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Ow. Will you let go..Ouch..” a voice hollered struggling against a pale man, who held both his arms behind his back and was busy winding rope around them. “I think your tying it too tight.” A dark haired boy remarked watching the two young men struggle with each other. “Shut up weasel this has nothing to do with the likes of you.” The elf rebuked cuffing the boy quickly round the back of the head, with his free hand before he retreated it back to tying the knot. “He’s right though.” A dark skinned youthful looking man remarked, his hands would be the ones being tied, and he struggled with all his might as it was done. “Stop squirming or I’ll pull it tighter.” The elf warned, and the drow gave up, surrendering his arms to being tied, and then, his mouth being gagged by a piece of cloth, which in disgust he had tried to avoid many times, but eventually with two others holding his head, they had managed to gag the unruly drow. He pushed the drow into the hands of two burly men, both with the pointed ears, and pale skin and hair of the elves; they both had muscles way beyond any other men around here. “Rough him up a bit lads, he needs to be taught a lesson.” The elf from before remarked, he had a long pointed nose and angular features like the rest of the elves, but the maturing boy before him, had long black hair and golden eyes, his features were softer, and it was obvious he was not one of the elder, nor one ranking very high. “Don’t hurt him too much..” the young elf remarked frowning as he watched the men punch and kick at the drow, even with tied hands however, the drow remained a worthy opponent, until one of the large elves, named Mullion dropped across the drow, Renn’s shoulders. They both went down like a lead weight, though Renn remained underneath the hefty man, as he stared up, heaving and panting into the gag as he tried to get up. As the elves body squashed the breath out of the drow’s lungs he punched the drow in the face repetitively until blood pooled from his nose, mouth and his eyes and left side of his face was black and blue – even for a drow. The younger, long dark haired elf ran over and pulled at the large man’s shoulders, his bullion eyes boring holes into the massive man’s back. “Stop Mullion, your hurting him.” He cried softly. “Isn’t that the point Taled?” Mullion questioned as he moved away from straddling the drow. “He’s just being a fool again. You can’t help him Taled. He’s a drow; he’d rip your eyes out before you even knew about it.” The other large, fair haired elf remarked, Taled knew him as Oral. Taled shook his head and tilted it to the side. “Your not supposed to kill him.” Taled groaned, sitting down beside the drow and patting the young dark skinned man on the shoulder. “He’s not dead, just unconscious.” Mullion replied as Taled pressed his pointed ears against Renn’s chest. “Just leave him. He’ll have to learn the hard way.” Oral remarked, striding away from the other four, leaving Mullion, Renn, the high elf, and the younger Taled, in a group, whilst the other men around them made camp. “Get him fastened to a tree.” The high elf instructed, and Mullion slung the light weight drow over his shoulder and carried him towards a rather large oak tree, standing just on the edge of their camping area. There were about twenty odd elves camping out here, as the war raged on. Many were injured, some mourning, others were simply those who had been forced to retreat from the western boarders as the drows became too many. Renn was the only drow, who they had managed to catch, though he was on their side of the borders, not in the fight, not even armed, though he was a drow alright. “Go away Taled.” Mullion commented in an annoyed tone as Taled insisted on making sure none of the ropes were too tight, they secured the drow tightly to the tree, his arms still behind his back, the gag still firmly in his mouth, his ankles and knees were now pinned together and a length of rope ran over his torso securing his body to the tree. “But…” Taled started, fumbling with his hands before disappearing in a childish sulk. He strode off into one of the smallish tents, ignoring anyone who tried to talk to him, his arms tightly folded over his chest. Mullion checked his knots before dispersing as well off to go and find Oral somewhere It was a while before Renn came round, his eyes fuzzy with purple dots he tossed his head sideways removing black bangs from his face, replacing them with a headache instead. One of his eyes was swollen shut, covered in a discolouring bruise. The rest of his body was battered alike, but there were no broken bones, and the blood had stopped pooling from the wounds. Taled, knowingly, didn’t keep himself away for long, and he returned to the drow quietly, he pried the gag from the drow’s mouth, only to have it retorted with spittle in his face. He rubbed it away and knelt in front of the drow he brought out a pot of warm water and a piece of clean cloth. Dipping it into the lavender scented water Taled gently ran it over the other’s eye. Renn turned his head away, if there were anything worse than being beaten and captured by elves, it was being healed by them, and by no more than a fledgling as well. “Go away.” Renn spat, biting out at the boy’s fingers. Taled shook his head. “No, this will help. Stop moving.” Taled insisted pressing is fingers to the drow’s swollen eye, patting it tenderly with the cloth. When he was done he sat down, and cleaned up the rest of the drow’s face, where the blood had dried, and Renn was slightly thankful, but not enough to actually voice any thanks. “They look a bit tight.” Taled remarked, eyeing the knots and bindings that Mullion had fastened. “Are you all right?” he spoke again when the drow did not reply. He parted his