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I Don't Get It....
    Once again tonight I get my heart broken by a woman. This time it's "oh Kyle, I would rather have my ex boyfriend who treated me like shit than you, because he said he was sorry (once again) and we have a history".   Everytime I get an interest, something happens like this. Or they turn out crazy, or they would rather just stay friends, or any of the other millions of excuses I get. I am starting to wonder, is it me? I always thought of myself as a good guy. I am honest. I always express myself and say what is on my mind. I compliment always. I try to be uplifting. I am romantic. I am a thrill seeker, but also am peaceful most of the time. Is there something I am not seeing? Is there something about me that I haven't learned yet that these women are seeing?     When I become interested in someone,  I give it my all. I put 110% into everything. I try to make sure everything is right. I compromise where it is due. Why is it that the good guys always end up hurt, or used, or li
Politically Incorrect▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ
Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by idiocy then I urge you to not continue, this blog shall keep the original language in a non-politically correct way the person said them in. It is not meant to offend any one, but if you are easily offend, please take your box of crayons, that coloring book, that plastic helmet and proceed to the myspace kiddy corner check out line... thank you. Blogging Buffoon Activated   Since spinoza dumb ass is too fucking slow to do a blog the silly bitch asked me to do one.Okay here goes, it has recently come to my attention that because I am an atheist, I am a judgmental prick who will burn in hell.What was my remark that got this theist so riled up? What was my "judgmental" remark? Well I simply made the TRUE statement that the being known as god is a subjective entity... with me making a statement about a subjective being, I was judging him.Oh yes, I am also "assuming" that religious people and atheist see each other as delusional.. um, that is n
To All My Friends On Fubar
Don't make me leave the site over stupid shit like this.....I am pretty much sadden by folks coming to me n telling me I talk about them to others ...Please Let me tell u one thing before I start ...I come on here to have fun It makes time go by when I have nothing to do when I am working ...ok here I go ...I thought I had good friends on here but WTF....I joke n kid alot in my status N I put my stalkers but I  mean nothing towards it ...Some R Being Two Face...N I sure dont like it...Y in the world would I be Jealous of anyone on here...F--k ...I am a bikerchick N I mind my own f--kin business...N If u r a a true friend damn it...My Heart is huge N I like n love everyone of u on here..I share my inside feelings with everyone of u ...So what have I done for this to happen ....Would u please take some time out n think N if u dont want me to be a friend ...Please remove my Ass....I want nothing more than for u to enjoy the site just like I do...I dont want no sorrys just be h
I Need Help
Yeah yeah, in more ways than one.   My boss is on a navel-gazing share with the world growth experience kick.   I fucking hate him sometimes.   Anyway...he said I had to do a 'sharing' bollocksy GAHHHH FUCKHIM presentation on Tuesday (the whole team does but still...this is about me). And I got him to kinda agree that I could be 'creative' with it...and now I need you.   Part of his ongoing quest, not directly related to THIS clusterfuck, is the 'perceptions of others are your reality' bollocks. Soooooooooo I'm doing my own lil creative survey.   Basically I want all the words that you can think of that describe how I am (not how I look so sorry but fat/old/ugly/man are out). Good, bad or indifferent, I don't care. Only proviso is the swear words need to be at a minimum. Creativity and volume are what I'm really looking for.   Yes I'm asking family and non-fu friends as well...I want as many words as I can get - single words rather than really long sentences telling me how
Only 2 Days Left!
I have added more to it. Check it out! Even if you can't bid, please, please go rate the pic! I may get a bonus. :P Would you like some Sherry with that? Sherry noun A fortified wine ranging from very dry to sweet and from amber to brown.  Now available vie auction from *Drew*  Click on the picture above to place your bid, and get yourself a fine glass today.
You've Got To Be Kidding Me!
Received this message with a shot of tequila. Should I be flattered because she thinks I'm pretty enough to flirt with her boyfriend? Should I be offended......who the hell am I kidding NOTHING offends me :) "Good afternoon! I have a question for you, I want to know if you can help me out to see if my BF is up to his old tricks. Can you talk to him in his shout box and flrt big time with him and see what he says? I not that ok. Have a nice day hun, oh if you do I will rate all your pics for you as you talk to him. let me know, and i will give you the details." I haven't responded yet, still debating. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Halloween Costume Ideas...
Not sure how creative I want to be this year, this will be the first time I go out in two years with other adults, lol I was thinking Marie Antoinette, complete with stitches and reattached head or Cleopatra so I have an excuse to tell people to "Kiss my asp!" ;) Any ideas?
I am going for spotlight on Wed. I will have auto 11's that day. Nothing special. Just saying. Yes, I am a point whore. Thanks for noticing.
Witchie Made Me
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am addicted to Edie's Real Fruit Strawberry Bars. 2. I have a nipple fetish. 3. I want a breast reduction. 4. I am slightly OCD. 5. I secretly lust a few Fu ladies. 6. I haven't had sex in over 2 years. 7. I ♥ handbags. 8. I am gonna be a Nana again. 9. I have a thin black streak in the back of my hair. 10. I speak to Ash on the phone at least once every day.
My Headache
Well, I'm still broke. still jobless...That doesn't bother me except when it comes to the care of my baby Tieba. If I was still working I could afford to "chase ghosts" when it come to finding out what's wrong with my baby girl. but I dropped her off at the vet for 6 hours while they performed whatever tests they needed to find out the problem. They told me "matter a factly" like they where 100% sure it was a bacterial growth on her intestine. Gave me pills to fix it and had me come back a week later. Charged me $74. to take her temp and say she's fine (that's on top of the $500. for the week before). She's not "fine" she's still got bloody stools, stinks like a corps, an has no energy. She's a Husky! with no energy??And she's been acting strange, just like my Elk hound before he died. I can't keep this up. An I'm not someone who'll spend thousands of dollars on an animal I can't save anyway. I just want to know what's wrong, an is it something that can be fixed. Grrrrrr, I'm so pissed
(no Subject)
***Begin long winded typing*** So as many of you know by now that I have two children. One of which I have full custody of (my 9 year old daughter). My son is by a different mother whom I left in January of 2006 due her mental illnesses causing problems between us. She refused to continue seeing her psychologist and to take her medications. So obviously she crashed and burned mentally. Well I live about 15 to 20 minutes away from the Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, VA. Every two years, my father & mother, daughter, son, myself, and two of our neighbors each get the 2 year seasons pass. Well last year, my son's mother Cathy, purchased a 2 year season pass for my son. She decided to go with the EZPay plan which lets you pay $12 a month for 24 months rather than paying the whole 200 and some odd dollars upfront for the pass. Well yesterday I asked Cathy if I could borrow Jonah's pass because we all wanted to go up to Busch today. She explained to me that she needed me to
I was suffering from a Migraine earlier so I went to go lay down, in a dark and cold place. I was laying there feeling better when out of no where Nakita the beast jumped on to the bed and started obsessively licking my face... As sweet as this might be shes a. not allowed on furniture and b. licking so much her tongue is getting dry and my face has become numb.. I figured it was time to get back up and see how my so called fu friends had faired without me. Apparently you all live your own lives, because non of you were waiting anxiously for my return..... Before heading to the basement, I saw my mail lady out of the corner of my eye... Let me tell you about my mail lady, shes sweet and elderly but probably has thighs of steel. She loves Nakita I'm not sure why but she always takes time to give her love and a cookie. Nakita being the bitch she is first growls at her then realizes this is the lady that gives me treats and jumps up on her.. (also not acceptable behavior). The Mail la
My New Fan!!!
Robert H: fuck off and get out my SB......dumb cunt ->Robert H: you hurt my feelings ..... Robert H: add stupid to that also Robert H: anything else u wanna be wrong with? ->Robert H: oh i apologize from teh depths of my soul that i was a bitch. Please forgive me Robert H: and as far as your most wont theory......that's out the fuckin wondow 2.....I got 92 comment as of right now Robert H: and that was after I asked nicely Robert H: I dont care if it does or not.....altho I know it would......and I said Im in a contest...I asked 4 u to help.....all u had to do is say no.....but know......u had to be a bitch about it ->Robert H: argh im feeling nice today.... so ill give you some advice... Number one coming to a womans page and asking her to rate your nsfw... not the way to do it.... most people who have been on here longer hten 5 minutes wont go fort it... second piece of advice if you took the time to look at my profile you would notice im not single .. hence why your penis doesnt mak
Dead As A Doornail...
I have reached the end of the internet. I think I've run out of stuff to look up, I've mastered Mafia Wars on facebook, I can't find any porn to keep my interest. This place has turned into a morgue since people have found lives. What's a girl to do?!?
Labor Day
If you are a service member and would like access to my nsfw picks leave a comment here, I will be randomly selecting every only request is~once you access my nsfw albums you leave a comment on my blog about them~ Also~I must be able to see pics of you in uniform! And not just one pic~anyone can get a pic from some one elses page!!! NO ONE has been disappointed!
Yay Me
I got the results of my stomach biopsies back yesterday the cells are benign this made me happy now as long as the ones on my lymph nodes come back benign too...I am only as broken as ever and do not have anything new to add to my list of ailments PS I still think about Drill when I pee I am having the docs look into that
Last Words
Whats yours?
Needing Your Opinion!
I have a few dilemmas that I need your help with... Please if you can give me your honest opinion and not some bullshit make me laugh statement that would be great....   These are very Serious matters...   1. Hugh and I are fighting. We have never fought before and its tearing me apart. I suggested we go to couples therapy but he says he wont go.. should i a. Knock him out and drag him like i was a cave man to the hour. b. Cry until he breaks?   2. Gallo and I are both knocked up.. no hes not but his wife is. We are due to deliver the same day and tomorrow we both find out what sex were having.. a. who's having the girl b. who's having the boy   3. Witchie is my bff without a penis... I love her dearly and wish she lived down the street from me so i can pick her up and do whatever i choose to her. a. make her move b. look for houses on her street   4. My fuhubby keeps Cheating on me with whores.. Im knocked up with another mans baby so i kind of understand but once th
I Blogged Fu Daddy....again...
Well, here’s to blogging Fu Daddy…again… Except this time well, it will be a little different… I don’t know how many of you remember the time , from what I recall was an 11,000+ view on Thanksgiving of 2007 (great holiday gift right?) when the last time I blogged good ol Jerry (aka Fu Daddy)….it was by far one of the most hate filled, character killing, proof and screenshot ridden thing I had ever done. It was a different person then, very angry, very upset and coming off of very, very difficult summer not only on here, but in real life. Well, they kind of mixed a lot at that time. It was a lash out of epic proportions. The details of which are of little or no relevance today as they are well, irrelevant for sure. At the time he didn’t know wh
For Kloverlynn.... My Owner Day 2
Here is the message I sent today's Newbies.   Welcome to Fubar.  Like naked chicks.  Check out Kloverlynn.  Ask her about her "all anal" pictures.  Follow the link below.Kloverlynn@ fubar
My Motorcycle Accident....
Two weeks ago Sunday ..My friends call n asked if I wanted to meet up with a few friends in LA,Ca...So I thought it would be nice to get a few of my friends here n we would have a great time...Meantime we rode from Sacramento,Ca to La...We get off the highway a female driver was texting on her phone n hit my best friends(Jeanna) bike n then Jeanna  hit the back of mine I was found 15 - 20 feet away from my bike....My other friends were released from the hospital the next day...I didnt have the right helmet on which I was sited for...I was in a coma but with all of ur prayer n the caring thoughts I got from friends n family I came to... n found out I had 12 stitches in the back of my head..n of course bumps n buises all over my body...I am still in LA Hospital n I have been on alot of different meds ...but as of today I feel a little better ...but one thing I am going to do is miss my best friend(Jeanna)She died Sunday...We always rode together...I love her so much...Now I have a feelin
Nazi Tea Party▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ--☭--☆
Blogging Buffoon Activated Okay I am bored and figured I would do a blog. This is a partially satire piece. Just some of the similarities between the two groups. I find it funny at times when I hear the tea party say “WE ARE NOTHING LIKE THE NAZI’s”As I just said, this is satire, if you are going to take this to heart and start the whining in the comments, spare us both and just go do your own pic comparing liberals to communist… or atheist to eh whatever. Great quotes I enjoyed:Quote about fear mongering tactic.. which both the Nazis and tea party people are good at.“Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the peop
I'm kinda bummed.  It's Blake weekend, but all the roads around me are pretty bad and I now have a head cold.  It looks like no Blake this weekend.  Ah well...   I'll get him when I am feeling better and the weather agrees.     Was great to see Daisy Blue on here this morning.   Dud is asking for it.   Something about Gallo's balls.   Postal needs a Peace ball gag.   And I need more coffee.
