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....Our tears are the raindrops of the soul And there's one for all who die. They are the silent words of grief As they fall free from the eye. Our tears are lovelier than a smile When they come from those you love. As they seek relief from sadness, When you're summoned from above. Our tears are a love-mates humble gift When it's time to say goodbye, Though the eyes are wet and swollen, With time and patience they dry. ......if you hold back tears, "shed them" When your pains too harsh to accept.... Can you hear me? Am I loud and clear? Im screaming at the top of my lungs, and its all for you... ALL FOR YOU!!!an' so.. Come to me my pretty Coo-ed the brittle voice, Enter my den of iniquity, Your own free will and choice, Come feast your greedy eyes See the sparkly treasure Temptations sweet and tender I offer for your pleasure. Come, come do not wait, Choose a gift from me Vengence, hatred, greed? Tell me, what will it be? Fire tempered lo
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THE SITUATION In Washington , DC , at a Metro Station, on a cold January morning in 2007, this man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes.  During that time, approximately 2,000 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work.  After about 3 minutes, a middle-aged man noticed that there was a musician playing.  He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds, and then he hurried on to meet his schedule. About 4 minutes later:  The violinist received his first dollar.  A woman threw money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk.  At 6 minutes: A young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again. At 10 minutes:A 3-year old boy stopped, but his mother tugged him along hurriedly.  The kid stopped to look at the violinist again, but the mother pushed hard and the child continued to walk, turning his head the whole time.  This action was repeated by several other children, but every parent
Life As We Know It...
Here's the message I got Monday night from X's e-mail... I still don't know why... I haven't wanted to e-mail back and find out... Besides I know others have been in his account lately... And I want an answer from him... Not from whoever else has been using it... (the answers are the message from X's e-mail... not the questions... por supuesto) ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Give me one last kiss before I die... Date: Apr 13, 2007 5:07 PM 1.) How many times a day would you hug me? never you fucking fat cunt 2.) Would you let me hold you? hell no you too DAMN ugly 3.) Would u come with me to places? no someone might see me with your dumb ass 4.) Would you love me? if you paid me enough fucking money which i doubt you have 6.) Would you lie to me? every single word out of my mouth expect what im writing now 7.) If I was sick what would you do? fucking pull the plug 9.) Would you leave me for one of my friends? no all your fr
Funny Myspace Pictures i'm off till thursday and i'm trying to get drunk today. i'm having a beer right now anyone wanna join me. we can head to south st.. whats up? bored as fuck!
Brutal Radio
Hey Yall I got Auto 11's on and trying to get the last of my points gone to hit level 23 please help out by reposting this and i will return the love Bane@ fubar SO DJ Bane is Back and ready to have fun. You can find him at the Hydaway Radio!! Click the picks to go there!!     HEY ALL WE ARE LOOKING FOR PROMOTERS AND GREETERS IN BANE'S DRAGON LAIR AIR WAVES. COME IN AND ASK FOR JESSA FOR MORE INFO. CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO ENTER THE LOUNGE!
Playboy Princess
hi im a mother of 3 kids. And a loving wife of a ex marine. I enjoy going out to the beach and the sands with my family when we can go. my kids are 2 girls ages 5months and 4 years old my son is 5 years old. Im a stay at home mom which we enjoy the time togeter when daddy is at work. I dont like to judge books by its cover i get to know what is on the inside first. I say live life on the edge you only have on life. 1. Is there anyone on your friends list you would consider having sex with? no 2. What side of the bed do you usually sleep on? All over it. 3. Have you had sex with anyone in your top friends? Nope. 4. Pork, beef, or chicken? beef, lol 5. Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? Hahha,' the one drivin did....damn.. 6. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? Nope. 7. Shower or bath? Shower..But both. 8. Do you brush your teeth in the shower? Sometimes, but not really. 9. Mexican or Chinese food? mexican 10. D
Rants About Things That Annoy And Piss Me Off.
I Give up! im fucking sick of being so god dam nice to everyone and just having it throwen back in my face! ive said it to a few people but they didnt belive me that i can be a real Sadistic asshole, well now ive been pushed off the edge...soo now alot of you will see the Sadistic asshole in me! fuck being nice im sick of being walked all over just for people i thought where my friends! maybe now ill find out who my real friends are! on and off this site! Paris Hilton was ordered back to jail today, where she BELONGS! hopefully she will stay there for the remainder of her sentence or evne better hope she just dies in there, then ill be very happy! well i admit i do like the site more then when i first joined ive met some very awsome and sweet people on here who im glad to call true FRIENDS....but something ive noticed alot on here thats kinda rude of some people and annoying is in the blasts or whatever people say come rate fan and friend me or whatever then they said if u do they will
Friends & Life
You Are Occasionally a Jerk Magnet You've been known to attract real jerky guys from time to time... But the truth is, you know what you're getting into. You can help but love bad boys. Are You a Jerk Magnet? Alt Key + Calculator Number = Symbol I was excited when I found out that I could use my keyboard to make certain symbols. This really makes it easy in e-mail, HTML Generators and Graphic Programs. Try it out, it's very easy. Hold the ALT key & using the "Calculator" (right hand side of keyboard) type the number indicated that is next to the symbol you want to create, then release Alt Key and the Symbol will appear. If you would like the printable version of the Alt Key Symbols for reference, then CLICK HERE. The page will open up in a new window. © = 0169 Copyright ® = 0174 Registered ¤ = 15 ¶ = 20 § = 21 Ç = 128 ü = 129 é = 130 â = 131 ä = 132 à = 133 å = 134 ç = 135 ê = 136 ë = 137 è = 138 ï = 139 î = 140 ì = 141 Ä = 142 Å
And as I slip upon my knees And kneel before your feet I slowly lower my eyes As my hands clutch to the rose And as I start to whisper The words my heart can’t speak I raise the rose up to your hands And await your gentle grasp. My heart is like this single rose It belongs to only one And with this rose I give to you My heart, my soul, my love. The snow begins to fall Their flakes unique as time Slowly floating to the earth To begin their minuscule existence Late at night When the moon is full Making my way quietly down the stairs The door creaks lightly as I turn the knob What draws me out this late What calls my name tonight? A passion that I need to follow Perhaps a dream I need to find. The snow crunches under my feet As I walk to the open field Vacant and deserted The moon glimmers brightly On the sea of white Standing alone my coat pulled tightly around me I slowly look upwards The snow gently caressing my face Tiny frozen bites
Life As I Hate It...
There is this website called post secret, its where you send in secrets you need to get off your chest... I want to do fu-secrets... make me a picture telling me a secret and send it to me, i will save it and post it so no one knows your secret but me!! i dont care how big it is i dont care what its about get creative!!! have fun and get something off ur chest! no one will know its you!!! the only way i can say how i feel are lyrics to a song... Send polyphonic ringtone to your cell phone You took my hand You showed me how You promised me you'd be around Uh huh That's right I took your words And I believed In everything You said to me Yeah huh That's right If someone said three years from now You'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out Cause they're all wrong I know better cause you said forever and ever who knew Remember when we were such fools And so convinced and just too cool Oh no No no
~Battery Operated~ Berated-elated, jaded, degraded- She waits patiently, basking in the red light- Her body a waste of art, her thoughts all torn apart Her stars aligned to face the south, her mouth a gaping hole- Lucifer screaming in her soul, begging to be released, for he cannot withstand such torture. She cries acid-like tears that crack the very foundation of her canvas. Her beauty…an anguished painting…colors running down and gathering around her pitiful existence. -A puddle of cruel rainbows in which she drowns- Battery operated and fading…a ticking time bomb. She implodes within. ~11/07~ The Painted Flesh Tick tock, tick tock- Time undresses me so feverishly, gingerly peeling away every fabric of emotion. ~ Another grain of sand that I capture in my hand ~ Strands of hair wrapped around this infinite contortion. ~ The painted flesh, aroused and fresh ~ Death whispering a tidal wave of swords: But I can’t hear these w
Non Erotic Poems
If You Could See Through My Eyes by LateNiteFantasy© For thousands of years women ask the same question one time or another, "how do I look?" well, to those that matter, this poem will be the answer they seek. Compare'd compare'd so many before, compare'd to women who've passed before. I look indeed, and search them still, by comparison I search and search them still. Though you ask a dozen times ten fold, "why dosth thou behold?" The answer is this, "To search the bleeding earth to see, no such beauty as the beauty of thee." I'll speak it again, to behold your blush. The smile that gives wings to your blush. To know you love me, (I love you, also) To know you'll hold me when my heart speaks true. I'll speak again, all this to you. so open thine ears, and listen clear, my words are true, I hold so dear. "If you could see through my eyes, you'd see love. If you could know what I know, you'd know us. If life was just calling your name as your eyes
How Did This Happen
Life frozen or caught on fire, why does it matter? Cut deep or shallow scratch, in narrow alleys with a patch of darkness. Falling up or getting down, a cup of glass cutting our throats. Mass collections of suicide notes, and a small amount of hope. Falling into death in deep with darkness, seeking thought or maybe not. Going in circles with out a fight, not slavery and so far out of sight. Loss and false hopes binding us down, its our cost of not being found. Sounds of voices peek in our heads, fallen asleep deep in our beds. Graves of memories found in our dreams, deep dreams filling with passion and rising with action. Faith calling and showing our fates, knowing of death and full of hates. Sedating our minds and lost hopes of love, kind and gentle thoughts of warmness, Killed our fate of endless fought circles, lonelyness found here between worlds. The sound of calling, found and falling. My life is so cold without you here Each day I try not to shed a
12 STONES LYRICS "Crash" As I lie here tossing in my bed Lost in my fears remembering what you said And I try to hide the truth within The mask of myself shows its face again Still I lie time and time again Will you deny me when we meet again? And I feel like I'm falling Farther every day But I know that you're there Watching over me And I feel like I'm drowning The waves crashing over me But I know that your love It will set me free As I find truth where I found it times before As I search for your hope I'm finding so much more And I try to be more like you And I deny myself to prove my heart is true I hear your voice calling The time has come for me Inside this life I’m living There’s nothing left for me My mind is slowly fading So far away from me Each time I start crawling You’re there watching me FUEL LYRICS "Shimmer" She calls me from the cold Just when I was low, feeling short of stable And all that she intends And all she keeps i
For My Cataphile
Like It Matters
I am oblivious at times to some certan things. I'd like some jello w/some whipped cream atop of it. It's so simple of a thing to make and yet i rarely ever buy the stuff. It just takes one to ruin it for everybody else. Good one, you idiot. I kick you in the shins. This may hurt like hell. I hear if one rips it off really fast, it doesn't hurt as much. I'm gonna give it a go.
turn my mic up louder I got to say something lightweights step aside when we come in feel it in your chest / the syllables get pumping people on the street they panic and start running words on loose leaf sheet complete coming I jump in my mind and summon the rhyme i'm dumping healing the blind I promise to let the sun in sick of the dark ways we march to the drum and jump when they tell us that they wanna see jumping FUCK that/ I wanna see some fists pumping risk something/ take back what's yours say something that you know they might attack you for cause i'm sick of being like I have before like it's stupid standing for what i'm standing for like this war's really just a different brand of war like it doesn't cater to rich and abandon the poor like they understand you in the back the jet/ when you can't put gas in your tank/ and these fuckers are laughing their way to the bank/ cashing the check asking you to have compassion/ have respect for a leader so nervou
Poeta : Rondeau
Invisible Coffins Invisible coffins covered up by night, Draped in a flag and then hidden from sight As if they were shameful and best kept unseen. No cameras are allowed to witness the scene As they disembark from their final flight. So many stars and they all burned so bright, Lost to a limbo of terror and fright. Is this what's left of the American dream? ____________________Invisible coffins? Something is wrong here; there's something not right. How can we honor those who died in this fight When their bodies are brought back behind a screen? What is the lifespan of a lie so obscene That our dead can't be exposed to the light? ____________________Invisible coffins! We Are Rock Hounds! (for the rock and mineral club to which I belong)   We are Rock Hounds, the shapers of stone, petrified wood and calcified bone; rich amethyst and azurite, opals and agates and corpolite; all of the treasures this earth has sewn. Digging through tombs like thieves of reknown,
i was going to make a mumm about my weekend activites about the 3 b's! that being booze, boobies, and bi-sexual womens making out, BUT i think i know whats going to happen tonight! ALLLLLLL 3......and me ninjaing drinks..and hitting on milfs at this bar called "crow bar" no sex though! ive been celibit for like a year...(ill explain later if your lucky) imma just blog about .........wanna be mummers! you have seen them.....people who want to be in in in croud they post stupid comments ....and that they think are funny, but they aren't. but they think that being ignorant all the time is the way to get into the mumming party.....i would say faterity, but ...its kinda like......idk. BUT you all know what im talking about right!! im in this freeroll online poker tourney right. i already won the first round, now im in the second round and my goal is to finish in the top 9 so i can advance to the finals. im cruising along whoopin butt taking names all that
My Writings
Poetic Wisdom by LateNiteFantasy© Poetic Wisdom With note-paper out and pencil excitedly poised, I have been writing poetry since I was a little kid. Any subject will set me off, sometimes I'm surprised, my penned down thoughts, like dreams, are so vivid. Few people have had the chance to read my verse and prose, those who have, I know have laughed and sometimes cried. Because, poetry is really my private thoughts and woes, so welcome to my heart, my soul, join me, at my side. Good! Now that you're here guiding my poetic bent, judging each single line, weeding out the lies, Perhaps you will share with me that illusive moment, that at long last, you will help me to be poetically wise. Mind Talk by LateNiteFantasy© Sometimes that feeling comes over me ~ not sure what it is, or if it's even me... All alone in a crowd, here but somewhere else; floating on a cloud, sitting on a shelf, in a dark little place - the corner of my mind. I dust off space,
It's official, my Dr. has released me to go back to work. So I went back to work, on call, with no problems.I won't go back full time, just on call. It's still snowy and icy here in the great state of IL, so my boss and I don't think it's in my best interest to walk around, and chance tearing my back up again. I have started back at the Y. So far some light cardio, and some very light weights. No more than 50 pounds as per the Dr, and I don't even go near that. Just stretching some things out. Thank you all for being so patient, and putting up with my year of misery. It affected me more than I like to admit, and I appreciate everyone sticking by me. Jay Greetings...whoever is left that I used to talk to and is still here,     I hope all of you are well, I just wanted to check in, and let you know that I had my year anniversary from my back surgery, and so far, so good.  I've worked all year with no difficulties, have had no flare ups of the horrific leg pain that I battl
Taurus Astrology April 20 - May 20 Taurus Strength Keywords: - Dependable - Persistent - Loyal - Patient - Generous Taurus Weakness Keywords: - Stubborn - Laziness - Possessive - Materialistic - Self-indulging Taurus and Independence: Taurus is not the one who ventures out into the unknown and leads the way, Taurus is the one that will follow the leader and strengthen and build upon the discovered, in other words they are the one that will "dot the I's and cross the T's". This perseverance is given to them by their stubborn streak. Taurus stubborn streak is what gives their independence. They like to do things their way. They are perfectly fine on being alone, this way things get done they way they want them to be done. Taurus is not a follower, but they are not the brave one either. Taurus is perfectly independent. With their perseverance, they get things done and can do quite well for themselves. Taurus and Friendship: A Taurus is an excellent friend. Taurus has few close fr
Stupid Things Fubarians Do
Hello friends, and people who stalk my friends lol.. Well something amusing happend yesterday and the day before.. A guy that goes by the name UFC, who makes profile skins uses my skin code. Ok cool.. as a coder I started by looking at and using a code for skins someone else made..Its not unusual..and being a fubar volunteer coder, I help people with learning things involving stuff that is a foriegn language to most of you. That being said I approached the dude on thursday because i recognised my skin code, because its not just a skin code, its customised, and one i actually built from the ground up, and if you have been to my profile you see it, zombies and rockstar and the suicide girls skin..that is something a little different than your standard skin.. anyways, someone I made a skin for told me this UFC dude was trying to tell her, that I ripped him off and is trying to slander my good coder reputation, and accuse me of something he had been the one guilty heres the proof
Yummy's Thoughts
How people on fubar try to be players?? lmfao! Wow! Sure it is easy to be a player online because you can be fake and until you get called out you keep playin your game. I am always upfront and honest and don't ever call me your girl or your woman or boo or whatever you think i am to you because im not! You got plenty of chicks to deal with why bother with me? I don't play that game. So go ahead and be a player with stupid chicks that think you actually like them. Its a pathetic game for boys and I'm sorry but I like grown men hehe! Your girl comes and pervs my page and shit and you fail to tell anyone that you have a girl lmfao! hmm then you don't want me to add her for some strange reason! Well I am a grown ass woman and I will do what I want. Oh and then you cry about not getting bling??? Get your girl to buy it for you! My author page is and you can find my books on or just search the name "Jessica Marie" No
Hinc mihi fletus abundat, hinc fletus inundat. Est mihi pallor in ore, Est, quia fallor amore. Hence my tears are abundant Hence my tears are flowing. My face is pale Because of love's dissapointment. sic erit; haeserunt tenues in corde sagittae, et possessa ferus pectora versat Amor. Cedimus, an subitum luctando accendimus ignem? cedamus! leve fit, quod bene fertur, onus. Thus it will be; slender arrows are lodged in my heart, and Love vexes the chest that it has seized Shall I surrender or stir up the sudden flame by fighting it? I will surrender - a burden becomes light when it is carried willingly. I want to give you a quote from an obscure but wonderful writer, Sheridan Le Fanu, a paragraph spoken in extreme angst by a haunted character in one of his many exquisitely written ghost stories. This author, a native of Dublin, died in 1873, but mark how fresh is this language, and how horrifying the expression of the character Captain Barton in the
You don't have to go now, honey Call and tell 'em you won't be in today Baby, there ain't nothin' at the office So important it can't wait 1st Chorus I'm thankful for the weekend But two days in Heaven just ain't gonna do Yes, it's gonna take forever, darlin' Girl, I just got started lovin' you 2nd Verse What's the point in fightin' what we're feelin' We both know we'll never win Ain't this what we're missin' Let's just stop all this resistin' and give in 2nd Chorus Let me wrap my arms around you You know you don't wanna leave this room Come back and let me hold you, darlin' Girl, I just got started lovin' you Bridge What can I say I've never felt this way And girl, you're like a dream come true After all the love we've made It sure would be a shame If we let this moment end so soon 3rd Chorus So won't you lay back down beside me Girl, just like I know you want to Trust me when I tell you, darlin' Girl, I just got started lovin' you
If You Dont Know Of The Conspiracy I'll Tell You This For Your Own Good
Although not the loudest animal in terms of sheer decibels, the 0.07-inch (2-millimeter) water boatman species Micronecta scholtzi, , does make the loudest sounds relative to its body size, scientists announced in June in the journal PLoS ONE. Engineers and evolutionary biologists in Scotland and France recorded the boatman—which is roughly the size of a grain of rice—"singing" in a tank. The aquatic insect's songs peaked at 105 decibels, roughly equivalent to the volume of a pounding jackhammer within arm's reach. The chirps are loud enough that humans can hear the sounds while standing at the edge of a boatman's pond. Fortunately for nature lovers, though, nearly all the sound is lost when the noises cross from water to air. Remarkably, the boatman creates his songs by rubbing his penis against his belly, in a process similar to how crickets chirp. Sound-producing genitalia are relatively rare within the animal kingdom, but animals have evolved hu
10:31pm PST So lately i've been going out with random people and it's been cool.  I don't mean random, per se.  I mean people I've been friends with and just hanging out. Labor day weekend was cool, even though I lost a bet to a certain someone.  I went to a baseball game that Friday night at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles!  Went to a college football game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on Saturday afternoon.  Sunday evening was at Hollywood =) I thought I would give it a rest at Sunday, but on Monday my baby brother came over and chilled for a bit.  we went to Ihop, which was good!  We then went to Petco to pick up some food for Thomas.  Then later at night saw District 9, which I'll admit was somewhat creepy (cuz of the aliens) but I liked the story. Boy!!!!!  Did I have a busy weekend.  oh and to top it off I visited an old friend of mine.  He's cool people, except for the fact that he fuckin left a hickey literally obvious!!! Anywho, the rest of the week was ok b/c I was at work.
Random Misc Stuff
Incidentally, the chat thing now totally works. You can find a handy link here, which is possibly easier than clicking on a totally different link and not knowing wtf you're clicking. If that makes sense. It did, right? RIGHT? Anyway, the idea of the place is a place for MUMMers (and those brave enough to mingle with them) to gather and share links to amusing images, to MUMMs themselves, and to discuss things that pop up as may. Currently only a couple go there, but more would be totally welcome. Okay, FINE. Since certain people have insisted/demanded/badgered/pestered me to post this, I will post it. However, firstly, it's in alphabetical order and I refuse to put it in any other kind of order. So nya. Secondly, there are almost certainly some names missing. This might be for one reason, or it might be another, but there are some names who aren't there that should be there. So, nya again.   In case it wasn't clear: this is a "MUMMer women I would so totally do" list.
Just For Me
Have you ever wished, that when something or someone gets you either down or pissed off. You could just shut off your feelings like a light switch? Or when you have been with someone for so long, they just leave you at the curb, wondering what you did You could wish, that you could forget them and all you shared, just so you could go on with your life. Man I have always wished that for my self.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and most the time,  ohhhhhhhhhhhh helllllllllllllllllllllll all the time I get taken advantage of. And un fortunetly , no one ever comes to my rescue to support me or tell me just to keep looking for the bigger picture. That one day I will be rewarded for the kindness I have showen. Man isnt that a pipe dream. LOOKS FOR THE RAINBOW I decided to open up my myspace page just to see if any one sent me a message. Well (sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) some dum cow decided to hand me my ass because of a blog I wrote on hubby.She has no idea who I am or what I am all

some times when you lest expect the ones who you think wouldn,t help you does and prays for you because sometimes you need extra help in everyday life because they,re people who would rather see you sink and not servive than servive in life. sometimes we  forgett the real reason that we celibrate Christmas and get caught up in buying gifts and making us misserable trying to please others in getting what they want for Christmas by running from store to store in hoping that they will find what they are getting for others in our own lives. I miss being around my family of fire fighters that I grew up around because there was a speacal bond between us ,my dad was a firefighter thats how I got to know what a speacal talent and love they have for each other and kids espeacally the ederally and pets .
All About Life, Love, And Romance
A belief If there is a belief then there is hope. With hope there is a certainty that it will be.By Michael Dougherty A spark It is the spark in each other eyes that sets the fire in a true romance. Michael Dougherty Faith Hope is a focus on what could be but it is faith that makes it happen. By Michael Dougherty
Love Poems
I want to make love to you and feel you inside of my inner-nessI want to be so good to you, I want to be your bestI want to feel you inside me morning, noon AND nightI want to kiss and caress every part of you just- rightAnd I will make love with you….When I make love WITH you…You will be my king and I’ll be in love with youI’ll be like your genie in a bottle making your wishes come trueYou’ll want me in your life as your wife and as your queen ‘Cause I’ll be giving you things that you could never dreamAnd I won’t just be your friend and lover-I’m your partner in crime And for you, for you I would give my last dimeAnd I will make love with you….I will hold you and lend my shoulder when you need to cryAnd every one of our little ‘secrets’ baby, I’ll keep until I dieWhen we touch…. your heart will race out of controlBoo I want you to want ME until you’re 99 years oldAnd every night before you la
These Are Just Some Stranger Thoughts!!
Here is the message I sent today's Newbies.   Welcome to Fubar.  Like naked chicks.  Check out Kloverlynn.  Ask her about her "all anal" pictures.  Follow the link below.Kloverlynn@ fubar So last night my kids were running around my room playing tag.  They ran past the night stand and took out my Blackberry.  Now it won't charge and the screen is cracked.  This morning I go to start my laptop and get the Blue Screen of Death.  Turns out the motherboard fried during last night's thunder storms when the power surged. All of my pictures and music on that computer are gone.  Back up people!! A few minutes ago my ex-brother in law stops by with his kids and yellow lab.  The dog slams in to the entertainment center and knocks down the 56" flat screen....SMASH!!!!!  Screen is shattered.  He's going to buy me a new one but it will be a few weeks since he's broke right now. Verizon still hasn't figured out why the home phone isn't working.  The people I bought this place from still had a r
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A few years ago, the and size ladies were having much difficulty in their quest to buy affordable and stylish clothing. Nevertheless, there were some department stores that would provide special places for these ladies to find a quantity of the top brand name clothing. This means they would not must wait until the clearance sales for and size womens comes in order to look nice.Today, this industry is making billions from the and size clothing lines and the ladies can get stylish and stylish items  all over the place. In spite of this, in case you are buy cocktail party dresses for the small or and size clothing at this time it can be pricey. It is a nice thing, there's options like the ones mentioned below which will permit Womens Clothing Sale in uk to save these days. Various retailers are currently offering what is called "buy get free or at half price" promotions or perhaps something comparable. You could discover lots of major stores packaging various items in discounted bargains
Ac Milan First Transfer ConfirmedAC Milan, the first deal this summertime, now can confirm that, if not significantly injured Philippe Mexes farewell on the season, and journalists of the "hide and seek" to will continue, soon after Philippe Mexes has become saying that their Football Shirt potential not however conclusive, continues to be contemplating regardless of whether to remain in Rome, however the left knee cruciate ligament rupture, the French bid farewell on the Italian Football Shirt season, Mexes has no intention at this time in concealment, he mentioned publicly that his up coming stop is going to be AC Milan Philippe Mexes 1st confirmed he'll leave Maillot France said: "I feel soon after this season I will not remain in Rome, I'll move." Though the brand new owners took over the U.S. intent on retaining Meck Sri Lanka, but now all has become a foregone conclusion, for their up coming end, Mexes mentioned, "If you say I will visit AC Milan, then I might head to
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We can imagine now an another new 9.7-inch android tablet pc, which purely and simply listens to the name "V940B" and is already having on the source at a price of approximately € 135. The new V940B Tablet PC is equipped with a 9.7-inch touchscreen display with capacitive technology, and it is a 10-point multi-touch surface used. The IPS panel supports a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels in the operation and in the sector a 1.8 GHz Rockchip found RK3188 cortex-A9 quad-core processor, a Mali-400MP graphics chipset and a gigabyte of DDR3 memory. The internal storage of 16 GB can replenish themselves as usual via the MicroSD card slot up to 32 GB and it adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless data exchange. Optional 3G-Sticks are supported via the USB interface. Photo and video recordings can be about 0, 3-megapixel camera on the front panel or via the 2-megapixel camera on the back of record. Adobe are supported in terms of media playback Flash 11 content and abou
Diary Of A Madman
Looking through the window pane of my soul My heart yearns for a love once sound My thoughts are surrounded by images of terror And my essence of my being is in question Looking through the window pane of my life I see tragedy haunting me with vengeance A shadowy figure in the corner taunts me And my dreams lye shattered on the floor Looking through the window pane of my dreams I see sharp shards ripping my wishes into pieces A single ray of sunshine filtered by the darkness of doubt An unwillingness to let go of the past Looking through the window pane of my hopes I see a series of unfortunate road blocks One twist after another But a sign near the end of the road that reads In your self may you find redemption In yourself May you find peace In yourself may you find Life In Yourself May you find yourself March 12, 2007 ©-Ted E. Brown II          As I have said in the past, I am not a real religious person.  Raised in a southern Baptist family, I attend
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Akurit -- [noun]:An oral sex master 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at Ok, this cat lost all his credit after he spit the very first line! SINCE WHEN DID MCDONALDS HAVE LETTUCE ON A DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER??? GHETTO RESUME Rozonda LaQueeta "Pookie" Jenkins 2036 South Side Skreet Projects Compton, CA 11122 Phone: Cut off right now but will be back on by the 15th. OBJECTIVE To one day fulfill my dream of becoming a SoulTrain Dancer and, you know, just gittin my life togetha and stuff. I also hope to one day be the best cosmotologecalist in the 'hood.' SKILLS I do hurh and nails in my kitchen and I use my glitter and weave bonding glue for arts and crafts and stuff. I do braids in any texture or color; synthetoc or human hurh. EDUCATION The "GET YOURS" Home Correspondence Course, INC: Big Mamma's House of Hair 'N Nails 'N Fried Chicken 'N Stuff (Gradiated with honors for the most extensions don in a year's
A Few Stories From Friends I Have Traded Stories With Over The Years
"Zip." The light sound echoed in the automobile's interior. Paul and Katie were sitting in the front seat, they turned and looked at each other. Slight grins grew across their lips as the passenger, Katie, turned her head and body fully to glance behind her. "What are you two doing back there?" Katie asked rhetorically, in an exaggerated manner. She propped her arm across the back of the seat and peered into the dark only to see the shadow of Ryan's head moving back and forth, centered in Jay's lap. "What are they doing?" Paul bellowed from the driver's seat. His arm extended outward, resting his wrist on the steering wheel, guiding the vehicle with slight sways to one side then the other. He turned his head quickly to peek into the back seat. "Keep your eyes on the road!" Katie shouted as she placed her hand on Paul's face and guided his head to face forward. "You can't see anything except Ryan's head going up and down; up and down." She said with a snorting laugh. Her blonde
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You scored as Archangel. You are the most powerful in the realm of good. You are the highest rank of angel, understanding and loving no matter what! You are responsible, reliable, and have good judgement.Archangel79%Guardian Angel77%The Angel of Death73%Archetype56%Fallen Angel50%The Anti-Heroine42%Demoness23%Archdemoness11%Are you an Angel or a Demoness? (anime pics)created with You Know You Grew Up In The 80's If... 1. You've ever ended a sentence with the word "PSYCHE". 2. You watched the Pound Puppies. 3. You can sing the rap to the "Fresh Prince of Belair " ...and can do the "Carlton". 4. Girls wore biker shorts under their skirts and felt stylishly sexy. 5. You yearned to be a member of the Baby-sitters club and tried to start a club of your own. 6. You owned those lil' Strawberry Shortcake pals scented dolls. 7. You
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We finaly at the end of i all what do I see? the demon standing befor me the end of this story. how horrorfying does he look Idont know he wheres a cloke, with wings out his back and his breath is black smoke,I cant see his face and he stays so still no movement you would loose it if you knew how it feels to stare at evil and know that evil is stareing back next thing i know he griped my soul and befor i could react i saw everything he did from eating up little kids to burning churces and dispersing hurt to all the earth and worst of it all he rapped virgens as thay bleed he planted his seed he brought innocents to its knees blood ran throu the seas and the rivers of the world, plauge everyday, when he blaze you get pulled into a vortex of death when he crawls on your chest distress infects everything untill nothing is left IT'S THE DEMON!!!!!!! Imagine this, Jamie was the girl she's all alone On her way home she's in her own time zone Depressed cause ever
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im sorry to all i use to talk to if you still get on here send me a messege let me know your still here so i can keep talking to ya and i will try to be back on here as long as i can plz leave comments on my videos i put them up for viewing and commenting so plz comment on my videos i woudl greatly appriciate it thanx
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AnLOVE starts with a SMILE, grows with a KISS, and ends with a TEAR. DON'T cry over anyone who won't cry over you. Good FRIENDS are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. You can only go as far as you push. ACTIONS speak louder than words. The HARDEST thing to do is watch the one you love, love somebody else. DON'T let the past hold you back, you're missing the good stuff. LIFE'S SHORT. If you don't look around once in a while you might miss it. A BEST FRIEND is like a four leaf clover, HARD TO FIND and LUCKY TO HAVE. Some people make the world SPECIAL just by being in it. BEST FRIENDS are the siblings God forgot to give us. When it HURTS to look back, and you're SCARED to look ahead, you can look beside you and your BEST FRIEND will be there. TRUE FRIENDSHIP "NEVER" ENDS. Friends are FOREVER. Good friends are like STARS You don't always see them, but you know the
My moms dog has an ear infection. So now it needs medicine twice a day, and wash it once in the morning. It's literally shaking its own ears off the vet said. Evidently that's possible for dogs. The blood vessels in dogs ears rupture when dogs shake their heads too much, and with the ear infection she is doing all the time. I never liked the dog any way. My mom had to pay 140 dollars for the vet to say wash her ears and don't let her shake her head as much. And they want to see the dog again in two weeks and it will be at least another 70 dollars then for the visit. Now with that 210 dollars I could have myself a pretty amusing dog free rest of the month. All I am saying is she gives me the money, and I make the dog's ear infection go away. My back hurts, my head feels heavy, and I've taken more asirin in the last week then all of last year. I was doing yoga but I sware it only made things worse. I clearly should have consulted my physician. Oh well when I die I'll know better then
ok news update, i'm done with the drama in life, thanks to a few people i came to realize that i don't need or want that shit in my life ... secondly believe it or not, My bf Gerald has turned me into something i didn't think would ever happen lol ...... he talked me into the whole church thing so i'mma start goin to church again ..... thirdly, i'm goin for my license in a few weeks, once i find someone to take me to get them ove in state college, and fourthly, i'm looking for a job, even if its a volunteer job, money doesn't matter to me but helping people does ...... oh yeh on my family's behalf a little news, my bro got his gf Joey knocked up so congrats to them and he's thinking bout marrying her...... my cousin wendy is preg again if its a girl she's nameing her Andi so congrats to her too friend kaydee is expecting and i'm expecting her kid to just jump right out of her lol .........also i'm considering moving in with my boyfriend because he's asked repeatedly and i've
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BBWSherry HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Sooo Just Add Me!!!!
