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Dam Alcohol!!!!
this blog is for my lil sis who's birthday happens to be on this same day we celebrate our independence, i just want her to know she'll never be forgotten so every year i celebrate the time we had together and also i celebrate ur rebirth as my guardian angel looking down on ur big bro protecting me from myself, so baby girl i know when i feel that warm hand on the back of my neck when i act up it's you putting me in line, i love you sis and i'll never forget....anybody who reads this blog just do me a favor.....whether it's to yourself or out loud just say the name CARLA...i know she's listening "RIP SIS"!!!!! ok my cherry friends i'm going out of town tomorrow morning for my nieces graduation and will probably stay for the weekend so i won't be on here but feel free to leave me a message, rate me or whatever and i'll get back to you when i get back...much love to you all!!! ok ladies enough about the cramps and periods, i just caught my manhood in my never heard a grown
Things In My Head ... Typed Out
You make my heart hurt A talent I am sure you enjoy How could you not You’re so good at it Like it was your purpose in life A calling some might say How did you get so good at it? Were you born with it or did you seek it out? Do you keep a trophy of your past victims? Sift through them here and there for a laugh? Marvel at your abilities Chuckle at the stupidity of others? Your mind games are eminent How you pride yourself at looking innocent Fooling all that cross your path Make them believe you are pure and true Almost Getty because they are falling for it You think to yourself “Stupid girl, she has no idea I am going to make her prove her devotion to me Promise me that she will obey all I ask If she disagrees… well then I shall play the martyr And make her feel like utter shit for thinking for herself Silly girl, you must follow all my rules If they are questioned, that shows your lack of devotion to me But if you stutter at any time in your answer or you d
The Dark Mumblings Of Disiam
if i see more bs pics ill be sick,so new policy is no ratings on stock photos,if you designed it,great,but if you just added some shitty pic of nascar from the web,its just point whoringand that many tributes can there be as well?cant anything happen withoutany false outpouring of"sympathy?"youd think this was a world of perfection and harmony the way everyone cries about"tragedy".again,i say fuck it-wheres the tribute for all the homeless that our system of govt failed to protect?or the veterans who come home maimed so we can sit on our asses all day online without worrying about suicide bombers or rockets hailing down on us.think aboutthese things as youwhine about points,nsfw or what ever else is troubling your assinine mind-you know who you are CUZ I SMELL LIKE EUCALYPTUS.AND SPEARMINT.SO WHO IS THE FAIREST OF ALL-WHY IT NOT ME.ANYWAY,I HAVE LEPROSY.OR DO I?NOBODY READS THESE ANYWAY,THEY JUST CLICK 10 -SO GO AHEAD,STROKE ME OFF WITH ANOTHER 10 AND ANOTHER TILL I CREAM G
and if you girls have yahoo plz add me to your list and i will talk to you on there my yahoo id is or if any girl wants to talk call me 423-723-7831i want a girl in tennessee that is single and that wants to hang out with me today and tomorow my name is jeremy and i have brown hair and brown eyes and im a single tennessee boy and i work and looking for someone to hang out with if any girl would like to call and talk to me here is my cell number 423-723-7831
Pet's Blog
Subject: I would like to discuss what exactly is Christian about what you do. Dear Westboro Baptist Church; I understand the concept; you and YOUR God (not the generally accepted God, and most definitely not my set of Gods) hate fags, including myself. Fine. You claim that because God hates fags, they kill straight people to show you all that we need to die. Doesn't make much sense, since God could just kill us and be done with it, allowing you "true Christians" to bop each other's brains out and procreate at will. But I can understand to some degree, at least. However, do you seriously intend to cause much more pain to the innocent people who had their son taken from them by YOUR God (to show them that fags are evil of course) by shouting and pretending like they're equally to blame for our being allowed to live and be gay? For instance, I can pretty much guarantee that half of the mothers grieving over the bodies of their dead children are ounce for ounce as conserv
Sensual Bren Erotic Story!
DESIRE BY: BRENDA L. I do know as I grew older and began to understand my sexual feelings and desires the fantasy grew stronger and stronger. While I didn't really dare to let this fantasy free it began to fill my thoughts. As I would make love with my partner, I would dream about filling her with my seed without the protection of a condom, diaphragm or the pill. It wasn't just the desire to have unprotected sex, it was the desire to really impregnate my partner and partners. To put my semen in their fertile wombs and make babies. Of course I could have already made my fantasy come true. I am a tall handsome man of twenty eight from a rich family. I can generally have my choice of women to have sex with. I could marry some girl with a family on her mind and have a couple of children. I am sure that I was on that path. I would get to fulfill my fantasy and desire a couple of times in a lifetime and I know I am supposed to be happy with that. T
Almost Had It All, Or Not
Normally you're very generous, but right now you feel like holding yourself farther away from the madding crowd. Well, what of it? A regal type like you has the right to change your mind -- it's your prerogative. well idk bout the regal part, but the rest of it sounds fine with me ;) this video, well the lyrics to the song are how i feel right now... so i dont know how it happend but smehow i lost the ring Jason gave me. i took it off to take a shower and st it on the counter just like i always do and got dressed and checked on the sauce i was making. this is when i got on the computer not thinking about needing to put my rings back on. They are usually safe on the counter. well jason got home and i remembered to put my rings back on. only they weren't there. jason said that he saw one of my rings there, but that he didnt see the diamond ring. i tore the entire house apart looking for it. i looked under every bed, as a matter of fact i even decided to wash all the she
For My Family And Vic922
Music Video Codes By Music
About Dice
Hasnt been long ago I ran into an issue on here. I dont know if men really think with there hearts anymore or if " Saying I LOVE YOU " is just something they use these days. Anyway, Im not going to ramble on like a mad cow but, I will say life you learn as a child growing up that you are loved by your parents and that 2 I LOVE YOU is a strong word. Throwing the word around is something alot of people do today.I understand there are different types of love dont get me wrong.Saying I love you as a friend is one thing but,when you talk about marriage and kids and spending the rest of your life together thats a whole different kind of love in my book. So, this is to the man and you know who you are that seems to lead a woman on..I hope one day in life you find happiness and truley understand what the word LOVE stands for. And as for Roger ty for being the man that you are. Its nice to know that there are true men out there like yourself.So my motto is dont say it if you dont mean
Poems I've Written
If sweetness could define The meaning of life Where would you and I be Just a memory Or something that withstands The very last moment we have in time People come, people go Who wants to be an average Joe Real friends stand together When times get tough That's why I count on you To pick me up if I should fall Thanks for being my friend Someone I can always depend upon To get me through to the next day I thank God for you Knowing your only a call away Just a simple hello speaks volumes to me So now a lamey down to sleep When I wake up in the morning I pray your still with me If I ever lost you My world would become bleak I love you now and forever until eternity Amen BY: William Burton Twist of fate.... The rage has begun What once was tolerable now has become extinct A ravine of great distance The storm begins brewing Nothing in it's path will be spared A clash between the old and new transforms time A break of the pattern You
Being With Out You!!
First Blog
Today was Monday, but I woke with the thought - I was going to be happy not matter what! After a full day at work - I was, even knowing what tomorrow brings. I was happy I talked with Holley on the phone and well that always makes me happy, chatted with Shawna and that Smartass Texas B**** here on fubar their great peopl,fun friends - then I posted a status on yahoo messenger that read "Sex on TV can't hurt- unless you fall off" all in the fun of things being I was happy feeling fun.- then I got a message about my status and how I have kids and I was participating in pornography?? for a humorus status?? ok Well the emotions that I was tring to hind now hit me like a brick wall! Happy was gone! reality was here! January 29 was comming like or not!! for years it's been just my dads birthday good times for many years - fishing trips, strip joints many good times, but now my father is sick and this will more than likey be his last birthday - but even with this - at 76 his life has be
Live, Laugh, And Love To The Fullest!!
My cousin, who was just like a sister, is gone. She was so young and still had so much to experience. She had yet to experience true love, marriage, a child, the world. As I stood looking at her open casket it really hit me. She is truly gone. The one thing, the one thing is that she truly looked like herself. She had her favorite hoodie on, her makeup the way she always wore it, and it truly was her. Most of the time people do not always look like themselves, and they always are in a dress or suit. But too look at her, she was Krissy. The beautiful fun loving Krissy that I would see around and she had that smile. That beautiful signature smile that no one has. She was who she was and she had a wonderful attitude about things. She would always say, "Live life to the fullest. You never know when those dearest to you will be taken away." So I guess that is what we all should listen to. Live and love to the fullest. If God sends something special your way. Do not let it go. I use to baby
You scored as Morning horny. You get up, you get hot. You want some after getting up, or possibly, before getting up. You like to have it when you have woken up and before it's not too day time. Mornings have sometimes mist, clouds and morning sun, and of course always new day and no worries! Although if you companion is too tired you might get frustrated.Night horny100%Morning horny100%Day horny100%How HORNY are you after all? The porno of Jeffre's life will be called ... "Freak-Show Love" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' center>Your hottest bedroom accessory is yourself You are damn hot and you don’t need anything else to help you seduce your man or woman. To you, the look of your bedroom comes in second to all of your bedroom activities. Take this quiz
Sexy Babygirl
I WAS PUT IN THIS BY A FRIEND ,, I'M STILL LEARN THINGS SO I DONT BELONG TO A BOMB GROUP YET SO IF YOU WANT AND COULD SHOW SUM LUV MANY THANX AND LUV 2 YA HERES THE LINK TO THE CONTEST As I stood there, in that desolate place, observing the minions of life, she appeared from nowhere, her eyes, fixed on me, as if with evil intent. She approached me and took my hand, but with no words. We admired each other from so close, yet, it felt as if she was worlds away. Her hair shone in the evening light as if it were sewn from stands of diamonds, her skin was smooth as silk, it was as if she was an angel. I had never seen anyone like her in my entire life. We stood there for what felt like an eternity. She smiled at me, the temptation was too great, I pulled her close to me and kissed her. It was a passionate yet unruly kiss, it was so meaningful, yet, it meant nothing. The clouds gathered and soft rain began to fall from the darkend skys. We ran underneath a tre
What Different Horoscopes Say About Me Add to your address book. First Quarter Moon, May 23, 5:04 AM EST Dear Tammy, I'm so happy to have this opportunity to prepare this forecast for you. I am a firm believer in the knowledge and richness that astrology can bring to our lives, and I hope you'll find my forecast contributions useful and rewarding. I am so excited to introduce you to Rochelle Gordon, a renowned astrologer who is working with me to prepare your weekly forecast. This very talented and well-respected astrologer is extremely knowledgeable in astrology and esoteric topics. In fact, she has authored and edited numerous books and articles in the astrological and new age fields. I know that she will bring a unique dimension to the weekly interpretation of your horoscope, and I have full confidence that you will enjoy and benefit from her perspectives too. One of the things I'm especially excited about is shar
Mindless Insanity
I’m so sick of fake ass people.  We all know these people.  We all tolerate these people to a certain degree in our lives.  But everyone knows someone that can never shut up, won’t let you answer their own question, always has to tell a better story then you.  These are the people that wonder the streets continuously speaking gibberish loud enough for everyone to hear.  Aimlessly going through life thinking everything they do or say carries such great importantance and will change your life.   These people are the ones filling the streets causing most accidents and the same dumb fucking retards that have to stop and look at every damn accident to see every detail.  These are same people that listen, call and believe every single stupid dumb thing they hear on talk radio.  The dumb fuck I speak of is someone I work with.  He was on the front lines of the war as a gunner.  I enjoy teasing him saying the dumb ones are the first ones.  The smart ones are in the back telling you
My Friend
countryboy4u@ fubar Cajun Cherry ~ Member of The Misfit Angels Leveling Crew ~ ~Global Bombers~@ fubar Today countryboy4u and i are getting married, and we are having a fubar wedding, this evening at 6:30 p.m. at the ** fubar beach wedding chapel**
Off Again...
Well ya'll, here we go again... Just got my traveling orders from Dispatch for next week. Headed for Atlanta. Have to shuttle trailers back and forth from Knoxville, TN. to Atlanta for a Big convention. Sooooooo.....If you see a Big Red Peterbilt with "Doug Andrus" all over it....HONK AND WAVE!!! But please wave ALL your fingers at me K??? LOL Hi Ya'll... Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.....I have decided that if you just wanted the points, or, the ego trip for being on my friends list, but you won't take the time to say hi or actually be a "Friend" i am going to start deleting. I appreciate everything, but I really don't need "Points Getters" as friends. So if your Picture all of a sudden disappears you'll know why. I'm here to REALLY make friends, and I could care a rats arss about points, fanning, or any of the other ego crap. Well here it is....Thursday Morning 7:15 my time, 9:15 Atlanta time and I'm still here. Why did I EVER take this gig I will never know. I have be
A stranger was seated next to a little girl on the airplane when the stranger turned to her and said, 'Let's talk. I've heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.' The little girl, who had just opened her book, closed it slowly and said to the stranger, 'What would you like to talk about?' 'Oh, I don't know,' said the stranger. 'How about nuclear power?' and he smiles. 'OK, ' she said. 'That could be an interesting topic. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff - grass - . Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?' The stranger, visibly surprised by the little girl's intelligence, thinks about it and says, 'Hmmm, I have no idea.' To which the little girl replies, 'Do you really feel qualified to discuss nuclear power when you don't know shit? I was on My fave alt life
Random Babbling.
I mean, I know it's me in the picture...but I have some idiot leaving me comments and telling me that a specific picture isn't me, he knows who it is and for me to take it down. Let's see, it's me a year ago when I still had my long brown hair, in my ex's bedroom WHILE he was in the shower and I had just gotten my new camera. The light if bright in the picture so he says it's a red head not a brunette. Why in the hell would I steal someone else's bathing suit picture when I have nudes up? What, it's the ONE picture you can't see my face in so that means it's not mine? Fucking dumbass. Honestly, I'd like to know why I fall for the guys that just want to fuck me over. Can't I meet a guy who's actually going to be a man, be honest, truthful, and just say it like it is? No games, no running around behind my back. I just want some genuine honesty. That's all. PLEASE help me to get to 25,000 comments. Just comment or comment bomb my picture at the ling below. Thanks guy ♥ htt
You scored as Kairi. You are Kairi! Both Riku and Sora like Kairi but Riku has backed off and Kairi likes Sora. She cannot see Sora until he gets back from his adventure and same for Riku. Kairi is tired of being left out of the adventure and wants to go everywhere with Sora and Riku. She is pure hearted.Kairi100%Sora80%Namine60%Roxas60%Ansem the wise40%Xemnas0%Riku0%What Kingdom Hearts 2 character are you? pics included. (i love comments. Send comments!)created with You scored as rum. you are rum. you are adventurous and fun loving, but laid back and cool. you like to travel and love good times. rum100%
My Ppl
Bury me a G/child of godAdd to My Profile | More Videos Tu Pac- Hit Em' UpAdd to My Profile | More Videos Ice cube feat Bigg Snoop & Lil jon - Go to churchAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Submissive BDSM Play Partner Checklist This checklist should be filled out by a Sub and provided to their Dom/Top before playing with them. This will provide a quick "head-start" to identifying limits, negotiating and finding common ground for play. Dominants may wish to work through the checklist, to get a better handle on their specific interests. Switches should go through the checklist twice; one persons Dom and Sub interests may be very different. For each item, you need to provide two answers: For experience, write YES or NO next to each item to indicate if you have ever DONE that activity. Mark N/A if it does not apply to your gender. For willingness, indicate for each item how you feel about DOING that activity by rating it on a scale of NO or Zero to 5. "?" means you don't understand what the item is attempting to describe. NO means you will NOT do that item under any circumstances (a hard limit). 0 (zero) indicates you have utterly no desire to do that
Love Poems
I Have A Locked Heart, Someone Is Holding The Key. I Will Know Who He Is When He Stands In Front Of Me. I Will Deep Look Into His Eyes, Will See That The Love is Not A Disguise. He'll Place A Sweet Passionate Kiss Upon My Lips That Will Make My Heart Do Flips. He'll Touch Me In A Way That I Can Not Describe. He'll Take The Key, Open My Heart. From That Day On, We Will Never Apart. For The One I Love With All My Heart!! Please Do Not Copy!! I Think Of You Each Morning And Dream About You Each Night. I Think Of Your Arms Being Around Me And Cannot Express My Delight. We Have So Much More Than I Ever Thought We Would, I Love You More Than I Ever Thought I Could. All I Ever Wanted Was To Be Part Of Your Heart And For Us To Be Together, To Never Be Apart. I Dream Of Your Touch While You Are Away, I Dream Of Your Smile All Through The Day. I Remember The Day You Can Into My Life. I Dream Of The Day That I Will Be Your Wife. I Dream Of The Day That I Can Fall Asleep
Too Funny Holy shit can ya believe the news!!!??? Dale Jr. just announced that starting in 2008 for five years he will drive for Hendricks racing. He will fill the car that Kyle Busch will be vacating at the end of the year. No announcement on car numbers or sponser packages but it is official, Jr. drives for Hendricks for the next five years Follow the link above,comment and vote,please i need all the help i can get,im losin my butt right now,if ya have some extra time please stop by and help me out,all bombers welcome lol
My Prays an Thought's go out to everyone who has lost someone or had something Taken from them on this day 11/9/01 though it has been now 6yrs it still makes me cry an wonder "WHY" this was done for? So My Prayes an Thought's are with you all. Bye for now Your Good Friend Brian Kelly. Here in Australia. A man was extremely overweight, so his doctor put him on a diet. “ I want you to eat regularly for two days, then skip a day,” he told Him. “Do this for two weeks. Then next time I see you, you should Have lost a few kilo’s. When the man came back two weeks later, he had lost 10 kilos. “That’s amazing!” the doctor said. “And you did this just by Following that simple diet plan?” The man nodded. “I’ll tell you, though , I thought I was going to drop Dead the third day.” “ From hunger, you mean?” the doctor asked. “ No, from skipping!” ***** A women was driving her nine-year-old granddaughter to a Music lesson. The granddaughte
Life Through These Angel Eyes
I decided that I would create an Amazon account and create myself a few, more than a few...but thats only because I tried to organize know alot of models who have done this as a way for their photographers to get things that the models will enjoy shooting in and so maybe it will pay off that way for me woo..but either way here it is...:) ***Now most of these lists have things that I would like to have to modeling. "Clothes" Amazon Wishlist "Lingerie" Amazon Wishlist "Lets Play Dress Up" Amazon Wishlist "Shoes & More" Amazon Wishlist
Field Notes Of A Professional Heretic
Yeah, I know that I've been pretty silent lately. Well, I've been busy with crap at home and crap at work, and well, you are beginning to see the picture I imagine. I have a divorce date!! Jan 29, 2008 and I will party after it goes final. Of course, custody issues likely will not be finished by then, but that's just the way things go. However, I won't stress, I will do what I can from there. Work is the same pain in the arse it's always been. Preferred coworkers get to do whatever they wish with impunity as long as the lead likes them. I guess I'm the wrong gender. Instead I'm told I set the bar too high. Well, just because I'm damn good at what I do and I've the hardest area to work, I can't keep it all up forever. I'm looking forward to when the agreement runs out and I can start looking again. Had fun volunteering at my son's school and apparently, the school liked having me. Now they are looking to find a way to have me working for the district. Get my resume dusted of
Just Fuckin Pissed
9am showed up at the court house and as of now there is a restraining order against both the girl i threw out and her boy friend then went to the doctor who sent me to the hospital again......92% hering loss and a mild concusion and whip lash 2 restraining orders.. $500.00 1 doctors bill... $180.00 1 hospital bill...???? dont know yet Total cost = one dead couple bet me I dumped the dark side family for ripping my morph without even asking and thay couldnt even find the balls to rate it befor thay ripped it...well another person i do consider a friend and part of my family posted another buliton for them and here was my reply ~~~ FTW Lost Goth ~~~~ 2007-05-22 16:43:29 PFFFFFT not that crap again...i made it and dumped them..all thay did was rip my pics and never even rated them and here is the head of th dollies familys reply GothiqueTemptation ¢¾ Proud DAG Member ¢¾ Head Founder of the DSG&D 2007-05-22 16:47:22 FTW, you need to shut the hell
It is sometimes hard to cross that bridge, try something new, or make that change. But once you do, you will realize that things are usually never as bad as we imagine. - Michelle C. Ustaszeski - Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while. So when you are lonely, remember it's true Somebody somewhere is thinking of you. - K. Blackburn -
My Blog
Hey everyone i am writing this cause i feel i really wanna pour my heart out so here it goes i know i can't be perfect all the time no one is perfect but i do try to be a good friend i try to be there for all my friends but sometimes i feel i'm not being there or helping enough and i feel really bad but i do try hard and my best and I'm gonna be the best girlfriend to john cause i really do love him he means the world to me he's my everything and my life and i would do anything for him i will treat him very good thats a promise and i will never ever hurt him in anyway cause john is special and he makes me feel special he's the love of my life i thank god everynight that i have john in my life i'm so very lucky to have him and if i lost john then my life would be a big time mess i would be so messed up but i just want to say I Love You John with all of my heart but i have the greatest friends family and boyfriend in the world but sometimes i feel that i suck that i'm a loser and that i'
Cross Country Trip
Happy Friday and much Luv to my blog readers. I want to let all of you know that I am back home in Florida. All I can say is I had a blast. I will be posting pictures soon. Saying Hello and sending much luv to my blog readers. This will be my last blog entry for a few days. Tomorrow I will be riding with a few of my California friends up into the redwoods. No laptop, cell phone. Hopefully I will have plenty of pictures to post. Tuesday the 12th I begin my trip back to Florida. My drive east from the San Francisco area will take me to Reno, Nevada. From Reno to Salt Lake City, Utah then onto Cheyenne, Wyoming. From Cheyenne to Lincoln, Nebraska then south to Kansas City, Nashville to Atlanta and into Florida. Any of my CherryTap friends on my route? that would be cool to know. A big Hello and much luv to my Blog readers. Yesterday was a good day for a ride. My brother in Law had a place in mind to ride to that he thought I would enjoy. With gas tanks full he and I rode out of
ode to you vacuum salesman guy you absterge the carpet with such cultivationas your silver contrivance devours every molecule of mayhem you simper at the recognition of your obsidian chompersas you peer into your commiserable personage you notice that your life is full of mortification for you have failed you do not speculate ways to make it convalescent you just sit and grovel in your misfortunes and drop small ones on the floor
Rants, Raves & Misc
I posted a MuMM a while back that had the term "BBW" in it. I got a lot of mean comments. A lot. I was stunned by the number of 'adults' who found it appropriate to put down a complete stranger. But that's beside the point. Of all the comments received only one of them has stayed with me: "Why is it that every large woman calls herself a BBW?" To the woman who asked that question, I give you this answer: Every large woman calls herself a BBW because every large woman is a BBW. Every single woman in the world is beautiful. Every single one. Some women hold their beauty within their heart. Some women hold their beauty within their mind. And some women hold their beauty within their skin. But still, each and every one of us is beautiful in our own right. It doesn't matter if you, personally, find her physically attractive or not. There is someone out there who desires her. Someone who will see her as the beautiful creature she is. Someone who loves her ex
In Honor Of The Tropps All Men And Women Who Serve This Great Country
TALLIL, Iraq---While politicians in Washington D.C. argue about the war in Iraq, Nevada's 593rd MTC National Guard unit works overtime to make sure supplies are distributed by convoy across the war torn nation of Iraq. The 593rd arrived in Iraq last fall. “Being over here is alright,” said Sgt. Arland Stalker, 46. “We are over here for a job. It's what we train to do.” Stalker works as a trucker in Sandy Valley when not deployed. “The way I look at it, it's the same,” he said, adding “Everybody knows there are insurgents.” The extreme heat of Iraq has yet to come. Tallil is still wet. The fine desert has formed puddles of mud and water. Most walks end up with inches of mud caked to the soldier's boots. Trenches with water are dug between housing areas to drain the excess water. “It's not as bad as people think,” Specialist Jenna Snyder, 20, a 2004 graduate of Foothills High School. “It's improved from prior deployments; it's not horrible.” Snyder is a Motor Transport
Entré apresurado y con mucho hambre en el restaurante. Escogí una mesa bien lejos del movimiento, porque quería aprovechar los pocos minutos que disponía en aquel día para comer y corregir algunos errores de programación en un sistema que estaba desarrollando, además de planear mi viaje de vacaciones, cosa que hace mucho tiempo no tengo. Pedí un filete de salmón con alcaparras en mantequilla, una ensalada y un zumo de naranja, a fin de cuentas, hambre es hambre, pero régimen es régimen ¿no es verdad?. Abrí mi PC portátil y me asustó aquella voz bajita detrás mío: - ¿Señor, no tiene unas moneditas? - No tengo, muchacho. - Sólo una monedita para comprar pan. - Está bien, yo compro un pan para ti. Para variar, mi casilla de entrada está llena de e-mail. Quedé distraído al ver poesías, lindas presentaciones, riendo con los chistes malos... - Señor, pida margarina y queso para ponerle al pan.... Percibo en esos momentos que el niño se había quedado allí. -Ok. Voy a pe
I dont wanna be on the outside looking in. I have been there before,i dont wanna do it again. So come on baby, open up and let me in. Im sitting here with pen in hand, thinking about all that could be. Us walking hand in hand down by the sea, strolling thru the park long after dark. I dont wanna be on the outside looking in Ihave been there before i dont wanna do it again. So come on baby, open up and let me in. I will be there for you baby' I wont ever let you down. when ever you need me hony, just call my name and ill be there. I dont wanna be on the outside looking in, so come on abby let me in. my days are dark, and my nights are darker. my world is crashin, I feel like slashin. I'm on the edge I want to jump off, I'm on a downword spiral. I pray for impact. I tried to get drunk and pass-out. just so i couldnt feel the pain. Pictures of him loveing you, was more then i could stand. It played over and over in my head.        chorus So I d
They say you should “write what you know”. A million novelists and columnists have probably written on this subject, but if I wrote what I knew, it would mostly be a whining diatribe of my personal memoirs. So I choose to write about another subject, perhaps a dream, a figment of my imagination. A fantastical illusion that invaded my subconscious moments…will it make me a million dollars? Probably not. But somehow, getting this out of my head and onto paper makes me feel like I will. This is Josie’s story. She’s your daughter, your grandchild, your lover, your best friend. She’s not perfect, her flaws crawl into your heart of hearts and grab hold before you ever knew she was there. She’s crafty, she’s smart. She’s the girl you perhaps wanted to be, once in your life, but never had the courage. So you can see how she invaded me, caught me off guard in a poem. Her name then was Josephine. -------------------------------------------- It used to be an easy life. Wa
My Life In General
I saw this in a bulletin and it really hit home for me. As some of you already know, I am a recovering Meth addict. I have been clean for 35 months. I am very proud of this accomplishment. I hope that by passing this information along, I may be able to help someone to not end up where I was. Any person who would give this terrible drug to a child is lower than low. I hope that these people are caught and put under the next federal prison that is built. Please read and pass this along. Thanks, Mystie There is a type of crystal meth going around that looks like strawberry pop rocks. It smells like strawberry also and it is being handed out to kids in school yards in AR. I'm sure it will make its way around the country. Kids are ingesting this thinking it is candy and being rushed off to the ER in dire condition. It also comes in chocolate, peanut butter, cola,cherry, grape and orange. It looks just like pop rocks. Please instruct children to not accept candy that lo
What I Like
And their dance will be as magical as flowers in winter, and their touch as soft as the silky veils on the marble stones, and their eyes will kill the sinfull mortal souls, and their smiles will chain the heart to an immortal dream...the dream of the perfect love, the dream of the falling stardust, the dream of dresses made by moon rays. Their hair will blow in the wind, the butterflies will play in their long hair, their feet will barely touch the ground in that crazy dance and the forest will get lost in that unstopable spin. No mortal soul is allowed to see their tragical lamment...the one that does is lost forever in the dream of the fairies. They bring the joy, they bring the richness and in the same time they bring the punishment...they bring the magic and they bring the spell, they bring love and revenge... On which side u will be on the night??? The night when the skies open and the Sanziene dance in the romanian magical forests? What will be the fate of the souls that se
Wise Words And Those To Which I Relate
This is a song by Zyklon, taken from their Aeon album. It's got some in depth themes. I'll state the meaning behind it as written in the album insert: "Biblical history has always presupposed a universal and eternal species for everything to be based on. The Christian worldview has, since the discoveries of Darwin in the 19th century, been caught up in the problem of credability of which they still suffer from today. Should Christianity modify their beliefs to modern science or still adhere to their original beliefs? Either way it will meen a fall of credability since it would involve either admitting their own ideological infirmity or display a remarkable low ability of adjusting themselves to modern times. The modern kind of religious theodicè" Planets beyond numbers; worlds concealed by faith Our thoughts will turn the sublunary worldview straight Order in chaos from an indefinite system One step mistaken and the great scale is broken Ever star a world we will call, The e
Love On Cherry Tap
I've been talking to my girlfriend and we've been discussing the way you get sucked into CT... how you meet people and think you care for them... What I want to know is 1) Have any of you 'fallen in love' on CT 2) Part two of that - have you ever met face to face that person? I'm really interested in hearing peoples stories... Has anyone out there really married someone they met? etc... Either comment on this blog... or send me an email to THX! Think carefully what you say and do... To my gf's there's a few here... that you should read and take to heart... “Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.” (god Pen and I knew this one LOL) “Love comes to those who still hope even though they've been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they've been betrayed, to those who still love even though they've been hurt before.” “I've learned that no matter how good a friend someone i
what happened i've been away, why has it now being called fubar? thanx to everyone who voted on my mumm, i have took your advice and i'm gonna go out with the lads and see how much alcohol i can consume before the night is through, much love people xx thanks to the person or persons who find humour offensive, a simple picture of me and my mates on daytona beach with our arses out having a laugh. to the person or persons involved you truly are the crumb of shit on the arsehole of the world
Thoughts From The Mouse
For a few of my friends out there, you are aware that I am a father. I have a 10 year old daughter out in the world. I say it this way, because the last time I really heard from her was over 4 years ago. Today really gets to me, not because I am considered a father, but because some of those out there that get praised for creating a child, yet do nothing to support them. Granted, I could do more for my daughter, even if I get no response from it ... but what about those that could do more for their children ... and choose not to? Why give them praise and credit? I think the single mother's that raise the children should get praised on Father's day as well. They are acting in the role of father & mother. A grand feat very few can handle. Now, I am guessing that my friends that do stop to read this, will see I mentioned that I was a father and leave cute lil graphics and messages for me. If you'd like, you can ... I don't feel much like a father, let alone a human being on
Wasted Life
New playlist in progress. No fucking around, straight up rip your fucking head off and fuck your bloody stump thrash. enjoi And can't you people think of anything productive to say in response to my obviously worthless thoughts and feelings.. other then the fact I eat wendy's. Ey guys/girls! I'd like to ask a small favor/few moments of your time! A really awesome local band called IMMORTAL DOMINION needs our votes for a sponsorship contest! If you would go to and vote for IMMORTAL DOMINION I'll give you a piece of my soul, or maybe a cookie? :D And if you'd like to check out who they are, they have a myspace! Thanks everyone! I love you! ~Aaron
A Swarthily Handsome Devil DATE: 15 Feb 2007, 10:01 pm I never would have believed I could survive without him. When I held him in my arms and watched him breathe his last breath, I thought that would be the hardest thing I'd ever do in this life. But I was wrong. Living without him has turned out to be so much harder. It doesn't feel like a year has passed since the light went out of my life, and the taste of food went with him. The reason it's called heartache is because it really is a physical pain in the heart. It seems like only yesterday Gus and I were at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix, in our season ticket seats that he surprised me with, watching our favorite Arizona Diamondback Luis Gonzalez playing left field, cheering him on together and laughing. Gus was The Sunshine Of My Life and my memories of him and his love for me are all that has sustained me through these long lonely months without him. I dreaded the first anniversary of his death much like I dreaded l
The Vo0d0o That You Do
Okay guys, let’s talk about fellatio.  You know, blow jobs. Going down.  Kissing the Cyclops.  Gobbling the rod.  I could go on and on.  I love it, I do, I’m one of those rare beautiful creatures who likes your cock in my mouth.  I don’t find it demeaning, I find it empowering.  That being said…  Gentlemen, stop it.  No really, knock it off already.  What you say?  Well that part is simple.  When I go down on you, quit worrying about how long you last.  Honestly.  I’ve had more than one guy promise that next time they’ll hold out longer.  Really?  Let me break this down for you.  I’m not worried about it.  Odds are if I’m down there doing my thing I’m not super concerned with your stamina.  The longer you last, the more work for me.  15, 20 minutes in and I should be done.  You should be done. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing this for you.  If you’ve earned the privilege of me on my knees for you I probably like y
New Music......
