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Flash Forward
I watched the first episode of that show  this morning before work.  It was good.  I liked the bit where that thing happened, and they were all like "Yo what is this?"  I hope they talk more about that thing next week, and that they start trying to find out what it was.
So this retarded Mexican dude that I found on craigslist to prank has been calling me non stop for about 2 months already. Every time I set up a date with him at Chuck e Cheeses, and tell him Ill call back. And never do...   well, today he called, and ofcourse I did the whole Chuck e Cheeses thing. I thought he would get the joke, but apparently he is already there.   How retarded do you have to be to fall for that??
Sexy Halloween Costume
I finally decided on my halloween costume- trailer park trash   Soiled dress-check   3 different colored dolls, one hangin off my stomach by a rubber umbilical cord-check   beer n cig- check   a big pregnant stomach- check   Black eye- check   I need advice on what kinda dress to wear tho, so it screams "white trash". Mind you, I will be preggers.    
So I was talking to Johnny on the phone earlier and he said I do not get many rates on my autos because I have the notorious reputation for being a cunt,,I know it shouldnt.but it othered me...those that talk to me know I hae a nice side..but wtf..NOTORIOUS???? He informed me that I am far mor known than I realize..and not in a good way *sigh* I need to be nicer
Fuck It__ Yea Fuck It-- Please Read And Leave Damn Comments!!!!
things i have noticed as of lately...... ok not really lately but getting worse i guess.... REAL comments are wanted here from men and women..... seems to me that smaller younger women seem to get away with alot of shit on here..... I can have the same pic as a size 4 chic and my shit gets marked.... men seem to be thinking that because im a larger woman that i am easy to take advantage of and screw with. Just FYI I wont buy anyones friendship or companionship and that includes the men-- NO ONE If you dont fucking like me for me then you know how to hit delete, block or what the fuck ever else you want to do. I am NOT easy, to manipluate, or treat like shit I will NOT be talked down to or made to feel stupid by any female or ,male on this site.. I am NOT a social experiment for you dont play like you like bigger women just to see if it is better for you or to see if i will take care of you-- NOT FUCKING HAPPENING!!!! I am a human being with feelings not a fucking toy for you
10/14/2009 Weigh In
I just weighed in... and am at 265.8 :D I lost 3.6 pounds! This past week was amazing feeling... i am not eating NEARLY as much.. like.. last night i was helping my friend eva with her kitchen.. and she ordered chinese... i ate.. but while i used to eat TONS of it... now i only ate a little.. and was full...  I am supposed to start excercise this week.. but i am not sure if that is going to happen.. i wanted to start a walking/running thing.. but it is raining too much oh well! i will try to incorporate something everyday! PS: I had to pull some smaller jeans out of my closet to wear... my favorite ones are too big on me! they sag in the butt.. too big in the thighs.. waist is too big... even finding shirts aren't fitting the same now :D HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY
Change You Can Believe In? Let's Be Like Hitler And Mao! It's Right In Front Of You...everywhere.
Ah yes my friends it is that time again, that time to alienate people, lose friends for speaking my mind, and do what I do best, oh that time again my friends. I signed in under the Halloween friendly Cheshire Cat as a good will humor joke, as I can actually do that sometimes and well, got smite with yet more reasons why things well, just aren’t what they used to be. For those that actually pay attention to things around here other than their own level, fu mafia rating and who they can suck the bling life out of next, there are some funny observations that are to be made about what is going on. It’s actually the same thing that is going on with the United States government, under the President you all elected, Barack Hussein Obama. There are things, people, and cliques that are slowly, subliminally taking control of what you read, what’s presented to be, things and people that they want you to think is cool. Like the government in power as of today in the
It's Really Sciencey.
We've had some really good entries and as always I am so impressed with the humor and artistry of my friends. But it's not over. You have until tomorrow. As an incentive here are some of the super cool Sciencey themed awards for the winners:   As you can see there is a moon man, a stress ball of some sort and I'm not sure what the third thing is but since name is providing these, I am sure it's something dirty. If you don't want to share your adress to recieve your prize we can discuss some sort of other award like NSFW or a cam show (also provided by name crisis). Don't be late with your entry or you'll never have a chance at Name's sciencey balls! You gotta be in it to win it.   Please note: the third thing in the photo will not be awarded. It was just in the picture. But the first two things will be awarded along with bragging rights. As always reading this blogs automatically enters you in the sciencey fair. Failure to submit an entry will result in your genitals shri
I don't think I'm a real girl. I like talking about poop too much. :o
10 Stupid Things
Instructions......             Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.     1.I'm sick of filling this thing out.   2.I've been to 17 states...I think it is. Too lazy to count again right now.   3.I like watching the tween/teen shows (i.e. Hannah Montana, iCarly)   4.I've been known to cry at Hallmark commercials. :/   5.I love boobies, including my own and Kisses Papercut's.   6.I have to see what time it is before I close my eyes and go to sleep.   7.I still call my comforter my blankie.   8.I'm obsessed with penises.   9.I like saying penis because it sounds funny.   10.I blame Philemon and Kisses Papercut.       The only person I'm choosing is Per, becaus
I Stolz Yur Facts.
Reading through all the tagged blogs I was struck by how many of the things I indentified with.  I am not sure if that means that I have populated my fu-friends with people like minded to me (Yay!) or all people are boringly alike (not so yay) For my list I am stealing some of your comments that resonated the most with me.  1. If my socks and shoes are both near me, I will put on sock, shoe, sock, shoe.  Otherwise it's sock, sock, shoe, shoe. 2. I didn't read any books for years. I just started reading again and I wonder why I ever stopped.  EDIT. I don't have as good as excuse for this as the person I stole it from and I didn't completely stop.  However I did go from being an avid reader for most of my life to rarely reading for a long time.  I am back to reading much more again. 3. I really cannot remember names and dates. 4. I refuse to go to chain restaurants while on vacation.  This is something that my parents taught me that has stuck.  EDIT Not so much learned from my paren
The 12/8/2009 Spotlight Is Fake. And Busted In This Blog...
So here’s today’s spotlight on 12/8/2009... 23, Female from New York you say?…haha Nice salute you posted today too, pretty unique, I wonder why all the letters are the same and you had to change pens midway…eh? Makes no sense to me, check it out… This screams edited when magnified …. Upon further review of her pictures below… They are found to be uploaded on what I believe is a European social site called by a user known as Lutkaa back in December of oh, 2007...exact same photos… This is called cold busted. Colder than it is in the Swedish Alps. I bet it just moved here or had it’s jaw broken or something right? Someone fill KennyMac in before he wastes any more money on it…People never learn….Peace…
Ok, now that I got your attention. I have a favor to ask you all. It's very simple and won't take up too much of your time. I was recently asked, nicely, to take down my previous picture because it showed too much cleavage. I obliged, with protest though. So I need help choosing another default. That's where YOU come in. I need you to go to my BOMB FOLDER and find a picture you like and has little to no cleavage showing.  Thanks so much!! I'll be giving gifts and maybe even BLING (hehe) to those that help.
This Is Awesome!!!
Your Daily Horoscope: December 28, 2009 Scorpio Oct. 23 - Nov 21 (Wrong Sign?) You may have to be a little rough in order to get things done, Scorpio. This may be because you have some type of work that requires special gear, or because your recreational activities demand it today. At any rate, if you prefer being in another place, begin planning a visit there. If you've been thinking about changing your work; apply for it. You value your freedom so much, you really need to express it as opposed to hiding in it as if it were helpful to you. Hopes are not private; they are what we're made of. Your Fortune Cookie Of The Day Break open another cookie (250) The hard times will begin to fade, joy will take their place.
I Make Cute Sick?
On new years eve I did a sick, me and my friends were talking about our night the other day and she said 'Your sick was all pink and fluffy, kinda like candy floss.....even your sick is cute'. :o  
Cupid Test
The HornivoreRandom Brutal Sex Master (RBSM) Don’t ever marry, you’re The Hornivore. Roaming, sexual, subhuman. The Hornivores (you) are some of the most screwed up and naughty beings in the Universe. And their numbers are growing, mostly due to skipped or misused contraception. You care not. There’s one thing you want, one sole need. Half manly, half bestial, you act on instinct, and animal charisma smoothes the way. It’s unlikely you’re driven by much other than your own selfish, orgasmic requirements. Your appearance and personality have evolved for the hunt. Ass beckons, you oblige. For the record, you can happily bang all personality types, however your match percentages might be low with the kinder, more sensible people of the world, purely because they all wish to avoid you. Good luck to them. “One day, the villagers came with torches to the house. In the smoldering ashes, stray dogs looked for cooked flesh.’   Not completely un
A Love / Hate Letter (crying As I Write This So Its Very Emotional) *read And Comment *
dear my beloved best friend, i luv you cause ur prefect i hate you cause your too perfect i love you cause ur flawed i hate you cause ur so flawed your eyes are beautiful but yet ur blind your so beautiful your so ugly i luv you for making me feel beautiful i hate u for making me feel ugly I love myself cause im perfect I hate myself cause i dont messure up I speak my mind yet im slient i wanna say goodbye yet i cant wait for u to come say hello im dying to let u in yet im dying to keep you away i wanna say fuck you yet i wanna make love to you im not good enough for you yet im too good for you your my best friend yet ur my worst ememy i wanna hurt you yet i want nothing more than to love u u say u love me yet u dont wanna love me im perfect for you but im flawed because im not destroyed you destory me yet u hold me up im geyying over you yet ill never let you go your in my heart and your now lo
An Explanation
Normally I don't explain myself or my actions, but last night I was an absolute ass on here and i think it merits explanation. Regretablly I broke sobriety and then to make matters worse, I signed onto Fubar only to find out I missed someone I REALLY care about and was pissed at myself. Then i went on to pick a fight with some people that I find rather phony and droll only to have some other folks, whom I typically have the utmost respect for, jump into the verbal fight. Then after being blocked the fight got carried into someone else's status.  Like I said, I was being an ass and that was wrong... But, one person said I am always whiny and inappropriate.  If that's true, sorry.  Tell me and I'll leave you be.   My sense of humor is often very off beat and I'm not going to try to explain it... DP
Rude Remarks
Why do fubarians of a certain stripe feel they need to leave rude remarks in someones's chatbox  or mumms??  Rude as in sexually charged, or in my case Antisemitic remarks?
So I went to the docs today and she went to check my blood pressure. It was so HIGH that she thought it was a mistaken reading so she did it again...still high. My blood pressure in the past has just been under average...and now it's ABOVE normal. :\ She told to stop taking the pill immediately. (No I haven't been doing the hanky panky before the lecture starts) Then she put me on some other new med, not really sure what she was talking about but it's meant to help. The blood pressure was pretty high though, even though most women on the pill do have a little higher than what they normally would but it had just spiked up so much... The doc thinks it prolly stress, explains the funny moods and blood pressure.   Oddly enough I lost weight too, which is weird because I sure have been eating a lot of ice-cream and cakes.:s
Dot Dot Dot
I was going to blog about a few things and I have forgotten all but one. It's just been that kind of morning.   What I'm wondering is, why is it when old people die, and they put a picture of them in the paper with the obituary, do they always put a picture of them when they were really young? I mean I get the idea behind it, really I do. They want people to remember them young and "beautiful", but that's not what they looked like.   I know that if I die when I'm old, and they put a picture of me in the paper, I want them to put a recent picture of me. Now granted, I wouldn't want them to put up a picture of me looking sickly, but I'd want them to use the most recent picture of me being healthy in it.   I've got nothing else. Time to go find a song to put in my status.   BTW, I miss my fuHubby. =/
Week By The Numbers
3. total number of hair clients on Friday. 3. Total number of nail clients on Saturday. 3. number of french manicures done on other student's clients (really? is it that hard?) 1. number of hair clients missing an ear. (not my fault, he came in that way.) 357. number of freak outs had while cutting the thickest, curliest hair I have ever seen. I couldn't even hide the freak outs. It went: cut hair, OH SHIT! oh we are good nevermind, repeat for an hour. 6. number of times I asked the educator to check that haircut. 2. number of times the educator freaked out on me for freaking out. I kinda deserved it. 1. Number of Swedish films seen over the weekend. did you know "what the fuck" is pronounced "what the fuck" in Swedeish. 4. number of referrals given to me already by that curly haired girl (she works in the call center at school! Fuck yea!) 102. percentage of people that tipped me for my services. (one of the people I painted for another student tipped me) 38. number of dolla
My Bad....
I kind of feel like an ass. See, I wanted to take a few days FuVacation and came up with a cute way (or so I thought) to leave. Thursday, I changed my screen name to THE JAI ASSASSINATION CONSPIRACY. I then played in the MuMMs, blogs, and everything else. So when I was ready to logoff, I deleted my default and made my status "BANG!". I was hoping to return and see comments like "I guess the conspiracy was right lolz" or something. ... Instead, I returned to alot of concerned friends, even texts asking if I was okay. I truly am sorry folks. But if you've never heard me say it before, I'll say it again: I WILL NEVER FUICIDE. I don't believe in it and think it's a slap in the face of everyone who's left me comments, love, and cool blingees. I just needed a few days off because of dealing with FuDrama coming from every angle as well as some RL stuff that's been going on. I may still take a couple more days off but wanted to clear things up. So, once again I'm sorry but thank
Some People's Children....
I honestly cannot believe the way kids act these days. The children in my neighborhood {which is a fairly nice neighborhood} are SOOO disrespectful. I come home to find them jumping off my sidewalk with their bikes, skateboards, and scooters. Mind you, my sidewalk leads from MY front door to MY driveway. The boy next door actually even told MY son to move his vehicle one day because "he was in his way". Flowers have been knocked over, candy wrappers and such left in the yard. This morning I look out to find 2 girls "hiding" around MY vehicle and running all over my yard. I have never seen anything like this. To actually go into people's yards and up to their front doors? Ummm even my son said he couldn't imagine going on to others' property when he was growing up in such a disrespectful manner. This lady is about fed up. That is all.
Don't Talk To Me
So there's this guy at work now, replacing the usual teacher who went on maternity leave. I hate this dude, with a serious passion. Now, I don't hate much, or easily, but this guy seriously irks me in every single way. Same guy I mentioned in another blog that calls me "big Lew*. Amongst the many other reasons I hate him are: His greeting of "Yo". The retarded nicknames he gives everyone His irritating "I'll laugh at my joke because no one else will" laugh His know it all attitude The fact he's shit at teaching, and he's meant to be a teacher His blatant disregard for how the department works, even though he's worked there before He lets the kids get away with everything, today one class stole at least 4 batteries, the big D ones I was doing some work on eBay today, he walked in to the room, saw my ring and asked if I was engaged. I politely said yes, he asks "really, or are you joking", I say yes, I am, my boss says, he is, he says, "no, you're joking right" I say no. H
Text just recieved: Him: Sure would make masturbating more fun if you sent me a picture of you in your bra to look at .... Me: I don't have a bra on. Him: That would also work. Me: Bored are we? Him: Not now!! Me: What do you mean ... not now? Him: Well, you with no bra ... I've found something to do. Me: I thought you already had? Him: No, I was considering it. And now I am :) Me: Well I won't interrupt you then X Him: Interrupt me! Interrupt me! I'm kidding, I shouldn't be so rude xx Me: I don't see why not, you usually are x Him: I'm a terrible person, you're too kind to indulge me xx Me: So you are then??
Png Update
Today I was actually busy with work, I know, go figure! Anyway, I did spend a bit of the morning checking in on PNG, finding out a little bit of her history.  She grew up here, but just moved back.  She's living with family till she gets her own place (I noticed she didnt say "we" so I am thinking no bf)  and where she worked before.  I talked about how I got the job and the place up here with never being here, but I am used to that being in the Army (work that soldier angle in) and she laughed at my jokes.   I told her I'd let her get back to work, and I went about my own business.  Then later, I had to go to another office, I told her "Try not to miss me too much" and she said "I'll try" so I told her "Be strong!" and she laughed.  I seriously contemplated asking her to lunch tomorrow, but I held back.  I'll ask her tomorrow if anyone had taken her out to welcome her to the company.  I'm interested to see what she wears for casual fridays...
I Can't Work This One Out....
I have just got wrong from a patronising bank employee for not going over my overdraft limit in the last 18 months.   So you actually get wrong now for NOT going over your limit?   Guess what I told her to go and do?   Fuck me backwards and tickle my ass .... this world's a fucked up place.
You People!!
Usually people on here can be rude, inconsiderate, obnoxious etc. but today I've laughed a lot and hard. And it's all your fault! I'd like to thank:   Rio Witchie Wicked Helly Rev Jasmine (and her non-boobs)   No particular order :) thanks for making my day brighter.
Brought To You By The Letter 3.
Three names I go by:1. Amanda2. Mandiesel3. Mandabear Three Jobs I have had in my life1. Cashier2. Wench3. Pee police Three Places I have lived1. Le Sueur, MN2. NB, Canada3. Here Three Favorite drinks1. Water2. Green tea3. She likes a vodka drink. Three TV Shows that I watch when I get to watch1. Family Guy2. Income Property3. True Blood Three places I have been1. Le Sueur, MN2. NB, Canada3. Here People who text me regularly1. Julian2. Chuck3. Cody Three of my favorite foods1. Pizza2. Salads3. Super cheesy loaded scrambled eggs, when I make them. Three friends who I think will respond1. you2. suck3. balls! Three Things I am looking forward to1. Stress relief2. Hugs3. Zombie infestation
So Much Fun I'll Probably Get In Trouble For It..
So Misfit threatens me with a BBW salute... Ninji makes me one with the fattest slob she can find.. Jen pimps me out and I am left with this little gem.. This is a message and my replies from the whale that his my default pic.. Enjoy..   R U FUKING SERIOUSLY THAT FUKING RETARDED ? ITS MY FUKING PIC..GET THE FUK RID OF IT U MORON..HOW WOOD U LIKE ME STEELING PIX OF UR FUKIN MOM OR SUM SHIT...uve been reported..lighten up on that 1=== 'Dr Black' wrote the following at '2010-10-22 23:03:48'..>> LOL.. really? the person who made it for me gave it to me a couple of weeks ago.. seriously.. lighten up.. > > > === 'FluFFie N Daveys Still On Probation lol' wrote the following at '2010-10-22 23:02:48'..> >> > NO IT WASNT..THATS A BRAND NEW PIC OF ME JUS PUT UP....REPORTED> > === 'Dr Black' wrote the following at '2010-10-22 23:01:46'..> > >> > > I didn't steal it.. it was given to me..> > > > > > > > > === 'FluFFie N Daveys Still On Probation lol' wrote the following at '2010-10-22 23:01:14'..
I have a question. It really is a simple one, but I'm not a guy, so I have no clue, lol.   Saturday is mine and my boyfriend's one year anniversary. We both have to work Saturday night, but we are going to go out Friday night. Probably just dinner. Thing is, I have NO IDEA what to get him. Yes, I know sex...I'm talking like an actual gift. WTF do guys like?     HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
I Wanna Be A Cowboy (just Read It)
Kloverlynn tagged me to do this, and it looked like it might be good... I didn't know whether to post this here or in my Music blog, so I flipped a coin...  THE RULES 1) Put your iPod/Windows Media Player on Shuffle2) For each answer push the "Next" button for your answer3) YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS4) Tag 20 friends5) Everyone tagged must do the same thing____________________________________________________________________ 1.) If someone says "Are you okay" you say: Slow Ride (Foghat)2.) How would you describe yourself? Stop this Game (Cheap Trick)3.) What do you like in a Guy/Girl? Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC)4.) How do you feel today? Bringin' On The Heartbreak (Def Leppard)5.) What is your life's purpose? Wild Wild West (The Escape Club)6.) What's your motto? Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealers Wheel)7.) What do your friends think of you? Amnesia (Chumbawamba)8.) What do your parents think of you? Hold On Tight (ELO)9.) What do you
I Am Wicked's Bish...
my 2 year FUiversay today... miracle I made it without being deleted... the powers that be do not like me... I am Wicked's bitch...   You may think her for my hoaring ways today... HH coming up at noon... rang and famp will be turned on around that time... I am Wicked's bitch...   My vacation was great... I did absolutely nothing and loved it... I feel better about work now after that long break... I am Wicked's bitch...
Bad Mood
My best friend who I was supposed to watch the game with after work, just flaked on me. How lame is that? Eh, piss on her. I think I will flake on the next set of plans. My mood just went from fansastical to piss poor.
[i Was Provided With A Survey.]
1. Do you like chinese food? I do. Incidentally I probably cook it three times a week. I eat a lot of rice. ... more rice than any white person has ever ate in history. 2. How big is your bed? Queen. Big enough for me, my puppy and an average sized woman.  3. Is your room clean? My room is probably the cleanest room in my house, the rest is kinda... stocked with other people's stuff and model/art supplies and their results. 4. Laptop or Desktop computer? Desktop, though I often contemplate getting an iron, nuclear catastrophe surviving laptop to put my work on, a very stable OS, and NOTHING else. 5. Favorite comedian? *whistles* George Carlin? I'm gonna say George Carlin for right now. As much standup as I watch (contemporary or classic) that's a really tough call. 6. Do you smoke? Cigars, and rarely.   7. Does anyone like you? Yeap! Its pretty neat.   8. Whats the sexiest thing about Condoleeza Rice? The teeth. And you fucking know it. 10. Sleep with or without cloth
I Haz The Sad
I'm having a rough time recently...for multiple reason, but lets just focus on one for right now.  My cat, Bandit, has been sick for the past week or so.  I took him to the vet a couple days ago, since he wasn't eating, and it is quite apparent. They found some prety heavy amounts of plaque buildup and a bit of infections in his gums.  Nothing too serious, so they gave me some meds to give him, and told me they would help a bunch.  Vet said he didn't want to automatically run the gambit of tests and run a bill up for me, as everything else checked out. Fast forward about 48 hours later or so.  I have only successfully given him one pill since then.  Every time I have given him pills, he has turned around and vomitted shortly after.  Not sure how he can get better if I can't get him to take the meds.  He turns 12 this April as we got him shortly after we got married. I'm not sure what to do. :(
Why Do Guys....
  OK, so why do guy feel the need to reference their dick in their name and/or status? You know you see it nonstop here. I just dont get it... I dont care about some strange mans morning wood. I dont care that John has a 7inch dick. Or they will say something like.. "ILOVETITS" as their name. Dudes!!!! Relax - you look pathetic!   You dont see women going around doing it... "Michele TinyPussy"  "Tina Saggy Tits" or "ILOVEHAIRYNUTS!"   So why is it that dudes do this? Does it go back to the fact that most mens world revolves around their dick? IDK - Im looking for some insight to this.       As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog & Follow It
Peeves, not pervs. Although, there are plenty of pervs going around. Present company *waves at otherwise empty room* not excluded. Pet peeves, to be exact. Wikipedia defines them as a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her, to a greater degree than others may find it. I don't know what my deal is lately, but my formerly limited list of shortsighted chagrins has expanded enough for me to.. well, enough for me to start writing about them. I can be almost as assuredly annoyed as I can be easily amused. In one breath, I'll laugh at a dog hanging out a car window with its ears flapping in the wind, and, in the next, you might hear me scream obscenities at the driver in front of me that probably couldn't use a turn signal if his life depended on it. On a freeway full of multi-ton combinations of steel and flammable liquids operating at high velocities, you'd think it would depend on it, right? Things that I used to find bothersome, like someon
My Very Own Hole !!
A Christian school society dropped off a flyer attempting to get local businesses in the area to sponsor their charity golf event. Not really something that is blog worthy you might think.... do not worry fellow fubarians it is .. it really really is   The flyer reads as follows   HAVE YOUR OWN HOLE !   Hole sponsorships are available for $200.00 you can buy your own hole for the day. We will be happy to have a sign made up with your name on it so everyone  in the event will know whos hole they are playing!   OR YOU CAN HAVE A FOURSOME!!   You can also sponsor the event by having a foursome! What a great oppurtunity to play with others !     I shit you not   so should I buy my own hole or tell them my hole is really not worth $200.00 as it has been over played already      
♥my Love♥my Life♥my Heart♥my Soul
As most of you know, a week ago today I got a message that turned my life upside down,and not only broke my heart but crushed it as well. That message was from Patricq, the god son of my fuhusband Don1897 aka Drinkbox Bomber. The message was entitled "I'm sorry Gary" and after reading just that, my heart sank. Upon opening the message, I immediately began to read and be overcome with emotion. I quickly ran to the bathroom to try and get away from my younger sibblings so they didn't see what was about to become of me. My adoptive mom with whom I live with was in the room with me she was playing Halo Reach with my sister..I ran by her, tapped her on the shoulder and continued up the stairs. I got into the bathroom, she quickly came in right behind me with my puppy right behind her, and I collapsed. I couldn't get it out. My 2012 happened that day. I curled up into the fetal position on the bathroom floor and cried..I came back down to my laptop, and went to his profile, tried calling him
I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.
So, dude leaves a comment on one of my Phx Comicon pics that I guess I should have just ignored. For someone who hates the shoutbox, I thought I was being pretty fucking nice.   Curtain opens. Apparent unsuspecting victim enters from stage right:   anddd SCENE! He blocked me. How will I ever go on?! I've never blocked anyone so, uh, thanks for doing me a favor, man?   ps. It takes two clicks to add someone as a friend. Nice try. pps. Your profile is more than six months old.   Six months ago, wasn't I Easy A? How long has this dude been watching me? Things that make you go buhhhuhuhhuhuhuh.
Really Sick Of It
Ya know... both here and in reality I do whatever I can to help people Be it small or large I think I am a good person, I do my best to make others happy When the hell does all this selflessness get paid back?? I very rarely ask for anything, but I will say that I have some people that do for me without my asking, but the majority nada   I am just really really friggin annoyed.
Who's My Daddy?
