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kenny's blog: "my life"

created on 01/22/2007  |
some poeple just don't know how to go away and live someone be and just keep to them self and know when someone tell them they don't love no more so when someone tell u they don't love them just go away plz and have a new life ok.
love is not a game to me a say i love someone then I do love them with my hart and soul and i will keep loveing them to they make so that I can't love them no more and they make me go away so look I do love someone on here and she my girl and she love me yes we will keep it real we don't say things that we don't mean we say what on are minds and that how lovers sould be and love not a game. plz let me know what u think of this.
life is like a game to u and u think evey one need to make u happy will when u with someone u try to make u and her r him happy not just u so don't think just that u have a pussy and i have a dick that u get what ever u want yes when u was with me u did get want u want from me i give my hart and u use it and now it will come back on u. ok to peggy
i have someone on here that love me for me and i love her with my hart and soul i hop she love me with all her hart and soul to and will be with me to the end of time r to death come for us. I will be all the man she need in life and she be all the woman i need in my life i do what ever it take to be with her so baby i love love with my hart and soul to the end of time r to death come for me and when death do come i will still love when i'm die love you baby. kenny eckert


to somepoeple think life is a game and they got to play it to the max and some just play for fun me i don't think life is a game and u need to know what u want in life and take it all the way if u can get what u want then keep on trying to u get the best thing u can in life i don't play my life as a game i just live one day at a time that all. to all plz let me know what u think of this plz love ken
If u love ur self u can love some less and then u know what loveis like and then u can say u been in lovewith someonr and know what it lik to love and be love so don't go out there playing with poeple harts and not loveing them for how they and just to get them in bed with u just to say i got her to bed and i made her call me daddy it not a good thing to do to someone if someone did that to u u just go crazy and just don't want to love no more.
some people like to rid the bus home some walk i know the bus will get me there faster but i will walk home. That how love need to be don't go fast at it go easy way and solw at it and u will see what much more u get out of it. i know some people just can't live in the slow lane they like fast lane will i go to fast u get heart in the end u go slow u just mitenot get heart at all r just a little bite but u can walk home and think on ur way there what kind of life u had and how u like to make it to see 120years old one day will if i do live to see 120years old i be a happy man and i know how i love will love me toin the end.
Sad love is some that come to u when u think it going to be ok and u put ur hops up high and then they come down like a hammer out of the blue and hit u when u don't want it ot.i I have nowing what it like to have that hammer come down on me is like it can take a long time befor u come off the ground and when u do u see if u can still walk at all.i I like to say to all if u get like that plz do take it easy at first ok.It like riding a bike u may fall off but u get back on one day it may not be that day it maybe the next day but never give up just get on and rid the best u can. if u had been like this befor plz do let me and tell how u got back up on ur feet. kennye eckert.
There someone out there that will do what every it take to let u know that they love u with all there hart and will be there when u need them will there one guy i know that will do this for there love ones that me i have never meet no one like my self and yes i have had my time with god and know that life is not something u want to play with he can take it for u as fast as he give it to u so plz don't play with someone that love u just look and u will see how love u as u r.
There a thing call sweet of love and some of us know it as first love and some just don't know what it can be like love sweet love is something u got to be in it for the long time thing and yes it can come fast at u and it can come solw at u but never no when love is going to get u!!!!
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