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not all of them are up, my interwebs on my phone went down so i cant send mms, blarrrrrrrrr ill get them up asap
No Im kidding Music ideas...please! No country, ick! And no sappy stuff or stuff from eons ago... Preferrably upbeat music
Chapter 5
Tamer.. My Masters touch..   as i wake i could feel the warmth of the sun on my face i open my eyes still in the arms of my Master Tamer, watching him sleep i give him a tender kiss on his mouth thinking how much i love this man..     then remembering the night before and what we did and thinking how wonderful it was, the feeling of being so loved and how wet he got me, i remember the look he gave me when he tied me up it was a wonderful to see him so pleased.. just thinking about last night i get tingles!  i know one thing i want more!  even the paddle although it hurt id do it all again just to please him.. to be honest i did like it a little! hehe!   getting up out of bed i put my gown on and and remove my collar putting it back in the box then go make some coffee.. brush my hair and teeth then take the coffee back to the bedroom to wake Tamer up.. i like to wake him with a coffee and a kiss.   walking in the bedroom i lay his coffee on his bedside table then walk around to my
Deep Though
Screaming '"I HAVE TO PEE" during mass doesn't get you out of church I just learned. ONE WEEK UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!
Kissesxxxxxon~a~ropexxxxxxxxxo Make an on-line slide show at ........??????............?????? ....??????????....?????????? ..????????????????........?????? ??????????????????........?????? ???????????????????....????? ?? ??????????????????? ..??????? . ????????????????????????? ....?????????????????????? ......????????????? ?????? .........??????????????? ...........??????????? ............???????? .............?????? ...............??" MuShMuShLuV!!! FGL! AA (a) May ThE LoRd Be WiTh U AlWaYs! Kissesxxxxxon~a~ropexxxxxxxxxo
Mr. A Said It
"Let's start with some assumptions: 1) 2.7M members. . . at least half, but probably more than half are male. subtract about 700K repeat profiles (myself included) and let's assume 1M male members. 2) Of the 1M men, 90% are unable to make it past hello with you, because the first words out of their mouths are something akin to this: Baby, you so fine, my cock would look so good inside. . . etc etc etc. 3) Of the 10% remaining. . . 100,000. 90% of those are at least bright enough to know that they have to make at least polite conversation before you give up the goods. But that's their sole motivating purpose. . . so once it's clear you aren't going to budge. . . they're gone. 4) Of the 10% of those remaining. . . 10,000. 90% of those, while bright enough to know that you aren't going to give it up without polite conversation. . . aren't interesting enough to you to give the time of day. 5) So you're looking for about 1,000 guys who can 1) be respectful, 2) mean it, 3) car
A lot of people are completely shocked by the fact that I am from Russia, and do not drink (beer on a rare occasion). The truth is, my last time when I was obliterated to hell was 14 years ago, when I was 13 and chugged down a half a bottle of bad Russian vodka. It did not end well, and it took 4 guys ti prevent me from stabbing them with a metal broomstick. However, thats not the reason why I don't drink. Growing up in Moscow during not so good times, I remember the filth the country was drowning in. Drinking was a national past time because of a shitty life-at work, at home, at school. I remember walking home past the liquor kiosks, seeing corpse like creatures with red faces and soiled clothes lay on the ground, completely passed out. I remember coming up the stairs in a pitch black darkness (because the alkies would steal lamp bulbs and sell them for vodka), trying to feel my next step just to plant my foot onto someone laying there. Or having to step over a zombie-like th
Yeti Dave Mac Elroy
Have you ever wanted to change your name to Dave, Dave Mac Elroy? Maybe have a cool nickname like “Yeti” and you could go by “Yeti Dave Mac Elroy” or just “Yeti Dave” for short. People would probably like Yeti Dave, he plays lacrosse and drives that beat up old Pickup Truck which he probably spends more time fixing then driving. Even though he ends up having to bum a lot of rides because its between parts, people don’t seem to mind. You could probably go on awesome adventures with Yeti Dave, then when you got back to work you could tell Yeti Dave Mac Elroy stories, and your co-workers would half be “God damn, another Yeti Dave story” and half “How come we never met Yeti Dave?” I think if you are going to be Yeti Dave, you’d have to live somewhere in the Northwest, and probably wear plaid shirts and logger boots, because that just seems the kind of thing that Yeti Dave would do. I just couldn’t see
So fubar is starting to get on my nerves over little things. The last two tickers took over 12 hours to be approved. So I sent in this one last night at about 1am my time. It was approved by 3:15am my time. Grr!! I wanted it to run from noon to noon. Flippin' a! Someone wanna buy me a ticker? I'll make it worth your while. :D
Model Ninja
This is my bitch. She's been here forever... and has yet to godfather. She's really close... and she has autos. Halp?   Model Ninja@ fubar
Stay - U2 Green light, Seven Eleven You stop in for a pack of cigarettes You don't smoke, don't even want to Hey now, check your change Dressed up like a car crash Your wheels are turning but you're upside down You say when he hits you, you don't mind Because when he hurts you, you feel alive Hey babe, is that what it is Red lights, gray morning You stumble out of a hole in the ground A vampire or a victim It depend's on who's around You used to stay in to watch the adverts You could lip synch to the talk shows And if you look, you look through me And when you talk, you talk at me And when I touch you, you don't feel a thing If I could stay... Then the night would give you up Stay...and the day would keep its trust Stay...and the night would be enough Faraway, so close Up with the static and the radio With satelite television You can go anywhere Miami, New Orleans London, Belfast and Berlin And if you listen I can't c
Against Racism!
Ok...This is my first blog i am writing...and no, it is no fun and i'm not even in the mood to laugh... IDK what the hell is wrong with some of u! We r living in the 2000s and i thought that our generation should be as smart to stop hatin' cause of skin collor or religion. The one of urs who went to school and didn't sleep in the history class sure did learn something out of our past.I talk about sensless hate against others.Like in World War 2 or the fight against slavery! We did have ppl like Martin Luther King jr. and Rosa Parks and many more who showed us the right way! Why do we still hate?Why can't we see over the color and religion? White pride???Fuck you!Of what shall i be proud?That in the history the white man first started to kill the nativ americans to get rich, then brought over the africans to have slaves started to kill it own race cause of religion?Hell no! I want to be proud cause i am a human!Cause i know what's right what's wrong!Cause i know that the skin col
Against The Wall ~story~
My head relaxed, bending slightly to the side. Your hot breath lingered along the soft curve of my neck. Searching lips scorched the delicate skin and melted into its softness. My eyes, that were closed and lost in the moment, opened slowly. I stared through their lust-filled glaze into the night sky. I noticed that the moon was barely visible, offering only a small glimmer of light to see by. The stars twinkled brightly against the ink-like blackness of the night. I could hear voices talking excitedly nearby, as they made their way inside the bar. Music could be heard radiating through the thick wall behind me. It’s sultry beat influenced my response. You pressed me firmly against the wall, to restrain me from too much movement. Your need for dominance became evident. Roaming hands were allowed a brief moment of exploration before you grasped my wrists, pinning them above my head. One strong hand was all it took to keep me immobile from the waist up. Your free hand was searc
Ok, But I Don't Do Windows.
I don't remember Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday at all. I only remember Wednesday because Lost was on. I blame the memory loss on the nervous breakdown I had Thursday. Thursday I became deathly afraid of my cell phone and anyone who the bad sense to try to contact me on it. I did get over my fear long enough to order some orange chicken. I had to order the orange chicken so that I could also have two cans of coke delivered with it. Once delivered, I commenced with an orange chicken rum and coke feast to end all feasts. It was lovely. The rum washed away all the fear. The chicken filled the pit in my stomach. I was finally able to sit in peace on the couch with the dog. Baxter has a lot of great qualities. I think the best one is that he knows when his human it blasted out of her fucking mind. He also knows when mommy is out of cigarettes. The rum feast led to heartburn. I stayed up all night and then slept most of Friday. I love sleeping during the day. it's conducive to my anti-social
Friends Being Friends And Stuff
Very few people on here know that i was very close to losing my big sister to  drunk driver, but that has shaped the way i am when it comes to drinking. If i go out... I will have one MAYBE two drinks.. nothing more... if i am going to get drunk i drink at home or when i am camping, places where i am not going to be driving. Some of my friends don't know about this... so.. sometimes i have to enlighten them as to why i am sitting behind their car not letting them back out of the parking space after they are trashed... One of my friends tonight got VERY drunk... I quite literally manhandled her to get her keys and into the passenger seat of my car. thank the gods i outweigh her by a lot.. after finally getting her sober.. (2.5 hours later) i finally gave her the keys back.. then i explained to her just why i did that. I refuse to lose another friend.. i have lost to many because they were drinking. I have come close to losing my big sister... after i explained to her why i acted t
auction will start now.and end sunday 4.26 09/ at 10 pm eastern time..thank you.and  good luck.
So now that I finally got my wknds back, I am going to be active in my urban exploration group again.   On Saturday I am going to an abandoned hosp in Chicago, probably at around 7 or 8ish. I am meeting with this guy from the group (the only person who is not flaking out on me), and while I know that he wants to get into my pants, he is the only person who is willing to go there with me (since its a lil dangerous).   I am not worried about him, but hope there are no homeless ppl or cops there...
I'll Be Your Friend For Life
My mother passed away 3 years ago, April 28th. When my brother told me she didn't have long, I started writing this song for her. I couldn't make it past the first verse until Mother's Day the following month. The words started flowing as if she were sitting there with me whispering what to write. The page was soaked when I was done, but I managed to finish it. I've seldom shared it with anyone, as it is quite personal. I would appreciate any feedback.             I'll Be Your Friend For Life (Momma's Song) I remember it like yesterday, when I was only twelve. That little church out in the woods, where Momma taught us well. One night during invocation, there appeared to me a light. And in it stood this scarred up man, He said it's time to change your life.                                (CHORUS) He said come with Me take My hand everything's gonna be just fine. I got these scars by saving you that cross to bare was Mine. And if you take the wrong road trust in Me and you'll be
Meh Jai-bears
Okay, I recently started making Jai-Bears for folks. Not by popular demand or anything but just cuz I'm bored and thought it was an unique spin on the whole "salute" thing. Problem is, it's getting more "technical" now. The original "Jai-Bear" was made to cheer up a friend of mine who lost their father and wasn't feeling well. At the time, I could get away with making simple "Jai-Bear" using MS Paint. ...and have done since, keeping Jai-Bear's unique childish design. But as I now make more Jai-Bears, I find the need to jump from MS Paint to my favorite alternatives FLASH and Photoshop to make it easier on me. I hope Jai-Bear doesn't lose it's charm. And if you'd like a Jai-Bear, please help me with designing it.    
So I am sitting here at work, bored outta my skull. Things are really slow, scary slow. So Thought i would blog and while brainstorming i remembered an old list of know first concert, first car, first kiss...etc. It reminded me of the day of my first kiss. Thought i would share the story, I have only ever told this story to one other person, too bad she isn't here it would be nice to read her comments. Anyway 3rd grade, my older brother is in 5th grade. I always hung out with older kids cuz of my brother. Well we both had a little crush on the same girl, a girl from his class, Trisha. Oh Trisha auburn hair, so pretty and a smile that just made you stop in your tracks. Anyway my brother and i would compete for her attention. We all three always walked home together, she only lived a few houses down from us. I was a cocky little thing then, brimming with confidence.   Well my cockyness seemed to be working cuz she would give me so much attention and laughed at my smartass
I'm Bitchy
I'm seriously NOT in a good mood. I'm being short with everyone it seems like and I just want to scream at someone. One of my friends knows I'm sending my laptop back on Monday, also knows I won't be able to talk to him until I get it back. Do they talk to me? Nope. They ignore me.  Shouldn't be that big of a surprise, it happens a lot. My step-dad is acting like a fucking child. He's annoying as hell. Running around the house knocking on walls, scaring my Mom, picking up the telephone and dialing numbers..but then says he's calling no one. WTF? Now he's sitting there with a phone book, trying to call someone. Umm, it's 10:11pm. Who the fuck is going to answer? No one. No one really likes him.   And now for something completely random.... Well my random moment was going to be "van is blue now"...but it's not so random and it's not so new. I was about to type it and remembered he was blue when he changed his name to balls. =/ Have I told you I'm a little slow?
you know you are if you go to the wrong court , like I just did...   But, thanks to hubby and my friend Vince, I only got to the right one an hour late. The moment I got there, they called out my name. The judge asked me if I wanted to plead guilty, and I said that its my word against the radar, so yeah. They got me a reduced fee cause of a clean record (yay, court supervisions! clean up the record nicely :).  So, I'm $185 poorer, but its finally over with.   just a rant, not interesting
I'm taking a quick holiday.  Thanks again for all teh spotlight bucks, I shall be doing my getting of a spotlight in a week or so when I get back off my hols.  Be good folks, and I'll see you in about ten days.   Your friend Ben Affleck No wait... kins.  
Coining A New Term
This year's latest fashion appears to be shorts that are extremely short. In my estimation even shorter than last years shorts, but who knows I am a dirty old man so I could just be noticing more of the less. These shorts that I have seen basically go to about the pubic area on the legs, and I was thinking that there needs to be a good term for the style. I was thinking they should be oalled "Corts" since they are shorts that reach right about to the, well, uh, cooter, yeah that's it. I'm still in the testing phases of the word so I am open to suggestions and or refinements. And by all means if you have examples of the phenomenon please do not hesitate to post them.
You don't have to watch the video, just listen to the music. =D   See comments...
So it's about 8am and I'm running on about 3 hours of sleep. Was up too late talking about things that needed to be said. I know, sounds like a weird combo. Anyway, I have completely forgotten the password to my online checking. Been trying to remember it since I sent my computer back, no luck. I called this morning to get my balance and I have more than I thought. Yay for me! Thing is I'm now stuck in what I should do with said money, lol. Do I take a small trip this weekend, buy a bling pack and trade autos with someone, or find a point whore to Fu-Marry? Also, nothing like finding texts sent the night before telling you how worthless you are. Really? I don't want to go to work this morning. I'm sure we are going to be busy and I just don't have the enough energy to deal with the stupid people I work with and the customers. I can only hope that  my boss isn't too much of a bitch today. I'm also thinking about what I could do for my birthday. I have a few weeks left, that leaves
Awol Teacher
School high jinxs #2 Time - two week period Person - Hated teacher #2 Story -  With no exaggeration, the teacher I'm talking about here is the most useless teacher and one of the most horrible people I have ever met. So she gets told this apparently by one of her student's sister at a parents evening and doesn't take to kindly to it (it really is true though). Because of this, she refuses to teach the student in question and throws her out of all her lessons. Side notes; she already throws out at least 1 kid in her lessons anyway. Sometimes 3 or 4 Most lessons she spends 10-20 minutes not even in the classroom (they're 50 minute lessons) She's told me once she doesn't even want to be in the class She has no control over her classes and doesn't care, all the kids hate her She constantly talks back and over her boss when he's trying to help her. Now, back to the point. Because of the above mentioned problem along with the bullet points, there is a meeting involving her an
Bling And Bowling
I'm a little bummed about the June bling. I sent Mike a message asking him if he could make the June birthstone Alexandrite instead of Pearl. He didn't listen.  Pearl is ugly. The other blings are fairly cute. I see the brought my favorite one back...and it's cheaper =]   Anyway, bowling went well for me. Each game I got better. 136, 144, and 158. I'm doing much better on this league than I did in my other one. I think I like my team better.   Yay! I actually picked a decent name for this blog, lol.
Not sure if I'm doing this right so bare with me, I'm Jessica, Gwyn's daughter...just thought I would put an update here about her...she is doing ok, well you know as good as can be expected. I've let her know about all the text messages to her phone from different people, I have no idea who ya'll are but really appreciate all prayers for her. The doctors do not think it's bad. She just really over did herself and this is stress related. They do not think she will have any sort of long term or permanant damage, she is just gonna have to take it easy. I will be checking in here daily for her, so I will try and update this as much as possible. Again thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for her.
Ugh How Dumb
So I've been thinking lately that I wanted to make bread from scratch. So I look up bread recipes on Well. first off theres about 5 bagillion different types of bread, making it almost impossible to find a basic bread recipe. So then I find one for amish bread. Great. Should be somewhat basic. So I start reading the recipe, and it calls for a bread machine to rise the dough. A BREAD MACHINE. FOR AMISH BREAD. Seriously? Lame.
Outta My Mind!!
I'm bored out of my mind. I've drank too much tea and I'm not even remotely tired. It's way too hot and I didn't do too bad on bowling tonight. I'm rambling...someone slap me!! 
My Clone
Found in Supe's album:       I thought she kinda looked like me
I went to a random mumm and tried to comment, but I got the error that I'm blocked. I don't even recognize the kid who posted the mumm. So weird. I piss off people and don't even realize it. Is that a good or bad talent?
Expires In 1 Hour
Higest bid wins a auto or bomb...expires 1.20 my time...1 hour
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Did I Miss Something?
Is there something wrong with a white dude calling another white dude a honkey?  Fuck, people need to stop being so politically correct.
This Fake Really Is That Bad..
This really is that bad... WTF?? !!
Wanna Own Me? Go Bid And Do Just That
I guess I am doing an auction...wouldn't be the first time but it would be nice to actually have someone bid  on me for once lol.  Click the link  below and do your worst.  My only bid so far is for 1 mil fubucks...I (h) you witty for that.   Let's see if you can outbid her and win me.  
Needing Some Help
so yeah...  I am having like the worst fucking time trying to come up with this cool ass screen name... I mean what the hell...  I want it to be as cool as perfectly_inked... give you props sis.. it fits you well....  anyone got some ideas?
Lol, I'm A Mami And Hopefully He Deletes.
hahahaha. Bottom up, folks =]   ->kds561:>kds561: just go here....->kds561: see at the top, where the fubar logo is, on the upper left corner? See the's therekds561: i dont see my setting ir says my photos comments->kds561: "my" "settings"...then scroll down and it will have a link to delete your profilekds561: how do you erase this shit->kds561: I don't like rapkds561: i rap my myspace is>kds561: then delete your profile and go back to myspace.kds561: i just got in this site 20 mins ago i dont understand it and i dont like it->kds561: just leave me alone. You post a salute and get it approved...THEN we can talk.kds561: stop beefing and talk->kds561: if I'm not real, then you don't need to know my name.kds561: hi what is your name?kds561: stop playing game your not even real this site sucks->kds561: then no I don't.kds561: no i dont do you->kds561: do you have a salute?kds561: do you have im->kds561: do you have a salute?kd
This Weeks Flowers Inspired By & Dedicated To...
Thank you everyone for your help!!!! *finally felt inspired*'s always balls *grinz* ♥ Postal  
Hello friends, so i just spent the last 3hrs at the emergency room gah!. About 4 days ago i started coughing really bad but assumed i was just getting a summer cold and ignored it. The next day started doing the over the counter checkers with this medicine and that and trying a few different home remedies that everybody loves to offer when they see you hacking up a lung. Thursday night when i got off work i was suppose to go see my guy for some playtime but my body and head hurt so bad from coughing that i v lined it to walmart instead and loaded up on nyquil and thera flu. It was at that moment when i chose medicine and bed over sex that i was feelin pretty damn bad. Last night when i got off work i litterally felt like id been run over by a truck but i had promised a couple friends id meet them for a drink so i head to the bar. Well that was a bad idea because after a couple drinks i like to smoke and i ended up having many drinks last night. So i get up today and my chest is hurting
Sectional Champs Auto
As some of you already know, my son's team won the sectional baseball championship yesterday.  Since I help to coach the team, we leave for the state tournament on Wednesday and if we keep winning, we will be there until Monday night!!!!  Soooooooo, I am gonna celebrate today @1pm Futime by activating an auto 11 and then sometime along the way, blow up a bunch of "chit"!  Come by and help celebrate with and maybe even level yourself on me!!!!
My Son Nevin
So today, my son Nevin, 11 years old, calls me and says he's going bike riding and needs some money to get something to snack on while he's out for the day. 5 minutes later, my oldest son Ian calls me, and says he needs 15 bucks to take his girlfriend to dinner tonight. I told Nevin to ride his bike up to where I work, and I would give him 20 bucks. 5 for him, and 15 to give to his brother, Ian. Nev shows up with 3 of his buddies, and I give him the 20. I go home for lunch, and ask Ian if Nev gave him 15 bucks. Ian replied, "No, he only gave me 10 bucks." Nev calls me later, to let me know where he is at and what he is doing. (Apparently they have some secret clubhouse in the woods). I asked him what happened to the 10 bucks I gave him. He replied: "Dad, I went to McDonalds, and they totally screwed my order up. I ordered two orders of fries, and two Cokes, for me and Tanner. And they ended up giving us THREE fries and THREE Cokes, and we didn' realized they messed up until afte
Spell Check My Arse
Google chrome spell check = weird. Typed honour (yes, that's how it should be spelt) and it gave me honor, which as I know is how you spell it, but it also gave me hon our...seriously...   Funnily enough spelt isn't on there either.   
As some of you know, I am trying to get the spotlight soon.  I  joined fubar back when it was lostsherry on June 26, it is 3 years later and I am stil fu king.    I am asking for your help.  Right now, I have accumulated 15 mil fubux through some awesome donations from some friends.  So even though I don't have enough...please go rape these people's profiles:   Big Papi Smurf Bounty Hunter Crazy Cracker UBERDOMINATOR McLovin D o u g Seamus Teh Pixieh Whorasaurus Sex aka witty Witchie CrazyWildAssCowboy   And get your friends to help out...I will make salutes for all donors as well as a special default pic for when I get the spotlight.   Thanks to everyone who has already helped
This Is A Test Of The Emergency Blogging System
Warning !!!!! This is a test of the EMERGENCY BLOGGING SYSTEM!!!!!!!!   The writer of this blog is trying to see if he can comment in "said blog"   this is just a test .....................................beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep   if this had been an actual emergency ,you would have been asked to bend over and kiss your arse goodbye  :O:O        
Sign Up For Auction!!!
-prayers Needed-calling All Angels...and Friends...
For those of you who know me well.. you will know that I have been suffering with high blood pressure and lots of headaches. I have been on blood pressure medicine for two months ( I just got health insurance) ... with each time her upping or changing my meds... my BP is just uber stubborn.. it just wont go down. I've also had these other issues lately.. like at times I feel like i'm going to die...especially if there's  a thunder storm or if i'm in the car and someone else is driving... horrible horrible anxiety...  and not to give u a disgusting image in ur head but i sweat and have cold sweats alot..thought i was going thru the change... Long story short..  I am being tested to see if I have Pheochromocytoma. What is that you ask?       Its a rare tumor that forms in the core of an adrenal gland .. and go figure the top symptoms are: unmanagable BP, headaches, anxiety/doom feeling and sweating. I had to do a '24 hour urine collection' and they will determine whether I need further
Its Kloverlynn's Bday!!   Show her love!   Thank you    Have a great day 
Some Things...
I thought I'd mention a couple of things... First, if you have a Snapvine on your page and I have snapped your vine lately, lemme know and I'll be glad to! Also, I gots a cherry bomb from a friend (Thanks, sweetiekeetie! :D ) and I plan on using it tonight. If you have Autos11s running at 6:00 PM fu-time, PM me - I plan on returning some bombs I got, and after that I would gladly bomb others! Hell, If I haven't bombed yo lately, PM me. I'll try to work in all my friends! :D I also think I finally figured out how to get my friggin' photos off my camera, so I'll post those a bit later. Love on me and my fam and friends!Rock on!Shawn P.S. - It seems to be "Let's Play in Status Messages" Day, more than usual! Whose can you pee on? Lemme know your favorite you've left or gotten!
[good News! I Found My Belt.]