WhenI was 13 my mother in one of her drunken stupors revealed to me that the man I had grown up thinking was my father really wasn't.   I confronted her the next day when she was sober and she denied saying it. I have two other sisters and a brother whom I look NOTHING    like. A few weeks ago my mother (whom I hardly have a relationship) sent me a message on FB telling me the man I thought could be my   father had died like 7 years ago from a brain tumor. This upset me greatly because I was very close to him, his wife and children.    I have a photo of me and this man's son (whom I am a month older than) and we could pass for twins. My mother claims it's just     because we always spent time together. I look more like him then my so called blood brother and sisters. My husband wrote my mother   a long email asking her to please let me know the truth because of my headaches and the man who could possibly be my father dying    of a brain tumor. She denied it yet again. I e
I have always been open about who I like and who I don't like. I have been open about who my friends are. I have always said I will not judge a person solely on who is on their friends list. (Convicted pedophiles are exempt here.) Not everyone gets along and I know that. Some of your friends may not like me and that's OK. I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea.   If you have a problem with the people I think highly of or things I post on here: TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL. I am not a mind reader. If I cross a line, you can come to me. I may not agree with you, but I will respect you for having the balls to say something, instead of slinking around and deleting me to "save me the trouble".     Just had to be said.
Achievement Problems.
So it's been bought to my attention that people are having trouble with the two new achievements, the "Look at Me" and "Cherry Bombdigity." After further review, best be advised to NOT run any other ability bling with them when you are going for these achievements, as it will more than likely make it not count toward your goal of actually getting the achievement. Just a FYI to the levelers and runners. TGIF! Peace.
Fake Of The Day 5/6/2012. Lounge Rat.
Today's fake of the day is one of those profiles that just seem to be -always- scrolling on the online user bar above...(suggestion: make that bar at least salute only.) ..this fake being.. GG Assistant Manager EAGLE NEST@ fubar Pretty young blonde. Assistant manager of a lounge but no time to post a salute? Always scrolling up top, and promoting that eagle lounge or whatever it is... But alas, tis not to be. Whoever created this fake (I would think it would be someone from that lounge, I mean, how obvious can you get?). Received their pictures from an variety of site, as proven below: Don't you want to all just run there and join that lounge when the "asst manager" is a clear fake and people are visiting varieties of sites,perhaps using and posting there? That makes you real secure when posting your pics or going into that lounge I am sure...but hey..'s always great to see new faces on the online scrollbar on top right? ...rofl
A Big Surprise For All Of You On Ct.
A BIG surprise for all of you on CT. {Please Read & REPOST} Hello everyone, I wanted to throw a teaser out there for all of you Cherry Tap members that love to write prose, poetry and songs. Within the next week or two I will be doing an international press release about a gift I will be giving all of my friends here, and on MySpace. It is something I have put a cumulative effort of over 10 years of work into. I will not tell you what it is now (just to keep you guessing [evil grin]), but you will like it. I want to let you know now, so when the day comes you can prepare to help me get the word out in a big way. It has been mentioned on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and in PC Magazine. If you figure it out, please keep it a surprise. I will post this bulletin every now and then, until it is announced. On that day, PLEASE help me get the word out. I spent 10 grueling years working on this to give it away for free, and all I am asking is for a little help spreadin
Doa In The Whaaambulance! Wtf!
For cryin out loud! I read so many bulletins about "we're supposed to be adults"...this, "we're supposed to be adults" that but what happens to that philosophy when someone tells you that you're fat? Or ugly? Some of you find the right link......block. Others of you handle it less appropriately than two kids talking shit in a sandbox. Someone stole your crayons...what??! CT does not delete people for being idiots or mean (I too wish we could). I know this might sound like mindless "duh..ings" but you'd be surprised how many inbox mails I receive that read something like this: "he/she called me a fake, nasty ass, scoundrel. Here's the shoutbox conversation....." Then they proceed to copy and paste everything that is possbile from their shout box or the equivalent of a 30 page dissertation from their inbox. Now, I'm not saying it's okay for anyone to be abusive in language, however, if your ass stays in that conversation long enough for someone else to call you everything
Sexy Daddy Contest( Help The Chief Out)
Does She Love This Or What?
All of your work is spread out on the table. You shake your head as you look through your business papers. You murmur to yourself about where could it be. Ah ha, you see it and it’s laying in the shuffle that is on the other side. You stand up and take a step to the side. You start to lean over the table. Then both your hands are suddenly grabbed and pulled behind your back. Your breath quickens. Then your wrists are held by one hand, and then the other one slides in front of your eyes. Your heart races. You feel the hand softly touch your eyelids. Then the touch is gone. Next you feel a finger tip over each eyebrow, and they slowly run down to your eyelids and over your closed eyes. You sniff the air. You catch the feint scent of the cologne. You start to protest by saying I have work to do and we can play at another time. You quickly feel a hard smack on your ass cheek! Then you’re pushed against the table. Your hands are quickly tied together. Then you are blindfolded and fo
What Do You Want To Know About Me?
Ask me anything you want to know about me here in a comment and I'll respond as soon as I can. I love you guys! Mwuah!
Saturday Night - Part 1
It was a few minutes after 11 pm when we finally went to bed. I was following my husband down the hall to our bedroom when he entered the room and I walked up behind him as he stopped to pull the blankets back. He stood before me with his back to me only wearing his boxers. I reached around his chest with both of my arms and gave him a big hug. I made sure that my breasts pressed up against his bare back so he can feel them give his shoulder blades a hug while I pinched his nipples that he loves so much. I took my fingernails and ran large circles around each of his nipples and I could hear him take a deep breath as I did so. I stepped back a bit and ran my nails over his shoulders and down the length of his spine very slowly teasing him with the touch all the while. I dropped to my knees behind him and then tugged lightly at the elastic band at the top of his boxers dropping them slowly just so that I could see the top of the crack of his sweet ass. I then dro
Guys Rule!
Only a guy could say She's annoying, clingy, stupid, dresses badly, mean, and has too many issues, but I'd still do her and be totally sincere. We rock.
My Page Rules
These are a list of rules you must respect and follow if you wish to remain or be allowed on my friends list. If you feel you can not follow and respect my rules then please feel free to remove yourself. Thank you! #1. I will not accept blank friends request. #2. I will not accept friends request that have no pics of themselves. #3. I will not accept friends request where they do not have a profile up. #4. Absolutely no camming so don't bother asking. #5. Only friends and family will be allowed to see my blogs. #6. Absolutely no cyber sex so don't bother asking. #7. Do not come here looking for more than a friendship. #8. Do not ask me about messenger. #9. Do not ask me about my private folder, if I wish for you to see whats inside you will know. #10. Do not bother asking for my phone number or asking about phone sex, its not happening! #11. If I do not accept your friends request please don't keep sending request. I have the right to refuse anyone if I
Bomb Me Plz!!!
I'm in a contest so feel free to bomb me
so im bored so im writing this....hmmm i really dont have anything to say time for random babble....actually...i have nothing to really babble about this is the most pointless blog ever lmao! HI EVERYONE! :)
2 Months(4 My Soulmate)
Ever since she made that call 2 me i have loved her.The happiness that she has brought 2 me iz unmatched by ne other i have ever felt.My life revolves around her and i live 4 the day we can b 2gether.Very few times can sum1 really say they have found their soulmate but i have.29 years i waited 4 her and now i will never let her go 4 our hearts are now 1 and our love iz always evident.Its the little things she does that i cherrish she makes me laugh and want more of her.Ppl sumtimes get signs when they meet their true love and mines came and hit me like a thunderbolt!Oh how i love her and want 2 b with her always.And now its been 2 months and the love only grows stronger 4 her.I am so happy i was allowed 2 find my soulmate.And when this life of mines is over and another starts a new I will go and wait 2 find her again.Victoria I love U and Always Have And Always Will.*Con Todo Mi Corazon*
Carroll Grad Killed in Iraq Sep 10, 2007 05:50 PM Woodward's yearbook picture Woodward's yearbook picture Woodward's Military Picture Woodward's Military Picture News more>> (WANE-Department of Defense) Another soldier from northeast Indiana has been killed in Iraq. According to the Department of Defense, 22-year old Cpl. Ryan Andrew Woodward was killed on September 8 in Balad, Iraq when insurgents attacked his unit. He was assigned to the 1st Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. "Corporal Woodward was a highly dedicated paratrooper," said Christopher Chapman, 1st Sqd. 73rd CAV rear detachment commander. "He was dedicated not only to his profession but also in serving this great nation." Woodward joined the Army in February 2006. He completed Cavalry Scout One Station Unit training at Fort Knox, Ky., in June 2006. He arrived to the 82nd Abn. Div., in July 2006 and was assigned to th
Small Bus - Updated - 10-16-07
Request only taken by Blog Comment Request at The Short Bus Blogs Have Moved To The Short Bus Home Page Please leave Comments there to Be Added and Ride The Coolest Bus On FUBAR. Jokers Wild Short Bus Home Page@ fubar Direct Link to Jokers Wild's Bus Stop Lounge Please Repost Bulletins at least once, Not required but it helps get more people on for the PaRtY Come Jump on Jokers Wild's Small Bus where the only requirement is to have a sense of humor. Unlike Trains and planes this IS A 100% Free Ride. NO RATING REQUIRED NO FANNING REQUIRED NO ADDING REQUIRED NO NEED TO BUY ANYTHING FOR THE DRIVERS You Rate, Add, Comment who you want to and IF you want to THIS BUS RIDE IS ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE When The Bus is full we will add a second one and another one until we have a small bus convoy ! LOL Remember Just because you rate someone on this bus is no requirement that they rate you back, This is to see p
W.i.s.e U.k Friends Members ~ Page 1 Of 2
♥☆ W.I.S.E U.K. Friends ☆♥ To find out more about the group and read the rules before you join, then please click here to go to the blog. W.I.S.E simply means Wales Ireland Scotland England. Once you have read the rules and are ready to join, here is where you add the members from. Start from the top of this blog and work your way down the list. Once you have them all added, you go on to the next page (the link is at the bottom to take you to it). You can save this blog in your favorites/bookmark it so you can keep coming back and adding the new members at any time. You do not have to add everyone in 1 day, you can keep coming back but the sooner you add everyone, the quicker you can get to know your awesome new friends and you will be added to the list yourself. Feel free to add me to your family list so you can always find me too. Here are our family members so far ... 1 ♥ MishNumber1 ♥ 2 Angel Eyes1974~co owner*stilett
Lol @ Inbox Jackassery!!....lmmfao
It's been a rough week here at the FU, however, it never fails that some assclown shows up and gives me a huge belly laugh on pure accident.... Now the other day, my status message read "Say No 2 Jackassery"......a few of you wanted to know what that was........THIS is jackassery (I have edited some text to protect the stupid) "On 11/13/2007, wrote: Hi I'm jeff I'm starting my owen mag. This month. Searching for the most wild and sexy female's online. If you like to be in this mag. of mine. Just e-mail 10 to 15 nude pic's. of yourself. Pluse some sexy out fits as well. Anything to help get this mag. started. e-mail is. Pluse I need to know some things. But before I get into that with you. You'll have to send them pics. Thanks for your time. Jeff " My turn: Dear Jeff, Thank you for your offer. I am flattered that you are choosing the sexiest women online and all you need is 10-15
Hello everyone, I have decided to host my first auction. This auction will run from tomorrow, January 18th starting at 8 P.M. Eastern till January 29th at 8 P.M. The rules are simple..You may bid anything you like, Fubucks, Blasts, Ticker Messages, VIP's, Happy Hours..etc. Actual money items overshadow Fubucks. What the winner gets.... 1.) The person you win will put Owned by "Your name here" next to theirs in their profile name for an entire month. 2.) Atleast 1 daily comment 3.) All pics and stash rated during Happy Hour 4.) A daily gift of their choosing. 5.) A personal salute photo to you (What kind is up to the person who is won) 6.) Anything after that is up to the person who is owned. Please keep in mind this is for fun ONLY! Please, no rude comments! If you would like to be in the auction simply send me a message and let me know which pic you would like to enter. Anyone may join up until the 27th of January at midnight. Thanks everyone and have
02-02-08 (tapping)
Happy Saturday ... What's shakin' on your side of the screen? Me? I just moving my rump and doing the bump ... lol I've done so many retro searches when selecting the music for my blogs lately. I'm starting to think I've finally been left behind musically? I mean
Just Everything..'s something random, and no it's not a blowout of anyone for a change. It's a matter of where things are and where they are at at the moment and well, the picture being painted isn't too pretty, but it's reality and it's time to just vent... heart and mind have been in a different place this week as my girlfriend Chelle (aka Amnesia) has been on the road and will be attending the funeral of her grandmother who passed away earlier in the week. It totally sucks and it's been a very diffucult year for her so far, and even though I can't physically be there for her, I try very hard to be there as much as possible considering the way things are...this won't be like this forever however, because in the coming months we will be together and getting ready for a much brighter tomorrow together , a day which will make the dark days such as these seem like a distant memory, and for that, I am happy and lucky, and believe me, it just can't come fast's her link below, I
Some People's Childrens Shouldn't Have Internet Access
This shout box conversation came outta the blue with a comment I made about liking tits on a chick. You know the drill bottom to top kiddos I LICK PAINT: Block ME fag breeder ->I LICK PAINT: fuck you and stay out of my shout box I LICK PAINT: and should be taken away ..and if hey saty they'll probably be little homo's or dykes ->I LICK PAINT: whatever. My children are fine, loved and healthy. I LICK PAINT: general enough I LICK PAINT: our a fag a dyke and cant admit it your marriage is failing and your children if you have any will or should be taken away ->I LICK PAINT: well you are making generlazations, why can't I? It's not so funny when the shoe is on the other foot now is it? I LICK PAINT: you seen the size of my dick as well cunt ? ->I LICK PAINT: Bye Insecure Little dick Man I LICK PAINT: BYE GAY FAT LADY ->I LICK PAINT: I'm not gay or fat. If you have such a problem with me why do you contuine to talk with me? I LICK PAINT: that you a fat gay women ? ->I LI
I'm trying to quit drinking soda and DAMN it is hard. I think I'm actually craving soda. I don't drink caffeinated sodas anyway, but geez. I guess I just like the flavor and the carbonation. I've had water, gatorade, and V8 Splash today. Yes, I was working out so the Gatorade wasn't as bad for me. I'm trying to think of other things to drink. I need to buy some crystal light packets or something. I'm going to limit my sweet tea, but I'm not gonna stop drinking it. Sweet tea is my crack! So, any encouragement or words of wisdom would be great. Thanks!! ♥Amy
Anyone Wanna Take Me Out Of The Country?
UGH! Recently got news that Leonard Cohen is touring... LEONARD COHEN!!! Unfortunately, he's not hitting the states at all :( Here's the tour dates, anyone wanna take me out of the country to see a kick ass show? 11-May Fredericton, NB - Fredericton Playhouse 12 & 13-May - Halifax, NS - Rebecca Cohn Auditorium 18-May - Charlottetown, PE - Confederation Centre ) 20-May - Glace Bay, NS - Savoy Theatre 23-May - Moncton, NB - Capitol Theatre 26-May - St. John’s, ML - Holy Heart Theatre 30-May - Saguenay, QC - Auditorium Dufour 02-June - Kitchener, ON - Centre in the Square 06-Jun-08 Toronto - Sony Centre For The Performing Arts 07-Jun-08 Toronto - Sony Centre For The Performing Arts 14-Jun-08 Dublin, Ireland - IMMA 15-Jun-08 Dublin, Ireland - IMMA 17-Jun-08 Manchester, UK - Opera House 18-Jun-08 Manchester, UK - Opera House 19-Jun-08 Manchester, UK - Opera House 20-Jun-08 Manchester, UK - Opera House 23-Jun-08 Montreal - Montreal Jazz Festival / Place des Arts 2
Wanna Hear Me Sing?
Below you will find some songs that I have sung on a website called singsnap, Feel free to leave comments if you want, good or bad, haterz don't bother me lol. If there is a song you would like to hear me do, just ask, if I can, I will. Rock You Baby (Dawn's Song) by RogerLee Amazed by RogerLee The River by RogerLee 1982 by RogerLee If Tomorrow Never Comes by RogerLee To Make You Feel My Love by RogerLee Honky Tonk Moon by RogerLee Help Me Hold On by RogerLee
Revised Cam Rulez As Of June 2008 - If You Accept - Please Comment - Accepted- Thanks
The Dark Secret
I have always been fascinated by human behavior. During my childhood, I was constantly taught the meaning of "right and wrong". In almost every influential relationship that I experienced, I was told by the adult their own interpretation of morality. Like the majority of people, these interpretations were based almost exclusively upon Judeo-Christian dogma. In retrospect, I can see now that these beliefs were being recanted to me predominantly as a means for the person instilling those ideas in my mind to reinforce their own unfounded faith in the validity of those ideas. Even today I know very few people, Christian or otherwise, who have spent any serious amount of time researching the bible. Most of them have never even read it in its entirety. They can tell me the detailed and precise stats of the last ten seasons of their favorite sporting league, as well as a thorough history of the origins of the game itself, but not of their faith. Almost everyone I have ever met bases t
Things that make ya go hmmmmmm.... ->Rikk: Personal because you hate me. Rikk: its a personal thing ->Rikk: How am I different than anyone else? Rikk: i don't hate you, i just won't be owned by you ->Rikk: Why do you hate me? Rikk: you might as well stop bidding on me, I won't accept your bids in the auction Here's the link to his auction.
Southland Tales
After procrastinating for a while, I finally got round to watching 'Southland Tales' at the weekend. Oh. My. Word. It might just be the greatest movie ever made. I'm in love.
Thanks to everyone for making it a great HH. ♥ And for the couple of people who got me "extra special" gifts. ;)
What would u do? I have a FRIEND and we talk back and forth and one day my friend asked me something that made me feel weird and I did not know how to resopnd so I laughed, but it kinda hurt me that my friend would ask me such a thing. what would you do ?
New Colored Names For People W/ Salutes
fubar members with salutes will now show up on the site with a bolded white name. vip's who also have salutes will now find 'White' as a selectable color on your profile settings page. viva la resistance! -mike
Omfg... I Rawk
I set up my wireless network finally!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited.... Just saying... Have a great night. *****wonders if my neighbor will miss me stealing his wireless!!*********
Paradise By Fubar Lights
this is a long one ... it will probably take you longer to read it than it took me to kill Meat Loaf 8-P (Boy) well I remember every little thing because it happened only yesterday parked by the comp and drooling at every chick in sight Ive never had girl looking is all I ever did all the guys from pool would laugh if they knew what I did at night Oh I see a default that looks so good looks so right Monitors glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife Hard on!! hold on tight! Hard on!! hold on tight! though its cold and lonely in the deep dark night I can see paradise in fubars lights (girl) Aint no doubt about it Ill be fubuck blessed cause you act like a teen and I bet your barely dressed Aint no doubt about it baby go ahead and shout me Aint no doubt about it Ill be fubuck blessed (boy) cause I act like a teen and Im barely dressed baby dont you see my shout telling how
Thank You!!!
I'm sorry I had to run before my Auto 11s were even over with. I had a surprise visit from my grandson, Blake. He cried to stay with Nana, so I couldn't log on much. He has my full attention when he is here. lol Then I had to go to my mother's yesterday morning to stay the night to help her finish up decorating her apartment and get groceries in for her. I haven't had a chance to tally up, but so far it looks as if I had way over 30,000 photo views, gained over 2.5 mil fu bucks, and ranked at #110 yesterday!!!! Thank you to all who helped with rating me!! You guys are awesome!!! ♥ Special thanks to Delerius for the Auto 11s, DaisyBlue for my blast, Clowns for my cool pics, and everyone who actually clicked through EVERY
Join The Fun
Well everyone does boring no fun shit, in their HappyHour folders So here's my Idea numbers 1-100 ( cuz if you get bouncer you know what number picture you left off on) So pick a number Ask me if its taken yet. Then take a picture of your self with that number and join in on the goofy fun.. Then when you do it tell me so i can add it to folder come on people DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! A little Indian boy asked his father, the big chief of the tribe, "Papa, why is it that we always have long names? His father replied, "Look, son, our names represent a symbol, a sign, or a poem for our culture not like the white men, who live all together and repeat their names from generation to generation. Also, it is part of our makeup that in spite of everything, we survive. For example, your sister's name is Small Romantic Moon Over The Lake, because on the night she was conceived, there was a beautiful moon reflected in the lake. Then there's your brother,
Makes Ya Think....
There's this guy, we've had this thing for a few months. Things started going really great and I started having real strong feelings for him. Well this morning I had a nervous breakdown. I'm still reeling from the meds. Well, he won't speak to me anymore, called me a mental case and said he'd be deleting me from his phone. This is some in RL. Someone I was just with this past weekend and pulled the whole "I don't wanna go, I'd rather stay in bed with you all day" line. Ugh. Makes you realize who cares though....and I should be glad I haven't invested more than he deserves.
For My Owner/family/friends!
~ForeverGodsLove=FGL=ForeverGivingLove!!! What i live by, No matter what i do, as long as i'm a good person, The Lord Will Always Love Me and Forgive Me! Feel like i've been blessed my entire life and could never give back close to what i have been given!!! Life isn't worth livin', if not givin'! No expectations here, no hate, just love...MuSh LoVe! xOxO ~AAron~
Psyche Update
I'm texting Psyche on yahoo as she lays in hospital bed and she has requested that you peeps that have her yahoo to send her love and let her know if you want a salute.. She's doing sexy hopsital gown salutes.. muah
Hot Tamale
Your result for The Intellectual Sexiness Test ... Hot Tamale You have an intellectual sexiness factor of 79! You're hot! You've read a lot. You've done a lot, and there's a lot you'd like to try in the future. You've got a sharp, sexy mind, and few inhibitions to restrain you from exploring all the pleasure you can get. You have few hang-ups, and there's not much you don't know about sex. You're open-minded and able to enjoy things that would make a lesser person squeamish. You're an exceptional treat as a lover, appreciated greatly by those who know the differnce. You were probably bored with a few of the people you've been with in your past, feeling like you had to drag them along with you in the sexual adventures you want to have, and probably dumping them for the same reason. It takes a lot to stimulate you; you realize it's not just about bumping uglies. In the end there's gotta be a lot more to it. Still, there is always room for improvement. Before you can graduate i
The Problem
Someone motivate my fat ass. D: Seriously. Someone needs to come drag me off the couch or something.
EVERYONE WANTING TO JOIN MUST HAVE AN APPROVED SALUTE! Or talk to Vamp about getting in on a trial for a week. THEN you have 1 week to get a salute done! EVERYONE MUST R/F/A PREVIOUS MEMBERS ON THE LIST! OK!  THE LINKS IN THE ROSTER ARE NOT WORKING!  EVERYONE THAT IS IN THE GROUP IS IN THE FAMILY ON THE PAGE!  ALL YOU NEED TO DO IT R/F/A EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY!  THEN COMMENT ON HERE SO I KNOW YOU"RE FINISHED! :)  THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING! VAMP MORTICIA~JdHunts Wife~I like 2 Kiss Girls GF~Owner of V M V@ fubar The owner of the group! Vamp Morticia (tag maker)  jdhunt~Vamp Morticia's husband 4 life ~My Baby Owns me too!~VMV i will die with my wife vamp(ta@ fubar JDHunt is co-owner of the group. (Vamp's Hubby)  Beto aka Dj Devious One: Owner & Dj of UBG Lounge Member of VMV Group@ fubar  BETO WILL MAKE MORPHS/GRAPHICS FOR ANY GROUP MEMBER! BiBabyGirl...VMV & a Sarge's Bad Girl...DON'T LIKE BIGGER GIRLS GET THE F... OFF MY PAGE!@ fubar   "like Maxwell House, Good to the Last Drop!
Rules! Very Important! Read First When Joining!
1. I (Vamp) expect you to r/f/a everyone in roster blog. They're ALL members of the group. 2. If anything comes up that you have a ? about hit up Vamp Morticia, JDHUNT or Carnage (when he's back online) on here or their main pages! They're in top family! 3. Treat EVERYONE in the group with respect. 4. EVERYONE should have Vamp Morticia's Victims in their name or VMV. OR display their tag as main pic 5. Make sure you keep up on the blogs and repost bulletins if needed. 6. YOU MUST HAVE A VERIFIED SALUTE! Or talk to Vamp about getting in on a trial for a week. THEN you have 1 week to get a salute done! 7. If someone needs help leveling help them out. That's what we're here for. :) I will post a blog for everyone to leave comments on if you're CLOSE to leveling. 8. Send me a picture link of a pic you would like in the group pictures folder. 9. There IS a group saultes folder. You MAY do a salute for the page but it's NOT required! 10. I don't
Why They Sacrifice
Why They Sacrifice SFC Leland Lesher forwarded emails he had received from SSG Troy Haley (NYARNG). For those who receive most of their information about the Global War on Terror through the distorted lens of the mass media, Troy's emails provide an insightful, often moving take on the real story in Iraq. In his letters, SSG Haley sometimes laments the negative coverage that is being fed to most Americans. In particular, he finds it sad that families at home may never know of the deep and abiding good their soldiers are doing while overseas. He comments, "I can only say that slowly and surely we are winning this war... Freedom is now becoming a Muslim word... There is a real possibility of peace in the Middle East, and that will be a great legacy of the soldiers that have been lost...", and in a later message, "This war is being won. Despite what some talking head on TV may say. Every day, little victories take place... Every day, a new Iraqi stands up and decides to stay in th
Lol Sorry Az
So anyway yeah im a stinker lol since az tried to add doll once again today I figured hey its open season on futarts Not only did I highjack and change his bulletin his fam members were reposting our version and sending us fubucks cause az told them too ok it was me but ha I laughed either way heres the original below it will be our version on it hey thatx fu tart lol PLEASE HELP ME OUT > > > Listen people... > Let's be honest here for a minute. I am not, for whatever reason, the most liked individual on this website... and I've come to terms with that, however, it's about time I find out who my TRUE friends are here. I am trying to go for a SPOTLIGHT and I need all the help I can get. > > I need my friends to band together and help me out. I would really appreciate any and all help you could give me. > > I'm not asking for much here. I'm just asking for you dig a little bit into your fu-wallets and lend a hand... Use FUPAL and give me whatever
stupid vince. here's 25 useless things about me. 1. My real name is Annabel Iglesias 2. No, i'm not related to Julio or Enrique Iglesias. (however, my brothers name is enrique and my cousin's julio --different last names though--) 3. When i sleep, i tend to kick and punch the air. :P 4. If you ever see me on the road driving, RUN. Or turn at the intersection, whatever. 5. I admit I can be a little needy at times. 6. I worked in the fields picking grapes and stuff since I was 12. 7. When people guess my wieght, they're completely off. I take it as a compliment :P 8. I love DISNEY PRINCESSESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9. I'm a daddy's girl /hides 10. I always jump to conclusions (stupid ones) 11. If I ever feel anxious, especially while driving or as a passanger, my body shivers til i feel relaxed again. 12. I can NOT comfront people whatsoever. good or bad. I just can't do it. argh 13. If I ever have kids, I want my first to be a girl. =D 14. I have
Single And Need To Eat?? I Do!
