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Unselfishly, you left your fathers and your mothers, You left behind your sisters and your brothers. Leaving your beloved children and wives, You put on hold, your dreams your lives. On foreign soil, you found yourself planted, To fight for those whose freedom you granted. Without your sacrifice, their cause would be lost, But you carried onward, no matter the cost. Many horrors you had endured and seen, Many faces had haunted your dreams. You cheered as your enemies littered the ground, You cried as your brothers fell all around. When it was over, you all came back home, Some were left with memories to face all alone. Some found themselves in the company of friends, As their crosses cast shadows across the land. Those who survived were forever scarred, Emotionally, physically, permanently marred. Those who did not now sleep eternally, Neath the ground they had given their lives to keep free. With a hand upon my heart, I feel, The pride and respect; my reverence is revealed. In the tears that now stream down upon my upturned face, As our flag waves above you, in her glory and grace. Freedom was the gift and that you unselfishly gave, Pain and death was the price that you ultimately paid. Everyday, I give my utmost admiration, To those who had fought to defend our nation. Written by: Unknown Dedicated to all the U.S. Armed Forces
You have no clue of what I'd like to do to you, But this will tell you exactly what I'm going to do. I want you to know exactly what the pain you put me through feels like, So I'll start by dragging you down the street behind a bike. Then, one by one I'll break every bone in your hands and feet, It sounds like sweet delight but to me it's just a treat. You'll be begging for mercy but no one will hear you nor will they care, This pain is more than you can bear. Damn right bitch, I always knew I was stronger than you. And that is only part of what I'd like to do to you.
Last night I had a dream I really did I swear. I held you close and kissed your lips as I ran my fingers through your hair. I know it was just a dream but god it felt so right just like when I was with you How we'd hold each other tight. I caress your skin it was all so soft. It was magical in every way. I think about all those times every second you're away. I know we can't be together and this isn't easy for me you're my world my everything you mean so much to me so right now all I have is all our memories so let me go so I close my eyes in my dreams you wait for me you're my dream come true and I miss you dearly. Written by: Phillip Gasca
As I bend down to pick up a rose, the rain pours down from the sky and mingles with my tears, dripping onto the pavement. The salty water makes bright patterns in a puddle of oil. The colors blend and shimmer like you eyes did so long ago. Now the cold flatness that lays beyond them refuses me admittance and I am alone once more in the rain. My eyes burn from the steely grayness of the sky and the tears in the oil. The sobs that rack my body exhaust me and offer me no more solace and comfort. Defeated by my own self pity. Memories rush back, tug and pull at the happiness I used to have so long ago. A voice breathing softly in my ear reminds me of midnight conversations, dreams coated in gold and evenings of such sweet delight that no one will ever understand. The simple joy of being I once felt so long ago a thirst for the day that dares to compare brought me here. The rain pours down on my feverish skin and my eyes still burn and I am sure that they are red. A useless emptiness fills the place I assume is my heart. I close my fingers around the rose I glance into the puddle once more and I see you standing behind me. You place your hands on my shoulders and whisper sweet nothings. Another tear drop disturbs the tranquility of the puddle once more. As you turn and leave, the rose petals are being battered by the never ending rain. I hold the rose close to me as you once did. A soft red petal falls off and flutters into the puddle. As I think of you and who you are going to meet. A suppressed sob rips my throat and the beauty of the rose ceases to be. I can still see you walking in the distance. You are my life and you have left. I can't remember the first time you stole my heart. It was So Long Ago. Written by: Melissa Fernandez
I wake up this morning with a need to express my love so before I started writing this I said a prayer to the man above "God just help me call her what she means to me and these are the words I chose to show you how special you are to me. I don't know what I'd do without you. The sun would never shine. It would be cold and empty in this heart of mine. The world would stop turning I'm sure of this you see because I could never go on, if you weren't next to me. I hope you do believe me cause I swear this is true I couldn't live without you and I wouldn't know what to do. So this poem I'm sending I send everlasting love. I promise and honor you You're my girl my life and love forever. Written by: Phillip Gasca
R.I.P. Brandon Earl "Boo" Knowles February 16, 1985-October 22, 2006 It has been nearly two months since you went away, The grief for you we can no longer keep at bay. You promised you were going to be here this year, You were everything that we held dear. You should of known not to be speeding, You did anyways and you ended up bleeding. Your death was tragic and a shock to everyone, In the blink of an eye your life was done. We miss you more than words can say, But we know that we'll see you again another day. We went to see that place today, It still hurts but we know that we'll be ok. Today is Christmas and you aren't here, Someday we won't think of you everyday and that we fear. We never want to forget your laugh or smile, To see you again we'd walk a thousand miles. So know that today we are thinking of you, And we know that we'll see you soon.
Just leave, Just forget about me. Just go on living, Just go on believing That you did nothing wrong, And I'll keep on believing I don't belong. Just stop all hope, Soon I'll learn to cope. Just stop loving me, Just keep on knowing we'll never be. Just move on, Just stay gone.. Just let me be, And we will see, Just what you will mean to me.
This is me if you don't like me that's on you. This is me I won't change for anyone. This is me and all I can be. This is me, you don't like it you ain't gotta look at me. This is me take me as I am. This is me and my broken heart. You want me then this is me. This is me, I am not perfect but I am me.
Days come and go and I sit and think about ways to torture you. You have no idea what i have in mind. I'm coming for you. I won't rest until I have your soul. You are going to die. Just the thought of you screaming in pain with fear in your eyes brings joy to my life. Scream all you want your lifeless body is what I will flaunt you can run but you can't hide. Come on let's go for a ride. I will enjoy to see you cry. This is no dream, this is real, no joke. My first cut will be simple I'll aim for your throat, but it won't be deep I want to watch you bleed. One by one I will snip your fingers with dul scissors. You can't take the pain your body starts to shiver. We're almost there we are close to the river. I'll stop and leave you here to recover you are too far away from home no one will find you not even your mother. no one will ever know that you are gone there will be no worries no concerns. Hell is where you will remain, where you will rot and burn I'll tie you up tight and firm. Times up! Ha-Ha Tables have turned you will survive this but I will return just to hear you scream and cry as you struggle to stay alive. Written by: Melissa Fernandez A.K.A. The Bitch
Take the time to breathe Just walk away and leave. Bringing it back how it used to be. Watching the mirror break and shatter. Changing a life is never a mistake. She will be the one you will love to hate. Nothing will be in her way she got faith. she will be here. no one will come near Her heart is strong and in time it will be bolder until then it's over. Written by: Melissa Fernandez
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