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----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: The Lord Is On My Side!!! I Am The Victorious One! Date: Feb 1, 2008 4:49 PM A little girl's parents fight almost every night. One night the dad comes home drunk and mad. He pulls out a gun and shoots his wife, then turns the gun on himself. The little girl sits behind the couch crying. The police come and take the little girl to an orphanage. She walks into the bedroom, and there is a picture of Jesus on the cross.Girl: How did that man get off of that?Teacher: He didn't.Girl: Yes, he did.Teacher: No, he didn't.Girl: Yes, he did. He always sat next to me when my parents fought, and he told me everything would be okay.You read this because it said fight. But would you have read it if it said Jesus Story? Post this as, "Big fight in (your state's name). Don't ignore this. You never know who might be watching.Remember: The bible says, "If you deny Jesus in front of man, he will deny you in front of his father The first tim
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I do not know you well, but what I know Enchants me, like a song sung far away. I cannot hear the words, but what they say Hangs softly on the hills where I must go. I see you furtively and note your eyes, Hazel and dreamy, your spirit half elsewhere; I note the sheen of your dark, lustrous hair And wish I knew your thoughts and shared your cries. This love brings me sweet pain, but I want more, Driven by a dream I can't control. I want the truth of you, untamed and whole; In frantic hope I haunt your open door. This is for you Daddy Though I dont think you deserve than title anymore This is the last time you leave me Bruised and battered on the floor You're not man enough To take your emotions out the right way So all your "parental rights" Should be taken all away You disgust me, you fuck I hate you so much Your hand right there- Thats not a fatherly touch God, I cant stand you You deserve to die How much you hurt me The many times you made me cry Sh
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I hate the way i feel i just wish i could be without pain without worry. I hate wondering if ill wake up tommrow. I hate being afraid. I hate haveing to ask for help no being able to do it myself.I hate my body because it has betraed me.Most of all i hate hate! Ok wtf did i do to life to have life start dumping on me?I mean in the past six months all hell has broken lose with my body first the nerve damage caused by the dieabetis,then my blood sugar goes nuts and now i find out i have a medeium sized abnormalty on my liver Im not sure how much more of this i can take before i snap the only thing keeping me going right now is support of my wife and close friends if not for them i dont know what i would do! I just realized that i never really told my true friends how much they mean to me so now i am.There are a hand full of people that have been there for me through thick and thin and im useing this to let them all know that im really glad that i have them i dont have time to name them a
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Black Suits ComingAdd a video to your site FREE Music Video Codes StickwituAdd a video to your site FREE Music Video Code Where'd You Go (featuring Holly Brook)Add a video to your site FREE Music Video Code
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I am wanting to have a contest using tags. I want them to be of men and women serving our contry. Of course the one with the most votes wins the biggest prize but I will award all participants. With a prize or by rateing their pics or whatever. It will be up to them. If you are interested or no anybody else who would be interested plz send me a link to the pic and I will add it. As soon as I get atleast 3 pics I will open the contest for voteing. And if you are not interested would you plz atleast repost this for me. I am doing this in honor of my husband who is away at bootcamp. Thanks! MISSBITCH~~~mommy of 2~~~@ fubar "These are very strong accusations. Are you sure, Jorden?" the librarian asked. "Yes, I'm positive. Yesterday, I saw Beth put one of these," Jorden held up a small envelope containing white powder, "between the X and Y volumes of the Encyclopedia. After she left, a big guy in a leather jacket came in and took the envelope out and put money in. Today, after Beth cam
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Hello everyone. I added a play list here . Take a listen and tell me what you think. If you don't like a song skip it but I would like to her your thought. :) Thanks. Stephanie Celine Dion - Titanic - My Heart Will Go On ~music video~ I do not kow how mey of you us facebook. But this is my page there. you sould check it out. I hope you like it. :) I even have two videos of me there Hugs and kisses. to all my frinds.
My forever,,, Forever takes me by the minute, While I'm here with you. I'm falling even more in love, With everything you say and do. Hold me in your arms, Look deep into my eyes, Don't turn away and let me go, Don't ever tell me lies. I swear I'll never loose you, In my arms I'll always hold. I'll never let you slip away, And leave nothing left untold. There aren't enough hours, In each passing day, To find all the words........... I wish I could say. Your kiss will last forever, Your touch forever warm. You'll guide me to the light of life, And shield me from the storm. I love you,,, It's Eternal It's not the things you say to me that make me love you so much. If you never spoke another word, I would hear you through your touch. It's not the things you give to me that sets your soul apart. If I never saw another dime, I would still be
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When you are deceived by someone you trust it makes you wonder why you try at all to understand the reason things happen the way they do. A person that you know and lets say closer than a friend doesnt know where you live because the choice is yours to keep them from where you find it safe: your home This person searches either something on the Base or through the Internet and finds out where you live and then without calling shows up one day at your door. Do you find this to be stalking or someone who is more interested in then you think they are? Anyone? Thoughts? Opinions? As official as it sounds, not suitable for work: Here is a thought as a Network Engineer/Systems Administrator, there are a few things that should be noted about the work environment. There are limits and restrictions on which web sites users are allowed to visit and the times that they are allowed to be there. There is a thing called a White List, which is approved websites for viewing during certain hou
If this doesn't open your eyes, nothing ill!... and this is only one state!!! From the L.A. Times 1. 40% of all workers in L.A. County (L.A. County has 10.2 million people) are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without a green card. 2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens. 3. 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens 4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers. 5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally. 6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages. 7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely illegal aliens from south of the border. 8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal. 9. 21 radio stations in
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As a lot of my friends know, since my Ex died, I have been battling with his family on who should get custody of my son. I am really at the point where I am tired of being nice and feel that I have to put my foot down in areas, and I wrote this letter to my ex brother-in-law to tell him what he was doing is wrong! Could you all give me some input on if the letter is too bitchy or not? Casey, I am writing now because, these are things I have GOT to get off my chest. I am looking out for Brandon's best interest, and I feel what everyone is doing to him is not fair for a 13 year old boy to be put through, especially after all that he has been through already. I knew when Curt died, that this would be an issues from the start. But the night that Curt died, Brandon wanted to come home with me, he had the Deputy call me and request that I get to the hospital ASAP, because Brandon wanted his mom. I did that, I went there for my son. I took my son home, because they told me I w
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Dear Sweet And Loving Friends, Like little sprinkles of love Your smile has touched my heart It sparkles here, it glistens there And tears my fears apart. Like little sprinkles of love Your laugh can make my day A giggle here, a giggle there Can chase my blues away. With your little sprinkles of love There's nothing I can't do So sprinkles of love I'm sending From my heart right back to you! From "TEJANA" Write On Images Love Her Family!!!! Dear Friends, My friends are so very dear to me, Through the good and bad they’ve been there, Laughter or tears we’ve been through it all, But no matter what they stood by me, Sharing in my joy, or lending a shoulder to cry on. Building memories that will last a life time. The fun times and laughter that we have shared, Are happy memories that will always be there. When I was sad, they have always cheered me up. My friends are true friends, not just passing by, But will be there through
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The boyfriend said, "We're going to have a GREAT time Saturday. I've gotten three tickets for the big game." "Why do we need three ?" asked the girl. "They're for your Father, Mother, and kid sister." he replied with a sheepish grin. It's the Spring of 1957 and Bobby goes to pick up his date. He's a pretty hip guy with his own car. When he goes to the front door, the girl's father answers and invites him in. "Carrie's not ready yet, so why don't you have a seat?," he says. "That's cool" says Bobby. Carrie's father asks Bobby what they're planning to do. Bobby replies politely that they will probably just go to the soda shop or a movie. Carrie's father responds "why don't you two go out and screw? I hear all the kids are doing it." Naturally, this comes as a quite a surprise to Bobby-so he asks Carrie's Dad to repeat it. "Yeah," says Carries father, "Carrie really likes to screw; she'll screw all night if we let her!" Well, this just made Bobby's eye
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On the 26th May 2007 My Mum died. I have found it very Hard to cope with the loss off my mum. But 2 off My friends on here have help me cope with this situation. I felt really depressed losing my mum. So To little Hippie Girl and her hubby and Candygirl Uk, I want to say a big thank you for being there for me. You are special to me and I love you guys, you are true friends XXXXXXX PS yhere is ALSO kerch who with his comments as helped keep my chin up. RIDE SAFE my FRIEND Yesterday at 5pm GMT. My mum peacefully passed away. She was my best friend. The place she has left in my heart will never be filled.I love her so dearly. R.I.P mum till we meet again. Dreams Of You As I lay upon my bed, and sleep slips inside my head, I start to Dream Of Me and you, And things I would Like us to Do. I see us walking along a beach, I hold your hand n you look so sweet I kiss your lips you start to smile Then we walk for one more mile. We find a cave where we make love then we gaze at
Im not one to write on here and ask for things,but I'd love to level up.....xoxo if you give a gal a hand :>) subject: 1 question, (repost) date: 2007-01-29 20:15:05 1 question, 1 chance, 1 answer...its all u get... You get to ask me 1 Question (TO MY INBOX) any one question, no matter how crazy it is. ANY 1 question!! Conditions: I won't tell ANYONE and I promise to answer it. ***(Truthfully)*** The catch is, you have to repost this and see what people ask you. So go for it I've been having pictures reported for being NSFW, and being deleted even though they were not nsfw. Personally, I think that if a picture offends someone, there should be an allotted amount of reports followed by an investigation of the picture to determine whether or not the picture is or isn't "NSFW". And i believe others here on CT agree with this. Something should be dont about it. Repost this if you agree. And/or Make sticky if possible. ty (
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hmmmmm okay sooo i am lost i dont know what to think anymore to keep trying to work my relationship out or walk away its hurting me either way the last 4 days have been totally fucked i or dont i. I dont know anymore i feel soo lost i have soo meny things goin through my head its not funny i dont know ..i just dont know anymore i know i care more for him then he does for me n it hurts sooo bad i dunno where i stand i dont even know if i mean anything to him anymore n thats what hurts the most :'( i dunno :'( Friendships come and Friendships go Like wave upon the sand Like day and night Like birds in flight Like snowflakes when they land But you and I are something else Our friendship's here to stay Like weeds and rocks and dirty socks It never goes away! A BEST FRIEND A best friend is always there, whether you need advice, or a pep talk, or even a shoulder to cry on. A best friend listens with her heart and is always honest with you, even though the truth may
I'm gonna wear you downI'm gonna make you seeI'm gonna get to youYou're gonna give into me Come on, come onInto my armsCome on, come onGive into me You're gonna take my handWhisper the sweetest wordsAnd if you're ever sadI'll make you laughI'll chase the hurt My heart is set on youI don't want no one elseAnd if you don't want meI guess I'll be all by myself Come on, come onInto my armsCome on, come onGive into me
Just to let everyone know HItman6 and I are letting our VIP's run out. We are tired of givin money to a site that is becomeing a pain in our a**. We will still be on here from time to time (He has been working alot so he only gets on on his days off) I on the other hand will get on here if I am bored. Well we hope you all have a great time and we will be talkin with ya'll soon. THIS IS JUST A NOTE TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT SOME OF US HAVE STARTED OUR OWN FAMILY AND WE ARE EXTENDING THE INVATATION OUT TO ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO JOIN. ALL OF US IN THE FAMILY FIND LARRY THE CABLE GUT AS FUNNY SO HE IS OUR MASCOT. EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY GETS A MORPH AND BASICALLY ALL WE ARE TRYING TO DO IS TO GIVE PEOPLE A FAMILY TO BELONG TO HERE ON CHERRY TAP. WHERE WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN AND HAVE FUN. WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE OR JUDGE AND WE WILL LET ANYONE JOIN. AS OF NOW THERE ARE 9 OF US AND WE ARE LOOKING FOR OTHERS TO JOIN US. SO COME AND HAVE FUN WITH US!!!!!!! THANK YOU FROM~~ TWEETYJINXIN~G
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Isn't it amazing that George Carlin - comedian of the 70's and 80's - could write something so very eloquent...and so very appropriate. A Message by George Carlin: The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways , but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years.
Everyday I sit and cry, Because I'll Love you till, The day I die. Time moves so slowly, When you are lonely, For the one that you Love. I wish I could fly like a dove, To see the one that I Love. I sit and wait and wonder, I feel like it's a spell I'm under, I can't break free, I wish you would be with me. But I can't change whats In your heart, I knew that from the start. I can only try to start anew, Without you by myside. Take-Care my Love for you have Two hearts and I have none. I gave you my all, I hope you can stand tall. I think of you and sign, There's nothing left but to say.... GOOD-BYE Wrote after a very hard break up. Only thing I've ever written.Hope you enjoy. PLEASE BOMB ME!!! I need My FRiends help How I do Bombing is I write The Bomb!!! and copy you can do that 7 times the just add more !!!! each time ofter 7.....Please help a g
Sailor Moon 118-156
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So I stayed up an extra two hours watching the latest epi of "So You Think You Can Dance." This year they are letting in some crappy ass dancers to Vegas, but overall... I think we could be in for a treat this year. There have been some fabulous auditions from what I saw! A couple breakers that just stunned me. It seems they are showing more breakers and ballroom dancers than anything else this season. I love it.. I don't really understand too much of the contemperary/ jazz stuff. I tend to enjoy the hip hop the most! Anyways, I am looking forward to watching the rest of the auditions!! So most people know I am a pretty open chick!  I love being sexual and yes I am a huge flirt.  But seriously... just b/c I am a perv doesn't mean that gives you the right to be a douche bag.  Being sexually open does not mean that I am going to automatically be turned on by your schlong.  Flirting over some filthy named fake drinks or fake sex items does not mean I am going to start talking dirty
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I opened the door to the bathroom, warm in my rose red robe. You smiled at me, gently pulling me into a hug as you kissed me slow and soft, then hard and passionate as you ran your fingers through my long hair. I pulled away, smiling as I turned the shower on and slowly dropped my robe to the floor. I helped you undress, then led you into the shower. I lay down in the bath, the running water flowing over me, and pulled you down on top of me. We kissed hungrily as your hands explored my shoulders, back, stomach, bottom and thighs. Your mouth moved down to my neck as you rolled off me and lay your naked body beside mine. Slowly, gently you stroked my warm skin, your fingers moving lightly at first, then slower, harder. I felt a tingling between my legs and moved them apart. Your hands slid over my stomach and down to my vulva, stroking my inner thighs as you went. Your strong, firm fingers stroked my clitoris softly. You stood and turned off the water. Gathering me up in a soft whi
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Icy smile. Cold, cold heart. Draw you in with warm words. Fevered touches. Heat. Closer ... closer ... closer. Penetrate my mouth, plunge into my body. Leave my heart alone. Lest I drive an icicle through yours. by Rylan Hunter  Can you remember? Who smiled first, who made the first move, who risked it all? You worked so hard to make me laugh. I tried hard not to.  You were all wrong. Wrong age, wrong location, wrong everything. I can't remember when it was suddenly so right. The first time I stared at nothing and thought about you. Hearing someone say your name and feeling my heart race. Wondering if you were trying to make anybody else laugh. Can you remember who we were before we were we? I can. We're still you and me. But when you add it all up ... together, we're more. "A man is made by his scars. Go on, show me yours” I point at my arm "Oil burn. Cooking for a friend, I spilt the roasting tray." "No, deeper." I peel back the outer layer and
Quizzes You are a Sharon Stone Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct." Need we say more? You have command in the bedroom (or wherever else it may be.) Sex is very important to you, and a relationship that is vacant of frequent sex can never be truly fulfilling. You may be more dominating and you probably are the one to initiate sex and determine how it will be done. You're willing to try anything because you want to keep sex interesting and exciting, which to you is what makes for a good lover. If your sexual style is a little overwhelming for your partner, the most important thing to remember is to make sure they feel comfortable enough to express themselves sexual in their own way. Once the playing field is more even, you'll reap the rewards of a healthy sexual relationship. More Fun Quizzes at
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I just wanted to everyone know there is very limited time left to file your tax return. You do have options to have a professionally prepared return. You can send me your income tax documents via fax, mail or email. I will receive your documents, email you a special online access code, give you a call, prepare your return, and then send you email when it is completed. You never have to leave the comfort of your own home! Everything is done by email or phone. Once you receive your email from me that your tax return is completed, you just review the return, approve it and pay for it all online! It's convenient, fast, safe and easy! This is the perfect solution for the busy working professional! No need to worry about trying to take the time to figure out the internal revenue code! Don't worry about being from another state! That's my specialty. I will make sure that your return is accurately prepared no matter what state in the United States you are from! Worried about credentials?
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I love Rosemary. It grows profusely in my herb garden and just brushing by the wonderful smelling foliage will lift my spirits and make me want to cook something with it! Rosemary is also a wonderful ally for a variety of common ailments. An infusion of the dried herb will calm a migraine headache, help reduce blood pressure, or help you digest your food. It will also calm your nerves and make you feel more alert. To make an infusion, purchase dried herb and put a handful into a quart jar (canning jars work wonderfully for this). Pour boiling water over the herb and cap the jar tightly. Let sit for 4-8 hours. The longer it sits, the stronger the infusion will be. A dose is 1-2 cups per day, usually sipped slowly. You can add honey for sweetener. To sweeten your breathe, chew on a piece of fresh Rosemary. To make a natural tooth paste, grind a small amount of fresh rosemary in a coffee grinder (cleaned free of coffee!), then mix with a small amount of baking soda.
i'm tired, almost 1:30am here visited my cousin fabienne and my uncle and aunt they are great as always well i arrived successfully to Switzerland yesterday at 2:10pm local time buenos aires - paris was kinda crappy, because we had too much turbulence (i felt like in a coctail bottle, the one that the barman shakes lol) paris-zürich was great, a tiny airplane and really nice trip :) short one i came to uncle's home DEAD lol, but before comming here we visited another cousin i didn't see in a long time slept from 10pm to 8:30am and i still feel the jetlag lol and i'm hating it! i already started with the job search and appartment search :) this is going to be GREAT! cross your fingers so everything goes good :P i'll take new pics soon :) and you'll love the mountains i see everyday! hugs ok i'll try and go to sleep now... next time i login i'll be in switzerland :) wish me luck and success! :D *hugs everyone*
Un Gringo E Latinoamerica!
Albert...First let me say to you that you are the love of my life. I'm sorry I didn't have enough trust in you and your love for me.Please accept my apology. Now to friends and family...Let me assure you that things are fine between Albert and me. We could never be happier Every day we learn more about each other and that brings us closer together. If you care about Albert or me you will treat our relationship with respect and not try to bring it down. THE NEXT MONDAY I DELTED MY ACCOUNT! THANKS FOR SHARING WHIT ME! U HATE ME??? I DONT UNDERSTAND! I DELETEDMY FUBAR PAGE THANKS ALL PPL! BYE BYE
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Welcome ye scurvy dogs to the Fubar Pirate ship! If ye wish to be crew, then send the Cap'n a message! If this be yer wish, then abide by these rules ye must! 1: Fan, add and rate yer Captain and crew as a show of loyalty! 2: Repost the ship's bulletins! 3: Spend a bit of yer booty and buy all of those who ye add a shot of rum! When ye've done this, contact the cap'n and he'll add ya to the crew to plunder the Fubar seas as one of our own. If ye wish not to be a member of the ship, then ye are condemned to walk the plank! En route towards the ever elusive X on the map of an unknown island, our jolly ship O mayhem and rummin' ran across an unsuspecting Spanish Galleon on its way back from Mexico. We hoisted the Colours and broadsided 'er with the long guns afore she could even round on us. Our steadfast crew boarded 'er and sent 150 Spanish dogs to the briny deep. Aboard we found the hold full of Aztec gold and jewels as well as a fine cargo of freshly made rum. S
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Recently, I was diagnosed with A.A.A.D.D. - Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder. This is how it manifests: I decide to water my garden. As I turn on the hose in the driveway, I look over at my car and decide my car needs washing. As I start toward the garage, I notice that there is mail on the porch table that I brought up from the mailbox earlier. I decide to go through the mail before I wash the car. I lay my car keys down on the table, put the junk mail in the garbage can under the table, and notice that the can is full. So, I decide to put the bills back on the table and take out the garbage first. But then I think, since I'm going to be near the mailbox, when I take out the garbage anyway, I may as well pay the bills first. I take my checkbook off the table, and see that there is only 1 check left. My extra checks are in my desk in the study, so I go inside the house to my desk where I find the can of Coke that I had been drinki
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To you my special someone I want to tell you something : THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! You were there when I needed someone to talk to You helped me in ways that others couldnt. I feel bad because I never wanted for you to see me weak like that. Thank you for taking me into your arms and holding me and being there for me. You are the first person that I could actually do that with. When I am with you I feel so comfortable and safe. I enjoy the way you make me forget about everything else. I love the fact that when I am with you all I wanna do is smile. You make me happy. You have given me strength were others have just taken it away. To you I think you. Muah there is a guy who makes me smile there is a guy who i enjoy talking to every morning there is a guy who i shall not name but he is the one that i think about because we can not be with eachother there is a guy who i think is sweet and sexy there is a guy who i care about and just want him to be happy there i
so last night i was on fubar and i posted a mumm as a joke about a friend of mine, here it is so my friend is going back out with this guy that she has dated on and off for about two years. Anyways she just changed her name to HAPPILY TAKEN!!! it so not like her to do that. It make me want to throw up. i ment it as a joke i always post mumms that are ment to be jokes/funny much to my surpise i find this as a comment on it from her ..> It's MY LIFE you are just in it and in ALL honesty you really ARE NOT in it anymore. If you don't like who I am with then just walk away. It's not like you wanna call or hang out any more so it's whatever. You should try fixin your life instead of tryin to fuck up mine or tell me how unhappy you are because I am with him. You have never liked him and thats fine its your choice, but you really wanna lose a friend over this. You decide and let me know!!!! then she posted a blog on fubar I am so tired of people saying "I am your friend".
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One look; that’s all it took to make me want you I’ve tasted the forbidden fruit and now I’m doomed How could I resist something so hot, so inviting? I couldn’t help but want more, so I continued writing. My knees started to tremble and nothing else mattered You made me so hot, so moist, and lathered I needed to feel you, didn’t care about the result I kept dragging it on when I should’ve bolted. I let my legs fall apart pantie less my swollen lips exposed my body shaking It was then you knew I was yours for the taking You said you didn’t want to hurt me again I knew deep down I should’ve just ran. But instead, I stayed, I needed your love I needed you inside of me, us fitting like a glove Our bodies moved together, so perfect, so right At that time, all that mattered was this night. Every time you touched me, I thought I would die From this simple pleasure, taking me beyond the sky I could feel you pulsing; I stopped thinking You saw it in my eyes; you knew I was si
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Here are all of the Demon Crew Family Members and how many points they need to reach the next level. Show them some love and help them out! HELLSINGER ~Member of the Demon Crew26,461 Points to Pimp! Demon Crew {Best Bombers on Fu}61,482 Points to Rock Star! ~§çøt§_Pãt®îøt~,*DEMON CREW *76,376 Points to FuberLord! ~*Ðã®K_GØTH_£Ø£À*~ DEMON CREW313,149 Points to FuberLordess! ♣Τwïšτεd §ïšτä♣ Demon Crew & Club FAR Member {Owned by ~*Ç£ÃÿMØ®Ê*~}323,168 Points to FuberLordess! A.J. . Member of the Demon Crew Family486,961 Points to Fu-Queen! cntrygal321~RATING REVOLUTION~~member of DEMON CREW~~owned by kinkygentleman~587,729 Points to Fu-Queen!
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how do gay gangsters do drivebys? they throw skittles and scream taste the rainbow bitch An Amish farmer walking through his field, notices a man drinking from his pond, with his hand. The Amish man shouts: "Trink das wasser nicht. Die kuhen haben dahin gesheissen." Which means: "Don't drink the water, the cows have s___ in it." The man shouts back: "I'm a Muslim, I don't understand. Please speak in English." The Amish man says: "Use two hands. You'll get more." giving head is like eatin sun flower seeds. put it in your mouth, suck it, get the nut, then spit it out
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You’re apocalyptic in your point of view The stench of death blankets the feeble mind The kiss of destruction lingers along the jaded soul Your words corrupt Your actions diseased But in your need to dominate.. to control You forgot the soul you left behind Where you see the end , it sees only the beginning As your venom poisons~ It whispers words of love In your disease , it shelters but one seed. Hope Nixy~ March 2008 Romance With the curiosity of a child she creeps closer In her eyes fascination unexplained Bathed in the gentle light from the moon She watches him He is death Love Hope Life Reaching out She places a tiny hand against an invisible wall See me ~ she whispers Startled by the voice he turns With a raised brow He looks to her Placing his own hand against the wall which divides them The match perfection Love me ~ he answers Nixy On the edge of time you'll find me Walking the ever thin line The promise of d
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imikimi - Customize Your World Close Window From Selected Poems: Summer Knowledge by Delmore Schwartz The Beautiful American Word, Sure The beautiful American word, Sure As I have come into a room, and touch The lamp's button, and the light blooms with such Certainty where the darkness loomed before, As I care for what I do not know, and care Knowing for little she might not have been, And for how little she would be unseen, The intercourse of lives miraculous and dear. Where the light is, and each thing clear, Separate from all others, standing in its place, I drink the time and touch whatever's near, And hope for day when the whole world has that face: For what assures her present every year? In dark accidents the mind's sufficient grace. Copyright © 1959 by Delmore Schwartz. Reprinted by permission of New Directions Publishing Corp. Next Top Sonnet: O City, City To live b
Wow, im gonna totally rip this movie apart.  lmfao   ~SPOILERS~   This movie is about the Glam Rock movement.  You know, the great hair bands that us alive in the 80's and very early 90's grew up with.  Bands such as Poison, Guns n Roses, Night Ranger, Pat Benetar all have songs in this flick.  Even breaking into some Journey at points. But anyways...   OK, from the offset, small town girl goes to Hollywood to become a star. Julianne Hough (Footloose) is the small town girl.  Driving along, she puts her headphones on and starts singing "Sister Christian" and suddenly, the whole buss starts singing along with her. This ultimately becomes a mash up of Sister Christian, Nothin But a Good Time, and Just like Paradise.  blech.  I can tell right now, that this is going to be absolutely horrible.  Short story shorter, girl gets robbed off the bus, bumps into a guy working at the Rock and Roll Bar and gets hired.  They have a moment where they are in an old school record store and jam ou
I feel so fucking blah! Like I just want to throw my hands in the air and give up on everything. Wait not even throw my hands up, that would take up to much energy :( I can't shake this... I feel so fookin blah! I know I am isolating myself to a great degree and I don't even know what I am isolating over. I have stopped calling my friends I talk to daily, haven't been hanging out a lot on the fu. I sit here and just ponder, ponder over nothing at all. I feel so damn down. One thing that got me is I always get my cell paid early, I didn't even care about it, yesterday got a text message saying it had to be paid by today. It got done, but don't really care. My heart is in Germany, I feel so lost and empty without Rudi by my side. We had a talk Sunday, but still doesn't place a plan into action. I am a puppet on a string, a sad lonely puppet. So many times I have had people ask me, why am I allowing this to be done to myself, my only answer is, when we are together, words can
A candle burns away The ashes full of lies I gave my soul to you You cut me from behind Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide You're scared of the truth, I'm tired of the lies Cause who I am Is where you want to be Don't act like an angel You've fallen again You're no superhero I've found in the end So lie to me once again And tell me everything will be alright Lie to me once again And ask yourself before we say good bye Well good bye Was it worth it in the end? You said you were there for me You wouldn't let me fall All the times I shared with you Were you even there at all? Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide You're scared of the truth, I'm tired of the lies Cause who I am Is where you want to be Don't act like an angel You've fallen again You're no superhero I've found in the end So lie to me once again And tell me everything will be alright Lie to me once again And ask yourself before we say good bye Well good bye Was it worth it in th
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H.R.3974 Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Control and Prevention Act of 2009 (Introduced in House) copy and paste link into Your browser...       Rep Honda Introduces Bi-Partisan Bill to End Hepatitis Epidemic in America  | Congressman Michael Honda (D-CA), chairman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, introduced the bi-partisan Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Control and Prevention Act of 2009, to address a national Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C epidemic impacting America. The bill incorporates the monitoring, testing and research and education provisions contained in the Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C bills from the 110th Congress. Rep Honda’s bi-partisan legislation was drafted in strong partnership with Reps. Charles Dent (R-PA), Edolphus Towns (D-N
2 or 3 baking potatoes 1 1/2 cups skimmed milk 2 tablespoons flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/2 cup shredded low fat cheddar cheese Peel and slice potatoes thinly. In a saucepan, combine milk, flour, salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper and cook over medium heat until sauce thickens. Layer casserole dish with potato slices. Spoon half of sauce over slices and repeat with remaining potatoes and sauce. Cover and bake in oven preheated at 350 degrees for 50 minutes to an hour. Remove from oven and sprinkle with cheddar cheese. 3/4 lb scallops 1/4 cup flour 1/2 lb mushrooms, stems removed and minced 3 tblsp olive oil 1/4 cup white wine 3 tblsp fine bread crumbs 2 tblsp minced onion 1 tblsp minced parsely 2 clove minced or pressed garlic pinch of red pepper flakes & salt Instructions: ------------- Preheat oven to 350F. Brush a shallow baking dish with 1 tbs of the oil. Bake the 'shroom caps for 10 min. Combine stem
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This person I will never forget.I chose this poem for Peacey because I thirst for his knowledge and admire his loving soul. He loves without boundries and gives to those in need. He is so far the only one who understands the things I see when I look into the sky.  The Selfless Servant The selfless Servant remembersThe challenges along the way,But meets each Sun with wonder,The pleasure of greeting the day.The joy that fuels the selfless heartIs in seeing the changes that comeTo every weary traveler who hearsThe heart song of Earth Mothers drum.Affecting the lives of those in need,With a smile or a helping hand,Brings unseen rewards to the heartThat the selfish don't understand.Returning to others a percentageof the abundance that we have knownIs the sacred wisdom of sharing,A gift of the seeds we have sown,Where do we find these servants,Who choose to selfishly give?They stand with Wisdom Keeper,Having remembered,that to give is to live! Your perfection gives me an erection love
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Of my flesh I can claim no possession For all we are is borrowed time in temporal clay I am more than the extent of my limbs I have been and shall be again before the day is through (this was among those I wrote in the days before donating my kidney) Prophesy Angels shake with fear Holding devils near Angel, cry a tear You die now I hear Prophesy, prophesy Please bend an ear Omens of darkness I weep a black tear Lost in a world Of hope and false love Die now, no struggle Come take this black glove Not Not to waste a dance Not to waste a dream Not to waste a moment In this eerie, black lit scene Not to be a fool Not to cast disparage Not to let my ego Grow uncomfortably large Not to follow rabbits Not to wake the king Not to trust the cat When the Queen is smiling Not to play with fire Not to run afoul Not to trust the Blue-man Or he who wears the cowl Not to know tomorrow Not to know today Not to separate the past
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Trapped on the terraces, I looked at you and knew You were the only thing that mattered There was no one for me but you In Harmony Street we beat a man Just for standing there I held my breath as I watched you swing Then run your fingers through your hair Oh, how could anyone not love the terrible things you do? Oh, how could anyone not want to try and help you? In Bermondsey in Burberry, you held me at the barricade, the pigs arrived with tear gas And I wept at the mistakes we made We stalked the streets like animals And danced as windows shattered For our island, for the thrill of it, for everything that mattered Oh, how could anyone not want to rip it all apart? Oh, how could anyone not love your cold, black heart? I found you on a Saturday, and that was where I lost you You had finally walked away because of what it cost you, years later when I saw your face In line to catch the morning train, you looked like you'd been softened Like you never really love
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You’ve dreamed of your discount wedding dresses since you were 6 years old. And suddenly there you are, engaged, planning your wedding and ready to shop for that amazing bridal dress. Reality hits and you realize that you have so many other things to consider than just your bridal gown. The cost of your gown may be one of the more expensive items on your wedding budget.And now you ask yourself, "Can I really afford that Designer gown that I love?" Staying within a certain budget is the lot of most brides. The average wedding costs about $25,000, include discount wedding dress but not everyone can spend nearly that much. A nice wedding can be assembled for much less and can even be put together on a shoestring if necessary. After all, you are not getting married just to have a big party! You are getting married, because you are in love. So if you find that you do need to cut some corners, don’t despair. There are lots of ways to save some money and still look stunning. Many
1. What is your best friends name? Mekka2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? erm3. What are you listening to right now? The Universe4. Whats your favorite number? 35. What was the last thing you ate? Fish and Chips 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? Pink
My Poetry
As I close my eyes there he stands reaching out for my hand to take me afar into a land only once I have been before a place of dreamscape where my mind and soul deepen I can feel the soft sensation of his whispers in my ear He caress's my lips with his own through the breeze I can feel the presence of his body softly upon mine his eyes carrying me away with blistfulness and compassion the very soul he shares circles and entwines my sences This land is wonderious beyond creation the temptations of beauty spread for my eyes to wonder The wind blows through the trees and the waterfall runs deep I feel his arms wrap around my waist gently as he kisses my neck as he lay me down on the purest greenest grass the blood boils hot as the lightning streaks through my veigns This is the only way I can feel his warm gentle touch I never want to leave this gracious dreamscape dont want to awake and lose his kiss exhile me to this beautiful space where I can have his hand upon my
My Song Covers
Woke up from a dream, did not like what I saw, a girl who goes to sleep, peacefully alone for a long while, conversation or no coversations, but it felt different the longer the girl stays, deciding, how can her mind wake her mind, will not be able, will not careful, down by this girl side sees blood, down by this girl side sees blood, where did it come from, it did not come from, looking by this girl side after all, it came from you, how did you knew, how did you knew, you told mind, looking by this girl side after all, the girl awakes, also find someone by her side, they start to talk, the girl saids I was not dead, I was just wondering are you alright, because you have blood on your side, yeah, am not through, will not be able, will not careful, looking by this girl side after all, down by this girl side sees blood, where did it come from, it did not come from, looking by this girl side after all, it came from you, how did you knew, how did you knew, you told mind, looking by this g