I just want to thank everyone who rated my stuff and helped me level. :D Special thanks to Violets for giving me the auto 11s in the first place. :D All you guys that helped out made me sticky down below :P
Fubar Vs School Teachers
Does NE1 here know the difference between FuBar and a school teacher? Even the LEAST tactful school teacher knows that you don't punish the whole class when you catch 1 or 2 people cheating! This new "rate throttling" does nothing more than punish all the normal, non-cheating people who joined FuBar because they thought it was supposed to be fun. I guess BabyJ forgot that. It took nearly 9 minutes to rate a folder with 100 pics just now,....a feat that used to require only 3 minutes. DOES ANYONE BESIDES ME wonder if they plan to cut the cost of a Happy Hour to a third of what it currently costs? Will an Auto11 bling now require only 10 credits instead of 35? If you believe they will give back one f*ing cent then I have some property for sale too. I LOVE that the most expensive things here, (other than a fupony) are geared toward inspiring people to rate as much and as fast as they can,....but then F*ing FuBar decides to cripple those same features by making your abil
Midwest Meeting For Fubarians
Jason ( Craven Moorehead) and I are thinking about getting a bunch of us midwesterns toghter. we are thinking about the St. louis area.. let us know if you wanna do this.. once we get some more info from people. we will have the time and date fig out
Slap In The Face...
wow. Since she writes blogs about me, I guess I'm free to write blogs about her. I pretty much listened everytime she needed to call. I never expected anything back. But now, for some reason, our friendship's broken... ...and neither of us have the energy to repair it. FUCK internet drama, my god....
what should i know about living with a chick?
Today in the morning some guy said "I like your lipstick" WTF?? Is that a compliment, or does he want the same one? Also, I got a prank call, in which some loser told me how he would love to get his slimy throbbing cock inside my ass. Nice...
Ranking..say What?
Today's Rank: #611
Wouldn't You Love One Of These
Now take a read and leave your thoughts in a comment lets see what you'd say if you ever got one of these in your emails P.S. i forgot to add it was in a Pink Font lol nice copy and paste do you think from somewhere? Dear .......(......Named person.......). I had to write you as soon as I could to express just how much I enjoyed being with you last night time we chatted . I really had a great time! To be honest, I have never felt as happy, as content or as excited about being with someone as I was with you. The whole chat was a joy to experience. Truthfully,(......Named person.......), you are a class act. Even though I met you only recently, I feel as though I've known you for a long time. I consider myself a good judge of character, and from what I've seen, you are a one-in-a-million woman. You're so unpredictable and exciting yet so stable in that you seem to know what you want out of life. You're so strong emotionally yet you seem to have a gent
Auto 11 On Giving *blings,,
  BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ^^BUT FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO SAY..Thank You for Your Rates and Thank You for Re-rating my Profile and making sure you have me Fanned...:) ***STARTING A NEW PIC RATE A THON *AS OF 4-02-09 TILL ????? TO SAY THANKS TO MY FRIENDS. I AM RUNNING ANOTHER AUTO 11, SO MANY HAVE LEVELED ON ME THEY WANT ME TO DO IT AGAIN LOL **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs GIVE AWAY** I HAVE HAD LOTS DO IT 9 & 10 TIMES LOL & AND GET BLINGS EACH TIME WHILE THEY LEVEL UP..LOL **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs GIVE AWAY** get 35 points for each rate, and 57 points during Happy Hours. Have fun rating and hope a lot of you level up Happy Hour 11's from VIP's will count 108 and not 57 *JUST A Example*...600 rates takes about 30 minutes and @ 57 points each, thats 34,200 easy points and matching fubucks,,, what a deal . **Rate Athon with Give Away BLINGS For All Pics Rated Untill ???? SEXYGIRLBLONDE,FAN/RATE B4 ADD,TY *SEXYGIRLBLONDE*#17*GODFATHER*1st,Oracle* FAN/RATE B4 ADD,TY*@ fubar Jailhouse
Tag... You're It!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. When i was in High School I had a bad ass flat-top Mullet, business in the front, party in the back! 2.I have a one year old daughter and another baby on the way in August. 3. I grew up in Salem, MA and Halloween is like Mardi Gras north... if you ever get the chance, do go to Salem during the month of October! 4. I paid $50 each for two term papers to be written in my Senior year of high school and my Freshman year of college, and graduated college with a degree in Professional writing. 5.The Picture in my Halloween folder of the chick standing at the urinal is actually ME! 6. I met my wife online! (#1 and #2
Cause Karma's Bitch Tagged My Ass.....
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Here's mine, in no particular order 1. I am a paranormal investigator for a group in the area I live and i volunteer at the local animal shelter. 2. I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order 3. I am German, Irish, Cherokee, and Israeli 4. I repair and restore old Jukeboxes 5. I am scared to let my guard down 6. I am anemic, my last tattoo I had to pay the guy extra to finish it, he wanted to stop half way through. 7. I am fascinated with how serial killers mind's work. 8. I collect old books, music instruments, Horror movie memorabilia and nutcrackers 9. My two fears in life are Clowns
Let's Try Again. Enslave Me?
This will be the third time I've been in one, have yet to be paid for the first two, please don't make me sad again if you bid on me... BTW, I'll be a good slave ;)
You Gotta Piece Of Me...
"...and honestly, my life would suck without you." I love you so so much, mama. I don't know what I'd do without you in my life. We've had our bad moments, but they've only made our bond stronger. These past 5yrs have been amazing. You've made my life richer and more fulfilling. Thank you so much for this video. I will always be your Unicorn, you will always be my Penguin :D I love you. Always. -REL
First F Word
So what did you guys think? Any ideas, feedback, shi@t talk or comments? This is the place to do it... And if you haven't seen it yet, check it out. Really guys, I want to hear what you think. Just to be clear, I want to know what you think about this topic...not just in general. Though you know I sooo love to hear each and every idea that floats through your head, for now lets just keep it to the F Word.
Rambling N Stuffs....
Ok friends thought id do a little rambling and talk about what a fun and relaxing weekend i had. Friday i went to the movies with a friend and seen Madea Goes to jail and yes it was hilarious folks so i definitely suggest you see it if you get the chance. Saturday me and another friend decided we'd take the kids to see Monster Jam in Springfeild which is a monster truck and motorcross show and that was pretty fun. When i was a little girl my daddy would take me every time they came to town so it was nice to be able and experience it for the first time with my own children. Sunday I decided to have a couple friends over and we cooked a big meal and just hung out and talked about "the good ole days'. I think we must have spent the entire day laughing and joking, my stomach and side's still hurt. So what did ya'll do this weekend? Any wild and crazy stories you'd like to share? Thanks 4 Reading
People have been bugging me lately about the fact I haven't been on much. Sorry, I want to have a real life (that's out there, trust me). Those that know me at all know I'm unemployed, broke and basically at my end. I care about two things, Cody and Tieba. I got Cody as a final request to my mother. I love him with all my heart. Tieba I got as a companion for my Cody Bear. I didn't even like her at first. Woulda got rid of her if she hadn't died and came back to life. She wormed her way into my heart. She's been sick for about a month now. Which is part of the reason I haven't been here. I thought she was getting better, I was wrong (I feeel like shit now). I'm taking her in tomorrow for what I'm sure is going to be an expensive day at the vets. I just hope it's an expensive for nothing day. I can't take anymore losses in my life right now. So if I seem cross or short tempored ect... Don't take it personally, ok. So I woke up this morning to find Tieba had just been laying ther
Stupid Fuckin Clown
OK...ya'll know what has been goin on with juggycunt. My question do we fuckin put a stop to it. e have all tried, yet it continues. IDGAF about her name calling..or the posters she has made with my pic. What pisses me off is that she keeps pushin..when I ignore her she makes fake profiles with my pic. And so...I have went to support..they call it a member dispute...yes..but she has also violated the TOS several times. Now she is threatening legal action against US I read it in a SB convo between her and a friend (she was under a fake acct of course). I guess this is just an angry rant...that many of us are bein told to fuck off when asking for help. fubar is not even enforcing their own rules..unless there is monetary gain for it it seems. Blah Fuck it. End rant
In And Out
fubar is still full of pricks, im just stopping in to say hi to the few people i can tolerate =] so hai and show shawty your boobs
Day 2
Day 2 of being a drain on society is going rather well. I'm being a complete waste of space. I am sitting across from 2 baskets full of laundry that I could be folding and am purposely not making eye contact with them. I have now seen Madagascar 2 about 7 full times in 2 days and I have seen more Dora the Explorer I can take. My new existence is mind numbing, but I like it.
Searching For Babyjesus..
I just did something rather least it was to me. I was wanting to leave Mike, babyjesus, a comment. After my bout with the little search box, I completely forgot what I was going to tell him. Wanna know what I searched for that had me laughing? [waits for all the people to say yes] I typed in "babyfetus" Now I didn't hit enter, so I don't know if there is anyone with that name or not....but yeah. I'm so SUPER!!!
Sometimes I get a little bored. Sometimes, I get even more than a little bored. I have found a solution. The solution is this: I go to the MUMMs. I comment as normal. I find a random woman who makes a comment that -doesn't- catch my eye in any way, shape, or form... And then I shout them. I use one of the following phrases: "Hi, can we rut like horny elk?" "Hello, I'm doing a survey, would you like to buy a penis?" "My penis is on fire and only the cool refreshing wetness of a female mouth might save me. Will you please help me in this, my hour of need?" "Hi, can I interest you in a roll in the hay? I promise I won't orgasm until at least 6 minutes before you do." this normal behaviour? Especially when I usually have -zero- sexual intent? And why is it they all go "LOL" rather than taking me seriously? Does my default prohibit lewd behaviour without joking?
Our hero the fly was hovering about six inches above a pond. There was a fish in the pond that thought: "When that fly goes down, I could jump up get it. Then I can get some lunch!" A bear was beside the pond wandering how to reach the fish and he pondered: "When that fly goes down, the fish would jump up to get the fly, and I could then reach the fish ... Then I can get some lunch!" A hunter had the bear in his sights but couldnt get a clean shot, as he studied "When that fly goes down, the fish would jump up to get the fly, the bear could reach the fish, and I would get a good shot of the bear ... Then I can get some lunch!" A mouse happened to be under some thick bush behind the hunter, and he said to himself: "When that fly goes down, the fish would jump for the fly, the bear would go for the fish, the hunter would move to shoot the bear, and the sandwich dangling in the hunter's coat pocket would fall
Save The Date!
Save the date! On March 31st, my 23rd birthday, I'll be running autos. My goal is to make it to Prophet. I know I just ran autos, but even just a few rates would be great. Thanks, friends. ♥Amy Amykins ♥@ fubar
My friend Sara's birthday is coming up. We said for the longest time that we wanted to go to six flags in valencia, ca but never actually made plans. So I told her (last week) that we would end up going today, spend the night at a hotel, and the following day (saturday) enjoy six flags. then we'd come home that same night. She agreed. The problem is that we (roomate and i) don't see her everyday. she lives back at our hometown. So planning the actual trip was difficult. Sara had class when we didn't her phone was lost etc... Then there was also midterms. Roommate and I had three midterms and three papers do that following week of said vacation. We really needed to devote that time to studying and finishing our paper. So i told Sara. She was really upset, almost mad. But i asked her if she wanted to come over (amtrak) and spend her spring break with us. She said she already made plans. Then i asked her well maybe just come over for the weekend and we can go to san francisco, the beac
My Mole Inspires The Masses
There is a Hills marathon on so I will make this brief. There once was a witch mole on witty, that inspired this lim'rickal ditty its match was eneared, to it we're endeared, though her ass-mole remains sorta shitty.     by Mr. adorable   and   Witty's witch mole hairs Like tall trees bent by the wind Dance and gently sway     by Chainsaw and I know more about dough, which is less than zero, than I do about moles, and their roles, in digging a burrow     By Sirvice (sex is fun) ( after much debate and sarcasm I am not sure if this poem is really about my mole it may be from a collection of poems about moles he has set aside for just such a blog)   I am never going to remove this mole. Also these 3 just  made it into my family which entitles them to absolutely nothing.
Bceowcbkss™...the Anti Mumm Blog
isnt here at all....just seeing who is really paying attention
Rip Marylin
one of the first porn stars i ever jerked off too was found dead in her home today MARILYN CHAMBERS how should i memorialize her one last fap or get drunk blog cuz i ain`t allowed to mumm after the cuntnadian incident
Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time there was a group of pretty little cupcake... with pretty little frosting AND....
I Was Thinking Again..
Who wants to buy me a  happy hour so I can finally level? I'm only KIDDING!   But you could be super nice and if you have any friends that are bombing, send them to me. I know I don't have autos..but they could be nice, lol.   I'm in need of some major points. [sigh] /end of point whoring
It makes me giggle that the same people who will sit and bash big people in the mumms are the same ones who say they don't judge and/or are constantly hitting on big girls everywhere,
A Dilemma In Arrears
As I was walking into the office this morning, I found myself behind an attractive woman wearing a black skirt.  She had what the French would call "une ane formidable" so of course I was staring for a few blocks.  Let me disperse any illusions, when it comes to leering at women, I do fall on this side of creepy letch, of course the other side of that spectrum is "homosexual" and while I am not on that side, I'd dare say that even they look too.  Anyway, I am getting off topic, this woman with the great rear view had a stain on her appearance.  Quite literally a stain, perhaps she sat in something on the subway, or someone had splashed a little coffee on her, but there it was, something to mar the most scenic view.  My question to you the reader is;  "What is the etiquette in this situation?"  Do I mention that there is a mark on her backside, breaking our secret compact of non-threatening stalker and stalkee, or do I not mention it at all hoping that someone else that she is closer to
It all started with a dead bird. I'd never been superstitious in any way until that year, my 21st, and that bird. Now, however, hitting a bird with my car is almost certain death--an event which makes me run for the covers and stay there for approximately 3 days. After that amount of time, I know from experience, it's likely safe to come out and play. Maybe. But, it's still tentative. I never could decide if this particular bird had a death wish--avian depression with suicidal tendencies, or if my speeding to make it to work on time put me in just the right position, but the little fucker certainly flew in the direct path of my car, a tan 1986 VW Jetta complete with crank sunroof which resembled a cardboard box more than a vehicle. Either way, dead on impact was really an understatement. I hate hitting living, breathing things and felt genuinely sorrowful for the bird's passing but continued on to work anyway. No funerals this day. Little did I know that karma had quite a downw
Gtfo Again.
[Copied and pasted from Family Only blog]   *crickets chirp*   That's what I've heard since the incident in the mumm where those assholes spread that rumor and accused me of what they did. If ya don't know what it was, read the next blog.   I'm on the verge of locking my shit down and taking off for another few months. I don't need this shit. I've got too many real friends outside of here to be worried that so-called friends on here are avoiding me like the plague. It's fucking stupid that I'm even caring about it, because I've recently learned how many people on here actually give a fuck whether I live or die. Not many. Not at all.   I'll say this much, I'm done being nice to people. DONE. Those that truly heart me, will understand. Those that don't, can GTFO my life. I was nice to someone, commented her blog, and then felt like a fucking psycho for it, because of what she changed her status to. I even apologized for commenting on her blogs. Why? Because I'm so fucking paranoi
To Make Links Open In A New Tab/window
If you want to give someone a link in a private message and have it open in another tab, use this code. Thanks Van. WHATEVER YOU PUT HERE WILL SHOW UP SO PEOPLE CAN CLICK
Sowing The Seeds Of Prejudice
OK yes, its another “daughter blog”.  I promise to stop with the cutsie kid stuff and get back to my normal material when one of you starts showing me some boobies or something.  There has been a dearth of real boobies in my life lately so I’m in need of an alternate fix.   POST ORIGINAL BLOG EDIT:  THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BOOBIES THAT WERE SHOWN TO ME PRIOR TO THIS BLOG.  AS A MAN, AND THEREFORE A PIG, THERE CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH.  PLEASE EXCUSE MY INGRATITUDE FOR IT IS WOVEN INTO THE FIBER OF MY DNA.  NOW PLEASE CONTINUE READING THE BLOG.   My daughter’s kindergarten class created a garden this year.  The garden included peas, corn, strawberries, and a few other things that don’t grow very well in Arizona.  But since they were planted by 5 year old kiddies … mmmm … best ever!    ** smiles effusively as he chokes down something that looks faintly like a radish **   Some of the plants were potted and kept in the classroom so they weren&r
Lmfao..weight Loss At What Cost?
So my BF of 23 years called me and we were talkin about weight loss ...she said she had tried that "Alli" stuff..and that it really worked but it causes anal of course now everytime I se Wynona Judd (one of the spokes women for ti) I just think yeah but her ass leaks. So I was wonderin if it is just my friend that had this happen or if it really is that common of a side DOES list that as a possibility  on the label...but I am thinking wow..nothin worse than a fat chick with a grease stain on her pants..
I Wonder ...
Sometimes I wonder why do people that say they are your friends don't care about you anymore.... they seem to be selfish or kinda self involved, they just want everything for themselves but dont care to give the love to you and when you ask of them something they just bully you over or get mad or something .... and that makes you feel bad Least to say its been happenin to me here on fubar by the ones who i totally adore and check em out on daily basis but they just dont care to reply the love back ... I wonder ... if its all normal or am i being ignored to the point of being left alone....   I wonder ....
Pathetic Fu-males
WTF guys?!? The whole "Perve bet" between Wicked and Seamus ended with Seamus GIVING IN!!! I repeat... "WTF Guys?!?" Are ya'll SERIOUSLY THAT hard up for pics of online chicks?!? Are ya gonna let the FU-Females run shit around here?!? *sigh* I already made a "perve bet" with Wicked but the poor little girl needs 3 days... So in 5 days, I'm gonna bring RESPECT back to the males of FUBAR... ...though I know she'll come up with yet ANOTHER excuse... GAME ON.  
Deleting Friends
Well, it seems the theme of the moment is losing/deleting friends. This greatly disturbs me, and I was hoping to help ease the pain of some of you.   Many have been wondering "what did I do?" or just thinking "damn, that's really fucked up"..and I really have nothing I can say to you other than: it could be worse. In the interests of figuring out what worse could be, I thought what would be the worst reason to drop a friend....and it came to me: That's right...not dancing. So, when you look at your dwindling friends list..sighing at the stupid reasons some are dropping, perhaps questioning yourself over deleting some..just remember: At least it isn't because you don't dance.
So Im A Lil Woo Hoo Right Now
so heres your chance to ask me anything and everything and you will get a straight answer no matter how much it pisses you off :)   i made it nsfw so now you can show me boobs and ask whose are better
Wtf??? Lmao
anyone interested??? :P hi,is your submissive behaviour as good as your outer appearance? i message you, because i have seen you while i was roaming arround the profiles...i am looking for an online-sub. when you are interested in bdsm related chats, cam-to-cam chats, tasks, exercises and when you would like to know more, just send me a message. it would be really nice to talk with you about this...have you ever thought about serving someone? to serve someone mentally or sexually... to take care about somebodys needsto talk with me about mental or sexual desires... to act as submissive for me. a dominant who tells you what to do, how to react and that takes care of your submissive needs if you have some?to please me mentally or sexually... to act as submissive on command... to know how it is to serve as submissivetake a look at my profile and blog. i am sure you will like what you see there. exspecially my bdsm related pictures.feel free to contact me when you are curious about it. my
So Then
as i said in an earlier blog it looks as if "she" is finally gonna file the divorce. while i am relieved it is all gonna be over there is a slight tinge of sadness, no fuck it, there isn't i lied. so ladies this is it, past its prime english balding podgy beef on the market, who wants me. bidding starts at a blow job and just the tip in.
Help Finding Trades On Fu
Trades can be a rough thing to find on Fubar. Here is a place for members to comment & leave info for where others can find auctions, trading or sales of autos, bombs, tickers. So if you know of anyone leave a comment with a little info & our members can check in here to see whats goin on out there. REMEMBER THIS IS GIVE & TAKE SO DON'T COME HERE TO FIND INFO & ALWAYS OUT BID OR OUT BUY YOUR MFKN FAMILY.
To My Greatest Fans
to my greatest know..who rip pics..make fake profiles to fuck with me....are sweet as pie in the mumms but talk shit behind my back...and all others I may have left out...   It has been brought to my attention that there are a few of these on my list..Please remove yourself from my know who you are...I have no use for liars in my life...I kinda have a zero tolerance policy. So this is your chance to delete me...before I begn to air who you are and WHY I am callingyou out. If you remove yourselves I will not do it..atleast to you. So please take this chance to gtfo..      
How To Spend A Hot Summer Day..
It seems that a blond, a brunette, and a redhead were having a deep philsophical conversation about being stranded in the dessert. The brunette said, "well if I was to be stranded, I would want to have water". The redhead thought for a minute and said "well I would want to have an umbrella, to protect me from the sun". The blond shook her head "y'all are both stupid. I'd take a car door. That way if it gets too hot, I could roll the window down."  
Lmfao Stole This From Daddy Rocks
Damn You Mr.adorable
been almosta year now since hollychearse invited to this god-forsaken place called fubar.. and it's been one hell of a ride since, but the strangest was when i ran across the profile of a couple of people, mainly that of Mrs. Badcrumble affectionately known as Mrs.B, yet.. like in the movies (maybe horror i don't know) ever notice how one alien spawns another until it's no way to stop them from spreading without destroying half of the earth or the entire city? Well lately it has come to my attention that the same is happening here. there is something happening..Mr. Adorable has unwittingly unleased Mrs.B and her cohorts.. Misfit, froggie, Witchie, Skank-alota,witchie poo   &others and they are destroying the hearts mind souls of some of the least influential people on fubar.. is it a ploy? as bones told kirk on star trek "damn it Jim!! what have you done??"
Adventures In Mooseland Part 1
Soooooo.... Ive been in Canadadadadaaaa for a little of a week now, and things are going splendidly :) We landed in Vancouver after a flight from hell (10 fvcking hours of the little shit in the row in front playing Dora DVDS), and what a groovey little city that was. Great food, great beers, great junkies in Zombie town. If youre ever in town on a monday night, I thoroughly recommend Evil Bastards karaoke night at Pub 340. Alas, we had to leave and attempt to drive to Calgary in one day. Did. Not. Work. Stayed in a nice little town called Golden where the rednecks took to me like Ex Canadian Government Ministers to cyclists. Still, was only for the night and there was a devine greek resturaunt next to the hotel. Next day saw us in Bannf, but only for coffee, then on through the Rockies (A-MAZ-ING) and into Calgary. Didnt spend anytime in town as we went to Drumheller (Best dinosaur museum ever) and Vulcan, which cosidering the whole towns based around Star Trek and holds a conventi
Sb Chronicles-3-honest Rates
->Marilyn: mmkay Marilyn: okay.. forget it...let's agree to disagre....i'm not gonna beat a dead horse ->Marilyn: if people cannot handle being told that they are not a 10..they shouldnt put the pics up Marilyn: I would'nt rate someon a 7 ...thats just me....e ->Marilyn: to others ya may be a why does it matter..I mean ffs it is a website Marilyn: a 10 Marilyn: I know I'm not just your eyes others I am.... ->Marilyn: because people whoe are average at best get told the harsh reality that *gasp* they are not a 10? Marilyn: no hun.. I am not looking for strokes..... ->Marilyn: why ->Marilyn: I prefer honesty ->Marilyn: they put the pics up..they want attention..I am sure they do it fo
Just To Clear It Up
I don't look good naked. The end. Ok, not entirely: I may look decent with a towel on or clothes, but gross naked. I hope this clears up any misconceptions. Now it's the end.
Let Me Know What You Think...girls!!!
We have a lot of female families out there and ya know..just dont see a bond between them.  They either dont talk to each other and or drama starts...soooooo I was thinking about starting a womens group that we can all share a closeness, and have good friendships with.  Help each other out and or others.  I would like to call it the "Glamour Ladies" NOW...I know why 75% of the women on here have NSFW's but honestly I just cant do it.  I am who I am take it or leave it.  I hold nothing against the women that do, but this group is about sexxiness, pride, and leaving something to the imagination.  Yea I know I am old fashion, a women can be sexxi without showing her stuff to the world.  LIKE I SAID, saying nothing bad to the women who do.  That is their choice.  We as a family could help each other out with anything on her...even if it is just to talk and vent and so on.  We will help each other out level if at all possible..I will have contest..auctions...random drawings like the trai
To The Illiterate Men Of Fubar..
