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created on 09/13/2006  |  http://fubar.com/fubar-news/b9  |  335 followers

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know what to expect when we release the revamped fubar leveling system in the next few days. We're hoping to launch it by Friday, but it might come on Monday.


* We're going to reduce the amount of points required for all levels. To reach the top level (50) you'll need around 500M points. You currently need 700M to reach level 45, so it'll be easier for everyone. Our goal is to get more people leveling up.

* We've removed the road-blocks that really made it really annoying to level up: Fan 25 newbies at level 20, be at exactly 50% buzz at level 22, get referrals at levels 26/28/30, be a VIP at level 35, perform level up action for 15 members at level 42,

* Initially choosing an Angel/Demon side will only cost 1M fubucks down from 10M. Changing sides will cost 5M fubucks.

* We've reduced the pain on a lot of the existing requirements to level up. For example, the MuMM 500 vote requirement has been reduced to 25 votes. :-)

* We've added some new requirements to some of the levels that involve newer features on fubar. Such as, the achievement system, daily ranking, videos, Likes, etc.

* The 'Cyborg Jesus' level name from 45 will be moving to level 50. We'll be coming up with new level names for 45-49.

* There will be 1 or 2 'widow maker' requirements in order to reach level 50. They won't involve you spending money, but they'll probably involve some weekend planning. :-)

* We're still working on the extra abilities we'll be turning on for levels 45+, so I can't go into much details on them yet.

Also as mentioned before, we'll be trying something new at level 50. If a level 50 account goes inactive for more than 2 weeks, the account will drop back down to level 49. They'll still have all their points, but in order to reach level 50 again they'll have to do all the requirements over. When you run across a level 50 fubarian, you're going to know they're a crazy badass! :D



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