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Jman's blog: "One wild night"

created on 07/19/2007  |  http://fubar.com/one-wild-night/b104967


Love is a powerful Aphrodisiac.It's intoxicating and invigorating.Love is palpable.In it's purest form Love is beautiful.Love demands attention and with that eventually comes touch,taste,scent and a kiss that makes the world around you fade away into nothingness.Love can change one's perspective on many things.I hunger for that which can not be seen and so I've ask myself what is it called? The answer was right in front of me the entire time.It's called Love.She who walks into my life ever so elegantly and whose mysterious beautiful smile makes my heart beat a hundred miles per hour.We play the game called Love and I willingly go in ready to open my heart to her with no regrets.

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This is a group of three very different friends united in protecting the world from evil monsters and supervillians.One's a hybrid tiger,another a superhuman and the third one is an immortal but together they are earths last hope against the forces of darkness.

He was a man who has worked at the radio station for many years.Today he was filthy rich.The man stood in front of the radio station inhaling one last drag from his expensive cuban cigar.So what if it was illegal.He was a radio god.The laws did not apply to him.He threw his cigar on the ground and a young woman in her twenties catches his eye.He waves at her and she smiles at him.A mail man stops by next to the woman and starts laughing at the man and the woman joins him.The man feels something eating through his shoe.His shoe is on fire.When he tries to look down at his feet his belly blocks his view.He remembered what one alway's did when they were on fire.The ground trembled as he dropped to the ground and rolled around.It took a janitor with a fire extinguisher to put out all the flames.An hour later a crew of medics tried to bandage the man's feet but he fought like a wild boar out of the ambulance when he found out that they supported the current president and that they were Democrats.He was outraged that these Democrats had the audacity to put their hands on him.He despised Democrats.He hoped that the current president would fail and maybe if the US economy drowned then everyone would see things from his point of view.Some might call him un-American but this did not faze him one bit.This was a free country and so he would speak his mind no matter how vile some the things that came out of his mouth might be. They can try and demonize him but he would spit in their faces before he got into his fancy cars.He was afraid that while he was in the ambulance with them that they would poison him.As he stormed back into his studio room with his burnt shoes he fed off of the hate and anger in his ice cold heart that he felt for the Democrats around the world.If it was up to him the world would be filled with only Republicans.Who was he?He was Rush Limbugh.Republican of Republicans.Mr.Bush was the greatest president to him.He had a small shrine dedicated to the ex-president in his studio.The moment he got his headphone on and the microphone near his lips he screamed into the mic with siliva flying all over the microphone.He looked like a rabid manatee as he continued to cake the microphone with his siliva.During every break the studio manager would have his staff replace the microphones due to the malfunction of the others when they are overwhelmed with a sea of siliva.While on his break Rush ordered five greasey pizza's and ten meatball subs.He nearly bit off the hands of both delivery guys when they arrived at the front door of the radio station.When the teenage pizza guy tried to asked for a tip Rush bit off his ear.The teenager ran out of the building crying as he held several pieces of his ear in his hands.Nobody interupted Rush while he was eating.Nobody.Just last week he fought with an elderly man who tried to steal his chicken while he was at Mighty Burgers.The media people tried to make him look like the bad guy when all he was doing was defending his food from that crazy old man.So what if he was an eighty year old man with a cane?Those media news people were obviously Democrats.They all hated Rush and wanted to silence him.He did not care about what they thought.He was untouchable.Even his own party were afraid to go up against him.They all knew better.Nobody messes with him.Though they try.They tried to make him out to be seen as a drug addict and even a crack dealer several years ago but he threatened to sue the news networks and just like that the story disappeared.Rush strolled back towards his office and had to stop momentarily when he felt a wet one about to come out.Then he released a loud and resounding fart that echoed throughout the building.The secetary threw up on the ground after inhaling the methane smelling gas that came from Rush behind.To Rush his fart smelled like a field of red roses.Most of the staff in the area of the fart doubled over in sickness.I still got it.Rush thought with a smile as he wiped a hand across his grease covered mouth and through his gray thinning hair.He felt like a teenager all over again.The ladies always fall for the rich guys and he was number one uno.He slithered into his office with his greasey white shirt.Life is good.He thought as he got himself fired up and reached deep down inside for the hate to fuel his rage against all of the Democrats.
Folks are you tired of the same old family trips every year? Those long hours on the roads with the kids arguing or you fighting with your wife about where you'd like to take your family trip can be quite stressful.Would'nt you like to take your family on a wild and adventurous vacation hotspot.Well my fellow citizens have I got the vacation spot for you.It is called Zombie Paradise.Which is located on an Island within the center of the Bermuda triangle.I assure you folks you will not be disappointed.We will book you into our finest hotel where you will spend your enternal life..er I mean your two weeks stay there.Just remember to bring your running shoes.Oh one word of advice.Avoid contact with the locals on the Island.They might be a little pale in the skin but these people are completely harmless.Sometimes they can be a bit aggressive but then who doesn't have a bad day now and then.I can promise you that your vacation on Zombie Paradise will never be boring.Every day will be a new adventure, full of thrills and chills for the whole family.So call us now and book you trip before the summers over.Our operators are standing by to help you book the vacation of a life time.

