thought you knew. But even worse now... I guess I thought I knew you... ~To Jeff~ From inside a heart that was broken And in what was once a darkend soul... You have filled my life with joy & love You've made me complete; made my world whole. The love that we share... So pure, so true... My soulmate, partner,
Whiskey Dreams
I'm a bit confused about our current educational system. School starts between 8 and 9 am. Most work in the "real world" starts at the same time. Yet school ends anywhere between 1pm and 3pm. Depends on what level of school your in and your classes. Some kids have work study so they get to leave school early to go to work. Why do the kids get out of school so early? In the "real world" you work 8 hours not including your lunch break. So why don't they get us into that habit in our schooling years? Children end up home alone while their parents are still at work for a few more hours before they get home from work. Its opening children up to get themselves in all kinds of trouble that they most likely wouldn't get into if their parents were able to be home at the same time. Why can't kids go to school from 8 to 4:30 as if its a normal work day? At least that way the children will be getting home around the same time as their parents. Public schools allow you to wear pretty much
Bullys Made For Others
Red Velvet
You're an Expert Kisser You're a kissing pro, but it's all about quality and not quantity You've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks off And you're adaptable, giving each partner what they crave When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable What Kind of Kisser Are You? You Are a Red Velvet Cake Rich, decadent, and sensual. You have a deep appeal that transcends all trends. You are the definition of passion: intense, adventurous, and seductive. What Kind of Cake Are You? You Are an Indifferent Ex You're not one of those girls who thinks about her exes - or even remembers them "Love 'em and Leave 'em" is your motto. And your break ups tend to be a clean break. It's a nice strategy to have, and guys appreciate your total lack of emotional baggage. But just a little reminder: it is okay to remember the good parts of your past, even with exes. What Kind of Ex-Girlfriend Are You?
I Am Sher!
I can not get FUBAR to work on my cell anymore PLEASE ADD MY MYSPACE:: Cause I am a Slore!
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Here she sleeps now in my arms, To steal a Kiss, oh what the harm, Just a small one that none will miss, But still the essence of a Kiss. Oh for the chance to hold her near, And whisper things for her to hear, To say the things to make her stay, With me for now and every day. Oh for the strength to let her see, The things I keep inside of me, To ask her now to share my sight, For just this moment, if not for life. If just from her to see a sign, To show the way to make her mine, So for this sign I now do wish, The sign behind a simple Kiss. DQA Oh Star Light, Oh Star Bright, The Midnight Star, Shining Bright. Truth Be Told, Make It Bold, Leading Me Far, To One To Hold. My Star Light, My Star Bright, My Guiding Star, Filling My Sight. Of My Heart, To Never Part, Or Straying Far, New Life To Start. DQA I see you standing there like the eye of a hurricane, As the world around me keep spinning insane, You are the quiet calm through out
Have A Smile On Me Or Just Life
I love this Doctor Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?A: Heart only good for so many beats, and that it... Don't waste on exercise. Everything wear out eventually. Speed up heart not make live longer; that like say you can extend life of car by driving faster. Want live longer? Take nap. Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does cow eat? Hay and corn. What are these? Vegetables. So, steak nothing more than efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to system. Need grain? Eat chicken. Beef also good source of field grass (green leafy vegetable). And pork chop can give 100% recommended daily allowance of vegetable products.Q: How can I calculate my body/fat ratio?A: If you have body and you have fat, ratio is one to one. If you have two bodies, ratio is two to one, etc.
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my friend matt just joined fubar and could you show him some love. Tell him that Shay sent you mattcyr3@ fubar I am uploading up a lots pictures. Tomorrow I am buying a vip, and will be uploading more and when im done up loading I will open my pictures because i will b putting my auto 11's on Saturday night not exactally sure yet. Free Graphics at ATTENTION: Friends my 29th birthday is tommorow October 11th. Come to my page, and show me some me lots of fu spankings. I know I have a long way to go but I am trying to reach GODFATHER on my birthday so I am asking for your help PLZ Level me.
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Thinking of You ... This Tied-Up Tuesday ... Raw and uninhibited I feel your touch, Tasting your smooth skin and your soft red lips, The passion in your eyes, fires my desire, The sweet taste of your body on my lips, I am getting high with my swelling lust, Feeling the fever inside me, it awaits, We move as one, pleasure grows in each thrust. Your eyes, your voice, I hear it from far away, Just feel the desire of your skin on mine, Nothing else mattered except you.
Sci-fi & Fantasy
Rand Follows His Runaway Bride Patience paced across her livingroom. Jonathan had just informed her that Gracie had fled. She couldn't believe that her sister had run from Rand. Her sister was fearless. She had always dared to tread where no woman had gone before. "I can't believe she ran. How are we suppose to help Rand with her if she has left?" Patience asked as she continued to pace furiously. "Sweetheart, calm down." Jonathan said soothingly. "How can you be calm about this. She's gonna bring disaster down upon my mother and father. This is not a small slight. An advisor's daughter does not turn down marriage to the crown prince. It just isn't done. Gracie is lucky that Rand has chosen her. He could have chosen any other witch." She said hotly. "Yes he could have." Gracie said quietly. "And for the record, Patience I told him to chose another." Patience and Jonathan spun around to see Grace standing in the doorway. When Jonathan reached for the com unit strapped
Woman killed in Lawrence County crash Wednesday, September 24, 2008 By Daniel Malloy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A woman was killed when the car in which she was riding pulled out into the path of a tractor-trailer in Lawrence County last night. Northwest Regional Police Chief James Morris said Whitney Jo Maguire, 21, of Ambridge, died in the crash shortly before 7 p.m. at Routes 551 and 422 near Edinburg. The driver of the car, Shawn Geisinger, 22, of Tarentum, and Ms. Maguire's 2-year-old son were taken to a hospital for treatment. The truck driver, Daniel J. Hill, 33, of Brackenridge, was not injured. The crash closed Route 422 for five hours. First published on September 24, 2008 at 12:25 pm Kept In Corsets - Fu-owned by SexySavior & Pedro El Loco, Fu-owner of KatieMae @ fubar I wanna wake up each morning With you for the rest of my life I wanna feel your heart beating And just get los
Sorry I havent been on,and not sure when I will be back,I am moving and have so much packing to what a mess.... My daughter will be on my page to rate pictures for me now and then,dont want to lose my friends!!I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! Love you all, My Friends Vicki Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1)I was born in 1961 2)I had a twin brother who died when he was 3 months old 3)Married at the age of 16 4)had 3 girls and 1 boy 5)Lived in Delaware until 1972 6)Work for Days Inn motel for 16 yrs 7)have 16 sisters and brothers,c
Jeezy Creezy
So this local movie director producer is doing a piece on nocturnal people. people who work alone, at night.. I have my own selection from the film and this is just a lil slice of heaven: Shirley Manson & Peaches Live together: got some great feedback from the few people I sent this out here it is to stream, free download enjoy!!!this one is all over the place....Beatles, Kings of Leon, Jaime Foxx, Pittsburgh Slim, JayZ all tweaked & twisted up.
I watch him go outside and light a fag, something still didn’t fit it didn’t make sense as to why he would just leave like he did. The night was drawing in and I was getting tired, I said goodnight to everyone and listen before going to bed. “Why didn’t you tell her mum? Why didn’t you tell her the truth? I didn’t just leave did I?” “That is the past now son, just leave it now” I sit there listening to every word they spoke waiting for the truth to finally come out. “I never meant to hit you that day mum, I was so angry with dad for being such an asshole. I had to make you see sense somehow, and hitting you was the only way. Said I would never do it again and I haven’t, but someone has to tell her, she needs to know.” I see mum look at him and shake her head, “No one tells her do you understand, this matter is never to be brought up again.” I run to my room before mum comes upstairs. Quickly I jump into bed and wait for mum to sleep before going back downstairs. Getting out of
Hey You! Yes you guess what I am up for auction and this auction is a little bit different its not like any other auction bids, the only bids that are allowed in this auction are cash bids! no fubucks allowed! So why wont you...yes you come and make a big bid on me! I'll be waiting for you! OH and the cool and sweet part of it this auction is the auction ends whenever I decide cool isn't it so bid now and bid big! :) My BigDaddy won me with a $100 bling pack :P CLICK HERE TO GO BID With Much Love... SinfulBrat Owned By DaSweetIrishPrincess & Mia The Inked Slut
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 Yes, you read the title. Or if not, go back and do so lazy ass. For some reason lately when I take these I am quick to anger. And I mean glad to fight anger. Sometimes justified, sometimes not so much. But they have reduced my back pain late in the day interestingly.    So right now I got frustrated by a fairly normal thing I experience which I won't bother going into........since.......well.......I'm the only one who gives a shit. Normally I can just ignore it. Right now, I want to tell several people where to stick a cactus while watching Oprah in the center of an occupied lion cage.    Ladies, is this what PMS is like? That is all. Careful......sometimes I bite. This is what happens when I get bored. UPDATES! First reply, which I believe to be SPAM: "whats up i saw your ad on CL. I was hoping you might want to chat. AOL - cheer chikXXXX" Reply #2: More SPAM "whats up my roommate is gone for the holidaysi saw you
Favorite Artists Of Mine!!!
this video simply effn rawks as my dear queen puts it!!!! enjoy! i abslutly love the flow of this song and the visuals are so amazing and inspiring to me at least, hope u all enjoy one of my favorit classical song... again this group is simply amazing how they breath so much energy into the clessics... if u havnt figured out by now I LOVE violen SON learned how to play the violin from when he was in 5th grade and i and so proud and glad he did...
1 RATE plzzzz , TY :D Or Maybe a bid ?? LUV 2 All Who Rates!!! I will be leving tomorrow afternoon for Arkansas for a much needed family getaway..quality time w/ my loved ones. It's been a few mths since I have seen them so I am excited and ready for sum good ol hugs!!!!!!! I will miss U but am taking laptop and will be returning love late at night time...till I get it hooked up Friday @ daughter's house, I will be shutting my page down. * No matter what settings U put on here the obsessed/fake profiles still get thru. And I don't need the drama , LOL * Thank U all my dear friends for the love given daily...and I will see u in the midnite hrs. xoxox Laura Miss Chocolate Bunny has invited me to another fun auction of hers...I do believe I can handle one more , LOL The last one was really if U wanna bid...hit this link and bid on a bad girl!!!!!
Finally I figured out, But it took a long long time Now there's a turnabout, Maybe cause I'm tryin' There's been times, I'm so confused Down my road, will it lead to you? Just can't turn and walk away It's hard to say what it is I see in you Wonder if I'll always be with you Words can't say it, I can't do Enough to prove, it's all for you And I'd thought I seen it all, Cause it's been a long long time Oh bothered that we'll trip and fall, Wonderin' if I'm alive There's been times, I'm so confused Down my road, will it lead to you? I just can't turn, you walk away Its hard to say what it is I see in you Wonder if I'll always be with you Words can't say, and I can't do Enough to prove it's all for you Rain comes pourin' down, Fallin' from blue skies Words give out a sound, comin' from your eyes Finally I figured out, But it took a long long time Oh now there's a turnabout, Maybe cause I'm tryin' There's been times, I'm
Mood Music
This is a song that I've been listening to alot the last while - it says soooo much and is soooo true in my case ~*smiles*~ Love this one.... Good song..........
I used to cut. I was depressed. And then I found someone who loved me and actually cared. And all of the pain just seemed to dissapear. But something happened. Words were said. Someone tried to take him and now he's dead. The razor from my shelf went missing, but to where? I know not. The bloodstains on the sheets, cannot be removed, but the blood was spilt from someone, unknown. The doorknob to the bathroom, will not open. I push and shove it harder, trying to get it open, but it will not budge. I try and look through the dresser drawer, for the missing key, but it is no where to be seen. I run to the kitchen, looking for a knife, or anything else, that will allow me entry into the room, that I know is withholding the truth. I find something and run back upstairs to the bathroom. With the pick in the lock i turn the knob and slowly push the door open... and there he is... the blade that was once before in my hand, now lies on the floor, beside my dead love. The blood
2008 July
What if I told you… You could do anything you dreamed? Because you can! I won’t say it’ll be easy but it can be achieved What if I told you… You could obtain inner peace? Because you can! Believe in your self and your heart will be eased What if I told you… You could have the strength to be bold? Because you can! Eliminate cowardly thoughts replacing them with self confidence and your courage will grow What if I told you that our biggest problems are trivial? Would you laugh in my face and tell me I didn’t know? Would you claim that I have no clue With the boastful attitude of, “Fool, you don’t know what I’ve been through!”? But what if I told you… You were right? Would you keep defensively attacking with me as your target in sight? Or would you realize that I’m not pointing fingers in this one sided fight That by stating your right I’m in agreement that I have no clue But I’m not tryin’ to judge you and I’m definitely not trying to argue with yo
Things About Me
My Family Family is sacred Wonderful and great People you can't live without They are Gods gift Loving and thoughtful I could never live without them I thank the Lord every day That I have a perfect family Online and offline family I love them all They are so good to me During the night and day My family grows In large quantities And I'm thankful For them all Written By Majesta a.k.a. Maj a.k.a Payne I've found me a wonderful man, a couple of you know him from a lounge I used to go into. But he makes me feel so good about myself and he respects me and his family and friends like me already and have told me that other than his kids that I am the best thing that has happened to him. I find it very cool. My mom likes him which is good. I will end up moving to where he is. I'm excited and scared at the same time because I'm not used to being accepted by a guy for who I am. But everything will work out and I know I will be happy with him. Name? - Majest
My Lady
Woman of my Dreams by LateNiteFantasy© In those empty moments Thoughts of you fill my days When life allows the time I slowly slip into a daze Every time I close my eyes I see your amazing smile Like a modern day computer Your beauty is on file Hair so silky and smooth Eyes that pierce the soul Luscious and pouty lips Are only parts o’ the whole Your beauty rivals Aphrodite She holds no candle to you Though you have your doubts Your sensuality shines through I see you in my dreams Be it day or night Trying to control my feelings With all my strength and might Our friendship constantly grows Long destined to be more My love will never die In hopes you may open that door You are special and loved I will cherish you forever You’ve captured my heart It is yours forever To Midnight by LateNiteFantasy© 10 to Midnight A Twinkle In your eyes A song in your words... You can’t believe how alive I feel How desperate for my life I am
Things Ive Come Acrossed
A snuff film or snuff movie is a theoretical genre that depicts the death or murder of a person or people without the aid of special effects for the purpose of distribution and entertainment Problems of definition As of 2008, neither the Motion Picture Association of America, the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, nor any U.S. law enforcement agency have put forth legislation or terminology that would define the term "snuff film" authoritatively. Some possible definitions include a number of acts (killing of animals, faked deaths, suicides and murders) which are filmed and only later distributed. In most cases the only motive to risk any exposure of the filmmakers' involvement is commercial. Some definitions state that snuff films must be pornographic in nature. [2] However, the most common definition of a snuff film is of a motion picture showing the actual murder of a human being that is produced, perpetrated, and distributed solely fo
I meet new people everyday on this thing and they all want me...some even tell me they love me, while others tell me that they would come anywhere to see me.. Last night I talked woth a guy for few hours...till 4 am... and I realized that everyone in life wants to find the perfect one.. Well im only going to college, im beginning a new chapter in my life...Would i like to settle down now? Yes would love too, but its not that simple...People get mad at me because i tell them that i want to be only friends...Well i tried online dating twice and it sucks...I want to be with my man everyday, I want to see him and kiss him..Not just kno that he is there somewhere... I want a man that would do anything to be with me...Someone who cares about me and not just because im "hot" or Russian... I want to be respected and treated right... But some of the people I meet are so sick minded it just grosses me out... Im not like every other girl, I dont like to see your private parts or show off mine...
TxSuNRiSe ™ ╚»TWiLiGHT LeVeLeRS«╝@ fubar with auto 11's when ya rate a pic an actual 11 you'll recieve 118 points per rated 11 pic which means they are doubled now thats cool lol As the midnight moon was drifting through The lazy sway of the trees I saw the look in your eyes looking into mine Seeing what you wanted to see Darlin' don't say a word 'cos I already heard What your body's saying to mine I'm tired of fast moves, I've got a slow grooveOn my mind I want a man with a slow hand I want a lover with an easy touch I want somebody who will spend some time Not come and go in a heated rush I want somebody who will understand When it comes to love I want a slow hand On shadowed ground with no one around And a blanket of stars in our eyes We are drifting free, like two lost leaves On the crazy wind of the night Darlin' don't say a word 'cos I already heard What your body's saying to mine If I want it all night, you say it's alright We got the time'Cos I got a man with a
I am. OK so heres the dealio. I go to school. I work. I am a very busy person (sometimes) I've decided to take off all my nudes on here. Deal with it. I'm sure I'll make like no points or whatever when I take them off but who cares I talk to a handful of people from here and don't care about the rest. ♥ but seriously I am VERY happy :) and I don't want it to end nope... I wanna keep this smile and who gives me this smile in my pocket next to my chapstick. So... because girls are fucking bitches... you probably all got told something along the lines of me being a whore or a fiance/husband stealing slut or something else to that effect. If you wanna believe it GO AHEAD if not ... thanks. I don't know whats going on except that I happen to talk to a person that she "dated" and by dated I mean only online and never ever met and had TALKED about marrying but I found all this out after she threatened to send all my pictures to my superiors, pastor, family. blas
So, I am minding my own business and starting to do some pics of MuMmers again when my son Justin walks in. He peers over my shoulder and the next thing I hear is OMG who is THAT? THAT would have been Misfit. To make it worse I am at this time on the phone with Ash, who thinks this is funny. Funny? Yeah, Mom is laughing. :| So, for the next 30 minutes my son is looking at MY friends! :O Misfit { He sings Oh Canada} Mac {Rocker chick! Oh hell yeah! Mom hook a guy up!} Fiesty {She like younger guys???} And on and on.... So, then my son says........" Wow, I need a Fubar page." Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! OMG! We cannot have this. No way. Nu uh. Eeeeeep! ashley_xxxxx appears to be offline and will receive your messages after signing in. You can also send a message to ashley_xxxxx mobile device. Send an SMS Message (Ctrl+T) ashley_xxxxx: Bitch ashley_xxxxx: I will cut ya till i see bone Sherry : bitch back ashley_xxxxx: suddup
You're Cute When You Scream
And the moment that she left the room The album started skipping Goodbye to beauty, shared with the ones that you love A shadow that has fallen over this town, Attention: All of my worst critics Who were once the best of friends. You're all just crows on the power lines [Into romantic speculations] Sightings of shape shifting Disolved into the darkness. A final oppinion is of less value Than an appreciation of and tolerance for obscurity. Theatrics all made up And pianos all playing at once through the dust. I found it difficult in my excitement To keep from floating off Into romantic speculations I'll rest on nests made by spiders Fed on drug dosed flys The spider sings alone. He paced the room with hurried steps And placed his hands upon his head As if he were afraid, His thoughts were bursting from his brain. As if he were afraid. So. How fucking stupid do you have to be? You say you wanna be with me, and all you talk about is the other chicks yo
Something Or Other
This flame is coalescingThis fire's burning brightI know I’ll get burned but it’s alright (Waiting anxiously)It’s too late to change directionI’m fixed on her in my mindTrade sense for sensation this time(Takes control of me)I can’t waitI want to be with you right now anywayReckless, so what? I can’t wait to be around youTake me, break me, right now - Why wait til ‘hell to pay’? So dumb, so what? I can’t wait to be around youHer skin is laced with poisonHer words are laced with liesAffliction is waiting in her eyes(Take them willingly)I can’t control this compulsionLike a moth into the flameHer fiery embrace completes my shame(Don’t let go of me)We bathe in this denialLay bare the secret placeFor just a little whileSubmit to this embracePain unfoldingShame beholdingDon’t let go of me I know I'm from a lesser tribeI suppose the range of my intelligenceIs way too wideAnd you don't see me'cause I don't have much to sa
Fu Friends
imikimi - Customize Your World imikimi - Customize Your World imikimi - Customize Your World
..:: Stories ::..
I awoke to the sound of a metal door closing. i was rather startled because it wasn't a sound that i was expecting. i stretched my hand and my arm hit a metal bar. i stretched my leg and it also hit a metal bar. i jumped quickly to my feet and soon realized that was a mistake to do. i sat myself back down on the ground and let my head rest upon my knee. i rubbed the back of my head and felt a small bump there. i looked around my surroundings and quickly found that i was in a cage no bigger than the root cellar. i cleared my throat and let out a meow. i could only think that perhaps i had done something to displease Master and his servants had gotten a tad rough in putting me in this cage. It wasn't the first time that Master had me caged upon a whim of His. my meow was soon answered by some scuffling feet behind the metal door. i turned toward the door way when it opened. A Man appeared that i was not familiar with. This did not bode well with me. Who was this Man and what was
Deep Thoughts...kinda
that show is bad news. all of a sudden the girl im dating thinks she can "change" me. The show is entertaining to me, but i'd like to know, how many of you try to change the other person? whatever happened to liking someone for who they are? i know, there are adjustments that need to be made but the fact of the matter is, we are who we are because of YEARS of becoming like this. this is a slight issue i have with dating slightly older girls...hmmmm anywho, funny video: fisting? sorry had to add another funny video..this one pertaining to the subject...kinda
The Chaos Theory
If you wanna stay hit me up in my SB or send me a message. A few people are auto-stay (DarkShine, Mr. Awesome, anyone in my family, and some new people on my list). That's about it. Have a good Thursday folks! :D Earlier this week I had a book thrown my way. Literally. Joe's mom decided to tell me about this little book called "Twilight". I've seen like quotes from it all around the internet that reminded me of the Harry Potter fandom. I wasn't exactly up for reading it. Figured I'd give it a try while I was dying my hair because I had nothing else to do. I absolutely hate myself for liking this book so much. I read it in two days and absolutely fell in love with the main character. I want to kick myself in the ass for that. People don't have epic love stories. No man will ever come up to me sincerely saying anything remotely close to anything quoted from that book. Love is simply a chemical inbalance in the brain that is only there to last long enough to reproduce & repopulate (
Fubar Trains
Ok me and Tat Man73 are both admitted Train Alchy's You have one we join it lol. Dont know what a train is? Well a train is usually posted in a bulletin or a blog and joining one can give you many rewards be it new friends, extra points and some trains even throw in a special tag made just for joining. So this list is made for all the Train Aholics like us and the Trains owners as well. Now it seems that were in so many that we lose track of whose running what and how to find the addys when we need them. So this blog will keep up with where everything is. And also to bring some of the older trains back to life once more. If you have one that I haven't added please private message me with the blogs addy and I'll add it to the list The trains are in no particular order some are old trains some are newer ones. I'm going to list the trains by where the blogs are located. *Note the blog that it's listed in may not always be the owner of the train* The owner is usually listed in the be
My Friend.
Hello Everyone!!!!! {He already leveled, so I changed it} She has those Auto thingies and is damned close to Godmother! Please go violate her!! —‡Μ∃Γ‡—@ fubar Would you please take just a moment to go rate this profile for me? I will forever be in your debt. :P Thank you ♥ Chickalistic@ fubar
Necros Fidelis: Fidelis Necros Pt 35
Necros Fidelis: Solitary By Raymond Pelletier News crews and Police vehicles surrounding the local Islamic Mosque on the outer edge of Darkstone city. Blood covering the ground around the entrance to the Holy Place. The Horrific sight of what is inside is much worse than any nightmare can produce. even the most seasoned and experienced Policeman or Medic are sent into a strong state of nausea. Most of the remains inside can not even be recognized as human. Flesh had been torn from bone, bone had been crushed, most of which is now ground to a powder. That same night, boo is out on a midnight stroll, her black gown shimmers and sparkles in the light of the full moon. Her soft delicate features almost seem to glow in the night. Cars pass her by along the city street, some would actually slowdown to get a better look at her. Out of all the vehicles that slowed down, only one had stopped. It is a man appearing to be in his late twe
Today in history, September 17, 1939, the Soviet Union declared that the Polish government no longer existed, and began invading the country under the Hitler-Stalin pact. Germany had previously invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 and World War 11 began just days later. The secret Hitler-Stalin pact had left Poland sandwiched between invaders from the East and the West now, as the German army’s land and air offensive pushed the Polish army into the “arms” of the Soviets. The Germans handed over thousands of Polish troops to the Soviets after having fought their way to the eastern front in a little more than two weeks. Poland had hoped Russia would be an ally and a “blood brother” to help rescue them from the ruthless Germans, unaware of the pact that Stalin and Hitler had agreed upon to partition their country in August of 1939. Ultimately the Soviet Union would dominate and control more than three-fifths of Poland and 13 million people due to the September 17th invasion.
Falling From Grace's Poetry
Wide awake in the midnight glow Agony clouds these wondering souls Both pondering of a better life Making amends with brief delight Still, to each, go separte ways Down the forsaken path, comes better days With this comes feelings of pain and happiness, only to endure the long treck again Were sick of these endeavors colliding in great fear Both still thinking of one another, holding each other near Comfort comes from afar that we hold so dear But in the end is heartbreak, and the cycle continues Our Fragil state of mind goes back to where it all vinuse By: Ryan Rostie and Christine McPherson as the sun falls down wind singing a graceful sound hair dances across my face watching blue skys getting taken away the coolness of the air the suns fainting stair waiting for darkness the glowing in the skys misty clouds creep in the moon never lies And the Night begins When you fall in love You go to fantacy land With crule intensions and no back up plan you thin
Could You Be More Immature?
Now this girls status is giving away 3 auto 11s or something to that effect.. so i asked where to bid on them and then this was the conversation REST IN PE...: no un i,m just asking 3 mil per auto 11 ->REST IN PE...: serious? ill give you 3 million for an auto 11 REST IN PE...: k send away darlin ->REST IN PE...: done i sent the 3 million fubucks REST IN PEACE J... (3 auto 11's for sale..I GOT LOTZ OF BLING) Berwick, PA subject: Brandi Lynne sent you 3000000 fuBucks! sent: 11/22/2008 11:29 am Brandi Lynne has just sent you 3000000 fuBucks! "there you go :)" And this was her response::: ENJOY UR AUTO 11 received: 11/22/2008 11:30 am replied: no block this member Flag as spam Here you go darling ENJOY except it was empty and she blocked me!!! ERROR: this user's permissions don't allow you to do this. if you want to add this member to your 'blocked' list, click here. can i
Well Played, Indeed Fast Food | North Dakota, USA (This is a friend’s experience while working at a popular fast food place on the overnight shift.) Employee: “Thanks for calling, how may I help you?” Customer: “Hi. I came through drive-thru earlier tonight, and there’s something wrong with my food.” Employee: “Um, okay…what’s wrong exactly?” Customer: “Well, I ordered ***, and there was a used condom on the sandwich.” Employee, holding in a laugh: “Sir, that’s impossible. We don’t practice safe sex here.” Customer: “Well played.” *hangs up* A Simple Go To H*ll Would Have Sufficed Tech Support | Stillwater, OK, USA TECH: “Thank you for calling *** Direct Sales. How may I help you?” Caller: “I need a power cord for my product.” TECH: “I would be happy to place your order. I just need you to read me the three numbers from the front of the product.” Caller: “Talk to my wife, I can’t read…” (In the background, I overhear the following…) Caller: “G
This is possibly the most boring night I have spent on the Fu. :| That is all. Where are all my friends? Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am addicted to Edie's Real Fruit Strawberry Bars. 2. I have a nipple fetish. 3. I want a breast reduction. 4. I am slightly OCD. 5. I secretly lust a few Fu ladies. 6. I haven't had sex in over 2 years. 7. I ♥ handbags. 8. I am gonna be a Nana again. 9. I have a thin black streak in the back of my hair. 10. I speak to Ash on the phone at least once every day.
We get on each others nerves Don’t always see eye to eye I find we’re much too sensitive Not always in tune with the others needs What makes us so special Why do we think we’re meant to be It ends up being very simple Surprising for you and me Strip away all the emotions Resentment, pride, sadness, anger Nothing left but the core There is no doubt our love is pure It’s not only how we feel When things are going well But how we come together Rise above the bad and start to heal While looking at photos of the crew My mood changes to a brighter shade of blue Their innocent eyes and cherished faces Serve as dad's much needed oasis These hold me over and justify my choices Till the next time I hear their wonderful voices Although it may only be a few hours It helps to recharge my super dad powers And for those times when they're gone for days I relish in the memories to survive the grey To keep my faith and remain strong Knowing they'll retu
Jessykah's Random Ramblings
Well, it's that time again, updating the playlist. Since I am feeling pretty annoyed and aggravated today, I am making this list reflect the things that just ticking me off. Too bad for me, there are more than a couple of things that are stressing me out. When it rains it pours, that's what I always say! But, I'm hanging in there though. Staying positive, that's all I can do! 1)Gives You Hell - All American Rejects 2)Womanizer - Britney Spears (I can't believe I like one of her songs! But, it just fits right now) 3)So What - Pink (Just love this song) 4)My Bad - Rayvon 5)Better in Time - Leona Lewis 6)Troublemaker - Weezer 7)If Today Was Your Last Day - Nickelback 8)Life - Our Lady Peace 9)Hold Me Down - Tommy Lee 10)Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve That's it for tonight folks! JessyKah Its been a really crazy month, with a lot of sh*t going on in my life. There have been some life changing experiences, some good and some not so good. But, I finally
i dont just write mumms on there just to look at it!vote and leave comments and while your at it leave comments on my pics and profile too where is the love people!i tell ya where is it! so i went running, it was fabbbbulous¢¾ although im not gonna lie im gonna be mega sore tomorrowwww¢¾ Essay is almost done i just cant force anymore wonderous knowledge out my bbrrain¢¾ so i shall take a break and hopefully i can gets more juices flowing¢¾=) And ive decided im not gonna be a bad individual so that i may better my charisma and integrity¢¾ They say love is blind, but is it deaf as well?¢¾ Music is wonderful¢¾ Love Love Love life¢¾ for days i have been under so much stress!my doctor is actually mad at back is in knotts no stress level is bananas!its high very! and if i don't find ways to relax i will explode!i have to learn how to relax and not get stressed out over for next few days or so it looks like its bed rest for me.i have horrible headaces,back a
Recipes--rice And Beans
1/2 Lb. Penne Pasta 2 Red Peppers, Thinly Sliced. 2 Tbs. Olive Oil 4 Tbsp. Fresh Basil, Chopped Cook Penne Pasta as directed on package. Saute Red Peppers in Olive Oil until tender, but still a little crisp. Place in serving dish. Toss in drained Penne Pasta and Basil. Variation: Use 1 Red Pepper and 1/2 Yellow Pepper and 1/2 Green Pepper for a colorful presentation. 1/2 lb. Penne Pasta 2 oz. Grated Mozzarella Cheese 1 oz. Grated Parmesan Cheese 2 Tbsp. Butter 2 Tbsp. Olive Oil 1/4 Cup Fresh Basil Leaves, Chopped Cook Penne Pasta as directed on package. Drain and return to pot. Add the Grated Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheeses, Butter, Olive Oil and Salt and Pepper to taste. Then toss over low heat until Mozzarella starts to melt. Sprinkle with Basil. 1/2 Lb. Linguini 2 Cloves Garlic, Crushed 1/4 Cup Olive Oil 2 Tbs. Butter 1/4 Cup Fresh Parsley,Chopped Grated Zest of 2 Lemons 2 Tsp. Lemon Juice Cook the Linguini Pasta as directed on package. Heat Ol
Merry christmas!!! — Tuesday, April 11, 2006 The world has flipped upside down..... Thank you to all you who have posted rants about people saying happy hollidays now instead of merry christmas. It's something I was going to write about before and forgot. It still comes kinda hard for me to believe. How bizarre the world gets. But it's a very good thing. Things are finally starting to come around full circle... Yes, today in the here and now Christians, Yes you heard me right, Christians and their advocacy groups, are upset that people are complaining about the things they say. How dare they try to censor you guys. Not you who don't want walmart to sell cd's with cussing, or mature video games. Not you people who give me dirty looks and tell me to watch my language, not you people who feel the need to controll what other people see, hear, sell, and do all the time. How could anyone ever have a problem with the stuff you say? So say it loud
"thoughts Of Prettybaby"
You know I come on this site and I have met some wonderful People who have a caring heart and they are always there for you to give you strengths to help you make it through the day and to bring that smile and glow back into you eyes,When you feel that you are losing your hope, I believe there are angels among us, I call them my friends, their, there always to comfort me in my time of need.Give back my hope and assure me everything will be ok..I am so blessed to have friends like this and My heart loves you. Cause see right now I am an angel, There is no guarantee for me of tomorrow, But today I am so thankful for what I have, My Friends, My Family. It's all the simple things believe me.. "Make Me Whole" Darling I want you to listen I stayed up all night, so I can get this thing right And I don't think there's anything missing Cause a person like you, made it easy to do I've waited for so long, to sing to you this song Cause your eyes are the windows to heaven
Auto 11's
Captain Caveman has 5 hrs left on his Auto 11's and his only 480k from Godfathering!!! Has over 1000 pics! Lets hit him up and show him some fu love! {Captaîn Cavemãn} nWo~@ fubar She has auto 11's active until 9pm tonight...has TONS of pictures! She is a real sweetheart and returns all love! Hit her up! Bearhugs420@ fubar DaBrat is running 11's right now and trying to disciple! She has TONS of pics! Stop by and show her some Fu Love!!!! !!!! ♥¿ÐÃBRÂT¿.!~~~SBG's@ fubar
Fun Times
Im getting bored with this site once again. It is no longer fun anymore, its all about rates and making other people feel special for liking them, not to mention its promoting prostitution for bling, boomerangs, god modes etc.... Would be nice to have good fun chats with people but unless you wanna pay for it, it aint happening!!!! Peace out Dicks
My Evil & Erotic Thoughts
I have reliased that no women on this site wants to become Real net what i do is add them long enough to see their nudes.then after I'm done i remove them.i never use to do this untill i have added women & they set on my list like a fucking dust i have come to realise that no lady's on this site is worth no more then the price of adding them & seeing their nudes sense they can never talk to me after i add them.this is why my list stays low.I HATE YOU MOTHER FUCKERS THAT ADD JUST TO GET THE POINTS.i mean why add a fucking STRANGER to your FRIENDS list.Their not interested in a friendship with you.So I'm cleaning out my list AGAIN!!!. ~ BkrBabe777 ~ aka ~Vixen~ ...your an asshole to say that I'm being rude If i don't kiss your ass like other males then I'm rude to you.that's are the rude one here.never talking to people you if i got an attitude now then theirs a good reason for know nothing about the way i once talked to don't act l
12-8-08--i Started These
Steve(A terrific guy) Broken promisesScattered dreamsTears flow like rainEach day it seems. Will things never changeThe lies, the deceitWith every new oneIt's only been a repeat. So go forward todayAnd not think of the pastFor there is someoneWith a love that will last. Can you touch me in a wayThat will show your feelings are trueStand beside me, hold my handWe could help each other through. Can you bring joy to my heartThe kind never felt beforeEven when we're far apartAnd make me want you more. Can you look into my eyesSee deep within my soulBe caught off guard and surprisedKnowing you have all control. Can you whisper in my earA simple I love youAnd take away all the fearThat only you can do. Can you promise all these thingsFrom now until foreverFor then my love would remainAnd always we could be together. This is for my 7 children: From the very first secondThe moment that I knewHow much my life would changeI never had a clue. My heart cannot explainThis special kind of
Wolf's Thoughts.
