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WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GET AHOLD OF ME? STILL WANNA BE FRIENDS? OK, one in a life time deal, heres my yahoo, most of you dont have, Jessa_farris add me ill see ya soon
Living everyday is like living a dream, you are the only one who can make any of it come to life. You make you own decisions and gain from them, and as everyone knows you make your own mistakes and learn from them. No one can take something you have created...its comes from you and you only. You a seperate person from the rest of the world, you make of it what you would expect. Its hard for families to sit and watch a loved one fade slowly and their is nothing you can do to stop the decison they make, cause its their own personal mind you are trying to help. If they dont want it, dont give up just fade into their shadow and they will eventually crawl out from under that rock and see the world for themselves and how it really could be for them. Its hard for any one person to give someone thier complete all and do everything to make them have an amazing life. But then watch them shatter like a cup that just slipped from their fingers and fall into millions of pieces. It not right to make excuses for actions you know are wrong...to hold on to a lost piece of someones dying pain that only few truely see. It is hard for everyone to wake up everyday turn on the news and see yet another child had been murdered by another youth, spouse, or even parent. I dont see how people live their lives everyday going on thinking the world is a wonderful place and we must find peace and serenity. If we wanted peace than where is it? I dont see it, i dont see anything but more and more tragadies happening everyday. We cant stop the violence but we can reduce it with advice from a professionally written book. But knowing the world today, the only way you will be able to help anybody is if you approach them with the street smart they are familiar with. Their are many ways to go about helping anyone who needs you, you just need to know how to communicate the right way with the right people. You could walk up to a student attending Harvard Law School and ask for their opinion on the world today and all they'll tell you is its better to just let the world live as it should. Yes everyone will say that of course, but if you ask some broke ass bum thats lives in a box what he thinks about the world, believe it or not they would tell you so much...cause they live the worst and see the best, its a true fact. I've seen and lived both sides of healthy and poor so i know the honest difference in the worlds In studies by Director Micheal Moore, 4 people have died in Ontario, Canada by being shot by a gun in the past 10 years, 10 years? Oh yeah and they dont lock their doors, even after someone breaks in and steals their personal even sentimental belongings, they still keep them unlocked ALL the time. They do this cause the crime rate is so lo in canada they have no reason to protect themselves. Then on the other hand, in America 11,129 people have died in the past maybe year if not less, by guns. Think about that...and probably about 60% of them were children or teenagers that shot others out of pure anger because of stress, pure pressure, or high school humiliation. Okay so wow this was just my brain functioning outside of the box for a change...i hope you enjoy...its not the greatest but's its me.
Most girls these days hate the way they look. Just today I was in the store with my friend buying stuff for Christmas. I asked her if she wanted to get an energy drink; she informed me she is on a very strict diet. The friend in question (whose name I am deliberately not saying) is very pretty, and at a healthy weight. So, being a naturally curious person, I wondered why she would be on such a diet that restricted having something like that once in a great while. She confessed to me that when she looks in the mirror, she cries. Now, I have struggled with issues like this too, as do countless girls, but the girl in question is very pretty. Sheís downright beautiful, I couldnít see how she could find any flaws, but she manages to. As I have said, I struggled with issues like this too. I have hated myself. I have looked into the mirror and cried because of what I saw. I know exactly what it's like. Once a friend asked me what I liked about my appearance. I just sat there, thinking. I couldnít come up with a single thing. After a minute or so, he started to realize why I was so quiet. He then changed his question to what would I change? He was shocked while he listened to me name off almost every aspect. I have spent many a night lying awake, crying. But, over time, I have come to realize something, I am beautiful! I may not be 5í10", manicured nails, anorexic skinny, and manage to have a perfect tan in the dead of winter, but I am pretty. I may not look like the models invading my TVs and magazines, but who really does? Here I stand, 5í9", hair dyed unnatural colors, chipped nail polish, and so pale I could blend in with paper, finally thinking of myself as pretty. Thatís a huge step for me, and I wish other girls would take that step too. No matter what, you are beautiful! And Iím not just talking about physical beauty here. Everyone is beautiful, inside and out. You, dear reader, are beautiful, simply because you are you. You may not be perfect, but embrace the flaw, they're beautiful because they exist, they set us apart. I wish every girl would come to this little bit of knowledge. Iíve been on the other side, and itís not a good way to live. No one should have to exist in that state of mind. I don't think anyone really ever sees themselves clearly. But I, for one, am sure as hell trying.
According to Webster, and his dictionary, cheating is defined as the following: to deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud; to influence or lead by deceit, trick, or artifice; to elude or thwart by or as if by outwitting; to violate rules of dishonesty, to be sexually unfaithful. Now I know a lot of people who would disagree with that last line. Them girls be spittiní if their man even so much as turns his head in the wrong direction. Oh.No.He.Dinnit! You know what Iím saying? Hells yeah. But is that fair? Is that even cheating? Letís find out by reading the rest of my articleÖ I can be a huge flirt. So it would be completely hypocritical for me to unleash my wrath upon the person Iím dating for doing the same thing that I mightóeven though itís very possible Iíd do it anyway because my wrath doesnít like leashes. Go figure. The point being that, when considering what cheating is in my opinion, I have to first think about who I am and what I do. Would someone get made if I tickled someone else? Would my mate get mad if I made a sex joke? Now in turn, would I feel comfortable with someone else doing this? It works both ways. When youíre in a relationship, sometimes you have to come to a compromise. For my wrath, itís the electric fence. A little bit of freedom, but some shockingly solid boundaries. No one likes it when you stray too far from home. They say that itís important to always know where your sweetheart stands in a relationship, but I think itís just as important to know where your mate lies. Although itís probably going to be a bit of an awkward conversation to have, itís not ridiculous to ask your mate what he or she considers cheating. Reassure Ďem that youíre asking this not because youíre going to stray or because you donít trust Ďem, but because you want to be on the same page in case the issue should ever arise (fingers crossed it wonít). You donít want to be bitchiní out your beau over hugging someone that isnít you to then have your sweetie call you a jealous psycho. Jealous psychos arenít cool, theyíre just psycho. Now if you suspect your mate is cheating on you, thatís a whole other issue. If they try to pull a fast one on you, you just pull a fast one on Ďem and drop their ass. You donít need that worry or disrespect in your life. There are never clear warning signs of cheating; deceit is just thatÖdeceitful. However do not let that which has not happened yet get in the way of your perfectly good relationship. No one likes a worry-wart. Thatís just silly (and gross). Iím of the opinion that if someone is inclined to cheat, he or she should just get out of the current relationship. Obviously, youíre not serious about committing to the person youíre with, so why do it? Go have your fun if you want to. Granted when you break things off in a relationship because your sizzle fizzled, someoneís going to get hurt, but the least you can do is not disrespect them because you couldnít keep your pants on. They even make zippers for that now. So when it all comes down to it, how do you know whatís cheating? When you and your mate define itótogether. Anything else is just an Oh.No.You.Dinnit! waitiní to happen
Hey We have a new look and a lot of pplz loving it. come check it out see if it can be your first home.. or maybe even ur second.. This is not a member lounge just a lounge that doesnt deal with the same bs others do.. true pplz and true friends only. If your not a friend dont be scared click it anyhow.. come make some REALLY cool friends you wont be dissapointed click it