Those of you that know me know im a music head to the utmost.... I spend alot of my freetime searching the web for dope shit to listen to, and im pretty good at it for the most part. Friends send me links to new projects pretty often.... And to return the favor I do my best to let as many of my friends know about it too....Sooooo I figured Id start a FREE SHIT TO DOWNLOAD blog....why not right?....   So over the days ill be posting links to download projects I find or get thrown my way...   I love this culture. And would like to share it with you..Stay tuned...     A huge thanks to TZR and THE RANT for contributing... please feel free to add links if your in the mood...this is a community project, so all are welcome to post.   People have asked me why Im doing in whats in it for me.... In all honesty...nothing's in it for me.  Or any of the other people that post here.   BUT..theres a shitton of stuff in it for YOU. Brand New UNKLE "Psyence Fiction" Bundle With
Dragon's Lair
When we're not together ... My thoughts drift alongside Memories of you; Things we've done, The way you smile so brightly. That helps me forget my worries And celebrate our wonders. When we're not together ... My moods come into play more often, And make me yearn for the strength I feel in you ... The security I find in your eyes. When we're not together ... I sometimes feel so very alone, For myself and you ... Imagining you being without My loving feelings As I am without yours. When we're not together ... My best wishes still go with you always, Wishing to share in your excitements. Wanting to comfort your hurts. Needing to be reassured that You're keeping warm and well. When we're not together ... I seem to Spend my time Wishing that we were. I’m up in heaven mother Enjoying God’s glorious views I’m conversing with you now mother Through a porthole, of a poets muse I can feel your sorrow mother Your anguish and your pain I p

Dedication to our soldiers.Add to My Profile | More Videos Holly Dolly SongAdd to My Profile | More Videos GummyBearAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Just My Thoughts And Stuff
"76" THE YEAR OF THE FIRE DRAGON The Dragon is omnipotent. She is flamboyant, attractive and full of vitality and strength. In China, the Dragon is the sign of the Emperor of China or the male element Yang. The Dragon is the symbol of power and wealth. It would be right to say that people born in the year of the dragon have a natural charisma and are certainly gifted with power and luck. It is unlikely for them to escape unnoticed from a party or to take second place in a competition. The dragon person has an active mind and shows an unfeigned interest in the world around him/her. This person is also self-confident enough to know how to create a necessary impression. Because they are larger than life themselves, dragon people like to do everything on a grand scale. They are egotistical and ambitious, almost to the point of megalomania, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. A person born in this year wears the crown of destiny, and is capable of great achievements
~finally Gettin To Meet Mylil' Lei Sis~
~this is mylil' kaleiatia sis during her visit with U/us first time, i got a little bit pic taking happy she and Master B/both tell me, but i did such for T/them B/both as i felt was only right for memory's sake as i would have liked having done for my first visit with/to O/our Master so long ago. Taking pics is my way of commiting stuff to memory and comforting myself when i am forced to be parted from myMaster, though i admit that i dont think when He has me moved in with Him that i will stop this addicting habit of mineyou!!! more later when i can focus my thoughts once again on what this visit meant to me and how i feel~ tallyssinae[R] Named on June 2nd, 2007 :: kaleiatia[R] another step to joining U/us here in our Master's House and arms forever the way it's supposed to be. She fits with U/us B/both so well it's like she has been waiting for our Master to find her all this time. She is a part of U/us as she was before W/we even met her, this first visit, in real life. myli
Words Of A Night Angel...
so soft, so warm we snuggle while you hold me tight the beat of my heart, the warmth of my presence gives you peace through the night i am your comfort, i am your guardian i am the angel watching over you i am you big loveable teddybear that you always cling on to through the night times when you're all alone when there is no one around when your rainy days make you lonely when a bad day makes you frown hold me tight, hold me close and let me warm your heart tell me we'll be together tell me we'll never part i can be your lover, i can be your friend honest and loyal is all i am through tell me your feelings, or what's on your mind or show me what pleases you i'll do that and more without hesitation i'll satisfy your every needs for i am your teddybear and for you i aim to please so when you're alone or feeling down nowhhere to go or nothing to do in your room, and on your bed i'll be waiting for you Inside or out Tell me what you see Do you see
Just Because...
I guess I am writing just cause I really have nothing else to do, but sit at home and think...The things that I have been thinkin about have made me a lil down...I guess you could say that I am happy but I am not...I have met the person that I can say is my soulemate but I am not really sure that he sees it...or that he feels the same way...I have pictures up of him cause just looking at him makes me smile and puts the light in my eye...I love him more then he will ever know...I would do anything for him and I would give him the world... I am not sure that he knows that either though...Hes the first thing that I think of when I roll out of bed and I continue to think of him most of the day...Hes the first thing that I think of when I am going to bed wishing that I could give him a kiss good night and tell him that I love him...I dream about him when I am sleeping...For some reason I just can't seem to gret him out of my head...Hes is so awesome and I am not sure that he knows that eith
Drug Facts
A bad workman always blames his tools, but in some cases this can be true of some rolling papers. The most vital piece of a spliff, after the green of course, is the paper that you use to roll your masterpiece. There are many different types of skins on the market, some good, some bad. Different length spliff, speciality spliffs burn-offs etc all require a good quality skin to stand any chance of success. So here is the guide to the most popular skins on the UK market, of course if you pop into your local tobacconist you will find a plethora of paper delights. Ease of rolling increases with paper weight/width, and the gum has to be reliable else the bastard will fall apart in your hands. 1. Rizla. The mainstay of successful caning for years, they produce the best papers. Quality subtle tasting paper and ultra reliable gums. Blue- Thin and light papers for the experienced caner, you don’t end up smoking much paper. The most popular choice for rolling due to its wei
Tyler Perry
Diese Mail markieren A Message from Tyler Perry - I Had to Share This Freitag, 20. Juni, 2008 23:40 Uhr Von: "Tyler Perry Mailing List" Absender in den Kontakten speichern An: Something happened to me yesterday that I had to share with you. I was dealing with some foolishness, as we all do from time to time, and I was about to get frustrated and start to complain--but before I could get a negative word out, I caught it. It’s always better to bless than to curse. So I decided to think about all of the blessings in my life. I went for a ride over to 47 Twenty Fifth Street, Apartment 8 here in Atlanta. This was my last apartment; right after being homeless. I lived in it just 10 short years ago. When I got there I saw that they were going to be tearing it down soon. I asked the new developer if I could get in and take some pictures (I have to show you these pictures). I wasn’t prepared for what happened when I went in. I opened
I finally came to the realization that life is what you make of it. If you want to be happy then make yourself happy and find yourself someone to shre it with. Let that someone be the one you can love for the rest of your life. And have them love you back for you and not what they want you to be. I think I have found that person, but that person has always been in my heart, he was just away on vacation or something for 4 years. Just Thought I would write down my thoughts. Pixxie The world is full of jerks and assholes, so choose not to add to that population. You get furthur in life being kind and considerate. If people don't like you for who are then oh well don't change yourself to be someone your not. It is their loss. Be at peace with yourself Hello I just wanted to say hello to all my friends and thank you all for the beautiful comments. I hope you all have a blessed day. Hugs!!!
The Maelstrom
its amazing how long it takes sometimes, to figure out that someone close to you is nothing more than a selfish person. no matter how many times you backed them up, no matter how many times you took stood with them...only to have them spit it in your face, and maybe not directly thats the hardest part. they inadvertantly showed their true colors enough for you to finally stop biting your tongue. 2.5 years wasted on someone i thought was a brother to me....the trust will never be there and now my guard is up thankfully i kept my cool til now and wasn't as naive... so hopefully within the next 3 months or so i am planning a trip back to germany. i haven't seen my brother in like 5 or 6 years now, im hella excited about the whole idea. no need for a hotel or any of that i have family to stay with, and plenty of time then to get drunk and crazy....this fall can't come soon enough. Ok, so I've seen my share of idiotic shit posted on websites. However today someone posted this bulletin on my
Thinkin Bout Him
) Did you fart? > > cuz you blew me away. > > > > 2) Are yer parents retarded? > > cuz ya sure are special. > > > > 3) My Love fer you is like diarrhea ... > > I can't hold it in. > > > > 4) Do you have a library card? > > cuz I'd like to sign you out. > > > > 5) Is there a mirror in yer pants? > > cuz I can see myself in em. > > > > 6) If you in I were Squirrels, > > I'd store my nuts in yer hole. > > > > 7) You might not be the best lookin girl here, > > but beauty's only a light switch away. > > > > 8) Man - "Fat Penguin!" > > Woman - "WHAT?" > > Man - "I just wanted to say something that would break the ice." > > > > 9) I know I'm not no Fred Flintstone, > > but I bet I can make yer bed-rock. > > > > 10) I can't find my puppy, can you help me find him? > > I think he went inta this cheap motel room. > > > > 11) Yer eyes are as blue as window cleaner. > > > > 12) If yer gunna regret this in the mornin, > > we kin sleep til afternoon. > > > > and..
Madame Ruby's Love Boutique
As some of you already know, I got a new haircut. This is an event for me, because in order for me to get such a dramatic change in my hair, means something big is happening in my life. My hair always gives it all away, dammit! So, here's more pics! Before.. After.. and then, while running some more errands, I bought some new body jewelry (nips and ears only, people..)and seeing as how my lobes were stretched to a 10 gauge already, I decided to take them one gauge larger, and bought these really cool, hourglass-shaped bullet thingies. They are larger on the ends, so the ends are like a 6 gauge, the middle an 8. I took my jewelry for my very good friend, since he is who I trust with this kind of job. (he also pierced my ear with the little gold stud you will see in a minute..)He changed my niprings and tried to attempt the ears, but these were not doable. He sent me to his friend who is a professional piercer. I thought it would only take like, 5 minutes. It took a bit longer, bu
The Story Of Jack Schitt
well my life has been f*cked up these last few months I had met someone and she had fell in love with me and I'm married but seperated ,my wife had told me she wanted to work things out with me so I ended up hurting this girl, about a month ago my wife didn't act like she wanted to be with me and we had got into it cause it seemed like I was being used by her. well I went online to talk to the girl I had hurt cause we was still friends right before my wife had left my house, well my friend came over with her daughter to talk to me, about 30 mins to an hour the cops had showed up, my wife had said I had hit her and my son. well I would never do that but I had ran and started staying with my friend, I don't know why she loves me and is trying to help me but 2 weeks went by and I had went back to work and that first day back my wife seen me there so the first thing she ask for was money for my kids, I gave her the money the next day the 3rd day I was there about 15 mins after I had starte
§eÐu©tïve£¥ Twï§teÐ
Come join me in §eÐu©TïVe£¥ Twï§TeÐ chat with some cool people and listen to some good tunes Cclick the link below to join the lounge enjoy guys n girls I'm off work all weekend so I'm getting drunk tonight n I'm partying in the lounge come join me and have a a fucking awesome time Come join me and sadistic light in §eÐu©TïVe£¥ Twï§TeÐ have a blast and chat with some cool people and listen to some good tunes Click the picture below to join the lounge enjoy guys n girls
the look in you eyes the grin on your face is sumthin i will remember everytime and every place i wana hear your voice say those words to me, those words that will last forever, and finally set me free... i wana be your 1 and only i wana be your girl.. just say the word and u kno im there, because u kno im dyin to be yours the darkness in your eyes show life ive never known the fullness of your lips makes me wana feel them with mine. i lose control when i hear your voice its the only thing that i hear, theres a passion about u that drives my mind wild for i cant place a finger on it but i can feel it in my soul. its like were meant to be together as 1 livin soul. for i hope that sum day soon i will become 1 with u i sit here and wonder if i am ready ready to start all over again my life has flown by me and i dont even know where it went i have dealt with the best and the worst i realize the wrongs i have made but i also see the rights my days ar
New Features If You Dont Already Know About.
When I make you a animated picture or someone else it will only work if u upload the singe way highlighted in red. other way wont work right The anonymous gift feature is gone. And weeds are gone too lol I just noticed a new feature that i really like no more getting invites to lounges I could care less about no more seeing my friend just left a comment on blanks profile woohoo lol. Its a filters feature next too bar content click the filters feature. here is a direct link to it
Angie's Thoughts
Well we've been married since January 19th 2007. We now finally have the money to go on our honeymoon. Grandma and Pa are taking Andrew (our son) the weekend of Oct. 20th The hubby and I are going to Frankenmuth!! I've been there once before but was kinda rushed thru it so couldn't really enjoy it. We got a hotel for the night! the camra is going to be fully charged for lots of pictures. I can't wait 24 more days!!!!! It's tough to let go of the way we want things to be and learn to accept how they really are. But once you do, you'll see that reality is the only safe place to stand -- and that it's not such a bad place after all. Comments on this mumm: mystery_man_017... (Online) M, 37 Bedford, MA 2007-09-28 05:17:24 #20 of 20 The problems that I had have always been asking for it too much and my partner not being interested. It's a tough situation and I feel for you. Hell, you've got the body of a pornstar. What the hell is he thinki
Daily Horoscope: Sagittarius
so very wrong my life is in a shit hole right now. Lately your life has felt like a well-oiled machine, and no wonder. All the work you've been putting in your career, in your relationships and in your mental health have really been paying off. Kudos! This current phase of a situation is waning, but that's actually a good thing. Your instinct might be to hold onto the familiar, but you should let go graciously. You'll find that this new phase goes more smoothly. You know how businesses have casual Fridays? You can give yourself the mental equivalent of that dressed-down attitude. The stars say now is a prime moment for relaxation. Take full advantage of it.
i'm sorry I'm sorry that i hurt u i know i did even if u are fooling everyone else ur not fooling me i can tell that i hurt u i'm sorry i'm sorry that i left u but u don't know what its like u've never had to choose between ur parents i'm sorry i thought i knew u but i don't u were never home u were always at work u were never there in my life well not my whole life u never wrote u never visited mother was always there when i needed her she still is what happened to u u just stopped its like u stopped careing if i was such a disappointment that u didn't want me y didn't u send me back well anyways i am sorry im sorry for all the damage i've caused i'm sorry i thought that i knew u i thought that we would be together forever that is where i went wrong i thought too much i thought that i knew u, but i didn't i thought that we would be together forever, but we wouldn't i thought that u loved me but u never did and u never will thats where i went wrong i
It was yesterday as i decided to stop DJ´ ing in Hellskitchen. It wasnt easy to make this step exspecialy cause many of ´em welcomed me with open arms as i joined CT and felt into the dungeon the first time. They helped me in many ways to find out what is going on and iam thankfull for it and i had a good time in Hellkitchen - so good that even the owner DAN made an open door for me that iam welcome to be back if i wish. The reasons are told and its almost a personal things wich belongs to the crew and myself. And again DAN is the one who let me go without blaming me or throught stones to me about my decission and showed me that its a sad think but that hes with me in it. Thats what i call a friend. Fuck off who cancels me cause of stopping DJ´in a lounge and welcome those who are able to handle me like iam - sure i was your Electro and Industrial DJ but thats not all of me and maybe its true what sometimes is seen on some profiles "its better to be hated for this what i
Debbi 0502
so last thursday i adopted a basset hound, she's a year old; i called her Rhylee. She has YET to go to the bathroom outside for me, instead she enjoys going in my house. The other day she dragged out my bathroom rugs and took a crap on my floor! (at least she didnt want to get my rugs dirty) Then just last night i put her in the bathroom (took all the rugs and litter box out) and shut the door while i ran to the store. Came back and she crapped on my floor and smeared it all over the floor! pulled my towels on the floor and got them covered in it as well... Anyone reading this, did you ever have a basset hound and have this much trouble training one? I learned that I need more practice at playing "quarters" especially when you're facing off against BIGGER people, who can stomache all the alcohol and actually know how to play the game/throw the quarter into the glass....I won maybe 3 times haha...but guess who got loaded first!! :P no more alcohol for me WOOHOO!! I finally go
Pens News
Another challenge for youngest captain / Associated Press Posted: 21 hours ago Sidney Crosby has no time to be nervous, overwhelmed or awed by anything on a hockey rink. His name was known across North America years before he finally became the first pick in the lockout-delayed 2005 NHL draft. Facing comparisons to Wayne Gretzky and other greats didn't rattle him. He met all the pressure and expectations with a shrug of the shoulders, letting his exquisite ability bolster the arguments. Just two months after turning 20, Crosby is set to take on another challenge. When he hits the ice with the rest of his Pittsburgh Penguins teammates Friday at Carolina, the reigning NHL MVP and scoring champion will do so after becoming the youngest captain in league history. "I don't really think about it to be honest," Crosby said of the hype that has surrounded him for years. "I think I'm always looking ahead, worrying about the present, but also looking ahead and trying to be better."
Have U Ever Wondered??
If you ever get the chance to find that one person that means the most to you and you don't tell them.. or even maybe you didn't have the time to tell them.. For god's sake.. say it.. don't wait.. You never know what is going to happen to that person.. They may be taken from you instantly and you will never have that chance. THE WVPRINCESS HAS A NEW NAME....changed to SWEET HEART PRINCESS, SO LOOK FOR ME..LOVE YA Well I guess it's time for me to make a decision about who I will stay with.. I can see that being a member of Club Far and the Sisterhood has created a huge problem. As I recall when I joined Club Far..they said it wasn't a problem with joining other clubs, but as of now since we became the Sisterhood on Fubar, it is a PROBLEM. I am staying with the Sisterhood.. There is no DRAMA. So I am leaving Club Far.. If you wish to still remain my friend, please do so, if not let me know.. I am very sorry to have to make this kind of decision but it's for the best. I love all my fr
SOUL ASYLUM-JUST LIKE ANYONE She walks into the outhouse The cold night breathes into her face The flies are standing still now The moon it spills through the place And she starts wondering what it's like to be liked by everyone And like everyone be just like anyone And just wants to be so just like anyone She reaches through the darkness Her fingers touch the porcelain seat She spins and pulls her pants down The cold air holds her like a theif She starts wondering what they mean, do they just mean to be mean And thinking about the scene, do they just want to be seen And trying not to seem so just like anyone The door comes screeching open She walks into the evening air She disappears in the darkness All that's left's the faint smell of her hair She's done wondering what it's like to be liked by everyone And like everyone be just like anyone And just wants to be so just like anyone And wondering what they mean, do they just mean to be mean And thinkin
Helping Friends
ok everyone this is my first attempt at an official PIMPOUT!! This is my FAMILY list....... HIT EM UP!! QuickSilverGirl a/k/a Katrinity@ fubar QUICKSILVERGIRL a/k/a KATRINITY evil*the bi-bitch@ fubar EVIL*THE BI-BITCH Harley Princess Honorable Society Of Wolves@ fubar HARLEY PRINCESS CrazySexaliciousBitch@ fubar CRAZYSEXALICIOUSBITCH / DARKANGEL ~Cherry*Splash~I.B.I.C.~Dirty South Crew~Club F.A.R.~@ fubar CHERRY*SPLASH `blakpnthr68`~Honorable Society of Wolves~Official L.U.V. Club Co-Founder~@ fubar BLAKPNTHR68 ~~Rhanda~~@ fubar ~~RHANDA~~ Simply Complicated@ fubar SIMPLY COMPLICATED RECK ~Founder~Native_Rebels & Owner of the Native_Rebels Lounge@ fubar RECK .... she's pretty much my favorite disaster!! lxl_Purple_Killer_lxl ~~founder~~ Native_Rebels ~~ Bombers & Owner of Native_Rebels Lounge@ fubar lxl_PURPLE_KILLER_lxl .. a very good friend w
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I close my eyes And everyone disappears There's only me, There's only you. You're all I hear, You're all I feel. You're all around me And in that moment I'm free. I doodled your name on my desk today. You take me by the hand And lead me into the dark Somewhere under the pale moonlight I feel the breeze against my face I feel the waves at my feet I feel the touch of your embrace You're all I sense You're all I taste. I cut your name into my wrist today. The world around me is spinning Round and round like a carousel ride You're consuming me Invading my mind. You're all I feel You're all I see You're all I want You're all I need I carved your name in my heart today And I'm one number shy of sixteen if you'd turn around you'd see.. I cried for you today And I didn't wanna tell you So I cut your name deep inside my veins. I craved your voice deep in my mind and memorizes your touch on my skin. When I breathe in, you suffocate me. I'd stay with you fo
Boops' Blog
Hi friends, just wanted to say that I hope you all are having a great weekend. Stay safe, have fun and God bless you all. Time for me to go to work. Catch ya'll later. Hello friends, well, I was at the hospital until 3 am. My best friend has cancer, and I got the call at about 8 pm that she wouldn't last much longer. I went and stayed with her last night. I know that she is in a better place now, but I have lost my best friend. I lost my mother to cancer 2 years ago. It seems like yesterday. My best friend helped me get through the loss of my mother. Now 2 years later, I have lost her. As I sat with her last night, everything that was happening was the same things that I watched with my mother. The sight and sounds of someone dying, are something that I wish no one had to see. Not only have I lost my best friend, but it has brought the death of my mother to the forefront. This is like living it all over again. The difference is now I have lost not only my mother, but my best fr
I Am Tired
Here is how a conversation went last night and it really made me laugh: SHOUTBOX: Him: You want to add me so you can see my pics *wink*? Me: Hi, glad to see that you enjoy formal introductions! Him: Oh sorry...Hi. K. Sent it. Now add me. (Knowing what he wanted to show me, I accepted anyway). Me: Let me guess. You want to blind me with the magnificent Cock that you carry between your legs? LOL. Him: Hehe Tell me which one is your favorite. So I scroll through the sea of cock pictures. In my head, Im judging and making notes...thinking: Ample length, good body, the head isn't purportioned to the shaft though. Not quite veiny enough. It's too bulbous below the head. The curve is hardly there..kinda boring. Hairy balls....never good. I come back to the shoutbox Me: Yep. Its a dick alright! LOL Him: Which one is your favorite? Me: Probably the one that doesn't have come all over your hand. Him: If you were here, how would you clean me up? Me: Ummm
Seeing Things
Thank you for all the love I have been getting from everyone, I am doing my best to return it, please just be patient, and if you think I am forgetting about you just kindly let me know, I assure you it isn't intentional. Thank you so much everyone!! I am off to work now, will continue returning the love tonight. Fear Is that what I'm living on? Fear That I'm no longer strong Fear That I am broken still Fear That I will never heal Fear That you won't understand Fear That guides my trembling hand Fear That I will let you in Fear To give my love again Fear Because my heart says try Fear That you will make me cry Fear For when we meet one day Fear That you won't want to stay What a miserable day, could it have gone any worse? I doubt. Investigation comes in over some bs complaint, that was completely unfounded, but some staff were having a bad day, and the kids were a little out of control, so she wrote us up about that, and what is the directors response to it
I love Randomness! Anything out of the ordinary!
Words To Live By
TRIUMPH FROM TRAGEDY When you experience misfortune, or when another person wrongs you, or when you find yourself in difficult circumstances, you can choose to be a victim. You can choose to solicit sympathy and to feel sorry for yourself. You can choose to take comfort in the knowledge that someone else is responsible for your troubles. Or you can choose to pick yourself up and move yourself forward. You can refuse to allow yourself to be a victim. Others may hurt you. Circumstances may work against you. Tragedy may come your way. Yet none of this means you must consent to be a victim. Choose to make triumph rise from tragedy. Choose to make every defeat a temporary one on the way to ultimate victory. Rather than being skilled at complaining and collecting excuses, become skilled at adapting and turning even the most difficult circumstances in your favor. Every opportunity to be a victim is also an opportunity to move ahead. The path you choose is up to you. ~
Comment Bombing
Priority for everyone with a salute please All non salute accounts to this one please Between internet issues and summer holidays we don't have many bombers at the moment so if you are online and only have 5 mins to spare to bomb those five mins could make all the difference. If you know you are going to be away on hollidays could you please let us know asap so we don't tell people we can help them then end up with no bombers to bomb. I am currently doing everything from the running side as Sami is having internet problems so any problems contact me here or my page and I'll see what I can do Freelancers and friends please help here
Darker Daze's Thoughts And Brain Explosions
‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage Killed in Car Accident By DavidOndaFri, 20 May 2011 19:10:27 GMT Legendary professional wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage died today due to injuries sustained in a car accident in Tampa, Florida. Often regarded as one of the greatest pro-wrestlers ever, the 58-year-old Savage (real name: Randall Poffo) was reportedly driving his 2009 Jeep Wrangler at around 10 a.m. when he lost control of the vehicle, crossed a concrete median, careened through oncoming traffic and hit a tree head-on. Randy was transported to a nearby hospital where he died from his injuries. His wife, Lynn – who Savage married just one year ago – was a passenger in the car, but sustained only minor injuries. Both were wearing seatbelts. Randy’s brother, former pro-wrestler Lanny Poffo, told TMZ that his brother suffered a heart attack behind the wheel, causing the deadly crash. No official cause has been given and an investigation is un
Funny Stuff
New Power Mobility Scooter Prototype
My Blog
LADIES AND MOTHER FUCKIN' GENTLEMEN! COME ONE, COME ALL AND CHECK THIS SHIT OUT! Tracks from an up and coming band called Freakz of Nature. Take a listen and feel free to add the group to your friends list. AND SHOW SOME MOTHER FUCKING SUPPORT! 1. DR AMA2. Word Of The Scripture3. Rock The Word4. Darkness5. Follow Me6. Wave Your Hands7. Trash Can Man CLICK HERE FOR THE F.O.N. MYSPACE PAGE! CLICK HERE FOR THE F.O.N. STREET TEAM PAGE! CLICK HERE FOR THE SCRUBBY NINJA RECORDS PAGE! CLICK HERE FOR THE SCRUBBY NINJA RECORDS STREET TEAM PAGE! My girlfriend is in a contest and needs help the link to go there...any help is appreciated ->THE VANILL...: yeah i give white people a bad name THE VANILL...: ITS WHITE PEOPLE LIKE U THAT GIVE GOOD REAL WHITE PEOPLE BAD NAMES..... ->THE VANILL...: and frankly i'm not scared of some kid called the vanilla gorilla ->THE VANILL...: o
My Life Atm
Heya all, it's been a while since I last wrote a blog... There has been some major changes in my so-called life... First, I went to Sweden a few weeks ago, on a survival trip... Kinda fun, but I'm afraid of heights....... Secondly, my communication/IT and english teacher is homeworking the poo outta me and I got almost none spare time and I'm like dead when I come home at 5 in the afternoon... School in general is kinda harsh, but we do party too.. Hehe... I went to my first real party last thursday and almost drank my brains out in Dooley's (some kind of Bailey's, just more caramellish in the taste) Uhmmmm... *EDIT* ok I didn't drink my brains out i got funny to listen to -.- To the people who misunderstood this... Sorry! What to write... Oh, yeah. I'm thinking about starting drawing on my manga about satan's life again ^^ I love the way I draw him sooo cute... God's the evil nerd!!!Haha Those people i showed the first chapter to really likes it... Anyway, that
Sprites Thoughts
I have done a mumm about this and got some great replies , Thanks to all that answered in a mature manner . When I joined I posted some pics ...... non I felt were offensive . None were changed to NSW until tonite , apparently I am offending others in my manner of posting pics. TBH its now beginning to get a little annoying so have decided to not post any further photos til the 'child like games " stop If Tomorrow Starts Without Me Author believed to be David Romano When tomorrow starts without me, And I'm not there to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me, I wish so much you wouldn't cry The way you did today, While thinking of the many things, We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, As much as I love you, and each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too. But when tomorrow starts without me, Please try to understand, That an angel came and called my nam
My Poetry
Mine Forever     Walking down a cold dark hall Water dripping down moistened walls The stinch of death fills the air Walking through cobwebs, they stick in my hair Reaching the end I quiver in fear Knowing the pain awaiting me is near Standing at the entrance of a dark cold room and in the middle a large old tomb I slowly enter my body shaking in fear Hearing strange voices whisper in my ear Looking around scared to death Then on my neck I feel his breath Smelling his scent; so sweet so strong
Life, Or Something Like It!
I am more hurt by a situation with an "online friend" then I will ever admit here. Fvck you all! Online friends do not really exist. So like, in about 5 hours, I'm heading out of my small town and heading to a MUCH larger one. I'm going to meet someone. He brought it up a few weeks ago. I didn't want to, because I didn't want to push, but once we started talking about it, the plans were pretty much in motion for it to happen. And now the day is here. I'm scared, nervous, excited... so many emotions all rolled up, culminating in ONE event. Just wanted to post a quick blog to let the people that care know that I probably won't be around as much as I have been. Actually, I know that I won't be around as much as I have been. I start my third-year practicum tomorrow, so it's an additional 20 hours of work on top of my job and other school and family obligations. Sooo... I'll be around some, but probably not a lot. If you have my messenger and if you see me on,
Chilled by the moonlight Senses hungrily search for the scent on the wind. A flicker of an image Swift movements in the shadows. Moving by instinct Guided by hunger and vision The moon kept at bay as the fog rolls in Darkness engulfing. Heavy the night moisture cold the earth under foot Searching for the secret things that dwell in the dark. Stopping suddenly for an instant Listening to the silence The sweet sound of breath divided, the calling in the soul Creeping quietly to a place where the moon penetrates the deepest of the dark A glimmering pool shines in the darkness, reflection staring back Gazing steadily into the reflection, seeking the dark mysteries there. An image amongst the stars and all of heavens and earth. Matching hunger and fascination desire and strength A rippling in the icy waters catches the images merging them as one for a distinct instant. Then quickly vanish leaving only the shining darkne
My Quizes
You scored as Seraph, Seraph is the highest rank of angels. They are the closest ones to God and carry out the most important jobs.Seraph100% Dominion83% Guardian Angel83% Archangel75% Cherub67% Virtue50% Power50% Fallen Angel25% Throne25% Principiality0% If you were an Angel, which type would you becreated with You scor
Sexual Issues Blogs
Spicing Up Your Sex Life You've been together for years. The relationship's good, but you look back on the frequent, mind-blowing sex that you had in the early months and years and wonder, "where did it all go?" These days, sex is the same old, same old. Something you do on a Friday night, without variety, without much excitement. Your sex life is in serious need of spice! A weekend at a fancy hotel, without the children, will do it, but that's expensive. There are plenty of creative, less costly ways of turning up the heat. Try role playing. You both get dressed up, go to a bar - separately - and then he has to try and pick her. Or she has to spot him in a bar and make a move on him. Be outrageous, then cool and withdrawn. Have fun. Do a little "dirty dancing". All you need is some Latin music and a few scarves. Think of the great exercise you'll get at the same time. Rescue your sex life from the doldrums by dressing up as a fireman or a policeman. Turn her on with
My Reflections And Musings
Caged Reflection . . . Daddy's precious little Angel The apple of his eye She could do no wrong He was always on her side. . .   Mother's fragile porcelain doll Fashioned by her hand The docile and obedient daughter Always at her command . . .   The ever delicate sister To be shielded from the world She was never to speak her mind For she was merely a girl . . .   Taught to be demure and shy Always to be subservient and meek Never to have her own opinion Not raise her voice or even speak . . .   Her hand given in a loveless marriage To a stranger to her heart and mind She fulfills her duty obediently While happiness she never finds. . .   Her husband takes her body But he will never possess her heart She shields the sadness from her eyes But it is tearing her apart. . .   The finest silks adorn her body This palace is naught but her cage Put on display to be admired and honored The demure smile belies her rage . . .   Her reflection is n
The Lost One's
JOSH T. HERMANN Current mood: depressed Category: numb Life HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT KILLED IN I-70 HIT-AND-RUN SMITHTON, Pa. -- State police in Westmoreland County said an 18-year-old man was fatally struck by a car while walking on Interstate 70 early Sunday morning. Joshua Hermann, a Yough Senior High School student from Lowber, was struck and killed near the Smithton exit, police said. The car that struck Hermann did not stop, police said. Police said Hermann may have been hit anytime between 3 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. His body was discovered by the driver of another car at about 6:50 a.m., police said. A witness led investigators to a vehicle that is being examined, and two people are being questioned, police said. Relatives said Hermann's car broke down on Dutch Hollow Road, and he walked up to the interstate. "I don't understand how you could leave somebody for three hours not knowing if they're alive or passed away," said Hermann's father, Paul. "How can you do that?" The
New Story Line
"Oh...look at dick's still hard! This Viagra is amazing!" I said with a smile on my face. "What should I do now?" I grabbed the based of my man meat and rubbed it back and forth over your wet pussy. Then I ventured down further and placed it at the puckered entrance to your ass. I smiled broadly as a look of sheer terror flashed across your cum-covered face. "Oh god no...oh please don't put it in my butt. It's too won't fit...oh god, please don't do it." You were totally hysterical. "Do anything else...just please don't put it in my ass!" I moved my clockhead away from your anus and rubbed it up and down your juicy pussy slit, which was covered with our mixed cum. I saw a look of relief cross your face, figuring I was going to leave your butt alone. Little did you know I was just lubing up my dick with our juices. I got my dick nice and wet and then ventured back down past your pussy hole to your ass pucker. You quickly realized the trick I had played. "Oh fuck...
