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Dr. Phil's guests are ex in-laws in a bitter fight. Cindy and Randy say their ex daughter-in-law, Michele, is an unfit mother, and their granddaughter lives in danger. Michele says it's all lies. Full Story Cindy and Randy are caught in a family feud with their ex-daughter-in-law, Michele, that is spiraling out of control. They want Dr. Phil to end the battle once and for all. Fighting for Their Granddaughter Cindy and Randy say Michele is an unfit mother, and that their 8-year-old granddaughter is living in danger. Michele says their accusations are all lies! "My ex-mother-in-law, Cindy, is a manipulating person who's trying to destroy my family," says Michele, who was married to Cindy's son, Chris, from 1997 to 2002. She and Chris met 10 years ago when she was 22 and he was 17. "We all kind of dabbled in drugs. That’s how we met," she explains. Michele had a 6-year-old daughter, Lexa, from a previous relationship, and shortly after she met Chris, she became pregnant with Cristen. "We were horrified to have a baby. It was insane," says Cindy. She claims that Chris and Michele were both using crystal meth when Michele got pregnant. "That's when we applied for temporary custody." "I went in that day when she made the accusation and voluntarily took a drug test. The drug test showed that I was not on drugs," says Michele, noting that she stopped using in 1997. The fighting between Cindy and Michele worsened. "Cindy would ask Chris continuously if he wanted a divorce. She wanted it so bad that she was hoping that at one point that he would say yes." Soon after, Chris asked for a divorce. "I was devastated," Michele reveals. "She has been ruining my life since the day I met her. Cindy told Cristen that she came out of her tummy and not mine. She really wants Cristen to think that she’s her mother, and that I’m not. Her obsession with my daughter in thinking that she’s hers, it's really bizarre." Cindy and her husband, Randy, don't believe Michele's lifestyle is conducive to raising children. "Cristen has stated that her mom was having sex for money, that when she walked in, her mom was on her knees with her mouth on the man’s private parts," Cindy shares. "Our fear is what is happening to Cristen that Cristen doesn’t tell us." She also says that Cristen has seen her mother making out with other women. "Cristen actually has asked me, ‘Is my mommy a lesbian?’" she says. "We are the only people who will stand up and tell Michele that the kids need a better environment." Michele denies Cindy's claims. "There is no truth to this whatsoever. This is a sick plot," she says. "I've never put my daughter in danger." Michele will not allow Cindy and Randy to see Cristen. They are pursuing custody because they believe she is unsafe. "Michele is a morally corrupt individual. She needs to address her sexual addiction and her drug addiction. It’s spiraling out of control, and the situation is getting worse. She is hurting her children. She is hurting all of her family members. She needs help," Randy says. Michele wants Cindy to back off. "I want her to understand that I am Cristen’s mother. CPS is working with me to get a restraining order against Cindy so I don’t have to deal with this anymore," she reveals. "I will never allow Cindy to ever get custody of my children. Cindy will be very lucky if she ever sees Cristen again." Randy interjects, “You told Cristen, personally, that she is the devil girl. You have told Cristen, personally, that you don’t love her." “You’re disgusting,” Michele retorts. “Every time she comes to visit us, she tells us everything that goes on in your household. From sexual deviancy, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, drug manufacturing, performing sexual acts on strange men,” Randy continues, his emotions running high. “You are lying to Dr. Phil.” He goes on to say that Cristen told him and his wife that Michele told her she was having sex with men for money. Dr. Phil interrupts their fighting and addresses Randy. “How does Cristen know that it’s for money?” he asks. “Because her mother told her that,” Randy says. “That doesn’t even make common sense,” Dr. Phil points out. “I’m not saying you’re right or wrong about the overall situation, but how does she know that?” “Most everything we know about what goes on in that household is from her daughter, Cristen,” Randy says. “How would Cristen know that it’s sex for money?” Dr. Phil questions. Cindy explains, “Cristen said, ‘My mommy said that they gave me money,’ because they had no money.” “That is disgusting,” Michele says, arguing with Cindy. Dr. Phil asks Cindy how she feels knowing that Michele may never allow her to see Cristen again. “Devastated,” she says. “If Cristen was safe, we could live with that if we had to. Cristen has asked us to ask for help.” Michele interjects, saying, “This woman and her husband have put me through hell. I have court documentation to back