(NSFW because there's too many whiners! Please feel free to comment, rant in return, whatever!) So, "I joined the band", so to speak. That's right, BANNED from the MUMMs for "an indeterminate amount of time". And as usual, I cannot get a straight answer as to how long or even WHY I was banned! I mean, sure I posted auto-play songs and pictures. And I may have went a little "overboard" in the MUMMs with the pictures, but to my defense, it WAS a self-described GORE thread and the MUMM creator informed me in a message that he found my shenanigans amusing. My question is this: This IS an 18+only site, correct? Therefore, why have ANY limits as to what can be posted in a "NSFW" entry? I understand the need for the designation, I'm no fool. I wouldn't want to stumble across something revolting or disturbing while in the office. But, on a so-called "adult" website in which areas are clearly marked NSFW, why limit the posters' responses at all? Personally, and without proof, th
I can't find a decent version dammit. This is as close as I could get. Dylan kinda taints it for me, but I prefer Van Morrison aged....the gravely voice. Enjoy. Or not. I still fuckin love this song. I can hear her heart beat for a thousand miles And the heavens open every time she smiles And when I come to her that's where I belong I'm running to her like a river's song Chorus: She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love She's got a fine sense of humor when I'm feeling low down And when I come to her when the sun goes down She take away my trouble, take away my grief Take away my heartache, in the night like a thief Chorus Yes I need her in the daytime Yes I need her in the night Yes I want to throw my arms around her Kiss n hug her, kiss n hug her tight And when I'm returning from so far away She gives me some sweet lovin' brighten up my day Yes it makes me righteous, yes it makes me feel whole
Trance State Memories
    This much overlooked rock-opera has been uploaded to my web server for your listening pleasure... Most people only know the title track, and are missing out on a cleverly written and entertaining story when taken as a whole. This is all random bits of my brain, culled off random scraps of paper I've collected over the past 20 years.   Sometimes I have imaginary conversations with people, in situations I'll never see.   It seems that nothing means anything anymore, anyway.   On Larry Flynt's b-day I wrote - Doo Dah for the Poobah of Hoo Ha.   We're all deceivers, We're all believers in each other's lies. Committing crimes, No matter how small, There's no reason at all. They say that man... Man he is basically evil, I say the devil is teaching us well. A little bit of all of us belongs in Hell.   Sometimes, when I wake up, or when I see something on the news, I feel like we're living in a Philip K. Dick novel. It's like he fou
First (and Not Last) Funny Thoughts On The Sundry!!
So I have been on Fubar actively for a couple weeks although I have been popping in for a drink for months without having any understanding of points, leveling up, fubar bucks or "giving luv". What I do understand is that I have been grabbed, as if by some huge tractor beam from Star Trek, into this maze by the site of beautiful women, sultry looks and cleavage that was made for day long hikes! Now I don't care how nice a guy you might be, that is just too much for the normal male and of course we start drooling uncontrollably and worse, as soon as we notice the "Blast" on our page where these beauties are paraded past us in 5 second intervals, we immediately fall into some high school locker room frenzy that is a disgrace and not meant for public consumption. I do not act like this in my everyday life. This got me to thinking , which is always a dangerous thing, and I came to some important realizations I would like to share with all who might be interested. Women do not understan
My Poems...
#1stunna09INLOVEWITHENCHANTEDMYSTICALGODDESS@ fubar When I saw you I was afraid to meet you When I meet you I was afraid to know you When I knew you I was afraid to like you When I liked you I was afraid to love you Now that I love you I'm afraid to lose you Come hold me till I fall asleep Love me with all your heart Allow me into your soul And I swear we will never part I will love you with all that I am And all that I will ever be Just hold me through the night And tomarrow you will see How deep my love goes for you How it spreads far and wide Look deep into my eyes now Can you see I tremble inside? I want you so much My heart aches with pain I need you so much I think i'm going insane Just promise you won't leave me And that you'll always be here If you hold me through the night I won't have any fears
My Poetry.
Lovers 8/13/07 Lovers entwined, In body and in mind, Hearts connected, Feel their love projected, Passionate words said, No longer shall they pray for death, Entrapped in each other’s eyes, No more betrayals and no more lies, Loving words said in their lover’s ear, Whispered low so no one else can hear, Arms locked in a tight embrace, Gazes never straying from the others face, A simple touch, Will never be enough, For these two lost souls, Who make each other whole. Kind softer side exposed. =) Without Me 10/12/07 Surrounding warmth, love filled air, choking me with deadly despair, trembling; encase in the coldest of fears, afraid for the souls of the ones I hold dear, screaming and begging to be set free, free from the burdens they've set upon me, unknowingly they've doomed themselves to Hell, if they'd only walk away; things would be well, just let me cry into this cold, unfeeling tile, don't worry, you'll forget me in awhile, just
Fun Stuff!
ELMAZ ABINADER's ~ Profile of an Arab Daughter THE EVENTS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, produced grief and fear in many people. And they raised questions about how one's country of origin can become important. In spare, imagistic prose, this piece gives us a snapshot of a dutiful and fearful Arab daughter after September 11. Elmaz Abinader (b. 1954) is a memoirist, poet, and performance artist. Her collection of poems, In the Country of My Dreams (1999), won the 2000 Oakland PEN Josephine Miles Award, and she has been awarded a Fulbright Senior Service Scholarship for study in Egypt. "Profile of an Arab Daughter" was first published in the Fall 2001 issue of Ai Jadid: A Review & Record of Arab Culture and Arts. Mother has fallen and fractured her pelvis. She was reaching for a jar in her kitchen and lost her balance. This is not her first fall. She has two artificial hips and was just recovering from the last time her foot gave way -- that time, her toe caught on the edge of the carpe
Pics That I Can't Upload Because Of No Space Since I Have No Vip
Lunapic Photo Editing What do you think be sure to post your comments on this and the other pic...I know I look too serious on this pic but I was tired lol
Until ~for Craven Moorehead~
Until I never dreamed one smile could fill my world with warmth and light Until your smile made all my days so beautiful and bright. I never realized someone could change my life so much Until you shared your caring ways, your strength, your tender touch. I never thought that love could be this endless, deep and true Until the day I gave my heart and all my love to you. The sun sets in my soulThe fiery red drains it dryWith parched lips and blazing skiesI could wither away and dieYou should know I'm in love with youAnd I waste all these opportunitiesTo just say aloud; I must concedeWhat we both know is trueStrong as I feelYet I never can command the wordsIt’s funny how I always trip over myselfAnd pray to God that you don’t noticeEven thou you think I am so great with wordsConversation; my thoughts wanderI can tell your do the sameOver cups of coffee, eyes lingeringThese moments come so suddenlyMy heart races with myConfessions of love to youYou who stand
Random Stuffs
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Devils Playground
    Are you a One Hit Wonder fanatic?          Then come to Devils Playground           May 2nd           8pm-2am      Come in early grab your seat b4 it gets packed          Click on the pic               ☬Devils Playground☬ New Lounge Come check it out Meet new people, Drink, and Have fun Click the Pic to enter
A Diamond In The Rough
what the fuck is wrong with me... i jsut want to sucker punch every one and there floating heart status's on myspace or there inatial + inatial=love forever crap... i feel like a grinch  right now.. i know its not intentional but when they post  the same thing like 8 times  thats going overboard... i get it... thanks for shareing... i will probably be absent from here for the next 3 weeks excludeing  the weekends when ill be home friday night till sunday night if you still wish to chat with me or even drop a line your best bet would to have a myspace becasue my nintendo dsi handles myspace better than fubar lol... damn it time comes upon us fast.. ill be in sanford at the tdi wish me luck... that is all...   I seriously dont want to go out again with this company.....although i know i have to to get the experience i need..i cant waitto be able to find a local job or simply a better job with more home suspose to be headed back out again t
I just heard the world, is breaking down into bits again.Tell me what am i to do?And you just want me to stay, here.So i'm just gonna stay, here.Home, the last resort.Build a castle with an iron door.Lock the window, pull the shades, the hazed out sun won't help anyway.If the world is crumbling down, I don't wanna be alone.NO, locked up in this place.I heard the world up, late night.Holding my breath tight, trying to keep my head on right.There's a chill in the air, nobody could care.How you're caught up in the fight of your life.Fear, is holding me here.The television got me seeing unclear.Bravery, my neighbor, moved away.Cause I don't need to be courageous today.If the world was crumbling down, I don't wanna be alone.NO, locked up in this place.I heard the world up, late night.Holding my breath tight, trying to keep my head on right.There's a chill in the air, nobody could care.How you're caught up in the fight of your life.I heard the world up, late night.Holding my breath tight, tr
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Old School Saturday
What The?......
I won't be online at all of next week (or as my other personas)...heading out camping in the bush to get away from the yuppies, tourists and rude people at this coastal resort holiday town i call home. No tv, computer, Mp3...just my mobile. Just letting you all know just incase you gave a fuck and noticed. 1 - I sleep on my left 2 - I masturbate with my right. 3 - I'm always right and you are all wrong! 4 - I've never watched The Simpsons (and proud of the fact) 5 - My role models are George Constanza and Cartman 6 - I tongue kiss on the first date. 7 - I sleep nude...Summer or Winter. 8 - I have a foot fetish (only female feet) 9 - I have a 4 gold bar black belt in Taekwondo and i can flick it good. 10 - I surf nude and I'm nude right this minute. 11 - I love chocolate 12 - The Crow is my fav movie of all time. 1 - I like giving and not recieving (with everything ) 2 - I can bench press 120 kg. 3 - MooMoos daughter loves me. 4 - I
Lyrics I Like...
21 Guns lyrics Songwriters: Armstrong, Billie Joe; Bowie, David; Pritchard, Michael; Wright, Frank E., Iii; Do you know what's worth fighting for? When it's not worth dying for? Does it take your breath away And you feel yourself suffocating? Does the pain weigh out the pride? And you look for a place to hide? Did someone break your heart inside? You're in ruins One, 21 guns Lay down your arms, give up the fight One, 21 guns Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I When you're at the end of the road And you lost all sense of control And your thoughts have taken their toll When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul Your faith walks on broken glass And the hangover doesn't pass Nothing's ever built to last You're in ruins One, 21 guns Lay down your arms, give up the fight One, 21 guns Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I Did you try to live on your own When you burned down the house and home? Did you stand too close to the fire Like a l
i hate being lonely being lonely make you do things you wouldn't do you start thinking about things to do sometime it get you in trouble lonely being lonely it a weird feeling you feel like know one cares about you you feel like running away sometime lonely being lonely make you want to be with someone you wouldn't usely be with lonely being lonely you just want someone to talk to i hate feeling lonely to all the women out there listen to your heart you met another guy but you are afriad he might break your heart again you are afraid he might lie to you like the others did but deep down your heart telling you he difference your heart telling you he the one you was looking for he treating you like the Queen you are he giving you respect like a Queen to all the women out there listen to your heart why it so hard to get over you knowing you not the right person for me knowing that you drink way to much knowing you are verbal abuse knowing you hate the
Pile Of Poo
i would tar and feather myself the day i find anyone on this site who is not a LIAR.. SELF ABSORBED ..HIDDEN AGENDAS know what i will not even rant about this fuck it its not worth it you can all fuck yourselves which is surely what one does who just cant quite get enough of themselves.... I can't stand the sight of you. I can't stand what you put me through. Your life's a lie, that will you hide. Is it that terrible being you inside? I can't stand all the thought of you. I can't stand all the things you do. Why do you try, to justify? You are just too scared to be you inside. Let it all go. (x4) Look at you, all I see is a man too afraid to really be. (x2) I can't stand what you put me through. I can't stand even the thought of you. Your secret lies, that you hide. Is it that terrible being you inside? Let it all go. (x4) Look at you, all I see is a man too afraid to really be. (x4) You try so hard to be wanted. False emotions tells you
Erotic Touch
Snuggled in my bed, lying on my belly Hot and ready as I wait for my lover. He enters the room hungry for lust, Letting out a sigh, he pulls back the cover. He sees that I am naked and already wet, My hand is playing as I reach underneath. He sees my fingers touching and stroking my clit, He gazes upon me, biting his lip with his teeth. He tells me to spread my legs apart further, And raise my ass in the air. He wants to see me touching myself, As he unzips his pants, he settles in a chair. I do as he says and open wide for him, Showing him what he craves to see. He strokes his cock as he lustfully looks, He knows what he needs and wants is me. He tells me to dip my fingers inside, First one, then two, then three, He likes watching me bury them deep, He tells me to get up on my knees. Slamming my fingers in and out, He calls me a slut as they slide. He wants me to touch my ass for him, Seeing me put my finger inside. I obey him like a good little bit
Things That Satara Is Just Sayin
these are thins that satara is just sayin   (i like this format better)   taken out of context they take on a whole new meaning sometimes Asthma really sucks! Thats really gross
The Sgts Blogs
My Eyes, They Give Me Away
I'm afraid of pain, but I have a pill for that. No pain means no stopping, no loss, no weakness, no fear. No fear means no inhibitions. Even lions scream when they're hurt.I'm strong because I fear the breakdown and the judging. I fear the pain and I fear the fear. We are given the choice of avoidance, and we've never looked back. We slam back and forth between cause and result. The only cure is movement of the spirit up towards enlightenment, the mind out past the barriers of normalcy, and the body within to accept our injury, to let instinct overcome it, to store it in the past and not inside. Our being is for movement, not memory. Healing begins when we forget. There's no room in this body for trauma, so we hide the pressure. One way or another, it always finds its way out. We make disease inevitable "You know, today I was only asked one question, and that one question all day, do you know what it was? DO YOU WANT THAT SUPER SIZED? You know come to think of it, I'd like the whole fu
Christopher's Poetry
      There are a lot of veterans other than WOR even though the streets can often seem like a battle sometimes knowing who you can trust all of the safe alleys, streets and the best times to travel them.  The mind never slows or shuts off with every step there is caution and uncertainty a chance the next step will be the one where someone will either befriend you or try to cause you harm.  I had learned looks would not always save someone that charm only goes so far and just being polite as you pass people leaves most people thinking there is an ulterior motive behind the smile.  I found that if you hold your head up and appear to be just another someone walking by you become invisible chances are no one will remember you by the end of the day.  I had the looks, smarts, attitude and all that came from it was people twice and three times my age drugging me getting me drunk to have sex with me it would not have been so bad guys were doing it also that is were caution came in to play.
Me - As Is
Not 10 years ago - not today - or the years between then and now.  I dont think anyone can be. I want my life back.  The life where I felt I was healthy - normal - not a burden for my family or the society - for my friends - for ME!  Every day I go through a hell.  Getting up - when I can. Smiling and being positive no matter what - trying to live.  Just the simple pleasures in getting dressed - getting ready for the day ahead. Instead - it is is getting worse every day.  I have my ups and downs.  Just like the rest of you.  I feel sorry for myself some times - and other times not at all.  This is the cards Im delt and I have to try handle it as best I see fit and know.  I am the happy one - the sad one - the nutty one - the joker...underneath it all Im just me... Im Torill!  And I have Fibro!  Im not lazy as many may think.  Im exhausted... Easy as that - yet NOT easy at all.  I used to be so FULL of energy.  I am at times now also - but not to the extent I used to be back wh
Team Death
You Promised That You'd Walk With MeBut Now I'm All Alone (LIES!)One Set of Footprints In The Sand (LIES!)You Never Carried Me Home (ALL YOUR LIES!)All Your Lies!All Your Lies!All Your Lies!There Are No Words To Express My HatredFor Your Lord And Your God That You Hold So SacredYou've Wasted Your So Called Faith In LiesWhen You're Down In Life Is He Really By Your Side? No!The Man Upstairs Don't Give A Fuck About YouWhy Rely On A Fraud I'm Just Speaking The TruthBest Believe I've Been Through Anguish Sorry And DefeatYou Promised If I Followed That You'd Always Walk With Me, Huh?But Where The Fuck Were You When I Was Suffering?Face Down Deep In Shit You Never Once Saved MeAnd So I Blaspheme Your Name Every Chance That I GetDeny Christ, Burn A Church Because I DisrespectThe Holy, The Blessed Ones And The Feeble MindedCause Their Eyes Are Open Wide But Yet So BlindedThey Ignited The Fire That Burns Deep Inside of MeSo I Deny Your Fuckin' Heaven And Forever BlasphemeYou Promised That You'd
First Then...first Now
Below is the latest little effort to make up for the foreseen decline of the gas tax as cars get better on mileage and people drive less... The Rube Goldberg Gas Tax By RICK FERRI The Obama administration is floating a transportation authorization bill that would tax automobile drivers based on how many miles they drive. This new tax is being considered to make up for lost gas tax revenue as cars and drivers become more energy efficient. The proposed “Transportation Opportunities Act” would mandate a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax that’s calculated by installing electronic equipment on each car and at filling stations. VMT calculation and payment would take place electronically every time you buy gas at the pump. Buying and maintaining the equipment would undoubtedly be at a cost to service stations and vehicle owners, and non-compliance will likely result in hefty fines. The plan is a part of an administration’s draft proposal obtained by
With What Ive Got
A perspective by Walter Richters     I see the world these days in a different light. It’s like a carnival ride with no safety harness. We’re all hanging on to the sides while some of us stand watching below, oblivious to the danger. Some of us disbelieve. We replace the facts with a comfortable fiction. A fiction made to resemble our happiest memories. Though our memories may be fictitious also.   Some of us hang on to our ideals like a sword made of paper in a world that would burn it up in a flash. Some of us build a defense based on the truth that lye’s beyond the horizon line. But for that self protection, we have sacrificed innocence and the bliss that comes with ignorance. The knowledge burns into our minds and leaves a scar.   And there are those of us whose inner peace can withstand an earthquake. Those of us who can know of the evils out there waiting for us; and accept it with an uncanny weightlessness. Maybe it’s because to those of us, death
Pussy And Bitch
   Jesse,        You Stupid Bastard! You cheated on Sandra Bullock?               How in the world can you be so stupid? You are married to one of the most beautiful women in        the world; she has a body to die for, and her current wealth and predicted wealth is shadowed        only by Oprah, who even Steadman will tell you, isn't attractive.               But your wife, who recently beat out Julia Roberts in the polls and is now the named " America 's        Sweetheart"; you also remember she just won an Oscar (which translates to more money per        picture she makes in the future)...while you were shacking with that tattooed freak, who just        happens to be a former stripper and is someone's mommy.               You are really a piece of work! You are the most hated asshole cheater on the planet! And        while the State of California is a no-fault state whereby you may be able to take half of your        wife's wealth, in doing so you would only be hated even more...esp
On My Mind
So... Once again I'm muzzled. Got globals yanked, which I could deal with.  But along with globals my ability to even comment in MuMMs is likewise gone. This renders the site utterly useless to me for entertainment purposes. I'm restricted to SB, and creating friends only MuMMs, Bulletins, or Blogs. And once I create one, I can't even follow up comment on my own shit. So my little friends list, do I.. Ride it out this time to see how long it takes to be restored, and just not mess with Fubar that much until I'm cleared Or Delete myself yet again and create Dana V   Gentlemen, I'm writing this email in hopes that it produces good things in the department for one patrol officer Cross, whom I had the pleasure to meet late Saturday night / early Sunday morning Oct. 3rd-4th 2009 I'd like to preface this letter with a note on my personal point of view on law enforcement in America, in general;  I am a liberty loving citizen of the State of Texas, and an American.  As such, I feel th
Kyatto's Musings
IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU'VE SEEN PLEASE TIP ME:   I'd appreciate it! Hey all!   I recently joined ATLAland as part of the Fire Nation !   If you love ATLA please join the party! Hey all!   Taking questions and requests for my new video blog!   Send them to me here or PM me there
  "Take away love, and our earth is a tomb."--Robert Browning "Like music on the waters is they sweet voice to me."--Lord Byron "I wished for nothing beyond her smile, and to walk with her thus, hand in hand, along a sun-warmed, flower-bordered path."--Andre Gide "What I feel for you seems less of earth and more of a cloudless heaven."--Victor Hugo "Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one."--John Keats Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend. Albert Camus Life without a friend is death without a witness. Eugene Benge     "Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivabl
Why Is It?
Several years ago, Dorothy  rescued a loveable boxer after its owners moved away and left the dog behind. She named the dog Lil' Bit but she most often called her 'Big Mama'. "She was just the sweetest dog," said Dorothy. Big Mama suffered before she was brought into her home home being left tied to a pole by her previous owners. Soon after they left, Big Mama got her cord tangled around her leg and eventually chewed part of her leg off in order to get free. Dorothy's heart melted and she rescued Big Mama bringing her back to health. After many wonderful years in the her home home, Big Mama was killed on Tuesday, Nov. 29, allegedly the victim of an attack by two pit bulls that live up the hill from her home. According to the Pit Bull Rescue Central, a non-profit organization that seeks to educate about the nature of pit bulls, there is no evidence to show that pit bulls attack more than other breeds. However due to the report of the attack, the animals were picked up by the Dyersbur
Thinking Of You..
A White Rose The red rose whispers of passion, And the white rose breathes of love; Oh the red rose is a falcon, And the white rose is a dove. But I send you a cream-white rosebud With a flush on its petal tips; For the love that is purest and sweetest Has a kiss of desire on the lips. What is Love ? Is it being cared about ? Is it when she looks deeply into your eyes ? Is it when she reaches out to grab your hand ? Is it when she kisses you Is it when she tells you that she loves you ? Love... What is love ? It is when you put everything on the line to make her happy. Her Love:     Her heart sings one of love's simply songs   This song, is a dedication to only our love A woman's love is the greatest gift to man   It's everything I can imagine and dream of.  Her love is the pages deep inside my heart   To an open book only for her eyes to read Her love, fulfills all of my deepest desires   She has brought to life, all of my heart.  Her beauty is a ref
Inside My Head :/
This story begins when Lotta 10 is on the way home after playing at a friends house ..Lotta discovers that dad is not home so she goes to the playground and sit down to wait for her daddy to come home ..After a while, uncle Stig comes by to gonna visit dad, sees Lotta in the playground and begins to talk to her ..Since Lotta had been waiting quite awhile she is starting to get really hungry, uncle Stig says they can go home to him and eat, - we leave a note to dad so he knows where you are ..So Lotta who have known Uncle Stig all her life trusted him and followed him to the car ..The sound of the engine made Lotta fall asleep as it does with almost every child ..Lotta wakes up in a very strange place and sees uncle Stig looking real strange ..- Why does he looks so strange? she asks herself .. She notices he has taken off his clothes ..She gets scared when he start to slowly walk towards her with a tie ..He puts the tie around her neck, and tighten it until she faints ...She wakes up w
Lyrics :)
Winds are disappearing Voices seem to fade Your heart seems to burn As your eyes begin to glow   Walking in the sands of time Letting it flow through my hands Looking through the glass one more time To see it all slip away   Hair flows ten inches from the sky As i feel you  burn into my soul Speaking words to which they bloom From the rose you once held You speak to me Through the winds I hear my name so softly I feel your touch along my skin   Your here right in my heart  in my soul, on my finger tips Your here   I smell your sweet scent it follows me where I go Roses bring me back to solid ground to bring me to your arms   Say something do somethingvoices over coming memake something rightmake it all come downFeeling is believingactions means causefor you it means nothingaslong as we speakthis is your final wordThe ground is my holy playgroundyou sin once before but never conqueredyou look at me for answersbut no question can be answer by suchLife
Fast Flashes Of Burning Gashes
So I got to go to Florida.   I left home Monday evening at about 4:30 pm. Now Weds the 9th I am home at 3 am.   We drove down in a nice big uncomfortable Uhaul Type Truck. Along the way I was informed I would be driving back a Ford Mustang with "Bill" aka FAT ASS's Step Father.  I say "Sure, just please let me get some sleep tonight then so I won't be dead tired on the way home tomorrow"  " Yeah you can get some sleep" Sleep came last night in 10 minute spurts, for a total of 30 minutes, because Fat Ass requires constant attention.   Everytime I drifted off the fucker would wake me.   So 13 hours later we arrive at the destination.   It's a strange little cottage on some Church's property.  At the front door , right at the concrete pad in front of the door their is a giant piss spot, still wet and stinking.  Fat Ass beats on the door.   "Bill" finally answers and we step in to find the place a total wreck .  It reeks of dog piss and there are as many dead leaves on the floor as there a
Music And Lyrics
Normally, I hate country, but this song mixes a classic rock feel quite nicely with harder country.    "Bad Things" I wanna do bad things with you.When you came in the air went out.And every shadow filled up with doubt.I don't know who you think you are,But before the night is through,I wanna do bad things with you.I'm the kind to sit up in his room.Heart sick an' eyes filled up with blue.I don't know what you've done to me,But I know this much is true:I wanna do bad things with you.When you came in the air went out.And all those shadows there filled up with doubt.I don't know who you think you are,
My Writings
Admiration by Michael The hunger lingers for that moment in time Longing for those whispers of gentleness Never to know her to only a dream Anticipation for her words of kindness Trusting her with all your soul Knowing nothing but only her heart Faith in her to catch me when I fall Standing there with a smile of virtue The reverie of her never will I touch Thankful to the knowledge that she shares I am humbled by warmth from her eyes To awake anew to a life full of love You and I by Michael How I miss the softness of your voice Sweetness of you kisses The gentle touch of your hands The evanescent smell of your scent Tender warmth of your skin And how you held me in your eyes Wishing I could have it once again Like the night we held each other Close as we were not too long ago How I miss that night you was there Holding me so close in your arms Hearing the sound of your sigh Surprised and thankful that you came back That one night care free and happy For that
Just Some Of My Poetry
In a world filled with glass houses Who will cast the first stone Be careful where you aim You could hit your own window In a world filled with glass houses Shattered glass lies on the floor Careful where you cast judgment It could be thrown at your door   In a world filled with mirrors Just who is it you truly see Do you see a painted face Or do you see natural beauty In a world filled with mirrors How deep are you willing to go Can you see past the surface Do you dare look at your soul   In a world filled with voices What is it that you hear Do the words of others Fall upon a deaf ear In a world filled with voices Is yours one that is heard Do you speak what matters Or are they just empty words   In a world filled with meaning What matters the most to you Are people reduced to things Through your daily pursuits In a world filled with meaning How do you spend your time Because what means the most Is where your heart resides Dear Heavenly Father   It
Love ,,,
Few lines to you my friend from bottom of my heart.Its amazing when strangers becomes friends but its sad when friends become strangers.I never want to lose you as a friend.I met you as a stranger and now i have you as a friend.i hope we will meet in our next walk of life where friendship never ends.I may not be the most important person in your life and surely not.But i hope when you hear my name,You will smile and will say "Thats my friend" :-) You can understand the facts of life. But facts of love are much different. To love you love someone or someone loves you.. But when you both love each other you're in love with one another. First become friends and let it go. Then get serious and get together. Just make yourself known as a person not as someone you don't want to be known as... Life has never promised you anything..Nor has God..But people did ..Sum said they will never leave you..LIE Sum said they will love you till death..Lie  Sum said you are the most precious one ..Lie  Lif
Welcome to America Where everything is fake To the blood that you drop To the breaths that you take That guy got shot twice But he's still strong enough to fight That guy was killed But he was alive to haunt the night I love the brilliantly planned plot And the conveniently places police The highly trained secret agent Always disturbs the enemy's peace The bomb is about to go off But there is still enough time to run Because you won't get out the building Until the ticker counts down to one The mother ship is under attack The space pilots are dieing Lasers are screaming pass the universe And camera trickery are lying Welcome to digital cable Where all magic can be real A man can be immortal And a hero can punch through steel Where's the foolish criminal Who will later become a hero? Where's the crackhead superstar Waiting to be turned into a zero Welcome to hollywood Where the paparazzi crawls And all your money bribery Is hidden beneath the walls i recently started at my new
Fubar Shizzle For The Street Team (open To Public)
I am moving the Fubar Street Team Bounty Vault to this blog. Please post your bounty as a comment and provide a little information on the who, what, where and how. Here are a few of the ones that people have turned in. Please post in your gallery in a folder called Fubar Street Team. You can then copy the image link and paste into a comment. This will allow us to see results more quickly. Also, it gives other users the option to click to your page.       The purpose of the Fubar Street Team is to promote! Get the word our in any way you can! We want some more cool peeps on fubar!   As a Street Team Prospect - Please go through the following as do it as your time allows. This is volunteer, dont stress urself on anything. - You must have an approved salute - Add the Fubar Street Team page as a friend: Make Street Team folder in your pictures.   Once you are accepted as a friend, you will be able to continue on and view the blogs.
SO SMALL, BUT MY HEART IS YOURS   What a miracle you where When you came into our lives So small but we loved you From the moment we saw you   We actually loved you before While you were still growing And the day you were born Oh how my heart beat with joy And tears flowed down my face   You were so small and so frail I remember…as I look at your empty crib We never expected to be without you You were ours and we were yours Proud Mom and Dad, yes we were I am certain people got tired of the pictures   You were so beautiful to us Everything about you was amazing I can still smell you As I hold your crib blanked to my cheek   We weep for you sometimes… Sometimes so hard that we drop to our knees We pray to God to comfort us And to remind our hearts We will see you again   Time has passed now We still have your pictures They are in special places in our home (your home) Your brother comes home today We wrapped him in your blankets at the ho
Inner Workings Of A Conversation With Children
Sitting at the table amongst the kids as they had their afternoon tea, the toddlers were set free from their yard and a adorable boy all of 2 who i talk to regularly and who makes me laugh at times came over said hello to me had a cuddle so cos his so cute and all i ended up giving him a biscuit he says to me  "tacos?" "yeah we had tacos for lunch today already" "i have tacos at my home" "do you?" "yeah! i love tacos" One hot sunny afternoon, out in the yard we had set up some water play, i had perched myself on a rock and was watching the kids as they played happily in the water splashing laughing generally doing what kids do the most, one little boy sitting in the clam shell pool full of water looks up at me and says "shell im going to fill my hat with water"... "ok sure" i respond so he proceeds to do so dunking his hat in the water he then lifts it up and puts it on his head he turns to me again and says "shell i got water in here did you know?" as he points to the hat on his
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Wednesday Hump Day Rock Block On The Glow Radio
Hump Day Rock Block on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church of Rock"  he will be spinning his mix of Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock & Metal Music starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is Tony the Misfit with his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory, you can find us on Microsoft Media Player under Internet Radio in the Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at:
A Toast To The Douchebags!!