pale lips again to speak before Renn beat him to it, to Taled’s surprise the drow’s voice was not icy, even if it did hold a mocking tone. “Your really annoying you know that?” Renn asked frowning deeply at Taled. Taled shrugged. Everyone told him he was annoying, maybe he was, but not in his own eyes, he just wanted to help out, that’s all, and he didn’t like seeing people hurt badly, especially not when he possibly could have a hand in making it better. Renn talked no more to Taled and the boy disappeared with the lack of responses he got from his questions. Taled returned a few more times that evening, with food and water for Renn, though he did not eat any of the food, not even when Taled offered to unbind him so he could eat and drink better. Taled soon retired to sit by the fire and curled up into a ball, hiding his head in the crook of his arm and sleeping peacefully throughout the night, unlike Renn. Renn did sleep, but it was on and off, and he was woken up by the throbbing in his head each time, at one point he had cried out in anguish and woken Taled, and a few guards, who had all charged like a bull in the china shop, coming to see what had happened. Fortunately Taled was the first one there, and he knelt down in front of Renn and pressed his first two forefingers to the drow’s lips to keep him quiet, as the guards settled back down. “What’s the matter?” Taled asked concerned, looking over Renn’s face critically. “Nothing. Leave me alone.” He replied shortly. “You screamed.” Taled informed him, wondering how he could not remember or know that he hadn’t. “Did I?” he asked curtly, looking up slowly at the young elf. “Yes, you nearly woke the whole camp. What’s wrong?” “I just ache that’s all, moved a bit too much.” Taled couldn’t help wonder how the drow moved at all trussed up like that. Taled moved a little and traipsed around the tree, he unfastened the bindings that held Renn to the tree, with a little help from a twisting Renn, who was trying to see what was going on. Taled soon was back round the front with his small dagger, and he cut the rest of the thongs tying Renn up. “You can’t.” Renn warned, was he feeling concern for the boy? Did he think he would get the boy into trouble? Renn started to get up but was interrupted, amongst the stabbing pain in his head by Taled talking softly, his whisper could be heard clearly by Renn. “Don’t run. Please…they’ll skin me alive if you do.” Taled pleaded with the drow and finally got Renn to settle back down, sitting up against the tree quietly. “All right. I won’t run, but you don’t let them tie me up again.” Taled nodded in agreement to the proposition, though he did not know if he could carry it out, he knew he would try his best all the same to fulfil it. “What is your name?” Taled enquired, deciding that he would not get any sleep, and he would have to watch Renn anyway. “Renn. You?” Taled was shocked to say the least that the drow had answered and even asked a question in return, despite how short the answer was. “Taled. You’re a drow aren’t you?” Taled asked, tilting his head to the side. “Good observation kid.” Renn replied smiling briefly in the darkness. It was hard to see him, with so much darkness about, but Renn knew where Taled was, his golden eyes glowed like little gems in the moonlight. “Why weren’t you fighting?” Taled asked frowning, though he was met by Renn’s crimson eyes and a dark, but confused look. “I don’t quite understand.” He admitted, fighting who or where and when? He couldn’t exactly fight now could he? “With your people, Meerith said, that there were drows fighting elves on the western borders, but you were found in the forest, nearer the south, on your own with no weapons.” “I don’t want to fight really. I am in the drows’ service, but that’s not my job really. Though they will come looking for me if that’s what you mean.” Renn added thoughtfully, shifting his head a little. “They will come here?” Taled asked, his eyes widening in fright. “Of course, they’ll come to save me. Why wouldn’t they?” “They don’t know where we are.” Taled objected, turning his head to the side, looking out into the darkness in slight fear. “Of course they do. We aren’t that stupid you know kid.” Renn replied scowling at the boy’s lack of brain and or common sense. “But…when?” Taled asked, looking at his hands, that he rung together slowly. “Two days, maybe tomorrow…” “But they will kill everyone, what will happen to us?” “Captured or killed.” “Renn…” the boy whispered quietly as he looked into the drow’s crimson eyes in fear, a hand clasped over his shoulder and a shadow loomed up the bark of the tree. Biting his lip Taled closed his eyes and turned around slowly. A gasp left his pale lips as Taled stared up at a burly blonde haired figure… “Mullion! You gave me a fright.” “Taled, what’s he doing untied, I’ll have to..” Mullion stepped forward and collected the strands of rope. Taled jumped up and pulled at his arms. “No Mullion, please. Leave it.” Taled rebuked moving and shaking his head, standing before Renn, trying to stop him. “Taled, you’ll be flogged for this or worse, it’s treasonous.” Taled just shrugged in reply and huffed loudly. “I don’t want him to get hurt, he’s done nothing wrong. I just want to help.” Taled whined leaning against Mullion’s large frame, and Mullion embraced the young elfling quietly. “Shush…come on Taled, they’ll skin you if you try and stop them from doing there job, he may be all right, but hes a drow. You remember when we were on the western borders?” Taled pulled away and nodded, running his sleeve over his nose and eyes. “Yes..?” “You remember all those dead bodies that we buried, and all those others that he tried to save from dying, a-and that little half elf ?” Taled nodded and frowned. “I remember…but he died…” “Yes…but we didn’t kill