I'm sorry but I have to once again complain about some of the men here.I am not here to sexually stimulate you,get you off,talk dirty to you! I am not interested sexually in one man on this site.I have a few close friends and I show them respect as I do most people here unless otherwise given a reason not to give it to them.I am sick of people assuming they know me or assuming Im here to show you my naked pics.I am not.I would not.My pics are there because I LIKE them and I find photography to be an art and Im not ashamed I take nice photos.If you can't respect me enough not to put stupid and disgusting comments on my photos then kindly fuck off.I have tolerated enough.I have tolerated enough people saying it is an adult site.I'm fully aware this is a adult site hence why I show some damn cleavage.But..being an adult site does not exclude the men here from being respectful to a women and not assuming we are all the same and just want to make you fun.Honestly..most men here are gross.Th
Wicked Treats (halloween Game)
This game will be open from 10/11 until 10/31 If you haven't rated my blog yet, could you please do that while you're here? Thank you! Game F.A.Q.Who can I order for?You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens. Can I order more than one at a time?Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many tokens are meant for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 10 tokens) you would say "5 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 5 to Cali4nialovin01, User # 884702." If you  have traded rates for tokens, you
Help Bob Get His Mumms Back.
This will be easy and with your help you can help me get my mumms back.  I need the help of my friends to flood support with e- mails. all you have to do is click the link and copy and past the note. I promise it will only take a second. Whomever sends the most e-mails will recieve 10k fubucks and a custom Free Smiling Bob salute of your choosing. Just comment when you send. 1. Click this link. 2. Please copy and past this in the SUBJECT box. Poor Bob needs his mumms back please quit ignoring him. 3. Please copy and paste this in the TEXT box. Bob is my friend. He is awesome. You all banned him for being awesome. Now I think fubar sucks. Please free Smiling Bob. 4. Send Message      
My Day
things that managed to annoy me already today:   I started gettin Russian spam mail, in addition to American one Annoying stupid pretentious douche neighbor who is a cunt British tard at work that has a mild crush on me, and has to sit at the hotel where he can stare at me with his fishy eyes and bad teeth I am out of Corn Puffs, and have to stick with Cornflakes. Ughh I have cramps I am annoyed this early in the day   Good things that happened:   I think I found a chick with huge tits I'm gonna meet Read above  
Re-spotlight Fund Update
Today's spotlight : Absurd amounts of cash   My fund : 28 mil and change   Alas, I buckled, no shirtless kins spotlight, but please don't feel I've given up on the idea wholesale.  Donations for my rampant egotism still accepted.   Thanks to Tom, Suga, Badcrumble, Crisis, Witchie, MooMoo, Skeeter, Peace, Alix, Shoshonni, MailBroad, TopKnotch, Rev, Moet, Reeka, Sherry, Papercut Kisses, SkankAssHo, Jasmine, Coot, ZombieMonkey, Kittie, Black Widow    
Shitz! random weirdness at its finest... How is it I can sit in one spot and loose a lighter?!?!? I need Velcro! proceed with your day.
"see....what Had Happened Was..."
      Ok so I guess everyone wants to know how my fight went Saturday night. Let's just say.....IT FELT GOOD!!! First of all, thank ya'll for helping me choose my entrance music. It was a hit!!   The event was called "Combat Warriors International". It is an event that sponsors both Muay Thai and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). The event hosts two rings. A standard square 18 foot boxing ring, and a 17 foot octagon cage (similar to what you see on UFC). Typically on a fight card, there are up to 26 fights in one night. A LOT of action!!!! The fights are juggled usually.....3 MMA fights, then 1 Muay Thai fight, alternating as such starting with Muay Thai as the first fight of the night. I am 6'3" and when not training for a fight....I weigh about 225lbs on average. For this fight, I had to cut weight down to 185lbs which would put me in the "Light Heavyweight" division. My fight team is called Universal Fighting Systems (UFS). My oppenent's name was Marco Callison. He was 5'9" and weighed
Just Time!!
Well, I am giving up fubar for good and getting back to real life.  I joined Fubar after I ended a serious relationship with someone local to me and a friend told me about the site.  I was trying to fill some free time in my life at the moment. I use to sit here with some of the friends I met on here and we would laugh about how serious some on this site would be in relationships situations and trying to level.  For the first 4-5 months I was on here I didn't take it serious at all really but I ended up falling into the trap that it can create and let it start affecting my everyday life.  For those that know me, I am a successful business owner, and never thought I could fall into this trap.  Either way, I did and have noticed that I have become sort of addicted to the attention someone in a different states gives not that I don't get any in real life.  Well, I started getting on more and more and loved the attention I was getting.  I then started putting aside my parental duties to ta
Maxwell Is Better Than Baxter.
Baxter is great, dont get me wrong, but Max is superior.  just sayin. thoughts?¤t=Photo0025.jpg" target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
30 Random Things About Me ...
Yes, its a list blog.  Amy is emo today.  Amy is my owner.  Amy paid outlandish monies to get me fake drunk.  Amy requested a blog.  So this it the output of that request.   Why 30 things?  I dunno' ... I had more to say than 10 things but couldn't think of 50.  So without further ado, here are 30 random things about me -    1. My favorite meal is a good, medium-rare steak and a glass of Pinot Noir.2. I can spin nearly any size / shape pillow on my finger for hours but I can’t spin a basketball.3. I love Smarties and Sweet Tarts perhaps more than any other person, ever. Give me one roll of Smarties and I’m apt to consume an entire, Halloween sized bag.4. Overall, I like who I am on the inside. I acknowledge I am full of flaws, but the good stuff outweighs the bad.5. It bothers me that I’m never the “good looking one” in my group of friends.6. It bothers me that I’m not rich.7. Yes, I can be that shallow.8. If I was rich, I would give you half bec
Oh Heavenly Father...
During one of the several snow days we have recently had, my daughter announces “Mommy, I am a Christian and I need to go to church. When will you take me?”Well quite floored, I asked her how she knew she was a Christian? Her response was “Because I believe and God, and you don’t.” After explaining that many religions believe in a god or gods, we had a discussion based on what my lunatic sister had been teaching my daughter, facts, and the stuff in the bible. We discussed this for several hours, me asking questions, her asking questions, and actually had a very good discussion. At the end of the conversation she said she wanted to think and we would talk about it again later. Thinking nothing more of it, we went several days without any further discussion on the matter. Finally, tonight on the way home, she announced “Mommy, I know why bad things happen to people. It is because God is really evil.” I laugh of course, and say, “ok honey, w
Saturday Fake And Some Other Stuff...
So here we go….this user.. Owned by guess who, real shocker there, has these pics in it’s album saying this is her… Has stolen pics from a micro kitten web site , as shown below : I could do this all day. At least stop using the same damn sites for making the fake profiles for Fu-Owned ponzi schemes, lol. I hope everyone is enjoying Auto 11 weekend and all of that, it’s been fun.. Also if anyone is interested in being involved with a new lounge opening soon, and either has cam or DJ experience, please hit me up, that would be amazing. It will be fun times indeed! Everyone needs a break from being serious all the time, even meh…so…ya!
Vapor Cigarettes
(Since I'm getting so many SBs and MSGs about my status, I thought I'd share with everyone on a blog.) Alright, so a few weeks ago a buddy of mine at work was telling me about electric vapor cigarettes. Basically, it's a cigarette-like device that  when you "smoke", you get water vapor with nicotine. NO CHEMICALS. Now, I was weary about this untill last night I ran into him and he let me try it. Being skeptical, I took a long drag from it and was suprised. He says he's been using it for a week and has yet to smoke a real cigarette. The starter kit is about 60$, and I'm ready to make the purchase myself. You need cartridges for it (included in the starter kit) and each cartridge is about 15 cigarettes and breaks down to 1$ each. They also come in MANY flavors as well as full-flavor, menthol, light, etc. Another plus is these are UNIVERSAL! In another words, you can buy different cartridges from different companies if for some reason you don't like the ones your using. My bud
A New Blog
I made up my own mind, and am starting this blog.  i call it mumom, short for made up my own mind. And every few days i will reveal a decision I made, hopefully not too personal.
Singles And Couples Please Read
Well, I Was But I Wasn't...
Originally I was going to write some nasty blog about the usual set of sleaze that patrols this site, like a nasty person in yet another NSFW Auction with her tampon string hanging out, but I thought it better not to say what I was going to. I probably would have gotten in trouble again. Anyways, hope you all have a good week!
A "thank You" For An Amazing Weekend...
Well, it was a pretty crazy weekend to say the least. About 2 ½ years ago I hit level 28. To most these days, that’s pretty well , normal. So my birthday was this past Saturday. Usually when people say they are going to do things around here, or help out or whatever, I give the usual “cool ok” speech and really don’t expect it to ever actually happen. Call me jaded but that’s just the way I am and have kind of been used to being for a long time. Blah Blah right. It also saddens me to hear that so many don't even take the time to say "thank you" when someone does something for them around here...So anyways with that in mind, I would really like to thank everyone that did anything, from an ability point , to a rate, to a blast to a Happy Hour, whatever it may be that you did to help me get not only to Level 30 on my birthday but Level 31 within the same 24 hour period. I’m actually still kinda shocked about it really. So if you’re not on the list below, don’t be offended in any way, hop
Giant Guzungas
So I was talking to my cousin last night just about stuff in general and then the topic of bra's came up. I asked if she slept in a bra and she said yea, then I was all like 'but it's so uncomfortable' and then she was all like 'but you're supposed to!'. And then I told her that I only wear a bra if I leave the house because I just hate wearing them. She was all like 'they're going to sag blah blah blah' but I think she only said that because she has giant boobs. Mine are only small and there's no difference whether I have a bra on or not, they still stay in the same place. They just help cover nippleage for when I am in public. So I should still be ok with not wearing a bra all the time right? That has to be the ONLY perk of having small boobage.
Just A Few Things About Me.......
im simple, yet complex im moody i have a favorite pillow and blankie i love flowers fall is my fav season dusk is my fav time of the day i hate mornings i hate doors cracked, shut or open i dont ever use the first stall in a public restroom i love sleeping with my fan blowing on my back i dont like praying mantis' survivor is about the only show i watch on tv trees, water, dirt, air...i need i've raised my 3 kids alone for the last 14 yrs being a mom is the only thing im really proud of i screw up a lot im impulsive
To Those That Know
As some of you's may know, my grandma past away last week. Funeral was yesterday. I was extreemly close to her. Every time she was sick or had a stroke I felt it. I would call my aunt to go check on her. We were so close I knew it was my aunt calling me to tell me she died. Without her even saying a word I said "I know" she replied " I knew you did". She was my ancore, My strength. I'll miss her dearly. A lot of you who have gotten to know me know how abandond I feel about my family (or lack of). And how lost I am. You've offered your condolances, given up you #'s... I'd be sunk ifnot for a select few of you guys. Even this morning after a sleepless LONG night, it was a "kunty" mummer (lol) who texted me at 6:04 this morning telling me to "Get Up!" that really just kicked me when I needed it.  Than she kept texting me all the way home chewing me out for texting her keeping me awake (and smiling).  I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! to those who know who they are. I may not have called or
You've Got Penis Enlargement And Other Junk Mail
That knocked up lady told me to blog about stuff that was bothering me but I don't want to talk about it so how about some gems from my in box. Actual subject lines: 1. Tells us where we should send ur funs. um... directly to my pants? 2. $500,000 in life insurance for just pennies a day. i refuse to be worth more dead than alive. 3. Stay home with the kids and generate income. I did that when I was in high school. I called it babysitting. 4. How does your building taste? *licks walls* mmmm like disappointment. 5. Police openings cavity search? 6. This is about the money you owe. *deletes* 7. Get your hair back in as little as 4 weeks. fuck you, i paid a lot of money to get that stuff lasered off. 8. Michelle's weekend plan; go to compusa. nu-uh.... i was gonna go see Hair in the park. 9. A birthday wish from betty crocker My birthday wish is that my fat ass never even heard of Betty crocker. 10. A place for mom at senior living. happy mother's day mom. We're dump
Womens Nsfw Comments
ya know I am male so if you have NSFW I am gonna look... but I will admit... 1/2 the reason I look is to what kind of STUPID ass comments that guys make.. I mean ... cmonnnnnnnnnnnn ... do you really think a comment like " I wanna fuck that ass " is gonna impress a girl ? ....rofl...     just saying....
An Experiment...
Name Crisis and Woo came up with an interesting experiment: they told me to find a picture of a busty young hottie and make it my default. I figured WTF why not... So I chose this one:                                         I changed NOTHING ELSE about my profile - still listed as male, 44, yadayada. Then Woo pimped me and the seagull out. The results:                            Me          Name Crisis checked you out:     31                3        Rated you:              25               1Rated your photo:    22              0Became your fan:      6                0New friend requests:  5               0 I think that proves conclusively most men are stupid. Or at least unobservant...
Swing Time
To The Pain.
If you were pain, how would I kick your ass? Yes, rly. I have the ouches. Without going into super unnecessary details, it feels like I either pulled something in my groin (if only as a result of extracurricular activities, but alas) or nature has some major vendetta against me. Hi, karma, what has I done?   Suggestions, aside from the obvious, please. Judging is based on execution of ass-kicking. If it could actually be effective, I will try your method and document the success, or lack thereof. Extra points for creativity and presentation. z0mghelpmeplz.   Thanks. Love, me.
Alzheimer's Test
  Alzheimer's Test How fast can you guess these words? 1. F_ _K 2. PU_S_ 3. S_X   4. P_N_S   5. BOO_S 6. _ _NDOM                           Answers: 1. FORK 2. PULSE 3. SIX 4. PANTS 5. BOOKS 6. RANDOM       You got all 6 wrong....didn' t you?
The loyalty and friendship on here is underwhelming. Seriously. Fuck off.   People pissed because of who you're friends with--newsflash: this isn't the 3rd grade. Grow the fuck up. Act like a fucking adult. If you really have a problem with someone I'm friends with and it irks you: delete me. Then please let me know you deleted me so I can ignore you in the future.   If I deleted you and you're all sad about it: get over it. I don't give a shit. Just because we talk once every 2 weeks and banter in the MuMMs, doesn't mean we're BFFs and you need to be on my list. We can still talk without being on each other's list.   I'm sure there is other stuff, but this is what I'm noticing lately.
Explaining Fubar
So I started talking with a woman in my area on Plenty of fish, and when i was trying to level, I added my join fubar link to my POF profile. So this woman joined fubar and I receive a message from her and she says "I checked out FUBAR and its says you are engaged???? hmmmmm" I explained quickly its just part of the site and its not a real engagement, but i thought about it.. How do you explain fuengagement and marriage to someone who doesnt know a thing about fubar?  I know most of you think its just stupid, but thats not the question.. lol   I see the look on peoples faces if/when i explain something about the site to people whos frame of reference is Facebook or Myspace, and it just doesnt seem to click, especially "what ia a MuMM" lol Sometimes i feel like this is the ultimate site. and if im ever in any type of predicament in any state in the U.S. I have people who im friends with close by because of fubar. and that is not something you come across on any other site ive been on
Tomorrow Night
Tomorrow night I'll be hosting a Birthday Party for Anti-Lounge @ 10pm.   We'll be having 2 games of trivia, each worth  $2 million fubucks.   As well as random fubuck giveaways to the party-goers.   Come stop in and have some fun with us, there will be plenty of cash and drinks to go around.
Tardy Slip
Some of you noticed I have been on less the last few days.. been busy. kids in school, home work, dinner baths and now they want to join cub scouts with the other boys in theor, i was a boy scout. we thought we were cool and tried to use the playboy bunny as our troop symbol.. oh the 14 year old dumb idears... so whats been going on in fuland?  I think I landed a job, the owner of the company mentioned all I would have to do is pass a drug screen after the holiday weekend.. so keeps ya fingers crossed :)   as you were
Sometimes I get so tired of being me...   The End.
I Have An Amazing New Concept/idea
How about...when we go poo on a person wrongly we apologize TO them and not swan around everyone else pretending to be apologetic to make one's self seem fair and divine. :)   If it were me I'd rather just not apologize at all unless if it was to the right person. :) I'd rather be seen as silly/stubborn/wrong than not being able to swallow a bit of good ol' humble pie without personal gain.
Its A Good Morning To.....
to get my period...   I think everyone needs a tampon today...   that is all   non bleeding vagina!   also i hate a few people and when i say hate i mean hate...
Something Different
Today was a good day!   I know there were a few ick moments today,but it seemed like old times. People seemed to actually be having fun and enjoying themselves on here today. It reminded me of the old days on the site and it took my mind off the hellish stress and pain I am dealing with. I want to thank everyone for that! (h) I needed a good day. Positivity is something I need to be surrounded with at the moment and negativity is eating me alive and has to be gone gone gone!   love ya..well most of ya!   hugs and stuffs!
Wanna Sell Yourself???   Join My Auction!!!   Starting on Sunday, October 17, I am going to start an auction of my fellow Fubarians. Listed below are the rules of the auction.  All bids have to be approved by the person being auctioned. Each contestant will need to make a list of what they are willing to offer to the winning bidder, and has to follow through with the list. The winning bidder must follow through with the bid, so make sure it something you can actually give. Each contestant will need to submit a photo with a list of what they are offering to my shoutbox or a private message. Have fun!! Thats what it is all about!! Keep it clean. I do not want anything to be flagged, and if I catch anything that can be flagged, it will be deleted.  I will take entries through the whole thing, but you should get entries to me as soon as possible for more chances to get higher bids.  Bids will begin at 500K fubucks, but can also offer bling/bling packs, blasts, tickers, VIP, H
I'm Gonna Get Blocked
To  MANSON: excuse me darlin. you're a very attractive man, but that default isn't exactly the most flattering. maybe a default that shows off your best features would work better? have a lovely day :)     Wellllllllll, at least I was polite. I wonder what the response will be.  Think he will be just as polite?  :s     Update: He changed it....hahahaha!
Etiquette Of Blocking
Hello friends... I have a dumb question and considered MuMMing it, but decided on a here goes.. If you block someone, and they happen to post something you read, would you comment?  To me, if I block someone for what ever reason, which doesnt happen often,  but I am not interested in making a negative comment on any of their posts or pics.. but then again I am not one to block someone just because i dont like them.. they actually have to do something to me, or harrass me in some manner to get blocked.. I dont have an ego so big to think that everyone on fubar has to like or respect me.   For some reason I end up getting blocked at the strabgest moments, usually wwhen I am commenting someone other than the poster... Do they have a complex that makes them feel the need to have the attention, or the ego that makes them feel inferior if you dont direct your comment or attention to the topic at hand.. this I dont understand. as you were
15 Things That Turn Men Off
* Honey, Don't! It’s not easy for a man to tell his wife or girlfriend what she does to irritate him. But sometimes it’s important for couples to healthily air their grievances. Don’t think of this list as the 15 things we dislike about you. Think of it more as the 15 things that will bring us closer ... by you not doing them. * Second-Guess Yourself You know that colleague who you think is deceitful? Or that girlfriend of yours who can be condescending? Well, sometimes face value is, well, valuable. While it’s true that men can have knee-jerk reactions, women tend to overdo it when it comes to giving people the benefit of the doubt. * Not Look Out For You Yes, you could chalk your co-worker’s attitude up to his insecurities or blame your friend’s tone on her manipulative mother; but, instead, why not look out for your own feelings first? That’s what men are doing when we offer a simple opinion on your dilem
Um, Yeah.
Previous status: "Hot bath.. then baking cookies? Maybe!" Seems innocent enough, since my feet have been ice cold all day as I'm too stubborn to turn my heat on, even in lower than normal AZ temps. Figured the hot water and running the oven would help out, right? Whatever. After I'm out of said bath, I happen to see orange in my shoutbox. My friends only shoutbox. I'm only friends with one bouncer with whom I share a possibly unhealthy but definitely awesome rainbow obsession, so I sit down to look, but lo and behold: "Orange: Please keep your status NON NSFW. this is NOT a porn site ty" LAME. No, there's no bouncer named Orange. I don't think so, anyway. I'm not one to name names, but I am one to voice when I think something is so utterly fucking stupid. [Okay, even when something's only a little bit stupid.] No, it wasn't Jen. I bet if we held our rings of power together, rainbows would shoot from our butts and the night would ignite with high fives and hair-braiding and lolcat
Words That Should Describe The Body Of My Blog, But This Title Text Field Is So Big That I Am Confused About What Goes Where. Title, Body, Birds, Bees
Blogs were kinda messed up before. What is this nonsense? CRAP. The title cut off my "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Gallactica." It earns zero Schrute bucks.
Slap Me
I am havin a not good enough moment
I Hate You All..
Day 2 Cigarettes today: 4 Urge to kill Scale (1-10): 10  - Talk to me and I will kill you..   Another shit day.. Every question that is asked of me is now the stupidest fucking question I have ever heard. I see other smokers and want to punch them.. I think Jen is avoiding me.. (I can't blame her).. I bought some weed from my Uncle to help me chill the fuck out.. God bless him, He gave me the greatest deal ever on a quarter ounce.. I'm expecting tomorrow to be more of the suck.. I can't wait.. /wrists.. 
Here Is Your Chance
here is the perfect chance to ask anything you choose ... for i will answer.  you may NOT like what i have to say ... but it will be answered.       damn peach wine is the shizzle !!!!   (h) Maia
A Shocking Video And A Greenie How To!....
Before we get to that I want to share this video below with you and let me know what you think. It shows a white transgender woman being beaten by two black women in a McDonald's in Baltimore, MD. Why the race reference? Because according to the authorities they are looking at this as a "hate" crime because the person was transgender. It's funny, because the people that beat the person did not even know that the person was transgender. This looks like something else to me, and a situation I know more than a few of you have encountered..gotta love life in Obama's 2011... Anyways, back to the Green Team...Info and expsose...hah click the link below for details.. Click here & then click stash link for info... Great way to start the week huh?...don't forget to add me on twitter to get updates before everyone else and leave your thoughts below....peace.
Fu In Life
A few weeks ago, I was walking down the street (yes, I get out of the house, 'tis news to some of you I know). Anywhooooo coming the other way was this adorable looking little Asian girl and her doting daddy (yes, it's important she was Asian, so I'm not being racist)   Adorable looking little Asian girl was dressed all in pink, had cute lil pig tails and was holding (or trying to) three fluffy toys, all about her size, and an ice-cream.   Daddy was trying to help her get down the street. Adorable lil Asian girl was not complying.   Daddy offered to carry one of her toys for her.   Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo   Daddy suggested they sit down.   Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't wannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa   Daddy (very stupidly) suggested she give him the ice-cream to hold.   You can imagine the rest.   I watched for about ten more minutes while adorable lil Asian girl (once she'd calmed down) made her way to t
Fuwhore Food.2
...ever wonder what FuWhores eat after they suck the attention and money out of you?... LOL. Thanks Honeybee :D...hope ya'll are having a great weekend.
So first week of uni is overrr, well it's only induction but I start my lessons next week. I'm kinda excited the course units sound really interesting (I r studying European Studies and International Relations btw) even though I only just realised I'm doing a combined honours course...ah well.Anyhoo, so I moved out. Kinda. I went home on a tuesday and came home on a wednesday, I came home today for the weekend. This whole moving out malarkey isn't really panning out.I have a ridiculous huge room, a bigger bed...squishy pillows but I dunno why but I can't seem to fall asleep very easily. When I come home I just zonk out ASAP.Weird, I thought moving out would be fun but it's not really. All my housemates are really nice, but I feel like mother hen. There are 5 of us, 2 are religious (one Christian and one Muslim so they don't drink) and two others who are very into the 'freshers' thing. I went to the student union bar and I asked for a wine list and they just looked at me like I was bonk
The Voice Of An Angel
                                                                   The Voice Of An Angel                When she was born,               they didn't give her a chance               born pre-mature with legs               so frail, she'd never learn                how to dance.              But she was a fighter,              she wouldn't give in              while dreams of her dancing              would come to an end              another would begin.              Then one night               she started to hum              little did they know              there was more to come.              Ten years later               she went to a talent show               just to try out,              her parents knew she would win              this they had no doubt.              Confined to a wheelchair               she came out on stage               opened up her songbook               and turned the page.              Like an Angel              she looked s
What I Do (and Do Not Do) For Fubar
NOTE: If you were redirected here from my SB or PM, please read the whole thing.   If after doing so you have a smart retort to SB or PM my way, then you've missed the point and you may be bounced from fubar briefly as a form of "free bar etiquette correction".   I work on a ton of things here:   1) Programming (features/bug fixes) -- more specifically: fuMafia, lounges, forums, new levels, etc, etc, etc...  Pretty much any new feature or one that needs tweaking I'll have some involvement with. 2) Abuse/Spam Prevention 3) A bunch of other things 4) Documenting and dealing with chronic TOS violators   What I don't do: 1) Handle support questions or ANY direct inquiries for ANY of the above in response to direct shouts or PMs. Why? Because, my attention is focused *after* a due process which escalates the highest priority items to my attention.   Also I monitor a number of aggregate sources to find and correct things that are going on with fubar.     Here's a dialog that I'
Stupid Lounge Cunt   I don't fucking care about your lounge.  Period. End of fucking story.   When someone says that they're not interested, just fucking drop it. It makes you look like a pathetic little cunt whining because someone isn't interested in the same things that you are. I understand you like it. That's totally fine with me. But I don't.    Stay the fuck out of my shoutbox with your lounge invites.  I honestly don't give a fuck.   [fuck]
[the Things I Don't Like]
My status for the last day or so, and this title are from a gomez song.Uuuuuh... where to start.I've been playing Diablo 3. There have been hiccups, fuckups, and blowups, but ultimately, I'm ... kinda steamrolling this game.Its more intuitive/handholdy, and not as challenging as the predecessors, though the difficulty did ramp up a bit between chapter 1 and chapter 2.The story is nonsensical (when you "expel evil forever" you... apparently only expel evil for a couple decades), but its an all around good, fun, frenzied dungeon game.I'll probably only play through with 2 characters to max level (out of 5 playable jobs), and then I'll park and sit on my hands waiting for an expac/additional content.Still waiting on my white paint so I can work on my fade gundam.Activity has pretty much halted on my robot forum.Work has been stupid lately. No big surprise.And my legal paperwork is in the mail, notorized, and pending.I guess I have to wake up 2 hours early tomorrow, and sit around waiting
Update And Stuffs On Me Cause Hugh Asked Me To Do It!