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Omega Replica Watches Speedmaster Omega Replica Watches De Ville Luxury Swiss keep an eye on manufacturer, ulysse nardin dealers watches, held the particular Grand Opening of the company's Flagship Boutique within the at the Boca Raton Town Centre Mall on January 16, 2010, with more than 800 citizens in attendance, including exclusive guest along with famed athlete Randy Johnson. Let your coronary heart yet Graceful style motion code watchTissot Yun Chihuahua relatives is walking complete chronograph motion in order that advanced women dominate an hour or two more suitable reflects the true shade capable.To inflate their classy label nationally, ulysse nardin fiyat watches joined with Bobby Yampolsky associated with East Coast Jewellery to spread out the Boutique, what features a collection of across 80 of its most interesting timepieces, like 3 models in the Special edition Boutique line, all presented within a complex, nautical inspired placing. Rou
C Ya... Wait No I Wont
thats all i want, for everyone who reads this to tell me one thing they like about me, weither you know me personally, or just looking at my pictures, tell me one thing you like the most about me. im curious as to find out what ppl really think at first glance. She wrote, "I feel just like that painting collecting dust on the wall And every day you walk right by me and don't know I'm there at all And I can't think of one single reason why I should be hanging around" She signed it, "I hope that you'll miss me", and she drove herself out of town Maybe he'll notice her now, maybe he'll open his eyes Sometimes it takes somebody leaving for a man to realize Maybe he'll tell her she's the only thing that he can't live without Now that she's gone maybe he'll notice her now When he came home late that evening, he called her name down the hall He saw the outline of the painting that used to hang there on the wall And in its place on the nail was a letter, he read it out loud to h
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1. At least 5 people in this world love you so much they would die for you. 2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way. 3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep. 6. You mean the world to someone. 7. If not for you, someone may not be living. 8. You are special and unique. 9. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. 10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. 11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world. 12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you believe in yourself, probably, sooner or later, you will get it. 13. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude r
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Well right now im sitting waiting for the phone call that will tell me one of my very best friends i grew up with since day one, and someone i hold dear to me as more than a sister has passed away tonight. Its been about a month and a half since mom passed and i've pretty much taken on the role of cook/maid around the house since i have time now. Currently lookin for a job, cant get anything, and the bills are stacking higher. I tend to have breakdowns alot periodicly due to the pts (post tramatic stress disorder) that i was diagnosed with two years into caring for mom. I've gotten pretty good at convincing myself she hasnt actualy passed and just isnt around anymore, people cope a lil differently i spose. I've recently become very self destructive, phsycotic with pulling hair out and trying to knock myself out and often cant tell when one of those episodes will hit so not trusted alone a good amount of the time. I split from my relationship the day after moms funeral (not by cho
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Friendly AdviceAdd to My Profile | More Videos BUT IF YOU FIND YOU CANNOT STOP UNTIL YOU REACH THE END THEN YOU MUST HAVE A VERY BIG HEART... Mommy.. Seung-Hui brought a gun to school, He told NBC that it was cool, And when he pulled the trigger back, It shot with a great crack. Mommy, I was a good girl, I did What I was told, I went to college, I got straight A's, I even got the gold! But Mommy, when I went to school that day, I never said good-bye, I'm sorry Mommy, I had to go, But Mommy, please don't cry. When Seung-Hui shot the gun, He hit me and another, And all because Seung-Hui, Got the gun from a store that sold guns to mental patients. Mommy, please tell Daddy; That I love him very much, And please tell Zack; my boyfriend; That it wasn't just a crush. And tell my little sister; That she is the only one now, And tell my dear sweet grandmother; I'll be waiting for her now, And tell my wonderful friends; That they always w
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These thoughts saturate my mind Prey and infatuate my mind I don’t mean to procrastinate my time But all these beautiful women I can’t help but to think of them The footage of their every motion Stored away in my memory The leading lady in my sex film Only lords know how bad I really want to sex them When my rose finally peeks Through it’s concrete Will they stop to smell the roses? And grab me by my stem I will catch them if they fall All they have to do is Grab me my sexual limb I will lift them up And take them back down again Why do human beings have to come with baggage? Wouldn't life be easier if we could check our past at the entrance to the future? It seems that each of us have been blessed in one form or another with something that we will hold on to for a long time, maybe even forever. Why? Why do we hold on to them and create an emotional barrier that a good portion of us will never let anyone cross? What good does it do for us to keep the bad thoug
open, tough, irritable, worrying, does not like to be alone, craves attention, low self control, emotionally sensitive, interacting, sad, very social, aggressive, prefer organized to unpredictable, dependent, social chameleon, suspicious, values the heart over the mind, likes large parties, outgoing, likes to make fun, likes to fit in, mildly phobic, vain, makes friends easily, enjoys leadership, clingy, rash You scored as FUCK HOTT SEX.'re FUCK HOTT SEX!! Be proud you're not a slut...FUCK HOTT SEX70%SLUT60%VIRGIN30%R U SEX......created with You scored as Belle. You are Belle! Belle is the only princess who finds love for inner beauty. She is down-to-earth. She is smart and sophisticated, and she loves her family very much. Belle92%Pocahontas88%Mulan88%Jasmine83%Ariel
"never regret never look back" A MOMENT OF ANGER WASTES 60 SECS OF HAPPINESS
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Latest HOME remedies !!! Reheat Pizza Heat up leftover pizza in a nonstick skillet on top of the stove, set heat to medium-low and heat till warm. This keeps the crust crispy. No soggy micro pizza. I saw this on the cooking channel and it really works. Mona, Orlando, FL Easy Deviled Eggs Put cooked egg yolks in a zip lock bag. Seal, mash till they are all broken up. Add remainder of ingredients, reseal, keep mashing it up mixing thoroughly, cut the tip of the baggy, squeeze mixture into egg. Just throw bag away when done easy clean up. Janet, Killeen, TX Expanding Frosting When you buy a container of cake frosting from the store, whip it with your mixer for a few minutes. You can double it in size. You get to frost more cake/cupcakes with the same amount. You also eat less sugar/calories per serving. Kathy, Mesick, MI Reheating refrigerated bread To warm biscuits, pancakes, or muffins that were refrigerated, place them in a microwave with a
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Ever since Amber could remember her tits were always bigger than anyone else in her class, and even in 8th grade she was a solid C-cup, while now as a junior she filled her bras out to a very full 36D. All this big tit flesh ran in the family, as both of her older sisters were D's and her mom and two aunts were double D's! It's not as if they were big over weight cows either, the Wilson girls while not thin were nowhere near hefty, nice and healthy is how her dad referred to her mom, and that described Amber to a tee!!! Because of her obvious attributes, Amber received a whole lot of attention from the male species, and not just from boys her own age! The male teachers always paid a little more heed than they did to other more normally endowed girls, and while Amber didn't overtly flaunt it, she loved to make the boys (and men) squirm around her by accentuating her ripe bust. Her favorite victim was wimpy Mr. Fields the government (yuk!!!} teacher. Amber loved nothing more than to unb
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I was in a store buying a large bag of Purina dog chow and was in line to check out. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog....Duh!! I was feeling a bit crabby so on impulse, I told her no, I was starting the Purina Diet again, although I probably shouldn't because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care unit with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IV's in both arms. Her eyes about bugged out of her head. I went on and on with the bogus story and she was totally buying it. I told her that is was an easy, inexpensive diet and that they way it works is to load your pockets or purse with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The package said the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in the line was now enthralled with my story, particularly a tall guy behind her. Horrified, she asked if something in the dog food
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PHOTO: NASCAR Scene Rewind Yuckin' it up Carl Edwards (right) celebrates in victory lane with comedian Lee Roy Mercer. NASCAR Scene/Special to Out This Week's Issue Of NASCAR Scene or visit the link below. SPEED TV to Re-Air Tony Stewart’s Prelude to the Dream Photos courtesy of Tony Stewart & Lee Roy Mercer In Victory Lane Prelude to the Dream - Eldora Speedway - Live On HBO SPEED TV will offer multiple replays of Tony Stewart’s Prelude to the Dream, beginning July 5th at 1:00 pm EST. Previously only available through HBO Pay-Per-View, the race run on June 4th at famed Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio, benefited Kyle Petty’s new Victory Junction Gang Camp II outside Kansas City. The all-star event featured Tony Stewart and twenty-four rivals, including twenty-one NASCAR regulars and two NHRA stars, drive late-model stock cars in the exhibition: Aric Almirola, Dave Blane
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I wish America will stop showing the videos of what happened on that horrific day. It showing their death over and over again. KNOCK IT OFF! It's like as if I'm seeing my father (no related to Sept 11) on the hospital bed and watching his heart monitor go flat lined. I want to give out my heart and prayers to all who lost their love ones on that day. To all the firefighters and police men/women who risk their lives to save others. And all the soldiers who are brave to go to war. Which I want them home. You cry for them. It will make you stronger. Don't lose your faith. Don't ever give up. Live your life like there's no tomorrow. Yes, life sucks but what can we do about it. And always remember to smile. Take care of yourselves and your family. May GOD be with you all! You Are An Elm Tree You are easygoing and a pleasure to be around. Good looking, you have a pleasant shape and tasteful clothes. You demand little in others, but you tend not to forgive their mistakes. Domi
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DMX LYRICS "The Rain" [singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rain Uh.. uh.. uh, uh, uh [singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rain It's not that we gotta do what we do It's what we know, so to me it ain't nuttin but bein true but [singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rain It doesn't have to be the way it is, you say it is Just because for the past 20 years, every day it is [singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rain I wanna be able to walk out my front door Without worryin about comin in conflict with the law, cause [singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rain If I follow Him, they'll follow me And I'll speak life into the word that you can see [singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rain We get away with everyday shit, but everyday shit catches up to you and when it does you can't say shit! [singing] Now I know, only I, can stop the rain If I don't, you will, when I won't, you steal What makes it feel like we gots to kill? [singing] Now
A is for the Angel who sang, "Peace on Earth", B is for the bells that rang out the Baby's birth. C is for the Christmas candle, lighting up the night, D is for the drum that makes one boy's Christmas bright. E is for the Eve when we're all excited! F is for the fun when the tree is finally lighted! G is for the gifts Santa leaves on that special night, H is for the holly with pointed leaves and berries bright. I is for the icing on our Christmas cake so tall, J is for Jesus, the reason for it all. K is for the kindness shown without reason, L is for the Lights of the Season. M is for the Manger bed for Jesus at His birth, N is for Noel we all sing on earth. O is for the oxen, the first to adore Him, P is for the Presents the Wise Men lay before Him. Q is for the quiet night, with hardly a beat, R is for the reindeer with speedy tireless feet. S is for Santa bringing Christmas Joy, T is for the lighted tree, to amaze each girl an
Get To Know Me!!!
This is NOT for the Faint of Heart. WARNING WARING WARNING THIS IS ADULT CONTENT!!!!! This past weekend, I spent time with a friend as she moved her possessions out of her marital home and into her OWN place. I was feeling so many emotions seeing that I am in the midst of an ongoing, seemingly never ending divorce myself. This man knows I detest him and want nothing more to do with him. I am now a mother of a four month old with the love of my life and still he will not settle and move on. It's tragic. That , my folks, brings me to my topic of thought. As she began the always arduous task of packing her belongings and figuring out as she went what she wanted and what should remain for the children's psychological health, I saw pain behind all her smiles. She broke down ever briefly as she began to finally say goodbye to the life of misery she has lived in that home for so many years. Every fight, every
Lifes Gifts
All you lovely men who wanted to be added to my page, I don't mind adding you but I really like to get to know you all. Know you as a person not some testosterone LMAO. And ladies plz do the same I am a real good listener for your man troubles or girl troubles.. I am very outgoing, bubbly and I do have a sense of humor. I don't judge others, I am a very humble person. I am witty and sarcastic and I like to think I am intelligent but that is just my perception. I have been around men all my life and I work with men so I am used to the locker room talk and yes I can hold my own..Feel free stop by and chat Keeping it real Hugs and Smooches MO WOW what can I say. I want to THANK EACH and EVERY ONE of YOU PERSONALLY but it's so hard when they come as fast as I blink.. I am not doing this for points trust me..The kind words and gestures means a lot.. SO THANKS YOU LADIES AND GENTS FOR THE COMPLIMENTS from the BTM of my HUMBLE HEART since I can't reach out to you all individually
The Cowgirls And Cowboys Of Cherry Tap
Random Babblings From An Unsound Mind.
Feel like I'm losing touch with myself, and everyone else.And i can't bloody ASK anyone; that'd be rather pathetic.So I gotta suck it up and embrace this.Shit happens fer a reason, I guess.And if enough shit happens, I can always reinvent myself.No huge loss, aye? Back to sanity.And hate.Mmmm.There's a certain nameless clique at a certain nameless lounge.Anyone who knows me, knows wot I mean.The Ignorers.I want vengeance.Ideally, I'd like to cut each of their lying 2-faced scumbag faces off with a scalpel.But that's impractical.I can't let this hatred go.It poisons me.But just walking away isn't a option, I swore an oath.What does one do, when the ones who one swore an oath to can't/won't hold their ends up, hmmmm?I can't sit back and let karma handle this.Even though it is.It's not enough.I fester with hatred. I know some of them will read this.Make it known.Plain and simple I want a ban.And I want it known to me that I am indeed banned.I can thus move on with life. And though i
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Well tomarrow is the big day, I finally go to court to testify against the man that murdered my husband almost 3 years ago... Can you believe it has taken this long to get a trial started, I was beginning to lose faith in our justice system !!!And the kicker about this hole story is that the man that did this was my own mothers husband, and he has been out on bond for over 2 and a half years now, and for the last year has been living about 10 minutes from my home.. I see him driveing on the roads all the time, I just want to pull in front of him and ... hell I don't know what I would do, I just know it would not be fast, I would make sure he suffered like he has made my entire family suffer !!!! When I was diagnosed with throat cancer , it was so bad that they had to take out my voice box, so now I have to talk with a small machine that makes me sound like a robot, and I am going to be the first called to the stand to testify.. I am so nervous, I know I am going to get up there and jus
Poem's From The Heart Is All
TY to the one's who wished me a Happy Birthday today luv's to ya HUGGS~~Nancy HAPPY 07 ALL MY FRIENDS I hope you all have a safe and happy new yr i have to work so see ya tonight have fun and party hard huggs~~Nancy Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
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Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Trailer.Add to My Profile | More Videos This is the third, but second useful trailer for Crisis Core. The first one just had voices and scenes from The Last Order, the second trailer was better, but this one is totally awesome. Yay for Zack finally having a last name - Fair! This will be for the PSP and is part of the FFVII Compilation and also the game I have been looking forward to more than anything else. Shadow Hearts II - Good Ending (Whole)Add to My Profile | More Videos Final Fantasy IX - Garnet's Song.Add to My Profile | More Videos
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Ok here it goes. If you know me well, You know I been having family issues. Whats a family? I was raised on fighting and arguing. My dad and mom sometimes took us to do things, but rarely..Lately I have had a good friend tell me I dont do enough with my kids. Says they dont know what family is. Which I agree to some extent, I mean we dont have a family night, or nothing like that. He doesnt have kids , and he was kinda upset with me, which I about went off because I think people that dont have kids , shouldnt judge those that do, but then I give him credit for tryin to help , and making me see this. It is summer time And i do agree, but see my thing is..My husband doesnt like the park, fishing , none of that, says its his fault for being boring , he guesses. So why did I let them suffer..I rarely get the van, and I spend time with them, but i agree they need more. I stayed away from making this a mum because I dont like the whole thing were people bash, but please honestly ...What do y
Of My Soul Mate
A celluloid dream on the silver screen Holding my attention with all that is seen Forcing me to acknowledge her heart Playing to my soul the greatest part Pulling me in with a glance and a smile Standing out from all others in her own style Deep sultry eyes that convey feelings so deep Into my soul this vision does leap She holds me and I stand transfixed in time A rapture that thrills and feels so sublime Desire to feel more as time does pass Need to be filled more as I watch the lass Knowing that too short our time will be I will just have to watch again this vision I see By R. Thomas Dinsmore You stir me so deep inside Now my feelings I can’t hide The flame burns out of control Now I don’t care about my soul Only the passion I hold for you Only You are the one who knew How desires we share can fan the flame That nothing of the world can tame Fires that forge two into one makes us forever till time is done To think you. To breathe you every day To long wh
i guess im back for the next few days while i have a half decent computer to use. i cant use my other computer cuz its wayyyy too slow for this site. but i have some new pics so you should check them out and comment =] but i have gotten to see the movies shrek 3 and knocked up over the past few days. I thought Shrek 3 was better than the first and second ones. and I thought Knocked up was fucking hilarious. If you havent see knocked up you really need too and i suggest you dont bring anyone under the age of 15 cuz its pretty rude and has some nudity. monday i get to see the 3rd pirates of the carribean. but i'll keep you updated. byeeee! I do have new pics but my computer is fucking up again and making them blurry. So i'm gonna try to do it.. But if the actual picture itself is blurry and not clear please dont rate or comment it... Thanks! Is it just me or the person who has been doing happy hour for the past like 3-5 hours an attentionholic? You'd think they'd let someone
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!!!This is called CHERRYTAP MARRIAGE! The first person to message you saying "I do." will be your Cherrytap Husband/Wife. Now, this is just for fun so you can have a boyfriend or girlfriend in real life. You'd be surprised who wants to be yours.=) {Repost this or your marrige will be plagued with bad luck. Repost it with the title of "cherrytap marriage'' } Spin The Bottle!!! Body: The rules are that you post this and wait for someone to send you a message telling you what they would do with you. All you have to do is repost this with the subject "SPIN THE B0TTLE" 1. A KISS ON THE CHEEK 2. JUST A PECK ON THE LIPS 3. A L0T OF POPPING KISSING 4. I WOULD KISS YOU ON THE LIPS 5. I WOULD MAKE OUT WITH YOU 6. I WOULD TRY TO F*** YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! 7. I WOULD HAVE ROUGH ASS SEX WITH YOU ALL NIGHT LONG 8. I WOULD JUST GIVE YOU A HUG Roses are red violets are korny, when I think of you Ohh baby I get horny, Eat me, Beat me, Bite me,
I Love You I love your eyes. Everytime I look into them, I am lost. I fall deeper and deeper into the spell they cast upon me. I can't help but look. I love you smile. Everytime you smile at me, I feel the warmth of the sun shinning down on me. It warms me more than cuddling in front of a brand new fire. I can't help but smile back. I love your kisses. Everytime your lips touch mine, I feel an endless stream of passion. It sends me on a journey, a journey in which I do no mind taking. I can't help but kiss you. I love your touch. Everytime your skin touches mine, I feel the most enlivening feeling I have ever felt. It is the feeling of a pounding heart and a shivering soul. I can't help but touch you. I love everything about you....... This is a poem dedicated to soeone I love very much but can't be with cause I messed up... When I close my eyes... I can see your face.. My heart calls out, wanting you with me in this special place.. I can feel
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So License to wed wasn't worth the money. EVEN with John Krasinski in it. So I was disappointed. Saturday night is Karaoke night with Laura and Jen. Oh I am so fucking pumped. I gotta find a really good song to do this week to top the last ones. Oh and I gotta go suck some cock for beer money you know how I do. SO I am totally unhappy about some shit goin on at my house and im seriously about to go homicidal. Oh well. July 10 Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga July 24 Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Is Is August 21 Architecture In Helsinki - Places Like This Minus The Bear - Planet Of Ice Rilo Kiley - Under The Blacklight August 28 VHS or Beta - Bring On The Comets Sept 11 The Good Life - Help Wanted Nights I need a job to buy all the pretty pretty bras panties and babydolls at Fredericks of hollywood. that is all.
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The Making of a Memory ©2005 Kathleene S. Baker One can't predict when or where they will come from; those memories that stay with us a lifetime and never fail to bring us warm, fuzzy feelings. My husband had just finished loading his car, he made one final lap back through the house, and then into the kitchen. "I guess all I need to do is fill my thermos and then I'm off." Down the drain went the hot water that had been warming it. With a very nostalgic look on his face he softly said, "When I filled this earlier, I thought of your mom." "Oh honey, that's so sweet. I know she's watching right now with a big smile on her face." The tears brimming my eyelids were about to spill over. "You know, I never fill my thermos that I don't think of her and I always smile too." The tone in his voice was tender as he spoke of my mother, who is no longer with us. Years ago we had been visiting my parents and the morning we were leaving Mother watched as Jerry began to fill his ther
It all went far too quickly when We started our romance. We headed for the Broadway stage Before we learned to dance. Naturally, we shared the fear Of being on a limb, And scared to stay while loath to part, We felt our feelings dim. Ah, me! Well, now we're separate, And will be for a while. And then we'll try again, for love Remembers its sweet smile. But this time we'll go slow and ask, Before we go to bed, If we might try some artful grace And dance awhile instead. Have you ever fallen so hard for someone you dont really know but the first time you talked to them they had you right there at hello Have you ever fallen so hard for a completely perfect stranger but you wanted to get to know them even though it could put you in danger Have you ever fallen so hard for someone that you have never met but when you started talking to them you knew it was something you would never regret Have you ever fallen so hard for someone who can make you fly
When love is an affliction, There's not much one can do. Despite the way you've treated me, I'm still in love with you. I am the wave and you the rock Against which I must break: Again, again the crushing jolt, The pain I can't forsake; Again, again the long retreat To safety, far from shore, And then again, I don't know why, The long trip back for more. Perhaps it is nostalgia for A long uncertain glow, Or just some hope so beautiful I cannot let it go. Perhaps it is the need to try For those who must depend On who we are and what we do, For whom this should not end. What evil makes you hurt me so, What defect of the heart? What sense there is no greater whole Of which you are a part? What lonely choice that only you Be served by what you choose? What hard, hard fear of losing what It is a gift to lose? I dream sometimes my waiting love Has made you turn again. But you care only for yourself, And I must love in vain. I see your face in my s
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check me out on reverbnation i need all of the fan \support i can get!   and also buy stuff i got new pix on . even the full body shot everyone asked for! lol. check em out! does anyone read blogs anymore? show me some love people! lol
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I seen you with her the other day I'm still trying to get over you but everyone knows Real love doesn't go away I look into your eyes just to see if your love has changed because in my heart I will always be your girl In my heart this love will always stay We began to gaze into each others eyes As i look back in time when you first told me you Loved me,As i reminisce I began to cry But then your girlfriend starts to pull you away as she turns her back I whisper"I Love you baby, Why did you go way? Why didn't you stay?" In my heart I'll always be your girl Thats something no one can change Because you were my first love and these feelings in my heart will always stay the same Nobody can ever take you place what we has should have been Everlasting,Thats something that would never end I loved you so much I wish it could have lasted till the end In my heart I'll always be your girl in my heart are love will always stay the same Even if your
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BIBLE TAG!!! This is so neat!!!! The Bible in 50 Words! God made Adam bit Noah arked Abraham split Joseph ruled Jacob fooled Bush talked Moses balked Pharaoh plagued People walked Sea divided Tablets guided Promise landed Saul freaked David peeked Prophets warned Jesus born God Walked Love talked Anger crucified Hope died Love rose Spirit flamed Word spread God remained. Tag - you're it . Consider yourself hit by... The Love Of GOD! TAG EVERYONE YOU KNOW BEFORE THEY CAN TAG YOU. TAG SOMEONE TODAY, EXCEPT THE PERSON THAT HIT YOU. SORRY, NO TAG BACKS! Prayers go up, Blessings come down.
The hotel room is dark and your breathing so deep and regular. My heart is still fluttering remembering how you have made love to my body. The touch of your hand brings such pleasure. The feel of your mouth on mine is so real. My lips tingle with the memory. I love that you are curved against my back. The heat of your hand is making my nipple hard. Your fingers and mouth did such a good job keeping them that way. But it was your teeth that brought forth the orgasm. The look of surprise on your face when that happened. If I close my eyes I can see it. The flash of passion made your eyes so dark. I smile as I remember telling you that that would happen... I gently turn in your arms. And as I do, you roll to your back. Your arm is still so protective of me. I feel that way with you. Protected... but now it is my turn to return the favor you have given me. My fingers test your awareness. I slowly run them down your chest. You murmur but don't wake. That pleases me! My fingers con
Hello Everyone!
Vicki, I need you so much now and I miss and love you always! R.I.P. I know I haven't been on much. I'm sorry but I have agoraphobia, and I am finally starting to over come it by getting out more. This keeps me very busy and tired. A great thing for me personally, but my online world is starting to suffer so I had to choose my real life. Sorry. I apologize to all my friends on here, my staff at Lilith's Lair, and other lounge owners who's lounges I have been neglecting. I check in often, but don't stay on long anymore. I'm sure things will be back to normal soon, but to be honest, I hope not. As for the fate of Lilith's Lair, I don't know yet. We'll have to see how that plays out. I'd be happy to keep it open if I knew you guys would come and enjoy it, but it seems if I'm not there, no one comes and stays to chat. That thought saddens me because I love that lounge, I'm very proud of it and it's my baby. I'd hate to see it go because of my unintentional ne
Rip the pain from my soul Crumble my heart in two Broken into bits Lost within myself Just a stranger inside Shrinking down to nothing A selfless fool In the end everyone will know I cant catch my breath I cant listen to a word you say Nothing but gibberish flow through my ears Shallow pools of blood form under me Slowly ripping away at my heart Scratches form on my skin A demon i hold within Step out into the darkness Step into my world Get inside of me like never before Take a piece of me and leave Half dead half awake Stranger... only a stranger Frigid to the core Pain my only friend Anger harbored deep inside Trust me i will let you down Allow you to fall Show you the world you dont want Take me in like poison I'll lick my lips Give you a kiss worth remembering Then steal your soul Course through your veins like a bad disease Wish to forget me Toxic blood pour from these wounds Enchanting eyes put you under a spell Naked inside Break me again Ma
Dreams ~Tony Martinez I never sleep well at night It's cuz I'm without you I reach for you I cry out for you Wake up in a cold sweat looking for you When I am able to sleep I dream of you I see us walking through the house I can never pass our bedroom with you Without giggling and pulling you in there with me For some playtime But to be honest It doesn't matter what room we're in I always want to play with you I wrap my arms around you tight while you stand in front of the kitchen sink I whisper in your ear as you sit at the dinning room table I pull you to me when you pass by me laying on the couch Love, I love you so much I could hold you for daysStaring into those beautiful eyes My love How I dream of you every night Waiting and wishing for the day where I can dream With you How can I... ~Tony Martinez All day and night I think about it Rack my brain How can I Show you Tell you Make you understand All day I hammer against that wall Trying
Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out. 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you whisper in my ear? 3. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 4. Would you say my name? 5. Would you go down on me? 6. Would you let me give you a hickie? 7. How many rounds would we go? 8. What would you wanna do afterwards? 9. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 10. Would you lick and bite me all over? 11. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 12. Would you want me to take my time? 13. Would you want me to go fast or slow? 14. Where would you wanna "do it"? 15. Would you be loud or quiet? 16. Would you mind if i liked you? 17. Would you do it today? 18. Would you do it tomorrow? 19. Would you call me in the morning? 20. Are you going to re-post these so I can answer them for you? Repost as "If we had sex".......see who responds Italians have a $40,000. kitch
Je me perds dans vos beaux yeux Je biseaute écarte même si j'ai voulu essayer Votre parfait de chaque manière La pensée de toi fait juste mon jour Vous êtes venus chez moi des cieux ci-dessus Vous avez volé dedans sur des ailes mon ange de l'amour Quand rien ne semble pour aller tout à fait bien et I plus peut voir la lumière Je considère votre visage angélique et je suis emporté à un endroit bien meilleur J'aime chaque mot que vous avez dit Vous me déplacez comme le jeu de la musique I dans ma tête en ce monde des vérités fausses que je sais seulement une chose vraie j'abandonnerait tout être juste avec toi. The night I met you in words only on a screen I knew I had to have you not only in my dreams! The words that we have shared have caused my heart to care At first I was a little frightened to share myself with you but you showed me ways to make my nights brighten You loved my body over and over again you took me to heaven and made me live again
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Father: (at hospital looking through glass at newly arrived babies) "Kitchy kitchy koo. Look, she smiled... isn't she adorable?" Friend: "But your kid didn't smile." Father: "I was talking about the nurse." The following questions from lawyers were taken from official court records nationwide.. 1. Was that the same nose you broke as a child? < 2. Now, doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep, in most cases he just passes quietly away and doesn't know anything about it until the next morning? 3. Q: What happened then? A: He told me, he says, "I have to kill you because you can identify me." Q: Did he kill you? 4. Was it you or your brother that was killed in the war? 5. The youngest son, the 20-year-old, how old is he? 6. Were you alone or by yourself? 7. How long have you been a French Canadian? 8. Do you have any children or anything of that kind? 9. Q: I show you exhibit 3 and ask you if you recognize that pictu
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this is my bro dutch@ CherryTAP show him some luv, it's his birthday today! hint for the ladies: he's single ;) and no, he's not my blood bro, but i love him like if he was my real brother! hugs here i go with the second video... i just did it :) Jade and Me :) (i told her to say hi, but she just kept giving me kisses and licks lol) i really can't express how happy made me all the people that took the time to at least shoutbox me saying "happy birthday!" it was awesome, and appart from gifts, i really wish i could give everyone a giant hug... i tried to answer to all the messages, but couldn't do the same with the comments because they ran fast and there were many that i hadn't the oportunity to answer so i'm doing this... i saw many of you were reposting bulletins to salute me :) it was so sweet! my special thanks to YOTD , bouncer and special friend, she's a sweetheart and she made it for me :) it soooo made me smile, hugs ya dear! my oth
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Boudreaux done got old and his childen dun put him in the old folks home near Breaux Bridge , Louisiana where he dun met a lovely lady dat were from Texas . Now Boudreaux being a fine upstanding Catholic, he didn't want to do nutin dat were aganst his religion, no. So he dun propose marriage. Now both Boudreaux and Mable were in their 80's. Mable went and told everyone at the Senior Citizens home the good news. Irene, Mable's best friend told her that since she was very wealthy and the person she was about to wed was, well to say the least not worth much and she should insist on a Prenuptial Agreement. Mable was sitting on the porch swing with Boudreaux and she told him she would marry him providing he would sign a prenuptial agreement. Boudreaux dun told Mable "I'll sign agreement, you bet, 'cause I luv you so much." Mable got out her pen and paper and started: She said: I want to keep my house down in Texas with all the oil wells. He said: That's fine w
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As we ponder our own trivial pursuits as the day goes by stop for a moment and give thanks for those of us that are sacrificing everyday for what we stand for Ben Laden has come out with some more videos All I can say to you Fugly is take your videos and cram em gooddd and tight The next thing you pull is going to bring worse wrath down on your ass We are sick and tired of hearing your crap and rants and ravings By the way Get a barber man Christ I had a bunch of Canadian dollars I needed to exchange, so I went to the currency exchange window at the local bank. Short line. Just one lady in front of me. An Asian lady who was trying to exchange yen for dollars and she was a little irritated . . . She asked the teller, "Why it change?? Yesterday, I get two hunat dolla fo yen. Today I get hunat eighty?? Why it change?" The teller shrugged his shoulders and said, "Fluctuations". The Asian lady says, "Fluc you white people, too!" Magic Beer� A
Ohhh Brother
Ok, With friends like some of you---who the hell needs enemy's? I have been fighting a losing battle it seems We are on a 100% adult sight. My pictures--some erotic--but NO WHERE NEAR PORN are constantly getting hit by people for NSFW---even ones that do not qualify as nsfw. Yes, yesterday I had one bouncer come in and approve, but then today had another call me a liar. SOOOOO to beat the ass's, I have changed ALL pictures to Family- IF you want to see my pics, you will have to ask to see them. I will add you to family, and then remove you. This is so dishearting. I have tried to sooo very hard here to walk the line, and have a blast--but someone has a problem with me, and will not stand up and say "hey its me!". If I do not lose my account over this, I will be flat amazed as now I am not only into it with a few bouncers--but now a "head" man. I am soooo tired of it. Why am I even still here? Hey all, Well I am not here to slam, just to provide information. It seems one or more of yo
My Writing
84 The number clicked over in my head as I touched the end of the swimming pool, turned, and set off for another length. I swam quickly, enjoying the calmness, the silence, around me. 85 I turned again, my shoulders starting to ache as I think that a hundred lengths would be about right. 86 It was quite late, which was how I liked it as I had the pool to myself. I had timed it just right -- an hour in the gym, then into the pool just as everyone else was starting to leave. 87 Max, the guy on duty in the gym, didn't mind -- he had to stay to clear up anyway, and as I was a regular he was happy to leave me to it. 88 I turned again, enjoying the solitude around me, the feel of the water swishing past me as I swam, as I dropped my face into the water with each stroke. 89 Crash! As I turned, my solitude was torn away as two people jumped into the pool a few yards from where I was swimming. A wave washed over me, rocking me as I swam past, the water a mass
Bealzes Historical Entries - July 2006
(Originally Posted on July 25, 2006)I found this in one of my Satanic discussion groups, Dark Sanctum.  The original article can be found here.The Transformation Many of us who choose the path of the occult find down the line that it is not all fun an games, but a process of trial and error as well as growth. It isn't an easy path to take for those who are True Ones, meaning `sincere in their Satanic growth' and are not posers, find it quite challenging to say the least. As True Ones the transformation from the conditioning of this world to the next can be a very hard process. Crossing the abyss, "death" is an evolutionary process and one can achieve it through growing in the ways of the LHP. Once a person crosses the abyss what is obtained is a god like mind set for we become as gods in our own right. Not meaning that we would be rich with worldly goods and own the world, but we become in control of our own destiny and in control of our emotions. Also, one become quite proficient in t
Tea Time!
Little walk down Main Street last night in Disney World. New paint! Living in MD where we do have all 4 seasons, Labor Day is when the beaches close. Not that you cant still go out there, and get in the water, hell this time of year, the water is warmer then the air. However the rides shut down on the boardwalk, some of the stores close, another summer gone! (need to get to Florida) Beach volleyball comes to an end, though there is one more beach tournament in the middle of Sept. Before you know it, Halloween will be here, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas. This summer was another great one. Played alot of beach/grass volleyball tournaments, Clint and I did well this year! Went to Cooperstown to see Cal Ripken go into the Hall of Fame which was a great 4 day weekend. Then the summer being topped off when I went to Clearwater FL for a week. The white sand, the clear water, endless Bahama Mamas! A particular day, I got to meet Itsim, she is just as she
Check Out The Real Me...
