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MoOn GodDess's blog: "...Topsy Kretz..."

created on 03/23/2007  |  http://fubar.com/topsy-kretz/b67252
Thank you for those who greeted me ^_^ thank you for the greetings!!!! hope you have a great day ^_~ luv you all ^_~
as for the guys who knows of my existence (yup, i am alive, still kickin' an shakin' ^_^ ) just wanted to let u know that im back ^_^ anyway, i miss Ct (and of course i miss my friends here ^_^ especially those who've been close to me and those who made me feel im real here) i was away for a month long of relaxing and healing vacation. it really helped my deteriorating health and my wounded heart (sheesh it sounds pathetic =p) that's why i am back.. China was great; was a bit cold but it did good for the riddance of my mysterious allergies and im back here again in my beloved sanctury-country.. t'was also good that i have broken up with a gud for nothin' guy (t'was gud riddance, really) and now im back and bouncin' ^_^ so anyway, i wanna "refresh" my life..also my CT coz i havent been able to look into it while i was away.. so anyway, im back. i hope u guys missed me too =) see yah and hope to get in touch with u online ! ^_^
whew.. summer's really hot and sunny and all, and what best way to enjoy it than going to the beach! i was away for a while, had a vacation at one of the greatest diving spots in the world here in the Philippines (although i didnt get to dive coz of my allergies, sheesh) and resolved to just snorkeling and all, which was fun, real fun under the sun.. and about the tan..well, t'was not quite a success, coz i was planning to have a good sexy tan line with my bikini top, but what happened was that i got burned at the back and my face was well a bit "tanned" more than i want it to be.. but nyways, the best part was that im getting healthy and better (thanks to one of my friends here who suggested to go to the beach ^_~ i owe u one ^_^ ) and everything's a success.. so why do i bother writing this anyway? well,i just thought i wanted to let u guys to know im still alive and kicking and tanned =p anyway, see u online! ^_~ give me a shout or a PM (omg i was so confused with the new Cmail thingy) but well, i just wanted to hear from u ^_^ ta-ta!! ^_~ much luv for the sunny Moon Goddess ^_^
soo.... almost a week has passed and i've been away again.. well, its more like "wheeled" away.. my visit to my favorite place, the hospital, was as always very verrryyy pleasant, as the nurses gave their cute courtly nods and smiles automatically at patients who was lucky enough to get their wandering attention.. hmm..my doctor's the best(they say), and every trip i take to his clinic is almost always splendid..really.. and so.. well, everything's boring and if i detail it too much no one might wanna read it ^_~ but anyway, everything's fine with me..for now. and sorry for the sarcasm, i just wanted to make it sound *extra special* ^_^ i hope you guys didnt miss me much, and i do hope you get used to not seeing me around, and i also wish that u'd not send me messages and tell me everything's fine, and i do hope you dont believe ANY of this coz its not true, i do care what u think, i am a human being, not just a network bud, a real person.. well, enough drama.. hope to hear from u soon though. =)
hmm.. i hate being away from the people i love, from the things i like, from my boring - normal life... that's why being sick is not really a good excuse for me, especially now when it's my summer vacation. i dont wanna be away from any normal thing i've lived with (and that now includes Cherry Tap and you guys who're reading this right now ^_~) because it makes me feel so sad..and well..away from my so called "life". And so, i've resolved into writing this stuff - sort of an explanation why in the middle of my CHerry Tap addiction i was gone for two and a half days - so that at least u'd know what happened (that is if your interested to know.. ^_~) so..yeah , that was what happened. i got into a hospital (everything else's boring, i tell you, but if you want the full detail come and private message me or give me a shoutout so i'll give u a blow by blow account on what happened ^_~) and now im back home..resting (supposedly - my mom said stay away from the computer - but the computer misses me, and miss you guys so - sorry mom ^_~) and so there.. that's what happened. for the nth time =p anyway, i should be resting in my bed now..but i'd be online for a couple of hours..i really do miss you guys and i sure do wanna hear from you ^_~ so..ciao... see you ^_~
does it matter if we have different views? does it matter that we have different skin color? does it matter if we look into each other's eyes, seeing different shades of the world? does it matter that we speak with different tongue; but when we do kiss does the feeling differ? does the sweetness change? does it matter that i am smaller? -- although i do believe that with different size comes different advantages.. i might be small in your eyes.. but my thoughts are bigger. i might be of a darker shade.. but my thoughts are lighter. i maybe off of the use of your language.. but my thoughts knew more secrets than your lips. does it really matter that we differ?
i have loved the word mystery.. you dont know what to expect.. you dont know what you'll find out.. i just love the unexpected.. not too much.not less.. i want it just right.. do you hold any mystery for me?^_~
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