him, the drow’s did, and they would give you no mercy if you were their captive, would they?” “No but…I…” Taled stuttered, looking at Renn and then back at Mullion, he knew the drows killed all those people, but he felt bad, for all this hurt coming to him, and it wasn’t fair. “And you know the half elf, he’s still alive, because of us saving him from the drow’s torture. You know what he is like now. We aren’t going to torture this man, but we can’t let him go or who knows what will happen. Understand?” Mullion asked and Taled nodded, moving aside so that Mullion could get to Renn with the ropes. Renn jumped up and held out his hands. “Taled, you promised you wouldn’t let them…why?” Renn asked, scowling as Mullion came near him, despite the pain he was in he aimed a punch at Mullion’s face and the elf bawled before punching twice into Renn’s gut, causing him to retch and heave. Taled stood silently by, his dagger in his hand held loosely, still from after cutting the ropes. Unfortunately, Renn spotted it and circled around, shoving Taled to the floor, taking his knife and standing in front of Mullion, who had his own sword in his hand, it’s jagged edge present. “Don’t!” Taled yelped, looking around for aid, but there was no one there, and he cursed under his breath in elvish. Renn moved forward and Mullion made a slash, he caught Renn’s head under his arm as Renn ducked from the blow and had him tightly held in a head lock. Renn stabbed his dagger into Mullion’s lower leg, and the man cried out in anguish and let go, moving to hold his leg, just as Renn was coming up. Renn’s dagger wen’t for the man’s arm, to disable his sword, but as he moved to clutch his leg wound, Renn’s dagger angled into the large man’s chest and sunk deep into the flesh as Renn got up from the head long collision. Renn backed away, leaving the dagger embedded in the man’s chest. The sun crept over the hills in the backdrop as Mullion stared at the wound. Taled ran forward, as Mullion crashed to the ground, his face paled quickly and Renn ran over to the large man, his bloodied hands resting against his legs as he knelt down. Tears brimmed Taled’s eyes as he stared at Mullion, and then glared at Renn. “He’s dead..” Renn murmured under his breath as Taled slumped over Mullion’s body, heaving slightly. The camp was just starting to wake up. People moved in their tents and several people surrounded the dead Mullion, and two other elves dragged Renn to his feet and punched him in the face and gut repetitively. “Please…” Renn stammered as he watched Taled run away, into one of his tents as Mullion’s body was moved into another area of the forest, to be lain down and covered with leaves. Many were readying carts, no one seemed to feel Mullion’s death a large blow, save Renn, and most of those blows were not in guilt but aimed right at his face as he was beaten. They were making him pay for his sin. He had not meant any ill to the man, despite Mullion being the one to truss him up earlier, the big guy seemed to have had a soft spot, and if he could do it again, he would not have killed him, but rather died instead. ----========---- “Taled?” a pale hand shook Taled’s shoulder and he pulled his head up from his arms and sighed a little, he rubbed his eyes and looked up at a curly blonde haired boy, a little younger than himself. “What’s wrong?” he asked quietly as he pushed a little of Taled’s hair from the Taled’s face. “Mullion…he’s dead...” Taled whimpered and the younger boy hugged Taled slowly and nuzzled against his chest, a few tears dampening Taled’s tunic before Taled spoke a few soft words. “Don’t worry little cousin. He’ll go to heaven, like your Ma…Remember the stories about the angels that I told you?” “Nnn.” The blonde haired boy nodded a little and rubbed his tears away on the shoulder of Taled’s tunic. “Well, he’ll be with them, and with your Ma, and my Sister too. He will be happy, and if you ever want to speak to him, you remember what I told you?” Taled cooed softly. “To look up into the stars and wish you were talking to them…is that right Tal?” Meer asked, turning pretty blue eyes up to look into Taled’s golden ones. “Yes Meer, that’s right.” Taled ran a hand through his cousin’s hair and sighed. Meer had been very close to Mullion; they always used to stick together ever since Meer’s Ma passed away in the raid. Bless the kid, I hope they don’t hurt Renn too much, he’s not all bad, I don’t think Taled thought dryly as he stroked through Meer’s soft curls before shifting the skinny boy and starting to pack up their things. Pushing their belongings into two small shoulder bags, Taled shoved one over his shoulder and handed the other to his cousin Meer, who took the bag in between his fingers and pushed it onto his left shoulder before looking up at Taled innocently. Taled grinned and took the younger boy’s hand and smiled a little. Taled had always looked after his cousins ever since their Ma died and their Pa left. Cerris and Meer, Cerris was always getting into mischief, and not doing as he was told, but Meer was the cute one, the one that was never over looked, and if you look at it in many ways there was a lot of sibling rivalry, but Taled loves them both to bits, he just knows he can rely on Meer for a good hug and a cheering up session, but rely on Cerris to run off and want to be alone. Meer was the sweeter of the two, but he was more gullible also, in a good way though. Meer could be bent with stories about heaven and angels, but Cerris couldn’t. “TALED GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!!” Taled blinked at the bellowing voice and cringed slightly dashing out of the tent before patting Meer on the back. “Go find your brother.” He whispered as Meer skipped off, and Taled looked around and found the high elf, scowling at him deeply, he