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Work last night was hell. People were sent home early, the store was left a mess, Mealley was mad at Eva and it was busy. It finally died off after 4am. The store was unusually busy after 3am. The bar rush is from 2am to 2:30am. But there were these two guys that I think wanted to kick some ass but the car in front of them had like ordered 15 Jumo Jacks and wanted a like a whole case of ranch. Go figure, I thought they were drunk and stoned. But the two men offered to kick their asses but I said no, they didn't hassel me. They then tried to give me both of their numbers and were saying that if I needed any help with assholes again, to give them a call. Maybe things have changed; I haven't worked graveyard in a month... I was going to try to change stores but I thought about it some more and I have come to realize that Eva and Mike Link have the final say on where I go. I don't think I'll be able to go anywhere anytime soon... I have a new computer on the way from Dell. It's a new Inspiron 1501. And I got it for only $27 a month for like a year or something. But way cool. I have to send my old Dell back in so they can recycle it. Makes me feel good inside...


Ain't nobody dope as me I'm just so fresh and so clean...
Tell me a secret. Yours, someone elses. It doesn't matter. Do it annonymously. Your IP address will not be logged. Tell me anything. No one will know it's you. A secret about you, about someone you know. Here's a website where people make postcards with big secrets, and send them in! http://postsecret.blogspot.com/


Thunder, lightening and snow. All at once. Who knew...
So I go to the doctors the other day right? Well, it turns out I have a sinus infection that could have turned inot a viral bronchial infection which then in turn could have turned into walking pneumonia. The doc said I was lucky I came in when I did. She gave me some drugs to take, a note for my boss telling her I needed the rest of the week off and a pat on the back... I took the note to work and my boss looked at me like I had faked the note. I gave her my doctors phone number so she could call in case she didn't believe the note. I walked out the door laughing... The next day me and some of my friends went to Seattle for the day. Low and behold when we get off the freeway, my boos was in her car right next to me!!!!!!!!!! There must be like oh, I dunno, 300,000 people in Seattle at least? And she had to be there, right next to me!!!! She didn't see me, I don't think. But if she did, she would have called me...
As the rain keeps on flowin', I get more depressed about work. Yes I got my promotion and along with that, some damn fine medical benefits, but, The Assistant Manager at work is being a dick. He says there are rumors going around about him and another employeee. Now, this employee, Jackie, and him are doing stuff upstairs in the office. Now the question is, what exactlly are they doing? No one knows but everyone does know that everytime the A.M., John, comes in, Jackie runs off to be with him for like 30 min. So, with that said, there is this other employee, Claudia, who got angery because she couldn't transfer with another manager to a different store. Claudia told Eva, the store manager, that John and Jackie were doing something. Eva always comes up to me because she knows that nothing gets by me. Everyone tells me something or I observe whats going on. Of course, the whole crew likes John, so I have been standing up for him and saying no, I haven't seen anything going on between them. But the other day, John was being a dick. He came in 30 min late, took a fucking hour to do the deposit and after that, had 3 fucking smoke breaks before he actually did some kind of work. he started getting this attitude with me and I was like, what the fuck? So, since I haven't done anything wrong for him, I'm just goiung to fuck him over. He already put in his 2 weeks, but that doesn't mean you need a PMSing little bitch the rest of the time your there. And I'm going to say exactlly that during the meeting today. Fuck him, 've done my damnest for him and I get shit on in return. Sorry, I had to vent...
Who made cornbread muffins? I made cornbread muffins...
Who's going to the BODIES... The Exhibition???? I AM!!!!!!! http://www.bodiestheexhibition.com/bodies.html
So I have been fending off this cold/flu thing for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Turns out, I do have the flu. I took yesterday and today off from work, I'm so sick. But Sunday, ooooohhhhhhhh boy. I got up around 6AM to get ready for work. My shift was from 7AM to 3PM. Then I get home, go out to eat and what not, basically, living my life. Then I get this call and I have to come in and finish a graveyard shift. So, 24 hours, no sleep, I'm sick and the lobby is sssssoooooo cold, the 28 degree weather outside was warmer. Then Eva, the sotre manager called and asked if I *wanted* to work my normal shift on Monday, the 7AM to 3PM. I cussed her out and she started laughing like it was April Fool's day. Now, Kimme, a fellow coworker, and I are meeting with her boos about her. She's freaking out and bribing people so that we can say good stuff about her. And this is only fast food. God I hate my job...
So Rocco and I went to the Zao Noodle Bar tonight to meet with a friend to talk some bullshit. And our server said something first about if we went to school together or not. I was like, uh I dunno. It turns out we did. She had to ask me what my name was but I was the one who remembered her name and what classes we took together. Here I can remember that but I have a hard time with medical terminology- go figure...
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