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Violent Tease's blog: "Poems"

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I've always wrote about the bad in my life

Always emphasized  on my lows and my strife

But there's a story left untold

And I feel as if it's time to let it unfold

Such as I didn't fight to get ahead

I used my intelligence instead

And I deserve this place in life I've built

I will never allow myself to get swallowed by guilt

Because there was no pretty face to get me by

No rich parents to act as my ally

I relied on deception and manipulation

Until I miraculously bloomed and learned to use temptation

Such a sad world when tits and ass control a man

Something I could never comprehend

But it was my ticket to rise

While the need for admiration led to an unseen surprise

 I had fallend in love

And I saw it as a sign from above

As the one thing that became my decline in power and demise

I could no longer embrace this horrible facade

No longer deny the destrustion I brought

For it was the answer I had so longingly sought

They refer to me as the Mighty Tease

Bitch please

I'm the best damn thing by an extreme degree

And I'll bring any man to his knees

If he doesn't end up on the short end of a leash


I'll admit I'm rather eccentric at times

Although  I believe my oddities make me rather sublime


Maybe I'm just a little above your intellectual reach

But better to practice what you preach

Than to follow a bunch of shepardless sheep

Oh hell I probably lost you now in my senseless babble

Or is it more sensable thank you're willing to dabble

As it's not often that I'm able to express

Just how much I cherish the ability to impress

Those that simply fall under the illogical assumption

Of my damn kitty being the only thing on me that functions

So I hope they'll find themselves otherwise advised

That it wasn't my body that allowed me to survive 


I've got an arsenal of abilities to counter those beliefs

Any attempt to even manage a decent retort is wek

So remember who owns this title as the master of tease

And keep your ass in line like a good chess piece

Imperfections stare at me through the mirror
Their cruel words echoing in my ears
The time spent on attempting perfection all but lost
No matter the effort I put into it never worth the cost
Unable to achieve the standards I've set so high
And feeling less than desirable always asking why
Taking one picture after the next to just get it right
A losing battle no matter how hard I fight
A different hair color every couple months
The craving to be the natural me not considered even once
I've lost myself after all these years of trying to appease everyone else
And feeling that I'm only able to fail
the simplicity of wanting to be praised and adored taking first place
Something I've come to think  I don't deserve
But regardless of how absurd 
It'll only grow worse
Its eating me alive on the inside  
Yet I can't escape it, can't hide
The need to be loved will consume me until the day I die.

*****I wrote this poem in realization that some of us suffer from things that are often beyond our control. I wrote this in honesty.****

Though I drove aimlessly, unsure of my destination, I was blindly being lead exactly where I needed to be.
The incompleteness of my life, the emptiness inside, the walls I had hidden behind collapsed around me
Life can change in an instant, for better or worse: Life can end in a moment, one careless act can change it all
The strength to progress is minimal, the desire to get up is minute sometimes, even the best of us fall
I have seen moments where I wanted to lay down and die, give in and succumb to the grim reapers desire
Through blinded eyes I see a light, as bright as the sun, feel the intense heat from an immense ball of fire
Am I dead? Have I finally tempted fate one time too many? Am I doomed to spend an eternity in this hell?
I close my eyes and imagine what could have been one last time. I feel peace coming over me, all is well.
I awake to an image of my truck engulfed in flames, upside down. Someone is trapped inside
I try to scream out, but the words won't come. It's my fault, for turning my life into such a wild ride
I feel a tugging at my arm, my body is being violently shaken. I can't make the trembling cease
I had no idea that this could happen, why me? I promised her forever. May she rest in peace!

Everything was beautiful, the sky such a perfect baby blue, the rays of sun almost transparently visible. I could hear the crickets chirp, feel the fresh dew as I lay on the grass. Even the repressed memories of my childhood, the abuse, neglect, those memories I had tried so hard to black out, suddenly disappeared. This euphoria is unimagineable, unattainable, I have finally found my true love. I could not imagine how incomplete my life really was until I found my soulmate. This feeling so pure, so wonderful, how could I have ever lived without? My heart feels so warm, finally complete, working in overdrive, racing at just the thought of this love and adoration. 

My eyes slowly close as I drift off to sleep, but suddenly I am awakened by a tingling, a burning sensation that overwhelms my body. I can hear distant sounds but they are too minute to understand. 
I open my eyes as my body jerks, I can finally hear the word that has been repeating through my mind. 