Brawndo TA...: start talking or i delete To Brawndo TA...: took care of that for ya Brawndo TA...: looks like ive been right all along i accept almost all friends requests and i will speak to anyone.. i love a good conversation..more than points, pimps, bling or anything like that but being an ass will get you blocked immediately. Jake250: I wanna cum right in ur hair To Jake250: you're disgusting Jake250: mm I wanna shoot all my warm sticky cum all over ur face and in ur hair..and rub it around with my dick To Jake250: never gonna happen Jake250: mm it would if I were there To Jake250: no. it wouldn't. you disgust me. Jake250: oh it would happen.. if I had to hold you down and force you To Jake250: so you're a rapist? no wonder you're online perving women Jake250: whatever it takes     This is just really disturbing to me. Sitting behind the computer seems to make little boys feel invincible. Rape is real. Its not something I find amusing at all. Do the women of th
Ode Dear - Collection Of Silly Poems
Whoooweee this was a tough one!   Reading the news one morning over breakfast I learned that his first name was "Muammar", and suddenly, without really thinking about it, I had four verses in my head to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody.  So it had to be done.  Go grab your copy of Bo Rhap, and sing along!  If anything doesn't appear to fit perfectly, listen more closely to the original vocal delivery.  It does match spot on, I promise!  Worked hard on this bugger, would appreciate some comments :)   BOHEMIAN GADDAFI Are you a real man Or a caricature Don't you understand You're not wanted any more Open your eyes As your regime dies And see...   You're just a crackpot You'll get no sympathy Ruling by the gun, laying low Time to go, don't you know Natives have had enough Days are getting rougher For you, it's true   Mu
18 And Life Songwriters: Sabo, David; Southworth, Rachel Bolan;Ricky was a young boy, he had a heart of stoneLived 9 to 5 and he worked his fingers to the boneJust barely get out of school, came from the edge of townFought like a switchblade so no one could take him down, oh noHe had no money, no, no good at homeHe walked the streets as soldier and he fought the world aloneAnd now it's 18 and life, you got it, 18 and life, you knowYour crime is time and it's 18 and life to go18 and life, you got it, 18 and life, you knowYour crime is time and it's 18 and life to goTequila in his heartbeat, his veins burned gasolineHe kept his motor running, but it never kept him cleanThey say he loved adventure, "Ricky's the wild one"He married trouble and had a courtship with a gunBang bang shoot 'em up, the party never endsYou can't think of dying when the bottle's your best friendAnd now it's 18 and life, you got it, 18 and life, you knowYour crime is time and it's 18 and life to go18 and life, you
Ramblings about my life...I am not now the man I believe I can be...and do not know how to get there from here.But I will!I am unemployed, my benefits exhausted...and scraping by with the help of a family that deserves a far bettter person as a brother than I've been these past few years...Where did I go wrong?  Where did I fail?  Was it by my own choice?  I have to think it was...I've made the decisions in my life which have led me to bee where I am at this moment in time...nobody else...just me.I Point the fingert at myself and wonder...not "What have I done"...but "How do I change things?"How do I undo the decisions that I've made?How do I right the wrongs?How do I turn things around when I'm falling at an increasing rate into a black hole with nothing to grab on to?I have no job...can't even get an interviewMistakes from my past haunt me and hinder meNobody loves me right now...although some have tried...but I can't let them.I try to love only those that will not alow me th
Nature's Corner Newsletter ADVICE COLUMN Clyde's Corner Q: I get very horny when my boyfriend massages/ Rubs my tummy, ESPECIALLY, between my bellybutton, and, groin, while kissing me. Once he gets between my bellybutton, and, groin, he gets what he wnts. I am butter in his hands. I just want him to take me then, and, there? Is anything wrong with that? - Katina Beltran - San Antonio, TX
Squeekenclean's World Is Crazy   We're setting all kinds of records with our heat...and to believe someone could actually have started the wildfires we have experienced this weekend is horendous. Thank goodness for the rain we had last night.  Hi there!   I'm really looking forward to meet my boyfriend for the first time. We've had our fair share of troubles. Although, I feel closer to him than I ever have before. I'm trying to think of things to do around my area. I want to go see a concert for my birthday that week. Maybe dinner with the family. Hang with some of my friends. Eat some great food, and just enjoy each other. I know I will be so nervous meeting him as he gets off that plane. Giggle city! But I want to show him the best time and thank goodness he's coming before we are in the 100+ days of heat. Going to enjoy some vacation time with a guy I love...can't be more excited. :) This interest
Can anybody tell me just which is the best way to meet the requirement I have to meet to level again?   Here is the requirement:  Must earn 500,000 points for other memberswithin a 24 hour period.Points given through being altruized (or through actions from you to your beneficiary) do not count towards this requirement.Requirement to be completed after 1-13-2012.   I am open to ideas. Thanks I believe that...Birth Certificate shows that we were born ...A Death Certificate shows that we died ....Pictures show that we lived ...Fond Memories Keep us alive forever ...Have a seat . . . Relax .. .. . And read this slowly.~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~*~*~*~*~*~*I Believe ......That just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't loveeach other.And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do love eachother.I Believe...That we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change.I Believe ....That
Jaded Lover
Time stands still, the wanting, the dreaming, the never ending bliss,the warmth of everything inside concealed with a kiss,passion and words can always prevail,when you have someone to release you from hell,The skin so smooth, so unappreciated, unwanted,And yet still so divine and mesmerized,and bruised,she waits.... Will you release her from the torment she has suffered for so long,will you bring her back from all the people that have done her wrong,Made her feel empty, unwilling, captured, unfree,give her a your emotion, touch, your kiss, you longing to be,A friend, a soul as one, a everlasting life of bliss and harmony with you,Will you give it to her like she so willing gave you,she hates.. Only wanting a simple kiss, or a hug,She only wants to be loved,Yet you hurt her, she wants nothing more,she calls to you, you are the one she adores,when you left, it torched and burned her heart,she cries now, you tore her world apart,She dies... Slowly she drifts away from reality, she sta
I hear voices in my head that tell me evil things in the night.I hear voices in my head can you save me from my plight?The voices they come and they go.I try not to listen but they always seem to know.They tell me I'm not worthy they tell me to die.Even though I'm breathing I feel empty inside.I hear voices in my head I struggle with from within.I hear voices in my head and I just want them to end.They are so loud at times I feel myself slipping away.I look for guidance and bow my head to pray.Dear God in heaven please take this nonstop evil away.They told me to harm and kill today.I hear voices in my head Someone please stop the pain.I hear voices in my head I feel I am going insane.I take my meds just as the doc said.Instead of being in silence I feel like the walking dead.So numb inside can you hear my cry?Please help me find out the reasons why. Surrounded by darkened hearts and broken dreams. Only horrors to look forward to on a daily basis or so it seems. When I was young I was
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She feels  pain  sorrow,She has a black hole in her heart, soul. She feels hate anger she thrist she needs to feed she waits for him.She feels him she knows he is there but does he still (Love's Her) Its like (Daji Vu) again they came in circles again. She feel him all over again she (Loves Him) with all of her heart and soul, They both know they belong together.She is all he needs he is all she needs but she feels like she lost him again, She gave him back what he lost  a long time ago Darkness Honor Respect Trust Faithful Honest most of all (Love)But now they both bleed again the pain and sorrows tears of blood.   BY DEVILINA DEMONESS She walks in the Dark and lonely Shadows,She walk's Empty nothing to look forward to but to be alone forever with out her soul mate near by.She walk's alone again everwhere she goes she sees his faceher wWicked Evil One. She has walked and waited so long for him to come.Now that he is here she lost him again alone again.She walk's with a Sw
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Dedicated Web Hosting Services refers to a form of Internet hosting where the client rents one entire server for his business needs. The provider has absolute control over his server, operating system, hardware, etc, since it is not to be shared with any other individual or business. This dedicated server is usually situated in data centers.Server administration is usually given by the web hosting reviews company as an extra service.Features: Its basic features include: •    Easy to manage: Through dedicated hosting, users get a lot of support to the extent that they do not have to manage the server or execute management activities such as security monitoring, regular backups, software updates, firewall configuration and server setup. It is also easy to install the server in order to handle SSL encryption and anonymous FTP. •    Reliability:New clients switching over from their hosting plans to dedicated server hosting endure high downtime because of technical sna
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Weihnachten, natürlich, beginnt mit weihnachten im schuhkarton berlin dem Weihnachts-Stress. Während Sie aktiv erschwerenden Ihre Wohnung zu schmücken Auszeichnung grillen, um in Weihnachtsstimmung zu bekommen und hinzugefügt Dinge zu tun sind, so sind Sie aswell meist für bewundernswerte Fähigkeit zu begleiten und Vorfahren verbindet sich für aktive halten.Besonders aber aswell die Fähigkeit suchen können werden aktuelle Fortsetzung Zeit zu erwerben und können aswell könnte eine Menge sress wenn Vernichtung akzeptabel ist zu beginnen, oder es ist nicht mehr zugänglich.   Diese Vorschläge können beraten Sie Erwerb die entsprechende Zulage finden.Es ist akut authentisch über das Wesen und die Interessen und Bedürfnisse des Seins aswell Voraus authentischen Geist aufgenommen rechnen aufgenommen. Es hängt im Voraus stets davon abhängig, wie wehrfähigen Sie apperzipieren dieses Wesen und wie anliegenden ist sie zu Ihnen. Wenn Sie die Fähigkeit für den Menschen die Sie lieben
Ok peeps, well ive learned a valuable lesson this time for real!! You got to be careful with online dating and its a must thing.  Its very easy to scam someone by saying there this person and there really not.  I recently talked to this guy on the internet that i met off tagged and this guy seemed real at first but what caught my eye right away was his photo.  The photo wasn't real and i knew it.  But, i like to do the benefit of the doubt from time to time and i went with the flow.  So, my friend met a guy as well through my so called boyfriend and it turns out that hes not real.  What we did was took his pic and put it in the google image search and we brought up not one pic but many pics with a trail of cookie crumbs left behind.  These guys photos are used by scam artists and its like ok.  What am i waiting for here? its called advertise the creep for who he really is so others don't fall for either of these guys and get hurt or worse send them money or give them access to there wh
As TSN heads into the 100th Grey Cup Playoffs and towards the 100th Grey Cup, the network welcomes a new member to its CFL ON TSN broadcast team with the addition of former CFL head coach Paul LaPolice as a guest analyst. Alex Boone Jersey . LaPolice, who was the head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for two seasons, will work alongside CFL ON TSN host Dave Randorf and analysts Chris Schultz, Matt Dunigan, Jock Climie, and Milt Stegall for the remainder for the CFL season. He makes his television debut this week and will be featured on the CFL on TSN panel and in a new Coaches Playbook segment breaking down plays. LaPolice will also break down the action from a coachs perspective on SportsCentre throughout the 100th Grey Cup Playoffs and the 100th Grey Cup. "Pauls intimate knowledge of the CFL makes him an intriguing and entertaining addition to the CFL ON TSN as the league heads into the post-season," said Mark Milliere, Senior Vice-President, Production, TSN. "Having been on the
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In and out of phase with time in fluxThe rain striking harsh and cold upon the usWith no course of action We struggle through these days in the worldChaos and disruption have spread so farThat those of us who wish to help peopleCan no longer do so without fearing the consequencesTearing apart the fabric of reality This rain that attempts to flood the world Will surely succeed But the real question is will it be all that bad To let the roaring waters cleanse the world Hardships are already in our midst if nature decided that we are a threat And sent its fury against us I feel secure in the knowledge that groups will be formedTo survive all types are needed .To work together our greatest asset This acid rain that was unleashed upon us Was meant to destroy usIn my eyes nature failed For we have banded together In an indestructible bond With hope for the future instilled In our souls we move out into the world To make our claim to a new life With new life on the horizon And the past sinkin
L'italien insiste sur le fait qu'il n'a pas parlé à aucun autre club que la spéculation continue dele lier à un déménagement d'été au Real MadridPari: Retours: Evian Thonon Gaillar £ 50,00 tirage £35.00 £ 17,00 PSG PaddyPowerCarlo Ancelotti afootball shirt admis qu'il «n'est pas 100 pour cent" sûr qu'ilrestera au Paris Saint-Germain la saison prochaine.L'ex-Milan AC et Chelsea coach sert à marquer sapremière campagne complète au club avec un titre en Ligue 1, après avoir déjà guidé Parisiens pourles quarts de finale de la Ligue des Champions, jambes.Cependant, la spéculation a lié Ancelotti avec un interrupteur d'été au Real Madrid si JoseMourinho quitte le stade Santiago Bernabeu, avec le 53-year-old offre aucune garantie quant à sonavenir.«Je ne peux pas dire que je vaisfootball shirt rester à 100 pour cent. La décision sera prise à la fin dela saison. Je n'ai pas encore parlé avec le club. Nous ne parlerons lorsque le titre est gagné. Il est encore temps de discuter de mon avenir
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1.Getting Easily Distracted.There's a lot of downtime in golf, which allows our minds to wander. Some players begin to think of the holes that are coming up, while others are thinking of the phone message they just received from work. These are distractions that will take away from you being focused on the current shot. Instead, ask better questions of yourself to stay focused. How is this lie of the ball going to affect my shot? What angle do I want to come in from to this hole location? What's my intermediate target on this chip shot? Questions like that will change your focus and get you to stay focused on what's relevant for the present shot. 2.Obsessed With Score.Yes, we keep score and it's an important aspect of the game; however, if golfers only focus on their scores, it will create a major distraction. Thinking of score too much creates anxiety and added tension. Instead, focus on the process of each shot. Use a mental routine, breath deep, and survey the shot at hand. Check f
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Awakening herself with her own scream, jessica looks around the bedroom and she cannot see her Master. she searches His entire apartment, and there is no sign of Him. He is gone! she drops to her knees on the kitchen floor sobbing. she ponders in her mind, "Was this a dream? Yes, it was most certainly a dream." Until she places her hand around her neck, it was gone! The panic over came her once more. "What have i done?!?" her collar was gone and there was no sign of Him anywhere. The sobs have turned into uncontrollable weaping and her body was trembling all over. All of her senses went numb. she could not feel the chill that was so apparent by the goose bumps all over her pale body. she did not hear the door creep open, when He walked in, all she could feel was the sense of being alone. When He walked into the kitchen all He could see was His darling little slut knelt down on the floor crying in hysterics screaming His name. "No Master, please no. Master i cannot breathe if i cannot b
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Tải game Võ Lâm Mobile cho điện thoại di động.Đồ họa 3D, phong cách kiếm hiệp, các khung tính năng rõ ràng dễ phân biệt.Vào những năm cuối thời nhà Kim,Trong nước thì nạn đói hoành hành trên toàn cõi lãnh thổ, Loạn Tặc khắp nơi hoành hành. Bên ngoài thì giặc Man tộc mưu đồ xâm chiếm lãnh thổ.  Quan quân mải tranh dành quyền lực không còn lo lắng đến đời sống của dân chúng càng ngày càng đẩy dân chúng vào cảnh đói khổ lầm thân, lương thực thì loạn tặc cướp bóc, của cải thì hết thuế má quan sai. Trong thời điểm đó các phe phái cũng dần hình nhiều lên trong đó có 03 thế lực chính :   Chính
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Thông tin sản phẩm Ghế gội đầu cho bé Babyhood ĐẶC ĐIỂM NỔI BẬT - Ghế gội đầu cho bé này là một thay thế cho kiểu gội đầu truyền thống, cải tiến không ngừng nghỉ để việc gội đầu cho bé yêu của bạn dễ dàng. - Nhờ chiếc ghế này mà thể nói em bé của bạn có thể thư giãn hoàn toàn như trong các Spa cắt tóc gội đầu giống như người lớn, bọt dầu gội không dây vào cổ vào mặt vào mắt bé, người lớn hoạt động dễ dàng. - Bé yêu của bạn có thể vừa chơi đồ chơi - vừa đọc sách hay thậm chí ăn một món kẹo mút trong kh
6:56 PM - Random memories that make me wish I could turn back time to savor the moments. Before Florida: Playing in the snow with my cousins. Not worrying about tomorrow, just hoping today is the most fun it can be. Teaching my brothers and sisters to do everything. Actually feeling like I meant something to them......except being a ride. Swimming at the Z-pool. Having my three best friends always at my side, always getting into small amounts of trouble. Singing with my dad at 4:30am while we had a bonfire in his front yard and his pet pig was trying to steal my food. Sitting on the rooftop, looking at stars. Having "clubs" in our "fort" in the "woods"..........Derek And Amber will know what I'm talking about. Climbing trees. Getting piggyback rides. Snow days. Playing in the rain. Creating a mud slide in the back yard in the middle of Spring......and sliding down it in a snowsuit. Hanging out in the basement, which was basically a game
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What is life worth, when you feel your entire life was nothing, but a waste of time, air and space? Things one works so hard to accomplish only fall and crumble at their feet. Why? Is life really worth all the heartache and the wear and tear we put on our bodies? Screaming out, not knowing if anyone is listening. Feeling trapped like a caged up animal. Whose only way out, is death by injection. My screams only turn into muffled whispers as once again I put my heart on the line for someone else. Feeling sad and lonely, but who really seems to care. Miles apart from those whom I love so much. I beg to be set free, only to be set upon by rapid dogs. Demons rise up from the depths of hell, slowly tearing apart my soul. Dancing amongst my dreams only to shatter them apart in the end. Now tell me will it all be worth it in the end? All the miles I have wandered, all the souls I have helped sooth. Why is it that I am constantly haunted by the memory of you? BY: Sheila C
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I know we haven't known each other for that long and I really shouldn't be asking you for this, but I want it so bad! Don't get me wrong it's just that I haven't had it for a long time. I could already feel it going in so hard and coming out so soft and wet. No one has to know about this, I'm desperate, and your help will be very grateful. You must think I have a lot of nerve asking you for this but I can feel my tongue around it sucking all the juice out until there's no more left, this has been on my mind all day long and I hope I'm not being forward but can I have a piece of gum? JUST CLICK ON THE BANNER AND COME ON IN!!! DJ* Dollface*Angel~Fyre*N*Ice Virgin@ CherryTAP How sexually stunning are you? Stunningly SexyYou are insanely full of sexiness. You know what you want & you know just how to get it. Your lover will enjoy how you put them over the edge. Keep up what you're doing, maybe some people could learn a thing or two f
Bitches! You scored as Marijuana. The most beautiful, chill drug out there. You want something that's not too harsh on your body, and soothes the soul. It's also not addicting, so smoke it up, baby! And never have to go through withdrawls. Marijuana75%Inhalents75%Mushrooms69%Ecstacy56%Alcohol44%None!38%Cocaine31%What's your ideal drug?created with What Your Soul Really Looks Like You are very passionate and quite temperamental. While you can be moody, you always crave comfort. You are not a very grounded person. You prefer dreams to reality. For you, it's all about possibilities. You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you.
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YAYYYYYY!!! Finally a blog @ LC, way cool... Yeah I'm one who likes to ramble from time to time, HA!! First Great Idea: Bush wants us to cut the amount of gas we use. The best way to stop using so much gas is to deport 11 million illegal immigrants! That would be 11 million less people using our gas. The price of gas would come down. __________________________________________________ Second Great Idea: Bring our troops home from Iraq to guard the border. When they catch an illegal immigrant crossing the border, hand him a canteen, rifle and some ammo and ship him to Iraq . Tell him if he wants to come to America then he must serve a tour in the military. Give him a soldier's pay while he's there and tax him on it. After his tour, he will be allowed to become a citizen since he defended this country. He will also be registered to be taxed and be a legal patriot. This option will probably deter illegal immigration and provide a solution for the troops in Iraq a
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I got a voice mail from my ex wife saying that my sister in law passed away Friday. Talk about being hit hard. She was the the baby of the family and may have lead the hardest life of her of her family. She was under 40. I remember all the hear ache she caused my in laws. I remember all the heart she she caused my ex. She walked her walk and got lost in the lime light of drugs. One of the last times I seen her she looked like a human raisin. All the life sucked out of her. Last I had heard she found the road to recovery and was on it. She didn't die from an over dose she died from the after effects from years of abuse. She leaves behind both parents, a brother, two sisters an ex husband, a daughter and grand child, numerous nieces and nephews. Years ago I was on the same path of destruction. For those who read my profile you know I have over 13 yrs of sobriety. I know at least one person is asking themselves what are you doing here. FUBAR home of the online happy hour. Well th
The Other Worlds
I lie still in the Earth. Awaiting a moment of clarity and hoping that time will open a door into a place of like-minded persons. Where have they gone? What has happened? Is my time no longer of value? The time comes and goes and the Earth lies still waiting... I lie still and wait... I am now sending this blog out to all the men out there who for some Forsaken reason only leave only single word comments without any form of creativity. Gentlemen, please allow yourself to be more creative as this will probably elicit a much better response from these beautiful women that reside here. Allow women an air of mystery that will generate a sense of curiousity beyond. Nuff said!!! Now how does that work...I've thought about it and ponder it. I would think that such a thing would put a strain on a relationship...or open avenues of entertainment that otherwise weren't there... I would love to show my wife differnet things but she has to open up to the taboo...Norma
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1. "You get this round and the next round is on me." I''ll be leaving before the next round. 2. "I''ll get this round and the next one is on you." Happy hour is about to end. Beers are now a dollar, but by the next round they''ll be $3.50. 3. "Hey, where is that friend of yours?" I have no interest in talking to you except as a way to get your attractive friend into a compromising position. 4. "Can I get a glass of white zinfandel." (female) I''m easy. 5. "Can I get a glass of white zinfandel." (male) I''m gay. 6. "Ever try a body shot?" (male to female) I am even willing to drink tequila if it means that I get to lick you. 7. "Ever try a body shot?" (female to male) If this is how wild I am in the bar, imagine what I''ll do to you on the ride home? 8. "I don''t feel well, let''s go home." (female) You are paying more attention to your friends than me. 9. I don''t feel well, let''s go home." (male) I''m horny. 10. "Who''s got the next round?" I haven
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Want all to know i love ya all i am taken a break from here for a bit when i return i will shower u all with mad love ...Each and everyone of u are awsome and wouldn't change being friends with you for nothing - Glitter Graphics - MySpace Layouts Sick of this broken heart, For every time i need to mend, Sometimes just wish my world would end, Day's i feel to be dead, Empty thoughts lingure in my head, Only to be hurt in the end, Wish this was all pretend... Stars lit so bright, Waters glistening in the full moon light, Winds whisper through out the night, Kiss your lips start to soar in flight, Look into your eyes what an amazing sight, There's nothing I would take back, After what we shared tonight, Never a moment gone wrong, These feelings I have so strong, With you is where I belong..
It has been a while since I typed anything. You know I still have this state of confusion when it comes to relationships...I know there are at least three of you that if you were closer..I would not be so lonely...or at least you guys would give it the college try. I constantly wonder why the mean people end up in relationships. I have a tendency to take up too much time to help my friends...but, if that is a bad trait. I will keep it. Then there are the selfish people out there that are constantly making demands on others. And it appears they have everything. That is so screwed up. My goodness one of my best friends is like me...she tries so hard to do the right thing. She is always having grievances for it. Can anyone tell me why? Everyone...I dont want to burst any bubbles...and I may be back for dating reasons...depends on how much I can pursuade my friend that I deserve the trust he had in me....I am falling so in love with one particular person...some of you I have fli
I found this on my friend's 360 page and had to steal it... knowing you won't mind, Faye! ;) Thank you! Women have strengths that amaze men. They hear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love, and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up for injustice. They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better situation. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear of a birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when they hear that a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can lead to a broken heart. Women come in all sizes, shapes and colors. They'll drive, fly, walk, run or
This song here is a song that makes me think of someone very dear to me. We havent always gotten along but we have had many good times. And Im sure there will be many more to come. Honey why you calling me so late? It's kinda hard to talk right now. Honey why are you crying? Is everything okay? I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud Well, my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those words it makes me weak And I never wanna say goodbye But girl you make it hard to be faithful With the lips of an angel It's funny that you're calling me tonight And, yes, I've dreamt of you too And does he know you're talking to me Will it start a fight No I don't think she has a clue Well my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your v
Stormy Thoughts
He's been here a week now... Things seem really good. There are some issues to work on, but they're workable, and He's patient. Which are good things, when you think about it.... Go see the movie "Eragon". If you love Dragons, and almost everyone does, you'll LOVE this movie!!! It was one of the best movies ever, ranks right up there with the "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy.... In my opinion, anyway. Why are you still here??? Go watch the movie!!! *winks* (BTW: My love life still rox, things are going very well.... ) I couldn't sleep, and I had this running through my head, so I got up to see if it'd let me sleep after I typed it out.... Head spinning, thoughts racing, Body restless, hands moving. Emotions surging, churning. Soul feels lost, fights the urge To jump up, stomp feet, Cry loudly, throw things… For what purpose…. To get what’s needed. To end distance, To restart what wasn’t begun, To relight the spark That was lost before it lived. Eyes tear, deep blue pools
Your favorite thing to say in the bedroom is:Where did I leave my pants? Take this quiz at Robynne will go to jail for ... Wearing your pants at groin level with no underwear 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at You will get laid online You will most likely get laid online. You enjoy the kinkiness (and convenience) of meeting someone online. Plus you don’t have to deal with the bar scene and are able to get what you want, when you want it. Take this quiz at
and now i just found out my dr wont see me because its a workmans comp issue and i called the dr they told me to call and he wont see me till the workmans comp is approved by my work mind you they let me go early do you really think there gonna approve it (NO!) moms then the gym to try and take my frustrations out call the cell if u want maybe ill call you back
Life In Hell Is It So Bad I Think Not
Why Am i Feeling this way? Is it Cuz i dont wanna believe whats going On in Front of me ? Is it Cuz i know im being played? Is it Cuz she Does Not Wanna confess to me? Is it Cuz she Dont Wanna Hurt Me? Is it Cuz She Cant believe That i Have Changed For the Better? Is it That I was a no Good For Nothing Peice of Shit Husband? Is It Cuz I have Always Taken Care Of the Kids So Well Since the littleist one was 1 and a Half? Is It Cuz She Dont Wanna Hurt Our Little one? Is It Me Or what That im Being Lead On For Nothing? My Life Has Not been The Best Since July 19th of 2008 The Day Of our Anaversary. I Felt Like i Was Used that Night Then She Never Came Back. She Came Back For Christmas To See our Son For 45 Mins. I Felt That She Went To the Town To See him Cuz She had Nothing better else Todo. Cuz after that she aint made any effort to see Our son. I know she was hurt when she asked who Am i and Our son said "i dont know". I Know One Thing is for sure is that if my
My Poetry
A Sadistic laugh A Slap A painful cry A tickle A wanton moan Wrists tied above your head Feet spread wide apart Sharp nails digging into soft flesh Teethe sinking into a meaty thigh Hot breathe on the nape of your neck A stinging smack on a supple ass A Sadistic laugh A Slap A painful cry A tickle A wanton moan The sting of My cane The swoosh of My paddle Whispering demands in your ear A wanton moan A slap A pain filled cry A sadistic laugh Handful of hair The feel of a sharp knife running across your skin Nipples in clamps A flogger across your back And then….. you fall to the floor in bliss… I am: A poet A painter A writer A priestess A Goddess A lover A fighter A wife A friend A FemDom A spiritual mutt An optimist An angel A devil A cynic... Often a walking contradiction Contrary Goddess...... Heartless Compassionate Loving cruel Dominant submissive Sadistic pain slut Tough vulnerable Fierce
Juggalochef2399's Blog
I just need to write this to get the millions of thoughts and ideas in my head out there! I dont know what I want...Im in school and yes its fun and all but do I really want to cook the rest of my life? Im sick and tired of being in the same place the same area and just bored to death with where my life so far has taken me. Yes my addictions have caused these circumstances and at times I wish I could undue them but I can't, just gotta keep moving on. But move on to what? Sort of limited in options in my life currently but even when that is all said and done in a years time what then? Stay here feeling obligated to take care and help someone who has done all that and much more for me since I was an infant or finally go it alone in life and see what it brings me? Shit that scares the hell out of me more than anything...not the fact that I don't know but what if I do it wrong...whatever "it" is? I do not want to go back to my addictions and former lifestyle but everywhere I turn they call
Welcome To My World
Drowning deep in my sea of loathing Broken your servant I kneel It seems what's left of my human side Is slowly changing in me Looking at my own reflection When suddenly it changes Violently it changes (oh no) There is no turning back now You've woken up the demon in me Get up, come on get down with the sickness Open up your hate, and let it flow into me You mother get up You fucker get up Madness is the gift, that has been given to me I can see inside you, the sickness is rising Don't try to deny what you feel It seems that all that was good has died And is decaying in me It seems you're having some trouble In dealing with these changes Living with these changes (oh no) The world is a scary place Now that you've woken up the demon in me (And when I dream) No mommy, don't do it again Don't do it again I'll be a good boy I'll be a good boy, I promise No mommy don't hit me Why did you have to hit me like that Why did you have to be such a bitch
Hello, is this here the Sheriff's Office?" "Yes, what can I do for you?" "I'm calling t' report my nabor Virgil Smith. He's drillin' holes in his farwood and hiding mareewanna inside." "Thank-you very much for the call, sir." The next day, the Sheriff and his deputies descend on Virgil's house. They search the shed where the firewood is kept. Using axes, they split every piece of wood, but find no marijuana. They sneer at Virgil and leave. The phone rings at Virgil's house. "Hey, Virgil! This here is Floyd. Did the Sheriff come?" "Yeah!" "Did they split yer farwood?" "Yep!" "Happy Birthday, buddy!" SOCIAL SECURITY SEX: Two men were talking. "So, how's your sex life?" "Oh, nothing special. I'm having Social Security sex." "Social Security sex?" "Yeah, you know: I get a little each month, but not enough to live on!" LOUD SEX: A wife went in to see a therapist and said, "I've got a big problem, doctor. Every time we're in bed an
Rotta Things
i'm consistent at being inconsistent it seems... welcome to the sean... i'm a breath closer to the end, a step away from falling... a vision away from a hallucination... a sight away from being blind... but whatever... i'm an arm's length away from misery... a lie away from hypocrisy... a woman away from destiny... a life away from tragedy... i'm a drink away from a catastrophe... a gulp away from ecstasy... a vein closer to what ails me... a bitter side of me that craves calamity... everything thing else known to me... but whatever.. i'm a mile away from home... a road along the way i've travelled alone... i'm away from my family... i'm all about getting away from me... i'm living up to how i think i should be... fucked in the head like i was meant to be... living through a past not so distant from me... where i stand... what i want... who i am... who i'll become after this is all old to me... but whatever... Event Horizon Walmart is all in one entertainment for the ey
Endless Thoughts
what can i say about lesha!!! she's been there for me thru thick and thin...and to think who was the ONLY one to call when my mom was in the hospital after her heart attack THE ONE THE ONLY My Leasha Get Your Own! | View Slideshow All our lives we've searched for the meaning of our live's. To find a life long friendship, to where true happiness is...we have opened up to each other to find a bond, a connection between our hearts!!! I have a hard time opening up to people in this way, but being with you has opened the the light to my find a sould mate, a loving woman, to be my wife, my partner in life. i love you with all my heart, and that my soul belongs to you, i have found true and complete happiness within you! I Shawn Selsky give you my heart , my eternal soul as your husband, your best friend, and to be there as a close friend to your children, and a loving father to the children we bring into this world together!! i love you Christ
My damn xbox 360 went if anyone has a extra one that they would like to donate hit me up:) i know most ppl will be like hell no but never hurts to ask. This is not Facebook, I'll tell you what book! Slutbook? They need to call this Fuckbook. Picture lookin good, but in person. . . Yuckbook. Hellbook, Tellbook, bitches can't Spellbook. Hate behind your back, but in person wish you Wellbook. Glitchbook, Snitchbook, fake family Listbook. Posting on her page, this is trying to steal your Bitchbook. Rudebook, Feudbook, tell your every Movebook. Don't even need a t.v. this shit is Newsbook Well i got rid of my VIC membership today. Sorry too all my friends no more 11's i just couldt see paying 15 bucks every month for the membership i wish it was cheep or free i miss giving my friends 11's. Well i just wanted everyone too know so they dont ask why they didt get anymore.