What Would It Be Like
 I wonder what it wouldve been like had i been born white......would i get all the hot chicks???.....would i have a fulltime job??....would i have it easier in life if i hadnt been born black??...Dont get me wrong, i dig who i am....i just wonder sometimes..Is life easier being a white dude????   *waits for the reactions*
Course Of The Flesh, Video Poetry Series By Bryant Mcgill
Course of the Flesh, Poetry in Motion Video Poetry DVD Series by US Poet, Bryant McGill. Permission for non-commercial use hereby granted. If you like this, please tell your friends, or post this video on your page.
Just trying to get people away from Drew's blog.
Please go show this adorable man some fu-love! He has auto-11's on! AND Make sure you donate all your fu-monies to this lovely lady; she is trying hardcore for the spotlight:
Witchie Woman
She makes me tingle. That is all.
I tried to say I'm sorry I tried to make amends I don't want it to end this way I want to part as friends.   I couldn't be there for you  to hold you when you cried. and ended up escaping  for the chance to feel alive   and I'm sorry I had to leave your world behind I'm sorry but you were never really mine I'm so sorry maybe you'll realize in time I only wanted you to smile if just for a moment one brief lil time.   We had fun together  late night lovers call but those are all just memories the mighty fall   keep the gifts i've sent you as I've told you from the start remember my sincerity and keep that too within your heart.   and i'm sorry for not believing in you i'm sorry you were too good to be true i'm so sorry I only wanted you to smile if just for a moment one brief lil time.   nothing feels the same here without you everything is strange when i can't find you. but i don't need the love of someone who's
"the List"
Okay, FINE. Since certain people have insisted/demanded/badgered/pestered me to post this, I will post it. However, firstly, it's in alphabetical order and I refuse to put it in any other kind of order. So nya. Secondly, there are almost certainly some names missing. This might be for one reason, or it might be another, but there are some names who aren't there that should be there. So, nya again.   In case it wasn't clear: this is a "MUMMer women I would so totally do" list.     Angel BabyboobunnyloveBrokenCarnas of the silver scalesC'est la VieCrystalEyesForStrikingitaliabellaiCEQUEENIsleGirlJasmineKatiemaeKCPilarKarma's BitchKloverlynnmisfit (but shhh, don't tell her)Not JNinjaNinjaStarsThe Octocvnt Woman ThingypanPostal FloristPixieReekaRussian FoxxSataraShoshonniSuga LipsStevie tnksnvrlndWitchieXeeeePooo
Boobs And Kok sheep would have never entered if it said Politics. Last night I watched the entire 1 1/2 hour replay of Arlen Specters town hall meeting in Lebanon, PA and didn't go to bed till 1am. I just couldn't break away from it.   Now I'm not going to get in to the whole health care debate (not knowing how you people stand and don't care), but the one GLARING thing that blew my mind was....  WHERE IN THE FUCK DO WE GET THESE IDIOTS FROM!!!!   I'm telling you people, our problem is not health care. It's that we have total retards driving the bus!!  And this current bus ride is EXPENSIVE and racing down hill with no brakes!!! Mumm within a blog:  Should I eat the lemonade box of Nerds next or the wild cherry?  I can't decide because Specter says we aren't smart enough to make our own decisions.
Blame Bush!
A few friends asked Me to blog cause they were bored. Just download Firefox 3.6 and it is just like the old one, except for Me a bit faster and the way the new tabs open up is the same as on flock, where it doesn’t just open at the end, it opens right next to the current open tab… which takes some getting use to.Okay first things first, don’t know how long I will be on, for the first time of the year I lost My glasses…since I usually lose My glasses about four or five times a year I should be used to it.. yea now I see why on birthdays and holidays My damn eye doctor send Me those cards, I keep his ass in business.And other point of this blog, was in mumm about Haiti, which seems to have replace the shitload of Obama Mumms, well a guy in there said "Blame Obama", so I asked is everything Obama fault to you? He replied when people stops blaming Bush for everything, then I will stop blaming Obama. So I asked him to name Me just one person who said it was bush fa
Addition To Declining Friend Request
It seems that over the years, I have stereotyped more people on fubar than in real life. I have, like many of others, stopped accepting the daily friend requests because we like our bartabs to be useful. Well among the many reasons not to accept the friend requests from people we dont know or  havent talked to for more than a passing hello in a blog or mumm, I have added one more thing to my list... when you go to said persons page, and seeing that they have more than 2 or three bomb folders!   I went to check out this chics photos, and she did have a salute but i didnt know her from eve, after a blank request and I saw that she had 3800 pics, 1500 were of her, and the rest were bomb folders...hmmmm   i think im getting tired of this same bs everyday people making a blog, involving something about me, and they dont even have a clue...the whole SP thing...the dead girl/not dead girl chronicles and every other fucking douche bag they got on this site that aggrevates the shit out of
Blonde Ambition Fakeness....
Sooo here we go again kids, more excitement today but funny nonetheless and I have to start clearing off the desktop folders at some point, so with that I bring you this weekend’s triplet of fun fu fakes of the weekend. .. Whooo is using pics from….Angel Cassidy as shown here…. And…
Masochistic Bitch
Soooo I am in a fuckin mood....people suck and even listening to my pissed off rage the fuck  on and  get it outta your fucking system before ya go out and just start shooting some random fucking asshole because he has socks on with his hideous fucking jesus sandals and smells like shit because the liberal fucks in Boulder think rocks make for good deodorant   I had to repierce my own lip because I swalled the post when the stone came off, yes brilliant and no I never retrieved it. Well....course I didnt have the right angle to shove the piercing needle back thru by myself so I thought what an idea..take the blunt internally threaded post you have...and just shove the mother fucker until it rips back thru the membrane that managed to close up in a matter of hours...yes I am a masochist...but that was not much of an orgasmic endorpin rush...hard to believe eh Ohhhh and I got my nipples double pierced ...yeah that one was enjoyable tho so I will end my rant...and go google m
Too Effing True!!!!
If you work too hard, there is never any time for her.If you don't work enough, you're a good-for-nothing bum.If she has a boring repetitive job with low pay, it's exploitation.If you have a boring repetitive job with low pay, you should get off your butt and find something better.If you get a promotion ahead of her, it's favoritism.If she gets a job ahead of you, it's equal opportunity.If you mention how nice she looks, it's sexual harassment.If you keep quiet, it's male indifference.If you cry, you're a wimp.If you don't, you're insensitive.If you make a decision without consulting her, you're a chauvinist.If she makes a decision without consulting you, she's a liberated woman.If you ask her to do something she doesn't enjoy, that's domination.If she asks you, it's a favor.If you try to keep yourself in shape, you're vain.If you don't, you're a slob.If you buy her flowers, you're after something.If you don't, you're not thoughtful.If you're proud of your achievements, you're an egoti
Misfit Bangs
Talk to her Misfits her name she'll blow you off and call out your game you light her fuse she is gonna go off like a bomb yeah baby Talk to her she wont give the time to listen to your little line if your playing games shell rip out your heart like a plum she's crazy well if lady luck gets on your side she might let you leave alive she'll rough you up and she'll knock you out. oh she walks the walk and talks the talk Misfit bangs!! she bangs!! oh baby she proves she proves shes crazy cause she looks like a flower but she stings like a bee she's not like every girl that's easy to see Misfit bangs!! she bangs!! she'll waste you for one wrong move no one gets away with a crime let me remind you that's a woman ruled by her own mind talk to her but don't make no moves she'll throw you out like an old pair of shoes she'll dance around and break a few bones then your gone oh baby If your looking for love she wont have the tim
Show Off
almost done with all the changes I have been doing in my store and wanted to show it off (Imma needy bitch) New gift ware shelving unit Packing it to the rafters
Worried Sick And Dying Inside.
At approximately 6 pm on the evening of November 26th, Krista Lyn Breeze Godfrey, age 13, walked with her friend to the corner of her street, said goodbye, and vanished. She is my daughter. And she hasn't been heard from since. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, white tennis shoes, plastic and beaded bracelets, and a tan spaghetti strap shirt. She has shoulder length curly blond hair and blue eyes. She is 5'4" and weighs about 115 pounds. She could possibly be traveling in a blue Volkswagon Jetta with a man described as being in his mid to late 20s. It's being assumed at this point that she has been taken across state lines. This isn't a cry for pity or a way to bring my personal drama/trauma onto the site. This is a plea. If anyone sees her...if anyone knows or thinks they know the Pinal County Sheriff's office at 520-866-5111 or call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST. I miss you, Shortcake. Please come
Working Country
We have satellite radio at work. While we're counting by fives and feeding addictions, we usually move along to the beats of good classic rock... Peter Frampton, The Doors, Janis, Jimi, Zeppellin...even Steve Miller...Pink Floyd. Oh, I'm in classics heaven all day long. Not this week. This's country. Country?!? How could this be, I ask? Yes, I know we're in Georgia, but no, no, no... Every song is about cheating or love or not having love or maybe beer. yeah, there's a few dealing with beer, i think. Mostly, it's just heartache of one form or another and for country musicians, seems. If this keeps up, I'll need to start on Prozac, for sure. That or break the fucking satellite reciever when no one's looking. "She's not the cheating kind" is reverberating in the room right now. Save me.
My Nsfw's
I have made my decision about the deleting of my NSFW pictures. I AM NOT GOING TO DELETE THEM AS OF NOW!! I mean, how can I delete them after I get someone saying this: "NOT delete your photos because....YOU are MY DREAM !!!! When I look your lips on a make me become hard and wet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Hey Emily - don't even think about deleting your NSFW pics! They GREATLY enhance the FUBAR experience. Without them, this site would far less interesting! Take care - and THANKS a ton! You look absolutely phenominal - such a hottie!" You all gave some good reasons to keep them as well as to delete them. You even said you would still be friends with me no matter what, which means that I have friend requested as well as accepted a good lot of people. So now that I have made my decision, you all have to bling me and bling me lots out of thanks for keeping them!!
you all know i deleted ppl yesterday,and everyone was told it was nothing personal. most still came into my blog to talk and one decided to be a bitch. have fun with your hatred, this is the only mention you will ever get from me again.
My Tits
Yeah, they aren't in here. McLovin just dared me to make a blog with this title.   I really don't have anything else to say.   I know..I'm such a let down.
Burgers And Sangria
I went to the other side of town today. I had drinks with the usual suspects at the usual place. The first 2 glasses of sangria went down quickly. Then there was the business of getting down to business and deals were made and money changed hands. And then two more Sangrias please. On the way home I realized I was starving so i stopped by Five guys burgers. My god they make good stuff. I don't even like burgers. but when it comes to them I could eat 2. I am completely full, but there is still a plate of homemade fries staring me in the face. There is a wad of cash in my purse and i have a pocket full of pills.   Life is good. For now.