I feel myself fading away with a pounding in my chest, gasping for air, I look down and see that my baby is still with me, nourishing my body as she slowly kills every last cell. Love hurts, but I never thought it would hurt so wonderfully... 

I feel the darkness coming in on me and I remember how great she felt the first time, I never thought I would find a love so pure, but that would cost me so much... 

I died with her in my arms, her name was Heroin... 

The note was written through tear filled eyes, explaining the misery that I had experienced, and that this time I simply could not hold on any longer, I needed a break. Everything was done, I checked the stove twice, coffee pot was off but I assumed to unplug it would be better, the dog had food and water. The front door was locked, thermostat was set at a reasonable level. Dinner was on the table, laundry was put away, everything anyone might notice was taken care of. It would not matter at all if I decided to leave, he would not even notice I was gone until he needed something, Would anyone even miss me? This was the last time I would hide the cuts and bruises behind make-up and sunglasses. My biggest nightmare had come true, and the only person to blame was me. 
I walked back up the stairs one last time to make sure she was nestled securely in her bed, I could hear the repetitious breathing like so many times before, the soothing sounds of peaceful slumber. I went back down the stairs, took one last look around as I stepped into the garage. This would be the last time I ever called this place home. 
I took one last deep breath, steadied myself on shaking legs. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, heard my daughters trembling voice, "Mommy what are you doing out here", as I pulled the trigger............

The memory of that night still plays constantly through my mind like a video reenactment stuck on repeat. There is no rewind, fast-forward, pause, eject... The horror just as fresh as the blood that trickled down her blouse. The crimson red glowed in the moonlight, each new source as beautiful as the last, like poetry in motion, an artists' final masterpiece. Completely magical how her tears blended with my chosen color to create an opaquely pink streak down one side of her neck. The champagne-like nectar, it's bitter taste reminiscent of the bitterness she held towards me, yet I could not get enough. An overwhelming desire, almost an addiction, a thirst I could not quench. The knife was my paintbrush, her gown my canvas, a piece of art that noone will ever see, at a price that one could not afford to pay. I am an artist, and I made beautiful work out of a being so horrible. 
You are welcome baby... 

Who would have ever thought that crimson red could have such a brilliant glow
There was so much blood. How anyone could live through that I did not know
Through tear filled eyes I watched as she gasped for one last breath
She fought so hard to survive, but we both knew she had nothing left
In it's own morbid way there was a certain beauty in her empty stare
As if he had brought peace to a life of agony, hurt, and despair 
I closed my eyes and hoped that maybe this was all just a dream
Perhaps I had only imagined the horrible things I had just seen
Why couldn't I stop him? I was her last hope and I let her down
Like I was standing on the shore, watching as she drowned
I just want it to be over, but it seems like this is merely where it begins
He glanced into the hallway mirror and smiled as I looked back at him

Well..it's been a while

So um...let me kick this off

And uh, I promise it'll clear up any questions


Damn right I'm the ex

And damn right I'm the best

You'll never find anyone to take my place

You can tell 'em you love 'em all you want

But you'll be seeing my face


And no matter how far you run

You can't get rid of what you've done

You had a girl that woulda given you the world

Now you're too busy wishin you could get me outa your head

Because you turned your back instead



So fuck all those fakes who pretend they have you

They don't and you and I both know it's the truth

But hell go ahead an let 'em try

They won't get very far

All those bitches know I got your heart



Who woulda thought

We ain't fighting no one but ourselves


So I''m just gonna kick it 

Let everyone think they got you on around their thumb

Gonna watch them try to get close

Play a little dumb

And give them deuces as the pass by


I never thought it would play out this way

But hell we did it to each other

What can either of us really say

These coy hazel eyes hide a heart so cold

They will capture your heart and steal your soul

And I will kill and good intentions you've ever had

I'll become the obsession that drives you mad

I'll be the poision you'll willingly take

I'm best and worst decision you'll ever make

I can fullfill your darkest wish

And torment you with your most twisted wish

I will tempt you with lust and affection

So you will will lose all sense of direction

I will corrupt any innocence left within your mind

I will destroy any sense of love in you I can find

I will feast upon your heart like a untreatable disease

So that you'll only suffer if you ever try to leave

You should have never trusted me....

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