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Well, I'm sitting here at work on a sunday afternoon, completley bored out of my mind! Where are all my friends at so that I can be unbored!
Holy crap, I'm studying my ass off and I don't think I'm getting anywhere! I have 17 credits this semester and they are all business classes (and an art history class for fun.) This comming week I have several midterms that I am EXTREAMLY affraid of... Sorry, just had to vent a little! =)
So, today it took me one hour and ten minutes to unburry my car from underneath all of the snow that has recently accumulated. I was 20 minutes late for work because, and since I've been at work I've had nothing but jackass customers asking me to do things that are unrelated to my job. They then proceed to get pissed off at me and tell me that I'm providing shitty customer service... I hate almost all people.
The city of Minneapolis can bite my ass!!! We got over a foot of snow this weekend, and when I left for school this morning my car was just sitting there (buried) but still there none the less, and when I returned an hour and a half later to attempt to dig it out, it was gone... The snow emergency rules are written in a really confusing manor. They have it broken down into 3 "days," however a day by there standards is a twelve hour time period. I thought I had it right, there were other cars parked where I was and everything seemed ok... and then NO! Of course not. It cost me $138 just to get it out of impound, plus an additional $34 parking ticket. They suck!

Ok guys, here's the deal. I know most people can't stand reading poetry, however, I do write some poetry (if that's what you want to call it,) and has started doing a rate your poem contest. I need people to click the link below and read/rate my poems. I can actually win some money off of this, so anybody that can help, please do!!! the link is: Click here to Vote

Banks are the devil!!! I had three fradulant charges made to my account for internet porn which consequently sent my accout negative. Then the bank charged my $170 in overdraft fees which they refuse to reverse until they do the "research" to make sure the charges are bogus! And then on top of that, I deposited my check today, and they said that because the account is so negative that there may be a hold put on the check... Please just shoot me!


Nobody seems to be very active on here tonight. Everybody must be out getting laid! ROCK!
Wow, my power went out at work and I've been sitting here for the past hour staring into the darkness...
I DO NOT WANT TO DO ANY MORE HOMEWORK!!! It wouldn't be so bad if I wan't taking 17 credits plus working a full 40 hrs a week... Why can't somebody just pay me to go to school full time!!! Heart, Slave
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