'm looking at you through the glass Don't know how much time has passed Oh God, it feels like forever But no one ever tells you that forever Feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head Cause I'm looking at you through the glass Don't know how much time has passed All I know is that it feeld like forever No one ever tells you that forever Feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head How do you feel? That is the question But I forget, you don't expect an easy answer When something like a soul becomes Initialized and folded up like paper dolls and little notes You can't expect a bit of hope So while you're outside looking in Describing what you see Remember what you're staring at is me Cause I'm looking at you through the glass Don't know how much time has passed All I know is that it feels like forever No one ever tells you that forever Feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head How much is real? So much to question An epidemic of the mannequins Contaminating ever
I Am Home
I want to thank those fans and friends who helped me by rating my pictures and profile so I can advance to the next level and display all my pictures from my trip to Europe. There are still other supposed fans and friends who have not taken the time to rate my pictures and profile. May I ask you to take the time and rate my pictures and profile so I can share with you more of my pictures from Europe. I am sorry if I am taking some of your valued time. Again, thanks and I look forward to talking to you all soon. Pete I want to thank those fans and friends who helped me by rating my pictures and profile so I can advance to the next level and display all my pictures from my trip to Europe. There are still other supposed fans and friends who have not taken the time to rate my pictures and profile. May I ask you to take the time and rate my pictures and profile so I can share with you more of my pictures from Europe. I am sorry if I am taking some of your valued time. Again, thanks and I
========================= Jersey Girls ==================== A love of an unpretentious good time, and a certain sense of style, Jersey girls are about attitude; eating pizza, drinking beer, going out, great hair, and enjoying it all. She's got a mouth on her and she says what she means shes got a nice cheerful laugh. Bottom line all of them are sexy as hell Pain is something she knows right now, She can't make it stop, she doesn't know how. Right now, her life looks dim. Her biggest fear was losing him. She's in the bedroom cryin. Inside she feels her heart dying. Tomorrow is another day. She's praying he will stay. She turns to God for guidance and light. She prays for goodness in all that is right. In the morning, when she awakes, The new day seems the same. A restless wave, a dreamy glow, an ardent prayer was gushing, give me l
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OK ALL ITS MY FIRST CONTEST COME BOMB ME WITH YOUR COMMENTS PLEASE LOVE YA ALL AND THANK YOU A test of time comes to my mind never give up cause you'll just fall behind life throws us challenges some we do not see but if you always keep your head up victory it will, be so don't give up your hopes don't give up your dreams everything has its time and all the time it needs To have a crush is to like someone is the want to know someone is the desire to be with someone feels kinda silly feels nice at the same time i have a crush he has a crush is it the same you would never know thats what a crush is people dont tell who they are crushing on why is it such a secret why are you with one if you crush on another why are you single if you have a crush why not tell the person why hide cause you could never know crushes are sweet crushes are inasent crushes are a passion to be crushes are cute but what if what if you wan
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Despair.... All alone yet again The voices cloud my head As the fury builds within The images seek to haunt me Try to reach out yet nothing gained Guilt & despair sets deep Wanting a way out I seek Yet the cost is internal pain No bliss at either end Dry tears fall from my eyes My heart withers with emptiness As I sit here and die The blood spills out As the pain subsides Linda Bowers 1-14-2008 More Sexy Comments & Graphics Why........... Life is a never ending freak of time, Twirls and twists. You never know where your going. To far ahead to know where you've been. The faces melt away as you find yourself all alone, The pain grows. Despair settles within, The blood flows throughout your minds eye. You look in the mirror and see the aging, As you wash away the blood upon your hands. Is there an end or is life just a crazy twisted way of pain to endure? Linda Bowers 1-10-08 RIP MY FRIEND PAUL DYE....... MAY YOU FIND YOUR PEACE 1-11
I have fuBucks: 3,739,010 The spotlite is WAY out of my league. I dont have the means to HH my way up the points I wanna have a contest to give away my fubucks. any ideas? suggestions? or hell.. gimme a good reason WHY you should get em even! why tal;k to me in shouts.. just to shut yours off guess it wasnt all that importnat now my left side of bar tab aint working. i recieve NO mail alerts.. and when someone hits my page with a comment it takes the place of the previous line of info. what a fuckin crock I say
Gypsy's Place
CHECK YOURS OUT!!! A: Hot B: Amazing kisser C: good kisser D: can kick ur butt E: has gorgeous eyes F: wild and crazy adore you G: very outgoing H: cute I: loves to laugh and smile J: is really sweet K: crazy in a good way L: very good kisser M: makes dating fun N: easy to fall in love with O: has one of the best personalities ever P: popular with all types of people Q: a hypocrite R: smile to die for S: makes people laugh T: is a good person to be with U: Hott V: not judgmental W: very broad minded X: never let people tell you what to do Y: smile to die for Z: can be funny and dumb at times We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we'
Seems people are more interested in point whoring than making meaningful friendships...I'm 38, I don;t need the adolescent BS that populates this site for much longer. Hope the door doesnt hit too hard on the way out when I make my decision. :) OK, I see a LOT of profiles out here with people claiming to be cowboys, but not one photo shows them working with, or even sitting on their horse...or any horse, for that matter. I don't consider myself a cowboy (despite what the ranchers I work with tell me), but one of the absolute worst things that would happen to a cowboy is to have someone take his horse, or to ever be caught without one. Their horse is not just a beast of burden, it's a business partner that any cowboy wouldn't be caught dead without. In fact, being w/o a horse on the range will likely end up with the cowboy dead from starvation or dehydration. It's like Vanilla Ice, claiming to be something he wasn't to get some form of cred. Point is, don't call yourself a c
My Poor Mistaken Friend.
My mother is dying. It’s not pretty. It’s not patient. It’s not silent nor unseen. It’s disturbing and unsettling. It’s rambling and shaking and repetition. And it’s happening quickly. My mother’s birthday is March 13, every so often Friday, March 13th; an omen, a gentle warning of nothing more than a day of celebration of my mother’s birth. This year my mom’s birthday fell on the Thursday and that’s okay too. I took her to dinner. She held my hand as she got out of the car. She held my arm as she walked and she clutched me with both hands as she climbed the wooden stairs. When I was a child, I used to jump stairs. I used to scale stairs. To get to dinner, I used to leap stairs. She fed my face, she wiped my mouth, she washed my hands. That night, with my mom, we climbed stairs. Much harder than before. “It’s okay,” I’d repeat after each step, “Almost done.” She held my attention as we talke
After Tuesday's flurry of "official" iPhone news -- pricing plans, activation details, local stores that will sell the Object of Your Desire -- expect a return today to rumor and speculation. Add to that an unhealthy dose of microscopic, obsessive analysis of the mainstream-media reviews of the device, and we should have an interesting day . . . as in, "may you live in interesting times". One common thread I noted in all four big-name reviews -- a general loathing of AT&T's EDGE network, which is what the iPhone will use to send and receive data. It's dog-slow compared to newer 3G networks, and the reviewers all said that the iPhone's ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks will be its saving grace. Expect an increase in subscriptions to services like T-Mobile HotSpots and Boingo as data-desperate iPhone users seek bandwidth water in the EDGE desert. For some, EDGE may be a deal-killer. When my Samsung BlackJack can't access AT&T's faster 3G network, it switches over to EDGE, and I drea
Songs For Life
A new enlistee had to have his long hair and sideburns cut. As he sat down in the barber chair, the barber asked, to his surprise, if he'd like to keep his sideburns. "Oh, yes!" he said gratefully. Whereupon the barber cut off the sideburns and said, "Here — catch!" One Monday morning the UPS man is driving the neighborhood on his usual route. As he approaches one of the homes he noticed both cars were in the driveway. His wonder was cut short by Bob, the homeowner, coming out with a load of empty beer and liquor bottles. 'Wow. Bob, looks like you guys had one heck of a party last night, the UPS man comments. Bob, in obvious pain, replies 'Actually we had it Saturday night. This is the first I have felt like moving since 4:00 am Sunday morning. We had about fifteen couples from around the neighborhood over for some weekend fun and it got a bit wild. We all got so drunk around midnight that we started playing WHO AM I. ' The UPS man thinks a moment a
My Poetry
NuttinButtSexxy I lie here in darkness, just me in this lonely bed, I whisper your name so many times, It's as though you make yourself visible to me, As the light of day arrives at my window, I wondered if I only dreamed you, You seemed so real, I clutch my pillow close, So my tears may fall in muffled silence, I see your smile with-in my mind, and the emotions overwhelm me so much, My stomach tightens and my heart fills with joy, I hear you shout your feelings for me, Though your lips never move, Sometimes it seems as though you want me to take control, But I never would,I never wanted too, for you will come to me when the time is right, You have not made it easy for me, With so many walls to break through, And wearing armour of indifference to guard your heart, But I know you are worth the wait, For as weak as this love has sometimes made me feel, our shared dreams will make us strong, You have opened your heart a chamber at a time, Bu
MolyMascot got a date!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D yay and i'm anxious we will go first to walk in Zürich, then he said he will invite me to his appartment and cook for me :) now, i made a mumm to know what should i dress i hadn't a date in a long time and really i'm feeling like i'm 15 again and not 27 lol someone help me pleaseeeeeeeeee 8-P oh yes, lots of changes and i hadn't any time to write in my blog things are going great with my bf, as well i have been working a lot at home (i'm freelancer) things will change in sometime :) he gave me last weekend a teddy... ahh i'm so in love, we are already more than 4 months together, and things are so nice, and sweet for now. of course with distance problems, but we handle it very well for now this weekend i'll take my cam with me, we're having a beautiful springtime, warm, and makes you want to stay outside the whole time... and i want to take new pics of me and my bf :
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That's right,you have the opportunity to be this fu's First Owner. VolareDave is up for grabs in Your Ultimate Desire's "Santa's Little Helper" Auction. It's real easy to get there,just click a pic to go to the auction page. Be sure to R/F/A the Hostess. Happy Holiday's and Thank You! I am currently in the DLS Christmas Auction. Come see what this Kat is offering.....Just click the pic above, be sure to R/F/A Luv up the hostess This bully made with much luv by ★♎★Lucretia★♎★ @ fubar
Sanctity Of Life
Taking your hand Fingers to my lips I want to love every inch of you Taste every part of your body As if I can drink your loves blood Through your very pores I want to get lost in your eyes Consumed by your kiss Set my body on fire Quench the fire in my blood With sweet caresses Touch my soul with your passion Lay down beside me Feel my body crying for you Let's get lost in each other Touching, exploring, tasting We will exceed passion, go beyond bliss For this is our night Want me, like no other Need you, like the air that I breathe Together, one mind, one soul Fused in the heat of passionate love Existing in this moment Forever......... A passionate night between me and you I can't begin to tell you the things I want to do. First we can dim the lights and get closer..... No, wait, that's too fast, let's go back and move a little slower. I'll kiss your lips that are so soft and sweet, then move on to your cheek that's so smooth and unique. Th
The Unknown
This is something that all ancient civilizations have understood and is the basis of all wealth. When I say wealth I am not just speaking from a materialistic standpoint. I am talking from a deeper level of understanding. This understanding is the path to success in all areas in an individual's life. Whether the problem concerns financial, relationships, or emotional well being and growth. It all comes down to the same thing. Whenever a person is unappreciative his/her life crumbles around him/her. If he/she forgets the support they have received and betrays the help given they will fail in all endeavors. Why is this? We have all heard the old addage about "biting the hand that feeds us", it is a universal truth. Not only this but when we do not appreciate the help we receive and betray the support we have we spiral further down the ladder to fail in all we set out to do. When we hold onto negative emotions such as anger and resentment we cling to lack and
Song Lyrics
The last fire will rise Behind those eyes Black house will rock Blind boys dont lie Immortal fear That voice so clear Through broken walls That scream I hear Cry little sister (thou shall not fall) Come come to your brother (thou shall not fall) Unchain me sister (thou shall not fear) Love is with your brother (thou shall not kill) Blue mascarade Strangers look up When will they learn this lonliness? Temptation heat Beats like a drum Deep in your veins I will not lie little sister (thou shall not fall) Come come to your brother (thou shall not fall) Unchain me sister (thou shall not fear) Love is with your brother (thou shall not kill) My shangrila I cant forget Why you were mine I'll need you now Cry little sister (thou shall not fall) Come come to your brother (thou shall not fall) Unchain me sister (thou shall not fear) Love is with your brother (thou shall not kill) Cryyyyy little sister (thou shall not fall) Come come to your brother (tho
They say if you love someone let them go and if they come back to you then you will know, that they feel the same way and this time its real and you have something for which most people would kill. I know its hard but sometimes it must be, that you have to leave it to fate to find out if it's destiny. They had their doubts but you gave them a chance, to experience the world and still they came back. So if you want it you know this relationship can last, if you work for a future and don't dwell on the past. So let your love go, let the bird fly. For when it returns it wil be with a love that wont die. Tears of sorrrow, tears of pain. My tears of sadness I keep contained.I miss you brother but gone you're not. Ive got our memories, Ive got your thoughts. I'm torn apart because you're not here, but you're in my heart, you'r in my tears. I will not cry or set them free, since you're in them they'll stay in me. I wish for once that I could be, the one in which you often speak. The whom
Random Poems By Me
When troubles bring you down and you don't know what to do, just look inside your heart and you'll know that I love you. Every one has a destiny to find, looking in your eyes I have found mine. You're all I ever wanted, you're all I'll ever need. I will be yours always, you will have my love for eternity. Just beyond the sunset Someone waits for me Just beyond the sunset Lies my destiny Where the purple mountains Lie in deep tranquility There I’ll find the treasure Of love eternally Just beyond the sunset Waits someone so fair Just beyond the sunset All alone they wait there Their hair is golden The colour of the sand Their eyes sparkle in the night Like diamonds in your hand Just beyond the sunset Lies a home for me Where the world is peaceful Like a paradise should be Just beyond the sunset Someday is where you’ll find me
When my days been long and hectic and my patience has worn thin when my weary butt's a draggin' and I've no strength left within, when my mind feels much too troubled at the close of the day quite preoccupied by worries that so heavily do weigh, feeling certain I could crumble 'neath the burden of it all afraid if i should stumble I might not survive the fall. Then just as I am nearing the very end of my rope darn near out of energy and almost out of hope like a knight in shinning armor your there to rescue me to mend my wounded spirit so very tenderly. To touch my soul so deeply as my troubled hearts caressed refill me till I overflow indeed i know I'm blessed! What ever toll the day may take one thing I know for sure life my rob me of my strength but loves there to restore! Dare to trust those dreams your dreaming on but a chance that they'll come true. Hold fast the hopes that your heart longs for refusing doubt to limit you! Walk the path that becko
My Ignorant Poetry...
Forever alone in my silence, I feel myself swimming in fear. Consumed by the thought of rejection.. Restless, I do adhere. Cards delt from the wrong deck of decision, I hold my hand high as I cry. Truth be known, This fault is of my own. Life carries no sympathy to buy. Open up and let me in. Let me bleed your soul. SHow me the true you- No more hidden messages. Let me know your fears - Bring me into your world. I'm not hear to judge - just observe... learn, possibly linger. Dwindle your nerves with my little finger. I wanna taste your un-canny ways, Wanna gain your trust. Wanna dip inside of you- Just to feel your lust. Every night and every morning; Some to misery are born. For the crown of our life as it closes…. Is darkness, the fruit there of dust? No! Thorns go as deep as the rose’s. And love is more cruel than lust. Solitude is restitution for a heart made of glass. Is it heaven, a prison, or an escape at last? As I sit, I smile…..
Just Me..........
First off I must admit while I didn't write this, I could have written something similar(wink). I think the author brings up some really good techniques and adds some valuable insight in "Doing Yo Thang". Take what you will from this...nothing like a good manual!Introduction This section is for men who want learn how to properly eat a woman's pussy, or who've heard that it might not be all that bad to put their face down there, and for women who want to get their man to eat them period, improvement in performance can come later. I am not an expert. I am simply a woman who knows what she likes, and has had all too many experiences with men who didn't seem to have the vaguest idea what they were doing between her legs. Eating a woman's pussy is about the most wonderful thing you can do for her. It makes her feel loved, admired, sexy, and of course it makes her cum like crazy. Many women prefer it to intercourse, and for most, it's the easiest way to cum with a man. You may have the littl
Hi everybody   This week I am releasing "Whore's for you" which stars Naomixxx where the curvy babe is wearing a red see through fishnet dress and thigh high black PVC boots   Naomi has been booked as a escort for a afternoon of fun where she lays on the bed and is asked to play with herself while fucking herself with a dildo   It is not long before I give her a helping hand and Naomi is soon looking for a real cock to play with   To see all the samples and the video clip check out   Enjoy   James Wildfowler Hi everybody   This week I have released the conclusion of Road Block which stars the voluptuous Kaicee Marie getting fucked outside   See Kaicee riding cock in the great outdoors one way then the other before being taken form behind where she is shagged hard before Kaicee is flipped over and it is not long before her big tits are covered in spunk!   Over 14 minutes of bran
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What Natural DISASTER are you? Firestorms Report this image (frstrm)n. A fire of great size and intensity that generates and is fed by strong inrushing winds from all sides: the firestorm that leveled Hiroshima after the atomic blast. An intense or violent response: The discovery that your child has a learning disorder can set off a firestorm of emotions (Judith Harkness Richardson). You are friendly and fun but you also hold your ground. you're awesome and you would look good with blue hair. rock on Which Swear Word Are You? fuck Report this image you got fuck... fuck has always been a fun word. Your ResultYour Result Ironic Retro Canned Beer You are an urban hipster, but do you drink a hip, urban, trendy beer? No, you drink cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon or Schlitz because it's ironic. And it's cheap! Ironic Retro Canned Beer
Years Of Pen Pushing And Still Fond Of Butterflies.
From Percy's Attractions and Distractions/A smile to light a Tapir's Touchpaper. Caused his quills to stand up on end. Percy watched her fly around and sniffing the air in the jungle undergrowth.CHANGE. Percy watched her flying around and sniffing the air in the jungle undergrowth fly around and sniff the air ++++ It seemed that in was not only sunlight which damaged the.... It seemed that it was not only sunbeams/sun* which damaged the .... shake his head in order to bring him/himself back to his senses.... Henrietta - change to transfixation.... Beryl Sorry that it was - not that is was.... Tremane insert comma after He added and before next quote marks. Also isert line feed at dialogue earlier from Trevalyan Make sure Buzby is that all through and not Busby. Buzby's crash. Upward bent or Upwardly bent beak. On island with Beryl - but I think it has been altered however - event he should be even the ++ From the Tinkertooth booth. Delete one of the Trevaly
Thoughts That Escaped
push pull ebb flow win some lose some always balanced Duty Duty is a binding allegiance to those ideals that we hold most dear.  It is the most chafing bond we wear.  It is a multi-faceted claim upon our being.  Only to be broken down in context by individual limitation.  We are bound as individuals to bring to the world a unique perspective and make that voice heard so others have a guideline, a basis for comparison or a counter introspective to their own individualism. As a woman these duties have clear definition yet no line of distinction.  I am bound by womanhood to be strong for all those who look up to me or to me for comfort, encouragement, definition of self, independence and leadership.  I determine what people see and it is my duty to present the best possible example of all the things beautiful and strong about being a woman. I am bound by marriage to be the rock that my husband can lean against in his struggle for balance.  Man’s duty being vastly different yet
Healing Begins With "self"
This looked like a great place when I first got here.I was amazed by the amount of members and even had two of my close friends join.Today I am leaving. I've been sent pics uncalled for,asked questions about sexual positions I prefer,had comments that DID NOT make me smile,but moreso had me wonder what port of the puter you're sticking your schlong into lol. I mean seriously...don't you people go out???? Is your sex life that lame that you find total gratification through cyber? Each to their own but I guess I must still be old school huh? You know...when actual touch was involved and seriously,if you were out...would you walk straight up to a woman and ask her out of the blue some of the things I have been asked? No you would't and if you would,then no wonder you are left to cyber. Believe me,Im no prude..just because I won't cyber screw you or talk dirty THROUGH A SCREEN *rolls eyes* I thought maybe when people say on their profiles that they are looking to make friends...that it
Just Dumb $h!t
A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day they went to her place and made love all afternoon. Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at 8 PM. The man hurriedly dressed and told his lover to take his shoes outside and rub them in the grass and dirt. He put on his shoes and drove home. 'Where have you been?' his wife demanded. 'I can't lie to you,' he replied, 'I'm having an affair with my secretary. We had sex all afternoon.' She looked down at his shoes and said:
Nokia has finally designed a cell phone for nervous white people who need to make a cell phone call while in Jacksonville, East Saint Louis, New Orleans, Memphis, South Chicago, South Dallas, Houston, L.A., Miami  Detroit, Washington, D.C., parts of New York City, Buffalo, Oakland, and parts of Atlanta   A young family moved into a house next door to an empty plot. One day, a gang of building workers turned up to start building on the plot. The young family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took an interest in all the activity going on next door and started talking with the workers. She hung around and eventually the builders, all with hearts of gold, more or less adopted the little girl as a sort of project mascot. They chatted with her, let her sit with them while they had tea and lunch breaks, and gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her feel important. They even gave the child her very own hard hat and gloves, which thrilled her immensely. At the end
For My Friends
Interesting Stuff......
Surfing the net-awakened thoughts of more simple/care free times. This video awakens memories of past when there was a time when a carved initial or name was put on a tree or on a picnic bench-as young people do. Maybe a simple heart with the each of your first names initial was carved inside. Memories of places traveled where there have been names together surrounded by a heart or randomly placed on a stone by the river or a bridge and wondering who they were and how long it has been there. My fondest memory that this brought to mind was of a motel- but it was more like cottages alongside highway one in Cambria. I stayed there a few nights. At night when you lay in bed the only sound that you could hear was the roaring of the ocean. It was mere feet away. They had in the rooms on the nightstands journals. In the journals each guest had a opportunity to log in thoughts of who they were or what brought them there to Cambria or any other random thoughts. That was a time I w

One night I had a dream-- I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord and across the sky flashed scenes from my life.For each scene I noticed two sets of footprints,one belonged to me and the other to the Lord.When the last scene of my life flashed before me, I looked back at the footprints in the sand. I noticed that many times along the path of my life there was only one set of footprints. I also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in my life. This really bothered me and I questioned the Lord about it "Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, you would walk with me all the way, but I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life there is only one set of footprints. "I don't understand why in times when I needed you most, you should leave me. "The Lord replied, "My precious, precious child, I love you and I would never, never leave you during your times of trial and suffering. "When you saw only one set of footprints, i
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She walked towards me in her leather, her attitude was crisp like her words. "I am your Mistress and I demand to be pleased. " she said very sternly and then smiled. I had never actually seen a woman like her before, sure I read about them, but then I read the big bad wolf too as a kid and never met one. She ran her hand through my silky blond hair and grabbed the back of it tightly bringing my soft pink lips to hers. My heart began to race and my nipples began to get so hard and erect as she helped me into my black leather chastity belt, leather bra and my collar. I wore black leather thigh high boots with six inch heels. "I will do what ever you wish Mistress." I told her falling right into my role. She began to kiss my long lily white neck, making me feel quite warm all over, her hands ran over the flesh of my tight ass and she had me to get on my knees and to lick her juicy pussy. I had never experienced such a feeling before as she ordered me to my feet and we went to join t
The Race Is On - Bling Bux Bonanza
    Auto 11sCherry Bomber BlingBux Bux   CherryBomber Bux or 15k Per 100 rates (15k per 100 Rules) *Not included in contest *HH Rates Only *Comment last pic in folders you rate *Send Total # of Pics rated in PM *NO COMMENTS/NO PM = NO PAY CherryBombers Bux Drop a CherryBomb on one of the 250 pic CherryBomb Folders to Enter to Win 1 MILLION FUBUX Drawing…   All Messages Sent as Bombing Notifications will be entered. If I receive more than 100 Bombs, 2 Winners will be chosen.
Funny Stories
A lot of fun has been poked about my attire, and of course that doesn't bother me at all; I wouldn't upload pics of myself in flowered swim trunks and boots if I didn't want to make you giggle. But sometimes I fuck up without realizing it. A couple of weeks ago, I got off work at 7am and went downstairs to get changed into my gym clothes. When I put my shorts on, it just did not seem right. They seemed a little small, a little short. Definitely came up too high on the sides. But I just adjusted them (dang they're small in the crotch too like they're riding up and squeezing my junk) and went on down to the gym. Definitely felt small on me, but I could not figure out why. I'd worn them before right? Just my imagination I guess. In the middle of my workout, smart-ass co-worker Dereck walks past me and says "Daggone John go put some clothes on!". I gave him a stern angry look and continued my workout. I went home when I finished and took the shorts off. They said "Small". What the fuck?
Poeta : Tanka / Senryu
Existential truths Questions building on questions Yet where are the proofs? Convictions I own Solid yet open to change Carved in fluid stone A flow of sweet tears Crystal mirrors of the soul Treasure for the years
Gods Forsaken Radio make me your bitch for a month! we can negotiate! Upcoming Show for Texas Metal Alliance Texas Metal Alliance will be in Austin, Texas, April 3, 2009 at 8:00 pm. They will be at TMA/By Any Means Necessary/Turbid North at Room 710. The address is 710 Red River Street. So go and rock out with Texas Metal Alliance!!!!! ok kids heres the offer... ADD OWNED IN NAME FOR A MONTH. RATE UP TO 700PICS FOR HAPPY HOUR (ALL 11s IF OFFERED.) RATE STASH DURING HH. RANDOM GIFTS THROUGH OUT THE MONTH. GIVE YAHOO FOR CHAT. ADD TO TOP FRIENDS. MAKE A SFW SALUTE WITH OWNERS NAME. bid here==> COME MAKE ME YOUR BITCH! WE CAN NEGOTIATE FOR MORE! HEHEE
Who Knows Whats In This Mind Of Mine
so, my brain surgery was 2/1, still recovering. On the 13th I ended up aspirating, for those who don't know what that means I vomited and acid washed back into my lungs. I'd gotten food poisoning and aspirated when my body rejected the bad Mc' Donalds. You can bet I wont eat there again. Well my lungs filled up with so much acid my back and chest were on fire. I felt like I was dying. Turns out, I was. I went to my local ER, they told me I was faking it with out checking my O2 sats, the amount of oxygen saturation in your blood. They pumped me full of duladid, a pain killer, and sent me home. Also told me they didn't want to see me back that day. I ended up back in there coughing up enough blood to fill paper towels. They took me serious then, check my O2 which was at 89 and plummeted every time I moved or got up to use the bathroom. It got so bad I couldn't breath on my own and I was still hacking up blood. The Doctors told the people I lived with that I wasn't going to live and wante
Rantnravings Of A Man Gone Mad
a stretching yawning bumbling fool   up with the morning sunhe struggles to focus and gather whats needed   for his day has just begunenough time to finish off a hot meal   and wipe away eye droolhe grabs his bag double checks his books   then this lad is off to schoolhe did ok in science and math   history was some what of a mysteryyet he some how managed a c+   in that the one true source of him miserythe English language, the nouns pronouns proverbs   it all made him sickthe teacher just looked at him her only advice   maybe you should just quitbefore disappointment before even trying   and he almost listened that moment of denyingdieinginside for if she was right   that would mean the end of his dreamshe consoled him by adding your quite good in math   but that hurt even more it would seem   years past no more class for our lad his math skills pay bills hes nearly reached the age of 30he often thinks of the low class t
Random Things
A Drowning It's the glare from the reflectionMaking patterns in your eyesIt's the looking back in angerWith every second slipping byUndertow has come to take meGuided by the blazing sunLook at everything around usLook at everything we've done.Please anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfThere's a tiny little windowSwarms of locusts fill the skyMaybe I just disappear, If I canKeep my head above the tide.Please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myselfI'm drowning here please, anyoneI don't think I can, save myself   The Space In Between All our blood lying on the floorSense the crowd expecting something moreOpened up, proudly on displayWhat we tried so hard to hide awayBl
That's What She Said!
Upon jumping on fubar this morning, I had a few shouts. One was from this guy. I still have no earthly idea what the hell he was talking about, but I quickly figured out he was a few sneezeguards shy of a Chinese buffet and decided to fuck with him. Eventually, I had to block him because I was running out of material and had to get some work done. Not to mention he started spamming my default picture with "I'm sorry" comments and creeping me out altogether. Anyway, enjoy! **Disclaimer: Name has been changed to protect the mentally unstable.** SORRYNOENGLISH...: read comment two above yours ->SORRYNOENGLISH...: Comment on what? SORRYNOENGLISH...: what you mean ->SORRYNOENGLISH...: You told me to read a comment two above mine. SORRYNOENGLISH...: the winners comments in there ->SORRYNOENGLISH...: Comments in where? SORRYNOENGLISH...: the pic filsalutes of me the first onee me the ->SORRYNOENGLISH...: Dude, I honestly don't know what you're talking about. SORRYNOENGLISH.
My Writings
Tonight I finally met up with XEEPOOOO :) Vince, and her and I hung out at a bar about an hour from my house. She is fun as hell, and it was a great night of fun and abuse on Vicne's part... We got back and about 2 somethin am, and now I am at Vinces, layin on his bed with his laptop, sabotaging his Fu page and watchin SP. Yay! The snow kept falling and falling. Large, shapeless snowflakes were slowly and steadily making their way to the ground, creating a see-through curtain and covering everything with a sheet of virginal white monochrome. The cold winter sky was blending in at the horizon with a sea of whiteness while looming over the land in a solid layer of metallic gray, completely void of impurities and discolorations, and preventing any futile attempts of sunlight to get through. The trees, which just a day ago were desperately extending their bare skeletal limbs to the sky in a silent plea for vital sunlight, were now comfortably hidden beneath
A long time I admired her, and today I considered her a  personal friend....Her personality shines the internet and brings naughty smiles all over...She its knowledge from her beauty and ways to drive guys crazy around the adults industry..... Welcome to my very first interview, Jaime ( titanic_tits ) ... I am very honor to have you here with me. Helping me show the audience that we are not a just bunch girls we have brains and very good intentions in the way to please...... Here follow my questions for u today are:  1) - What's your view about Multiple Cams and How do u feel about the girls been so vicous about this topic?:titanic_tits answer: well first i can understand some hosts who are not happy with multirooms . everybody have feeling , emotions and experienc, all our experience are differents .. i heard some said it was not fair but i just want to say if we take the image of a house for each host we can t judge about the situation by the "outside house view" my house is with 6 r
Harmony And Holy Mess
CONVENTIONAL CHAOS GREYFACE In the year 1166 B.C., a malcontented hunchbrain by the name of Greyface, got it into his head that the universe was as humorless as he, and he began to teach that play was sinful because it contradicted the ways of Serious Order. "Look at all the order around you," he said. And from that, he deluded honest men to believe that reality was a straightjacket affair and not the happy romance as men had known it. It is not presently understood why men were so gullible at that particular time, for absolutely no one thought to observe all the disorder around them and conclude just the opposite. But anyway, Greyface and his followers took the game of playing at life more seriously than they took life itself and were known even to destroy other living beings whose ways of life differed from their own. The unfortunate result of this is that mankind has since been suffering froma psychological and spiritual imbalance. Imbalance causes frustration, and frustratio
For Your Information
by Charles Babington, The Associated Press Friday July 10, 2009, 8:05 AM AP Photo/Rebecca BlackwellA vendor folds tee-shirts commemorating U.S. President Barack Obama's planned visit to Ghana, at a streetside stall in central Accra, Ghana on Thursday. L'AQUILA, Italy (AP) -- President Barack Obama is wrapping up finitely detailed talks with his G-8 partners on economic and environmental challenges and turning to more photogenic events: meeting the pope and becoming the first black American president to visit a mostly black African country. He was throwing in a televised news conference from Italy for good measure. Obama, his wife and daughters were to meet Pope Benedict XVI shortly before leaving Italy late Friday for Ghana. The two men have spoken by phone but not met before, aides say. In Ghana, officials expect a tumultuous reception for Obama, whose father was from Kenya. Because the first family arrives rather late Friday night, the main ceremony in Accra will occur Satu
ANYMORE! I have to vent!  Our UPS guy is a PRICK! I'm a VERY nice person, I've been called adorable, lovely, sweet, personable, and DAMMIT people love me! But every time I see this guy, I say hello, he says nuthin, he throws the package near me, sometimes at my feet, or THINKS he knows where I will store the copy paper and he will bypass my desk and take it away from where I will be storing it!! I sign his little brown hand-held and say "Thank you.", just like everyone should do...silently the PRICK turns around and walks his ass out the door. U - U r a P - Prick S - Sir I'll tell ya what "Brown" can do for me...they can kiss my ass for putting up with the PRICK! Venting complete!     Two sailors on shore leave, walking down the street. They spot a beautiful blonde. First sailor asks his friend "Have you ever slept with a blonde?" Second sailor replies that he has. They walk on further and see an even more beautiful brunette. First Sailor: Have you ever slept with a brunett
Jenny's Life
I am so pissed off right now.  A supposed friend was going to come over to take some pics of me since he has a much better camera and perspective than I do.  I've been stood up.  That's a great way to get on my bad side since it is a major peeve of mine.  You stand me up, you're gone from my life.  between my grandparents' issues, and my own, I'm really stressed out and having bad anxiety attacks.  It would help if I had some support and help.  Grandpa needs a lot of help and grandma thinks I don't care and that I don't understand what's going on so I get the brunt of her frustration.  How am I supposed to deal with this?  Please, someone help. I'm back in that dark place again.  Heart broken into millions of pieces.  I just want to be numb, not feel a damn thing for a while.
