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just booked two tickets to see Ozzy Osborne live at the wembley arena london 19th june 2007 with black label society in support.so looking forward to it.
dear friends please would you vote for me by leaving a comment and a rating thanks very much duluxdeman http://cherrytap.com/viewimage.php?u=176548&i=275742887
the lage celtic piece i'm working on at the momment is gonna be a tattooed belt and its gonna be bloody big.
over the last week or so i've been busy managed to complete one design for a mate sort of newschool/old school piece.and ive done 5 smallish(all about 3 inches by 6 roughly) celtic pieces,and put the finishing touches to two large celtic pieces (one about 10 inches by 14 and the other one is 20 inches by 10) and a bit more to another large piece for myself.
ok just went to download the pics i took last night and some numbnut has been playing with my cam and formatted my memory card. never trust your mates when you and they are drunk esp with a camara. lol
My score on The Family Guy Character Test:

Evil Monkey
(You scored 55% Evilness, 85% Horniness, 85% Intelligence, and 80% Fitness!)

You're the Evil Monkey that lives in Chris's bedroom! The sad part is, you weren't *always* evil. Ah well, you are now! Whether you're catching your monkey-wife cheating on you or pointing your finger threateningly, you're doing it with smarts and physical finesse. You're horny, evil, smart, and in good enough shape to swing from things menancingly. Banana? "Ooh-ooh, ah-ah!"

Link: The Family Guy Character Test (OkCupid Free Online Dating)
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