This is not a mumm... because its a blogbut its getting late, and I really don't know what I want to take care of before the morning rush.I could totally fire off another round of knuckle children too... :/So there's my dillemma- wash off my funk, shave, clip my grody nails, fire a pocket rocket, or save it for the morning- if I really get my ass rolling and hitting the ground early I can take care of it first thingbut knowing me, I won't want to.Now that I cut my hair again (was reaching record lengths) I can take those 3 minute showers where I shave and brush my teeth and piss all at once.Dude, what can I say- I've got mad skillsand don't tell me you don't pee in the showerfuckin liars.It's porcelain with constantly running scalding hot water and soap.Not a logic here's the plan... wanking would really just be an exercise in stamina and callous buildingso that's 86'dThe more I think about it- the more giddy I am about doing 12 things at once in the showergrab a hunk of bag
Okay... I figured I would put this in a blog so I do not have to type this dozens of times... Yes... My account got deleted.... all because I decided to use a feature that yes, this lovely website gives us as an option. Apparently, how I violated Fubar TOS, I will never know. I am just very tiffed on how the situation was handled. All I know is that really, they need to give people a solid explanation on how they violate Fubar rules instead of just taking action. I think it would be fair just to issue a warning or something saying... Hey you are in violation of x action, and if you repeat x action again or something along x action again, face y consequence, or even better... If you are gonna delete someone's account or IP ban them for violation, email them and explain why such action was taken. I know we all have to put up an email address to maintain an account on here, so it's not like this information is not accessible to the people who run this place. What was funny is yeah... I
K0k Pics?
Seems that gets attention on here... If you missed my status, I'm putting it here. IDGAF about some rich actor dying. It happens to real people every minute, and they don't get media circuses. My childhood friend Gina died Saturday - CNN's not caring that her kids are without a parent anymore. All these people with "RIP Patrick" and shit in their status - they don't give a shit that her daughter lived in Korea and hadn't seen her in years. Nope. They're too busy caring about some actor that played in one or two good movies. THAT's what I don't give a shit about. People die. It's part of life. Yeah, yeah, he had a fight with cancer - so did my sister - for 7 years - no media circus for her two kids or her high school sweetheart husband who was destroyed when she died... nope. Bah, this country is fucked. We care this much about strangers dying? We've got our priorities FUCKED.
I Just Don't Understand But,
 Good day to everyone!!!!!i really don't know how to start so it's about time i tell the truth to EVERYONE!!!!! I'M SO NEW TO A-L-L OF THIS BUT i understand some things. i understand when i've left some one behind but i'll NEVER understand why people(when you've helped them through something instantly forget you,even as you still love them. i don't understand how lovr can be so great one day and non-existant the next.i'm a JEUDE'-CHRISTIAN Evangelist AND PROPHET"SENT FROM"FROM THE M-O-S-T H-I-G-H GOD"i'mliving and looking at my brother's and sisters"destorying my heart"with"instant gradification syndrome"attitude tha's so"pervasive"these days. besides brother's and sisters understand nothing nor no one except their own fantasy(or their reality).it seems that i'm no one excpt when i'm doing something at the time for you(people) shit ya'll,i don't ask for much but i'm getting slammed cuz i do stuff in real life too and that real life intrudes to here,when i'm here i try to get
Ladies I On Your "to Do List ????
ok ,after being dared ,by a few of the sexy mummettes ,i just want to see who amongst the "lady mummers" has me on their "to do lists".i am sorry ,that this is pretty much a "hot or not " blog ,but i am just curious .don't be afraid to say "helllllll no you aren't " ,you won't hurt my e-feelers at all .don't be afraid to let me know though if i am on your list :D :D  hehehe . well that being said ,let the mayhem insue ...............
Immortal Jellyfish
This is Turritopsis Nutricula, a jellyfish.  Unlike most life forms which tend to experience decay after reproduction, until they die, this jellyfish reverts back to its polyp stage, ie the beginning of its life cycle.  Theoretically, this cycle can be repeated indefinitely, rendering the jellyfish, barring accident or falling to predators and stuffs, immortal. Click here for its Wikipedia page.  
Boobs - Literally
It's official, I am in fact, clinically insane.  I honestly think I am going to have to kill George.  He gets laid more than I do. He drives a better car than I do. He has better jobs than I got......ok, maybe not that one, I don't see him on Fu during work.   But the women he gets makes me invious and I can't take it any more. For a blog mumm (since I am to scared of the mumm police to mumm now): Should I let him live? or Should I set him up with JWH who will gladly end his life in a quick, painful way?
Because I Was Dared...
Crycry dared me to repost her blog post, so... Random 1. I can be caustic with my smartass comments. It's not always meant, but sometimes it comes across like that. 2. I have a hard time saying no. 3. I could SOOOOOOOOOOO live in a commune. I should have lived through the sixties. 4. I wish I could just get a van or something and travel around aimlessly. 5. I am no where near as strong as people think I am. 6. Only 2 things I am afraid of in life: My family being hurt in any way & dying alome and lonely.
Time Well Wasted
I love Ketchup on my KD. I used to hate ketchup. I love the fact that I can type faster then my husband. I hate my comp. chair,ack. I love ice cubes in my milk! I hate washing cups and such that had milk in them only to find it caked to the bottom of said cup and taking everything plus a toothpick to conquer it. I love when the leaves fall and look all purdy on the ground in the fall. I hate when I leaf gets stuck in my windshield blade, while im using them :| I love my phone. I hate my phone. I love tattoos. I hate needles. I love transformers. I hate that fact that I got my husband into them, thus creating a monster and my room evolving into a 9 year old boys dream room. I love comics. I hate..ok nothing there..weird. I love Elvis God I hate his daughters music!
Reason For Removing Pics To Private
hello my friends Ive removed all my personal pics to private family only folders because Ive been violated , you can see the pic I refer to in my default album ill still be sending out drinks for now, and I appreciate all my friends and family have a good day eni   ps  please drop said violator a line if you feel like it expressing your appreciation
I have no VIP so if I want to upload more pictures, I have to delete most of what I have. I'm going to start that now. I'm going to get rid of pretty much every picture I have. I'm only keeping about 20 of the newer ones of me, a few of the ones that I think are funny, and a few of the salutes to friends and from friends. I just think that I have way too much and what's the point? Anyway, if you don't have a salute I made for you, you better get it today. By tonight, about 90% of my pictures will be gone. Love ya all!!!
I Said I Wouldn't...and I Kind Of Am.
1. I'm not as "good" as people tend to think. 2. I'm not as classy as a certain friend thinks. 3. Look at my status. That's exactly how I am. 4. I say that things don't bother me, most of the time I'm lying. 5. There are only 3 people, that I can think of right off the top of my head, that I can not lie to. 6. I've got nothing else.....i love my friends.
And It's Only The 12th
I thought tomorrow was suppose to be the bad luck day. I've been awake for about an hour and I've already burnt my breakfast, spilled coffee, almost fell down stairs, and almost managed to get my kid hit by a car. =/   Plus I have to work with my possibly drug induced boss!   Time to enjoy my "breakfast". Cake and coffee.
[five Years]
Five years ago, this month I went off my meds. I had been flirting with the idea for some time prior, upping my dosage, lowering, abusing my dosage etc. Decided the liver damage and emotional burnout hallucinogenic properties, highs, midgrounds, swaying notions that I was invincible wasn't worth it, and it hit me that I actually could do this. My shrink heard my mother's pleas, and immediately turned to me and said "actually you have every right as an adult now, and your treatment has been going well, that may however be attributed to the medication, but I would like to believe it is due to the strength of your character- I would like to see you in six months". In five he was dead. Today, my mom urged me not to kill myself. I asked her if that was really a concern any more- She said yes, that I was depressed, that I could benefit from medication and it may help with the paranoia ... I'm not paranoid, I just have a healthy terror of people. "but being worried that people are go
When Thinking Of Me...what Is The First Song That Crosses Your Mind?
I wanna know!
Seriously Wtf??
So ..I know you shouldnt let what some people say on the internet get to you but this guy (on another website) said this about my kids..Im pretty steamed, wondering if I should report his ass to someone..Who the heck would I report it to in the first place...UUgh!! some people need to be tied to a pole and shot!!   This guy said this shit about My and my mans 7 year olds (we both have kids the same age)   What would you do?? this sicko lives in canada   Me :Dreading the moment Rob and I have both of our 7 year olds at the same time.   The guy: At least you get to fuck them at the same time.   Me: Ok Im gonna make one thing fucking clear..DO NOT involve my kids in any of your perverted child fucking comments.Thanks...Im officially done with you as well.   The guy: i'd totally nibble ur daughters labia     Seriously WTF !!!
*hops on bandwagon*   The perfect breakfast: Morning lovemaking session, then coffee, bacon & eggs. The perfect date: Something spontaneous, creative, memorable, and fun, but not too much - don't want it to take my attention away from the person I'm with.  The perfect kiss: Spontaneity is key, starts out gently, winds up almost drawing blood, ends with staring into my lover's eyes for what seems like forever.   The perfect argument:  One with no victor, only new understandings. The perfect man/woman: Hard to say, I haven't found her yet (well, maybe I did, but she's not "with" me, obviously) I know I've come close, though. I guess someone that is basically my equal or better, challenges me intellectually, and keeps me laughing, doesn't expect me to read her mind, and would sing/say the lyrics to "I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenders, and mean every word of it. Yeah, that works. The perfect shoe: Um. One that fits? *blinks*  The perfect movie: Takes me somewhere beyond reality
Good morning......   that is all.
Total Randomeness..
Ok, so I finally go and do something for myself since I've not been able to in like.... never. I decide to go and get my nails done. (Shoosh you, it's about as foo-foo as I get) and the woman is doing her thing. I doubt you guys can relate *giggle snort* but any woman who has had them done will know what I'm talking about. And she's twisting my ring finger this way and that and she dislocates the damn thing.  Now this is nothing new to me. Having EDS, my joints do it often. But the look on the womans face was funny as hell. And the look she had when I popped it back in was priceless! Bought the champagne for when lewis visits soon :D Glasses arrived yesterday. Gonna be one hell of a time! Pissed that my phone still isn't turned back on. I dunno what the hell is going on with that. I feel strange not being able to use the damn thing. but at least I'm over the withdrawls.  I have the laziest, most grimy ass roomates EVER. *shudders* I'll spare you the details. Just trust me on this
Avatar Spoiler-free
Yeah, it was pretty good.
Ppl And Their Attitudes
ok so i no a guy i really really like and he nos who he is. well he has a friend that is always like hatin on my bc i like him... like litterally comin 2 me and bitchin me out. well apperantly its wrong to ask for return luv when u luv so many ppl a day... like i literally rate a ton of pics a day and hardly get any return luv.. like whats with that? and well she watches my status so she starts trouble according to that .. ive noticed it.. and then theres the leaving comments... if im nice enough to leave a comment on ur page ... dont bitch bout it bc i wont rate u at all... just bc sum of ur friends dont like me doesnt mean u have 2 take that out on me.... u no its hard to shut off the emotions somebody has when they like u and wanna do anything for u ... but when ppl sit there and treat u like shit it isnt worth it.. i am not the kind of person who would hurt another person.. in fact i help complete strangers all the time since i help run the business and all.... its nice to help ppl
Lend A Hand? - M4w - 29 (starkville)
Married white male looking for an attractive white female to "lend a hand", watch me, maybe watch each other? Just see what never know! Please feel free to contact me any time. is this under 'platonic'?
I have had a pretty decent life I would say .I have met many people along the way. Some just pass through, and they fade away, a few have came and gone, and came back again. It's always nice to have someone to love, but that is not the case for everyone. Sometimes when we really need someone, it's then when we realize just how much you mean to someone, or how much your own life means, I have recently had a minor heart attack, and I don't feel as if I should be old enough to start having these problems, but they are here now. Makes you think, and makes you wonder, just how many people would have even missed me. I know I have made a lot of friends in passing on fubar, but some have touched my heart along the way. This is just to thank you to all of those who truely are my friends. Thank you for being there for me. I am now thinking really hard about my life and those I choose to allow in. All the things that mattered before don't now and I have so much more to love about life now, like j
Policy Of Truth & Drama.
No, this isn’t a fake blog and no it’s not anything dramatic. So if that’s what you came here for, sorry. Well, depends on your point of view anyways. Of late I am getting bombarded with more and more things that just make me go : WTF So many fakes, so little time. That’s a whole other issue that usually rights itself. What I’m not seeing righting itself is how some people are treating each other on here, and the depravity, the lies and the seediness that I’ve heard about. No one is perfect. We all have a few faces. One we show to the Fubar World, one we show to the pe
No Candy Here Either
its that time of night when Normal people are going to sleep... ill sleep when im dead...speaking of dead...just a song for to listen while reading my answers. Ill try to be as entertaining. What color eyes do you have? they are blue, and have been told they go sea green at times. How tall are you? 6 foot cuz im taller than 5'11.5 inches Right handed or left? right handed until the bottom of the 7th and I switch up Your Heritage: some Native American..but my dads side of the fam is such dysfunctional that I dont have any clue what... Moms side was a ski until my grandpa changed it legally so that people would buy stuff from him... he looked like jackie gleason and for whatever reason, people wouldnt invite a pollack in their home in the 40's Do you like your job? I im thinking i could get used to being home at night again Any tattoos/​piercings? most pf you know...yes/yes... dont be lazy if you dont know, go look at my pics FFS What underwear
The Hamster Must Die Nao!
I keep articles like this just to show my kids that I am definitely not the meanest or craziest mom evah! Read the crazy hamster killing cunt story here WARM SPRINGS, Ga. -- A Georgia woman is in jail after police say she forced her son to kill his pet hamster with a hammer as punishment for bad grades. The sheriff of rural Meriwether County told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday that the 12-year-old boy told his teacher about the killing. The teacher reported it to the Division of Family and Child Services, who contacted police. Sheriff Steve Whitlock said 38-year-old Lynn Middlebrooks Geter of Warm Springs faces one charge each of animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery. The sheriff's office said she remained in the Meriwether County jail early Friday. It was not immediately known if she had a lawyer.
Funniest Porno Ever Comment And Let Me Know What U Think
Penis Animal brought to you by PornHub
Another Womans Stupidity
My ex wife, we split up basically because she is stubborn, Mouthy, rude, and thinks she knows everything. She is another one who left me for the "Alpha male" type... he attempted to control who she spoke to, hung out with and slapped her around a few times.. anyways, in the summer I moved into this apartment because its really pretty nice, and she lived in the same building with my sons. they would be here everyday that I was home from the boat and the kids loved it! She meets some guy, who turned out to be a really cool dude, but with in 2 months of knowing him, she moves from across the hall, to Metarie which is an hour and a half away from here.. and this was in december. Im waiting for her to get herself a car so I can get mine back... well she texts me last night asking when will i be able to pay child support, and as you know im laid off, waiting on unemployment money to come, and really cant get a job until i have transportation to get to work, right???   yeah she is a fucking
I Just Realized .....
I have a bad word in my name ... OH NOES!!!   Don't mind me I'm goofy right now, it's the exhaustion talking. I did also want to say HELLOOOOOOOOOO to all my friends at once and this is the way to do it!
I Don't Know Kl, Some Of These Are Close.
A Poem I Wrote Now Im Every Emotional Now ......
i just wrote whats in my head right now.... I HAVE ALOT GOING ON IN IT  ILL EDIT IT LATER ....SORRY ITS SLIGHTY  RANDOM NOWI fought back do you rember ...but ur so perfect ,but so coldyour ideas are warpedyou start the shit  oh wait that that was me ?oh wait  it always me ....but its never me ....defeand  myslef and all sudden at ur  neck .ur last words trying to choke my breath you will not get to meeeeee im stronger then you inner strenght  lights my world and pocesses  over meeeeeeeeeeeeYou have no soul yet you strave you feed on the despiar of  lives 3 words Hate for humanity 3 word your not human you shead the world yet you dont live in it you live  beyond  hate dims your world and darkens your pathhhhhhhhhhhhwhispers:Dont blames others for your pain  find your light  be yourself its ok to love huamity  follw me and becoma human again....................I hear you screaming at me i hear your hate call my name Put holding on to hate will only cause you need me to f
Its Raist's Bday Here !!!!
Happy birthday Raist   some snap shots from your personal albums for all to see              
Hahaha. No.
I now believe drug addict is ruining my life. Not with any intent or malice but by sheer fact of being in her radius. Fucking whore. fucking cow. fucking drug addict. She showed up at school today and they are letting her stay. fuck her. fuck them. She had an instructor all to herself to teach her all the hair cuts she missed. Fuck her. I was sent to nail jail in her place. I was swept away from playing with hair to tickling old lady toes. fuck them. Fuck her complaining about how things might be going faster if her private tutor wasn't getting called away. She got a little defensive when i told her I didn't want to hear about her private lessons going so slowly. Have another vicodin ya bastard. Who says addicts are selfish? It's the worst crew too. the worst of the worst. the whitest of the white trash strung out on everything that is fucking wrong with America. Save Kait. She's ok. she needs to learn self defense though. She needs to learn that those people in charge are paid by her
What Would You Do For 100 Million Fubucks?
I'm getting tired of the fu-owned BS on here!  So I was thinking of giving some of my fu-bucks away soon!  Some kind of contest!  So put on your thinking caps all you pervs out there!  What kind of contest should I do?  1) A NSFW Salute to me and Vampy 2) or something else? We'd really like to hear your thoughts on this one :)
Creepy People
I can't believe that I finally have come to the conclusion that it isn't safe to take my children to the park without my husband along anymore. We live in an area that is, to quote a friend of mine, " the buckle of the bible belt" To most that would seem SAFE for the most part. Sure we have crime, but not as much as a very large city like Birmingham or Huntsville. In fact this city that I have an address in, (Hanceville, even though I don't actually live inside the city) just recently voted on whether or not to got "WET" For you Yankee's that means that the entire county is DRY, you cannot buy alcohol in this county at all, you have to drive about 50 miles to do that. If you are caught with more than the legal amount for one person allowed in your vehicle you go to JAIL! The vote DID NOT pass, by the way...the city is still DRY. Each individual city, once large enough, may choose to vote for Wet/Dry. It has not passed anywhere in this county, yet. So, my point is this .... The w
Birthday Gifts
So a friend of mine talked me into making a birthday wishlist on amazon. I picked out a few things. Well low and behold a few friends bought me gifts from my list. I got four beautiful rings today, but.... I have NO IDEA who sent what. LOL There is no packing slip in any of the boxes. The return address is the company. etc. etc. So FESS UP! Who sent me what? haha If you're interested in seeing the wishlist, here it is: Wishlist
John and I have been talking about moving in together for a while now. We both have known that there are some steps that need to be taken before we can do that. Here are those steps: 1. I need to get a car 2. We both need to get better jobs. 3. We need to find a place to actually live   Step one will be officially taken care of on Wednesday. One of his neighbors has a car for sell. It's not a new car, but it has been VERY well taken care of. It's a '93 Chrystler New Yorker. It has only had 2 owners and has 72k original miles. It's all leather interior, with no damage on it. There is no rust or dents. The only thing wrong with it is some of the clear coat is coming off the trunk and the top. It runs really nice. It's quiet and is smooth. I'll be able to get to the bank on Wednesday and get the money out of savings and go to the DMV and get it legal. =] I'm excited about that. As far as number 2, when I take my vacation I'll be going to take the civil service test so that I can
Screen Names Explained
Drinking again and very bored. I am so ready for this dusk period in my life to end. I am ready to start working again now. I am listening to some older Type O Negative tonight. Suspended in Dusk. The song seems to fit though as it is raining quite heavily here tonight. So I thought that I would explain the name change on here that I have recently made. There is a Type O Negative album called October Rust that has stayed one of my favorites. I do think it is still my favorite album ever even though it came out in 1996. There was a magazine article that I had read that said that they almost named the LP 1313 in honor of The Munsters address of 1313 Mockingbird Lane. My first yahoo address is a varation of October Rust and 1313. Nowdays I tend to either go with something Raistlin or something 1313. So how did you choose your screen name here?
Funeral Songs
Come On Up To The House - Tom Waits High, Wide And Handsome - Loudon Wainwright III Down To The River To Pray - Alison Krauss Take Care Of All Of My Children - Tom Waits   Is four songs too many to have picked out for your funeral?
Do I Go Boondack Saint?
I really need some help as I am VERY confused here.  My niece, 16 yrs. old was raped.  The rapist has been arrested, he will go to jail regardless (he's claiming consentual sex) as he is an adult and she is a child.  To make this all the worse, she was set up by another girl who lured her and played look out.  That 'girl' is an adult, 18yrs. old.  From what my sister has told me, as my niece screamed and begged for the rapist to stop... the girl mocked her and told her 'it always hurts the first time.' and 'you know you want it.  As of yet, the 'girl' has not been arrested but should be on Monday on endangering the welafare of a child.  She has also been threatening my niece all week. If you've read my about me, you know i was once in the seminary to become a priest.  My younger brother was in the seminary longer.  He is a very peaceful and cool headed man, with a family of 5 children, the niece in question isn't his.   I left the seminary and, well let's say I went a VERY different d
The Aries Man
He said, "I go my ways And when I find a mountain-nil I set it in a blaze ..." "So either way I'll get into the garden, and I don't care what happens." That creature over there making a phone call-is it an electrically charged dynamo? Is it a flaming torch? is it a bird, an explosion-or is it Superman? Well, practically. It's an Aries male, which is pretty close. Let's hope you know what you're looking for. Should it be excitement, an Aries man will provide it by the bushel, with seldom a dull moment to blur the sparkle. But if you're looking for the security and contentment of a soothing love, you're in the wrong telephone booth. Aries can overwhelm you with passionate ardor one mintue, and be as icy as a polar bear the next. Insult him or lose his interest-either or both-and that warm, im pulsive Mars nature will freeze instantly. To ignite it again may mean starting all over from Act One, Scene One. Aries men are fairly bursting with ideas and creative energy
There is a FTD (Fubar Transmitted Disease) running rampant around the fu community.  This disease will make you do things you don’t necessarily want to do. The disease? The Boomerang. Spreading like wildfire, I went to the profile of someone infected with the Boomerang. I noticed that anyone in contact with a person with an activated boomerang, is susceptible to catching it. For Example, I started on Sultry’s page from there I was able to click on one of several boomerang infected people to find another person with several infected in their friends and family.  Here is what I found…Sultry> XOutlawX > Infared > MissBeHayven > Rapsnap > Tam > Daym Phyne > Ranger > Mid Night > Coleen > Pappy > Forest Rica > PurpleLabelJ > Sexy ButTali > Hppy Bubble > SweetBabyRay > Disaster J > Pickles > Jason Can’t > Naughty NikkiI could have kept going, but there, 20 infected that quickly!!I checked, and thankfully my friends and family haven’t caught it, but I am scared t
[ah The Exciting Life Of A Bachelor]
What's your sad story? I'm bored with mine. Today I made ... Koshian Aoume? spell check.. Basically its sweet bean paste made intosweet bean dumplings. I improvised on several key components, but I can say that I've got the flavor pretty close to the internals of those delightful japanese tea cakes >> they weren't kidding though you really need to take the skins off before even seriously considering making this stuff. Also ...WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much sugar in these things. Hell if I didn't suspect that sugar was a structural component I'd probably make savory fillings. They're seriously like bean no-bake cookies. ...... and then I decided to make savory fillings. But this time I'm gonna try with chickpeas. alsocranberry/jalapeno brined pickled onions. Why the hell not? Basically what we're looking at here is a 10:10:1 ratio of beans, flour, rice flour and about ... :5 sugar. ... why can't that sugar be flavor components? I'm more inclined toward savory anyway, might ex
Think About Ink
In 1989 I got my first tattoo, it didn't come out all that well, when I went back to the shop I found out the guy that did had been fired and the owner of the shop redid my tattoo. Then in 1995 I had a little added to it to make it better I am thinking now of getting more added to it, or maybe even getting something put over top of it. If I added to it, I would just continue the cloud & lightning motif on my upper arm. If I got something put over top of it, I was thinking of the Crow logo.  For those not familar: Or some variation of that.  Here is a very poor conception of the overlay Your thoughts? Opinions?  
Ever just wanna crawl through your computer and strangle certain people until they turn purple and their eyes bulge out like a cartoon character?