HAI! Just letting everyone know I am alive and happier than EVER! I am dating a wonderful guy that makes me look like a midget :) football season is here for my kiddo.Signed my nephew up to play on his team,so my hands are full! Practice for 2-3 hrs a week etc etc etc. Pain in my back sucks, but my guy helps me sleep :) My computer is a brat grrrr I have been too busy to be online. If only the app for here was better! If you want to reach me message me on fb. I am on there with my phone a lot..too much sometimes. I miss a lot of you! It is crazyyyyyyyyyy how happy I am. When you get away from negative people that is what happens. Cory is full of the negative,but we are staying civil for Peyton. Woot for divorces though!   Much love and stuffs Kit Kat Kathy Katherine or whatever you call me
Day One
Today I started day one of my Medifast journey.    My schedule of food was supposed to be the following MF-Dutch Chocolate Shake MF-Chicken Noodle Soup w/ Crackers MF-Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks MF-Southwest Eggs MF-Blueberry Oatmeal Salmon and cabbage soaked in vinager.   I ended up eating: MF-Dutch Chocolate Shake blended with frozen coffee MF-Chicken Noodle Soup w/ Crackers ( a quarter of the soup and half the crackers) MF-Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks and my mom brought me a small plate of rice with gravy and steak and a piece of cornbread with a little blackeyed peas  (i hate  those things.. i ate four.. no not four bites.. four beans) and a bit of cabbage. I have drank water.. and a TINY bit of sprite zero.. i like carbonation.. sue me...    The soup is gross... luckily i am going to be able to swap the meals out if i don't like them. The shake was alright, i added too much coffee though...   I don't really want to post my start weight yet... maybe once i drop some of th
I Dated That Douche - A Fubar Experience.
Here's a good one. This is a Fubar love story (*snickers*) and perhaps a lesson to some of you before you believe everything you hear or see on the internet or some of the bullshit people spew: The original post and comments can be located at: This was bought to my attention for your viewing pleasure by the lovely: Mrs Black@ fubar New Year - Same fun. Share your thoughts as usual. Peace.
Call Of The Ktulu (my First Stab At It)
Music Trivia Question 1 - Congrats To Michael J! This Rounds Winner
Okay, this is a lyric question, that means I want the name of the artist, song and year it was released. "I lived most of my life in New York City Born and raised in the promised land One day this man in black said, "Listen Jack" Told me I was chosen to kiss the ring on his hand He said "Kindly reconsider the sins of your past" And I said "Mister you can kindly kiss my ass"'
Couple Bug Fixes This Morning!
last night i caused a bug that would sometimes make peoples screen name on the site change to someone elses. even though that happened, the original person was still behind the link. ie: if you tried to became a fan of joe, and the message said 'successfully became a fan of bob', you still became a fan of joe. i also put a quick tweak in that filters out certain words from member screen names. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what words. if your name starts showing up as numbers instead of your screen name, then click on the profile link and change it to something not so god damned stupid. the bug that was keeping people from seeing their friends nsfw folders was fixed last night. i'd appreciate it if you still flag your folders with adult content as NSFW. if everyone stops doing that, i'll put in a tweak that forces the flag on any album with a single nsfw photo.. we don't want that do we? :-) and since i'm here, i'll stoke the bitch fires some more with
Our Angel!!!
Today Friday the 15th... I recieved the ever so late phone call that NO one ever wants. I had just found out that my niece who is 4yrs old passed away do to a HORRIBLE car accident. I may or may not be online to recieve ya'lls love. But whoever may read this pls keep me and my family in your prayers. And just know that we have another lil angel watching down on us. Here are two pics of my niece Aleyiha she is two in these pics, I can't think straight enough to find recent pics. But I wanted to show you our angel.
The Toughest Woman I Know.......
The Toughest Woman I know... The toughest woman I know was molested from 7-10 by her stepfather. Grew up from learning to take care of herself and trying to protect herself because no one else would/did. The toughest woman I know buried herself in "fat" to make sure no one would ever hurt her again. Took the jeers, laughs and torments because it was the lesser of the evils that she had been shown in life thus far. The toughest woman I know married a man and had a child at 28. The greatest gift she ever received. She endured this man 11 years while also living with and taking care of parents and grandparents. Working 60 plus hours a week to support all of them. When all the elderly ones had finally passed she took control of her life. Lost 120 pounds in 10 mos and another 170 of a useless man. The toughest woman I know then endured another heartbreak. The man she had shared her life with showed his true self while in charge of her son. Was arrested for indecent sexua
What Women Mean To Me.....
Yet another blog after booze. I see far too often women being treated badly. I grew up with my mom,sister and grandma. mom and dad divorced when I was very young. women have the capacity to be sooo much more than we men are. women are the gears of life. they nurture, love,teach and heal. while the men destroy,war and hurt. now their are exceptions to both sdies. I understand some people just don't get along but that is no excuse for the massive amount of masaganistic mother fuckers I am seeing. this site is overflowing with beautiful women but one ferquent subject that comes up is "the bad guy" are men loosing site of how amazing women are? when she say's she loves you that's something you need to hold onto and cherish, not see how many you can collect. their is nothing more beautiful than hearing a woman laugh. Chris Cornell wrote in his song "sun shower" "I hear her laugh and my soul is saved" their is nothing more amazing than the curves of a woman's body. I have n
The Story Of 'what Happened'
Friday February 9, 2007 was a very typical day for us starting out. I played with my daughters Alanna (6 mos) and Melody (who is now forever 1 year 6 months and 17 days old) during the day. That afternoon I drove the usual 15 minutes or so with the girls to meet my ex-husband's wife to pick up my two boys Jarred (11 yrs) and Landon (3 yrs). We drove back toward home, I stopped off at Dollar General to let the boys pick out a toy and then we came home. My fiance, Sonny, and his little boy (Jake, 6) showed up a bit later. We all ate dinner. Then it was bath time. I took Landon and Melody into the bathroom and started it up for them. Alanna, Jake and Jarred were in the living room each doing their own thing. I washed both Landon and Melody and Landon asked if they could have bubbles. I told him 'yes' and he wanted to pour the bubbles in so I opened them for him and let him do that. Then I turned on the jets long enough for them to bubble up the bubbles and turned them off. I sat with them
Grenade Launchers Roll Sheet
Not In Now
Note to self: Take NIN off the play list you use in the office.
Want Something To Whine About? How About This!
the new 'xyzs friend joe walked into the bar' alerts are generated from your friends when they invite someone who joins and uploads a photo. don't want to see when your friends invite their own friends? take them off your god damned friends list. oh wait, you get a giant boner about having thousands of random names on your friends list that you never even talk to? well, here's a news flash for you: you're an idiot. if you don't like it, you'll find a nice warm and fuzzy delete profile link on your profile settings page. please, do us a favor and take your ass somewhere else... maybe myspace so you can hang out with your 12 year old cousin and his buddies. thanks! -mike ps: werd to my homies in the trenches! pps: i admit-- i made a new years resolution to be kindler and gentler, and i've failed. the old mike is back.. put on your helmets
Joke Of The Day...
... A girl asks her boyfriend to come over Friday night and have dinner with her parents. Since this is such a big event, the girl announces to her boyfriend that after dinner, she would like to go out and make love for the first time. * * * * * * * * * Well, the boy is ecstatic, but he has never had sex before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacist to get some condoms. He tells the pharmacist it's his first time and the pharmacist helps the boy for about an hour. He tells the boy everything there is to know about condoms and sex. * * * * * * * * * At the register, the pharmacist asks the boy how many condoms he'd like to buy, a 3-pack, 10-pack, or family pack. The boy insists on the family pack because he thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time and all. * * * * * * * * * That night, the boy shows up at the girl's parents house and meets his girlfriend at the door. "Oh, I'm so excited for you to meet my parents, come on in!" * * * * * * * * * The boy goes
All You Need Is Love...
Ooops, posted wrong link... LOL - Just had to add this vid that Bats made too...
What I've Done... anyways, it was nice to get off of here for a few days and enjoy "living my life" and actually do something productive for once, which was long overdue and very muchso needed. It gave me the chance to sit back and think about what has gone on here over the past few months since I started to get rates and become much more active as "myself" on this site instead of being a funny (or however you take him) little white owl. It's funny because the rate war that is a never ending battle on here makes people do funny things and act certain ways, and at the end of the day, their true colors eventually do shine through. Add the "who can pic the best fake default picture" element to that drama and you have well, what amounted to a recipe for disaster. And well, that's pretty much what happend. Quite honestly, as Orly, I initiated the first "fake default" picture idea to some longtime and former top cherries as a way to attract even more rates and attention drawn to their profiles. Yup,
Bleeding Hearts
“She will promise you more Than the Garden of Eden Then she'll carelessly cut you And laugh while you're bleeding.” “Live for yourself -- there's no one else More worth living for Begging hands and bleeding hearts will only cry out for more” “Even when the heart's stopped beating, it is still bleeding” “If there's delight in love, 'tis when I see That heart, which others bleed for, bleed for me” “So in the dark we hide the heart that bleeds, And wait, and tend our agonizing seeds.” “Some people are afraid of what they might find if they try to analyze themselves too much, but you have to crawl into your wounds to discover where your fears are. Once the bleeding starts, the cleansing can begin.” “Any fact that needs to be disclosed should be put out now or as quickly as possible, because otherwise the bleeding will not end.” “If they tell you that she died of sleeping pills you must know that she died of a wasting grief, of a slow bleeding at the soul
Leaving Today 09/14/07
To All My Of The Dirty South Crew,Family,Friends,And Fans..... Today,i leave for a Seven Day trip out West. Landing in Las Vegas Today.... To start ,my week long hiatus I may or may not have access while i am away, So i ask of you to not be upset if you don't receive Comments from during this time. Anyone that knows me,knows that i send a lot of them,and it is going to hard to keep up,while away. You Will All Be In my Thoughts,while i am away! Lots Of Love To ALL!!!!! And in closing just remember, Keep Your Head High,Keep Smiling,Keep Loving, For Life is Too Short,Cherish What You Have! I Will Miss All of you,while i am gone!
Most of my friends know that I struggle with an addiction to drinking. I have joked at times that I was an alcoholic, but I have to face the truth. I had secretly been trying to clean up my act. I considered myself lucky that I have been semi-prepared, responsible and rational while out having my fun. I had never had anything catastrophic happen to me but I was doing foolish shit that was hurting the man I love…and since I love him more than I love myself, I made a commitment to stop drinking. My cousin called me late Saturday evening and asked if I could come get him and his friends from a bar because their designated driver hadn’t shown up. My cousin has been gone for 4 years so finally being of age and around old friends was a huge thing for him. I went in to find the celebrating idiots after having to hunt him down for 2 hours. Once I found the group, an old friend of my cousin's bought me a beer. Being that I was and still am very serious about not drinking, but not wanting to
Life Isn't For Some People
If you know me at all, you know I HATE it when people look at my tattoos and ask "Hey did that hurt?" While standing in line at the store today, the guy behind me (who must have left his brain in the dresser drawer at home) braved that very question. To which my response was "You know, everyone asks that and it's annoying. It's 45 hours of needles digging into my skin, of course it hurt!" His brilliance didn't end there, though! He then asked "In one day?" Yes, you idiot..... 45 hours in one day. I told him "Well, you know.... life isn't for everyone" He chuckled, and agreed. I was left stunned......... I guess thinking isn't for everyone either.
if you havent read my blog from yesterday read it before you read this or it wont make much sense.... well...rob told me this morning he is leaving me for his ex fiance. He told me he would be out by saturday but i told him he has till tonight to get all his shit out of my house. Im a mess right now but I know things will get better. I dont want a cheating asshole in my life...even tho it hurts right now. 2 years is a long time to be in a relationship! :( He put me sooo far in debt and i think thats what scares me the most. My family is going to help me but its still going to be rough until everything is sorted out. I just keep telling myself everything will be okay and im better off without him. I dont deserve to be treated the way he treats me. Im a good person or i at least try to be most of the time. I deserve to be happy and one day i will be! :) Soo...AsH.WeeE is offically single. After almost 2 years. Im terrifed. (plz dont write in here "ohh i'll be ur new bf
Mary - Not Well - Another Transfusion!
Please see the update below from Christina, Mary's daughter! Thanks for reading it! Just a quick but sad update. Mom has taken a turn for the worse. Her stats have dropped and she doesn't seem to want to fight anymore. I have started a candlelight vigil with some of her friends outside the hospital and I am hoping that all the prayers will reach her heart and let her know how much she is loved and needed. Anyone who has her yahoo ID can leave a message for her there and I will show her on the laptop when I am at the hospital. Also I now have her PW for her account on here and will be using her name to give all her close friends the 11's for her. Much Love Christina
01-03-08 (still Want To Put 7)
Welcome to my nightmare - oops blog I mean! How's things on your side of the screen? We've got about five inches of good 'wet' snow ... For the lucky non-snow knowledgeable: WET = Heavy, very 'packable' white stuff! (good to make snowmen in, bad for driving or shoveling) *holds achey-breaky back* I'd actually go 'play' in it but I've got that nasty ass cold/flu that's going around ... And besides - my daughter not around to blame for my childish behavior -lol- I miss my little one, she's been with her mom since NYE - she'll be back tomorrow! My dog just adores her, she gets down for a couple days when the young bloods not here ... (although it doesn't like my grandbaby much) -They fight for table scraps from me- haha Any snow where your at? Do you enjoy it?? I'll continue my 'Tuesday Train' starting next week ... I've made a bunch of new comments - which get mixed in with some older one in the weeks ahead. Tod
Reinstate Hank Williams In The Grand Ole Opry
Hey yall I know alot of people do not like country music. But Hank Williams Sr is being exploited by the Grand Ole Opry. And he is not even a member so what I am asking yall to do is sign the petition and watch the clips down below. I will also have a link were you can sign the petition.
Funniest Shit I've Ever Seen!!!!
PLEASE RE-POST OR SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS IF HAD A LAUGHAlright everyone. This has to be the funniest shit I have ever seen. I know it's mean and I would never tell a child anything like this. The guy from My Joke took kids drawings either sent to his web site or that he found on the INTERNET and decided to give them some constructive criticism on them (I'm sure the kids will never see this) but, what makes it funny is the thought of someone actually saying this to a kid LOL My Favorite one where I almost pissed myself was "It's a bird, It's a it's a giant blue tampon with blue whiskers" Enjoy them and let me know what you think (please)
Poem I Wrote For My Mom
A million times I've needed you,A million times I've cried. If love alone could have saved you,You never would have died. In life I loved you dearly,In death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place no one could ever fill. It broke my heart to lose you, But you did not go alone. For a part of me went with you, The day God called you home. Death will never break the ties that bond our lives together. I loved you then,I love you now And I will love you forever! Rest In peace My Mom,My Best friend My Everything! 05-12-49 ~ 04-28-99
My Very Own E-love
I was feeling a bit jealous of Jim, cavorting about with Olga, his Russian e-lover, so I was excited to receive the following message: Hi I am Richard I have 43 years old I am Italian I born in Piacenza near Milan.I live near Milan in Italy. My parents are Italian. I was studied until the first year of university ( science of information ) I am electronic graduate. I was in Military service for one year.I worked as a techical writer and logistic engeneering for 8 year.I opened my factory in 1994.My factory work about building,plant,finished,service for factory end every kind of techical services.I am preparing one world franchising and a small city in Capo Verde.I speak Italian,English,French.Spanish and Portoughese.I travelled about Austria,Swiss,France,England,Portugal,Cabo,Ungheria,Cipro Verde,Usa,Canadian,Brazil,German,Czec republic,Slovakia,Romania,Poland,Slovenia,. I was divorzed in 1996 I dont have children.I am religius.I dont smoke,drink,never drugs,no medicinal
02-17-08 (i Scream!)
Sunday, February 17, 2008 Mmmm I Scream, you scream ... We all Scream for I C E C R E A M Welcome my friends ... I hope this finds you with a no lactose intolerance or unable to savor the rich goodness that is Ice Cream! As diamond Dave sings ... and the flicking graphics surround you in the creamy cold sweetness, take a moment: Think about your childhood and how excited it made you to hear the ice cream trucks jingle or happy tune. To this day, as though I'm a dog that was trained to eat by a whistle ... I hear a tingling sound that reminds me of that Ice Cream Trucks music, My mouth salivates & I'm digging for some change. Funny, when my sister & I where teen agers, we were just sitting around playing crazy 8's during a HOT summer day, we thought we heard an ice cream truck down the road. Boy we were excited, it had been years since one was even IN our little town!
We Need Some Ppl
THIS IS A FIRE AND ICE CREWCODE 1If you haven't noticed, there hasn't been a lot of folks to level lately. What we need from all members is to check your friend's, family, and fan's lists to see if anyone you know needs to be leveled. If you find someone leave their name or link in the comments section. Thanx for all you do to make this the best leveling family on Fubar!!!!
Catfight! Catfight!
Hi friends! :D i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :) mine was paying with a hangover from hell, but it was so worth it. anyhow, me and my good friend pebbles decided to race! please help me win!! It's a Race for GODMOTHER! BRUNETTE vs.BLONDE! Sexy vs. Cute! Rock Hard Abs vs. Curvy and Fluffy! Fu has never seen anything like this before! J-RoxxX(the evil twin)@ fubar VS. ~PebblesinAZ~OwN3d by EMANON~Rate, FAN, then ADD! XOXO@ fubar It's a CAT FIGHT for GODMOTHER! Place Your Bets! (Which is going to be more like a Pot for the Winner!) You can call it a Wager or Donation! This is our official referee, philemon. He will be making sure us girls fight fair :D also, he will be taking all bets, and keeping track of who bet what, and on who. please fupal all wagers to him with a message that says, "betting on j-roxxx". Philemon@ fubar More to Come! MEOW! **happy hour drinks on me for all comments :)
It Is Seriously A Poem Jim Morrison Would Have Wrote
Smoke clears the empty room and makes everything very open. As I awoke to find the innocence stolen. The joker laughs his head in a fog laughing and dancing as he slipped into a cold and unforgiving bog. He sings a song filled with gloom and doom speaking that god will save him. But the only thing that changed his jokers smile was the light that shined on his body. A light so bright it filled him with with fright the smell filled his breath as he fell into darkness and death.
Fun Quiz : Which Mummer Are You??
Question 1. Someone posts a MuMM like all "My boyfriend left me and our kids for some other broad and now he wants to come back, only he hits me and that, should I let hium come back? lol". What's your response? a) "Grrrrrr" b) "Shut up Bo$$" c) You cut-and-paste a poorly thought-out "Picture/Big Word/Little Words That Are A Joke", or a cartoon that you maked of yourself. d) "Go as a Frankenstein, that's a traditional costume that everyone gets a kick out of" e) "STFU Usted" f) "Bless your [insert appropriate adjective here] heart" g) "Shut up Bo$$!" h) "LOL, morning everybody!!" i) You post a disturbing hom0-er0tic picture of Hoehunter, yourself or sometimes kins. j) "poop" k) "Your's an asshole. STFU and GTFO" Now tot up your scores, and see how you did!! Mostly a's : You are Illusion, and you need more coffe Mostly b's : You are Usted Mostly c's : You are kins. You used to be quite funny, but it gets old Mostly d's : You are Locu
Question For Levelers
I know you have all worked endless hours too help Scooter because we love him and see what he does for everyone and how many he has helped.... We started pimping him at a high amount and some of us well the majority of us have been rating him non stop for days.. So im thinking too get more outside help this might work.. But I will not do it unless you all are for it.. Again ..This will be done for all levelers at GodFather levels and above.. For everyone person that buys him a bling we will have a one day leveler pimpout for those levelers that agree to participate in this.. That we will all hit the pages and rate pictures and stash too return the love back for helping him. This will help get Scooter leveled and we wont have too attack his page much longer.. Please leave me a comment on this blog of what your feelings are on this..If you want too participate in rating.. Say im in.. If you dont tell me this is a horrible idea.... Please dont anyone be buying him bling
Ck Me Out In A Nude Auction
I am entering in a Nude Auction and Ass Contest!! I hope to see all my men voting and showing me the Sexy Love I show you! Kisses and Ty ahead of time!!
I Just Got Laid
Lets All Come Together
I think Drew is ready for her time in the spotlight :) I just need to find a banker.....I am ready to give up my fububucks that my boobs made me.
What Fools These Men Are...
If you have never been to the city (you're missing out, but thats another blog) Its a maze of people trying to hand you flyers, pamphlets, convert you into a religion, etc. I am used to it, and I dodge them with a steely glance. Though, today one group tried a novel approach; Cheerleader skirts. I took two brochures.
Tonight's Fortune Cookie
"Investigate new possibilities with friends. Now is the time!" OK, no surprise buttsecks, anyone...
Well im doin salutes got a few of them done but i dont think i have everyone so if you want one let me know! bee tee double yew Mummaz and Mummettes rock the hardest! muahz :)
I Think I Just Had A Nerdgasm
I think I need to go change my pants now.
Dark Knight
By far the BEST Batman of them all! Heath Leger (RIP) was incredible as the Joker! Never, ever before has a movie actually had me on the edge of my seat, but this one did, the entire 2 hours and 45 mins.. (lol yes it's a long one, but sooo good) I am telling everyone I know to go see this will not be disappointed! Plus Christian Bale = Holy hotness batman! :p
My Family
gotta love Mel ERROR: this user's permissions don't allow you to do this. if you want to add this member to your 'blocked' list, click here.
I Need 7000 Comments On Hott Marina's Page On My Friends List
Please Dont Let....
Mac own me ..... > BID ON ME!!!
Do you ever have days when you feel ugly and stupid? Grrr
I work at a hotel, and PDA is on top of my pet peeves. When people can't wait to get into each other's pants right when I'm checking them in. I understand your hooker charges per hour, but you only need 10 min, so you can wait 'til you get into your room. Fucktards
Guess The Lyrics 2
Yes, the baddest. You know what to do. Googling is cheating ! 1- Now you can wait your whole life wondering when it's gonna come or when it's been. 2- On a perfect day, I know that I can count on you, When thats not possible, tell me, can you weather the storm 3- I'll never kill you again, put my faith in your hands, I only race with you cause being late is not in the plan 4- And you don't have to make your mind up, I just wanna take my time with you, if that's alright, it's alright 5- You're physically in this, but how can we tell, if we was meant to be in bliss if you're not mentally as well (YES, STILL LOVE IT) 6- Can I talk my shit again ? Even if I don't hit again ? Dog are you fucking kidding ? 7- I wanna take a minute or two, and give much respect due, to the man that's made a difference in my world 8- Instinct leads me to another flow everytime I hear a brother call a girl a bitch or a hoe 9- If our love was a fairy tale, I would charge in and re
Spotlight Help...
To the spies....f*ck you b*tches! Now, I want a spotlight. I have no good reason for it, just that I want one because I have never had one. I have over 5 million fubucks, so I still need a lot....I have no set date, but SexySavior wants a spotlight on Oct. 3 for his birthday, so I want it before that so I can help him out to get his. So how about it? No amount is too large or too small...every bit helps:)
Read All Member Please
List up I have came on to fine i lost my co-founder and i guess all my crew leaders First off FOR ONE WE ARE FAIR TO EVERYONE WE TRY TO BE. I ask scooter to be part of this family and half owner for a darn reason and that reason begin he is very good at what he does. I handed over the running of this to him and i am the unspoken owner behind him what he says goes has far has i can say and if i had a problem with him i would have spoke to him about it. Now but it seems one person thought she had more say than she really has so i am here to say no you dont and if i can get scooter back it will be run his way or no way i hope i make myself very clear on this matter. Now what i am asking here is who wants scooter back I DO COMMENT ON THIS BLOG ONE WAY OR ANOTHER AND IF NOT THE RR will be desband I will not run it without him. Enchantin Rose
How Many More?
I got to school this morning only to find that ANOTHER of our students, along with her father, was killed in a motorcycle accident last night! This makes AT LEAST one student death in each of the past 5 years. I NEED to vent or maybe the "men in the white coats" WILL be stopping by to take me away. As the father of a 14 year old, I worry about this sort of thing EVERY DAY and it makes me wonder if there is a GOD, does he have a plan for these "children" who have yet to live their lives??? I can't seem to rationalize the why's of any of these tragedies and don't understand why they happen. MANY of my students were grief struck this morning and the school provided crisis counselors and psychologists to try to help with their grief. I gave MANY hugs to students who knew her and tried to explain the reasons why these things happen, but I know my words were basically meaningless and really felt helpless in trying to help. As a musician, the song, "Only the Good Die Young" keeps
Boob Auction
thinking about hosting a boob auction, all you would own is that persons boobs....good idea or am i just being a lesbian again?
Need Crew Leaders!!!
To start off....I am unable to be on here all the time and I hired people as crew leaders to help with the homepage but they have things going on and are unable to be on the homepage some if any at all.. like i have stated before I NEED HELP!!! The homepage needs somebody watching it most of the time or at least have people around to do levelups on the homepage!! Right now we are missing levelups and potential new members because there is never nobody around to post the levelups. I am going to find people who are around alot and are willing to help!! So if you are interested PLEASE LET ME KNOW...Message on this page or on Scooters or Wizards page!! As of right now we have no crew leaders!! The people who are crew leaders I love them to death but I need people who are around alot to help!! If you are interested please let me know!! If you are one of the current crew leaders i still want you to be a part of the family..Like I said you guys are great friends but this is killing th
Im Leaving!!