flushed before striding over. “What in heavens name did you think you were doing..” “Sir?” Taled questioned, not having an idea what you were talking about. “Untying the drow.” “Sorry sir, I…he promised me he wouldn’t run and he didn’t, don’t hurt him, but he, and I, I said I wouldn’t let him get tied up again, so he would be a willing prisoner, but…Mullion came over and…he wanted to tie him again, and Renn got upset.” “Renn?” “That’s his name Sir… The drow’s name is Renn.” “He doesn’t have a name Taled, now shut up and get moving, we’ve been waiting to clear your tent for ages.” “Sorry Sir, I had to pack Meer and Cerris’s things.” Taled objected, as he looked around at the lined up men on horses and the carts of packs. He slung his own onto the back one looking up only to find Renn crammed into a miniscule cage, his hands were tied behind him, and he was gagged. Taled felt a shiver run down his spine and he rubbed his forehead before mouthing ‘sorry’ just before Meer appeared. Meer put his pack onto the back of the cart and sat up on the back of the ledge that over hanged before the packs could be secured in, with the wedge so that they would not tumble over the back. Meer grinned at Taled and Taled smiled a little. Cerris soon came up, his hands in his pockets. Cerris was a skinny boy, smaller than Meer, he was a little taller in height, but way shorter than Taled, who was rather lanky in comparison. Cerris had a thin waist, and bony arms and legs, he had blue hued hair that ran into crimson nearer the bottom, he had fashioned it into a braid down his back. He looked to Taled and shrugged a little as Taled came over, most probably to scorn him as usual. Taled just smiled. “You okay?” Cerris shrugged. He was not much of a talker, ever since his Ma died. “Well, you can hop on the back, with Meer.” He offered, and Cerris climbed up but Meer jumped down and took Taled’s hand. Apparently he wanted to walk, and he soon informed Taled of that as they started on their way. Cerris sat intently forward, watching the approaching scenery frowning. He looked into the cage a few times at the drow, who kept making strange noises through the cloth around his mouth. Cerris outstretched a hand into the cage, but Renn backed away, his eyes widening and Cerris shrugged indifferently, as if to say ‘fine then, be like that’. Which would be something Cerris would say. Renn shifted slightly against Cerris’s hand, trying to remove the gag from his mouth by leavering it against Cerris pale finger. Cerris turned and hooked his fingers under the material and pulled it from the drow’s mouth, moving his hand a little more forward as Renn jumped out and bit at Cerris’s finger, and with his sharp fangs he dug into the pale and tender flesh. Cerris jumped and withdrew his hand suckling his bleeding finger. Ouch. “I’m sorry.” Renn apologized. He was turning into a monster. He closed his eyes and leant his head against the side of the cage, pnting a little in agony. “You killed Mullion.” “It was an accident.” “You still killed him.” “I know, and I am sorry.” “Your never sorry. No one is ever sorry.” “Please…I am sorry. I never killed before, I’ve never wanted to.” Cerris adjusted the bands about his arms and leaned on his elbows. “They’ll kill you, you know.” “Yes. I do.” “Aren’t you scared?” “Too hurt to be scared. Why do you care?” “I don’t.” Cerris spat back.
Submissive (BDSM) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In human sexual behavior, a submissive is one who enjoys having any of a variety of BDSM practices performed upon them by a "Dominant"; or one who holds a submissive position within a relationship based upon dominance and submission (Ds or D/s). This enjoyment can spring from a simple desire for submission or an enjoyment of the interplay of wills involved in such a scenario. A submissive is also referred to as a 'sub', where the dominant in a D/s relationship is the 'Dom.' The main difference between a submissive and a bottom is that the submissive ostensibly does not give instructions, although s/he does set limits on what the Dominant can do. There are also indications that submissives substantially outnumber Dominants[citation needed], in both males and females. Professional Dominants provide stimulatory services (which may or may not include sex) for those unable to find a compatible partner for this activity. In many BDSM communities, there is a distinction between a submissive and a slave. In this context, a slave's goal is surrender and obedience. In contrast, a submissive tends to expect some gratification in return for his or her submission. Dominant (BDSM) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search In human sexual behavior, a dominant is one who enjoys performing any of a variety of BDSM practices upon a submissive; or one who holds a dominant position within a relationship based upon dominance and submission (DS). This enjoyment can spring from a simple desire for dominance or an enjoyment of the interplay of wills involved in such a scenario. A male dominant is often called a Dom; a female, a Domme or dominatrix. The main difference between a dominant and a top is that the dominant ostensibly does not follow instructions, although s/he is limited by what the submissive is willing to do. There are some indications that preference in D/s activities follows a 'compensatory' pattern, with people who have much power and responsibility in real life often preferring a submissive role; no hard scientific data to either confirm or reject this hypothesis seem to exist, however. There are also indications that submissives substantially outnumber dominants, in both males and females. Professional dominants provide stimulatory services (which may or may not include sex) for those unable to find a compatible partner for this activity.