Last Night
I had fun, i think we got to the club a little too late, by the time we got there everyone was paired up and drunk, i bounced around on the dance floor for a while and the few womens i saw that I thought were hot, when i headed toward them dancing to feel out the situation... some dude would come around and make it visual they were "together". Just my luck tho... it seemed to be a clique bar, its only the second time ive been there and its hard to tell whos who. There are a wide range of age there, everyone is isnt in their 20s.. and some really hot looking chics too. The downside is the music is really fucking loud! thats about it, I didnt get a chance to talk to anybody really... but I did see many eye candies! as you were.
Uck-fay Ooday-tay.
My big, boiling volcanic lava ball of seemingly unrelenting rage erupted today. I'm not really complaining - or apologizing. I was due. Within a two hour span, mostly while stuck in traffic, I: 1) called an ugly bitch a cunt whilst both of our windows were down. She wouldn't let me merge into the exit lane until I did. She deserved it. I don't even like the C-word, BUT -if I ever buy a boat, I will christen it The Seaward.. even if all it ever does is sit on a lake while I'm perched (haha) in it catching many fishes and drinking many beers. 2) spewed forth a solid string of obscenities at the man that barrelled down a suicide lane, hundreds of feet before the turn lane even began, and nearly crashed right into me after traffic was kind enough to let me out of a parking lot. I almost got out of my car, I was that livid. I've only ever punched one person, but he was close to becoming numero dos. c) scared away an entire group of kids loitering outside a Circle K. After immediately be
Survey Says!
Not another survey.   This weekend, even though I've felt like someone has taken my stomachular region and twisted it into a ball of ohfuckthathurts, has been rather pleasant. I didn't make it plans, which means I didn't have to cancel any plans on account of mother nature being a self-righteous, cunty bitch on a power trip. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, which can make other activities (as if suffering abdominal agony is like taking a spin class) very enjoyable, but this is kinda bullshit. The fact that I even mention it means I hurt quite a bit, but I will survive. [Hai, endocet, I luh yew! *big hugs*] I have relaxed and napped, and napped and relaxed. There was chocolate and diet coke and diet coke burps. And A LOT of movies. All in all, I can't truly complain. I'm just whining. Shuty0face, I'm entitled once in a while. What I should have done, instead of just activating superhermit mode in my bedroom, is built a fort of awesomly epic proportions in my living room. It
Something & Someone Positive...for A Change..
Well, this is something different and positive for a change. I mean, we can't -always- focus on the negative around here. There are positive people that do good with that being said I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, and far and away the best skin maker I know on here. He's made mine, the fu wifey's and a slew of the other ones as well. You know em when ya see 'em that's for sure..want somethin different? Hit em up with youre ideas and requests and no, he won't steal your with that I bring you.... eightiez junkie x NL@ fubar Go show some love on one of the good people an tell em JD sent you are all are having a good week, and as always, keep one eye open cuz ya just never know... Peace.
(how To)adding_music™
(How To) Adding Music™Everyone listens to a different Genre of music (whether it be Rap, Metal, Rock or any of the other Genre's out there). There are a few ways to listen to music online and I will try my best to give you a few Music Players and How To Add Them To Your Fu-Profile. For those that don't know what an Online Music Player is it pretty much sums it up in its name being that it is a way for members to let other members listen to the typical music that particular member may or may not like.Below I have added an embed player from with a rewrite of the code below so the player is ready for an easy embed.Copy the code below I will explain further down how to add it to your profile page
Ode To Boobs
[Reposted for Mr. Bad & McLovin. And you.] Ode to Boobs Dear boobs, dearest boobs Thanks for all you've done You've helped me get out of trouble And into lots of fun You're always there for me You always lead the way You rock, thanks again For hanging out with me every day You two are pretty cool I'm sure others would agree As long as you both know How much you mean to me Yay, boobs!
I Don't Stand For Dumb Shit
Decaying P...: omg.... your giving out HH's?... and i can even get a hi back?? 7:53am Decaying P...: wtf did i do to get ignored that way 11:34am Ninja: who and what i spend my fuckin money on is NONE of your fucking business 11:34am Ninja: so you just earned yourself a deletion. PERMANENTLY 11:34am Decaying P...: why are you ignoring me i have been tryin for days to talk to you... and it took this to get a reply 11:35am Decaying P...: if u delete me i cant pay u back 11:35am Ninja: i wasn't fuckin on here much. it's called REAL LIFEW 11:35am Ninja: LIFE* 11:35am Decaying P...: life? 11:35am Ninja: you were supposed to pay me back a month ago. you have yet to pay me anything back 11:36am Decaying P...: and i will when i start work 11:36am Decaying P...: it just sucks to see u giving HH's to such douchebags hun
Heavy Reconstruction
Ok first of I'll say this,at the very CORE of who I am,all that I believe in and stand for hates this place. I can't stand fubar,LOATHE IT. Why? Because its bull thats why.Its very foundations are based on arrogance,pretentiousness,conceitedness,poumpousness and greed. All this place is is a giant popularity contest where flirtacious females post up pics of their cleavage and or ass in pics and get rated out the ying yang,or someone buys a boomerang or runs a famplifier and they get rates all day long,yet meanwhile the nice guys,the nice PEOPLE,the HARD WORKING people,people that spend time on here everyday rating over 200 plus profiles a day get ignored because either they aren't "In" with the popular cliques,are normal people who can't afford bling,or don't have a pic with big boobs or their asses in a revealing pose to generate enough views to their profiles. To ME....and this is just ME....I think this place is a haven for people with low self esteem issues that never were anybody
Contest Update
Over the past 2 weeks of doing this contest, I've realized some things. #1 I don't ever want to do a contest again--too time consuming. #2 You find out quickly how many douchebag assholes you have your "friends" list. I've been deleted over this contest, called a point whore (which I'm still not understanding since I haven't won anything yet), been "called out" in MuMMs for asking for help, my friends have been blocked and yelled at for helping me. Over a contest. A stupid, supposed to be FUN contest. I didn't beg or whine for anyone to help me; anyone who has spent time pimping me, whoring me and sharing the link did so because, for a reason I can't think of, LIKE me and want me to win. Whether it's really wanting me to win or wanting someone else to lose, I don't care. It's appreciated.   I've grown tired of the high and mightiness people have shown because of this: "You're a MuMMer and you're whoring?! GASP!" No. I am me. I MuMM, yes. I am not abiding by any code where you're prac
Other WorldThey are so rare. So strange. We know so little about them. The faces, the faces. They have a dangerous quality, as if attached to a pagan soul, a sprite who can talk to trees, and the trees talk back. The redhead's skin is beyond milky pale. It is so translucent you can often see blue veins. Freckles are a constant, from a smattering across a pert nose to a full-body speckle made up of reds and brown. Comforting mothers call them "angel kisses." Even with high-SPF sunblock, tanning is an issue. The eyes are often a smoky brown. Or the color of the ocean, from slate to marble, depending on the light and mood. The blue-eyed white-skinned redheads are like walking flags. The green-eyed redheads shake you to your soul; you are helpless in their grip. No wonder they have so often been seen as gods or demons. Or aliens, mutants, wizards or threats. Redheads are definitely genetic outliers. Less than 1 percent of the human race may be redheads -- at most, 2. Between 2 and 6 p
I Love You.
Its been brought to my attention lately that I don't tell the people I love that I love them enough. And especially since I've been sort of awol from fubar a lot its gotten worse. But I really want the ones I do love to know that I adore you and everything you've done to be there for me the last 4 years I've been on THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart.... Pedro Witchie Sherry JenniferLove Captain Awesome McLovin Whoremaster Vixey Philemon Lewis (Jackhammer) Durham Supes Reeka Klover Boops Deacon Serenity Clowns Tink Peacey Homie Husky NotTellin Matty Jak Kit TJ Bliss and so many've always stuck by my side through it all....and I LOVE YOU ALL!
Internet Dating For The Fearless
another repost....revamped. enjoy.    If you drive about a mile or so from my yard, you'll pass the pleasant stench of a dairy farm. It's devastatingly rural in these here parts which makes it insanely hard to meet anyone. In fact, I'm having a t-shirt made for me to wear when I venture into town for supplies. It's going to read: I DO NOT HAVE LEPROSY. THESE ARE ONLY TATTOOS. I AM NOT INFECTIOUS AND THESE WILL NOT RUB OFF ON YOU. YES, THEY HURT. (my tits are big enough that wearing such a long statement is, in fact, conceivable) However, considering the small percentage of people who are actually literate around here, I don't really know how much good it's going to do me. And for those who can read, most won't have a clue what "infectious" actually means and they'll still probably ask if the tattoos hurt. By and large, the shirt is just really for my own amusement. So, what I'm left with then is the wonderful world of Internet dating. Men (and sometimes women) who would never dare
Jamie Oliver
So this guy, Jamie Oliver is a chef, a British chef. He changed the school food system, stopped school serving crappy unhealthy school dinners.   Now he's gone to America to do the same thing, some place called Huntingdon in West Virginia. So he goes to the local radio station to get the news out there. Here is what disgust me. The radio host...complete and utter arse. Jamie picked that city because statistically it is the unhealthiest in America, with more death and disease due to obesity and what not etc. Anyway that guy just attacked him and was basically like 'what gives you the right to come here and tell us what to do, who made you the king of the world, you think after 3 months things will change??/' etc etc. And Jamie tried to explain to him, when he was being cut off quite a lot, that he wasn't expecting drastic change but he was planting a seed.   He said one sentence that summed it up 'Man if everyone in America thought like you, nothing would get done'.   Then
Just A Thanks..
Hello everyone. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who over the past few days have sent their thoughts, prayers, gifts and well wishes to my fu wifey, BKB, in regards to the untimely passing of her close real life friend and fellow Fubar member Whatsherface. I know she appreciates it and I just wanted to let you all know that I do as well. It goes to show that there is good out there still, and during times like these, you find out who your true friends are and who well, the not so true ones for various reasons. Then again, we all knew that already...Once again thank you to all, and peace....
Children On Fu
People wonder (sometimes quite hysterically) why I get so angry at children's pics on fubar. I'm not talking snapshots of your kids which you share with people you know - even though I have a bit of an issue there also - I'm talking about pics of children, with captions like "isn't my daughter sexy?" or "wouldn't you like to do this?" or worse (the infamous boob shot post in front of the baby crib is just an example of a bad parent, not what I'm talking about here).   And they get further upset with me because I get upset with the men of fubar that rate/fan/add these children's pictures/profiles. And are mortified that I would go to their pages and ask them whether they like children...   I wouldn't have thought it really required explanation myself, but yet again I'm in the fu-minority.   If you are using a child for attention for yourself, if you are objectifying a child and knowingly allowing that child's image to titillate people, if you are sexualising that're an
Let Me Explain
at one time or another all of you whiners comment about how little I comment on your photos and page. Well here is the deal.... I live in fear I am going to comment on one of my friends photos and all you fuckers are going to follow me in and rip the poor person apart because you think its one of "those pictures".  I do not come to your pages because I love you     :D     snorts     twice
Fives And Dimes.
I don't work tomorrow 'cause I called in sick about two weeks ago.   I like planning ahead.   I'm thinking I'll watch Fringe tonight and maybe have a drink or four....teen.Guitar Hero later? Es posible. I should really set up my network.   Today was okay. October as a whole could be better. Could be worse.It's still a fucking hundred degrees here. Bleh.   That's all I got. What's in your wallet?
Special Ability
If you could have one special ability or power.... What would it be?   Only catch is....  you and yours can't profit financially at all from it.     As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
Have You Ever
Had someone go into your SB when you tried to add them , typing invectives? A. Yes B. No C. What the fuck are invectives?
    Today's question....   If you had to give up one of your 5 senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste), which would you give up and Why? How do you think it would affect your life?         As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
24 Questions
Another Facebook ripoff.   1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4 and write the sentence here:"and in every age there come forth things that are new and have no forthtelling, for they do not proceed from the past." 2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What’s there?An awesome green blanket.   3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?I fell asleep watching Ancient Aliens on the International History Channel again.   4. Without looking, guess what time it is:8:45 am   5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time? 8:33 am   6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?A ceiling fan is whooshing and a clock on the wall is ticking.   7. When did you last step outside?Last night around dinner time when I went to pick up a cheap pizza, pizza. 8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?I looked at my TV and wondered when I shut it off.  9. What are you wearing?Dark gray drawstring stretchy pants and an '09 Old Na
From Impasse To First Class
Ya may have heard me say, but my company xmas party was this past Sat night. They had a makeshift casino, and for every 1000 dollars in chips you could redeem for a voucher to be entered into the prize drawing basket at the end of the night. Each employee already had one in by default. I took a bit of a hit at craps, so switched over to blackjack, and started mopping up. As my winnings got up, I did manage to redeem one voucher. But as time drew on I accumilated quite a stockpile of chips, to which when I decided I best offload some more winnings, I found out the table was out of vouchers. :( So I shrugged it of and kept playin just for fun. One of the corporate managers came past and commented on my towering payload, and I informed him of my ordeal, to which he scowled "aw man thats bs, hang on". He went and got the contracts girl that was sort of the organizer of the party, and she managed to pull 2 more from the craps table so I could redeem at least some of my chips. That gave
Since Witchie Cant Mumm
I was having this conversation last night while hoaring.....This particular individual(who happens to be female) said to me that there are women in here who drool over me and that they keep it a secret that they admire me from afar and will not reveal themselves for fear of whatever???   Seriously....I mean im sure there are much more attractive men out there who you women fantasize about...but i digress. Anyway....Woo was generous enough to give me her points today...Pimp her out as much as possible please.....kthx...
Is an attention whore who wants blogs about him   I have a confession Liverjuice. You've wondered about this I'm sure...ok, I'm not sure but I'm egotistical.   Here goes.         I have an undertit pic. Actually I have LOADS of undertit pics.   And guess what?                     YOU AINT SEEING ANY OF 'EMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!
Day Off
I took today off to sleep in...   Who else was smart enough to do the same????
More Fu Learnings
Blame Dr Black, he reminded me I missed a few... RL (married/bf/gf/slave/dom) to = my significant other is as bored with me as I am with them but this makes me look like someone cares and if we sit in separate rooms on separate laptops looking at different nsfw we can pretend to be happy for a moment. FU (married/bf/gf/slave/dom) to = my fu-significant other (and/or myself) is a tad insecure so we need to mark our territory. Also helps people remember we have a right to our fu-drama later. Fu-owned by = this is my only connection to another I can find...pity me. Bi = so fucking ugly I had to open up my chances to both genders in the hope I get e-laid Beauty = is in the eye of the beholder, and I am best beheld after an overdose of paintshop, some carefully executed photo angles and/or some really good beer goggles. Insatiable = I can type cyber for DAYS Goddess = of the Etruscan shape Angel = Makes Cupid look slim Dark Angel = Fat goth Redhead = You really don't want to see
The Majikal One's Survey
1. Ever been compelled to fill out an asinine survey? who hasn't? 2. Ever tear the tag off of a mattress depsite risk of fine and/or imprisonment? lol not in the store, but THE moment I get home hellll yes 3. Ever used an aeresol can other than directed (bonus cool points for as a flamethrower to kill a spider) I entombed a spider in Aquanet :D 4. Ever put in excess of 5 pringles in your mouth at once?  nope 5. Ever been driving and kinda flinch because you dont remember part of the ride? Nope, I don't drive after I drink...but it has happened as a passenger 6. Ever sneezed in your hand, and then were immediately confronted by someone that wanted to shake? yes...  7. What diversion did you create to get them to shake the other hand? Told em I had just sneezed lol  8. Ever been so drunk you ate all the individual components of a sandwich, but never actually made a sandwich? (ie-peice of bread, piece of meat, piece of cheese, squirt mustard in mouth)  I've been that drunk 9. Not
Friends Add 2/27/2011
You all know I do not generally have a problem with people being blunt. But wow this guys needs a lesson in tact   baixaaew5 hrshi girl, do you like a dick? msn: Webcam ;D
Blah. Okay. Here goes... Hope everyone is happy the weekend is here. I know I am, that's for sure. Lotta drama and crazy goin on? Then again, what would Fu be without some kind of rukus huh?..Sorry I've been away and busy and all that, just how life goes sometimes...unlike -some- people here I actually have a job, cars, a house, and other things to address. So sadly, as much fun as it can be sometimes, Fubar takes a back seat to those things....I know there's people here that login here and are sooo into things that they have it on their phones, they have it rollin on their laptops, minimized at work, etc....some people just stay logged in all the time just, well, idk why they do that but it's their choices I guess....which kind of brings me to the point of this little ol posting...choices. You know that last blog I posted with the story of the Scorpion & the Turtle? If you didn't get it, let me try and explain it to you in some sort of way it's understandable and applies to lif
Passive Aggressive Social Maneuver
I stumbled across a great way to get bores and other undesireables to walk away & stop talking to me in social situations. I start selling em insurance!  Either they go away or my time spent with them becomes valuable for reasons other than thier company. 
How Connected Are You?
1. Was talkin with someone about how interface between two people brings other peripheral ppl to your page sometimes. It brought to mind this lil personal game I made up and I play sometimes just for the hell of it when Im bored. I got this person to try it, so I thought I'd blog it so maybe others can give it whirl also. 1. Start off at a friends page, rate them.... 2. Then using any available link on their page to another user (can be from family, friends or fan lists, or from visible bling or drink section, or profile/status comments) but ONLY from whats visible on their page, no expanding sections to see more ppl, etc.....just whats there. 3. From the links described above, find a person that you have had at least one exchange of dialogue with, meaning you at least spoke and aknowledged each others existence and the context of what they were saying. No "hey they bought me a drink but I never responded" or "hey they bought me a cherry bomb and I said thank you",....NO.... doesn
Just An Idea
Just thinking of something. Not sure if anyone would want to do this or not...Buuuuuuuuut..   What would you all think of a "traveling" item? Something where it starts in one place and travels to another fubar member. Each member signs it and takes a picture with it...then passes it on. No one would have to know a person's real name. We'd all use Fubar usernames.   Anyway, it's kind of a rough idea and not all the details are worked out. But yeah...let me know. :)  
Things I'm Unsure About
I know it's not nice to call people names but what about when someone really is an idiot?   And another thing...I've never been against welfare but lately I've seen some SHOCKING misuse of it, from a childhood friend of mine. She's my age, has a 2-ish year old daughter (adorable) and holy lord is she milking the system. If I were her I'd never go back to work at all. She lives in a luxury flat...has enough money to take out phone contracts to get all the latest phones, and she spends more money on clothes than I do...and of course she doesn't have to pay for any healthcare or anything. Her flat costs 700 pounds a month in rent. The government gives her 690-ish a month for RENT. And then she gets ANOTHER 600 or so for everyday things, and she also gets 200 a month from the father (she definitely gets this as it's done by CSA)   I mean, I don't wish hardship on her and her daughter buy holy hell I don't think she should be living in luxury. :\ Over here there are normally design
New Special Ability Ideas For Fubar!
We have five new levels about to drop. We want to add some cool special abilities. I know many of you have great ideas. Please post your special ability ideas on the comment thread. Please also list any angel and demon abilities you would love to see.  Thanks
A Letter To A Fallen Soldier
                                                                 A Letter To A Fallen Soldier          I searched for you over the horizon,        remembering way back when,        you went away and said goodbye        never to return again.          I knew it was part of your job        and the risk was always there        but this was your third tour        and it's really not fair.          Your first two were in Iraq,        where it all began, but then        you were pulled out of there        and sent to Afghanistan.            The president promised          to bring you back, by the end          of his second year, now he's going          on his fourth and still you're not here.             Now I'm all alone           with nothing but memories           of what was yet to be,           I wish I could turn back the hands of time           and tell you how much you mean to me.             He never served our country           so there's something I'
Where The Fuck Are You???
so i'm getting some serious miles under my belt here folks (not to mention lbs. i've gained 17 of 'em already. holy shit! that's a half a pound a day. at this rate, i'll weigh more than my truck in ten yrs :o) i've driven over 10k miles already and since i'll be getting around so much i've decided i may as well take advantage of my travels and meet some of you guys. but errbody's got crazy locations in their tooltips so i have no idea where any of you are at. see that comment box down below here? post ur general location and i'll stop by, buy ya lunch and get a pic with ya for fubar :) don't be skeert. i'm not nearly as crazy in real life as i might seem on here. prolly.
So You Think I'm Rude Eh?
So, I could just start this off by telling people that if they think I'm rude, get over it, but I won't.  The following blog does not reflect the sentiments of the site or other bouncers, unless they want it I know that the site's NSFW policy has always been a subject of great debate, and I don't expect that to change. Actually, we are not even going to re-engage in that debate because it's pointless. That said, when I see images that are "borderline" or "too  NSFW" for the default pic, but not "too nsfw" to be in the folders, often, I will reach out to the user and ask them to change their image, so I don't have to flag it.  I give the user a few minutes to either acknowledge or just change the picture, if they don't (let's say they are offline), then I flag it.   I understand that sometimes ish just happens, but other times, there are outwardly blatant disregard for the rules.  When I see an image that looks like this in the default: To me, it becomes a whole new ballg
Fake Of The Day 11/8/2011.
This is our fake of the day: Could someone tell these people it's almost 2012 and the 1999 software they are using is obsolete? ROFL. Have a happy.
Valentine's Day 2012
So tomorrow is the big day when everyone goes crazy trying to prove their love to another person. My thought process in all this is why should showing how much you love someone be limited to just 1 day of the year?   Leave your S/O a note in their coat pocket, write I love you in lipstick on the bathroom mirror, send them flowers just because it's Wednesday.    Valentine's day is just another day to me....if you can't show me you love me the other 364 days of the year what good is showing it on one day???     Just rambling...sorry to have taken up your time. You may resume your other activities now.
Weird Fu Of The Day
So here's today's Weird Fu of the Day.... Account numbers: and... Same person, same pics same name. Same constant ability bling but on the "secondary unsaluted" profile it randomly adds new people to its' family... Anyone have any idea what the f*ck is going on? Verrrry strange. Comment beeeeelow, thanks!
You Can Do Better
Hello.. been a while since i blogged.. but here goes...   so, heres the deal.. once upon a time, I met this girl..actually she was a neighbor at the time I met her, and my relationship with my ex wife was ending. My sons played with her son and we hung out outside during the day at first.. and there was always that tension between us cuz i was having serious sparkage and so was she.. I had the last big gtfo fight with my ex and we were over.. a few weekends later im hangin out with the nieghbor gettin drunk and we finally had sexual relations.. HYFR!! (hell yeah fuckin right for those that dont know) that was it.. she had a bf and i left her alone.. BUT I run into her a few years later at a bar and it was one of those things were we picked up like it had only been a day since we saw each other.. she had a new BF who treated her like a trophy and ran around on her a lot. she ends up coming to my place many times when he would leave her sitting at home, and she starts coming over when
One Of Those Days
I have found myself thinking too much today... But at least today rather than be sad and over eat, I went to the gym and ovr worked out lol
A Story About A Question. (fiction For Some Reality For Others)
She stood quietly sipping a cold drink and looking out the kitchen window. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly thinking about a song line, 'If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.' She smiled and then bowed her head looking into the sink. "Fuck it." she said and took her drink and walked to the living room and sat in her recliner, set the glass down and pulled her lap top into her lap. She logged on and stared at the screen. 3 inbox messages. 1 notification, 8 profile comments and 27 unread gift messages. She clicked the comments and returned them one at a time. Of course he had not commented, she told him she could not continue the flirting. Still she opened the notification and smiled. She returned the shitface to her dear friend and then back to the home page. She opened the gift messages and went through them one at a time. Returning those that were not one of the rounds drinks and just opening the others. Two from him, round drinks, friend and
Secret Admirer..
from: flu in the pipe she'll fly to the motherland then sell love ... Swaziland subject: surprise buttsects received: 06/19/2012 03:29 pm replied: 06/19/2012 07:07 pm   block this member Hello Dear,How are you doing today?I am Delightful with your personality after I have viewed your profile and I was attracted to contact you so that we can set up a Dialogue that will help us to know better about each other. I will appreciate it more if we start our correspondence with honesty, which I believe it will make us know each other as well. I admired your profile and it gives me joy to know that we have something in common concerning our are such a beautiful lady with a beautiful charisma..I want you to know that you are such a friendly, kind and caring Sensitive,and understanding Humorous and helpful lady with honest eyes Confiding, forgiving,cheerful,all this i see in you.when looking at your beautiful picture i can see that your beaut
I Spit Coffee All Over My Key Board....