*about Me*
I Need Help
Im going away thurs til sunday for the National Ladies pool competition so i wont be here and neither will my best friend Kelly.... Hope this Pool comp knows whats its let itself in for :p however my brother "Lyndon" is looking after my 11s for me so please be nice to him guys lol, Hope you dont all miss me too much hahaha. I will be back sunday night to catch up with all those that regularly chat to me. Take care everyone Shell xxxxx Ok guys, seems i have a fan that i dont really need. This user is a newbie and has decided rather than use own pic he/she would use mine! so im warning you all now that if its not a level 22 Shell its not me! Unfortunately for him/her they decided to prey on people in my friends list so i was informed asap. Thanks Gaz for telling me x Be warned everyone, You know im not malicious. This account has been reported so hopefully theyll not be around long. x x x x x S H E L L ok i need 7,991 now to leve
It starts Saturday, September 8th at Noon. Thanks sweetie!! Help me win this for my birthday! LOL It ends on Thursday, 09/20/07 at Noon!!!! If you don't want to/can't bomb, that's fine. Will you please rate it? LOL PRIZES ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1ST place-- CORVETTE 2ND place-- SILVER MOTORCYCLE 3RD place-- DIAMOND RING SELF BOMBING IS ALLOWED AND ENCOURAGED!! COMMENTS COUNT AS 1 POINT AND RATES COUNT AS 20 POINTS!!! IN THE EVENT OF A TIE, THERE WILL BE A 2 DAY PLAY-OFF BETWEEN THE TIED CONTESTANTS!! OK well due to circumstances beyond my control, there was a period of time today that no one was able to bomb the pictures so I have decided to extend the contest. It will now end at 12:00 p.m. (Noon) EST on Friday, August 17th. Come show these people some love already!!!! Esquire - Donna (FuBar WIFE Of ChicaTgurl ~~Lady TxCowGirl) - Chris (jokerLUVSboobs~RECRUITER of P.D.Y~ PANDORA'S PIMP) - Kelbel - Doing88 (name with
Just Some Things
~Nocturnal...: ok ->~Nocturnal...: yep a fubar wedding ->wadeio: i will fuck u up one way or another ->wadeio: i dont cry bitch i get even and we aint through ~/~ Sassy ...: a real one/? okay hun whoo hooo ~Nocturnal...: ??? ~Nocturnal...: wedding ->~/~ Sassy ...: i will be there to help when i am done with my friends wedding wadeio: used to it thats ok if you want to cry lol ~/~ Sassy ...: the wedding?? ->wadeio: attack my weight i dont give a fuck hahahahah wadeio: lol wadeio: right looking like that i bet you need makeup and well yeah slim fast ->wadeio: and u aint no man a man dont speak to a woman like u did ash ->wadeio: dont need a man i choose to b free want to show him as much love as he showed me tonigt copy his link and show him he needs to chill the fuck out on women All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was. I accepted their answers too, though they
Interesting Things
Alright. I'm tired of this shit. There are only a few of my 'friends' that really ever rate my pictures. Nobody ever rates my stash or blogs. I'm sick and tired of it. I rate my friends pics, blogs, stash all the fucking time. I have decided to weed out all the 'friends' that aren't keeping up their end of the bargain. Got it? Those of you who don't start communicating with me, rating my pics/stash/blogs are getting the boot. I mean it. I'm here to have fun, enjoy everyhing that Fubar has to offer, and that includes using their system to the fullest. It's here for a reason. USE IT. I have been rating everyone I meet. Everyone I become 'friends' with. But no. People don't rate me back. I'm done with it. Use it or lose it people. I'm not one-time points for you to be made. If that's all I am for you, FUCK YOU. I'm a human being with feelings and a real brain behind this beautiful exterior. I'm real. And if you can't believe that or understand that, then you can play t
This Guy Needs Your Help
    GET YOUR PARTY -LEVEL- -RATE- GROOVE ON! 185K TO GO! THIS GUY IS SO NEEDING TO FUBERLORD, HE's BURNING A HOLE IN THE LEVELING FU-NEWS... HE HELPS OUT EVERYONE, AND IF YOU DON"T HAVE HIM AS A FRIEND, YOU SHOULD, SO LET'S GO RATE HIM UP A STORM! £ºµî$ THIS PIMPOUT DESIGN BROUGHT TO YOU BY: PRINCESS LEIA... ~/~ Princess Leia~/~Please Re-Rate My Profile! This awesome guy needs to level... Can you come show him some love when you have a moment.... mizotte59 member of the Quiet Angels@ fubar He or I will show you love later.... This awesome guy needs to level... Can you come show him some love when you have a moment.... He or I will show you love later.... SexyBoy@ fubar
i was bored so i clicked "i'm bored" and was rating pics...i always rate a '10', so this bitch looks at my pics and rates 2 of them a '5' then blocks me WHAT A FUCKING WHORE!! i gaver her a damn '10' for nothing 1. So how are you? horny 2. If you woke up as the opposite gender, what's the one thing you would do? finger my pussy! lol 3. Have you ever crawled through a window? yessssss 4. Where is your dad? home? 5. Morning or night person? Night 6. What was the last movie you watched? uhh dunno? 7. Favorite number? 69 8. Any cool scars? no 9. Things about the opposite sex you notice first? their vaginas 10. What do you do when no one is watching? masturbate 11. Ever been in love? no 12. How's life going for you? EH 13. What is your curfew? none 14. Do you talk a lot? no 15. Do you pick ur nose? all the time! 16. What's your worst personality flaw? none lol :P 17. Would you marry for money? ok 18. Could
A Great Lady Needs Your Help!
Hey everyone, I hope your week is going well. This lovely lady needs your help. She's neck to neck with her oppponent, and we need just one big push to bring her into 1st place... All bombers to the bomb floor now if possible... Just click on her pic, and you are there. I know if we all come together as a team, we can get this done. Here is Angels pic link:   CAN YOU HELP HER COMPLETE HER MISSION WITH SOME RATE ADD FAN LOVE? Please go show my old owner BBW Princess some love... Let's rain on her Fu love today and take her to the ??? level!!! ... BBW PRINCESS X OWNED BY BARNETTJR X WPL X CTL X OWNER OF PRINCESS LEIA AND ANGEL SNAZZY CHIC
if no one wants to get to know me then fine then i will leave all you ladys alone i am tired of being block and i am tring to find a new gf my last one dosen't want me back so i guess i am going to be single till i die sorry about that ladys but no one wants me so sorry. hi everyone i have 10 new pics have fun i think you all will like some of them a new lounge and it is called twised_dragongo and have funny
Lil Johnny Jokes
Little Johnny was sitting in class one day. All of the sudden, he needed to go to the bathroom. He yelled out,"Miss Jones, I need to take a piss!!" The teacher replied, "Now, Johnny, that is NOT the proper word to use in this situation. The correct word you want to use is 'urinate.' Please use the word 'urinate' in a sentence correctly, and I will allow you to go." Little Johnny thinks for a bit, then says, "You're an eight, but if you had bigger tits, you'd be a ten!!!" Little Johnny walks into school one day to find a substitute in place of his regular teacher. She says, "Hello class, I'm Mrs. Prussy. When you say my name class remember it has an "r" after the first letter." The entire class says, "Hello Mrs. Prussy." A few days later the regular teacher is still sick when Little Johnny gets to his desk the teacher asks what her name is. Johnny thinks hard and the says to the teacher, "I remember it has an "r" after the first letter." "That's right!" she coaxe
Just For Fun
THE WOLF Feared and hated by men the world over, the mighty wolf has been plagued by all forms of evil stories, myths and legends. Hunted, trapped and killed to the point of extinction, many of these majestic animals are gone forever -- their breeds and blood lines never to be seen again. In spite of the many horror stories of wolves hunting, tracking and killing humans, no such event has ever been confirmed. Their eerie and lonely howl, which can make the blood run cold, is merely their form of communication. Each howl, with its tone, depth, length and frequency carries a different message to the pack, or to the partner who is out of sight. They're merely "talking". If you carry wolf medicine, here are some characteristics that sound familiar to you: You are fiercely loyal -- to friends, family, ideals and principles. There is no compromise for you. You are very territorial. You protect all that is yours and your family's at any expense. You are fearless in your pr
Waking up to the sound of rain hitting the roof. You stretch, not wanting to be awake yet and find that I'm not in bed with you. You turn to look around the room, your eyes trying to adjust to the darkness. You see my silhouette as lightning flashes outside. You walk slowly over to the chair im sitting in, watching the storm You reach down slowly running your fingertips from my shoulder and down my arm, locking our fingers together. Standing up i put our hands behind your back, slowly caressing your face with the other hand. Placing my finger to your lips, a sly grin across my lips. I lead you out of the bedroom and down stairs. "What are you doing?" you ask. Looking back at you i tell you to just come with me. Walking out the backdoor, onto the patio. The rain so cool on my bare chest, you stand in the open doorway looking at me, laughing. I come to the door and pull you out with me. Pulling you into my arms, kissing you, the rain making your hair wet and heavy, m
Barbiiez Playhouse
1st prize all picz rated all stash rated fanned rated added pick a big gift 2nd prize all picz rated fanned rated added 3rd prize all picz rated pick a pimpin gift Sexiest girl winnerz 1st place Solowluv 2nd placeLaura 3rd placeSqueekz Sexiest Guy winners 1st place Jonobotysa 2nd place Crazy White boy 3rd place Ghostdog help me out plz
The Thoughts In My Head..
Why do I get insecure, why do i feel like i dont deserve anything good coming my way? I cant seem to be able to give myself the ease of mind to think that someone might like me for me. Always worried that someone better might come and take my special away. Someone that will trumf me in everyway. Or just plain out right that i will be caught out that someone really good looking cant be with this horrible looking person that is me. Am I good enough for anyone? I have to say, and I dont want ya all to take this very personal but just because you have ancestry doesnt make you the nationality.. My kids are HALF irish, this is because their father is from ireland. I have polish ancestry, that doesnt make me polish, neither does it make my kids polish. If my grandmother who is polish would have gotten a kid with a polish man and their kid would have had me with a polish woman then yes i could call myself polish.. Once you have moved out of a country and there is mixed linea
sorry to all my friends . i have been off for a while because i had surgery but will be back in short burst till i fully recover to my friends. thanks for all the comments and messages.sorry i havent responded i had surgery on 2/15/08 and nave nt felt like getting on pc .but i will get back to you as soon as i can .THANKS FOR THE LOVE IT WILL BE RETURNED!!!!! i am a adult if i choose not to look or to look thats my choice not some govt censorship type person telling me i cant
My Work!
felt so used so let down sooo pissed off just so confused and angery at someone? but still you keep trying? why do i even care it seems to me every time i do try i just get hurt so why do i try? im sick of everything im sick of the drama the lies the bs all of it! if you dont F***ING like me then dont make it out like you do its just that easy so please save me the heart ach and walk the F*** away thanks have a nice day and when you think of me i hope it eats you up inside!!!! mwah love ya i shut the door to all the others just incase u wanted to come back u left me down on me knees begging you baby please i never thought it would hurt this bad i say i dont care and i try to act like im all big and bad but darlyn when other people talk about her its like my heart just sinks in my chest i just want to curel up in a ball and just die i dont know why im waisting my time when i know
Cute Jokes
A man is driving down the road and breaks down near a monastery. He goes to the monastery, knocks on the door, and says, “My car broke down. Do you think I could stay the night?” The monks graciously accept him, feed him dinner, and even fix his car. As the man tries to fall asleep, he hears a strange sound—a sound like no other that he has ever heard. The next morning, he asks the monks what the sound was, but they say, “We can't tell you. You're not a monk.” The man is disappointed but thanks them anyway and goes about his merry way. Some years later, the same man breaks down in front of the same monastery. The monks again accept him, feed him, and even fix his car. That night, he hears the same strange mesmerizing sound that he had heard years earlier. The next morning, he asks what the sound was, but the monks reply, “We can't tell you. You're not a monk.” The man says, “All right, all right, I'm dying to know. If the only way I can find out what that sound
Virginia's Ruminations
A 6-year-old was overheard reciting the Lord's Prayer at a church service, "And forgive us our trash passes, as we forgive those who passed trash against us." -------------- A boy was watching his father, a pastor, write a sermon. "How do you know what to say?" he asked. "Why, God tells me." "Oh, then why do you keep crossing things out?" ------------------ Terri asked her Sunday School class to draw pictures of their favorite Bible stories. She was puzzled by Kyle's picture, which showed four people on an airplane, so she asked him which story it was meant to represent. "The Flight to Egypt ," was his reply Pointing at each figure, Ms. Terri said, "That must be Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. But who's the fourth person?" "Oh, that's Pontius - the pilot!" --------------------- The Sunday School Teacher asks, "Now, Johnny, tell me frankly do you say prayers before eating?" "No sir," little Johnny replies, I don't have to. My mom is a good cook." Oct 3, '
Venison Salami 2 lb Ground venison 2 tsp Curing salt 3/4 tsp Garlic salt 1 tsp Mustard seed 1/4 tsp Black pepper 1/4 tsp Red pepper 1c Water Combine all ingredients; divide into thirds and form into long rolls. Wrap in heavy duty aluminum foil; refrigerate 24 hours. Cover rolls with water in pan. Bring to a boil; boil 1 hour. Unwrap; drain. Chill before slicing. Meat may be a bit pink, but is fully cooked. Lemon Butter SauceGreat for Chicken or Fish 1 cup dry white wine 3 lemons, peeled and quartered 2 tablespoons minced garlic 1 tablespoon minced shallots 1 teaspoon salt 3 turns freshly ground black pepper 1 dash Worcestershire sauce 1 dash hot pepper sauce 1/2 cup heavy cream 1/2 pound (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cut up, at room temperature 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh parsley Heat a large non-reactive skillet over high heat. When the skillet is hot, add the wine, lemons, garlic, and shallots. Cook for 3 minutes, breaking up and mashing t
Rockn N Rolln With Tetisheri In The House !!!
why do men change once they have been with a girl for so long . i know we change too . but i mean like the flirting and the looks ? Ok yahoo update for you that I know that go on yahoo lol We have a update on ymlite just type in /update on it hit enter . It will update you to the new one . Also looks like yahoo is still up to the updates . um jaci if you cant get it let me know i will help you threw it . Other words I have noticed a lot of problems with people and voice . Looks like right now that is a yahoo problem ok . or a dll problem just let me know and i will try to help you threw it . Ok thats about all for now remember my rule no links no download lol lol Ok I got my jeep 3 years ago about lol and when I got it I replaced the front cvc joints both of them ! OK today I had to replace the front left one again ! What is the deal ? Any one have any ideas . It is a 1998 grand jeep cherakee strait 6 4 wheel drive . Is there something that could be bent causing pressure on i
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Awesome Graphics at My niece is in photo contest need votes for Lara More Free Graphics at
dont bring the family to yankee stadium! Hottie Contest Host!!!@ fubar If you click that link you can see the hotties contest!Just go to his albums and you can see.There are alot of really good looking girls!I didnt enter cause i didnt know! but it would mean alot to me if you went for 15 or 20 minutes and dropped some comments to help TEEZ.She is in a sexy NAUGHTY SCHOOLGIRL outfit second row last pic.You cant miss it her sexy ass is showing! Every guy that drops her comments for awhile gets a pic of me in my new years sheer dress.i am practicaly naked! Just copy and paste anything hot in the comments to her pic!ty so much! IT MAY BE CONSIDERED CRUEL BUT I THINK IT IS FUNNY,I AM A VERY EVIL PERSON BUT SOMEONE HAS TO TEACH PEOPLE LESSONS!BE SURE TO READ FROM THE BOTTOM UP! ->¢¾Bo...: you should just do it,you made my pussy so wet saying it! will love my show,and for the 30 day i will do it everyday! mya
Soldier's Guardian Angel
You know you've been in Iraq too long when... # When mortars land near your compound and you roll over in bed and think "still way off, I got another 5 minutes" # When you start humming with the Arabic song playing on the radio on the shuttle bus # Every woman that reports to your unit starts looking attractive # Every guy that reports to your unit starts looking attractive # You walk an extra 6 blocks to eat at the KBR (contractor run) dining facility to have the exact same food they are serving in your dining facility because you think it tastes better # You actually volunteer for convoy security duty because you still haven't seen the country yet # You start picturing your wife in traditional Arab dress # The contractors have more fire power than the military combat units. (This is true) # You take the time to add your lines to this list # You've spent $200 dollars at Haji mart on DVDs buying Basic Instinct, 9 and ½ weeks, and Body of Evidence just fo
Personal Faith
This is one of the Best prayers I think I have ever read. PRAY THIS EVEN IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!! IT WILL ONLY TAKE A MINUTE. I started not to do this,but as I read it.... I understood God to say, 'You need a miracle tomorrow' so here goes...Prov. 29:25 You never know when God is going to bless you!! Good things happen when you least expect them to !!!!!!!! Change the number in the subject box when you forward it by adding one!!! I bow in the name of my LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!!! GOD, I do thank You for this day,!!! I thank You for my being able to see and to hear this morning. I'm blessed because You are a forgiving God and an understanding God. You have done so much for me and You keep on blessing me. Forgive me this day for everything I have done, said or thought that was not pleasing to you. I ask now for Your forgiveness. Please keep me safe from all danger and harm. Help me to start this day with a new at
Ranger Down
The Rangers have the address of the place they are going to hit, and the layout. They have learned from far too many urban engagements how to play this. They take nothing for granted, they don’t underestimate their opponent, or overestimate their own prowess. This is always the worst part, putting the pieces in place. It is when they are most vulnerable and when you are least flexible to adjust the plan. None are worried, the soldiers have faith in their leaders, and the leaders have unwavering faith in their Rangers. Their friends should be back, or called in that they killed the guy in the hospital. But it has been a while and no word. Not even anything on the news. They are starting to get worried, and one again their captive is muttering to himself. “Energetically will I meet the enemies of my country. I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained and will fight with all my might. Surrender is not a Ranger word. I will never leave a fallen comrade to
A is for always being there for me. B is for being everything a friend should be. C is for calling me to make sure I'm alright. D is for dancing crazily with me, even late at night. E is for everything you have done in the past. F is for never fading, our friendship will always last. G is for going anywhere and everywhere. H is for hard and easy times we have shared. I is for interesting moments we have had. J is for just everything, good or bad. K is for killing anyone who hurts me. L is for letting me be who I want to be. M is for making me happy no matter what. N is for never grabbing my butt. O is for opening your home and life to me. P is for putting me where I've always wanted to be. Q is for quickly rescuing me from my bad dreams. R is for running to save me as I fell through shattered seams. S is for smiling with me when there's nothing funny. T is for turning my days from gray to sunny. U is for understanding all that
My Vip
See this guy? He loves me. :) He made me pink.
A Little About Me
Greetings one and all... (or anyone who cares to read), Well, I am back from one of my journeys yet once more and feel a need to share my experience with kindred spirits and explain a little bit about what is happening to me as a result. My husband and I attended a most wonderful weekend celebration with kindred spirits and as first time attendees, were welcomed warmly by all with the exception of Friday night getting down to 38 degrees. Brrrrr... it was frigid even with 2 comforters, 2 sleeping bags, 2 blankets on an air mattress in a tent in the woods after a wonderful sweat lodge, drum circle and full moon ritual around a blazing fire. Thank goodness for body heat! All World Acres is a wonderful retreat from the mundane and sleeping under the full moon and star gazing while listening to the sounds of nature all around really gets one in tune with the world as well as oneself. The sounds of the distant trains melding with the symphony of cows, horses, pigs, and roosters (tha
Love This!
Fans(1209) Fan-of.. (3330) Yep, that's all I wanted to say. :P So my laptop crashed yesterday and I lost all my bookmarks of where I am in your pics. and stash (you know who you are if you're reading this) BUMMERS!
Thoughts And Conclusions
The beautiful elegence of the city flew by as my foot was on the petal and my eyes were forward. My excitement grew knowing the many different features that the city has to offer. With my mind racing, my friend screams at me to turn. I almost missed our exit. We laugh. Last night I walked down the infamous Bourbon Street. Most locals will say they would love to get rid of it and they stay away from it at all cost. I did for the most parts. We enjoyed the artist studios and the shops on Royal. We always enjoy eating at Pat O's.....and I love Razoos but I didn't get to do that last night. After Pat O's, we got on Burgundy and started to walk back to the hotel....We ended up meeting a local couple and had a nice chat. What do people want in a "perfect date"? Is there such things as the "perfect date"? I do know this, for every person the perfect date is different and when you find another one that thinks their perfect date is the same as yours.....that is when it is truely Perfect. 1
The world spins, light hears, sound feels. There is something at the edge of my vision, something menacing and ominous..but it is faster than I. No matter how quickly I turn my head, it moves faster, always at the edge of my vision, threatening me. The music surrounds me, caressing my skin and massaging my bones. Time works differently here, I wish I could go back to when things were orderly and made sense. One second follows another, 60 in a row makes a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day. Orderly, sequential...but not here, not in the land of the distorted. I pop a pill at 7 PM, a friendly little blue pill that makes the carpet fuzzy and the walls crawl like myriad ants. I smoke a joint at 6 PM, after the pill, to chill out and relax a little bit. I drink a beer at 9 PM to start my night, take the edge off the day, time works backwards. One minute does not follow the previous, it follows the next or perhaps the one after. People are strange, conversation is difficu
SRY ALL FRIENDS I HAD OPEN HEART SUREGERY AND THATS WHY I HAVENT BEEN ON HERE. hey everyone come by and check my pics out that I just uploaded help me out some I need some points so I can upload some more new pics!!! 8,272 poits to level up...please help
I have been busy being my mother's mother. She broke her arm 2 weeks ago and is being a big baby!!! I am sure it hurts, but is all the drama really necessary? She won't climb the stairs in her house and has sent her dogs home with me (I think she is just tired of taking care if them)!! She lives 70 miles away but calls every day with another guilt trip/pity party. I am trying to shield the kids from it because they don't need to see their grandmother acting like a child. We just got back from visiting her and are going back on Saturday to clean up her house but I think I am only going to take the boys. They are a little more patient than the girls are. I am just really tired of the whole deal. I have told her to take it easy on my pregnant sister and not lay her with the guilt of living 500 miles away. My sister did call her last night and told her to stop being such a big baby!! I can always count on her to tell Mom the truth. She once got so pissed at my mom that she
I just wanted to let everyone know that I am having surgery on June 4th. They are going in and cleaning out my left knee. There is arthritis in my knee and a small tear in the meniscus. I am going to also ask my doctor if he can look at my hips because some days they hurts so bad I can barely walk. Last night, I had my friends Kelly, Jimmy, Lisa and Chad up for supper. I made turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans. After we ate another so called friend named Charles stopped by for awhile. When Chad left, I asked Charles to go get Tigger so she would not run out the door. He went to pick her up because another friend was leaving and I didn't want her to run off. Well Tigger either got scared or something and scratched him. Well instead of bringing her to me, he held her up as high as he could by the back of her neck and she was hissing and growling, I told him to bring her to me but he didn't listen. He threw her on the floor really hard and she bounced off the floor
:) Someone Special
I am not sure how to feel. I have never met this person and yet I can talk to them for hrs. All of my free time I love to sit and talk to her. She is such a sweet person. Great personality, beautiful, great smile, perfect attitude, I love her legs... I could go on and on. I love to hear her laugh... She keeps toying with my emotions... I am her friend then I am not. lol. I have a great time talking to her. I may not know what to make of these feelings but I like how things are and hopes she feels the same :) have you ever been talking to someone on the phone and fallen asleep because you are so tired. even thoe you dont mean to do it it just happens. you feel so bad that you did it and the next time you talk to them it does not bother them they are just happy that you finally got some sleep. wanting to spend time with them. just remember to bring a box of tissue because you never know when they will need a shoulder to cry on... :) ... Have you ever wondered why we do what we do? what
Erotic Stories
Sandy stormed down the hallway in her pajamas, coffee in hand. “Up and at ‘em! NOW!” she shouted into each bedroom. Stark, Johnson, and Roush’s newest attorney wanted no more delays on her first day of work after being a stay-at-home mom for almost ten years. She’d started submitting resumes the very same afternoon she registered her youngest for kindergarten. Any apprehension about the hiatus was decisively laid to rest with four job offers inside a week. Still, starting over as an entry-level attorney and competing with a fresh crop of young go-getters would be no easy feat. Adding to the bustle, Sandy overslept. She’d lain awake the night before, going over and over the tight morning routine in her mind. In spite of her preparations, the kids missed their school bus. She’d have to drive them to school—nearly fifteen miles out of her way in heavy traffic. Sandy hurriedly donned the clothes selected the night before: a just-above-the-knee skirt with fitted jacket, silk blo
My Poetry.......
I promise to give you all that's within me. And all that's beneath me is my heart, that's within you. My future is with you. You're universe is with me. And whenever you're with me, I'll promise to love you. My courage is around you. My soul will surround you. You're heart will fulfill me with feelings I'm bound to; Need when I'm with you. Feel when you're with me. And whenever you're with me, I'll forever protect you. An awards badge of courage mounted on the wall. Never had one single scratch, a crack or any fall. Courageous little soldier. A man so pure and brave. A hero to our country... Even in his shotgun grave. He died with dignity and gratitude. A love for faith divine. He knew his time was over; If the world did, or did not cry. A flag surrounded by plaster could not step aside from pain. With the glory of hope and an emblem of courage; He died for America's Way. Another written a long time ago, but dedicated to all of our soldiers out
Stuff On 2pac You May Want To Read
First, let me put some ridiculous rumors aside. Tupac is not alive and Suge Knight did not set him up. It's true that Tupac was going to leave Death Row Records but Suge wouldn't kill him for crying out loud-after all, former Death Row founder, "Dr. Dre," is still breathing without any war scars. It is also rumored that Tupac had Dre pushed off the label but that is probably just another Tupac strategy against his enemies. It all started about three months before the shooting in a Southern California mall, just near Long Beach. Three members of The Mob Piru Bloods (Most of Death Row Records is allegedly maintained and ran by the Mob Piru Bloods aka M.O.B., including the infamous and shaddy CEO Suge Knight.), went into a Foot Locker to purchase some shoes. One of the blood gangmember's allegedly worked for Death Row Records and was wearing the infamous diamond cut medallion (worn by Death Row staff and artists). Just after leaving Foot Locker, they headed back to thier 1996 Lexus, a
Just F.y.i.
How do I use the Family Block feature? When this flag is ON, any member who is blocked by anyone in your family, is also blocked from you. For example, if family member Joe blocks user Judas, Judas is also blocked from doing anything on your profile (leaving a comment, sending you IM’s, messages, etc). You've been slapped on the ass. If you get 1-3 back then your Hot. 4-6 ur sexy..... 7-12 your ass is mine..... Start slapping
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The biggest LIE on this Planet is: "When I get what I want, I'll be happy." ...All things have a replacement... So when you get something you want... You LOSE something you NEED. (",) here's something to ponder on: "NEVER LET SOMEONE BE YOUR PRIORITY, WHILE ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE JUST THEIR OPTION" (",) Popularity isn't measured through the outer APPEAL... the clothes or jewels we wear but on WHAT IS INSIDE... so try to go out... NAKED!!! ...sometimes... waaahahahhaha.... (",) _dYaNiKa_
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hello ,, im learning this as i go along with the contest, i clicked on the link photo button under the pics and it comes up with a code this is what it says Cut & Paste the links below into your blog or webpage to create a link back to this photo page! If you want people to see and click on a thumbnail of this photo, use the HTML code on the left. If you want people to see and click on a text link, use the HTML code on the right. it is under all of the pictures, so you can send messages, post bulletins , ect with your pic in it and if they click on the pic, it will take em to your link top rate and comment thanks everyone once more for participating randy well the contest has begun, i beleive i sent out everyones pic url, and ill be promoting everyone in your addiction lounge and thru blogs , bulletins and comments, i suggest saving the url to notepad ,, and posting your own blogs, comments, bulletins as well good luck to every one, and id like to thank all the mother
Patrolman Jerry Edwin Trimmer Henrico County Police Department Virginia End of Watch: Monday, August 15, 1966 Biographical Info Age: Not available Tour of Duty: Not available Badge Number: Not available Incident Details Cause of Death: Automobile accident Date of Incident: Monday, August 15, 1966 Weapon Used: Not available Suspect Info: Not available Patrolman Trimmer was killed in an accident while responding to an assistance call. THESE STATISTICS REPRESENT PRELIMINARY INFORMATION RECEIVED BY THE FBI, JANUARY THROUGH SEPTEMBER 2007: FORTY-FOUR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS HAVE BEEN KILLED DUE TO CRIMINAL ACTIONS. DURING THE SAME TIME PERIOD IN 2006, 36 OFFICERS WERE SLAIN. TWENTY-FOUR DEATHS OCCURRED IN THE SOUTH, EIGHT IN THE MIDWEST, SIX IN THE WEST, FIVE IN THE NORTHEAST, AND ONE IN PUERTO RICO. CIRCUMSTANCES INVOLVING THE 44 SLAIN OFFICERS ARE AS FOLLOWS: 11 WERE PERFORMING TRAFFIC PURSUITS/STOPS, EIGHT WERE AMBUSHED, SIX WERE A
Urban Legends & Ghost Stories
A girl went back to her dorm room late one night to retrieve her books before heading over to her boyfriend's dorm to spend the night. She entered the room but knowing her roommate would be sleeping, she didn't turn on the light. She stumbled around the room in the dark for several minutes gathering what she would need before finally leaving. The next afternoon, she came back to her room to find it surrounded by police. When asked if she lived there, she replied that she did. The police took her into the room where she discovered the mutilated body of her roommate and, written on the wall in blood, the words "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" Berlin, 1945. The destruction from WWII has been terrible and famine is rampant in the city. A pretty, young female is approached by a blind man holding a cane, whoasks if she would mind delivering a letter for him. Happy to do the poor fellow a good turn, she takes the letter and starts off but happens to turn around, only to see th
Life And Living
I am beginning to think that happiness is over rated and that everyday doesn't begin with a kiss....... I am so tired of everyone hating on everyone. Can't we have a day when there are no hate bullys and no talking behind peeps backs. I just don't understand it all anymore. I am tired of defending actions and sticking up for people. I have just been hurt to much this last week and by peeps that are very close and special to me. I just don't understand anymore. I just don't. Anyway I want to leave this with a cheerful note because hugs are always free and so is love!! Huggles and Snuggles to all those that are having a smile day!! Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1...I DRI
So, I came backto Fubar! -cheers- And, Hannah needs a VIP... So, Hannah is offering some perks if you give her what she wants :D 1. I'll pimp you :D 2. Webcam shows! :D 3. My yahoo username :D 4. Boob Salute! :D 5. SFW Salute! :D 6. Rate your stash/pics/etc! :D Plus!!! You get to see all my amazing new pics that I'll be posting! Doesn't everyone want to see a little bit more of Hannah? :P Step up! Step up! :) P.S. If you'd like something else for a VIP, let me know what you're thinking-- I may be willing to do it :D So I was talking to a guy I know and he said, "You know... I was just thinking. You have a really cute face and a great personality...but if you..." And I was like, "Don't say it." And he was like, "If you just lost weight, you would be so hot." He goes on-- "You know, it's almost like a waste. You're so pretty and such a great person--but because of your weight you won't get as many guys checking you out. As superficial as that sounds. You're ini
in the mist of the night i feel Your the warm breath on my neck the touch of Your fingers on my body in the Dark of the Night i feel the passion and Desire Building with my hands tied behind my back i feel hot Wax dripping down to my breast the tingle from within awaiting more pleasures my breast are awaiting Your touch Please pinch them Sir make me squirm the smile on my face awaits a kiss from Your lips please Tease them Sir.. i feel Your hand on my ass You spank me gently then a bit harder and again i feel the heat building teach me to be a good Submissive show me Your Desires take me and mold me to a better Person give me the strength that i need in this crazy world passion and desire is what gives life more Zip and the Passion to feel more connection to others show me Your world Sir bound my hands and my feet take me places i have never been before...... unleashed deep inside my soul a touch from you unleashed a desire a pain of Passion A Kiss oh
Sacred Animals
Native American Poetry The Last Warrier By W. J. Bruce High on bleak, stony rag, Unmoving, he sits astride His ragged coated pony. Only telltale frozen breaths, Separate them from The still, winter black boles Of ancient leafless trees. The pony, blown and lame, Stands with lowered head, Ears flattened to the sound Of a distant wolf pack. The man on his back, All weapons lost, Ignores the trickling blood From savage wounds, Mingling his war paint. Eyes burning fiercely He strains to find The sign he seeks: Behind, the sound of enemy Draws ever closer. At last, faith rewarded, He sees far below In the deep valley, Arriving at the edge Of the fast flowing river, The great she bear With two gamboling cubs: To fish the racing salmon, Drawn relentlessly toward Their age-old spawning ground. Silently, the wounded brave Offers his final prayer To the eternal clan bear; Totem and guardian Of his battle slain tribe. The enemy, exultant, Are alm
Toilet Pain
Dear Wife, I'm writing you this letter to tell you that I'm leaving you for good. I've been a good man to you for seven years and I have nothing to show for it. These last two weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me that you had quit your job today and that was the last straw. Last week, you came home and didn't even notice that I ad gotten a new hair cut, cooked your favorite meal and even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You came home and ate in two minutes, and went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don't tell me you love me anymore, You don't want sex anymore or anything. So, either you're cheating on me or you don't love me anymore. Whatever the case is, I'm gone. Your EX-Husband P.S. Don't try to find me. Your SISTER and I are moving away to Texas together! Have a great life! ======================================================================= Dear Ex-Husband, Nothing has made my day more than receiving your let
My Poetry
Every waking moment I think about you all the time Dreaming of the day we’re together again I know we’ll do just fine Having you here with me again is a thought that makes me feel so good Our growing relationship feels so right showing each other we care the way we should I promise I will do my best to not make you want to leave every night I realize now how good you are to me I realize now that your love is worth the fight I never again want to be the one causing you any tears I always want to be there for you to ease all your pain and fears You are that special someone in my life I feel so very lucky to have you as my wife she is so amazingly beautiful i just cant touch her enough no longer does she want to be touched and emotionally its tough i took her affections for grantid when she did pour it on so thick back then i returned very little, thinking about it makes me feel sick i now know how she felt when i practically ignored her i hate the way it fee
Holla At Ya Girl
Everything you could have been Everything you'll be. Everything you dream about And everything you see. All the times you feel so much And times you let them go. Times you thought you wanted love And times you'll never know. Parts of you, you cannot hide Parts I'll never see. Parts that want to be alone And parts you share with me. All these things that make you whole I love like no one could. And this is why I dream of you In ways a lover would. For friends is not enough for me I know that it's been years. But love has grown to more than this Despite my greatest fears. Take a look behind these eyes And see the death of me. The love I feel for my best friend Though he will never see. The mysterious taset! the romantical spirit pleaser even the pychopath are no waste! Around the world are many believers It's travel far and wild, touching the young and the old reminding them a life good and bad from generations to generations is like gold
Temptress Secerts
first meeting I knew that you when i saw you my heart skiped a bit your eyes met mine and all was forseen i knew what are hearts wanted yet we knew it couldnt be we smiled and we connected on a level knowone else knows of i knew i loved you i felt it all over i know this feeling shall never die my heart was thier for the taken i was yours In my mind, and in my soul - Where I've always known you,to be So, although we must part has friends I know that it wasnt easy for looking in your eyes i knew i wanted you the first meet wasnt right for us who knows when it will be right I know until then l will hear your voice in my heart - See you face in my dreams, And feel your touch when the time comes when we see each other you shall always have a place in my heart and soul by temptress As I look into your eyes And run my fingers through your hair I taste the sweetness of your neck As I nibble at your ear I then whisper words of love As
About Me
FAMILY,FRIENDS N FANS WHO SIGNED MY GUEST BOOK ALREADY WOULD U PLZ DO IT AGAIN I DID DUMB THING N ACCIDENTLY DELETED IT WHEN I WAS DOIN MY PROFILE FOR HALLOWEEN:( PLZ PLZ PLZ XXXXXXXXX LOVES YA ALL Karma Sutra PositionYour Karma Sutra Position isThe DogHe mounts her like a dog, gripping her waist, and she twists round to gaze into his faceGet Your Karma Sutra Position at Take this survey or other MySpace Surveys at 75 Random Questions: Random Random Do you have any pets?yes i have 4mth puppy called buster , cat called Jack n Bunni called clyde What color shirt are you wearing?Black Name three things that are physically close to you:mouse,chap stick n cuppa tea What is the last book you read?J.R.R Tolkien - Children of Hurin Are you or were you a good student?No What's your favorite sport?Rugby Do you enjoy sleeping late?Depends on how tired i am What's the weather like right now?Gloomy Who tells the best jokes?erm a comedian? What
My ex Josh Bradburn, is taking my kid to West Virginia and I will never be able to get pictures of him unless I was to move there with them....well I dont think so. I am not getting used like trash again. I am through with my kid being used as a door mat. I dont mean to sound like a bitch but I am sorry. Its cold and the sports are the shit. The weather sometimes sucks but I can get used to it. I am looking for the best songs to put on my page so if you have something that I might listen to let me know...I am into pretty much everything.