Really New Blog
She was a queen before I saw her. A beauty all the way through. Sof,t sweet words she whispers. A voice that calms and soothes. Her eyes could melt metal. Through my heart they run. They pluck on its little strings. Soon it, they will have won. Such a power over me. Explain it maybe I never will. She will always be a beauty to me. Nothing else could I ever feel. That evil juiceMakes me go so fastBut when it's doneI run out of gas. It's like liquid goldAt least my mind believesSometimes don't know if I'm comingOr if I should leave. My mind is racingMuch faster than I needI can no longer controlThe power of this bean. It may be harder to quitThe cigs or even boozePut it in front of meI'm always sure to lose. It's a total addictionAnd I'll never be freeSo fill me up and don't ever tryTo give me any decaf coffee. My days have slowed downNothing now seems the sameAll it really tookWas the mention of your name. Do you still have a holdCan I ever let you goWhen I look into your eye
My Life, My World
The person I love,The person I want most of all,I can't have.But I will go on loving him,And wanting him,Just the same.Because someday down the road,I just might get to have him,Even if it is for a minute.Until someday comes,I will go on loving,And wanting,The man I cannot have. I don't feel beautiful,I feel ugly,I don't feel loved,I feel used.Ugly, because you don'tYou won't,Let anyone know about us.Used, because after sex,You won't say you love me.So please change those two things,And make me really feel beautiful,
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Losing himself in the moment, spinning a falling, plunging into the depths of darkness and despair. Speeding and winding his way through the void, eternally lost as his soul slowly shrivels and dies. But death is not the end, he enters into fiery torment as he is teased with visions of what might have been, sights of family, and friends, a wife and children that never was, he burns from the inside out. All the people he hurt take turns cutting his flesh, shouting insults, throwing rocks. Mocking his selfishness, his lack of a heart. Now he cares, yet it is to late, he is stuck in an endless torture of his own design falling, spinning and starting all over again... Born in Callander, Scotland, Destro’s full name is James McCullen Destro XXIV, and he is Laird of Castle Destro in the Scottish Highlands. The Destro clan has designed and sold weapons for centuries, and Destro is the head of their current incarnation: M.A.R.S.(Military Armament Research Syndicate). He wears a mask fo
Whining , effective?  A.  Hell No B. Hell effing no! Is it so terrible that I clean up lthe grammar on someone else's SFW smumm, and reposted as an NSFW smumm? A.  Terrible and mean B. Someone should do it! A. True B. False C.Persona D, Who cares, we like him anyway.  Read the title!
May 2003 Heros
Died May 1, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 34, of Springfield, Mo.; 2nd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Fort Carson, Colo.; killed in Habbaniyah, Iraq, when his M-1A1 tank fell into the Euphrates River after the bank on which he was parked gave way. Died May 3, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 25, of East Lansing, Mich.; assigned to 74th Long-Range Surveillance Detachment 173rd Airborne Brigade, Camp Ederle, Italy; killed in Iraq when his M-4 rifle accidentally discharged after he fell off a ladder he had been climbing. Died May 4, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 20, of Coeburn, Va.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, Smith Barracks, Baumholder, Germany; killed in Kuwait by a non-combat weapon discharge.
Les costumes ne seront pas tous être contre-compatibles lors du lancement de deux jeux, mais Media Molecule prévoit de les rendre disponibles avant la fin de l'année costume inazuma eleven.   "Pour être en mesure de fournir avec son Sackboy gamme complète de costumes téléchargeables pour LittleBigPlanet PS Vita et Karting LittleBigPlanet, nous avons littéralement eu à reconstruire l'ensemble de ces costumes à partir de zéro pour chaque nouveau jeu," Media Molecule a dit. "Ce qui signifie que il y avait plus de 270 costumes que nous avons eues avec amour la main-tricoter et à coudre dans la façon que seuls nos équipes de concepteurs de costumes avides savoir-faire. «Vous allez recevoir une bonne sélection de costumes au lancement, puis mises à jour de votre jeu en deux lots, et nous prévoyons de vous apporter jusqu'à ce jour au plus tard Décembre 2012." Cependant, tous les costumes feront la transition vers les nouveaux jeux. Plus précisément, le costume Ezio Auditore de Assassin '
Omega Red
    JADE                                               REMIX-Party Tonight by JADE 6:50 Elephants - Them Crooked Vulturesby Alternatov04257,671 views
s and annulments, then appear in the next update. As of the 1992 and later editions, all Cases currently in effect at the time of publication of an edition are included with it as an update. The ASME B31 Code for Pressure Piping Standards Committee took action to eliminate Code Case expiration asme pdf dates effective September 21, 2007. This means that all Code Cases listed in this update and beyond will remain available for use until annulled by the ASME B31 Code for Pressure Piping Standards Committee. This update, Cases No. 33, which is included after the last page of the 2008 Addenda and the Interpretations Volume 43 that follow, contains the following Cases: 175 176 177 179 182 183 The page numbers for the Cases supplements included with updates to the 2007 Edition start with C-1 and will continue consecutively through the last update to this Edition. The Cases affected by this supplement are as follows: Page C-15 C-17 C-19 C-20 C-21 C-23 Location Case 175 Case 1
Tải Avatar - Game Avatar - Tải Avatar Và Chơi Avatar Mới
Các bạn thân mến, Như các bạn đã biết, bắt đầu từ ngày 09/12/2013, Tải Dị Tinh sẽ chính thức tung ra phiên bản Alpha Test với mục đích mang tới cho cộng đồng hâm mộ những trải nghiệm đầu tiên về Dị Tinh Việt Nam.Với mong muốn mang lại cho người chơi những trải nghiệm đầy đủ nhất về các tính năng của phiên bản Alpha Test, Dị Tinh xin được trân trọng gửi tới các bạn sự kiện: GIFTCODE ALPHAThời gian: 09/12/2013 – 12/12/2013 Túi Quà Tân Thủ cấp 5 với 5,000 Kim Cương và các phần quà khác sẽ được gửi tới những người chơi bất kỳ tham gia phiên
My Thought's
You scored as Boobs. You are attracted to: boobs. You're a boob guy/gurl!Boobs100%Penis100%Butt50%Face33%Abs/Stomach0%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics)created with why is it that guys always want a skinny girl? why is it that guys only want to take out skinny girls? why is it that to a guy a big girl is only good for being a friend? why is that guys tend to stay away from big girls? why is that if your boys don't think shes dateable you won't date a girl? why is that guys always want to play with big girls emotions? why they can't see the good in a big girl? why cant they see the person not the size? why can't they just be up front? why can't they just say what they mean and mean what they say? I KONW ,BECAUSE THEY SCARED THAT THEY JUST MIGHT FALL IN LOVE WITH A BIG GIRL AND THEY WILL WOULD REALLY LIKE HER,BUT THIER BOYS WON'T SO THEY GOT TO KEEP YOU AROUND FOR THERE SAKE BUT NOT TO CLOSE FOR THERE FRIENDS SAKE. (IF YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE LET ME KNOW
My Mental Cesspool
WTH is up with the label "BBW"? I know to a lot of women it is a term that is used symbolize the acceptance of themselves as being beautiful despite their heftier proportions, a show of self-esteem, and a show of defiance to those who deem being a "plus-sized" woman unattractive, but to me it also confirms the general idea that fat women are unattractive. When I first became aware of the term, I thought it was cute. After hearing it time and again and observing society's media and fashion influenced ideas of what beauty is, the term has really begun to annoy me. Don't get me wrong, I feel larger women can be just as sexy (or more so) as the America's Next Top Model wannabees, but to me that term implies that as a rule of thumb large, fat, overweight, chunky, chubby (and any other idioms used to describe a big gal) are generally accepted as being unattractive. Should a big girl happen to actually be attractive, it has to be made clear that despite her size, she breaks the mold of bei
Believe Me, I Did Not Do It!
1. I love Pasta 2. I have to put my clothes on the same way every day 3. I hate clowns 4. Sunflowers are my fav flower 5. I look for the good in everyone, although I don't trust much of anyone 6. I hate things to be in my body that is not supposed to be there, lol I freak 7. I hate large amounts of water, shudder.... 8. I have some of the most kick ass friends here on CT 9. sick and twisted ppl make me smile.. 10. I take friendship seriously, so if you are not serious don't fuck with me..... Tell me why all the cute, sweet guys are either married OR 10,000 freaking miles away? lol Sigh... Went out today after work and went to this little independently owned music shop......Steve and I used to shop there ALL the time....The guy that owned it is named Art, and he really enjoyed when we came in....I had not seen Art since several months before Steve passed figured I would go in there today and tell Art about Steve and then get some new cool tunes.....Art was in comp
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I will not be able to play on my puter this week as much as I have been. My sister died Tuesday, we are having the Burial on Friday afternoon. Will be back to full force on Friday night. I guess that I am a softy. I see bulletins from my friends so I look at everyone of them. But when I post one it seams like I cant get but maybe two or three come back on it. Maybe I should not answer any more of them. I have been looking for the song House of the risen sun played on a bass sax I had it once and lost it does anyone knows who does it on sax
Outrage Over Our System
IM SO FUCKING TIRED OF GUYS SAYING TO ME "OH I LIKE YOU ALOT" AND FLIRTING WITH YOU MAKING YOU THINK THAT THEY REALLY DO, WHEN ALL ALONG THEY ARE SAYING THE SAME FUCKING THING TO ALL THE LADIES ON HERE!!!!! BULLSHIT....LEAVE ME TO F ALONE I DONT LIKE LIARS!!!!!! SORRY BUT I AM GOING ON A RANT AND RAVING AGAIN ABOUT PEOPLE...I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE,ESPECIALLY GUYS, THAT WONT TALK TO YOU BECAUSE YOU DONT HAVE A CAM OR WONT TAKE CERTAIN PICS FOR THEM.....COME ON GROW THE FUCK UP!!!! WE SHOULDNT HAVE TO LOWER OURSELVES TO HAVE SO CALLED FRIENDS... INSTALLING LOVE Customer Service Rep: Can you install LOVE? Customer: I can do that. I'm not very technical, but I think I am ready to install now. What do I do first? CS Rep: The first step is to open your HEART. Have you located your HEART ma'am? Customer: Yes I have, but there are several programs running right now. Is it okay to install while they are running? CS Rep: What programs are running ma'am? Customer: Le
Some Shit I Write Lol
fuck the days yo, fuck these days fuck all the crooked ways fuck everyone tryin to stand in my way fuck everyone tryin to be the baddest today fuck everything that's fucked these days fuck the government, politics, wars, and bullshit fuck all the lies we've been spoon fed fuck all the silver spooons we been fed wit fuck the bitches feed that bullshit fuck the bitches that i don't wanna deal with fuck the dude who just cut me off fuck your mom cause people piss me off fuck the whole world fuck the people who fucked you fuck the people that carry the evil fuck the people that side with the devil fuck the shit that never works fuck the people who love to hurt step up and fuck the days fuck that shit blow it up in a debris filled haze fuck everything that makes my mind a maze fuck my mind cause i write what it says fuck this shit that i be typin fuck it to hell cause i don't know what i'm writin fuck you, fuck y
Your Name Is Too Too Sexy! :) Your name scored 171 in the "How Sexy Is Your Name Test" How Sexy Is Your Name? Which God or Goddess are you? Your Result: Dionsyus Greek God of Wine You enjoy the finer things in life. Your focus is on entertainment and drinking. You are never without friends or libations. You like to be the center of attention. You are the life of the party.Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love Zeus Greek King of the Gods Ares Greek God of War Hades Greek God of the Underworld Artemis Greek Goddess of the Hunt
Cherokee Ways Standing on the edge of time I look at all the land that once belonged to me and my kind Gone are the forests and the tall grass Rivers and streams are polluted and dry Even the mighty mountains look down on it and cry The circle was broken so long ago My people still in shackles for what they still don't know A quiet breeze brings a soft mist As gentle and tender as a mother's kiss In the distance I can hear the ancient ones Their faces shaded by the setting sun WIth tears in their eyes they look upon their land Wondering if it will ever be the same again I look down again and see a light A single glow shining bright Somewhere a flicker of hope still lives Somewhere the spirit of our people still lives I wait patiently for the day When once again we will know the Cherokee Ways Spirit In Time I am a spirit in time, As I am in this physical shell here on Earth Mother, There will be many experiences for me to conquer and climb, We a
HowManyOfMe.comThere are:462people with my namein the U.S.A.How many have your name? You scored as 0mg, u nasty!. 0mg, u nasty!100%s0 bad, u freak!!88%So pure!75%Yur not a freak! Yur gay!75%lil bit daring50%R u a sex freak?created with
Crystal's Thoughts, Life, Weeks
Well we sold our ferrets, so to replace them we are now going to start breeding pythons. As soon as I get time I will put up a picture of the snake. Wednesday was my first night at my new job....I work in Columbus, Ohio. If you want to know what my job is you have to send me a private message. I am not going to say what I do on my blog, but I will say that it is a lot of fun. Last weekend I went in to feed my pet dragons and I found my female dragon Saphyra dead. It breaks my heart to see one of my favorite animals die. I have no idea what happened. I don't know yet if I am going to buy another one or not. In the memory of Saphyra R.I.P.
The Angsty Poems From Day-to-day
Perdoname si te quiero demasiado, Perdoname porque estoy enamorado. Perdoname si quiero darte un abrazo, Perdoname porque quiero estar a tu lado Perdoname si no puedo olvidarte, Perdoname por desear besarte. Perdoname por no dejarte, Perdoname porque solo puedo amarte. Mas si quieres olvidarme, Te lo hare muy facil. Solo dale tu carino a otro, pero a mi, no me pidas que no te ame. Nunca habia estado tan cerca de ti, nunca habia probado tu carino. Y ahora despues de hacerlo, como dejar de sentir que quiero estar contigo? Como podria yo olvidar la suavidad tu piel, la ternura de tus abrazos y el calor de tus besos? Translation: Forgive me if i love you so much Forgive me because i am in love Forgive me if i want to give you a hug Forgive me if i want to be at your side Forgive me if i cant forget you Forgive me if i wish to kiss you Forgive me for not leaving you Forgive me if i can only love you Also, if you want to forget me It will be very e
Musings Of A Very Confused Girl...
Are you the submissive type? Do you live to serve? Do you get pleasure from being told what to do, be it humiliating and/or painful? Then you opened the right bulletin! Mistress Momma Meagan is looking for new pets! The rules are simple, but MUST be followed if you are to be considered as a pet. Which, of course, should be a great honor for any of you sniveling maggots! 1.) You MUST send your Mistress a personalized salute vowing your loyalty to her, which will be displayed in a special folder entitled "MMM's Official Pets." CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR SALUTE 2.) Once you have sent your salute you MUST rate/fan/add all the other pets in the pic folder. Why? Because your Mistress said so, scumbag! Once Mistress has confirmed that you have done this, you will receive a gift from Mistress herself welcoming you to the group. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF YOUR MISTRESS'S PETS 3.) When your Mistress tells you to do something, you MUST do it. This may include weekly/month
Just For Fun
This guy walks into a bar wearing a Lions jersey and carrying a little wiener dog that also has a Lions jersey on with a little Lions helmet too. The guy says to the bartender, "Can my dog and I watch the Lions game here? My TV at home broke and my dog and I want to see the game." The bartender replies, "Normally, dogs in the bar would not be allowed, but it is not terribly busy in here, so you and the dog can have a seat at the end of the bar. But, if there is any trouble with you or the dog, I'll have to ask you to leave." The guy agrees and he and his dog start watching the game Pretty soon the Lions kick a field goal and the wiener dog jumps up on the bar and walks down the bar and gives everyone a high five. The bartender says, "Hey, that's cool! What does he do for a touch down?" The guys answers, "I don't know, I've only had him for 3 years." ********************************* Collection Plate The church service was under way and t
Blog Anyone?
Wow there is so much to do on this site, I am having a blast. Thanks to everyone that has made it fun so far! I look forward to spending a good amount of time on this site. -Ari Sorry I haven't been around much. I got a new job and I'm training. I hope to have more opportunities to come on Tap soon. -Ari I was making this post to my other blog and got a timeout and then it said "invalid blog" I woulda been soo pissed if all that had gone away... Has something like this happened to anyone else?
Favourite Song Lyrics
LUCIE SILVAS LYRICS "Forget Me Not" Forget me not, I ask of you Wherever your life takes you to And if we never meet again Think of me every now and then We had just one day to recall Now all I want is something more Than just a fading memory Left wondering what could have been. Isn't it a shame, that when timing's all wrong You're doing what you never meant to, There's always something that prevents you. Well I believe in fate, it had to happen this way But it always leaves me wondering whether... In another life we'd be together. We should feel lucky we can say... we've always got yesterday And as I leave it all behind You're still emblazoned in my mind And for that very special day Nobody loved me in that way Forget me not, I ask of you Wherever your life takes you to And if we never meet again Think of me every now and then Everybody's looking for a something One thing that makes it all complete You'll find it in the strangest places Place
At one time in my life, I thought I had a handle on the meaning of the word "service." "It's the act of doing things for other people." Then I heard these terms which reference the word SERVICE: Internal Revenue Service Postal Service Telephone Service Civil Service City & County Public Service Customer Service Service Stations Then I became confused about the word "service." This is not what I thought "service" meant. So today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to "service" a few of his cows. BAM! It all came into perspective. Now I understand what all those "service" agencies are doing to us. I hope you now are as enlightened as I am. A wealthy old lady decides to go on a photo safari in Africa, taking her faithful aged poodle named Cuddles, along for the company. One day the poodle starts chasing butterflies and before long, Cuddles discovers that he's lost.. Wandering about, he notices a leopard headi
What's Up With Me Today !
I guess I was hiding in a cave or something but I missed out on hearing about the Free Hugs Guy...but as the wonder of the internet proves...everything exists forever in cyberspace... So for those of you who missed it as well...and in honor of Valentine's Day...I am here to spread some love today. Big hugs to all of you Susan Here is the link to the video if you can't see it... Save $3 on orders over $10 with code NCD141 at checkout! Save $10 on orders over $25 with code DES141 at checkout! And ohhhhh please take the time to check out my new shop Shop By Designs over 4 million designs from over 650 cool designers!!!! Funny t-shirts, coffee mugs, coasters, tile boxes, posters, framed art sweatshirts and much much more! Cool fractal art and kale
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1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse. (c) After wrecking your boss' car. (d) One hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds into "The Crying Game". (e) When she is using her teeth. 3: Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4: Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable. 7: No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. In fact, even remembering your buddy's birthday is strictly optional. At that
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Papi RH@ CherryTAP Sexy Swimsuit Contest Rules: Any picture you like of you in a two or one piece swimsuit that is SFW Link to profile must be active Winner will be determined by comments. Contestants can vote. I will be able to take up to 25 contestants Minimum of 10 contestants Current Contestants ~*M.Y.L.F©*~@ CherryTAP The Court@ CherryTAP ~*Ashley*~ Poppa Wheelie's CT Wifey && RL g/f (rate,fan, and add me to see my NSFW)@ CherryTAP myeviltwin@ CherryTAP Underground Baby Girl Randy~*~Pain Family~*~@ CherryTAP 2fastvettes@ CherryTAP Sinnam0n@ CherryTAP Daggers2theheart@ CherryTAP Kandi@ CherryTAP seductivesteff
Even though this is not my recipe it's very tasty. Of course I love just about any type of seafood Title: Blackened Redfish Categories: Cajun, Fish/sea Yield: 6 servings 6 ea 8-10oz redfish fillets 3/4 lb Unsalted butter, melted -------------------------------SEASONING MIX------------------------------- 1 tb Sweet paprika 3/4 ts Ground white pepper 2 1/2 ts Salt 3/4 ts Ground black pepper 1 ts Onion powder 1/2 ts Dried thyme leaves 1 ts Garlic powder 1/2 ts Dried oregano leaves 1 ts Ground cayenne pepper NOTE: Fish fillets (preferably redfish, pompano or tilefish) cut about 1/2 inch thick. Redfish and pompano are ideal for this method of cooking. If tilefish is used, you may have to split the fillets in half horizontally to have proper thickness. If you can't get any of these fish, salmon steaks or
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help them with comments and rates to get there pimpin gift or you can join yourself ????? i need you to all go to uber cherry and comment my pic please heres the link just click the pic i need you to all go to uber cherry and comment my pic please heres the link just click the pic
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If any of you truly ever looked at the pictures I display here , has there been any that are so offensive that you did not wish to visit my page or albums?? I am asking because i was TOLD someone had a problem with my picture in the Harley vest! Nothing actually showing but cleavage. Was TOLD to put it in a private folder or risk my profile being deleted. The funny thing is, within minuts of all this, what do you think I see right up in front of me?? A woman's Vagina, which is all well and good in a NSFW folder if guys wish to see it......But to crawl me for cleavage.....Too much if ya ask me. What is next??? Thanks all! Well here it is 6:00 AM and i have been up an hour already! So much going on and not a darn bit of it fun! This is the First Christmas I will have as a single person.........and with the Devils Brother for an ex, it will suck bad. That so called man has done nothing but torture and punish me
moron = futard Without morons the world would be a dull place wouldn't it LOL!! New @ the freshmeat department this moron rated me a 2. If any down rater is looking for a dramatic scene from me you'll be waitin a long time. Ya down rate me well at least I get something... stop and think for a second.... Hmmmm.... YOU GOT NOTHING *Smiles Hugely* and goes about my day scar1021@ fubar HEY PEEPS IT GOES LIKE THIS ..... AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE OR MORE TO START THIS THING.... FROM NOW UNTIL MARCH 20TH (MIDNIGHT) THAT GIVES YOU SOME SERIOUS TIME FOR BOMBING... ((((((BONUS MYSTERY PIMPIN GIFT FOR THE FIRST ONE TO REACH 40,000 COMMENTS))))))... AS SOON AS YOU HIT 40,000 COMMENTS PRIVATE MESSAGE ME ON WHAT TIME IT WAS AND THE SCORES OF OTHERS... I WILL BE WATCHING... ((((((ALSO A BONUS MYSTERY PIMPIN GIFT FOR THE ONE PERSON WITH THE MOST RATES))))))... 1ST PLACE WINS A PIMPIN CT YAUGHT... 2ND PLACE IS A PORCHE... 3RD PLACE IS A MOTORCYCLE... LET ME KNOW IF YO
Shudder from your touch. These emotions They are just Too Much I feel the urge: The fire and heat. I need your kiss: Delicious and sweet. Shiver down my spine From the way you Simply say 'You're mine.' author:unknown Dream Lover by Nina She wakes every morning with a smile on her face. She felt his love in her sleep. Dreamed of his embrace. Although she's never met his body. His heart she does feel. Anytime she has loved before. Has never felt so real. There is no explanation for it. Not one has she yet found. But OMG the feeling she gets when he is around. Although it may end tomorrow. The memory will not fade. For in her heart a life long friend. She feels that she has made. She hopes it last forever. She prays that they do meet. She dreams of the day her online love. sweeps her off her feet. Sealed With A Kiss by Rima Darkstar Sealed with a kiss, tied up with a rose; And as you are reading, my love for you grows. When
 What's your thought's & opinion's about Barack Obama?  Do you think Obama should be impeached? A World in turmoil We see changes all around, Up in the sky & on the ground, We see & feel our weather change Everything seems so strange We are experiencing global warmingWe hear about & read it's warning We all fear what is ahead, Nothing but catastrophe & lot's od dread, What do we do to reverse the effect, Things that are hard to ignore OR reject, The economy is going down hill, And the stock market is so unreal, The world is getting worse each year, There is no reason anymore to cheer, We live in fear everyday, We should gather, hold hands & pray, The end of the world is at hand, We we all parish & leave this land? People hear about Armageddon & Apocalypse, When do we do when you lay down the chips, It will get worse as the years go by, When all
*Honesty For Adults* *Relationships* What is your current relationship status? Very happily in a committed relationship Have you ever cheated on a significant other/bf/gf? yes Would you ever cheat on anyone? not anymore Have you ever thought about cheating on anyone? duh!!!! What are your thoughts on someone who cheats? they need to re-evaluate why they are in a relationship if they want to cheat Have you ever had a one night stand? yes *Family* Are your parents still married? not since i was 3 yrs old... Do you have any children? yes If so, how many and what are their ages? 1 daughter 22 yrs old Were they planned or unplanned? unplanned What are your thoughts on stay at home moms? i was one and
A Little To The Left... There We Go.
Douchebag Alert! Douchebag Alert! Douchebag Alert! This individual made some inappropriate comments to my wife on Fubar. He was given an opportunity to retract them and declined. As such, I'm doing what I think is best and making it easy for everyone else to avoid such a situation and make a preemptive block. If you're anything like me, you'll want to see the situation for yourself, and as I feel it would be in poor taste to repeat the things he said, I invite you to ask him for yourself. If you trust me sufficiently, then you may take this as a fair warning and proceed directly to a block. I am quite alright with either outcome, as long as this man is not allowed to make any more women feel cheap or like less then a lady.   If you have a mind to treat a woman like this yourself... be wary. Women in packs can, and given reason, will hurt you... badly.   Thank you for your time. Ken You know those people, frustrated with love and "losing" at it? They have a phrase, more common
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Soo im not gunna be on here anymore soo chances are your talking to David cus hell be checking it just for shits & giggles. if you want my Myspace message david on here. Hell give it. Later
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Tom Barnard He is currently the host of "The KQ Morning Show," which airs on KQRS-FM 92.5 from 5:30 to 9:20 AM Monday through Friday. Barnard and then partner Dan Culhane started the show, which featured sports reports from WCCO sports anchor Mark Rosen. At one point the team of Barnand and Culhane spearheaded a fairly successful write-in campaign to elect Rosen For Governor. Culhane and Rosen were eventually pushed out of the broadcast in a succession of personnel moves which also resulted in the departure of Tony Lee (popular soundman and producer) For years the broadcast has been the highest-rated morning radio show in Minnesota, and holds the distinction of the highest ratings of any morning show in a local market nationwide. Before coming to KQRS Barnard worked at numerous stations including KSTP(AM). For most of the 1980s Barnard was the booth announcer for KSTP-TV. With the recent introduction of the podcasting technology, the show has reached national and international a
The Do’s and Don’ts of Bdsm Do’s Do use common sense. Do demand that all safety precautions are being taken. Do require that personal information is shared between both before meeting. Do listen to those voices and feelings that tell you something is not quite right. Do meet in a public place. Do watch how they interact in public around others. Do set up safecalls and a safetynet. Do be realistic. Do demand you “know” someone deeply before giving over a deep trust. Do listen to your instincts, if something seems suspicious, wrong or out of the ordinary… pay attention to those red flags. Do use and demand safewords and signs… it is not a sign of weakness, it shows you care about yourself and your partner. Do make known your hard and soft limits ( Regardless of whether you are a Dominant or submissive). Do stand up and voice yourself, you are responsible for you, even if you share that with someone else. Do stay true to who you are inside, being what someone w
WELL SHE CALLED TO BREAK UP WITH ME SO I'M PRETTY PISSED SHE DOSEN'T LIKE THE FACT I KEEP DRIVING TO SEE HERE AND SHE CAN'T GET UP HERE SO IT'S FUCKING OVER SO I'M HEART BROKEN AND LONELY SHE WAS NOT LIKING THAT I WOULD NOT MAKE OUT IN HERE VAN EITHER BUT IF YOU SEEN IT YOU WOULD NO WHY SO DON'T GIVE ME SHIT ABOUT THAT AND IF SHE WHANT'S TO MAKE OUT ALL THE TIME IN HERE VAN FUCK HERE. We are still awaiting further details, but is extremely saddened to report that former WWE and WCW World champion Chris Benoit and his wife, former WCW and ECW personality Nancy "Woman" Benoit were both found dead today in Atlanta, Georgia. Obviously this will be a huge developing story in the days to come but at this point, we'd like to express our deepest condolences to the Benoits' family, friends, and fans at this time. A meeting is currently ongoing at WWE TV and it is expected that tonight's three hour Raw will now be dedicated to Benoit's memory. 6:09 Update: issued the
Just Me And Thats All I Can Be
So Monday evening I was reset back to the beginning of Fuking and all of my points and fubucks taken. Oh well Life sucks sometimes. But when you realize that being punished for bullshit is just start over...get over it and move thats what I did. And as I have done this I have realized without a shadow of a doubt who my REAL and TRUE FRIENDS ARE! So if you dont see yourself in my family and you were once there...dont come to me and ask me why...I dont ask anything of my friends except for them to be there for me like I have them and never lie to me. Some of my friends have been AWESOME...and they know who they are so I am not naming names...But dont call yourself my friend knowing that you have NEVER been there for me...but I have been there for you. I always try to help my friends to the best of my ability and never ask for anything in return...But when it comes to something that I need them there for seems my friends list gets smaller..SO as of today...the famil
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the boy next door is gonna sneak over here once ever one at his place is asleep im so excited should i dress up for him ??? what should i wear??? what should i do to him frist??? well the boy next door is about 15 years old and stalks me ever chance he gets if im layin around in the back your workin on my tan he peaks over the fence he peaks in my windows and im pretty sure he has even stold a few pairs on my paints off the line ive even cought him jerkin off. i guess its not all his falt cus if i know hes there i do tease him from time to time well im just sittin in a black silk g sting a pair of black and gray satin playboy pj pants a white tank top and no bra
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Everybody i need help in this contest. Rate and comment bombing please help me win a blast Ok so i was informed by my boss i need to work more or some shit. So to appease the slave drivers and facist as well as keep my job( i mean hell i get paid great money to do nothing) I can only Fubar for the first few minutes of the day at lunch and when i get home, so i'll have to catch you all at those times or you can catch me on IM (he said internet time not Yahoo time was interefering) This is effective tomorrow..........sshhhhh dont tell nobody Ok these fucking emails with people wanting me to see blogs and bulletins and pics etc were irritating as hell going to my regular email. even worse now..........anybody know to turn it off?
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Hi everyone Was a great weekend for England, not so good for me - I was evicted because the married couple I live with, who own the house decided that they needed quality time together, without me living in their house - imagine that, coupled with the fact that I dont know if my job will turn permanent with only 3 months left. Well worse things happen to people I know, honestly. So ladies if you had a chice between having small, medium, large, very large or enormous breasts which would you choose? Ok, ladies - so what is your ideal man? You can only choose from the following traits 1)Muscular, fit, strong, arogant, hard headed 2)Intelligent, funny, but a bit shy 3)Talk the talk, charismatic, well hung 4)Passionate, good natured, not too attractive 5)Attractive, un-kind, selfish, but loaded 6)Sarcastic, cruel, very successful, a looker 7)Massive willy, ugly face, unsucessful 8)Dyanamic, go getter, own man, sporty 9)Health mad, conservationist, artist 10)Life saver, no t
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Contract (BDSM) In BDSM, a contract is an agreement, usually written, between the Dominant and submissive in a 24/7 or TPE relationship. It is the formal act of consent to the power exchange. Some are very formal and will detail exactly what is expected and can run for multiple pages. Others are as brief as a single paragraph. Either way, one is derived by negotiation on the part of both parties. BDSM couples consider the contract to hold equal moral authority to a marriage commitment. As such, constructing a proper contract is very much like writing a pre-nuptial agreement. General outline A typical contract contains many of the following elements. As there is no consensus within the BDSM community to the structure of a contract, this list is to serve as an example from which the Dominant and submissive may construct a document that both sides will accept. Petition The Petition acts in the same manner as a Cover letter for a résumé. In a petition a submissive will make
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Don Omar - LunaAdd to My Profile | More Videos
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To be honest I have not been online lately ..Lets see recap....made a couple new friends offline. Went to BDSM munch a couple of days ago and had a great time. you can be a perv and eat like a normal person at the same time. I had to setback my college plans to Summer because I am waiting for my transcripts. Been working overtime getting my artwork done this month. I had a few orders I had to complete. Going to church more.I go there 4 times a week. 1 day to clean. its volunteer work. and the mumms are starting to bore me out here and there right now. Hey if noone finds you funny its hard to make people smile. I hate to say this but other people having misery is starting to bore me out. I refuse to join any lounges .....because its hard to keep up on a conversation. I had to let the Stonier go. Just the marijuana was making me sick. I dont use this place as a dating site for whatever reaso November 1st update Fate Images Adu
Robbie@ fubarhe giving away fubuxs and more information about it go to his blog n read it thanx you SHE SAID I can get you 2 cherry bombs tomorrow if you can find someone to sell me an auto 11 tonight ... Let me know..... OK I DID FOR FOR HER I can offer 3.5 mill now plus a 25 bling pack credit when I add more credits to my account tomorrow night after work === ' Michelle R/L ~ N ~ FU WIFE TO DJ Rebel/MEMBER OF AMERICAS BRAVE&PROUD' wrote the following at '2009-03-08 18:46:20'.. > > ok how much you offer for a auto 11s > === 'Mz.NewYork' wrote the following at '2009-03-08 18:42:31'.. OK SHE SAID Oh you will I promise ... Unlike a lot on here I keep my word. Thank you === ' Michelle R/L ~ N ~ FU WIFE TO DJ Rebel/MEMBER OF AMERICAS BRAVE&PROUD' wrote the following at '2009-03-08 19:28:31'.. > > i found someone for u to do it i hope i get the bling from u tommorrow here his link IF FUBAR NOT IMPORTANT FOR HER THEN WHY THE HELL SHE ON HERE PLAYING EV
Someone is turning you upside down and into knots. You've got it bad, but sometimes it feels so good. Go with it. The secret to life is learning to be comfortable with all your feelings, especially the weird ones. This is mine for today, normally I pay no attention to these things, but the last few days have been right on with how I have been feeling each day which to me is quite weird...anyway....just thought I would share Leo you are about to find out a secret about a close friend - something you'd never expect. Keep an open mind and appreciate that it's hard for them to share. lmmfao, this is just to much. To bad the secret is out, I know and they won't tell hahahahahaha Something big happens in your love life and you can hardly think about anything else. It could be someone new, or maybe a milestone of sorts with your current partner. Whatever it is, keep smiling!