My Life
life is great and i am fine. but u know what hurts the most? Is when someone u care for so much u would die for them turns to u and says " like any guy would like a preg girl!" well u know what he will lie me if he likes me for me...and anythign that comes with it...and me being preg is a part of if u cant except me for me then i rather u not talk to me... No-one in the world could make me change the person I have become, No-one in the universe would make me forget that I am the only one. There is no other person in this place that is anything like I am, You could hate me so much, I assure you, I don't care, and I don't give a damn. No-one could make me change the way I feel about the things that go on, No-one could make me feel that this is not the place where I belong, There is not anyone around who'll make me cry over things I can't control, You could put me down, say bad things, But I will still reach for my goal. No-one has any more control over the things
Life Of A Traveling Man
Today we went to the TES festival! I am including some video I shot (did it with my digital camera, so the image may not be all that clear)!! This robot is the whole reason I am in Japan. I am training on it, and when I come back to the states, Jim, David and my self will be responsible for maintaining, repairing, and showing it!!! Hope you all enjoy the videos. You may have to let it play once to buffer it, then it'll play smoothly if you play it again...I hope, at least it does on my machine! Okay well enjoy the vids!!! Click the PLAY button Click the PLAY button I put all of the vids in my stash, including two others! was taking to long for my blog to load with 5 on here, so I took 3 off...sorry! I hope you enjoyed those clips!!! take care and have fun!!!! Later Gators, -Fred Jr. Hey All, Okay well things got alittle messed up but it's all good. I made it home from Japan on the 4th of November safe and sound! It was a good trip over all. Th
Omg I'm Hot Lol
You know how when you're young and you're so full of ambition, you think you can do anything and you damn near kill yourself tryin .. well heres some things I want to accomplish before I die .. I know morbid huh ? but this is life and it is a blog you have a choice whether or not to read it lol 1. I want to feel a love so strong that my heart beats specifically for that person and that person alone ( found it ) 2. I want to find happiness in a job that I enjoy working 3. I want to run barefoot on the streets in venice and paris and syndey .. well no one likes shoes 4. I want to hurt so bad that I feel like nothing will make it good again ( without suffering there is no compassion) 5. I want to change the life of someone else so drastically, that they can't imagine what it would have been not to have known me. 6. I want to smell exotic scents blindfolded .. just to know what it's like to be sensous 7. I want to spend an ungodly amount of money on my dream truck.
Catch-all Blog
Sold out to the freakiest and most irritating mock surveys... I thought Fubar was above that, and realized the community mattered, wasn't just a selling point. I was wrong about them. PO'd, Jonathan Ball Revamped I was headed to Midvale on a bus the day before yesterday. The rear wheel hub started smoking, but I made it to our destination safely. Someone cooled the smoking part with a fire extinguisher. We created our own little cloud. My friend suggested that I come up with a joke about it, so I did. Here it is: "Everyone's been trying to get me to start smoking. I got sick and tired of it, so I decided I'd give it a try. I'm a big guy, so... I thought I'd start with a bus. I don't know Why everybody made such a fuss about it; I wasn't even done with it yet!" JDR
This is for those of you who have read my poem about Sebastian and maybe wondered who he is! (this is the part where you all think I'm crazy!) Ok - here goes...... Some 6 and a half years ago, I was living in Scotland with my boyfriend. I had sold almost everything I had, left all my friends and family behind and thought that I was moving on to greener pastures. The first few months were great, I got a new job, met some super people and really felt at home. I lived near a town called Turriff, but where I lived was actually very very rural and we had no near neighbours (Mal - you'll know what I mean here!). Anyway, eventually I made a friend in a girl called Sarah, who was totally funny and bonkers, and although she was a few years younger than me, we got on great. We started to spend more time together; shopping, going to the gym, girly stuff y'know? Anyway, my bf started getting really edgy about it, and without realising it I had already vertually lost contact with my best f
Things That Inspire, Impress, And/or Otherwise Move Me
This was borrowed from a friend's blog, but it makes good sense, so I thought I'd pass it along... If a man wants you, NOTHING can keep him AWAY. If he doesn't want you, NOTHING can make him STAY. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition or spirit to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then HELL NO, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them
The Story Of Me............
Thanksgiving Song By: Adam Sandler Love to eat turkey Love to eat tur-r-rkeyyyy Love to eat turkey cuz its good I love to eat turkey like a good boy should cuz its turkey to eat so good Turkey for me turkey for u lets eat the turkey in a big brown shoe love to eat the turkey at the table i once saw a movie with Betty Grable Eat the turkey all night long 50 million Elvis fans cant be wrong Turkey-lurkey doo turkey lurkey dat i eat that turkey then i take a nap a special night Jimmy Walker used to say DYNOMITE THATS RIGHT Tukey with gravy and the cranberries cant believe the Mets traded Darrel Strawberry Turkey for u and turkey for me cant believe Tyson gave that girl VD OOOOO white meat and dark meat u just cant lose i fell off my Moped and i got a bruise Turkey in the oven and the buns in the toaster i'll neva take down my Sherrel Tiggs poster Wrap the turkey up in aluminum foil my brother likes to maste
10 Things that Ruin Relationships 1. Secrets — You fear the consequences of telling your partner something you are ashamed about, and therefore cut off lines of communication. 2. Egotism — Thinking of yourself before thinking of your partner or the relationship diminishes the importance of your partner. 3. Pettiness — Blowing the little things up into big things when there is probably something else that is going on results in avoidance of the real issue. 4. Power — Always needing to be in control and trying to control your partner does not allow your partner his or her own indepedence. 5. Priorities — Doing everything else in your life before putting effort into the relationship tells your partner that his or her needs don't equal yours. 6. Selfishness — Using the relationship to feel good rather than just trying to be a good person in your relationship. 7. Excuses — Not accepting your responsibility for your mistakes and owning up to them shows a lack of maturity. 8
Well back in fla b/c my best friend of 17 yrs is getting married and we are going to pick out dresses how fun? I am so happy for her as for me I got to court on the 24th to see if my ass goes back to jail... long story I'll blog that when I get back home to Augusta I am only down here for the weekend b/c i have school tuesday. well time for bed it is 2:09 am and I am driving from West Palm Beach to Orange City Fl which is 2 1/2 3 hrs away, from there daytona is 20 mins plus I can't drive and I drove to fla with my grandma and staying at my dad's and since him and his gf are going to visit her family in orlando beth can meet me there b/c orlando isnt that far from orange city, right outside it actully. well good night getting up early Now I remember why I loved being out of school...HOMEWORK.... 2 essays 1 on on how your apperance afects the patient's perception of your abilies and 1 on communication barriers in a medical place. and a shit load of medical I forgot what t
How To's
This Picture enhanced Tutorial will take you step by step through what is needed to change your status on fubar.Step 1In the upper left of your fubar page hold your mouse pointer over MY then choose the PROFILE link in the dropdown menu.Step 2On the right side of this page find the 16th dropdown, Change this dropdown to either Original or Power User.Step 3Go to the bottom of this page, enter your password and hit the submit button.Once this page has finished reloading, click the HOME link up by the My link we worked with in step 1.Step 4Under your name at the top of the center of your page you will see this:Click the link on the right of this that says Create Your Own Status!Step 5Now replace ONLINE with what you want your status to beFinally, click the SET button.Congrats, You have now set your online status. skins..< you need two windows open for this> rip a skin from me that i created and use this as a starter, go into your skins scroll until you see "my skin" to the right it s
Hey everyone I'm single again. I'm just goin to be chillin out for a little while. If you want to talk to me then you're more than welcome. There are only a few things i require. I want a girl that meets me half way on things. If we have a problem we should be able to just talk it out and come up with a solution. Also girls, make sure you can keep your word. If you can't keep your promises then there is no reason to even talk to me. You're just waistin both of our times. I'm a preacher's kid and i'm use to havin good girls as my girlfriend. I understand now that people have pasts and you have to sometimes look past them, but at the same time i don't want something that everyone has had. If you can keep these three simple things and just be there for me I'll make sure be there whenever you need me. If you need a shoulder to cry on then you know i'm there for you. I like to have fun with a girl and i like to make her feel special. The girl just has to do the same in return. If anyone is
Anything That Comes Around Me
NSFW - 1)cleavage shot,no face, nsfw 2)butt shot, with or with out thong or clothes, nsfw 3)any sexual act, nsfw 4)any nudity, male or female, nsfw 5)drugs, of any kind, usage or pics of the drug, nsfw 6)text tags with vulgar or sexual content, nsfw 7)morbid pics, decaputations,and such. A photo of a face, or say a set of lips,thats fine, swim suits are fine, as long as body parts are not poking out, or is see thru. Same with teddies and things, they are fine as long as tasteful and no nipples or girl thingy visable. We need to be consistant! I know I don't post Blog's about my life and all...but I have to say this.... Damn life SUCKS at times! You know you think you have full and total control over your life then it goes to hell. BELIEVE ME!!! 1. I am sick of sordid drama. I really at times totally tired of it. You know it is ALWAYS around you....but I hate being in the middle of some fukked up situations. 2. People ragging on me....YES I get it all th
Here I am at work. standing and chatting with a co-worker, when I feel a light touch moving up my leg. I thought nothing of it, because the co-worker I was chatting with was dress very provocatively and she is very hot! Of course, whenever I see her I feel a slight stirring in my pants,thus the light movement in my pant leg was probably from that blood movement to my crotch. She always talked about the women she dated which always made her that much hotter to me. She had never mentioned any men in her social life, so I assumed she was only into women. Much to my chagrin. She is a perfect female~~ at least for me~~ She is a busty, voluptuous redhead with a great sense of humor and very intelligent and a smile that makes me shutter. We have had drinks as colleagues before and there was/is always some causal friendship flirtations but never led anywhere but me returning home taking a shower and relieving my tension by my lonesome, but with dreams of her in my shower with me. Anyway
Detroit Zen (live From California)
You already know the answer to the question I am about to ask you. If someone were to walk up to you out of a clear blue sky and slap you across the face, how would you react? Even if you don't have an immediate answer, you already know. Something inside of you set off a reaction immediately upon hearing the question. The answer to the question is not important; but the answers to the follow-up questions are. How do you feel about your gut reaction? Is that the way you would want to react to that particular situation? The truth is that we are reactionary creatures by nature. Life is comprised of a series of experiences, perceptions, and reactions. A person's character and nature is formed by their experiences and their perceptions to them. The truth is people tend to be most responsive to adversity. The truth is that most people allow the tribulations in their life to have more effect on them than the positive experiences that they take for granted. The truth is that pain a
Just Stuff
I havent forgotten about any of you lol for whatever reason every time i try and get on the page it freezes up on me, it only happens here tho so im not sure whats going on, i can still get every where else with no problems, gonna try and troubleshoot it tho so ill be back soon!!!!(this took me well 4 tries so far lol lets see if it works this time :/) Kym's sexual nickname: "Cherry Pie" Take this quiz at Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Random Musing #1
Create your own friendquiz here Never Date a Libra Indecisive, flirtatious, and downright deceptive - your Libra will tell you what you want to hear. Problem is they'll be telling *everyone* what they want to hear. Instead try dating: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, or Scorpio You Are Socks! Cozy and warm... but easily lost. You make a good puppet. What Crappy Christmas Gift Are You?
Married Stories ...
Dear Husband: I'm writing you this letter to tell you that I'm leaving you for good. I've been a good woman to you for seven years and I have nothing to show for it. These last two weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me that you had quit your job today and that was the last straw. Last week, you came home and didn't notice that I had gotten my hair and nails done, cooked your favorite meal and even wore a brand new negligee. You came home and ate in two minutes, and went straight to sleep after watching the game. You don't tell me you love me anymore,you don't touch me or anything. Either you're cheating or you don't love me anymore, whatever the case is, I'm gone. P.S. If you're trying to find me, don't. Your BROTHER and I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! Your Ex-wife Dear Ex-wife: Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It's true that you and I have been married for seven years, although a
So some of you may have noticed I deleted all my stuff on my account well now I am back! So i did not just up and leave forever! So how isa everyone doing? I am alright getting ready to try to go get a job which has been pretty hard doing with the fact that I am on F. probation it freaking sucks and it makes me scared of looking for a job beause i hate rejection! I am off to bed to hopfully get some sleep now! Everyone hae a grea night!
Funny News
As you know, Hillary Clinton has decided to run for president. She’s thrown her hat into the ring. And then bill threw his ring into the drawer. Party! Party! The knock against Hillary running for president is that she’s smart, but not electable. Or as political experts call that: a Democrat.   John Edwards, who is also running for president, is being criticized because the new house he just moved into is one of the biggest in North Carolina. It’s 28,000 square feet on 102 acres. See, Edwards became famous for talking about the two Americas. Now both of them can fit into his backyard.   According to the British Journal of Psychiatry, marijuana can cause panic attacks. I don’t know . . . The only time I have ever seen a marijuana user look panicky is when they are out of marijuana.   On a campaign trip yesterday Hillary Clinton suggested that she knows how to deal with evil and bad men because she had to put up with her husband which . . . explains why Hillary wants to lo
Munkey Thoughts
I was sitting in a large empty warehouse on a plain dark wooden chair when I saw you walk in from the open bay door. Your blond wavy hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail to show reveal your version of the face of an angel. You were wearing a long sleeved faded pink sweater that hugged your large breasts, slightly covering your smooth neck and ending at the curve of your hips. I let my eyes trace your long legs concealed in tight denim jeans all the way down to your black boots. All I could do was stand up and face you after so long. You wrapped your arms around me pulling me in with tender force while you kissed me on the side of my neck with a tear running out of your eye. I did not feel love or tenderness. I was not feeling warmth or passion. I was filled with completeness. Absolution. The hole I have been forsaken with is now filled. I was whole again. A tear slipped out of my eye and ran down to kiss your cheek pressed against mine. The scent of you overpowered my
its been official for a while. now it is totally and completly official. i need a life. i got hooked in by a fake agent thingie. i never heard of it before and it took me a second to catch on, but once i did... well... i talked to her for a while, and we had something special... i must share it with the world! Audrey Says: Hey wait! We hate to see you go without taking advantage of Robert G. Allen's proven strategies for generating multiple streams of income Home Study Program. So just this once we'd like to offer you a last-minute $5 Discount. Audrey Says: Please type 'HI' or 'HELLO' in the space below to let me know you are there... You: hi Audrey Says: Hi, thanks for chatting with me... I'd like to give you $5 off the price of the Multiple Streams of Income Home Study Program. Just CLICK HERE. You: i dont have much money... i am a single mom Audrey Says: We are confident that if you give Robert Allen's The Multiple Streams of Income Downloadable Home Study C
From The Frog
Well the weekend has come and gone. I am just going to jot down some random things I have figured out...or not over my 28 years. True friends stay that way, no matter what and nothing comes between that. Life is not fair and the sooner you realize it the better off you will be. Some days it really isn't worth getting out of bed. Never rush to find love and when you think you have found it, wait some more. Whiskey and women are best served warm, beer and revenge...cold. Karma exist but usually doesn't work as fast as you would like. Society has lost it's morals, and those that still have them don't fit in with the majority. Don't believe a cop when they say you can't out run them or hide from them...ask me and I can explain. Drinking in excess is fun, sitting on the curb bleeding and in handcuffs is not (most of the time lol) Never underestimate the abilities of your opponent. For all the women that say there are no good men left...they need to open ther
My Peoms
I -----SOCIAL SECURITY SEX Two men were talking. So, how's your sex life?" "Oh, nothing special, I'm having Social Security sex." "Social Security sex?" "Yeah, you know-I get a little each month, but not enough to live on.” II -----LOUD SEX A wife went in to see a therapist and said, "I've got a big problem, doctor. Every time we're in bed and my husband climaxes, he lets out this ear splitting yell." "My dear," the shrink said, "that's completely natural. I don't see what the problem is." "The problem is," she complained, "It wakes me up!" III -----QUIET SEX Tired of a lifeless sex life, the man came right out and asked his wife during a recent lovemaking, "How come you never tell me when you have an orgasm?" She looked at him casually and replied, ”You're never home!" IV -----CONFOUNDED SEX A man was in a terrible accident, and his "manhood" was mangled and torn from his body. His doctor assured him that modern medicine could give him back his manhoo
Basic Ramblings
sitting in the heat feeling the chill in my soul, dragging me down into the dark. I cant feel the Sun even though I know that it is there. living to work, working to live is that all there is. I have been thinking about ending it .. and yes I know that it is an irrational thought . and I know its not something I really want to do but the thought persists and i know i dont think i really would at least I dont think that i could but the thought persists and sometimes when I feel so cold and nothing seems to matter I think maybe it would be better not to be at all and no i dont think i really would at least i dont think that i could the thought persists sitting here shaking, wondering if you will come back. did i throw everything away just for the sake of my pride? it's dark outside and im cold inside and i dont know if i can ever be warm again. my mind is racing with all i said and how it was said. did i go too far? is there anything i can say or do to take back the pain i've c
Faceless Thoughts!!
Hi there everyone I'm doing something that is going to make me not as cool I have taken down all my nude pics you see My body belongs to someone else and is no longer for me to let everyone see My lover who is in my photos deserves better and after a long talk with him I realized how much it was hurtting him ..... I had no idea ..... So from here on out NO MORE NUDE PICS !!! ..... Sorry Guys !! Love to you all!! Sorrow and pain Unhappy looks never a name Seeing the pity in there face Wanting to run away from this place Thinking someday I will go astray I will find the power to look away But for right now I need to sit still I need to find inner courage inner will I am working until tears are shed I only wish to hide my head Though you may feel sorry don’t I could change it but I won’t I made a vow to stay right here So shall I stay my unloving dear You haven’t touched me in body or mind Why must you be so unkind ? True I could be the “Man” and sh
Have A Good Weekdend
Hey guys I am going to a photoshoot this weekend so I wont be on here until I get back. have a good weekend sweeties..Lorie enjoy sweeties..Lorie Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Twas The Evening Of Samhain
Dear Alcohol, First & foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around in the holidays, hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings. However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: 1. Phone calls: While I agree with you that communication is important, I question the suggestion that any conversation of substance or necessity takes place after 2 a.m. Why would you make me call those ex-boyfriends/girlfriends when I know for a fact they do not want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night? 2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal, but why do you suggest that I eat a taco with chili sauce, along with a
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-I said you wanna be startin' somethin' You got to be startin' somethin' I said you wanna be startin' somethin' You got to be startin' somethin' It's too high to get over (yeah, yeah) Too low to get under (yeah, yeah) You´re stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah) And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah) It's too high to get over (yeah, yeah) Too low to get under (yeah, yeah) You're stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah) And the pain is thunder (yeah, yeah) I took my baby to the doctor With a fever, but nothing he found By the time this hit the street They said she had a breakdown Someone's always tryin' to start my baby cryin' Taikin', squealin', lyin' Sayin' you just wanna be startin' somethin' I said you wanna be startin' somethin' You got to be startin' somethin' I said you wanna be startin' somethin' You got to be startin' somethin' It's too high to get over (yeah, yeah) Too low to get under (yeah, yeah) You're stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah) And the pain is
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Check out my best friend. She is new to cherry tap only been here like 3 days but she is already addicted. She needs some friends to come by add her and rate her to get her up and running. If you'd like to get to know a KICK ASS BITCH then check her out. She is AWESOME. I love her to death! Phat an Fine@ CherryTAP Help with my next lvl. I am only about 3,600 away. If you let me know that you have helped me out I will come by and return the love. I greatly appercaite any and everyone that helps!! Much Love to all my Cherry buddies. *HUGS and KISSES*M Hey everyone I have a friend in a contest. In order to win he has to have the most comments so if you could come by and drop him a few comments it would be greatly appercaite and I mean it's free cherry points!! Much love to all my LC friends,fans, and family!! Click the link below to help out!
Forever lost in your look of love Mercurially slipping into your arms As you gather me into your heart Sheltering me from the storms of my life Loving me and holding me as my ethereal wife Eternally yours from heart to soul Giving myself to you utterly and completely Craving your sensuous touch, your kiss of my soul Longing to take you into my arms and melt the sun Passionately giving to you as you are my chosen one Knowing that this love will last forever Eclipsing civilizations, societies and song Voice of our love reverberating amongst the heavens Standing strong and pure in the midst of a sinful past Sense of being as our love is destined to last Clouds caressing the sky leaving tears of rain Falling upon our skin and cleansing our present Washing away the deeds of our past Our vision and our life paved with flowers and spring As we stand side by side united with love and a ring POLICE CARS AND MOTORCYCLES ALL LINED UP. PEOPLE IN UNIFORM CRYING TOGETHER,
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During this article the definitions of the two titles, Twin Flame and Soul Mate will be defined. We also go into a little more about what it takes to connect to your life partner. What is A Soulmate? Soul mates are those lovers who as soon as we meet, it's like we're old friends, or old lovers - there's often plenty of passion, lots of joy and it feels wonderful to be with them. After a while of being together though, things often start to go wrong, or you feel like you're in an old familiar pattern that is holding you back. Soul mates are those lovers, who we've had as lovers and friends in many lifetimes previous. They are dear, familiar and often comfortable, but they also usually come with their own set of unresolved issues - from our times together. This is a wonderful opportunity to resolve and clear karma by resolving the issue once and for all. Once you've cleared the karma, you may find that the relationship becomes wonderful and you can live happily ever after.
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I got to rename this blog. Anyway...YOU HAve to comment the shit out of my tattoo pic. I'm in a contest. Spam me baby! I will e adding a slaute as soon as I feel like putting on my face. I will be doing it tomorrow I suppose. And as for my sister page I will try to get as many girls as I can to be in the pic next time I go there. please fan me if you haven't already. Lemme know that way I can do the same if I haven't done it yet.
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Gun Stuff
Why do people assume that I'm crazy and just wanting to kill someone when I am just researching what people consider the most likely situation to encounter when it comes to armed assailants today? I don't want to have to use a gun against someone, but when I do purchase a gun for legal concealed carry, it will be the most appropriate tool for the task. Taken from: Please see above link for photos. Comparitive Study: Remington 870 vs Mosberg 590 Introduction While there are also other good pump action shotgun designs out there, the two most likely choices when considering a tactical shotgun are either the Remington 870 or the Mossberg 590. Both designs have their pros and cons, and our intent with this article is to lay out some of the differences between the two such that a prospective buyer has a bit more knowledge when conducting their own evaluation. One of the problems in trying to compare t
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It's really sad the way you fall all over yourself trying to defend the whore. Do you honestly think that she will show you here boobs because you are her self-declared protector? I loath you. Besides, I saw her first. Now get the hell out of my way. Chicks like dicks. That's what one chick told me. So I do my best to be a dick to every chick I meet. I'm not sure why that isn't working. It has been my experience with broads that you can't open with a line like, "Hey! Broad! Suck my cock!" That is seen as rude. Broads don't like to be called broads.
My Poems
THE KISS OF HER LIPS WAS JUST A LIE I COULD TELL BY THE LOOK IN HER EYE WHY CAN'T I FIND A GIRL THAT IS TRUE NOT ONE WHO WILL ALWAYS MAKE ME FEEL BLUE I'M TIRED OF SEARCHING FOR THAT SPECIAL ONE FUCK IT FORGET IT I'VE HAD IT I'M DONE SO I'LL LIVE ALONE TILL I'M OLD AND GRAY THAN I'LL DIE ALONE ON THAT FATEFUL DAY SO HEAR MY WORDS LOVE IS A BUNCH OF SHIT SO GUESS WHAT JUST LIKE A JOB BOSS I QUIT I'M TIRED OF SEEKING THAT THING CALLED LOVE SO I'M DONE PRAYING TO THE MAN ABOVE HE HASN'T ONCE GAVE ME THE ANSWER I SEEK SO I'M JUST GONNA SIT HERE AND WATCH MY POOR HEART LEAK.........ANOTHER POEM BY JOSEPH BLAKE The porno of Joe Blake's life will be called ... "Victory on Mount Venus" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at ok to all my friends if your in a contest and you need my vote don't count on me voting cause i've been posting bulletin after bulletin telling you fuckers that i'm in a contest do you bother to read it fuck no...cause if it a
Aicd Bath (daxie-poo!! ♥)
From the Album When the Kite String Pops The God machine is hungry For individualism and ripe brains The skull farmers do their rain dance And pray the machine falls to sleep She holds me close And whispers wet "there are cannibals among us." Mad in love with dry dead boys In the backs of Abandoned cars Smoking the bones of children Plotting the murder of love Strapped into the chair The needle now descends As they lick their cracking lips Their twitching never ends Blood beneath their finger nails, Swallow all my pain Dirty needles break the skin Suck hard as I drain Drain me Drain me Sunken eyes, a twisted spine A whiter shade of pale Rockabilly man come to pound the coffin nails Inject my stomach full of Cockroach eggs Their machine is coming carried on a million legs Waking in the sleep of reason Winter is the forever season Lick thy mother's bleeding lips From this glass of hate we sip Fuck the glass we pump the keg Kill conception at the egg
I'm computer challenged and don't know how to edit my pic. I have a cam a digital camera and a mic. God bless! Debby I'm really struggling emotionally this year! I lost my first hubby labor day of 1994. This was the first year I put flowers on his grave for valentines day. This site rocks! I want to wish everyone a merry christmas, happy hanukkah (sp), happy new year! Thank you all sooo much for the love shown, for being fans, for the gifts, picture ratings! You guys are awesome! God bless! Debbie P.S. Stop by and say hi! Keep showing the love!
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USHER "U Got It Bad" Oh, no, no, no, no, no... When you feel it in your body You found somebody who makes you change your ways Like hanging with your crew Said you act like you're ready But you don't really know And everything in your past - you wanna let it go I've been there, done it, fucked around After all that - this is what I found Nobody wants to be alone If you're touched by the words in this song Then baby... U got, u got it bad When you're on the phone Hang up and you call right back U got, u got it bad If you miss a day without your friend Your whole life's off track You know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house You don't wanna have fun It's all you think about U got it bad when you're out with someone But you keep on thinkin' bout somebody else U got it bad When you say that you love 'em And you really know Everything that used to matter, don't matter no more Like my money, all my cars (You can have it all back) Flowers, car
How do these people survive? ONE Recently, when I went to McDonald's I saw on the menu that you could have an order of 6, 9 or 12 Chicken McNuggets. I asked for a half dozen nuggets. "We don't have half dozen nuggets," said the teenager at the counter. "You don't?" I replied. "We only have six, nine, or twelve," was the reply. "So I can't order a half dozen nuggets, but I can order six?" "That's right." So I shook my head and ordered six McNuggets! ! TWO I was checking out at the local Wal-Mart with just a few items and the lady behind me put her things on the belt close to mine. I picked up one of those "dividers" that they keep by the cash register and placed it between our things so they wouldn't get mixed. After the girl had scanned all of my items, she picked up the "divider", looking it all over for the bar code so she could scan it. Not finding the bar code she said to me, "Do you know how much this is?" I said to her "I've c
Your Birthdate: September 28 You don't just believe in love at first site - you've experienced it. You develop crushes pretty easily, but keeping your interest is another matter! You are very prone to love - hate relationships. Number of True Loves You'll Have: 1 Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 6 You are most compatible with people born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of the month. What Does Your Birth Date Mean For Your Love Life? Using your body Your sexual hidden talent is using your body's natural charm and beauty to seduce your partner. You are all about having the perfect body/looking good for your partner - and it does the trick every time. Take this quiz at You Are a Red Flower A red flower tends to represent power, seduction, and desire. At times, you are loving like a red tulip. And at other times, you're very enthusiastic, like a bouvardia. And more than you wish, your passion is a bit overwhelmin
The Truth
To all my friends to let everyone know I will not be on loine the rest of this week after tonight I am moing all this week into my new Home . I will return next week. Much Love Redeana Well after long thoughts about the friends list last night and this AM , I must say I have several friends some speak to me , some are jealous for no reason, some only added me for points , and I have some that true are my friends and speak to me. After all this maybe the internet but I do have feelings. I am posting this to see really what true friends are there. I will give this a matter of 3 days to hear a reponse from my friends then it is time to throw the ones out who are just on my list for no reason. I will let you decided if you are gonna be a true friend. A simple I wanna remain friends or throw me out is easy to repond to. I am not here to be a puppet on a string , drama, or your sex buddy, Yes I know I have sexy pictures that is because I am proud of how well I take care of my self , body ,
The best way to get over a Man is to get under another one. 20,000 people are having sex right now! 10,000 R fucking! 9,599 R making luv! 400 R hugging n kissing and 1 lonely fuck is reading this blog. ( LOL ) Borrowed this from Fl_Scorpio lol
Mel's Abc's Of Lc/ct
1. I want to build my own bike.. actually 2 bikes my first one I designed the concept of when I was 15 , and still havent built it. Its the concept of a 78 Sportster softailed out with whitewalls and cali bars.. yeah.. its not quite a harley but not quite a chop. My second one.. Chop totally chop low low cruiser recliner type of chop to where I can sit on it and drive cross country if I feel like a road trip`. Thats the bike. 2. I fucking hate women. More accurately I hate women who lower their iq's to impress a guy. I hate fake stupid chicks or overt drama princesses. What ever happened to tomboy girl next door kinda on the friend side of lovin? whatever happened to that. 3. Tats.. i want alot of them, I have 5 now but someday the 5 I have will be a full back 2 full sleeves 2 full calfs and I want a tat on my ass. I want it simply to say , (Im not tellin haha) some of them, I plan on doing myself, just as soon as I replace all my equipement, I want to apprentice build my prof an
Well I have met alot of fun ladies over the past couple of months I have to say i am still searching for my reason.When I was with an old girlfriend I remember having a reason to work harder,wake up,and pretty much know why I wanted to be anything in life was because I wanted to be with her.I wanted to buy her things not to just impress her but cause something I saw reminded me of her so I bought it. I have not felt that way in some time. I still search for my reason,my love,and that person who makes me smile just being next to me.I know most people want things in life and feel that having a status or high profile in life think thats important,but not to me.the only thing that I really want that could really give me any drive would have to be my reason. some people get what I am saying some dont.Take it any why you want its just how I feel. Well I turned twenty eight on thursday and man where did the time go? I am close to the dreaded thirty mark.I never thought I would still be
Thinking Outloud
So.. I was thinking about evolution.. as I sometimes do - and then had something to say, but no real outlet to express it.  So..unfortunately you've become the ones I'll subject to it. Ever notice how evolution shows the tremendous number of offshoots in the lineage of man?  Homo neanderthalis, Homo Erectus, ... etc. etc.  In the typical chart there's about 40 or 50 lines, and that's just those they've dug up. And we homo sapiens are all that remain.. what a coincidence! In the great battle of survival of the fittest.. and with the near endless variety of species that have survived on this earth.. only one man-like variety made it. Funny how we were all so similar.. only slight differences really, even with similar brain sizes for the time. Matter of fact, completely identical minus the one morphological change that separated that one line from the next. But yet, only one remains. We have a wide variety of birds.. they made it. We have a wide variety of apes even... the
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Get Your Sexy Name Congratulations, according to our experts, you are : 63% PureTake the Purity Test at You Were Born Under: Delicate, timid, and attractive - sometimes you really do act like a bunny. You're very compassionate and protective of those you love, sometimes too protective. Your home is really your castle, and you make sure your home is comfortable and well furnished. You don't like to argue - and you prefer a quiet, peaceful life. You are most compatible with a Goat or a Pig. What Year Were You Born Under?
Who Pissed Off Mr Kangaroo!
My 1st mum went well, thank you all. The choice, was having fruitcake or 1 month old Eggnog. Eggnog won, that tell you just how fucked up fruitcake is! If ya guys dont see me for awhile, it is because the duct tape finally gave out holding this piece of shit computer together! I was already looking at getting a laptop...this may have to happen sooner! Not sure why I just blogged this, but hey...there it is. Dont wont pics in your comment part, then go fuck yourself!