When you think of your past love, you may view it as a failure. But when you find a new love, you view the past as a teacher. In the game of love, it doesn’t really matter who won or who lost. What is important is when you know when to hold on and when to let go! You know you really love someone when you want him or her to be happy, even if their happiness means that you’re not a part of it. Everything happens for the best. If the person you love doesn’t love you back, don’t be afraid to love someone else again, for you’ll never know unless you give it a try. You’ll never love a person you love unless you risk for love. Love strives in hurting. If you don’t get hurt, you don’t learn how to love. Love doesn’t hurt all the time. Though the hurting is still there to test you, to help you grow. Don’t find love, let love find you. That’s why it’s called falling in love because you don’t force yourself to fall. Y
To Help Others Level Up
OK here it is i will be useing my ANGEL ability ALTRUIZE  to help others level im not selling it i cant garentee that i will always have autos on but if you think this is a good idea let me know and if you wanna be on the list say so here n will try to get to as many as i can ..... any donations of any sort will be aprciated ... i wanna thank everyone that has helped me get this far ... and i wanna help others get here also ... much love and reapect to my fam and friends xoxo and ^5's ... ty all ViPeR XP
Muahahahhahah This Is Rich!
This is a convo with someone I will keep anonymous that was sent to me   busterxxoo...: at this point i'm deleting my whole account.... have fun being a non bouncerbusterxxoo...: and you my respect... you didn't even read it...busterxxoo...: i lost all respect from youbusterxxoo...: fubar is starting to get old.... you get a few chicks that are jealous of you and they ruin your whole fubar experience! me, i get reported for everything i do even if its not WRONG...this chick can get away with anything... its starting to piss me off...i'm stupid nor am i crazy...mumms are supposed to be fun... and you get bashed sure... but not beheaded->busterxxoo...: Remember though that it's her shoutbox convo too.busterxxoo...: she cut and paste it from my shoutbox asking her to leave me alone->busterxxoo...: You have the option to delete her comments from your mumm and block her. Then she won't be able to post comments in your mumms.->busterxxoo...: That's not quite the same thing. If
Finally!!!!! First In 50!!!
Many of you will not read this BUT in 50 years there has not been a new drug developed to specifically treat Lupus...and now there is!! I have read how it works and once it is approved it could mean a remission for SOOO many of us!! First Potential Lupus-Specific Treatment in Sight BENLYSTA™ Successful in First of Two Pivotal Clinical Trials Today, Human Genome Sciences (HGS) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) announced positive results from a year-long clinical trial of BENLYSTA for treating lupus. When the 52-week study concluded, the lupus patients who were treated with BENLYSTA had improvement in overall disease activity without clinically significant flare-ups in one or more isolated organs when compared to patients who received the placebo (inactive agent). The patients receiving BENLYSTA also were able to reduce their intake of steroid medications. The study is the largest ever to be completed for lupus and the first Phase III (late stage) trial of a new biologic immune th
Very Important!!
Since I am a total idiot I have lost all the numbers that were on my old cell.I got my replacement cell today.Please text me with your name,so I can save your number again.   My back is about the same,I go to court about it to get new docs next months.Not going to hold my breath on that one. I am still rarely poking my head in this site right now.The fun isn't here for me anymore.   Miss tons of you.Please text me the numbers or send them to me via private message on facebook or I will check my messages on here for them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- update 11/20/09 they posponed my courtdate AGAIN,at least they're sending me to another surgeon for an evaluation.Still just a waiting game.   hugsnstuffs Kit
Im Excited
So quick  run down of my weekend... Friday i was dreading, my girlfriend wanted to go out and its been years since i went out drinking and dancing. I believe i dread it cause i hate hangovers... i feel like i wasted a day.. needless to say about 8 coke and crown royals and to many dirty hookers to count I was doing some sort of crazy dancing and i believe i actually did an impression of the pee wee herman.. don't ask cause the nights a blur.. there's more but i wont bore you with details about that.... Saturday I remember why i hate drinking.. I spent the day in bed. Jeff brought me breakfast and lunch there. I finally got up sometime to go rent movies and pick up my car then went directly back to bed.... Sunday I went riding I am now jumping high jumps... I close my eyes and go for it.. The thrill of holding on to a horse while he jumps over a jump is amazing.. I love the speed and Frasier is speedy... Hes 18 hands so hes not a little horse and its amazing to be on his back and go.
The Day My Vagina Died!
My vagina died the day i found out i was pregnant... Someone up there is punishing me for being a sexual deviant...   NOW I LEARN THAT I HAVE RUBBED OFF ON MY LESBIAN LOVER   WITCHIE   We should take a moment to morn her vagina   Im goign to a movie in an hour... ill entertain you fuckers till then!
Cage The Bird
I suddenly feel like I have a pocket full of roofies and buffalo wing craving. Wicked is judge/jury. Bridesmaids: Misfit, J, Ashley, Witchie. Flower girl: Rev Ring bearer: Doug lmfaoooooooooooooo too bad he won't log on until tonight or tomorrow morning and I won't be around
Cubby 1st "most Liked" Green Dude On Fubar
We made history today. I say "we", because it's my name and picture upo there. (#11 baby). But i certainly didn't do this alone. I truly have the best FU Friends around.    I know that i have to thank hundreds of you, and sadly i can't name them all. But if you pimped me, Made me your status, Shared me, or just "Liked Me". I thank you. You all made an old fart happy. :D Can you believe a 40 year old, chubby, Canadian was the first ever Nuclear Green Guy?  As i said, hundreds helped with various things, but i'd like to thank these people for their gifts that made me visible to all of Fubar. I hope they dont get mad i told. :p Diana             - Bully & Ticker YOTD            - Bully Miss Vanima  - Ticker Deacon          - Ticker Alison            - Ticker Guidomedic    - Ticker MsD               - Ticker Rev                -Ticker Postal Goober -Ticker McLovin          -Ticker Chef Jay         - Ticker Mrs. Crumb      - Ticker V1rus         
Growing Old Disgracefully
When I was on holiday, I had to make a cheesecake (Mars Bar with Chocolate, Caramel Ginger and Cream topping for the foodies that care). It was more of a drama than it should've been, but one particular moment makes me smile...went a little (lot) like this:   Me: "Dad, what did you just steal from the bench" Dad: "Nothinggggg I'm just making myself a cup of tea, can't a man make a cup of tea in his own kitchen?!" Me: "You stole something, I saw it" Dad: "Well if you saw it you know what it is, so why are you asking?" Me: "It was SOMETHING" Dad: "There's nothing there for me to steal, stop picking on the elderly!" 30 seconds later Me: "Dad, what did you just put in your mouth?" Dad: "SHGnofinkdhg"   I had slightly less chocolate than I needed for the recipe. But the 'why is this cream frozen mum?' incident meant it really didn't matter. My dad is NZ's oldest gamer - he plays Zelda 'for his grandson' (who is usually outside at the time) and starts waterfights. Winding people
You People Really Piss Me Off Sometimes
You really do   But I'm sick of letting that get to me - I am trying to be here simply to have fun. Now my fun may not be your idea of fun (and vice versa) but guess what? Don't much care.   Anywhoooooooooo   I read about this chick; she made a cake a day, to give away, for a year. Doesn't sound like much? Once you put the thought into the actual doing of it, it's a lot - here's a link for anyone with more than the fu-attention span   I've been toying with a similar idea - I cannot afford the time (believe it or not, fu-time is also work-time generally; kitchen time is altogether different.   I don't like to make commitments I don't keep, so I'm ending up doing nothing at all...which pisses me off also. But I'd rather positive energy than the endless soul-sucking pain-manifesting-as-bullshit around this should probably be a MuMM but I'll be fucked if I deal with some of those unctuous cunt
Auction Rules
I decided to hold an auction. It will be 3 days only. When I get 10 people, I will post a deadline date for any entries and a start date. There is no cost to enter, and anyone who wants to be in needs to send me a private message with a link to the picture they want to use and what they are willing to offer to the highest bidder. real money bids outbid fubucks, but all bids must start at 25,000 fubucks. the highest total amount on each person will be the winner, and I will post in a blog at the end who the highest bidder for each person is. This is for fun and I will have no drama. Anyone who wants to start any drama will be blocked. All you people who like to make the pretty bulletins, could use your help, I have no idea how to make them:)
Code Of Conduct
2nd Alarm Hottie Code of Conduct 1. All Hottie members/prospects must have a verified salute and a minimum of 15 pics which include S.F.W body shots. 2. All hotties must be female by birth. 3. Shout box and Fu-mail must be open to officers for communications (Profile may not be set to friends only for this purpose). Officers must obtain a yahoo screen name. Firechief, and acting chief must have all officers yahoo sn for communication and meeting purposes 4. Chief and Hottie homepage must be added to your Family while considered a prospect and remain in family after administration. All new hotties will be assigned to a Team, your team leader must be in your top 7 friends and upon your acceptance to the group you must add '2nd Alarm hotties member' to your fubar screen name, you are allowed 5 days to conform with all C.O.C.rules. 5. All current 2nd alarm hottie Officers must be f/r/a to your page, they may all be found on the homepage in family. After officers, your
The Real Lost Cherry Scrolls..
Episode IV A long time ago on a social site far far away.... .......... A long time ago when this was site was called called Lost Cherry... . Baby Jesus , Scrapper and the rest of the Fubar family...... ..decided to make their own site, hoping that it would be a cool place to chill...a land for regulated...a place to escape, and far away from the lies , spam and emo children of myspace.... ..imagine this site with No VIP, No Happy Hours, No Bling Packs, No Blogs, No Top Anything of the week, Top Photos of the Hour, No Bling, No ability to comment on bulletins, No Block features, No Privacy Settings, The Highest Level was 20, No Salute Pictures, No Amber Alerts, the most expensive gift cost 10,000 fubucks, No Fupal, No Tickers, the term "NSFW" was not created was called "adult"... could be 13 to join the site. There were no angels or devils, no godfathers, It had less than 70,000 profiles (the actual member count no one knows), No Crushe
Cause Im A Loser
Ok, no one tagged me so I'm tagging myself! 1. I read 2-3 books a week. 2. I can't pass by a baby without touching it. 3. I am a pasta freak. Eat it 4-5 times a week. 4. I have been a single mom for 9 years and they're still alive. 5. I have to sleep with a fan on. 6. I also have to keep my feet covered in bed so that the monsters under there can't get me. 7. I have 5 cats because I take in strays. 8. I can cook just about anything. 9. My father lives 6 miles away and I see him about 3 times a year. 10. I love my friends on Fu!
Ok. Here Goes.
When I first came back to the fu last night there were alot of people asking where I had been. Here is the story for those that want to know. Approximately 2 months ago I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Anyone that knows anything about this type of cancer knows the battle I face ahead of me. And if you don't there are plenty of places on the net that you can find information about it. New years eve I was in the emergency room and diagnosed with pancreatitis. It was a mild case and instead of admitting me the doctor put me on a liquid diet and sent me home. Two weeks later I made a trip to see my kids on the other side of the state. By the time I got there my gut was hurting so bad I could barely walk. I being me, figured I could take care of it myself and put myself back on the liquid diet. A couple days later I was in the hospital being fed intraveneously for 2 days. A visit to the cat-scan and some other tests revealed a "growth" on my pancreas. A few weeks ago I had a
I'd Love An Answer For This
I was in a MuMM last night. Who would have thought, huh? lol. Anyway, the "MuMM" wasn't exactly a MuMM. It was more of a place to have/start a debate. I know I didn't mention anything about it not being an actual MuMM, but for some reason the creator of the MuMM thought that it he should let me know that he'd talked to many bouncers and that he was fine with how he posted it because he marked it NSFW. My reply was..."So you're saying you can post whatever you want as long as you mark it NSFW, it's a "MuMM"? His reply, "That's what I was told". How is this possible? I would think that even if it's marked NSFW, that it still had to follow the guidelines of a MuMM. [shrug]
Tatum, The 5-year Old Alpha Girl, Must Be Destroyed!!