a slave ... ... is an individual born with a slave spirit. No one can make an individual have this spirit; nothing can be done to create this state in an individual's being. No one trying hard or wishing for this sense of spirit can develop it within themselves, and no Master can cause it to occur. A slave is an extraordinary human being who is born with this slave spirit _ as much as they are born to breathe, or to have gifted talents like design or music. A slave is extraordinary, rare _ and most often confused until they discover their slave spirit heart. Most slaves wander through life feeling unfulfilled _ as if they have a "dark hole" in their spirit _ a hole that can be temporarily filled with an abundance of sex, work, addictive behavior or other whole-life-consuming factors. Slaves often have a sense of the spiritual (some become clergy), but feel this sense of spiritual awareness to be disconnected from their desire for a Mastery/slavery relationship. A slave has a right to feel joy and pride in their slavery and in service to a Master. In their confusion, many slaves interpret Dominance as Mastery; SM as completion; or fetish focus as the fulfillment of the "dark hole" in their spirit. Many can find enough fulfillment in these areas to develop a sense of "wholeness" (often a quiet longing exists; although for what, the slave doesn't know). Heart of slave can be actualized only when the spiritual journey occurs that connects this "dark hole" in the spirit, first to the whole spirit, and then to the universe. It is a process of a painful and trusting leap of faith that causes this connectedness to occur _ a truly spiritual journey. Heart of slave can only be complete in service to a Master and it is within this service that the spiritual journey occurs. slavery is not about a "hard dick or clit experience," although hard dicks and clits happen and are enjoyed. to be a slave it is more then sex it is a life style you choose a need that you have inside to serve to please just as the Master has the needs to be
The outright non-submissive masochist or kinky sensualist Not into servitude, humiliation or giving up of control; just pain and/or spiced-up sensuality, on the masochist's own terms for the masochist's own pleasure (ie: being turned on solely or mainly by one's own bodily sensations, rather than being turned on by being "used" to gratify one's partner's sadism). Pseudo-submissive non-slave Not into even playing "slave", but into other "submissive" role-playing, e.g.: schoolteacher scenes, infantilism, "forced" transvestism. Usually into humiliation, but NOT into servitude, even in play. Dictates the scene to a large degree. Pseudo-submissive PLAY slave Likes to play at being slave. Likes to *feel* subservient; may in some cases like to *feel* that one is being "used" to gratify one's partner's sadism; and may even really serve the dominant in some ways, but only on the "slave's" own terms. Dictates the scene to a large degree; often fetishistic (e.g. foot worshippers). True submissive non-slave Really gives up control (though only temporarily and within agreed upon limits), but gets his/her main satisfaction from aspects of submission *other than* serving or being used by the dominant. Usually turned on by suspense, vulnerability, and/or giving up of responsibility. Doesn't dictate the scene except in very general terms, but still seeks mainly her/his own *direct* pleasure (rather than getting one's pleasure mainly from pleasing the dominant). True submissive PLAY slave Really gives up control (though only temporarily; only during brief "scenes" and within limits) and gets his/her main satisfaction from serving and being used by the dominant - but only for FUN purposes, usually erotic. (May or may not be into pain, but if so, is turned on by pain *indirectly*, ie: enjoys being the objects of one's partner's sadism, on which the submissive places few requirements or restrictions. Uncommitted short-term but more-than-play semi-slave Really gives up control (though usually within limits); wants to serve and be used by the dominant; wants to provide practical/non-erotic as well as fun/ erotic services; but only when the "slave" is in the mood. May even act as a full-time slave for, say, several days at a time, but is free to quit at any time (or at the end of the agreed upon several days). May or may not have a long-term relationship with one's Mistress/Master, but, either way, the "slave" has the final say over when he or she will serve. Part-time consensual but REAL slave Has ongoing commitment to an owner/slave relationship, and regards oneself as the Mistress'/Master's "property" at all times. Wants to obey and please her/him in all aspects of life - practical/non-erotic as well as fun/erotic. Devotes most of one's time to other commitments (eg: job) but the Mistress/Master has first pick of the slave's free time. Full-time live-in consensual slave Within no more than a few broad limits/requirements, the slave regards herself/ himself as existing solely for the Mistress'/Master's use, pleasure and well- being. The slave in turn expects to be regarded as a prized possession. Not much different from the situation of the traditional housewife, except that within the S/M world the slave's position is more likely to be fully consensual, especially if the slave is male (since men certainly aren't socially pressured into this kind of lifestyle). Within the S/M world, a full-time "slave" arrangement is entered into with an explicit awareness of the magnitude of power that is being given up, and hence is usually entered into much more carefully, with more awareness of the possible dangers, and with much clearer and more specific agreements than usually precede the traditional marriage. Consensual total slave with no limits A common fantasy ideal which probably doesn't exist in real life (except in authoritarian religious cults and other situations where the "consent" is induced by brainwashing and/or social or economic pressures, and hence isn't fully consensual). A few S/M purists will insist that you aren't really a slave unless you're willing to do absolutely *anything* for your Mistress/Master, with no limits at all. There are a few who claim to be no-limits slaves, but in all cases it would be reasonable to doubt the claim.
