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babyjesus's blog: "fubar news"

created on 09/13/2006  |  http://fubar.com/fubar-news/b9  |  335 followers
fubar members with salutes will now show up on the site with a bolded white name. vip's who also have salutes will now find 'White' as a selectable color on your profile settings page. viva la resistance! -mike
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EvilBig Bangs are now broadcast to everyone.. no need to sel...
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Bella Heartbrokentime for bed, who's coming to cuddle?
Lonewolf92 HeartbrokenDeep in the shadows
FAN iC51NerdyBitchxO... Trying to workMaking Gif Defaults/Skins for 15 Credits hit me up! :) L...&
LoLa Onlinei like your white cheese.
LotusFlower Tmans Mo... NinjaInstigator of Change... Let's Stamp Out Stupidity... In ...
FAN PINUP BARBIE x CCM In loveMaking Salutes in a little bit! hehehe♥
Sheri Onlinemornin♥
Maja X Minx X PdP In loveThank you Fuzzy n Rexxy for my pitbulls :O :D
Mz Pink Stepped awayMerry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WaRRioR PRiNCeSS RLG... BummedHiT THaT LiKe BuTToN... PLS & TY... I LoVe U JoHNNy...
USAreader ExcitedShort week, the best kind! :)
SubGirl aMaNda694u Trying to workLike & Rate Me ♥ ツ I need Some Credits, Wanna Spoil Me W...
SweetOne Stepped awaypayin 100 mil for a VIP
SCRAPPER OnlineBig Bangs are now broadcast to everyone.. no need to sel...
Rhonda aka RaRa FM2 ... EvilEnjoy your day! Please see my page for links on helping ...
Dj Philx1Nx GoofyHANGING IN ONE NATION COME ON BY http://fubar.com/lounge...
Carrie FE to xXSinn ... HeartbrokenHave a good day!!
BLUEEYEDDRAGON Grrr!Who wants to fu marry me ? propose maybe I will accept ;
jeanniejeanster NaughtyGET THAT **PORN STAR STYLE**
BREN NinjaGooooo Seahawks!
What da Neilio NaughtyYou can't resist dropping a coin (special ones will reme...
MyAngeleyes Bound to... NaughtyHave a wonderful Monday, please love on my owner Mister4...♥
Love em or leave em OnlineCongratulations! Your happy hour was a great success: lo...
Poetic Chaos the Gan... In loveWhat you think you become. What you feel you attract. Wh...
BLUE fe2 KICK Goofyyou have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the righ...
S8ns Ang3l NinjaMonday always comes too soon *yawn*
pjqueen with Phibblez Goofyoyoy spotlights 25BILLION?? sheesh i better learn how to...
Johny OnlineBack to reality Monday. Working. Will be back and forth ...
Mz Iowa ExcitedTrying to plan a 10 day vacation to a place you could sp...
SilverSprings Stepped awayWOW ~ "Interstellar" ~ what an incredible movie...I high...
Myk Good~~ Good Morning ~~
doob Trying to workPicked the wrong week to stop sniffin glue!!!!
DARKANGEL06FE2Noodle1 OnlineWho wants to get me a rock star?????? it would help me o...
Intellectual Biker GoofyBack in the UK :) Shout if you need any help, else I'll ...
XxFUZZEHMFKNFACExX a... NinjaJus be yourself... be proud of who YOU are
countryboy Onlinenever grow up it's a trap

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