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I walk through this garden of eden, searching for the inhabited hethen. navigating the undigestible desire. that soon will be engulfed with fire. my vision gives way to the cinder. as the eaten apple, soon will render. The fall of the garden of greatness, as I slither with my great snakeness. I whisper into the woman's ear. Just what Adam needs to hear. A bite that leads to great understanding. Knowledge that leads to man's ending. I am the great dark prince.... come witness my great entrance..... J. Koblitz on Aug. 31st. at the french quarter! "Fall Of The Garden Of Eden"
Sometimes I feel things, I think I can't feel. Sometimes the real things, seem way to real. Sometimes my empty cup begins to fill. Sometimes my conscious is a little less ill. But never is it true, and I never seem to find. That this peace and solice will ever be mine. So I watch the real world, live in their time. And I top off empty cups with my own sour lime. Then lose my sickness, in lost thoughts of ryhme. Watching words flow, from fingers to screen. This part of my life is not just a dream, each line of thought, creates a new seam. And I am Master of this One Monster Team. Creator of words that make others think. Though created for me, from my own instinct. A One Monster Team, always on the brink. But never to become silent.....never extinct. J. Koblitz
I don't know whats worse, the heat of the looming doom. Or the thick, blinding smoke that is filling the room. My own air filling her lungs, I suffocate my lover. I inhale hot smoke, as we cower in the corner. Our tears of fear, forming a pool around us. A false puddle of hope that will not save us. The flames come closer and lick at my feet. Never have I felt so paralyzed and weak. But somehow, for her, I rise and I run. Into the fire, that I've been hiding from. And out the other side we go, where the fire is under control. The only reason she burning desire. Now, back to me, cause I'm still on fire. I stop, drop, and roll...but to no avail! The only fire I feel, is that of Hell. I only wanted to stop her death, but as I said, I suffocate her with my breath. J. Koblitz
I've been wondering alone a lost soul without a home afraid to add others in my life afraid of loves, double-edged knife but there must be a medium, in-between lust and love, hopes and dreams. on top or on bottom, an easy decision every time i decide, I switch position. eventually lost souls, do find their way home though not always whole, sometimes still alone, and I do want to be alone, just not lonely I've really been broken, and I cannot fix me keeping myself busy, avoiding the stares avoiding lustful looks, though I am aware. what is lust going to do for me I'm a lost soul, deserved for eternity! put where I am as punishment so deserving of my abandonment this repeating cycle that is my life childhood repition, in my grown-up strife but living as always. going on alone looking for a happy in-between, to call my own. J. Koblitz
Up and down........... up and down..... A small strip of skin seperates my desire... The treasure within, warm like fire... Up and down.... Up and down.... Longing and aching as I do for this, Her speeding heartbeat repels my kiss. But it brings about a more brutal man. And I rip out her throat with no elegance. The sweet kiss Will fix this... But it will not fix me..... And I will never be free.... As the warm treasure spills onto the ground, I realize...I am still thirsty :< J. Koblitz
"starting over" You think that I won't move on, That I don't have it in me. You think, I think I'm a loser.... I think I'll start winning. You moved on and left me, so you could go find friends. Funny how your'e "starting over" is really how it ends. The only man you ever trusted, you left alone in a fire. But as my heart burns up in flame, so does new desire. Now, I bask and contemplate in my newfound fiery rage. The worst thing you took from me is the best you ever gave! J. Koblitz


Numb I have forgotton that I was hungry....Not that my belly doesn't still ache and rumble when your essence is near. Just that I have forgotton. I have forgotton that your stake pierced my heart. That you starved me from the start. I do not remember....that you said be continued... J. Koblitz
Death by hunger, thats what I promised. Crawling home, to escape from this. But there is no escape. Starving to change fate. I've made my mistakes. And she used her stake. Right into the pit of my belly. And now for the irony. This is worst than it sounds. Cause I swollowed my heart, before you could gobble it down. And now................I crawl home...... To the belly of a boiling cauldron. Digesting my own heart as I crawl on. To the place where love is born Where I mend my heart when torn. And start over finding someone new To seduce into my Vampiric Brew! J. Koblitz
I have many flaws, but you are my worst. You, my biggest blessing, have been my worst curse. And I can see now, though I have been blind. And I can hear now though I've been death all this time. And when I look and listen your soul no longer glistens. And your not quite an angel I'm just caught in your tangle. The Black Widows Web... Yeah, That's what I said! I see you now..The Beast! Ripping out my heart to feast. And I do not fear, for at least, There is none left for you to eat. And in this, I find peace, When love is dies the beast. J. Koblitz
I stand, and I look, at an empty grave. Losing the taste for the life that I crave. And speaking of taste, What is that smell? Could I find sweetness in this new found hell? That rupture in my ear, its coming from the street I can hear theirs, but where's my heart-beat? In denial, I scream "what madness is this!" I scan my memory, nothing but the Kiss. And now, I should thank you, for life after death. No prayer for forgiveness with my dying breath. Forever glued to sins, that won't be forgiven. Denied God....but a God amoung men! Ah Men! J. Koblitz
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