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created on 11/07/2006  |  http://fubar.com/about-me/b22315
Hello, It is drawing on the end of 2007 and almost 2008. I'm proud the report that I still have not been in the hospital. I'd also like to say that if I'm still healthy that will make for a complete year that have been healthy do keep up those prayers for me. Thanks

3-5-2007 TheRH

@ CherryTAP Here an update, I had blood work done on Friday and had my meds up and all is good. My med level are rated on a points scale 0-20, an ideal reange for me is 10-20, and I'm glad to say it was a 16.7. I ask that still keep me in there thoughts is staying healthy RH Please Rate and Comments

4-15-07 Papi RH ( Need Entries For-Sexiest Texan Girl Contest)

@ CherryTAP Yet again, I have had anoter relapse 8:30 AM CST, I'm not sure about my levels. Till tomorrow, but please pray that they will be as they should. Ryan

2-2-2007 TheRH Cherry Rock Star ( Ladies Best Intimate Tattoo Contest-Now Open)

@ CherryTAP Well I thought i was doing well, but It turns our that toady changed that. Around 4:30PM CST I had another "episode" and was into the hospital till about 9:30 CST. Had lab work done and my med level go by a point scale. That said a normal range is 10-21. Mine was a .2, that's right a freaking .2. I ask that everyone send some love. I will only be on sceptically. RH Please Rate and Comments

I would like to thank all of you for you blessing and good wishes. Becuase they have helped greatly. I recently had my blood work done again for the third time, and finally it is where it should be. My level for my medication are based on points and should be in the 8-20 range to be considered to be normal. So the good new my level are 13.6 , you just don't know how happy this makes me. And agai thanks four your support, but please keep in your blessing, but his time to continue to stay healthy. RH
TheRH (not feeling well)

@ CherryTAP I regret to inform something bad happened. As you may or have not known I have gone 11 months almost a year without being the hospital. Well this stopped at 6:20 PM CST wednesday night. I had a mild seizure and have re-injured my back. The take the level for the anti- seize med, and the results came back with a .2, that is not good. The level of anti seize med that I take is rated on points low to high. Then normal range is 5-15, mine was a .2, yes that is right. I will be seeing my neurologist as soon as I can, and also have some x rays done on my back to see what's up. The did a cat scan on my head, and hopefully nothing new shows, that would be bad. I asking for blessing and prayers on me getting better. I will keep ct on, but only to see my messages, for I will be relaxing for the next few days or so. Thanks Please rate and coment.
I wish this never happened. In 2001 I went to the hospital for what I thought might be a migraine, I never had one so I was not sure. Well that "migraine" sent me to Tx Children's via LifeFlight. I knew something was bad after that and vomiting blood. After all that turns out I had just had two animism's and a ruptured blood clot. My doctors told me I only had a 40/60 chance from surviving it. That was the first part, the second part was the surgery for repair, and they said I had only a 20% chance the surgery would be a success. Luckily I was part of that 20%. I was in ICU for three weeks and another four weeks in recovery.I also had to learn to walk, talk, read, and write again. So another result of tht surgery I have permenet amnesia from May 2001 and back. Although as a result of the surgery I have occasional seizures. I still have to deal with having less feeling in my right side. Less strength in my left. About 15% sensitivity on my scalp, and when I get tired my left side becomes a little numb. 2005 was a real hell though from Oct-December. I got toxic from my anti-meds and had three seizures two from being toxic and one from having the new meds to low. And for the last seizure I sprained my back in the three spots and extending my back in those spots 160% of there normal extensions. Then I was re hospitalized because I was in pain from my back and having shooting pains going up my spine into my neck and making me very nauseated. RH Please leave a comment, and rate my blog I appreciate it.
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