every single thing up." “Why are they saying all of these things about you?” Dr. Phil asks. “She’s obsessed with my daughter,” Michele says. “I wasn’t just married to her son, I was married to her.” Michele explains that her ex-husband, Chris, is currently in prison. “Chris took his truck with my kids and I in my vehicle and rammed my car,” she says. “And then two weeks after that was pulled over by the arresting officer and was found with ounces of drugs in his truck.” The women bicker about past events. Dr. Phil interrupts the fighting and addresses Cindy. “You have said that you believe that Michele could kill you, the children and herself, that she is a threat and danger to everyone,” he says. Cindy agrees. Randy concurs with his wife. “When the CPS gave us the children, it was after you had threatened to kill yourself and your two children,” he says to Michele. “You’re crazy,” Michele says. Dr. Phil asks Michele. “Do you have a spotty past here?” “No,” she says. “They say they have seen you cooking meth in the kitchen, that you’ve threatened to kill yourself and the children, that you have been violent and thrown things, attacked your ex with a knife. They say that you’ve been reckless and out of control, and that worries [Cindy and Randy] for the safety and welfare of the children,” Dr. Phil says. “If all these allegations are true, then I’d like to see. I should be in jail. I should have things on my record,” Michele says. Dr. Phil reads a notarized affidavit filed by Cindy. “It says, ‘I regret the petition for guardianship of my grandchild and my stepgrandchild, Cristen and Alexa. It was never my desire or intention to keep the children from their mother. The information given to me was false.’ I’m skipping down now. ‘Michelle is a good mother, and I just desired counseling for all of us,’” he reads. “You said, ‘I, Cindy, will never be a plaintiff in a court proceeding against Michele regarding her children, as I believe that living with their mother and visiting their grandparents is in the best interest of the children.’” “I went down and notarized it and gave it to you so we could see Cristen after not seeing her for eight months,” Cindy says, facing Michele. “This was something you wrote on your own,” Michele retorts. “Are those lies in there?” Dr. Phil asks. “If I said she’s a good mother, it’s a lie. Yes,” Cindy says. Randy joins the ruckus, but let’s his emotions get the best of him, shouting to Michele, “They’re not lies. We can document anything. You’re a drug abuser, alcohol abuser, sexual abuser. You pimp yourself out for money.” The family continues to bicker After a commercial break, Dr. Phil says to Michele, “You just told me, I need to move [Cindy] or you’re going to hurt her, and that she’s going to shut up, or you’re going to walk off this show." “These are the allegations that I have to face every single day, and they have nothing to back it,” Michele says. “With all these allegations that they’re saying, where is the information to back it up?” “On,” Randy interjects. “You have bared everything on so the whole world can see your sexual lifestyle." “Is that true?” Dr. Phil asks Michele. “Do you have nude pictures on” “No, I do not have nude pictures,” she says. “I have pictures of me.” Dr. Phil addresses Randy. “You, I think it’s fairly clear, think this is a morally corrupt and unfit mother,” he says. “We’re trying to save those children from the harm she is causing to them in that household,” Randy says. “What is it that she’s doing to these children that is harmful?” Dr. Phil asks. “She exposes her children to sex and other sexual activities in front of her children,” Randy explains. "It's common knowledge," Cindy says, looking at Michele. "No, that is not common knowledge," Michele says. The women argue. Dr. Phil asks Cindy, “Do you want custody of the child?” “At this point, I want custody of Cristen,” says Cindy, who hasn't seen her granddaughter in three weeks. “Even though you’ve said [in the affidavit] that you would never do that?” Dr. Phil probes. “Even though. Things change,” Cindy says. “Things change because her household is 300 times worse than what it used to be,” Randy adds. Dr. Phil introduces renowned attorney and legal analyst Lauren Lake. “Isn’t it true that grandparents do have some right and some standing to go before the court and petition to have certain rights with the grandchild?” he asks. “Absolutely,” Lauren says. “Michele, despite your assertion that Cindy and Randy will never see Cristen again, that’s untrue, because grandparents do have rights. They can go to court. They can petition the court to see their grandchildren, because what courts recognize is that there’s a special bond between grandparent and grandchild, and often courts do award that visitation despite a parent’s objection.” She points out that the children are the ones who suffer when their parents and grandparents fight. “The burden of the court and the wisdom of the court is to determine