I had a friend back in 1970 he was 16 and his parents signed for him to serve the marines (Military).They said he was mature enough ; He could start this military career at an early age , (serving his country) ..While no wars were happening to intensely at this time. what do you think ,, would you let your son or daughter go in to a branch of military at 15 or 16 or 17 ..yrs of age ... ? Id put this in mums but I reached my quota for today hehehe,,, xoxoxox diana I say prayers now for all you . God,s Coming ..He is and soon. Oh Lord protect thy children from harm and give strenth to the people who work to perserve the ones(childern, women or men)) harmed by hate and ungodly one.s ..May God lighten your burdens, May he give you all love> May God hear us all and show us mercy an give us light> May God keep us strong our faith as days pass on. May he give us courage to face what is to come. May he heal the sick and all the people that he has touched with his love. May God keep me able an
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AND hes only bout 75k from level! Wanna show him some FuLove? Add Fan Rate him! And shout him and say hi too.. hes G R E A T!! Kyz™@ fubar Its Dawn's birthday!! Have you bought her a drink? Or rated her pics yet?? WHY NOT?? lol ♥Ħõŧ Mõммã♥ õғ Ŧhẽ МãҒiã'@ fubar RUN FAST! QUICK! xoxo :P Shes been around this place for a year today...Do you know her? Well you should. Shes a great friend too have. Shows nothing but love.She loves new friends so you all know what too do Fan, add and rate her up. She Returns the love... Christie@ fubar This pimpout brought too you by ¢¾BooBoo¢¾@ fubar (repost of original by '♥BooBoo♥' on '2007-12-15 09:34:31')
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Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent, sometimes. I like to think I can hear your heart beating in time with mine? Have I ever told you that when I watch you speak to me through lines and cords, and bytes and ram, I imagine your voice, whispering into my ear? Have I ever told you that I wait out each day in anticipation, wanting only an hour or two, just a second in space and time, to feel close to you? Have I ever told you that there has been times, when I ached for you, ached for you so badly, that the emotions overwhelmed me.. and so I sat and cried? Have I ever told you that sometimes, I will reach out, touching your name on this cold screen before me, wishing I could reach in and pull you to me? Have I ever told you that after the first time I heard the sound of your voice, thousands of miles away, I sat up all night, turning the conversation over and over in my mind, examining it, like some newly discovered s
So much has been happening and I don't get on here much these days work has me busy and I have gone back to animal rescue as well. As the weather breaks there is so much work to do around the house a new fence and other things I am hoping that I get time to breathe so I can catch up with people and just stop and play .. rennie Day number 180 8:00 am - OH BOY! DOG FOOD! MY FAVORITE! 9:30 am - OH BOY! A CAR RIDE! MY FAVORITE! 9:40 am - OH BOY! A WALK! MY FAVORITE! 10:30 am - OH BOY! A CAR RIDE! MY FAVORITE! 11:30 am - OH BOY! DOG FOOD! MY FAVORITE! 12:00 noon - OH BOY! THE KIDS! MY FAVORITE! 1:00 pm - OH BOY! THE YARD! MY FAVORITE! 4:00 pm - OH BOY! THE KIDS! MY FAVORITE! 5:00 PM - OH BOY! DOG FOOD! MY FAVORITE! 5:30 PM - OH BOY! MOM! MY FAVORITE! Day number 181 8:00 am - OH BOY! DOG FOOD! MY FAVORITE! 9:30 am - OH BOY! A CAR RIDE! MY FAVORITE! 9:40 am - OH BOY! A WALK! MY FAVORITE! 10:30 am - OH BOY! A CAR RIDE! MY FAVORITE! 11:30 am - OH BOY! DOG F
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Prepare area, gather all tools and set up altar Bathe, add Sandalwood, Frankincense and Cinnamon. Add Sea Salt, light candles and concentrate on what is before you. Purify space and open the circle. Face the East, raise your projective hand and point to the sky. Say..."Powers of Air, I do summon, stir and call you now to witness this rite and guard this circle. Powers of Air, be with me as I journey between worlds." Turn to the South, point your hand & say..."Powers of Fire, I do summon, stir and call you now to witness this rite and guard this circle. Powers of Fire, be with me as I journey between worlds." Turn to the West, Point your hand and say..."Powers of Water, I do summon, stir and call you to witness this rite and guard this circle. Powers of Water, be with me as I journey between worlds." Turn to the North, point your hand and say..."Powers of Earth, I do summon, stir and call you to witness this rite and guard this circle. Powers
i just wanted every one to know hat i do not have time to write a blog today on acount of my dog that got sick on the carpet and now i have to clean it up. i opened the door for him to go out but he would rather vomit on the carpet ad make me clean it up than to watch me have fun online i guess. i know i should not be so pissed off but this mess is going to take a while and it's making mechoke and i might vomit to You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? lost 2. Your significant other? jail 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? loser 5. Your father? no 6. Your favorite thing? pizza 7. Your dream last night? sex 8. Your favorite drink? whiskey 9. Your dream/goal? rich 10. The room you're in? bathro
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This is the mumm that caused some whinny ass person to report it and get my ability to post to everyone taken away......what do you think is it fair or just another example of me being hated as a mummer. I have made some changes to my family to make room for those that have become close. I hope you will not take it personal if you notice that I don't have you as family. Thank you for stopping by to read this blog. There are lonely times in our lives that seem so hard to get by, I have had my share of them. We all struggle in life, we are given all kinds of challenges. Our faith is tested and our character is defined by how we deal with these challenges. I am sick and tired of being here in Mexico away from my twins, family , and friends. I want to be able to hold my boys in my arms, watch them play, see them smile, look after them, watch them sleep like when I used to be the stay at home dad. This is the hardest thing that I have had to endure in my life time, not being abl
There are no words too even begin too describe this pimpout. Thank you too all of my friends and family for going above and beyond too make sure that I got SpotLight one last time. So many emotions came with this because of all of you. So too all of Fubar reading this these people go too the extremes for there friends.. Show mad love too everyone.. They deserve it.Ill never be able too repay all of you back but will do my best too always be there in any way I can.. All of these awesome people gave fubucks too help me. Please Fan, Add, Rate ~ Phoenix FuOwned By Arthur 155 and Proud Owner of James~Rider of the Love Machine@ fubar ~Mz Attitude~ Shadow Leveler@ fubar LOBOSHEWOLF@ fubar ~*Naughty*~*Blinky~AKA~*Girlblink182*~*StewieGriffin's Wife*~@ fubar Christie@ fubar ~slave~@ fubar Ladygray™@ fubar ♥Thyckie Thyck♥ Club FAR ♥@ fubar
How You Are In Bed!
Once you have opened this blog, there is no turning back. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist perdictions. Read your sign, then repost thsi in a new bulletin with your zodiac sign and label. If u dont repost this u will have bad luck for as long as its says in the description! LEO- WILD IN BED! Great talker. Sexy and passionate. Laid back. Knows how to have fun. Is really good at alot. Great kisser. Unpredictable. Outgoing. Down to earth. Loyal. Addictive. Loud. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Not one to mess with. Rare to find. Great when found! 7 years bad luck if u do not repost. TAURUS- THE FREAK IN BED! Aggressive. Freak in bed. Rare to find. Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremely outgoing. Sexy as... to hlep people in times of need. Outstanding kisser, very funny. Awesome personality, Stubborn, Sexual as...mos
Sts-122 Atlantis
STS-122 Atlantis Arrives At Launchpad. Image Above: The STS-122 patch depicts the continuation of the voyages of the early explorers to today's frontier, space. The ship denotes the travels of the early expeditions from the east to the west. The space shuttle shows the continuation of that journey along the orbital path from west to east. A little more than 500 years after Columbus sailed to the new world, the STS-122 crew will bring the European laboratory module "Columbus" to the International Space Station to usher in a new era of scientific discovery. Image Above: These seven astronauts take a break from training to pose for the STS-122 crew portrait. From the left (front row) are astronauts Stephen N. Frick, commander; the European Space Agency's, or ESA's, Leopold Eyharts; and Alan G. Poindexter, pilot. From the left (back row) are astronauts Leland D. Melvin, Rex J. Walheim, Stanley G. Love and ESA's Hans Schlegel, all mission specialists. Eyharts will joi
Angry/sad Poetry
Im so fucked in the head from the thing that you said so blown away by what you said today the suicidal thoughts that ran through my head if i didnt stop and think id sure as fuck be dead suicide contemplations still run through now i think of the people and i wonder how those brand new are the ones that care and the ones who hurt me are those thatve been there thats some fuckd up shit, i feel so betrayed you guys takin shots at me when you cant get laid? that shit was confidential but fuck it lets tell em all say it was a fuckin joke man you got some balls and in my own god damn house, what kinda shit is that stop and think a second, where the fuck you at? you have no idea how the fuck you made me feel was 3 seconds away from 6 inches of steel the worst part is you dont see it as wrong maybe you will realize once you read along i just cant get over the feelings inside the moment you sad that is when i died inside you think i took off so i could go hide i thought o
As blind as justice in a world of black and white washed truth. Shades of gray overcast right from wrong, wrong from right; the difference between day and night. Sifting through moral and ethical standards for the precise fit, in faith that hope still is rewarded. So please won’t someone speak to me, The Prayer of Dawn. Old story told again; boy meets girl. sweet nothings whispered as tender flesh joins. Passion’s fire bridges the gap between loins, and somewhere betwixt sultry looks, flirtatious giggles, and teasing caresses, two hearts open; another love’s born. Time passes as is its wont. Passion’s fire still burns in an exchange of glances, so on bended knee, he asks for her eternity. Please, I adjure her, sing to me the Twilight Serenade. Peaceful reflection on times gone by, before time bent what was straight into creaking old bones and rained snow down on once raven locks. In memories a bit more fuzzy than before; ever
The Flanman Contribution
ABC for Happiness A--Accept Accept others for who they are and for the choices they've made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives, or actions. B--Break Away Break away from everything that stands in the way of what you hope to accomplish with your life. C--Create Create a family of friends whom you can share your hopes, dreams, sorrows, and happiness with. D--Decide Decide that you'll be successful and happy come what may, and good things will find you. The roadblocks are only minor obstacles along the way. E--Explore Explore and experiment. The world has much to offer, and you have much to give. And every time you try something new, you'll learn more about yourself. F--Forgive Forgive and forget. Grudges only weigh you down and inspire unhappiness and grief. Soar above it, and remember that everyone makes mistakes. G--Grow Leave the childhood monsters behind. They can no longer hurt you or stand in your way. H--Hope Hope for t
Ok, so I just wanted to let everyone know that my blood work results came back and everything was normal. I know, it's hard to believe that I'm NORMAL, but it's true!!! Woo hoo!Thank you to EVERYONE who has been supportive through this past couple of weeks. I really appreciate everything that you have all done for me.*This blog marked NSFW because of Emanon and Freak being perverts in the comments. Blame them. How does someone get to the point of suicide? I just got a call from a friend of mine who informed me that another friend of mine had shot himself on Wednesday. This is too unreal for me. I just saw him last weekend! We had a drink together! How is this possible??? I don't understand how someone could really get to that point. Okay, I've been suicidal before, but I would never go through with it. I have my "emo" moments, but I know that in time they will pass. Life will get better. When I last seen my friend, he was happy and cheery. Now look.. nothing. He was so young
After taking a week off from the gym for Spring Break and another week off because of the stomach flu... trying to pick up right where you left off on the bike and weights will leave you barely able to move in the morning. I've gone from 149 back up to about 158 or so but thats ok, 2 weeks off was bound to catch up sooner or later. The new plan is to to not drop pounds but points off the body fat percentage. Yesterday I checked myself at the gym office and their little hand-held thing said I was 13.1% so the new goal is to hit single digits. I haven't been that low since high school but I want to see if I can do it in a healthy way. 5 weeks to go but this week will suck, 2 midterms and a paper... then another midterm a week from today. Time to go big or go home. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the surgery that removed the liver cancer from my body before it spread to my lungs and killed me. Its been a very odd 3 years. At times I remember who I was before all of this happene
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Poetry I Wrote
How do you know its love? Is it when your thoughts are always on them? Yet you lose the ability to think when they are around? The need and desire to make them happy? To do everything possible to never let them down Is it the way they make you feel? Or the fact that when they are near, You could not imagine a better place to be Then in thier arms Looking into thier eyes And seeing the love reflected back at you Knowing there is no greater feeling in the world. When i first met you you seemed like a dream come true but that dream has turned into A nightmare One i wake every day to Shattered dreams and Broken promises Are all i have left to show Of this thing i thought was love Now i dont know any more If it really was you wouldnt Treat me this way You would be thoughtful and kind Considerate and caring, I guess its to much to hope for you To be that way, Do you think i am blind? That i dont see? the coldhearted way you treat me, behind m
Daily Motivation
Monday, July 21, 2008 Value in the doing Behind every fortune is someone who has labored long into the night to make it real. Behind every important discovery is a person who often grew weary searching for it. Behind the magnificent work of art is an artist who spent hour after hour, month after month toiling at tasks that were tedious and seemingly endless. Behind the beautiful, soaring music is a composer who carefully arranged each note, each pause, each crescendo into place. Take heart. Your effort cannot help but pay off. The fact is, your effort is the payoff. The fortune, the discovery, the work of art, and the music, as grand as they are, serve as mere tokens of the achievement. The real achievement is in the achieving, and the real value is in the doing. Sincere, focused effort makes your life rich, even as you do it. Make the effort and the reward is guaranteed. For the biggest reward is in the doing. -- Ralph Marston Monday, June 23, 2008 As
Dirty Jokes
There was a little boy who had just learned to count on his fingers. One day his uncle came to visit and the boy was anxious to show off his newly acquired skill. He told the uncle to ask him and addition question. So they uncle asked, "What is three plus four?" The little boy counts it out on his fingers and said, "Seven." The uncle said, "Listen kid, you cant count it out on your hands because someday when you are in school, a teacher will get mad at you for it. Now put your hands in your pockets." So the little boy put his hands in his pockets and his uncle asked, "What is five plus five?" The uncle saw movement in the boys pockets, then the boy said, "Eleven." A man went into a pharmacy and asked to talk to a male pharmacist. The woman he was talking to said that she was the pharmacist and that she and her sister
THE VERVE ========== Come By Me ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ # by Harry Connick, Jr. # from the album Come By Me ******************************************************* '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' .......................................................... # Our Love Is Here To Stay # by Harry Connick, Jr. # from the album When Harry Met Sally ****************************************************
God's Forsaken Radio
Texas Metal Alliance will be in Austin, Texas, April 3, 2009 at 8:00 pm. They will be at TMA/By Any Means Necessary/Turbid North at Room 710. The address is 710 Red River Street. So go and rock out with Texas Metal Alliance!!!!! DJ Bass's influences are porn, bass playing, large bowel movements, and the smell of cedar chips. His favorite bands are Strapping Young Lad, Primus, Iron Maiden, Clutch, and Gut. The reason he likes being a DJ is because he gets to spin music that he is passionate about, and to bring different bands to the ears of fellow metal heads. So what are you waiting for come and rock out with DJ Bass @ Gods Forsaken Radio !!!!!!! DevilsLittleAngel's influences would be her family as well as the metal bands she loves to listen to. Her favorite bands are Slipknot, Black Label Society, Pantera, Slayer, and Murderdolls. She likes being a DJ because she is a metal girl at heart and she loves music, and she loves to give people the same joy she gets from metal. So what ar
Fill Your Pockets Up With Earth, Get Yourself A Dollars Worth!
The broken glass And the rusty nails The wild violets grow Say goodbye to the railroad And the mad dogs of summer And everything that I know What some men will do here for diamonds What some men will do here for gold They're wounded but they just keep on climbin' And they sleep by the side of the road There's a hole in the ladder A fence we can climb Mad as a hatter You're thin as a dime Go out to the meadow The hills are agree Sing me a rainbow Steal me a dream Small time Napoleons Shattered his knees But he stays in the saddle for Rose And all his disciple They shave in the gutter And gather what's left of his clothes What some men will do here for diamonds What some men will do here for gold They're wounded but they just keep on climbin' And they sleep by the side of the road Tom Waits: Diamonds & Gold This song reminds me of New York, nuff said. in pitch dark i go walking in your landscape. broken branches trip me as i speak. just cus you
My Pretty Blog
And the handprint on the wall slapped me Anyway: ~ Shes my ex's ex ~ I blocked her ~ I unblocked her....briefly ~ I blocked her yet again. So then... ~ Her ex magically appears around ~ I block his ass too cus Im pretty sure its not really him anyway ~ Then ANOTHER one of her ex's magically appears and starts coming around so I thought Okay Ill have fun with this mental head. (shutup I already know Im mental) ~ Blocked him too!! ~ Im thinking just because she sent condolences, doesnt make her my friend. If that were the case EVERYONE in this CITY and surrounding area, would be my friend. If she wants to know wtf is up with the whole event ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Besides...I cant discuss it anyway. ~ Now a new one appears...sheesh. All the meanwhile, each one Ive blocked for thinking it was actually HER...they suddenly stopped coming online haha ~ Am I crazy or...what the yogurt? ~ Im tired ~ And bitchy ~ And its storming here I admit
Some Cool Tunes
Its funny,  when we are young we never think of how we will look, what we will have ,  or our health for that matter. Then as the years creep up, we see phyical changes that we really arent impressed by.  And some of us try and  fix the problem. Some of us resort to surgery's, and for the poor like me, we just try and keep our weight to a certain point but sometimes its not as easy as it was, when we were in our mid 20's. Then theres the health issues we have to face and it just for some of us depresses us beyound words. I think now that I am 51, if I could just have a second chance how much I would change.  But that isnt reality its just a dream. I get so emotional, that I cant walk as far as I once did with out having breathing problems,  I cant do the things I once did. And I think ffffffffffffffffffffffff, Im only in my 50s,  this sucks.  Wtf am I gonna be like when I hit the 60's with God's blessing. It hit me hard when Michael Jackson died.  We were born the same year.  An
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Music List
    01: Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit"02: U2 - "One"03: Faith No More - "Epic"04: Nine Inch Nails - "Closer"05: Pearl Jam - "Alive"06: Metallica - "Nothing Else Matters"07: Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Under The Bridge"08: Radiohead - "Creep"09: R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion"10: Pearl Jam - "Jeremy"11: Alice In Chains - "Man In The Box"12: Live - "Lightning Crashes"13: Soundgarden - "Black Hole Sun"14: Metallica - "Enter Sandman"15: Nirvana - "All Apologies"16: Stone Temple Pilots - "Plush"17: Rage Against The Machine - "Killing In The Name"18: Aerosmith - "Cryin'"19: Alice In Chains - "Rooster"20: Dishwalla - "Counting Blue Cars"21: Stone Temple Pilots - "Interstate Love Song"22: Jane's Addiction - "Been Caught Stealing"23: The Verve - "Bittersweet Symphony"24: White Zombie - "More Human Than Human"25: Oasis - "Wonderwall"26: Blind Melon - "No Rain"27: The Smashing Pumpkins - "Tonight, Tonight"28: Beck - "Loser"29: Collective Soul - "The World I Know"30: Nine Inch Nails - "Hurt"31:
New Page,new Poems
Her smile means more than the world.Her eyes constanly cape my heart.Her beauty so amazes me.But shes thousands of miles apart.Will she listen to me today.Or look at anothers smile.I long to see her.Maybe even hold her for a while.You say I forget.But beautiful my heart is true.There will never be a day.When I can forget you. How deep her beauty runs,Someday I hope to know.Through this ones eyes,It must go clear to her soul. Her words of love ring true,When I saw her on this day.I hope like the springs morning sun,Her beauty shines more everyday. In her heart the love she seeks,I truely hope this she does find.Because for this beauty named Hayden,Her heart is a beautiful as her mind.   For two years my heart has stared at hers,Weighing heavaly across a great divide.But I know it will come to me,And its only a matter of time.I have built her a bridge solid and true,It will hold her strong forever.Her heart will not plummit down,Nor will it fail her ever.Beautiful I stand on
Songs I Like
This is a song from a movie I saw several years ago.  I always loved the song, but I've never heard a recording of it aside from on the movie.  The name of the movie is "The Thing Called Love," and the song is performed by Samantha Mathis. I have a dream of my ownAnd it's mine and mine aloneIt's been my friend since I was just a girlIt has a life; it has a heartIt has a soul, and it's a partOf everything this woman gives the world. And it's a big dream - big enough to shareLike a rainbow hanging in the airAnd I thank God for making it come trueMakes me think maybe God's a woman, too;Makes me think maybe God's a woman, too. There's a full moon tonightAnd I'm bathing in its lightNaked as the day that I was bornThere is no shame beneath this skyI have kissed the past goodbyeAnd mended up my broken heart, so torn. With a sweet sound only I can makeAnd it gets stronger with every breath I takeAnd it's all a part of making me feel newMakes me think maybe God's a woman, too;Makes me think
One Night Only
Life provides only a series of precious moments that make someone feel for an eternity. Her love and strength through adversity. The test of time that proves no one will ever see her back away. The broken scraps recombined to make herself whole again are only a shattered reminder of something that can not be destroyed. The beauty of her heart only shadowed by cracks it has been given. With each beat is life proving you can not break her. That strength, you could not anticipate. Trial by fire and brimstone this girl has been through hell. Never backing to to a corner she stands strong and proud, this world can not bring her down. Wolfs in sheep's clothing nipping at her knees, she pleas for peace and no one will let her be. Kind and simple is what she displays, the advantages people take their loss her gain. Once she turns her back you must forever let her go, If you hurt her once the torch that burns you is the last thing she will leave your heart to feel. Emptiness is all that she lea
Happy Time
The company Gainward has made especially in the area of ​​graphics cards a name. Now I convert something has gone astray and the new Gainward Galapad presented 7, a new 7-inch tablet PC that will appear as a competitor to Google Nexus 7th wholesale tablets The Gainward Galapad 7 Tablet PC offers the same as the Nexus, 7 Tablet PC has a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor at 1.3GHz, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. There is also a 7-inch IPS touch screen display is used, which supports a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, a little less so than the Nexus 7 with 1280 x 800 pixels. Continues to offer the tablet computer on the wireless network, a 2-megapixel camera, a 3500mAh battery for the power supply and a TF card slot for memory cards up to 32GB. Price as are the equivalent of € 159 in the space, which is much cheaper than. Competition from Google However, one can only get the Galapad 7 Update on the import, the shop "Panda Will". The technical data / specif
Opped 31 Shots In Defeat. Belleville Had A Number Of Quality Chances On Dagostini In The First Two Periods Before Berisha Converted On A Perfect Tic-t
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland acquired reserve point guard Eric Maynor from the Oklahoma City Thunder at the NBA trade deadline on Thursday to be a backup for rookie guard Damian Lillard. Maynor is making $2.3 million this season and becomes a restricted free agent this summer. The Blazers acquired him in exchange for the draft rights to Georgios Printezis. Maynor, in his fourth NBA season, is averaging 2.8 points, two rebounds and 10.6 minutes in 37 games with the Thunder this season. He missed most of last season with a knee injury and then got bypassed in the rotation by second-year guard Reggie Jackson earlier this season. The Blazers acquired the draft rights to Printezis last July in a trade that sent Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas to the New York Knicks. Portland used the trade exception from that deal to acquire Maynor. Portland general manager Neil Olshey, speaking at the Blazers practice facility after the deadline had passed, said he believes Maynor brings the abili
All My Friends
Jacuzzi with bubbles feels so fine come in with me baby on my body you may dine touch me in places make me feel so devine in a tub full of bubbles as your body entwines with mine ~**~ Jacuzzi with bubbles heavenly bliss sitting here completely naked baby i wonder,can you resist my supple breasts touch please i do insist take your time sweet baby there's places i don't want you to miss ~**~~ Jacuzzi with bubbles erotic desires when your lips touch mine baby it's you i require take me in your arms engulf me with your fire take me places i can only admire orgasmic shivers,send my body higher ~**~ Jacuzzi with bubbles is how i vision thee blocked out from the world how perfect can that be two souls in love,totally carefree joking and playing,how its meant to be in a jacuzzi with bubbles forever you and me My mother’s hands washing potatoes washing kids washing pans. My mother’s hands on bitterly cold days pegging yet
PREGNANT! Found out today. DRUNKERED!!! HAHA VAMP I got internet again....just got it hooked up today. I was at work all day and couldnt wait to get on here and talk to all my friends again. Vamp
Something In The Air...
redoin last blug...missed up...sorry Hey yall Sorry i havnt been on that much. Work and some family things have come up, more family things. LAst year was not a good year for me towards the end of the year. Had 2 family memeber passaway and it was not plan. Oct my sis-n-lw passed unexpectedly, an in Nov my mother passed. So im having to deal woth things theres. I miss all all. I try to be on a lil more. Hope to chat w/all soon. work lately has been ok, except i think im going to start charging ppl that ask me Stupid/Dumb question from now on. take this one, the other night while standing in the terminal this guy comes up to me and asked "where mcnammerar terminal" i looked at him, and w/out thinking i said to him "ur standing in it" i had to say it 3-4 times, before it sunk in his head that i was telling him what he wanted to hear. now i speak English good(pretty sure i do, since its the only language i speak) an he spoke English as well. so i know i he was understanding me, but
I have a friend that for a while always called me sheepdog. I asked him why he always called me that and said to me "carry on sheepdog". He sent this to me as for his reason why he did so.   By LTC Dave Grossman, Army Ranger and author of "On Killing" he actually got this from a Vietnam veteran.Most of the people in our society are sheep. they are kind, gentle, productive creatures who can only hurt one another by accident. Then there are the wolves. The wolves feed on the sheep without mercy. There are evil men in this world and they are capable of evil deeds. The moment you forget that or pretend it is not so, you became a sheep. There is no safety in denial.Then there are sheepdogs. They live to protect the flock and confront the wolf. If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen, a sheep. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, then you are a wolf. But, if you have a capacity for violen
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at Music Video:FINAL FANTASY IX - "BRING IT ON" (by Game Trailers)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone Please HELP me SAVE 900 WOLVES : Sign the petition at this link PLEASE Spread the Word, Tell your contacts Friends, Families... HELP ME SAVE 900 WOLVES ONE SIGNATURE = ONE WOLF SAVED !!!HELP ME STOP THE MASSACRE!!! Idaho and Wyoming lawmakers are planning to slaughter hundreds of wolves if the federal plan to remove federal protections for Northern Rockies wolves goes forward. As many as 2 out of 3 wolves in W
Ashley's Life! =p
Ok its final i hate guys they suck! Lol ok what would yall do if you had a guy, he sent a pic to you of a hot girl saying it was a yummy pic. Wouldnt you be upset. but then he claims he was just messing around, but this is after he said he was getting even with you for talking about your gay friend. Doesnt it sound just a wee bit jerkish to you? I have no reason to be upset? If he didnt think she was oh so "yummy" then he wouldnt be looking through her profile and pictures like he probally does all the time with these slutty looking girls on his friends list that i havent said anything about. >=( I GOT MY FLIPPEN DRESS, OF COURSE ITS 4 SIZES TO SMALL. NO REFUND SO I EITHER NEED TO LOOSE 100 POUNDS IN LESS THEN A MONTH OR IM SCREWED. I HATE BEING FAT! *SCREAMS!!!!!!!* So yeah, I decided I should maybe try posting a happier blog. Hmm ok, well to start off its been like a day since i passed out almost. woohoo, oh and i get to take double the amount of pills perscribed by my heart doctor i
Lu Lu's Blogs
1. Okay, okay! I take it back. Unfuck you. 2. You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing. 3. Well, this day was a total waste of make-up. 4. Well, aren't we a damn ray of sunshine? 5. Don't bother me, I'm living happily ever after. 6. Do I look like a people person? 7. This isn't an office. It's hell with fluorescent lighting. 8. I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left. 9. Therapy is expensive. Popping bubble wrap is cheap. You choose. 10. Why don't you try practicing random acts of intelligence and senseless acts self-control? 11. I'm not crazy. I've been in a very bad mood for 30 years. 12. Sarcasm is just one more service I offer. 13. Do they ever shut up on your planet? 14. I'm not your type. I'm not inflatable. 15. Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you haven't gone to sleep yet! 16. Back off!! You're standing in my aura. 17. Don't worry. I forgot your name too. 18. I work 45 hours a week to be
Rough Sex
Brian -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at BRIANBBrilliantRRavishingIInnocentAAngryNNastyGet Your Own Name Acronym Rough Sex facts Send this right after u read it, something good will happen at 2:25 tomorrow. Get ready for the biggest shock in your life!! Whoever breaks this chain will be cursed w/ relationship problems 4-10 years. If you send this in 15 mins. your safe. Something good will happen tonight at 11:11pm. This is not a joke...someone will either call you or will talk to you online. Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burnes 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her
No one gives a DAMN if your single, you just want them to pitty your ass. But just remember Bitch.. When i'm walkinq down the street with him Bitch i know your qunna be jealous, Look at me, you know i'm better and you can't fuckinq stand it.. When he puts that ring on MY finger your qunna wish that he said he loved you But you can keep on wishinq bitch because he's all mine. . . Oh and if i see you talkinq to him you won't have the quts to do it aqain =] Stay away from him or you'll pay, it's not a threat bitch, it's a promise... =] It hurts being so close and seeing you walk away.. why does our first love have to walk away from us anyways? why does it have to hurt so extremley much? I'm just glad i've moved on and found someone I truly love now. And I know we will last and be in love. I love him
Bloggerdy Lol
Hello!! Hey all My Sister-in-law just joined CT yesterday.. stop by her page and give her a nice Cherry Tap Welcome.. rate her pics.. fan her and add her.. she is a really great person.. :)stacy@ CherryTAP im in the sexiest eyes contest... come vote for me... Thanks to all who have/will vote :)
Random Thoughts.
Well, as you can see, I never did delete my account. But, as to what else is new in my life, here's a list. Separated from the hubby. Lost my grandmother to a stroke. Moving back home (no, not in with my mother, just back to my home state.) I know all of the above sounds pretty shitty but don't worry about me. It's all good. Life may not be going the way I planned but it all the unexpected shit seems to be pointing me in a direction that makes me happier anyway. So, much love to my friends and maybe I will see you around when I get settled. xoxo I have been hard at work on BG's blanket. And for future reference, top stitching is time consuming. I only wish I could have gotten the alligators to come out right. But half an alligator just doesn't look good. Anyway, I will be back more as soon as this is finished. I just got the 30 blocks top stitched and ready to put together. I just need to sew them up and then top stitch the borders and get them on. I will put up
naomi Orgasm master 'What will your sex business card say?' at You Are 44% Evil You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side. Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination. How Evil Are You? You Are 50% Redneck You're just about as welcome up in town as a hair in a biscuit. Ain't no hidin' your redneck roots! How Redneck Are You?
The Mistress' Mindfucks
I can see you slipping awayHold my breath asI count down the daysAs your face fadesSlowly with timeI sit to think whenYou were mineNow I sit alone inThis placeAnd I stare blanklyinto spaceSee the time slipThrough my handsFeels like the beachPlaying in the sandWith every grain Falling to the groundI know it's only lonlinessI have foundWish I could turn the Hands of time andGo back to the days When I was fineBut now you're goneThere's no more lookingBackIt was love and Compassion youhad lackedSo I'll wish you luck And happiness my loveFor I know I wasNot your one. No more love poems No more tears No more pain Just wasted years No late night phone calls Or random "I love you's" Only crumbled papers Of yesterdays bad news Hello lonley mornings Even worse lonley nights Hello brighter future Even better a brighter life. No longer will I linger On memories that Were never mine Or dreams we've had Together of wild Sleepless nights. You'll never feel my Kisses or my loving W
i just eh Hi every one i sell AVON now so if you want any thing contact me and i will let you know how to do it or by for me contact info will be sent o u via email just leave your fully name number and i call you and work with you and i have a nother job interviwe tues then next tuse a class for avon so ya it was great i am happy where i am in life if i dont have a reguler job i can work at home when free and make money when i want and do partys and more so it great i hope to do it for the rest of my life say if i have a kid preg and off of my norm job i can still be working i can breast feed and do every thing i am happy this is what i need and i have sexy bf and my fav show is on now alot more THE L WORD i want to say hey to sam and cara and ioann for helping me doring the ruff times of life and rest are lil moma that in heaven and every one else OH YA OCT IS NATIONAL BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH DONT FOR GET TO CHECK YOUR CHEAST AND EVER ONE WHERE PINK AN TAKE A PIC AN
Creative Writings
Title: Untitled 8 Date:8-16-08 By: Travis Smith Smile like sunshine, tears like rain Clouds above us rattles my brain Looking at you all sad n blue Makes my heart melt and yearn for you At times we're wrong, at times we're right Tell what you'd like me to do tonight The moon is full and so am I Together lets make you not want to cry For in the end, it's plain to see I'll help you, if you'll help me :) Black wire bench Sitting on a slab of concrete To the right is a flower bed and trees On the left a round patch of grass surrounded by a outline of a sidewalk Buildings surround me 12-10-05 One Day/Searching By: Travis Smith I get up every morning Grabbing my cup of "joe" Sit on the edge of the bed Just wondering, only wondering Stumbling through the fog Fog deep within my head I get up and go taking it day by day Going through the usual while searching for escape No where to be found Yet i keep on searching *sigh* Yeah.. Searching..
Hey Blog....
Its been a long ass week of total emo crappiness. I mean when you think of the word emo, dont envision the emo trend crap, but the whole i want to crawl into a hole and die. where what i have to do is keep myself busy so i dont think about anything. so guess what im gonna share my emoness cause hell its better than crawling into a hole and dying right now at least... so to start with my biggest deal is that my classes and my major arent suiting me. well that and my minor, i just picked a combo that i thought would be perfect for me. well guess what i was wrong, i love history but damn i just cant keep up with it. The homework is getting harder and the classes are just well not interesting me like i thought that they would. So now i have to go back to square one and re-evaluate everything. so its awesome that i have to go back to square one to begin with, im unhappy and my teacher for English history is hounding me cause im not doing well in her class and i almost failed her midterm.