Anyone and Everyone come and please help This really good friend of mine out in his contest...He was in first last night and now he's a little behind...All help will be appreciated...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...yes that me l Two of my closest friends are up for auction...and even if i would love too own them gonna give everyone a chance to see how awesome they both are. So come on and bid on these beauties. Click the pic and bid!!! You wont regret it. Psssst they both Bite..hehehehe KAT FALLEN ANGEL TATTOOED BEAUTY NEEDS OUR HELP Must Have At Least 10,000 Comments Or 100 Rates For 1st Place Self Comment Bombing Is Allowed And Encouraged Bombing Families Are Allowed To Help Anyone Being Disrespectful Or Bringing Any Drama To The Contest Will Be Removed Immediately. You Can Pimp Your Entry Pic Any Way You Like ie.. In Blogs, Bulletins, Emails And Comments Left On Your Fr
Lonely Christopher
I have low to no self esteem because nothing ever happens to give that self esteem a boast, that's what I need, a virtual shot in the ego to tell me that I matter that I'm not ugly. But it looks like that's not going to happen. If you live or plan on visiting Reseda or Canoga Park California and want to meet with me for soda and conversation, then message me and I will send you my personal e-mail in which we can talk about when and where. I created a new lounge for my friends to hang out and chat with me and each other to discus anything, even the slim possibility of meeting me. Please join to day.
Need A Good Laught.......dirty/sick Jokes...rated R
I took my dad to the mall the other day to buy some new shoes. We decide to grab a bite at the food court. I noticed he was watching a teenager sitting next to him. The teenager had spiked hair in all different colors: green, red, orange, and blue. My dad kept staring at him. The teenager would look and find him staring every time. When the teenager had enough, he sarcastically asked, 'What's the matter old man, never done anything wild in your life?' Knowing my Dad, I quickly swallowed my food so that I would not choke on his response, knowing he would have a good one. And in classic style he did not bat an eye in his response, 'Got drunk once and had sex with a peacock. I was just wondering if you were my son.' Dealing with Assholes (I found this on the web and thought it was really funny) This is for all of you who occasionally have a really bad day when you just need to take it out on someone!!! Don't take that bad day out on someone you know, take it out on someo
Life is just a lonely highway I'm out here on the open road I'm old enough to see behind me But young enough to feel my soul I don't wanna lose you baby And I don't wanna be alone Don't wanna live my days without you But for now I've got to be without you I've got a pocket full of money And pocket full of keys that have no bounds But then I think of lovin' And I just can't get you off of my mind Babe can't you see That this is killing me I don't want to push you baby And I don't want you to be told It's just that I can't breathe without you Feel like I'm gonna lose control I've got a pocket full of money oh yes I do And a pocket full of keys that have no bounds But when it comes to lovin' I just can't get you off of my mind, yeaaah Am I a fool to think that there's a little hope Yeah yeahhhhhheee yeah Tell me baby, yeah What are the rules the reasons and the do's and don'ts Yeah yeahhhhhheee yeah Tell me baby tell me baby, yeah What do you feel insid
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"ABOUT Whiz" INFO" OFFICIAL Whiz Community, The only place where you'll find any "OFFICAL WHIZ Community" INFO on the web! About Me: Army Retired WHIZ's SUMMARY OF SKILLS - Collects and organizes data and conducts analyses (ATRRS), MSWord, Excel, Access, Fox, Enable, ...). Prepares and submits reports. Utilizes knowledge of PC-based software (spreadsheets, database, wordprocess). Provides technical assistance to staff. Monitor and analyze databases as Project Manager. Provide training and/or computer support. Supervise support staff. Designs, plans and conducts, from concept to completion, projects with significant impact on the unit (Training, Mob, Movement, Safety, Security). Assists with or conducts initial interviews of soldiers to provide training assistance, determine eligibility for training programs. Administer and score basic educational tests. Performs administrative and/or clerical support for an office, unit or program area. Acts as lead worker or supe
 I Love you , Mom Ever ceaseless love makes me think of you Knowing you're part of the reason of the good i do, I see your support is what made dad strong, Teaching us it's ok to admit when we are wrong, Of course we fuss every once in a while, You made the mood better by always ending it with a smile, You love me still as if that newborn babe, Always asking how you can help with any kind of pain, Teaching me so many lessons about life, How a TRUE parent understands the meaning of sacrifice, Always placing us and our needs first and then your own, Reminding us no matter what we will always have a home, Making room in your heart for others we and in ours, Helping us to grow and blossom as the sun those flowers, And I know I repeat this often but I still want to say, I love you and know every day that ends in Y is Mother's day                                                                By: Romuald ( Romeo) Tchouante    My Crowd   I sit and smile in my seat, People
Emo Poems
The storm gathers in the west Ready to take you out I can see this all to well I know its time to stir about Your in trouble Your going down I will not let this happen I will not let you drown Your my best friend And nothing else matters When the storm hits And your life shatters I'll be your lighthouse And i'll always be here To protect you from anything Even you worst fear So bring on the hurricanes Even the April showers I will shelter you No matter how many hours I wonder how I will die? Too many pills is one way to try Or the car in the garage While everyone's gone ; Block all vents, it shouldn't take long I could use more drugs than my body can handle ; By the next day they'll be lighting my candle I might step off a really steep ledge Trust me friend, I'm right on the edge If I had a gun I could go fast Which would be good ; the pain won't last I could cut my wrists like so many do Whatever it takes to get m
Who Loves Me
Somewhere in time We fell in love Our feelings were so strong Stars sparkled up above Somewhere in time Nothing else mattered We were together Until our hopes and our dreams were shattered Somewhere in time Great memories are there Our love was once great Nothing could compare Somewhere in time Our love stands still A love that we lost Somehow, against our will Somewhere in time We'll meet again Somewhere in time Our love will never end A warm sensation fills my body My heart races with every touch The softness of your voice soothes My soul As I lay there hoping the moment Will never end Calling out for you Praying that you'll never let me go The sensation so strong I can no longer feel my body Slowly I fade in and out of reality In an instant the warm sensation Fades away My heart empty My soul torn apart Lying there; wondering where I went Wrong Calling out for you, only to find there is no answer My mind invaded with thoughts So
An All-American Bluesville Boy His touch was a winner's he'd launch pig- skin carrier pigeons for six points roll a curve off the table for a strike moonwalk for a fingertip hoop his touch was a touch too good for class, gave him professional ambitions made him Wal-Mart's first pick in the bag boy draft Little kids are a lot like Jesus, they often die of sins not their own; like the ones who die in Bluesville praying: "Father God, please save us cause Momma's gone" It's not them who fail to pay the heat, leaving out the house with the oven on; and they're not out there on their feet, hustling Disciples' blessings to carry on Maybe they die to save the mothers who walk cracked pavements on Friday nights trying to gather a little income with the only training street messiahs let them have Mercy be to little children who who often die of sins not their own Sometimes they suffer sacrifice of life, to
Naughty Erotic Horror
Massachusetts Colony Oct. 31, 1692 Cassandra de Wren rode her lover hungrily. It had been two days since she saw him last and she had been going insane with need for him. She threw her head back causing her chest to thrust forward and for her long red hair to spill down around her shoulders. Her large white breasts proved too tempting a sight for her lover so he reached up and fondle them with his hands. Cassandra knew it was going to be a fast spending when she felt the beginning of an orgasm licking at her loins. He obviously knew it too because she quickly found herself on her back with him thrusting furiously above her. Cassandra cries of pleasure bounced off the walls of her small cottage when she found her release. Her lover's cries soon joined hers as he soon filled her with his seed. He collapsed on top of her body, his head pillowed between her ample breasts. "I think you are witch," he said breathing heavily. Cassandra stiffened in response. "It is not somethi
    Love on these Crazy FU's they are some of tha best people I know on here give me love and tell them I sent you. *Pink0828* (*Rating Revolution*)@ fubar ♥CAREBEAR♥2ndAlarmHottie/Capt.SpecialEvents**R/L Wife 2 WildBill@ fubar ~Hot Chick~@ fubar ♥¶®ëçíøùš Mõmèñ†♥~~Fu-Wifey to Ðûš†ïñ~~* Bad Girl*~Greeter@ UU & DD& head Greeter @ TSR~@ fubar ☼FREYA™☼@ fubar **Vicki** ~Greeter@Erotic Seductions~G-Spot Leveler~~@ fubar ∞ ¶Kéa£aßøÎ ∞@ fubar
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In the Garden of Eden, as everyone knows, Lives Adam and Eve, without any clothes. In this garden, were two little leaves, One covered Adam's, one covered Eve's. As the story goes on, nevertheless to say, The wind came along, and blew the leaves away. At the sight, Adam did stare, There was Eve's treasure, all covered with hair. And wonder came, under Eve's eyes, As Adam's thing, started to rise. They found a spot, that suited them best, A nice big tree, where they began to rest. Her legs spread wider, and wider apart, While thrill after thrill, came into her heart. The head of Adam's thing, peeked into the hold, And filled her with passion, beyond her control. Backward and forward, his thing did slide, And Eves treasure, was all wet inside. The joy was good, she wouldn't let loose, Until Adam's thing, was all out of juice. Then through the years, people did screw, And now it's time, for me and you. So pull down your pants, and lay in the gra
Poems I Wrote
ITs been two years since you left me.... not because you wanted to but for the reason that wasnt your choice knowing your not here has been hard Its been two years since you left me.... not seeing you is the worst having my nephew there to make it better hes the one that keeps you alive Its been two years since you letf me... missing my best friend wishing you were here to push the swarros away remembering the times we spent together Its been two years since you left me... hopeing i make you happy with my choices knowing your always there makes it easier lookinh up into the sky and wishing to see you once more ITs been two years since you left me... trying not to cry everytime i think of you remembering how you left always thinking of you here and not in heaven its been two years since you left me... missing my big sister wanting you to come back knowing your always looking down at me ITs been two years since you left me..... loving you ill always
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She is pregnant, he had just saved her from a fire in her house, rescuing her by carrying her out of the house into her front yard, while he continued to fight the fire. When he finally got done putting the fire out, he sat down to catch his breath and rest. A photographer from the Charlotte , North Carolina newspaper, noticed her in the distance looking at the fireman. He saw her walking straight toward the fireman and wondered what she was going to do. As he raised his camera, she came up to the tired man who had saved her life and the lives of her babies and kissed him just as the photographer snapped this photograph. After serious & cautious consideration.....your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2008! It was a very hard decision to make. So try not to screw it up!!! My Wish for You in 2008 May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet o
My Life
Ok so get ready for this one, because I'm pissed...actually I don't think pissed even comes close to it. My brother. 8 years in the British Army, one tour in Kosovo, 3 tours in Iraq, shot, bled and almost died for this country. Saved lives, done everything asked of him without question and with 100% dedication. As a result of the obvious trauma that comes from seeing people dying, his friends blown up and getting killed and the things within war that are silenced...he's been suffering seldom but debilitating panic attacks. He has no control over when they come about, and when they do he suffer's such pain and anxiety that he has no control over being able to stop them. Now as an educated and reasonably intelligent woman, I can appreciate how this would have an adverse effect on his job, and especially within active duty. His job involves weapon's training, so I can well appreciate that should he have an attack whilst in the middle of active duty or God forbid whilst firing a weapo

A man says to his wife lets try social security position . whats that she says well bend over and when you feel my balls bouncing on your bum then i know your getting all your benefits Are you considering having children? To determine whether you are truly prepared for the experience, we suggest you take this set of simple tests... ** MESS TEST: Smear peanut butter on the sofa and curtains. Now rub your hands in the wet flower bed and rub on the walls. Cover the stains with crayons. Place a fish stick behind the couch and leave it there all summer. ** TOY TEST: Obtain a 55-gallon box of Legos. (If Legos are not available, you may substitute roofing tacks or broken bottles.) Have a friend spread them all over the house. Put on a blindfold. Try to walk to the bathroom or kitchen. Do not scream (this could wake a child at night). ** GROCERY STORE TEST: Borrow one or two small animals (goats are best) and take them with you as you shop at the grocery store. Always keep them
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I feel like I'am losing my best friend we're drifting apart. I don't know what goes on in your life anymore. We hardly keep in touch. I feel i've been replaced by someone else in your life and it tears my heart to shreds. I know you don't mean to do this but it is how i feel right now. I'am hurt and jealous. I hope you realize how i feel now and together we can work this out so out friendship does not get any worse. I'm sorry if i upset  you. I'm telling you how i feel but it something i needed to say. Nicole you mean the world to me and i could not stand another day with out you in my life. Please come back. I miss you and love you so much. Your aunt coco to my son and he never gets to see you. hes grown so big and youve missed all of that. i need you in my life. Thats  all i have to say.   Please comment and tell me what i should do?  I call her she wont answer. She moved in to a house so i dont know where she lives. please help me. HAVE YOU EVER FELT LIKE YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO
I'm in the MOOD to upgrade my guitar and more importantly my tone choices, which any guitar player will tell you...the more choices you have with a guitar...the fewer you need to get the job done! I recently saved my lead singer's guitar from a certain trip to the junkyard! He had purchased an Indonesian made Squire Telecaster for $200 (the new sale price) a while back. He loves a Tele and although we have other guitars available to him that are lots better...he insists on playing his Tele. So I installed a new set of Seymore Duncan STK's in it and rewired the whole thing and installed all new electronics. It sounded so good when I got done that it made me decide to go ahead with plans I'd been thinking about to redo my own guitar. We have a busy week coming up for RiverGard, so I will be making enough money to have some extra to throw into my equipment. I will be purchasing a new set of Seymore Duncan pickups for my Ibanez S470DXQM(HSH) consisting of a SH-2n Jazz for the neck, a
Lock N Load
Dude, the cops will never smell it Mon Jan 7, 5:11 PM ET Lakehurst police didn't have to go far to make a marijuana arrest. An officer heading home early Saturday smelled pot burning in the police station parking lot. Authorities said Sergeant Ronald Heinzman asked some other officers to take a whiff. Police said they heard a conversation centered on the irony of smoking pot next to the station from a home separated from the parking lot by a chain-link fence. Police knocked on the door and arrested Benjamin Gordon, 18, of Farmville, Va. ___ Information from: Asbury Park Press, Like anything in life that you want, you should say it proclaim it either through spoken or written words. I know I have expressed what I want in spoken words to my friends and family but I dont think I have ever written them down to reread over and over. So here we go. Since I am almost 30, I know gasp! I say the big number THIRTY and this big number has me freaked o
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The Phantom Agony I can't see you, I can't hear you Do you still exist? I can't feel you, I can't touch you, Do you exist? The Phantom Agony I can't taste you, I can't think of you, Do we exist at all? The future doesn't pass And the past won't overtake the present All that remains is an obsolete illusion We are afraid of all the things that could not be A phantom agony Do we dream at night Or do we share the same old fantasy? I am a silhouette of the person wandering in my dreams Tears of unprecedented beauty Reveal the truth of existence We're all sadists The age-old development of conciousness Drives us away from the essence of life We meditate too much, so that our instincts will fade away They fade away What's the point of life And what's the meaning if we all die in the end? Does it make sense to learn or do we forget everything? Tears of unprecedented beauty Reveal the truth of existence We're all pessimists Teach me how to
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Went to Louisiana to get a car... and it was not there... in fact we found out from the cop shop (my favorite hang out) that the house has been abandon for 3 to 4 years... grrrr... I still got paid a bit for the trip but I mean really... I want to get the car... Now I am am determined to get it. I will find it and I will drive the shit out of it when I get it. Oh the woe's of a repo chick... I do love my job... Wouldn't trade it for anything. It does however keep me pretty freaking busy... blah blah blah blah blah... I could ramble on forever but think that may get old and boring... Oh!!! Going to see Devil Driver!!! Also I will be going to my friends bridal shower in OKC. I am not a big fan of Oklahoma, I am a Texas kind of girl, but for you Kerrie, I will make an exception. *HUGS* With the colonge of his lust piercing my mind, stimulating the ancient ruins of my memory in the swirl of sheets, a dingy hotel room became His palatial bed while rummaging in the glittery gutters of m
Thank you for you: for who you are, However far away; And for the words you send to me, Near mad for what you say. Knowing simply that you're there, Yet thinking much of me, Opens up my happiness, Undone for all to see. How little in me is not touched by you! A friendship is a light that fills the heart, Painting with its gold each darkened hue, Providing warmth to each sequestered part. You are the mirror of my better self, Verifier of the best in me, A bridge across the unsuspected gulf Lodged between what can and ought to be. Expectations can be wings, not bars, Necessary to sustain our flight. The faith of friends in us is wholly ours, Incoming to uplift us to its height. No soul can see itself, but must depend, Each on each, upon a trusted friend. I love you as my closest, dearest friend. Boys and girls can be just closest friends. There is no passion greater than the one That touches not the body but the heart. You mean much more to me than someone who
Past And Present Encounters
Heaven has sent you an Angel. Heaven didn't want her, so they sent her to me. I don't want her so, I'm sending her to you ! Returns are not accepted! Enjoy Your Hot Chocolate A group of graduates, well established in their careers, were talking at a reunion and decided to go visit their old university professor, now retired. During their visit, the conversation turned to complaints about stress in their work and lives. Offering his guests hot chocolate, the professor went into the kitchen and returned with a large pot of hot chocolate and an assortment of cups - porcelain, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite - telling them to help themselves to the hot chocolate. When they all had a cup of hot chocolate in hand, the professor said: "Notice that all the nice looking, expensive cups were taken, leaving behind the pl
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Words cannot begin to express the deep sense of loss and grieving one must go through to lose a child in such a horrific manner. Sometimes, when one person is missing or lost, it seems as though the whole world has been depopulated. At 3 months old, Alijah James is larger than life, and his passing has struck a chord in the hearts of everyone who has followed him since before his birth. The gift of life is always magical, and a time filled with wonder, as are the early years of a baby's life. To have that stripped away from him at such an indefensible, early age, is unfathomable. None of us know what happened that morning, and perhaps we may never know. We know that a baby died Tuesday morning for no earthly reason. We do not know the true dynamics of that morning. We do not need to become a lynch mob in attack of a man whom the police have not named a suspect in his death. Nobody even knows if TJ Mullis is dead or alive. At this moment in time, we know NOTHING, other than the worl
November 2007
Please say a quick prayer for my son Dante today who is getting surgery done and has to go under for it. Thanks! Today is the day to honor the Veterans who have given their life for Americans. Tho I didn't give my life, I did serve an honorable 8 years in the US Military. I have been around the world and seen many things that many haven't seen. My ship was one of the first to respond to the USS Cole when she was bombed overseas and 17 sailors died. I did a 7 month tour in Kuwait. And of course that fateful day on 9/11/2001, the whole US military responded to the attack on the USA. I just wanted to say a special thank you to all my veteran and active duty military families that are still serving our country proudly. If there's nothing else you do today, please thank a Veteran...and pray for those still overseas and those who have lost their lives so we can still live as freely as we do today A story is told about a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought in Vietnam. He c
Internets: Serious Business
way to have a non green name without a salute? I have testicles. I'm back... that means a month long of your nagging and pleading to get me back worked on some level. now what?
Just Because
many people know that i work in retail. yes to the ones who dont i do i work for walmart. been with walmart for over 2 years. it hard work but it well worth it when i get the pay check every 2 weeks. last friday i had off. i was home spending time with my family working all the time you dont get to spend time with your kids. so i enjoy my mommy daughter time. something happen at walmart. on of my fellow cashiers was arrested for stealing money from the till. i was asked about it the other day someone say is it true that a fellow cashier was arrested. for stealing 1,600 someone else says no its was only 600. still the person stole many people saw her being arrested and dragged out by hand cuffs. this person must of been dessperate. to do this or it was a call for help. their is video footage and video cameras at every register x 3 so you will be caught. people who steal from my store takes from our bottom line. takes from our bonus takes from my daughters mounth. my daughter
My Poetry
Recalling the past things that would have been my emotions stepped out like my silent twin silence enduring i cant hold it no more shredding my heart in a whispering war whispering tears drown questions glance exchange from eye to eye i was once you you were once me we were once one united yet free My eyes darken over time My soul loses hope Life becomes so trival Struggles inside overwhelm Harder it becomes To even care Would it...even matter Confussion and doubt Swirl around in my mind Like a dark foggy night Unable to see What use to be so clear So is this what they call living Or are we merely just excisting As i sit here in my room Images race through my head Of that faithful November day Walking home from school that day I quickly realize i would never be the same And as i came upon his limp body I realize my friend, had kept his word 14yrs of living doesnt prepare you for this Anger inside because he is what i miss Pain i feel
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ok so I doubt this really qualifies as a blog but I don't care it's hilarious!!! There are a lot of words that you can use to describe men - strong, caring, loving - they'd be wrong - but you could still use them. Men are like a fine wine. They start out as grapes. It's our job to stomp them, and then keep them in the dark until they mature. And hopefully they'll turn out to be something we would like to have dinner with. Men-tal Anxiety. . . Men-opause. . . Men-tal Breakdown. Ever noticed that all problems start with MEN? Q: What's the best way to kill a man? A: Put a naked blonde and a six-pack in front of him. Then tell him to pick only one. Q: What do men and pantyhose have in common? A. They either cling, run, or don't fit right in the crotch! Q: Why do men whistle when they're sitting on the toilet? A: Because it helps them remember which end they need to wipe. Q: What is the difference between men and women? A: A woman wants one man to satisfy h
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Do you think you'll have a Valentine this year? Maybe Do you still like the same person from 5 months ago? Hes my best friend When was the last time you were sick? Last week Are you one of those people who are always cold? No What are you listening to? The cars driving by When was the last time you worked at your job? October 30th, had to have surgery How many more days until your birthday? 8-17 Do you have any summer plans yet? Some Do you tend to waste a lot of money? Not really Where are your best friends right now? at work Have you ever stalked anyone? No...that's just creepy and wrong What did you last drink? Malibu Sunset Have you ever received an injury from a hook up? No What did you last eat? homemade spagetti So far, have you been keeping your 2009 resolutions? I didn't make any What are you most looking forward to in the next 5 months? going back to work Do you have an
Pervs And Jerks Of Fubar (dont Rate This Blog Plz Just Read And Be Aware)
dude came to my page and just starting rateing my pics a 9 for no reason. protect yourselves from this asshole. big D@ fubar this guy had a problem with the fact i support my troops for doing their job and keeping me safe, check out this shit (oh and dont waste ur time going to rate him a 1 he's not worth it) superman@ fubar I LEFT A COMMENT ON HIS MUM ABOUT 'BUTTS' ASKING WHAT A CHICK'S BUTT HAS TO DO WITH ANYTHING CUZ ITS JUST FAT, AND THE BIGGER IT IS THE MORE FAT THERE IS.... HE RESPOND BY RATING ME A ONE THEN THIS CONVO TOOK PLACE: (U KNOW THE DEAL BOTTOM TO TOP) I LOVE IT I GOT CALLED A HIPPO LOL. ->~LIL DEVIL...: SINCE WHEN ARE HIPPOS A SIZE 3 superman: i do what i want when i want ok you stupid hippo ->~LIL DEVIL...: U ARE ONE SICK FUCK THAT NEEDS SERIOUS MENTAL HELP superman: cuz you ate her superman: ur ugly ->~LIL DEVIL...: HAVE FUN WITH THE AIR HUN CUZ I DONT HAVE A DAUGHTER ->~LIL DEVIL...: I DONT LISTEN superman: or i will fuck you
No. 1 Britt pins No. 2 McMullin in less than 30 seconds Israel Potoczny Jan 14, 2009 With Tuesday’s match having already been decided in Willard’s favor, the heavy weight showdown was for bragging rights. And rest assured Lebanon still has the top dog. For the second time this season, Lebanon heavy weight Justin Britt, backed up his No. 1 ranking in Missouri Class 4 against Willard’s Chris McMullen. McMullen, a two-time defending state champion who is ranked No. 2 in Missouri Class 3, was handed his only loss of the season in districts by Britt last year. Britt then opened the 2008-2009 season by backing up the win on Dec. 6 at the Neosho Tournament. On Tuesday, Britt made short work of McMullin in the rematch, pinning the senior in 28 seconds. But according to Britt, the win could have come even earlier. “I should have had that shot right at the start,” he said. Undefeated this season at 25-0, Britt became the fifth wrestler in LHS
Confusion Thoughts
Well for once in my life I found myself looking for a date.... lets see here I am not one to ask someone on a date nor tollorate a date offten. I guess that I just don't have the paticence, maybe cause I am a bizznatch when the time calls for it. Anyway on with the date thing. A Few people have asked me why I am looking for one and also told me that I shouldent have a problem finding one... well HAHAHAHAHA to that! See I have a company Christmas party coming up and well need someone to go with me. Sounds simple right? Well time to burst your bubble its NOT! I don't want to take some twat hound person out to meet my boss's ya know. They MUST be neat and clean not to mention know how to hold their alchol! Thats a BIG deal there. So here is the deal... I don't want to have to drive to another state or city to get hit me up if you are in my area and think that you might qualify for the following. 1. Can speak proper english. 2. Have nice attire that you can wear.
Distance … like a sunken ship Harbors the treasure of your touch. Unceasingly, I dive the depths In search of one more glimpse. Like a mirage … It gives me the illusion of closeness. So tormented by your absence, I forget to rise for air. Lack of oxygen intensifies my illusion. You mystify me! So with every ounce of hope I force myself deeper into the abyss. And in reaching you - I slip into unconsciousness To spend eternity in your embrace. I longed to spend time with you yesterday~ Simple conversation turned to more than just words on a screen! ~ A hollowness burning deep in my chest ~ A subtle nervousness that won't cease ~ A curiosity that drowns every thought (all reality) ~ A fear of falling to deep once again ~ A silent whisper (a prayer one might say) ~ That fate might bring us nearer ~ Heat penetrating my body ~ Invasively almost destructive! ~ Wonder if only my imagination ~ Getting away with me ~ A hunger far from being quenched! ~ An innocence ~
Rather Be Fu-king!
She's always helped me out when I needed it in the past and now she could use a little help. Thank you and have a great night. ❤ ★ KINDЯΣD~Ñï©k¥'§ Fµ~W¡Fê ☆@ fubar Kipster is just 200k from becoming fubar's next FuKing. Auto-11s are on for a few more hours. He returns the rates, so hit him hard. KIPSTER (fu-hub to the queen)Enforcer@FarBeyondDriven@ fubar DJ DISTURBED {R/L/H2SYCHO}~!~ FU OWNED 'cAUSE iM tHE fCKiNG pRiNCESS..dUHH@ fubar
Good Shit.
so i dont think anyone read about my perdictament on ebay recently with tryin to get concert tickets....but heres whats gone down. the seller guy filed a dispute with me for an unpaid item. long story short, the guy is just tryin to get a reinbursement from ebay, and by doing so needs to fuck me. here is my reply to Ebay about said bullshit... greetings and salutations to whoever it is that reads this... this is regarding item #150242203585 and the complete, douchebag of a seller, first2last27. On May 5th, the above auction for a pair of concert tickets ended around 12:22pm. as soon as said auction ended, i received an email from the seller stating that he could not close the auction due to his car being broken into and the tickets stolen. he then told me if he could get the tickets replaced, he would still sell to me, only he would give them to me for $100 instead of the selling price of $133 and some odd change, plus shipping of course. the problem lies with the fact that toda
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Daily Horoscope: Capricorn For December 9,2007 You are moving much more quickly than you had thought you would be at this point, but that just means that things are working out a little better than you had anticipated. Life keeps getting better! Daily Horoscope: Capricorn For December 3,2007 Your mind is definitely on work right now, but that doesn't mean you have to ignore everything else! It may be hard for you to give friends or family your full attention, but at least make the effort. Daily Horoscope: Capricorn For December 7,2007 Today's social energy brings a smile to your face and keeps you engaged with friends and well-wishers. You may want to take a little time off from work or school to spend more time with your people.
This One Is Mine
If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you. actually i dont know how this got start but it appears that two woman on here jumped on one because she asked a question. i read a mumm that laid it out somewhat until it got totally out of hand. a guy coming to the defense of the one girl. whether he was out of control he did supply some proof that the two woman double teamed and ganged up on the one. these two seemed to enjoy their cruelty. see for your self in this mumm i then made a statement to the two "what's the matter with you". that being the only statement. soon after that i was hit with 1 and 2's ratings when i check it was someone on one of the woman's friend list. tha
Quotes I Like
"No matter how rare true love may be, it is less so then true friendship!" Beautifully stated.... As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, la ugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you 'll never get back! "Don't be afraid that your life will end, be a fraid that it will never begin." "Never question if you are in love or not, because if you were you wouldn't need to ask."
My Journal
July 7. Arrive in Alaska July 8. Go to Fairbanks and the Arctic Circle July 9. Above the Arctic Circle July 10. Head back from the Arctic Circle July 11. Fairbanks July 12. Denali Park July 13. Denali Park July 14. Denali Park July 15. Ride the train from Denali to Anchorage Leave lots of love while I'm gone!!! My sister, Adele, and I took mom to the emergency room Tuesday evening. Took her an hour to use the bathroom at home; she was having trouble catching her breath. Upon arrival, her oxygen level was 60 and it should be over 90. After many tests, they concluded she has pneumonia coupled with congestive heart failure, but the CHF wasn't really a real issue as opposed to the pneumonia. They gave her oxygen using a mask but also did it using the nose piece. She couldn't maintain oxygen level over 90 with the nose piece so she was admitted to ICU using the mask. They said she may just be in ICU for 12 ho
My Fucked Up Self
Its late. A warm summers breeze blows from the west. It blows my hair back over my shoulders. The moon is high and full casting a silvery light over everything. The Ground is flat, lush, and green. I can see for miles, in the distance i can see the highlands my heart longs to go. But my feet are rooted to the spot. I can not move. Im stuck in the most beautiful place I can think of, but i dont want to stay. I want to move on but something is holding me back. The breeze becomes a cold wind, I shiver, its time for me to go, but I still cant move. The ground has become hard and brown. The moutains are snow covered, everything is dieing. I want to leave, but i still cant move. I will surely freeze to death. I look around alls I see is ice for miles. It all goes black. There is a lady in my dreams. Dispite the distance shes so near it seems. Her smile has a warmth I have yet to know. Her eyes hold a saddness yet no tears do they show. In my arms I hold her tight. Though i know its only
My Favorite Quotes
You know that you truely love someone When you want them to be happy Even if your not included their happiness. Absence is to love ~ what wind is to fire ~ it extinguishes the small ~ it enkindles the great! Love is like a butterfly, hold it to tightly ~ it crushes, hold it to loose ~ it fly away.
Virginia - Discreet Fun In Public
Home for the Holidays (Bi-Guys & Straight) It was our third year at University of Virginia, when my roommate “Jeff” asked, if I wanted to come home with him for Christmas, since he knew my family would be overseas this year. Jeff said there is always room for friends and will be plenty of food for everybody. I figured anything would be better than hanging around the empty campus and eating in the cafeteria. So when Friday came, we packed his car and headed out. He said it would be about a five hour drive to his folks house, in northern Pennsylvania. He called his folks and told them, his roommate “Frank” was coming home with him. His car’s heater was pumping strong, so we were just our jeans and t-shirts. After an hour or so, Jeff told me to reach over the seat and grab that gym bag. When I opened it, I see a wide collection of adult magazines, typical for guy away at college. He tells me he always brings them along, for long drives. He likes to pull off w
Click The Picture CD below to the Website: Who and What is SKIP? The American Institute On Domestic Violence is a nonprofit organization that has long been dedicated to the safety of women, children and their families. Our signature project is called SKIP - Safe Kids Identification Program. SKIP is the moost comprehensive child ID program available. These ID kits providelaw enf
ON THE BLOCK ONCE AGAIN COME BID AND WIN ME!!!! SHOW HER SOME LOVE Ann Landers: “If I were asked to give what I consider the single most useful bit of advice for all humanity it would be this: Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and when it comes, hold you head high, look it squarely in eye and say, 'I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me.'” Robert Collier: “Most of us, swimming against the tides of trouble the world knows nothing about, need only a bit of praise or encouragement - and we will make the goal.” Chuck Palahniuk: “The unreal is more powerful than the real, because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. because its only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. stone crumbles. wood rots. people, well, they die. but things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on.” Okay so heres there deal.......everyone knows devils goddess, if not you will trust me. Shes awesome and
Ohh Joy
You know I sit here on a daily basis and deal with crap that well I shouldent have to deal with.. I had to go out with my twins today in the flippin cold to be told that it was a appointment mistake and that some other things need to be dealt with before they can do what they need to do on my end.. then I find out that my twins have 2 last names WTF. I never gave them two last names. Where in the hell did this come from?? Well apparently while I was laid up in the hospital the "father" of the boys decided to alter some of the paperwork that I had filled out and had waiting for the staff to pick up. See when I was in the hospital I woke up to him staring at me in my room. I never invited him and never told him that I was there yet he managed to find me and make his way to my room and then give my boys his last names as well as mine. Well since then he has thought it bright to run off and be nowhere to be found and now I have to find his ass and I dont want to. They are telling m
Pissed Off
yeah this is for all you losers i call my friends LOL, thks for reading my blogs posting your thoughts. makes my day to know whos around and reading. its old account has been deleted. god so i cant upload pics, everytime i try i get kicked off fubar. its such a cunt. and tech support is a joke. i emailed them and they were sooo not helpful so ive decided to delete this acount..fubar is not worth the bullshit.
