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I know she shines in your eyes. I see it through mine. Your eyes sparkle more as she grows. With that child golden is the time. Always hold it dear. Years will pass like momments. Hold all your memorys close. I hope you never forget. You to bring joy in life. I hope forever you shine. And I hope forever. You will shine in mine.


She smiles at my words. Even when they are true. I say these words. Only to you. Your beauty amazing. Your smile I long to touch. To much distance between us. An ocean to much. I will look at this sea. And see your face. In my heart always. Your smile has its place.
Shes got eye of the pinkey. It swells up in the night. She gets up in the morning. Looking like shes been in a fight. Cause shes got eye...of the pinkey. Puts on her make up. Fast as she can. Slips her mind. Where that wands been. To many friends. To many places. Its been around. Touched all of their faces.
Her hand I may never hold. But her smile I still see. Her eyes have touched my soul. They seem so deep to me. To know her more. To get beyond the beauty I see. I want to see inside her mind. This is important to me. Your beauty pleases my eyes. Hopefully your mind will to. Ever since I first saw your picture. Im glad I have a friend like you.
Her anger in control of her. It rules her mood today. Can my words regain her smile. Will my thoughts touch her in any way. Her true beauty is hidden. With this cloud in her mind. To return what she has lost. A way I will find. If you ever need a friend. To lighten your hearts mood. I will make you smile again. And calm your anger with words that soothe.
Halfway across the world. Her beauty I still see. God has given me a gift. Bringing her smile to me. Even when she is down. A sparkle still glows in her eyes. When she does not smile. My heart wonders why. Her smile to me priceless. Like a days sunshine. I hope to see it forever. And warm this heart of mine.
You may not always see it But I constantly do I see it in her eyes It's the way she looks at you. When you go beyond being a Mom Which you constantly do Can you see it in her eyes It's the way she looks at you. You are all that is beautiful To her all that will be true Can you see it in her eyes She feels only love when she looks at you.
The snow falls outside It I cannot see This place I am at I truly don't want to be. Away from all my friends The ones I truly love Hidden from the sun The skies far and above. My freedom gone for a time No ones fault but my own For a time my burden to bare These are the seeds I've sown. For now I have time to reflect Now all I have is time Though I look for different answers Only one do I ever find. The choices I've made Always more wrong than right Especially this choice I made Which took you out of my sight.
I can feel your tears As each one slowly falls I can feel the beat of your heart Even through these walls. Even when I can't see you I can feel even your breath My soul will always feel you For you my love can never rest. Put away your sorrow In your heart a smile needs to be Each day I will tell this to you Because each day you tell this to me.
My heart weighs heavy So long since I heard your voice But my hands like my heart are tied They have taken away my choice. To me it is truly painful Because I long to see your face For now it only appears in my mind Until I can leave this place. Your vision will hold true And my heart will remain strong Someday soon I will see your face Because thats where I belong.
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