Kindergartners are cute. Kindergartners are sweet. Kindergartners are innocent. That is until one of them grabs hold of the Conch shell and ascends to power. Pretty soon all hell breaks loose and Piggy gets hit in the head with a rock. I knew it would happen eventually, but I never expected my daughter’s loss of innocence to happen so soon.I met Tatum on the first week of school when I joined my daughter for lunch. The transition to Kindergarten is very stressful to these children. Lunchtime chaos only adds to the stress. So when I wasn’t playing out the lunch lady fantasy in my head, I was busy opening milk cartons, unwrapping crackers, and inserting straws into juice boxes. Basically, doing anything their tiny little hands had neither the strength nor the dexterity to accomplish.Enter Tatum. Tatum assertively came to me all doe-eyed, cute, and promptly proclaimed “They just LEAVE US HERE! We have no idea what to do!” I could see this was true as there were onl
okay, so really...i'm getting annoyed w/ the 50+ year old broads who plaster their saggy boobs all over my page every day...whether it be in HHs or blasts....and not a single friggin' one of them will own up to their ages either...pathetic....and just for the record not a single one of them look young for their ages!!!!
Drag/ Tranny Day
This week Ive decided to keep the theme secret until Monday morning... its just makes the day so much funner... Hugh (Dame Edna) and I were discussing what to do, there was an array of different ideas.....smurfs, hair bands... but nothing appealed.. Ive always wanted to know what it was like to write my name in the snow with my urine and there it was drag queen/ transsexual day... Hugh you know were going to be the only ones playing..... Needless to say I looked up famous drag queens and found Barbette, she/ he was a performer her story is most interesting and well hell I'm applauding people from different walks of life today.. So throw on your skirts or pants and have fun... Apparently I forot we list... so here it is Barbette= me Dame Edna= my best friend Hugh (makes out) Chi Chi Larue= Alix Seductress= its a secret (for his plot to freak name crisis out) Misty= Blue Eyed Soul Divine=Mop Princess FuFu= Seamus Foofy McBoafeathers= Ketch22 RuPaul= Raist Harvey Fierstei
Yes, I am, and I know this. I have been blessed with the most incredible people in my life. And I know I don't tell them nearly enough just how grateful I am that they are in my life. Many people look at those I am close to and wonder why I am friends with certain people. All I have to say about that is never you mind. It is not for you to know.  I have never been as close to as many females as I am now. I actually do not get along with most women (for various reasons, mostly because I chose not to participate in the stupid high school crap when I was there, so I damn sure am not doing it now). But the women I have grown so incredibly fond of, I have to say, are the greatest group to ever grace my presence. I think most women are conditioned to be in constant competition with each other, and I have consistently kept my closest friends males simply because I didn't feel the need to compete with them. Competition is for drinking games, and sports, not for attention. I sometimes wish w
What Do You Want To Know?
Ask me a question..
Yes Id Love To Know
Why do women act suprised when i give my honest opinion of my feelings toward them???..this is my status for the day.....i want honest opinions.....   Carry on...
I just took an nice little order for "catering" meat and cheese trays  dessert trays fruit salad  that kind of stuff and Im great at all of the above mentioned  however when I first spoke to the lady I told her I would do anything she needed... thinking in my tiny little mind Ive done it all over the years its all good    Ya well guess what I have NOT done it all over the years and one of these things oddly enough is I have never done potato salad ...never had it asked for in an order and never made one for myself either    so uhhmmmmm if any of you out there have a nice little  potato salad  for 60 people would you be so kind as to share ?   thanks   
Only The Good Stuff Goes Here.
I think this blog is going to only be for good things. And even though my life is currently a massive tangle of stress and worry there are still a few good things. The first good thing is that I met a guy at a bar a few weeks ago. he was on a date with some redhead and I was drinking my hate away with a girlfriend. The bartender kept asking me to pass his food and plates and whatever to him. I was nice about it and made a couple of jokes. later he was paying his check and he started talking to me. i asked where his date went and he said she went to save them a spot at the next bar. But this was a set up date and he wasn't into her. i jokingly said, "yea we were like what is he doing with her?" next thing you know he's telling me he's going to Denver for a few months but he wants my number because he'll be back. My girlfriend was shocked at how that all went down and I felt like I was some really hot, man stealing bitch. But then i didn't hear from him and i felt like an asshole. But I
Have You Seen This Creeper? Meet Sexual Predator Fred H Aubuschon
Creeper of the week. Have you seen this man? Hes not to be around children under the age of 18.  Do not let him have access to your childrens pics nor your personal photos. He will use them as blackmail to threaten and harrass women. This man is a dyed-in-the-wool predator. Just beware          Link to this sex offender page His page in Tennessee can be found here:   He shouted me as a female named Tanya with the same IP address as his other fake account in Knoxville tennesee   tanya: mother fucker if fred dies i swear to god yoou will too i promise you that 3:32pmmore To tanya: ahahahah He needs to die! 3:32pmreply tanya: they will not find your body 3:33pmreply To tanya: come to brooklyn you fucking pedo lover and try
It's About Time... know what. I was going to write this long, nasty blog about alot of the things that are going on on here and how pathetic and depraved they really are. From the false Legends that make Fubar their lives and their immortality in numbers (which mean shit in real life) and the sick manipulative lies they use to get there, to basically is what amounting to prostitution on alot of levels beyond just selling NSFW for blings, blasts and fuBucks. To the high profile drama starters who never seem to want to leave here, and just flip-flop more than Obama on the issues. To the hypocrites on here that can re-befriend someone again and again even after they killed their relationship, even going as far as telling everyone what amounts to sucking dick for meth. To the poor new people who have no clue how this site works and the history behind the people that are "leading" them. And then act amazed when they get fucked over like so many have before. Oh that's right those are the ones
Nsfw Pics
I must have your attention, so if your looking here you must want access to my NSFW pics, well you need to either buy me a VIP, fubling pack, or blast to get into my family. Your family status will last for as long as your Blast or VIP is for.. If you would like to have a lifetime of seeing my pics, as I will be adding more as I take them, buy me a Happy Hour... Please message me before you buy anything though, as I may have you give the gift to one of my many closest friends. Lemme tell ya... I'M WORTH IT! And for you ppl who think "why should i pay", well its like this, I worked alot of hours to take all my pics by myself, and consider them art (both for my body art, and the way they were taken). Art is priceless and a very important part of my life, and I hope if you took the time to read this, it will become a part of yours as well. Alicia
Heads Up-- Big Change To Fubar Today....
anyone who's been reading my blogs knows that i've been doing a lot of (crazy?) stuff the last few weeks.. removing the requirements to level, adding salute filters to your profile, etc. in order to help fight off the spammers/scammers who're trying to infest our nice little watering hole, i've been forced to enable something that i've tried to avoid: email verification to post comments, send private message, send shouts, or have html displayed in your profile area. most other sites require you to verify your email address before they even activate your account. i always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and try to keep the site as open as possible... but the spammers/scammers have been abusing it and this is one of the most effective ways to make it harder on them. if you don't know if you've verified your email addres, or if you need to verify it, please go to your profile settings page. under your email address you'll either find a 'Verified' label, or instruct
Keep Your Fingers Crossed
i'm currently the high bidder for the spotlight at 35 million, i only have 35,019,000. so if it gets any higher, i'm not gonna get it :(
Kinda Drunk
so.................. here i am kinda drunk & bored....i tried going on cam in the anti-lounge, but nobody is in there, so...idk, show me your tits or feet cause i'm sure footie is around somewhere ♥
Fubar Video Salutes?
we've been kicking around the idea of doing some tv commercials for to help spread the word about the site. if anyone has a video salute that you've already made for fubar, or had thought of making one and wanted an excuse, please post a *link* to the youtube video (youtube only please and make sure it's a link.. don't embed it here.) in a comment to this blog or in a PM to me if you're shy... but if you're shy, why are you here? :D in the video please include your uid or fubar custom url. the uid/url can be hand written or spoken, but i need to know how to find you. for example, my uid is 1 and my custom url is feel free to say what you like most about fubar, why you use it, any interesting stories you might have from using the site, or whatever else you want... (keep it legal please, i'm too fragile for the pokey). there isn't a plan to include any of these in the commercial, but you never know what'll happen (i'll contact you and ask permission fir
Note To Friends
Picture rating sucks donkey balls. Stop turning on your auto 11's FF's Just saying. i feel guilty not rating anyone, but when you can only rate 60%, what is the use? Sorry for rant.
I'm An Idiot
I got this idea from Freak. And well i'm drunk i said why not. BUT............ My Webcam can't keep up with me so there is a dealy and i look stupid. Ummmmmmmmmm Wait... thats the point. I'm posting it anyways. Yup. I have issues. I might have to delete soon LOL
Update On My Parents
This is probably the hardest blog I've ever written thus far, but with so many wonderful friends sending well wishes and the fact that I don't want to miss anyone who has sent them, I felt it needed to be done. As many of you know, my mother was taken on Monday, by ambulance, to the hospital. Her heart rate was over 300, her BP 275/180 and she couldn't breathe. After spending time with her both yesterday and today, and speaking with two of her doctors, I have some updated information. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about 12 years ago. After going through the required regimen of treatments and a radical mastectomy of one of her breasts, it went into remission for almost 7 years. Then about 4 years ago, the drs discovered that the breast cancer had metastasized to several areas of bone. Once again, she went through treatment and they declared she was once again in remission. After speaking with her oncologist today, they have discovered tumors on a few of her organs and
I Need Help
I am conflicted.......why does the heart and the mind never work in unison (at times) when it comes to love and caring for other people??
Cower behind the bedside table The game only enthrawls me more I raise my hand you whimper With every tear i own you more and more   Cry upon a non existant tissue Without your fear there is no issue Do as I say not as I do Disobey I dare you   Bring me your hope Let me tear it down It empowers me Let me watch you drown   Im sorry for any thoughts i gave For you to think you were anything but enslaved Wear your chains like a good bitch should Bleed for me Make me feel good   Let me cut your soul to shreds Let me steal your breath and watch you lower your head Try to leave I'll bring you back I'll steal you into my darkest night   There is no escape for I will seek You're mine Until  you break the weaknes
Mustache Ride?
So Witty and I were thinking a mustache/beard day would be super awesome. We shall call it, Seamus Appreciation Day. The lovely Mrs. Badcrumble has joined us. You know you want to as well. I can photoshop you a beard if you like. :D
Dazed And Confused
I guess there are several reasons to complain about school. So much time crammed into 3 days. So many things I need for learning not being in stock. So many heavy things to carry up and down stairs. But none of these things really bother me. I can do other things while I wait for supplies to come in and the heavy things will get less heavy after a while. The hours are no big deal compared to hours I've worked before. I guess the worst thing is I have to be in a class room with the most fucked up people I've met in a while for 10 hours a day. There is one girl who is about 4 feet tall that prefaces every question with, "I'm sorry, I have a question and this might be a stupid question. I ask a lot of questions, but you know someone else might want to know...." and then she asks her question. There is another girl that swears she is A.D.D. but her doctor won't give the meds. I think she is just addicted to black eyeliner and red bull. She gets both in gallaon jugs. She has already been
Meanie Pants For Friends!!!!
Nothing I ever do for you people is good enough... I HATE YOU ALL!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUGH.... I will eat my pancakes as i wish mister!!! I heart you cause your my bff with a penis. Listen Witchie I will sleep where i choose in our spooning... YOU CANT TAKE WHAT YOU WANT!!! also its not nice to hoe out a pregnant lady then make her buy you a cheese steak. Witty i love you but im not funny today so i didn't comment but i do heart you and nice hair. Theonlygallo you will have multiple children if you don't be nice to me.. and im talking double digits fucker.... For those i haven't mentioned you have not pissed me off "YET" today and i love you *PUKES ON EEL* Wicked and her FETUS!