Just Want To Share
Did you know??? I didn't know! How could we??? Did you know that 47 countries have re-established their embassies in Iraq? Did you know that the Iraqi government currently employs 1.2 million Iraqi people? Did you know that 3100 schools have been renovated, 364 schools are under rehabilitation, 263 new schools are now under construction and 38 new schools have been completed in Iraq ? Did you know that Iraq 's higher educational structure consists of 20 Universities, 46 Institutes or colleges and 4 research centers, all currently operating? Did you know that 25 Iraq students departed for the United States in January 2005 for the re-established Fulbright program? Did you know that the Iraqi Navy is operational? They have 5 -100-foot patrol craft, 34 smaller vessels and a naval infantry regiment. Did you know that Iraq 's Air Force consists of three operational squadrons, which includes 9 reconnaissance and 3 US C-130 transport
Jacob The Angel
Ok everyone this is my first contest. Please help me win something lol. Go to this link and rate. Also comment, you can comment as many times as you want. Please come back daily to rate and comment some more. huggggs sky My Jacob got his angel wings at 11:05 pm on the 21 of Dec 2007. I was a long and hard time for us all. All we can think his Jacob is in peace. all the pain he has had is washed away. I want to think all my friends that wished me well and sent their love. The ones that were touch by Jacob and left wonder words on caring bridge or on other sites. I know now Jacob is whole, he can run and play for the first time. Jacob has found his peace. Now I search for my peace and understanding of it all. The night he passes, my body must have went into shock and the more upset I was the lower my pulse rate went. I was very upsetting to all and for some reason I felt like my body was trying to go with him, but Jacob made sure that it wasn't Mommy's turn. I need
Tips For Mac Users - The Intelligent Side Of Humanity)
At first glance at the new Versatility sculpted in Aluminum Keyboard I fell in love. The absolutely simplicity of this new input device capture not only my imagination of the barely there, it sparked that old love I have with space saving devices, and now that I think about it those two emotional reactions are probably one. See I ramble because this keyboard is the EFFIN BOMB to be quite honest. I'm a little sick and a lot tired of the assumption that I am some kind of mac daddy, with a slow loping gate. I am not a homeboy I am not a thug I am not an urban punani junky I don't want to F@*K you All I want is an intelligent woman to talk to. Damn. Okay, you probably already know the ol’ Command-Shift-3 shortcut for taking a screen capture of your entire screen, and you may even know about Command-Shift-4, which gives you a crosshair cursor so you can choose which area of the screen you want to capture. But perhaps the coolest, most-secret hidden capture shortcut is Con
Holiday In Your Heart
At night At night I lay and think of you hoping my wishes and dreams come true At night I wonder can this be the end is this all that's left At night I wish we could go to the way things were At night I lay and cry about the things that happened and how it all ended At night I lay and think of us, I mean you and I At night I realize there's no more us At night I dream of us together again At night I wish for us to be together again But in the morning I realize it was all At Night done by christine I walk along this lonely street no one to dry my tears massage my tired feet or calm ever present fears Seeing life through tainted heart making everything gray Alone, my life, anew to start Always searching for a way But life goes on no matter what That fact I cannot quell Memories ne'er to be forgot Within my heart they dwell So I keeps walking this lonely street Keeps searching to find my way Every night I lies down to sleep And prays tomorrow's a better
Help!!!! My Bed's Been Invaded By Baby Dolls, Hair Brushes, And A Two Year Old Saying "ewwww"
Good Bye 2007 (Glad to see you go) Hello 2008 (Let's see what adventures you bring me) Jan 1, '08 5:16 PM for everyone 2007 brought with it a lot of laughter, tears, discoveries, and learning experiences... My relationship of 8 months with Scott ended the end of April, and my relationship of 7 months with Daren began in May and ended just a couple of weeks ago.... I learned a lot from both of these guys-- and I will forever be thankful to Daren for actually showing me what it is like to have fun again... Now I want that in any relationship I have... An internet friendship of almost 4 years ended a week ago-- And while I will miss the friend I thought I had in Bear... I won't miss all of his womanizing stories or his Alpha Dog Lady Rochelle controlling him... Guess I won't know when God will bless the world again with another off spring of His... There were other challenges in my life this last year... the arrest of my son, my youngest daughter & my granddaughter mo
My Train
This is my first Train!!! All you have to do is Fan, Rate and Add The Rules Are Simple. You must add fan,rate and add the host..... Chocolate Bunny Owner of Bunnybunz's Lounge Owned By Just Derek FU-Wifey to Sleepless & Pooh Bear@ fubar 1 Must fan, rate and add all riders... 2 Send me a private message telling me you are finished adding everyone and then I Will Add You 3 When Adding Others on my Train pls put Chocolate Bunnys Train Or You Will NOT BE ADDED!!! 4 Level 1 must have a Picture fudgesicle33@ fubar ReallyThick@ fubar *Sweetlips*L.U.V.CLUB .*DEMON CREW FAMILY*LOW RIDERS LOUNGE GREETER*THE SISTERHOOD*@ fubar ¤£a$T ? oƒ Å ? D¥in ßR??d¤ ÅKÅ~ §€XÏ £i£ ß*TÇh ~IBN ~@ fubar EmilyIMAX™ "THE IMAX EXPERIENCE~see more, hear more, feel more"@ fubar ~JoAnna~*Happy Holidays~~Leave my presents under my tree* thanks!@ fubar girlnextdoor***married to Sandro*** still totally lost and insane@ fubar
And The Games Begin
Ears now hear the silence. Shimmering vibrations, Overwhelming. Such a void. Sweet the scent, not of the mind: But softly emanating from the ruffles buoyed. Upon a treasured pillow You bequeathed the smiles of love. A shadow, Parting the minds of madness, entering the garden cloyed. Twisted frames hold mellow peaks, If you seek, Is only then, you'll find The step by step to madness Is the step, by step, divine. By GoldenRaven thank you for the inspiration Now be the dawn of another setting sun, The scorn, like waves, roll quietly. A hush, Picturesque pastels consume the mind discreetly. Fondling their way into the secluded catacombs of memories Driving all facets of coherent thoughts Sideways, Masked as thoughts of sanity. Beset by the falling darkness, Light breaks through the shadows, Sparkling against the sky, Dancing in the leaves of prevalence When Through the mist of twilight, Thrusts a naked thought. Dwelling within the t
Just For Fun
An Irish woman of advanced age visited her physician to ask his help in reviving her husband's libido. "What about trying Viagra?", asked the doctor. "Not a chance", she said. "He won't even take an aspirin". "Not a problem", replied the doctor. "Give him an "Irish Viagra". It's when you drop the Viagra tablet into his coffee. He won't even taste it. Give it a try and call me in a week to let me know how things go". It wasn't even a week later when she called the doctor, who directly inquired as to progress. The poor dear exclaimed, "Oh, faith, bejaysus and begorrah! T'was horrid! Just terrible,doctor!" "Really? What happened?" asked the doctor. "Well, I did as you advised and slipped it in his coffee, and the effect was almost immediate. He jumped straight up, with a twinkle in his eye, and with his pants a-bulging fiercely! With one swoop of his arm, he sent the cups and tablecloth flying; ripped me clothes to tatters and took me then and there. He took me passio
Okay. What the hell is wrong with people? I haven't been on Fubar all day... I come sit down... help a friend with HH... Check my friend requests, my new profile comments... pic comments... And this is what I find from a level 5 male I've never seen in my life that doesn't even have a real pic for his default: And he decided to go nuts with the 1's as well. Then he blocked me. This happened like 12 hours ago. Like I said, i was afk. So I couldn't even shout him and tell him thanks and I hope it was happy hour cuz he made me a lot of points with all his rude hateful comments about my girlfriend and me! So umm... If you care to "thank" him for me... This is him: Your Favorite Lesbian, EZ2FU P.S. Maybe he was mad when he found out I was gay cuz he thought EZ2FU meant "easy to fuck?" ?? LOL That's right! Your favorite lesbian is finally in an aucion! Now you can own your very own Easy To Use Disposable
Christmas Time
moar funny pictures moar funny pictures moar funny pictures
My Life
Sue the blog you posted "this promise to my baby" has moved my heart and my soul. The words on that page made me smile and know what the love of a woman truly is a love that is not just said but felt. Those words are that of someone willing to do what it takes and fight for her love not runaway when things get to hard, but the love to fight and make it. I know that love is not what you say or what you have but the true joy and the smile you get being in each others life. If what someone says or they have is all you care about that is not love. I gave the kinda love you displayed to another and it was not returned. The pain of myself and my 4 children is evidence of that and the pain still trying to be inflicted shows that. But I have no more pain I have you in my life. We have only talked on the phone and on the PC we have never met and never slept together. But your words your actions have shown more love than any person that have had their arms around me. That promise is the promis
Boxing And Cage Fighting
Sarah Ponce and Jeri Sitzes (pronounced Sites) kickboxing for Chuck Norris's World Combat League Sarah Ponce Modeling Photos...
The Poetry Spot
Another Hope I sit here with a broken heart thoughts swimming through my mind love unanswered left behind All that I hoped dreamed and longed for thrown aside lost forever In the stillness of the night I gaze upon luna and hope once again By Kevin aka DaBoMb "the pain of loss" you fill my mind eerie thoughts swim my soul cries out over and again the world spins round me always out of reach and always and ever thy heart beseech forever and always til time be done know that thou art the only one true love of mine heart true sound of my soul always the one always the toll By Kevin aka DaBoMb "Breath" I would like to be the breath that you take in for just a moment to be that invisible and that needed is all I could hope for By Kevin aka DaBoMb
Wow.. Um Click It Its Not What You Think
Who ever said being a single mom was easy is absolutly nuts.. lol I’m not exactly a single mother like those woman, i do have help after 5 pm lol but being who i am a well known unmedicated BI-POLAR with sever ADHD and O.D.D and being preggo again on top of it all, its not exactly easy, but its not hard either, i think the days i spend with my lil one make me a stronger person and defently has taught me some patience, not alot but some lol I dont think it would be as hard as i think it is if Jadein would start talking.. i dont mean the typical 19 month old talks, but like how her cousin who is 2 and he can hold a convo’s yanno. she will learn in her own time i know i know, but ehh its boring during the daytime i have no one to talk to and when he dad comes home i start to spout at the mouth about anything and anything and he just sorta shrugs me off it hurts, he has told me once he honestly didnt care, that crushed me, but i understood he was tired sore from work, but it was like w
To Blessed To Be Stressed
[ Home ] [ The Controversy ] [ Online Books ] [ Study the Word! ] [ GOD's Health Laws ] [ Religious Liberty ] [ Links ] MANY CHURCH LEADERS and politicians are unified on the hotly debated issue of legislating Sunday as a day of rest. Today, great efforts are being made to gain influence in the executive and legislative circles of the United States federal government in order to enact laws for the observance of Sunday as a national day of rest. The thrust is not overtly religious but is couched in a concern for the welfare of the American family. This activity is being duplicated in other parts of the world as well under the same pretense. It is ironic to see this kind of legislation being promoted when you consider what has been said by the leaders of the Christian churches at different times in history. Considering this, it is also ironic to see what was the practice of Christians throughout history. In even stronger words, Pope John Paul II has asked for more st
Just Blogging
Fetish/Medical Terms Acomoclitic - A preference for hairless genitals. Acousticophilia - Arousal from (certain) sounds. Acrophilia - Being sexual aroused by heights. Acrotomophilia - Arousal by the activity/thought of having sex with an amputee. Actirasty - Arousal from exposure to the suns rays. Acucullophallia - Circumcision. Adolescentilism - Playing the role of an adolescent. Agalmatophilia - A fetish for statues/mannequins. Agonophilia - Pseudo-rape, pretend struggle or wrestling play as a form of foreplay. Agoraphilia - Arousal from having sex in public places. Agrexophilia - Excitement from knowing that others are aware of a persons sexual activities. Aischrolgia - The expression of obscenities. Albutophilia - Arousal from water. Algolagnia - Both Masochism and Sadism. Algophilia - Enjoyment or arousal from pain. Allopellia - Orgasm from watching others have sex. Allorgasmia - The need to fantasize about a more desirable partner i
Sheryl's Meaningless Banter
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behaviour. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't 'be friends'. A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is Don't stay because you think 'it will get better' You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Always have your own set of friends separate from his. Maintain boundaries in how a guy treats you. If something bothers you, speak up. Never let a man know everythin
Rant Yall
F U and U and U Current mood: thoughtful Well I guess that got your attention. So this last couple weeks has been a couple weeks of partying and drinking hell. I seriously don't think it has stopped since I became single. It seems every time I am going to have an easy night, something comes up. I have had a blast, but I am going to kill myself if I keep going like this. There were nights I don't remember driving home, and nights that I know I should not have. So I have done some thinking during my drive time today. 1. I need to stop drinking for a while. I need to get my life in order and organize myself. Drinking really won't help anything in the long run except take away from what I am trying to save and do. 2. I need to kick up the work outs big time. The start of the school year I stepped in a nasty pothole while running and messed up everything really bad from my back on down. I started doing ok and getting back to it some, then almost stopped again while da
gave so fast so willing shared and felt what i felt distance didn't bother time no matter but i was missled i feel pain hurt and lay awake at night thinking nothing feeling nothing numb distant broken no tears come just numb just so you all know i am dislexic so sorry in advance for the spelling when every word you sing is from your heart... you sing it to a lover , a child, a parent.. the truth should alway be sung.... the few time you sing the false truth to some one who sings the truth with passion and heart... you will kill them willingly for your own vanity... cut their wings... stiffle their voice... all for vanity... lies when you ask for nothing more than the truth.. i am the used... the walked on.. i will never be loved... i will never love.. death becomes me... numb.. and i will sing no more.
Just Stuff To Everyone
She would like to  level hell, we all would especially me since i just recently returned so  i am behind and she is also  if you  could r/a/f and bomb these folders with 11's or whatever you have she would be grateful and  so would I. A simple bitch will tell you not to fight, it aint worth it. *A real bitch will say beat her ass and look at the crowd and say " NOBODY better jump in". A simple bitch will let another bitch know she can back the fuck up or get knocked the fuck out. *A real bitch will just knock her the fuck out!!! A simple bitch tells you, she's had enough to drink. *A real bitch tells you we need another shot, we bout to get fucked up! A simple bitch goes to the club with you and sits down. *A real bitch goes to the club with you and says lets show these simple bitches how we do it. A simple bitch wonders who
Love Compatibility With Signs Of The Zodiac
Test your love compatibility with a Cancer person Quiz Free Fun Quizzes at My Result Was: You seem to be compatible with a Cancer person. Good luck for a great relationship ahead. I am a Virgo! LoLTest your love compatibility with a Virgo person Quiz Free Fun Quizzes at My Result Was: You do not seem to be compatible with a Virgo person for a romantic relationship. At least, your responses indicate that. But listen to your heart and do what it says. Test your love compatibility with an Aries person Quiz Free Fun Quizzes at My Result Was: You do not seem to be compatible with an Aries person for a romantic relationship. At least, your responses indicate that. But listen to your heart and go by what it says.
Old Age, I decided, is a gift I am now, probably for the first time in my life, the person I have always wanted to be. Oh, not my body! I sometime despair over my body, the wrinkles, the baggy eyes, and the sagging butt. And often I am taken aback by that old person that lives in my mirror (who looks like my mother/father!), but I don't agonize over those things for long. I would never trade my amazing friends, my wonderful life, my loving family for less gray hair or a flatter belly. As I've aged, I've become more kind to myself, and less critical of myself. I've become my own friend. I don't chide myself for eating that extra cookie, or for not making my bed, or for buying that silly cement gecko that I didn't need, but looks so avante garde on my patio. I am entitled to a treat, to be messy, to be extravagant. I have seen too many dear friends leave this world too soon; before they understood the great freedom that comes with aging.
Pat And Kick
Today's Kick in the Ass goes to an anonymous person, or asshat, who filed a claim against the federal government for of $3 quadrillion for over damage from the failure of levees and flood walls following Hurricane Katrina. For the sake of perspective: A mere $1 quadrillion would dwarf the U.S. gross domestic product, which was $13.2 trillion in 2007. A stack of one quadrillion pennies would reach Saturn. Or maybe this would be a better way to put it in perspective - compare that to $250. That's the amount FEMA gave residents of my area when in September 2004 Hurricane Ivan dumped 9 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. Nine inches is an unbelievable amount of water to come roaring thousands of feet down mountains and into already flooding streams. The result was the worst flash flooding in the history of the area. That's where the "impressive" numbers stop. Because unlike some other natural disasters that gained the attention of the world and the backing of disaster efforts and
Leaving Me Thirsty!
I think i am getting my famous tattoo that i have been saying i was going to get for years.. i will show you all as soon as i get it.. but i cant find anyone to drive me .. so sad :C I am in love. I have been "in like" and cared for someone deeply.. i have been in love and the feelings werent mutual and i have been in love and was treated like an enemy would treat. Now i know what a true man and lover and friend is... Know that it can happen.. and I can Thank FUBAR>. I have met my future because of my ex.. how freaking ironic!! “Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.” Quoting Napoleon Bonaparte “Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.” Harvey MacKay quotes “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.” Albert Einstein quotes
Jessica's Ramblings
So it is official.. i have moved out into my own house. the move went well, though emotional and difficult. After closing, my family and I painted for about 9 hours. Ok, so it was slightly ambitious of me to think you could paint a whole house in one day...but we almost did it. By 9:00 we were high on paint fumes and speaking only in movie-quotes and laughter. "Can't see the line can you Russ?" Another 2 hours of touch up work in the morning and it was all done...and i only leaned against the wall twice, coating myself with paint... and at one point had paint on my eyelid. Thanks to my family and friends and my friends' husbands the actual moving took only 3 hours and 2 trips. Now the real fun begins as i unpack everything and get settled. Stop by and see the new place.. well after my furniture gets delivered. Pictures to be posted soon. :) It’s 10pm and ascending the stairs- I watch you. It’s an ever-so-slow movement Step-by-step The way your hand cradles the raili
As an experiment to see just how uneducated and ignorant modern America is, I posted a new default picture: Michaelangelo's David. This has been a revered work of fine art for centuries. It is displayed with the utmost of respect, and is a beautiful example of art from the Italian Renaissance, not to mention that it's a representation of a biblical character - David from the David and Goliath story. I want to see how long it takes for some bible thumping, uneducated schmoe to flag it as NSFW. Any educated person will see it as a work of beauty (or, even if you don't like it, will accept it as a piece of art, revered by others). Only the uneducated American moron, who spouts nothing more than Jesus and War (along with a hefty dose of hate of Muslims) thanks to a fascist government would mark this work of fine art as NSFW. Anyone who marks this photo as NSFW is also likely to be someone who wants to burn books and lynch anyone different from them. I'm in the process of casting
Bobs Blogs
My Name is Bob and I am seeking a single female that Lives in Los Angeles to have a relationship with or some thing else, email me. I can say for a fact that all dating sites and craigslist are flooded, with marketers that try to fool you into believing they are real people and try to get you to buy something. I went to Schurr High School 2000-2004 and East Los Angeles College for a While. I am a Freelance Multimedia Designer(Video, Audio, Graphics) as well as Website Designer and a Notary Public. I am 5'8 and 175 Lbs I am mixed race mainly Scottish and Spanish but Im part Native American so I have a stigmatism and alot of people think I am Asian. I dont drink or smoke but, I dont have a problem around it, having been around those things most of my life. Alot of people say I am very Funny at times. I Like to give as well as get!!!!! I would like you to email me at Schoolgirl (609 XXX Videos) 300 Free Streaming Porn Websites
For the month of April, I am owned by the one and only: dave >>> Crypt_Keeper Owned by SpizZyGooDNesS@ fubar As of March 28th I own these Fubarians ^sin^-Enforcer @ the plaype♥fu gf 2 sexy sheila♥fu owned by emt380 & tulsa's angel@ fubar _a_c_e_ "Head Bartender @ The Irish Pub"@ fubar Reverend Rab The Stoner Priest@ fubar B****member of L.I.F.E.,Greeter@ThePlaypen,fu-owned by tulsa's angel n fuowner to ÐJ ߣÚÊÊ¥ÊÐGØØ@ fubar I also own: tomk~Fu Owned By 'Tulsa's Angel~@ fubar March 14th I became the fu owner of BBW Goddess: ¤ ßßW GØÐЀ§§ ¤@ fubar BBW Goddess is awesome to own! I try to own her as much as possible. :D February 26th I became the fu owner of Lady T, one of Sarge's BAD Girls: Lady*~T~*♥Sarge'sBadGirl♥FuOwned byTulsa's Angel Fu-Owner of Santa♥@ fubar I became Kimmy's fuowner on February 13th: Kimmy@ fubar Kimmy is also awesome to own! Add them and give them lots of love!
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Help Me Pick Out The Cabe For My Lounge Please
there are many times i wanted to be in the contests, but didnt. why? well when you are up against all the bigwigs here us peons dont ever have a chance. like any1 gives a hoot anyways is there anyone that dont lie on this site? all i have been meeting are players, liars, perverts, and ppl who dont give a hoot, uif u r real please hit me up, some people on here ask for your help, when you give it to them some wont even help back out. I like helping and meeting new people, but thats wrong of them. i help people with their points so they can level but when u want their help , forget it. are there others that feel the same way? i think so
"black Velvet"
Ok lets get this out in the open, So there is no misunderstandings, Its Seems some of my friends, Or that call themselves my friend has a problem with a certain person on my page..Well I am going to be up front and honest about it..He calls himself "The Colonel" and he happens to be very dear to me and he is here to stay.He has always been there for me, He was there for me to talk too, cry too when my Mother past away he really does care and felt my pain, And I had a few other friends that did the same thing.Colonel is a wonderful man and very respectful to me.And everyday that passes he does something special to brighten my day..And I love him for that!!!Plus other reasons... Him and I have both been through some terrible times in our life, and I will always be there for him as he is for me.. I will NOT tolerate childish DRAMA on my page,It's just dumb!!!Life is to short to have to deal with such stupidity.. When I join this site,My only plan was to make s
A Nice Story
SIGN IN A PHILADELPHIA STORE WINDOW - "WE WOULD RATHER DO BUSINESS WITH 1000 ALQAEDA TERRORISTS THAN WITH ONE SINGLE AMERICAN SOLDIER!" This sign was prominently displayed in the window of a business in Philadelphia. You are probably outraged at the thought of such an inflammatory statement. However, we are a society which holds Freedom of Speech as perhaps our greatest liberty. And after all, it is just a sign. You may ask what kind of business would dare post such a sign. Answer: A Funeral Home (Who said morticians had no sense of humor?) You gotta love it!!! God Bless America THREE WOMEN, TWO YOUNGER AND ONE A SENIOR CITIZEN, WERE SITTING NAKED IN A SAUNA. SUDDENLY THERE WAS A BEEPING SOUND. THE YOUNG WOMAN PRESSED HER FOREARM AND THE BEEP STOPPED. THE OTHERS LOOKED AT HER QUESTIONINGLY. "THAT WAS MY PAGER ,SHE SAID. I HAVE A MICROCHIP UNDER THE SKIN OF MY ARM." A FEW MINUTES LATER, A PHONE RANG. THE SECOND YOUNG WOMAN LIFTED HER PALM TO HER EAR. WHEN S
Fat Sonny's Acution started today!! Here is what I'm offering: Stop by Fat Sonny's and place your bid NOW!!! Just click on the pic to take you there. Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Have fun! 1. I have a 2yr old Yorkie that thinks she's human! 2. My first job was as a waitress in a pizza parlor. 3. I love to make new friends, but have a hard time letting others in. 4. I'm the oldest of 3 girls. 5. I believe what goes around comes around. 6. My mom is my best friend. 7. My oldest son is taller than me. 8. I'm attracted to personality and not looks. 9. I love to photograph scenery. 10. I believe we all have a soul mate. Passi
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Memories still remain How long ago that was It feels like just yesterday The pain just won't go away 'Even with someone Who treats me right.' Feeling so guilty That the past holds onto her still Laying next to him Filled with so much fear Thinking 'I just give up.' Holding so much pain It doesn't hurt quite as bad When her will to fight is gone When he has his way All his snide remarks How bad they made her feel She always seemed to flinch When he started to yell 'I wish I wasn't so scared.' How hard she tries To make the thoughts Just disappear 'I'm with someone new, I love him too.' He helps her through the day He helps make the pain Fade away But forever the scar Will remain It's amazing Truly it is How someone could fall So deep into depression Over nothing big at all How no one can really see How much one hurts inside They all just pass by Ignoring all the tears shed And all the outstretched hands Of the people who've fallen Into this
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Woo Hoo Hotties RULE!!! The Long Hairs Won all categories. Hunter won with most Thumbs Up 270 (Y), Wolf won with Most Thumbs Down 19 (N), & The whole Team Won with 605 Overall rates! Way To Go Guys!! I would like to thank all who participated and voted! It was a great Contest and I will try to do more in the near future. THANK YOU!!! The Final Results: Hotties: The Photographer 63 (Y) 4 (N) Wolf -- 22 (Y) 19 (N) JuggaloN8ative - 60 (Y) 3 (N) Cory -- 40 (Y) 5 (N) Arcanis -- 21 (Y) 6 (N) Hunter -- 270 (Y) 9 (N) Mr. Serious - 18 (Y) 5 (N) Tool Man Tim --22 (Y) 4 (N) Russ007 -- 28 (Y) 6 (N) Studs: LoneWolfJohn - 19 (Y) 4 (N) Kidd1267 -- 14 (Y) 7 (N) Pete -- 21 (Y) 4 (N) Red_Write_Hand -- 23 (Y) 2 (N) Brett --- 36 (Y) 5 (N) Lions -- 16 (Y) 3 (N) Will -- 14 (Y) 4 (N) WYKD WYKD WYKD
As I sit here with arms and wrists bleeding, I wonder why God why, Why can't I just end my life, Tormented and tourtured is my soul, Broken and torn apart is my heart, Why can't I just forever enter the dark? Wam blood flowing over me, but true darkness I will never see, Why do I have to live? Knives, guns, ropes and chains, nothing will take away my pain, Blind within a light I can never truly see, Why must I live life in misery? Alone in the darkness, Searching for life, Wanting to be needed, Yearning to be loved, Emptiness fills my heart, I long to feel wanted, No longer to be alone, My soul flies freely searching, For a mate that can never be found, Tears run like a river, As I realize I'm all alone, Forever to walk within the darkness alone. Lonely hearts forgotten, Like dreams never to come, Pain and misery is all they see, Growing cold while longing for warmth, Awaiting to burn with desire, Wishing someone could light the fire, Love is ne
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This was NOT written by me. It was written by a lady named Kendra who is an amazingly insightful person. I owe her a lot and we've never even met! About Daddy Doms I mentioned the term "Daddy Dom" in a chat room the other day and was greeted by a resounding Yuk! It got me thinking about the misconceptions surrounding this aspect of D/s. I realize most think that it involves a father/daughter relationship. That isn't quite true, Daddy/little girl is a much different level. I do not know if I can explain what I mean so I will simply talk about what a Daddy Dom is to me. First, I should say that in my relationship my Dom is not my father, he is nothing like my father, and I have no need for him to replace my father. He is, however, my Daddy. We do not engage in age play specifically ( beyond the occasional school girl fantasy *s*) and our relationship is not based on any need to have sex with children. I am always all woman, and always a very independent woman. He doe
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10 Days!!!!! Well I talked to my boss today and she is going to give me March 1st off. Its the best job ever. And the money is great too. Today work went kind of slow. But I got everything done. I got hit on like 5 times. One guy went up to me and asked me what would it take to get me in his bed....and i told him uhhh babe,,,,some class maybe. lol. It was too funny. He was hot too. But i am not an easy tramp. But there is some good news on the boy front. I have a friend in oklahoma that I have been talking to on the computer forever now. His name is Duncan. I am not one to meet people on the internet, however, it has worked for my mom and Lucas. So when his conversation up and changed to wanting to get to know me better as in a more personal way I went for it. He is great. Has a great job, and owns his own home. So things are looking up for me. He might come up here to go to the three days grace concert with me and jess. He has to check his schedule though dont know if he has to wo
Harsh Realities
a good friend has left my life way too soon and way too young, he was an asshole to most but a good friend and fun to be around to me. he was talented musically in a band called pint busters when he lived in my area, and always knew how to put on a good show. today i mourn a friend and brother. i miss you Alex This was Pint Busters Alex was the singer I may not of ever met her but her death does affect me as it should any woman. She didnt follow the norm and lead the sexual revolution of the 60s she will be missed Pinup Queen Bettie Page Dead at 85 Thu., Dec. 11, 2008 7:29 PM PST by Natalie Finn Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Although her body was mortal, Bettie Page's image is forever young and feisty. The 1950s-era model, whose saucy poses for publications like Beauty Parade, Twitter and an upstart rag called Playboy won her a legion of fans and a cult following long after her pinup days were over, died Thursday night at a Los Angeles hospital,
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According to a recent study, women who play online games have more sex than those that don't. Click the link to see the infographic.   Fact: Women who play online games have more sex by Libe Goad, Posted Nov 18th 2011 10:30AM Yes, it's true, says a new survey by Harris Interactive for GameHouse. Women who play online games are not only a little older, a little happier but they're also making whoopie more often than those who don't play games. Hel-lo Mrs. Robinson. My friend won't talk to me :( The perfect cap to a sucky week ... Hey there, In case I haven't pestered you yet, I'm using my Auto 11 tonight. 6pm Fubar time :) Trying to finally make it to godfather an beyond... Also, in case you haven't heard, I'm in my 1st auction. ♫☆♥rkkennedy84♥☆♫ Fall Auction Please rate the photo at least if you can't bid :)
(one) Love brings war Love breeds hate Love births peace Love begats death Love blossoms life (two) Life blossoms love Life begats death Life breeds hate Life brings war life births peace (three) Peace births life Peace brings war Peace begats death Peace blossoms love Peace breeds hate (four) Hate breeds peace Hate brings love Hate births war Hate blossoms life Hate begats death (five) Death begats hate Death breeds life Death blossoms love Death brings peace Death births war (six) War births death War begats peace War blossoms life War breeds hate War brings love Misconstrued never ending or beginning One last bringing of war Begatting death of the cycle Blossoming life as it is meant to be Bringing cataclysmic profound love Birthing true peace and tranquility In love, in lust Affection, complete trust Souls are entwined Hearts beat as one Like the Earth and the Sun Fu
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The time has come to say goodbye to the Fu. I am going to miss all my friends on here, but I don't want to deal with the bs anymore. Mostly from one person in particular. You know who you are...I'm tired of her blocking me then saying a bunch of shit about me, thinking that I won't find out!!! Take care everyone...for those of you that have my yahoo, stay in touch...if ya don't have it...I will keep this account for maybe a day or two. Leave me a message... Take care, ~ Dungeon Master MustangDos ~ Come join *Kurrupt's Krew* !!! Doesn't take much, just get a hold of Synthetic, Troubleina or myself... Synthetic* *KURRUPT**OWNER OF TROUBLEINA* Troubleina*OWNED BY & FU MARRIED TO SYNTHETIC* ~ Kurrupt's kandi~ ~ MustangDos ~ *Kurrupt's Krew* ~Owner of {FENB} ~

I am going on a tour for some days..and will be back during last week of this month and again will leave by 30th of this month and will be back again on 12/13 Oct 2009. plz don't forget to shower ur love plz do tell me how u miss me and in  last I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to those my friends for them I will be not available and I wish many many returns so the sweet day for them. I love my fu family and friends..and plz wish me happy journey and prosperity . I will ever miss my fu friends they r amazig. Plz don't forget I am single and waiting for u friends to visit India so that I can give my excellent services to u in visiting all around the India where ever u want.   bye for now..xoxoxoxoxoxoxo vijay MY DEAR FRIENDS I WILL BE BACK WITH FEW DAYS SO PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SHOWER YOUR LOVE. I DO MISS MY FRIENDS, FAMILY,AND YOU EVERY ONE HERE, BIRTHDAY FALLING DURING MY ABSENCE FOR THEM I WISH HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THEM IN ADVANCE SOME ARE VERY CLOSE FRIENDS SO PLZ DON'T
Death Note
Death Note Season 1Episode 2 Death Note Season 1Episode 1 Death Note Season 1Episode 7
Colours fade silence steps in feelings of emptiness again begin rage and anger are soon at my door head hung low focus on the floor pain and worthless feelings show their face next i yell and scream all on deaf ears i sit and think of pain over these years they come they take they promise but all is fake they hang round for a while sum for years but wen all sed and dun i am left with rivers of tears the answer is simple i give my all and its me to blame cos i set myself up to fall now i know who to blame as ive done all this to myself and the end result is always the same i look in the mirror only to see sum one i dont evan know could it be me you always excepted me for me , although i was definately not perfect this was clear for all to see, you were there for me so many times when others walked away but every time i went home you wud meet me down the pub and welcome me with a cheerful face to just say gday. to many you were a legend in your own time and you
Please forgive me if i act a little strange, for i knwo not what i do. feels like lighting running thruough my veins everytime i look at you. help me out here all my words have fallen sharp. Please harp and theres so much i want to say. want to tell uyou just how good it feels when you look at me that way. throw a stone and watch the ripples flow moving out across the bay. like a stone i fall into your eyes deep into that mystery. i got half a mind to scream outloud, i got hlaf a mind to die, so i wont ever have to love you, wont ever have to say goodbye. please forgive me if i act a little stange sometimes for i know not what i do. so fast, so soon, please tell me why im falling so quickly. this is all so new to me and i dont know what to do or where to go. im scared to death please forgive me!!!! It's been a bad day I'm getting used to it now another sad day I'd cry but I dunno how I'm drowning in thoughts of how things used to be my chest was shut tight compl
Just some FYI so no one will ask me the ?. I'm not nor will I post a photo file of 25 to a 100 photo's of just me that is just off the fawkin wall I think one photo is enough and that will be my SALUTE. I'm not nor will I add 500 friend's for what? So they can sit on my page and not say Hi WILL NOT HAPPEN I will remove anyone in after aweek if they cant say Hi I'm not havin point whores or what it maybe sittin on my page. If this makes you pissy then you may leave my list I'm real and that's the deal. I dont look at NSFW for what they all look the same you see one you seen all so don't ask me to LOOK will not happen. COMMENTS I don't care for all the bling bling shit not me I leave poem's because I feel they look nice on your page then some TITTIES ass bullshit makes everything look nasty AND I WILL DELETE ANY THAT IS NASTY IN ANYWAY so all will know where I stand. I try to RESPECT all but DISS me and I'm on ya like a fly on horse shit. You will find out I keep to my own I'm not in t
till i move to ASU BEEBE!!! im startn EMT school on monday. so im ready for that!! umm got my fridge today so im gettn it cold so it will be somewhat ready. Im kinda scared cause i dont know a single person on this campus but...hell it will be a great new start. At the end of the semister i will be at a cross parents arent gonna help me pay for Paramedic next year and just the books and other uniform stuff put my broke ass down to 20 bucks to my name..whats new there. So anyways i can either stop my edumation on start workn as a EMT and do Paramedic later...or stay in school and be broke ass. Any ambulance service here will pay you to do Paramedic with them gotta agree to work for so many years and its only like 12 weeks were as at this school its a year long..but you gotta pay and do some extra i guess ill figure that out when i get there. so anyways i guess im just excited that i get to move out Saturday and start my path on to a good carrer with
Minds Eye
Oh no you don't at 3 in the f u c k ing morning blare Born In The USA at tinnitus rates through concrete and paint and into my tranquil in dire need of NyQuil tossing and burning insomnia bed just oh just when I thought the enticing sandman would blow my lids to peace you flip a disc and Enter Sandman blows my liability to pieces I could pick up a bat and in battle dress uniform with combat boots glaring march over to demand a reduction of volume or your half deaf intoxicated head but for my Gandhi ass another course will have to do to Teen Spirit tones I slug myself to sleep with pre-noon plans of sweet revenge to get those paintings hammered into place just a thin wall away from your horribly haunting hopefully excruciating hangover ~M~ When I don't write poetry I dream of Elvis old fat Elvis with grease and glasses shaking his velvet hips at shrieking glamour addicts as if it really meant something and I wonder: Could
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THIS ONE NAMED IN HONOR OF OUR VERY OWN 'GRANDPA' CORNS NEVER RUBBED , THE POOR THANG! LOL THE GRANDPA GASSER- v-8 juice w/ a few raw oysters swimming nicely and a splash of hot sauce and a shot of prune juice on the side! and if you'd like to increase this tasty drink , we'll even serve ya some of Grandpa's favorite creamed corn in a side dish.......gotta be cream corn cuz Grandpa can't find his teeth to chew whole kernel corn with anymore...... yum yummmm Grandpa, what's fer supper!?! lol Whiskey BabyDoll - straight up blend of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and a splash of Peach Schnops! NAMED AFTER BABYDOLL, THIS ONE WILL PUT SOME FUN ON THEM BUNZ OR HAIR ON YA CHEST, WHICH SHE'LL BE PLAYIN WITH! LMAOOO :P~ cum n get some! lol THIS DRINK IS CALLED 'LITTLE BASTARD' INGREDIENTS ARE : CAPTAIN MORGAN Orange Juice Pineapple Juice 7-Up® Soda * Shake ingredients together with ice in a cocktail shaker * Strain into a highball glass filled with ice
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to all my friends on 39 yr old brother left this messed up world yesterday 5-20-2008. he was a father of 4 children and 4 grandchildren.died on his first grandsons birthday. he now joins his wife and our mother that will welcome him home. the sad things are no insurance and he still has 2 kids under 16 years that are going to have a hard way to go trying to burry there father and keep there life a float. we have started a fund raiser for them and if anyone wants to help local or far im going to include a mailing location to send anything that might help them get through this time, no cause of death as of this time. he went to sleep and never woke up. william wilson/kids 1703 south chicago street #42 joliet illinois 60436 815-726-3212 or 815-666-8699 GOD BLESS THE FAMILY... COME HELP ME OUT ON MYYEARBOOK.COM VOTE FOR ME AS WELL CLICK GREEN. HOPE I SEE SOME OF YOU THERE
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Billy Holiday, Strange Fruit Rare Live Footage of one of the firtst anti rascism songs ever. Southern trees bear strange fruit, Blood on the leaves and blood at the root, Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze, Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees. Pastoral scene of the gallant south, The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth, Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh, Then the sudden smell of burning flesh. Here is fruit for the crows to pluck, For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck, For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop, Here is a strange and bitter crop. Billie Holiday & count basie - god bless the child, now baby or never - 1952 Billie Holiday & count basie - god bless the child, now baby or never - 1952 Billie holiday / arthur herzog jr. Them thats got shall get Them thats not shall lose So the Bible said and it still is news Mama may have, papa may have But God bless the child thats got his own Thats got his own Yes,
mp3 codes | John Michael Montgomery MP3s What it means to just be friends and how to move out of the friend zone If you’ve ever wanted to breakup with someone before you even date them, telling them “let’s just be friends” is the way to do it. Unlike a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re able to crush this person’s idyllic fantasies of your hypothetical romance when it’s at its peak. No longer will they scribble your name in their notebooks, nor will they try to count the freckles in your eyes when they talk to you. By saying these words, you have a 99 percent chance of hearing this person’s heart break, even if you’re saying it over instant messenger. Yup, it’s that powerful. Think about it, they’re just about the worst four words that you could ever tell someone. So why do we say them? They’ve crossed my lips, I’ll admit. For each victim there was a different reason why I knew ‘we’ just wouldn’t work out. For one it was lack of chemistry and for another, it wa
My Illness And Stuff!