Jimmys Juicers
How do you get 100 babies into a bucket? With a blender. How do you get them out again? With Doritos. things that stick in my mind... 1. Watching snow fall through a sliding glass door, while cuddled up with cocoa, a book and my girlie. 2. Walking under a canopy of leaves in a heavy downpour. The smell, the feel, the sound, the connectedness to it all. 3. Swimming in a deep, slow, mud banked river. Again with the smell, feel, connection. 4. Waking up an hour early and laying in bed talking about the day behind and the day ahead. A certain comfort in shared experiences. 5. Certain smells... baking garlic, fresh rosemary, fresh mowed grass, fresh baked bread, leather, ice, skin, loam, compost, strawberries... and many more that evoke a feeling or memory. 6. Certain views... Sunrise over purple mountains, the green of new leaves, the azure sky just about 10am in the summer, the burgundy sunset over possession sound, the milky way, a childs smile, the wink of
Specialangel's Stories And More
Glitter Text I Thought This Was Cute I Hope You Enjoy This There are 5,000 types of snakes and 4,998 live in Kentucky. There are 10,000 types of spiders. All 10,000 live in Kentucky plus a couple no one's seen before. If it grows, it sticks; if it crawls, it bites. Onced and twiced are words. It is not a shopping cart; it is a buggy. People actually grow and eat okra. Fixinto is one word. There is no such thing as "lunch." There is only dinner and then there is supper. Iced tea is appropriate for all meals and you start drinking it when you're two. We do like a little tea with our sugar! Backards and forwards means "I know everything about you." DJeet? is actually a phrase meaning "Did you eat?" You don't have to wear a watch because it doesn't matter what time it is. You work until you're done or it's too dark to see. You don't PUSH buttons, you MASH them. YOU KNOW YOU'RE FROM Kentucky IF: You measure distance in minutes. You've ever
Hey, my symphonic Black Metal project, Earthwhore, requires a logo! All artists please help! Earthwhore is a project based on the concept that we need to fight back against those who are damaging our sacred Earth, via any means necessary, including depopulating and helping conserve what's important about our world. It's also a mourning of her damage suffered, and expresses so many other emotions. It's fairly melancholic in places but in others it's pretty heavy and blasty but there's always classical influence and symphony if that helps set the mood for it! Logos should be at least slightly BM style and remember the guidelines, inverted pentegrams, crosses and illegibility are all bonuses! For other BM logo designs check out this page: Just thought I'd mention I've finished writing Clandestine Vengeance, lyrics are in the words blog, not gonna put it up on myspace for a while though so if you want to listen I'll have to send it over msn
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Just Me
well tonight has been so screwed up, im asking that everyone say a special prayer for my 23 yr old son he came home from work and found his fiance died, she was told the day before she only had broncitis and was sent home from the er the day before, she left behind a beautiful 4 yr old son, and many who loved her please say a prayer for all including my son to find stregnth and peace hey this is my friend hes in a contest please help him out and rate his pic The Washcloth............. Ladies this has to be read, laughed at and passed on. There is not a woman alive today who won't crack up over this! LOL a friend passed this on to me, and i had to laugh. I was due for an appointment with the gynecologist later in the week. Early one morning, I received a call from the doctor's office to tell me that I had been rescheduled for that morning at 9:30 am . I had only just packed everyone off to work and school, and it was already around 8:45am . The trip to his office took abou
My Silly Lil Poetry
To whom it may concern: To whom it may concern: It has been brought to my attention that I shut people out. That I dont rely on my friends enough to listen. Well, who wants to hear me say that I wish I could kill myself all the time? Is that gonna help matters, if I sit and tell the people I care about and that care about me that I want to be dead? Its like I said in one of my poems...I'm trying to protect you. Is it going to help things if I tell people that when I feel overwhelmed, I cut myself to make myself feel better? Are you going to be able to understand that? No, you wont. You may think you do, but until your arms and legs are covered with scars, you cant. Is there any way for me to say in words the madness that goes on in my head. No. I could get out a dictionary and not be able to find the right words. I am Borderline Personality Disorder. Not an easy thing to explain. I see everyone as either good or bad, no in between. I have identity issues. I hav
For You
They will say that they loved me, they don't Cannot live with the fact that they betrayed me That there is no truth in what i thought was real Trick or betrayed my faith ends and i feel like i was played its too late I undo unity For it is for fools In this bull shit I don't need Trick or betrayed I think you should know They know it's true That it is a hoax i now see through the lie it was a scheme and it ruined my trust and i now despise! Trick or betrayed Why insist on thinking they loved the love never was They assume that i was there To be gone will change their minds When you see what you feel is not real Disappointment is revealed Cannot live with the fact that they're wrong There is no such thing as love!!or trust anything when those who you are closest to never believe in you Trick or betrayed my faith ends and i feel like i was played its too late I undo unity For it is for fools In this bull shit I don't need Trick or betrayed I think you should
My dear friends, I wanted to post thisthat I will be back on here in the near future. Me and my family have been busy with our work and dealing with my late mothers affairs and I have been going to school. Thanks for your patience, but I will be back on here within the next 30 days. In the meantime, I can be reached at my email address at and I will answer all who write as time allows. Again, many thanks and God bless you all. Sincerely, Chris To all my friends, On Saturday morning, at 11:30am, October 6th, we lost our beloved mother. I am terribly sorry I have not been on as of late, but my brother and I, night and day, were trying to make a great lady as commfortable as possible in her final days. She left us in no pain and as comfortable as one could be. She now joins her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ in a better place. Believe me, shes with him. My brother and I have found much comfort in that. I want to thanks everyone who truly knew the situation
My First Blog
OK I showed my mother the chair I liked and I agree with her... 900 bucks for a chair??? SO I have a few chair ideas. The one I really like is this one Also expensive, well compaired to the rest lol. This one I love the idea of the blue stripe but I don't like the black design. doesn't go with anything I own. These I'm not sure which color to pick because they go so well with my room... I'm only going to get one chair in the end. AND finally the one I like but doesn't go well with my room at all. I love this brown shade... the 70's look and what not but well my room is very colorful. Sometime I'll take pictures and post to show how colorfull. ~reminde
Songs I Like && Shitz..
You have eyes that Lead me on And a body that Shows me death Your lips look like they were made For something else but They just suck my breath I want your pain To taste why you're ashamed And I know you're not just what you say to me And I'm not the only moment you're made of You're so sudden and sweet All legs, knuckle, knees Head's blown clean off Your mouth's paid off Fuck me 'til we know it's unsafe And we'll paint Over the evidence I want you wanting me I want what I see in your eyes So give me something to be scared of Don't give me something to satisfy You're so sudden and sweet All legs, knuckle, knees Head's blown clean off Your mouth's paid off Fuck me 'til we know it's unsafe And we'll paint Over the evidence I want your pain To taste why you're ashamed And I know you're not just what you say to me And I'm not the only moment you're made of You're so sudden and sweet All legs, knuckle, knees Head's blown clean off Your mouth's paid off F
Random Ramblings
I had a team meeting yesterday. At the butt crack of dawn. Toward the end of my meeting, I called for a round table. We got around to one of the supervisors who works for me. She was the only one with something to say... "I'd like us to take a moment of silence in honor of Anna Nicole Smith..." I blinked. I really wasn't expecting that. One of my closest friends leaves first thing tomorrow on deployment to Afghanistan. I'm worried, a bit sad, and wondering what I'm gonna do with all the silence. He usually calls me a few times a day... I'll be keeping him and several of my other friends in my thoughts. I wonder who's gonna drag me into trouble now? So there's this much younger man...we've known each other for a while now. He and I have had this little flirtation thing going on between us for a while now. It started when I was managing a store inside a location he worked at. He'd stop by and chat and flirt. Back when he was 17 he gave me a hug and said
RELAXINGI have traveled down many many roads in my life...And I have made many many mistakes along my path of much strife,Heartaches and misfortunes have played a huge part of who I have become to be...For I have learned through living, to not have regrets, to only learn from my experiences you see,Cause I have examined this world and realize that its the bad that makes the good, good, with out it, life would never change..There are many days emotions take over and I am a different person through each one I feel,Never keeping secrets though and in life I have always stayed Real!!Sometimes you may find me wide open laughing beyond ones measure of blissAnd at others you may find me crying out to others to understand me and the things I miss..For It's not the simple or materialistic things that my soul so desires...It's the inner beauty of creation, the sparkel in ones eyes,the thirsting down inside me that while living it inspires,Chirping birds songs that brighten up my day...even while
Random Writings
years ago my nana was my inspiration she tuaght me to be kind to whom deserve it but yet keep level minded i know at times i slip from her teachings but yet she lives on in my life she was the biggest example to me of how some one should be, honest, respectible, and upfront always and willing to show kindness and forgivness. well she passed when i was 7 years old it killed me inside slowly watching cancer consume her but she always remained soft and kind not once did she speak harshly. An the day i heard she passed my heart was stricken with pain but i let it hide that day at the wake i walked around a 7yr old comforting everone when i was dieing inside years passed and i grew bitter and more withdrawn from life then more years came and i grew from my breaking points her words came back to my ears and my heart and for the last 5 years ive been trying to live by her example , I love you Nana, may you watch over me I reach my hand out in the dark to find your not there i look and search
I finally created my guestbook. please stop by and sign it when you get the chance. thanks How precious is life, really? Do the people in your life really know you? Does everyone know how you truly feel about them? How happy are you, really? It’s amazing how things happen and you never suspect it. You never know how precious life is until it’s gone. Incidentally you don’t know what is going on with the person setting next to you at the office or at the dinner table. Some of the happiest people on the surface are in horrible pain on the inside; so many of us take life for granted. I know all of us are busy in our own lives and things get so routine, but today stop to tell someone you love them. Not the same old way you do everyday when you get off the phone or rush out of the house. Take a minute today to reflect on how important the people in your life really are. A friend of mine took his own life yesterday, which none of us saw coming. He was what we thought a happy person.
Please rate and coment bomb me, what ever you can. Every bit helps. Thank you and Love you Nenoo > > > Help Me Win This Contest (Click the Pic. to come show me love!) I am trying to win a 7 day blast please rate me and show me some comment bombing love. Let me know if you bomb me so I can return you some love!
I added some more pictures of my trip to Europe this last time. I have more to add but Cherry Tap will not let me add anymore until I get to the next level, so you have to help me with points and things like that. I am not here for points, i am here to make friends and if I meet a special person or persons on here, then great but in order to share things about my life and my trip to Europe, i need you all to help me get to the next levels so i can share pictures...... thank you. I added some more pictures of my trip to Europe this last time. I have more to add but Cherry Tap will not let me add anymore until I get to the next level, so you have to help me with points and things like that. I am not here for points, i am here to make friends and if I meet a special person or persons on here, then great but in order to share things about my life and my trip to Europe, i need you all to help me get to the next levels so i can share pictures...... thank you. I added some more pictures of
Funny Jokes
The kindergarten class had a homework assignment to find out about something exciting and relate it to the class the next day. When the time came for the little kids to give their reports, the teacher was calling on them one at a time. She was reluctant to call on little Johnny, knowing that he sometimes could be a bit crude. But, eventually, his turn came.... Little Johnny walked up to the front of the class and, with a piece of chalk, made a small white dot on the blackboard, then sat back down. Well, the teacher couldn't figure out what Johnnie had in mind for his report on something exciting, so she asked him just what that was. "It's a period," reported Johnnie. "Well, I can see that," she said, "but what's so exciting about a period?" "Damned if I know", said Johnny, "but, this morning, my sister said she missed one. Then Dad had a heart attack, Mom feinted, and the man next door shot himself!" Q. What do a gynaecologist and a pizza delivery boy have i
Ryan's Blog
Hey there Fu-Barians. The Metalhead Lover here with some more bad news. Well it's been another few weeks of constant disappointment. I should be used to it by now, but I have too many friends who keep trying to  boost my spirit. I got another rejection for a lady, the usual "they stop talking and give you some excuse" kinda bullshyte. Pretty much the story of my life the past few years. They seem so nice and wonderful then they pretty much scan you for the $$$$ signs and when she doesn't see them, they are out!!!! My paycheck thing screwed up. The company paid the big checks in the middle of the month instead of the beginning, so I almost didn't make rent. Then I ran out of veggies and fruits. Then another friend let me down by not calling me about some jam session, so all last week was wasted hoping they would be there to practice. That was a good waste of gas. Then my "so called" friend, tells me I am a total asshole because I expect something positive out of my recent experiences, s
Ground and Center before all Magical Work to avoid depleting personal energy levels. Begin by being still, gathering within and releasing through the feet (and palms if need be) into the ground all static, chaotic, internal energies. Now feel the inner calmness, centered around the heart, and draw up through the feet strong Earth energy (through the floor if indoors), feeling the power and energy rising up and intertwining with your own energies up through the legs, body, arms, neck, and head, out the top, circled around, and up again until all portions of the body are in balance. Once this power is felt and is in balance, then Circle Casting, Ritual, Divination, and Spell Work may begin. Grounding after all Magical Work to avoid overload of personal energy levels: touch the Earth/floor with palms of the hands after magical work and feel the excess energy drain out, leaving a balance of personal energy, augmented only by that amount of Earth necessary for healthy functioning of
Sweet Education
If.... If i ask you to kiss my lips Would you ask which set?? Or would u pick the ones That seem 2 make u sweat... If I ask you to let me ride Would u ask in what direction?? Or would u let me choose Based on the size of your erection... If I ask you to love me down Would you start from bottom to top? Or would you just go for the spots That make me say "Don't stop" If I ask you to scream my name Would you think it was a test?? Or would you just yell it to the rooftops As I give you my best without rest If I tell you to give it to me hard Would you give me all u got? Or would you hold back and tease me Until u feel I'm hot... If I asked you for variety Would we do sumthing different? Or would we do the tried and true Just because you love my belligerence.... If u wanted reciprocation Do u think Im that chic?? I can answer that for you... This girl can drive a stick!!
About Me
Outlaw Angels Personal Poetry Written By Her Own Hand (sissy This Is My Gift To You As Your Write So Beautiful)
Candle light kiss's between you and me make promises for a future to be. Candle light and a shadowy face will this lead me to fall in disgrace. Candle light kiss's and whispered words from the heart. Our souls will never be apart. *note i know the words are not spelled right but these are how she has written the poem and I am not changing the way she has anything Im typing it as it is written* In your hands I lay my heart Running the risk of being torn apart. In your hands I lay my dream with hearts connected we're a loving team. In your hands I lay my eternal devotion my heart swells when I have this notion. Feel the fire burn deep in my heart I don't think our love could ever fall apart. Feel the fire as it burns deep in my soul My fire for you will soon take it's toll. Feel the fire as it consumes you and me, From this heat you will never be free.
Raven's Eggs & Kegs Show
Radio show Edition 003 uploaded and ready for listening or download. Here's an update that will make listening to the show a lot easier. You can go to my Tune In Radio page and bookmark it. It adds the shows to its system. It takes some hours for it to show up on their site after I upload it to mine. So I'll give links to make it easier for you: INSTANT LISTENING or DOWNLOAD: TUNE IN RADIO PAGE: (The also have an app for your phone so you can listen on the go) Official site: Twitter @eakradio Thank you everyone for the support and bands if you want your music on the show, send it to: -Raven *Since 2005, Raven Eggs and Kegs Radio Show has been worldwide and on normal FCC Radio. Myself and my show have paid its dues and has established a respective following worldwide without kissing ass and STILL going strong!* Wel
Bealzes Historical Entries - June 2006
(Originally Posted on July 3, 2006)Last night, my wife and I got to talking about the removal of our curses and what would have to preceed them.My wife is big into public humiliation.  Her main choice of an act of contrition is for the cursed to (a) be naked, (b) be on their knees, (c) be in the middle of a busy public street, and (d) sing the Kitty Cat song from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (although I do believe it was actually sung when the show was Grim & Evil).In case you're wondering, the song goes:Look at me, I am a kitty cat.I wear a bowl of peanuts for a hat.If I eat them all, then I'll get fat.La-la-la-la I am a kitty cat.I, on the other hand, just require a simple question to be answered.  The question is, "Why should I remove the curse?"  I mean, I must have had what I considered a damn good reason for doing it in the first place.  Why should I have to undo my hard work?Without a suitably good answer, I will not remove the curse.  Simple enough, huh?  tag: curse,

Take nothing for granted: watch water flow, the corn grow, the leaves blow, your neighbors mow. Set your own pace. When someone is pushing you, it is okay to tell them they're pushing. Remember a happy, peaceful time in your past. Rest there. Each moment has a richness that takes a lifetime to savor. Taste your food. God gave it to delight as well as to nourish. Notice the sun and the moon as they rise and set. They are remarkable for their steady pattern of movement, not their speed. Talk and play with children. It will bring out the unhurried little person inside you. When you walk with someone, don't think about what you'll say next. Thoughts will spring up naturally if you let them. Quit planning how you are going to use what you know, learn or possess. God's gifts just are; be grateful and their purpose will be clear. Allow yourself time to be lazy and unproductive. Rest isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Lis
Mz Diva
Proverbs. 21:23 Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tonguekeepeth his soul from troubles. Most of the time, when people feel bad aboutthemselves, they talk about others to make themselvesfeel better. People that are always talking about people aredangerous. They speak curses and poisonous venom thatcan kill. Usually, their life is not where itshould be, so they have to pull everyone down to theirlevel with their words. It's easier to pull people down to your level when youare a do nothing, than to follow your vision, becomesomething, and pull people up! Don't you knowthat your situation could be the result of a cursethat you spoke on someone else? Don't you know that you put yourself down when you putothers down? You must realize that your life is whatyou said it would be. AND YOUR SITUATION COULD BE ARESULT OF CURSING SOMEONE ELSE WITH YOUR WORDS! Be careful my friends. This is something that we allneed to watch. God is speaking this very loudly inthis day and time. When people hurt you,
the shame the embarassment the emptiness hidden behind a smile a smile faked a laugh forced pretending all is alright pretending all is fine the shattered mind the damaged body the broken spirit how is it not noticed wondering why me what did i do to deserve it how did i bring this on myself wondering am i worthy of love as i ponder these things the only thing that comes back is somehow i deserved it and brought it on and no im not worthy of love because what do i have to offer someone i can offer nightmares waking up screaming i can offer fear of intimacy i can offer a broken spirit all i can offer is damaged goods The sparkling blue eyes have now turned to grey Once bright like the ocean, now dull like rain. Nobody sees sadness hidden within such beautiful eyes The secrets once held, the spiral of betrayal and lies. It is said your eyes are the window to your soul But my soul is not beautiful, it cannot grow For what my eyes have forgotten, my soul
breath deep into my hands and ill take you away to a better place whisper nothings into my ears i'll take away the nightmares put into your dreams a soft melody if you'll only sing for me I tried to take away the nightmares I watched you falling to another like before... and again scream into my eyes your pain i can do nothing again whimper softly into my ears i close my eyes to you put into my dreams a wicked place for all my games I tried to make you smile instead i watch you scream for eternity like before... and again (this song is not for the band infurnum, it is to be sung clean. it is dedicated to three men who fought so hard and against all odds. who had their differences but stood by one another. One was a leader. He is remembered and the one who would unify. The other is one who is the guardian of the people. The last is known for his power and his pride. the three brothers stood against another and another. Their stories along with oth
Michelle's Blog Entries :)
If you want a laugh then maybe you should this whole blog. Last week I met up with a internet buddy of mine and we decided to have a little fun. Well, on the way home we were both hungry so he decided to stop by Mc Donald’s on Taylor Blvd. You know the rudest Mc Donald’s in the city of Louisville!?! They are pretty darn rude down there. I hate even going down there because they are just so damn hateful. Anyway, we just went thru the drive thru. So we get to the drive thru window and he’s ordering and she repeats our order and he says “Thank You Sir.” She responds back IM not a sir IM a ma’am. I started laughing. He apologized to her. We get to the window and IM still laughing. He apologized once again. She just kinda looked at him. It even kinda looked like a guy. I know I would have been quite embarrassed. I know he was. I was making him mad because I was laughing but I just couldn’t help it. So we drive to the next window and get our food. IM surprised that they did
Name:: Brad Hair Color:: black Eye Color:: brown Height:: 5'10" Weight:: unknown Tatoos?:: yes Piercings?:: nope Overused Phrase:: why? --Your-- Bedtime:: when its daylight Best Physical Feature:: my eyes Most Embarassing Moment:: n/a Most Missed Memory:: be turned by a vampire First Thought When You Wake Up:: whos online Weakness:: getting my ears nibbled Best Friends:: My computer Goal For The Year:: wake up Greatest Fears:: i live off your fear --This Or That-- Pepsi or Coke...: coke McDonalds or Burger King...: Mcdonalds Hot Tea or Ice Tea...: ice tea Chocolate or Vanilla...: chocolate Water or Milk...: milk Coffee or Hot Chocolate...: coffee Hugs or Kisses...: kisses Cats or Dogs...: dogs Summer or Winter...: winter Scary Movies or Romantic Comedies...: scary movies Lo
-------------~*~*~*~*~------------- Stephanie Lynn is one AMAZING woman and I am happy to call her one of my best friends on this site! She is so generous and is always doing anything and everything to help people out! She deserves EVERY bit of love all of you can give her plus more! Right now she is holding a contest for people to get their friends to Rate, Fan, and Add her. I am asking all of my friends to please please click on her link below and go Rate, Fan and Add her. In order for me to get the credit you must Rate and Fan her before you Add her, and IN YOUR FRIENDS REQUEST YOU MUST PUT NEA NEA SENT ME! IT CANNOT BE NEA, OR ANY OTHER NICKNAME. IT HAS TO SAY NEA NEA SENT ME! Please help me out. Not only because I want to win a prize, but also because she deserves all of this love so please give it to her. Just click the link below and get to lovin! -------------~*~*~*~*~------------- Stephanie Lynn@ fubar THIS BULLETIN HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY
Things About Me
First of all...I want to know where it says that a persons' blog cannot be private to their own eyes only? I wrote something in my own journal...for my eyes....and now I have a friend being pissy with me and saying I should not have posted it on Fubar. I give up trying to please everyone. I cannot even please myself really right now. I am trying to keep myself together.....and just seems no matter what I say or do someone takes it the wrong way. Why???? While I am at it....I am planning to hang out with my sis and niece this weekend and have a Lord of the Rings marathon since I have all 3 extended versions. So I will not be around on Fubar. I will be checking my yahoo email though. Anyone who wants....reach me at Not going to go into too much details. Something that should have ended (probably should never been started) sooner just has come to and end now. Time for healing needs to start now. It slowly has been for a while now...just needed
For My Fubar Friends...10/01
I see you from afar, Dark and aromatic.... As I have always remembered you being. I am held in your magnetic gaze, Drawn closer and closer to the radiating heat, Of your form.... Lost forever in anticipation... As I yearn to taste you.... that taste i crave It matters not... For I need to be inside you that warm wet place Filling you with my hardness hips meeting hips grinding... biting each other in a rage of lust All the energy, vitality you always bring to me... I am awakened when I have you near. Steam rises from our bodys i feel your pussy grip me and drain me of my cum.... ravenous rumbles of your seductive voice, Intensifies....and intensifies still.... Until you are exhausted and empty... And the deed is done. what emotion is it that i feel when i think of you? when i talk to you? when i fantasize about just being with you? not just lust i don't think just love and a great admiration of what a wonderful and perfect person you are Sometimes Wh
LIZARD BIRTHING If you have raised kids (or been one), and gone through the pet syndrome including toilet flush burials for dead goldfish, the story below will have you laughing out LOUD! Overview: I had to take my son's lizard to the vet. Here's what happened: Just after dinner one night, my son came up to tell me there was "something wrong" with one of the two lizards he holds prisoner in his room. "He's just lying there looking sick," he told me. "I'm serious dad, can you help?" I put my best lizard-healer statement on my face and followed him into his bedroom. One of the little lizards was indeed lying on his back, looking stressed. I immediately knew what to do. "Honey," I called, "come look at the lizard!" "Oh my! gosh," my wife diagnosed after a minute. "She's having babies." "What?" my son demanded. " But their names are Bert and Ernie, Mom!" I was equally outraged. "Hey, how can that be? I thought we said we didn't want them to reproduc
There was a young lady at sea Who complained that it hurt her to pee. Said the brawny old mate, 'That accounts for the state Of the cook and the captain and me.' THIS IS WHAT I HAVE RECEIVED FROM FUBAR SUPPORT STUFF; WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR COMMENTS:   Greetings,This is a one time warning from Fubar support staff.The profile comments you are posting are NOT appropriate for this site, and are considered to be NSFW. Please change your comments to something that is pleasant and more suitable for a social standard. This is a TOS violation.Thank you for adhering to FUBAR.COM policy and taking care of this matter immediately.You can read more about NSFW in the Bible link:Fubar Terms of ServiceIf you want to report any inappropriate content, you can find how to do it in the next link:Report NSFW contentIf you feel that you do not understand the contents of this notice, please feel free to come and visit with me.Dolly 2009 is almost over With the crises, 2010 will probably leave us wi
Life Science
The Wild West provided many horror stories. But few can beat the fate of George Donner's wagon train, taking new settlers to California. In August 1846 it took a wrong turn and got lost in the Sierra Nevada. Starving, the 26 men, 14 women and 44 children decided on a new method of staying alive. They ate each other. The settlers became cannibals - and they are not alone. Cases of cannibalism: During Napoleon's retreat from Russia in 1812 some 12,000 men perished at Vilna in December. Over three days the cold and starvation got so much that many began to eat parts of the already dead. Some four years later - in July 1816 - the French frigate Medusa ran aground off Senegal. Some 151 men built a raft and attempted to escape. Starvation, drowning and eventually murder led to ten surviving. Many of them had been eaten. One of the worst modern cases concerned a Uruguayan plane en route to Chile in the winter of 1972, with 45 people onboard. It crashed in the Andes. Slowly they began to die o
When u care for somebody thats a good thing, but how much more can u take or have u to take? Let me see, ure a not couple right now, but both having feelings for eitch other, that means that isnt bad at all. That means both are care for eitch other, i guess. I know a single is a single and can do what the heck he wanna do....there is no exlaining to do...but like i said above, when u care for somebody else..u would slow down in u re private activities, Thats is my opnion about it and also showing the other person u care for. Well i can only talk about me, cuz i have no freaking idea what is going on in a mens head...not even sure if they using that part at all. Everybody knows i care for him, if its friends or even his Ex lol..but i am not sure if somebody understands that there is a level and everything what is going over that level is enough. When u hear every freaking day the same bs over and over again and u not even wanna hear it, that make u sick. It makes u sick hearing how
Teachings & Information About Wicca
An altar is a space dedicated to the God and Goddess of the Wiccan. It is a place where witches can respect their belief, celebrate the year feasts and perform rituals or spells. An altar can be set up in any way you want, but here is an example to guide you if you need some starting points. First of all you need a space to name your altar. This can be erected and dissembled if you are still in the 'broom closet'. For those who are public witches (or at least with family) you can make a permanent altar. Some good possibilities as altars can be a cloth (in any color you want; see our color correspondences in the correspondence chart), a desktop a silver dining plate or anything else you would like to put your religious articles on. Secondly an altar usually consists of four quarters; the North, East, South and West. Some witches physically divide their quarters by placing sand, rocks or threads. All quarters are represented by a physical form of them. For example the North (ear
Soundtrack To My Life Story
  Fade To Black - Metallica   Life it seems, will fade awayDrifting further every dayGetting lost within myselfNothing matters no one elseI have lost the will to liveSimply nothing more to giveThere is nothing more for meNeed the end to set me freeThings aren't what they used to beMissing one inside of meDeathly lost, this cant be realCannot stand this hell I feelEmptiness is filling meTo the point of agonyGrowing darkness taking dawnI was me, but now hes goneNo one but me can save myself, but its too lateNow I cant think, think why I should even tryYesterday seems as though it never existedDeath greets me warm, now I will just say good-bye           Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle There's two things I know for sure: She was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's little girl. As I drop to my knees by her bed at night She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes and I thank god for all the joy in my life Oh, but most of all For butterfly kisses after
Sounding Off.
PLEASE HELP ME WIN! I've never been in a contest before, so this is new to me. I thought I may as well give it a try and hopefullyyyyyyyy I win it! The contest starts on Saturday 5/31! That's tomorrow for the day impaired. You know I love yee anyhow :D The picture I need you to comment on needs a total of 40,000 commentaries to win a 3 month VIP and a 1 day blast. You know I'd do it for you!!!!!!! Hell, I've done it for those of you who have asked me to. Come on and show GoofyGeekyGoddess a little love. ;) I promise to give you some elevens and platinum cherries if I win!!!!! Some of you will get fubling too. ;) Send me a message letting me know you helped me out and love will be given! Mmkay? Here yee, here yee, loves, click the texted link below to the contest you go. It's being run by DJ Edge. Meg aka '|3G|GoofyGeekyGoddess* :Teh Hawtness: Heart Breakah, Soul Takeh -PhattahThanCakeBattah-' Nelly FurtadoManeaterMusic Video Codes By Music I'm okay. His anger
Conspiracy Theory Or Fact??
crooked politicians=
Private~me Only(for Storing Bully's)
Emily knows how to FU.... PROPERLY! This Friday, at 6 p.m. Fu-Time, she has decided to Host a Happy Hour! ...and in Fine, Fubar fashion she'll be sporting Auto 11's! But, wait, there's MORE .... In one of her brief, lucid moments, she decided to PAY for Rates! Thats right .... Emily will pay 10k for every 100 rates you give her ! WHAT IS SHE THINKING? Must be lack of sleep from that toddler of hers!! .. yet STILL more !! O M G !! In her sleep-deprived fog, Emily will be randomly BLINGING! Yup, yup .... You have a chance to score even MORE! What are you waiting for??? Hmmmm .... ?? EmilyIMAX Be sure to F/A/R her. Level a few Greenies for her .... ..You know they'd LOVE the attention! Pimped with Love:
Putting The F -u Back Into Fun
changes begun and i cannot turn them around your voice in my ear dont give up on what weve found i want to quit to run away promises i made i must stay how can love be so cruel to let me be your one but only for a few still ill try be what you say i am is harder now that your not my man im letting you go they same way you caught me slowly painlessly gently be easy dragon your girl is ok she just wishes it was still yesterday running wild free always in danger from hunters cougars and man caught penned corraled a cowboy standing at the gate holding oats can smell there sweetness hear his gentle words know i can still run but with him only not free and i cannot resist so i keep walking slowly closer noises behind other mustangs being broken harshly broken without the knowlede paitance the cowboy has or his love months of coddeling and firm patience owned at last riding the wind with him on my back can see hear the wild ones still can whinny to them the cowboys hand gentl
Three []Things Three things in life that, once gone, never come back - Time [] Words [] Opportunity [] Three things in life that may never be lost - Peace [] Hope [] Love [] Sweet tease, I'm sure you know full well, The damage that you do; And I am sure you're certain I'll not soon take leave of you. So lead me on; I'll play for now; I'm going to have you, anyhow. Your luscious lips tell all those lies But I seek answers in your eyes; And when hot glances come my way You make me wonder why you play; But go ahead love, play the game, Soon I will have you,just the same. It seems, my love, you haven't learned That playing with fire will get you burned. Each word and truth I speak, direct Shall melt resistance, I suspect; Then other games with you I'll play. I mean to have you anyway. I only seek to touch your heart, And pleasure you in every part. Sweet tease, for me you are desire. For you, my blood runs liquid fire; And it matters not
Scrawlings Of A Mad Theorist
Protection, Love, & Brute Strength;Surround me in arms, of never-ending length.Weave many knots, Bind with care;Forever-on, Always be there.=So Mote It Be=   -762011- [Astra]  Playing in Mother's veins; Falling in the breeze, Feelings: seen inane; She waltz's in circles, Water rushing past her knees; The earth between her toes, Hands reaching for the tree's; Rays create her spotlight, Beaming through the branches; Enjoying Father's Time, Life singing as she dances.   -5282011- [Astra]      I see you. You're laying there. You're always so pretty, Why did you get lost in your sorrow?   Your body filled with tubes and needles..
across the miles you touched my life, opened my eyes, and filled my empty heart- strangers, yet friends, our spirits reach out, always touching, never apart- - you in the east, me in the west, never together, never apart- - Carol Miller I ache for your touch. I long for your tender embrace, I want to feel that one kiss, To feel you holding me, Feeling your lips against mine, To know your heart beats in time with mine. I want to know if you care, If you love, If you dream, If you long for a kiss as well as a touch, I want to know if your heart longs for mine. Deborah Grijalva I knew your dreams Because we used to talk For hours at a time. I knew your friendship Because you were always there When I needed your comfort. I knew your pain Because you trusted me enough To share your past with me. I knew your fears Because you helped me To see that mine were the same. I knew what was important to you Because you were always So h
Respect the elders.... Teach the young... Cooperate with the pack Play when you can... Hunt when you must... Rest in between Share your affections... Voice your feelings... Leave your mark. For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf... And the strength of the Wolf is the Pack A lone pup Given up? Mom gone in rest, Dad left. Taken and forced to learn life’s lessons alone She was all alone and forlorn. She took everything step by step She escaped when she slept. Soon she met every night at a tree, her prince For she sought to be rinsed. Their love forever tough Weather it be through smooth or rough. A new secret surfaces buried for many purposes. She can't tell because she doesn't know. No one seems to able to hell, tears flow. A stranger come begging to differ, It seems to ease away but then it's stiffer. Following him, hoping to learn But she'd only get a burn. The pup left to fend alone. Only to grow strong. All the knowledge life can offer, No one can
Film Stuff
Do I take my hat off to Cameron? HATS OFF : it looked amazing.  As an exercise in world building, it's unsurpassed, although... HATS ON : the neon night stuff was a li'l fruity... HATS OFF : The 3D is rarely used in a "WHOOOO LOOK AT THIS STUFF COMING OUT OF THE SCREEN" way, and is pretty much entirely a 'giving the film depth' tool.  There were more "WHOOOOO LOOK AT MY HANDS" moments in the trailer for some cretinous dance movie they shew beforehand than in the entire movie, so kudos for that. HATS ON : Nevertheless, it's gimmicky and unneccessary, and I want to see the movie in 2D now because I'm convinced it will actually be a better film for it.  I'll go further, and say given the choice between 2D and 3D for ANY future release, and I'm going with 2D.  3D gives me a headache, and as far as Avatar goes and how it enhances the effects, it's like baking the world's most lavish and ornate cake, and then deciding that's not enough and gold-plating it.  I don't want gold-plated cake.
