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FAV'S LIST Color: Black Crayon color: Black Marker smell: Cherry Time of day: Night Food: Chinese Desert: Cheesecake Candy: green blow pop Game type: RPG Game: Halo Most times killed in one halo match: 15 Most times killed others: 8 How many hours spent on games per week: 10 Hours online per week 20 Toy: tickle me elmo Place in world: Ireland Place in USA: N.C. Thing to do: fuck Band: Metallica Song: Poision 'Alice Cooper' Club song: Hot in here' Type of guy: long hair, black clothes, voice Type of clothes: black black black Flower: black rose Animal: white tiger Saying: 'To be or not to be that is the question' Famous dude: Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and Rob Schnider Body part: neck Possession: Diamond engagment ring belonged to my grandmother Movie: Freddy and Jason movies Show: Charmed, Dark Angel and South Park That's all i can come up with, if you can come with any more to ask me just let me know.
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