who is a positive influence in a child’s life, who is toxic in a child’s life. And I can promise you that a bunch of name calling and finger pointing and angst among everybody is not in the best interest of the child,” Dr. Phil adds. To Randy he says, “Whether you like the morality that you perceive to be going on with this mother or not, she is the biological mother, and she does have the primary right. And if you want to have a relationship with that child, you need to learn to get along with this woman.” Dr. Phil asks Randy. “Do you honestly, in your heart of hearts, believe that [Michele] is going to injure your granddaughter?” “Yes,” he says. “Cristen has already been approached by friends of hers who have made sexual comments. Older children who have been at her house have pleaded with Cristen to take showers with them.” He explains that he and his wife are trying to get custody of Cristen as a preemptive strike against her being physically and emotionally harmed. "We're trying to to save Cristen's life." Dr. Phil asks Michele, "Has your daughter said these things, to your knowledge?" “Every time I turn around, this is new stuff,” Michele says. “They just called CPS and made allegations.” Among the allegations were that Michele was starving her daughter, and that she locks her in the closet to punish her. “Our P.D. and CPS went out and talked to my children and found all of this to be untrue,” she explains. “Do you have a revolving door with men coming in and out of your home?” Dr. Phil asks Michele. “Absolutely not,” she says. She asks her best friend, Tanya, who is sitting in the audience to back her up. “It’s absolutely disgusting. [Cindy and Randy] are constantly, constantly trying to bring her down, trying to get the children,” Tanya says to Dr. Phil. Interrupting Tanya, Randy raises his voice and says to her, “Cristen told us that you were osculating, kissing Michele in that household, exposing her to lesbianism.” A heated discussion ensues among the four guests. Michele says, “Come on Tanya, let’s go. This is absolutely ridiculous.” The two women walk offstage. Moving Forward Without Michele onstage, Dr. Phil speaks with Cindy and Randy. What do he and attorney Lauren Lake think of the grandparents' claims against Michele? “You two believe, for certain, that your granddaughter is in danger,” Dr. Phil says to Randy and Cindy. “Yes, adamantly,” Randy says. “She’s in physical danger as well,” Cindy adds. Dr. Phil asks them about Cristen’s older sister, Lexa. “Lexa’s in danger as well,” Cindy says, on the verge of tears. She explains that because Lexa is not their biological granddaughter, they cannot obtain custody of her. “Is your approach working?” Dr. Phil asks. Turning to Randy, he says, “I think a lot of what you say is so outrageous that it’s just non-credible." "We have people ready to talk to you to tell you the truth," Cindy says. “I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle. There’s her version, there’s your version and then there’s reality," Dr. Phil says. "At this point, the best possible outcome to this situation is to get you folks with a skilled and calm counselor to negotiate some kind of plan where you can stay in this child’s life.” He points out that if Randy and Cindy go to court and try to take custody away from Michele, they are going to have a hard time winning their case. Dr. Phil asks Lauren for her thoughts. “All of your allegations are unsubstantiated. This is problematic,” Lauren says. “What the court is going to look at is the best interest of the child. If you have two grandparents who continue to put children and to put families through court proceedings for no reason when their claims aren’t substantiated, you very well could be fighting the battle but losing the war ultimately, because you’re then going to make the court feel like, ‘Hey, maybe the grandparents' right to see these children isn’t that important because it is jeopardizing the happiness and well-being of the child, and also affecting the mother-to-child relationship, which the court is going to preserve at all costs.” Dr. Phil offers to provide the family with counseling, so the children can be put first. Michele's Moment Dr. Phil goes backstage to speak with Michele, who has escaped to a Dr. Phil dressing room. Without interruption from her ex-in-laws, she shares her side of the story. “I feel like every time I turn around I’m having to defend myself,” she says. “I brought court documentation to show what they have done to me from the beginning until current.” Dr. Phil assures Michele that he has read all the paperwork. “That’s why I read the affidavit onstage,” he points out. He asks her, “Are you a fit mother?” “I am a fit mother,” she says. “Do you provide well for both of your girls?” “Absolutely,” Michele says. “I don’t get a dime of child support. I take care of my children on my own, every single day.” “Are you subjecting either of your girls to unseemly, pervert-types who can