Abhi King: heya... 11:52am reply Abhi King: i dont say..ur most beautiful woman... 11:52am reply Abhi King: but u got some sexy pics 11:53am reply Abhi King: u can ping me if ya looking some good time..out of ur league ------------------------ his status is lonely I guess that explains why he is willing to go "out of his league" I feel so lucky
Well Hello Neighbor
I'm in the process of moving, and last night as I was coming out of my place I could see accross the street into my neighbors window with the open shade.  I was transfixed as I watched the shirt come off and I was treated to a view of my neigbor topless.   I suppose if he worked out a little it may have been better. 
Games & The Games They Play With Us
From Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other (224).  (And no, it's not specifically for Hugh to read.) Adam describes his creativity in Civilization as “just the right amount of creating.  It’s not like you really have to do something new.  But it feels new…. It’s a very comforting kind of thing, this repetitive sort of thing, it’s like, ‘I’m building a city—oh, yes, I built a city.’”  These are feelings of accomplishment on a time scale and with a certainty that the real cannot provide. This is the sweet spot of simulation:  the exhilaration of creativity without its pressures, the excitement of exploration without its risks.  And so Adam plays on, escaping to a place where he does not have to think beyond the game.  A jumble of words comes out when he describes how he feels when he puts the game aside:  “gravity, weight, movement away, bathroom, food, telev
It's Complicated...
Ok so apparently "No strings attached" is guy code for "I'm emotionally retarded but your vagina sounds neat!" 
Southern Badass Lol
MRS BABYCA...: no u are a crazy guy 4:45pm more To MRS BABYCA...: hehehehe go change your depends, douchebag 4:45pm reply NC REDNECK...: ok pope you pissed me off you talk to my mother like she is tainted with some type of illness you think she bad at the mouth you have no clue who i and im tell you this one mother fucking time and fucking right im the spawn of the devil waving the rebel flag either man up and shut up or i swear by the grace of the south you will find out what 1 a southern asswhooping about and for 2 you will know what it feels liked to be fuck devil style leave my mother alone KNOW AND I FUCKING MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4:46pm more To NC REDNECK...: come and get it you fucking pussy 4:46pm reply MRS BABYCA...: u wear depends 4:47pm more To NC REDNECK...: internet badguy LMFAOOOOOOOO!!!! 4:47pm more To NC REDNECK...: OMG I am cracking up so bad lol 4:47pm more To NC REDNECK...: hey NC g
What Has The Fu Become
Fu has evolved from Lost Cherry to Cherry Tap ( when I joined) to just Fubar as it is known now. Since the early days many things have changed and many people have come and gone for an assortment of reasons but I stayed on. A few years ago level requirements were added to the system which gave the place a sense of purpose and direction and focus on here and along the way various acheivements were added to sweeten the pot shall we say. Lately though, especially since the advent of Pony Polish requirements to level and most recently High Value Bling polishes requirements, there seems to be a change in the direction of people and how they see things to the point that courtesy and respect for one another are being disregarded. There are profiles on here whereby you are not allowed to polish certain items unless you pay or otherwise pledge some kind of severance to the profile owner. I find it particularly sad that some of these people, who are already level 57, insist upon visitors to
In the life of delusion, It was all an illusion. Now it is so real Now I must deal. Confusion is there, Face it? I dare! Fear of whats to come. When will it be done? Tired of bein Scared, My life I want to share. I wonder, "Is she the one?" Will I call her "My hun"? Her expectations, Will I fill? Sometimes it seems so up hill. Battling whats inside. No more i want to hide. Stay open and free. Just to let her see. Who I really am. Do this, I can. I missed her so, As My day passed so slow. We will talk soon, 'neath the light of the moon.
Getting Added
Since I now have over 1000 people on my list, Ive decided that no one will be added until they rate my pics, and leave me a comment so I'll know they did. Its become a trend to ask to be added without doing a damn thing, then after I add them they dont do a damn thing. No more. Rate me, comment, or forget it!
Men And True Love
Men why do men want a trophy woman to show off with and for his friends to drool over no woman should let a man degrade them and make them feel bad because of there weight or skin tone or if she has a baby.. Men these days just want some woman with a body from hell with big boobs and a big butt on her he can control. Most of my girl friends have been bbw's big beautiful women and I was proud to be with them and I never heard a word about it from my friends either I was with them because I treated them with respect and love and I always will. Men today need to realize everyone needs love no matter what it is soo hard and cold how men treat women these days call them names beat them up even worse kill them how can a man be soo cold hearted?? think about it this goes out to all women and of course Men.. Jay
Return To My Willow Tree
One day many years ago,I decided To go back to see my Willow tree. As I passed by, I couldn't believe my eyes Nowhere could I find my friend, my tree. As I got out of my car, tears began to swell Where was my old friend I knew so well? Lanes of houses, where he used to stand. All that was left was a plot of land. As I walked so gingerly, came a woman up to me. As I told her of my old tree. She just smiled and said this to me. Your name must be Cassy,I know you by heart. I have waited ever so patiently. I knew one day you would come to me, I heard your named called endlessly. I have a message, that I will sing. That old tree, made me promise to sing to thee. I know you will come back one day to me. I know I have taught you well. No more tears, no more shell. That little girl, now stands tall. I managed to break down your walls. Love replaced all the hate, Now is time to reciprocate. Pass that on to the next you meet. Teach them as I once taught you.
Poly, Sluttiness And Other Stuff About Me...
I just want to get this out there so I can stop answering questions -- Yes, I am married but we are poly. So, yes, theoretically we could "get together". This does not mean we will. It does not mean I screw anyone who asks. It does not even mean I have a whole lot of experience. It merely means that if there is someone I have an interest in, I am able to pursue that interest assuming it is mutual. Other things you should know about me: I am submissive. I identify as a slut. It still doesn't make me easy. It's about a certain mindset. I like to call guys Daddy but this does not indicate an interest in incest. And again, it's about a certain frame of mind and type of relationship I enjoy. Speaking of, here is what I seek in a possible relationship: I am a naughty girl and like a man with a mind even more twisted than my own. Someone who can surprise me. Age/size/race truly unimportant so long as you can hold a conversation. Make me laugh and I'm putty in your hands.
My Best Friend...dennis "chip" Howells
Dennis "Chip" Howells was killed Sunday night (11-05-06) in a car accident while driving home from work....He was my best friend....I am missing him terribly...Rest In Peace My Friend Chip@ CherryTAP Courtesy of In Loving Memory If tears could build a stairway, And memories were a lane. I would walk right up to heaven, To bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken, No time to say good-bye. You were gone before I knew it, And only God knows why. My heart still aches in sadness, And secret tears still flow. What it meant to lose you, No one will ever know. You and angels around God's happy throne. I would have held you closer if I had known. Train Videos | Music Code | Minneapolis Lofts
What I Want....
I would like a man whose age in maturity is greater than the length of his penis....
Satisfaction Guarantee!!
When having sex, do you actually try to satisfy your partner or you just satisfied to get that nut and sleep...*lol* Please do leave comments...*lol*
My Top 5 Dates From Hell
Okay, It’s Saturday Night and I am Home! What better time than now to tell you about my top 5 WORST dates. See, it might just be safer to stay HOME. 1: “Where is the F---ing waiter Chick." Yes, at a $150.00 a plate dinner my date exclaimed this at the top of her lungs. She then continued chewing the food still left in her mouth after spitting some on her evening gown. Lesson, ladies please ask your gentleman to get the waiter. Do so only after you have chewed and swallowed your food. Also, floss would be a nice touch for the teeth after dinner. 2: “Maxi Pad Mishap Chick" Yes, this one comes in at number two. This woman did not keep track of her cycle. She Started, the movie seat blotted it. I know, disgusting, yet I gave her my $200.00 Wool Sport (alot of cash for a jacket in 1996) coat to cover herself and protect my car’s seats. This taught me that not all women know their bodies or they can't feel a period coming on. Out of sympathy to her, I never called on her agai
Now What
k now that i hit lvl 9 and have 10 open pic slots what should i post??? please people give me ideas lol
I Cant Begin To Know How It Would Feel
I thought of you last night and all your going through I can not begin imagine even walking in your shoe's I know it is horrible to have your dreams taken away But I also feel there is a reason God took your child away. He must need someone so precious and completely adored When I read your story about it I was simply floored I cant imagine the pain you must hold deep inside your heart When God took the love of your life and whats most precious to your heart I pray for your healing and I pray you will begin to understand I pray for forgiveness of those who can not comprehend I know you wanted this and im sorry he took that wish away But I pray he gives you something to brighten up your day This was written for me by a friend PoeticAngel ~~!!PoeticAngel!!~~@ CherryTAP
Bonus Points And Level Tweaks!
hey cherries, just a heads up-- people with a salute now receive a 10% point bonus everytime they're awarded points/cherry bucks. vics also receive a 15% point bonus. these bonuses stack, so if you're a VIC with a salute, you get 25% extra points everytime. one last tweak for today, in order to move beyond level 10, you'll need to have a salute. if you don't have a salute, you'll keep gathering points, but your level won't go any higher. this tweak is not retroactive, so if you're already over level 10 without a salute, you'll stay there.. you just won't move up anymore. hope everyone had a great new year! -mike
2 Hearts Come Together
When 2 hearts come together, nothing in the world can come between. When 2 hearts come together, they see things others haven't seen. When 2 hearts come together, everything seems clear. When 2 hearts come together, no other one can come near. When 2 hearts come together, everyone will have their says. but when 2 hearts come together, it's LOVE for eternal and always!!
I was feeling pretty good the other day. Then I saw her, she was there looking at me with that look, that look I hadn’t seen in a long, long time. That look of fire in her eyes. I thought to myself “this bitch is hot, I wonder if her pussy is as hot as she is.” So I walked over to her and with all of the things I could say to strike up a conversation going round and round in my head, I came up with the best thing I could think of at the time. “Hi!!” That was all I needed to get the door open, actually it was open already and I just had to walk on in. I grabbed her and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close and tight to me. I kissed her and we sucked on each others tongues with a passion I forgot that existed. Feeling her next to me was more hot than I can ever remember a woman feel. Her breasts pressed against me felt SO good!! I kissed her and licked and nibbled on her neck until she twisted and moaned like we were already naked. I felt my throbbing, aching cock tryin
Members Of The Bomb Squad
THE MEMBERS SO FAR IN THE BOMB SQUAD ARE AS FOLLOWS< ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; No 1 member of the bomb squad =cumwithdamo@ CherryTAP --------------------------------------------------- juicywetlipsxxx no.1 member of the comment bomb squad = juicywetlipsxxx@ CherryTAP -------------------------------------------------------- Simply Complex #2 member of the comment bomb squad@ CherryTAP --------------------------------------------------------------- No 3 Member Of The Bomb Squad = Mish Number 1@ CherryTAP --------------------------------------------------------------- 4 the no 4 member of the comment bomb squad@ CherryTAP ------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 the no 5 member of the comment bomb squad =tamster92574@ CherryTAP --------------------------------------------------- 6 jujuangel(READ MY PROFILE BEFORE YOU ADD ME)@ CherryTAP -------------------------------------
10 Ways To Be A Good Fubarian
Ten Ways to be a Good FUBARIAN! 1. Show love(Comment your Friends, Random acts of Kindness) Do this as much as U can. Try and show your friends u care even if ur BUSY! Make them a graphic or leave a comment or send a gift. 2. If you visit their blogs... Comment them. You took the time to go see what it was, so leave a comment ...its nice to do so.Rate them as well. 3. Help fellow FUBARIANS out. IF someone needs help, do what you can! 4.At least once a week pick 5 new cherries that just joined and befriend them!! 5. Stay out of the DRAMA. You can be a good friend with out getting involved!! 6. Do not put NSFW pics up as your display!!!Save them for your ADULT folder! Many people on FUBAR are bitter & have absolutely NOTHING better to do than report them, so dont waste time in risking an NSFW pic as a default! 7. The most important thing! When you become friends with someone...DO NOT ASK THEM TO SEE THEIR PRIVATE PICS!!! Its disrespectful. 8. Become a fan!!! Its
Just Cos I Keep For Getting It
[font color="red" face="Comic Sans MS" size="2"] you got to change [] to < > for it to work thanks for the code lone wolf just blogging it cos i keep for getting it!!!! [font color="fc04a7" face="Comic Sans MS" size="3"]pink
A Personal Update
As some of you know I had surgery yesterday. I am very sore today. I am not sure how long I can stay on here at a time without the pain being unbearable. I just want to apologize for not being here and not bombing as I usually do. I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis which is internal uterine endometriosis. My uterus is also very enlarged (Double its normal size). I am not sure when but I am going back in for another surgery for a Hysterectomy. I need to heal so my time on here will be less. I apologize for not being here for family contests and such. I will be on here and there and try to keep in touch with all of my friends and family on here. I am also being tested for bladder disease/cancer. So I dont know if that will require another surgery or if they will do it all at once if something is found wrong with my bladder. I just want yall to know I luv yall and will do my best to show I am still here. Blessings to yall and wish me luck. My husband (mating_eagle) has been my angel throug
Members With A Verified Email Address Now Have A Bold Name.
i just enabled a small tweak to the site-- members that have verified their email address now have their name in bold (unless it was already changed by being a top cherry, referrer, etc). :-) -mike
A True Friend
warm wishes, tender kisses, my soft breeze, calming and sweet, makes me feel like droping to one knee, my heart pleas to have you with me, but time will tell, and friendship shall grow, i promise never to make you fell low, on a pedistal you shall go, with my heart in your hand, here i stand hopeing you will except, what ever love and respect, i will be glad to give, as god himself made me the man i am. with you at my side, things would be right, just that sight is wonderful, and truely a delight.
What An Ass..
I was gone for a while tonight and then I came back to the PC to find this lovely message in my shout box.. Read from the bottom up.. E.The Frea...: BITCH STFU AND GET LOST I JUST DONT GO AROUND CURSING PEOPLE OUT THIS WAS ALONG TIME COMIGN I GOT SICK OF UR STUPID ASS IGGING ME ->E.The Frea...: well yay for you and Momma Murray. I work 12hr shifts.. I leave this on.. and I certainly don\'t need to come home to your foul mouth when I do sit down at the computer. You wanna talk about disrespect? E.The Frea...: The is the first time u have ever responded to a shout from mewhen I curse u out and I am erik damn murray thats who the fuck I am ->E.The Frea...: When I am here, I respond. Who are you to know when I\'m sitting here and when I\'m not? E.The Frea...: u never respond when i send u shouts and when u have been away and come back u never respond to my text anyway so it doesnt matter ->E.The Frea...: what is your problem.. my away message clearly states that I was AWA
Letting Go
One of the most painful things we have to do in our lives is Letting Go. Sometimes it is Letting Go of things...material things which mean a lot to us, even if only sentimental value. It may mean Letting Go of feelings. When we hold sadness inside, and try to mask it with only a show of happiness, it is better to let it go, to feel the sadness so it washes through us. A good cry can be cleansing. Sometimes, we have to let go of someone we care for very deeply when we realize that person does not care for us in the same way. Maybe it is best to leave them remembering us with whatever kind of feeling they do have for us. It may not be possible to hide our own deeper feelings for that person, which could make their life uncomfortable. Letting Go may be the best gift we can give them because they may realize how we feel, yet care enough not to want to hurt us. Even when we know a relationship is not right, on both sides, or one person has a doubt about it, it is hard to let go
Self Police The Mumms?
OK, so despite Scrapper making a whole blog about how MuMMs aren't surveys, etc - they're still being made and what's more bouncers aren't deleting them... What I'm gonna do is mark all these fucking things as NSFW. I mean, it's getting way beyond a fucking joke now. Ford or Chevy and Coke or Pepsi mumms and it's not even fucking happy hour... I LOVE the mumms - the more people who are in the mumms the fuckin better as far as I'm concerned. But frankly, I've had enough of this lame point whoring shit. I'm becoming a fuckin narc... there's no point bitching about this shit and doing nothing about it. This has been another whining bitching blog. What? At least I didn't MuMM this shit...:P
Calling All Tappers Is This Bullshit Or What????????
Ok my complaint is, if they can't fucking punish us all and have a fair and decent way to ensure equality for everyone...The hypocrisy is so unfair on this site it makes the game not very fucking fun to play..I mean so I have haters..their problem, but WHY DOES CT HAVE TO MAKE THEM MINE...IF IT WERE EQUAL AND FAIR I WOULD TAKE MY SPANKING W/ A SMILE...THIS OUTRAGES ME...I MEAN ALL OF YOU THINK ABOUT THIS, DO YOU TOO NOT DISLIKE THE UNEQUAL TREATMENT....WHO HASN'T SENT A RACY COMMENT OR PISSED OFF SOMEONE ELSE........................ ************************************************* ****COMMENTS APPRECIATED PLEASE AND IF ANYONE ELSE DISAGREES..PLEASE LET CT KNOW YOUR FEELINGS!! ************************************************* From Scrapper: Your comments were shut down by an admin for abuse. I do not know what for exactly, but that is what the error is. ************************************************* On 7/13/2007, wrote: Hey, Sorry to bot
A Look At Who I Am
Well I was doing some thinking today. Theres alot in my life that is going great for me; but there is also alot that I think I really need to get control of. Theres alot of things that I take great pride in. My life is very special in a sense. There is no one in this world like me. My life is full of darkness, yet there is just enough light to make me feel the warmth from other people. I am a libra; but unlike a libra I am not fond of people or large groups. I stay to myself most of the time. I have alot of love to give; but i am very selective of who I give it to. I am carefull not to get stepped on. But as all things, there are times when I forget who I am and let shit go sour. I mostly hate men. There are very few that I can actually get along with. I feel that over half of them are very rude and disrespectful to women. They claim to have so much respect for their mothers. So why not treat other women with that same respect? Even if a woman is showing herself to be "ver
Shoes Part 2
well, i hate open toe shoes and naked feet on any human. 98% of all humans have ugly feet. i hate when women wear the wrong size shoes, it is soo rude and ugly. i find it disrespecfull to the person wearing the wrong size and to people that happen to see them wear the wrong size. it seems like they don't care about their own looks. what do you think? why? how come? what for?
What Is The Mass Of Light?
So here is the question, does light have mass? Visible light is electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength falls within the range of which the human retina responds. Light consists of energy quanta called photons that behave partly like waves and partly like particles. So gravity affects things with mass correct? Black holes have such extreme gravity that not even light can escape. If it was energy without mass, then the gravitational pull of a black hole would have no effect. You don’t actually see an object, you see the visible light hitting it. Isn’t light just a byproduct of something else? Just like heat, light is a byproduct of fire. Have there been experiments in no matter the source of the illumination, does the light have the same properties? Might the sun and a campfire emit light at a different speed? What about a light bulb? Or are the properties of light universal no matter the source or emitter? And it must have mass otherwise it would pass through objects rathe
Attention All Club F.a.r. Members ~ New Co-owners & Things All Members "must Read"
ATTENTION ALL CLUB F.A.R. MEMBERS. ATTENTION ALL CLUB F.A.R MEMBERS. AS OF TODAY THERE IS NEW LEADERSHIP IN THE FAMILY. WE WILL BE REGULATING MEMBERS PAGES TO ENSURE YOU HAVE BEEN SHOWING THE PROPER LUV TO OTHER MEMBERS. Many members have been removed from the Club F.A.R. members list but may be returned to list upon talking to Boricua God~Daddy to find out why and whats need to be returned to list First for all those who dont know what Club F.A.R. stands for, here it is. "F.=FAN / A.=ADD / R.=RATE (Just the Profile Page)". All Club members "MUST DO ALL 3" to all other members. You must take note of those that do not accept a Friend or Add or do not Rate you and report to one of the Owners, so that we may regulate and check members. We dont want to here that you dont Fan Add or Rate people. If there is another member for whatever reason you have a problem with you must address this to Boricua God~daddy. All current and new Club F.A.R. Members must do or be th
Learn 2 Read!!!!!
OK now just because u invite me over and u answer yur door with a short lil gon on does not mean i wanna have sexx with u... just because u and yur friend get on cam 4 me and show me yur nakkid body doesnt mean i wanna have a 3sum with u...... just because i tell u u r a very beautiful women and i woouldnt mind meeting u doesnt mean i wanna crawl into yur bed the first nite.... OK LADIES LEARN TO READ!!!!! now u bitch when us guys dont read yur profile...well plz read mine carefully if not 3-4 my blogs b4 u decide to play with me.....i'm not going to loose...... Im not looking to crawl into bed with just anyone,Im not here to sleep with everyone, i do not want cold meaningless sexx..... want i want is wats on the front of my page.... thats who i really am...... so stop getting bent and saying im playing with u when u cant read or cuz i wont crawl into yur bed the first time we meet......U wanna really know me talk to me for more then a week, try not to e
What Do You Honestly Think Of This "female" And Why, How Come, What For?
speedergir...: done being mean speedergir...: the truth hurts i know speedergir...: your so imature and that last comment on my blog proves it speedergir...: the cows i saw at goshen today look better speedergir...: and i am the only one that has boobs... and how dare you make fun of my man when your ex gf sugar momma doesnt look that great herself speedergir...: awww poor thing i said something you dont like... awww speedergir...: thats still a poor excuse alot of people wouldnt have jobs if that was the case ->speedergir...: see i knew you would not understand that. you never had a job you dont know crap about anything so i am done talking to you and i mean it unlike you. speedergir...: yes you can... it motivates you... something im sure you will never understand ->speedergir...: reason: no work to give ->speedergir...: you both have boods and i dont. ->speedergir...: you cant live on love and faith speedergir...: what are you talking about boobs for?
*sigh* song, picture of anything funny at the moment. Don't ask about the family situation on here, that's for another day who knows how far away. Those that need to know know for the moment. Anyways, I've been going through alot of personal shit on alot of levels latley so it's been hard to think and I'm tired of hurting people I'm close to and tired of watching them hurt. I saw this in a bulletin late tonite and it hit home. Does it for you?... When.. When a girl bumps into your arm while walking she wants you to hold her hand When she wants a hug she will just stand there When u break a girls heart, she still feels it when u run into each other 3 years later When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind. When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply. When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around. When a girl answers, "I'm fine, " after a few seconds, she is not at all fi
Im Single
What I Love About You
What I Love About You I love the way you look at me, Your eyes so bright and blue. I love the way you kiss me, Your lips so soft and smooth. I love the way you make me so happy, And the ways you show you care. I love the way you say, "I Love You," And the way you're always there. I love the way you touch me, Always sending chills down my spine. I love that you are with me, And glad that you are mine.
Surveys & Offers
Here are some resolutions to some common survey problems: *What does "pending" mean?* Pending shows up in your fuBank after you have clicked on a survey or offer. This DOES NOT mean that you completed the offer and are waiting for the award. You may even take a half hour to try and prequalify for the survey, but it tells you you did not qualify. Unfortunately, you will not receive points for this, even though your fuBank will report it as "Pending". *How do I prove I completed one?* As a safeguard, if you complete a survey or offer, take a screen grab of the completed offer that shows you have COMPLETELY AND FULLY finished the entire survey and will be awarded the points. Just as if you were going to purchase something online, you need to print out or screen grab that page as your RECEIPT. This is really your only proof that you finished the survey if you need to dispute it in the future. *This is our policy* and just like a store that would sell you a shirt, we will not return
Can You Spot The Mummer?
Ok, a friend on myspace (yes myspace, shut up), posted this in a bulletin. It freaked the hell out of me because the pic contains a regular MuMMers picture. Can you spot who it is? (You don't win anything for guessing right, it's for fun :P.)
