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When this beauty to my eyes appeared,
From then on I wanted to make her mine.
To capture her fleeing heart hopefully,
Would be just a matter of time.

From the momment I saw her,
To now on this day.
I will find a way to hod her,
And with me want to stay.

Mylle if I reached out to you,
And smiled at your beauty each day.
Could or would your heart ever,
Ever wish to smile my way.

Her beauty stays frozen,
No time has passed for her.
Her beauty remains so young,
I think forever it will endure.

I saw her this morning,
And swore time had stood still.
As if she could remain so young,
Bending it to her will.

For now she to me is a wonder,
Timeless beauty for it,I have no clue.
Most in this world weather in time,
But not the beauty that is you.

The heart does change
Like seasons of the year
Now mine matches winter
This is something I fear.

The longer I am gone
The colder I become
How long before I see you
And feel the warmth of your sun.

You can't bring back summer
But to my heart a flame
And melt away my winter
So only your warmth remains

Her vision came to me,
With the stars all a glow.
Could she be a dream,
By morning I did know.

She spoke to me,
Her words soft true and kind.
An angel from my dreams,
This I surely did find.

What of me could she want,
To her what could I give.
I will offer her these two things,
She may have them as long as I live.

To you this day,
I give you my heart and my pen.
And hope you'll stay in my life,
To give them purpose again.


My days have slowed down
Nothing now seems the same
All it really took
Was the mention of your name.

Do you still have a hold
Can I ever let you go
When I look into your eyes
Then my heart may know.

You may be far from me
And out of my view
My mind has its memories
And my soul never lost sight of you.

I may never get to hold you
Sometimes life can't portray what it seems
Will you now become a reality
Or fade softly back to my dreams.

If all it took from em,
Were words to win her heart.
She would have all mine,
From the very start.

A beauty like her to capture,
For me it would so be a dream.
To see her smile as I opened my eyes,
So much to me that means.

Maybe someday not far away,
Her words will come to me.
And everyday from then on,
My words she would forever see.

When I look into your eyes
My soul sets on fire
When you smile at me
Nothing lifts my heart higher.

When your hand touches me
I tremble from your touch
When you kiss me, oh so softly
In my mind it's just too much.

When you speak to me
The air is spun with gold
Never losing a word from you
I cherish to me all you've told.

There is nothing about you
That I could never love
I look to the skys and say my thanks
To whoever sent you from above.


She was a queen before I saw her.
A beauty all the way through.
Sof,t sweet words she whispers.
A voice that calms and soothes.

Her eyes could melt metal.
Through my heart they run.
They pluck on its little strings.
Soon it, they will have won.

Such a power over me.
Explain it maybe I never will.
She will always be a beauty to me.
Nothing else could I ever feel.

That evil juice
Makes me go so fast
But when it's done
I run out of gas.

It's like liquid gold
At least my mind believes
Sometimes don't know if I'm coming
Or if I should leave.

My mind is racing
Much faster than I need
I can no longer control
The power of this bean.

It may be harder to quit
The cigs or even booze
Put it in front of me
I'm always sure to lose.

It's a total addiction
And I'll never be free
So fill me up and don't ever try
To give me any decaf coffee.

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