Onna cruise for a week! :P Leavin my house at 4am tomorrow mornin, lol holyshit! I dont think ive seen that time of day since my party'n days when i was 20! I wont be back until Sunday 11/15/08 so can someone make sure my puppy gets fed and walked..he likes his belly rubbed and may slobber on ya a bit but i hate leavin him home all alone! also, my two peas are going to be BERRY BERRY sad without me, they sometimes go insane when im not around to calm them down from their whoring ways so if you can keep an eye on mixen too that would be great! I wont say much to Ms.d since shes comin with me n all, she doesnt know it yet, but i haz secwet plans to smuggle her in my suitcase! Ooh and someone please snuggy with my adoptive extraterrestrial kittahdaddah n keep him company?? He will have a TON of fancyfeast and premium milk left over if anyones kittahs are hungry :P I so plan on having TONS of sun, sand and flip flops, so dont you worry, ill make sure to take 666 fee
My husband had decided that we are gonna start going to amtgard again... meaning.. we need armor and garb... GREAT guess who is gonna start leather working and sewing again.. MEEEE my hands are gonna hate me :D
Found On Craigs List
Seeking a sexual tyrannosaur for a romp in the park - w4m -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2008-10-12, 3:14PM PDT I am a very career-focused, attractive, 5'9, 120lb woman who is seeking a man who is willing to fulfill my ultimate sexual fantasy. I am an executive with a very successful corporation that keeps me very busy and I sometimes have difficulty finding men who share similar interests to my own in the bedroom. Nothing turns me on more then Jurassic Park themed role play. You must be the animatronic dinosaur, and I must be the helpless child (Tim or Lex) stuck in the park at your mercy. You will growl mechanically into my ear and stare threateningly. I will feign panic and search for the flash light in the back seat of the visitor jeep. You will sniff at the window slowly and then release a robotic roar into the night air. I scream for Alan Grant, but your over sized robot jaws come crashing down through the
Sweet 16?
Seriously.. since i got NO answer in a mumm about this.. WTF is so important about a girls 16th bday? why isn't it the 15th or the 17th? why do people think I HAVE TO HAVE THE BIGGEST PARTY FOR MY 16TH BDAY!!! I seriously do not understand this because when i was 16 i was working (my first REAL job at 15.. and practically raising my sisters kid since i was 12.5) and paying bills... by 17 i had my own apartment. I was taught to value a dollar.. not be mad because i didn't have a party.. will someone explain what is so special about that damn birthday?
Piece Of Meat
Don't nobody OWN me.. :P j/k I love it Went thru my ownership list, everyone who ever owned me, I owe you a personalized salute, my way of saying thank you and sending some love your way. Crystal Melanie BayBaySunshine Georgia Peach Peacey Frayed Knot So drop a comment here let me know if you have a special request for a salute. John
Song Titles And/or Lyrics
think you can do it? give it a shot.
Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving
TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE THANKSGIVING Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving, and all through the bar Were your old High School classmates, returning home from afar. Their hands were double-fisting and their faces were a smile, In hopes to avoid the parental convos for a while. Hurdling towards black-out, you and your friends Ordering shots by the round, maxing out to no end. Drinking Captain and Jack, Jaeger and Beer All in the hopes that sobriety would no longer be here. The local tavern so dark, transformed for the night. Into a college meet-market for the young drinker's delight. Blackout Wednesday is here with booze on the minds, Of every young coed, huddled crowded inside. In the corner, the jocks, recall their old glory days, As they rubbed their beer guts and yelled 'man, you're so gay'. They pounded their fists on the bar, which raised such a clatter, That the barkeep soon rushed over to see what was the matter. The guys all got quiet, the whole bar turned t
Save It Tough Guy/girl...
...I still wonder why folks don't leave mumm drama IN the mumms... Why SB it?!? Why message it?!? *sigh* Idiots.
Whoring For Bling
i gots a deal for you fine folks.....Sarah will whore on cam for a bling pack, she'll even show your her dong.
I Have Sperm
I need new jeans. That is all.
Baby You Dont Have To Wait
I realise I am not the only one that is unhappy on here ....and its true some will say if your not happy switch off like the TV when the programme is rubbish. I haven't closed down my pc and logged out of fubar in a long time but apart from a few good friends I cant see any point in keeping it on. The few that do stop by my page, are those that I class real friends, they are the ones that actually notice what my status says ... empty friends are those that only notice my status when it says "auto 11s on" not that I've had that many the few I have received are from true friends:-) Fake friends are those that say .... "oh why did you delete me? " - "read my profile which explains why you were deleted!" I could roll of those empty friends those that dont come by for days/weeks and then get an auto so send me a comment and attach on the bottom of it a msg " auto 11s on @ " !! - you know who you are!! I will rate "real friends" with autos because they still stop by when they dont
A Merry Christmas To You.....
Twas the day before Christmas and all through the fu....... imikimi - Customize Your World The elves are playing.... imikimi - Customize Your World And Uncle Tom's shitter was full.... imikimi - Customize Your World Santa was ready for his task at hand...
Enough Already
Too many wanna do little to nothing they beg for bling they want suto 11s and want everyone to kiss their butts. Guess what I've had a few hhs auto 11s I've got my share of bling and more in my thoughts and I never asked for a thing it means much more than askin. I'm an oracle at the moment and I did it all in under a year and in that year I missed over 3 months but I got there. Like me or not the fact is get over it and the points let the points rankings and everything else come as it does. If I have autos ts about helping me and my friends. not getting my butt kissed but everyone.
Hello to ALL of my wonderful family, friends, fans and new acquaintances!!! I am totally overwhelmed with the outpouring of LOVE, not to mention the rates, by all of you on my birthday! You are truly amazing people who deserve the BEST of everything in 2009. I responded to over 100 PM's yesterday and have even more than that to answer today. I hope you will be understanding about the lag time in getting back to you! All of the tags made for me is still almost too much for me to comprehend! As I go about editing and deleting some of my pics, ALL will be added in the very near future. I sincerely DO have the GREATEST friends on the FU! Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU ALL! Manly
I Am Being Slandered By Fire Chief The From 2nd Alarm Hotties Cause He Feels Threatened By Me
Ok Ladies, I have talked to EACH of you personally and most of you on a daily basis. Up until recently I was seeing someone as you ALL know and I made it known I was taken. WELL, that being said the So-Called Fire Chief is spreading around rumors that I am a Sexual Deviant and Pervert (Which May Be True) but, HAVE I EVER BEEN ANYTHING BUT RESPECTFUL TO YOU LADIES??? I compliment you but, I keep it respectful and honest. I don't lie to you or tell you bull. If I say I'm gonna do something I do it. It may take me a few days but I get it done as fast as I can. So PLEASE comment here on how I have treated and talked to you. I feel we have a GREAT family starting here and I DO NOT want lies messing that up. So please EVERYONE comment About what you think of me as a person, even if its BAD I will NOT delete it. Thanks Ladies for being apart of ALL This I Appreciate You All "Colonel"
Real Or Tell Me! Xoxo
So, I made a mumm today regarding the status of another fu that it's rumored is "fake". I didn't accuse her of being fake, a scripter or a cheater. That is the opinion of others. I simply commented on the pathetic status. Then, I hear it's rumored I am fake as well. Are you serious? REALLY! If there's anyone that believes I am fake I challenge them to read my blogs, go thru my stash, analyze every detail of my pics and CHECK REFERENCES! For those that are too can refer to this bulletin/blog! Ready... I currently have 2 verified salutes! I had more...but deleted a grip of my pictures and only kept one at the time that I spent a lot of time on. My pastel drawing of Pebbles. Exhibit A I posted another recently while mocking a fake on this site and her lack of salutes! Exhibit B I've even made self promotion videos as well as video salutes for friends... Exhibits C... D... and E...
I got blocked, woohoo You know the drill DJ NEMESIS...: well its cool im used to shitty attitudes from asswipes ->DJ NEMESIS...: don't know you, don't care. DJ NEMESIS...: hi wanted to let u know that me & dj foxy bitch have autos on and a mill fubux giveaway. if u wanted to let people know & read ou
Ode To Banana
Oh, banana... How yellow, how smooth, almost too beautiful to eat, I gaze upon your potassium rich goodness, I long to peel away your layers to reach your inner squishiness, I can feel your buttery richness on my tongue. Mmmm... How sinfully delectable. Wait, what?? Get back to work, Aurelia, geez. -REL
You've Been Naughty
alone on christmas, lying beneath the tree nightgown long forgotten, fingers up inside me very hot for such a snowy night, what would santa think to find this sight would he join in and start rubbing his dick? or slowly fuck me with a thick peppermint stick sliding it in wet and slick and leaning in close for a little lick pumping it into me bit by bit his tongue in my pussy sucking my clit writhing around, can't stay still he thrusts in it deep and hard so I get my fill my body goes rigid, my moaning wild he then pulls it out and licks the stick like a child he doesn't miss a drop of my sweet candy cum, just sighs then settles down in between my thighs lapping up all that good peppermint flavor really taking his time to taste and to savor before too long I'm bucking my hips as he licks my clit and pussy lips i cum again hard breathless and shaking lying there now, i open my eyes as if waking i'm alone, no familiar red and white coat but up on the tab
Srsly Wtf?
My sister's friends are over; But what are they doin? ARGUING over who gets to be called what Shrek character as a nickname :S WTF? Srsly. And the worst part is they AREN'T on drugs.
Thank You All
As a lot my good friends have noticed. I have not been on here much lately. Several reasons why. Fubar is a great site with many good people. But I was getting burnt out. I needed a break badly. Plus I has some minor computer issues. Also Fubar has went from a fun site to a money site and even those spending money are getting the shaft. This is not a rant or me bitching ,,,but rather speaking the truth. I would like to personally Thank all who sent me drinks,,,rated me or anything else. I know who you are and all love will be returned. You all are the best. I will be back on here full time tomorrow or the next day. Much love and many thanks to all Joe
For Me
I was going to save this earlier, but forgot. A friend left this on one of my pics & I thought it was the best comment EVER. I wanted to save it so it didn't get lost in the shuffle. ((( CAUTION ))) : THIS PICTURE CAUSES UNCONTROLLABLE DROOLING..RESULTING IN A FRIED KEYBOARD! OWNER OF THIS PICTURE IS NOT FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES INCURRED TO YOUR KEYBOARD OR ANY OF YOUR OTHER COMPUTER COMPONENTS. VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK !!! SMOKING HOT PIC !!!! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY DROP DEAD GORGEOUS !!!!! No need to comment on this blog.
If I Could Turn Back Rates
a point whores lament If I could turn back rates If I could find a way Id take back all those 4s you gave me go away I don't know why you gave the rate that you did I want to know why you did what you did ratings like a knife it can cut deep inside numbers like weapons they wound on line did you really mean to hurt me did you wanna rate so low you know you made me cry but lady If I could turn back rates If I could find a way Id take back all those 4s you gave me go away If I could find auto 1s Id give them all to you you don't love me love me then screw you if I could turn back rates My rating was shattered I was torn apart why don't you just take a knife and drive it deep in my heart when you hit my page with fours I swore I didn't care but I lost ranking how do you dare your mean you should tell me your sorry you should tell me you are wrong I know that you are blind Imma darling If I could turn back rates If I co
Blocked Again...
Started in a MuMM. Here it is.... Fubar Leveling created @ 01/26/2009 07:05 pm expires in: 23 hrs [EVERYONE] I'd like to get my fubar level up some more. Would someone like to help me out?He didn't approve my comment which was: No, but I will report your MuMM You can thank me later.Here is our shout box convo before he blocked me. Call Me An...: reporting my mumm like a little bitch Call Me An...: and i dont know why u have to be such a bitch about it ->Call Me An...: It started in the MuMMs, keep it there. I don't know why you have to be such a wimp about it. Call Me An...: No ->Call Me An...: keep it in the MuMMs. Call Me An...: gee thanks alotI was trying to tell him I wasn't being a bitch. He's the one that didn't read the rules for MuMMs, not my fault he's an idiot.
Get Your ♥ On Auction
Bid on me! yes I am a whore
Major Undermyskin Urkage!
With today's economy, I would think that people would value their job. Communicate with their team members and provide 100% daily. Unfortunately, I've found they don't. I admit it, I'm a complete anal bitch about my work: how it's presented, watered, "set-up" etc etc etc. So, normally I just do everything myself. Our blooming *plant* truck was late last week, engine blew, so I was unable to install one of my bigger accounts. I was totally cool with it *normally that would have pissed me off* even cool with someone else "watering them in". I explained to my boss that the person installing would have to bring some supplies. The tenants in the building like to steal our blooming plants and the buckets they are in, buckets are key to keeping said bloomer hydrated until the technician is at the account again. Anyway, I was positive...almost..that said person would have done their job. I went to the account yesterday evening, my scheduled time, said person didn't bring the ext
Hot...or Crazy...
where do you lie on the line?
The Hanged Man
THIS WEEK'S CARD: THE HANGED MAN They say that going back to someone or something from your past isn’t normally a good idea, as though 'going back' is a 'step backwards'. Although this may sometimes hold true, it ertainly isn't always the case. Finding yourself in such a dilemma can cause a state of impasse or limbo where you really don’t know what to do for the best. This brings me to The Hanged Man card, a card that normally indicates the need to make some kind of self- sacrifice, or indicates a need for you to give someone or something up. We all know how very difficult this can be! ;- ) Contemplating how challenging such situations can be, especially when it concerns affairs of the heart, inspired me to write The Sign Post reading, which is now part of the membership readings. How do you know what or who you should give up? Are you considering giving up the right person or the right thing? Are you looking at your situation from the right perspective? Perhaps
Janie's Got A Gun
As some of you know (you know who you are), I am going to the motherland in a year, for a coupla months. Being used to the safety in the US, I completely forgot what a crazy land Russia is. So...I have decided that I will get a gun once I'm there. While most of my stay will be in Moscow (which is still a jungle), hubby and I will be going to some places that are not safe, esp for Americans (which he is). However...he is completely opposed to this idea, saying that I will get in trouble and they won't let me back in the States. Thats one issue I am a lil concerned about, but since I have a double citizenship, I dont think I have much worries in that aspect. I won't need to get a registration or anything, and there are a lot of places where I can get one, but he is still being paranoid about it. I have no idea how to sway his mind. He is so stubborn! Grr!
Wanna See Bewbs?
Ok, I'm turning my Autos on here in a bit. I got a ticker with fu bucks a few weeks ago, and hoarded it. I sent two in for approval, and I'm just waiting for that to come through to activate. I've actually got a fairly light day tomorrow, so I can participate some Sooo... Yeah. When I hit godfather I'll post some boob pics. Some of you don't care about that and will do it just cuz you love me, but for all the others, there will be bewbs to be had. Now, talk amongst yourselves.
Linguistic Rebellion
Words, when either perfectly or cleverly combined are art, simply and purely. They are beauty in written form to be appreciated just as much as the works of Van Gogh, Monet, Dali, and the like. I’m not referring to the obvious either…of course there are writers who will always be appreciated for their works…Emily Dickenson, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Homer even…the list goes on and on. But, in my eyes, a well constructed witty comeback is art. A slyly flirtatious note can be art. A thought inducing essay even… In that way, words are my paints, my charcoals, my clay…this blog is my canvas at times, this keyboard, my brush. And, I find, as I look around many blogs here, I am in the company of much talent just as I do with the letters I write and receive each week. We sculpt and paint little glimpses of our worlds, our realities as we see them…we form jokes, barbs, one liners that all make the person sitting halfway across the country throw their head back in laughter…our words have the pow
Not A V-day Blog
This cool chick is going for spotlight¡¦. Her BIRTHDAY is March 4th and she really wants to be fufamous for that day! Any fubucks you can send her will be truly appreciated ¢¾ Here is her link to check her out NinjaStars [aka Lovicious Scissorsnatch]@ fubar convenient fubuck link here!!! >>>SEND FUBUCKS!
I bought some Oxi-Clean yesterday & I was just doing some laundry, when I thought about writing this blog. I'm curious if anyone uses this stuff & if it works. I've done 2 loads with it & I don't see a difference. I was going to mention how I've only done colored washes & I just started a white load, but that sounded super racist to me. Seriously though, is this stuff better than bleach?
Shut Yo Whorish Mouf
Why cupcakes are better than people... Cupcakes won't talk back. Cupcakes won't lie. Cupcakes won't stab you in the back. Cupcakes won't walk all over you (they don't have legs) If a cupcake pisses you off you can just take a bite out of it. NOMNOMNOM THE BEST PART... Cupcakes have frosting and sprinkles. People don't. People have hang ups and baggage. Frosting and sprinkles, FTW! ...crickets... Yes, Jae and I have already established I'm losing my mind. Lets move on, shall we. -REL
Stolen From Ads
1. What is your best friends name? Ben 2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? im not wearing any 3. What are you listening to right now? an episode of suspense on otr 4. Whats your favorite number? 13 5. What was the last thing you ate? cherry pie last night 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? a rainbow!! 7. How is the weather right now? bitch ass cold 8. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone? max 9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? hands 10. Do you have a significant other? yes 11. Favorite TV show? dexter 12. Siblings? 2 Brothers 3 sisters 13. Height? 5'7" 14. Hair color natural? i have no idea 15. Eye Color? blue 16. Do you wear contacts? No. 17. Favorite Holiday? christmas 18. Month? june 19. Have you ever cried for no reason? i had a reason im sure 20. What was the last movie you watched? the bucket list 21. Favorite Day of the Year? i dunno 22. A
Cherrybomb List!!!
PLEASE ENJOY MYLIST OF FU'S WHO ALLHAVE FOLDERS OF 250pics4 UR BOMBING CONVENIENCE! GET THA MOST 4 UR CHERRYBOMB RIGHT HERE! Jªne_N.к³@ fubar PlAyInHaRd-AKA Jªne_N.к³'s BLING KING@ fubar [[FüĸFäcє]]™ **Fu-Owned by DJ Soft**@ fubar cutterbum aka "The Bachelor"@ fubar Ryot Gyrl
Cherrybomb Album Shortcut Sheet...go Directly To Albums W/ A Min Of 250 Pics
Cherrybombing Cheat SheetTime for Dove Goddess to return the Love to those who helped in making it to Prophet, or those who have Cherrybombed my pics. Below are links that will open a new screen directly in the Cherrybombing Album...(All links now go directly to albums of at least 250 pics)So the next time you have a CHERRYBOMB Bling to burn off in only an Hour... use this list to make it easier and more productive. (Make sure to bookmark my blog version of this list for future use.)Dove GoddessWild HorseThe Pegasus ProjectHome PageAnnaMuerte Bella NoirDawn FuStalkerCherrybomb
No I Dont Want To See Your Prick
Lil Troubl...: wow you're angry...seems you need to get laid.... ->Lil Troubl...: not only no but fuck no. Im not here to watch a man jerk off. there is porn for that. Lil Troubl...: so you don't wanna watch me then? ->Lil Troubl...: yeah how about no Lil Troubl...: sweet...what's your yahoo im? ->Lil Troubl...: I was just checking my girlfriend's email...but hell yeah I wanna watch Lil Troubl...: i would absolutely love to stroke myself for you on cam. would u be interested in watching me? you are goregous! You know the routine! I thought the joke would discourge him but he was too dense! What a idiot! And he blocked me before I could blast his ass back!
Mummer Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
I am truly sorry if I missed anyone of you lovely ladies Make an on-line slideshow at ps i stole this idea from Moet
I Want The Notebook Kinda Love
I'm kinda not wanting to type this cause I have to re live it, But I really don't feel like I can cry anymore about it. Maybe if I talk about it I'll realize that I'm being stupid and get on with it. Anyway, Yesterday was St Pattty's day. I'm not Irish so I told my husband to go out and have a good time but he knows not to come walking in smelling like god knows what and late, I get up to early to be woken up at 1am. The begining of the night was good, I had some friends with thier kids over we visited and the kids played. Once they left O went to bed, well about 11:30 I text him and he didnt respond at all, then came walkin in the door all late. O and didn't wear his wedding right either. I know I talk alot about how much I hate him but I'm not gonna sit around and be looking like the fool, I'm hurt and upset. The kicker is He tried to have sex with me after, thinking that would make up for everything think he did wrong last night... I don't exspect him to check in like I make P
Mad Men
posted on 03/19/2009 @ 10:03 am I think the meeting where they came up with the name for Steakums probably went something like this: Fred: Ok, we have these minute steaks made out of processed meat, what are we going to call them? George: Quick Steaks! Sally: miniT's Paul: QuickSteaks! George: I said that dumbass Bob: Steak-ummmmmmmmm Fred: PURE GOLD BOB!
I just saw three new Camaros; Silver, Red & Black, and had a bit of a Cargasm. I'm not that much of a car guy, but damn if these didn't look awesome. Let me put a picture in here:
Sniffing Panties
is it hot or not? ~Finger Licken Good~2nd Alarm Hottie@ fubar
It’s Nothing Personal, Just Goodbye
I am in the process of cleaning up my Yahoo Messenger list (remember when it used to be Yahoo! Pager, man I feel old sometimes.)  Typically what I do is before I clean out any names, I move them into a separate group as a “holding area” for inactivity for an indeterminate amount of time, then if I don’t speak with them, they get purged on my next clean up.  I send out a mass communication announcing my intent, and asking if the people still have me on their list, to go ahead and delete me, if I am not on their list anymore; then please go about your merry way.  If you are reading this blog, odds are you probably didn’t get the announcement, as it really is for people that I don’t talk to.  It’s not that I do not like the people that I am removing, because really I do, I just don’t see the need to have someone on a communications device if I am not in fact communicating with them anymore.  Some people see this as a personal insult, and truly its
~*cherry Kisses Game*~ Closed
This game is now closed. A new one will be beginning following Mother's Day. If you have an idea for a token theme, send it in. If I choose yours, you will be sent 1000 tokens when the game begins.       Game F.A.Q. Who can I order for? You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens!  Can I order more than one at a time? Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many tokens are meant for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 5 tokens) you would say "4 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 1 to Cali4nialov
I never thought I'd actually hate anyone. Dislike them a bunch? Sure. But the thought of you makes my skin crawl.  Seeing/hearing your name makes me ill. If I could chose one name to never see again, it would be yours. Do I wish you death? No. I just want you to become violently ill. You'll survive that.
I sat there drawing circles in the sand.Circles, and waves, wave after wavecrashing and breaking against the walls of antlike soldiers.I didn't notice until much later that I had left a message, a map, an outcry for the mouse I shared a house with. The main trouble is the smell, I'd give him all the rice and cheese he could carry if he were just a bit cleaner, just a bit more respectful. Perhaps then we could be friends, and have civil chats while I sip my thin, watery tea. I would call him Gwakio, if he wasn't inclined to tell me his name. Then he could join me on these doddering afternoons, perhaps write a chapter of this battle with me. Watch the sun retreat, and the trees gossip.As a million stars arrive nonchalantly to spectate our epic. Would you like that Gwakio? I'll bring the leftovers, if you would indulge me in a palm tickle and some company.
Last night, an annoying sweettalking idiot strolls up to the Front Desk. He says hola and smiles with his gator smile.  I'm like "hi..."   "thats a cute accent" "thanks" "I love this place, you been in Chicago long?" "yup" "you know, I used to date a girl from Mexico, I think Spanish women are the most beautiful in the world." "I'm sorry, is there a reason why you are telling me that?" "uhm...well, I'm just hinting that you are really gorgeous" "you just said Spanish, which I'm not" " aren't?...I mean..." "nope, not at all" "....
Who's A Hugh?
Before I leave for the weekend I wanted to see how far the madness have gone... So who's a Hugh? And i think i might be like a disease.... i spread more and more each day... Oh by the way i So want to Perv all the Hugh's, but only Hugh G Cvntlicker gets the Tiki Torch *runs around groping Hughs* Love you all Hugh G Mclickmyboots PS I now make all my Blogs NSFW cause your all sick perverted fuckers!!
Blog Deleted Despite Adhering To Tos?
Blog deleted despite adhering to TOS?   It's moar liekly than you think.   The TOS only prohibits us from advertising sites for commercial gain. And yet, apparently, my entirely not-for-profit site is against TOS.   How intriguing. Anyway, if you're curious about what the blog was, message me and I will inform you because censorship is for China.
You Spin My Head Right Round....
Begging once again...dammit!   I am getting closer to the spotlight, but still not enough...   Whats a girl gotta do to get some help round here?   I iz broke since I am getting ready to move, so I can't afford to buy teh blings and the VIP and all the stuffz that usually helps...   Will someone please help me out here??? I want the spotlight! Jun 1st is the aimed date, gonna help me out or what???
I'm Still Naked In Illinois
i'm still in illinois and everything is going well :p i know i usually write these fucked up what's wrong with me blogs but even though i've had my moments here, i have no complaints. i have a sexy boyfriend who takes care of me... i have friends that let me walk around their house naked... i have great friends on here that understand that i may disappear with no notice and not talk for hours because i am enjoying the real life company :p (i know, that last one is REALLY rare for me) ... anyhow, i'm hoping ghost is as happy as i've been this week... his drawings are fucking beautiful (if any of you want tattoo designs drawn up, he's selling his creative talent, and it's WELL worth it - info is in his blog - click here!)anyway, i'm gonna go back to watching him draw... leave me comments here so i know you all are still alive :plove ya~sin
Whats Good Today
For Sasquatch
Come on, fill it out for me. Please!   Copy, paste, answer. you know the drill       then go to Captain Cooter's page and thank him for this.....                               1. I know who are you, tell me who you want to be.    I want to be a good mother, a good friend and a better person. I wanna not wake up every morning and hate the fact I'm still breathing. I wanna go 1 day without a headache.   2. Are we friends?  Why yes Sir we are :)   3. When and how did we meet? mumms, it's where I meet all the hotties ;) 4. Have I ever gone too far?  No (damn you)   5. What do you think of me?  I adore you, I think you are a great guy who is way to hard on himself and doesn't give himself the credit he deserves. 6. If I spanked you would you laugh, cry, or just hope that I do it again?  Don't tease me! 7. Am I a good friend?  You are :)   8. Do you love me?  Like a baby loves a tit ♥ 9.
    got a phone call from the someone that i loved the most last night while this song was playing and .........