wind up molesting them and harming them?” Dr. Phil probes. “No, no one comes into my home.” “Are you doing drugs?” “No, I’m not.” “If I were to provide some counsel — some family planners who would sit down and work these things out so these children could have a controlled, even supervised, relationship if necessary, with their grandparents — would you accept that counsel?” Dr. Phil asks. “Yes, I would,” Michele says. Dr. Phil offers to provide Michele and her daughters with counseling as well. “There is no resource I will not bring to bear to help support you as a mother and this family,” he says. “Thank you,” she says. “I have a hard time listening to these allegations and not getting upset about them.” “I don’t expect you to not get upset about it, but I do expect you, as the mother, to stand up and say, ‘That is not almost even right, and I will not be bullied by these people and what they say,’” Dr. Phil tells her. Michele agrees to accept the help. “The only way I want Cristen to be able to see her grandparents is supervised visitation, because I feel like every time she comes back, there is something that is toxic with Cristen having to deal with,” she says. At the end of the show, Dr. Phil addresses Cindy and Randy. “You understand she vehemently disagrees with everything that you guys allege,” he says. “I’ve got to tell you, I think some of the allegations you’re making, I think, frankly, are pretty reckless. You really want to tone down the rhetoric here.” He reminds them that if they want to see their granddaughter, they need to change their actions because what they're doing is not working. Randy shares his thoughts. "For the last seven or eight years that Michele's been in our family, I personally, I've always had compassion for her. I have never addressed her the way I did today. I have always gone out of my way to appease her, please her, so she can be a normal member of the family," he says. Dr. Phil reiterates his offer of professional help. Stop Fighting In Front of the Kids Fighting in front of your kids, says Dr. Phil, is nothing short of abuse. Read on before you make the decision to ever do it again. Children learn what they live. Stop and think about what you're teaching them. What goes through your mind when you do it? How do you justify doing this? Why do you think you're entitled to fight in front of your kids? You've got to look at this and say, "This ain't workin!" Stop justifying it. The kids are picking up the tab. You have a choice: either vent your impulse or love your children. Those are mutually exclusive. When you fight in front of your kids, you are putting your need to explode ahead of your kids' best interest and peace of mind. What are you fighting about? What's your goal when you call each other names? Is it worth trashing your children's harmony? Can you even remember what was so important last week that you were willing to trample over your children? What "victory" were you looking for? Is it worth it? Do you think your kids think it's worth it? There are important issues in every marriage that need to be discussed. Turn the volume down to deal with them. Stop being a "right-fighter." The kids don't care who's right. "They want you to shut up," says Dr. Phil. Don't say you can't control your anger. That's not true. It's that you don't control your anger. Have you had fights at your boss's house? At church? At a restaurant with friends? You don't do it when you can't. The only person you control is you. Choose to control your impulses
OK i seen this on my friend Mels Blog so I thought I would put I up and let everyone have some fun.... So you all know I made it out with all my hair (LOL) ... All the kids are going home with the moms and dads..We had a good time..Hugs N Kisses Queen Jelly 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s) ?: 4. Do you think I'm hot?: 5. Would you have sex with me?: 6. lights on or off?: 7. Would you have to be drunk?: 8. Would you take a shower with me?: 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me?: 10. Would you leave after or stay the night?: 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards?: 12. Condom or skin?: 13. Do you give Oral pleasures?: 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures?: 15. Have sex on the first date?: 16. Would you kiss me during sex?: 17. Do you think I would be good in bed?: 18. Three sum?: 19. Anal yes/no?: 20. How many times would you like to cum?: 21. Would you use me as a booty call?: 22. Do you like fore play?: 23. What is fore play to you?: 24. Can we take pictures of the act?: 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you