Multiple Sclerosis Is A Complex Disease
My son has ms trying to figure out a bit more about it!!! 1. What is multiple sclerosis? Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system — the brain and spinal cord. The disease attacks the protective myelin covering of the central nervous system, causing inflammation and often destroying the myelin in patches. In its most common form, MS has well defined attacks followed by complete or partial recovery. The severity of MS, progression and specific symptoms cannot be predicted at the time of diagnosis While it is most often diagnosed in young adults, aged 15 to 40, we know that it affects children, some as young as two years old. The impact is felt by family, friends and by the community. MS is unpredictable, affecting vision, hearing, memory, balance and mobility. Its effects are physical, emotional, financial, and last a lifetime. There is no cure. Did you know ... Canadians have one of the highest rates of multiple
Aspen Glow
Holy hell, I can't breathe! Why does it seem that some of the most beautiful scenery in our great country is up so high there is almost no air. To make matters worse when it does take your breath away, you had so little to begin with. So many people have tried to describe the Colorado wilderness, and very few have seem to be able to capture their Majesty in words. The crisp air, the whisper of the Aspen trees, and the hidden treasures found among the valleys. You ever have to travel far to find ponds or streams and rivers chalk full or rainbow and brown trout. Wildlife abounds through the mountains. It had taken quite awhile to drive from the city out to the middle of nowhere. Even leaving in the late morning on a Friday, by the time we had arrived and set up camp, we were wiped out for the night. It gets cold in the mountains at night,even in late summer you better have warm clothes. I'd love to tell you all the naughty sexual depravity that went on the first night but
After Hours... I Love You Guys!!
This pimp out is for my After Hours friends... what can i say about them... except they are the best!! If you have them in your friend's list then you are lucky to know them. When i first joined the After Hours lounge i was kinda shy... didn't know anyone but they made me feel right at home and i thank them for it! Since ive been hanging out with them i feel like ive become a new person, a person ive wanted to be, loved, respected, and seen for who i am instead of what everyone wanted me to be :) For this... i THANK YOU guys, and i appreciate our friendship more than you'll ever know! ~Dj Mystik~ *Fubar's After Hours Lounge DJ*@ fubar ۞Neabear۞JEEZY'S R/L GIRL۞AFTERHOURS MGR۞AsH'S Lover@ fubar RJeezy aka DJ AckRite۞NeaNeasEverything۞Fubars After Hours Owner@ fubar Ben DoveЯ®™ ~Fubar Expert~@ fubar Will ~~Wicked Storm Crew~~~~~@ fubar -->♥AsH.WeeE..♠AFTER HOURS ASST MGR♠..♥Nea's Lover♥@
$3 Gas Again?? And A Political Rant...
..when I saw this in the paper today, I thought it was just disgusting. How can we let this go on, going into the holiday season? Think about all of the instability going on right now: A very unstable job market, a terrible housing slump bought on by tricky loans and mortgage payments that led people to believe that they could afford that $250,000 home in a swamp or a sand dune with high insurance and fees all while working at a job that barley pays $14 an hour, consumer credit ratings that are at their worst in recent history, as well as the always present instability in the middle east. ...I actually turned on the news today and saw that one of our "allies" (that term is used loosley here) Pakistan is basically under martial law and under threat of basically being taken over by supporters of Osama Bin Laden (can you fucking believe he is STILL alive over 6 YEARS later!???). I don't know what is going on over there, other than the fact that the "leaders" are fucking up royally...thi
Redneck Subbies
I found this years ago and then modified it by adding more to it, just a little humor I wanted to share.. Redneck subbies.. If you have ever gone to a play party in curlers and a kerchief, you just might be a redneck sub. If you count your spankings "1...2...3...the next number...the next number...the next number...", you just might be a redneck sub. If your safeword is "cut it out or I'm tellin' Maw", you might just be redneck sub. If you know what your Master expects from you by the way He belches, you just might be a redneck sub. If your Master tells you to fix him a steak, and you start by loading the shotgun, you just might be a redneck sub. If fulfilling your Master's every whim means picking up a 12-pack and changing the TV channels for Him, you might just be a redneck sub. If you have ever been bound and gagged in the bed of a rusty pick up truck,you just might be a redneck sub. If you have ever tried to brighten the dungeon decor with a p
Drews Happy Hour Status.
To send the money for the Happy Hour I have a paypal account ready to go. Visit this link to view it. So you have reached this page because you own a piece of Drew. Pretty simple click the button send your share ($10.00)(there is 12 of us for a sum of $120 for a HH and a blast!) and I will enjoy my vacation in Tahiti, ok im just kidding im going to Peru, ok no seriously. When all the committed people put in I will send Drew her happy hour. Remember, we ALL own Drew so make sure we keep her busy she has a lot of profiles and salutes to get working on so remind her LOL. If you have any questions or need updates check my blog. Thanks everyone who participated in making Drews day!!!!!!! Hopefully we all know how to use PayPal. If not here's how it's gonna go. You will need to go to paypal, create an account, set up your bank account or credit card to be verified by them. Once verified you can come back click on this link and sign in VIOLA i
01-28-08 (insert Spooky Title)
January 28, 2006 Is ya skardddd? eh, boo? _ how 'bout now? Okay, I got some brave friends then. A good thing to know, If ever the need for the brave comes along. Today's tunes *hint for you to hit play* Is a bluesy favorite song of mine ... From the legendary Band AC/DC I originally was going to place "Highway to Hell" here (being with all the darkness & all) But went with "Ride On" because it makes me smile ... Yesterday I wonder about your reaction to a smile ... Look at that smile on the "saw" guy, (on todays greet) or this chic: And tell me that's not a scary smile? lol I guess I ask yesterdays question Without going into 'why' I ask -- too deeply. There are people who smile at inappropriate times ... Example would be when your trying to make a point, when you look at the person who your speaking ... And they have a smile on their face? Or as it's happened to me, Being in a bar fight and smiling ... lol So today - I went
Salutes And Cheating
This is just an FYI. If you submit a fake salute that is OBVIOUSLY fake. You WILL be shown the door. If you have multiple accounts that are set up for cheating, you WILL be shown the door or reset. If you CHEAT on referrals, you will be reset. We have anti fraud detection in place. You may think you are getting away with it, but you will be reset soon ;) Please read our terms of service!
Hottie Contest
Omg a Cutie w/a Booty in a contest come on guys you know you wanna come vote for me click the link below and leave a couple comments thank you for all your support much luv greatly appreciated *hugs* Thanks Hottie Contest Host!!!
Bored With This Site
I'm tired of being asked to jump thru hoops from friends. I'm going to leave Fubar, again, and so I'll be passing out gifts to get rid of my fubucks. If you want to keep in touch with me, then ask for my yahoo screenname. I'll be leaving by midnight on my birthday on the 16th. Thank you, James
Happy Valentines Day From Me
Make an on-line slideshow at
I Wanna Rip Someones Face Off
Everything is going fine today, i woke up in a great mood. Im heading to work at 80 mphs on HWY 225 and bam. My wifes car does a nose dive and parts are flying everywhere. I get the car over to the shoulder. Mind u its rush hour in houston, not good. I see cars behind me swerving behind me, thank God knowone was hit by debree. I get out of my car and see that my tire blow out through my wheelwell and through the fender, taking with it my headlights and wires. My car wont even start...when i see this all i can do is say FUCKKKKK and kick the car. The night is only beginning. The car is still on the side of the highway probally getting broken into. I have a wrecker on the way to pick it up
Ncguy456 Still Going.
NCguy456: dude, would u ever tagteam a bitch---u take the back as I get sucked off and then swithc ->NCguy456: wilmington is a cool town NCguy456: I should come out there and hang out...I love Wilmington ->NCguy456: yeah NCguy456: u live in Wilmington right? ->NCguy456: it;s all good just kinda like whoa NCguy456: Im sorry ->NCguy456: i guess im starting to find it odd your shoutboxing another dude about it though? NCguy456: Im a huge horndog bro, are u ->NCguy456: i hear ya NCguy456: hahaha, I like tits...somethin to squeeze as u get sucked off and ass u can slap as u fuck her hard from behind, ya know??? ->NCguy456: yes please NCguy456: Fuck yea---u like tits or ass more man ->NCguy456: OMG yes NCguy456: are there a lot of hot ass chicks on here man ->NCguy456: love it NCguy456: bored as fuck here, I just joined this site a few days ago, do u like it ->NCguy456: nadda NCguy456: Sup man
Family Heads
I Won't Be Changing My Name....thank You!
I was shouted at this morning by a cutesie little blonde, 20, I'm betting with a perky little ass, too (I'm just sayin') She wanted to know if I would join her group, the Sexy Love Kittens, or something of that ilk. I told her "Sure, but I won't be changing my name." So she linked me with her owner, a British twit with a stick up her ass, who asked me if I was the one who wanted to join. I told her I was approached and had no problem with it, but I would not be changing my name. She corrected me by saying I wouldn't have to change it, just add to it. Which is still changing my name....what I told her I would not be doing, in the first place. She countered with "if you don't want to change your name, then I'm sorry, but you can't join." At this point I cried my eyes out. I mean, really, I hadn't even joined and I was already over it. "I was aproached to join." I told her. "I'm the owner, and I didn't approach you, nor would I. Cheers xxxx" Is it really any wonder wh
Not Showing On Dirty Jobs
If you had to get a job in the Porn industry, scatological porn would be the way to go. The pay is probably higher, and if anyone you knew saw you, it would probably be more embarrassing for them to admit it than you.
I have a grey ball hair. wtf I'm only 33.
More Of Ultimate Bad Fakes..
..really. It's getting old with these fakes there are so many... Salute for: Amanda (Member: Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club)@ fubar ..surprise surprise. Why do they do this and who's paying for this? How fucking dumb are people. lol. It takes a sick bastard to get off on soap, whoops I mean making fake profiles like this...blah. Figured I'd share this retardation, invert the colors in your paint program and you'll see the drastic difference in the white in the sign and the rest of the white pics. The song is random. lol.
I feel left out, when I stalk someone and they pop to a blog I can't read!
For Shawna
ok, for the last two people to message me, and i will leave your names out of this, please do not contact me again. for one, i went to the doctor today. i have to be retested because the preg test was negative but they think it might be a false negative. and also, i do have something because they found abnormal shit going on. i do not have to justify my actions to you people and also, i have not been on your pages. why, because i do not give two shits about the two of you. and if you really want to fuck with me, then bring it on because quite frankly, i could outwit both of you on a good day and when you put your minds together, you still couldnt come up with enough wit or intelligence to power a piss ants motorcycle around the inside of a fucking cheerio. you want to talk about stupid shit, how about looking at yourselves and the shit you are doing. i have said nothing before this to the two of you. you have been writing me. i went to his job today to give him his shit back and to let
To All My Friends....
Challenge #1 : If You Had One Day With Me.. What Would We Do?
If you had one day with me... What would we do? I want creative answers. No answers saying "I'd show you what I'm made of". We have all heard it. I want something creative. The most creative answer will get a personalized SFW salute from me with the salute saying whatever you want it to say. (within reason) Everyone that posts an answer will get a FREE Fubar license. The winner will be informed on Friday, May 2nd. And the personalized salute will be uploaded no later than Saturday, May 3rd. MUCH LOVE! The Fu-Milf Queen™ **Hint: Think if maybe something I might like to do.
Monday 05-05-08 (rising)
Monday, March 5, 2008 Glad you see you back all bright and shiny like a new penny or ... ummm SUNSHINE! Excuse me for a moment ... There! I had to turn off some of the 'brightness' lol So anyway ... Glad you see you back all bright & shiny ... okay Exposed to "Bright & Shiny" surroundings! (at least) As I type this, I'm trying to keep the clouds at bay ... and sound sunny. As I do that, I'm trying to remember
Okay I'm in a contest that runs till the 17th. Below is the link. Rates count as 10 points and comments count as 1 point each. So it will even help me if you would just go and rate the picture. Anything you do to help me will be greatly appreciated and if there is something I could do for you in return, please just let me know!!! Thanks everyone!!!!!!!
More Like Salty And Yucky
This woman tried to involve me in her bullshit drama, I sent a message..yes may have been childish..Its me trying to get the last word in as always, but I see no reason for The N word to be used. Sad and Pathetic if you ask me! (ღGummie Bears Make My Tummie Tingleღ) Canada subject: ????????? received: 05/11/2008 08:09 pm replied: no block this member Flag as spam I BLCOKED YOU CAUSE I'M SICK OF PEOPLE BEING FUCKIN NOSEY AND THAT BITCH **** IS ONE OF THEM AND THAN YOU START YOUR BULLSHIT... WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO YOU TO DESERVE THIS.... I DON'T BOTHER YOU OR YOUR FRIENDS AND WHO'S THE ONE BEING FUCKING CHILDISH WITH THAT SHIT ON YOUR STATUS... GO AWAY SHANNON AND QUIT BEING A FREAK I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOU OR YOUR SHIT... WANT TO KEEP THIS UP OR ARE YOU JUST GOING TO BACK OFF...CAUSE I HAVE NOT BOTHERED YOU AT ALL.. SPITEFUL FUCKIN BITCHES ON HERE ! Above is the email she sent to me that started it all..I left the name of the per
Days Of The Week
It seems that some people are still using that antiquated system of naming the days of the week, ie: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I thought I would set any confusion to rest by setting out the definitions of the real days of the week. They are as follows:- Monday: Any day that you are at work, but you weren't at work the previous day. Tuesday: Any day that you are at work, you were at work the previous day and you will be at work the next day. Friday: Any day that you are at work, but you won't be working the next day. Saturday: Any day that you are not at work and you won't be working the next day. Sunday: Any day that you are not at work, but you will be working the next day. You should find that these definitions encompass any given day. Any claims as the existence of a Wednesday or Thursday are purely circumstantial. They were both discontinued.
T-day 05-15-08 (happy Place)
Thursday, May 15, 2008 Happy to see YOU drifting by my blog this day. I hope to see YOU float in more often ... That would keep my bubble afloat! Today's music selection touches base with my subject matter: Although the lyric could be interrupted as inspiring or just a catchy tune that's been remade by various artist for it's appeal. I used it as self-imposed distraction ... I'm even unsure why it became a tool of this sorts, but it speaks to me subconsciously? When My mind is free ... "You know a melody can move me" When I'm Blue ... "The guitar coming threw - to soothe me" I've been singing that song in my head since the 70's. It's just is one of those things that I think (or sing) about It seems to focused when I'm flustered and discombobulated
Rules For The Lounge
My Actions On Fu Latley And The Upcoming Weeks...
First I want to say thank you to everyone who has been helping me on my mission to gather enough fubux for that all elusive spotlight!!! Yet it seems the closer I get,.. the more costly it becomes :( Secondly, to the 325+ persons who have sent me addy's. I have taken on a new personal policy to fan & rate every person whom I add from now on, I also have been leaving them a personal comment at the same time. I used to just hit accept all to my friend requests... but then I felt bad that I wasn't returning the love that has been so kindly bestowed upon me. I have been dreadfully tired and sick, and have had horrible marital problems going on since 2 days before Christmas.D.J. & I split, then got back together,.. and are right back to being miserable and fighting daily.. oh well.. I gave it the good ole Navy try! The medical stuff has been going on since October of last year. And for those of you who don't know.... I have multiple enlarged lymph nodes in my neck (tumors) and blood
1. mook (n.) 1. A loosely adhered-to marketing term used to refer to an adolescent to twentysomething male who shows off and makes a scene of himself. A mook personifies the adoption of trends for the sake of commercialism and the mindless celebration of childish masculinity. Particularly featured on mtv 2. That guy at your high school who used to be really popular when he was an underclassman, but now he sleeps with popular girls to get attention. Fred Durst, Johnny Knoxville, Tom Green 2. mook (n.) derogatory term to describe an undesirable individual. Carrot Top is such a mook. 3. mook (n.) Seems to have been taken from Caribbean English, in which it is (was) used to refer to a gullible person. The word has since undergone several changes in meaning, so that it now depends on which sense of the word the speaker has been exposed to. It was popularized in Scorsese's "Mean Streets" (1972), but when Johnny calls Jimmy a mook, it causes confu
Sorry Charley
Its too much comedy not to paste this one. from: Charley (workie, workie) United States subject: Charley sent you a Margarita received: 06/4/2008 10:50 am replied: 06/4/2008 11:30 am block this member Flag as spam "hey sexy! how you doing?" ------------- from: Charley (workie, workie) United States subject: RE: Charley sent you a Margarita received: 06/4/2008 11:32 am replied: no block this member Flag as spam lmao!!! oops... === 'K Cazzo Dio Cane >P>' wrote the following at '2008-06-04 11:30:45'.. > > sexy? > > thanks charley, slap my ass a bit. > got the wrong message? > K
Wednesday & Thursdays Leveler Of The Day
Thanks for all the love you show too each LOTD. Just a reminder all levelers that show love get a chance too get the leveler of the day. Also so that everyone knows some levelers have huge picture counts and stash it is not required too rae every piece of item that they have. I pay attention as too whom is on my page daily and in my blogs so im well aware of whom is participating in this. I say this tonight because i drew a leveler out that helps on level ups but hasnt touched my page in weeks. Lets all have a great day and show lotsa love..Tommorow may be your day. §ţÄZZZZ §hĺĐđw Lęvęlęr ღ & ღhµßߥ †đ ĐÖÚßLČвღღ proudly owned by 'farsca@ fubar
The Saluted Fakes...
Let's see where do I began, a certain Fubar member post several MuMMs about "Unsaluted" people shouldn't get VIP, Blast, Happy Hours, Bling Packs... These people who are so "anti-unsaluted" needs to learn that this site is first and foremost a business, and secondly a social site. They wont change the rules for the many whiny members because they won't risk losing the thousands of dollars a month in revenue from the "fakes" getting the VIPs, Blast, Blings, Happy Hours. I am the first to say that i got my VIP so i can level without a salute, last time i checked my credit card where i brought my Year VIP, and to day have sent 308 dollars worth of bling credits to people randomly ... i don't send when people ask i rather hate that actually... Well anyway this blog isn't about that certain member, since i am not on his list cause he only accepts saluted people only which is his choice, i tend not to care what people do on their list... this blog is as the name implied the "saluted
Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks. Lick on these nuts and suck the dick.
Butterfly Kisses ♥
Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle There's two things I know for sure: She was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's little girl. As I drop to my knees by her bed at night She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes and I thank god for all the joy in my life Oh, but most of all For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer; sticking little white flowers all up in her hair; "Walk beside the pony, Daddy, it's my first ride." "I know the cake looks funny, Daddy, but I sure tried." In all that I've done wrong I know I must have done something right to deserve a hug every morning and butterfly kisses at night. Sweet 16 today She's looking like her mama a little more everyday One part woman, the other part girl. To perfume and make-up from ribbons and curls Trying her wings out in a great big world. But I remember Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer; sticking little white flowers all up in her hair. "You know how much I love you, Daddy, But if you don't mind I'm onl
Movies I've Watched This Week (6/20-6/27)
So since I'm not very creative and insightful I have to find things to blog about so I'm going with movies and junk like that because that's what my boring ass does most of the time. So this week watched four movies thanks to the good folks at netflix Once: This was a movie about a guy who works in his dads hoover repair shop and is a musical street artist just because he loves it. He plays the guitar and sings pretty damn good. He meets a girl from the Czech republic one day who happens to play a mean piano and they hook up with some other random street musicians to record some demo tracks that the guy can take to London (they are in Dublin I think). I really, really liked this movie. It was an indy film so sometimes the camera work was a little dizzying but I really, really liked the guys music and the character interaction throughout the whole film was fantastic. I highly recommend this movie if you have decent taste in music and have a heart. There Will Be Blood: I thi
The New Magic Bus Tags
The Owner & Driver Of The New Magic Bus ShuShu The New Driver Of The Magic Bus@ fubar 1.imikimi - Customize Your World My Sweet Home Friend Carole Palombo 25 yrs. 4-4-1981 & Still Going 7-4-2008 Special Collection imikimi - Customize Your World Special Collectin The Magic Bus imikimi - Customize Your World Special My Swee
Nope, I'm Not Dead! Please Read :)
Hi all. If you've been looking for me (which I've gotten word that several people have been wondering about the status of my games, etc) please read this blog for me :) First, I'm not dead, I'm not injured, I've not left fubar because of drama, and I didn't elope with RogerLee. I AM on the other hand, extremely pissed off. I've had the unfortunate experience to be a customer of HughesNet for the past 15 months. In my idiocy, and in my desperation for a connection faster than dial-up, I signed a contract with this company for high-speed satellite internet service. I had seen the commercials on television, and had stupidly believed them. that I've committed myself to a service contract with them (only a few months left, thank God) I have no choice but to pay the bills they send (nearly $100 a month) or to be sued for breaking the contract, which will result in my having to pay the rest of the months anyway. Here's the problem...OVER a WEEK ago, I began calling because
Put Ur Midget Here
We all love and want points so put ur cute lil midget right here.....
This be muh new bicicleta, bishes...I am taking off to pick it up from Chubby's Cruisers at 4...jealous? =P
Stupid People
I hate them with a passion.
Omggggggggggg Rotflmboooo Xxx
I found this on a friends comments, and just had to share it hehehehe... I was laughing so hard, I about fell outta my chair listening to it hehehehe... I hope u got a good laugh out of this as well Huggies all, Debbie While your here, why not rate this :)
Such A
whore... I have decided.. I want to have a spotlight... so.. if you want to help me get my spotlight.. please send donations to me :D will make you a salute!!!!
If U Have It ...
What Is It About Junk ?
Tell me ,what is it about Junk ?
Sentimentally Retarded
You can't spell sentimental without "Mental"
So I decided to say fuck it, and go swimming in a swimming suit as opposed to shorts (after someone literally twisted my arm to do so). I felt like a 113 lb bag of jello, until I was comforted by a sight of a 300 lb woman in a 2 piece swimsuit. I need to get in shape, since I can't take her with me all the time to the beach to make myself feel better :(
Are You An Attention Whore?
You Are An Attention Seeker You're only human, so you can't help but want a little attention every now and then. You love the spotlight, but only when it's well deserved. You'd hate to be known for the wrong thing. And you also don't mind sharing the spotlight. You can easily give someone else credit or a complement. You know there's enough attention to go around, and it makes you happy when your friends shine. You come across as: Friendly and interesting People may wrongly think you're: A little more modest than you actually are! Are You An Attention Whore?
What Dance Are You?
You Are Disco Dancing You are very energetic and lively. You could dance all night. Fun loving and social, you like dancing best when everyone in the room is dancing. You love to dance to anything, and it's hard to stop once you start. You love dancing in a crowd. And no matter how big the crowd, all eyes are usually on you. What Dance Are You?
Contest: Looking For Fu-bucks? Send Me The Codes!
Bomb This Please
Ok I am in a comment bombing contest. the person with the most comments by sept 6th at midnight futime wins. 1st place a 1 month VIP 2nd place a bling pack 3rd place 250k I am hoping i get some help with the comments.
Sick Of Dumb Asses On Fubar
Why is it that fubar can mark pix tht show ur bra w your face in it as nsfw but yet bitches get to dress in lingerie n shit and flaunt it n they dont get marked....I think fubar is getting stupider by the minute and trust me this isnt the only site on the web were u can meet people n have fun n shit...I am about to say fuck fubar all together them hypocrite bastards
Today's Trio
I’ve had to deal with many types of people, I’d like to describe some of the ones I have worked with today: The Toddler – Have you ever tried to get a toddler to do something? It’s always a negotiation of some sorts: “Clean your plate” he then wipes everything off the plate and on to the floor, “Take the garbage out” becomes the garbage outside, by the front door. They obey the letter of the law, and see if they can get away with ignoring the spirit. The Chicken Little – Everything is a devastating failure, or it’s on its way to become one. If this doesn’t happen, everything is going to fail!! (I had four of these e-mails before noon.) It’s a wonder that they can even exist with all the danger that lurks outside. Mentioning the phrase “Self-fulfilling Prophecy” only gets you a stern glance. The Push Back to the Future - To this guy, time has no meaning. If he says it will be done on Friday, you cannot be sure which Friday he means, this one, next one, or the third one
Feelings Get Hurt
why do some guys think that you like to be talked to in a certin way ? Do they think if they talk that way to you that you will be impressed? And do they kiss there mother with that mouth? I mean come on its ok to a point,but some take it over the edge and it hurts SOME of our feelings but we never say anything. So agaim I dont get it.. why do they do it?