Anne Frank
So I have decided that out of all the famous people in the world that have gone and left us that I would really like to meet Anne Frank the most. I just watched a recent remake of "The Diary of Anne Frank" on the public broadcasting station and it spoke to me in this way. Have you ever thought to yourself that you are alone and then heard to story of a celebrity and just known that they would be that person that understoood what you are going through? Is this arrogent to think this about someone that you have not nor never will meet or is that the purpose of these kinds of media in the hope that this person's story will speak to the masses? I had never read the book as in high school I had the oddball teacher who had us read "The Hiding Place" instead of "The Diary of Anne Frank". It is a different view of the same wartime story with another family. I think I want to read Anne Frank's version now. So what famous dead person would you want to meet and why? What do you imagine that
I Miss My Vagina
I Miss my vagina It use to do all sorts of fun tricks that would make me happy. Ive misplaced it a while back. Have you seen it? If so please call me I have put up a reward of 1 million fubucks.. She goes by the name of Artemis..Yes the Goddess of the hunt.   I said to witchy if she paid me 20 fubucks she would get  picture of it.. Im thinking since she gave me 100 i should at least shave. The last time i tried to do that I used the touch and feel method and came out with two cuts across her... Help me solve the problem...   Wax? Mirror? Wicked, ham and Artemis
Another Facetious Blog
Why do people overuse two n words, Nazi and the other n word?  Are they stupid lazy,  or ignorant as hell about history?
Fun Until...
Happy Memorial day I went to Bourbon street last night and hit a few bars, hit a strip club, had some pizza and was having a blast...then my friend gets a text from our ride. Dude was in the car and leaving... wtf?   so yeah not only did we get stranded by a "friend" he decides to tell the girls he took their purses out of the car and left them in the parking lot!!! yeah... needless to say after getting to when he parked, no purses and no car...  I had to catch a cab home @ 430am... for some reason every time i go to bourbon street or the french quarter i get seperated from the party, but never got stranded, but what kind of asshole leaves peoples  shit in the parking lot? I think he deserves a special kind of ass whoopin for that...but I really hope he just "said" he took their purses out of his car and left them cuz you ladies keep a lot of crap in them 
Bling Polishing
so as i am beginning to do the polishing thing, after some hints of how to get the most points, I find myself amused. People are going to the higher credit value obviously for more points, but I have been finding that most of the reds have them all polished and nobody is polishing the one credit blings. Point whoring at its finest huh?  so i am wondering how many people actually will only polish the higher point value bling and leave the measly 110 point blings, even if they havent used all 10 polishes? are YOU guilty of this? I find that mostly there is only 110s and 330s left on these pages, and its amusing...  I'm still millions and millions of points away from the next level and not to mention 4 referrals and some other crap ot make oracle, and am not really giving much effort towards it anyway, but its funny. Ive had people come and polish my lucky 7s and leave... each one is worth 2500 points or something, so why waste your time on the little shit lmao anyways, someone loan m
Christmas Salutes
Hey errybody,   I just was inspired by a certain ladyfriend....Wouldnt it be AWESOME if everyone made Christmas salutes for me( and each other )if you choose?? post them in my pics and we could exchange them at our leisure???.....I am trying hard to get into the Spirit of giving...i figure since a pic is worth 1000 words, we could have fun with it......   what say you peoples???
(how To) Own The Cherry Inferno
(How To) Own The Cherry Inferno AchievementPlease Note: GODMODES WILL NOT WORK FOR THE CHERRY INFERNO ACHIEVEMENT!Read below to Kick The Cherry Inferno Achievement In The Face.First I will give a little run down of how Tripple X failed over & over & over again. He wasted 6 hours of his precious time trying to get the achievement only to utterly fail every time.For those who are using Internet Explorer(any version)? You have already failed the Inferno Achievement.. Do not under any circumstances use Internet Explorer, instead Download Chrome, Firefox or Opera for best results.Most Common User ErrorThe first thing you would think to do is:Load Cherr
Stolen From Gg
MOUTHOLOGY: What is your salad dressing of choice? Blue Cheese of Any Sort What is your favorite fast food restaurant of choice? Dollar Menus? Ya'RLY! What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Buffets kick ass. Us Fat Fucks gotta Eat. Though, Sakuras in baltimore was the first place i went to wher they cooked food at the table On average how much of a tip do you leave at a restaurant? Pen15 What food could u eat everyday for two weeks and not get sick of? Sushi(eel sushi kicks ass), but, for ME...straight ol' ground beef patties, you can do anything with beef What are your pizza toppings of choice? Im a MEAT a non gay way. Anchovies and peppers now and then too What do you like on your toast? butter, cinnamon and sugar TECHNOLOGY: What is your wallpaper on your computer? A F'n Tree. It WILL be goatse on the other account How many televisions are in your house? 2 What color cell phone do you have? Zero. Fuck You. I USED to
Oops, I Did It Again...
Freaking Out...
So i go to buy someone a drink... It's what i do. And i find this. "Welcome, ~Cubby~Bish to Miss Vee. You have 8 fuBucks available." Nooo, i'm not asking for money. I had over 100K a few minutes ago, and didnt buy anything. it was just gone. I sent BabyJ a message and they are back. FDIC is awesome. A) What the hell happened? B) Did it only happen to me? yes i changed my password FYI And no you can't have it.
He Shouldn't Have!
Delerius lost his mind and got me an auto 11s bling. I'll be turning it on in the next lil bit. Waiting for a blast {Thank you DaisyBlue ♥, who also lost her mind! You are awesome!} to be approved. Thank you Delerius. ♥
I am feeling quite.... frisky feisty mischievous and a lil bratty today. That is all.
F*ck This Secret Admire Shit
GGRRRRRR...this secret admirer shit is driving me insane.. as of right now I have 4 I am kindly asking each of you to come forward
Ok seriously, i need something to make for my boys for supper using hamburger. and hamburgers or cheeseburger comments are not appreciated ya smartasses! I have run out of ideas and they don't like vegetables. that is all
Sad, Sad Day....
i saw this porn one time.. three hot lesbians on the rocks, by the sea, going at it... then one squats down over the top of another chick's face... i'm thinking, rimjob!... much to my dismay... that's not what happened... like chocolate ice cream from the ice cream shop.. it came down from her bunghole and all over the other's face.... then she sharted at the end... splashing the other chick all over...they all giggled.. and that was the end of my curiosity...forever...
Tell Me What U Really Think
Ok look i am just really sick now ive done nothing to anyone on here and ive  not directly asked anyone for anything yes i hav my own site and yes they pics on this site r my own so i just dont get it really what is ur problem ive narrowed this down to two posabitly check them out??   1) Your really bored and nothing else to do but bash me or 2) your jelous come dont me shy you can tell me ive NEVER been nothing but nice to everyone and would never pull anyone down like ive said before i wont post a salute becouse i posted one on myspace and still got called a fake soooo hmmmm not gonna do it again im just like you im not better than you im just luckier so next time u wanna pull someone down then DONT becouse it soo not nice and i dont like it there are other people on fu right now using my pics but no i get called the fake ur people make me laugh so this is what i want u to do if ur my friend ur will read this and comment o was that something i asked for?? and if theres any pa
My Butt
You asked for it, whinies! SO here it is! But I'm not showin the whole thing, pervs  
I R Old Man Now
It's official - I've become an old geezer.  Monday night when I was home sick and my girl was off singing in her choir, I spent the evening listening to BBC Radio Four.  Feeling too out of sorts to face thumbing through my cd collection, I turned to the radio, which I don't do that often, but instead of my tried-and-tested Radio Two, I decided to finally bite the bullet and embrace my inner middle-aged man.  I listend to a bit of 'The Archers', a documentary about the Brighton Bombing, a play about Empty Nest Syndrome, a documentary about what it means to be a small country, and two magazine shows, covering such diverse topics as what it means to be a Polymath, and the latest exibition in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. Next week, I shall be sewing patches on the elbows of all my jackets, and learning to smoke a pipe.
Forks In Some Freaking Road Take One!
I have a tendency to rescue, mother and try to fix. I have and will always help out a friend when in need... I do this because at one point in my life my father was my rescuer... You see my x husband thought work was something you would occasionally do in order to get drugs.. When our son was born he still had the same opinion. I remember standing in line at the food bank with my son for the first time and thinking never again will I allow myself to let someone else be in control of my finances. The next day I went out and got 3 menial but paying jobs... The one man who was always there for me was my father. No matter what he would swoop in and rescue me. here's an example, I didn't have enough money for diapers so I called my father and asked him to borrow $50 dollars to buy some.. He picked me up took me to the grocery store and two grocery carts later we walked out.. He never asked me to repay it he just smiled and said one day help someone who needs it out.. I try very hard to
Ask Me Anything You Want To Know About Me.
I got the idea from Bounty Hunter. Ask me anything you want to know about me. I will answer all questions as honestly as I can.
Raven is threatening Me with acts of Abuse. The abuse includes constant hugs and kissing, and other sentimental acts which is considered abuse to someone who is devioid of emotion such as ISo should l I endure the abuse and hope she makes it up to Me with rough sex.Tie her up, gag her and have My way with her.Take the cam and shoot her for hours and days and watch as her sleepless mind succumbs to the pleasurable points of insanity… keep her up for days and days, abusing her then rewarding her with random acts of kindness till she exhibits signs of what is known as stockholm syndromeYes I am bored and could not think of a blog… oh well
You're all losers for being on here. Oh wait.... /wrists
A Little About Me!
Ok well, I guess you wanted to know a little more about me, or you would not have come here to read. I could put all kinds of music, fancy backgrounds, and cool fonts in here, but it's easier to read without them, and if you care enough to know, I care enough to make it easier on you to read it. Here goes: I have 2 kids, their dad is not in their lives, and thats great with me. Long story, maybe I will tell you someday! My life has not been easy, I am not a little rich girl, and I am not spoiled or "high maintenance" Neither am I trash. I have been through enough things to know how to treat other people, to appreciate every thing about someone, and to know how to respect people. I absolutely HATE being lied to, that IS the worst thing someone could do to me, I would rather be punched in the face than lied to. I suppose it's because at least with a punch, you know what's coming, and you know when it's over. I am a very honest person, I like to talk and I like to listen
This Might Be Fun..
Take the first letter of your first name to answer the questions. The answers must be real people, places, or things. Nothing made up! You cannot use your own name for a boys/girls name. You cannot use the same answer twice. 1. Famous Singer: Kanye West 2. Four Letter Word: Kilt 3. Street: King St. 4. Color: Khaki 5. Gifts/Present: Kitten 6. Vehicle: Kia 7. Things in Souvenir Shop: Keychain 8. Boy Name: Kyle 9. Girl Name: Kate 10. Movie title: Kill Bill 11. Drink: Kahlúa 12. Occupation: Kindergarten teacher 13. Celebrity: Kate Winslet 14. Magazine: Knit N Style (Look it up, it's real) 15. U.S. City: Kalamazoo, MI 16. Pro Sports: Kansas City Cheifs 17. Fruit: Kiwi 18. Reason for Being Late to work: Killed someone 19. Something you throw away: Kleenex 20. Something you shout: Kiss My A$$! 21. Flower: Kale 22. Something in your kitchen: Knife
Art This Is Your Life
Derriere Size
Ok, we have discussed the penis and breast sizes..Now lets see if size matters regarding the ass. What do you like better.. Big Round Flat Squishy heart shaped Apple Shaped Tear Drop shaped Show and tell if you like. and this is not just for women to show, We women look at mens ass's too ya know. :P
Do You Want To Know Mr. Powers?
What A Long Strange Trip Its Been
I ve met some good people up in dis here biatch.....Some are still here....Most are gone...but i want to say that for every person you meet there are 2 more waiting to get to know you........I want to express my gratitude and thanks to those who have been my friend and have never seen me face to face..........I love you all and we are(hopefully) in the future will have more good times than not going anywhere and i hope you dont either........ Love..Peace...and Soul....... Wesley AKA Superman231 P.S> boobs and butt are enouraged..ladies........
My Doc Visit
So, i've been sick and when i went to the doc and she asked her normal questions, this one came up " Do you smoke/drink/married"? Odd??? I thought it was smoke/drink/illegal drugs? Since when did marriage become harmful to your health.... oh and g'morning fookers
Auto 11
Is any of my friends turning on Auto's tomorrow? I know Misfit's is Friday along with Her and Vixen's Happy Hours. Just wanna make sure not too many people in my circle have them. Peace out.