Your so forgetful that you have to set an alarm on your cell to remember to take all your pills. Then when said alarm goes off you turn it off because its annoying..and forget to take your pills. You sit something down to only seconds later forget where you sat it. You put your phone in the freezer and try to make a call on your mouse. You wake up in the morning and ask your husband if he has to work today, because you forgot it was a day he had to go to work. Your glad your head is attached because you would misplace that too! Your happy that your kids are old enough to match their own socks, and pick out their own socks...face it they all look the same! You have lists to remind you to do things..and even the lists happen to manically disappear..then you are totally screwed! Comprehension is a luxury item you no longer posses! Spell check becomes your best friend! You can no longer drive because you forget where your going, and your doctor is afraid your
Shadows in the fire Pigments of light by a flower Joyful laughter tinkling in my ear Whispers of magic that’s all that I can hear. In the corner of my right eye I see a joyful sprite In the corner of my left eye a fairies laughing in delight. Walking through the woods With my little friends all around I hear a lyrical voice I look to the ground. To my surprise To my delight A leprechaun was right in my sight. Frolicking with his pot of gold I’ll tell you now it was a sight to behold. Going to a stream To get a sip of water I knelt by a mother unicorn Watching her daughter. Running through the fields Neighing in innocent joy. I smile and look to my left I see a mermaid and mer-boy. Friends of the past I call them by their names The call me into the water To wade and play games. Diving and swimming ‘till dusk arrives It’s regretfully time to go home Time to say goodbye. Waving bye to the mer-people Unicorns Leprechauns Fairies And sprites. Walkin
Fuk It All
wow he swore hed never hurt me. yet right now i feel like my heart is being shredded into lil pieces. ya know it wouldnt have mattered much if it was him i heard it from...hell at least i would have heard from him. but no i hear from a friend that he went to his wifes house to see the baby...which fine hes spending time with his daughter thats great. but i still havent heard from him and well if hes there hes been there all day. and now his phone is shut off....he tells me not to worry that hes not going anywhere but what the hell am i supposed to think. right now all i can think is hes with her again...i dont want to beleive it i dont want it to be true but my mind and heart are telling me something just isnt right here. why the hell would he be with her all day and not get ahold of me at all. what is he hiding? every time i let a guy in i get hurt im so fucking sick of it. and then men wonder why im a bitch..... I found out on Friday that my neice was born last month. Not sure ex
1. I'm a good man But Haven't always been. back in the day I was quite the player but not anymore. 2. I am Honest and would appreciate honesty in return. 3. I don't play games. 4. I have been around. Not as innocent as I may appear. 5. I am not a rocket scientist but I'm not stupid either. 6. I have been in a few realationships so I am aware of the ways of the world. 7. If I care for you I will do anything for you as long as you don't play me. 8. I don't take rejection well but i do learn to accept it. 9. I'm a decent Daddy but not as good a Daddy as I want to be but i am tryin. 10. I want sumone to love me but I'm scared, been burned too much. 11. I am an old school romantic and always will be. 12. I have Night terrors. 13. I am a recovering addict (27yrs clean) 14. I am over weight and am working on it. 15. I have OCD. 16. I am a very picky eater. 17. I was Molested at a very young age. 18. I have trust issues 19. I live with family for now. 20. I Love horror films
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Born June 11, 1970....Kingston, Jamaica. My brother and I were born there as my father and mother were working in Jamaica out of Negril on an American diplomacy. My family spent 9 more years there before moving the family to a family farm in Pasco, Washington where I remained before getting a basketball scholarship to the University of Southern California..."Go Trojans!" Spending the 4 years I did I received a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. While in college, I spent my time playing basketball and participating in US Marine Corps R.O.T.C.. After college, I went right into the Marine Corps where I served 12 years before getting retired in 2003 due to some injuries sustained while in Iraq. After recuperating from my injuries, I proceeded into buying into a Bail Bonds business and getting my license to be a Bail Enforcement Officer. This is what I do now. The term Bounty Hunter is a title used that more people are familiar with. I am a father of four beautiful babies, and I liv
Votre Secrete/ihr Sekret
I am looking for someone to share my heart as well as ...... my dirty little sekrets. Do you think you could be that person? Show me. I only fuck the best - I will accept nothing else for myself. Plz leave me a comment and share with me your thoughts if you would like to be the one. I want your kisses upon my body while i walk you on a chain beside me in the rain. With you and no one else. show your devotions to me. make love to me my slave for I am yours alone. irresistable and yours, ~milady_J_ßßW ENGLISH: "I enjoy conversation...if you’re looking for something to distract you from the disatisfaction of your real life and hope it involves some form of spanking, a few commands, the ripping of various items of clothing, naughty voicemails or chats, and the occasional dream fullfillment, then I am yours..." I love to H.O.T.T and then go take an ice cold shower and feel it run across my entire body and I know that the sight of me fucking myself will get you
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My heart goes out to him more than he knows but I don't know how to tell him.  All I want is to let him know how I really feel but can never seem to find the words when I have the chance to talk to him.  For some reason the words never come to me.  I want to tell him how he's the only one I want and how I want for us to be all that everyone thinks we are and then some.  I think him and I could be something very amazing but at the same time I'm so scared that by saying something I will only push him away.  He is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and I really don't want to lose him.  He is amazing.  Treats me and my lil girl like nobody ever has and doesn't ask for anything in return.  He's happy just spending time together...don't have to spend money or anything just to be together.  So now all I have to do is figure out how to tell him how I truly feel about him. So much damage has been done You tore my heart to shreds Never thought I could hate you Had to believ
My Fuckin Blog Bitch
AS HE LAY ME DOWN TO HIT, I PRAY HIS DICK AINT SMALL AS SHIT. BUT IF HIS DICK AINT LONG AND THICK, I HOPE HE'S GOOD AT LICKIN CLIT * AMEN Loving a prisoner is not an easy thing to do, Nobody knows this better than you; It only gets harder day after day, So giving me your heart is a high price to pay, Promising to me, saying you'll wait, Knowing someday soon they will open those gates. Hoping and waiting for a letter each day, For the smile I get each time one comes my way. Tell me you love me and miss me so, Because if you don't I really need to know. Loving a prisoner is not much fun, But it is worth the wait when the time is done, My time is written in volumes of three... The Past, The Present, and They Yet to Be. The past is over and miles away. The Present we're living from day to day. The yet to be is the best of the three, We'lll spend it together just you and me... Taking your hand Fingers to my lips I want to love every inch of you Taste every part
First Timer...not What You
Hey y'all...sorry I have't wrote for awhile...I just got hired on at a new job, I start today...orientations from noon to 4pm. I have been wanting this job for awhile and I finally got it...YES! Everything else in my life is going great too, we just got a new on and so forth...What more could I ask for in life than what I already have...Oh and my party is next Saturday...hope everyone can make it...ZTime to raise some HELL!! Hope y'all are doin good! Talk to yas laters! Luvs Yas! I haven't been on fubar for awhile...obviously...I mostly stick to myspace. Newayz...a lot of things have changed...for one, me and my fiance Larry just introduced our first child together into the world on February 28th, 2009. We named him Lane Jordyn Taylor...he is the most precious baby. I uploaded some pictures and will do more soon...I am also on myspace as I mentioned and have a ton of pictures on that site. It is hard to believe that he will be a month old this month He is healthy and happy..
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When I was 14, I hoped that one day I would have a girlfriend. When I was 16, I got a girlfriend, but there was no passion, so I decided I needed a passionate girl with a zest for life. In college I dated a passionate girl, but she was too emotional. Everything was an emergency; she was a drama queen, cried all the time and threatened suicide. So I decided I needed a girl with stability. When I was 25, I found a very stable girl but she was boring. She was totally predictable and never got excited about anything. Life became so dull that I decided that I needed a girl with some excitement. When I was 28, I found an exciting girl, but I couldn't keep up with her. She rushed from one thing to another, never settling on anything. She did mad impetuous things and made me miserable as often as happy. She was great fun initially and very energetic, but directionless. So I decided to find a girl with some real ambition. When I turned 30, I found a smart ambitious girl with
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can find htis article here A Primer on the Evolution of Astronomical Calendars A special CP-LUHNA essay by Bryan C. Bates In the world of nature, light is known to stimulate numerous biological activities. Coral reefs initiate their reproductive frenzy with the full moon following the summer solstice. Flowers track the pathway of the transiting sun, gathering the electromagnetic energy for metabolic and reproductive purposes. Bees vibrate through a complicated dance angled to the sun that conveys the exact location of pollen while accounting for the time of sun transit. Birds use the migration of the sunrise and solar pathway as one of their radar sensors in the thousand mile migrations between continents. Humans have also been using the changes in celestial sphere as a mechanism for determining when to conduct certain ceremonial-survival activities. Over 7000 years ago, humans in the Nile Valley laid out large stones to m
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You can run from LOVE and if it's REALLY LOVE it will FIND you CATCH you by the heel... But you can't be numb for LOVE. The ONLY PAIN is to feel NOTHING at all... How can I hurt when I'm holding YOU?!!! It's hard to wait around for something... that you know might not happen, but it's even harder to give up, when you know it's everything you've ever wanted!!! WANTED by many! TAKEN by none! LOOKING at some! WAITING for one!
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"When you are feeling alone.. like no one cares.. Read this because its absolutely true: Every night, someone thinks about you before they go to sleep. At least fifteen people in this world love you. The only reason someone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. There are at least two people in this world that would die for you. You mean the world to someone. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it. Always remember the compliments you've received. Forget the rude remarks. You are My Friend.. and You are LOVED! Never forget that! Hugzzz.. Luv ya!!! The Hormone Hostage Knows That There Are Days In The Month When All A Man Has To Do Is Open His Mouth & He Takes His Life Into His Own Hands! This Is A Handy Guide That Should Be As Common As A Driver's License In The Wallet Of Every Husband, Boyfriend, Co-Worker, Or Significant Other! DANGEROUS: WHAT'S FOR DINNER? SAFER
For all those days I watch the sunrise I think about how you are doing For all the wonderful comments you leave me on here I feel love When ever I see that I have a comment from you My heart skips a beat When I come across your smile I can't help but smile I wonder if I will ever get to meet you my Beautiful Ninja No I don't think of you as my dorky ninja It would be nice to watch the sunrise with you Enjoy your eyes glistening with the beautiful Hawaiian sunrise Having a intimate dinner while we sit at the beach with a sheet under us 3 candles to light make things special all the food that I have cooked for you to enjoy. I hope you like my short poem Sandy! Much Love And Aloha BABE! Miss you a lot! Why does the Winchester Mystery House have stairs leading nowhere? by Molly Edmonds Print Email Cite Feedback Share Digg This Yahoo! Buzz StumbleUpon Reddit Cite This!Close Please copy/paste the following text to properly cite th
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Ok we did have all our pictures available for our friends. But this morning one of our "so called" friends marked some NSFW well we turned our private folder (that was available to all friends) to family only. We hope to let all see them soon but we as of now have to take things careful because we have some that we want you to see and we want you as well as ourselves to get points for them. I am sorry one person messed it up. But we are not leaving so please look at the ones still open to friends. All comments are welcome and encourged, remember this is a couples page (not just a female page) Master probably wont get mad at me doing this. He knows I have been looking for a while and this can only help me find what I am looking for. I refuse to put any ink on my body unless it is the perfect art for me. I have been looking for a climbing tree red eyed tree frog. Now this is the concept I want... I want it to look like it is climbing up me. I don't want a picture of its belly. I want
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Leave it to me....let murphy's law prevail. The batteries had died on my camera on my last hike, so I made it s priority to pick up some new batteries at Radio Shack on my way out of town. Well, I figured I'd gotten a pretty late start and had to go into the office for a few hours so I'll just load the camera when I'm at the trailhead. So driving up a small barely a road called Palookaville Trail, I round the corner and there in the middle of the road sits a 350-400 lb grizzly bear. Not the largest I've seen but closest I've been to one in about 20 years. 8 feet to be exact. Well, all the windows are rolled down and the dog is going nuts barking at this big furry creature while I am feverishly scrounging for the camera and the batteries to put in it. I get the batteries in it and now the bear is about 25-30 yards away. So much for the great picture opportunity. Anyhow, I managed to get about 6 or so shots off, but some were while the bear was at a full run about 40 MPH a
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Dear Husband: I'm writing you this letter to tell you that I'm leaving you for good. I've been a good woman to you for seven years and I have nothing to show for it. These last two weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me that you had quit your job today and that was the last straw. Last week, you came home and didn't notice that I had gotten my hair and nails done, cooked your favorite meal and even wore a brand new negligee. You came home and ate in two minutes, and went straight to sleep after watching the game. You don't tell me you love me anymore, you don't touch me or anything. Either you're cheating or you don't love me anymore, whatever the case is, I'm gone. P.S. If you're trying to find me, don't. Your BROTHER and I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! > Your EX-Wife *********************************************************** ******************************** Dear Ex-Wife Nothing has made my day mor
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I would like to change my background and layout. How do I do that. I can't find the area I need to go to to make the changes. Anyone have the answers? Please let me know. Thank you. Hugs, Wild Angel I have added a bunch of new pictures to my site, since my friend Kat1114 gave me a VIP for the month. Don't be shy and come and rate them. I would love to get my overall rating up from a 10.07 to something higher. It's been there So if you can and would like, please rate them 11s....wish I could afford a Auto 11 to get it done myself....Help a friend if you can. Hugs, Wild Angel To all my dear friends, I won't be on much because my motherboard is messed up and I can't afford another computer right now. Only on when I am at my friends house. I have not left you and you can still rate and fan me as well as ask for my friendship. I will be back as soon as I can. I am going to miss you all lots. Hugs and kisses, Trish
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My soul is gone.Lost and broken.The dreams have faded and This charade is faulted.The endless sorrow continues Through the night. While the hope flies off into the distance. I'm so bored right now... I'm trying to level myself but its not going fast enough... any ideas? >US TANKER: lol it's not past my bed time, I don't have a bed time US TANKER: ok well sweet dreams im sure its past your bed time ->US TANKER: no thats ok US TANKER: maybe next time when you come over to the adult side of the site ->US TANKER: lol ok US TANKER: I deleted my bid ->US TANKER: you already bid though ->US TANKER: you obviously didn't read my offer carefully enough US TANKER: oh well nevermind I thought this was an adult site ->US TANKER: No adult fun, what I offered is what I offered. US TANKER: win sorry ->US TANKER: if you will me? US TANKER: so if i will you do i get any adult fun ***From my shout box earlier. I realize this is an adult site, but adult doesn't necessarily mean stripping of
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When is your birthday so we can show you... "Dylon's Diva Mafia" some serious birthday luv!!!! I would love to have all the divas bdays, so that we can show each one you MAD BDAY love. Please send me a private message or leave it here...Thanks so MUCH. PEASE AND LOVE...MsMaine AKA The WiseGal Hapy Birthday !Please show her...
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He sits in his cell,And he lays on his bed,Covers his head and closes his eyes.He sees a smoking gun,And the coward he ran.And in his arms is the bleedingLove of his life.  And she cries...'Kiss it all better,I'm not ready to go...It's not your fault love,You didn't didn't know'  Her hands are so cold,And he kisses her face.And says 'Everything...will be all right'He noticed the gun,And his rage grew inside.He said 'I'll avenge my lover tonight' And she cried...'Kiss it all better,I'm not ready to go.It's not your fault love,you didn't know, you didn't know'   Now he sits behind prison bars,25 to life and shes not in his arms.He couldn't b
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There is no feeling quite like the one you get when holding a brand new baby. So sweet, so pure, no greater innocence. Its soothing. My friend had her first baby, a little boy, yesterday afternoon here at the hospital I work for, so I went to see them today on my lunch break. Everyone is healthy and doing well. I just wanted to write about something happy and positive instead of bitching about something. So I got to work on Monday morning, signed into our system, my normal routine. Went to log into Fubar to say good morning to my friends and I get a message on my screen that says: "ACCESS DENIED" Dammit, I tried again and I tried today but to no avail. To be perfectly honest, I am surprised that it lasted as long as it did but still mad that they cut off my access to fubar during the day. I was having fu-withdrawals all day yesterday. Its like they don't want us to have contact to the outside world or something. No networking sites, no Instant Messengers nothing n
Need everyone to bomb this pic... she needs 10,000 comments. Thanks got another pic you can bomb!! check it out We have another family member in a contest, however BABYFREAK was in one first so please spend more time there but also leave some comments on this pic for DJ Carebear
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I don't know what to fucking think hey? I know you know what I'm talking about I sooo wish one of you would slap me upside the jaw to stop myself from talking about the subject as well!. Wish that I could switch off my phone remove myself from the computer and not think about some of the stuff I've been ranting about!. But of course you know my reason for having the phone on 24/7. damned if I do and fucked over in hell if I don't!. oh blah time for bed!.....guess we'll have to talk about this another time!. sorry but work is the shits and I really have to be there no matter what this time!. chat to you soon okay? So a family member so nicely put me down today all because I can't be stuffed dressing up all the fucking time cause I do manual labour as my job. really what the fucking point?. sweating buckets and having makeup on is a bloody waste of time and money. besides I have family members in real life giving me a talking down for putting stuff on my face. yeah hate
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Cutting me like a knife; you exposed me to the light; showing me where i was wrong; but now it must end for you never where a friend; never my friend only my pain; like all things before it wasnt ment to be for me This poem is what its like to live with borderline personality disorder Broken Heart Deep in the world; Is a broken heart; In the heart is two pictures; one of me the other of you; two worlds away; but so close; that they could almost touch; The heart belongs to me; because of you; only you, heartbreaker Betrayal I lick my lips and taste your kiss. The wind is clear and crisp, how I wish you were near. The smell of lilies in the air, the night cold and long just like my song now that your gone. Gone from me you flew out of the room to the one so sick and twisted! Can't believe you lied to me and I believed you so easily. She tried to comfort my fears as she took my tears. She has you now and I have the memories and gone are the tears you gave me. C
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NOT a good idea ppl. Not safe for anyone. THEY CAN FALL OUT OF THE WINDOW. Then you've killed your pup. Or the poor thing lives, but then has a broken back or something and dies shortly after. And yes, this is something I witnessed last night. Luckily I noticed it on the ground right after it happend and that it was still breathing. Stopped car because I was sure as hell not going to let the baby get run over. Whether it lived long after or not, that's horrible. Bad enough jackasses don't think about these things so it won't happen. That's an image I don't think will go away any time soon. I'm just glad that I didn't witness it getting run over. THAT would've been even worse. Damn humans with no common sense. Whatever happend to an eye for an eye?? It seems that guys aren't in to kissing these days. I don't know if they don't really know how or they're affraid they won't or they assume the girl can't. Either way, this kinda sucks. It's been almost 3 months since I've k
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I want all of my Fubar friends and family to know that I will be deleting my account at the end of the week...I've just outgrown this site...But I have made some awesome friends on here that I would love to keep in touch with...If you want to keep in contact outside of Fubar...Please send me a message with your preference of e-mail, IM (yahoo), cell phone or whatever, and I will reciprocate! I love each and every one of you! Best wishes to you all! Rhonda AKA MsRain You Never Know Author Unknown You never know when someone May catch a dream from you. You never know when a little word, Or something you may do May open up a window Of the mind that seeks the light The way you live may not matter at all... But you never know - it might. And just in case it could be That another's life through you. Might possibly change for the better With a broader brighter view. It seems it might be worth a try At pointing the way to the right. Of course, it may not matter at all,
Ladies and gentlemen, the contest is over. First place winning 2,000,000 fubucks goes to: Peek-A-Boo@ fubar Second place winning 1,000,000 fubucks goes to: ***Co OwNeR oF PiNkLaDyS lAp DaNcE *** aka '****TrAcY mEmBeR oF fuBaR uK wOrLd cRuIsE ******MeMbEr Of ThE bOoZe CrUiSe**' @ fubar Third place winning 200,000 fubucks goes to: UKLADY66 @ fubar And the bonus prize of 25 fu bling credit pack for the most picture rates goes to: ***Co OwNeR oF PiNkLaDyS lAp DaNcE *** aka '****TrAcY mEmBeR oF fuBaR uK wOrLd cRuIsE ******MeMbEr Of ThE bOoZe CrUiSe**' @ fubar Thanks to all that took part, a nice DRAMA FREE contest! :) BROUGHT TO YOU BY tra71@ fubar Hi, Will be doing a third prize regardless of whether 30,000 comments reached. The prize will depend on the number of comments. Need to think about the actual amount and will advise tomorrow :) T As per my previous blog, there will now be a thi
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One day someone special will be gone. And on that clear, cold morning, in the warmth of your bedroom, you might be struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any more. No more hugs, no more lucky moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat, No more "just one minute." Sometimes, what we care about the most goes away. Never to return before we can say good-bye, Say "I Love You." So while we have it, it's best we love it and care for it and fix it when it's broken and take good care of it when it's sick. This is true for marriage and friendships and children with bad report cards; And dogs with bad hips; And aging parents and grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, because we cherish them! Some things we keep -like a best friend who moved away or a classmate we grew up with. There are just some things that make us happy, no matter what. Life is important and so are the people we know. And so, we keep them. I
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Sometimes it becomes necessary to cleanse and seal where you live. This ritual can help cleanse the place of bad vibrations and other things. But before you cleanse your house because you think your being haunted by Jack the Ripper (by the way, it is very rare that demons and other bad things are going to just show up in your house and start doing bad things, so, don't get to carried away), think if there is anything going on in the house right now that could be causing bad vibrations. Maybe your house is just very stressful. Before you get rid of anything, see if there are any guilty feelings, and get rid of them. Uncover and purge all deeply felt emotions. This alone can get rid of whatever bad feelings you might have (another note, it usually isn't a ghost in your house, just bad feelings. I have a room in my house that I can't go in without feeling angry. It's just that the people who live there fill the room with bad emotions. That is what cleansing rituals are usually for, gettin
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What if I said I made a mistake ? Threw away this chance , and walked away . What if Im wrong , and this isn't whats right . What if I get to close to you , use to sleeping by you at night . Then out of the blue you change your mind . Then what ? Where does that leave me , On the outside in love , Unable to see . I just don't think thats where I want to be . Id rather not try , Than get to attached , just to care to much , and not get it back . Maybe thats part of the gamble , Part of the game , And half the fun , Is just to get to play ? See I don't know anymore , I cant really be sure , I just know what I know , That theres just no cure , For love unrequited , and I'll feel like a fool , Should the situation arise , Where this becomes true . Theres a part of me that just wants to ask , But I dont want to seem pushy , Then the other side , feels like Im wasting my time ,
Flea's Place
I've lost my way my friend I'm lost and in fear of the end there's no safety in pretend the sanctity of my sanity is near the end I've crossed the fields I've burdens I wield like cherished heart strings bend broken streams descend Nightmarish fantasies assault my reality garish affronts to sanity Whom do I feel beckoning my sighs my cries my need for a woman's thighs So I ask of you my friend would you remember me in the end with kindness perhaps a song wine while we smoke the last bong "remember me" as the king once said remember the joy of things we once did For we'll meet again my friend @Aug,1999 Who would lead me out of darkness Through the stars Into the night Insanity's gift Is no respite For a prayer's Journey tonight @Aug,1999 Frightening aspects of reality Asphalt fantasies Veiled childhood memories Seeking to find that forgotten so
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if we're all here to be an impact on the life of somebody else, can our impacts be multiple and branch-like? and do i have less branches than you possibly have? and who moderates these? and what is it all going to add up to? what is the ultimate ending of the effects we have on other people's lives? what is the culmination? is everything preprogrammed to end? but then wouldn't endings in themselves be programmed to end? and if endings end than there would be no endings, but everything would still be predestined to end? i feel full of philosophy lately and i lack the company to share it with. Call me crazy but for some strange reason I'm scared of moths. I dont know why I'm scared of moths, they dont bite, they dont sting, they dont spin webs and creep up in your shit during the middle of the night, I'm just scared of them. Last night I'm in my room minding my own god damn business when this big fuckin' moth comes charging through my bedroom window like he's some CEO of a big corp
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I'm in shackles!!! WOOT! Check out my new owner!! He's got me from 6/30/08 to 7/29/08! Go show him love and let him know I sent you!!! ~SouthernOutlawBiker~DSC~OutlawsAndPu$$ycats~ This pimp-out brought to you by: ~*TinkerbellMN84*~ {Fu-Owned by VODKAGURL & SingleDad38 & SouthernOutlawBiker} :( He no longer owns me but he's a sweetheart and he doesn't have much stash and has only around 200 photos!!! So go love him up and tell him I sent you! Argonutz This pimp-out brought to you by: ~*TinkerbellMN84*~ {Fu-Owned by Argonutz, VODKAGURL & SingleDad38 } I won ICE in his wife's Owner's auction! He ownS me from 7/1/08-7/31/08 go show him love!! Tell him I sent you!! ICE (owned by angelic kissiame)
Can't get you outta my mind... Been wantin' to taste... Just a lil' bit... Nites of sexual dreams haunt me... Wantin' me to want you.... To taste every ounce of your juices.... I ain't used to this...these games you play..... Sendin' mixed signals...whatcha waitin' for???.. Me to make the first move??? That's cool...but you ain't gonna play me the fool... Have me all worked up...then sike!!! Blue balls for the rest of the night... Blinded by lust to touch the panty line on sly.. Hopin' to run my finger across ya lips.... Ya clit...dances happly around my finger tips... Oh shit!!! Was that piss??? I ain't no R. Kelly!!! Whew...You just squirtin' Thought it was a golden shower fa sho... It's been a quarter hour....back arched to give me the go... To pull the panties off to the flo.... Grabbin your hips closer to my face... Tongue kissin' ya clit... Fingers still deep inside you...."G" spot be the root of all evil??? Not tonight...I'm workin' for a sequel... Bett
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Its a pleasure to have you stop by my page... with that said...I'm a Bama girl. I have lived here all my life... I am a very outgoing person... I love to explore life and have a blast while doing it... I love to laugh... and make others laugh... I believe in the concept live everyday to the fullest... because you truely only live once... That's the way I live my life... to the fullest... to the very fullest... I have had my share of ups and downs but I've learned along the way... that life is life... and if you choose to sit around and worry... then it will overcome you... and I have not and will not let it overcome me... I love my life... and my loved ones... I have long life friends whom I absolutely adore... and I choose to live happy... I have two gorgeous children that are godsend... I couldnt have asked for better kiddos... I'm divorced and single. I am not looking or should I say "searching" for that special someone. I have decided to quit the search and let him find me. I give
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Thank You to all of my Fu-Friends and Fu-Family who have helped me get this far and actually get my Birthday Spotlight.   Everyone needs to take the time out and go F/A/R/C all these wonderful people who helped me out in any way they could.   It is not everyday that you find amazing people to interact with.. . Here They Are:   The Love of my life who has had to put up with my Fubar addiction: bew1769(Master of Firechick728) @ fubar And of course all of my Awesome Fu-Friends and Fu-Family:   DevilGirl~Fat Sonny's Keeper~ Owned by Stitch and Cherry Princess @ fubar Texxas***OWNED BY brian perkins ALSO OWNED BY DJ COUNTRYBOY SUPERMAN.. @ fubar Steve ~Club United~ @ fubar
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Today in the Turtle spotlight (hey! It's a free spotlight!!!), we have a dude that rated Wurtle Dee Do's profile a 1. Anyone wanna pay him a visit?!? :D Turtle style? I like bombing pix and profile comments. bwah hah hahhhhhhhh If you don't know whom Wurtle Dee Do is, she's Wild Harleys RL Babygirl. Here's dude's link. Stop by and "say hello." Tell him Turtle sent ya. :P vic lounge owner of: what ever to talk about@ fubar PS... Dude likes to hide behind a fake picture. His salute's available though. (copied from my bully... I cheatz :D) My delightfully sweet, wonderful, intelligent fu-owner (the bestest in fu-land) is less than 300K from leveling to Godfather!!!! Love him up and I'll quit sucking up. :P Either way, he's worth the time to get to know. He's the best friend you can have. He always has an ear and a shoulder for you... Stop by and tell him how wonderful he is. Clickie on the link and bomb away... LarryB - Alien cats are roaming this Earth@ fuba
new contest where im in starts so so can ya pls get ready to leave me lots ofcomments on my pic once the contest is open?? it is a most comments win for a blingpack the host is ****Di aka PiNkLaDy the Original****Fu Wife to Paul****@ fubar pls show her some love R/F/A her she cool u wont regret it btw it would be nice if ya help me win cuz i would like to have the blingpack to show ya some sweet loving back on my bday :) i will keep ya upday when the contest start have a wonderful start in ur week and a great monday Hello my friends, I got just 8100 comments to go. Please come and Help me out real quick. I would even offer bucks for the help. Click the pic and make 100 comments, I give you 10000 bucks. Make 150 comments, I give you 20000 bucks. You make more then that you will get more then that... Just send me a private message when you are done (no shoutbox pease). Everybody have a nice and safe week Hugs and already thank you for the co
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It is no doubt fun to make new friends. We all flirt with them here it seems. As always though, when the newness dies, and others come into focus will we fail to maintain our ties? To still be friends, and flirt? I mean there are always going to be, or so it seems ubiquitously more talented, or better looking, or funnier people than ourselves, in a word attractive. To some degree I feel like this site is a big set up for a series of dissappointments. I mean how can we all maintain our frienships? I will tell you that I am going to try. It won't take long to weed out those who aren't sincere. I've already noticed a lack, or falling off of correspondence towards myself. I don't know what will happen but what I do know is that I am not accepting any new friends. Sometimes I wonder when I will finally leave this site. I just started, but to be sure, I can't possibly stay friends with everyone that I meet, nor can I make good on every hope and wish that I have fo
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Yule Lore (December 21st) Yule, (pronounced EWE-elle) is when the dark half of the year relinquishes to the light half. Starting the next morning at sunrise, the sun climbs just a little higher and stays a little longer in the sky each day. Known as Solstice Night, or the longest night of the year, much celebration was to be had as the ancestors awaited the rebirth of the Oak King, the Sun King, the Giver of Life that warmed the frozen Earth and made her to bear forth from seeds protected through the fall and winter in her womb. Bonfires were lit in the fields, and crops and trees were "wassailed" with toasts of spiced cider. Children were escorted from house to house with gifts of clove spiked apples and oranges which were laid in baskets of evergreen boughs and wheat stalks dusted with flour. The apples and oranges represented the sun, the boughs were symbolic of immortality, the wheat stalks portrayed the harvest, and the flour was accomplishment of triumph, light, and lif
Pain & Heartache
Why is it that the rich get richer & the poor get poorer?  If your poorer than dirt with no job you, (Not by choice) one simply just gets left behind & in some states don't qualify for help at all? Suddenly people become closed minded & don't bother to help anyone.  This world is for the rich & if your not then you are nobody, no one & not important.   There are times that I wonder if I really make a difference in this world? Times that I wonder if everyone would be better off without me? Times that I wonder how I could have done something different? When my friends & family are down at times I feel the pain & emotions as well. I wonder if I said & or did the right thing? Feelings of hopelessness & helplessness seeping through. At times like this I wonder which of these feelings are mine & which are someone elses & I am picking it up?   I'm Sorry that I am not able to carry the world on my shoulders or make things better for you. I'm sorry that I have not been the best Sis
Because I was afraid to lose you I swallowed stones chewed metal sucked bullets through my teeth While you licked sugar I pocketed salt I burned my tears cooked my blues and ate the smoke And still you left me spilling all my hungers my belly split open full of wonders like an ancient fish I hear myself drought caught pleading a windy cause dry as the earth without rain crying love in a tongue of false thunder while my love waits a seeded trap in the door of my house a mouth full of perfect teeth sure of their strength upon bone waits to swallow me whole and pass me as echos of shadowless laughter. Quiet love hangs in the door of my house a sheet of brick-caught silk rent in the sun. Desire to us Was like a double death, Swift dying Of our mingled breath, Evaporation Of an unknown strange perfume Between us quickly In a naked Room.