I think it's time for me to take a Fubar Hiatus. I think for all the good that being here has done for me there has been just as much bad. I find myself not really knowing who I am lately or what I'm supposed to be doing with myself and this is very much the result of living a life that isn't really 'real' here on Fubar. I allow myself to believe I am someone who I'm not right now. Maybe I can become that someone someday but not today. I think in order to find out who I'm gonna be I need to refocus on what's away from the computer screen. I've made a lot of wonderful friends here. People who I'd like to be friends with for as long as I live if possible but that friendship will have to be in a different form then this social networking site. Those of you who have become close to me know others ways to contact me if you want to stay in touch. For anyone else I'd be happy to stay in touch through different means so please let me know. I don't expect for people to understand wh
Welcome These New Members To Our Family
ThugPassion247~Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew~@ fubar Sexy T~~ {{*Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew*}}@ fubar MyNameIsFaith~Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew Member~@ fubar beckyjean~martins fu wifey~Devils advocates bombing and leveling family@ fubar Sapphire RLW of Slimreb · Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew@ fubar ☮Kevin☮ -- Fu-Owner of ~SassyMysticDawn~Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew@ fubar ~*Vindicated*~ Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew@ fubar loverboy~Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew@ fubar Please introduce your selves and welcome each other to the family and please make sure our name is added to yours please. Thank you, MsBratt, Angel Eyes, BassTracker
Check Out This !!
THIS IS FOR FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY Ok we are wanting to try something to see who stands where and how on bombing! Prizes will be handed out for this !! Please leave a comment letting me know if you want to do it !! I really want the whole family to do this to see what kinda bombers we have !! Ok the idea is to load a picture for each person on the homepage and bomb it till you get to 6 k !! Then when you reach the 6 k you will get a bling pack!! The thing is you are the only one allowed to bomb your pic !! You are not allowed to have any help at all from no one !! This is to see how many serious bombers we have ! thank you Basstracker !!
Are You A Good Friend?
Your score is: 20 What does your score mean? When it comes to friendship, you seem to have missed the boat. You are certainly not the most dedicated or giving of pals. In fact, others could easily accuse you of being a fair weather friend, the type who comes and goes on a whim. When amigos need your help, you are more likely to bolt for the door than pitch in, and the idea of offering to lend a hand is foreign to you. You generally have low expectations for camaraderie, which may stem from a variety of sources: bad experiences that have left you bitter, an untrusting nature, lack of what you consider "true friends", or simply a self-involved attitude. Whatever the root, your attitudes are preventing you from experiencing the value of real, lasting friendship. You don't have to suddenly dedicate all your time and attention to pals, but putting your own desires on hold from time to time will show them that they mean something to you. Things like remembering birthdays or helping som
Today I was a hair away from murdering my boss. The only thing that prevented me from doing so was the knowledge that he is being very miserable right now, after his right hand (not literally) worker-the AGM-left to another property. Seeing him mope around, blabber about, and try to keep his shit together truly warms my heart, and I can't help but smile when he is faced with a dilemma of any kind. Today he called me to his office to finish a report from his computer, and I finally saw my hero! Actually, it is more like a Colombian whore that he dates when he goes to Colombia, and that has dibs on a lil thing, not his penis...a green card. I have to give her props for finding such a douche and being able to do ANYTHING with him, and I am sure that one of the reasons besides her trying to get into the US is the fact that she probably doesn't speak English. Hence, she can't understand what a fucktard he is. I saw him trying to make a human expression in the picture, and her
Being A Bloke Is Great
Being A Bloke Is Great Because: Your orgasms are real. Always. Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. You never feel compelled to stop a friend from getting laid. Your arse is never a factor in a job interview (not always true actually). Car mechanics tell you the truth. You don't bother if someone not notices your new haircut. Hot wax never comes near your pubic area. Wrinkles add character. A few well placed one night stands gain credibility, not leave you tarnished. You don't have to leave the room to make emergency crotch adjustments. People never glance at your chest when you're talking to them. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected. Porn movies are designed with you in mind. Your pals can be trusted never to trap you with "So, notice anything different?" You can throw a ball more than 5 feet. One mood, ALL the damn time. You can open all your own jars.
All Members Read...important!!!
For the second time in a weeks time we have lost a member because of another family members rudeness!!! Unfortunatley its the same family member behind it. They got a stern warning last time and the second incident they are gone. I am not gonna post the EX-MEMBER's link on this blog because that is a negative action!! But one thing I can post here is that the EX-Family member has what I believe is a fake account...Here is the link to it!! love_cloud9_love (Rating Revolution)@ fubar Somehow this account claims to be a RR member when for 1 it doesnt have a salute and for 2 its only level 8, and for 3 it only has one picture and it is fake lookin. They are not on the rollcall, and they havent commented on anything or participated in any family activities!! TO PUT A STOP TO THIS EVERY MEMBER NEEDS TO GO TO THIS ACCOUNT AND BLOCK IT..NOW!!..That way this account wont be able to cause anybody else any harm. We had a fubar member that was in process of joining when the rude comm
Logged on to find a "Fubar Support" email warning me that one of my photos was marked "Not Safe For Work". It was a bikini photo taken yesterday and yes, it was just a shot of my boobs. I'm kind of pissed because I don't feel like I've ever posted anything too risque on here...hello! look at some of the blasts and HH pics! Anyways, I moved it to NSFW to keep out of trouble.
Police Arrest Mich. Man For Car Wash Vacuum Sex
THOMAS TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) -- Police say a Michigan man has been arrested after "receiving sexual favors from a vacuum" at a car wash. The Saginaw News reports the 29-year-old Swan Creek Township man was arrested Thursday in Saginaw County's Thomas Township, about 90 miles northwest of Detroit. Police Sgt. Gary Breidinger says a resident called to report suspicious activity at the car wash about 6:45 a.m. An officer approached on foot and caught the man in the act. The suspect, whose name wasn't immediately released, is being held in the Saginaw County Jail.
Good News And Bad News
first the bad news I bought the cutest pair of shoes yesterday .. black and white plaid flats... adorable.. but me being a dumbshit decided to wear them for the first time today... ok... that NORMALLY wouldn't be a problem.. but i had them on for 14 hours straight... my feet are shredded... my pinkie toe on the left foot is almost twice the size because of like 3 blisters on it alone... not counting the few others... it hurts.. bad... but i managed to get it into some water to soak... good news time!! I work at a resort and casino. I don't know who else works in the service industry but most people who do have to deal with a thing called "secret shoppers"... Secret shoppers are a big deal at my job... you can get fired if you don't score high on their report IF you get shopped that month... Well I was shopped and did WONDERFUL on it :D makes me happy here is what she said... ***name changed to protect my secret identity*** RESERVATIONS The reser
Oh Muh Gawd!
Some dumb chick decided that she was gonna run a yield sign... got hit... and decided to aim her car toward my house.. BOOM! hits a brick house... with 3 kids in her car.. and NO insurance... Everyone is ok.. my wall didn't fall.. THOUGH it is moved about an inch... so... insurance company has been called to come see what the damage is... stupid dumb bitch from texas... GOD i hate football season! (its homecoming week... a lot of people are in my neighborhood since i am next to the football field)
Is It Just Me?
Ok, I know people like to spend money on here and they like to buy people the cute little blings and what-not...but seriously...why would someone spend $650 on one bling??? I think it is asking too much for any of the blings (even though I want a ghost:)), but what do you say to someone who spends $650 for ONE little bling???? It just doesn't make sense to me....someone please explain....
Pissed Off!
This is the 2nd time I have had auto 11s and very few rating my pics, what are u afraid I may level or pass u up in rank, who gives a flying fuk about all that, for those who I've spent numerous hours/days on ur page to help u out, and u dont come help me out, dont ask or think i'll be there for u cause I wont! I know im about tired of these so called friends on this site, most of u are here for urself, and all u care about is who is #1, pretty pathetic, didnt u get enough attention growing up! I will keep my dear close friends always, but not worried about meeting more, simply because ur not a friend, friends do for one another, not just do for themselves, at least I can say im not for myself and im a damn good friend. I learned more are here for being popular then being here to make long lasting friendships. To those who are always there for me, I thank you, please send me a private message so I can return the love, cause im one of the very few on here that will give back. I have see
Dod 4 Sunday Is Purple Lady 777
PurpleLady777_Rating Revolution~~ member of Omega Bombers~~"@ fubar
What Does Your Height Say About You?
What Your Height Says About You You are a true adventurer, and you live for the thrill. You have a lot of charisma, and you're good at convincing people to join you in your schemes. You are open to the world, and you make connections easily. You have lots of friends. You are likely to have many life paths to choose from. There are many possibilities open to you. You are about as tall as the average British man. What Does Your Height Say About You?
Prayers Needed For My Daughter And Her Baby
My youngest daughter, Jessi, is having problems with her pregnancy. The doctor is thinking of inducing labor friday, depending on some test results, or at the latest, next week. Her blood pressure is going up again, she is retaining fluids, and the doctor is concerned that her kidneys may be swelling. She is 37 weeks along now so the baby should be fully developed. Please say a prayer for her and little Lucas Alexander. Thank you! I have the greatest friends! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Update - 11-19 Jessi's dr will be inducing labor sometime today. Get ready for some new pics to be posted! :) ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Lucas Alexander was born at 11:50pm 11/19/08, 7lbs 6oz. Mother and baby are doing well. I'll be posting more pics later. Took my camera with me but forgot to make sure there was a card in it. lol Thank you for all of your prayers! I love my friends! They are the greatest!
How Kinky Are You?
You Are 100% Kinky If you've heard of it, you've tried it. You're that kinky. You're open to any and all sexual experiences, as long as they're safe. You see the bedroom as the primary place for all your adventures. But that's not to say that the bedroom is the only place you get kinky! Are You Kinky?How kinky are you?
Goin Out
So, out of the blue I was contacted by an acquaintance I had more than 5 yrs ago. We are goin to the karaoke, and I just hate meeting new people, let alone ones from the past. I am kinda nervous, grr. Wish me luck! (provided ANYONE reads this)
Uh Oh! I'm Censored. :o
Yep. I am doing it again. BTW. My Fu anniversary is gonna be about the time this ends. Wanna make it extra special for me? lol
Screw Mclovin
"knight Rider" Tonight
> > > > > > > > > > > > > Be sure to set your Tivos & DVRs for tomorrow night! > > My episode of Knight Rider will be on the air. Check your local TV guide for the exact time in your area! > > Thank you all for tuning in and for your support! > > And yes, that is me in the car… > > > > > > > > > Knight Rider Theme - Glen Larson, Stu Philips > > > > > > > > > > >
What Am I Thankful For?
I know I'm a little early...but I've seen other blogs by friends giving thanks for this and that. It made me sit down and ponder. I don't have a lot to be thankful for right now, but at the same time I do. I know I'm early...but, it's always better to be early than late. I'm thankful for my parents. Even when I don't understand them, and even when I don't agree with them, they are always looking out for me. They give me advice that I disregard, and when I fall on my face for it they rub it in. They try to teach me, and of course I don't listen..I've always been rebellious, but they take that as a matter of course. They did the tough love with me, convinced me that no matter what happened and no matter how much I needed it they would never help me again. I was thoroughly convinced. But when push came to shove, they were there in a heartbeat to help me. They have never doubted me, they have always had faith that no matter how much I screw up I will always turn it around. And because o
Leveling Blog 147
Louise@ fubar 34k to Level
One Of The Dumbest, Most Retarded...
...Convos I have had in awhile.. I have had a conversation with an old flame of mine a few days back... She wanted to know some details that were bugging me about some chica... Tell me what you think... My daughter's teacher, around mid-20s, nice looking and smart to boot...My old flame thought this gal was into me... HAHA!! yeah, me, right? Anyway it started off at the kids' open house at school, which , if you read my blogs on Mummers, you'd know all ready... Anyway, parent/teacher conferences come up and I go to them. The teacher took me in 15 minutes early. The meeting is 30 minutes long, but we chatted for an hour. Found out a bit about her, etc etc, as well as what's going on with my daughter... thing is, she made the next parent wait for those extra 20 we could talk.. Now, this chica was sitting uncomfortably close for one... Kept putting her hands extremely close to mine, even brushing them now and then, with hers. High school crap, right? We
New Years Eve At Work
I have to wear a freaking dress... Here are my options.. please help me out and tell me which you like best. (kinda semiformal/cocktail attire) A) B) C) D) E) F) HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
Ash Just Called
Ash just called and she is in her new place and loves it. She sounds awful. Tired and thinks she's getting sick. Her voice is scratchy. She will be back on the fu sometime tomorrow, probably evening. That is all.
They Say
I don't know cats, but they say dogs know. And I know first hand that they do know, when someone is ailing. What else do they know? My boy will not leave my side. He's creeping me out. It's been 3 or 4 days now, he won't go away. Does he know something? Am I dieng? WHAT!!!!?????????
Why Not?
Why does it seem that not too many females want to be my friend??? You may be honest and say what you think is the reason.
Well.. Normally I go to coffee and lunch with some girlfriends (and lately a guy or two that we are close with) on Wed. afternoons.. but they cut the hours in my husbands department down to a max of 30 hours a week... he was working 39-41 a week... so now we are going to be short 100 bucks a month... (**EDIT** 100 every pay period... so 200 a month) so even though i usually have a nice cushion each month to play with... i am running scared and canceled my coffee and lunch dates with friends... so.. all the socializing progress i have made... is now going to go down the drain... great... i get to go back to antisocial vanima again... *sigh*
Survey Thing.
Your result for The Social Orientation Inventory ... The Enigma -Attent/Self/-Attach/-Emo/-
To My Friends
I am not going be around to much for Christmas and probably until next week. My mother is staying with me for this week. I dont want anyone to think I am ignoring your Christmas wishes and emails.... not to mention the regular posts of me photo shopped in compromising positions ( COOT!!!! ) I just want to wish you all a safe and blessed Christmas and a wonderful time with your loved ones. GROUP HUG!!!
Can You
i just heard that its impossible to kiss your own elbow.. can you?
Work Needed!
So everyone knows that the job market right now totally BITES! My job serious stinks right now. Sales are down horribly! I am lucky to have 2 days a week anymore. Its making me sick. I can not afford health insurance. I can not afford to pay my bills half the time...I don't know what to do anymore. I was wondering if anyone knew of some legal way to make a few extra dollars.
Just Cuz
I haven't had the pleasure to post any SB convos since I've come back. So here you go!! ->Chris01: well good luck with that, then Chris01: u never know the world is small when u travel all over it ->Chris01: I doubt it..but its sweet you want to meet me Chris01: MIGHT RUN INTO U ONE DAY HOPEFULLY ->Chris01: ok? Chris01: DONT WORRIE BISH IM GONNA REMEBER UR FREKIN FUGLY FACE ->Chris01: thank you its nice you think of me as #1 Chris01: HELP U OUT Chris01: well ill rATE ALL OF THEM 1 ->Chris01: you know I still get the same amount of points for a 1 as a 10 right? ->Chris01: I dont care if you suck cock or want his cock or not..I just dont get why you'd post a mumm like that--its just the net Chris01: yeaa sorry about that i took that offf ->Chris01: oh..most of the shit that comes out of my mouth is 99% bullshit..I said it cuz it was comment approval Chris01: u said something about me suckin another mans cock which i would never dooo did u mean that ->Chris01: which?
Auction For An Auto 11 Bling
I am holding an auction to bling the winner with 1 auto 11 bling. This auction will start Saturday January 03, 2008, and will end January 23, 2008 at 12:00pm est time. The winner of this bling will have placed the highest bid in fubucks, and will be notified VIA email. The person that holds the highest bid has 24 Hours to reply, or this offer will go to the person with the next highest bid. The minimum starting bid will be 500K in fubucks. So let the bidding begin, and good luck and have fun :D. All bids must be placed in this blog in order to be legit!! Let the bidding begin...
Sarge's Bad Girls Lounge
Thanks To Blue Eyed Brat For This Idea..We Should Start Using Our Lounge... Having Meetings In There And Just Going In There To Hang Out At Times..And Even Putting Cams In There For Those That Would Like To Get On Cam In There.. So If Anyone Likes Those Ideas Or Has More ..Feel Free To Let Me Know By Commenting Here.. Be Sure To Join The Lounge At This Link Everyone Join The Lounge So I Can Start Sending Out Messages To Everyone.. TY Cams Have Been Set Up In The Lounge.. Blue Eyed Brat Is The One To Go To For The Cam Info If You Want To Be On Cam.. Welcome aGEM4life as our new DJ.
I am still not doing a lot on fubar because my wrist is bugging me and hurting to much :-/ I did get a cheap ass wrist support brace today, but it didn't seem to help much. I need friggin medical! I have been bouncing between different anti-inflammatories that were prescribed for my knee, and they are not touching the wrist hardly at all. I am sure its from carpal tunnel, I am just not sure why the fingers and parts of the hand are swelling some, they have never done that before with it, before it was just pain.
I Need Your Help With Some Motivation, Please. Be Nice Too...
i need your help with some motivation. I am trying to lose between 75 ++ pounds b4 Summer. Right know I am a 34 year old 5'6 260 pounds and I want to be able to have children and live to see them grow. So what i am asking for is your motivation to keep me going and plus i am helping out some good friends with it too and with your help to keep me going i can do the same thing. I am going to post pics and updates on how it is going so that way all my friends and family can see and give me the motivation that I need to keep going. I want to thank you all for your help. Okay yall this really hard for me to share the real life pix of me now…I know quality is bad but you get an idea of me and what I see everyday…. And never share… the weight loss blog group:Hihoney24,Teddybear77, and Simply friends doing the weight blog with me. Please show them the same support as you guys been showing me thanks!
Rant #443
Has the endless hordes of attention seeking whores on this God foresaken site put a certain expectation on all women to show their goodies? Run-on like whoa. Has it become so second nature that a first greeting is the exchange of n00ds? I shouldn't say exchange, usually it's the female being an attention starved hussy w/ a Daddy complex and giving away n00ds. "Love me Love me!" no matter what. Chicks today. I shake my head at them. Call me judgemental, go ahead, I'll agree with you. I'm judgemental as hell about this subject. What subject? Whores! I don't know where I'm going with this. I just saw ANOTHER default pic of some female sucking on a lollipop like it was her last meal. Makes my stomach turn. Have some class. You might say I'm insecure, have low self esteem, I'm jealous (HA!), blah blah blah. Not at all. The term "If you got it, flaunt it" should be taken with a grain of salt. Even if I had a Supermodel's body, you wouldn't catch me doing HALF of what these troll
Uhm.. What?
Ok so when I left for class I was at EXACTLY 500k to level. Somehow I magically am now at 500,086 to level. How do you randomly have points added on? =/ Just asking.
Leveling Blog 300
ߣnĐŁ®ßL@kŁ@ fubar 296k Auto 11's on
The Trip
My bestest friend Olga just got back from Israel yesterday. I had no idea she was going, but she is very secretive, so... She says they heard some rockets, but otherwise it went fine. It was the same trip I went on 2 yrs ago, only her group was way better. SHe told me that Hamas made the truce with Israel can deliver food and aid to Gaza. How sweet of Hamas to let them do it. I don't know why Israel is being such a pussy right now, and its annoying as hell. Oh, well, I just hope the shit stops from "blowing up" (pun intended) and escalating too much by the time I go there next year to work for civilian IDF :)
I Can't Talk About It
I can't say where this is from, but THEY know. This pic was lifted from my MySpace, and it WAS a pic of me on my way to Family Values in 2007. My boyfriend happened to see it today. I'm feeling proud that someone thought me worthy enough to post there. I have a good idea who it was, and when it was mentioned in this individual's presence today when he came to pick up the kids, his expression was one of fake surprise... Don't worry... I'll get him...
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ryellowfast07@ fubar 200k to level Auto 11's on
Want A Salute From Me?
I get a lot of requests for salutes. And to be honest, I don't really have the time or desire to make them for everyone that wants one. So here is the deal.... If you want a SFW salute from me they will cost a 65 credit bling pack.  1. Send me the bling pack. But sure to say that you are sending it for a salute. Otherwise, I will think you are just being nice and you won't get one. 2. I will make salutes at least once a week. So, be patient. 3. Requests are just that - a request. You get what I decide to do. You can of course, let me know what you would like, but that doesn't mean I will do it. 4. Put ALL info. ( be sure to let me know what name you want me to use - your screen name or a real name. However you spell it - is how it will be done.) in your fupal transfer message. As I do not always get to read all my message. Any message you send outside of the fupal transfer - there is NO guaranteed I will read it. Sorry if you think this is me being a bitch. But I do have ove
Lucky Charms
I AM STARTING A GROUP KNOWN A LUCKY CHARMS WHO WOULD LIKE TO BE A LUCKY CHARM! THE LUCKY CHARMS IS A GROUP WHO WILL BE SECRETLY RATING OTHER FU MEMBERS AND ALSO MY LUCKY CHARMS. All lucky charms must add all the other members. Hence the terms friends. And must add member of the lucky charms to their names.
Just One Rate Plzzzzzzzz
Sorry Yall Had To get Ya Here Somehow.. hehe Ok I really need some help from all my friends..*bats eyelshes*..Just One Rate Plzzz And Ty In Advance!! Btw Thank Ms Hellcat for this bully she rocks the fu ..ya wont regret it ..:p EACH OF THESE 4 FRIENDS NEED JUST 1 RATE PLEASE. IT WILL ONLY TAKE A SECOND TO CLICK ON EACH PIC AND RATE 10 OR 11 FOR THEM AND I'D SUPER APPRECIATE IT!! WINNERS OF EACH CONTEST THESE PEOPLE ARE IN WILL GET AN AUTO 11 SO HELP OUT WON'T YOU? WHAT'S A RATE?? THANKS!! (repost of original by 'TEXAS HELLCAT PLEASE RERATE MY PAGE TY!!' on '2009-02-20 16:19:24')
Yesterday ended up being much longer than I originally anticipated. We took off late due to deicing and I already had a slim amount of time before I had to catch my next flight on the layover. Well between getting in 10 mins late, waiting to get off the plane, and taking the amtrak to the next concourse, I was late to my connection (I wasn't the only one). So I kept my composure and the lady swapped airline carriers. I had just under an hour to take the amtrak over to the otherside of the airport to catch that flight. Took an hour flight from dallas to houston and had just 45 mins again to get from that flight to my connecting. Houston's not as insane though, so I made it with a few mins to spare prior to boarding. Unfortunately after all that I didn't get until nearly 9pm. And with me changing airlines, my bag got lost in the shuffle (I knew that when she did it). I should get it today, since they didn't call me last night (the other AA flight landed at 1045 last night). Unfortunately
I am an observer: I love watching people, making observations about them. I have found that about 90% of men that hit on me at work are: -in their early to mid 40's -at the hotel with their wife and usually daughters -have goatees or mustaches
It's All A Broads Damn Fault!!
grrrr....mb...grrr!!! Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I fart a lot..sad but true, I especially like to fart in elevators. 2. I love my family not weird...but a bit strange since they all should be locked in a closet for a day or so. so, I can relax 3. I'm a blue collar girl..but I fix computers. 4. I believe my plants speak to me. 5. I believe my animals speak to me. 6. I have a cabin that I never get to visit 7. I have a "thing" for green peanut M & M's 8. I love photography, if I could...I'd do it for a living. 9. marijuana should be legal like 100% not this "less then an ounce bs" 10. orchids make me cream 1.