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CHANGES IN MARRIAGE When you are dating..... Farting is never an issue When you are married ....You make sure there's nothing flammable near your husband...... at all times When you are dating..... He takes you out to have a good time When you are married ....He brings home a 6 pack, and says "What are you going to drink?" When you are dating..... He holds your hand in public When you are married ....He flicks your ear in public When you are dating..... A Single bed for 2 isn't THAT bad When you are married ....A King size bed feels like an army cot When you are dating..... You are turned on at the sight of him naked When you are married ....You think to yourself...."Was he ALWAYS this hairy????" When you are dating..... You enjoyed foreplay When you are married ....You tell him "If we have sex, will you leave me alone???" When you are dating..... He hugs you, when he walks by you ...for no reason When you are married ....He grabs your boob any chance he gets When you
The players dribble the ball down the court quick moves and sharp passes shouts between teammates setting up plays ok he's open take the shot now Swish, there goes the basketball in the hoop Nothing but net The crowd goes wild because its their favorite player At the end of the game its just him A ball and a basket and the clock is ticking ..... There they lie in silence forever Having given the ulimate sacrifice for country Fighting a war they did not start But doing their duty to God and the nation Suffering through heat and exhaustion The sounds of gunfire ringing through their heads Knowing that any day could be their last Letters sent to loved ones just in time Before the Reaper paid a visit So now it is our duty to them To honor and respect their courage under fire For in our hearts they will always be Gone but not forgotten. Two forces at war for ages Mankind a pawn in their constant struggles And angel and a dev
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Everyone makes mistakes...But what if your first mistake left you with no opportunity to prove that you learned something. You can change the frame, but the picture remains the same. Why spend the rest of your life crying over spoiled milk when you can go look for a new one.
Why Women Cry A little boy asked his mother, "Why are you crying?" "Because I'm a woman," she told him. "I don't understand," he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, "And you never will." Later the little boy asked his father, "Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?" "All women cry for no reason," was all his dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry.. Finally he put in a call to God. When God got on the phone, he asked, "God, why do women cry so easily?" God said "When I made the woman she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children. I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complaining. I gave her
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if so come vote for me :D best chest contest please rate and comment bomb :D xoxoxo click on the picture! LOve ya much... > > > Hottest MILF contest... > come by and rate and comment bomb who you want to win! > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
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Well the time has come ladies & gentlemen for another rant.. An inner battle from an idle mind on Saturday night.. A friend & I were talking a little bit today about the idea of marriage, and love. Promises, and sacrifice.. Then the topic changed to Adultery, Affairs, and the rising Divorce rate in the country.. And I've come to realize something... Allow me to enlighten... We, as a society, are considered (at least in my mind) "The Instant Gradification Generation". Due to on-line dating, myspace, along with a few other sites much like what youre on now... people chat online and browse through photos of people within their own area (In my minds eye.. I'm reminded of those carnival stands with the ducks in the pond that youre supposed to shoot with a water gun.. ) Anywho.. You see someone who you think is super hot.. Great smile, nice body, ass.. tits.. hair.. whatever.. After sharing a few emails and exchanging phone numbers the two of you go out and starting dating af
Cajun Fireman
Ok everyone i need your help This is the first time I have got into a contest so I figured I would give it a try and see how this works. Please try to help me out if you can it will be greatly appreciated. comment bomb me please . F A M I L Y I ran into a stranger as he passed by, "Oh excuse me please" was my reply. He said, "Please excuse me too; I wasn't watching for you." We were very polite, this stranger and I. We went on our way and we said goodbye. But at home a different story is told, How we treat our loved ones, young and old. Later that day, cooking the evening meal, My son stood beside me very still. When I turned, I nearly knocked him down. "Move out of the way," I said with a frown. He walked away, his little heart broken. I didn't realize how harshly I'd spoken. While I lay awake in bed, God's still small voice came to me and said, "While dealing with a stranger, common courtesy you use, but the family you
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Just for this morning, I am going to smile when I see your face and laugh when I feel like crying. Just for this morning, I will let you choose what you want to wear and smile and say how perfect it is. Just for this morning, I am going to step over the laundry, and pick you up and take you to the park to play. Just for this morning, I will leave the dishes in the sink, and let you teach me how to put that puzzle of yours together. Just for this afternoon, I will unplug the telephone and keep the computer off, and sit with you in the backyard and blow bubbles.. Just for this afternoon, I will not yell once, not even a tiny grumble when you scream and whine for the ice cream truck, and I will buy you one if he comes by. Just for this afternoon, I won't worry about what you are going to be when you grow up, or second guess every decision I have made where you are concerned. Just for this afternoon, I will let you help me bake cookies, and I won't stand over you trying to fix them.
She cries but no one hears here. She cries but no one sees the tears. She has many secrets that only she knows about. She may have some she don't know about yet. She screams and no one hears here. She is nice to all that deserve it. She takes revenge on those that don't. She lives in a peaceful world during the day. But as night falls she remembers just how dark her world is. She never likes to stay in one place to long. She is always on the prowl. She is always looking and lurking. She always holds here enemies closer than here friends. She wonders if friends are really real. She often wonders what family is for. So it seems they only want one thing when they come around. Many people don't understand her, for the simple fact they don't take the time to get to know her. She walks on the outside looking in. Wondering or not if she wants to join in. She holds her dreams close to her heart. She is of
To Serena
Looking deep into your eyes No better place to hide When i'm scared and i'm weak You can help me before i bleed You can help me forget the pain That i feel deep inside Let me shed these tears Let me just be with you You're my saviour You are my angel My blood runs in you Your blood runs in my veins I love this kind of immortal love I think it's what unites This is all i believe You're the one i trust I believe in our love And i always will Snow has covered her grave And flowers have withered away Could wind cries in the trees Frozen tears mark my grief The flickering weak candlelight Shatters the dead of the night I bury my face into my hand I try to speak but I cant With a breeze arrives a sparrow Lands on her gravestone I raise my head and realize I am no longer alone Haven of shadows in the garden of stones Cold wind blows out the flame And darkness surrounds me again The sparrow starts silently singing A song only she and I know I shed
Poetry Or Some Shit
Warning this is a REALLY Fucked up story squeamish should not proceed.Please leave comments with your thoughts. Kidnapped Harem(Chapter 1) By The Master Nine inch nails is playing in the background and the drum's Boom Pssh Boom Pssh is drowning out the screams. Intentionally he plays this when he calls to mating his harem. All 5 neighborhood women Kidnapped and bound in his soundproofed basement. Only he can hear the screams when he violates them in various ways while they're tied up in several positions. The oldest is 45 she has her arms shackled to the wall and her feet bound to the floor so she is forced to lean over with her now reddened ass in the air. He masturbates to the squealing everytime he smacks her ass with his cattle prod. SMACK (EEEEEE) Smack(EEEEEE) "Squeal Bitch Squeal" He exclaims after each sharp torture he inflicts on her naked bottom. "Leave her alone you Sick Fuck" shouts his newest acquisition he refers to as Tori. She appears to be 19 or 20 to him but to be hon
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This is my first Thanksgiving at my house in California since 1996. Wow. I'm done! My tour here is over and I managed to make it with little more than a few scratches. I AM COMING HOME TO THE USA IN SIX HOURS!!!!!!!!! I am all packed-- Tickets in hand-- Gonna grab a few beers on the plane to celebrate-- I will be off-line here of course until I am back completely. THANK YOU TO AMERICANS WHO SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS AND SAY SO! WE INDEED BELONG TO YOU! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! WE LOVE YOU TOO! Smile! Be happy! Dance! When I get back I swear I am going to kiss the ground. I don't care where it is! Nothing will be sweeter tasting than beautiful American Ground! This is a bittersweet time. Part of me is saddened that some of my friends won't be coming home with me. You see, a few came home before me. Merideth Howard, Ronald Paulsen, and Shane Mahaffee. They earned the Purple Heart. It was presented to their next of kin. My beers tonight will be in their honor. But i
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Bush seeks $130 billion for U.S. Army 03 Feb 2007 The Army would get a sizable increase under Dictator Bush's 2008 budget that would help ease the strain from the demands of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and 'meet equipment needs' [Halliburton, Blackwater USA]. The $130 billion would include more than $46 billion for personnel, an 8 percent increase, and nearly $24 billion to buy weapons and other equipment, 42 percent more than this year. Please Rate This Blog Cool Slideshows CLICK on The Above Picture To See What Is Good For You CLICK HERE To Check Us Out Today "
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This can’t be happening You can’t be gone I need you so I can live You took your life And I’m broken Emptiness fills my soul Feeling like I can’t go on Oh please just take my life Take me away Take me to where you are Why did you have to go this far? Why did you have to resort to this? You’ve left my heart shattered In pieces on the floor Now I feel a part of me has gone I feel like you’ve taken my soul You say not to cry But my tears fall like the rain Thoughts of you fill my head I can’t stop thinking about you Finding out how much I miss you The one I loved, the one I couldn’t be without If only I could turn back time Turn it back so you were here with me But I all I see is the faint vision The sound of your footsteps next to me I only want to hear your voice again But you’re gone, never to return (Chorus) Throwing your life away Throwing everything you had away Not thinking about how I would feel I will never see you again Hear your voice ag
Cyths World
Hi to everyone.. i will be gone til end of january.. therefore am unable to respond to emails or messages of any sort.. i certainly will take my time for them when i am back.. also will try to get online while away but there is no certainty in that.. wish everybody a great month.. cyth This is one long autum.. that seems to hide winter behind a time in the past.. there is no mystery only sadness to watch what we have done.. no truth to the lie we live.. waking up to the mist this morning was a pleasanty i hadnt felt in a long time.. a reminder that nature does exist even in the city.. no matter how much we shelter ourselves from it.. idillic parks we create.. environments we control and determine in order to feel not guilty.. and find relief from our concious.. yet forgetting that nature is eternal in its unpredicablity just as life is.. and as everything else in this universe life is a part of us and we are a part of it.. pretending we are immune of harming ourselves is a very
The American Government funded a study to see why the head of a man's Penis was larger than the shaft. After 1 year and $180,000, they concluded that the reason that the head was larger than the shaft was to give the man more pleasure during sex. After the US published the study, the French decided to do their own study. After $250,000 and 3 years of research, they concluded that the reason the head was larger than the shaft was to give the woman more pleasure during sex. The Irish, unsatisfied with those findings, conducted their own study. After 2 weeks, a cost of around $75.46, and many pints of beer, they concluded that it was to keep a man's hand from flying off and hitting himself in the forehead. Of course ya all know why God made alcohol......??? To keep the Irish from taking over the world.............. TICKLE ME ELMO There is a factory in Northern Minnesota which makes the Tickle Me Elmo toys. The toy laughs when you tickle it under the arms. Well, Lena is hi
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Libra - Your Love Profile Your positive traits: You are open minded enough to date outside your typical "type" ... successfully! You are diplomatic - and likely to end a fight instead of dragging things out. You are easily loyal and faithful, but only for the right person. Your negative traits: You're a bit gullible, and partners take advantage of you. You still may not know it. You find it difficult to decide where to go to dinner, what movie to watch, who to date... You have to be in a relationship, or else you just don't feel like yourself. Your ideal partner: A smooth talker who enjoys socializing as much as you to. Someone classy and cultured who knows which wine to order with dinner. Is beautiful to you - although not necessarily attractive in the traditional sense. Your dating style: Romantic. If your date comes bearing flowers, wine, and poetry... well, your heart soars. Your seduction style: Giving. Your lover's pleasure is as importan
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My uncle John Edward Williams, the last survivor of my parent's generation in all of my family, just passed away. He was my mother's brother. The sibling to whom she was closest. He and his family lived in Seattle when I was growing up, and my grandmother lived in the "mother-in-law" apartment in the basement of their house. We spent nearly every holiday with my uncle's family when I was growing up. He and Aunt Millie moved to Sacramento quite a few years ago, after he retired from the post office. She passed away about twelve years ago. He served in the US Army for fifteen years, and was a veteran of WWII and the Korean War, I believe. Goodbye, Uncle Johnny. Most liberals never lost sight of the potential for evil in big government. They have consistently opposed government power in matters of personal and political belief. Liberals are not unconcerned with economic liberty, but they have come
Acrylick Alchemical
i'm still getting updates that "someone" is rating my pics a "1" this is a little dissappointing since there's not a lot i can do about it and this account is more for my art than for personal reasons, but hey. is this pic really that bad? maybe i should delete the pictures that someone is fucking w/ me about and re post them w/ clean slates... like i dont have better things to think about, ha. So it's official... going to attend alex grey's full moon gathering tomorrow night... i wish i knew more people in NY! I guess i'm about to meet some. OhZee, this radical thelemic-hiphop artist offered me a chance to do a Gallery Event in Boston at the End of Feb, which will include musical acts out of boston/ny. So really, i'm going to this CoSM event so as to meet up w/ these folks and seal the deal. i'm crazy anti-social because i totally love my time alone and privacy, but i'm going where the art t
The Simplest Truths Are The Biggest Lies
I remeber being a tween, pre-teen, and teenager (wasn't that long ago after all) and so i remember the bitchiness, moodswings, smarting off to any adult who looked at me funny, not speaking to my mother for a couple of years. I watch my 14yr old sister doing this same shit and laugh because i do remeber. And for the last few years i've been happy about the fact that, though i've always wanted a daughter, i don't have one. The Goddess blessed me (so i thought)with boys. Two adorable bug-catching, dirt-loving, never gonna have to explain periods to them boys. Well, turns out Karma really IS a bitch. A great big one. Just the other day i was laughing at my oldest son's aunts as they tried to figure out how to deal with his cousins starting their periods. I thought "thank god i'll never have to do that". Well, what do ya know. Boys get bitchy too. I've got an 11yr old who's as tall as me and suddenly thinks he's the "Man of the house" smarting off to me in wal-mart and telling me, and i qu
16 Layers
Well, I finally got to go away for a couple of hours and do something that relaxed me yesterday. Traci, Jason and I went to see some wrestlers in Melbourne, Florida. One of the Team 3D wrestlers named Devon was opening a brand new smoothie shop 3D Power Blendz there and we decided to go and see them. We got to see Devon, Maven and few guests were there too. It just so happened that Matt Bentley, Jamie Noble and a surprise guest was there. It was Chris Jericho. OMFG, he looked amazing and hot! He was so sweet in person too. Jason got to shake his hand and talk about his band, Traci got to stare in his gorgeous blue eyes and I got to talk to him. I was flustered the rest of the day and Traci's face was so red because she was blushing. We also actually rubbed elbows with Matt Bentley. We got pics and autographs too, in which we will scan them and I will put them in my pics later. It was an amazing experience and I'm so glad we went. I needed that good time after the crappy week I've had(
Vcr's && Vasoline
This is where I lay down my blood. Shed the skin of my heart. Heal the scabs I tend to pick. Regard on life and figure in the lust. Hate for the day until I break. Speak to the deaf with a loud but soothing voice. I recommend this method of hate. It seems to fit the pattern of death in our victims we erase to ease the pain. Comfort without drugs or drink. Sex without wet and sweat. Protection from the morbid bliss of reality. Dip into my soul for a look into Gods eyes. Feel the memory of the blind that once held the visions of the Alpha. I am the Omega that Jesus was afraid of. I am not a statistic for you to ponder. I will not be sold. I cannot be bought. But I will gamble my morals for the benefit of the weak children you abuse with MTV. Hate me. Burn your Gods of reason Hear the voices of the dying Reaching to breath the treason The land of the defeated Has risen to grab hold & take the poor to competed Now the blind has a sight & the vision is losing cont
INVENTARIO Cuento de Martha Cerda Mi vecino tenía un gato imaginario. Todas las mañanas lo sacaba a calle, abría la puerta y le gritaba: "Anda, ve a hacer tus necesidades". El gato se paseaba imaginariamente por el jardín y al cabo de un rato regresaba a la casa, donde le esperaba un tazón de leche. Bebía imaginariamente el líquido, se lamía los bigotes, se relamía una mano y luego otra y se echaba a dormir en el tapete de la entrada. De vez en cuando perseguía un ratón o se subía a lo alto de un árbol. Mi vecino se iba todo el día, pero cuando volvía a casa el gato ronroneaba y se le pegaba a las piernas imaginariamente. Mi vecino le acariciaba la cabeza y sonreía. El gato lo miraba con cierta ternura imaginaria y mi vecino se sentía acompañado. Me imagino que es negro (el gato), porque algunas personas se asustan cuando imaginan que lo ven pasar. Una vez el gato se perdió y mi vecino estuvo una semana buscándolo; cuanto gato atropellado veía se imaginaba que era el suyo, hast
I have a new appreciation for this element phase of H2O now a friend of mine started their car up turned the defrost on the back and their new Matrix window SHATTERED every morning for the past few weeks i have to SCRAP or throw WATER or let the car warm up in the mornings or late night to get rid of the ICE so here is what i think of ICE A crystalized translucent field enshrouding my view I can let the HEAT take it away or I can start using my internal FORCE to remove it Beware I hear in my head if I TRY too hard it will be my loss I cant use up too much energy this soon but do I have the patience to wait and what is the end result of my just rewards? a learned lesson in virtues? ICE seems to me to symbolize the PAST PRESENT AND FUTURES of my lfie and any of yours If we fail we can TRY again If we fall we should get up again IF we been HURT we should MOVE ON because ICE will FADE TO WATER which can FLOW and serve as A the LUBE needed in life to
The Life, Path And Journey Of Poppa Dizzom! The World Is Going In The Wrong Direction
PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ON WHAT MAKE YOU SEXY!! Hey there sexy, just wanted to stop by & show you some love on your page! Here's my music i dedicate to you.. Add a myspace jukebox to your profile. Dizzom's current project is gaining momentum among the club scene. Written by TONY CHRISTIAN and POPPA DIZZOM, “DAMN U LOOKIN GOOD” and "I WANT YOU" is a celebration of todays urban women of all shapes, sizes, and color. Produced by TONY CHRISTIAN aka AUTOPSY for RHYMES OVER MATTER and featuring Miami R&B sensation J-Shin ,“DAMN U LOOKIN GOOD” & "I WANT YOU" is one of those songs that everybody loves, from the hardest gangsta to the most sophisticated lady. Heavy bass, strong hook and aggressive vocals combine into a southern-crunk crossover classic. For years Poppa Dizzom has collaborated with several industry heavyweights. Working with such top acts as Trick Daddy, Trina, Michael Sterling, JT Money, and King Sporty (writer of Bob Marley's reggae hit Buffalo Soldier) has
Don't Know What To Talk About
alright most of you notice that i'm highly against drug use... but how many of you know why... well here you go, and this is no way trying to seek sympathy... My mom had left when I was 8, I am a crack baby, my mother until i was 16 was in and out of prison... she is the down side of what drugs can do to a person, she used drugs (and by drugs i mean them all) daily. She stole from me, her only child, she hurt me and ways that most don't know could be, and then all these damn pot smokers post stupid bullshit about celebrating a day that for most of them probably couldn't tell you why 4/20 is designated the day to smoke weed... btw it's because marijuana when heated to 420 degrees Fahrenheit burns the THC to the right temperature to be consumed by your body for the most desired effects. most of the people who glorify the usage of any product that alters ones emotions and mental state, this includes alcohol, tobacco, and drugs (both legal and illegal), is scum in my book. the moment yo
Sexual Connotations
Recent research shows that there are 7 kinds of sex: The 1st kind of sex is called Smurf Sex. This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called Kitchen Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called Bedroom Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and you usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called Hallway Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway, you both say "screw you." The 5th kind of sex is called Religious Sex, which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night. The 6th kind is called Courtroom Sex. This is when you cannot stand your wife any more. She takes you to court and screws
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Feelings left behind - or are they? They stay like a bad memory only to come up at what it seems to be a very bad time - the thought that never goes away. Feelings that you try to push away out of heart and mind but only to find you feel and think about them more. People come in to your life for a reason but when they break your heart like a dropping a glass on the floor, your left holding all the small peices to try and put back together. It never fully gets put back together and sometimes changes shape making an ugly figure that doesnt even resemble what you started with and always missing peices. Never whole again. Wishing you could go back in time before it was broken to stop it from happening. Feelings that change a person forever. Something that is not easily forgoten as much as you want to forget it. Finding that one special person you want to stay with only to get shattered like the glass. Months even years go by and you can not forget. You cant forget the touch, the smell or t
Hacker litters official Web site Category: Odd News | OTTAWA (Reuters) - Red-faced officials at Canada’s nuclear safety watchdog on Thursday said they were probing how a hacker had managed to litter its official Web site with dozens of colour photographs of a nuclear explosion. The Ottawa Citizen newspaper said every media release on the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s Web site had been labelled as a security breach on Wednesday. When opened, each document had a headline reading “For immediate release” and underneath was a large photo of an exploding atomic bomb. “We are in discussions with the (Internet service) provider. When we were informed the Web site had been tampered with, we immediately disabled the media module,” said commission spokesman Aurel Gervais, dismissing the suggestion that the hacker had been able to access secret information. “The external Web site was the only Web site that was tampered with. There was no internal information that w
Kitty - Anyone Whose Read The Diary Of Ann Frank Should Get This!
Wow, I have spent the past three hours reading this comic called "Jack". If you don't like comics I apologize because you are missing out on a truely touching, and at times very painful storyline. It's not a story for someone looking for a happy ending, though sometimes the endings are... peaceful. I wish I could better put into words the joy, horror, and simple wonder of this webcomic. But since I can't here's a link. Warning! Not for the squeamish, easily upset, or for children under the 18. If you can take it, it's worth it! This came to my attention when I was sitting in my communications class today listening to all of the other ladies in class banter back and forth what they love and hate about being a woman, and realizing that the things they were talking about were all stereotypical things that most people could find in movies or on TV, nothing really original or profound. And then it hit me, how much I missed having really deep conversation
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I'm not offering bribes for votes.. Just simply asking for help. Right now I am behind by a lot and really need everyones help. I will as always return the favor for everyone who helps! I try to get to everyone and rate and fan all pages. I also will comment bomb contests. Just let me know that you need me. Thank you so much to everyone who has been helping me! ♥ Please click on the picture to vote ♥ ♥ HUGS AND KISSES ♥ Music Codes - MySpace Layouts I figured I would give everyone a break from bombing.. Well, I am now down 13000 votes!! I so need your help now! I will return the favor for everyone who helps! Thank you so much for everyone who has been fighting to keep me up where I am! ♥ Click on my picture to vote! ♥ ♥ HUGS AND KISSES ♥ PLEASE come leave me comments!! I will return the favor! I am only 500 votes ahead.. With 13,800 comments.. But, I still need to be the first to 3
A Galactic Tale by Michael Lightweaver A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there were all of these light beings just hanging out enjoying life in that joyful & timeless dimension. And then one day a very large, magnificent angel came to them. He had a very serious look on his face. He was looking for volunteers for a very important Cosmic mission. "We have this small - but very special - planet out at the edge of the Alcyon galaxy called Gaia. It is quite unique like a beautiful garden and it is teeming with hundreds of thousands of different life forms. It has been something of an experimental station in the galaxy and it has a most interesting humanoid life form that incorporates the very highest and lowest frequencies known in the cosmos. It is in fact the very epitome of dualism. On the one hand it is an incredibly beautiful life form and is capable of carrying the highest frequencies of love, light & joy known throughout the whole Universe. On the ot
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He jests at scars that never felt a wound. [Juliet appears above at a window.] But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun! Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief (5) That thou her maid art far more fair than she. Be not her maid, since she is envious; Her vestal livery is but sick and green, (10) And none but fools do wear it. Cast it off. It is my lady, O, it is my love! (10) O that she knew she were! She speaks, yet she says nothing; what of that? Her eye discourses, I will answer it. I am too bold: 'tis not to me she speaks. Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven, (15) Having some business, do entreat her eyes To twinkle in their spheres till they return. What if her eyes were there, they in her head? The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars, As daylight doth a lamp. Her eyes in heaven (20) Would through the airy region stream so bright That birds wo
Yoga/tantric Info
I come from the silence As a word spoken in the dark, I come from the stillness As a breath blown Through the tunnels of time and space. All those who listen in the night For My voice, Shall feel My breath Upon their face, And hear My song Filling their heart with gladness. My temple is resurrected in your cells, And My sacred rituals are enacted Through your genitals. But the world has closed their ears To My songs, And closed up My temples, And let the flame of My alters Grow cold. For they think My temples profane, And My rituals obscene. They've all forgotten How they came to Life's banquet, And what a miracle Their children truly are. If you can not honor Me, It is because you no longer Honor yourself. I am the Eternal Mother, Through Me Life flows like a great river Poured out into all That you experience. For I am Life, And Life is what I am. Infinite, Eternal Yet always Changing - Always New. A kaleidoscope of realities Infinitely expandin
Well I drink too much and I want u to touch me When you're lookin at me this way & I think too much and I know I still need u now I hope that u say its okay 2 give u some of this piece of little action i know that u want me as well and if u trust me with your sweet attraction i primise I won't kiss i promise I won't kiss & tell Don't lead me on cuz I'm not down to play that game but if u want sweetness i'm here but if I turned u on then why not come away with me? I promise I'll never be scared 2 give u some of this piece of little action i know that u want me as well and if u trust me with your sweet attraction I promise I won't kiss & tell nobody knows that I'm like this I want to give u just one kiss nobody knows that I'm like this but you, so what r u gonna do? I get so high but that's alright I won't ever come back down your flying eyes are crying and I won't ever come back down your flying eyes are cryin Coming down the street she walks alone doesn't
Another one from when I was 15 lol...enjoy the hatred! you said you loved me but fuck that shit all you are is a poser you'll never fucking fit you fucked around with my head or atlest you thought u did but compared to me youre nothing but a fucking kid you say you know it all well guess what I do to your not the only bitch FUCK YOU you brought me up like an angel then you tried to tear me down but that didnt fucking work cuz im the one wearing the crown you said youre above me well fuck that shit too if anyones above the other its me whose fucking above you im sick of your shit and your fucking lies im done with you now fucking die why you do this ill never know you tear my heart and break my soul you bring me down to your bottomless pit with every word feeling like a bad hit my feelings for you just keep growing strong bt feeling this way has gone on too long do this again and I swear its true ill drop you like a bad habit and find someone n
My Thoughts Are Running Astray
Umm does anyone know of a site I can find an image of a dude riding an elk holding a sword?? I want it ti be a drawn type thing..its for a comment for a friend I was talking to someone last night and our convo is still bothering me. They were giving me a hard time because I wasn't inviting them over for a fuck when 1) I wasnt in the mood and 2) it was 1 am. We continued the convo and they made the comment to me " I don't think you are as nughty as you say you are. You want a guy to like you for more than just sex and if you were truly naughty you would have me over right now fucking me instead of just talking to me on the phone." I was really too tired last night to do anything but get upset and say I had to go. See what he was wanting was a slutty gal. And I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that yes I can be slutty from time to time. But I am choosie on who I'm naughty with. But trust me once I am with you the naughty side of me will come out. Anyways, just some ramblings h
Wicca Druidism Etc
There is so much nonsence and disagreement regarding Wicca that I post this, an excerpt from a free online reference. It does not mean that I agree with everything shown, but it is a good introduction to Wicca. As you will see in reading there is much controversy regarding it. It certainly it has come a long way from the few naked people dancing in a secluded area in the West country of England to help in fertility, crops etc. A form of worship of the Mother earth, the Goddess Wicca. ..well I hope you the reader find the following helpful...bright blessings Wicca From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Wicca (disambiguation). The pentagram within a circle, a symbol of faith used by many Wiccans, sometimes called a pentacle. Wicca Portal Wicca is a Neopagan religion and a religious movement found in various countries throughout the world. It was first popularised in 1954 by a British civil servant named Gerald Gardner[1] af
I'm lying there, my skin against the grass, my fingers trailing in the water. I scoop up a handful of the cool liquid and let it trickle into my mouth, The remaining droplets trailing down my throat to find sanctuary within my breasts. The sensation of being touched……..the feeling of being caressed. My eyelids close softly as my fingers play lightly with the moisture there My mind drifts to thoughts of another touching….another hand The nipples of my breast begin to respond….to pucker as the air Kisses them softly with such tender care……. Another scoop of water …. let it find a path of it's own…. Rippling across my stomach muscles… finding a home, Swirling around to the indention made when I was born. A soft sigh escapes my lips as I yearn for something more. A sharp intake of breath, as cold water makes it's way down 'tween my thighs My legs slowly part to allow it access to my full, pouting lips, Flowing 'tween them to my tiny pearl…. a bud that has been asleep M
Erotic Write
As she laid lonely in her tub The soft soapy water refreshes Her stressed out body The water soothed but a man would relieve, The unsatiable power of desire that controlled her As the years have past, she feels an incredible desire to be wanted, to be touched, to be loved. As she closes her eyes to let the bath soak in, she feels strong warm hands caress her face, Slowly moving down to the fullness of her breast. Warm lips meet hers, and tongues begin to dance. She begins to feel an aching in her body As his hands tingles down her stomach to the inner part of her thighs. Her clit becomes hard and throbbing. As his tongue circles softly on her neck His tonges caresses her nipples as his hand gently rubs her swollen treasure. She lets out a soft moan, as by now he rubs lightly enough to tease her clit, causing her head to move back wards, then soft moans escapes her. He takes her by the hand and moves towards the bed. TO BE CONTINUED Burning Desire Burning des
Life's to Short. Life's to short to play silly games, But beware of the player's, Cause they'll play anyway They'll take your heart with their old leather glove And toss it out in the field, long There it will lie till fate finds the player Who'll pick it up and decide what to do with it later Cause he's busy now, He and his mates Working out a game plan, drinking till late You wait by the phone, wait for his call It gets to midnight, and you think he won't call at all You're tossing and turning in your feversish sleep Then you hear the phone ringing, you jump to your feet He slurs in the phone, he loves you, he wants to come over For once it would be nice, if he'd call me when he's sober But a player he is, that's all he'll ever be! And really aren't I worth more? Heavens Be! I tell him, 'Do me a favour if you want to come round? ' Take a hike and jump off a cliff, if there's one around! And if you can't find a cliff in your drunken state Do t
Aight... I'm Gonna Start Sharing Some Laughs Again. Can't Let Heartless People Ruin It For Everyone. Hehe (hugs) :o)
Each Friday night after work, Bubba would fire up his outdoor grill and cook a venison steak. But, all of Bubba's neighbors were Catholic....And since it was Lent, they were forbidden from eating meat on Friday. The delicious aroma from the grilled venison steaks was causing such a problem for the Catholic faithful that they finally talked to their priest. The Priest came to visit Bubba, and suggested that he become a Catholic. After several classes and much study, Bubba attended Mass.....and as the priest sprinkled holy water over him, he said, "You were born a Baptist, and raised a Baptist, but now you are a Catholic." Bubba's neighbors were greatly relieved, until Friday night arrived, and the wonderful aroma of grilled venison filled the neighborhood. The Priest was called immediately by the neighbors, and, as he rushed into Bubba's yard, clutching a rosary and prepared to scold him, he stopped and watched in amazement. There stood Bubba, clutching a small bottle of holy water whic
My Songs
Darkened dreams Eclipsed by a ravaged sky Painful sorrow Heart torn to shreds Weeping willow Pain eternal Sweet beauty Raped and broken Torn from the world leaving behind such sadness Blood red sky Acid rain falling like tears Mother earth laid slain Her children damned Bittersweet tears Adorning tattered cheeks The poisoned earth Screaming in silence Begging for salvation A shockwave of anger Splitting the world in two No lust no want All forsaken Gias heart torn and battered Her innocence lost for all time She sheds tears as black as oil Heart ripped to dust Winds stopping No water does flow Black heart No mind Earth laid barren Wasteland no life left Eyes of the damned turning to you Her body raises from the ashes Her eyes venom to the world Tongue speaking in riddles You are cursed Your all damned Brought on by your greed Teppered lies No one to blame but YOU Vengeance soon to be served
Sometimes you should listen to what people arent saying. So we wouldnt have to sit,and wonder while I'm delaying. You make it sound so easy to move on and just forget. I wish I could tell you all the scars,tears and regrets. But in front of you,I don't wanna get upset. Its so hard hiding it,I feel my heart bleed and break. it hurts so much to have a big heartache. I wish I could be more like you. You have no problems,no issues to be true. You havenit been thou the shyt I've been though. I donit even think you know what it feels like. To be kicked when youre down, To be pushed outta the crownd. To feel invisible but youre right there. I really wish you were really here.. Love me little, love me long, Is the burden of my song. Love that is too hot and strong Burneth soon to waste. Still, I would not have thee cold, Not too backward, nor too bold; Love that lasteth till 'tis old Fadeth not in haste. Love me little, love me long, Is the burden of my song. If thou
Random Musings
Here I am. I'm not sure what shortcuts I took to get here so soon. I thought I would be much older before I reached this point. Perhaps I can pass on the knowledge I've gained to those who follow me on life's path. Are you ready for it? Do you want to know life's big secret? Yes, I said secret and not meaning. Life has no meaning. That's just a myth to get you out of bed everyday. Eventually you build up and immunity though. Once that happens, you can waste a whole day lying there, looking at the ceiling and trying to find a reason to move. Somedays it works. Most days you just go back to sleep and try again in the morning. So here it is. The big secret I promised. The person you always wanted to be. The things you always wanted to see. All the stuff you dreamed of doing someday. IT WILL NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN!! Life is a disease. From your very first thought, your first glimmer of hope, it begins eating away at you. Rotting you from the inside out un
some friends are true some friends are blue but through it all friends are to be honest. within themselves first then they can be honest with others. i know myself and all insecurities and doubt but friends real true friends are sent from God and those are the real friends and i have but few but the top of the list is my dear sweet husband who knows me better than i know myself. you all know who my true friends are i love you blessed be......KDS 4-23-07 HELLO MY NAME IS TERRY KRISTOPHER AND I JUST WANTED TO SAY HI TO ALL OF GRANDMA'S FRIENDS AND FAMILY I CAME INTO THE WORLD AT 5:5I AM AUGUST 28TH AT 8LB.S 3OUCES. AN 21 1/2 INCHES LONG. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers we love you all. DreamWeaver :) Who cares what happened last week. more is not always better. Dont nod on the phone If your going to laugh, laugh out loud make up a reason to have a party a little kiss can make a big difference hug people for no reason wave to people you dont know If it h
Status Alerts
Dreamweaver, Your ID is done. Cole, Your ID is done. DJ Fury , Your ID is done.
hey guys I'd like you to tell me 10 things I might never have known or guessed about you. Lol thanks i'm bored and its my bday lol So I've been in a rather blah kind of mood as of late. The reasone being I want to move to be with my gf but I can't afford the move right now like I want to. On top of that my phone has been pissing me off lately. So yeah just be kinda blah and not really been in the mood to deal with shit. So yeah I'm hopeing things get better sooner than later. So here I lay in my bed sad cause I fucked up sad cause I messed up sad cause I screwed up. Had a fight with the woman that means everything to me over something stupid and she's pissed with me. Sad cause I feel so stupid sad cause this hurts so much. I know things will get better but for now it feels like the worst feeling I've ever felt. Only one thing will make it better and I don't know when or if that will happen. Sad cause I'm not sure sad cause it was my fault cas cause I fucked up big time. Baby if you rea
Wynter'z End
You think You pause We break These laws Don't wait Don't doubt Just act Without You hold You fight We feel Tonight You ponder You obsess Just smile Undress Don't wonder Don't worry Just kiss me Please hurry ©2006-2007 ~wynterzend So I've abandoned my faith in human kind I've lost my way, I've lost my mind And here are these walls I'm hiding behind After all that I've seen I've damn sure been blind Cause you give this me this hope that I just hate You come along I can't concentrate It seems I should know now I'm not good enough And your not the type to ever fall in love With someone like me So I bide my time, I don't call I'm better off not to try at all But against my will I tear down the wall It's so easy now to feel so small When you give this me this hope that I just hate You come along I can't concentrate It seems I should know now I'm not good enough And your not the type to ever fall in love With someone like me ©2006-2007 ~wynterzend
A Tripped Up Mind.