well I have tried , several times, to post a blog with a link to the auction or my auction photo , and Fued it up everytime..Is there any hope for an old fart like me? Perhaps not..But I am dense enough to try again, but by other means, to draw attention to me..there's more than one attention whore on Showering this morning, it occured to me that a bar of soap must possess magical powers. I have a house with three showers, but everyone seems to use my shower. So we have a bar of soap..I use it, but so do all others. I never see a washrag in the shower, there is a loofah or two, but using a loofah with a bar of soap isn't very easy or efficient.So I assume all the kids use the soap as I do, rub it all over. Do any of them even wonder where it's been? And it seems my household is not alone in this. So I wonder what it is about soap that makes it so magical.Is it the symbol of cleanliness that cause one not to think about where it's been,Anyway.I am clean today ..that's the imp
Vietnam by LateNiteFantasy© Vietnam Forty years later, we talk of Vietnam, Post traumatic stress, Agent Orange, and Napalm, Are some of the problems we face today. When are they going to find POWs/MIAs? Heroes killed in action, some missing limbs, We grieve for them all, pin a medal on them. We fought the war our country told us to, Then, came home and were played a fool. Students demonstrating burning our flag, We watched in silence, our friends in body bags. No banners waving, parades or patriotic songs, People were ashamed we fought the Viet Cong. Tired of VA hospitals, tired of it all, Dressed in my fatigues to visit the Wall. Faceless memories a reality, fifty thousand names, A shame, we lost a generation. Who is to blame? If I had to do it over and fight Ho Chi Minh, I’d volunteer and pack my gear. I’m proud to be an American. But, when will they honor us veterans? Bring Back The Days, Those Days Are Gone Bring back the days wh
For The One You Love
Love is the way you make someone feel, the way someone makes you feel. Love is the sharing and the caring, the want and the need. Love is not just a word, love is a power with unknown strengths. It has the power to make someone smile, to make someone laugh, to make someone love you in return. Love is what your heart feels, what your heart says. Ignore your heart and it will fade away. Listen to your heart, follow your heart, let it sing. Let it run free and it can bring you anything Love is a bond, a way to keep people together. Love is everything wonderful. Love is You. Sometimez when I'm alone I Cry. Cause I am on my own. The tearz I cry are bitter and warm. They flow with life but take no form. I Cry because my heart is torn. I find it difficult to carry on. I would cry amoung my treasured friend. but who you know that stops that long. to help another carry on. The world moves fast. and it would rather pass by. Then to stop an
Good Times
I had an idea…more of a daydream really…It began with me kissing your forehead, then your eyes, to your nose and cheeks....down to the nape of your neck then up to your lips. Then I was kissing your chin and cheeks and then held your face in my hands and while looking into your eyes, slowly lower my face to yours and kissed your lips, and tasted your tongue . As our kiss became more passionate, our tongues were twisting and turning around each other..... I left your mouth, kissed your chin and continued down your neck to your beautiful breasts.... My hands found their way down the sides of your sweet body, and your moans urged me on as you pushed your body into mine. My lips continued to move down, between your breasts, as my hands moved up your body. You tried to guide my head further down, but I moved back up to kiss your lips, as my fingers began to circle your breast once, then again. Each circle was becoming smaller and smaller, inching their way to your hardened nipple,
No Rhyme No Reason
Target Focused Training
I've found that people are intensely more interested in the phantom fury surrounding violence rather than the violence itself. And so we'll go there, if only to get over it and get into what truly matters. So what is this 'intervening terror?' This is the not inconsiderable space between where you are when you realize there's mortal trouble and putting everything you've got through a ruptured spleen. Or an avulsed eye. Or a broken neck. It's the space between NOW and INJURY. Those who do not understand violence, how it works, what it means, what's at stake often have no real conception of this space--they tend to be far more interested at looking at the whole affair as a contest or a dance or indeed magic. Those who understand violence are horrified by the idea of making a competition of it, after all, now we're going to play dice for your life? It would be laughable if it weren't so awful. But achieving that understanding, refusing to compete and being resolute in what's r
Writtings By Sir David (aka "blackwhip)
Dominance vs. Domineering The two particular terms, dominant and domineering, are many times misused and mistakenly considered as interchangeable. First of all, a dominant is essentially part of a lifestyle. A particular subculture in which there exists certain expectations and responsibilities. An important segment of that lifestyle is recognizing the needs of mutual gratification. This is to say that the happiness and well-being of a submissive is equally important as the dominant's. One aspect that discerns a domineering person from a dominant is a lack of this particular recognition. People that tend to be domineering are selfish, and serve their own interests. It is quite sad to think that being overbearing, loud, and demanding might be confused with being dominant, but the fact is that it often is. I guess that does not say much about us dominants and the image we project. Another way that domineering folks differ from dominants would include the an inability to earn
I met her Dec,22 two thousand and blah. She was a pretty face on my computer screen with a smile as bright as the mighty Rah. Almond shape somali eyes, her skin had no flaws. I gave her complement after complement cause I was totaly in Aw! We conversated for a while on messanger then off to bed she went. I thought about her almond somali eyes and the pain I saw and ponderd what it meant. I got down on my knees and prayed for Allah to ease the pain a bit. As I thought of her maybe she thought of me because she logged back on to my surprise. We ingaged in coversation so deep we made eternal ties. I knew at that second it last for all our lives We chated so strong for so long the sun began to rise. As birds began to chirp and it was almost time for work we said our goodbyes. Still to this day I often pray for the pain in those almond somali eyes. by Chill KOsar Loneliness is a responce to the anguish I feel because I am alone. To
Why Is It
So, I am noticing a trend here FUBAR... I was deleted out of no where at level 21, almost a 22.. Someone on my new friends level 21 another victim at level 17... and yet another was on the verge and we caught it, again, at level 22.. So here's my question.. Why arent they tracking ips.. They knew there was problem.. and yet, they arent willing to help those of us hacked. I want my level, fu bucks, and points back.. but so far, no answers..and no help from support as far as i can see.. Until I am back where I was, and others also, I refuse to buy myself another vip, ticker, or anything else paid for in cash.. Why should I, so you can delete me again?? Thanks for nothing guys.. If any one out there has the answers, feel free to comment.. So, I was sitting here checking one of my other sites, and I noticed how I never go on there anymore, it bores me too much. Then I sat back and looked at the history of sites I had belonged to at one point or anot
My Dreams
Play On... by LateNiteFantasy© So I write to an empty sky. where horizons, shifting south, repair to memories' regret, and regret's recall of yesteryears. where went the miles, all marched beyond the pale, no pale horse ridden, no pale rider a threat, no pale blade beheld, no pale foe unmet.. where raged the peace, of whispered content, where soared the phoenix, on fated karma bent, all feeling, shamed, hidden. yet still to vent.. taste the wind, and see the skirl, of drones and chaunters raising all from a slumber pillowed on steel. frozen, frozen in time , without all trace, without all life, within the dead, the still, becalmed. where set we down, in history's play. where found we, the time, to lose the way. the path, the tao, the course of arrows lost from flight, the rage of blades denied their fight.. and still.soft pipes, lament in my soul, in sounds I feel, and felt ever of old... and still I can see, that s
My Coke Rewards
Aiiii. I'm so into Scrubs. I became a Junkie of it. Can't survive without my 20 minutes of Scrubs per day. I watched it at an Online-Streaming-Page but it doesn't work anymore. Damnit. So I ordered all Seasons yesterday and they'll be there tomorrow. Hopefully. Maybe I'll watch Gardenstate instead ot Scrubs tonight. Yesterday I was at a 30's-70's market near the rhein-promenade. It was nice there. Sun was shining and a slight wind in air. It took me 1 hour to get the worst shoulder-back-neck sunburn ever. My shoulder tattoos are swolen and they hurt like hell. Shitty thing but was worth it anyways.Found the sunglasses of my life.
My Owners
Goooood Morning Fu Its A Brand New Life :)
OK so to my nearest and dearest friends - and they know who they are cos one of them listened to me rant on the phone and the other listens to me rant through text WELL GUESS WHAT PEOPLE - FROM NOW ON ITS A BRAND NEW LIFE THINGS CAN AND WILL GET BETTER - AS THE SONG GOES ILL GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP WITH MY FRIENDS YEAH I USED TO LET THINGS GET TO ME TOO MUCH BUT FROM NOW ON NOTHING OR NOONE WILL GET ME DOWN - TRY AS HARD AS YOU LIKE IT JUST AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!!!! TO THE TWO CONCERNED THIS AFTERNOON THIS BLOG IS DEDICATED TO YOU I LOVE YOU BOTH xxxxx ROFLMAO revenge is a dish best served sweet and I know - moo hahahahahahahahaha beat that!!!!!!!!!!! Just had the grinch's social worker round, and the ex-sister-in-law is a liar - next time she intrudes in my space Im going to dance round her singing LIAR LIAR KNICKERS ON FIRE Sorry had to share that - you just dont know how good it made me feel - now any one for fu bucks????
Sometimes Home Is A Cardboard Box Today I feel sad please don't watch me cry My Hobo hat's pulled low to hide my eyes You don't see my tears anyway everything I had's been taken away Even my name has been lost scary how much life costs doesn't matter what's in a name? when nothing about me is the same I've been kicked out of the Wal-Mart parking lot The man there hates the homeless, that's the thanks I got who knows he may be two steps from my spot and sometimes home is a cardboard box. A Long Night You don't know where your shadow will fall. the light ever changing, east, west, sun, and moon, bright, soft or none at all. My shadow's taller than my soul. when the sun sinks low, and my sky's aglow of orange like cantaloupe My shadows are many, running here walking there, chasing one in front, the one behind stabbeths so beware It's the ones at night that cause me fright, for no light maketh them appear, they sleep not nor do I, it's going to b
Leveling Up
L.W.Creations #1 Morpher,Best 3 D Designs on Fubar Has Auto's On 11 AM Central Time.Time to Level Him To Godfather Fubar. To all that Care.I will still be on fubar for a bit.I do not Seek VIP,I do not Desire it at this Time.I will still Create Morphs + Tags for Raters or those that will pay in FuBucks or FuBling Gifts.All Morphs + Tags will either be sent Direct or uploaded at my Photobucket Acct.If you Desire a Morph or Gif Tag.You will be Required to Download or Firefox.If you use that piece of Shit Exsplorer in any form,Don't bother wasting my Valuable Time. Ownership: Of Others,unfortunately if you are bought away,I must let the others keep you.The Scrutiny I get for owning people,is getting out of hand.So many on fubar confuse Real Life + Fubar as one.I think owning others is fun,but others don't see things as I do.Perhaps because I exspect Rates from thoughs I Own. My Code of Conduct when Owning Someone: You are Required to Rate
Kept at arms length Saving myself from you I won't let you in I can't let you see I can't open myself The darkness will enter It will find it's home in my heart There won't be room for you the fear and doubt crowds in You could be anything I give up my way And lose myself...not today... Too much to lose Don't dare tell me you love me Do you know what love is? You held me down and screamed you wanted me to love or die  I make my own way Without your hand, lost and alone but safe... Never knowing which is worse... Alone and dead, or broken and alive... I can't get through this day I give up my will to the angel at my side I lose myself in the mist, the darkness inside me She carries me through the night She kisses away my tears, the nightmares and fears So pretty in my pain, tear stained eyes, shattered dreams I pass between worlds as she fights my demons She sees the light in me, that fear has blinded me of She sees what others do not see So run, run,
Movies, Tv And Other Entertainmentlike Things
I know none of you watch this show but I'm blogging it anyway. So last night each of the remaining 7 couples had to do two routines. There weren't any particular bad routines so I think we are down to mostly good dancers. There are two males that should go soon (Matt and Thayne) and it's probably getting close to time for Comfort to head home too. Anyway, once again the best routines were the two Mia Michaels one. The first one she choreographed with Katee and Joshua was amazing. Katee danced the best that she has so far on the show and the routine was just amazing. Just when I thought it wouldn't get any better though Twitch and Kherington did a Mia routine that was incredible. It was to a John Mayer song and the music, the dancing and the performance was so well put together it gave me goosebumps. My front runner to win the whole thing is still Will who is the best dancer in the competition but there are some suprising dark horses, mostly from the womens side - Chelsie an
Gripes, Peeves And Pet Peeves
"EVERY WOMAN WANTS ONE"... that was the remark of the men in my home community and beyond. It has been the concern since then, and well before I overheard the comment made by black clergy and family members in my own hometown... Markham, Illinois. I tried to get a home in the late '70's and in the mid then latter 1980's. Moved to Michigan then returned after 4yrs to be denied again.... in spite of military and State employment history. Markham has never been "just Markham", rather it is part of a "collective". A collective member of the Chicago south suburbs. (haha) That is a real laugh... all the world knows that the only property with any value is NORTH WEST of Chicago... "go west young man" ... always west. Not South. Never-the-less, my return home and the reinstituted search for my own house that would/could house me and my children (son and daughter) and provide respite for any of us.. them or me... in case of a homeless situation arising in our coming future. They mentioned my c
Sad Love Poems
I've spent so much time, Staring at your picture, This pain in my heart, Is a permanent fixture. If only you saw me, The way that I see you, It's what I want us to be, But theres nothing I can do. The decision is up to you, But sometimes I have to ask why, And who your going to go to, Why it's love you have to deny. I don't want another fight, So I have to do what I know is right, Your the cause of all the tears I shed, From here I don't know where I'll be led. I know it's gone and over, We'll never be together, Your slowly breaking my heart, But faster I'm falling apart, I know it's over. Each day I hit another wall, Each day I fall, But theres nothing I can do, Except stop loving you. If only you could see, What I want us to be, It's loving and caring, But the time is wearing. I know you don't care, To me, your not being fair, You don't care about me, But I'd do anything for you to be happy. You need to realize, You should soon apologize
My Blog
These last few weeks i have gotten all sorts of invites to join different families.  Join and we ill have your back.  Join and we will be there for you.  Join and never be alone. I keep telling them the same thing - i already have a family.  And you know what? I didn't have to join.  I didn't have to put it in my name and my profile that i belong.  I didn't have to give them so many rates and likes a day for them to "be there for me".  All i had to do was be myself and they love that about me.  All i had to do was need a friend and they were there for me to offer a help with out being rated first. I love my friends and family because they are wonderful and amazing.  No matter what life brings them they take the time to care for me.  And i care for them in return.  I am so lucky to have them in my life and i am thankful every day. So take your joins and rates and likes and stick them up your ass - thanks :p well its officially aug 17th now in 1999 - one of my best friends and her
Yanni - Love Songs (music)
He Makes Me Melt
Layin in bed awake last night just thinkin of you thinkin of you How far we've come how far how fast and wondering how does one define a thing so deep the depth so deep what went from us the perfect friends to now so heavy and deep so large as us the here and now. Wow! To rise a morning later not having slept for hours straight engulfed in thought with thoughts of you How far we've come how much we've breached and have we reached that perfect merge? What lies ahead I do not know. I cannot imagine a closer us. Could it still grow? And will we know? Can we make it to occur? What would it be like to bear the intensity of a more potent oneness? Could we stand the perfect bonding? I fear the power of more. And such were my thoughts until a moment ago last night. Thoughts of you illuminate my spirit; Never a flicker of flame, but with Arching bolts which strike with a force That disturbs my equilibrium. My mind races as waves of passion flush over
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What happened to the days when a date was easy to get? Where the ladies and guy really cared about one another and really wanted to have a life together? What happen to the day where people could have fun and no one thought it was wrong to do stuff and go out and just hang out for fun? Welp, guess the is the 2000 years guess all that past away and gone.. or you can call me ol fashion either way I'm good. Just wish it was back and the world had respect for one another and their self.. Comment all ya want!!! Do you know why we have rainbows? It is a promise from God to us that He will never flood the earth again. There are about 7 colors in a rainbow. (7days in a week) Have you ever looked at the rain bow? What color is the first color you see? Isn't it red? Do you know why it is the color red? well, here it is: There are 7 days in a week, when God made the promise to us that He'll never flood the earth again, He put 7 colors in it. The colors are: RED,ORANGE,YELLOW,GREEN
Poeta : Short Forms
I have no recollection at all Of the world that I once forgot Consider it lost I have paid the cost I accept the fate that I bought (this is a style called "mad-song"...related to a limerick but the first line doesn't rhyme) Could I have been mistaken about the nature of this dream? I once saw the faint edge of Tomorrow flicker within my view. I have long since come of age yet still I cannot quell my rage. 5-30-02 When your eyes sweep shut, no reflection remains of my soul Let me take a look at you when the mirror again swings my way Perhaps there was something there that I missed the first time around 5-25-02
Movie Reviews
Plot Summary: Ben Carson (Kiefer Sutherland) is an ex-cop dealing with post-traumatic stress syndrome, who takes a job as a night watchman at an old luxury department store that was burned in a large fire. Soon after he begins his job, Ben is haunted by horrific visions in the large mirrors of the store at night. These entities begin to pursue him and his family, watching them through all reflective surfaces Ben's family is near. In a desperate race to save himself and his estranged family from harm, Ben attempts to unveil the sordid story that these spirits want him to bring to light...before it is too late. My Comments: I read the reviews for this movie and they were decent, so I gave it a try. It moved along well and had a few jumpy moments. Not too bad. Rating: 6/10 Plot Summary: Abel Turner (Samuel L. Jackson) is an LAPD officer and strict single father of a 15 year old daughter and 10 year old son. He is also the self-appointed neighborhood watch patrol in Lakeview Terra
Outlaw Radio DJ KEVDOG IS RIPPIN UP THE AIRWAVES IN OUTLAW RADIO 4 - 6 PM EST Take a few minutes… Stop by… Say Hello & Leave Him Some MAD LUV! ^^ CLICK TO ENTER ^^ Bully brought to you by:
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Lord, please show me how to get her out of my head. I keep thinking about her; the truth is I’d rather be dead. I love her and miss her, but I don’t want to anymore. I can’t do it on my own; because my head is too sore. Father, I’m begging you to help me let her memory go. I learned I can love, but this pain I didn’t want to know. She was able to get over me in just one single day. So, now I ask you to help me to do the same as I pray. My exhausted mind needs to feel that sweet release. Erase her today from my life and let it bring me peace. If You can’t take this pain then I only have one request. Please take this sore shattered heart out of my chest. Amen. This is the prayer that I wrote that helped me tremendously in the past week. The best woman that I have met in recent years pushed me out of her life and I was a wreck for a few days. After I wrote this prayer I immediately felt better. It is still painful to think of her and still impossible not to, but at least
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  You are invited to a wedding!!! Please join DJ Random Chaos and Synful Chaos as they bind their love in Fu-marriage! Where: Dirty Deeds Radio Whene: Fri, Sept 11 10pm Est/7pm pacific
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Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own Image by Cool Text: Logo and Button Generator - Create Your Own If I rate your page;blog;stash or whatever on my own it is cause I want to, do not think I will do anything for anyone anymore without some fubucks attatched to it, why you ask cause since I have been here on fubar I have been one who helps people without being asked but when people I have rated can not find there way to my page for whatever reason to return the love I gave them or some that say thank and that is it, thank me for the help I give you and you can't show me the same. This will end today and I am going to start taking names of those I rate that do not rate me back, if you don't rate me back I block you plain and simple. It is like an unwritten law that people on Fubar go by and it is no secret either. I excuse the newbies cause they still don't know but all the rest know better!!!! I said this b
Where the Angel Flies Subtle thoughts and cold lips watching the warmth leaving your body as we kiss Dead leaves fall on what was once a warm embrace Tears roll down my cheeks, lips, and face I release your hand and close my eyes Hoping that you are where the Angel flies Sitting alone the cold, dank, dark Fighting away the demons, devils, and larks They sing for you and what you have done For the terrible creature you have become I fight for you with every last dying breathe Because I know there is good in you, so my soul will not rest I cling to you with crying eyes Because I know you are not where the Angel flies I cannot back down, and I cannot let go To see you lie there listless, my blood will flow With pain in my heart, I beg the gods to hear my cries Take me where the Angel flies Let me show them, and make them see Exactly what you mean to me So that they know how much you did sacrifice And that this terrible turn of events was just a roll of the d
"the Path That Leads" A Poem By Cathy
"Trapped in a cabin in the woods with you" As the cold winds blow the blizzardy snows outside and the icicles hang outside this very rustic small cabin in these hidden woods, I see we are all alone here and trapped w out heat and you try to warm me up with your arms. then you see the fireplace, and start a fire that begins to warm up the room... there is a soft inviting rug in front of the fireplace and you lead to me it. we sit there covered with a big soft warm blanket..and the flames from the fire that is not blazing mezmerize our eyes..hypnotize.. but then.. i look into your eyes and they turn me away and i cannot look away...for i see the desire in your eyes, the want, and you feel my hair with your hand and touch the side of my face.. and gently, slowly ...bring me closer to you as we sit there, and our lips melt into each others...and the room becomes much warmer just by your touch and deep passionate kisses, and I forget where I am.. and it does not matter that we a
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His cousin called to tell me... "He's dead." I called to share my grief with my mom, and a cousin who I could rely upon for consolement. His body was unavailable due to disintegration from the passenger plane being impacted by a missle. The media never concluded follow up on the incident for family members of those on the plane; so we were all left to our own demise. While I happened to have life insurance on me and my family members, the issue of wrongful or accidental death remains open. My family and others around home have jokingly assumed my husband is DISEASED. It became a resented joke. Some would call it BLACK HUMOR. -->dis·eased having or affected with disease. -->de·ceased 1. no longer living; dead. 2. the deceased, a. the particular dead person or persons referred to. b. dead persons collectively: to speak well of the deceased. He and the other people who had tickets to travel on that airplane, were DISINTERGRATED when the pilot's missile struck it. He is
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Family List §ë×ÿ Ðävëÿ aka - §quirt! - {PROMOTER@THE HOUSE OF P N'P} & Enforcer of the Priates Cove!@ fubar §é×ÿ †ïgë® (Co-Founder of §ê×ÿ £êvëlꮧ)@ fubar Miracle Monkey Chief of N.A.P Member of Club F.A.R Team Capt. Team Love@ fubar [ÐJ~WÕ£ƒÿ]♥~FÛ/Hß2♥[ÐJ~WÎññÎë]♥**ÕWÑÊ®@ SÍуܣ £ÜST~@ fubar JESSE@ fubar Michelle~R/L G/F of Miracle Monkey~Winterhawk~Native American Pride@ fubar
Just Thinking
Darkness compels me.... Feeling it pulling deep from within like a vortex, getting stronger and stronger. I am becoming weaker, too weak to resist. The blood is flowing freely now, draining out quickly. My soul slipping deep into the abyss of nothing. The only help I see is the rope dangling above the rope just the right size, the perfect height. Calling out one last time I don't want to go! Help me please! Don't let me go! Grasp my hand, hold it tight! I'm losing the fight. I love you all if this is good bye. Deep inside I know I must die to set you free, free of me. The darkness it compels. The rope is tighter now. My soul is yours, hold it in your heart. It needs the love I could not give it in the light. Goodnight my sweet loves, I bleed for you tonight. Love me now in the darkness, the way you could not in the light. The darkness compels. Another day nothing changed existing in a world I do not want looking in the window of a world I would love to call hom
A Viking's Musings!!!
Namaste FuBarBarians: I usually never get so EMO to as write about the sadness that I feel. However, a lot has happened since my last blogs that I finally feel I can share. Super Bowl Sunday: I was at the jewelry store buying my girlfriend at the time, an engagement ring. I get home and we chat online and she told me that she had just cheated on me. She cheated on me with her ex boyfriend whom she told me she still has feelings for. I dumped her of course; however, I had second thoughts that night. I thought about how wonderful she was for the two years we dated and all the small things I would give up. Her honesty should be rewarded and her guilt was punishment enough. So I decide to take her back. Where she tells me not to because she knows I no longer trust her, besides some of the things I said when I dumped her she felt tho deserved were too hateful to forgive. I have never been a clingly or a lonely person, but like most pathetic fools, I overly tried to win her back, only to
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Metamorphosis-Papa Roach Release Date 3/24/09 Karma 3/3/09 What's in a name? According to Shakespeare, 'a rose by any other name would smell as sweet', but does the same hold true for album titles? Seems a silly and irrelevant contention, but having witnessed its use as an object of criticism or a convenient segue, I feel it bears mentioning...but only briefly as it's the actual product and not the packaging I'm interested in. I'll be honest, Papa Roach comes up with some pretty good album titles, then they change them. Remember the adorable baby in headphones throwing up the devil's horns on the Born To Rock cover? Sorry, make that LoveHateTragedy. Obvious at first, yet very telling about the attitude of a band yearning to shed the nu-metal/rap-metal label. And let's not forget their third outing, Dancing In The Ashes aka Getting Away With Murder. So Days of War/Nights of Love or Metamorphosis, is just another package switch and regardless of the like or d
Dominant Info And Thoughts
Daddy/little girl does not refer to the ages, real or pretend, of the participants. Nor does it imply closet desires. In my relationship my Dom is not my father, he is nothing like my father, and I have no need for him to replace my father. He is however my Daddy. We do not engage in age play specifically ( beyond the occasional school girl fantasy *s*) and our relationship is not based on any need to have sex with children. I am always all woman, and always a very independent woman. He does have the ability to make me feel like a little girl, however, a very cherished and sometimes needy little girl. It is a feeling that I revel in, it is the safest place I have ever been, and it allows me the freedom to be all that I am without fear of reprisals. Daddy Dom is a feeling, an environment that two people have created. A Daddy Dom is so named because of the qualities he possesses and the service he provides. So, what are these qualities? What is a Daddy Dom? A Daddy Dom wants t
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/dies It's longish but well worth it. :D
Russ' Writings
I hear the echo of children at play, The sound so happy and cheerful. I enjoy what I hear throughout the day, Though today you can't be too careful. Let your child know you love and care, For they can not be replaced. In a year so many children disappear, And all is left are the memories of their face. Keep your eyes and ears open, Always know where the children be. For I never want this to happen, To neither you nor me. T-shirts and blue jeans tossed upon the floor, Neither one knowing who wants who more. She yearns to feel his tender caress, He just wants to get to what's next. She wants to feel his passion and love, He wants nothing to do with the mentioned above. She wants so badly for him to fulfill that need, He just wants to make the score do the deed. She says "I don't think we should", He replies "If you love me you would". So it goes she falls for his trap, Unknowing that he is full of crap. Feeling guilty she gives consent, Getting off he is now conte
My Soul&heart Bleeds The Truth.opions And Thoughts
1.i can say in all honesty we cause alot pain for ourselfs. 2.when u real you dont have to say it you already are. to the point you dont care.but then live to the point you can turely care for others. 4.youre mind can be used for alot evil try good for a change. lieing if you dont say most race fits some kind of sterotypes. this is a short blog on my own saying cause i enjoying thinking out the normal views on thinking. my moms worked hard like every sinlge i rised myself with pimps hoes and drug dealers.gang killers with convited fenlonies.excause me if i missed spelled did know i was desylix till now.not to much of being book smart but pick one up from time to time now.i try being like them back in the days. all they would tell me is be myself so iam now..half dead half alive and sum missing of my freinds.see god bless a child that have it's own..and god bless me that i did'nt get my head blowen off.i miss my family that street done killed grand ma two bra'
Skin Runs Shit 1
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You are The Empress Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation. The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful. The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her. What Tarot Card are You?Take the
All About Drifting
this space is reserved for a great blog. it will bewritten soon !!!   (this is just some of it ill write the rest when someone goes to bed) We were walking around in this garden that had this massive trees with pink leaves. and you picked up a leaf and told me to eat it and it tasted like cotton candy. i thought it was funny though and smiled at you and took your hand and we walked to a fountain and took off our shoes and splashed around. it seemed awesome. Think of 15 albums that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life or the way you looked at it. They sucked you in and took you over for days, weeks, months, years. These are the albums that you can use to identify time, places, people, emotions. These are the albums that no matter what they were thought of musically shaped your world. 1. Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power This is the first record I remember owning, my older brother shane was really big into pantera, slayer, iron maiden, etc and thought tha
Have a great weekend everyone if I dont get to talk to you by Sunday! I'll be on here till Sunday morning Then I wont be on again till at least the evening of Oct 2nd and maybe not even that night! Stay well until then! If youve been my friend for two weeks or more and we havent spoken since meeting Im deleting you so you shouldnt be surprised or take it personal if you suddenly find yourself gone from my friend list OK Last blog entry on my vacation Let's see...Well The ship, Norwegian Sun, was built in 2001 and had ONE automatic door on the entire thing...on the top deck! I also had to contend with four-inch metal lips to pop wheelies over to get thru the already narrow doorways! The buffet food was mediocre at best and I ate there probably 80 percent of the time but I did have three pretty good restaurant meals of the five restaurants where I ate! The waitstaff were very good to me My first excursion was in Mazatlan at a shrimp luncheon on a private residence where a Dutch E
Lyrics I Like!
