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created on 08/17/2007  |  http://fubar.com/fu-bombers/b116880
I will be leaving here in a few minutes to head to class and I won't be back home until later this afternoon... I will try to get on for a bit after I am done with my homework! Miss you all and hope to see you sooner rather then later:D Misty
Yaya! I just got a shout from Short&Sweet....she is back! Well kinda:P She only has dialup right now so she's not able to much, and not very quickly! But go show her some love! She'll get it eventually:D shortandsweet*fu-bombers family*(recruiter)

@ fubar Yaya! Misty
Well I was trying to get to everyone I saw on my bar tab helping me level up and thank you all personally but the stupid thing wiped everything out....I hate it when it does that! So to all of you who helped.....Thank you! You are the best:) Misty
I just got a message from a friend of hers wanting to let us know that she doesn't have internet service right now and thats why we haven't seen her on here. I thanked her for letting us know and that to tell her we hope to see her back soon:)


Okay so quite a few people have asked me to make them an ID but I need some information before I can finish them........I need to know a color that you want.....and it can be just about anything, doesn't have to be just primary colors...and verify if you want a light or dark shade. Also I need what you want written under your name, it can be ANYTHING that you want it to be. If you are not sure, feel free to take a peek at the ones I've made, they are in the album titled, "Things Ive made for friends" I primarily make them all with the same heading and footing, if you want anything different feel free to ask. And last but not least, if you want your DOB on it and it's not on your homepage, please let me know otherwise I will put "unknown" PLEASE PLEASE message me so I know how you want it, it's much easier then using the shout box:) Thanks everyone:) Misty
I know they aren't anything fancy but I'm having fun making them, if anybody would like one I'd be more then willing to make one for you....just send me a message letting me know:) Mama
Okay guys we have just a little over 5 hours before Rachel's contest ends and she is currently in 2nd place. The gal in 1st is NOT making this easy for us! We need ALL of our bombers who are available and anyone else willing to help to come bomb her hard right now! I know there are other people who are in contests too and we will get around to everyone but we really need to get this win! FubarFred and myself are leaving this evening to go camping, so I'm trying to get all the help I can before we go! Thanks everyone! Misty
Hey guys, I'm out recruiting new bombers for our FU-Bomber family......If your interested in joining the baddest bomber family here on fubar please stop by and if your interested send a friends request! Heres the link! FU-Bombers

@ fubar Muahz! Mama ~*FU-Bombers*~FU-Bombers Recruiter~Jugz's
So I just got a message from Tasha a.k.a 'Luscious_Blonde......her phone and internet got shut off and she doesn't know when she will be able to get it turned back on.....in the mean time she is using the comp at her moms whenever she gets a chance so she can bomb while she is there. She asked me to let everyone know so we didn't think she just took off. I let her know that we will keep her in mind and let you all know:) Much love guys:) Luscious_Blonde ~*Fu-Bombers*~ the woman you dream about & sinfully lust after & **~Fubar Wifey To

@ fubar Thanks everyone.... Mama
So I'll be on here for a couple of hours this morning and I'll be spending it bombing JeremyP. I just checked out where everyone is at on that contest and there are quite a few people that are already to 20,000 or almost there. There are only 10 winners! If we don't get him to 20,000 all the work we have done will not have gotten him anything! We don't want that to happen! I'll also be working on Rachael's and Kathys as well! Muahz
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