The Dating Game
The Daily News Pt. 3
if one more of my few remaining friends, snap at me for no fucking reason, im not going to bother with this site anymore i got told i look easy twice in two day, to those people, please go back to your sheep and leave me alone if you dont like what someone has on their page, leave and go to another one instead bitching about it. if one or more of my friends are in an "efight" im not getting involved unless it involves me, if it involves me, ill probably just tell you to fuck of anyway p.s. i have hot fudge cake and you dont
Little Miss Cant Be Fake...or Can She...
Point Whoring Sucks
So, I put up tit pics when I hit godfather. Just three, and they were tasteful... I mean, my guy even approved of putting them up, and the only one that he allows to see my whore side, is him. So, I've been gathering a lot of useless friends to get to Oracle, who I am going to delete once I get there. I keep getting guys in the SB telling me how nice my pics are. I always ask which ones. They say "all of them." So I go and look, and the only pics they've looked at are the tit pics. *sigh* Why are men such fags? Tit pics are now locked down to family only. Not that I expect a lot of views on them anymore... I'll probably take them down soon.
Blocked Again :(
So I sent this perfectly normal, completely friendly message to someone a little while ago: "You're cute. Let's have freaky sex involving coathangers." ...and she blocked me. I mean, wtf? :/ Some people.
Oh Shit! My Account Was Deleted?
  There are so many rumors going around about how the fubar admins are this or that. It's actually quite funny to read some of the stories. I thought I’d save you all some time and clear some things up...  1. We do not like to delete profiles. We know you just come right back. It is has never been our policy to delete profiles for petty shit. Some of the people who have become my biggest supporters and eyes and ears are users who I once had disputes with. I will say it again, deleting is our last resort.  2. If your profile was deleted, it may not be our fault. I always find it funny when a user will come to me screaming about a "friend" who was deleted. This usually alerts me to check their profile for suspicious activity. 99% of the time the person arguing is whining about one of their fake accounts. DO NOT COME TO US CRYING about an account that you know was fake. Spammers get deleted. Underage Users get Deleted, Anyone who SCAMS or DISPUTES or who has directly benefited fr
My Husband
My husband hes a pot smoker a drinker an asshole he never answers his phone I swear he knows hes turning my eyebrows gray I hate him but love him hes a donk   SEAMUS I have to pee   Wicked
Fubar Reality Check Time...
So since I’ve came back for the most part I’ve been pretty mellow, some would even say “soft” even to a point. I tell stories of days and years gone by on here and people are like “yeah,” “wow” and “awesome.” But the reality is that…..most people don’t really know me in this “new” Fu Generation… So with that being said… Some of the things I’m about to say will probably offend and shock some of you. They will probably make you cut me or stop reading if you are that offended. Especially if it pertains to you. So let see where to start where to start…. let’s kick off with something semi positive. That faker spanker dude spent a small fortune in an auction recently, even on real people. Wow. Amazing. I guess that being called out is good rehab for people. What is so vehemently irritating since I’ve come
That Silly Russian...
Wow. She continues to pass rumors about me and shit... I stand behind my character, what does she stand with?!?   This girl does NOTHING but talk shit... Do I need to say anything else?!?
Fubar In Like, Real Life? Hrmm.. taking a break from what I usually do, whatever that is, I have a new thought or two and maybe we can make something of it. Fubar’s been around while now. There has been of course the usual bad things that happen anywhere but somewhere , believe it or not for some of you, there is good and real life better. Speaking from experience, I know first hand that no matter where you live, what you look like or how much money you don’t make, you can find someone on here to be with in real life whether it be a party, a relationship or even what the hell a one night stand. This is not emo-kid , jailbait & spam city myspace, it’s not a Fubar-knockoff site that spews and gets off on hate, while at the same time doing exactly the same thing they “left “ for ( I still don’t get that but whatever) , and face book where people and ex’s who’s names you have forgotten can stalk you incessantly. I had a face book for 10 minutes. Really. So for a change, I kno
Phone Pet Peeves...
I work in a call center. I have found that the general public has NO maners. This disgusts me. Do I call your job & ask you why you do your job like you do? Your boss told you how to do it, so that is how you do it. If you call a company, do not eat, burp, fart, pee or anything else while on your business call. If your child is screaming, put the phone down & tend to your child. If you call someone, & ask them questions, guess what?? They are gonna ask you some back. Don't be surprised by this. If you are calling for the price of something & the answer is not what you expected or what you want to hear, just hang up. I really don't care who else gave you a better deal or why you don't like my price. I don't make the rules, just kindly go away if it does not meet your needs. It doesn't make you a man, a better woman or anything else if you flip out on the phone at me. I am probably playing an internet game & not listening to your stupid rant anyhow. The letter R is pronounced R. Not
I find it strangly trying that Most of my blogs draw very little attenion and reamin largely unread.  It seems the only time they really draw any readers and/or comments is when they are angry and hurtful towards folks here on fubar... and those are the entries I'm least proud of, whether i feel i was right or wrong. When I first joined fubar it was to blog, but I had hoped to blog mostly about politics, maybe some poems and stories.  So I am going to try to get back to that, it's more of who I am and I hate being taken out of myself. To conclude... I will try not to let Fu be real enough to get wrapped in it...  I'm going back to doing what I love writing... editorials, poems and stories.  If I've pissed you off fogedaboud it... that was yesterday and I'll probably do it again, if you've blocked me..., what do I care... and why the hell would you be reading this? Have fun, and enjoy... embrace chaos whenever you can. DP   P.S.: no one will ever again tell me who i can or can't b
My Fantasy
First let me explain to each and every one of you, before you get excited, that I am NOT submissive! So don't be getting any stupid ideas. I just find this sexually arousing and figured you dorks need some Jerk off material. Maybe im getting my mojo back? Setting is a long hard day from work. I come home and just want to sit, relax and possibly have a long soak in hot tub of water. A chance to wash the stress of the day away. I through the front door, take my blazer off and throw it against the back of the couch. My feet are killing me from wearing high heals all day. The torture to my feet makes me scurry to the bedroom as I unbutton my blouse along the way. I open my bedroom door and enter as the last blouse button is cared for. Suddenly I feel his hand on the back of my neck. He wraps fingers from both hands around my neck and squeezes, leading me towards the wall. I am forcefully pushed against the wall and my hands reach forward to brace myself and keep my face from crashing aga
Death Threats Over A Fu Engagement
Buzz:  100% sh*t faced! Level: Fu-King (24) Gender: Male, 20 Location: Djibouti Status: FML   9:11pm KryptionPLURR: So what did you do? 9:12pm KryptionPLURR: how'd you con her into being fuengaged to you? 9:13pm Deacon Fu ...: i didnt con anyone. 9:13pm KryptionPLURR: yeah ok 9:13pm KryptionPLURR: nvm......Just tell katie, I really like her, and she fuckin played head games with me 9:13pm KryptionPLURR: and I'm done with fu now 9:14pm KryptionPLURR: fuck it 9:14pm KryptionPLURR: So waht d
I'm A Shitty Friend.
Apparently. Sorry I have enough going on in my life that I can't revolve it around you, or that how often I "acknowledge" you is insufficient. My job is mind-numbing and I'm tired. If you asked anyone, or even bothered to listen to me when I told you that I'm not a champion of conversation lately - and even when I'm in one, I drift away - you would know just that. But you don't listen. You jump to conclusions and point fingers and you're a fucking asshole. My brother is dying, but let me worry about how I act makes you feel, right? Especially when you show up expecting me to be a part of your drama when the FIRST thing you knew about me is that I have no part in ANYONE's drama. Oh, I was upset about something else that happened that I didn't even get to TELL you about, but now I guess that doesn't matter. Shame on me, right? But I'm a shitty friend. Fuck you. Thanks for throwing what I thought was a good friendship away. I was so wrong. My mistake - I won't let it happen again.
I freaking LOVE the dislike button. When some moron is in my shout (like the dude now asking if I have NSFW pics and asking if I can add him), I can call him an asshat from the convenience of my shout box! :D Best. Idea. Ever.   Oh and when I informed him there is free porn online, he said he knows, but he just wants to see my beauty. LMFAO yeah okay, buddy, good luck with that.
This Is A First Lol
    older message >> reply  forward back to folder move to Saved  delete from: FrankW777 Ocala, FL subject: Personal letter for U / Please Read received: 03/29/2012 04:27 pm replied: no   block this member I read your profile its says your engaged cool if anything does happen i would like to pursue a long term relationship with you.this is a just a little about me. Please take this with a light heart but also serious at the same time hope you understand. I am a fun energetic person who also knows how to relax, people would say that i am a deep and intelligent person with alot of great personality traits. i am a strong deep loving person with strict values for trust respect and honesty and expect the same out of my partner. i am hoping to attract an awesome beautiful woman with intelligence that is fun loving highly intimate and one that knows how to make decisions for the best for both of us as well as for herself. my partner
The Lovely Miss V!
So, this awesome chickadee is trying for the spotlight. Sooo.... here's the deal. If you send her 100k fubucks, I'll make you a custom graphic, just because. Just send her the bucks and let me know what you sent. Miss Vanima@ fubar
You may be a high school drop out, but you certainly know how to penetrate the enemies defense! Seriously, are these same people that were up in arms because Madonna wrote a song called "Papa Don't Preach" tripping over themselves to say what a great example this "Insert Nascar Racetrack" Palin is because she's "keepin' muh baby!" Without going into my personal feelings on the matter, the amount of hypocracy this shows, easily surpasses earlier examples. "But But, she's Pro-Life and wants to teach Creationism in the schools! We must LOVE her with all our hearts!!"
Macaroni Is On Home Soil! Woot!
Mac is safely in the states, but stuck in Texas. We have to keep her occupied while she waits for her stuff. :P
"hey i noticed you have tattos and boobs" I think I'll give this guy a medal....especially since his spelling is so pristine. I mean, no one has ever noticed either one of those things before......
Nsfw Invite
"hey whats up I like your pics your hott. Could you check out my nsfw pics and write me some pic comments please be honest let me know what your think thanks so much cutie" i'm flattered that i'm hott with the double t, but no thanks
Ash is a poor redneck. That is all.
Fart In My Duck
remember J's favorite Video they did this one with English subtitles wonder what subtitles you would all come up with and hear in this one
They Say...
They say true love is usually found right in front of you, but we never see it.... I looked in the mirror and wanked... They lied, the mooks..
A Legendary Fu Cheater...and Some History.
Hey well, it feels good to be me again, let's just get that out of the way first. How was everyone's holidays and New Year's? Hope it was good and everyone got out of it alive and safe. You know how those things can be....So now, down to business.... A long time ago, on a site that used to be called, circa summer of 2006, someone came on here, and made a fake Raven Riley page and tried to get it up to the top of the ranks, staff caught on and deleted it. Not to be deterred, this maniac came back with a lesser known pornstar, the venerable girl. That fake got as high as number 16 overall before it was deleted after being called out all over the boards as a fake by an at-the-time high ranking member named Sherrie and well, an owl (cough)....that was deleted shortly thereafter... Enraged with anger, in late 2006 and early 2007, this fake came back on a site called, with pictures stolen from the semi lesser known porn star called "One Click
Why is it when I want you, you don't want me? Why can't we compromise? Why did you make me love you and then leave? What makes me unmarriable? (Is that a word?) When do I get to decide my fate? Why do men act like MEN all the time? Ok, I'm done bein emo. I'm also done with men. Lesbianism here I come!
Gimme Your Questions know the drill. There are two kinds of questions I want. One asking for advice on a particular issue...something that could be considered a support type question. The other is a bit more broad...and I don't want pics of broads..thanks. I want your questions or statements about fubar or an aspect of 'I hate the new rating system. Life was sooooo much better when i could rate a gazillion pics a minute'. Yes...I know that one is coming. Thanks guys rock.