Hello everyone... I hope this fine everyone doing well? Things are going great here just busy with life...Busy with kids and watching kids for friends and family I can tell you I'm sure I will have any hair by the end of Friday cause I'm going to have (9) kids in my house today... A long time family friend name Valenda called me this week and ask me to watch the grand kids for her over night...Me being a nice person said yes cause everyone need time to them self.. So i will have Little Ms Teresa and Little Mr Braden...I'm so happy I was ask to watch them..I have had Teresa before and we had a blast a very good baby... This will be the first time I have had Braden so we will see how this one goes (LOL)... I'm told I'm going to have a my hand feel but that is ok with me cause I love taking care of everyone kids for them(LOL)... Well let see Beau is doing good working his ass off he has put in 43 hours in Three days..The week before that he put in almost 90 hours but that is cause he is do damn good and doesn't cry about this Job like some ppl do... Cassi is doing great she is love this new life she has going on with us and the kids.... Desarae is doing good in school busy like always learning new thing and make sure she help the other kid out in class she keep asking me when spring bearks is...So i ask her why she said so she can take a break from school i just had to LOL at her.... Saige is doing great he has been doing is own thing playing and going and seen Grandpa and Grandma...He keep asking when Desarae is going to be getting out of school so he can have someone to play with LOL But other then that he is doing great getting big as a weed... Tony is doing great just doing is thing..He is his doing better in school and wanting to change a lot of things... LITTLE Miss Things is loving all the kids that are around...She really like to pick on Saige... It is funny he would say before how he want a lil sister or brother now that he has one he is saying STOP IT LOL it have to love it I'm doing good have been go to the Dr and they are doing thing they need to do to make it all better... They have me on a lot of meds for the pain and thing like that...But things are going great We can't be a happier family..... I don't get on line much anymore but when i do i see how ppl have changes so much some for the best other for the worst but it is all good.... I was reading a blog about love that made me see that life is to short to play games with ppl... So if you have someone in your life that you don't talk to much anymore or just are to busy to see them you need to tell them how much you love them and care about them before you don't get to.... anyways all of this being said i need to go the store and get things done i hope everyone has a great week and weekend cause i know we are going to..... Hugs N Kisses Queen Jelly and Family
Hello everyone, I hope this fine everyone going well...Things are going good just been busy with life and kids...Let see beau was off last weekend and the kids was gone to Manda and Amy's house...So I went and got my hair done on Saturday Why Beau and Cassi was out doing there thing...We went bowling later that night and had a great time... IF YOU DON'T KNOW CASSI IS BEAUS GIRLFRIEND....She has a lil girl that is so cute...I will have to get pic up of all of us together...So now we have 5kids in are family and we couldn't be any happier with it...But anyways I need get off here and get things done with the kids that are at home...Hope everyone gets out and has a great day in this get weather that we are having.... Hugs N Kisses The Whittington Family PS... For those of you that have my space you can see my new pic on there
Hello everyone.... I guess i should jump on here and say thing are going good just been really busy with life... I have been watching my friends kids from the age of 2 to 6 so it has been very busy over here...Well let see we went out Saturday night for the 1st time in mths Beau got off about 6:00pm so we went to the bar for a lil bet with Cassi and Christy Had a great time i think Cassi and i will go out for a lil bet on Wednesday night not sure yet....I hope this find everyone doing well.. I need to close this and go and wash my car and get things done around the house that need to get done...bye bye to everyone Hugs N Kisses Queen Jelly
Hello everyone,I wanted to jump on here and let everyone know life is great... Busy with Kids and Family getting things around for Valentine's parties and helping in the school with popcorn parties they have on Fridays... So as you can tell not much has changed just busy with life.... I do go back to the Dr on February 21 @ 1:30pm to find out about having surgery..i cant wait for them to tell me yes so i can get over this pain i have been having.. i have had it for the last 5years... I have that Poly cystic Ovarian and i can say that SHIT hurts...The Dr said he doesn't see how i had kids because of my Uterus is to the left and it shouldn't be so he was sending me over to this New Dr to set up my surgery.. I will be putting some pic up with this blog that i have found on the net that has to do with this and also putting up some info about this so ppl will understand what it is... just wanted to stay Thanks to MY STEP MOM for taking the time to go with me that really mean alot to me...Anyways I hope everyone has a great weekend and week seen how i will be busy all this next week...Hugs N Kisses Queen Jelly It’s amazing how often we see women at our medical clinic with health issues that can be traced back to insulin resistance. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, is one such condition that we see with increasing frequency. PCOS affects about 10% of women worldwide and can occur at any age before menopause. It can often go undiagnosed for months, because its symptoms overlap with so many other women’s health concerns. PCOS itself is not a disease and no one is sure yet what causes it in the first place. Women with PCOS have ovaries that create an abundance of follicles each month without producing an egg. PCOS can contribute to irregular periods, depression, excessive weight gain (despite diet and exercise efforts), acne, and excess facial hair. It is also a common cause of infertility. PCOS is often temporary. We see it in girls going through puberty (when their ovaries are trying to set a regular menstrual pattern) and during the transition years of perimenopause. It usually goes hand-in-hand with insulin resistance. We find that PCOS responds well to a program of natural support that restores hormonal balance, especially the dietary changes we recommend for women with insulin resistance. What is PCOS? Understanding PCOS is easier if one tries to picture what goes on inside our ovaries every month. (For more on monthly cycles, please refer to our article on menstruation, where you will also find links to information on irregular periods.) Each month our ovaries begin to ripen a number of follicles. You may be surprised to hear that normal follicles are cysts in that they are pockets of tissue filled with benign fluid and hormones, mostly estrogen. The amount of immature follicles changes with each cycle— but during normal times, one or two follicles grow stronger than the others and produce an egg. When we ovulate, the egg in the dominant follicle pops out and flows into the fallopian tube on its way to the uterus. This event triggers a host of hormonal secretions, one of which is progesterone, that will plump up the uterus to support a pregnancy if the egg is fertilized or a normal monthly period if it is not. Polycystic ovaries When ovaries become polycystic they create a lot of follicles that form like a pearl necklace on the ovaries. No one follicle becomes dominant and ovulation can’t occur. For the most part, these multiple ovarian cysts are not dangerous in themselves—unlike larger ovarian cysts that cause pain and can rupture. But they do bring with them a range of uncomfortable side effects. Because a woman with PCOS doesn’t ovulate, her natural sequence of hormonal events gets interrupted, her levels of estrogen and androgens (testosterone and DHEA) remain high, and her body reacts with symptoms. What are the symptoms of PCOS? The most common symptoms of PCOS are an irregular period, infertility, increased hair growth and unusual weight gain, even with dieting or increased exercise. Women with PCOS will often go for months without a period and then start bleeding heavily for days. This occurs when the uterine lining has gotten too thick and the body must naturally shed it. Because PCOS disrupts ovulation it can be very difficult to become pregnant. Other signs of PCOS include acne, high blood pressure, obesity, and abnormal facial and body hair growth (due to too much testosterone). One of the less recognizable symptoms of PCOS is depression, which can be misread as a bipolar illness. While depression stems from many factors, we think it is always a good idea to consider PCOS if patients have other symptoms. In some medical practices antidepressants are prescribed which do not alleviate the underlying issues and therefore are not very helpful. PCOS and insulin resistance Another telltale symptom of PCOS is steady, significant weight gain — even with reduced caloric intake. Some women report that they’re gaining weight no matter what they do. It’s not unusual for patients with PCOS to tell me they’ve recently gained 60 or more pounds in less than a year despite dieting all the time and exercise. This weight usually accumulates around their middle. Why do women with PCOS gain weight at such alarming rates? The research is showing that PCOS is strongly linked with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance — a condition some people get by eating too many carbohydrates — leads to sustained high levels of insulin in the bloodstream. It is possible that this extra insulin hitches into the receptors lining the ovary and stimulates cyst production. This is an issue that should be monitored because women with insulin resistance have a much higher risk of developing other serious health problems, like diabetes. On the bright side, women with insulin resistance and PCOS respond very well to modifications in their diet, adding nutritional