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I just wanted to take a second to thank you for your prayers... My biopsy results came back today and I have a clean bill of health thus far :) Tho the mass in my mouth will need to be monitored over time, all tests came back negative. I still have to go for the mole biopsy and see the ObGyn but I am feeling so much more positive about the outcome of those tests!!!!! I will keep y'all posted.... Thanks from the bottom of my LP heart!!! Christina xoxoxoxox
I've been to 3 dental appt's in within the last 30days.... There were 2 points of interest in my mouth. 1 is being treated with antibiotics at the moment. The other was biopsied and it will be a week or 2 before the lab results come in. I have been informed that, tho possible not cancer in and of itself, this growth could very well be a manifestation of HPV.. Human Papaloma Virus... Which, even tho it is a growth inside my mouth, may or may not be indicative of cervical cancer.. There are MANY strains of HPV and only a few are linked to cervical cancer, so I've got my head up high. I just need to wait for the biopsy results and in the meantime, see my ObGyn for related tests...(Ladies, you know whata I am talking about) Last but not least, I have what looks like a birthmark/mole on my right temple. Its been there for a while, but not since birth. I never really paid it any mind until recently it started to change. It is starting to raise up a little bit. If that wasn't un-nerving enough, there is a similar patch developing on my left temple. SO.... Needless to say, I have a couple more appointments I need to make. So, i f I may trouble you, I ask you to keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I know all will be fine, I just need the strength and courage to get thru it all.... Those of you reading this, you know I love you dearly and I am grateful for your friendship! Never hesitate to turn to me as I turn to you!!! Sincerely, Christina aka LP
I know what ur gonna say.. It's my fault... ....But he's my friend and I trusted him. Saturday, chillin, havin a great time with my friends, K came to me and asked if he could borrow $20. I luv K 2death, I had no qualms bout lending him the dough. I'd been drinkin, tho, and didn't have cash on me so I gave him my check card. He returned and thanked me. I thought nothing more of it... til now. I went online 2c if my paycheck had been direct deposited yet. Not yet. But I noticed Saturday's ATM transaction for $60. I tripped. Called K and he had the nerve to seem confused about the whole situation. I hung up on him, I was so pissed off... so HURT. He finally texted me that he's "sorry" (Iv got my fone forwarded to my voice mail cuz I DON'T wanna hear his voice) I replied: Are u sorry u took it or just sorry I noticed?? K returned with: I'm not like that.. Sorry I took it I couldn't help myself: if u weren't "like that", u wouldn't have taken it in the 1st place To which, K replied: I'M SORRY I shoulda asked I ended the text conversation when I said: Not asking 1st is bad enuff, but u didn't even find it worthy of mentioning AT ALL!!! And that's what makes u REALLY FUCKED UP! I think he may have sent 1 more apology after that but I have nothing left to say to him. It's not easy for me to trust ppl and shit like this is the reason why. I give and give and get dragged an extra mile or 2 to suit others. It's heart-breaking :( And its not just in the monitary sense. My heart and soul have been stretched, stomped and shattered so badly over the yrs, I'm surprised I have any love or compassion left in me.... Anyway, I'm gonna end this here.. I'm at work and I really need to get my mind back on my job. I just needed to blow off a little of this steam.
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ok.. its all over my page.. Linkin Park.. New single/video: What I've Done www.linkinpark.com Uv GOTTA check out that video! such intense imagery!! n it was directed by LPs very own Mr Hahn :) The new cd will be out May 15th.. if any1 is interested in a lil more info.. check out http://www.minutes2midnight.com/ ok.. had more 2say but Benadryl knockin me on me arse so I think I will wrap this up.. if u r an LP fan.. iv got an LP album in my gallery n I have da lyrics 2da new song on my profile. Holla @me cuz I'd luv 2meet my fellow fans :) Nite y'all.. sleep sweet.. have a gr8 Hump Day! *Mwahs*
The Part of You That No One Sees
You are passionate, romantic, and emotional.
You put love first in your life, even though you have often been disappointed by it.
You expect to be swept of your feet, and you never expect infatuation to die out.

Underneath it all, you are scared that you aren't lovable.
Your insecurity has ruined many relationships, as you are unable to see the love that's really there.
You are secretly afraid of being alone. Confronting your insecurities is incredibly painful.
*Grrr!* It fuckin sucks 2have feelings 4someone u can never have a relationship with. For one example, There's W... He's a work crush. Simple infatuation.. He's hot. He Funny. He looks edible when he's perched atop his Yamaha motorcyle in his matchin leather jacket, with helmet in hand...And... He's got a girlfriend :/ Tho disappointed, I am far from shattered. But then there's C.. A chat friend Iv known 4a few yrs now. If I hadn't just gotten involved with another guy @ the same time C and I 1st met, I have 2wonder if/how my relationship with C woulda evolved. C is good looking and funny and sexy.. And, God help me, I just M E L T when he sings 2me. He has been such a good friend 2me n I do love him dearly.. But deep inside I kinda ache 4him. I know he loves me2, as 1 of his best friends but its obvious that whatever feelings he may have had beyond friendship back then, r now gone. N I can live with that.. It just SUCKS. We used 2talk on the fone all the time n since he's moved across the country and started a brand new life, I hardly hear from him anymore :( I know he's busy but... Ya know? I worry about him. I miss him *eyes well with tears* Oh God, what's wrong with me?!?! I just talked with him.. Kinda. Voice msgs on UPOC. When I heard his voice, my heart didn't know whether 2leap or sink. He says he'll call sometime late 2nite.. I know better than 2hold my breath but it sure would be nice. Then again, I don't care if he calls me 2nite or not really.. As long as he calls 2sing Happy Birthday on May 4th *cheesy grin* Anyway, it almost 6:30am and I really should end this b4 I rattle on and on 4ever about this.. Believe, when it come 2the topic of C, I really COULD go on 4ever *LoL*
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