Its Been A While In Bed
· Angel of Daath rated you a '1'!· Angel of Daath just checked you out!   yay...its been a while since a comment of mine got me rated a 1 AND blocked! So this Buds for you Mrs tits that look an ass on your chest!!! cheers!   sorry just needed to vent my life altering disapointment by being blocked an unable to give her an 11!! and since I didnt get my bed to my new apartment tonight, I will be resorting to good old air mattresses! the kids think they are camping indoors, so its fun...but i gotta make the best of it...   and also like to give credit to [[Per]] since i stole her double blog deal :P as you were    
A First
I actually beat someone at badminton for the first time in who knows how many matches.   Was quite happy with myself, just thought I'd share that... 
Understanding The Inside Joke
SAMI: 1st and foremost- please remove me by all means. The only reason I kept you on my list was because you were family. But you were never nice to me or others that didnt fit in your way of thinking. 2n) Life is full of effin drama. It happens shit happens and we need people to talk to and we need their opinions and some insite from them. They have lived a different life. Its not drama its life freezey. Try getting one and stop being a whore. As far as drama goes, you brought drama into the lounge with the whole bring jane....etc back. This is not real life Joe its fake... have been worrying so much about it that you have lost all realization of that. Last but not least, have a nice life and I hope you come to realize that though drama is hated and not wanted life is full of it. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LMMFAO So Im a Whore w00t! As of This Message I Received - Me and Mark (The SLUT) Have come to this   He is THE SLUT I am THE WHORE LMMFAO! SO f
Be Gentle -my First Time
Pop My Auction Cherry! You get:  1,000 rates per week, for a month. My crush for a month.   5 million total spent on you in Fu-owned      Actual drinks if we ever cross paths in real life                                                                                         photo & profile comments                              Ill cover yer back in Mumms                                        Bonus profile & photo comments Minimum bid is a VIP OR Auto 11's bling OR  Cherry Bomb Bling.  MUAH!    
Wth? Everyone Else Is Doing It...
...I'll be a sheep.   Ask me anything, you might not like the answer, but I'll answer honestly.   So what are you waiting for?
I'm Sorry
It has come to my attention that some people on here think they are the only ones I should talk to. I don't know why. I thought I was allowed to talk to whomever I wanted. Sometimes I get on and I have no intention of talking to anyone. I just want to get on here, read some blogs or MuMMs and MAYBE comment on them. Doesn't mean I'm actually talking to people. But when I do that, I get smart ass messages in my shoutbox, well after I've logged off.   So here's the thing, If you see me on and I'm not talking to you...I don't want to. It's nothing personal, I just don't want to talk. If you come to me bitching about it...delete me. I don't want to hear it. I do have other friends.
Salutes & Shit
Ok I am terrible about doing salutes and snapvines. I left my first snapvine today..yay! So I am trying to cum up with a list of who I need to do salutes &/or snapvines for. If you want one let me know!
I've come to the conclusion that my ex is a whore. Good thing I never slept with him. =]
Dear Peeling Out Guy ...
Dear “Peeling Out” Guy: You are awesome. That’s all I can say. The way you PEELED OUT from the stoplight today made me just want to bask in the glory that is your awesomeness. Nothing says “Behold my badass self” than a good PEELING OUT. The way your tires squealed … the sounds of 50 Cent pumping from your over-bassed, cracked to hell speakers … the look you gave me just as you were about to “dust” me … I was awash in fail. You are just so fuckin’ awesome. From now on, when I need my awesomeness to be recognized, I’m gonna’ PEEL OUT. Leaving the office – PEEL OUT! Now who’s gonna’ get invited to all the cool guy happy hour events? I should be executive material in no time. Picking up random internet chicks – PEEL OUT! Nothing says “I’m gonna’ rock your world tonight” like a good peeling out from your apartment complex, driveway, or 5th wheel trailer.
Shoutbox Bandit
!!!!!!!!!!...: the monkeys ass is more beautiful tah your dirty ugly face !!!!!!!!!!...: its good for you to ride adog or donkey ..just an animal like you !!!!!!!!!!...: i have no life in asite on the internet ,, not like you or the people around you ..i have alife already if u can make it like hell ..then do it ...u just internet whore ..i only see you like this !!!!!!!!!!...: who u say alittle boy to ,,,im fuckin older than you bitch !!!!!!!!!!...: the bitch is whom ever u sleep with ...fuck you fuckin bitch ..u just internet whore !!!!!!!!!!...: fuck you mo0ther fucker       Ok guys.. this was in my SB when i returned from the shower. I haven't the slightest clue who he is, or what the hell he's rambling about. I did, however.. LAUGH MY FUCKING ASS OFF. don't forget guys, bottom to top, and thats all him talking. by the time i came back, he had me blocked.
Guess Who Is Back!?
$safe_uid_dname@ fubar     argh. check the comments.
Any Advice?
Anyone ever been to Vegas? What are the best places to stay?
Mouths Of Babes 3
"Mom, I love you better than a shark"
Well, Thursday is my 3 year anniversary here on Fubar...Been here since Lost Cherry...Lived through CherryTap...Seen many folks come and go...And here I sit...My first profile...Never deleted...What is wrong with me??!?! I must be out of my tree to still be here after all this time! 
So I think I am growing a horn on my nose....I woke up this morning to a giant scab right on the end...What happened? I don't know! I may be morphing into an unsightly creature...So watch out! Anyways, the 3 year anniversary of joining Fubar is tomorrow...I feel like I should do something special...but what? Idk again...*sigh* Is it bedtime now?
If ya wanna....
Late Summer Rantage....
Ahh it’s about time for little rantage. So with that in mind I’m just going to babble. Who knows where that will go… Have you attended a town hall meeting for health care? I did the other day. It didn’t make Fox News or anything, because well, this is republican country and everyone was mellow. My district rep won’t be supporting that and neither should yours. Has anyone watched O’Reily, Hannity or Glen Beck? All they do is show angry town hall meetings. But are they wrong? People don’t want this. Major insurance companies are already laying off workers due to the bad and getting worse economy, and for fear of what the socialist empire in Washington will do. I feel so stumlated by that 800 billion, don’t you? Notice the disparity between the people wanting this program and those that don’t? It’s clear as day. I can fix health care real fast. Ask the people that get earned income credit and generations of welfare to trade in the bonus
Possibly The Strangest Friend Request I've Gotten
Well on May 11, 1997 at 22 years old. I had the bike wreck. I bought a racing bike on Tuesday put another front end and lights on it. Friday I took it to the drag strip. Sunday on Mothers day I had the wreck because some one pull out in front of me in a Ford Explorer and I hit the back coner for it and totaled them out and my bike at over 100 miles per hour. Their was a state trooper right their eating and he said I was doing over 100. I was in a choma for 6 months. But mom said I was still in a coma for along time. I am very lucky to be here because I died several times. Motorcycles are real danagerous because people pull out in front of you all the time. I can`t walk now and im in a wheelchair. But what put me in the chair was a Aortic Anurisum that had to be fix and they closed it off for 30 mins, when they opened it back it had paralized my legs. I had a brain injury that cause me to have uncontrollable bone growth.Even tho I didn`t break my back i was still unable to use my legs.
G Is For Girth
Okay...before I go to sleep for the day I have one question.   What is your opinion on anal sex?   Bet you didn't see that one coming..but I'd like to know. I will of course share my opinion on this with you once you have replied.  If you don't wish to post your response in here I understand, there is always the private message option. ;) FuBars little backdoor! LOL   :P night!
Listening To News
Im hearing on the radio news, that a girl was kidnapped 18 years ago, and the kidnapper fathered 2 children with her. and she is reunited with her parents recently! How does one kidnap a child, and keep her for 18 years in sheds and tents in the back  yard? just when you think youve heard and seen it get shocked a little. I fear for my childrens future. Not to mention the theories of our government Glenn Beck spews forth. I knew there were bills being passed all the time that squeezed our freedoms and liberties a little at a time, but this Glenn Beck guy says some frightening things about the agenda of our president and congress... Im not a political person much, but our country is in trouble, isnt it? as you were
A Daughters Letter
 It seems like it were only yesterday  When you held me in your arms,  Free from any pain, safe from any Harm.     When I was young you were hard on me,    and at times a little rough,   But now I realize you did it to make me stronger   for the times when things get tough..    You took my hand and walked me down the aisle,    though you were giving me away,   you did it with a smile.      The lessons you taught me ,    made me what I am today,    filled with pride,and feeling strong,    you showed me how to have confidence    when I'm right, and the courage to admit   when I am wrong.     So I come here to say thank you    for all your lessons, and all your love,    and I know whenever I need your guidance,   I need only to look to Heaven above.
Upon Reflection
I make really shitty decisions.... I do not blame anyone but myself for them...and tha makes the reality of them that much harder to swallow I will not censor myself no matter how many times fubar slaps my dick for misbehaving we live in a free country and I have the right to say what i have all seen me take my fair share of why is it different when I attack?   I find the hypocrisy a lil disgusting to be honest   I value those of you whom I have had real convos with..and those of you whom never fail to make me smile..probably far more than I am wiling to admit   so do not forget that there are real people behind these default pics   *end rant*
Groups/anti Groups
Groups on Fubar and any other site are made for various reasons. Personally i own a small leveling group called the SG Sex God/Goddess' I have seen various groups go bad but on the same hand have been judged in the past because i owned a help crew on another site a long time ago. PEople want to hate or judge me or my members because we carry a name on our name? let em.... They want To join and help other people and get love, friendship and respect from each other... your more than welcome.... If a group is running around and making threats then thats sad... but realize there are some people that make up stories.. some good and some bad about someone else... just an opinion i have... I am not nor will ever be anti groups.. I will state this though... If a group of people are making threats and wish to try that with me or mine there will be a serious issue.... I seriously doubt that will happen... again this is just my opinion and Fubar is supposed to be a social site thats for FUN! BTW
Zomg Naked Pics
post them here kthanks
Dammit Girl!
well what do you know...         I have gas! Knot just the friendly little foo-foo kind...knot even the slip right up the crack of your ass kind...butt's the painful til you squeeze it through all your guts and almost kill yourself kind. Yes I didn't want to know this.    And yes, it was very tricky of me to lure you here with my cute little pink text. You probably thought it would be another adventure in sex toy inventions. Sorry. *giggles* excuse me I farted again!   Sadly I am a little too nervous to sleep. My body isn't having much fun at 4:30am. Maybe you could get me a massage to help work out these bubbles of toxic odor so I may sleep a little bit.   :D thanks for checking in on me!!
25 Credit Bling Pack/ Vip/blast Auction
I Will be holding an auction for either a 25 credit bling pack/ VIP/ or one week blast. This auction will end on September 25th at 12:00pm(noon) Eastern time. The winner of this auction will be notified by email, and has 24 hours to reply, or the bid will go to the next highest bidder. At that time the winner will get to choose either the 25 credit bling pack? 1 month VIP, or 1 week blast. Good luck to all, and bring your fubucks  The minimum starting bid must be 1,500,000 in fubucks, all other bids must be higher!!
damn boy!!!! can't behave himself in, he can't go on the field trip. THIS SUCKS! I took the day off so I could go with them, I havn't EVER been able to do that..and he pulls this shit?   I'm crushed, not even mad..just...really really sad.   *sulks back to the school to go on fieldtrip w/o her son*
Horny And Wet
I fuckin lied. I am so tired, and was supposed to go grocery shopping this morning. But somehow my ass has generated a powerful gravitational pull, and I just cant lift it up and drag it over there. So I might just vegetate and soil myself in process.
Too Skinny
So I took my son to the doctor today for his 3 month med check...well, he's under weight...the doc wants him to gain about 8 or 9 lbs....otherwise she may end the meds that he's taking...and I don't want that because they really help him maintain his I have to try and fatten him up in the next 2 months....her only suggestion was to use whole milk with chocolate syrup....anyone else have any tips? I could google it but ya friends always have awesome advice.
"Yo kins, what are you doing?" Well, I was just sitting here thinking about the sorts of things I might put on a mix tape if I was making one for my buddy, or something. "Yo kins, that is interesting, sort of.  What did you decide?" Well, okay.  For starters, there are some people that'd always get a look in.  You'd for sure have some Tom Waits on there, and some Eels.  Probably a bit of Erin McKeown and some Kimya Dawson.  We'd have some old stuff on there, a bit of Skip Jame, or Blind Willie McTell.  That compilation I got with that book on Robert Crumb has some wonderful old jazz on it, that might have to be represented. "Yo, okay, what else?" Well, there's those artists who I don't know much about, but for some reason that one track always sticks in my head. 'Food And Pussy' by Dan Somebody (I forget now), Jawbone's version of 'Chug-a-lug'.  And then stuff I've been listening to lately, at the moment the Gaslight Anthem would get a look in, and Micah P Hinson.  Oh, and somethi
Stiff As A Board
It was a frightfully cold night on All Hallow’s Eve – at least 72 degrees in Phoenix – so it was just the type of weather where the spirits like to come out and play (spirits like low humidity too). It had been years since I dabbled in the occult. I knew the spirits were calling me, but I couldn’t get past "the incident." It all went awry back in 1994 when I was conducting a party levitation. I fucked up the chant and said "Light as a board, stiff as a feather." At which point the participant folded like a tortilla and plummeted into the cheese dip. It was horrible and the cleaning bills tapped out the keg fund. Since then, I’ve never been able to answer the call from beyond. But it was different this Halloween Night. Hands shaking, I opened the Parker Brothers game box - but not before a couple of shots of tequila to calm my nerves. I pulled out the folded board, the wooden planchette, and laid them out in front of me. One more drink and I was ready to O
Favorite Candy
Im eating Twizzlers........   I know we all have a favorite guilty pleasure........i like Reeses as well   whats yours?
A Day Ill Never Forget!!!
Nov.23,2008 Thats a date that will never be forgotten. On that date my mother which was my best friend also passed away. She was meeting me to drop my son back off to me. We was meeting in a town close to her and my job. While i was waiting a cop flew through town (its a small town) I knew something wasnt right so i went in the direction of the cop. I came upon a car accident scene which yeah it was my mom and my youngest son. My mom had a heart attack and wrecked. She didnt make it. I miss her alot and deal with the flash backs to that day. MISS AND LOVE YOU MOM!!!
Lets Play A Game.....
I want to play a game........Its  called "one question, one question only"...You can ask me one question and i will do my best to answer it truthfully and honestly......   Go!!!!!!!!
So a few weeks ago I had a cocktail party.  I've been watching Mad Men, and I live in a college town, so i thought it would be nice to have a party where everyone didnt wear t shirts and play beer pong while listening to hardcore music.  I made a rule, if you dont dress up, you dont get in. everyone complained, but the exclusivity of the event made it so over the night, at least 60 people showed up.  I played lounge music from the 50s and 60s, (another rule was no music made after 1965), and like i suspected, the lack of loud music and the dress code kept people calm.  for the first half of the night, it was drinks, intelligent conversation, and hors d'ouvres (i think thats the right spelling). the girls wore cocktail dresses, the guys suits and ties, (if they showed up without a tie they had to choose one from my collection. i have around fifty. cause im weird). all of this made for a nice party. and then someone put on hiphop around 12 am. and everyone started dancing. at this po
If you're thinking about posting your first mumm, PLEASE DO!   If you posted a mumm and didn't want to come back after people were mean to you, PLEASE DO!   If your global mumm privileges were stripped from you, you can still post NSFW mumms, so PLEASE DO!     Don't let people get you down. Not all regular commenters are out to belittle you. We're coming together and trying to make a change.   This site is supposed to be fun. Let's have fun. When you laugh.....they lose.   I'm not saying you should post bad mumms or try to agetate the mummers, not at all.   I'm saying you should never avoid a public forum just because of a handful of that hide their pain with anger.   Please post mumms and have fun with it. Quite a few others and myself welcome you!   Hope to see you there!
Cabo Wabo Xmas Cookie Recipe
CABO WABO X-MAS TEQUILA cookie recipe: 1 tsp of water 1 tsp baking soda 1 cup of sugar 1 tsp salt 1 cup of brown sugar 1 tsp lemon juice 4 large eggs 1 cup nuts 2 cups of dried fruit 1 bottle CABO WABO Tequila 1 Sammy Hagar c.d.Grab your favorite Sammy Hagar c.d. and CRANK THAT FUCKER UUUUP!!!Sample the CABO to check quality. Take a large bowl, check the CABO again, to be sure it is of the highest quality, pour one level cup and drink. Turn on the electric mixer...Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl. Add one teaspoon of sugar...Beat again. At this point it's best to make sure the CABO is still OK, try another cup ... just in case. Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit, Pick the fucking fruit up offa thr floor... Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaterers just pry it loose with a drewscriver. Sample the CABO to check for tonsisticity. Next, sift two cups of salt, or something. Who giveshz a she
Lessons On Love
"THERE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!" she squeals and runs down to my end of the counter. "How ARE you?" she asks like i haven't seen here in ages. In actuality, we just spoke a couple days before. Even though i know this is all fake for my benefit, i still like all the excitement over little ol' me. "I'm good" "well, you look good. i think i'm going to die. i can't breathe. ugh. my face is just packed full of mucus. it hurts. am i talking too loud? i can't hear. i'm just full of it. i'm not really crazy," she laughs. i laugh, too. i'm not sure what's funny, but she is definitely crazy and i am going to humor her. i always do. "tell me something. what can i take to keep me from dying?" "claritin d is probably your best bet. anything with sudafed really." "i've got that. my boyriend's out there waiting on me. oh who cares? let him wait. he loves me. he's rich." this woman is 52. she dyes her hair black. she's wearing a shirt with elephants on it that even my grandma wouldn't put on. her hair isn
Im  going rely on  my friends uber level of geekdom verses sereaching google and youtube, although if none of you have an answer then I'll have to resort to sereach engines and endless vids to find what i seek,....   Recently at work I was compared to a subhuman on Star trek(TNG i think) Aparently this creature was abducted and she had the keen ablity to discern a mans deepest desires, what mnakes him tick,  as a way to morph into what is needed to make him feel singular in her universe, thus she may preseude him into allowing her to concor all..... what i need from u geeks is the speices name or the what a creature of this vertue would be called. *proof reads and hopes all this makes senes*
Sherlock Holmes
Yeah, it was good fun, I enjoyed it.
Crystal Maze Revival?
Okay, it IS Wikipedia, but Dear Lord, please tell me that ITV aren't SERIOUSLY considering a celebrity version of The Crystal Maze hosted by AMANDA HOLDEN... *EDIT* Great, found this on the Guardian's website, so it looks kosher.  I can only say, For fu... **EDIT** Also, this is sad news.  Much more beneficial to yourselves would be clicking on the next blog down in my tv section, titled '15 Storeys High'.  Thank you.
"8 Mile"Eminem[Eminem]Sometimes I just feel like, quittin I still mightWhy do I put up this fight, why do I still writeSometimes it's hard enough just dealin with real lifeSometimes I wanna jump on stage and just kill micsAnd show these people what my level of skill's likeBut I'm still white, sometimes I just hate lifeSomethin ain't right, hit the brake lightsCase of the stage fright, drawin a blank likeDa-duh-duh-da-da, it ain't my faultGreat then I falls, my insides crawland I clam up (wham) I just slam shutI just can't do it, my whole manhood'sjust been stripped, I have just been vickedSo I must then get off the bus then splitMan fuck this shit yo, I'm goin the fuck homeWorld on my shoulders as I run back to this 8 Mile Road[Chorus]I'm a man, I'ma make a new planTime for me to just stand up, and travel new landTime for me to just take matters into my own handsOnce I'm over these tracks man I'ma never look back(8 Mile Road) And I'm gone, I know right where I'm goinSorry momma I'm gro
Rain rain go away....come back another day...Wesley wants to go out and play.   that is all.
Crybabies & Their Ignorance To The Truth.
So like yesterday I posted this blog about this dude with no salute and there was proof and evidence that he was totally lying out of his ass. Apparently his soon to be fu wife, went crying and bitching like a baby. Never mind the fact that I was right or anything, or maybe to actually think about why it was being posted, nope just whine and bitch hell I even marked it NSFW. And quite frankly my friends… I’m getting a little tired of that shit So here’s a note to that bitch and her fake man and anyone else who thinks it’s really adult to cry and run to the principal’s office and complain about things that are factually true, but don’t want their little worlds shattered.. I will not stop, and you can go fuck yourself. The details , until I can find a more suitable place or method of doing things that need to be done, are available through private email contact at Fakes, cons, cheaters, spammers and liars need to be exposed for what they are. I’ve been
Deja Poo, The Feeling That This Shit Has Happened Before
Back when I was in college, I went through a very, truly, horribly nasty (understatement!) breakup. I'd been dating this girl, let's call her "Psycho Hose Beast," for about four years, starting in High School and continuing on to college. She ended up dumping me a week before Valentine's Day that year for a "friend" of mine who I later found out she'd been cheating on me with for around six months or so. The fallout was on a scale comparable to Hiroshima (overstatement!) and ended up tearing apart a lot of my circle of friends. PHB (that's Psycho Hose Beast, do keep up) ended up having a baby with the "friend" she left me for, but later ended up realizing he was pretty slimy and leaving him, too. This may be the one smart thing she's done in the last ten years, in my completely unbiased and carefully neutral opinion. Some time after she left my "friend," she ended up getting together with another friend of mine--this one actually a pretty decent guy--and eventually married him. We'll
Just Practicing Ma'am
How long do you have to practice medicine or law before you get it right? Just curious. Kind of scares me when someone has been "practicing" the same profession for 20 years. Shouldn't they know how to do it by that time? :P
A Little Devil
I have this wonderful friend. I know a lot of people don't like him and that's fine. Just understand that I do, a great deal. What to say about Johnnydevil. Me and him have had a rough past. We've both moved on and now we have a better friendship than we ever did. He tells it like it is and isn't afraid of what people will say. Sure he gets backlash, but most people do when they are being honest. There is always people that don't want to hear it. He's been wrong before and I've seen him say he was sorry, that takes a real adult. Now, I know this is short, and I probably could have said a lot more, but what else is there to say? He's honest, caring, and a wonderful friend.   [If you aren't his friend or don't like him, please don't leave any rude comments on here. This is a place that I write about MY friends. If it bothers you that you are my friend and he is mine, then remove me. I don't ever choose sides and I never will. He hasn't told me to not be friends with someone becau
This Fake Rocks The Casbah...
Wow. Ok. This is going to be pretty funny….ready, here goes…. This profile… With this really, really bad fake salute it uploaded below… Has pics of this person in their albums claiming it’s them… That’s interesting, quite so, because this exact same pic as well as many others can be located on this, yes this, site below…
My Car Fah-king Hates Me
So yea, I had some car trouble late last year, and ended up replacing my starter this past January. Some folks might remember me bitching about it. Well, it's happening again. I'm having the same issues with it intermittently not starting, to the point I've been about stranded twice in the past 72 hours. I just spent the afternoon fucking around with it, to pretty much surmise I need another starter. I think my car has obtained some of my bad mojo that I have such an abundant supply of.
Fu Owned....point Whoring...and Freebird?....
Well, now that the point fiasco has subsided for me I can get back to blogging some. Don’t mind me there are times, just like anyone else that we go through “point phases.” Going from Level 28-32 in one week was a little crazy but it was fun. And I can see how people get addicted to it. Me ahh, barring any more unforeseen fu kindness I’ll be stuck here for awhile again. Lol. So let’s play some catch up…fu owned. Well, you can’t make billions and millions anymore that’s for sure. As a matter of fact you actually LOSE money now in some cases. I guess you will watch the prices of people PLUMMET like crazy. Commence mass fu-expiration. Those billion dollar fu owned people will be a thing of the past, very, very soon… It will also bring back the “value” of the fubuck.
If I missed bombing  a few friends I am sorry   refer to Pies mumm about it to get an idea of how badly I sucked at it   sighs   did I level?
Witchie Started It
10 random things about me....   1) After 35 years of not naming any of my body parts, my left breast is now called "Frankenboob" 2) I melt when a guy sings a song just for me (h) 3) I'm a diabetic who's hooked on Coke and carbs in general... FML 4) I can use basically any computer system out there, but I choose Mac (and iPods, and my iPhone, etc) 5) I hate that my belly looks proportionally larger now that my boobs are smaller 6) I haven't been "in love" with my husband for 7 years, but I'm too damaged to leave 7) I drive a Prius and work at GM - not a good combination 8) My favorite color is purple 9) I really do love to have my hair pulled during sex 10) I've never had angry/grudge sex, or makeup sex   apparently i have sex on my brain ATM...
Ffs, Really?
Really, I hate to break it to you, but not everything is about you. Other things happen that have NOTHING to do with you and people need to vent. I guess people like you, you know the vain ones, wouldn't dare think of someone else. Of course maybe it's a self-esteem problem. Do you have issues? I mean real ones where you think no one likes you all the time? Maybe they would if you wouldn't make absolutely everything about you.   Maybe you should go see a doctor and get over yourself.   I'm not saying who this is about. It could be about a person I know in real life, it could be someone I know from here, it could be about someone I've just met...Hell, maybe I'm even generalizing from a random thought. You will never know...but I can bet that if you read this and got defensive, maybe it should have written it about you.   Vent over.