supplements, and beginning an exercise program. We’ve found that our patients often get normal periods as their insulin levels normalize. Should I see a doctor if I think I have PCOS? If any of these symptoms describe what you’ve been feeling, it’s important to see your healthcare practitioner. If I suspect PCOS in a woman I will do a complete evaluation, including checking for insulin resistance. This work-up includes a physical examination, a fasting lipid profile, a glucose test, hormone levels, and an insulin test (before and two hours after a high-carbohydrate meal). A blood sample is very informative for testing elevated thyroid and prolactin levels. If these tests come up positive, I also look for an altered FSH to LH ratio and increased levels of androgens. Occasionally I will suggest a pelvic ultrasound. It can be possible to see the pearl-necklace pattern of cysts on some women’s ovaries. If there is any abdominal pain or pressure around the ovaries, an evaluation is certainly necessary. In most cases a woman will be monitored on a regular basis to make sure her cysts are not at risk for rupture. If a patient has been trying to get pregnant for more than a year, I usually refer her to a fertility specialist, especially if she is over the age of 35. Ovulation stimulants, like Clomid, can be helpful for many would-be moms who have PCOS. When a non-menopausal woman skips a period for more than four months, pregnancy should be considered. Having regular menstrual periods is important to prevent osteoporosis and maintain the protective effects of estrogen. Occasionally a woman with PCOS will simply not get her period. If she is not pregnant, I advise stimulating a period after four months with the use of Provera, Aygestin or micronized progesterone (a bioidentical hormone). This protects the lining of the uterus from becoming too thick or unusual. What is the treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? Traditionally, doctors have overlooked PCOS unless it was diagnosed relative to infertility or irregular bleeding. If diagnosed, it was and often still is commonly treated with birth control pills. The Pill lessens the symptoms of PCOS by short-circuiting ovulation and giving the ovaries a rest from follicle production. This is always an option for women looking to avoid pregnancy. Testosterone levels will go down on the Pill and it is good for regulating cycles but it won’t address the basic issue of insulin resistance. Some doctors are now prescribing a diabetes drug, Glucophage, for blood sugar control but in my experience if a woman with PCOS doesn’t attend to some of her lifestyle choices — such as adhering to a PCOS diet — her ovaries become polycystic again when she goes off either pill. This is particularly irksome for women trying to get pregnant. At our medical practice, we treat PCOS with a combination approach, whether it is a chronic or a temporary condition of perimenopause. We’ve helped countless women reduce their polycystic ovaries through nutritional supplements, progesterone cream, enriched nutrition and regular exercise. (This support is available at-home through our Personal Program.) This combination approach is an effective way to start bringing the body back into hormonal balance. Our progesterone cream is an especially good way to bring on a regular monthly period. Applying the cream at Day 14 for two weeks introduces this essential hormone back into the body at the right time during a cycle. In a menstruating woman, ovaries produce progesterone after ovulation. Eventually the body catches on to this rhythm and begins to cycle on its own, thereby reducing the presence of cysts. If you have PCOS or think you do, I hope that you will take heart in realizing there are many things you can do to alleviate your symptoms naturally, without drugs. Like any condition related to hormone imbalance, taking the right steps to improve your lifestyle and nutrition will do wonders to restore your well-deserved good health. If you would like to arrange a phone consultation, or to become a patient of our medical clinic, call 1-800-340-5382. Office hours are 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday. Our Personal Program offers the nutritional supplements, progesterone cream and dietary guidance we recommend to support hormonal balance and therefore relieve PCOS. It's an excellent foundation. In the Program you also have the option of nurse-educator consultations for individual guidance. Call us toll-free at 1-800-808-0849. Further reading To learn more about PCOS, we suggest the following books, all of which contain practical insight and information: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, by Christiane Northrup, MD. Dr. Northrup was a co-founder of Women to Women. The Schwarzbein Principle, by Diana Schwarzbein, MD. The Whole Person Fertility Program, by Niravi B. Payne. What to Do When the Doctor Says It's PCOS, by Milton Hammerly & Cheryl Kimball.
