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created on 10/10/2006  |  http://fubar.com/about-time/b12219

here thay are some very yummu EYE CANDY

I have been is a few contest. It is a great why to get your name out there. But here is my thing I am all ways seeing ones for women. So a fiend and I got to ather and are puting one on for men. What thay will win is a spot on my loung for everyone to see and look at. We love men and like to look at them so here is your last chance to enter. If you or you man thing thay have what it takes to be the eye candy in my long just let me or frost know thanks M&M Frost My Cupcakes

@ CherryTAP M&M

@ CherryTAP

Ok so one night my friend and I where in my long talking. And the contest came up. We said it is about time someone had one for men. We where tired of seeing them for women. Frost came up with eye candy for my loung we would like to look at some well we talk. So if you or your girl frind think your the best eye cand please send your pics of you being the best eye candy you can be. you will be posted in my long for the week or until we get tired of looking at you.. Kisses M&M and Frost Frost My Cupcakes

@ CherryTAP http://cherrytap.com/lounge.php?l=303


voit if you want.

I have changed my hair coloer many time. From brown to black to blond. Its that time agen. My brown routs are starting to show.. I don't know if I should go back to brown, blak or stay blond.. That is what I am faceing today.. So tell me what you all think here is me as a blond Brown? or black? thanks for all your help.kisses

Everyone on here has been so nice. I just want everyone to know that is on my friends list. I am vary busy this time of year. I will try to do better very soon.. I have to get this out there. 1 I work I can't be on all the time 2 I have kids so please respect that. 3. Rember I am not your play toy you are mine... lol 4. I am not good at talking frist so don't me scared to say something to me. I do hope this help you to under stand me better.. kisses Emms

Ok I did it agen.. in a contest... So help me out please just leave me a few words.. thanks kisses Emms


Ok Ok I get some men need a lession on how to talk to a women. But come on do you realy think I can't see thow the bull shit and lines you give... I have to tell you all about the things guys do that makes me love them so much. lol 1. Thay come on under a friends profil that is a womens. 2. Thay tell you how sexy you pic's are. 3. When he tell you you look easy.. ( lot of class there.) 4. Tell you he saw you a a slut sit and it told them to click here to see more pic's. 5. Then tells you he doesn't want to talk to you anymore and going to get off well looking at your pic. I just love them ones.. 6. how about the ones that tell you what thay are doing well looking at your pic. I couldn't leave them out.... lol I know there is more but I will have to think a bout it.... lol these men just crack me up.. Emma
sorry I have not been on much.. If you leave me a message and I will get back to you.. I am only able to get on at work now.. so if you want just leave a message. thanks Emma.


I know I know I am good looking.. But how much can a women take.. Your hot, nice body, Nice ass,and many more.. Then when thay are doen tell me how sexy I am thay go to talking about how thay want to have sex with me.. Asking if I a m bad girl or a good one.. Do I look like I want to talk about sex all the time? I like to have fun But come on.. I am a person.. Please Treat me like one not like a peace of meat... that is all I ask... Well that is what is on my mind today.. Kisses Ems
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