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66 Year Old · Female · From Houston, TX · Joined on April 6, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 2nd · 26 referrals joined! · 28 different people have a crush on me!

Welcome to my Page photo Welcometomypage.jpg





Thank you for stopping by to learn more about me!

I was born in Jackson, Mississippi, raised there, and attended Ole Miss, graduating with a professional Music degree, and teaching certifications from Pre - Kindergarten through the twelfth grade. I moved to Houston, Texas upon graduating from Ole Miss and began teaching Music shortly there after.

From a previous relationship, sports cars became a way of life, as we began our own Corvette specialty store, which became well known in the Houston, Texas and surrounding area. I took up the sport of racing two of my cars in the quarter mile, until I achieved NASCAR status, whereupon I retired from that activity and continued working on the car dealership and my music.

I was the first woman to receive a line of credit through the Mannheim Auto Auction, and was listed in the Who's Who Book of American Business Women twice in my car career.

At the same time, I was still involved with my music, and have participated in several plays, and doing some of my own writing and musical compositions, of which one was posted on the internet last year, seen around the world for peace and good will promotion. I am currently back into teaching Music, and performing here and there around the city and singing karaoke from time to time. Some of my art work has been used in the Miller Outdoor Theater.

I'm currently working with building a music education program for an elementary school, and was awarded a VHS I grant for a network keyboard system compliments of Time Warner Cable's, "Save the Music in Schools Program." In addition, at this current time, additional Federal grant money was graciously received in order to buy a new piano, a variety of authentic African based drums, snare drums, flutes, clarinets, a three octave range of Hand Bells, and a new sound system for the auditorium :)

In 2009, I recently started a group of 99 students playing the recorder, and just recently added in the electronic keyboards and metalophones. In the fall of 2010, a group of tubanos and other African drums along with new alto xylophones will be joining in the ensemble. We will be sounding pretty good :)

I enjoy my time on the site, as I joined on April 6, 2006. I have celebrated my 11th Anniversary here and look forward to many more. Thanks to all of my friends and the people that I have met from all over the world. Thanks Mike and Ryan and all of the Yellow and Orange Staff, the Coders, MODS, and everyone who pitches in and helps out and for all the nice things you have done for me and the site! :)

As the world turns and the Year moves along, I am hoping that 2017 will bring peace, prosperity, good health, and happiness for all of us.

Well, let me make my yearly add; a summary of what has happened in 2014: I've had good and sad things to occur; I lost my beloved cat, Prada,(June) and our one and only dog, Pistachio (Nov.). They can not be replaced with the love they gave to me over the many years and I will miss them forever. In 2017 (April), I lost Prada's sister, Gucci. I hope that Gucci and Prada are together chasing butterflies, they were so close.

The end of June 2014 gave me my first surgical experience of getting my right hip replaced, and with the help of the most marvelous surgeon, also straightened my right femur to re align it which was a success! After healing and returning to work, I again took on another procedure to have my left hip replaced, and an extension to make me stand nice and even! I'm presently healing at home, and being taken care of by my surgeon, home care nurse, home assistant, and Physical Therapist!

2017, I'm still working full time as a Music Teacher, nearing the end of the 2016 - 2017 year and getting ready to move into a new place in June. Currently packing up to get ready. Just lost my grandma cat this past weekend on April 8th, Gucci was a great companion and a loving pet. She was 15 and a member of the family.

Okay, I'm in my new place, loving it. I've got everything that I need at the time being, the new school year started for 2017-2018, despite Hurricane Harvey trying to drown us off the Map with a whopping 53 inches of rain! I have to say that this was a horrible experience and a complete disaster for so many in and around the Houston area, but we are.... Houston Strong!

We're down to game 7 for the Astros getting a chance to bring home the World Series! GOOOOO ASTROS!


Hugs for Everyone!
Anna, aka Fyretygress Fubar Bouncer

PS. If you have it in your heart, save a pet. Adopt a kitty or dog. The Pet stores usually have an associate that runs a type of save the pet foundation. If you can't adopt, they also accept donations
and many take coupons for pet supplies, they need blankets and litter too. I wish I could save them all.

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66 Year Old · Female · From Houston, TX · Joined on April 6, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 2nd · 26 referrals joined! · 28 different people have a crush on me!

Tiger Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

I enjoy going out to dinner, along the waterways, watching the boats going by.. catching a good movie.. traveling..boating and sometimes fishing..Music and singing are high on the list..and sometimes I sing in public..

I really enjoy world current events and politics..some people have a hard time talking about this stuff.. but in the case of the above and religion, I'm all for talking things out.. Doesn't mean you have to change your mindset or beliefs.. sharing ideas can be a wonderful thing!

I love my cats * I have 4 of them* .. I lost my doggie, my big ol' baby last November (2014) to cancer. Pistachio was a King Russian German Shephard. A really good companion and greatly missed :(

Tossing darts and playing cards can be entertaining.. and BBQing in the back yard is always fun...There are so many things to do.. have any ideas?


Happy New Year 2011

I have a professional Music degree and live within that realm everyday. I teach voice, theory, keyboard, stage presence, diction, and general music. It's absolutely too hard for me to put a finger on one group, or one style of Music.. but here are a few that I do enjoy listening to, or performing by singing some of their works:

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Tiger Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

David Arkenstone
Sherrie Austin
Clint Black
Toni Braxton
Garth Brooks
Jimmy Buffet
Jesse Cook
Green Day
Brooks & Dunn
She Daisy
Sara Evans
Faith Hill
Rick James
Sebastian St. James
Tim McGraw
Anne Murray
Pure Prairie League -Amy
George Straight
Shania Twain
Getchen Wilson


The all time southern classic - "Gone with the Wind"
Enemy Mine....Wall Street....Ice Age I and II :) ....

Gone with the Wind (1939)


Tiger Bar Pictures, Images and Photos

Thanks for stopping in and visiting my page, please sign my Guest Book! :)


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