Wow it has been sometime for this but i guess i will drop A line or two... life it going good busy as always... I have been doing alot of thinking... I and think it is time for me to be a very open person with everyone.. I know there is alot of you out there that are still mad at me and I really don't care there is alot of you that need to get over yourself and let the shit go.. I was always told if you don't like something tell them what you think.. So from now on ppl are going to start seen what is on my mind more... A lot of ppl out there need to look and see what is on your DOOR STEP befor you start putting your 2cents in on it then you need to set back and let other person or persons handle there own stuff not you try to be in on it... cause i tell you there is a lot of ppl out there that has done that and is still doing it.. if it doesn't go there way then they willn't talk to you anymore and i think that is bullshit.. but that is just me... I was at my friend house over the weekend and i was watching a show that made me see it doesn't matter what you have to say just say it and if it upset someone then that is on them not you....... cause there need to be more opened mind person..... IF you want to be the drama whore then so be it cause god know there is one in every race and yes i said race cause if you stop and look at it there is Black niggers and there is also White niggers... so deal with it and move on.... As many of you know i took my blog to where now one could see it and I'm going to be changing it for the whole world to see it...... you can try and us what you want on me.... But it is not going to work anymore life it to short for the bullshit that is not need... There need to be more ppl out here the are understand and keep to them self's...... So if there is something you want to say to me PLEASE do cause there is a saying "Sticks and Stone May Break my Bones But Name Will Never Hurt Me..." so if you feel the need to say things like that then so be it...... I'm a better person without you in my life or around my family... I want to say Thanks to the friend and family i have out there that have told me over the years for me to be a better person then others.... When i was growing up I had both parents and i was very thankful for them being there... There was a time in my life and i had know one but myself...I had a person tell me that i have to start telling ppl how I feel and yes i have done that... but from now on i well come to this person or persons and tell you just what I'm think about you and go on... So if you see things on my page that upset you...... Please come to me and say "Hey we need to talk if that mean you call or pm Please do" I'm not on much anymore Cause my family is more important to me then the net ....and Just May Be other ppl will open there eye and see this one of those days but I'm think for many of you it is to late... But that is on you when your children are grow up and you have miss there whole life.. and they are getting married before you know it... anyways i guess i need to get off my soap box and let someone else us it.... LOL..... ANYWAYS I WANT TO SAY SORRY TO THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS I HAVE HURT OVER THE LAST YEARS THIS YEAR WILL BE A BETTER....SO PLEASE SAY WHAT IS ON YOU MIND WITH PPL DON'T HOLD IT IN ANYMORE THANK YOU AGAIN..... HUGS N KISSES QUEEN JELLY


Wow i cant believe that spring is almost here we have Three days tell Groundhog day then we will see if we have 6 more weeks of winter or not... but i say that is bull if you ask me we have 6 more weeks of winter no matter what they damn things sees lol... anyways Life has been busy i don't get on much but when i do it is to see what is going on my space and my cherry tap that is about all i do anymore beside Working around here and baby set for my friend Robin.. I have been getting things around for my lil girl she is going to start playing soccer this fall season they start soon on that one so i have been getting things around for that... Beau is doing great just been working is lil ass off.. Saige is Saige he is busy learn about animals and playing... other then that we are busy around here i hope everyone is doing well out there.. I better get off here and get things done for dinner I hope everyone has a great week and weekend we are going to the city for the weekend so i will see everyone next time I'm on hugs to all my friends and family ~Queen Jelly~
I don't understand some ppl in this world they say they don't want anything to do with someone but the keep going to there pages to see what is going on with them... OMFG it is called get a fucking life ppl and stop missing with other that have made changes in there life for the better..I don't care for you or you family anymore I just want you to stop fucking with my family and my friends they don't need your nasty ass or want your nasty ass fucking with them i haven't said anything to anyone or care to for matter if you would take the time to read the pic that is on my cherry profile it tell you to fuck off pretty take what I'm saying and get a that has been said i hope everyone has a great week cause I'm know mine is going to be really busy Hugs n Kisses to my friend and family out there Jill aka Jelly
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