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60 Year Old · Male · From Panicale PG, Italy · fuMarried to: Nyx fm2 Houn... · Owned by Pet and is worth 5 coins. · Joined on October 7, 2013 · Relationship status: Married · Born on September 6th · 5 referrals joined! · 5 different people have a crush on me!

If you're wondering why I'm orange, it's because I am now a Bouncer (moderator). If you're looking for "how to" help, then feel free to ask or head on over to the Support Lounge. Many questions are answered in the Fubar Bible.

If you need help, then don't be shy, just send me an SB (this doesn't include asking for free bling or credits, or even help with rent as I was asked the other day) or pop into the support lounge and ask there.

I often add people to my Fam when I'm running to help them get an Achievement or level. I'm also happy to help by sending drinks and stuff, but please remember, I am pretty lazy :)

If you need achievements, feel free to do whatever to my profile, I don't take things personally :)


I get highly irritated when Fam members don't bother rating, interacting, or running for weeks on end. I know some people don't play every day, but there are few excuses for not doing anything. If you find yourself dropped from my Fam, then this is quite likely the reason

I don't ask for a lot from my Fam. If you drop me from your Fam for any reason, expect similar ;) Unless we know each other and/or chat regularly, I will only do a temp swap. I DO NOT buy or sell Fam spots, please don't ask.

If I see an "Invite Back" on your profile, I may remove you. If this happens and you come back, please get in touch so I can pop you back in.

There are a few hundred people who have me in their Family, I try to include as many as I can on a rotational basis if they are online when I run PowerUps. If you find yourself being moved in and out of my Family, then this is probably the reason why.

If you need help with likes or rates to level, then I'm usually happy to pop you into my Fam to help out. I do not buy or sell Fam spots, ever ;)

If you want to know how to calculate the bonus points, see my blog

Things that piss me off:

* Begging. In any form. We are all going for achievements, so asking for stuff to make an achievement seriously doesn't impress. Or, "Anyone love me enough to send me blah blah blah." This is my number one irritation at the moment.

* Locked Bling - These days, there are very few reasons to lock bling except to stop people from making their achievements. The KEY Bonus works whether the bling is locked or not.

If you need to know what the RARE BLIND BOX bling looks like, I have a Photo Album originally titled Rare Blind Boxes with photos of most of them - I got bored and stopped adding them in 2020 :)


I'm a British expat living and working as an editor and proofreader in Italy, so if I seem a little slow when you SB me, it's probably because I haven't had enough coffee to wake up properly.

I'm a great believer in Karma; help someone out, and when you need it, you will get help back.

I have a very eclectic range of interests. I love literature and published a book way back in 2008 (all about my destructive puppy). I enjoy watching movies or reading. I like intellectual challenges, in fact, challenges of any sort. I play the guitar, although some of my friends might argue that point.

I have a few things I'm passionate about; firstly dogs (well any furry animals to be honest), then motorbikes, enjoy rebuilding them as well as riding them, and guitars - I try to play every now and then to the disgust of my friends.

If you do contact me can you please use English rather than text speak. I struggle to understand it, and to be honest, I can't be bothered most of the time

THINGS TO NOTE: Congrats for reading this far :D

* As I get older, I find I have less patience with idiots. If you're one, please don't friend me

* Just because I Like and Rate you, doesn't mean I want something from you. Sometimes I Like and Rate over 1,000 people a day.

* I hate seeing persistent begging in my feed. If I see it too much from someone, I will simply unfan and unfriend. If you send me a direct message begging or offering to sell me nudes, I will block you as well.

* My Family actually mean something to me, it's rarely maxed out. I will add people to help them out if I'm running stuff, but I will likely remove you if I'm not added reciprocally ;) I have a clear-out every now and then of people who've promised so much and delivered so little (or often, nothing at all).

* I'm afraid I don't have time to read any messages that may be in drinks. Actually, if I'm honest, I just can't be arsed. But if you have something to say to me, feel free to Chat/message me, I always reply. Sometimes my chat fills up pretty quickly, so if your message is important, then it's best to message me rather than use chat.

* SBing me with details of your lounge irritates. I'm not interested, please don't spam my SB

* If I buy you Bling, it's because I want to, you don't need to Bling me back.

* I will try to help anyone if I am able. If you need help with Achievements or leveling, then either SB/Chat or Message me.

* My profile often shows me online but I'm often not. I am generally on before and after Fu reset.

* Not a golden rule, but I rarely chat with people under 35; I just don't have much in common. Although, I'm more than happy for friends of any age.

* If I make a Friend Request, it's because I like your profile or something you've posted.

60 Year Old · Male · From Panicale PG, Italy · fuMarried to: Nyx fm2 Houn... · Owned by Pet and is worth 5 coins. · Joined on October 7, 2013 · Relationship status: Married · Born on September 6th · 5 referrals joined! · 5 different people have a crush on me!


Note, this is for if your screen is set to Hotness (which I think is default)

Running along the top of the screen is a selection of people who are online. This refreshes every few minutes.

The screen then has three sections below that;

The first box is My News Feed. By default, this fills up with everything your friends and family do. See below to change what appears here

The second box is My Chat, also known as SB or Shoutbox. People can chat directly with you here, it's faster than sending a message.

The third box shows people who are running a blast. Not much to say about that at the moment.

On the left is information about you; level, FuBuck, Points, etc.

In the middle is an interactive section where you can choose who you want to see. People online, Top guys, etc.

On the right is an important box. This shows the daily bonuses. This shows what you can do to get extra points. For instance, it may say 1,000% for giving likes. This means that instead of the usual 235 points for liking someone, you'd get 235,000 points.

This is normally the information you use if you are going to run Powerups.

Powerups are Bling that give you extra abilities. Click on Bling Shop and then click on the Powerups tab to see what's available and how many credits they cost.

Most people can level up to around 40 to 50 fairly easily and quickly. After that, you are probably going to need powerups to level.

Every few weeks, there is a credit sale. It's normally 25% to 35% off the price. Occasionally the percentage is higher, but it is rare.

Ability Points
Every time you complete an achievement or level, your Ability Points (APs) go up. You can use these point to Shitface people etc. There is a fairly long list that becomes available the higher level you are.

Your Profile
Click on the "Edit" that is just above the circle with your level in it under My Profile.
Here you can edit your privacy setting and what sort of stuff fills your My Live Feed. Personally, I have mine to show Likes and friend's status updates. Any more than that and it gets too busy.

You can also add something in the About Me & Interests section. The more detailed it is the more likely you get friend requests from people who you'll have something in common with.

My Photos.
Honestly, you don't need a huge amount of photos, but it helps to have a 100 or so. Some of the achievements are based on people liking, rating, and commenting on your photos. Few people will do more than 100, most do 10 or 20.

You can break up photos into different folders for different subjects. You can set who can see these folders in the Album Settings. You can set them for anybody, friends, family, or custom. For custom privacy, the folder isn't visible until you add a user to be able to see it. Only they can see the folder. People often use this for sharing NSFW pics between close friends.

Fairly eclectic taste in music, but for me, it pretty much died in the mid-80s

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