Dude Made My Day
I am laughing so hard at this ... I just have to share it I just held a little scrawny bald man up against a brick wall for 5 min while I waited for the police to show up. Dude walks in my store and does not see me on knees stocking shelf so he figures he was good to lift a couple of DVD's and leave. I followed him without a word and as soon as his foot stepped out the door snagged him by the back of his pants and the collar of his jean jacket ...put my weight into it and shoved him until he was against the brick wall. Managed to plant a knee in his back and dig out cell with one hand to call cops. As we were waiting I was yanking on the back of his pants so hard the poor bastard kept telling me his balls hurt....dies laughing. dude made my day snort
F Word #3
So folks, how did you like it this time? Come on...give it to me. The link is if you haven't seen it yet. I love the fuFacts about how to take a good bathroom pic. I want more for the next issue. Anybody have a great topic? Come on...I know you do.
Chat For Fubarians Thang
Incidentally, the chat thing now totally works. You can find a handy link here, which is possibly easier than clicking on a totally different link and not knowing wtf you're clicking. If that makes sense. It did, right? RIGHT? Anyway, the idea of the place is a place for MUMMers (and those brave enough to mingle with them) to gather and share links to amusing images, to MUMMs themselves, and to discuss things that pop up as may. Currently only a couple go there, but more would be totally welcome.
Penis Tax
The new penis tax. Don't Forget to Pay all of Your Taxes! April 15 is tax day in the US, so please read the following to make certain that you have paid all of your taxes for either yourself or your husband or boyfriend. The only thing any Government has not taxed is the male penis. This is due to the fact that: * 40 % of the time it is hanging around unemployed * 20 % of the time it is pissed off, * 30 % of the time it is hard up * 10 % of the time it is in the hole. On top of this it has two dependents and both of them are nuts! According to the income tax ammendment act 2001, your penis will be taxed according to its size. To determine your category, please refer to Schedule 2 of the Income Tax return Form 8 which states the following: * 10 to 12 inches ------ Luxury tax -------- $ 50.00 * 8 to 10 inches ------- Pole tax ------------ $ 45.00 * 5 to 8 inches -------- Privilege Tax ------ $ 40.00 * 3 to 5 inches -------- Standard Tax ------ $ 30.00 An
Friendly Reminder
I'm just reminding everyone to get their costumes pressed and washed, ready for Monday's Super Hero/ Villain day..Don't forget nobody likes a man with dirty tights..... Also feel free to be like Seamus and paint your body Silver just for the effects. But if you do please take pictures and send them to me...I need some serious black mail material. Make sure you have your pictures of your superheros ready, I'm not even going to try load them first thing Monday morning. Here's the list of Heroes/ Villains who are taken: Elektra= Me!!! Silver Surfer= Seamus Poison Ivy= Blue Eyed Soul Tick= Name Crisis She Ra= Witty Ash (Evil Dead)= Sasquatch Gambit= Soda Batman=HUsky Redneck Siryn= Ms. D Cat Woman= Reeka Hulk= Mop Daredevil= The Crimson King Storm= Amykins Deadpool= Anonymous Birds of Prey= Pixie Captain Underpants= Chef Jay The Shocker= Hugh Hawk Girl= Satara Flash= Bonz Scarlet Witch= Witchie The Green Latern= Swift Rogue= Karma's Bitch Dr Manhatten= The Dork Kn
Flames Of Passion (5/11 - 6/1) - Closed
This game is now CLOSED. The next game will be posted soon :)     *EARNED FLAMES MAY BE DIVIDED AMONGST UP TO TWO PEOPLE PER EARNING* (Example: 100 10s will send 50 each to 2 of your friends)       Game F.A.Q.Who can I order for?You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens. Can I order more than one at a time?Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many tokens are meant for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 10 tokens) you would say "5 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 5 to Cali4nialovin01,
For The Love Of Hugh
Hugh is having a bad day...... I need to make Hugh feel better...... I am asking for volunteers to help Hugh feel better... please bring a cup....the one that protects your penis..... I love Hugh....for Hugh     The rest of you can f Hugh says.... Wicked PS Hugh means the world to me he is my starfish!! Be nice to him or die!
Questions 7-11-09
  Ask me ANYTHING   And for the smartasses out there, this doesn't mean type in Anything? and means ask me some friggen questions. Curious about me? Ask. Curious about the workings of nature? Ask. Curious about why you fail? Ask. Relationship advice? Ask. Just...ask something, I'm bored.
Humor. When people look into your eyes, they can tell that you're a funny and down-to-earth person. You love to make people laugh, and always know how to cheer someone up when they're down. People can tell when you're upset just by looking into your eyes. Your jokes make you a lovable and sociable person, and you make friends easily. You tend to balance your life between school, friends, and family fairly easily, but sometimes you let your grades slip. You're great on stage and would make an awesome comedian
I Have Learned
That I have me alot of fake assholes on here and a few really cool people   I hate when people drive forever ith their blinkers on on the other hand I hate people that do not use their turning signals   the only thing that has changed since I got married is my last name   morphine extended release gives you no high   I may have to move to Germany next year   I hate men who wear socks with sandals   I hate women who are catty just because ya have a vagina does not mean ya gotta act like a cunt   I think too much when I am bored   I also hate Drill
Soooo Im at the bar gettin a beer and this short brunette is standing next to me...I say hi, she says hi and exchange names..I dont remember her name but i remember where shes from, and shes the bartenders room mate. she hollers across the bar and her room mate comes right away.. I said I like how ya order a drink, do you think that will work for me? thats when she says about the room mate thing...she gets her drinks and leaves... later she ends up standing in front of me as im leaning against the pool table waiting for next fight and i said "Hey Philly" cuz shes from Philly and like i said, i dont remember her name, she smiles and i slipped!!! the floor was wet and i lose my footing... grrrr   I hate when that happens..   as you were
Why Me
Why do i always feel like im on the outside looking in???????
My Fu Divorce From ♥ Peace And All That ♥ I Still Love Her!! Dammit!
A few people have asked me why peace and I got a fu divorce.  So, I thought I would write this blog to save some redundant typing :)   Let's get some things straight.....   peace is my bestie, always will be my r/l and fu  BEEEESSSTTTTTIIIEE and SOUL SISTER..if you fuck with her I will cut off your balls *grin*   She will always be my number one family, she has been for over 3 years soooo THAT also will never change!!   I will be making her ass salute next! she finally owns my ass ;P   She is always welcome at my house, my brother’s house and my cabin.  The only thing that will change is that she will not get a percentage of my points...this goes both ways, but I'm the bigger hoar :P   If she ever needs me I will drop EVERYTHING (well, unless it haz to do with my kids) to be by her side..   As far as WHY I wanted the divorce...   as my about me states I'm not completely happy in my r/l relationship with my fiancé...   I would like to be single somewh
Email Changes On The Way..
hey everyone, i'm working on migrating back to the old private message system. the current email/message system seems to be way to much overkill for the site, and it makes communication more cumbersome than it needs to be. if you have a custom url/email address setup, it will still work. for example, i'll still be able to receive email from my friends outside fubar at you'll also still be able to respond to these emails, and send them to people not on the site. the downside of this migration is that old messages in the current system will be lost. as i type this, all messages are currently being written to both systems, so when we actually cut over your inbox won't be empty-- but it will only contain messages from the last 24-48 hours. if you have anything in your inbox now, that's really important i recommend that you forward it off to another email address otherwise it may be lost. i know some of the newer members don't know what the 'old private me
A Gift For Mothers
Recipient List (Final Listing) 14769 - Diana - 1 33874 - AsianHottie - 1 36452 - The Baddest Milf - 2 39015 - Tawnya - 1 40706 - MisssButterfly - 3 47497 - Sexxymomma - 1 48919 - Chele - 1 51751 - Liberty - 1 54580 - JustMe - 1 55647 - Faithy - 1 57460 - Danger - 1 69139 - SugarCookie - 1 72869 - Kara - 1 75830 - Teresa - 1 (Invalid) 77391 - Cotton Candy Kisses - 2 82666 - Satondra - 1 87807 - Miss Cherry - 1 89450 - Ice Princess - 1 90732 - HeartsOfLove - 1 91275 - YoYo - 1 97146 - Muma e - 6 112038 - BiRebelGypsy - 1 116649 - Loboshewolf - 1 120733 - Mystical Maurissa - 1 124407 - Raema - 1 140839 - LouAnne - 1 144089 - Saj Huntress - 1 146697 - Vanessa - 1 158118 - TiggyToes - 1 161910 - RedKandy - 3 167452 - Dawn - 1 169439 - MyLady Tina - 1 173086 - BlueEyedBiChick - 1 176394 - Nyne - 1 176688 - Jamie - 1 179038 - Thcknluvit - 1 179979 - Sycho - 1 180863 - Red - 1 189265 - Sweet Thing - 1 194289 - June - 1 199838 - Redhotlustlife
Keep Her? Lmao
Sexy Eyes Contest
I entered a contest and I am going to need some serious help to get this done. So here is my offer. Leave 200 or more comments on my pic and I will add you to my family and who knows what I might do if I actually win this thing. Help me and let's find out. That's the link down there Kisses and Hugs Sandy
The Mumms
Is it just me or are they boring as hell this morning? Good morning lovelies. :)
Pick Up Lines...
So...I'm just wondering...what is the best pick up line that you have either ...ever used....or ever had used on you? And if u used it on someone...did u get the goods? give it your best shot!!
I have this "problem". Seems people think me and him are going to get back together. I really don't get it. Most people say it's because we are talking more. We've always talked. I guess people didn't notice it much because we were both with someone else. Normally things like this wouldn't bother me, and it's not that it really is, I just think it's funny how many people have thought that it should be their responsibility to tell me that he's "no good" for me. The way I look at it..IF me and him were talking, whose business is it anyway? It's not anyone's but mine and his. I do have one strange friend that thinks we SHOULD get back together. She tells me she is my "longest friend and is wise. That I need to listen to her" lol. I'll tell you all, me and him aren't getting back together. We only talk. That's it. I just find it amusing that somehow now that I'm single, my "romantic" life is for everyone to be a part in. No I'm not mad at any friend that has aske
So I just major self medicated by spending money I probably shouldn't have. 4 shirts, 4 bras, and 5 pairs of panties later I feel better. Shopping therapy rules. That is all.
Was I Cute??
Fall of 1977...     GODAMMIT!!      
Horny And Wet
I fuckin lied, deal with it.   Sooo, I went to drop off some hotel guests at work in the morning in a shuttle, and got a lil lost in a corporate parking lot. When I came out, I was in a parking lot of a Bears training facility.  I dunno how. It took forever to gtfo there, but I had no idea it was that close.  
We All Make Mistakes
Last night me and several others were laughing at a womans unfortunate pics..some of us left comments. It was bought to my attention today that someone I considered a friend deleted me for these actions..Lala was nice enough to fill me in. Yes itwas mean..and I did feel bad which is why I apologized to the woman,.I cannot take back my shitty actions. It was a lapse in judgement..we all have those. I proceeded to write him and admit my wrongs and inform him that Ihad also apologized to her.   I guess I am a bit hurt that he has not responded..and never even bothered to tell ME why I was deleed. We all make misakes..him included I am sure. Sorry for the rant..I just think is is shitty to not even aknowldge and apology..even if it is to tell me to fuck off.   *end rant*
She Needs It, Damn Whore
wicked is close to hitting fu-king go rate something bling her   or just piss on her page, she likes that too but not in her closet, me and witty are naked in there getting high
Rum Runners - Closed
  This game is now closed. Thank you for playing!         Game F.A.Q. Who can I order for?You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens. Can I order more than one at a time?Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many tokens are meant for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 10 tokens) you would say "5 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 5 to Cali4nialovin01, User # 884702." If you  have earned tokens, you can say something like "Rated Love Box #1 10s. 100 tokens for Dawn #975528".  How long does it
It Was Fuckin Good
tossed some boneless chicken breasts on the grill about noon today, just seard both sides of them picked a few green bell peppers and some hot red peppers from the garden. sauteed them in olive oil with a purple onion. set the hicken in the crock pot, smothered it with the peppers and let it cook on low all day had that and some cubed honeydew and watermelon, chilled and dusted with sea salt boring day today but food was fuckin great
Just A Couple Of Things, Ok More Than A Couple
I am addicted to fla-vor-ice pops. It combines my two favorite fetishes: Ice and artificial flovors. My legs are refusing to tan. and my top half is a totally different shade than my bottom half. I'm going over to GBT's for Koolaid and Brandy. You should read a Tim Dorsey book if you like funny books.   Also.... Wicked just called me a bitch. should i clothes line her in the roller rink?  