Here Comes Trouble
So I hear everyone talking about Twitter and so I decided to go see what's up with it. So I'm on there. If you want to follow me let me know. I'll tell ya how to find me and all that good stuff. So this is why my street is blocked off... Police are looking for an armed robbery suspect after being called to xxxxx and xxxxxx. The suspect fled as police arrived. Authorities are searching the area from 48th Street to SR 143 for the man, described as a 5-foot 7-inch-tall black male, weighing around 150 pounds. He was wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt with blue liner, black shorts and white shoes. So my mom told me today John Travolta's son passed out, it's sad but no biggie, not like we knew them or anything... but anyway, he died the same way my dad died in July 2007. My dad had a seizure in the shower and fell and fractured his skull, he was on life support for 10 days before we had to make the decision to pull the plug. so it's just a sad reminder and I feel for the family b
Godess Elisabeth
Det stemmer ikke. Det er ikke vanskelig å se positive egenskaper med hunden. Dens trofasthet. Og hvis vi ser menn samlet som en flokk hunder og at alle er like burde det gi en viss styrke i seg selv. Selv en utstøtt hyene fra flokken burde kunne se dette. Vi har dessuten hunden som menneskets følgesvenn. Vi har hatt mange 1000 år på å venne oss til den. Vi må derfor gå tilbake til utgangspunktet. Anubis som Sjakal og Guddom i Egypt. Selv om balsamering og gravkammer kan sees som noe positivt utfra en egyptisk forståelseshorisont er det mulig å se Anubis der som at egypterne forsøkte å gjemme han på en eller annen måte. Men Anubis i gravkammeret er heller ikke det første utgangspunktet. Han kan bare sees via Løvinnen (og Løven) som mål. Løvinnen sees på avstand via sjakalen. Og Sfinxen forteller den samme historien. Det betyr at Sjakalen (mot Løvinnen) står overfor en styrkeforskjell som er vanvittig. Sett en sjakal og en løvinne sammen i et bur og du har kun en kvinn
Blogs That Make Say Wtf Is This Guy Smoking
flies yep that's right flies I hate those little bastards they are pretty much useless I mean there really good at buzzing around dog crap but other than that all they do is annoy you but the thing that annoys me most about flies is swat rader (stay with me here folks please) you find one of these bastards and you go hey I think I am gonna get the fly swatter and kill it and has soon as you grab it you turn around and its gone the fly knows youre after it and now its gonna play its game with you its gonna fly right in front of and land and then when you go to hit it as soon as you get ready its gonna fly away and laugh at you but this time its gonna hide and watch as you search trying to find it then as soon as you give up and put the fly swatter away there it is again mocking you saying go ahead get the fly swatter I am having fun man drives car off bridge hit by salmon that was thrown by pissed off fisher. Fisher to go to court for murder. man runs out of viagra attempts to kill hi
Amusing Shouts
BIG J: wutz wrong wif dat   cancel Chat 7:16pm reply BIG J: are jew angry?   cancel Chat 7:20pm reply BIG J: and i dont care... that was funnny   cancel Chat 7:24pm more To BIG J: I think stupid people should be drowned in their own drool. Have a craptacular evening.   cancel Chat
Bee.s Make Golden Honey For Dream Catchers
To a new friend with a life of their own choosing.      I actually have several friends who are alcoholic’s but haven't had a drink in many years. I've talked about it with them from time to time and they each said that no one could stop them from drinking. The only way for them to stop was when "they" reached a point in their lives when they decided to do that. It made me think about when I stopped smoking.     I smoked for many years and had people constantly nagging me to stop. I tried to stop many times without success. One day I decided on my own to finally stop and did it. Until I set my own mind to do it no one could get me to.    I do drink, and probably more than I should, but that’s just me. I started at a very young age (about 13) and it just changed from one type of drink to another over the years. I have been a wine drinker (not MD or Thunderbird types) from having easy access to European wines while I lived in Germany for almost five years. Started switchi
Club Mystic
I'm in an auction,please come bid if u can. Here is the link: I am a watkins associate, if you are interested please let me know, we have just about everything from household, to seasonings, baking ingredients, body lotions, cold remedies, plus more. Thank you. Entered an auction, come check it out, rate or bid. Here is the link:
Fantasy Gets The Best Of Me
My best friend is gay, and we hang out quite a lot. We've been best friends for years, so we pretty much grew up together. His parents don't have a car, but he does. They use it like it's their own, and because he lives with them, they order him around. Well today I got a pay raise. I wanted to go out to celebrate. We headed around town for a while, and ended up by the river, taking pictures and talking like usual. Well, his mother calls my phone, going psycho because she doesn't know where he's at and what he's doing. She's convinced that I give him drugs and such. Well, anyone who knows me knows I'm apposed to the use of drugs, so that's just out of the question. [[This was after the big deal his grandparents made about us having sex and him paying me for it :|]] While he's on the phone, he goes off on her, telling her that he's tired of her bullshit and telling her to sober up. Well, this kills our mood so we head home. He gets online and I IM him and he said that he and his fat
Blogs Of My Feelings
Here we go... I hate it when it's freezing freakin cold! Right now, temperatures are so cold, we didnt even come close to 25 today. It was 3 this morning. Brrrr. I just wonder sometimes, why is it that we know what we should be doing, but yet we don't? That makes no sense to me. Seriously, we know we should take care of the people close to us, but yet we do the total opposite. Never understood that. I love you Tiff and Ariel. Just sayin'... I guess, no white Christmas here this year. :( Well, can't have it all I guess. But it would still be nice to see at least a bit of snow, instead of 50 degree weather. For pete's sake, it was 65 DEGREES on Friday! A Friday...IN DECEMBER! My family is coming from all over on Thursday for Christmas. And I mean all over. Hope Terry stays sober. I am looking forward to next Monday. I'm doing a co-hosting stint with my bro DJ K-I-D, during his Babydolls shift. My pipes will hold up, I know...It's my body I sometimes worry about ;) T
The Realm
AngelYou are so precious to meYou give me a reason for livingAnd a sense of hopeAs the dark days approachThoughts of you keep me saneI have drifted through timeI have lost my wayBut the stars always guide me back to youMy love, hold my handUnderstand that I love youAnd I will never let you goWe will live for eternityThrough our children and in the memories of friendsOur love is an unbreakable bondBuilt on sound foundationsAnd forged through centuries of timeThe gods looks over us and protects usIn this ever aging world of oursI think of you and feel comfortedWe once lived in parallel worldsYet destined to meet and be as oneI am a memory in the collection of timeAnd you are all I have leftYou own my heartMy soulForever and always your loveYour GuardianYour Daemon~Dyzan - May 31st, 2011 "If Christ were here there is one thing he would not be--a Christian." ~ Mark Twain "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."~Gandhi Being noticed c
Old Hippy's Blog"> Especially since the teabagging parties, brought to you by the GOP & FOX, had to do with nothing more than convincing the arrogantly ignorant that "they" where/are protesting the raising of the taxes on themselves.  Which, (as anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention at all well knows,) is actually raising the taxes of the rich, and lowering the taxes of the middle-class and poor of this nation, so... They, the GOP & FOX, are making "the people," (the easily manipulated arrogantly ignorant,) protest what is good for themselves, and bad for the rich - Well maybe "bad" is the wrong word, maybe "fairer" - As in fairer taxation of the rich.But that is a concept that the arrogantly ignorant can't seem to grasp.  As they have well proven, particularly over these past eight years, by continuing to "patriotically" not only allow, but even support, their own self-destruction,
Sad And Angry Poems
You are like the diamond You glimmer and glow And shine so brightly Some, like me, draw close To feel your warmth, your heat Only to find none You are like the diamond You are bright and strong But you have no warmth, or love It's a terrible game To play with people's hearts Like mine You are like the diamond You will last longer than most But you will have no love No warmth to back up that bright light So what kind of life will it be? Besides long? Will you regret it someday? Regret being so much like the diamond Regret being so cold And look for me A find me gone? Can I ever leave? No, I can never leave you I am drawn to this cold light This false sense of warmth you give I keep wishing and hoping That someday, you will give warmth But, this will never be Diamonds last forever The darkness comes and then it goes. I hold my breath as im disposed. I take my fears into the night. You take my hand and hold me tight. The freezing cold cons
Stay Positive
>>JAILBREAK: When forcing a fart, several forts slip out at a machine gun pace. This is usually a side effect of diarrhea or a hangover. If this should happen, do not panic. Remain in the stall until everyone has left the bathroom to spare everyone the awkwardness of what just occurred. >>COURTESY FLUSH: Flushing the toilet the instant the fart hits the water. This reduces the amount of air time the fart has to stink up the bathroom. This can help U avoid being caught doing the 'Walk Of Shame' >>WALK OF SHAME: Walking from the stall, to the sink, to the door after you have just stunk up the bathroom. This can be a very uncomfortable moment if someone walks in and busts you. As with forts, it is best to pretend that the smell does not exist. Use of the 'Courtesy Flush'. >>OUT OF THE CLOSET FARTER: A colleague who farts at work and is damn proud of it. You will often see an 'Out Of The Closet' farter enter the bathroom with a newspaper or magazine under their arm. Always look
Quotes & Such I Relate To.
We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. Aesop We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. Sir Winston Churchill Misfortune shows those who are not really friends. Aristotle
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't 'be friends'. A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is Don't stay because you think 'it will get better' You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he treat you any differently? Always
Side Dishes
Ingredients: * 2 large baking potatoes * 1 cup prepared Alfredo sauce * 1 teaspoon garlic powder * 1/2 teaspoon pepper * 1/8 teaspoon dried thyme * 1 cup (4 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese, divided * 1/2 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese Directions: Pierce potatoes several times with a fork and place on a microwave-safe plate. Microwave on high for 4-1/2 minutes or until tender. Allow potatoes to cool slightly. Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine the Alfredo sauce, garlic powder, pepper and thyme. Stir in 1/2 cup cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese. Cut potatoes in half lengthwise. Scoop out the pulp and add to the sauce mixture; mix well. Spoon into potato shells. Sprinkle with remaining cheddar cheese. Microwave on high for 45 seconds or until cheese is melted. Yield: 4 servings. Ingredients: * 3 tablespoons butter, divided * 3 tablespoons bread crumbs * 1 garlic clove, minced * 1/2 teaspoon dill weed * 1/2 c
  (If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say! ....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!)================================================================What is it that you absolutely need sexually? this a trick question? What is something you have always wanted to try?hmm i think ive tried most of my fantasies..except a 3 some with adam beach and viggo mortenson What is something you have never done in bed before?im sure theres a lot of weird freaky fetishes to list here.. What time of day do you like to have sex?preferably when  im awake.. What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on?the trail...How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander?depends on how good the kiss is..If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited?depends..if its a relative like my mother..eww no Would it bother you if your bf/gf got naked at a beach or river? depe
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*Just click the picture and leave ur bid as a comment* Just click the picture and leave as many comments as you want.. okie?? thanks so much Boyfriend Application :) This custom myspace survey was generated on Sunday, November 18, 2007. About this survey: Heres for me getting a good guy! Name: Whats your birthday/age: Height: Hair color: Eye color: Piercings/Tats: If no, do you want any? Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you do drugs? What would you say is your best quality? Whose your favorite band? What kind of music do you like? Do you like kids/want any of your own? How do you feel about marriage? Do you live at home/on your own? Do you prefer cats or dogs? What do you like to do in your free time? What do you think is my best quality? Are you Spontaneous? Are you afriad of commitment? Are you romantic and treat girls the way they deserve? Would you make me feel like im the only girl you want to be with? Wh
The World As I See It...
Ever since Barack Hussein Obama won the general election in November, television news anchors, pundits and pollsters have been asking the following question, in so many words: shouldn't we ban together as Americans and support our new President in the spirit of national unity? This is, of course, a rhetorical question asked for the purpose of spotlighting any right-wingers (aka people with common sense) who would dare argue that the answer isn't obviously yes, consequently exposing them to the relentless ridicule that all pc-Nazis in the "mainstream media" believe they deserve. To put it another way, the question is a setup designed specifically to marginalize anyone who happens to disagree with Mr. Obama's stated objectives of expanding governmental control over our lives, shackling the most successful among us with punitive tax rates, eroding our nation's military capabilities, erasing any gains in border security we've managed to make over the past few years, and destroying Ameri
Poetry And Wrighting
Tanka a scream in the night, dreams with mighty fright of hate and anger. no soul for comfort, tears roll down her face as she cry's her self to sleep. Time, we chase it, want more of it, always cravying for one more minute , its like being in a time worp on fast forward. we chase after it because we are affraid that someday we may not have it. The gift of sight, we charish it, be greatfull for it, some are not as lucky to enjoy the power of sight. We read everything from words to eyes with our sight , we would be lost without our sight . Smells, smells are wanderfull . If we couldn't smell we couldn't emagine, and if we can't emagine we are not alive, so be greatfull and thankfull for all of what we have. rant life was going to fast spun me round like an aircraft, jeted from here to ther never bieng able to stop; so I exploded. now I'm finding my self piece by piece, but my sanity I could not keep. so in the end life is to fast slow dow
Rants And Ravings
It was an absolutely horrible day. Did it really get any better? No.I went to this supposed "conference" this morning. UGh. More like sitting through a class at school but more boring. The presenters were completely rude and lacking in any useful information. When I said rude.. I mean to each other also. Sadly I felt completely out of place being I was there as a student and didn't have some community agency initials next to my name. Every time a question was asked and I answered, I was completely ignored. How's that for a daily boost? *rolls eyes* Worst waste of money I've ever spent.. I'm calling the supervisor in the morning.Then Hope and I get to school. HAH! I'm always expected to take notes for all my "friends" when they aren't there, but do you think they could return the same favor? Well hell no because none of them pay attention.Screw it. The rest isn't worth typing out. I've just realized what I'm good for and I don't appreciate it. I think.. I made a stupid mistake that is g
Insane Guitar
For Friends
Always putting yourself down Like you arent a great guy But you are amazing Showing a girl great respect When most disrespect me I know I can count on you Bringing a smileto my face How do I make you see You really are someone special That you mean a lot to me Not enough words to express My apprecation for you Just know you are special And forever in my heart Always a dear friend Here is another one that could go to many of my guy friends on here. They are great to me. But it is also again more so for Jinzo71. Just my way of tellin him hes a special guy and a great friend to me. Poetry Blender
My Pics
This is a collection of Forces Of Nature Storm Wallpapers.Nature's StormsIf you snag it please leave a comment letting me know.oxoxayasha Wintery ChristmasThis is a collection of HR Christmas Wallpapers with some Winter Scenes mixed in.Image size 1024 x 768 and larger.101 Christmas WallpapersChristmas Wallpapers 01Christmas Wallpapers 02Christmas Wallpapers 03140 Christmas HD Wallpapers150 Christmas WallpapersIf you snag it please leave a comment letting me know.oxoxayasha You are welcome to save any pics that are in my albums. I resize most of them not only for easier ratings, but for easier uploading also.I have lost all of my pics lately due to my external failing twice, and for those of you that would love to get the full size images, i will be backing them up on my 4shared acct and will be blogging the links to the zipped files as I collect them once again.Feel free to download any zips that you would like. E
To Get To Know Me
So as most people know we got an eviction notice like a month and a half ago, we worked that out with the landlord and he said half of his paycheck every 2 weeks. *No minimum ammount, no nothing just half of his paycheck. Then he comes over today, I barely got an hour's sleep.  He's like oh have almost 1,000 dollars by this weekend or find a new place to live. HOW THE HELL CAN HE DO THIS WHEN HE AGREED ALONG WITH MY MAN, ON HALF HIS PAYCHECK TILL WE GOT CAUGHT UP?  I mean seriously.........he can't do this if both parties agreed to it. By Idaho law a verbal agreement is the same as a written agreement in almost all aspects.   I WANT TO KILL MY FUCKING LANDLORD WHO DON'T DO CRAP ANYWAY AND IT TOOK TILL I GOT FOOD POISONING JUST TO REPLACE A FRIDGE!!!!! Plus we're not that he hasn't fixed the electricity yet, the baseboard heater in our bedroom yet, etc. etc. So what is everyone doing? Knowing some of you, probably get drunk and have a BBQ right? Nothing wrong with that......... It
A Safe Test
I'm a bit bored... Whoever sends/posts me the coolest froggy with wings picture...will receive a five credit bling of your choice... post them in this blog or send them pm you have until 6pm mountain time 2-2-09 ♥ Postal A few people have asked me why peace and I got a fu divorce.  So, I thought I would write this blog to save some redundant typing :)   Let's get some things straight.....   peace is my bestie, always will be my r/l and fu  BEEEESSSTTTTTIIIEE and SOUL SISTER..if you fuck with her I will cut off your balls *grin*   She will always be my number one family, she has been for over 3 years soooo THAT also will never change!!   I will be making her ass salute next! she finally owns my ass ;P   She is always welcome at my house, my brother’s house and my cabin.  The only thing that will change is that she will not get a percentage of my points...this goes both ways, but I'm the bigger hoar :P   If she ever needs me I will drop
12 Days Of Yule Devotionals - Prayers For The Winter Solstice
Day 10 The Celtic people knew the importance of the solstice. Although the Yule season marks the middle of winter, colder times were still to come. It was important to put aside staple foods for the coming months, because it would be many months before anything fresh grew again. Consider, as you think on this devotional, what your family has put aside -- both material goods and things on the spiritual plane. The food is put away for the winter, the crops are set aside to feed us, the cattle are come down from their fields, and the sheep are in from the pasture. The land is cold, the sea is stormy, the sky is gray. The nights are dark, but we have our family, kin and clan around the hearth, staying warm in the midst of darkness, our spirit and love a flame a beacon burning brightly in the night. Day 7 Yule is a time to set aside animosity between yourself and people who would normally antagonize you. The Norsemen had a tradition that enemies who met under a bough of
Brain Damage Poetry
Bullet in my mind, chaos intertwined; running out of time I AM LOST Renegade angels watching my back. Emotions changing so fast that I'm losing track. No way to run from this, no way to hide; from the cesspool of feelings, fouling me up inside. How can I trust? Who can I reach? I'm a one woman island, stranded, on a one man beach. I used to find joy, from the simple things in life. But now I'm fending off confusing, draining strife. I cannot summon words, They are trapped inside my mind. I'm an unsolved mystery, turning heart blind. It does no good to run, no matter what I do. No matter how far I go, THERE'S NO ESCAPE FROM YOU! Embroidered Skies, of shattered lives, the Pandora's box still sits; Reigning supreme as the Lord of Chaos rules his throne. The edge of sanity, disappearing behind surreal curtains, as the daughters of Cassandra are called home. and once I was, and once I was, But now can be no more. To live my
Christmas Fun
Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz! You Are the Furthest Thing From A Grinch You love and live for the holidays. You even love the Grinch! You're in the holiday spirit year round... because you're all about celebrating and giving. Are You a Grinch? Your Angel Name is Kutiel the Angel of Water Get your Angel Name at
Into The Depths
Yes, I am, and I know this. I have been blessed with the most incredible people in my life. And I know I don't tell them nearly enough just how grateful I am that they are in my life. Many people look at those I am close to and wonder why I am friends with certain people. All I have to say about that is never you mind. It is not for you to know.  I have never been as close to as many females as I am now. I actually do not get along with most women (for various reasons, mostly because I chose not to participate in the stupid high school crap when I was there, so I damn sure am not doing it now). But the women I have grown so incredibly fond of, I have to say, are the greatest group to ever grace my presence. I think most women are conditioned to be in constant competition with each other, and I have consistently kept my closest friends males simply because I didn't feel the need to compete with them. Competition is for drinking games, and sports, not for attention. I sometimes wish w
Old Ones From My Myspace
call it tragic fate a series of mistakes we fail to understand till it's already way to late... in the ideal all the flaws would be visible... complete with ups and downs... not perfect by far... i hate the idea of perfection... because nothing is absolute... to think something is perfect just means your blind to the truth... i'd take living in the gutter to a sugar coated fantasy any day...i'd rather see the cracks to find the flaws.. to know that something is real.. not just a delusional fantasy or misguided notion of happiness... i would perfer to see things as they are...i don't want the world to be perfect...granted i would like to see them get better.. or at least different ...things are kinda stagnant...i've been in this hole so long i can't remember daylight...but i suppose it's better then being fake.... but everything can change... or so i've heard(could this be my opinion....or an attempt to make failure easier...i'm not allowed the luxury of forgetting past mistakes... t
Hellys Ramblings
2008 the year in review (We didn't start the fire) Baby Jesus, Sassy, J, not a mumm go away Hell cat, fake tits, Rev's donkey show Joe Hood and Vixen, plus Baka what a vision North Ohio, South Ohio, we always know Pony bling, comment bomb, happy hour, autos on lots of hos, the bids are high who's next to go bye bye Mumm comments, that's mean who died and made you queen Jenatalia, Crazy Dave its sad Bob went goodbye We didn't start the fire it was always burning since the fu's been turning we didn't start the fire we didn't light it we're not tryin to fight it Coot shopping every day Seamus and Katiemae bouncer feller, Cinderellas Bounty posting cock big cons, Don Juans chubby chasers, ding dongs Misfits boobs, fuzzy balls mumms around the clock Einsteins, small peens fubars got a winning team sexy mummettes, plastic man Elvis Presley has been banned blocked oh, your a pest all the drama its the best Prinny's face, know your
Books And Junk I Like To Talk About
Crank it another book by ellen hopkins. It's called Crank. I'm serious, start reading them. But she was dumb,dumb,dumb and I feel no sympathy for the main character. I chipped a tooth yesterday, hurt like the dickens..... get me out of here. lol does anyone know where that's from? For all those that are playing THE GAME and if ur not inquire within Strangely enough can speak lol catsinese....haha
I know sometimes I've been treating you bad I didn't know I was the only love you had I'm reaching out now with nothing to find but the long lonely days and the sad cold nights don't leave me baby, I'm finally happy I can't forget you, not that easy like oldies station radio I turn you up, you feel like home Wherever I go, whatever I do with every thought, you're sure to follow don't say goodbye as I arrive it can't be gone before we've tried It's not a rush, cause I miss your touch I can't give up that that good old-fashioned love My hands were bound and I drowned when you found me you pulled me back, but it's taken me time to breathe I never said the words I thought you assumed I'm telling you now without a doubt, I'm in love with you don't leave me baby, I'm finally happy I can't forget you, not that easy Chorus Don't let me think that you'll never turn around you're the one I want there's no good reason to be feeling we can't have it all Like a
Thunder On The Mountain   Thunder knocking in the distance, craters holding something on  the moonWhispers in the alleys and a show that is starting at noonClowns on the corner throwing dimes at the cups of passing patronsHot stuff that is different everywhere you look   Crying without that tears, they are long gone and so lostClinging to faith every other time,  while others walk down the lineWondering where those shadows are going to go, but they are long goneClearing in the forest and wondering how time got here   Watch that soul expand from the drops that came from that tin canPieces on a puzzle spread out on a table, a heart coming togetherFirst in line but wanting to run away not knowing what the answer says   Thunder approaching, exposing itself wideGypsies dancing in circles around some camp fire falling dizzyA guide that lies and gets everyone more lost, take a look more insideIt is always both sides not that one that is wanted   The pistols clapping and bodies slap
Keith Is Turned ON! For 24 HOURS! That's Right, He's Activating His Auto 11's For You! Stop by and Climb In His Profile and Rate His Sexy Pics and Get Off Leveling! Whoooot HOT! Keith....Fu Married To My Hand LOL@ fubar Lets All Get Satisfied! No popularity contest or none of that. Pimping Out Fu's The Only Way I See Fit! Forbidden Jennifer, You Can Look But No Touching, Member of Princess Leia's Crew@ fubar Vicki's Turned ON! For 24 HOURS! That's Right, She's Activating Her Auto 11's For You! Stop by and Climb In Her Profile
Songs I Like, Ready To Make Me A Tape?
She packed my bags last night pre-flight Zero hour nine a.m. And I'm gonna be high as a kite by then I miss the earth so much I miss my wife It's lonely out in space On such a timeless flight And I think it's gonna be a long long time 'Till touch down brings me round again to find I'm not the man they think I am at home Oh no no no I'm a rocket man Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids In fact it's cold as hell And there's no one there to raise them if you did And all this science I don't understand It's just my job five days a week A rocket man, a rocket man And I think it's gonna be a long long time... I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment's gone All my dreams, pass before my eyes, a curiosity Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea All we do, crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see Dust in the wind, all we are
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The corporate Net Nanny software tagged Fubar as a social networking site today and access was summarily blocked. Yeah, I know, this is really a point whoring site, not a social networking site, but I'm not going to debate this one with the front office. So ... no more daily comments, at least not for a few days until I can decide how to work this into my at-home fubar routine. Hi Folks!! It the Fubar Rating Assistance Program (FRAP) recently enacted by Congress ... 15,000 fubucks per 100 pic rates while my Auto 11's are activated on 28-29 March. Send me a personal message when you are though and let me know how many pics you rated. I will send the bucks within 24 hours or less to you or whoever you want to receive them. Please do not SB me or send progress reports. Thanks, Steve Bid today ... own today. Auto 11 bling auction. Ends 5pm futime today, Saturday 28 March. Fubucks only! Click to bid Cherrybomb bling can be substituted if requested by winner
It's a depression so deep it finds a way into the soul. Traveling through every pore of your heart. A depression so enlarged, it encompasses every bit of your reality. Leaving that reality, a mere cloudy memory. A depression so dense, it compresses every will you once had. Bowing you down to accept that will, as it's own. A depression so devious it takes you piece by piece. Consuming each piece, day by day. A depression so truly disheartening, it leaves you, with no other emotions. A depression so dangerous, it slaughters, everything, inside, of you. Dearest Friend, You are the wrinkle on my blouse, The stain on my freshly-bleached shirt. You are the rain-cloud in my horizon, The bright-pink sunburn on the tops of my knees. You are the phone call that wakes me up from deepest sleep. You are the sore on the roof of my mouth. You are the lingering foul odor in the room. The congealed scum of soap griming the bath-tub. You are the clump of dirt on the ki
Kingdom Of Rogue's Levelers
TLC will try her Best in the Reorganization of The Family.She has excepted my Appointment this morning.Please bare with her all whom remain.Buttrflymom has also been appointed as asst. to tlc in the reoranization of the kingdom.if TLC can pull this off she will be made an Owner an buttrflymom will be made a co. Ty Lord Wolf New Recruit from Luckiee7.Ty Sweety Please Add fan + Rate Family luckiee7's recruits went traitor. New Recruit by ButtrflyMom3 cntrystingr___"Kingdom of Rogue's Levelers"@ fubar Lord Wolf Recruit Wolf Women: here is a Comment Bomber for the Texas Wolves.Prior to the Formation of the Texas wolves.Rilla her sister Tami an a few other founders of this Family were Comment bombers for me when I Operated the Kingdom of Wolves.Wolf Women will be very Loyal an Dedicated to our Family.Please show her Pictures some Love Ty wolf woman''texas wolves'~Kingdom of Rogue's@ Lord Wolf Recruit ♥ Angel could be your Fantasy♥ Kingdom of
I was looking thru my old blog and saw my old poetry. I haven't written anything in a long while. I just thought I would share these and leave them open for criticism and what have you. I hope all who read them enjoy them...and yes, I was a little emo for a while's what happens when you're lonely... Written on 5/29/2006 Forsaken by my God Unparallelled emptiness Longing only for the touch of His robe I cry out for mercy I cry out for forgiveness I repent my impurities He takes me in His arms and I am fulfilled once again My cup overfloweth His Spirit withing my being The beauty of His light in my eyes A life new and changed again Renewal and happiness return Constantly I fall harder and farther each time Turning my back to and heart away from God Resenting Him for choices I'VE made And reaping only consequences I DESERVE You are a merciful God Forgiving God Beautiful God MY GOD Written on 10/17/2005 A time for healing has come and
Things For My Mood
I feel so alone even in a room full of people I feel as if I am screaming for help But nobody can hear me Can you hear the tears Do you even see me cry Holding onto memories of yesterday Reaching out for you Calling your name And still you don't come I wonder can you hear me in Heaven It feels as if my heart is splintered With shards of glass so tiny that I'll never find all the parts to heal I remember when I was 7 and told you how much I hated you I remember seeing you cry I remember you packing everything I remember all the fights you had with mom I remember you taking my brothers And whileI cried and begged to go with you You just put 40 bucks on the table And walked away from me I remember having to wait tables at a truck stop so Mom could make ends meet I wanted to hate you for all the times you weren't around But now that you are no longer here All I want is to hear your voice All I want is to see you walk through the door one more time God what I'd
Dallas Bargain Hunting Examiner
CLICK: Kiss It Good Buy Consignment for something a little higher end 99¢ Only Stores great as primary grocery shopping destination Alley Cats offers great fun for family, friends, or co-workers. Read more here.
My First Auto 11's!!
a friend gave me an early bd present,my first auto in you all have to rate me damnit lol so plz tell your friends so i can make godfather by my bd:D hey 2 all my ladyfriends,the lounge i work at has become a real sausage factory lol so would be awesome 2 have some feminin company 4 a change:D plz come and join at cherry's psycho lounge and party with me:p CAN ANYONE FIND ME SOMEONE I CAN BUY A VIP FROM?I HAVE ALL THESE PICS AND I CANT ADD ANYMORE DAMNIT LOL WILL BE 4EVER GREATFUL:D
Demonic Rebirth
my luck is bad a friend lost to some jokes missy am sorry if you read this understand i was just joking around nothing more in life we seek the attention and love of others in the light they see us in so do we see ourselves people have began to be busy and ignore as well am sad and hurting i had no self esteem from the start and from here recently it has only gone down and it appears more and more that no one cares how they make people feel even an i am busy right now is better than completely ignoring someone i am thinking that i give a week those who care about me either will reply in shoutbox or ask for my yim and if i gt enough shouts i'll stay otherwise i am going to yim and finding another aquaintance site cause this is bruising and cutting me badly i love my friends on here but those who never talk to me they bruise me so i'll leave it to the Higher One( s ) to those of my friends who read this too late i will check back in a week and at that time i will prive message you my
4am+scissors=hairy Carpet
and people wonder why im so pissed off all the time. i just really have zero tolerance for ignorance. i cant help it and now that im off my meds, i cant just let things go. so i like to answer questions on my free time over the net, like those yahooquestions. anywho... some man thought his wife was automatically cheating on him ONLY because they both have blue eyes and their 2 children have brown eyes. sometimes i just want to die. anywho, i let him know whats up and in doing so i calculated my chances of having green eyed and blue eyed children, i need to have babies with a man that has green eyes to up my chance to 31percent for green and brown 50 but thats if i were to ever have babies...which are complete parasites in my opinion. FIN. i can never find the notebook feature on a mac...hence the blog. wait do macs have notebook? heh... Hell's Angels HST's breakthrough book. Regardless of how true the ending is, from cover to cover, it's one h
Tours To Kerala, Manali And Shimla-kullu
Alleppey, now known as the Alappuzha, is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Indian state of Kerala. It is known for large network of inland canals, lakes, and waterways. That’s why it is also fondly known as the “Venice of the East”. It is very famous for backwater tourism in the world. It is also known for coir carpet industries, prawn farming, beaches and ayurvedic resorts & spa centres. It is an ideal destination in the state to enjoy Kerala backwater tours with luxurious house boats. A visit to this picturesque city of Kerala also provides wonderful opportunities to explore several other attractions like churches of Kottayam, town of Aaranmula, Ambalapuzha Temple, Karumadikkuttan Statue, Lighthouse, and temples & mosques. Aaranmula is very famous for its historic Aaranmula Snake Boat Race. It is annual event held in Alleppey. It deserves large gathering of tourists. Alappuzha is also known for its spectacular snake boat races held on the second Saturday of August
Today In History
Welcome to Monday! In the news: If you can be lovesick, that means love is an illness, does anyone have a vaccine? The season for fake love is over, and now slowly fading away. You'll no longer notice shelves of red and pink goodies on the main floor of any store, it will all be in the clearance section! Awesome, marked down over priced candy. As we turn our eyes to March, we'll have a holiday everyone can enjoy: St. Patrick's Day. Let's get drunk! Today in History: In 1868 the Jolly Corks organization renamed itself the Benevolent and Protective Order Elks. I think this one speaks for itself. Who? What? Huh? Corks, and elk. Somebody has some 'splaning to do. In 1959 Fidel Castro seized power after the overthrow of President Fulgencio Batista. Since, we haven't been able to get decent cigars rolled on the thighs of virgins. Thanks Castro. Yeah, I'll stick with the stuff rolled on a table, cause it's just the same. In 1972 Wilt Chamberlain reached 30,000 points in h
Restless, can't Stop... twisting, turning, hoping, burning, waiting, wondering, wanting, yearning... for it to be done; for me to be free, free from the restlessness deep inside me. Where there is pain there is power power to fall, power to hurt, power to survive Where there is power there is pain pain of holding on, pain of letting go interchangeable, irrevocable  ultimately contradict-able  the power, the pain, the source Love     As he watches the night, he sees her, the woman who haunts his dreams. She is slowly walking towards the cliffs, and from afar he is amazed once again by her indescribable beauty, taken back by how the pale moonlight shines over her. He can see the wind softly caress her face as her hair blows gently in the breeze. He is watching, waiting, so afraid to speak, not wanting to break the magic of the night. As she draws nearer, he feels his heart begin to break, she turns and he sees the despair on her face; he is filled with her sadness. As th
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    Your result for The Commonly Confused Words Test ... English Genius You scored 86% Beginner, 93% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 80% Expert! You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go! Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it! For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog: Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average) You scored 86% on Beginner, higher than 11% of your peers.
How many text messages are currently in your inbox?55  holy crap! Why aren't you pursuing the person you like?nope Would you take your ex back?not in this or any other lifetime What color are your eyes?depends..they change according to my mood What hurts?nothing at the moment...surprisingly Do you believe you can change someone?nope   What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?don't think I had one What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?damn I gotta pee Have you ever tried your hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?yup   Does it bother you when someone lies to you?yup..I hate liars. Do you always care what you look like?nope   Who was the last person you went out to eat with?Becky   Who was your last text from?Jeremy   Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?daily Do you wish someone would call or text you?doesn't matter   Have you ever walked on the beach at night? yup..I grew up on an island.   Name somethi
NEED A PIMPOUT OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES??? HIRE ME!! I will accept donations from all and recommendations on who should be pimped out. If you or a friend needs a pimp out let me know. I love to help out. I am only asking for donations because it is a little time consuming. Click the pic to send a private message. •• . .ΜFĸŋ JÇ. . ••. . §ëЯ. . ••. . Click here to donate....whatever you think is a fair price
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Here is the link to the story and a pic of my sons leg after a dog attacked him at school. Some stupid kid thought it would be funny to tease the dog, so my son had to pay for it! Another link: 11 students and 1 teacher in all were injured, but my son ended up getting the worst of it all. I am saddened by this cause he is traumatized now! The owner of the dog is in big trouble though! My son is holding his own! He has not yet cried over the pain or anything. He is just scared and affraid to be around dogs now! If any of you would like to send him a get well card, sb me for address to send it to! I have uploaded the before and after surgery pics. they are bad so if u have a weak stomache I wouldn't look. Havn't had time to think, or even breathe. Havn't had time to laugh or smile,wondering if you will ever see, how it was for us to love a while. Will you remember our love and th
2009 May
just a few thoughts am reducin ma footprint here on fubar it keeps changing here not for da good final straw is as a joke i type in "" this above either dint show or dis blog wont post i cant do anythang html code is screwd here in da blogs sick'n tired of the games tat fubar is playin fubar is so fucked up its so full of hatas with names of love in them example am in a mumm about ratings ok i make a comment makin it known ma feelings about it n dis peep comes to ma page n downrates ma pic of course she onli came there jst to hate on me for makin ma comment fubar is so full of dis crap am fuckin sick tired of dis btw i can type any way i want yo stop makin comments about tat too they think am whinning about ratings it not tat its the damm attitude they come to ma page with dis bunnylove dint come to ma page to rate she saw ma comments n came to downrate n downrate with attitude cuz in next comment she sai "i rate yo "8" so fuck

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