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created on 11/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/pimpin/b260796

Because the link thing always goes to shit. She is my #1 Friend. She has autos on for the next 23+ hours.




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JenDoll is having back to back Happy Hours today at 11am and 12pm Fubar time. Stop by and show her some love.


If this link doesn't work, she is my #1 friend.


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This is an awesome lady and a great friend of mine, she is trying to level before her anniversary date on the 26th of Feb. Help her out if you can please. LOVE ME HARD & LEVEL UP!!

♥NJExoticDiva77 ♥ 100% Jersey Girl ♥ Pyrette of Pirates ♥
(repost of original by ' ♥NJExoticDiva77 ♥ 100% Jersey Girl ♥ Pyrette of Pirates ♥' on '2009-02-03 21:38:27')
Lipstick owns me now as the result of her putting in the highest bid in an auction. Show her some love. Lipstick

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