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As life drives foward I feel my life shiftin I sit here and Cry Cuz i feel my heart driftin Away from good things that had my heart lifted Pure inspiration for why the fuCC im gifted And as I sit here i shift From the gift I uplift The drift That i Call my flow And you know It all Comes Crashing down like gravity Reality Waitin for my 6lood to sift its no technicality My personality personally insists I give two shits 6ut i play A game and thats what they say And im waitin for stray shells to take me away And no 6lastin 6aCC imma let my 6lood spray Cant wait to see my Crew on my last living day To those still alive when im gone you will 6e ok Know i still got yo 6aCC at night when you pray Cant pray come visit me in the tom6 that i lay Thats how i feel homie i keep it real Thats how i feel homie dats da deal And i keep it real til i seal the deal where i Can no longer feel.....
Straight up. I take this rhyme a grade up G'd up From the feet up I found my place i kept my head up FuCC the dread no more pumpin led up No more death homie im fed up Stop trippin homie now shut up Had to stop before my life was cut up So if you fall cuz get yo ass up You'll get your chance homie dont pass up The opportunity....
The Game runs on me runs thin I remove my unsacred grin And realize there are some things you cant win Thats why The harshness of the vile Of life leads me down an isle That if im not careful will lead to no return And my stomache will churn Every time i think im about to fuck it up I need to suck it up But i cant i sit here trippin Slippin as im Crip'N Feel like i'm doomed Entombed To the life of a playa But of it my heart is a hata My heart beats my mind all the time So let me switch back over put my thoughts in rewind
In my closet sits a gat Why am i condemned to this Bitch what blap N you aint want none of that Why cant i find bliss I got these drugs in my hat And a gat on my hip Thats why i dip When i see dem lights Thats why i Crip Cant avoid these fights Confined to flip These drugs....til i reach new heights Thats why i sip On all those painful nights I confide only in the struggle Its the only thing i wish i could strangle I let my life dangle Into a myst of the abyss I clench in my fist a bottle of Crys My childhood missed what the fuck did i miss Now this life i dissed fuck its death i diss And give daps too Too Hell wit this life i stay true After all i escaped I need to go before i get raped Of the life in my breath FuCC this life, the fuCC if death Can take me or you? Walk with me you wont fall I would have fell if it werent for blue I'll give it my all stand tall! Take my hand my help.....so you wont fall...
Playin a game With no name But like always a sickness in my brain Drives me insane And whos to blame Blood and guts for what? sex and fame I may as well snort cocaine Fuck that shit bring the pain Let it rain Whos sane The street life Wheres my knife I could have ran But here i stand Only bitches run Wheres my gun Though i got myself trapped in it i care How the young'll fair Am i the only one to dare Speak it to the young make them aware Of the dangers of the street Till i meet My dying day 19 now will i make 21....or will i lay..... R I P 2008 To this life of hell i dedicate.....
Death cant touch this My state of insecure bliss Is by death grazed Why is it my eyes arent glazed Over with the look in my eyes of death With every breath I intake These fake Friends around me you see tryin to harm me please i cant be taken droppin to my knees to pray im not forsaken I stroll on but not with ease Even if i lay down bleedin i breathe pray one day to relax and relieve my pain i conclude what would i gain if into deaths sanctuary i intrude....
I CatCh everything Everyone around tryn'a play me or something Sittin here thinkin my life amounts to nuttin Evil thoughts fill my head i want to start cuttin Never known shit on the planet but shootin If you see it on my hip its a gat im totin Shits got me stressed im trippin im chokin Six seconds away from gettin my gat to smokin Bladesixinch six seconds from my wrists dey pokin My mind is bleedin Blood seepin From the holes in my wrist im keepin Im not gettin played anymore no fleein Gona settle not as a playa its 1 thing im seein Love on the baCC of my mind inside im kiccin And screamin My thoughts be tag teamin On my heart they keep reamin Got love on my mind dont fuCC me over whoever reads this knows the meanin
something id die for something i cry for something i walk toward i cant even talk forward i cant explain but im willing to fall for them anyone that hurts them id give it all to em i cant understand why a hand so far distance by car couple hours by plane its insane whos to blame but my brain like a game one wrong word its the end thats why i send my words across a virtual plain now my points across its over what did i gain....
something i cant deny dont ask me why a cherry makes me so very happy its scary oh shit oh dam how come a man can get hit with this like blam i need a fan im hot from this feelin i got on the top of my head my heart wont stop from floatin im hopin theres more to life then chokin and death let my breath reach new heights fuck all the old fights lets all party Cherry style on these chill nights
The way things are now... The way things are now I dont know how I used to worry sometime soon my eyes would glaze But only at the fault of my unspoken blaze My eyes grew dark like a fuckin craze But now i crave To escape an early grave My soul I'll save I'll bury all my past so my life will last Forgive my evil tendancies Let me save our destinies Forget the technicalities Live in our realities this is my reality shrivel to one individual see if your the one left, thats my fatality
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