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My dream comes to me so vividly Your lips caress my breast Bringing shivers down my spine As my body gives in quickly Every touch heats my skin Our bodies vibrating with such passion Legs entwined pulling you deep within Taken by ecstasy Each thrust begins to get quicker Building towards the final release My dream comes to me so vividly Dam dream lmao haha wahoooooo got u all lol
I wish for more.. with every word spoken every thought shared I wish for more I wish for more time spent with you desires grow strong I wish for more I wish for more fantasies played out forbidden ecstasy I wish for more
Help me to understand why you chose not to live, all the laughter we shared, the times of sorrow, why did you not come to me instead… At times I am so angry at you, then at times I know you must of hurt so bad, I wish you would of come to me, maybe together we could of worked it through.. You were there for me for so many years, and I just feel so hurt and alone I wish you would of told me, or said goodbye, I love you my brother I know you would want me to be strong as so many times you told me no tears.. How do I get through this now who will tell me, who will be the one to sit with me and laugh through our pain, to not let others get us down and always have my back, I still think I am in shock that I will wake up and there you will be.. How do I go to town and visit all the places we shared, I can hear you laughter as you tease everyone, how selfish I must sound, but those times I just wasn’t ready to have them end, I gave you protection to keep you safe, why didn’t it work, why weren’t you spared..
If you lost me.. If you lost me, would it make you sad Would I be so easily to replace If I was gone would u lose your smile Would your heart feel an empty space If you lost me, would you be happy alone Would the love shared now feel as nothing If I was gone would it hit you hard Would I now become someone you have never known If you lost me..
Could you love me forever Could you love me forever Laugh with me Could you love me forever Share together willingly Could you love me forever Talk with honestly Could you love me forever Cry with me openly Could you love me forever Protect me fiercely Could you love me forever Respect me endlessly Could you love me forever
This was written by my 14 year old daughter What color is anger? Anger is red Red like the cape a matador waves at an angry bull Red like blood spilling on the floor Red like people are Anger is black Black like gunpowder being shot everywhere Black like bruises around a child's neck Black like people are Anger is yellow Yellow like a note filled with words of hate Yellow like fire burning everywhere Yellow like people are Anger is white White like the eyes staring down at you White like the hand wrapping around your neck White like people are What is the color of anger?
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