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From hallowed halls, forgotten souls wallow.

As death has done with each swallow.

History speaks without words, while the peace be perturbed, the ushered, assured that truth be on the side of peace, confide in peace, or do they hide in peace?


From hallowed halls, forgotten souls wallow.

As death has done with each swallow.

Present speaks without purpose, while the war be ushered, the perturbed, assured that truth be on the side of war, confide in war, or do they hide in war?


From hallowed halls, forgotten souls wallow.

As death has done with each swallow.

Future speaks without deeds, while the life be assured, the ushered, perturbed that truth be on the side of life, confide in life, or do they hide in life?


Does silence, incite violence or violence, incite silence?


Motion creates the emotions, tied, transfixed, eclipsed to the sight as a wish takes flight, the moonlight in the light glimmering on the ocean subdue the fear like a love potion. Toasting like a new year cheer with a happiness tear, we're here in a world standing face to face, waist to waist, no need to waste this moment in time. Captured it in a poetical line, poetry is you and me, empathy in your eyes defies logical explanations with loves creation of sensations without hesitations, apex to the odyssey of my existence you overcame my resistance dissolved from your persistence. Unanswered prayers in my past, forgotten fast, reclaimed my sight as a wish takes flight, the moonlight eclipsed now my worlds transfixed to this glimmering ocean in motion creating the emotions. -ed
The sword of evil's thirst for blood is fueled by greed. Lust plants the seed, souls crushed seals the deed. Dollars cause the lens of truth to be clouded, dreams of reality crowded by desires of the classes, blinded are the masses. As the herd seek the grass greener, the water cleaner, but walk in life as the dreamer. Corporations are our nation, and the machine devours souls. The polls in the news are desires not our goals. We gasp at the tragedy overseas and cower like the cattle coerced by higher fees. And the patriotic fervor forever is a sin, but you buy and you live in the now, you are within. You support the very thing you obsessively denounce, it's easy to pronounce, your ounce of fact speaks with words more conflicting, but they lack a bone in the back. Don't tell me about deplorable convictions when you care about the materials that drive your own ambitions. Our war stance helped you buy your khaki pants, my rants are the lance of what freedom grants. And I oppose the many and though I hate the corporate greed. I know you talk a good game but you still plant the seed. -ed (Blaming a dog that has not been house trained for peeing in the house is not the dog's fault, but the owner. Vote by your wallet not the ballot.)
Ying and Yang it's all the same, just opposite sides but the debates the same. The same debate is death and life, the dark of black, the light of white. The same debate of good and bad, the mind of sane... the mind of mad. Without the hate there is no love, without below, there's no above. Righteous depends on which way one sees, when I look to you or you look to me.

The aftermath of the dreams unfounded, the picture of 3D surrounded, I'm confounded.  Thoughts of what family suppose to be, has me hurting, searching for something to fill the gap, that's why I write on where my life lapse. I trap my agony on the trapeze, trying to please from overseas so I moved home, never known, it's just one man against the grain, my brain frustrated wishin for a time to be elated, I created a false realm to grab the helm, the film rolls on, and I watch in a theater all alone, the flicker of the film shown tone the harsh truth, with proof that it's a one man fight and the dim light makes it hard for sight I attrite to the price high cost, and sit here writing knowing it's already at a loss. Not the boss, just the jester falling down from the pressure, I'm the lesser of a factor, the detractor, with father who's passed, I hold the task of blood line gone, compose songs wrong, I long for the right poetical pictures to galvanize my thoughts like scripture, it's a mixture of a dream and a fear fair that equates to a nightmare. I stare down the barrel of a gun, for fun…pull a trigger like it's roulette the effect it I'm set in my ways that this life is a phase. All will go to the next level some with angels and some with devils. And my pain plain as I exclaim the shame I'm just a name that sounds the same. And the aftermath of the dreams unfounded, un-astounded, but still surrounded.


Things that you will never know, is how hard I've tried to let you go.

Though devastation's left behind, I often answer...oh me... ..I'm fine.

You cannot grasp the heart I gave, our friendship you still could've saved.

I sacraficed...I gave all of it, and in return you gave me shit.

Things you can't comprehend what hurts the most, is you were my friend.

As other's wait for my heart to mend, they ask of me, when will it mend.

And since it's been so ever slow, these are things we will never know.

How free is a mind...

How free is a mind that stands in lines.  And think it's free and says it's free.  It professes to be profound, and even on the ground it's falling down.  Lesser of the evils of what?  What is the evil that is true?  You speak of them... well I speak of you.  Speak of something that must be said, not re-iterate on subjects misled.  The sheep that graze do for instinct, for the one that does not, becomes extinct.  Do not for a moment go on, about how individual you are because you are so wrong.  You meshed with this and that and you affix labels and call of it fact.  Knowledge isn't a university, it's experiences in all it's diversity.  Facts can be forged and blades forged from steel, but the steel that cuts is the forge that is real.  Do you read...do you feel what is said, or are the minds of the masses already dead.  Do you think...do you know of this thought or have the minds of the masses started to rot.  Wake up and see it for as it is true, that everything true is true just to you.


My Media Whore… (read the bold truths)

Stand before the fools… parading for the grading, your self respect degrading.

Evading knowledge because your flesh displays pays, what’s your life worth?

Your birth is but a wasted life, when you sell your body for a set price.

Give into temptations of depravation; dejection of morals, catering to the callous.

Malice and deceptions is your encryption to conceal your depression.

Obsessions fill your shallow mind, and you see no one outside your kind.

Yet all I say is wasted words, because to you I speak of things absurd.


Time fades away the memories, clouded thoughts, drifting dreams;

My seams become unraveled, as I traveled through my life.

Good times, good thoughts, good dreams.

Time takes away my youth, apathetic now, maturing thinking.

My weakening inner-child slows; as my age grows through my life.

Good times, good thoughts, good dreams.

Time passes away my family, my mentors, my friends;

My trends causes sadness, this is the madness through my life.

Good times, good thoughts, good dreams.


"The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes."

-Frank Lloyd Wright


We often have only one chance to do things right; and it always seems the right thing, is never the easiest thing to do. It is the darkest times where we are tested. They are what define us. It is not what we eat but what we digest that makes us strong; not what we gain but what we save that makes us rich; not what we read but what we remember that makes us learned; and not what we profess but what we practice that gives us integrity. -Sir Francis Bacon
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