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As the rain keeps on flowin', I get more depressed about work. Yes I got my promotion and along with that, some damn fine medical benefits, but, The Assistant Manager at work is being a dick. He says there are rumors going around about him and another employeee. Now, this employee, Jackie, and him are doing stuff upstairs in the office. Now the question is, what exactlly are they doing? No one knows but everyone does know that everytime the A.M., John, comes in, Jackie runs off to be with him for like 30 min. So, with that said, there is this other employee, Claudia, who got angery because she couldn't transfer with another manager to a different store. Claudia told Eva, the store manager, that John and Jackie were doing something. Eva always comes up to me because she knows that nothing gets by me. Everyone tells me something or I observe whats going on. Of course, the whole crew likes John, so I have been standing up for him and saying no, I haven't seen anything going on between them. But the other day, John was being a dick. He came in 30 min late, took a fucking hour to do the deposit and after that, had 3 fucking smoke breaks before he actually did some kind of work. he started getting this attitude with me and I was like, what the fuck? So, since I haven't done anything wrong for him, I'm just goiung to fuck him over. He already put in his 2 weeks, but that doesn't mean you need a PMSing little bitch the rest of the time your there. And I'm going to say exactlly that during the meeting today. Fuck him, 've done my damnest for him and I get shit on in return. Sorry, I had to vent...
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