Second Edition, just click the links under each subject like last time 1)The REAL FU news!.
click this for the REAL fu news 2)Lounges? and the owners.. EXCLUSIVE stories Click to go to the story bout Granny panties
3)The FUCOURT verdicts Click to go tothe Fu court Diarys
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6)News paper Cartoons., for those who like just the funnies Click to go to thefunnies
7)Classifieds (looking for work on the fu Click to go to the classifieds

Welcome to the classifieds Looking for work on the fu? well here is this weeks lounges that are hiring.. "The one and only.... Dazed N Confused.. the least Drama lounge on the fu.. come hang out here and get a job and makes friends that will last a life time
Photobucket "Scooters Bar w/Full Throttle Radio" We are looking for staff Bartenders, Greeters, Dancers, Promoters and DJS if you are interested please talk to SLADE
Photobucket "Stink eyed Radio" Looking to hire on and off the fubar plz click the link below to go and talk to the one and only Dj Jay.. about a fun Djing job..
Photobucket Just remember If you would like to get some publicity via the funewspaper classifieds, then just send me 500fubucks for next weeks edition, any publicity is good publicity right?

"The Bartab" Story by Nathan Francis a.k.a. Shadow_of_God "Your Friend has Commented on the Mumm:..." This is what we now see in our Bartabs at the top of our screens. Showing us how much our friends pay attention to others. so Why exactly do we need to know what our friends are doing to others. Personally I do not care if one of my friends commented a random person that I don't know. In my Personal Opinion this is not the best idea that Fubar has had. Quite a few of us Fubarians have some personal Online Stalkers, so here Fubar has given them a chance to know exactly what we do. Yes you may be able to get rid of this in your options for the Bartab but as a result of this we can't see the basic things that our friends do. In a small recent poll that I took, I asked 6 of my friends if they liked this feature. "I can't Stand It. I have to actually go into my bar tab to see if anyone rated me or anything. I know I can turn it off but I want to know when a friend posts something. I don't care who left who a comment." says one. So, obviously this feature is not thought highly of among some if not most of Fubarians. We wish to know when a friend posts something like a Mumm or Blog, but we don't wish to know when a Friend posts a comment on someone else. If some of you Fubarians out there disagree with me and what I have written then feel free to comfront me about it by Personal Message and not Shout Box. http://fubar.com/shadow_of_god
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