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created on 08/05/2007  |  http://fubar.com/writings/b111728
((Yeah I felt like this.. once upon a time)) LOL Enjoy. :D ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Hi.. I'd like to make a withdrawal from my joint account please. Thank you. Um.. Can you tell me what the balance is now. $0.01 Thank you very much. *goes home* Picks up phone book... thumbs through it... Finds what I looking for... *picks up phone... * Yeah.. Hi.. I need to have some large packages delivered. Umm.. There's probably about 10. To a personal address please. 20 minutes.. That's fine. Thanks. *hangs up.* Begins throwing things into boxes... not caring if it's breakable or not.. Tapes them shut. Grabs a black marker and writes the address onto it... pushes it asides.. Grabs another. 20 minutes or so later.... *hears door bell ring* goes to door.. opens it.. Sees delivery guys*... Hi.. Come on in. They're right there in the hall. Umm.. There's no need for a return address. And I can make it C.O.D. right? That's great! Thanks bunches guys! *closes the door as the last box leaves...picks up phone book again...* Hello.. Hi.. I was wondering what your cost is for changing the major locks in a house?.... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Candyce~ >;)
(again.. you'll like it or you won't.) mystic entrancing soul touching - as shadows touch silky light. . such pleasure desire a raw wanting. . . slowly does shadow reveal the beauty hidden within - how tempting with its pure light- so alluring... teasingly shadow shows its brilliance before once again enclosing - keeping the passion of what is hidden for itself. ~Candyce~ ~Inspiration behind it~ *while driving back from shopping I noticed the sky - clouded over with dark clouds - after watching for a few minutes - the clouds started moving away.. letting the moons light through... gradually they moved until the full moon and all its beauty was visible- than as if teasing - the clouds again covered it. as it to hold its brightness and beauty away for itself.* thanks for reading. :)
A poet .. with no words to drip across the page wetting the appetites of those who read, no thoughts to provoke within the mind of decadent desires or a heated touch, no tempting treat which to feed those who crave the shadows or Luna's light, no dark secret to foretell of coming doom to those who tread on a true heart... Just the blankness that comes. ~Candyce~
showing they care giving hope.. letting you know you're never alone they're by your side keep you wrapped in their wings you feel them there- even when they're not seen they're the soft touch that reassures the kiss on the breeze- knowing they're yours they protect from grief, pain and hurt give you strength to know your worth.. but angels feel too they hold all inside you never see it because their hurt - they hide.. they give you your strength as they take it from theirs.. it's the way they love.. how they care.. yet within their time and all they do few dare know what an angel goes through... they show their strength never show they're weak... but there is a time... when even angels weep. ~Candyce~
Is it the sound of music playing in the background.. or the stillness that surrounds you? Is it the smell of some exotic food.. or the smell of homemade cookies baking? Is it the feeling you get from seeing a picture.. or the visions you get from the feelings of others? Is it the light on a sunny day.. or the darkness that comes with the night? Is it the 'air' of things around you.. or the way you wish things were? Is it the waking moments you have.. or the fantasies you have as you dream? is it the friends you have.. or the stranger walking down the street? ~ ~ ~ What ever it is... we all have our 'muses' that ignite our imagination.. making our words flow into the creations we make. ~Candyce~
~Life-Love-Family-Friends~ Love it Hold it Treasure it always for in the morning when you wake... you just might find that you've lost it. ~Candyce~
((this poem was inspired by all the commercials/advertisements out there now-a-days about the 'cure-all' pills on the market.)) :P ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ the magic little pill, the easy fix... a motherís cope - a fatherís trick. be it yellow, blue or pink the magic pill to help you think. In this world of ups and downs the magic pill can fix the frowns. feeling tired, slow and blue? a magic pill to help get thru. too excited, in constant motion? take the pill for easy coastin... Any problem, big or small the magic pill can fix them all. ones for inside, ones for out. thatís what the magic pill is all about. Green and purple, red and white, pill for morning, pills for night. Pills for pain and pills for pleasure.. Pills to take at your leisure. So..whatever the problem be.. The magic pill.. Please Iíll take three!! ~Candyce~
((Read this.. then think about what your favorite song does to you when you hear it.)) :) ~ ~ ~ ~ it's there - I hear it the soft rhythme reaching within how it caresses it's way into places.. dark and still - I close my eyes and feel it there upon my skin I feel as it works its way over every inch. Slowly I let myself go I let it take me over.. let it reach into those places kept hidden in shadow. It begins to make my soul heat oh.. how I welcome it as it plays its song upon my heart the rhythm.. feeding upon my skin.. I become entranced - letting it consume me.. enbracing it.... until the last note is played. ~Candyce~
I have thoughts floating around in my head.. Some I've written and others have read. I like to express that which I feel, To put them on paper makes them seem much more real. Things, with my voice, I can't seem to say.. so for me, to express them, pen and paper's the way. Sometimes along the way, I pick out what others feel, to them, I write things to help them cope - help them deal. Whether it be a kind word or a pleasant phrase, to express what THEY feel in many different ways. I have a way with words that I like to share, A way to let friends know I care. I guess when I write something other can take... and with a thought or a glance say.. 'Yeah, I can relate'... It makes me glad to know, that what I write, into someone else's life it can go. If what I write helps others express that which they can not.. Then by all means... take one from the pot. I have many more in this head of mine, Lots more that will come out in the span of time. :) ~Candyce~
Do you sit there.. and let it eat at you.. wondering what it is you should do? Do you wiggle inside with excited anticipation awaiting the next... Or do you sit there... Letting it pass through your thoughts without a second glance? Do you wonder if it would be a waste of your time if you did... or wonder if it would be something that jumps out at you? Do you sit and ponder about it..then try to forget about it.. only to come back to it later? Or do you just jump in head first and soak up all there is to see.....? How does one really know if they don't try. Just curious. :) ~Candyce~
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