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created on 04/11/2007  |
The hands of fate have twisted again Altered the love I was to send She saw me with a different eye She waved as she left a tearful goodbye My feelings for her will go forever unseen To be hidden away like a forgotten dream She'll never know as I cloud my eyes I vow forever to keep this disguise I can never open my heart she can never see Exactly what she means to me I smile and wave as rain falls from above Now I know the meaning of unconditional love
She stands alone as the wind blows around her It speaks of the unknown and sends chills to the bone The trees sway from side to side as the flowers mourn like someone died She slowly walks down the street not knowing exactly what she'll meet She was all alone and scared thinking that no one cared She longed for a different place to be A place where happiness comes so easily A place where she would rather be In her mind she'd pretend that she could only hear herself Until she heard a voice say that she can't go on living life this way Her fears and lonliness finally came to an end The day she realized she had a friend....
From the lowest plains to the highest hill I've journeyed through life for a love I sought to feel. My heart and spirit have been the source of my inner light, to guide my every step with wisdom and insight. Like that of a mighty eagle flying high above... so were my hopes in search of my love. Visions and dreams told me you were there... a gentle caring spirit so unique and rare. I heard a whisper as the winds softly blew... the voice of The Great Spirit that I'd find you. May the shield of unity bring our fate so that you may be my eternal soul mate.
I was sitting here thinking of the words I want to say, but they just wouldn't come out right so I found a different way I got a piece of paper and I wrote this poem for you, but there's no way to thank you for everything you do For always being nice to me and staying by my side, for helping fix my problems and never leaving me behind For accepting my thoughts and feelings, though you do not understand, for never giving up on me and being my best friend For making me laugh and letting me cry and saying you'd miss me if I were to die Everything you mean to me you could never know In all the ways you've changed my life I could never show The way you take care of me, you're my shining star and though it's so incredible that's just the way you are Before I get too mushy it's time for me to go, but before I leave this ink-filled page there's one thing you should know As long as we are living, no matter when or where, if you ever need me just call and I'll be there I'll climb a thousand mountains and swim a thousand seas anything to be there 'cause you've been there for me
Together til the end, You and me will be friends. We'll break our friendship never, together or apart we'll be friends forever. Through good times and bad, We'll never get mad. Through old friends and new friends, Our friendship never bends. Eventhough we're changing, Our friendship is never ending. With broken hearts and many tears, We've made it through these past seven years. Different in many ways, more alike each passing day. Our memories are the best, it's our honesty we never test. Helping each other out, Always with no doubt. We've always been eachother's better half, When we hang together we have a full glass. Together til the end, You and me will be friends.
As a friend I do wish you The best of life's blessings And freedom from sickness and pain. May your prayers and oblations, As blooms of carnations, Flourish in sunshine and rain. May the blessings of heaven Be showered upon you With favor from God and from man. May you harvest with pleasure The fruits of your labor To share with whoever you can. May the dew in the morning Refresh and delight you, And your days be filled with great peace. May your nights without number Be filled with sweet slumber; Your dreams filled with hope ne'er cease. May your mate and your children Bequeathed and beloved Be cherished as jewels set in gold. May your joy blend with laughter, Both now and hereafter, As the days of your life unfold.
Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss, If you're my friend please answer this. Are we friends or are we not? You told me once but I forgot. So tell me now & tell me true, So I can say I'm here for you. Of all the friends I ever met, You're the one I won't forget. And if I die before you do, I'll go to heaven & wait for you. I'll give the angels back their wings, And risk the loss of everything. Because there isn't a thing I wouldn't do, To have a friend just like you!!!
A Friend Like You Will Never Turn Me Away. A Friend Like You Will Be There For Me Everyday. A Friend Like You Will Hold Me When I Am Feeling Sad. A Friend Like You Will Rejoice For Me When I Am Feeling Glad. A Friend Like You Always Knows What To Say And How To Put It Gently, To Make The Pain Go Away.
She was free spirted yet a special and beautiful lady, With God's plan she helped this man grow Surrounded by all that is good and glorious...... E'er so special with a true meaning now it is time to say - I have a Friend who cares So much beauty living brings Fields where small children run Where foam on ocean waves go by She's across the miles and comforts my fears. Never fails.....I can count on her To take the hurt, from my breast For the beauty in-the bright blue sky The sweeping arc of her aura goes on endlessly. I need to have an open heart To let me magnify the splendors Of a Friends path of life.... And yes put this Song In My Heart THANKS FRIEND
A friend is someone who understands and someone you can trust. They will listen to you both night and day without ever making a fuss. A friend will stand by your side when you are right and sometimes when you are wrong. They will hold you up when you are weak and provide support to make you strong. A friend's love is unconditional and unique in every way. And when you have problems a true friend will kneel with you and pray. A friend will stand by your side through thick and thin. And whenever everyone have deserted you they still will be your friend. A friend once said to me that a friend is sent from God above and I believe this to be true. Because God has sent a friend to me and that friend to me is YOU
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