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created on 07/05/2007  |  http://fubar.com/dumbass-s/b98933
on saturday nite my cuzzin asked me to take her to another party and i was like after the last one hell yea ill take u and im gonna watch this one. big mistake on my behalf. i ended being at an all blood party , these niggas then stole a bike from a bum and hes drunk as hell talkin shit.so he leaves and comes back wit a chain in his hand talkin bout he dont give a fuck he gone beat who ever he can til he gets his bike back.but all the kids are 17 and under so im like ok cuz u swing that muthafucker at any of these kids u wish u took yo drunk as home cuz im a slide yo ass all over this street. so i take my jacket off and throw my gloves on and out of nowhere some body pops up wit his bike. then i seen this lady whos a friend of my aunt. the bitch dont know how to shut up so my black ass got ghost and ended up wit 9 people in my aunts neon i was already drinking, so how i did that i dont know,then i got this little nigga from the hood talkin bout we cant leave him at the party cuz its all bloods there. his scary ass starts smokin my black and tryna get my beer. i ended up at john adams apartments at another party where i almost beat the damn security guard up cuz he kept flashin the damn flash light on me. so i learned dont take my cuzzin to a party ever again.
so on friday nite i decided to take my lil cuz to a party, which the party was on dictionary hill. now everyone out here should know about them damn hills, but anyway i dropped her off and as soon as i left everybody started fighting, niggas were rolling down hills that were steep as hell. next thing u know the girls started fighting and like dumbasses they all ended up rollin down the hill too. but 20 minutes before all that they had to walk up the hills to get to the party. so i give it to them they got heart i would have beat cuz ass after the party, and my cuzzin ended up gettin home right after me.
my brother tells me to come kick it at his house and bring somethin to drink and a pack of blacks,so i brought to big bottles of bacardi, then three girls show up and one of the homies shows up. so we all kickin it and one girl gets drunk and throws up, this nigga tries to get me to take her home wit me, so i told him i didnt bringer i aint takin her no where, of course i was to drunk to drive anyway so i passed out at his house and so did everyone else. but why when i woke up my brother was kickin the throw up queen out his bed at 8 in da morning talkin about her face scared him.
when i was 14 my mother asked me if i ever thought i would fall in love and i said bitch please im a motherfuckin thug. of course she slapped the shit out of me and i was bangin on niggas from my bedroom window for about 3 weeks, but i learned an important lesson that day. never disrespect a woman especially your mom cuz she'll be the one to really make u pay for it.
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