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created on 02/28/2007  |  http://fubar.com/aaron-tindley/b60135
Hmmm......I was wondering how i could get more people to add me on places like Myspace, Tagged, Cherry Tap, and all the other sites im on. I've noticed that im like always gettin looked over and stuff, and no one ever checks out my page, unless im like naked. Same as when im on my webcam on stickam. No one ever joins in to talk 2 me unless im Like, Ass naked and shit. and when they do join, they ask me to do the most outragous crap...Do I do them???...........yes i do, lol, cuz im a freak like that HAhahaha, lol. but yeah, i was wondering if anyone who reads this Has any ideas or anything that i can do to help my profiles get out there cuz my pages are lonely lol.
Ok, I am a virgin, i can admit that, i am 18 and still a virgin, bad huh?...I know....But yeah, this is the ups and downs of being a virgin UPS: -You know you didn't catch anything from anyone else ie. the clap, aids, herpies(SP?) etc... -You are able to save it for that right person -Becomes Very Freaky (well me anyways, i donno about anyone else) -Some Girls like virgins DOWNS: - You dream what its like to actually have sex -Watch alot of pornos and fantasize(If your like me) - Depression (sometimes) - Wonders how come you never get any, or ever got any -Think something is wrong with you -Not Experienced in it in any way - Some Girls Dont like Virgins Lol, sorry, bored....ummm....yeah, tell me if im missing anything lol.


I have finally accepted that love does not exist, especially for me. The ones that i cared about proved that they do not care about me. *sigh* done=t wanna sound like a bitch or anythin of the sort, im just writtin my thoughts out on here, cuz i find that this is like the only way i can vent even a little bit. But yeah, i feel like i want 2 die now, but i know that that ain't gonna happen. I am very lonely, and a v....lol, wait a min, i noticed something.... MY LIFE IS LIKE GONNA BE LIKE THE 40 Year Old Virgin's lol, o man, that movie was funny... Well, im hoping to gain the money so i can get a jump start on Street Racing. but yeah, back on the topic. Well, I realize that im not very well liked for reasons unknown. Maybe because im not an Ass like alot of men. I guess that is one of the few things that set me apart from anyone else. O well, my only hope is to continue my martial arts, hoping that it will rid me of emotions and such, cuz i find that emotions are not for me.

I WILL MAKE PICTURES FOR YOU IF YOU REQUEST THEM!!!! I HAVE MADE 2 SO FAR. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Tell me how they are, and remember, all u have 2 do is ask if you want me to make you a pic.

Who wants 2 go out with me? Im nice kind, loving, caring, loyal, honest, i am a virgin, but im not ashamed of it, i do know what im doin if i get involved in sexual activities. I do watch porn (you gotta learn somehow right?) Any more questions or if u want 2 go out with me??? comment here or give me a message. (NOTE: I am single, and i am lonely, but i did do this out of bordome lol)
Ok, this one is all about me! Who i am, what i am, how i am etc... Why wont i put it on my main page?????? I dont even know myself....but o well lol. Ok about me....Hmmmmmm....... I am Kind, im nice, im loving, im caring, im loyal. I love to have fun, and i am willing to try anything. I think about others more than myself, and i try to help others. To me, i think that im unimportant, my main focus is to make other people happy. I give to charity whenever i get a chance, and i also give to the homeless whenever i can also. Well you can say that im one of those rare kind of people that thinks about others more then their selves. I am a martial artist, and a martial arts enthusiast. I am in to Drifting, and imports(for you all that do not know, imports are basically tuner cars.) I plan to start drifting. I love all types of music except country (sorry all you country lovers) country isn't for me. But any other type of music, If i love it, i'll listen 2 it regardless of other's comments and insults, Yes i have been made fun of for listening to rock, and electronica, and japanese and chinese music. Well since i live in Prince Georges County, all they listen 2 is rap, R&B, and Go-go. So, whenever i can, i'll blast some Rock or some electronica music just to get on my friend's and peer's nerves. I think its fun. What else about me? Well, on places like this and myspace and stuff, i am like un-noticed, and get very little friend requests. I think its because im ugly maybe...Well, not ugly, but not that good lookin lol, its probably because im just....well...Plain. I have never drunk, nor ever did any type of drugs what so ever. Make fun of me all you like, but i dont plan to do any of that either, all that crap is doing is shortening your life by....well....ALOT of years. Well of course i am a male, ummm.....well i am a little embarassed about it, but I am still a Virgin...thats right i am still a virgin, that means i have never been laid in my life...I guess its because i am 2 shy, and i also thing that its because i am not an ASS-HOLE like alot of guys in this world is. but dont get it twisted, i am not ashamed of what i got. Yes i play video games...well not much any more... NO i am not a geek or a nerd or any of that. But i do have those kind of friends. But since i think that this is getting quite lengthly sooo...I am going to stop here. if you want to know more or whatever, dont be afraid to ask or anything, so yeah. Aaron O!!!! YES I CAN AND DO COOK SO WELL YEAH.. sorry lol, i just wanted to add that in there ok now bye...until next time


No matter what i do to try, i can't find it, i cant find it at all and it hurts. Is there true love anywhere in this world? Is there any left? I have been looking for it for some time now, i have been wondering what its like to be loved and cared for, but i cant find none of that. Because im not loved, only by family (which doesn't count), and im not cared for by anyone. Heh, am i one of those last few people who just wants love and doesn't care about anything else....I guess so. Now and days, Love is just a word, it doesn't truly exist. The only thing that i think does anymore is a thing called Lust. Which of course is one of the 7 deadly sins but still. All of whom i have been with said that they love me, but didn't really mean it. Does anyone even know what love actually means???? I guess not because now and days, people use it so loosely. I know i am still kinda young and i have my life ahead of me still, but truly, i don't think that i will ever find it, as well as many of the people in this world. here is a tip to all of the females. Dont fool around with love. Dont say it if you dont mean it because in the long run, you will end up killing yourself(in the inside). O, and also here is another tip. Dont focus just on looks, yes looks are good and i understand that you want a good looking person, not no monstrosity, but dont focus just on looks ya know, look at their personality, because the hottest person in this world cound be the most crude and vile, and the ugliest person, cound be so sweet and kind, and loving, and caring, and all of that. If you are one of those few people looking for love, then you all should know what im talking abuot.... Aaron.
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