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Smashed Heart Busted broken gagging on the mire Running but not moving The slow motion of my legs Ripping through the air (chorus) Smashed heart Broken bones Here I am All alone I coulda been the “suffice to say” But I became the “wish I was” And now I'm sick of it all and never turning back (chorus) Its a collapse A defeat Minced meat made of me Such a treat To kill To stab The pain away And not return (chorus) I died...that night And your heart...lived again
Shattered "Mind Of My Own" The pain distraught The mind has had a meld Broken to the floor Crushed In time (chorus) Its the shattered mind The broken home The life of one Who's looking for the one You had her in your arms Your breath was choked away Blatz and Filth to fill my end Jawbreaker to strain the pain *chorus* The childhood gone The misery remains He fucked a choice y? Cause he's a fucking dumbass (chorus) An L for the pain An H for the heartache A tab for the mind And an M for the death of it all
Choked Beyond Relief Tin broken marred as I fall off the crutch Crashing to the darkness enveloped in your eyes So why? Why has this happened to me? Crying as I fall off the face of the earth But you never knew (chorus) You have Choked me The relief Dissipated To look Beyond your Eyes Impossible I never thought this would be me Never thought that I would be so dumb But numb and dumb draw a thin line The blind heart, the fleeting cries The savior exited stage left (chorus) Can I return or am I just going to burn? I'm clinging for your hand But its slipping I'm falling I can't...no This is my end (chorus) YOU MOTHERFUCKER! YOU DID THIS TO ME Helpless sod of mankind I am now
I told a friend (ex now) pick a topic and I'll write a song...she said write about Coke...and 10 minutes later...this appeared... Coke Syndrome Its a sedated mass of shit the pill for the kill Rip my lung out again my nostril is clinging for the smell The taste I need it I want it I crave it Please give it or I'll rip off your face (chorus) I have the coke syndrome It will fill my longing The high to flash the night If I don't get it bet on a fight My friends and associates gather around me The money I have made the drugs I have sold The junkies I have killed...the price of their blood Bullets in the head and bodies lying dead keep them all in dread (chorus) The morning light has come to dim my eyes I crawl around and scrape for my bowl The people walk by not making a sound as I struggle to make the money 4 my next round (chorus)
Slamdance Of The Paper Boy Growling down your streets, breaking silence in the night I deliver your paper anyway you like But my friend don't piss me off Or you'll find your paper in no bag soft (chorus) Look at me...I don't care I'll slamdance off your porch chair Smoke your pot and mock my voice Well that's your choice House to house I go Always laughing at that boy with the ugly fro Girls ignore me but that is life I'll even deliver in the death of night (chorus) 3 am Converge: Homewrecker The puking neighbor drunk dude, Marie Ahh the memories “Wasn't that the front door?” “No faggit” Muttering under his breath “jerk-off” 6 years and counting Tips a mounting Citizen twice a week And that time that dog made me bleed (chorus) Attacked by dogs...running from rottweilers The one comment on my singing The crazyness of Joshy When will the good times end?
I'm a Grindfuck Grindfuck on the streets Grindfuck smashing heads to the beat Grindfuck AT & AnB Grindfuck is the life for me (chorus) I'm a grindfuck whoa A grindfuck whoa a motherfucking grindfuck whoa Yesh a grind FUCK! I'm a grindfuck yes this is me I'm a grindfuck black coffee not tea I'm a grindfuck its all about rear and ream I'm a grindfuck to your bondage scene (chorus) Not a punk, emo,crustie, skanker, hipper, jock, thug or metalhead I'M A GRINDFUCK I'm a grindfuck broke a kids jaw I'm a grindfuck it was Converge I saw I'm a grindfuck this my stereotype I'm a grindfuck copy if you like But you oughta know I'm a grindfuck even when I'm old!
Turning The Streets Into A Blood Barrage Slashing veins ripping teeth breakout of bedlam no one to climb the semen streaming down his back I'm choking every breath in your ass away as the impaler mounts his victim estranged dismembered Dash to your privy of strength it will save you...or will it...there's bloodstains on your Converse shit stains on your AE you roasted orgy (chorus) Fashion Fascism The great rape of the masked king Let blood bomb the streets! KG Meets CW Ripped necks, torn hair, bite marks adding to the scar, throwndown, cutdown, EMOdown Knives turn to gun, cunts becoming random periods and the flow never stops Coronation boy Rests at the gate...watches on as these bitches seal their fate down in the cauldron of hot oil love and black with the steam of melted skin The juices slide the length of the floor, but the blood is breaking the door (chorus) There is no recogniscent, please kill the pain...and not the needle nailed to your vein the speaker embedded in my chest Crucifixion by radio “fuck the mainstream fuck the mainstream” you growl but its too late your dead the speaker migrated to your head...and all your rap heroes are dead Such a pity, such a shame, you lost the game and won't return again (chorus)
Irishimy This love this hand I hold Tight to my heart is all I need To press forward move on Hide from them and run to you And watch them from above (chorus) Light to life Light to dark Light to hope Light to my heart That is you this is me I now finally see You're the cd player in my car that makes me joyful And each wire makes you hum (chorus) Dancing to the oldies Holding you in my arms Kissing your schmexy lips Doing stupid crazy things These I wish these I hope Embedded images in my mind (chorus)
Pandom For The Ages Broken down crushed spirit as the soiled form returns to the likeness The night grasped my arms dragged ass along as I fall to her fruit “It has began” she screamed in my ear fear hate loathing all 3 interwined Begging gasping bruising slaughtering the axe goad I choked on the vine Open your eyes you filthy fallacy hunger eating the bones of your trembling (chorus) CM CR Cry your emo fucking tears (repeat) Run run run fast as you can clasp and strain the skin off my hand Is the whore reborn has her cunt been ripped and torn or is it all forsorn You fuck You relapse Shit stains your face and yet you run with mace splaying the innards across fragrant face Revival of the sin revival of the sin bang you're dead bullet implanted in your locust brainhead (chorus) Pandom pandom has come! Pandom pandom has come! Spit the shoe whipping your bum filled with all the political cum Because This is pandom You have nowhere to run nowhere to hide nowhere to seek nowhere reitterate that what you've seen is not a nightmare you're bent over a table knife in your head thorn in your side and yet you scream for mercy when there is none CAUSE PANDOM HAS FUCKING CUM! (chorus) Pandom Cum!
The Daily Grind Spread on my bed Legs and arms tied The knife The blood dripping From shoulders, chests, arms (chorus) Ramming to pink and raw The moans and screams The smashing, grinding, bleeding What's ripped must be torn End it with pain and sores Mindblasting pain Cinching the cuffs tighter Groaning your name as I cringe at your touch I am so yours, your whore (chorus) Beat me abuse me Tie me tease me Bang me slap me Twist and twitch I need your filthy itch
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