Linda was quite lonely
On the day of love.
No one cared how well she fared
Or which way she might move.
No one thought her lovely
Or dreamed of her caress,
Or so she thought until she bought
A sexy dark red dress.

That dress had seemed a failure,
Though she had lost some weight.
Some men stared, but no one cared
Enough to make a date.

Her calendar was empty,
As empty as her heart,
When in this hell she heard the bell
And jumped up with a start.

Could it be? Oh, could it?
Here was her salvation!
To her joy a delivery boy
Was holding a carnation.

"Carnation-Gram," the boy said,
And handed her the box.
Who was it from? Perhaps someone
Who thought she was a fox.

All Linda's sadness vanished
As if it never were.
That little flower had the power
To set her heart astir!

And so when Johnny called her
In a little while,
She was primed in heart and mind
To greet him with a smile.

So please remember Linda
When starting a relation:
Her mood reversed when she got first
A single, cheap carnation!

There was a full moon out above Tokyo Japan and there was a growing tension in the air within the car that I sat in with the four armed gun men.The driver was taking me into one of the most crime ridden area in the city.The part of the city where the Yukuza had the most influence.The cars stopped near an old power plant factory that was long shutdown.Outside the car window I saw a middle aged man with a large slash scar across his face walking towards the car.The wound was a downward slash which traveled over his nose nearly touching his lip.It obviously was either a battle scar of some kind.One of the men in the car jabbed his gun against the side of my ribs which I did'nt even notice intill his partner shouted for me to get out of the car.Amaya was unharmed.When she saw the older man in the gray suit walk up to her Amaya tried to back away from him but the other men near her would have none of that."Damien?You're..You..I saw you die!Don't touch me!"Amaya struggled and fought but it was useless against two men holding both her arms down.The man named Damien smiled at Amaya before placing his hands underneath her chin."My dear and beautiful woman as you can see I am quite alive and well.Did you actually believe that a mine explosion could keep me down? I have traveled the world long and far for you.The knowlege and power that I hold can also be yours as well.That is if you are willing to join the journey with me.Though I suggest that you choose wisely because your fathers life does hang in the balance."Damien said in a casual tone as if he was discussing business with a couple of his closest friends.At the mention of her father I quickly scanned the factory with my X-ray vision but to my dismay I could only make out a couple of people within the building in certain parts of the place the other parts were covered in lead.Great the one thing that I could'nt see through was lead.It did'nt matter I had to get Damien to focus his attention on me and away from Amaya."Why don't you just let us go?!" I shouted out at the man.He looked in my direction with a look of curiousity and disgust for interrupting him."Now whom do we have here?"Moving with the movements of a serpent the Damien seem to glide towards me."My name is Clark Kent and I am.."before I could utter any other word Damien had grabbed me by my throat with incredible strength and power close to my own that I struggled to breath.I could'nt breath as his vice like grip tightened around my throat.His pupils were liquid black."Pathetic human flesh.Would'nt you agree Amaya?"Without waiting for an answer he released his hold from my throat.I rubbed my throat as I stared at the man with anger."Take her inside for the ceremony and deal with our reporter friend here."I watched as Amaya looked back at me helplessly as she was being dragged towards the factory before the men pushed me back into the car."You don't have to do this."I said trying to reason with them to no avail.They stopped the car near an alley and that's when I chose to make my move.It was now or never and this was the best chance for me to make my escape as Clark Kent while keeping my secret identity.Without any hesitation I kicked the side door open.Not allowing the men to stop me I used a minimal amount of my strength knocking out the two men in the back seat with a nonlethal blow that I learned from Bruce.I caught them both off guard in the temple with my palm.It took alot of concentration just to hit them with right amount of force.If I miscalculated the force of my blow even a little the results would have been devastating.I ran away from the car and the two other men gave chase but it did'nt matter anymore.Thanks to the dark shadows in the allow I was able to go airborne without being seen and make my change.I glided down in front of the two men as they headed back to their car.They both drew out their side firearms and pointed them at me."I would'nt try that if I were you."I tried to warn them.I heard the safety lock being taken off then the bullets started to fly.Time around me slowed down to a crawl while I snatched the bullets out of the air and took away the guns.Some criminals just never learn that crime does'nt pay.

Let's go out and have some fun.
It doesn't matter where or when,
Or what we say or what we do,
As long as it's just me and you.

Let's be together for a while
And get to know each other well,
Exchanging jokes and tales and chatter
Before we get to things that matter.

Let's see what happens when we dance
Across an evening sky, and glimpse
Below the stirrings of a sea
That might--or not--wind-haunted be.

You have an angel's face, a loving heart,
A peaceful, sunlit smile that lasts forever.
You are the whole, of which I am a part,
Not fully me unless we are together.

I know there is a world beyond our love
In which such thoughts are merely poetry.
But thinking of you now, I can't remove
The glow that shines on you from inside me.

How happy, happy life is when some tender
Feeling like a candle lights one's eyes.
For all my life you'll be my heart's true center,
Striding like a sun across my skies.

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