Brain Seepage
i just felt like saying "egad!".  you should try it.  it's fun! i don't really have anything interesting to write about, but it's been quite some time since i last blogged so i thought i'd check in.  no gnus is good gnus, right? i found today that people tend to give you very strange looks when you drive down the street with the windows down and screamin' jay hawkins' "hong kong" playing at full volume. i think the last time i logged onto fubar was last fall.  i see some of the same people as i did before, but some have gone and others have come in their place.  i suppose that's the nature of online existance.  relationships are temporary and for the most-part, shallow.  but that's ok.  being male, my true purpose in being on fubar is just to look at your boobs.  oh man...  ween is completely insane when you're stoned! so headlines about me...  i took up snowboarding this winter.  i'd love to do it regularly, but lift tickets are freakin expensive.  no worries though...  it's warm e
I Love You With my every breath, With all I have left, From the deepest depths, Of my heart, I love you. With all of my strength, With ten miles' length, Every thought I think, I think that I love you. For the length of forever, As long as we're together, Through good and bad weather, For always, I love you. Until the very end of days, Until God takes my breath away, Until death separates our ways, Until then, I love you. When no one is there, When you think no one cares, When love seems too rare, Remember, I love you. When everything's gone, When all has withdrawn, When hopelessness dawns, Don't forget, I love you. When you fall down, When your dreams come unwound, When hope can't be found, Be happy, I love you. When you make mistakes, When you're filled with hate, When you're old and gray, Even then, I'll love you. I see you staring at me, but you never truly see, why I love you, oh, so much, when you're so out of touch. Feeling
Hellcast Chronicles
Ok, can you believe it! This was the biggest, longest and most drunk show on record. For the first time, we were broadcasting in multiple lounges and over 80 people in all chat rooms combined.  I want to acknowledge Club Fantasia's lounge for letting us broadcast their also. Kerry, the lounge owner, has been very willing to bend all her rules for us to do our thing, our way.  Redlar and OP were drunk beyond what is normal for any human being. Redlar, OP and Mchgn's Dad popped in and we were very honored to have him for what time he was there, I hope he is proud of his boys.   In this huge episode, was our sole sponsor, and we gave away 2 kits on the show, Xanrose won both music mix contests. Here is the list of topics we discussed during this 4 hr and 45 min show:   Hellcast News w/ Punkette muic mix 1 Pool league update Tales of Redlar 19 Top 15 pick up lines used in Las Vegas Hellcast Trivia 20 Movie Review- Fast and Furious Dumb Laws- Michigan Redlars Goo
Old Works
Yeah, today was one of those manic days where I just felt like I needed to think to break myself down in certain ways, and build back up again. I will see how that works when I go to work, and when I get more done on said Monday than I did today. Hopefully, this off and on sickness will die *no pun intended*. Rawr, take care folks!
New Poems Of Mine
The room is full but I am still alone, deep down inside there is nothing but pain.On the surface I am fine and immobile,inside I am broken, weathered ,and torn apart.Why do I go through the things I do?Does it really matter in the end ? Nobody really cares but me anyway.Ever fill if you weren`t around , you still wouldn`t be missed.Or am I just to hard on myself? Are we as human beings ever really satisfied ? With ourselves or where we are in life ? The headache returns  and my body ashes once again .Sometimes I wish the thoughts would never even exist.Just stop all movement and actions , even time. Start over , maybe but with what I already know. Or at times just not even be here at all, as if I never existed in the first place. Bones popping , joints aching and lacking true sleep.Do I want a solution  or just continue to wallow in my misery?The sleep I can get when I am died .  Maybe I dont want anyone or myself  to actually "fix me" !  All anyone really wants is to be loved .To be s
Not Letting This Friday The 13th Get Me Down
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook Music Video: Paradise City by (Guns N Roses) Music Video Code by Video Code Zone Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Looking To Fill Role Playing Parts
My story is unlike any other. Most babies take up to 9 months in a mothers womb until birth. For me it only took about a month after my parents, Edward and Bella Cullen's , honeymoon. I was the reason behind it all. From my mothers insane cravings all the way to her unusual mood swings. Little did most know, it actually was possible for a vampire and a human to conceive a child. Thus, making me a human-hybrid. At first they wanted me outta my mommy thinking it would endanger her life. But my mommy and aunt Rosalie couldn't have it any other way. When I was born it almost did kill my mommy and me. Thankfully my daddy was there to save her and I by getting me out and turning her into a vampire. After my birth I was introduced to everyone, including Jacob. It wasn't until three days or so I was able to finally see my mommy after she had a quick hunt. She was just as shocked as everyone else about my ability. My ability is to let others see whats playing inside my mind just by touching the
By My Words You Shall Know Me
How might I ever recover... ...Now that I have felt your    sigh against my neck? ...Now that I have held you    closely in my dreams? ...Now that I have heard your
A Place To Escape
They say the best love awakens the soul,It plants a fire inside your heart,Leaving you wanting more,A glimpse of eternity,Or a shooting star,A wave that rolls on forever, never finding the shore.As each night passes,Your presense seems more real,and When my soul is comforted,Its your spirt I feel,I carry on converstaions,all day in my mind,I smile when i think of you,you make me feel alive, And When I look down at my keyboard,I see u next to I,Your either saving my life,Or baby your killing me,Cause when your around, I can't breathe,I feel like a child, trying to fake my way through,I know loves a glamble,But its worth the risk with you.A moment from the heavens,Sent through an angel to earth.A unmeasureable connection,from outta this world.A complex beaing , Made with just me in mind,A perfect creations, From another place and time.People think that were strangers,But what they can't see,Is when my creator made you, he stopped to make me. I carry on converstaions,all day in my mind,I
Lyrics---- How I Feel
I've got this jones formin in my bones from a man who indeed took over my soul understand I couldn't breathe if he ever said he would leave get on my knees til they bloody red beggin please see I don't know if you get it yet just don't know he's like a lighter to my cigarette watch me smoke I never knew another human life didn' t know could have the power to take over mine so baby Baby baby baby baby baby baby I love you baby baby baby baby baby I love it when I hear your name got me sayin baby baby baby baby baby baby I love you baby baby baby baby baby See I can never feel alone with you in my life I'll give up everything I own for you won't think twice almost ashamed how I'm mesmerised such a shame I lose my thought lookin in your eyes I know why because your kisses make my lips quiver and that's real and when you touch me my whole body shivers I can feel now I can see how another life another life could have the power to take over mine cause you're my Baby baby baby baby baby baby
The Cat's Jokes
         Two old  guys, one 80 and one 87, were sitting on their  usual park bench one  morning. The 87 year old had just  finished his morning jog and wasn't even short  of breath.  The 80 year old was amazed at  his friend's stamina and asked him what he did  to have so much  energy.The 87 year old said,  "Well, I eat rye bread every day. It keeps your  energy level high and you'll have great stamina  with the  ladies."So, on the way home the  80 year old stops at the bakery. As he was  looking around, the lady asked if he needed any  help.He said "Do you have any  Rye  bread?"She said, "Yes, there's a  whole shelf of it. Would you like  some?"He said, "I want 5  loaves."         She said,  "My goodness, 5 loaves ... By the time you get  to the 3rd loaf, it'll be  hard"    He  replied, "I can't believe it, everybody knows this shit but  me." A wife asked her husband to describe her. He looked at her, then said, "You're A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K". She asks, "What does that mean"
  Ex’s You say you like me, then the next time around you say you like my best friend! What is wrong with you? I fell as if my body is just going to shut down in front of you. You ask me to hang out with you but do you show up? No, your out screwing’ some other chick, I hope you burn in hell. You say that your sorry, And you want to get together again, And I say yes to that, And get my heart broken How dumb could I have been? Now I lay thinking of what will happen next? What am I going to do with you? Oh wait there is nothing I can do with you with your lying and cheating I just can’t take it anymore Your gone, out of my life, secluded away From me, Thanks for making my life a living hell. You Are you are the words I keep beneath my heavy breath you are my one last hope when nothing is left you are the razor against my skin you are the cuts upon my jutting hips you are the wrong turn I was never supposed to take you are the strings that mend my
What I Am
:05pmreplyalex: baby 7:05pmmoreTo alex: pardon?7:05pmreplyalex: tu parle francais ??7:07pmreplyalex: you speak french ??7:10pmmoreTo alex: no7:11pmreplyalex: english ??7:11pmreplyalex: if i give u my address can u send me a picture for ur chest or ur ass :$ ??7:11pmmoreTo alex: yes7:11pmmoreTo alex: no7:12pmreplyalex: please i like ur chest baby :$7:12pmmoreTo alex: want a pic of my big dick too7:13pmreplyalex: hehehehhe i want to see ur ass :$7:14pmreplyalex: you can send me a picture in this address : !! and i send u a picture for my dick 7:15pmmoreTo alex: so you wanna see my big dick then7:15pmreplyalex: you can send me ??7:16pmmoreTo alex: for why would i do that?7:16pmreplyalex: 1) i like ur chest 2) i send u a picture for my dick :$7:16pmreplyalex: so send me a picture for you in this address : yass.the.best1@gmail.com7:17pmmoreTo alex: i have a 9" kok can you handle?7:18pmreplyalex: you can send me or no ?7:18pmmoreTo alex: you really wanna see my kok?7
My Felling
I do not know who you are .. but I'm happy to help you .. I hope you will help me too The hardest thing we do is look at those we love, love someone else. Maybe I was born at the wrong time periodwhere love nothing more than a beautiful fairy tale lullabyAnd when I woke up the next day love story about repeated piteouslyWhat a love of "the word" beautiful I can not find Simak Baca secara fonetik
Dva Stuff
{DVA}*FUZZYMYA$... just KILLED $ $ BILL YALL and collected a bounty of $1,199,275,200, with $1,199,275 going to turf tax! {DVA}*FUZZYMYA$... just KILLED ƒůÇĶƳǾǓ and collected a bounty of $1,627,097,200, with $1,627,097 going to turf tax! {DVA}stalker just KILLED precious and collected a bounty of $1,333,883,600, with $1,333,884 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill just KILLED §ŧůŋŋå³™ and collected a bounty of $1,430,659,300, with $1,430,659 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill just KILLED lookin for mob and collected a bounty of $1,380,678,000, with $1,380,678 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill just KILLED ShroomLady and collected a bounty of $1,671,800,000, with $1,671,800 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill just KILLED Got Merc?® and collected a bounty of $6,667,596,000, with $6,667,596 going to turf tax!
My Poems And Such...
out of time out of luck out of money i’m left stuck- with the repulsiveness of self during a "pity fuck", a job my right hand won’t even do when did i regress into this human mess a constant state of sorrow every day, the same as tommorrow- full of regrets, hopes, and yets... i wish it would happen to me. finding a friend, finding someone to love, finding someone to love me. i sit here, waiting patiently everyday hoping someone will find me, yet knowing it won’t happen as long as i sit here. i long for that moment, when i see her smile, when the light shines out from behind her eyes, when her gaze stares not at me, but into me, into my heart. i long for her name to caress my lips in a whisper. i am here, waiting...for her sweet kiss to graze my lips for the first time. i am here, yearning for her touch. i am here, dreaming of her warm breath upon my neck. i am here, waiting for her loving embrace. so now you know... i am here...waiting fo
All Blogs Here After Oct. 14, 2010
Recently I joined a real free make money online site that the maintenance guy working and living at this hotel has been using for 2 1/2 years. He claimed to have been wealthy and making his money from real estate thru a free make money online site. Before the recession happened Donald Trump was telling everybody to sell everything and the hotel maintenance guy didn't think real estate was going down the tank so he didn't sell the homes he had contracts for and the people that had a contract with him walked away from their home because they couldn't afford to pay the bills when the bills came so the hotel maintenance guy wasn't making any money himself so he became poor but he stayed a member of the free make money online site and still recieves an income but not enough to just live on the income from the free make money online site so he is currently working as the maintenance guy at this hotel until real estate picks up again and he can live on the income again provided by the free ma
Misc Poo
Best custom homepage I am fuckin FULL of awesome and WIN Carry on. Friday was an all about me day.. Saw the chiropractor, then I went to the salon... Hair cut and color, pedicure (bright red with sparkles) then I decided to get nails (went with pink and that looks like a french manicure) Then yesterday was all about everyone else Did a 5k, took over a minute off my time, didn't finish last (GO ME!!!) then it was family time. We (all the adults in my family and some of our friends) are in a bowling league :/ I CAN bowl, I just don't usually give a shit. My brother AND brother in law are the type to always be up your ass about how to correct this and that I told them from the get go when I realized I was on their team that if they bothered me I would quit. Last night my brother couldn't take anymore. I throw the ball way too hard (always have) so rather than being a douche about it like in the past he showed me how to slow the ball down and I did do a lot better. Then
Confessions Of A Beautiful Disaster
I want a pair of Christian Louboutain shoes.  They are gorgeous.  They are extravagant.  Thay ARE expensive.  I WANT THEM!  I'm not sure how, but it is a goal of mine to own one pair in my lifetime.  It's good to have goals, right? I wear a size 8 shoe.  :D I love, I mean absolutely LOVE a guy with tattoos.  Super hawt!  :D
Canada Goose
Alike, there are some cheap christian louboutin shoes differences among the existing styles. The YSL shoess may be of different sleeve lengths including long, half, short or quick sleeve or even sleeveless to make you dazzling amid the crowd. But it is better to choose the sleeves following seasons since the long sleeve YSL shoess are useful Jimmy Choo knock off shoes in winter, while the half or the short sleeve are perfect for summer. Color plays another key factor while picking the perfect Alexander Mcqueen shoes. They are available in a wide range of colors. But commonly the colors are categorised in two basic types- monochromic and mixed. It is very important that you Christian Louboutin wedding shoes should choose the right color according to your complexion. Pastel colors are perfect for the fair complexion, while the ark people should avoid it rather a white one can suit with every complexion. Size: Size matters most while getting a Alexander Mcqueen shoes. Make sure t
Random Thoughts
If you wish to recieve then you should give first lets erect a shrine shall we? Stolen from my baby boys status on fu... but it was worthy of a blog i think   Love me without restriction,trust me without fear, want me without demand, accept me for who i am...
A delightful new experience is how I’d describe the CTK810IN professional keyboard. Being a professional musician, I was looking for a casio that would deliver high quality sounds and a brilliant performance. The CTK810IN has only exceeded my expectations! It is a digital keyboard that incorporates new age technology with musical brilliance for modern musicians who wish to leave a mark with their performances. This digital professional keyboard has proven to be a great friend and an even greater teacher! While ordinary keyboards promise more than they deliver, the CTK810IN professional keyboard lives up to its promise of excellence and differentiated features. Its 120 fresh new rhythms and 515 tones not only blow your mind but are a treat to your senses. The Indian rhythms are exciting and never-heard-before. I couldn’t ask for more as music professional. The digital keyboard adds a new dimension to Indian rhythms and professional music compositions, proving to be reliab
Sabbycatz Blog
~*My Guardian Angel*~ On November 6th 2006, God Was Calling Out To My Dad,"Ronnie" He Said To Him It Was Time 2 Say GoodBye & Come Be With His Mother...Even Tho I Miss Him So Dearly..I Know He Is Not Gone Forever..He Is In My Heart Now & Forever Until Time Is Through..He Is Up In Heaven Smiling Down On Me..And Even Though I Sit Here & Cry Because I Miss Him So Much....It Will Be Ok With Time. I Know I Wont Be Able To Get Over It Fast Well I Will Never Get Over The Death Of My Dad....He Meant The World To Me!..What Makes Me More Sad Is That He Will Never See Me Get Married,Have Kids..ETC.. But I Know In My Heart We Will Never Part! Until the Day We Meet Up Again, Up In Heaven, Here In My Heart Iz Where You Will Be Dad.. I Love You So Much!! My Guardian Angel Up Above! Rest In Heavenly Pease Dad! Ronald L. Warden December 11,1952-November 6,2006 Written By Sabrina A. Warden (Ronnie's Daughter) Its Been One Month And 13 Dayz The day I lost my bestfriend, my sis..I know sh
What Is Love
If you can tell me 8 movies that came out or is still coming out this year in the theaters that is a sequel (part 3) ill buy you a gift lets See how good u are in movies good luck if u get them right ill private msg u and buy u a gift when im close to you i i long to make you smile when im alone with all i want is to know whats on your mind, i lean in to show you my affection, when i look into your eye i can see you seduction when i place your hands with mine a can feel connection, what is the desire holding me back from kissing your lips, the way your sitting on my lap grinding your hips when i runing my fingers thru your hair feelin the soft skin its attacted to and thee aroma it send in my direction our foreheads are next together as i noses rub side to side i run the back of my hand along your smoothe face, but all i want is to longing to kiss your lips looking deep into your loving eyes its makes me feel i wanna cry.. tears of joy running down my face my emotions get
Web Cam
BEST BUY IS GIVING AWAY $200 GIFT CARDS FOR THE FIRST 2000 CALLERS AT THIS NUMBER 1-888-277-4653 HURRY UP I JUST GOT MINE I WAS CALLER #437 A three-year-old boy was examining his testicles while taking a bath. "Mom, are these my brains?" "Not yet," she replied. IF YOU DIDNT GET THE MEMO PRIVATE PICS ARE OPEN FOR EVERYONE
Casper's Korner...
She has a lil over a hundred to level, stop by and say hi. thanx... la kangri dulce 69@ CherryTAP Your Theme Song is Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears "It might seem like a crush But it doesn't mean that I'm serious" Heartbreaker, superflirt, player... you've been called all of those. You're not that innocent, and you know that you have a super sexy vibe! What's Your Theme Song? Cinderella@ CherryTAP
My Thoughts.
So much on my mind tonight. All I want is a hug. I hate soul searching. I feel akward lately in social settings. I really don't have much too talk about. I watch sports, take care of children (school) and my family. I look at myself in the mirror and just frown. I lay in bed and wonder about what tomorrow holds. People drift in and out your life. Lately, the "friends" that I once had were only around me when times were good. I want to roll over in the middle of the night and touch the back of someone who sees me as a treasure. I must say that I am human and I want what every woman wants. A romance. I am such a sap today. I can't help but listen to "Somebody's Me" and cry lol. I am such a nut......I am really laid back and cool. Just the death of a friend of the family and an incident with a student in my class, has made me ultra sensitive. God bless and goodnight I must say when it rains, it pours. Tomorrow my mom is having a test done on her heart.
for my birthday is to level so PLEASE help me out. thats all that i want for my bday. thanks everyone
Lost Reality
Searching the endless nights awaiting for the peace Burden that abandons itself on top of my heart It hangs heavy from the stem that supports the life form Breathing in slowly waiting for the breeze to calm Regaining an inner strength from the volcanic abode that you provide The caskets spin in the morgue down town Exorcisms casted, they fall willingly to their deceit Their limbs held high, they sit spewing Corners surround you with walls made of steel Trapped and bewildered pacing the steps of which you took Walking through one door as the sun hits your face Gleaming across the lake you see an exit to the hospitality bestowed Turning back to look one last time.. A wall,so similar to others, from basements held the prisoners of your spell Finding myself in an illusion surrounding the outer basics of this eternity Inside a whirlpool screaming for release from the christened aroma of your smell The ties which bind us heavy as this cross which I forever bear Eternity will
THE UNCOMFORTABLE SURVEY. [lets see if you can get through it.] [[if not, you're too scared about your past]] -Have you ever thought that you were going to marry a person?: been engaged three times, counting my husband -Are you crushin' on anybody? yes -Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt? yes -Have you ever made a boyfriend or girlfriend cry? yes -Are you happier single or in a relationship? before I got married or after???? lol -Have you ever been cheated on? yes, and it hurts like hell -What is your favorite thing about the opposite sex? eyes and smile -Have you ever had your heart broken?: yes, more than my share -Have you ever broken someone's heart?: yes -Talk to any of your ex's?nope -If you could go back in time and change things, would you? yes -Have any feelings for your ex's?: hell no, that's why they are EX's -Think any of your ex's feel the same? yes -Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend or girlfriend? y
My Poems
There is just to much sadness I can not stop my pain.I no longer expect nothing but to know pain.I cry out of sadness.i cry because of pain.I cry for lost love.I cry for love I will not gain.I cry for many reasons yet they all make me who I am.Who am I you might ask?I am the queenofmadness! Fighting day and night! Stupid shit we shouldn't even care about! Always complainging! We become to jaded. Another relationship gone to hell! So this is my life! This is how my story goes! No happy ending! My love descending! In the end there is no more hope. Now its going upon two months since you went out that door. I cried so much I could not see! I cried until I felt pain no more. Why is it that it happened for this chapter to end? A lover now gone and so is a friend. So this is my life! This is how my story goes! No happy ending! My love descending! In the end there is no
this goes out to all of you. ive met so many new ppl in cherry tap. i so love coming here. those of you that welcomed me with open arms thank you. cheryl-you are my sis and i love you. you have been there for me when i needed someone to tlk to. we met on tagworld and i will never regret having met you. we are so much alike it's scary. of course we both know that. been you are my sis too and i love you. thanks for all you have done as well. we have kerry to thank for bringing us closer together..thank you (jackass). red-my bro. im very glad we met in here. love ya!i enjoy tlkn to you everyday as i also look forward to it. we have a bond that noone but us will ever understand whole heartedly and you know what that is. lopaka-you've become a very special friend also. waiting for you to get your ims set slow ass piece of shit forget your glad we met too. i look forward to your emails everday. which by the way is ok w
Just Stuff
bitter? nah, not me.... lol! goodnite all! Do you have feelings of inadequacy? Do you suffer from shyness? Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then ask your doctor or pharmacist (or bartender) about Tequila® Tequila® is the safe, natural way to feel better and more confident about yourself and your actions. Tequila® can help ease you out of your shyness and let you tell the world that you're ready and willing to do just about anything. You will notice the benefits of Tequila® almost immediately, and with a regimen of regular doses you can overcome any obstacles that prevent you from living the life you want to live. Shyness and awkwardness will be a thing of the past, and you will discover many talents you never knew you had. Stop hiding and start living, with Tequila®. Tequila® may not be right for everyone. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Tequila® However, women who wouldn't mind nursing or
People Will Never Understand...
sitting on my bed looking around facing the darkness not making a sound tears had fallen my mind is racing close my eyes find myself spacing why cant he see how much i care i tried to tell him bit its like hes not there day after day i open my heart knowing i shouldnt waiting to part everyone leaves me sitting all alone broken and torn crying on the phone maybe it will change hopefully soon im so over crying alone in my room well... i havnt writen any thing in forever so yeah alot of catching up to do... January was a boring i guess because i cant really remember much of it lol so were on skip to February... February was probably my least favorite time to be alive... everything was all fine and dandy until Valentines Day and it was like "BAM" you have no one to cuddle with or anything! so it sucked going out and seeing happy couples, it made me feel so alone... i got over that when i found out my best friend of 15 years (Michelle) was placed into Intens
For my first love... who meant the world to me. Only ever wanted it to be the last, but things happen for a reason don't they?...and for us it did. No longer have my first love, lost it. So here this poem especially for you. Those moments we were together, Now suddenly far apart. Further than I would have thought. Thought we could do it together. See each other through thick and thin. Didn’t know it would end so soon. The feeling of not being with you, Tears me up inside. The way I hurt you in whatever way I did, Rips my heart out inside. To have to know I won’t see you again, Leaves me hanging, heart-broken inside. Wishing I could turn back the time, To enjoy those moments we had. Being with you, lying there with you Sharing everything with you. Knowing I was loved only by you. Will be truly, deeply missed. What the future holds I do not know, Whatever will be, will be… But what I do know, I had the chance to share my love with someone. Someone who I
It's All About My Man Tupac Shukar...r.i.p. Baby Boy!
"Pray For Me" "Rest In Peace Baby! "Changes" "Damn, Now If This Don't Speak The Truth I Don't Know What Does!"
Sweetpoisons Blog,...
Her tongue licks my neck, She bites my neck just to taste a little blood, But not to hurt me, my desires grow more intense. She wants more of my blood, slowly she goes to my hard nipples, Her tongue working slowly around it biting and sucking, She sits on top of me, licking as if she were a cat. I keep moving wanting her even more. She asks me, “You want my pussy, don’t you”? “Then you better do as I say”! With a growl in my voice I say “Yes, I want your pussy”. “I want to feel my dick inside your wet cunt”. But she says.”No, not yet”. She slowly works your lips around my nipples once more. Biting, pulling them with her teeth. She then slowly backs away, just to see the slightest bit of blood rise to the surface of my skin She smiles, and then kisses me on my lips Her clit so swollen, “Lick me”, she says “Taste me, bite me”. I take my teeth, lightly biting, and sucking her clit. I can feel the cream wanting to come from her pussy. She tells me “Stop, not yet. She
Original Songs And Poems By Me
You broke my heart One too many times Now you have crossed the line Abandoned me once, abandoned me twice I thought your unconditional love was mine I am telling you now up straight That you are too late The damage is done And no one has won But I wash my hands of you To build my life anew Go on without you by my side You are my demise You bring me down without a care It's much more than I can bare Moving on is what I need to do So this is Goodbye To You One day you will be judged by Him And maybe He is able to forgive The sins of betraying your blood The one person you are supposed to love A hole in my heart will be no more Flying high in the sky, I will soar The tears I shed will be no longer Because of it I will be stronger And for that I want to Thank You Not for the tears and not for the heartache Or the heartbreak But because you showed me what not to be And I can decide what is me I know I don't want to be like you Because my heart is filled with l
TOO ALL THE SINGLE MEN ON HERE IF YOU ARE SINGLE AND WOULD LIKE TO GO OUT WITH ME SEND ME A SHOUT OR AN PRIVATE EMAIL They are trying to take the csi's off the air. So to make this a mum I don't think that they should take it off because there is alot of people that loves it & watches it every day i know that i watch it & love it so what do you all think?
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Buried at To all my friends who are over 40 or will be 40 one day. I thought this was worthy of sharing. Feel free to copy it and pass it on. **From: Trish, AKA *~SWEET T~* ............. In case you missed it on 60 Minutes, this is what Andy Rooney thinks about women over 40: 60 Minutes Correspondent Andy Rooney (CBS) As I grow in age, I value women over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask, "What are you thinking?" She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do, and it's usually more interesting. Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it. Older women are generous wi
Stitchtt6's Wondering Mind!
Because I have to work at 3am Saturdays & can't go out N play!! I was at the concert that they filmed the live part of this video!! Awesome show that night!! Two Steps Behind Video - Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure In 2007, you will... Feel up a perfect physique 'What is your sexual new years prediction?' at
Blogs Of Mine I Moved From Myspace.
So, the one thing I seem to run into a lot, both with guys I know and guys I don't is the words "hot, beautiful, sexy, pretty, cute, etc." Now I'm not complaining and I'm not bragging. It's nice that people appreciate that about me. It just irritates me that it's often the first thing out of their mouths. It always puts my guard up right away as to whether they're interested in actually KNOWING me or just how they can sleep with me. So the ones that are out to just sleep with me. . . well, usually, they don't get very far. I can pinpoint those almost right away. However a few particular charmers, may have convinced me to be a willing participant a time or two (three, four. . .) . Fuck, I'm no angel. However, the most deceiving ones are the ones who actually take the time to take me out on a date or two. Or even the ones who actually spend considerable time, even years getting to know me. These guys will tell me even now what a great person I am. I am so smart, funny, dedicated, b
so an old friend of mine from NYC just called...apparently, tonight is the last night the roxy's going to be open. i can't BELIEVE that shit.....great memories in that place. the best of which was me falling off the stage wanting to prove i could dance like beyonce. don't ask! anyway, yeah, it's the end of an era, and a sad fucking day. so, as we all know by now, i got shit canned again last month. honestly, i did not make much of an effort to find gainful employment until about two weeks ago. yep, that's right, me and quite a few quarts of ice cream sat home for five weeks and enjoyed the holidays and my family on my couch. i don't really regret it, i got to spend lots of time with the boy and we sort of reconnected. i was feeling a little downhearted about the whole mommying thing, but after the past month or so i'm feeling a lot more confident. i suppose i just needed to find the patience within myself. of course, i'm broke and i have no car, but really those material a
Comfort The Disturded, Disturd The Comfortable
to whoem it maY CONCern:: you KNOW whO YOU ARE... IM sorry i was not wHAT YOU thOUght i WAS. im SORRY THat i hurt you so BADLY. BUt i deserve to BE happY TOO. AND THAT IS WHAT I WAS THINKING ABOUT . I was not happy STAYing at HOMe i was not hAPpy Stay up all hours for the NIGHT DOING NOthing BUT watching TV. i was NOT HAPPY ALways getting a guilt trip.. and listening to your whoa is me shit..... I WANT a man that CAN keeP UP WITH ME mental... i Want someONE WHO REalizeS WHAt im about... i love you boo. BUT I KNOW that we wouldn't go anywhere.. because i would be the one tyhat wants a better life and the only one working my ass off to get that.. i would not beable to have A FAMILY DUE TO THE FACT THAT IT TAKES 2 incomes to afford it... i was happy for a min and i tried to not lose it.. but my head was louder then my heart... love IS NOT ALL YOU NEED... I DON'T WANT TO LLIVE LIKE A HIPPIE GET HAND OUTS... i want the americA GOD DAMN DREAM...... i want to find my match.. i tried to be
Random Madness!!
After a few months (really about 6 months) I am back and I am in SERIOUS need of some leveling help!! It would be much appreciated!!   THanks in Advance   The Bitch Your Mom Warned You About!!@ fubar   He needs 7K to level... show him some love.... thanks in advance..... badinfluence@ fubar > The B*tch Your Mom Warned You About!!! She is up for Auction and deserves an AMAZING OWNER! (click her picture to take you there) Come check out the benefits you will receive and put down a BID that beats the current offer!
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predictions of world war 3 I have many ideas of what will cause world war 3 So I will name them for sanitys sake. Lets start with the craziest lol. 1-The government really has so many nukes threw out the world because there paranoid of aliens they continually piss off with weaponizing space (Mainly america with haarp) Wanting to create a crazy automphereic type shield around the whole country. I dont know if haarp is just to throw us off from the real weapon close by to its location But I do know that they do fucked up tests that can destroy the whole planet and all life thats how fucking paranoid America is This weapon whenever used its ovious because strange weather follows They just shrug it off as global warming that bush dosint even belive in anyways Kinda like when he says he belives in god (Hes such a coke head he probably thinks he is god) Katrina was more then likely caused by Haarp So version 1=fake alien attack or real alien attack=Cause the governme
My Health
WELL THEY DID X-RAYS ON MY NECK. IT WILL TAKE 3-4 DAYS TO GET THE RESULTS BACK. MY DOCTOR GAVE ME 2 PERSCRIPTIONS. ONE TO KEEP THE SWELLING DOWN AND ANOTHER FOR PAIN. ONE IS A STERIOD AND THE OTHER IS NAPROXEN. I THINK. LOL THE ONE FOR PAIN MAKES ME SLEEPY. I GO BACK TO THE DOCTOR IN 14 DAYS TO SEE HOW THE MEDS ARE DOING AND SEE WHAT THE X-RAYS SHOW. IF THEY CANT SEE MUCH THEN I WILL HAVE TO GO FOR A MRI. I JUST HOPE THEY CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT IS WRONG SOON. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO MAYBE HAVING SURGERY. WILL LET YOU ALL KNOW MORE WHEN I FIND OUT. TY FOR YOUR PRAYERS. BIG HUGS sorry i have not been online. we are having problems with the electricity. someone is coming today to look at it. i will be back soon. i hope. i miss yall very much. big hugs and much love to all. i am sorry i havent been on too much lately. but i do try and i try to leave comments and rate things. my mind is all over the place with work and now my family. i just recently learned that my grandma is not doing too good
Well, as many of you, my faithful readers know, I've been under a constant attack from the users "NASA FAN" and "Firemyst" lately. Even though I completely owned Nasa in my last blog entry, he still insists on pushing things forward... this time, with the help of "To Protect and Serve", who is a newbie with a vendetta. I owned him last night in this mumm: Today, he posted another mum here: whining about his block. When I posted a link to the old mumm, he deleted most of his comments from the old mumm, but apparently didn't know about the "show all comments" link. Hit that, and you'll see the bulk of his transgressions. This twit has sided with Firemyst, who posted a mumm today (which has been since deleted) along with a new blog entry, which can be found here: The thing I find funny about all of this, is that the "To Protect and Serve" moron was posting
Mike's Corner
Good video to start your Friday! In a fishing contest to take place in spring or early summer! Jason and his partner will take on myself and "The Don" in a little trout fishing face off, loser buys the beer! All I have to I love free beer! I'll will post dates as the contest draws near. Viva la Redneck! Team Doggie is about to be euthanized! So there I was today, locked into an arguement on, apparently, those who voted to ban smoking everywhere seem to think they've won a victory, when in reality they have lost in the long run by continuing to give government the authority to violate the rights of private property owners. I will say this real quick as I said many times in the discussion, this is not smokers vs non smokers as some have foolishly suggested, this is about the property rights and the rights of private businesses to cater to the market they wish to cater too. Anyway, read the article and sc

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