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created on 10/27/2007  |
Im no cinderella waiting for my prince. I wont sit around waiting to see if one really exists. Im putting my self out there to see what i may find. Im just looking for someone a man who is truely kind. Are you the one im looking for the man i want for life. If you are honest and sweet then you already may be sweeping me off my feet. not just any guy will do i want someone full of compassion someone who is true. Im no cinderella waiting for my prince but you never know if you capture my heart i just might call you this. Michelle Elston
I swim in a sea of confusion, it thrashes all around me, with each splash i feel more lost, waiting and wanting to be free, i start feeling weaker and weaker, with each stroke i take, im sinking deeper and deeper, how will i make it? what will it take? as i start to go under the confusion sets in, im lost in an unusual state, longing and waiting wondering what will be my fate? a hand reaches in, slowly pulling me out, suddenly it stops as get closer, it holds me tight, but doesn't pull me any further, it just keeps me there in confusion it holds me under


life is good love is great what happens next i dont know but i cant wait!!
Broken heart of gold life is hard life is tough you can give it your all but its still not enough time after time you think you got it right but then after a second look you know your in for a fight protect what you love keep ahold of what you believe no matter what happens dont let them leave care for those who are worth it pray for those who need it give compastion when its needed do all that and you can beat it hold your head high make your stance tall i know that you can do it you can conquer all every thing happens for a reason so i have been told if the bad makes us stronger then my broken heart should be as good as gold!
I go through life always hoping and thinking things can only get better with every turn i take. This doesn't always happen of course. Everytime i think that life has finally turned up for me i find that something has to happen to screw it all up. All we can do is live life day to day. Every night i hope and pray that things will finally change and go my way. Why do things always have to be hard? When will those who go through all the rough paths that life takes us finally get the breaks? Day by day the nights grow longer. Hour by hour every thing seems to turn sour. All i want is to be happy and have that one person to share it with. I thought that i finally found that one person that i could do that with. Things have been great and i thought that this time i was on the winning hand. But as we all know what goes up must come down and it did and landed hard on my heart. My heart has been hurt so many times before you think it would go numb but with each hit it takes it hurts just like the first. My heart cant take much more of the pain. Why do i always let my self fall this i will explain. Some say im to trusting, some say too sweet, I say im too sensitive and eager to please. I fall too fast this ill admit but no im just plain getting tired of it. How will this happen how will it end? Will he still choose me or is it the end? Do i love him already? the answer is yes! But this i know life goes on ready or not ill still try to go with the flow!
Trust in me I may only be seperated but please have faith in me. I promise it will happen Just you wait and see. He treated me like spit, I finally got fed up with it. The Divorce is soon to come, While waiting were having fun But once its said and done. I hope you'll see Baby you can trust in me! Michelle Renee Elston Copyright 2007 Michelle Renee Elston
I love you so much I love you so much i love you so much it hurts me to see you feel this way the pain i feel for you could kill me and take my heart away i love you so much it hurts me it makes it hard to say the emotions i am feeling hurts me more today as time passes and goes from day to day the pain and tears im having might fade away i love you so much it hurts me but the love i feel for you will never go away i love you so much it hurts me but nothing could ever hurt me as much as it did when i turned you away michelle hawkey Copyright 2007 michelle renee hawkey
Hurt love I have been hurt a time or two by giving my heart to any guy who said I LOVE YOU. My heart has been hurt it feels like its been stepped on and burnt. They'd take my love and give nothing in return they'd use it and abuse it without knowing how much it hurt. So if you want my love It will be hard and might take some work. But if you give me your love and its true. It could be to late I would have already fallen in love with you! WRITTEN BY : ME and Sealed with a kiss
Look my way Baby I know your hurt inside and I'd just like to say I'd climb the highest mountain and swim the longest sea for one moment alone with just you and me Cus, baby I know, you know, I know how you've been hurt along the way so look into your heart and find a new start throw all that bad away I know its hard starting over most girls try to capture your heart just to play all they want to do is bring you down please dont go that way baby I know, you know, I know how I feel about you today so look into your heart and find a new start and baby you can look my way Please, oh baby, Please look my way Michelle R Elston Copyright 2007 Michelle R Elston
what is love? What is love I ask you Is it a state of mind Just a thought shared between two something only some find Is it real or is it fiction Something we dreamed about Just a figment of the imagination Is love family Or is it friends What is love that's all I ask Is it this feeling I have for you Will it fade away I know it is strong and feels like it will last Its quiet but can be very loud Is it why my heart beats so fast When ever your around What is love Can you tell me, do you know Love is life Its all around us and it shows!
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