Linking In Blogs
This s a quick blog being done to show someone how to link photos in blogs. While I have another blog in this blog folder showing how to link photos. That is more so for your profile page, and other websites that use HTML well here goes, should be rather easy and straight forward. First post the photo you wish to be used as the link. I am running under the assumption you already know how to do this, if you don't then CLICK HERE!Okay once you have the photo in the blog, simply click on the photo once. And then click the “link” icon, it looks like this Once you click that, this menu will come up.Remember to put in the whole URL in the link URL box, including the http://whatever.come/net/org depending on what you are linking to Depending on the browser you have you may or may not have to put www.. I use Firefox and when I put http://www... I get an error and thus it will only work if I put Some browsers make you put the after th
I wanted to write this blog yesterday and forgot (yay old age!) Most of you have read my shoutbox convos blogs, I get a lot of weirdos asking/telling me stupid stuff all the time. Yesterday was no  exception. Some dude told me he was imagining his cum dripping off my face and tits and I this a normal thing for a guy to imagine?   Men on my friends list: IRL and online, when you see a woman, do you automatically imagine your man juice dripping from their face and tits? Was this guy overly vulgar or is this a normal thing?
Fubar 'sploded And Fuhoars Are Dumb...
This is not a good day to be on Fubar... BabyJ just blew up the site. Not once but twice. Oh wellz - shit happens... They should have it fixed in a few... But what's up with people running boomhoarangs and autos, and keep their profile closed? How do they 'spect me to get points that way? Can anyone 'splain this? Oh, yeah - and Fubar's robbing me of points! Rating someone running a boomhoarrang USED to get me 588 points. Now its 563? :-( Guess that's it for now... Rock on!Shawn, AKA DurhamNtx UPDATE: Note to self - if you're not shitfaced, your points are reduced...And Thanks to my WONDERFUL fu-wife, who spoils me rottener for the hoarbling! I HAS A TWIRLY BLUE STICK! =D~DIT~
Fu Flakes
Everyone knows one. Sometimes you ARE one. I am just begging and pleading, don't be "that guy" (or girl). Pleaaaassse? Some of these things are a brief review from my profile page...but I've added some new & improved rants! Yeee Hawwww! These FuFlakes burn my FuMuffins. If I have missed any, please feel free to add your own:   1. People who have a fucking boomerang on and their profile is private/open to friends only. LAME.   2. People who go bonkers and delete hundreds of people from their friends list. Oh and better yet *then* make their profile private, yet I am still your FAN and have to see your lame-ass fucking statuses and actions still. I either have to go through tons of pages of my fans to delete your ass off that way, which I am too lazy to do, or continue to be subjected to your bullshit. Dammit.   3. Those who are constantly telling me how much 'easier' it is to chat on Yahoo. If I wanted to chat on Yahoo I'd fucking be there and not here. But alas I am not, I am lo
Have You Douched Your Browser Lately?
With all the new browsers out there, everyone seems to have their favorite. I use firefox and chrome and bounce to Opera and IE when I am testing stuff. I am not an engineer when it comes to browsers, but I do know they get jacked up often. It happens for various reasons. The following are are few of the things that can turn your browser upside down. 1. Make sure your frigging internet is up. I know it sounds stupid, but check your connections. It happens to the best of us. 2. Have you installed any software lately. Maybe the software you installed screwed the boot. You will have to uninstall the screwed up copy. Restart your computer and install the new copy. Restart your computer and see if that fixes it. 3. Addons are huge reason for browser malfunctions. I can't tell you how many times this is the culprit. Make sure you know your addons or extensions. There are some seedy companies out there who use them for not so nice reasons. Be sure to check out the history of any browser ex
Black Friday
since you graced my blog, and im bored... you are here by ordered to use a default with a black shirt or a default thats black n white.. why not?   and if you dont want to, then buy the waiver knob bling so i can get my knob polished!!       as you were
Bp In The Usa!
/begin rant. So... Nancy Pelosi says that BP lacked integrity when it presented it's initial proposal for deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. When did she notice this lack of integrity? Was it when BP gave a promise of millions of barrels of cheap oil, oil that was close to home and didn't require heavy military presence in the Middle East,  or was it after the shit hit the fan? Eric Holder says that America won't pay a dime for the clean-up. Which Americans would that be? It won't be the 39% of BP's share holders who happen to be American. It won't be the Americans who need to use BP gas stations or gas stations which are ran by companies which are either BP owned or those who buy their oil from BP and it's distribution companies. BP offered the USA what the USA wants and needs more than anything else - cheap oil. The USA needs this because it is sadly lacking behind in renewable energy technologies in comparison with other developed countries. Americans use more oil per he
Happy Times
Hey guys! Just wanted to update my friends. I will be graduating in 7 more days! It's been such a tough year, with its share of trials and tribulations. But i stuck it out, and here's my pay off. About a month ago, i applied for a stylist position at my favorite salon. (this is a huge reach, because most recent graduates have to work as an assistant for the first year or so) They called me in last weekend for an interview and practical assesment, and immediately offered me a chair!!!!   So, I graduate next tuesday, and begin my new job the following monday. I feel so grateful to all of my family and friends for supporting me and pushing me through.. now i can do what i love to do, in a place that i love.. and get paid for it!  
I am so bloody bored i've come to the end of my tether .................. I actually feel as if i'm suffering from delirium . I've spent all searching the web and landed on a site called Lush. Not quite sure what to make of it yet ...   Question: where was the craziest place u had sex ?   Answer: Pittsburgh. (is that anywhere near Ohio?)
Things I Need To Know About You Right Effing Now.
chuck klosterman says i need to know these things about you before i can figure out if i love you or not. and since i think he and i share half a brain, i've decided to ask you. and i expect you to answer every single one of these...and i need to know why. i'm in a demanding mood today, can you tell?   1. let us assume you met a rudimentary magician. let us assume he can do five simple tricks--he can pull a rabbit out of his hat, he can make a coin disappear, he can turn the ace of spades into the Joker card, and two others in a similar vein. These are his only tricks and he can't learn any more; he can only do these five. HOWEVER, it turns out he's doing these five tricks with real magic (real? yes. real.). it's not an illusion; he can actually conjure the bunny out of the ether and he can move the coin through space. he's legitimately magical, but extremely limited in scope and influence. would this person be more impressive than albert einstein??   2. let us assume a fully grow Go Away...
Jealousy Fake friends and back stabbers   this has been a public service announcement brought to by the letters F and U. as you were
Ooooooooooooooooo Canada
I now have permission from your government to enter you at my will.  I can come in silently like a thief in the night, do what I wish, and return before daylight breaks.  Or, if I so choose, I can stroll in brazenly in broad daylight and walk your streets with a smile on my face.  Once I have crossed your borders I can do things that wouldn’t be legal in my home country, and you thank me and smile pleased that I have partaken of your bounty.  My permissions are not limited to just your borders, but I am allowed to go as deep in as I choose, whether slowly or quickly by air, and I can do so not like others, but with special permissions that allow me past your token defenses.    That's right mothertruckers customs and immigrations programs just got sexy, oh yeah...
My Embarrassments
Hopefully these will be fun: Top ten most embarrassing moments in my life as rated by me: 10. Got arrested within 24 hours of quitting my job as a Corrections Officer. 9. Once after moving into our new house, heard a noise, jumped out of the shower and grabbed my .38 only to burst around the corner, SWAT style butt-naked, drawing down on... the A/C unit. Joke at our house now, "When you come visit, be careful not to sound like an air conditioner." 8. Attempted to show off by downing two beers from a bottle at the same time at my favorite bar. I spewed foam all over the table. 7. Cut my foot really badly and there were no bandages in the house. I went the next few days with a maxi pad on my foot. 6. After making a mashed potato man at a Chilli's restaurant, I think the waitress thought I was mentally handicapped and remarked, "Awww, you made a little alien!" It didn't help matters when I professed, "He's not a alien! He's a mash-topato man!" 5. My neighbors once had a large above
[in Case You Missed It]
Yesterday I was hit by a drunk driver.An undocumented uninsureddrunkdriverYesterday my biggest concern was a chicago style deep dish wheat tutte carne pizza and a lemonade.Yesterday I had a car.Yesterday I could honestly say I had never been in an injury car accident.Yesterday I honestly thought my life would be fine.3:00 Sunday afternoonI was struck by a black car that sped through a stop sign coming out of a residential area at about 40 miles per hourthere was no stop/yield or pauseI had the indisputable right of way.And honestlyI saw him about a split second before he collidedthinking to myselfhe is going WAY too fastthat's a stop signthere was no way I could have seen this or prevented it.He was going that fastat that exact point and was in the perfect position to take my ass out.We hitI started screamingangrilly reallybecause I thoughtthis is enoughthis is enough to kill me.If I hit something the wrong way or if I hit that telephone pole-I'm dead.The impact and acceleration (accel
Further Unnecessary Proof
You'd have to be pretty awesome to submit a resume on a Tuesday, get enough interest by Wednesday that they consider you for a position they haven't even listed, then get booked for an interview at the next possible time (Monday.)  Then in less time than the three hours your interviewed you were made an offer, and you are on the way to sign the paperwork for a new job.   PS - The recruiter was hot too, too bad she had a big ol' rock on, I suppose not everything can go Pedro's way, just most things.
You may not know this about me but I like hockey. My love affair with the Lightning began when I was in highschool Tampa got it's hockey team and tickets were cheap and abundant. They were pretty much giving them away. My bff at the time (Derek) would invite me along to the dismay of his other friends. I would always have a blast. Here is a game I can follow. It's fast moving and it's air conditioned. When I moved to NJ, I was lucky enough to cheat on my boyfriend (who never liked to anything besides drink in basements and play ping pong) with a guy who also liked going to hockey games. Seeing hockey at The Garden was always amazing and way more entertaining than the NJ basement parties. When I moved back to Tampa in 2000, I got a job at the local news station as a floor director. It was my job to mic up guests and tell them what was going on. My favorite sports guy, Al Keck, would constantly call me out on taking my sweet time putting that mic on Vinny Lacaviler. I would jokingly te
Right. About That.
Some of you may know that I'm gonna go for the spotlight soon, and that I'll also take any kind of fubucks donation you can spare to help me get there. However, because of inflation and/or other hookers having more fake money than I do, it's not quite a feasible attempt for me to make just yet. But, once I do have the funds to properly bid, I'd also like to make sure I have what it takes to benefit the people on here that I heart the most. So, here is what I propose: On Friday night, I have my first ever Happy Hour. I'm aware that I've been on fubar for over four years and still truly suck at this whole point-whoring thing, but I would like to temporarily make amends for my inactions. If there is something [SFW] that I can do in exchange for fu-related goods, I'm open to ideas. I'm not very familiar with what the going rates for certain things are these days, but I do have some ideas of my own - things I wouldn't mind getting, and things I wouldn't mind offering in return. VIP:· Fam
Who's got two thumbs and injured herself in her sleep? This lady. Don't ask me how I did it because I have no freakin' clue. All I know is that I was tired as hell when I went to bed around 9 last night, but I woke up at midnight in quite a bit of pain. I chalked it up to sleeping in a bad position and tried to get comfortable... to no avail. I did manage to sleep on and off until about 5am and, even though I hurt, I still had the "suck it up and go to work" mentality. That is, until I tried to get up. When I woke at 5, I thought I should try to just walk it off, take a hot bath, something. Worst idea in the history of ever! When I stood, pain shot up and down my left side and I nearly crumpled to the floor. It felt like someone had hit me with a baseball bat on the lower part of my left glute. Yes, my fucking ass hurts. I cried. I had to call my boss. Crying. So many shades of lame.[I hate crying even when there's a good reason.] Anyway, I did get the day off. I managed to lim
Never Look Down On Anybody, Unless
 You're helping them up.   Note: This is not the topic of this blog, just thought it was a thought provoking quote. *smiles* Here is my story... I'll never forget the time when I invited a customer of mine to join my family and I for Thanksgiving, as she didn't have anywhere to go, her family lived in southern California (which at this time I was Married n living in Az.) and she wasn't able to travel. Ms. Ruth was a soon to be author with a best seller in the works ;) She'd been working on a book for over two years and was told that it was going to be amazing!!! for sure a top seller!!! She was a very sophisticated woman in her late 50's who retired early, she had exquisite taste and admiration for fine art, her house had plenty to see and she had a love for playing bridge. When I arrived to work that morning, she was on the phone discussing her plans to stay at home for Thanksgiving. When she hung up I felt it in my heart to ask her to join my family and I for Thanksgiving,
Oh Holy Night!
When it comes to religion, I am known as what's called a C&E.  A Christmas and Easter.  I'm down with JC and all, and while I don't really believe in religion, I would like to think that there is someone up there that may give a shit about my immortal soul.  Yes, much like everything in my life, I'm jaded but try to be optmistic.  So, since I am new to the area, I need to select a house of worship.  Turns out the House of Pancakes does not count, even if it is international.  So I have a couple prospects lined up.  One looks to be more modern, while another appears to be more traditional.  I'm leaning towards the modern one, as I think they have a large congregation and will allow me better opportunity to blend in unnoticed.  I don't want Pastor Bob welcoming me into the flock, I just want to get in there, get the word, light my candle and gtfo.  (I know, I'm like a freakin' religious zealot aren't I?)  I did forever ruin Christmas service a few years back.  Have you ever taken a lo
I Think I've Been Silenced
This is going to take the award for most absurd sb ever.   dork: Well I'm hungry, hungry and your pussy looks so good I wanna suck your asshole, wanna piece of...? I don't even care if your on the bloody rag I'll eat you buttplug, come on sit on my face I wanna eat you out, baby eat you out Open up your legs baby, I wanna eat you out Eat you out, baby eat you out I don't care if it's runny and I don't care if it smells Eat you out, baby eat you out I wanna stick my tongue in you and suck your cunt juice out Don't wanna finger fuck you, stick my dick inside of you I'd rather? Fat or ugly it looks like you don't care If your young or old, you gotta cunt? I'll lick you there I wanna put my tongue so far inside of you Drink your piss and cum and you can drink mine too Wanna eat your shit, you can eat my diarrhea Wanna... bring your cunt right over here
To Serve & Protect
A certain Fubarian, a self-appointed guardian of the Fu-nation, regularly posts blogs berating other members of the site who don't fit into his view of what a good member is. The first time he came to my attention was when someone linked me to a blog of his about mummers. In this blog, he referred to everyone in the mumms as being pieces of shit who existed only to piss on other people's mumms. It's my guess that his 'coke or pepsi' mumm posting friends whined to him about having their piece of shit mumms being pissed on.  Anyway, that's ancient fu-history now. Now to the present - I was linked to one of his latest blogs (you can actually see it listed on the recently posted blogs list), and read it while laughing my arse off. Now... in essence, the blog is another Fu-Public Warning Broadcast about some dude who 'played' a bunch of women for real money and places to crash. The blog lists all kinds of screen-shot evidence to back up the claims he makes about this person. The piece de r
Boredom... I Haz It!
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!   How the hell are ya, my friends? 
St. Patrick's Day Auction
Hosting a St Patrick's Day auction. Deadline to enter will be Fri March 4, 2011. Auction will begin Sat Mar 5 at 12:01 am and end Mar 17 at Midnight EST. Starting bids at 1 mil each. Leave a comment if you would like to enter and please send me a private message with a link to the photo you would liked used and what you would like to offer for your auction.  And remember to get ppl to vote on your auction. The person with the most votes will win a boomerang!   UPDATE: Please send your auction offering and link to your photo as soon as you can. As of now I have over 20 ppl in the auction and will need time to make the auction photos. Thank you so much in advance! Nicole
From The Undercarriage Of The Past
A recent satirical status about running over a hooker sent my mind to an event far in the past. Ya know how certain things only slightly related can jog something out of your memory. I had a childhood friend, his name was David. David was quite the wild child when we got in our late teens, and partied to the breech like many of us did. One evening headed home from of his escapades down the county road that stretched between our homes, he passed out and ran into the ditch. When he came to, he got out to survey the damage, and managed to rev back and forth and maneuver the truck out, and hobbled it home. Once he got there, his celebration was brief when he surveyed the damage, only to find a body tangled in his bumper and undercarriage. After much shock and panic and misery about what he had apparently done but could not remember, he contacted authorities to turn himself in. He was taken into custody and was looking at numerous offenses besides the obvious and serious dilemma. Awh
Skin Hacker And Proof
Hello friends, and people who stalk my friends lol.. Well something amusing happend yesterday and the day before.. A guy that goes by the name UFC, who makes profile skins uses my skin code. Ok cool.. as a coder I started by looking at and using a code for skins someone else made..Its not unusual..and being a fubar volunteer coder, I help people with learning things involving stuff that is a foriegn language to most of you. That being said I approached the dude on thursday because i recognised my skin code, because its not just a skin code, its customised, and one i actually built from the ground up, and if you have been to my profile you see it, zombies and rockstar and the suicide girls skin..that is something a little different than your standard skin.. anyways, someone I made a skin for told me this UFC dude was trying to tell her, that I ripped him off and is trying to slander my good coder reputation, and accuse me of something he had been the one guilty heres the proof
Fake Fupeople - Now Trending.
Hello everyone and welcome back! Thank you for reading as always, hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July weekend.. This won't be that long and winded, but it's something I've noticed and maybe, or maybe not it has happend to some of you as's called "fake." Not in the traditional sense like we have exposed here hundred of times over the past 5 years (yes, it's been that long) , but as in the fake FuPerson. Let me explain... Moreso now than at any time ever in FuHistory it seems, that this place has become influtrated with, on just about every level, the biggest band of bandwagon riding whores I have ever witnessed in my time here. If you are a colored name, running bling, are a "known" spender, or heaven forbid bidding high on someone in an auction, you are pursued relentlessly. Eveyone leaving stat comments, hearts, sending bling, etc...Once that stops, I've seen this way too often, people just disregard that person, because apparently they have no more use fo
well some of you already know of my plans but for those of you who dont here goes.....   after i finish school i plan on working about a year and saving close to $10,000 (which includes rent and plenty of spending cash) and moving to either st thomas or st croix in the virgin islands..i plan on doing so that way i can start life over really and finally be at peace and relax   it appears that it really isnt as expensive to live there as most people think..hell i could get a 2br house almost on the beach for $1,000/month and its fully furnished with a big yard   now if i cant find a medic job right away i can always cook in a hotel since they have cruise ships coming in all year long and even that pays good money so right now even though its not set in stone that is my 1 yr plan for now    ps. if yall wanna come visit please do
Double The Pleasure
ok got this same message from this same idiot last night...he also sent one to my wife..since he is just..that ...dumb..I am sharing him here       older message >> reply  forward back to folder move to Saved  delete from: matt8555 Beverly Hills, CA subject: I can suck on my own dick. received: 10/27/2011 09:13 pm replied: no   block this member Would you like to watch me suck on my own dick on web cam for atleast 15 to 30 minutes? Also, I have this really big role play/tease i'd like you to do while you're watching me suck on my own dick on webcam. Its a really big role play and I guarantee you, you never heard it before. It might even interest you. Anyways let me know if you'd like to know what the really big role play is.
2012's First Crowning Achievement...... stupidity.   After slappin the snooze a few times, lethargic from the weekend festivities, I finally got up and hustled about getting myself ready to return to the office and start the new work year. I was also happy to enjoy at least one day of very light traffic, albiet an increase in parked troopers, still a nice ride, devoid of the usual bevy of idiots playin whats my lane, convinced that their antics will win them any more than 2 spots up in traffic and 30 secs earlier arrival. 30 miles of carefree driving, only to arrive and empty parking lot..... I threw my head back and belly laughed for at least 2 mins. Can you believe this fukin shit right here. Now given most of our holidays are floaters for us management type folk, unless they take a tally and no one wants to come in, then they will put out an announcement that they are officially closing for business. I dont recall seeing such a memo, but then again I didnt take it upo
Holy Fuck!
Things I've realized in the last few mintues.............   1. I've had 7 Happy Hours 2. I'm not blocked by any yellow names 3. I need another Rock Star 4. I have a love box 5. Vince wants to polish said love box 6. Having your own emote in a lounge is fucking awesome and finally...... 7. I've become a part time fuWhore     EDIT::: 1. Van really does love me. Not only am I his wife, but I'm the only person he's a fan of. 2. edit 1 makes me feel special
Take 2.... 39
I am going to make 39 my bitch, and wear it like a pair of boxing gloves. I love that I am getting into the best shape of my life. When most people slow down, I am just getting started. I am not aging, I am merely getting better. For my birthday I got some of the coolest gifts. I got hand wraps for under my gloves, punching mitts, a speed jump rope, lifting gloves, a bag for my gloves, and a shit load of SMALLER work out wear My friends and family are amazing :D Thank you all for the birthday wishes..looking forward to my best year yet
Fake Of The Day 5/22/2012
Sometimes we see shit that is just insane. Well, this is one of those times. Check out today's Fake of the Day.... Nice face. Wonder what that salute looks like? Oh wait, it doesn't have one.... Upon further review, we found this in "it's" pictures... Looks like a face transplant to me. Who the fuck does this? Oh wait, look we found the real girl and guess what she didn't have a face transplant!... In this day and age where people are spending stupid amount of money to be different name colors, how something like this can still happen, and people still fall for it, is absolutely beyond me... Here's the link... DiamondsNGold@ fubar When I tell people I have no shortage of material, I'm not making this stuff up. I can't-it's just that retarded all on its' own...haha. peace.
Oh The Laughs..
MuMM: Make up My Mind! MuMMs are polls which allow the fubar community to help you make up your mind! Please, no adult or inappropriate content! ozzy had over 700 likes yesterday and dropped in rank what is... Canada tragidy created @ 12/14/2012 02:42 pm expires in: 23 hrs [EVERYONE] Share this MuMM:
Family Adds/help Needed But With A Few Clarifications
I need about 30 demon family adds so this is mostly addressed to all of you claiming to be here to 'help' others . I'll have to add you as friends BUT....I might as well tell you now that once I level, you'll be (most likely) removed. Unless you turn out to be a decent friend, one I like talking to and all that. Some of you WILL stay as friends anyway cause chances are I had you added before. So...if you want to add me just so you help me and won't have a hissy fit afterwards, feel free to. IF you add me thinking you'll see more pics or what not...yeah..don't bother.
Bra Shopping
Sooooo I just got back from bra shopping at the mall and I'm wondering how I did? Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
Stolen Pics
*waves* Havent been on much but my lovely Chele linked me to a pic on a dudes page..of clue who the creepy fucker is... and here is the commo after I left him a comment sayin t take it down(which he didnt approve)   Clear HistoryClose staindtooldust Buzz:   sh*t faced! Level: Oracle (28) Gender: Male, 40 Location: Godfrey, IL Status: 105.7 the point everything alternative   7:37am s
Hmm Huh What ????
Wanna know a lil something about me?? Guess what, Im human....I know BIG surprise right?! But its true...I am just a human with flesh, blood pumping through me...A mind that is like no other and well, those crazy ass things called emotions. But, I too, being a human....can & do make mistakes, & I am the first to just admit to them. Hey, whats it hurt right? Why not admit when you fucked up when you KNOW you did it! So thats me in a quick lil nut shell.....   Now off to the topic off hand,    Ive wrote about this before, but recent events made me have to re touch on the subject, Again....   So here goes.......   In this blog wayyyyyyyyy back there -------> you will find a poem I wrote about internet "friends"...And how even tho we can not touch, feel, smell, hold....ect....That behind these screens are in fact....Real people. so many of us have this misconception that this "online" stuff is all just pure fake....and hey thats fine if thats how you desire to look at it, but let m
Do It!!!! You Know You Wanna
The Mind Wanders...Especially My mind...These are The BiProducts of The Aimless Wanderrings...They are The Images That Appear To Me When My Mind Enters Into The Nether Regions of My Subconcious...Please Enjoy...Juan
Lc Photo's Gone Wrong!
I know that at some point, I may catch pure hell for this, so again, I'll make my disclaimer that my obervations are not directed at anyone in particular and are just random things that I see around the be strongly advised not to come to me and talk shit accusing me of talkin boutcha cause I'm not. Now that I've written my random bitch clause, I can proceed. I am a camera ham without a doubt and I mean for still images, not "cam" so to speak. So when I look at pictures, I notice some things a lot of people here are some of my recommendations ....wheeeee! *ducks* 1. Ladies, if you are going to photograph your "self gratification" do your nails....LOL..lookin pretty tacky there, besides you don't want that chipped nail polish in the hoo hoo. 2. Sexy bed poses are awesome if you clean your room and take shit off of the bed. This goes for both guys and girls. 3. Bra cleavage shots rule the LC, no doubt but ladies, I'd avoid those shots while wear
What Nerve!!!
The following in brackets was a response to me about the sticky bullentin that i had up about the post card idea that i have going on... [it must be nice to be in IQ at a desk job while other soldiers are dying everyday....sorry, just my long........... PS - my dad was a MSG in infantry...] I don’t care too much for drama but I decided to not let this go and blog it. My job is different from other people over here. I do not go on patrols; I do not get into gear and go on convoys from one camp to the next. I originally came into the army as a 19K. A 19K is a tank armor crewman. I really liked the job and the people I worked with, but I realized early on that it doesn’t have much potential for work on the outside. I missed those days and would go back to it in a heart beat. The combat arms life is completely different from the signal world that I work in now. There are a lot closer bonds that you make with people in combat arms. I choose to change my job
Coffee (part 1) - Erotica
It was a warm Saturday afternoon and I was hanging out with my friend Max. He and I had been friends for a while, talked a lot but never really discussed dating or sex. We just enjoyed each others company and hung out a few times, having coffee or going for hikes. In fact we had never really discussed anything sexual, he was a bit shy and nervous around women so I didn’t want to scare him off. I was fairly certain I had caught him a few times looking at my round ass in the past though, as I bent over to pick something off the ground though. So today I decide to slip into a short little skirt before going out to meet him for coffee. I had never worn anything this temping in front of him before and just the thought of turning him on made me hot and wet. By the time I got to the shop and had walked up to him I was more than a little moist. The guys could sense it as I walked past all of them, smelling my arousal in the air. A few didn’t hesitate to look intensely at me un

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