[Domination] is the desire to exert control over a consenting partner for the purpose of mutual gratification. First, you should know that there is no "right" way to be a dominant. How you express your domination is as individual as your fingerprints. You may choose to be strict and demanding, gentle and nurturing, or any combination in between. One style isn't better than another. Domination is an extension of your unique personality. I remember when I first began exploring domination. I had some vague notion about what it was but no real information. From what I observed in others, I came to the conclusion that I was supposed to be haughty, uncaring, selfish, demanding and unforgiving. I watched as other "dominants" used the vulnerabilities of submissives to their own selfish ends. None of these traits were part of my character, but I tried to force them into my personality under the assumption that this is the way dominants must be. That didn't last. I couldn't sustain for long the mask of something I was not, so I began searching for information from experienced dominants. I devoured fiction and non-fiction alike. While the novels were enjoyable, I knew they were only a fantasy conceived in the mind of the author and I had enough wits about me not to try to translate those stories into reality. It was the books of experienced real-life dominants that showed me my domination wasn't defined by what I did, but by what I am. Armed with this insight, I realized that it takes more than carrying a flogger or adding the word "Master" to your chat channel nick to be a dominant. It takes work. Each of us is attracted to the world of domination for our own reasons. For some, it is a way to spice up the bedroom. Others see it as an opportunity to increase their chances to "get some." Still others use it as a way to escape the hum-drum realities of their life, playing a role much as one would in a game of "Dungeons and Dragons." For a very small percentage of dominants, it is their nature. To them, it isn't a game or a role they put on and take off. It's not something that goes away when the computer is turned off or when the play party is over. It is what they are. Whatever your motivation, understand something clearly: being a dominant requires you to be in control of yourself before you can ever hope to safely and successfully be in control of another. The submissive, quite literally, will be placing his/her life and emotional health into your hands. It is a tremendous responsibility you need to consider very carefully. This lifestyle isn't for everyone, and I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on what motivates your domination. If you are looking for an easy relationship where you are the unquestioned boss, you are in for disappointment. If you aren't motivated to give as much to the relationship as you receive (emotionally as well as physically), you are likely doomed to failure. D/s is a power exchange, which means that all involved give one-hundred percent of themselves. If you are not prepared to do that, I suggest that you not waste your time. ~*~ Many have wondered what is a Master. A Master, to me, is someone who cares for their other half more than they care for themselves in truth. A Master puts His sub's needs and feelings ahead of His own. There are many things that make a Master but these are among the most important. A Master is of two minds, one His, the other His sub's. He knows the needs of His sub and does what He believes to be best for that sub. He spends many hours thinking of what is best for His sub and how it is best accomplished to meet both their needs. A Master does not thrive in the idea of punishing His sub when she/he has strayed from the path they were to follow. Instead, he feels the pain that He knows must be inflicted in order to stress the wrong that was done. Doing the punishing, only because He knows it is part of His responsibility, not something that He will derive pleasure from. A Master brings pleasure to His sub, knowing that He will receive pleasure back many times greater than He has given to His sub. He shows the sub how to receive greater pleasure than the sub has ever before known and in doing so, receives greater pleasure for Himself from the action and reaction of His sub. A Master is not just one who takes a sub and uses them up and then moves on to the next sub. A Master chooses his sub wisely, knowing what he has to offer the sub and how in return He receives the greatest gift A Master could ever receive from His sub. These are the things my Master has shown me and in return has freely received my gift of Love, Respect, and Submission. ~*~ : Submissive (sub) A person who surrenders control of herself to her dominant. The submissive, while putty in the hands of a dominant whom she trusts and respects, is likely to be independent and assertive in any other arena. Her sexual submissive nature makes her no more vulnerable to people hawking aluminum siding, encyclopedias or life insurance than anyone else. What is submission? Submission is a word that we hear tossed around pretty often lately but I often wonder if most people really understand what it means. Being a "submissive" has become very popular in the D/s, BDSM fad that is sweeping the chat rooms and websites. There's even a fashion and cultural trend based on some of the facets of the BDSM lifestyle. You can find collars and leather fetish items being worn by the rich and famous or you can have dinner in one of New York's newest, trendy restaurants that features all the trappings of the lifestyle dungeon, complete with submissive waiters and waitresses. All of these things are interesting and amusing but they are not a true picture of what it's all about Submission isn't a fad or a role playing game that we see so often online and at clubs, and you aren't a submissive because you like to be tied up and have kinky sex once in awhile. So what is it? Submission is the act of surrendering some or all of ones personal power to another person. It's allowing someone else to control your body and behavior within certain preset limits. This must be a willing act on the part of the submissive or the boundaries of abuse have been crossed. The methods and levels of submission are infinite. Each person must decide how much and how far this exchange of power will go but the rules of "safe, sane and consensual" must always apply. Why does anyone do this? If you asked a hundred people you'd probably get a hundred different answers. For some it's a way to add a little more excitement to their love life. For others there may be deep, psychological reasons that go beyond my ability to understand. Based on my experience I believe there are three distinct types individuals who fall into the definition of submissive. Please understand that these are my OWN definitions and not some standard issued by the D/s community. 1. The sexual submissive. Also known as a bottom or sensual sub. This type of submissive is into it mainly for the sexual gratification derived from some of the activities practiced in BDSM. Once their needs are met they no longer feel a need to submit or surrender any other personal power or control. 