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created on 09/22/2006  |  http://fubar.com/mi-vida-loca/b5600
I am so sick of ppl that are supposed to love me crap on me. Everything is a double standard around here and I am sick of it! And the sad thing is that I have confronted him and he tries to tell me I am just being jealous! No I am not! He acts all stupid in front of women right in front of me... especially pretty skinny ones. EXAMPLE: We went to a New Kids on The Block concert on October 11th. The New Kids have a song out now called Single. Well he was yelling through the crowd of mostly women, "Ladies, I'm single" over and over again. So I just walked away from him. When I found him he was in a corner pouting...When I went over to him he got all peed off and told me that I needed to chill out and stop being so jealous. I told him that I wasn't jealous that if he wanted to be "single" then so be it because I was a big girl and could go and enjoy the concert all by myself. Well that scene drug on for about 3 days afterwards. SO now we have planned to go out to a club to go dancing on Halloween nite and I am already stressing. I know what is going to happen because no matter where we go he makes me feel like a freaking fool by acting like a player. I am starting to feel sick to my stomach and all that jazz. I know I am going to end up getting yelled at or embarrassed by him. I know he is going to "non-chalantley" dance with another girl and then tell me that she was dancing with him... He is getting on my last good nerve. And I have confronted him about how I feel but it really seems as if he brushes my feelings under the rug... But he is supposed to love me or so he says.... UGH MEN!!!!!
Yes it is that time again!!!!!!!!! The weekend!!! Ok so I got off on Friday and don't have to go back to work until Wednesday...I get a 4 day wekend!!!! That is the joys of working for being empoyed by Police Dept as a crossing gurad. I am off when the kids are off!!!!!!!!!! So tomorrow is Football Sunday and I cna now get totally shit faced since I don't have to work Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!! Don't party to hard!!! I am!!!!
OK so I have to do this!!! I have to blog this vent!!! OK it realy pisses me off when your so called friends can bitch and camplin to you and you are "required" to listen but when the shoe is on the other foot, the run away or bitch and complain that all you ever do is bitch and complain. Hey we all hit bumps in the road and we all need a shoulder. No one is immune to the bumps!!!! I am going through a really rough patch in my life at this moment and so I thought I'd vent a little to get things off my chest since my online friends are always there. Well I get an email telling me that she was so fucking tired of my bitching and complaining. She says that because I live in Vegas I live the good life. Vegas life is fucking tough. Cost of living is high and ppl suck. So I call my mom to talk girl talk with her and all she can fucking do is talk about her and my stupid fucking sister. I have 2 sisters ond one of my sisters can fall into a pile of dog shit and come out smelling like a fucking rose. I am so pissed right now!!!! I feel like hitting my so called "friend", mom and sister. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK now I feel better!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!
Why is it that undeserving ppl get every fucking thing they want but ppl who really deserve things get screwed by the system????????????? I am so tired of getting screwed by the system but yet ppl around me that don't try get things handed to them!!!!! OK that is all I will bore you all with for now...If you all wanna know more ask me!!!!
OK let's see where to begin!!! As many of you on here know I am married. I live in Vegas...Party City! My husband works at a Casino here. We got into this huge argurment b/c I wnated to go out tonight for the Halloween Parties on The Strip! All his ass wanted to do is get to work. I asked him to take off tonight so we could go out b/c he is off on Sundays and Mondays so there is usually nothing going on on those nites. He refused. I am starting to think he is not wanting me to be around the guys he works with. Everytime I say something about going to the casino he works at he blows up and we usually end up in a big ass argument.... Now he is on my ass b/c I am hurt really bad b/c of our accident..... UGH I can't fucking win!!!!


Why is it (no offense to you guys out there!) that guys are allowed to talk to someone of the opposite sex but if us women do it we get nothing but accusations??? Or if we want to do something different to ourselves we get the 21 questions?? Or if we decided to start eating better and working out more we get the "Who are you doing all that for?" And when we say for ourselves and you get all defensive and say that we are doing this for another guy??? Can some guy answer this??? My guy is driving me nuts and I want to see where in the hell he is coming from!

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2 more weeks.....UGH. I gotta wait 2 more weeks before I can finally go to Cheetah's. I am going nuts because I haven't been in such a long time because "things" keep getting in the way!!!! But that is totally ok because I am going no matter what in 2 weeks!!!!!! I am getting lap dances for sure!!!!!!!!!

So on Saturday nite, I am going to see Gwen Stefani. I am so totally stoked!!! Her opening act is one of my favs too!!! Lady Sovereign!!!!! She is too cool and she has that fuck you attitude!!!! I went out and bought a new outfit and all...I am also planning to get shit faced drunk after the concert!!!!! I'm not driving...so hey I'm going to party like a rockstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cool Graphics & Comments at BlingCheese.com
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I did not get to make it to Cheetah's....UGH!!!! Oh well, I am now into designing a tat for myself!!!! I am designing a vine that wraps aroiund my leg and it will have 2 sets of pink footprints on the vine and it will have my 2 angels names entwined withing hte vine!!! I can't wait to get it!!!!
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I am just absolutely dying to hurry up and get back to Cheetah's ( strip club here in Vegas) I am overdue to get a few lap dances from the girls there! Of course my hubby like watching me b/c he knows....what he is going to get when we get back home!!!! Gotta hurry up and get back!
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