Lazily Tagged By Poetic
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I ate an earthworm for $10 at age 12. 2. My first concert was Prince - Purple Rain Tour 3. My Aunt calls me Toilet Paper, because my initials are T.P. 4. I have never smoked Marijuana. 5. At 9years old 70% of my face was burned from opening a pressure cooker. 6. In 5th grade I sold Zinc tablets to two guys lookin to buy speed. 7. I admire Musicians most of all 8. I love Bulls eye BBQ sauce in my Velveta Shells and Cheese. 9. I have a tattoo that only one person (besides myself) knows the meaning of 10. I have had a gun pulled on me 3 times in my life, so far
As Ordered By Mattym
1. YOUR REAL NAME: Stephany Lamb 2. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME (mother and father's middle names) Gene Elliot 3. NASCAR NAME (first name of your mother's dad; father's dad) Kenneth Albert 4. STAR WARS NAME (the first three letters of your last name, first two letters of your first name) LamSt 5. DETECTIVE NAME (favorite color, favorite animal) Pink Horse 6. SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, town where you were born) Marie Riverton 7. SUPERHERO NAME (second fav color, fave drink, add 'the' to the beginning) The Pink Raspberry Kamikaze 8.FLY NAME (first two letters of your first name, last two letters of your last name) Stmb 9.ROCK STAR NAME (current pet's name, current street name) Dory Seventh 10. PORN NAME (first pet, street you grew up on) Gret Humboldt 11. GANGSTA NAME (first three letters of your real name, plus izzle) Steizzle 12.GOTH NAME (black, and the name of one of your pets) Black Dory 13. STRIPPER NAME (favorite perfume, fav
Anyone willing to help a sweet guy out? He has A-11's running and would just like a little help...I mean c'mon...even I'm rating him! greed@ fubar
Sex Ed
(If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say! ....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!) ================================================================================================== What is it that you absolutely need sexually? A partner? Someone who can read body language What is something you have always wanted to try? *shrugs* guess we get the perversion ball rolling here...I have a serious thing for group sex although i have only been brave enough to go in very small groups What is something you have never done in bed before? TP we will leave it at that What time of day do you like to have sex? Whenever...but sometimes night time is just the right time What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? Passion How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? mmmmmm not very long...there is something about grabbing soemone by the back of the head to pull them groping a
Midgets, Cock-rings And Mesh Shorts
In the past, I've declared the iPod to be "quite possibly the world's greatest invention". Some would disagree that the greatest invention is indeed the Strip Club. Not only are these people wrong, they're also really fucking pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy boobies in my face every bit as much as the next guy, but I prefer it happen in the privacy of my own home. Or at the very least, the craft section at the local Wal-Mart or something. Before I get into the details of why strip clubs are pointless unless you're a complete loser, I'm going to recap my first ever experience at a strip club. I cannot lie. My first trip to a strip club was fan-fucking-tastic. I was 16 years old and I ended up getting in because my friend was an african american midget. Come to think of it, he probably still is an african american midget. That kinda thing tends to stay with you through life. And before you, I'm not kidding. His name was Lewis and he stood about....I don't know, 3 fee
Family Add
NSFW pics are viewable by family only. If you want to get into the family rotation, please show me some love by rating my regular pics since no points are given to NSFW pics (its only fair dontchya think?), or bling me, or do something fabulous :) . Let me know through a message that you would like to view them, I sometimes have so much going on that I may miss the fact that you have rated me....or.... dont know that you want to view them (Hey, it could happen LOL) I do get a little upset at "Hey let me see your NSFW's" being the first words out of someones mouth (shout box, message, etc), such as People that are not my friends yet or have just added me. Also, after being added to view them, I would appreciate something stating that you at least like them, otherwise I may remove you from the family quickly. I am not saying you have to comment on them (which I do love tho), but at least a quick note saying that you enjoyed them. And Please remember that I must remove family members to a
What Happens When...
What happens when you grow up?!? What happens when you don't ever worry about how much money is in your wallet?!? What happens when you no longer worry about how much food is in your fridge?!? What happens when you no longer worry about job security?!? What happens when you no longer worry about monthly bills?!? What happens when you no longer care about how long you'll live?!? What happens when you can drive ANYWHERE, but you don't know where to go?!? What happens when you've cared, but can't care anymore?!? ... What happens when you've done it all...
So, I am literally so uncomfortable and sick right now I can't fall asleep. What started as a sore throat is now Sore Throat, ear ache [both ears], hot/cold flashes, full head headache, and an upset stomach. The problem is; I am poor [srsly o.o] and can't afford to go to the doctor. There is nothing on tv and the interwebs is not entertaining me. Halp?
I'm gonna buy a cherrybomb later today when the HHs get rolling...Just wondering who all has a 250 folder? I'll bomb it for ya
Cherry Bomb Bling For Auction!!
Auction over on Friday, March 13 at midnight PST Starting bid is $2M fubucks! GET YOUR CHERRY BOMB BLING NOW AND LEVEL UP FU PEOPLE!!!!!
Just A Loving Reminder To Our Family Members
It has been brought to our attention that there appears to be a problem with all members being added to friends lists and ReRating of members. Per The Pegasus Project's Terms of Commitment, these are items which are required of all members. Normally the adding of the family falls on the shoulders of the New Members. However, we are a family and in that spirit it is felt that if anyone should find another member which has not been added, that they should extend an invitation to Add. When sending an Add request, please include the note that you are a Pegasus Family Member and would like to be added. We have to realize that sometime life gets a little cluttered and things can fall through the cracks, and in this spirit we ask that every member take on the responsibility of reaching out to the others. If any member ignores or refuses your request to add, make a second attempt and if that request is not accepted, please contact your team leader or the home page for assistance in the mat
I'm really upset right now. I'm being accused of being a cheater in the contest when I have never cheated ever! I went to sleep last night and had about 300 rates and woke up to 880..I WAS JUST AS SHOCKED AS EVERYONE ELSE!! I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA WTH IS GOING ON!
Blogging From My Ipod Touch
So I'm sitting outside typing this blog on my iPod touch. My mom locked her keys in her car with the ignition switch in the on position. Needless to say the battery died. The locksmith guy got in the car in less than a minute and then he helped me jump start it, all for $35. To me that was a pretty good deal. He didn't even turn his engine off. Now I'm sitting in my mom's car while it runs. It is 86 degrees out here. But with the windows down it feels nice. I've got to go pick her up from work in a little while. That is my random blog for the day.
so as a few of you know, i was going to delete my profile, and they wont let me, for reasons even i dont know, and in the process of this, i have hurt peoples feelings, and for that i am sorry. ads pointed out to me that to alot this place is like a second home, and even if they have other ways to contact me, they most likely wont. i dont know, this has been a iffy subject for me, because i really dislike the direction this site is going, but for the sake of my wonderful friendships i have found on this site, i will not delete, but i am going to make everything friends only, which im sure will piss off alot of people, but, oh well. love you fuckers but i truly hate fubar
Congrats Neppi
1)Neppi made it to Angel. Way to go buddy. I call him the mad bomber now. LOL 2) Ms D is getting hammered. Ask for bewb salutes. 3) The spotlight is HOT 4) Can you rate this one picture for me? thanks. 5) Sherry and Vixen crack me up
Who Wants A Personal Salute
Let Us Fight In Circles!!!!
MuMMs. a place where you can fight with one another about who is right and who is wrong. me? i usual avoid it. it's just stupid crap that i don't need to get into. i'm on fubar to have fun not to take about politics, religion, etc.. i deal with that enough in real life. but what is fun is fighting with someone without really fighting. just being nice to them and letting them know that you are no threat. and what happens? they FREAK! they find something to argue about. name calling ya know, the obvious. it's really entertaining. i don't like to fight. i never want to fight. and the way i approach it makes things easier on me. i don't end up talking out of my ass and in the end that person will just continue on in their stupidity. well, i think you should try it out. i only do it when i'm feeling 'frisky'. like today. but i'm good for now. (not to say i haven't thought about arguing with others before it's just that i keep my mouth shut) OMG!
I'm having trouble finding a rhythm for my new life. I can't seen to find a routine that doesn't feel awkward. Maybe over time things will feel different, but right now I feel like I'm drowing in quicksand...
Fu-owned Auction 6 Preview
Are You Flirtatious, Fearless, Factual, Or Friendly?
You Are Factual You are highly intelligent, especially in areas that deal with concrete knowledge and facts. You are amazingly analytical. You can make sense of chaos without involving your emotions. If anything, you tend to be overly logical. It's sometimes hard for you to come to a decision, because you're too busy weighing all the options. People turn to you in times of trouble. They know that they can trust you to give good, well thought out advice. Are You Flirtatious, Fearless, Factual, or Friendly?
Ohhh Noes Mister Bill!!!!!!!!!
only steers & queers come from TX p.s. I'm point whoring, so rate my freaking page....(h) you all!!!!
Well Bullfuckingshit!
So I WAS going to North Carolina this weekend. I've taken the days off and everything. Me and my cousin were going there and now she sends me a text saying she can't go...she has to work. So I'm gonna be stuck here. Ugh. I wonder how much a plane ticket would
Too Fucking Funny And So Fucking True
seriously comic relief lmfao
He's A Turd!
**Congratulations!!!** Today's spotlight winner is a great guy. For reasons I'm NOT going to get into, I can't post a picture link to his profile. Just know that he deserves every amount of Fu-Love he gets. Rates/Fans/Adds/Blings. So PLEASE go show him some love!!! Whoremaster
Strangest Text Messages Ever
I feel bad for this chick.. but i have NO idea what is going on... shes blue, i am orange   Whos this? **** whos this found this number on my phone bill, just wondering why there are so many txts and who it was well who is this first tell me if u male or female not playing this little game with you tell me who you are or don't text again not a game, just wanna know if ur a female-cuz ur number is on my husbands bill. now, "****" my name is shyla. and i hope 4 ur sake ur sake ur not a female who is your husband? i am married too so i don't know why my number would be on someone's phone doesn't matter who he is. u should know how many married men u talk to. u just answered my question I have a lot of friends but honestly have no idea who this is or who you are whatever.thanks. try 2 keep my husband out of ur "friends" If i knew who he was that might be possible oh it will be a possible bitch. its gonna be a definite sweetie you are getting mad at the wrong person i really
So, I found out that my little sister is pregnant. I am so unbelievabled pissed at her, and I know that won't help her out right now at all. Apparently, her and my mom have known for almost 4 weeks now. She couldn't even tell me herself, she had to have my mom tell me, at like 5 a.m. today when I was heading to bed. So far, only her, my mom, my mom's sister, and my mom's mom know besides me. Apaprently, I have been giving the job of letting one of our other sister's know.  I have been trying to tell my sister since last summer she was going to fuck up her life. Now she is having a baby, with a wigger boy, who dropped out of high school.  Oh, yeah and she doesn't want to go to college now. I wish my dad were here.  If he was still alive, none of this shit would have ever happened. Oh yeah.  Might as well add in she is getting 6 months probation for trying to steal from Kmart. Jesus Fucking Christ.
Vets Black Listed
The Departmet of Homeland security has black listed Vets. as possible domestic terroirst. They have informed law inforcement to be on the look out for vets as possile terrorist. So now I have to worry about driving around with my Vet plates I am a target. This morning I wrote a post about a Homeland Security paper that warned about “right wing extremists” and the threat that they may pose to the government.   This paper basically lumped in people who are either pro second amendment, anti abortion, anti illegal immigration, or pro smaller government (or more than one or all of the above)  with white supremacists and domestic terrorists. As maddening as I found that paper there was one aspect to the paper that I missed this morning and to me it is much more egregious.   This is what the Department of Homeland Security thinks about our military men and women who are overseas fighting on our behalf: the return of military veterans facing significant challenges
You Have Got To Be Kidding Me...
My globals just got taken from me. All I get is that generic message "one of your mumms violated blah blah blah"... Last blog I posted is still up, And if anyone knows me, I'm pretty much saying what everyone else is saying on the MuMMs. Yet, when I went to post a new MuMM, I was told I can't do it... ... WTF?!? I don't even get any details, so I know not to do it again... I know I've been contoversial before, but I haven't done ANYTHING like that in MONTHES... *sigh*  
Fittin In...
thats one thing I have never accomplished. Is it such a bad thing? I constantly hear people yap about being "unique", "individual", "unconformmist", other crap. Which basically means they still want to conform to the non conformity. Just like people that get tattoos and piercings in order to be unique, and then flock to the like ones. I recently have realized that I am jealous of people that fit in, that have their own niche, that know who they are and have respect based on that. Growing up, I always wanted to fit in, but couldn't.  In Russia, I was the only Jew in my entire school, and I had to make sure that anyone that tried to assault my dignity based on my ethnicity had their faces beat in.  I succeeded, mostly due to my violent personality when I was a kid, and not out of respect for my nation. I had friends, but it wasn't the same. I spent all my time going to music school while they played in the streets, so after a while, they got tired of inviting me with them, and I was le
thanks for the proliferation of texts checking up on me from those of u who have my #, and thanks for all the worry (y'all more worried than i!) and... "advice." :p i think i'll live.   i just got in from the hospital where i had to have IV fluids and pain medication, as well as anti-emetics. they had to give me the stuff they give ppl who have stomach cancer -- and it still didn't help completely. but anyway, i'm home, determined to go to work tomorrow, very very weak.   there are some tests to yet be completed, but they're hoping it's just a kick-ass case of intestinal flu or salmonella.   i'm off now, really too tired to even sit here and type and look at a screen, will get caught up this week.           
My blog is ranked 58th on Fubar...   I have nothing interesting to say...   Sup wit dat?       Oh yeah, check mah status :p     and I have noticed that since I deleted a certain fubarian that some of my so called friends have become nonexistant and some people are going to be deleted.
Fubar Vs Mario Kart
Okay, this will make sense to only people who have played Mario Kart...Witchie, you may stop reading now...   I came to a realization today that Fubar and Mario Kart are very similar. You only win if you get the good blings. Auto 11's and Cherry Bombs are much like the "Bullet" and "Lightning" on MK. All 4 get you in the lead, but in the end you're still just playing wth your Wii.
Gay Dream
I dreamt last night I ran a house of ill repute.  Some guy was in, and a man was dancing for him, dressed as a unicorn, and the dancer had a velvet hat on with a big velvet penis on it that was the horn, and two women were dancing too next to teh unicorn stroking the penis/horn.  And I was also there with an erection, but no-one paid any attention to my actual real penis, they just were all transfixed with the velvet penis hat.   Do you think it means something?
I Am. All Three Of Me. Just Me.
This was written probably nine months ago, i typed it out once and lost it. i was living with mom already for a couple months by then. i read through it because the beginning was what i felt, i'm typing it because the rest reminded me that i don't always feel this way, figured i'd post it this time. (******** and @@@@@ used because i'm still not telling you all my name - even if you guess it)i am frustrated, irritated, annoyed. i am sad, depressed, vacant. i am scared, hopeless, and overwhelmed. mom keeps blaming me for everything. she takes no responsibility for her situation. i am the "instigator," the scapegoat, i am the "root of all that is undesirable" in her kingdom.i try to help the kids. i keep them focused when it is time for them to do homework and chores. i listen when they are frustrasted, upset, angry. i try to mediate when they can't deal with mom.i am quick-tempered. i am alone. i am trapped by my fears, my emotions, my protective instincts, my financial situation. there
Auction time peoples!! Come bid on me please!   :D            
Questions 5-12-09
Uhm...I got nothin to start with, but lets see if we can't get some participation happening. C'mon people, gimme some help here...   And if you don't understand what's going on, just ask
Spider Angel???
Yep, I'm doing it again! Trying to get my Angel wings this time. After a long time and a lot of help and effort from my friends I'm getting close to reach Angel. I'll be hosting a HH Sat@3PM Fubar time(yes,again lol).Autos and bombs will be running as always.So for the last time I'm asking for a bit of help. Thank you to all my friends and family who always helped and been here for me, not only when I needed help to level but also when i needed real friends. Hope to see you on Sat.XoXoXo Bully brought to you by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
If You Cant ....
Mo Fon Gosh! one say that in my first global mumm back next Wensday....or *gag* either.   thanks
Help Me!!!
I am in need of some help! I need EVERYONE to go do the initial registration for this.. you will NEVER have to go to it again.. i swear it.. I really want blizzcon tickets and need as many points as i can so that i can get entries :D   HELP ME BE A GEEK!!!!       EDIT Ok as that link thingy doesn't seem to want to work for me.. if you would like to help me out.. please PM me your name and email addy (or comment it... if you are brave..) and i will send it that way
Spotlight Fund Day 3
brought to you in part by Pixeh, Kit, Vanima, Misty Melons, Jai, Joker, OMFGSHOSHONNI, Tom, Brain Ninja, Nursie, Postal Florist, LaLa, Jeniwren, Majik, Bunnz, NinjyStars, Hairduz123, Luna Deuville, Sproet, She Devil, Faeriesue, Not tellin, 9987, MooMoo, Moet, Deacon, Lipstick, Frayed Knot, Mistress of Wolves, Gabe, Muss, Yssup, Noone, Babybootay, Whorasaurus Sex, Morgan Le Fay, Cute But Psycho, Goddess Kevauna, Jan, Black Widow, Pan, Kisses Papercut, Cory, Witchie, Jennie28, CQQrsLightGirl, WooGirl, Karma's Bitch, TopKnotch, Silver Diamond, Kit, Cataine, Sugit, Master Of Puppets, Trippitaka, Angel on the Moon, Crystal, broken, KissedByTheSun, ticktick....BOOM, GutterSlut, Porch, Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekakakakakakakakakaka, Tamz, Kittie, Misfit You know what, it may be only made up money on a dumb website that I'm saving up for a dumb thing that means nothing, but you know what? I love you people and am genuinely bowled over by how absolutely adorable each and every one of y
You Guys Rock!!!
I just wanted to say thanks!  Mah friends rock!  & make mah heart swell!!!!!!!  PoStaL...Bunnz...William...JoJo (blue)....MB...and any one else that contributed fu-bux  to help lead me down the point whoring path of the Fu!   LOL PS:   thanks Bunnz & PoStaL for learning me well!   and thanks to Not that Girl for the tip!   ♥    peace baby    & PEACE BLING!!! yah!!!!!!!
Virgin Mobile
Anyone have that, besides me? I'm wanting to get a phone that I can send/receive music with using bluetooth. The one I have now has bluetooth, but I can't send shit. I can only use it to talk on the phone. NOT what I wanted. Anyway, just looking for some ideas.   Another thing, in the details of one of the phones it says "Stereo Bluetooth® Wireless Technology"...what the fuck does that mean?
i will have my net turned on Jun 1st........holla!!!
Bombing Today:)
When It Rains.....
It pours , Im bored outta my mind..done with chores for now.... Was to paint the bar today but they still arent ready(was to be ready on monday) .... Have to work tonight dont wanna...Im all pmsy and emo and ready to kill.... all at he same time......*sighs* entertain me for a bit ....plz... makeme smile, laugh, throw things at this point i really dont care as long as im something other then what i am....
Assault And Battery
Ok, so at football today, I end up on the team against the two heaviest hitters that play. As the volunteer goalie, that was not good news for me.   I think they broke my right hand from trying to save their damn 100mph shots. It's properly shaking everytime I try and pick something up, can't type or even scroll with the mouse for prolonged periods.   Bastards
Whoring Myself Out Again!
I'm whoring myself out again... Click on the pic to go to the auction and place your bids!
Step It Up
Holy Wow
So I stopped at Sonic after work to get a real fruit strawberry slush. Since it's happy hour and the drinks are half off, I got the largest size. HOLY WOW this cup is huge!! I can't even wrap my fingers around it. It is soooo yummy though. Okay, random story over. Oh, here's the pics. Ignore how rough I look. I've been working out for the past hour. lol
*le Sigh*
Comcast doesn't want me :( That makes 4 interviews I got turned down for. Whatever!!!  
Does This Turn You On?
yeah me neither but it does remind me of a certain someone :(
Fu-drama Queers...
I get it all the time. Green names showing up in my SB... Seriously, you think ya can get under my skin?!? And before you answer "Ya making a blog about..." let me put shit in perspective... If ya think ya the first to fuck with me, you're not... If ya think I know who you are, I don't.... So go jack off at the idea I JUST paid attention to ya. ...enjoy it while it lasts...  
Please Read And If U Dont Like It Delet Me
    okay,  If the Title pisses you off  and it makes u think I take this place to seriously then f00k off right now b4 u even read the rest of It!!! and DELET ME!!     I have quiet a few Fu members in my family  that ALOT of ppl dont like, that is my choice this is my page!! i will put in my family whom i choose to!! i do not need u as friends coming to my page leaving shitty jackass comments about somone that i have in my family... You are added to my  friends To TALK TO ME ..Not to put others on my page down or to use my page to put rude ass comments up about ppl u dont like so that u can start your drama bullshit... this blog is open to everyone...  and this is how i feel, the person who fueled this has been BLOCKED!!!...  if  you have anything  negative u would like to say  to me or leave in a photo comment like an ASS, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED TOO!!! best way to say it, is like my grandmother always said  if u dont have something nice to say dont say anything and if u cant come aro
I'm In A Bad Mood
I'm in a pissy mood. My mom is being a bitch and doing things just to get on my nerves. So if I snap at you...I'm more than likely sorry.
Stfu 4 Life
HI... My name is Ashley Nichole. I go by Sexichica88 on this site.   My friends call me sexi or chica.   I am the "Queen" of STFU (Sexi Twisted Females Uncensored) We are a group of women who's sole purpose is to love each other and have each others backs.. We are here not to fight with other groups but to embrace the friendships and love from everyone in our group. However we are not afraid to back each other up and tell you to STFU if you give any of us problems. We are family. We do  whatever it takes to make our members feel welcome. STFU is growing day by day. Our members are made to feel loved and important. They are made to feel like they're not alone which everyone knows is something that they want to feel. We don't claim to be better than anyone else. We don't claim to be anything but ourselves. We accept all and we love having new members.   PinkSugar is my number 2 STFU girl. She is an AMAZING woman who I would say would go above and beyond for anyone. She has a H
Random Thoughts
So when I first saw the new levels I thought, wow, this is going to be even more annoying than before. But actually, I've been getting a ton of profile rates from point whores who are now gunning for level 31 and it's kind of become amusing. It's like a fu race to see who levels first.  Side note, Nick Swardson is fucking hilarious. I'm excited to go out tonight with my bff. Should be good times. I hope for lots of drunken debauchary and whoriness as this will be my last drunk night in Plattsburgh...but then this town sucks so bad that I'm sure it will be lame.
Peephouse Construction
I worked on the peephouse interior today, and I installed two of the four bookshelves.  Just two more to go until the feathered ladies have a peep-sized library.  Then I need to finish installing the insulation and put up the interior siding.  Oh, and install a window, and chicken-wire everything.  I suppose I have a ways to go before the peeps will be in their new home.  Until then, the Olay Regenerist box in the garage will keep them safe and wrinkle-free.After a rigorous hour or two of construction work this morning, I sunbathed for an hour.  Or, I read a bit of Ulysses and masturbated topless in the sun, however you like to put it. In an unrelated matter, I cannot decide whether to call the peep's outdoor dwelling a patio or a sunroom.  If you have other suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them.  Just don't let them be stupid suggestions.  TYIA.
Camel Spider
Camel Spider You're very misunderstood. People tend to be put off by your appearance, but really you just want to be friends with everyone! You are known for being fast and hating the sun, but you're generally friendly and intelligent. You can be a very loyal friend once people give you a chance.
Someone needs to tell "the powers that be" that the rain has to stop. They aren't listening to me. I'll even be willing to make a deal...rain now, no rain tonight.   Me, my friend, and her husband are suppose to be going to look at the "spook light". I've seen it before and it's amazing. But the light can't be seen when it's raining. If you want to see what the spook light is, click here.   Anyway, who wants to try getting the rain to stop?
More Demotivators And A Blog Test...
    Let's see if this works...
Lyrical Quiz Time Again
K, so I'm thinking of doing another of those first line lyric quizes like I've done before. I'm planning on making it a Metallica special, one, maybe two songs from each album (except St. Anger, just because), same rules as usual, answers in the comments etc. Prize this time being a day blast or 6 bling pack. Would anyone be interested in that?