The homie Bobby gets back from New Jersey today. He going to spend his entire brake chillin for my 22nd birthday. In 6 days he ships back to Iraq for his 2nd tour. Now thats a homie. So I have totally been inactive on CT which I guess is now Fubar. In the 8 months I have been back at school I have by far exceeded my own expectations. Lining up for 5 more classes this fall I should have my AA in another year or so. School comes first has been my mentality and with the workload I have received this summer from English and Math I have completely kept myself busy... haven't even been able to draw. The little spare time I do have has been going to my homies Kenny and Dub who are finally out of jail while they continue their trial. They are two out of the six people I count as blood and the time I have with them I am not taking forgranted since they might not be here for long. All in all life has been busy, but good. Those who know my homelife know its constantly unstable, but things
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I am in my first contest so please go to my photo and comment the hell out of it and please rate!! I would really appreciate it!! Thanks! ;) Got a new background and stash item for ya, cmon cherries, rate me, fan me, comment the hell outta me!! I'll show you some love too!! ;) Muah!! For those who have not seen, I have new pregnancy pics. Check it out!! Thanks sexy cherries!! Mwah!! ;)
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1. The female makes the rules. 2. The rules are subject to change by the female at any time without prior notification. 3. No male can possibly know all the rules. Attempts to document the rules are not permitted. 4. If the female suspects that the male may know some or all of the rules, she must immediately change some or all of the rules. 5. The female is never wrong. 6. If the female is wrong, it is because of an egregarious misunderstanding which was the direct result of something the male did, said, did not do, or did not say. 7. If rule 6 is invoked, the male must apologize immediately for having been the cause of the misunderstanding without any clues from the female as to what he did to have caused the misunderstanding. See rule 13. 8. The female may change her mind at any time for any reason or no reason at all. 9. The male is never permitted to change his mind or under circumstances without the express written consent of the female which is given only
Sinister Fairy
I see her all the time. Her flowing dress as she rounds the corner. The glow of a candle. But I hear her footsteps sometimes at night, And her voice singing some sad love song that makes me want to cry. The secret sypmpathy the silver link the silken tie with heart to heart and mind to mind In body and soul can bind. To have my satin butterfly in my arms again To feel her body close to mine to caress her touch her make her mine To touch her in places that no one else has ever touched To stroke her hair to have it fall around us when we make love To look into eyes and see my future To be wanted ~~ by him To be kissed ~~ by him To have an orgasm~~ by him From shadows into sunshine As I promised to take you To the special places in My private and public world But most importantly I want to Show you the absolute power Of love. Just how long can I Continue to ignore these logic- Crushing urges and t
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I have included the lyrics so you can read the words i have to say to have had so many chances to prove the things that you you made the choice to use up your last one and this song says it all...again i am sorry that you have come to make me feel this way..... I should be out in that driveway stopping you Tears should be rolling down my cheek And I don't know why I'm not falling apart Like I usually do And how the thought of losing you's not killing me I feel bad That I can stand here strong Cold as stone, Seems so wrong I can't explain it Maybe it's just I've cried so much I'm tired and I'm numb Baby I hate it I feel bad that I don't feel bad I can let myself be angry over wasted time And sad about you throwing love away Yeah I almost wish my heart was breaking But I cant lie All I want to do is turn the page I feel Bad That I don't feel bitter, alone I just feel its time, its time to move on I just gotta move on and on and on It has be
Poetry By Me
Revolution ....Re: To do again ........Volute: A spiral shape ............Tion: Denotes action ................................noituloveR ......................niaga od oT :eR ...........epahs larips A :etuloV .......noitca setoneD ;noiT Revolution ....Re: To do again ........Volute: A spiral shape ............Tion: Denotes action ................................noituloveR ......................niaga od oT :eR ...........epahs larips A :etuloV .......noitca setoneD ;noiT Revolution ....Re: To do again ........Volute: A spiral shape ............Tion: Denotes action ................................noituloveR ......................niaga od oT :eR ...........epahs larips A :etuloV .......noitca setoneD ;noiT Revolution ....Re: To do again ........Volute: A spiral shape ............Tion: Denotes action ................................noituloveR ......................niaga od oT :eR ...........epahs larips A :etuloV ....
It's gone What's gone? My mind? Soul? No, I'm fine Not really Deep inside, something is missing The love and tender kissing He walked out my life Now all I do is talk to myself in the mirror, with my reflection My heart is dead Soon it will make a resurrection Once the wounds heal And I'm loved for real A type of love I can feel But nobody loves me Nobody cares Nobody loves me That nobody is me I can't love myself because no one does I'm all alone and no longer what I once was But the only thing that keeps me alive Is knowing that the next day, it might all change For the best And that "nobody" becomes somebody. Yeah I doubt that will be, come on think about it, someone could love me? What do I have? A broken heart, trust me everyone can see that from the very start. I give up, I am done, something I never do, But this whole love thing to me was new. It really doesn't matter I should be use to the pain, maybe one day I will turn around and ask 'Oh, what was
Day By Day
well more bullshit yet happens my sister is tryin to get back in my life with all her "me me me " bullshit and shes doing it in a way if i say anything ill look like a total douche bag it pisses me off it always seems to happen someone finds a way of making me look like a douche , well two nights ago she called to tell me that an uncle ive mine had passed on and she was thinking i could track down the other uncle to let him know and also to see if she can have things of my past *old pictures family letters of the holidays, and the family bibles. and i personaly feel she can sit and spin shes dissed me for for 2 years and she expects me to be warm and recieving to her and the biggest thing that pisses me off is shes had it easier then ive had it for she was the child that was "wanted" i was always the accidentle fuck fest baby to my parents but she saddly cant get that thru her skull its like wtf one part of me wants to tell my sister to go fuck off and one part of me wants to mend brid
What I Think About Things...
As the sun rises upon the long awaited new day and the darkness subsides. I see the road before me no longer riddled with the decay of life, now free and clear. I breathe in the fresh clean air of the day, with all the fervency of life. I greet the new day that promises hope and change, free and alive. The road my be long and sometimes riddled with potholes but only when you step outside of your self do you truly live your life in full. I'm so tiered of seeing what you see. I'm so tiered of being what you need me to be. I'm so tiered of whating on my dreams. I'm so tiered of you seeing right through me I'm so tiered of alway's being here for you. I'm so tiered of living in this house with you. I'm so tiered of feeling this way. I'm so tiered so please just go away. I should be writing, I know I should but I have all this crap going on right now that is creating this mondo mental block that I can’t seem to get rid of. So I will just vent LOL. I’ve got all this crap up inside me
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About Me This is funny. YOU fill in the blanks about ME, even if you don’t have any idea what the answers are, and send it back to ME. BUT FIRST, post a blank one out to all your friends so they can fill one out about you! Be honest! What’s my name? Where did we meet? Take a stab at my middle name: How long have you known me? When is the last time that we saw each other? Were you happy to see me? Do I drink? What was your first impression of me when we met? What's one of my favorite things to do? What is the best feature about me? Am I shy or outgoing? Do I have any special talents? Do you consider me a good friend? Would you come to me for advice? What is a memory we have once had together? Have you ever hugged me? Have you ever kissed me? Do you miss me? Do you think I miss you? Would you cry in front of me? What is my favorite food? Have you ever had a crush on me? If there was one good nickname for me, what wo
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What Is Your Inner Desire?Loveyou want love. you feel lonley and you want someone to love you back. you want everything you ever wanted in love and you want to meet your right soul mate. you will probably get him or her later in life.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic What famous actress are you most like?Reese WitherspoonYou are very laid back and a good worker and you are a very people person and sweet and kindHow do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic What does your eyes sayExoticYou show off and get to the point.How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
The Wonderland
The steam issuing from the shower only added to the pleasures going on within. Two water drenched bodies, glistening in the floestet light, moving as one. His hands seemed to find and cover her whole body. His lips only the better. Her hair a tangle against his chest down her back. Full breats fill is wanting hand as he cups them, making the excitement increase in his hips. A small moan escapes from between her lips, her back arches and she steadies herself against the tile. He bites her neck sending bolts of electric like intensity down her body. She turns her head to allow is hot tounge to fill her mouth quieting her. They stay entwined in th embrace as his thrusts pick up speed. No longer able to keep it inside, she lets out a scream of ecstasy as he fills her making her whole body melt in pleasure. Letting his body relax after the sweet release he holds her panting body as the water still falls upon them. Though she lay in bed, she could not obtain the sleep that she longed for. T
Ldy's Journal
There have been times that I have been down, I mean really really down - and people like Richard Jenni have made me laugh and helped to lift me up -- such a shame that someone, including me, couldn't be there to help lift him up when he needed it!! Watch this dedication of a very funny man - and then head over to my stash and check out some of his videos -- a very talented man . . . one who will be missed, but I hope is much happier now! You Are 12% Spoiled You are definitely not spoiled. You've worked hard for what you have. Down to earth and grounded, you don't need a lot to make you happy. Are You Spoiled? You've Experienced 64% of Life You have all of the life experience that most adults will ever get. And unless you're already in your 40s, you're probably wise beyond your years. How Much Life Experience Do You Have?
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You're pretty important to me By: doobiedoo48326 You're pretty important to me. You are responsible for some of the nicest smiles inside of me... the ones that come from memories made, feelings felt, and the happiness that holds it all together. I can't even begin to count all the times that special thoughts of you have brightened up the day, made me count my blessings, and helped to see me through. There is a "thanks" I quietly say from time to time in my heart. And if you could hear it, you would hear me saying a special " thanks"... to you. You are the best By: doobiedoo48326 - Your wonderful qualities have made a lasting impression on me that I will admire for as long as I live. - You give me so much to be thankful for. - You have wisdom that goes behond your words, and sweetness that goes behond your smile, and a heart of pure gold. - You take the time to hear
Book 14 Conan Doyle, The Hound Of The Baskervills
Sadly, thats the end of the chapter of a great book, i hope you will enjoy the full story in my blog over and over, regards LEKRAFT Chapter 15. A Retrospection It was the end of November, and Holmes and I sat, upon a raw and foggy night, on either side of a blazing fire in our sitting-room in Baker Street. Since the tragic upshot of our visit to Devonshire he had been engaged in two affairs of the utmost importance, in the first of which he had exposed the atrocious conduct of Colonel Upwood in connection with the famous card scandal of the Nonpareil Club, while in the second he had defended the unfortunate Mme. Montpensier from the charge of murder which hung over her in connection with the death of her step-daughter, Mlle. Carere, the young lady who, as it will be remembered, was found six months later alive and married in New York. My friend was in excellent spirits over the success which had attended a succession of difficult and important cases, so that I was able to induce h
When You Miss Sumone So Much
Get this widget | Share | Track details Picture a rose which is in full bloom and the air smells like the sweetest of exotic perfume and the sunlight is peicing across the ocean blue just let me know if I'm boring you I'll take you to a place in which your mind can be free a place of rest for the soul reserved for you and me so grab my hand and let me lead the way I'll take you to a place where lovers go to play I ask myself why, why you would let me cry. Let me cry so much and recieve no touch. No touch that sent chills down my body and around my heart, instead it felt like you threw a dart. One that tore and ripped and now seeks someone to fix. Except the only one who can fix it is you, but while you do that I ask could you? Love is special, love is weak, why would you just pick up and leave? Give me reasons, give me the truth why would you do this to me, becuase now all I do is live without you.
Ah What Is Amor! This is my myspace site where it has more info about me. Check it out so you can get to know me better. I'm a complex person and this will help. Love the world!!!!!!!! We all search for that perfect person to implement our lives although some times we fall short. Whether it be that we meet the wrong person or we are afraid to let anyone close to us, We struggle to find that peace and love we are looking for. It is a constant search that carries us on instead of ending a life that may be so beautiful to someone you have not met yet. What we need to realize is that there is someone out there for each of us: someone who understands us and loves us for who we are. Someone who sees past our faults and looks into our souls and our hearts. Is it worth waiting for that person? Is it worth settling for someone who is not what we really believe is our soul mate? No for love is precious and all the
Jeff "jan65"
I've been on Fubar for over 4 yrs & also on Facebook for over 1 year. Over the years I've noticed people's status change from "single" to "in a relationship" & back to "single" so many times. I love my friends dearly & hate seeing them go thru the pain of breakups. It just really makes you take a step back & think to yourself" Do I really want to be in a relationship now??" Everyone should be happy but does taht mean you should also go thru s much pain & heartache just to be happy?? Just a thought & something to ponder. Tonight was not a good night. Someone who I really cared about told me they stopped the "fuengageent" so she could get "fumarried" & 'fundivorced". Told her that hurt cause seeing on here I am fuengaged to someone made me feel on top of the world. Told her how hurt I was & gave her a hypothetical situation not knowing something like that actually happened to her. No matter what I said she didn't believe me. Now she has me blocked & now feel even worse than Idid earlier.
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This is for you Mom . . . I love you. To hear your voice To see your smile Thats all I truly want in life. To hear you say I love you To feel your warm embrace after a rough day Thats all I truly need. To feel your hand on my back when I'm sick To know your presence is there when I'm feeling alone Thats all I ever needed. But now you're gone And I'm all alone I don't want to grow up with out you. To know my kid won't know one of their grandmothers To know that I won't ever feel complete again To feel the pain in my heart from losing my best friend. I guess all I wanted was to have one more hug One more kiss One more song to dance to. . . One more "I love you" This is something I rarely do To admit i was wrong But what I am about to say is true I am still in love And the object is your face I just wish i could fix it Go back to that place Where we were together We were free We were the perfect couple There ever would be But I know it
Damn I'm Sexie
Im not a huge fan of the totally nude pics of myself but im trying to make an album for my family I need some suggestions of sum ideas for taking pics for this album. Can you help me out Cherries Life is full of hard lessons to be learned. The important thing is that we learn from them and not make the same mistake twice. The internet can be the most dangerous place to meet ppl. I jus look on the news (ppl are missing). BUT it can also be the start of something beautiful. The point is a lot of times we have this too perfect woman or man in our mind that we forget to make room for the imperfections and so we get disappointed so easy. The point is take things slow! When you rush things it normally doesn't work out anyway because you didn't take the time to get to know. I had a man that I thought liked me but I feel that he wanted too much too soon and it became a lot for me and disappointing for him. You can't rush luv so don't try because you'll fail every time you do by pushing yourse
When Hopes & Dreams Die!(revised & Reposted!)
Wednesday, March 14, 2007 Self Responsibilty. Where Has It gone? Current mood: All over the place! Category: All over the place! Life If only life could be so simple. Now I am well aware that most people feel they have their pulse on what the world should be like. That if people were more like them this would be a better place to live in. I don't feel that way though. I beleive variety in people makes this place a better place to live in. But I also feel that there are some basic simularities that should be adhered to aswell. Most notably taking responsibility in your own actions. I know that circumstances are always at play in decisions that are made,both good & bad. Some not of ur own doing. But there are always two choices. The right & the wrong. Since we are all falable many times we chose the wrong. Lord knows I know all too well as I've made my fair share & suspect I'm not through making some more myself. Its black & white. There are no gray areas. To me gray areas
Reading this may cause you to lose IQ points.... I needed to vent and I suppose this is the only place to do it and not really care what anyone thinks GROW THE FUKK UP..if you want the fukking lounge it is all yours....ok I feel better now :D So since I have been accused of dating ppl I am not.....Imma make this simple I am off the market I am going to concentrate on ppl closer to me and end the drama..... If you have a problem with me bring it to me.....we are all adults....this is not Jr High where you need to tell everyone else your issue hoping everyone takes your side...half the time it is something frivolous and can be resolved rather bring everyone else into it and stories get changed and mangled and that creates an even bigger problem...I deal with enough drama from my twelve year old daughter and shit @ work....I don't need to come on to Fubar and deal with it in a place that is meant for fun....I am happy to be friends with everyone that I meet on here a
Gentlemen, You Can't Fight In Here, T His Is The War Room!
My pirate name is: Bloody Mary Kidd Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it's the open sea. For others (the masochists), it's the food. For you, it's definitely the fighting. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr! Get your own pirate name from of the network fuck all, my friends are D-U-M dumb!!!! you too fucking stupid to tell me about the ditch in the side of the road......So when I make that U-turn to put you curb side......YOU SHOULD TELL ME ABOUT THE FUCKING DITCH!!!! This is how one gets high-centered.....what the fuck!!! but long story short, I got out, apparently...that's why i'm here.......Your a fucking asshole!! Never am I giving your ass a ride home again!!! This has been the night of all disapointment, thank god for Pirate House, for returning my sanity to me!! The end
Kevin Bloody Wilson
This is insanely personal but I decided to share it with the world... Dear Uncle Wayne: I keep trying to figure out a way to say goodbye to you. I thought this is the best way for to do so. You're like an Uncle to me.You're an awesome person with a great personality. You have been a part of my life for over 10 years. Bringing Evelyn and Beth into my life. 2 of the most remarkable people. I loved every minute of those years. I'm going to miss your smile your laugh, your smile, your jokes. your loving caring thoughtful ways. I will see you when i get up there Wayne and we'll jam. you'll play the piano and I'll play the guitar. we'll play for everyone up there. so this isn't goodbye this is see you later Hynes. I will continue to play music just for you. i will get better at both and play for Evelyn every opportunity i get. shes like an aunt to me. She's and her family are like my family. I will help her through all of this and help take care of her. You were a very loved man. You kn
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What Type of Flirt are You? (pics) Subtle FlirtWere you just winking at us? We couldn't quite tell... In fact, we think it's pretty safe to say that you're a Subtle Flirt you're a master of the flirting game. You know how to attract attention from anyone, any time. A quick come-hither smile, a little game of look-away-and-look-back-again before long you have the object of your affection wrapped around your little finger. One of the best things about your approach is that it's discreet. You can always act innocent and coy if something gets taken out of context or misunderstood. Just make sure you're not too subtle, or you may end up playing the game all by yourself.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by Which celebrity hottie are you? (pics) Angelina JolieYou're a tough one. Your caring of others, and you love adventures. You're not afriad of a challenge, you take life as it comes, and you love your natural self.
so i went to work this morning and i was sooooooo mad about it cause i couldn't sleep in on a weekend and i work all week and i get there and their like ok u can go home we have to many people on shift today i was like WHAT!!! i was soooooo mad i could have hit the supervisor if my boss was there he would have at least called me to tell me not to come in... i was really upset but whatever i'm home now nothing i can do about I GOT A CRUSH!! Hehe yes boys and girls i've decided who my crush is going to be... Don't really know what i'm doing tonight AND i need to mention something all u people are adding me as friends and u people arn't even reading anything arn't leaving me comments ur just gawking at my pics LISTEN u'll be off my list i'm making a total clean up if u want to stay u have a week before i start deleting people if u want to stay u will have to read this and comment that u want to stay i'll keep u if u comment but i noticed nobody reads these things except for loyal friends.
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This is also their rules for mumms MUMMs are NOT designed to promote yourself or anyone else, gain points, advertise an event or commercialized product, or promote racism, bigotry, hatred, or physical harm against any group or individual. MUMMs must also NOT contain inappropriate conduct, phone numbers and contact information, nudity, violence, or offensive subject matter, nor can it provide links to adult websites. Any use of PHOTOS or VIDEOS posted in the MUMMs must be appropriate and relevant to that MUMM, or the MUMM will be deleted. But yet there is a mumm that just posted...ASS... what she put in the mumm was a picture of her backside..she is clothed and wrote "Why is it that pictures of an ass will get waaaaaaaaaaay more points than a picture of a beautiful smile...or pretty eyes. Seriously I wana know....what attracts you to someone first? Would love some comments on this one! To me she is showing a suggestive part and her face is not in it..WELL BOUNCERS DO Y
Bealzes Historical Entries - December 2006
(Originally posted on December 26, 2006)In the first post of this series, I have gone over the fact that the biblical god is evil. In the second post, I have shown that religion is a socially-acceptable form of insanity.In this third and final installment, I will go over what to do about it.THE BAD NEWS: With the inmates running the asylum, nothing can currently be done to heal the mental imbalance in the people so afflicted. There just isn't a way to show people the truth, since there are so many other places that will reinforce the insanity. It's hard to stomp out this wildfire, because parents with the most noble of motives infect their own children. You also have societies built around the insanity, such as any Islamic state.THE GOOD NEWS: While we can't do much right now, the tendency of the majority of people seems to be heading away from religion. Science, tolerance, etc., are showing people that religion is wrong. In order to get butts on pews, priests are having to bac
So, 10 months ago we decided to move due to almost being robbed in our last apartment. We moved into a 3 bedroom with a guy friend Zeke. We thought it would be cool considering we all worked together and was awesome friends. 3 days later he quits and finds a new job at O'Charlies down the road and starts to become a new person. I never knew that new people could take such a personal and extreme difference on someone but hey not my buisness. We made a list of rules before moving in that included not smoking cigs in the apartment and noone touching Zeke's personal things in the computer room. We have 100% went by these and have tried not to disrespect anyone for that matter. About a month ago Zeke's new (and I mean by 2 weeks) girlfriend comes and cries to us about her 3 guy roommates kicking her to the curb and she had no other place to go. I am generally a warm hearted and weak hearted person so I said she could stay with us. Thing about is that I personally had to ask her ab
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I Want a Woman I want a woman who will give me her heart I want a woman who misses me when we are apart I want a woman who loves to hold my hand I want a woman who will be my best friend I want a woman who is honest as can be I want a woman who will cuddle up with me I want a woman who thinks of me when I’m gone I want a woman who will hold me when I come home I want a woman who can make me laugh I want a woman who can be my better half I want a woman who wants to share her day I want a woman whose love will not stray I want a woman who is loving and kind I want a woman who will say what’s on her mind Why is this woman so hard to find Rob Hall © 2007 5-29-2007 My daughter called me today. This is my Saturday to have my kids. She told me she was going to come with me this weekend and it made me feel so good I almost cried. We talked for a few minutes and then she said oh I can't come with you this weekend I forgot I have plans. Boy talk about a smack in the fa
This Is Me If You Don't Like It Then Don't Want It
So anyone that knows me knows that I think a lot about stupid stuff sometimes I even over think things to much but that's who I am and that's what I've always done. So I've been thinking about jealously issues and insecurities mostly thanks to what i listen to all day at work. The question can two people of the opposite sex be just friends. I am a female and I do have a lot of male friends so of course part of me wants to say that a male and a female can be just friends although I know it's not true. Men being the species they are have three types of "girl friends" the first of course is the ones they've already had sex with, second group the ones they are having sex with, and the last are the ones they want to have sex with. Men will lay ground work for a long while to get a piece of ass or keep the piece of ass if it's good enough. So now the question becomes when a person is in a relationship do they keep these friends of the opposite sex around and if so how should their par
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HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming. -- Alan, age 10 No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with. -- Kristen, age 10 WHAT IS THE RIGHT AGE TO GET MARRIED? Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then. -- Camille, age 10 HOW CAN A STRANGER TELL IF TWO PEOPLE ARE MARRIED? You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids. -- Derrick, age 8 WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR MOM AND DAD HAVE IN COMMON? Both don't want any more kids. -- Lori, age 8 WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE DO ON A DATE? Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough. -- Lynnette, a
Ok... new update here... This contest ends at midnight tonight EST and so far I am up by 1000 comments but could always use more help to make sure I keep that lead! So anyone with the comments and the time come on by and show the love... Comment away! xoxoxo Sarah Okay, so that last blog has the wrong link in it! OOPS... sorry guys! But here is the correct link to it! Well so far the contest is going fairly well... Currently in 2nd place with almost 2000 comments, thanks so much to those who have helped... Suprd78, DragonLover, Sean, I Put the FU in fun and PickleTickle... you have all helped me so much and I just wanted to say thanks... Just keep showing the love and leave those comments!!! XOXOXO Sarah [ photo: 493028347 ]
My Fishing Blog The rapidly increasing distribution of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSv) in Michigan waters is forcing the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to place a one-year moratorium on walleye, northern pike and muskie production and stocking. Officials hope the move will help ensure the disease is not inadvertently spread by DNR activities, and to protect the state's fish hatchery system. "All of the DNR's egg sources for walleyes and one key source for northern pike are from Great Lakes waters that are, or are highly likely to be, infected with VHSv," says Kelley Smith, chief of the DNR Fisheries Division. "Muskellunge egg sources, as well as two other sources for northern pike are located in very high risk waters, based on our understanding of the movement of baitfish around the state, as well as the amount of recreational and angler boat traffic between those waters and the Great Lakes." Smith says that currently it is not known whether eggs from these sp

GOLD at European Championships .Congratulation for SANDRA IZBASA. Sandra Izbasa - date of birth june 18, 1990 - Bucharest. Gymnastics club CCS Steaua Bucharest. Coach - Nicolae Forminte. She is a girl who declared in 2006 that she want to be healty and get best results at all contest.At school she likes romanian language,english and history.She spends her spare time lisning music ( classics, hip - hop ,dance , pop ) , reading, walking, waching TV.She likes to play remy and scrable and she loves flowers : imperial lily, orchid,roses,tulips,hyacinth. The books that she likes are : Harry Potter,Letter to Young Gimnast. Olympus Legend's. For us she is a real romanian national tresure.CONGRATULATION !
Well I started blogging the haterz so figured I'd blog the downraterz as well. When someone downrates me I block them. If you rate or comment them it still gives them points & attention so it's best to just block & ignore. I've made this list so u can block them as well. Feel free to comment a link to a downrater & I will add them to the list. Whitie FALLING INTO HISTORY joe1 Chort StaticXfurY carpathian lover lilelmo112 spirishpixi xX xJaimeBabyx Xx phoenixxx glook
My Bloging---- Have Fun
Ok I don't know if its safe to post this on here lol..but uhh... anyways I just completely redid my whole MySpace page and poor me doesn't have any friends yet =( so i was wondering if any of u that ALREADY... (not trying to recruit) have Myspace pages would add me?? I would be so happy. OMG! Some retard reported a couple of pics as NSFW now they got to be in my private file. They showed absolutely nothing at all. I see more girls on here with a whole lot less in thier pics as primarys... This whole NSFW thing is a buch of shit... You suppossed to be workin anyways not lookin at pics of girls if u get caught thats on you... No one forced you to look at the pictures... its sr8 up B/S! NO GAS...On May 15th 2007 Body: Don't pump gas on May 15th In April 1997, there was a "gas out" conducted nationwide in protest of gas prices. Gasoline prices dropped 30 cents a gallon overnight. On May 15th 2007, all Internet users are to not go to
What Creature Are You?
You scored as Bondage. Your turn on is bondage... all out. You don't have a specific part of kinky sex that turns you on more than any other... everything working together turns you on. And why shouldn't it? Sex isn't sex without all the trimmings.Whips100%Biting100%Chains/Handcuffs100%Blood100%Bondage100%Blind Folds0%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with You scored as Freaky Bitch. You are a FREAKY BITCH! You love sex, you love men, and you will do anything to get what you want. You like for men to talk dirty to you in the bedroom and you wear the sexiest, sluttiest, clothes ever. Freaky Bitch100%Smart/Classy Bitch92%
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Ill always be here for you Shakespeare Sisters Videos | Music Video | Nashville Homes For Sale I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy your families and your loved once, especially when it gets trying cos of the little spats with grumpy uncle George or aunt Lizas dog who humps everything in its way. And send a thanks to the men and women who cant be home with their families this year cos of orders. Me, Im also still a far away from home and spending this season alone, but I have my children with me and thats all that matters. Although we are missplaced still, we are together, and that I am thankfull for. I am also thankfull for all of my wonderful friends here on fubar that make my time here abroad seem so much shorter and helps keep my spirits up. Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving Love you all I have a little angel that flys around with a hammer and hits every one I love, I hope it beats the shit out of you!!! Send this to everyone you care about, even me if
About Me:
My friend in Iraq was injured. I have supported and encouraged him for months. His pictures are in my pictures at the very bottom. I am posting some links and please go and support him. Thanks everyone The month of September, I went to the beach three times. I had so much fun walking the dogs on the beach. I went to the Casino, aquarium, wax museum, Ripley's, and Tillamook Cheese factory. I went agate hunting with a friend which was so much fun. I never went with someone who knows how to do it. I love to eat seafood when I am at the beach. I gamble a little and know when to quit. I usually go to the casino to go to the buffet they have. I like sunny and stormy. I am a native Oregonian so a little rain won't hurt anyone. Hey everyone, come and sign my guest book. Thanks.
