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Texas Highway Star's blog: "Midget"

created on 05/03/2009  |  http://fubar.com/midget/b293695

Not sure how this will come out but here goes and ohhhh well,When I joined Fubar back in 07,It was fun,people helping each other,wasn't about how many blings and if you were at top,everyone helped each other,you didn't have to be in families or even be friend's we helped each other,not sure why I am still here,I guess I am sentimental about the friend's I have made here,don't want to lose touch with them and I am pretty sure you know who you are,I am not here much anymore because it's gotten pretty boring,like today no pts.at all and 1% for ladies,what's up with that Fubar?Even so I have tried to be as loyal as I can be without stepping on toes nad I know I can sometimes and I am sorry.I guessnThat's all I had to get it off my chest,If for any reason you see fit to take me out of your family or even friend list go ahead,I'm past getting upset about it,heck I do the same even......Love and hugs to each and everyone of you I have crossed paths with and even became your friend and some closer....Texas Willow~Lora~

For those who know me and for the ones that don't,I will not be around for awhile,I am back driving truck and got to do 6 weeks of training and I may say it's going well for the second day..Sorry I don't give out love like I used to but I don't have that much time to be online..I will make it up when I get back..Hope all of you have a very great week and Please don't forget me:)..Hugs for all of my family and friend's..

This is for all my Fubar Family & Friend's:I have made a decision to go to Trucking School again,yes if you did not know I used to drive 18 wheeler's  14 yrs. ago..So I am going again for 3 weeks and on the road I go,I will not be on Fubar at that time,Please don't forget me because I will be back..sooner or later..lol...Love all of you...Wish me luck!..As some of you know I am Lora and if ya don't it's Crazy Azz Texas Woman AKA Texas Willow

Ok,Fu family & friend's,I am taking a fu break for a couple of weeks,Will be back when I get some personal stuff situated...I will miss all of you,Take care .

Hi Family & Friend's,After Sunday I am Taking A Break for a few weeks,I'll return all love when I get back.I have to get my real life back on track.I'll miss you all.The ones that have my # you know how to reach me if you want to chat or talk.

To All My Fu Family and Friend's,I will not be on as much in the next few weeks,I am Moving to Ft.Worth,Texas,I will be pretty busy getting things ready for my move.I Hope Everyone Will Have A Great Week.I will be back as soon as I can. Much Love to Everyone..Hugs! Lora AKA Texas Willow

It has come to my attention, after a long conversation with a Dear sweet friend I met on here and I love him very much,He thought I didn't care about him anymore because he wasn't in my top family or friends,So I have removed the number's and will not  number a Fu family member or Friend again on here,I would hate to lose a great friend because of number's..I do care about each and everyone,though honestly I come to love a few people on here that mean the world to me,even though I have never met them...I have special feelings for everyone but I have to say a few that have become very close to me,in chatting,texting and on yahoo..you know who you are or should .After all I came to this site not really knowing exactly what it was in 07,deleted because of personal things in my life,But I have come to enjoy the very few close friends I have here,would greatly miss them,for you that haven't known me or tried to,I am a very caring,loving person that has a very big heart,My heart breaks when your's does...That's just me,Love you All,Lora  AkA Texas Willow

Hi Everyone,I don't ever ask for much but I am in a Tattoo/piercing auction contest and need help.Please if you can bid and rate me and while you're there please rate and fan the host.<a href="http://fubar.com/texas-willow-min-bid-500k/photo-3194090-2213896-119811817" target="_blank">[ fubar.com photo: Texas Willow
Min. bid 500k ]</a>
<a href="http://fubar.com/texas-willow-min-bid-500k/photo-3194090-2213896-119811817" target="_blank"><img src="http://b.pcc4.fubar.com/09/04/3194090/tn_119811817.jpg" title="Texas Willow
Min. bid 500k" border="0" /></a>

Hey Family and Friends,I'll be going on vacation on the 13th after my family reunion.So don't miss me too much:).Anyway see ya when I get back around the 24th of June.

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