Something About Me
You may have noticed at times when I type and I respond back to everyone I am a little slow doing so. It is because I am dyslexic. I was blaming it on my glasses to a family member in the shout boxt the outher night because I read everthing backwards and I tend to do that. But I have busted my ass in life, going from special ed when I was a kid to having a 4.0 in college now.... I just wanted my friends to know this.
The Lil Ppl
ok so if u wanna say that im bitching cool dont really care what most of u will think of this enry but i see alot of bull shit on this site lately   some of u are prolly thinkin - "what bull shit" - its simple and most are to blind to see it - and realize they are doing it as well as others we all forgot about those that helped us get to where we are - get to the levels and popularity we all have gained - all the little people in our fu-lives that have rated and been friends with us from day 1. all the statuses and tickers about giving tis person bux and points and helpng this person level to a higher level - wile we have others struggling like we did to get to where we are - when we know the feeling of what its like to have to rate your way to the top - we all went threw it before - from lost souls to cherry tap to now fubar - in the beginning there was no bombs and autos - it was all manual - reach your limit and your done for the day - u found ppl to rate and new friends in th
I Just Don't Know
how is this more offensive than hitler, osama or kim jung il ? i got more complaints for this than the other three. sick world indeed.
If I should disappear one day look me up at the Shakopee Women's Correctional facility. I may have slit my ex-husband's throat. I'm going to try to not get caught, but hey...I've always sucked at hide and go seek.
August 20th Is The Day
Busted Blog 7/31/09!
Now that I've built my new pc and have it up and running its time to get a new busted blog out. I've been itching to post this blog for two weeks now. Princesa Profile Link: This lovely fubar member blocked me recently for no reason other then being afraid of getting busted. So it only seems right to put her at the top of my blog. Don't forget to take a look at princesa's status in the image above. Now why is it that she can have a camera to have nude photos of herself to sell online but no salute? Perhaps because the REAL person in the photos is Brianna Garcia.  Selling someone elses copyrighted work is ILLEGAL!! If you google Brianna Garcia you'll come across tons of photos of her INCLUDING salutes she's made for other sites!! IF the girl on fubar was Brianna Garcia she would have a salute by now. ***
From this week's A Prairie Home Companion newsletter. "Post to the Host GK Answers your questions Post to the Host: Are you going to make another movie? I really enjoyed the Altman movie and miss that type of wonderful dialogue. Thank you, Jess -- I'm working on a screenplay now, a fragile love story set in Lake Wobegon, and want to finish it before Labor Day. And then we shall see." I'm sure nobody else on this entire website gives a shit, but I am wayyyy excited by the prospect of a Wobegon movie.
True Love.... By Kevin Hill
True Love You say that you love her But love is not something you just say You have to show true love And pray to the lord above For a good job, nice house, and car Not going out and getting drunk at the bar Or playing at the club and getting par   When you come near me I am speechless Because the thought of talking to an angel is amazing Your eyes remind me of a unicorn, beautiful, and incapable of capture The thought of you puts me in a state of rapture If anything were to happen to you I don’t know what I might do Because you are my one my only boo   I love you gir
Just Wondering
I was looking through some old pix, and found some of me and the last... whatever she was. She was in and outta of my life for 4yrs, 6months at a time. I havent spoken to her in a few months and I think she got the point that I want it to stay that way. But looking at some of those pix... kinda hurted a bit. Is it even worth keeping them? I mean eventually all the memories from the pix all lead down the same road...
Hello everyone, I am on a major project with work at the moment which is taking all my time, including some evenings if I take a while to respond or you've not heard from me, I'm not ignoring you or having a fu break, fed up etc...I'm just really busy and by the time I get on here, I'm exhausted (get the violins out lol). Anyway, hope you be back on form soon, but will probably be in a few weeks. Do not delete me haha :D   Tracey x    
The "no" Board.
Feel free to click it and take it. I know the ladies will appreciate this. I found this today on the page of someone who’s been here forever and is one of the coolest dudes on the Fu. And guess what he hates fakes too! So check out Mr…. mtbikers72@ fubar Enjoy today and a better tomorrow. Please rate if you haven’t already and if you have plz message for payment. Choi.. Bbl peace.
Auto 11 And Bomb Auction !!!
ok!! just bid on them here ... (sorry about confusion) YOU ARE BIDDING ON BOTH NOT JUST ONE !!! GOOD LUCK ... ENDS TOMORROW AT 6 PM EST !!!
Would You Let Your 16 Year Old Daughter Do This?...
No wonder so many young (and older) girls have self esteem problems. No wonder society is the way it wonder...amazing...and her dad says its' entertainment. For who, pedophiles? Thought of the night...
Bringing Us To Our Knees
It amazes me sometimes how quickly things change.  One minute I'm sitting here smiling, and with one quick phone call I'm bawling my eyes out.   Last night, a good friend of mine's 9 year old son was climbing a tree in his yard with his friends like he's done a hundred times if he's done it once.  He slipped & fell, and when his grandmother reached him, he had no vitals.  She proceeded to administer CPR until paramedics arrived.  He was admitted into the ICU.  His spinal cord has been severed from his brain, and up until a few hours ago, he registered no brain activity.  He is now showing faint brain activity, but doctors aren't very hopeful that his condition will improve.  I'm asking anyone who reads this to remember Teddy and his family in your prayers and thoughts tonight.  God Bless, and thanks.       As Teddy did not have medical insurance, a fund for medical expenses has been started.  Please read the following local news links if you are interested in helping.  Your contin
Stupid Skin Problems
warning gross info ahead     i have this skin condition that causes blisters, sores, and boil type thingies on my legs arms and other areas... it drives me insane... well it has decided to flare up lately... my hand has little blisters and major rough spots threatening to split open in some areas.. hell have one little split between my fingers in an area.. i am getting little blisters on my torso... and my legs. forget about it.. they are fucked.. there is this ONE spot that is killing me badly though... it has turned into a boil type thingy.. kinda on my inner thigh but not... i can't lance it myself because of where it is at.. and my husband doesn't want too.. but if i don't.. it is going to hurt WAYYY too bad for the next week or so... sooo should i beg him to do something yucky for me and pitch a fit until he does it... or should i just call my momma and tell her i need her needlework again (she used to lance them for me when i was a kid.. this is the worst i have had in a
*angelic Demonisation*
Shrouded in darkness no feeling within no thoughts of emotion no inclination of sin enter the room noone sees the real you there none know of that cross you bare     The angel walks into the room shrouded in light no darkness looms The angelic carisma sucks you in Come closer inhale breathe it in   Smell the sweet perfume as it melts into your senses tell a joke break the tension fake a smile  remember your intention play your game start the misconseptions
Sample Birth Chart
Ok, this was eerily true, in every way. I mean, wow. I'm tempted to PAY for the whole reading, it's so dead on. Damn. *blinks*     Ascendant in Sagittarius and Sun in Scorpio Behind your rather jovial, open, enthusiastic demeanor, there is a very different side to you -- deeper, more serious, and more emotionally intense, as described below. Your optimism and idealism is tempered and balanced by a certain suspicion and a sense of the darker side of life and of people.  Sun in Scorpio Quiet, deep, emotionally complex and intensely private, you are not a person who is easy to get to know and understand. You are extremely sensitive but disinclined to show it, and you allow only a special few into your inner world. Like a wary animal, you are cautious and mistrustful of those you do not know until you "sniff them out". You are very, very instinctive and intuitive. You usually have a strong, immediate gut reaction to people, even though you may be unable to clearly articulate
I have attempted to try and sort my other profile out. I have sent support 2 messages - no reply. I have sent a message to both Scrapper and BabyJ - no reply. I have been in the support lounge 3 times now and all they are polite and offer advice it is  - shite. I find it ironic that it was a customer service mumm that got me here in the first place or this on my profile ...   Has it worked???
Setting Your Limits
It has come to my attention today that there are some who do not want to be owned by anyone outside the family anymore, which is naturally your right!! It is also very understandable, given what has been going on lately. When one of our own is attacked we pull closer together and trust outsiders less... so when two are is even more so! The answer to this is very simple. If you do not want someone outside the family to own you, go into your settings under your profile...the security section.. and there is an option to say who can own you. The options are: anyone; friends; family; no one. If you select "family" it will greatly limit who can buy you...for most it will mean around 10, if I recall right. But if you select "friends" then all of us in the BAND OF GOLD can still own you...IF that is what you want. This will be the best method for making sure your wishes are kept regarding who owns you. I was thinking about asking and trying to keep up with it...lmao...but I like
Anniversary Happy Hour
Thursday is Pk and mines anni and I am going to use the HH that PK won me then.Please do whatever it is everyone else wants people to do on their HH.I personally dont have a fucking clue,but hey what do I know.We will be on for it and hopefully get to talk some shit with our friends.I know I dont get on much anymore,so for me it will be nice to see some of yous.Cheers and such until the next round.
Question For 09.11.09
I am sure everyone remembers, so.... Where were you and what were you doing when you found out about what was happening 09.11.2001?       Please rate this blog. Thank you so much!      
Im Back Muthafookers
nd you are all dirty whores, i bet like 2 people omment on this blog, i should block you all, and become a dirty pointwhore kthanks   give me welcome back boobies nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Know Him?
Do any of you know who this person is?   And it's not that I really care that I was "downrated", its the fact that this isn't the first time he's been to my page doing this.   I can't go to his profile, it's set to friends if any of you can get to it..will you tell me who it is? Thanks!!   [here's the link to his profile, you'll have to copy/paste:]
Lets start with the menu Breakfast: 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, 1 tbsp blueberry jam Lunch: Half a piece of lemon chicken, about a cup of brown rice and wild rice, 1 cup green beans, 1 container of yogurt, and 1 banana pecan oatmeal cookie Dinner: 1 full egg + 1 egg white scrambled, 2 tortillas, 2 oz shredded cheese, and half a cup of salsa. random munchies: 1 small apple, 10 baby carrots, 18 grapes, 1.5 cups of cheerios (dry), 1 stick of gum I have been trying to drink the same damn bottle of water since i woke up today.. am about halfway through it. I am not a water person. ALSO-I went out tonight and had a few drinks: 1 shot soco, 1 red snapper, 1 sprite, 1 oz bacardi dragon berry TOTALS: Calories: 1883 Carbs: 280 Fat:34 Protien: 74   not to bad :D -------------------------------------------------------------------- REFLECTIONS: Today went pretty well since I was not at work and eating on a time limit... It was a TON of food... I actu
Puff Loses A Friend...
  Mary Travers, one of the folk group Peter, Paul and Mary, died yesterday at the age of 72. She was battling leukemia. I hope she and Puff live happily playing in the land  of Honah Lee. Rock On!DurhamNtx, AKA Shawn    
My Future Is In Your Hands....
  his message   Lost in the wonder of women Mchenry, IL subject: Howller_61 sent you a Red Rose   received: 09/17/2009 09:16 am replied: no    block this member    Flag as spam   "Hello Are you In need of a lover ,, Im available and can relocate "               thats as good as its going to get Jump on the chance now or can I do better?
God Speed
  This all happens after I tell someone matter of factly that we will not get along. at all. that it's a waste of my time to bother... and i'm the childish one, he says... Jason_atl if we hadve talked in the real we would've gotten along so much better, the   Jason_atl misunderstandings on the internet i swear   Jason_atl i mean really, that's what's so frustrating about you   Jason_atl and btw, i don't care about much better you treat the rest of your harem   Jason_atl how much   Jason_atl wish you weren't so standoffish   Jason_atl this is so juvenile   Jason_atl amazing   Jason_atl the new pics are nice though   Jason_atl you look so down to earth in your photos but your rhetoric is just the other way   Jason_atl i am so delighted about my trip in november   Me: can you just stop talking? you aren't helping. this right here is why i'm standoffish   Jason_atl you don't say anything, you don't tallk much   Jason_atl sorry i type fast   Me: i'm doing lik
Lmao Look What Haters Do
DEVILS GODDESS: who said thatDEVILS GODDESS: i had a falling out?DEVILS GODDESS: so why did u delete mecensored: i was told something along those lines, that something happened between yall and that you werent friends anymorecensored: i did it to prove a point to them, but i kept you on here because i didnt want to lose touch with youDEVILS GODDESS: prove a point?rcensored: i am actually searching on FU for you right nowDEVILS GODDESS: wat pointcensored: i wanted to work for SER and they thought i wasnt trust worthy since i had you in my top family and suchDEVILS GODDESS: oh gee thanksrcensored: they thought that i was a spy for you and i wanted to help you bring down SERDEVILS GODDESS: DEVILS GODDESS: who said that this was a convo between me and a long time friend who wanted to volunteer his time at snake eyes radio but since I was his top friend he wasnt allowed cuz I was a top friend of he had to delete me from his friends list.. You guys are PATHETIC.... GET A LIFE!  
Justin Partyka
Decided on a whim to take my parents to the Sainsbury Centre this weekend, which they'd never been to, at the University here in Norwich, as they had on an exhibition of photographs that Norfolk Photographer Justin Partyka has taken over eight years of Rural and Farming life in East Anglia.  Absolutely stunning.  Seeing your own natural environment interpreted in an artistic context really makes you see the familiar in a new way.  I'm no farm boy, but I spent a few summers working in a farm shop, and my parents grew up in this kind of environment, although again, they aren't strictly farm folk.  Really opened my eyes to the inherent beauty of the Norfolk landscape, and the cultural context of the region within which I was born.  Totally inspiring, and my parents loved it.   Also took in the other major exhibition the Centre has on at the moment, which was very much 'Modern Art', so the usual heady blend of fascination and nonsense.  Not sure what my parents made of the chair we
so I should probably move away from my window;
Does it ever bother you off when you cant talk about something because it will piss a (or some) friend/s off? I got a bit of that going on right now... it sucks
Spotlight (again)
Seeing as it's cheap these days (although, not today)... and Witchie already gave me some bucks for it... I've decided... to start begging again... Cheers (and also cos I effed it up last time and did it on a day I wasn't even online)
I seen a MuMM and truth be told, I didn't read the comments. I'm not sure how many people will agree with me, honestly though...I don't care. Some people find that they have to buy their children gaming systems. Which don't get me wrong, they are fun to have around and are good for entertainment.  I just think that acting like a child HAS TO HAVE it is crazy. I know my children are only 6 and 4, but not once have they asked for any type of gaming system. They've seen them on the television and never said, "Mommy, I want that". And it's not like I don't have any game systems for them, but they aren't the big name ones that most kids want. They have a "Smart Cycle" and a "V-Smile". Games that they play when it's dark outside or it's not nice enough weather to actually go out. They teach them things. And you know, some people wonder what is wrong with children today. I bet it's the fact that parents are getting their children whatever new game system they want or the newest movies.
My Weekend
Okay, so I went to London to see some friends, and we did lots of exciting things, like visiting the Old Operating Theatre where a mad Essex woman told us all bout the "surgeonts", and I saw the most horrific thing I've ever seen.  And going to see William Morris' house, and wandering around Burrough Market (where I had a panic attack cos there was too many people and I got all 'mental face'), and watching a movie in Bexleyheath, and eating cake in Southwark Cathedral and watching the X Factor (tch, girls), and wandering round a park, and trains, lots of trains.  I sent my mum and dad a postcard, and had a right old good time.
Good Laugh This Morning
from: fubar Support Please leave any mafia related questions or issues here:... United States subject: Please post a salute to level up   received: 12/1/2009 08:09 am replied: no    block this member    Flag as spam   Dear Sperminator's Uterus:You have stopped collecting points because you cannot move higher thanlevel 20 without a salute. To continue accumulating points and move to ahigher level, please post a salute. The process is explained in the fubarBible section on salutes.Salute Help-fubar family   I peed my pants on so many levels!
Perfect---ly Stolen From Boo.
two blogs in one day???? don't faint please.   perfect breakfast: big steak omelette from ihop at 3 a.m. after a night out. butterscotch rocks pancakes to go with makes it the pentultmate of perfection but fucking ihop stopped selling them. which...much to my chagrine, is actually a good thing since said breakfast almost puts me in a food coma. perfect date: a good show, a few drinks, sex in the bathroom because we couldn't be contained, getting the above mentioned breakfast...laughing our asses off, going back to whoever's house, getting a shower (more sex), climbing in bed, talking/laughing/story sharing until we pass out then waking up for more sex. no seriously. perfect kiss: spontaneous, passionate... catch me off guard because you get caught up in the way i look right at that moment, push me up against the wall, come in close, kiss me hard, bite my bottom lip... you get the point. perfect argument: ends with a solution, most likely a compromise... and like boo, i think the
Anywhere I Lay My Head
Hollywood actress makes album of Tom Waits covers? I remember when this came out, Waits fans seemed divided into two camps, those who were vehemently opposed to the idea, and those who were prepared to wait until they heard it, and THEN say they were vehemently opposed to it.  But I was intrigued, so put it on my wishlist and never got round to getting it. So thanks to my Secret Santa, I finally had a copy drop into my hands Saturday night, and you know what? It's FANTASTIC.  All woozy synths and pump organs, and drone-y guitar, making for a wonderfully dreamy soundscape that is the perfect back-drop to Johansson's husky man-voice (true story, when my brother first heard a track off it a few months back, he said he was waiting for her to join in with the guy singing for a while before he realised it WAS her).  At the same time both reverential to the material, and yet brings something new to it, with the one original composition on the album blending seemlessly.  The versions of 'Fall
The International Space Station Over The Horizon
Tripping The Flight Fantastic
Southwest flight 1609 to San Antonio had been a rough one. The weather was uncooperative and we were being bounced around like Tiger Wood’s Escalade. I nervously stared out the window as we bumped, slipped, and descended closer and closer to the runway. The nervous stares on the other passenger’s faces told the story - it was going to be a relief when we finally touched down. We were only a couple of hundred feet off the ground when it happened.Birds. Freaking birds. You would think any animal would have enough sense to stay away from huge, loud, silvery tubes that go throttling through the sky. But apparently the term “Bird Brain” isn’t meant to be a compliment. No, birds think it’s an awesome idea to collectively go investigate the exact source of the screeching noise. So there I was, already white knuckled and sphincter clenching, when I saw the disconcerting visual of pureed bird parts and a small ball of flame ejecting through the back of the po
True Friends!
True friends are those who walk in while the rest of the world walks out.   True friends are those who visit you, just to SEE YOU... without wanting to borrow  or ask of something.   True friends are those who say sorry just to make the peace even if it was you that was at wrong.      **Damn!...where can you get one of these? 
Want A Free 65 Bling Pack?? Well.. Free U.s Money, No Fu
~i'∫ ∫ paĄ۞ an 65 bling pack Starting bid 2.1$ Mi∫ ∫.~                       Auto 11 Auction! Ends 12/31 11:30 PM eastern 8:30 west           HOSTED BY : ( Ultra )                The day is Thursday and its 11:30 a.m(repost of original by '░ULtRA  
Hurry!!!!! Only A Thousand Days Of Living Left   Once again, we are nearing devastation. December 21, 2012. Doomsday. The end of the world.  But wait! not if you're prepared!! if you think ahead, plan ahead, you can make it through the massive solar storms, super volcanoes, earthquakes, geomagnetic reversal, and the total chaos which ensues. Be ready. Be smart. Be alive. With my 2012 survival kits available now for $2,012, you can be one of the survivors...responsible for continuing the human race. Act now and you can get your second kit for half price!! Here's what your kit will include: 1 package of beef jerky (specify original, teriyaki, or peppered) 1 can of yellow corn niblits 1 box graham crackers 3 hershey's bars 1 bag marshmellow minis 1 crank radio 2 oil lamps 1 case oil for lamps 1 pocket video game with extra batteries (specify scrabble, yahtzee, or tetris)
Effin Kickers!!
Effin Kickers.After watching most of the College Bowl and NFL playoff games so far, I’ve decided that I hate all kickers. There have been more missed field goals and botched punts than I can ever remember.Don’t get me wrong, I know that kicking field goals is hard. My personal experience with this involves me kicking the crap out of the ball, only to watch it make a corkscrewlike flight pattern right into the back of the head of the guy who hiked the ball. He wasn’t too happy it. He told me so after he picked himself up off the ground after a few minutes (we don’t wear helmets in Ketch League Football).I also understand that part of the process is mental. It’s difficult to do something accurately when championships are on the line and 80,000 people are screaming about your mom and making fun of your wimpy, single-bar facemask. But the world population is like 6.7 Billion people now. There are exactly 32 people in the world that get to call themselves a &ld
Getting To Know Me
peacy did it... shoot him in the body part of your choice.   Getting to Know You Share If you've been tagged or you are reading this, you have the honor of copying all these goofy questions, writing your own response, and tagging 25 other victims. You have to tag me so really you just need 24 more people. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you - but not in a creepy stalker kind of way. To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your title as "Getting to know each other!", tag 25 people including me (tagging is done in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish. 1. What time did you get up this morning?  it was 8 something 2. How do you like your steak? medium and grilled 3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Sadly it was Suburbia 4. What is your favorite TV show? 2 and a half men 5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? maybe Tokyo
Test(icle?) Studies
I've begun studying for the bar exam, by which I mean, I've begun procrastinating about studying for the bar exam.  The last time I was studying for a bar exam, it was summertime, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading french erotica and sunbathing in my yard, surrounded by plenty of cigarettes and booze.  Oh, and I blogged about diddling and rainstorms, and I chatted endlessly with endless numbers of virtual friends, and I smoked, and drank, and took nudie photos, and, well, really had a lovely time.  A few weeks before the exam I realized that my "bar study" didn't really follow any of the helpful and instructive "bar study models" I'd been given, so I crammed a bit, wept a little, and hoped for the best.  (As I went on smoking and drinking and taking nudie photos and chatting with all of you about how I really ought to be studying.)  I took the exam and then worried for three months about the wisdom of not studying for the 'professional responsibility' section of the exam and i
1. I got up way too early today. I'm not use to beging up at 6:30. I totally enjoy that extra hour of sleep. 2. Coffee is my friend. Just wondering why it makes me pee so much. =/ 3. I can multi task fairly well. Nothing like having 2 tabs open and 2 different web browsers open. ;] 4. Farmville on Facebook is addictive. I just wish I could fan the damn application already. I want to expand my farm. 5. People that know math turn me on. 6. I love my friends!!!!!!!
Oh Wtf???
Im Frickin bored!!!!     anyways, in my bartab, i see a djredneck chic update status to good dj session... ok, who the hell is this? and scroll the pic and, nope...dont recognize her, or her name, or her being the nice guy I am *cough* i rate her an 11 before removing from friends and before i get back to my home page...mmm guess what? New Friend Request recieved from??? DJRedneck whoever the fuck and also an AKA DJ realname person chick thing, WTF?   anyways, i thought i would share the stupidity that amuses me about my fubar experience...
Dear Dog
I am so sorry about you being sent to the dog pound for the broken lamp which you did not break; the fish you did not spill; and the carpet that you did not wet; or the wall that you did not dirty with red paint. Things here at the house are calmer now, and just to show you that I have no hard feelings towards you, I am sending you a picture, so you will always remember me. Best regards, The Cat 
Hateher... Oh, Sorry, Dyslexia. :p
Does the last person you shared a bed with mean anything to you? The world. Tears are falling from your eyes, what's the reason? Pick one. If you got paid 5,000 dollars would you stick your hand in an elephants ass? For 5 grand, I'd climb in. Has anyone ever promised you forever? Yes. Fail. Do you get high? Not purposely. Something bothering you? This question. Has someone told you they'd always love you then went for someone else? Yep When was the last time you cried? *looks at watch* What color shirt are you wearing? Black Where did you sleep last night? In a fucking sleep study center, with wires hanging off of me. Are you happy right now? Content. Who/what do you hate/dislike currently? Love. What's something your wanting right now? A hug. A real one. *sigh* Does someone have a crush on you? A few. Do you have a crush on someone? Go DIAF. Do you wish someone was with you, right now? No. *whistles innocently* Pick a w

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