This Is Me
As your lips take mine to play Hands roam free over Silken skin Electricity sizzles on this cloudy day As we take each other in Touches bring heat That fan the flames Of such newborn desire Fingers trace along lines in lace Surging to life this burning fire Your brown eyes piercing As you steal into my soul I feel you fill me so completely Threatening to consume me whole I remember you From a far away dream A place where, for once All was what it seemed The only time My dream ever came true In a land non-existent That brought me you We spent our time Just being together It was always Spring Perfect weather forever We made love by the ocean Rolled in the sand Watched countless perfect sunsets Walked always hand in hand But that was long ago In a perfect dream Where all was non existent And all was what it seemed ~Amy~ I wrap myself in the comfort of your silence As your teeth scrape against my skin I loose myself in the loneliness I se
Kouboi's Poetry
You quiero campamento conmigo sancha, mi amor, in de bosque filled with arboles verde and many animales salvaje. I know a place with cascadas in “Her Table” near “The Crosses,” and a secret place at “Her Coat Stand.” We’ll nadar in the agua blanca of the “Big River,” I’ll pescandofor food and cook it on the frego de campana. We’ll lounge des nudo in the manantial calientes and a carro caliente will go in our cama de campana. Our noche tranquilo will be filled with musica and estrellas. I’ll have my café de charro ready if she wakes up with me in a cobija de nieve. Dedicated to Melissa Array Darkness and loneliness fill my cell, With pain and fear to great to yell. I wait for the mail officer to deliver to me, As I wipe away tears, that no one will see. I pray so sincere with my head raised above “Please, God, soon send me a letter of love.” I long to gaze upon pages so dear, With riches to bring my loved ones near. Words of diamonds on pages o
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need your help!!! check out my pg for link to help out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, i'm falling into 2nd and i hit my limit on photo comments!!! do your worst and don't 4 get 2 rate my pic thx, chicagobeebs1978 (i'd do the same 4 u n ur time of need) :p You may need to stop at the women's restroom . . . be prepared! When you have to visit a public bathroom, you usually find a line of women, so you smile politely and take your place. Once it's your turn, you check for feet under the stall doors. Every stall is occupied. Finally, a door opens and you dash in, nearly knocking down the woman leaving the stall. You get in to find the door won't latch. It doesn't matter, the wait has been so long you are about to wet your pants! The dispenser for the modern 'seat covers' (invented by someone's Mom, no doubt) is handy, but empty. You would hang your purse on the door hook, if there was one, but there isn't - so you carefully, but quickly drape it around your neck, (Mom would t
State's deadbeat dads owe $3 bil. Deadbeat parents owe $3 billion in Illinois alone, $100 billion nationwide. When parents refuse to honor child support, their kids pay. And so do you. April 8, 2007 BY ABDON M. PALLASCH When her ex-husband stopped paying child support, Rebecca Saban lost her Palos Park home and had to move to Downstate Pekin to find a house in her price range. Working day and night, she still could not afford simple pleasures, even the $12 to take her daughters to a local swimming pool. Her ex claimed to be homeless and rarely employed, but when he took the girls for weekends they'd stay in five-star hotels, she said. And when Saban, 47, begged him for money to pay bills, she said he'd take a roll of hundreds out of his pocket and peel off a few. » Click to enlarge image Rebecca Saban (with Erica, left, and Andi) said that although her ex pleads poverty, he was able to take the girls to Jamaica. (Rich Hein/Sun-Times) »
MINE (hehehehehe) SAGITTARIUS: The Sexy one Spontaneous. Horny. Freak in Bed. High appeal. Rare to find. Great when found. Loves being in long relationships. The one. So much love to give. Not one to mess with. Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone they meet. Their love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique sexiness. Most caring person you will ever meet! Amazing in bed..!!! Did I say Amazing in bed? Not the kind of person you wanna fuck with, you might end up crying. 4 years of bad luck if you do not. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book Written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictions. Read your sign, then Resend this with your zodiac sign and label. VIRGO: The Virgin Dominant in relationships. Sexy. Someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive. Loud. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Hard to forget. Love at first Sight. Everything you ever wanted.
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i dont do this often but i need everyones help ive reached my rating limit for my level so if everyone could help me level up i promise i will do my best to help anyone out if they need it in the future thanks ®__Pain__® im in really good shape today went to the dentist had 2 teeth pulled still waiting on the slow ass drug store to get my meds filled told me it would be 45 mins to and hour before i can pick them up and the numbin stuff the dentist gave me is wearing off :@:@:@:@:@:@:@ so im sitting here broke as a joke and in alot of pain have pity on me come on folks sign my guest book
Remeber 911 & Support Our Troops!
This is a poem being sent from a Marine to his Dad.For those who take the time to read it, you'll see a letter fromhim to his Dad at the bottom. It makes you truly thankfulfor not only the Marines, but ALL of our troops.The MarineWe all came together,Both young and oldTo fight for our freedom,To stand and be bold.In the midst of all evil,We stand our ground,And we protect our countryFrom all terror around.Peace and not war,Is what some people say.But I'll give my life,So you can live the American way.I give you the rightTo talk of your peace.To stand in your groups,and protest in our streets.But still I fight on,I don't bitch, I don't whine.I'm just one of the peopleWho is doing your time.I'm harder than nails,Stronger than any machine.I'm the immortal soldier,I'm a U.S. MARINE!
Brushing The Dog
Romance movies, remind me that I don't have something that is important to me. Love. I've lived my life growing up not knowing if my mother really loved me. People can say that they love you, but its action that shows it. My mom would say that she loved me, but then neglect me. I've noticed lately that she does something that she does something all the time that hurts me. Whenever I try to talk to her about my feelings or about something I think is important, she tells me that I'm making a big deal out of nothing. As if my feelings didn't matter. I want what she has been unable to give me. I want someone to unconditionally love me. To accept me with all of my flaws and faults. I want someone that is going to be there no matter what. And then I watch a romance movie and I am reminded that I don't have that, that I've never had that. Romance movies go overboard in fantasy but but sometimes they demonstrate what love is really all about. I know that in order to find and
Whats Up People
Name:_______________ Number:_______________ text messaging (yes or no): ______ picture messaging (yes or no) _________ Hey people I just wanted to give a heads up on things, I moved outta Bath NY and now I'm in the Watertown, NY area, I am wanting to make new friends so don't be shy now lol talk to me I like chatting well i did it to my self once again... i don't know how but i ended up getting a pinched nerve in my back on the upper left side... i know i know how or what was i doing. well hmmm i guess its been all about getting stressed and bowling with 2 leagues and well working like i was shot out of a cannon. well thanks for listening  
A guy wrote this in his myspace and it should make you think... Stop being so......yourselves. I know way too many beautiful girls who think they don't look good...It hurts...because it's our fault,guys I mean. We make girls feel like they have to be perfect. You know what I mean, flat stomach,huge boobs,round ass,long legs,big lips, and on top of all that,they have to dress like.....,and be one as well....nobody can measure up to that...and it's not fair...because nobody should have to. The little imperfections are what make people special. If everyone was perfect,the world would be so boring,variety is what makes life interesting. So guys,stop making girls have to live up to your, I'm sorry,our...deluded fantasy visions of perfection. Stop acting like boys and start being men...realize that women don't exist to fulfill our sexual desires. Stop talking to them solely to get with them,be nice to them because you want to be their friend,not because you want to hook up with them. Say
Sts-117 Atlantis News
STS-117 Atlantis Launch Video 6.8.07 @7:38 PM EST Watch Live: Image above: Space Shuttle Atlantis, mounted on a mobile launch platform, rests on the hard stand of Launch Pad 39A after an early morning rollout. Photo credit: NASA/Troy Cryder 05.15.07 - 1:30 p.m. EDT Space Shuttle Atlantis atop the crawler transporter made the slow journey to the launch pad this morning. The vehicle was 'hard down' at Launch Pad 39A at 11:47 a.m. after leaving the Vehicle Assembly Building at 5:04 a.m. EDT. STS-117 was originally planned to launch in March but in Feb. it was damaged by a hail storm and was returned to the VAB for repairs. Some of the repairs to the external tank can be seen in the image above with the red arrow. The new launch date is June 8+. The move is a major step towards the scheduled June 8 launch for Atlantis and its STS-117 astronauts crew. The Atlantis crew will deliver a new addition to the International S

this ugly piece of shit is going around down rating every one she can rate....ill give family acsees to anyone who rates her a 1 and gives her some dirty weeds, plus ill rate at least 30 of your pics...of course i always rate 10s please click my picture and rate and comment to vote...luv is returned... I need votes in this contest...i gotta goto work or id selfvote but i gotta feed my kids and pay my rent so im counting on you! please rate and comment this photo as much as possible...ill be looking latter and the luv will be returned...
Only meat in your eyes Nothing else matters To the degree of the minds meeting. The possibility of depth Was thrown right out the window. Now is too late All feelings cold and dead In your direction there is nothing. A new path has revealed Itself to me Suggesting a happier stride On the scenic route. You can and will not stop me My mind is made up. An empty zombie I no longer remain. The purge of life Reincarnated me to follow What I need And will no longer neglect or ignore. At last there is Indeed a reason to stay On this soil a while longer Caressing the sweet flesh Of another being. Though the chances be many To run across There are so few Of being truly understood and known. Death, the life unknown, Bound by the cold, Dead hands of the shadows, From whence we lingered, In order to substain, The role assigned to us. By the deities, Who grow tired of, Their previous creations. I exist only to, En
My Poetry
I am writing this,because one of my new friends was made to cry,because of looks.took me abit to muddle on it. hope it comes out ok. Look into my eyes; and see the soul that is. This shell; is just what it is a shell. Find my heart and soul;it resides within. See that beauty; it may blind you yet. Look within and not without;for this is where I am. I am just a traveler; seeking a like soul. Look deep into my eyes; what i am. I am just me; it's all I can be. I offer no riches; none are here. I offer no beauty; I know my countrance. I do offer what is;this heart and soul. I all I have is my word;honor begets honor. Look deep within and know what is; you may like it. I am just a simple knight;seeking a lady. A lady to defend; always and evermore. Look beyond what is and know; what lies here. As all things; In Time ,Truth. Within this shell; lies all the things that can be. Just look with
My Sexual Experince Or How I Like It
I am very stress. I fell very unwanted. Have a life I can’t live. Have a man that can’t love. My life and me is soooo unwanted. Every time I look in his eyes, all I see is hate. He say he can’t stand me, I just feel so unwanted. He say he love me, but can’t stand my mouth. Well baby that’s apart of me so u don’t love me. I am just so unwanted. I really hate my life. I never was wanted. I have love for him so y I can’t get loved back. O yea I know y? I’m just unwanted by him, but guess what I’m wanted by others. Most importantly I’m wanted and loved by myself. if their are one thing u would like to know about me good or bad now is the time to ask. 1)am i a freak? i don't consider myself one i just do what i do. so r u a freak? 2) how i like to get down wit someone? it's what eva. can explain more to u if u ask the right questions. so tell me how u like to get down up here or tho mail? 3) do i like anal sex? Hell I’m down wit that so do u like fucking a chick that w
Slim Shady's Poetry
You know, sometimes being on the road is rough Especially loneliness..... Girl I miss you And it's only been one day Since I went away And already I say I long to kiss you And hold you in my arms The nights are much too long when you're gone Baby, that's why Wherever I go Girl, my heart stays with you After every tour I wanna rush over to you My heart stays with you Trust me, when we are apart I won't break your heart Wherever you are I know you feel me Baby, 'cause I can feel you too No matter what you do I think of you Girl, my heart stays with you After every show I wanna rush over to you Baby, yeah When I'm leaving town Girl it hurts me too But I've got a job to do I'll be back around To feel your sweet face Your dear embrace No one can take your place I want you to nooooooooo, where I go, Where ever I go, my heart stays with you... Written by Slim Shady The Poet I promise to love you all the days of my life. Promise you'll d
Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at Ask The Mechanic (2) Question: My girlfriends "headlights" if you know what I mean are out of alignment. they point in different directions. How can I align them? Signed - "its like they follow me around the room" ANSWER: STOP! these units are factory aligned and any attempt at home alignment will result is voided warranty (relationship) and loss of service. home attempts at alignment are usually met with quite a bit of resistance and  complaints from unit such as - "THEY ARE NOT TOYS" and "THAT FUCKING HURTS" with units then withdrawn from view for extended periods of time. This is not to say that a trained professional can not perform said alignment. Not only can they align but even reposition or even enlarge the headlight holders for greater looking power. Nowadays the trained professional has a wide range of options to use when working on the units. most anything can be accomplished, Larger, smaller, ba
Hopeless Romantic
About 5 weeks have past since my diagnosis of Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma. As I have trooped through all the scans and tests, I have come to a realization: part of me feels betrayed by my body. It allowed a malicious alien to form its weapons in me with the intent to own and destroy all that I am. Yet, it has also been my friend at the same time. In an act of merciful kindness it has thrust me into a deeper reliance on God. It pushed me willingly closer to my Father, the Healer and Comforter. All things fall into proper perspective when the triviality of daily activity ceases to be trivial. My children are more precious, my moments more dear. Best of all, God will be glorified by the healing He performs on my body. My daughter pointed out that Jesus came for our healing. When he left, the disciples were charged with continuing to heal. These were the acts of God, not miracles - but what He has for us. (Miraculous, indeed - the gift of a Father who loves His children.)
I remember when I first started blogging here. I was "new". I started browsing, was impressed at how Fu was NOT the next Myspace. Soon after I found inspiration in a random drive-by here on fu. I don't know if I was just lucky that day but finding the fu "user" Exir changed my whole blogging experience, literally. A new niche in online blogging soon made it into my normal daily routine. I blogged and blogged, re-designed, conformed. After a year I found myself slowly digressing into the blahs of fubar changes". I really believe it did start with the removal of java use. For myself, what made stand apart from the rest was the freedom it offered. In time that freedom was slowly stripped away leaving many long time bloggers here with very little options for self expression. Allthough many found unique ways around these changes, I still believe it was a hard slap to our intelligence to substitute our freedoms of expression with the likes of "widgets" that ap
went out to jackson to see anybody killa tonight, made it fashionable late of course just as jay-mo started his set..... the crowd was hype, killa was on point... wish i would have caught the earlier acts but shit happens lol.... tomorrow is Hot 102.7 Summer Jamz in Pontiac, i'll be there for Swamp Dawg Da Gator Man of course, thats gonna be CRAZY INSANE WHEN HE HITS THE STAGE SERIOUSLY!!! Swamp is on the come up so keep ya eyes and ears open for real!!!! anyhow just anutha weekend for Metros Most....... on to the next show! Happy late Halloween to all my friends! I'm in Ohio for about a week so all my Ohio peoples hit me up! ReD THE BASH OF THE SUMMER TOMORROW NITE!!! The Underground Freedom Festival @ The Masters Empire @ The Russel Bizaar!!! Come celebrate the freedom of the country and our good friend and homie ReD of MotownHustlin Productions/Hatchet Rydas CC/Blondies Detroit! $5 before 11pm - $10 After - 18+ Show with ID - Drinking 21+ with ID - Bring your own beer and liqour! 1
Just Another Thought
TAKE ACTION – SAY “NO” TO A FEDERAL TAX INCREASE ON CIGARETTES! Learn what you can do at or call toll-free 1–866–527–4494. Congress is talking about raising cigarette taxes again by as much as $6.10 per carton. But as smokers know, cigarettes are already one of the most highly taxed products in the country today. In fact, since the year 2000, state and federal cigarette excise taxes have been increased over 73 times – driving up the average price of cigarettes over 80%. Everyone should pay their share of taxes, but a federal tax increase on cigarettes is an unfair burden on smokers – especially when these taxes fund a wide–range of expanding government programs that benefit everyone. And as cigarette sales decline it’s an unreliable source of revenue. Singling out smokers for a 156% increase in the federal cigarette excise tax is going too far – tell Congress enough is enough. Copy and Paste into a new window Pa
Some Of My Work And Other Stuff!
Does life always seem uncontrolable? Can someone really hold your heart in there hands with care or will they eventually break it some how. Do we hold ourself's responsible for anything anymore or is everyone else to blame, why cant we all live in peace instead of hiding in shame. To often one can't see what is staring them in the eyes, holding it far away they feel safe but make you feel pain, never knowing they took your heart and breath away. Love's a word we use to often without understanding what makes it work, hold back the word until you know for sure this way pain is no more. Powerful emotions , a embrace that wont let go, a kiss that makes you weak, and also brings you to your peak. Love and Lust mixed in one, trembling bodies, emotionaly numb. Love is what we crave even with out last breath we will say. Opened eyes have made me realize that love exsists you can feel it in a kiss! A heart so tender and pure with love to give, will someone accept it, no strings or tricks? I wa
To Love
How many times do you have to tell someone that your through and have them believe it. Tired of the harassment and bothering the all the time on my case wishing that something would get through and nothing has at one time we were as close as two peas in a pod but grew apart and nothing is going to change that. Hope this may make feelings known and the intended person gets the idea. SENT AN ANGEL TO WATCH OVER YOU LAST NIGHT, BUT IT CAME BACK. I ASKED WHY? AND IT SAID ANGELS DON'T WATCH OVER ANGELS! send this to all the people you really care about 20 angels are in this world 10 are sleeping 9 are playing and 1 is reading this comment. send this to 10 friends including me. and if you get 5 replies, someone you love will surprise you!
sex app Current mood: horny Body: BOOTY CALL APPLICATION (PLEASE PRINT) SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE WANNA BE UR BOOTY CALL! SEND BACK IN MY INBOX!!!!!!!!!! RE-POST IF U WANNA SEE Name_________ Age___ Phone(____) _______ Occupation______________ Height______ Gender(M/F)___ Married(Y/N)__ Single(Y/N)___ Other_________ If single would you be mine: How often (check appropriate answer) Daily__ Weekly__ Monthly__ As much as possible__ How long can u last (check appropriate answer) 1min ___ 15min__ 30min__ 1hr__ All nite___ Do u like giving oral sex(Y/N)___ Which do u prefer (check appropriate box) One on one__ Doubles__ Group___ While having sex, what do u do (check all appropriate answers) Faint__ Cry__ Moan__ Wiggle__ Twist__ Jerk about__ Pant__ Sweat___ Scream__ Hum__ Whistle__ Just lie there__ Go to sleep__ Watch tv__ Read__ Think of someone else___ List three positions u like: 1.________ 2.________ 3.________ What is ur pre
Just Me Just Today
I recieved a early Bday Gift ! Hi I would Like to all those who helped Me become a Henchman tonight Sweet Thing Metal baby and Boo Boo weldingangel and to all of You who helped xoxox You know who You are I Thank You one and all I am sorry i missed gifts and return rates to many my alerts just disapered to fast even for all the new friend requests =( after i acepted them You guys ROCKED! This You lady needs 13 000 to leval if you could please help a very old and dear freind get leveled with Me xxx Rae@ fubar hi everyone !!! hope My American Friends had a great holliday! up date went to doctors asked her to just shoot me from skin paine she gave me 2 bags of free samples and i am doing much beter ! Today Is my Son and youngest childs 18th Birthday in fact he was born 5 min from now! Love Ya man time flew! any how nothing but sunshine and positive vibes here today wishing them on You as well be well My Friends! This is My sweet Friend Imma from Naples Italy She
Funny Stuff!
A man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him to a chair, while tying the girl to the bed he gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom. While he's in there, the husband tells his wife: "Listen, this guy's an escaped prisoner, look at his clothes! He probably spent lots of time in jail and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck." If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain, do whatever he tells you. Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is probably very dangerous. If he gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong, honey. I love you." To which his wife responds: "He wasn't kissing my neck. He was whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, thought you were cute, and asked me if we had any vaseline. I told him it was in the bathroom. Be strong honey. I love you too!!" L
If you are a member of L.U.V. Club, please add everyone below. Pete -Founder ♥Pokerpete13♥~OFFICIAL L.U.V CLUB FOUNDER~ HONORABLE SOCIETY OF WOLVES~@ CherryTAP Theresa – Tech Advisor/2nd In Charge BGD's Yummy~Alpha Female ~ Honorable Society of Wolves~Joker's Mistress :)~L.U.V. Club Co Fd@ CherryTAP lAURIE -Master Morpher/ Moderator `blakpnthr68`~Master Morpher~Honorable Society of Wolves~Official L.U.V. Club Co-Founder~@ CherryTAP BRIGITTE -Official Greeter }:{MisssButterfly}:{~~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~~@ CherryTAP CAL - PUTER EXPERT ~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO-FOUNDER~ PUTER EXPERT~@ CherryTAP Stacey – sweetlady_tx_loves_hotbostontrkr~OFFICIAL L.U.V. CLUB CO - FOUNDER~@ CherryTAP Crissy – ladyhumps22@ CherryTAP Chris – ~*~SweetAngel~*~ ~Official Fallout Slammers~ ~*~Club F.A.R. Member~*~Please sign my guestbook. Than@ CherryTAP Tracy –
Everyone wants to change, but change demands desire and discipline before it becomes delightful. There is always the agony of choice before the promise of change. Some people are willing to give the Lord credit but no cash. The Little Grass Hut The only survivor of a shipwreck was washed up on a small, uninhabited island. He prayed feverishly for GOD to rescue him, and everyday he scanned the horizon for help, but none seemed forthcoming. Exhausted, he eventually managed to build a little hut out of driftwood to protect himself from the elements and to store his few possessions. One day, after scavenging for food, he arrived home to find his little hut in flames with smoke rolling up to the sky. The worst had happened! Everything was lost! He was stunned with disbelief, grief, and anger. "GOD, how could you do this to me?" he cried. Early the next day he was awakened by the sound of a ship that was approaching the island. It had come to rescue him. "How did
A shoulder to cry on. An earto lend. Money to borrow. Clothes to lend. Are afternoon walks are private talks Together for ever And Forever friends There once was this girl who was going througha divorce from a man the beat her and sexually and emotionally abused her. One day she invited a friend to go to the movies with her, and instead she brought over a guy and said i thought you would rather goout with him instead of me. So she left and not but 5 min after she was gone the guy ripped her skirt off and started to take advantage of her. She kicked him and told him to stop and he forcfully rammed his dick in her ass and she really kicked him hard again and told him to get the hell away from me. He left and she didnt know quit what to do so she talked to one of her friends on the computer that lives thousands miles away and that friend helped her to call the police and to call someone near by to be with her. Well the p
Cherry Tap is SO MUCH BETTER than myspace right now. The people here are amazing. There's no drama. The website is always working. It's just purely amazing. I want to thank my friend, Tommy, for telling my about Cherry Tap. Words can't describe how much happier I am here than Myspace. It was ALWAYS drama, drama, drama over there and I'm sick of it. I hope to get to know a lot of you. All of my friends so far are VERY nice and I hope to make a lot more! After you come home from the hospital, you relax a bit, go to bed, BUT just as you fall asleep, some asshole at 1 in the MORNING is STILL shooting off fireworks and it IS 2 days AFTER the fourth of July. Not only does it wake you up, but you wake up shaking. I mean come on. I had a rough night as it is and I wanted to sleep but now I have to deal with people still shooting off fireworks in the early morning or late night, however you wanna look at it. I just wanna sleep. Is that too much to ask? :( So I woke up this morning with such a h
I Don't Give A Fuck... =]
Outworld - War Cry Omg! That Scream Makes me Want to Cream my Panties! Lmao. I Miss you So Much Right Now Brandon Let me clue you in on some things. What you are doing to is wrong. All the times I did not talk to you I was sick In bed or in the hospitle. Now I have been worrieing about you for days. I love you to death and I miss you, Like you would not belive. My chest pains are getting worse, and I have almost passed out 3 times. I have not had hardly any sleep. I am skipping out on meds i need couse I am scared to death i'll miss a call, brandon...Go on hange out with your friends, but at the least tell me your okay, and please tell me you still love me. I Love and miss you with all my heart At some point a person brake's, Sometimes the world gets to hard to Take. Holding there feelings and fears deep inside,
Today is the day, I celebrate the day, the day you came into my life, and made my pain go away. It was only nine months ago, you came into my life, you touched my heart, earned my trust, and took away my strife. I love you Kevin, more than I have anyone before, I never want to feel any pain or cry anymore. I cant tell you anymore, how my mended heart feels, you must have the magic touch, because yoru words heal. I love you Kevin, ane no one else can see, how these nine months, have changed me. Something I wrote for an old Boyfriend! *Keep Trying* Trying to decide whether I hate you or love you, Wanting to know if you would still love me too. Why can’t we just go on how we used to? Why did you have to do what you did change and turn my life upside down? Trying to decide whether to ever trust another the way I trusted you, Wrapped around your finger hope you know id do absolutely anything for you. Thousands of thoughts run through my mind not knowing if I c
Friends And Fans...
do u have what it takes to be fubar's next hottest tattoo...if so please send pic of tat to my fumail and i will set it soon as i get 15 contestents the contest will begin...good luck to u all first place----a month vip or a blast(7 DAY) second place---a porsh therd place----a tropical vacation the contestants so far are as followed angie babe dirty monky daves baby nopedaling im to good for you sexy azz bytch angel79 angel of sin sweetlikecandy wolves242006 in my dreams babydoll39 lick my screen Tatted&Peirced Frkyphkkr
Daily Horoscope: Libra For September 12,2007 Your good energy makes people much more likely to take notice of you -- and it's all positive attention! You may get singled out for praise at work or have an easier time meeting new singles. Daily Horoscope: Libra For June 23,2007 Know your limits. The problem is you're so endlessly gracious and welcoming that sometimes people think you're always available, like a 24-hour supermarket. Disabuse them (nicely) of that notion. Daily Horoscope: Libra For July 6,2007 Has it ever occurred to you that while you're out looking for sugar, you've got plenty of honey at home? That whole everything-I-need-I-have-right-in-my-own-backyard concept hits pretty close to the mark for you now.
I Can't Pretend I'm Happy When...
Just thought I'd check my stuff on here real quick. I think I'm dying. My sinus infection has spread to my ears and now I can't hear anything but my own breathing. Fuck. Back to the doctor's. Twice this month so far. That doesn't even count the ER visits.My medical bills are going to be soooo fucking expensive. Well, you kids try to have a fun fourth. No firewirks for me- I'm pretty sure I'd be writhing in pain. Someone tell me how they were for them? kaythanksbye. -allie So the baby's finally asleep. I think I'm going to go lay down with him. See you guys later.
In Pieces
OK I'M POSTING THIS IN A BLOG AND NOT A MUM CAUSE I LOST MY MUMMS :( ANYWHO MY CD PLAYER IN MY CAR WONT WORK......THE CLOCK ON IT WONT EVEN WORK THE SCREEN IS JUST DARK! IS THERE LIKE A FUZE OR SOMETHING THAT I BLEW AND IF SO HOW DO I CHECK IT? THIS IS WHY I NEED A MAN AROUND THE HOUSE... THANKS I just wanted everyone to know that I OFFICALLY GIVE THE FRICK UP!! I'm done with men cause all they do is lie!! I'm done with the internet cause you think you've met someone great and then they lie to you and break your heart! And then when you actually do meet someone great that wont lie and break your heart they are out of reach!!! There's two websites i'm on! Here and bookofmatches I'm deleting my bookofmatches account I'm keeping this one open cause i've made really good friends on here! But that's all i'm around for anymore is friends! Yes I know that's why my profile says anyways! But I'm single again if you couldn't already tell. And I plan on staying that way for a l
Native American
House made of dawn. House made of evening light. House made of the dark cloud. House made of male rain. House made of dark mist. House made of female rain. House made of pollen. House made of grasshoppers. Dark cloud is at the door. The trail out of it is dark cloud. The zigzag lightning stands high upon it. An offering I make. Restore my feet for me. Restore my legs for me. Restore my body for me. Restore my mind for me. Restore my voice for me. This very day take out your spell for me. Happily I recover. Happily my interior becomes cool. Happily I go forth. My interior feeling cool, may I walk. No longer sore, may I walk. Impervious to pain, may I walk. With lively feelings may I walk. As it used to be long ago, may I walk. Happily may I walk. Happily, with abundant dark clouds, may I walk. Happily, with abundant showers, may I walk. Happily, with abundant plants, may I walk. Happily, on a trail of pollen, may I walk. H
The Game Of Life: Officiated By Me.
Everything was perfect. I couldn't ask for anything better. Not only I was single,but I was on vacation in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida. The sunshine,good beer, and better drugs was exactly what I needed to escape the misery of Michigan. The Florida sunshine is a delicious break from reality. Especially when reality is a motherfucker in it's own right. I returned from a day of shopping, and admiring the Florida "scenery", and had some time to kill before I hit the night life. I clicked on the t.v and grabbed my rolling tray to roll me something for the head. Every minute I stay here, I contemplate staying forever. This place is full of transplanted boondock lads like myself. I should fit right in right? Thats what YOU think. Right in the middle of my first hit of bliss, and the beginning of Sportscenter a knock came at the door. I recall being a little pissed at the interruption, but what was waiting for me on the other side was ions better than Stuart Scott taking me and
I Love You I love you. From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one for me. Now that I have you, all I want to do is be with you all the time. Walking hand in hand, together, we enjoy each other’s company. And we fight the ones who get in our way. How I’ve longed for you all my life. You mean the world to me. I love you. From the moment we part in the late hours of the afternoon, until the next time I see you, all I think is you. You are constantly on my mind... the fun memories we had, the unpleasant memories we had, they keep coming back to me when we're apart. So powerful, so fierce, everyone moves back to give you space. And yet, holding you gently and not squeezing you tight, yes, that’s how you like to be held. I hold you the way I would hold a tiny sparrow and I will never let go of you. It feels so nice when I put my hands around you. Gentle strokes, I try to feel you intensely. I have so much passion for you. I close my eyes and try to imagine
A Little Enchantment?