2. The psychological submissive. This group contains many of the masochistic submissives. They are into it for the pain, punishment and humiliation often inflicted on them by more sadistic dominants. Many abused individuals often end up in this category and are not actually submissives but may have emotional problems that keep them in the "victim" mode because of their previous experiences. 3. The natural submissive. Also called true submissive. This type of individual seems to have been born submissive. It goes beyond the sexual aspects of the BDSM and is a normal part of their makeup. It is their nature to please others and readily relinquish their personal power with little or no urging from their dominant. Which one is right? All of them or none of them, depending on your views. Each person must do what is right and fulfilling for them. There have been countless, needless argument over who is and who is not a "real" submissive. Some start out as a sensual sub with little interest in pleasing anyone but themselves and end up growing into some of the most beautiful submissives in our lifestyle. It's not the right of anyone to judge who is and isn't submissive based on what activities satisfy them or how many scars or piercings they may have. Submission is a condition of the heart and only the individual knows what is in theirs. To me, my submission isn't unnatural, nor is it sick or twisted. It just is. It's normal in most species and I believe that humans are no different. It's important to understand that I see a big difference between being a "submissive" and being a "bottom." A bottom is someone who will, for sexual gratification, become submissive for a given period of time, i.e. for a sexual encounter in the bedroom or during a BDSM scene. They have no other desire to continue a power exchange beyond the confines of a particular scene. Many can easily switch roles in these scenes and become the top or dominant. This is very different from a natural submissive who, by nature, has submissive desires that are not limited to sexual activities. Some Different Terms I'd like to bring up another "touchy" subject to some lifestylers and that is the difference between BDSM and D/s. BDSM has been defined as B-D-S-M with the "B-D" being bondage/discipline, the "D-S" meaning dominance/submissio n and the "S-M" for sadism/masochism. Some consider all these terms to be interchangeable definitions and activities but I think it's very misleading to most novices. D/s does not fit in with the other terms for one major reason. Domination/submissi on is a description of a lifestyle. BD and SM are two things people do. Some D/s couples readily accept these two activities as part of their relationship but a large percent of D/s couples do not embrace activities that are based on giving or receiving pain. what separates the masochist from the submissive? My answer would have to be motivation. A submissive is motivated by the desire to please and to serve. When pain becomes necessary for satisfaction or fulfillment, the relationship has moved beyond my definition of the D/s lifestyle and had moved more toward S/M. When pain becomes the motivation and gratification comes from receiving pain, the person could best be described as a masochist. This difference is often evident in the behavior of these two types of personalities. A SAMmy (Smart Ass Masochist) deliberately misbehaves or challenges their dominant in order to receive the punishment (pain or humiliation) they crave. Outside the confines of a scene or other sexual encounter there may be very little submission evidenced in the relatio relationship. A submissive (one who desires to submit) is constantly striving to improve their behavior in order to please their dominant by surrendering to his/her rules and expectations. Submission, in the confines of a D/s relationship, is not measured by the amount of pain one can endure, instead it is measured by the amount of control one has relinquished to their dominant. Is one better than the other? No, not to anyone but the people in the relationship. Just keep in mind that pain or bondage are not the basis for determining a dominant/submissive relationship. It's based on a power exchange and not the trappings of the people involved. Don't automatically assume all submissives want or need to feel discomfort or pain (beyond erotic pain) to experience submissive tendencies and desire to relinquish control. Here are just a few facts about submission that might give you some more insight. Submission occurs in both males and females in about equal proportions. Although men and women may express it differently, they share this trait. 1,2 * Submission is not a sign of weakness or inferiority. Some of the strongest, most successful people in our society are submissive in their personal relationships. 3 * Submission does not indicate lack of intelligence or motivation. Most submissives are very intelligent, creative and are highly motivated people. 3 Submission is not a hidden desire for pain or humiliation. Some masochistic people may turn to the D/s or BDSM lifestyle in order to fulfill their needs for these things but there are many more gentle, loving individuals who are quite happy not to receive either humiliation or pain. 5 * Submission is not the same as passivity. Submissives are not passive. They participate actively and are thinking individuals. 3,5 Submission is not something that can be demanded or forced. The definition of the word means it is a willing act. A submissive submits because they have chosen to do so, not because someone forced them. 5 * Submission is not a miserable state of existence. Most submissives are happy, well balanced people who are simply fulfilling their nature. 5 * Submission is not slavery. All slaves are submissive but not all submissives are slaves. A submissive has not given up their right to choose but has given some of those choices to another to make for them. They have input into their relationship and maintain their identity. 5 * Submission does not indicate sexual promiscuity. Submissives are not sex crazed nymphomaniacs who cannot control their drives. Most are husbands or wives, mothers or fathers, friends, neighbors, workers, or family members who have a need to relinquish control of some aspects of their lives to someone they trust. It isn't a sex thing...it's a condition of the heart. 4 Reality or Fantasy? Far too many people have formed their ideas about submission and submissives from such books as "Story of O" by Pauline Réage, "The Beauty Trilogy" by Ann Rice, or the Gorean novels by John Norman. While these books may be interesting works and very erotic to many, they are not a true picture of what the D/s lifestyle is about. While many may have experienced the first stirrings of submissive feeling while reading these books, fantasies such as "O" or "Beauty" don't work well as a lifestyle. D/s is far more than a fantasy. It's a way of life where many find fulfillment and peace for the first time in their lives. If you have these feelings and have often felt alone or overwhelmed by them I hope it gives you a bit of comfort to know you're in good company. There are others just like you who are healthy, happy and functional individuals that are quite content to be called "submissive. " Come and explore the information you will find on this site and learn what it is that makes you tick. You just might find you've found yourself somewhere along the way. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* since some one was good enough to send me this i tought i should share it to help those that wish to know more i have been in the life long time so helping is second nature bless be
