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Ok, not going to make this long, I got way to many things to say on the subject. Michael Jackson.............a black man that made himself full of plastic and white; molested a boy, dangled own son by ankle over a balcony, and played with diapered monkeys while trying to convince people to bring thier kids to Neverland Ranch; and he is the idol of a Filipino prison that now puts on shows for the locals and tourists cuz he was thier biggest idol. Seriously, am I the only one that finds this fucked up?! Farrah Fawcet was a footnote in the papers in comparison, and she didin't molest kids, or dangle them, or play with small monkeys. I always knew I was nuts, but givin the option of what "sane" seems to be, I am glad I am crazy. I'm done.


Was hoping to hear a Happy Birthday on my 30th from one person................go figure it didn't happen. Another year in the shitter and it feels like only yesterday..................
Tis weekend was filled with "wonderful" news. And due to that news, I will be trying something here at home, and if it doesn't work, I will be getting rid of the internet. My ex decided to jump on the "cunt" bandwagon. We had an agreement that I would not be socked full child support so that I too could have a life while trying to make something for my kids. Now, law mandates that I am only responsible for my son, but I agreed to help out with my daughter's needs as well. Now she went for full support. And got pissed when I told her that I can't afford the extra things. Well, I did some figuring, and now wit everything in motion, in a 4 week month, I will have $6.60 a week for myself after all bills and gas and food are taken care of. So I am quiting smoking, drinking, going out, and generally thinking about having a life. Yay for me. As of right now I am ditching cable and my home phone, I will keep internet this next month yet but if it's still too much, then at the end of the month, I will be gone. Just a heads up, for I'd miss ya'll if it comes to it.
Another great comedian dies, at 50 years old, that is such a waste. Bow your heads and pay a bit of tribute.
Yeah..............where do I begin? Ya know, it's been over 2 years now since my wife walked out on me and my kids, and people can't leave it alone. I am finally getting the divorce at tax time, and today at work, I heard the best one yet. Supposedly, my soon to be ex-wife, is sick of her boyfriend (my ex best friend) and wants to come back to me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......................I don't fuckin think so! Did I mention a divorce? I want that. I don't want her back, not now, not ever. This is a woman that could be run over tomorrow and I'd be celebrating, so why would I take her back? Oy, why can't people just let it go...............I have, time for the rest of the world to do so as well. I'm done........................
Yes that's right my friends, holiday stupidity. If you already haven't heard, they, as in the nation's idiots, want to have department store Santas, to not say................."Ho ho ho." I can't even begin to describe how stupid this is. All I know, is if when Santa says, "Ho ho ho," and it makes you think he's referring to you, don't complain. Go sit in Santa's big jolly lap, and ever so sweetly ask him................."Santa, all I want for Christmas is the ability to close my fucking legs." There, simple, yes? The day that we as a nation decide to change something so traditional, so we don't offend the hoes, is the day we truly fail as a refined society. It's bad enough the yuppy fucks already have all the Christmas spirit out of Christmas, making it so children never experience it as joyous as we did as kids. Do we have to ruin it more? Like Lewis Black said about certain people, "We should take all of them and put them in a big room till they figure it out. And if they don't, we kill them." That's all I got, holidays just piss me off now............................."Believe in the power of Santa, or get nothing! Your gonna get, coal in your stocking, cuz you're yuppy scum!" Words of wisdom from Foamy. So very true. Happy Holidays one and all, and a Merry Christmas.
Yup...........this is the leg infection I spoke of. Here is the definition: Cellulitis (sel-u-LI-tis) is a potentially serious bacterial infection of your skin. Cellulitis appears as a swollen, red area of skin that feels hot and tender, and it may spread rapidly. Skin on the face or lower legs is most commonly affected by this infection, though cellulitis can occur on any part of your body. Cellulitis may be superficial affecting only the surface of your skin but cellulitis may also affect the tissues underlying your skin and can spread to your lymph nodes and bloodstream. Left untreated, the spreading bacterial infection may rapidly turn into a life-threatening condition. That's why it's important to recognize the signs and symptoms of cellulitis and to seek immediate medical attention if they occur. With that said, I am home on bed rest so to speak. Leg elevated and not to do anything. I told the Doc I hadn't sat through the LOTR trilogy in a long time. He said, "sounds like a good time to do it." Part that sucks, gotta eat, drink, and pee................and change DVD's...........I need a sitter. Wish mine was here, but soon I won't be wishing anymore I am told. I look forward to that day. This shit hurts. I am no stranger to pain, back surgery, pinched nerves, and other forms of it..........but this took the cake. Made me growl alot. Cats looked at me like a wounded animal...........they love me. Well, I guess I better elevate that leg again, hope ya'll have a better day than I've been having lately...........and if you ever get this, don't wait 2 days to see a doc, could be bad. I'm glad I got a damn fine immune system. Later All. :D
To be honest, I had this whole big thought on this blog I was going to write. Something that would capture the imagination, and maybe make people ask questions. Then I got a phone call from someone I had not yet prepared myself to speak with. I am sure by my constant silence, she realized I had so much to say, and no way to say any of it. So now I sit here kinda at a loss. My 3 days of drunkeness now having no great stories to write down. It all kinda feels like it never happened. Like I had some really great dream and now that I am feeling the reality of my life course, the events of those days fade into the black. Funny how 15 minutes can change more than a day. When I left on sabbatical, I said I needed to drink some emotions away. Obviously, they are not gone..................I guess in many ways, I still feel for her much more than I want to admit. But that is not a story I want to tell here, and it is not for everyone to I guess I leave you with this, out of everything I have ever learned, I have come to see this same lesson taught over and over again: Believe in yourself, trust in yourself, and take pride in yourself. Because when the belief from your partner is gone, and the trust fades away, and the pride they tell you they had is no longer will truely see yourself as nothing. One must believe in themselves, so that when all others still knows who he/she is.
Yup, that is correct...........someone answered my application for a man needing to be "employed". I am extremely happy and we are moving in together. I know that I have flirted with many on here, and I probably will harmlessly do so, I don't expect her to change that either. But in all fairness, I only will be naughty with her, sorry.........hope ya'll understand. Those of you that never looked at me that way, nothing has changed for us then. :) If anyone is curious who "she" is...........look at my page, takes like 2 brain cells to figure it out, especially on some of my pics. Well, gotta go........and to you, Baby......I can't wait till you move in.........I am missing you right now.
What you will need: Four green Tea bags, 2 cups sugar, 7 cups water (split as 5 and 2), 1 frozen Orange Juice, 1 frozen Lemonade, 2 cups Gin, 1 ice cream pail How to make: Boil each, the 5 and 2 cups water. In the 5 cups, dissolve the sugar. In the 2 cups, steep the 4 tea bags. Let sit till cooled. Combine all ingredients in the ice cream pail. Freeze for 24 hours, stirring occasionally to keep gin mixed evenly. When serving this, a variety of liquids can be mixed. Sour, sweet, different fruit juices, even such sodas like Code Red work well. I do a half glass slush, half liquid. Drink up and enjoy, makes a great holiday or summer treat!
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