Alright, someone want to explain to me what's up with that? And why have I not been asked yet? Lmao....This is not another pity blog, like the "crush" one, Ok Steve????? I'm just curious.....I see so many that have marriage licenses and I feel left out now......But then again, someone told me never to do it. lol Ahhhh...... Ok, that is all My cat is 16 years old and has diabetes....I need to give her insulin twice a day, but in order to do so, she has to eat first. The past few days, she won't eat. So tonight I tried feeding her again and she did not eat, so I could not give her the shots. I tried feeding her again in my mom's room and she's not doing well at all.........I think she won't last the week. Now I know a lot of you are going to say, it's her time...She's had a nice long life...But it's hard letting a pet go. Especially one you've devolved a bond with and have had since you were 13. She's the best cat I have ever had and I shall miss her terribly......Honestly, I canno
On A Happy Note
lady walks into Tiffany's. She browses around, spots a beautiful diamond bracelet and walks over to inspect it. As she bends over to look more closely she inadvertently breaks wind. Very embarrassed, she looks around nervously to see if anyone has noticed her little accident and prays that a sales person doesn't pop up right now As she turns around, her worst nightmare materializes in the form of a salesman standing right behind her. Cool as a cucumber and displaying complete professionalism, the salesman greets the lady with, 'Good day, Madam. How may we help you today?' Very uncomfortably, but hoping that the salesman may just not have been there at the time of her little 'accident', she asks, 'Sir , what is the price of this lovely bracelet?' He answers, 'Madam, if you farted just looking at it, you're going to shit when I tell you the price. Here a very good firend of mine ! He is new to Fubar and shy so I am trying to jump start
As I look deep into your bright blue eye's I see the twinkle in them like the stars in the midnight sky. When I hear the wind blow I hear the sound Of your wonderful voice flow. You're skin so soft, like the clouds in the sky, Just looking at you, your self is a Wonderful high. Oh how I ache to tough and hold you too. For I asked god to send me an Angel, And he sent me you! So every time I look up at the sun, I look forward for the day that we are together, And that day will soon come. For you are my Angel from High up above, And I am the one that will Give you all my love. I wonder as I wander, Out under the blue sky. Why do people I care about, always have to die? Are you happy where you are, Where ever that maybe. I wonder as I wander, Do you sometimes think of me. Is it nice up there in the heaven, for I know you made it there. Are the clouds made out of marshmallows, Do you know that I still care? I look up in the summer sk
To All My Friends
show some sweet love to wifey verry sad day need all your suport plz love you all and thank you DAMN THOSE SEXY EYES, THAT NICE SMILE THAT VOICE THAT WALK THAT ASS,AND THAT STYLE... WELL ENOUGH ABOUT ME!!! HOW ARE YOU DOIIN?? LOL J/K PASS THIS TO 10 PPL U CARE ABOUT INCLUDING ME IF U CARE SEND THIS TØ ALL YØUR SEXY ASS FRIENDS SØ __ __ THEY KNØW YØU THINK THEY'RE HØT AS HELL!! __ _______________________________________________ __.d8888b.__8888888888_Y88b___d88P_Y88b___d88P_ _d88P__Y88b_888_________Y88b_d88P___Y88b_d88P__ _Y88b.______888__________Y88o88P_____Y88o88P___ __"Y888b.___8888888_______Y888P_______Y888P____ _____"Y88b._888___________d888b________888_____ _______"888_888__________d88888b_______888_____ _Y88b__d88P_888_________d88P_Y88b______888_____ __"Y8888P"__8888888888_d88P___Y88b_____888_____ _______________________________________________ ___IF U GØT 1 BAk THEN U ARE UGLY PPL JUST
Life, Love, And Strength
Truth and Emotions I look into peoples eyes There lips do not move Yet I can hear them speak Stories unwind As thousands of silent voices Whisper softly Tales of Pain, Joy, and Laughter Stories of Love, Hate, and Tears A life of poverty Sitting on a street corner Cup of change in hand A life of pain Where every word Becomes one more mark in the wrist The joys of tears Crying behind the fake mask Playing a the role of the prince When really the pauper Quite are the lips that do not move The eyes speak without a word Darkness fades In the darkness do I lie without my wings I can not fly. lost within the night, I can not fight. Broken, bleeding, I am no longer me because of thee who changed, hurt and blinded me, I can not see Upon my face there is a mask One that keeps me from my task It is my past it hides and in the dark I have no guides Alone am I, left to defend against those who would try to offend an injury I can not mend I can n
Death is an embracement of the life we lived. Death is a gracious moment to come to terms with life. Looking death in the face is like knowing what is to come. Death is an embracement of life and love. Love and death can come to terms with one another. Life without love is death in itself. Death is just another name for a loveless life. Living without love is like living in hell. A loveless life is like a poison that only loveless people take. The poison can not harm one thing... and that one thing is called True Love. And true love is something some people feel. Only the lucky few can feel this True Love. I am one of the lucky few.. I feel true love, which is a remody of this poison. I can not live in hell because I have looked death in the face, And I see my future in my love, my world, my heart, and my soul. And I thank my heart and soul, for bringing me out of hell, and into life. A life with love is heaven, and heaven is life with love. friendship is love but not
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No Barbie Doll Ho Baby
NO Barbie Doll, Baby Doll, Ho Baby: No thank you, please. That kind of girl ties knots no sailor ever knew. she phoned me one summer evening. "quantum ... quantum baby, hi. it's Barbie. i was wondering ... would you like to come over?" i said, "yeah!" she said, "oh, good. i can't wait ... bring some condoms." i became excited and turned into speedracer, arriving at her residence within what seemed like a New York City second. she was standing outside waiting. i got out my vehicle and nonchalantly approached her, maintaining eye contact as she walked towards me. her full, luscious lips were a bright red from a glossy lipstick. she was wearing a white, sheer halter top, revealing a spectacular cleavage with two gorgeous, ample mounds of silky skin; and her perky nipples were exquisitely protruding. she was absolutely breathtaking: the combination of her precious face, her golden hair, her exposed shoulders, and her hour-glass figure; as well as, her alluring smile, and the sparkle of he
such an abundance it holds within and many to which it feels akin but why in times when all is felt does it seem to it not enough is dealt? so much is held that's yet unseen but now it remains in the constant -between- the void of neither... the unwanted - nor needed just to be used- tossed and mistreated. will such a wealth than be lost to all- that into the void it should choose to fall... for all its given and not to take should it just sleep and never again... dare to wake. ~Candyce~ when dreams become like the shadows of a dying day- and hopes become like the rain washing fallen tears away- how does one have a feeling of being complete? when the heart becomes like a sieve from all the hurt endured- and the soul becomes like a winter's endless night unfurled- how can one truly feel whole? when feelings become like the air in which you breath- and your eyes become the beholders of what's unseen- - tell me- how can one ever tru
Information For The Bored
Is there anyone near Santa Clara CA? I am visiting there next week, I would like to know about the area, whats happening, cool things to me here or at Thanks, John [Atlanta, GA] The United States Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, declared on Friday that the "obesity epidemic" sweeping our nation is now contagious, due, in large part, to a phenomenon knows as EARS. Their recommendation: immediately quarantine the overweight. In a press conference on the steps of their Clifton Road headquarters in Atlanta, CDC spokesman, Dr. Jerry Carmichael, revealed their newest findings in the agency's war against corpulence. "Obesity, and to a lesser extent, morbid obesity, can no longer be defined as a personal problem." Carmichael says, "We now know that these diseases are not only spread, but exacerbated by human contact. This poses a significant threat to the health of the people of the United States, and
There are so many things I'd like to say. But that would take me all day. Now I wonder where to start. Guess I'll say whats in my heart. There is one thing I know that's true. I'm so blessed to have a friend like you. Thanks for always being there. And showing me how much you care. As my new life starts to unfold, And I am learning how to take hold. There are times I don't know what to do, But I know I can always turn to you. Our friendship is one of a kind, One most people never find. I never knew from the start, Just how much you would touch my heart. I'm so glad you came into my life, You have filled it with so much delight. The connection we have, was not planned. But it is there every time you hold my hand. I love the way you turn on your charm, Every time you hold me in your arms. And the sparkle in your eyes I see, Every time you come close to kiss me. So while we wait to see if this is right. I'll enjoy the way you hold me at night. If the time
The New Inter Bitch In Me
MY BIRTHDAY.. I GOT 19 MORE DAYS B4 I TURN A YR OLDER... YEP BIG OLD 29. A YEAR CLOSER TO 30. MAN MY PARENTS WERE RIGHTS. ONCE U HIT 21 IT ALL FLYS PASS... MAN DONT I WISH I WAS A TEENAGER AGAIN.. WILL THOUGHT I WOULD WRITE SOMETHING.. ITS BEEN AWHILE... BYE O AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN about to become single again.. here.. my b/f left thhis fucking house about 7 hrs ago ... no fucking calls or anything fucking thing... all i ask in respect that he calls me to let me know that he is ok....but not a damnthing... im so fucking pissed its not even funny... i will keep u all posted if i become single or not... or if he is even still alive... fuckin men so far.. will it has been a long week. i have been sick again. with the damn cold and so on. but im getting better now .. i do need to go to the DRs. but i have no car. the damn thing broke down on me again... o i wish life was easier.. lol.. not goin to happen lol.. will i let u all go.. please keep on rating me..
Fantasia No Limit
GO FIGURE ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE! FUBAR IS STILL NOT WORKING RIGHT FOR THE LOUNGES SO BELOW IS THE LINK TO JOIN US! IF YOU READ THIS PLEASE REPOST IT FOR ME SO EVERYONE CAN JOIN US IN FNL! THANK YOU Please click the link and join the party Im currently looking to hire staff and dj's for adrenaline radio! If you are interested please contact me Thanks Kerry Fantasia No Limit was deleted and so we are now located in a different spot! please come nad rejoin!! Please click the link and rejoin
Lost In The Woods
The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington engineering mid-term. The answer was so "profound" that the Professor shared it with colleagues, and the sharing obviously hasn't ceased... Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or Endothermic (absorbs heat)? Most of the students wrote Proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law, (gas cools off when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following: "First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate that souls are moving into Hell and the rate they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let us look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Some of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there are mo
We need everyones help to get Kathy into first place. I know we can do it!! Everyone please help her. There is only 2 1/2 hours left. Anyone who comments at least 150 comments I will buy you a Big Pimpin Gift and give you 15 11's. Just click the link below and comment her as much as you can. Click her to comment--------- Click this link to get your gift and 11's after you comment at least 150 times. Thanks so much. MUAH Click her to get gifts and 11's----Bisexual_Rachel *FU-Bombers Co-Owner Co-Founder*@ fubar One of my great friends is in her first contest and it ends tonight. She is in 3rd place right now. All you have to do is rate the pic. All you have to do is click the link below. Click here----- If you give her at least 100 comments I will buy you a vip gift and give you 15 11's. After you are done commenting her at least 100 times just click the link below and sent me a shout or a private message letting me know. Thanks for everyone's help. MUAH Click here when y
Poem Written By Me!
"Tears" I cry a tear for you, and it pisses me off.. I cry because you are gone, and never coming back again... The tears come down my face as I burn the thoughts of you from my mind.. I say good-bye to you and wipe the tears away.. You enjoy your time with her cause I am dead to you now.. I hope she makes your life hell cause that is where mine is now... I hope your happy now that I am gone.. I hope you miss me oneday as I missed you.. but I doubt you will... Farwell my wittle man, have a nice life.. *cries one last time* Farwell!!!! Written by Trish *Confused* I want to let him in... I want to let him luv me... I want to hold him and not let go.... But... I am too afraid and I run away .... I cry alone and fear the luv I have for him... I can not trust him ... I can not trust anyone.... I hope one day things will change and I can overcome my fears.... Dedicated to a Special Friend... Love, Trish Thoughts! I have many thoughts running in my
Me :d
I was asked today, by a MARINE, "Why are you checking out other military men if you are already married?" which really bothered me. I want to make something perfectly clear to you people! YES I am an Army WIFE! I put up with enough shit as it is just from having the title! I am happily married! I LOVE my soldier! There is not another man in this world who could even remotely come close to comparing to him. I support him for what he does and for who he is. However... I am a human being! I'm not just a wife and a mother! Just because I'm an Army Wife does not mean that I have to worship him. I do EVERYTHING he asks of me! If he asked me to delete this account I would with no questions asked. He knows I'm here. He knows every single picture I have up! He is okay with it because he knows I'm his! I stood by him for 15 months while he was deployed and never once betrayed him. What makes some people think that just because I add them or rate them or tell them they're handsome that I am inter
Sin's Domain
Now that i have your attention, i'll be on cam tomorrow afternoon, probably around 1 or 2 to start. those of you that know where to find me, awesome ... those of you that don't know where to find me... i'll be on (you can view cams with a standard account, no credit card or payment is needed) from your home page after you create the account go to view webams go to couples (man & woman) then look through the cams for sinamynlee although i'm listed under couples, my boyfriend will NOT be in the show so please don't ask. if you need more info, reply in a comment here and i'll check them and answer in the comments in case anyone has the same questions. Ok last try at posting this... hopefully it's clearer for you all. Register a profile at (you can view cams with a standard account, no credit card or payment is needed) after you create the account, go to your homepage click on "Live Webcams" (it's near the center of the page) click on couples (man
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It's been one week! One week smoke free! DAMN RIGHT! I quit thinkin about cigs a long-ass time ago. Like 2 days into it. :wink wink: I'm so damn proud of myself. I am so thankful for SNUS! Fk yeah! You know what really bothers me?? All these people here on fubar and Myspace and everywhere around the US and I'm sure all over the world that are just so damn slutty. I'm talking about showing off their tougue piercigs CONSTANTLY, like it's second nature. In pictures!! Videos!! AHHH! It's so disgusting! Like I give a flying fuck what you have in your damn mouth! YES I used to have my tongue pierced. NO I NEVER USED IT FOR SEX. NO I DIDN"T get it pierced FOR SEX. I got it pierced because I wanted it pierced. I loved getting piercings, and I still do, but I don't do it anymore, mainly because I have a hard time healing piercings and, well... I've basically had everything pierced at least once - above the naval. I will not pierce anything below that. Personal preference. ANYWAY.
Wtf? : D
wow its been forever since ive been there life is a changing. Lots of things happening new chapters opening and others closing. I started a website business which is scary in its self but something i did. if you get bored you should check it out. there are some crazy custom pool cues for those who play or those who just want a cue. bedroom linens and kitchen gadgets with more to come its catchy isn't love ya'll vix well tommorow marks the one year anniversary of the hardest day of my life. I still think about him pretty much everyday, the closer it comes the sadder i get. Its amazing how much something can mean to you. He was my best friend, my child, and the one being that only ever wanted just my love and friendship. Its getting better though i don't really cry when i think about it anymore, just watery eyes. I have his ashes still im wondering if maybe i should take some down to his favorite park and release some of them. just so people know i have not been o
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One Monday morning the mailman is driving the neighborhood on his usual route. As he approaches one of the homes he noticed that both cars were in the driveway. His wonder was cut short by Bob, the homeowner, coming out with a load of empty beer and liquor bottles. "Wow. Bob, looks like you guys had one hell of a party last night," the mailman comments. Bob, in obvious pain, replies "Actually we had it Saturday night. This is the first I have felt like moving since 4:00 am Sunday morning. We had about fifteen couples from around the neighborhood over for some weekend fun and it got a bit wild. Hell, we all got so drunk around midnight that we started playing WHO AM I?" The mailman thinks a moment and says, "How do you play WHO AM I?" "Well, all the guys go in the bedroom and we come out one at a time with a sheet covering us and only our 'privates' showing through a hole in the sheet. Then the women try to guess who it is." The
Reviews Of My Cd's
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just received his latest CD, Shake the Missile Base in WQMC's mailbox. This guy's insanity is genius. From the press kit: Quote: Steve Lieberman the Gangsta Rabbi is the New York Underground music scene's favourite oddity. He is a punk rocker who doesn't know how to play the guitar so he plays the chords on a distorted bass from hell held upside-down and backwards- -and adds flutes, trombones, melodica's and exotics from all over the world. Dismissed in the late 1980's as someone who will go away soon- -thousands of cd sales of his 10 releases and a million + downloads- -Lieberman survived and will survive long after the 'flavours of the week' perish into obscurity. With a cover album entitled Last of the Jewish Pirate how can you go wrong? If you like music, you should def check him out. From his latest album I recommend: Skinheads in my yard oy vey; Radio Nowhere (Bruce Spri
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I had a lady this morning tell me that,because I am Wiccan (a witch) that she didnt want to accept my friend request. Of course she had NO idea what Wicca is about...only that she heard WITCH and she didnt want me on her page. Now...I am a witch...PERIOD. If you have a problem with me having my spiritual journey turn to mother nature then you need to go ahead and delete me as your friend. I had a...woman...message me and told me she didn't like the pic of me holding a pistol. She said she didnt like having a gun pointed at her. THEN she procceeded to tell me that I am harming people and that since I dont give my money that I get from shooting in tounaments to children, that I am an asshole basically. THEN she spewed forth statistics about Switzerland and how well they do...blah...blah...blah. Well...ITS A FUCKING PICTURE you whiny ass bitch! I seen a picture of a doesnt make me a fucking CAR! And YES...I have given to charities. I have given money to b
If I lose the light of the sun, I will write by candlelight, moonlight, no light If I lose paper and ink, I will write in blood on forgotten walls I will write always I will capture nights all over the world and bring them to you **This was written by Henry Rollins and is one of my all-time favorite pieces. My Skin In Spring my skin in the spring, cherry blossom white blooming from winter frost soft like it sounds, petals opening to a new me. walk with me, drunk in the headyness of moonspill. thread your words with mine, hip to hip swinging with the songs that we both love singing. part my hair and braid your lines to my crown, i want to wear you there like a flower for my hair. breeze wisps through, smell of magic circling us drunk on words we love to hum. my toes in the summer grass, pale feet against verdant green. i'm your pre raphealite heroine with my hips to the earth. spread out my hair and climb over me like a flowering branch, give me shade from the wo
This archaic term no longer exists in my life, and im probably better off for it. Im a simple man, treat women with respect, and all i want is someone to love, but i cant find them, oh well.. I give up Well, tonight is my last night as a free man! Tomorrow i go to the processing station in Dallas, take the physical,and take theoathof enlistment back into the Army. I know there is the possibility of me going to Iraq, but its a chance every soldier takes when he puts on the uniform. I am happy to be going back in, and i know the great spirit will protect and watch over me. John Well damnit, life has thrown me another curve ball. I was all set to go back into the Army, and then i get an upper respritory infection that killed the physical.. Oh well, wasnt meant to be. We'll see what the great spirit has in store for me now.. Who knows, b
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*~J~* is her name,she likes to mumm.Its all just a game,till i beat her ass like a drum!Some say she's pretty,some say she is fine.The only way i will bang her,is after a case of wine!You know that its true,dont say that its not.If you dont use your vagina,it will begin to rot!Do what you want,it wont bother me one bit.I am one of the very few,thats seen half your tit!I like when you smile,its better when you laugh.Sometimes it makes my penis,look like a giraffe? ->Psychowolf...: The force is strong in the young padawan..... Leanna_K.O...: oh i see well i am sorry but i think that i am done talking to you... you scare me ->Psychowolf...: I have jedi powers; and monitor the black market trade Leanna_K.O...: but how did you know it happend to me it just is a lil odd i have not said anything to anyone ->Psychowolf...: ive heard rumors on the internets of people buying kids on fubar Leanna_K.O...: no he did not give an amout.... what the fuck how did you know that he wanted
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Well I'm back!!!! Had to take a trip to the county :( but at least now I got my probation taken care of YAY!!!! No more warrants on me :D I missed you all so much!! I hope everyone has been doin good. Lovers Ya, Lexi well, I have NEVER ever known my real father, so I looked him up on the internet the other day and got his number and called. well I got voicemail and left a message, blah, blah...well, he called em and I talked to him for the first time in my life, I mean seriously, I have never even sen apic of him or nothing. So ling story short, I talked to him and he was happy to hear from me, yeah I know maury moment right, but I got pics from him and I am shocked, seriously, look at this shit, Im sorry Im just emotional as hell right now, I dont know how I should feel.... but look at these pics... Oh I miss him sooo badd right now...Its Close to our would have been 8 year anniversary, I dont know, I was a dumb ass, we broke up because I didnt wa
Just Crap
Ok so I pretty much give up on ASSHOLES Why is it cool fora dude to get what he wants.. Talking about my so called BF, I would think all the fucking Blow jobs I gave him, I would get something in return.. ANY guy should be lucky to get 1/2 as many as I give him. and when I want something he refuses.. I mean.. I don't stink down there..I would know. WTF i'm so fucking pissed. fuck fuck fuck.. anyone near me wanna bang??? ok sorry needed to vent... oh im talking about sex =) Well as of December 2nd the City of West Allis (where im moving) Passed BSL if you're not sure on what BSL is its a Ban on Pitbulls and pitbull mixes. now where am I having an issue? I Own a pitbull. My house is going to be ready soon. My Dog is SOOO mean.. ARE you kidding!!!! this BSL shit pisses me off, where do people get off saying my dog should be banned, no bad pitbull of dumbass owners THANK YOU MIKE VICK and all the other faggot ass ppl who give my dog a bad name Fuck fuck fuck
My Funnies
So, what's the difference between being single and not? Basically it's no anchor...nothing to hold you back. The ability to do WHAT or WHO you want WHEN and's great. And then the night comes.... The cold, cold, bitter, harsh night. When you crawl into your cold sheets, lie there shivering for hours trying to get to sleep....the sheets are cold and lifeless, pebbling up your skin as a sadistic gust of wind happens to go up just the right area. Reaching desperately over to the empty void next to you, reminding you of the empty void in your life....Yes, being single at night sucks....dampening your sheets with the tears of love lost rather than the sweat of love making. Ah, I miss those days. I miss rolling over and hugging my loved one...rolling her over to lay in the wet spot so I wouldn't have to.... Man, I wish I hadn't have popped my blow-up sex doll, I miss her December 14, 1972 Dearest John, I went to the door today and the postman delivered a partridge
My Stuff
posting this for those who care lol... :) im in a contest and really really need the help... any help would really be appreciated please!!! Sasha ~AKA~ pink :D Wana "own" me? I'm up for grabs...
I give you my heart, mind, body and soul For it is your love that makes me whole. I give to you each breath that I take, And every tear that I cry, I give you this promise that I will never break, I promise to remain faithful and never leave your side. I give you the world so choose anything, I give you my undying love along with this ring. I give you a life free from pain, worry and strife, I give you my heart and a chance to be my wife. I give you this kiss to say, "I promise to love you and cherish you forever and always." I trust that you believe that what im saying is true, Because today is the day that I give my heart to you. So close your eyes and take my hands, Let me give you a life of love and romance. Allow me to be all that you want and need, Allow me to give my gift to you, My gift to you is... ME!! As I sit here thinking about the one I love, I call upon the Lord above And ask him to give me strength. Strength to be strong, Strength to help me carry
My Poetry
She gazes into the midnight sky Watching the shooting stars fly on by Wandering and wishing with a bright dream That one day the other elves will find her to be a true hunter Wishing amongst her leaders in disguise To give her a sweet compromise Her big blue eyes full of desire and want Miss Night Elf with one big dream The day comes close more the same Her companions howl and purr with comfort That she will indeed be that one hunter that all will cherish and respect more and more Now a smile is at rest on her bright beautiful face A heart so cold A soul so black Now I'm just getting to the fact You think your the shit But thats just not it I'm tired of your ways I'm tired of your games Get over yourself And just get through your filth It's not all about you It's more about the pain you give others, so shoo Life is more than your drama Go back to your momma Make sure you take your ways along the path of shame It's all the same With your filthy lies
Home Again
What is it with me and men??? i have no luck and am constantly picking loosers who lie, cheat and break my heart!!!! seriously is there some kinda trick to getting the right man? i know i dont need one but they come in handy when lawns need to be mowed and garbage taken out!!! (Joking) I just broke up with this guy who said he wanted to grow old with me and could see us sitting on the front porch at 90 waiting to go inside for a naughty.. well more fool me for believing him!!! i swear im so blind sometimes.. but not always fooled.. when i asked if he chated he said no but then didnt speak to me for about two weeks even though i emailed called and sent txt to all of which were not replied my guess is that he did do the dirty.. they way i actually found out was here in fubar.. one of the chicks he screwed stalked him and broke into his page here an private emails etc.. so good riddance i say.. if he wants to do that then its his loss cause he just lost the best damn thing that
Christmas Vids
I want to walk in a storm with you, And feel the wind upon my face. I want to dance in the lightning and hail, And bask in the rain's embrace. I want to soar with nature's passion, Flying away from the world below. I need to feel the clouds beneath me, Become the sky outside my window. I want to be one with the beauty around me, To share in the joy of freedom unbound, I want to become a single raindrop, Sailing toward the sodden ground. I want to flow with the fiery climax Of a streak of lightning in the midnight sky, I want to dissolve into heat and ozone, Fuzing what used to be you and I. Infatuation, intoxication... Overcome with sweet sensations... Living, breathing, eating, sleeping, drinking, dreaming you... You're the one my heart has longed for, You're the one my mind has sought. You're the one my spirit awaited Long before you were conscious thought. You are the answer to every question Asking me what's on my mind, You're the secret
Its been a year, my how you've grown You are walking, and just about talking and have the urge to do everything on your own. You almost have a mouthful of teeth This is exciting for all the new foods, but a disgust when its time to change a diaper and try to breathe Your love for music makes you dance I enjoy watching you move up and down and jump with a prance The smiles, laughter, and squeals of joy you reveal every day Leaves everyone you meet wrapped in a glow in every way We both enjoy it when we play The love for you builds stronger and will never stray I look into your eyes with so much admiration As you look back I know we share the same adoration You have an amazing personality You shine with all your individuality I am so excited to experience everything with you Letting you laugh, play, and explore even more I look forward to all the days to come And wait with anticipation for life's music that you will strum For you have touched my h
A woman and a man are involved in a car accident on a snowy, cold Monday morning; it's a bad one. Both of their cars are totally demolished, but amazingly neither of them is hurt. God works in mysterious ways .      After they crawl out of their cars, the man is yelling about women drivers.      The woman says, 'So, you're a man. That's interesting. I'm a woman. Wow, just look at our cars! There's nothing left, but we're unhurt. This must be a sign from God that we should be friends and live in peace for the rest of our days. '   Flattered, the man replies, 'Oh yes, I agree completely, this must be a sign from God! But you're still at fault.....women shouldn't be allowed to drive.' &
Nawty Stuff
Hurried footfalls over cobbled stones mingle with hushed giggles and laughter. From above, a fine patter of rain ruins the night sky and at once makes it finer, a velvet blanket cast upon infinity, at once obscuring and enhancing. Finely damp hair caught up between fingers takes a tight little tug, the last note of a giggle giving way to a slight, hushed murmur. A curtain twitches across the road. The thud of body to door goes unnoticed, for the most part, in the pitch black, except for to the one whom's body it is. "Not here," is the half-laughed, half-groaned rejoinder. A fumble of key into lock, a flurry of door opening and closing, and night gives way to hallway light, bright and glaring at rapidly blinking eyes. Hands spurn the half open door, her feet hurrying her inside before he follows, fingers dragging against the grain of the wood and onto far smoother, more delicious texture, whispering up the side of her throat into her hair... Another thud swiftly followed
Bits & Pieces
INSPIRATION Expand Contract A mother feels a new life beginning to emerge from her womb She breathes In and out, in and out Submitting to a force That will not be denied Until finally The moment of creation Her labor is done They are no longer one She has a new son   We are born Each of us Gods and Goddesses of Our own private universe A microcosm of the infinite Reflecting the beauty and awe Of a power as old as time   We breathe Inhaling sights and sounds From all around
Better Said By...
  Match the comment to the person who said it... If you get them all, I will bling you.   A. Are you suppose to be Islamic... B. See I could manage a fuck buddy C. get your fu monies ready D. So you wouldn't mind me smokin a pipe? E. Sticks dick in salad! F. Kicks your Idle sign and lays at your feet... G. I'm a big fan of your nudity H. LOL...nope. No crash dummies or rugrats. I. Yes Miss raven, anything else to please you? J. I would like to immediatly wake up from all this... K. oh nothing ....just thinking about meeting you on friday*EG* L. I never defy my desires   1. Emanon 2. Wicked Raven 3. Keenan 4. Trendkiller 5. Superman231 6. Rob Floyde 7. Lord Spinoza 8. Lil Bitch 9. Wrath 10. Twisted Woflie 11. Bob 12. One person is quoted twice...   Let's see how well my friends know one another. Emotionally Yours Come baby, find me, come baby, remind me of where I once begun. Come baby, show me, show me you know me, tell me you're the one. I could be le
Stuff I Just Wanted To Know About Me
Black Label Society Bylaws And Code of Honor God, Family, Beer Suicide Is Not An Option Complaints Dept. Closed Live Life Stronger Than Death Thou Shalt Not Spilleth The Beer Refuse To Loose/Born To Booze Respect Is To Be Shown To All Society Dwellers Worldwide Colours Must Be Worn To all Black Label Society Shows And Events FEAR NO BEER BLEED BLACK LABEL SOCIETYSDMF FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!BLEED BLACK LABEL!!!!!!!!!!! Well for all those wondering why am In a mood today am going to make an almost two year story into about two paragraphs.   Back on this date in 2004 I was in a near fatal car wreak. I was on my  way to work at a new job and went to go get coffee as I normally do. The next thing I know I was in the back of a rig on the way to Copper Hospital witch is the trauma hospital for the area. They had to transport me there in ambulance do to rain they could not fly me there witch made it even worse with the pain and my breathing. They give me about 40 xrays and head CTs. they 
It took me a while, but I'm all relocated to IL from Ohio. I'd forgotten what I'd been missing! I went to the tractor pulls this weekend and had a blast! Anyway I'm back online although its DIALUP! BLECK!! But I live in a rural area and that's all there is here for internet - better than nothing at all! Now its time to look for a job and hopefully that won't be too difficult. I'm definitely way more relaxed now. This move needed to happen in a big way. I'm glad to be back though and I've missed everyone! I'm all moved! OMG I never wanna do that again!! To move within the same city / town is one thing, but to relocate to a different state?? Anyway, thank goodness it's done. My family made the drive from IL to OH the Friday before Labor Day, we got the moving truck, got'er loaded, left about 8:30pm Saturday, made some stops along the way for a power nap, breakfast, etc.and got here about 9:30am Sunday. We're staying with my parents right now to give me time to get a job and get so
Poems For My Dad Who Is Very Sick With Cancer
Saying goodbye is never easy It's the hardest thing to do But what hurts even more Is not the chance to say it to you. Yesterday is just a memory Our laughter was sunny and bright Then clouds started to gather For you were no where in sight. You were my first real love And this I will never forget How you left without a warning No good-byes, my only regret. Wherever I may be now Always searching for another so true To place my world of emotion Handing my love to someone like you. If again I must go there And experience all the pain I would do it in a minute For all the good I would gain. No matter what my wrongs You offered only love Until the day you left me For your new home up above. I know you still are with me Your love is within my heart Though life is no longer present Our souls will never part. This is given to you in honor Of all that we did share I just wanted you to know, How much I really did care. Be a candle of light; To some
About Me
Well I got the phone call I had honestly been waiting for today. My best friends father passed away. I have known them for about 8 years and was instantly a part of their family. I feel like I have lost one of my dad's today. My heart hurts and I want to cry, but my head is strong and won't let the tears fall. My head tells me to be strong for her and to keep working today and get done what needs to be done so that when the funeral day comes, I can be their for her and only her. So today, if i am silent, if i am bitchy, please overlook it because today I am sad Hey everyone, I am sure that my true friends have noticed that I haven't been around much. Well I was taking care of my grandmother and Sunday night she passed away. While she is no longer suffering and in pain, this doesn't really make it any easier to deal with. I am sad that she is gone, but that sadness is laced with a bit of relief that she is no longer suffering. I should be around a bit more after this week and
Sex Terms
The Zombie Mask While getting head from your favorite, unsuspecting, trash-barrel whore, tell her you want her to look right up at you with those pretty little eyes" when you blow your load. Then, just when you're ready to spew a good week's worth of goo, blast that hefty load in both eyes. This temporary state of blindness will produce the zombie effect as she stumbles around the room with arms outstretched, and moaning like the walking dead. The Carpet Cleaner While banging a girl doggy style, tie her arms behind her back, lift up her hips, and run around the room pushing her face first across the carpet. Not recommended with large women. Dog In A Bathtub This is a proper name for when you attempt to insert your nuts into a girl's ass. It is so named because it can be just as hard as keeping a dog in the tub while giving it a bath.
"Tonight as the barrier between the two realms grows thin, Spirits walk amongst us, once again. They be family, friends and foes, Pets and wildlife, fishes and crows. But be we still mindful of the Wee Folke at play, Elves, fey, brownies, and sidhe. Some to trick, some to treat, Some to purposely misguide our feet. Stay we on the paths we know As planting sacred apples we go. This Feast I shall leave on my doorstep all night. In my window one candle shall burn bright, To help my loved ones find their way As they travel this eve, and this night, until day. Bless my offering, both Lady and Lord Of breads and fruits, greens and gourd." Autumn Chant "I will dance The dance of dying days And sleeping life. I will dance In cold, dead leaves A bending, whirling human flame. I will dance As the Horned God rides Across the skies. I will dance To the music of His hounds Running, baying in chorus. I will dance With the ghosts of those Gone before. I will dance Between the sleep of l
One SeXXXy Kitty! Fu Own Me....Here's what I am offering: If high bid is lower that a 7 day blast Rate all pics and stash 100 11s Fu-Owned in my screen name for the length of time you own me Added to my top friends for the length of time you own me 1 daily comment and gift Pimpout for as long as you own me. If the highest bid is a 7 day blast Rate all pics and stash during Happy Hour 200 11s for the week during Happy Hour Fu-owned by in my screen name for a week Added to top friends and #1 for a week 1 daily comment and gift for the week Pimpout for the week If highest bid is a 30 day blast Same as above but for a month plus these changes 200 11s become per week for the month Added to family for a month 2 daily comments and gifts with one gift big pimpin 1 SFW salute If highest bid is a Happy Hour Same as above but for 2 months plus these changes 300 11s per week during Happy Hour for 2 months 1 NSFW salute 1 20 minute SFW phone call If high
She doesn't have autos but she is nice and returns rates. Please help if you can. Muggsy ~ RL GF to Tedybearus~ His Tiny Bubbles Forever@ fubar I know I can't always offer you much especially when you look at a screen. A virtual hug or words across the screen are nothing at times. Sometimes someone means a lil' more even if you never see them eye to eye. I do hope you get to feeling better, my friend.I hate to see you hurting and not able to help you.   JoAnna is in my top friends and family. Stop by and wish her well, however you like. Thanks! He has about 4.5k to level. He has under 50 pics so it may take time. Would you help?
Ahhh Feel The Love
Hey all... my sister is getting closer and closer to "Godmother." Can you PLEASE go help her out? She is the sweetest person and she does everything she can for anyone. All love is returned from her.. just go rate and fan her... and let her know that I sent cha :) (that way she loves me more than our other sisters...hehehe) Thanks!!!! Elizabeth ~♥ Lady Sunmaid♥~♥I.B.I.C.♥~♥True Southern Sweetheart♥~@ fubar Hey guys.. my other sister is about 31,000 from Rockstar!!! Can we please go and show her some love?????????? She will return all the love she gets!!! why_be_normal ~ RL GF / FU Engaged to Dj John ~@ fubar Persia needs about 19,000 to get to Henchman. She has been one of my best friends on here since I started and she is one of the best people I know... go show some love! Go add, fan and rate her. :) (repost of original by 'pip1966' on '2007-11-28 05:54:06')
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A New Attitude!!!
God does not focus on all the mistakes I make. He doesn't keep count them why should I then count them. Instead He remembers all the good things I do. I am a work in progress and God is in the process of changing me. Two often I focus on my faults, weaknesses, past mistakes, and failures. Rejection and other painful experiences steal my self-esteem and make me feel unwanted and insecure. My sense of value should be based solely on the fact that I am a child of the Most High God. As His unique creation, I have something to offer this world that nobody else has, that nobody else can be. If I truly want to enjoy life, I must be at peace with myself. God sees me as strong and corageous, as a woman of great honor and valor. Even whenI do not feel it at times about myslef God still sees me this way. God loves to use ordinary people just like me, faults and all, to do extraordinary things. otice I said extraordinary! He expects me to live VICTORIOUSLY! He is not pleased

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