Ten Rulesfor a successful submissive 1. Submit your orgasms to your Master/Mistress, and the control of them. 2. In the hopes of pleasing your Dom/Domme, anticipation and suspense can build immeasurably with the sensory deprivation of a blindfold or closed/ lowered eyes. 3. The combination of stimulation, frustration and self control are excellent ways of showing your devotion and willingness to stretch limits. 4. It is never wise to 'test' your Master/Mistress. Always discuss and negotiate limits, well in advance . 5. Physical pain alone cannot satisfy a submissive. A masochist, yes. 6. The more gradual the buildup the more intense the arousal, then higher levels can be achieved. 7. The more complete your submission to your Dom/Domme, the less pain/discipline will be required. 8. All punishment is a balance between intensity and duration. Do not be afraid to use your safeword. 9. Devotion increases with time. Adoration, respect and an understanding of what it is to serve with Love. 10. The Power Exchange is a place of bliss. Subspace is the price of a ticket on a wonderfully wild ride. i posted that for information as many ask me what a submissive is as i am a Master i freely answer questions this might help some understand better
Come to me, little mortal I can bring you to heaven's portal There'll be no sorrow, there'll be no pain Feelings of joy will fill your brain Come to me, sweet human thing Give me your heart and I'll make it sing Forget your fears, leave them behind Forget the troubles of your kind Come to me... yes, that's right Now hold still, it's no good to fight I'll take your blood, and leave you dying Didn't you realise I could be lying the lust the prey feels before i sink my teeth the warm blood as i drink and feed gaining strenght the corpse weakening as i drink away her life rendering her a rag doll her limp body in my arms i lay her on the ground cover her with my cape i look at her beauty even in death so beautifull
place my life to the fates I place my life t the gods and goddesses I place my life to my families hand I give everything to these and mine A vow to all, family and close friends A vow to all, innocent and who calls I protect thee and tine, never turning away You see my face not my back, By blood, life, and energy, with in power I vow, a vow to all, those in need Call my name I shall come Spiritual, physical, all forms of life I shall come, need not be harmed And if I die, know I die protecting those in need Know I did not die alone your presence haunts me on quiet, lonely nights I close my eyes and see an idealized image of you a ghost within my mind too perfect to grasp and too wonderful to touch I speak to you softly with my mind telling you of my love; greatest gift fate's cruelest curse. now that you're gone all I have are memories fading Now you are just a dream away your last words invaded my thoughts Locked deep inside of my heart I wonder how I would go on without you in my life So it has come; I say goodnight to this dream. u loose one close to you for wat ever reason but do you realy loose them they are still here yes their shell is dead but not their spirit not their soul they remain in ur heart they stay with in you to protect you to guide you with their love most never see past the loss of the shell part they do not look inside where they realy are the cry they rage at their loss i can understand as i have suffer many looses but i learned to look deeper then just the shell it does make the pain so much easyer to bare one needs to take the time to see and feel bless be
Dressed all in white An angel of the night Shrouded in darkness, hidden from daylight She keeps her beauty out of sight Hiding from the monsters in the shadows She watches chaos atop the gallows Where Love and Hope hang Excecuted there by Rage and Pain Rage, Pain and Anger her only companions All happiness deserted her for champions She's so lonely and afraid Her goals in life seem to fade And so she walks, sliently While she dreams, violently Alone in her world of hate She ponders her unknown fate In this world of chaos everything to her is lost Angels hear her cry and rescue her from certain demise No longer an angel of the night No longer to whisper with the shadows and sigh She sings joyously on high With her new friends of the light. who says darkness had to be evil who says darkness as to mean satan who says one can not come to the darkness to find one self i have been a shepard of the darkness for very long time i have seen the worse this chaotic world as to offer but i also have seen the best one balances the other as all things should you can not have one with out the other i am darkness as dark but i do have my own to guide me one can embrace darkness wile they find what they are seeking it does not make them evil just that they need away from the light for a time most do not understand as they dont wish to taketime to do so they prefer their ignorance to knowledge and acceptance they prefer disrespect and pains to friendship and respect their choice their lost my pains bless be
An erotic night in which she had planned As I gave in to her every demand Her skin like milk and body so cold My soul once mine has now been sold Her eyes they glowed in the pitch black room With a smile on her face to seal my doom Her nails so sharp she scraped down my chest My blood then trickled onto her breasts We shared our blood in the passion and fire A taste so sweet that we both now desire I can see her face in every candle flame All I ask is to know her name I knew right then we were meant to be because the girl I loved was cursed like me For she hates the morning and loves the night Our lust increase's by the fires light She hunts like an animal as she stalks her prey For the victim she gets will never see another day She fed on the innocent and her feelings were blind Until she confronted another of her kind It was I she had met and with no regret We pierced each other to start the bloodlet Our wounds so deep the blood would not stop We kept our lips locked and enjoyed every drop A whole new world that she didn't see We now share together for all eternity yet i see so many feel on others to make them prey to their desires regardless as a dark raven i am caleed on to guide and heal those bleeding souls for they were prey to those malicious ones who do not care if only they took the time to know their name to see their soul to feel their heart to see one bleeding is hard but to see a sould bleed this i wish on no one the raven lives in the shadows as tis where he is most usefull those that knows the raven do understand he is the darkest but will always protect its own bless be
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