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courtney's blog: "hello"

created on 02/06/2007  |  http://fubar.com/hello/b52648
i found out on tuesday the 10th 2007 that i was having twins. yipppi. i am so happy. it is going good so far besides the fact that i have had haves and sweeling for the last 3 days... this is going to be a fun pregancy...lol....i eat something that the twins did not like..lo... hope i find out what it is, cuz haves really suck...bad. if you would to see a pic of the twins it is me my pics under me alubem. it is so cute...
pregant... i found out friday. went to the docs yesterday and he told me yes you are about 5 to 5 1/2 weeks... i am so happy. told ya we were going to have fun while he was home on rnr...lol....this will be our sencond child...i go the 17th of april for an ultra sound. i will put a pic up then.. i am hoping all goes well threw this one..joey is really happy, but then again he does not have to push the baby out lol...we are hoping it will be a boy this time, then we will have a girl and a boy..and be done lol..i am glad the way it worked out cuz joey will be home before the baby is due, so he will get to see the baby born. just have to make it till sept when he gets home.
joey left yesterday, to go back to iqra for 6 more months. we fun while he was home, besides the pipes, lol.. have to love the cold. him and destiney spent alot of time in the snow. she loved seeing her daddy. we had surpirsed her at his sister house it was so cute. and we party with friends. wet the casino too, lol lost all the money we had, but are friend win pretty big , so that was exitinging, and last saturday we went to the firer hall backent, and played texas hold-em and joey got really drunk. he was funny.. he did his little dance and every thing. and he left to fly with a really big hang over.. 6 more months, then things will back back to normal again.. loves me..kisses
my husband made it home everyone. he got in last night at 4:00 pm. he wil be home for 15 days, yeppis...
joey got delayed a little, aggg. hate the mil sometimes it is all a waiting game..lol.. and the ones in the service now what i mean ... i guess he said he takes alot to get possented out for r n r ...lol... shitty right, well he just called and he is in GA, he will get in eire about 4:30 pm today.. yeah... and i wanted to thank everyone for the subport i have had on here and to say thank you to all my new friends, if i have not rated you yet sorry, i will. you all are great lots of hugs and kisses....
hello to all my friends, love ya all..kisses, but i am writting to tell you that i will not be on here as much the next 2 weeks. i am going to erie tonight to pick up my husband from the airport. he is comming home for r n r leave from irqa. just wanted to let you all know so that if i do not get to you to return your freindship, i will when i get on. kisses loves, me
i have not been on all day and just got on and, relaized that i had alot of friend request, do not worrie i added all of you. but you will have to give me time to rate you all. i only have dial up so my computer does not run real fast. thatnk you all for wanting me to be your friend i feel so special... bare with me.. and i will rate you... kisses and hugs and lost of loves.. courtney
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