Obama's Health Care Bill
Thanks to Kloverlynn for this, here are some highlights of the health care bill that Obama and the Democrats are pushing.  And in case you think it's all hype, I'll also post a link to the actual bill that's on the floor of the House of Representatives so you can crosscheck!  Be aware that page numbers may change as the bill is amended in subcommittee however.  Here is the URL for the actual bill: Be aware that the bill is 1,018 pages long as of the posting of this blog, so it's not an easy read!  Here are the highlights, courtesy of Kloverlynn: • Page 16: States that if you have insurance at the time of the bill becoming law and change, you will be required to take a similar plan. If that is not available, you will be required to take the gov’t option! • Page 22: Mandates audits of all employers that self-insure!• Page 29: Admission: your health care will be rationed! • Page 30: A government c
Nice People?
People who are too nice too quickly are weird.
Das Boobies
So I asked Supe what was up with the new chick photo in his default. No, he's not trying to get freebie rates from the guys, he's paying homage to boobies. Well, he has a very valid point, boobies need to have more attention paid to them. Hold on, wading through all this sarcasm is tougher than it seems. So to jump on the bandwagon, I am going to make an homage to boobie blog. Hold on to your teenie peenies guys, it's fap time!       Mmmmm, that is effin sexy time right there! But wait it gets better...     Suprise boobies... has no idea we are watching! So naughty... you naughty boobie!!!! If I had a close pin at hand, mmmmmmmm, bad bad boobie... Oh yeah, two sexy boobies checkin each other out. Just don't get any man juice on your keyboards guys... I don't want to be responsible for such a thing. Finally Supe asked someone to take pics of my green boobies. Well, the green boobies weren't out last night, but I did find a set for ya today.     Those bo
Whiny Blog
How many assholes have to think I took someone else's photo, started a default with it, and pretended to be a pedophile?
Lounges To Avoid
this is only a list based on my own personal experiences of the lounges. I'm in no way slandering the lounges so don't go moaning about it, it's just my opinions, the lounges mentioned may be ok with you i don't know, but they didn't work for me so I've listed them. If you're interested in my opinions, read on. .....Snake Eyes Radio: This lounge is full of very strange and undesireable people in my opinion. If you're like me, a normal everyday person who's on this site purely to pass the time, my advice is that you avoid this lounge as it's full of perverted people and people who generally don't seem stable. Many of the lounge members seem to have an irony deficiency, and are unable to grasp the simple concept of SARCASM. Furhermore, they are quite cliquey and cannot be wrong, because if one lounge member doesn't like you, they all decide not to, even if there isn't a discernable reason. :| .....Pergatory Dance Party: This lounge contains idiots. They are very cliquey in thi
Hey crew... I wanted to get your feedback on fuPal. For those of you who do not know what it is, you can now transfer fuBucks from user to user. Please let me know your thoughts.
My Christmas Message...
...above and before anything else, i'd like to wish all of my true friends and families a safe and happy holiday season. I hope that you and yours are having the time of their lives and are creating memories that will last a lifetime. I'd also like to show my very special girlfriend a special place in this blog, as she's been with me through thick and thin, put up with all of my nonsense and stuff (imagine?) and is a very sweet and caring person. Check her out and love on her as much as I do... A_m_N_e_S_i_A@ fubar back to the fubar stuff...I've been very quiet of late, not so much from lack of intrest of anything but to sit back, watch and pretty much take it all in. I look at my bulletin boards and all i see is a bunch of (repost) bulletins that no one looks at, comments on or anything. Lounge bulletins pimping out who-knows-what lounge today, and then when you go to check one out persay and god forbid even join it, you get bombarded with messages begging you to come bac
My laugh for the day. You know where to start. ->mabz: Ok mabz: forget it ->mabz: How am I fucking around with you by having my location say Denmark? mabz: thn why r u fuckin around with me ? ->mabz: You're right. My profile does say I'm from Denmark. mabz: thts wht u r profile says ->mabz: No mabz: wow u r frm denmark Everyone else should go and confuse him too. It seems pretty easy. mabz@ fubar
Buy Me?!? Auction!
So's your big chance....
Fubar Rhapsody
Is this just real life, is this just fantasy caught in a landslide, our escape from reality open the mumms look them up to see ones just a poor boy in need of sympathy shes just easy come easy go, little high a lot low He's asking how women blow,doesn't really matter to me Baby J did you kill the mumms, put a gun gainst the point whore head Killed the points now they seem dead ooohhh they are just for fun but now you've gone and thrown it all away Baby J ooohhh did you mean to make them cry they might not be back this time tomorrow well carry on carry on it doesn't really matter To late the deed is done, sends shivers down my spine broom of justice sweeping all the time Goodbye to the haters they had to go had to leave us behind to face the truth ooohhh ( any way fubar blows ) I like to see them cry,I sometime wish they had never been born at all. I see a little silhouette of a man vamoose vamoose will you take your mumm and go thunder bol
Word Of The Day.
Cuggles. Cuddle/snuggle= cuggle. "I want cuggle with you."
Mummettes Lingerie Party!!!!
The Mummer chicks had a Lingerie party oh boy!!!! All the ladies arrive Hubba hubba Things got a little hands on with some She ordered these in 6 different colours taking sexy to a whole new level more to come during the blog *grin*
I Like Stealing Ideas
one word stolen from someone who stole it from someone who stole it from someone else i'm sure 1. Where is your cell phone? depends 2. Your significant other? who? 3. Your hair? original 4. Your mother? neurotic 5. Your father? dead 6. Your favorite thing? music 7. Your dream last night? forgotten 8. Your favorite drink? cold 9. Your dream/goal? author 10. The room you're in? messy 11. Music? hard 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? researching 14. Where were you last night? sleeping 15. What you're not? fake 16. Muffins? intolerant 17. One of your wish list items? ink 18. Where you grew up? rural 19. The last thing you did? text 20. What are you wearing? blue 21. TV? rarely 22. Your pets? troublesome 23. Your computer? annoying 24. Your life? busy 25. Your mood? peaceful 26. Missing someone? multitudes 27. Favorite Store? borders 30. Your summer? full 31. Like someone? definitely 32. Your favorite color? green 33. When is the last time you laughed
Oh Well
this is a follow on from this blog i was hoping to make godfather before this VIP ran out, it finishes today and i'm still over 700k from godfather :(. oh well maybe in the new year.
Defaults We Didnt Need To See
do you believe whats been flagged on your page after you see what passes as main pics on others? this little gem actually had auto 11's going give n to her by non other that our fav broom sweeping man Scrapper .... wonder if hes the one that made her do the patch job. I guess one could argue its SFW but Im not really buying it. I have no words ...all I know is it was up for longer than a week ...I hope he washed the sock meet my new buddy Bruce..hes a fav of a lot of the top members
Bomber List - Blog Closed Til Further Notice****
This is a Bomber'z Path to Easy Max Points... and an Auto 11's Chance for FuPimpin! You may even find... it's a great way to meet some Good Friends along the way. Just Click the Names... and you will be taken directly to an Auto Cherrie 250+ Folder. Make Sure Autos have NOT Expired!!! This is your responsibility. I try to keep updated, but I'm not perfect. If there are no blinking 11s. They are not currently active. Either planning to activate or just expired. ***BLOG CLOSED TIL*** FURTHER NOTICE WATCH FOR EXPIRED AUTOS Chipper
#% &*@%$#@!
/start rant Is anyone else's bar tab seriously lagging? Mine behind anywhere from 7-15 minutes.  I feel like I am missing out on everything :(!   And what is up with it now telling me other people on commenting on other people photos?! I really do not want to know EVERYTHING you people are doing. Next it is gonna be telling me when you people are fapping, and to what.   /end rant   (FEEL FREE TO CALL ME 772 257 4498) LOL some dude that checked me out.
Now Do You Believe??
Several years ago, I dated this heifer woman, whom I had the misfirtune of having kids with, as well... This woman was so lazy, she even fought me tooth and nail on getting a job. I worked constantly. I remember this one week well.... I worked every day, for 6 days, 12 hours each, but since I wasn't sleeping well before that week anyway, I was mad tired daily. I would come home at 9AM and head right to the bedroom, sleep as long as I could. Those days, she actually let me sleep at least 8 hours, instead of 2.. I would get up and head out the door practically, to play with kids and such, and then I'd go back to work directly from the yard, where I grabbed my cuppa joe, etc etc... Never went ito any other part of the house, except the bedroom, living room off the side of that, and the bathroom, off the side of the living room. Never once went into the kitchen the whole weel. I finally got a day off, though, and decided to help a bit around the house, it was
My First B-day Card This Year!
I was so worried no one would remember! When I went to retrieve the mail I knew right away. They never forget. Every year they come through for me. I was so excited I almost ripped it open right then and there. But then I thought, "no wait till you get inside. Enjoy it. It's special. Don't waste it." The card was simple but also right on. They know me so well. On the front: Eat cake Smile for the camera Clink Glasses. On the inside: Skip the singing and get right to the gift! They made this card themselves. They know I love cake. They know I hate singing. I love that they ... know me. I'll try to thank them in person. But like every other year they'll just act like it's nothing. Like they do it for everyone and I'm not special to them. But I know the truth. So I'll say it anyway: Thank you Sunglass Hut. Thank you for remembering.
Crazy Morning
I woke up to: A. Jeff's squealing tires (hes late) B. he peed in the toilet and left that and the seat up (hazardous for woman) C. No Coffee made..... I have so much to do today and i have that urge to clean my desk... here's the list: 1. Take car to the tire shop to remove winter tires (some of you might find this obnoxious to have winter tires in may but it snows here) 2. Clean up house before maid comes 3. Get invoices ready for driver 4. Call people back 5. Every morning at 8:30 call my dad(make sure my mom didn't strangle him in the night) 6. Say hello to my fellow fu friends (not that many) I wrote this much boring blog because apparently mine are no longer showing on my page.... I figure i would once again right a SFW blog...   GOOD MORNING WICKED!!! PS I HATE JEFF....
Today I'm A New Kinda Whore.
Here's the deal. I never went to sleep last night. I am super sleepy but I'm trying to stay up all day. Why don't you help me out. I'm going to activate my B-day auto 11's that Alix gave me. Help get me rates and bombs and stuff. I want to give a shout out to all my homies: Alix for the kick ass bling. Philemon for the VIP that helped me get more pictures loaded. and Pedro for making me into a true point whore and setting up my bomb folders. I got 400k to level. Lets make it happen people! Ok so I leveled!!! Also I got a blast from Pedro. I put the gayest thing ever on it. If you see it screen cap it pleeeeeaase!!!   I love all of you people!!!
I'm so cold!!!! My cousin keeps her apartment like a damn freezer.   That is all.
Blocked!? Lmfao
This is good... someone writes a blog about their ex that left him over a year ago, AFTER she moves out of her house and can't get online anymore, and advertises how she's a skank in his status, and that he blogged it... puts it in his status for about 2 weeks straight! Fishing for sympathy?? Maybe... read on...   THEN, he goes and makes another one today, slandering her even more, insisting he had to "everyone" blog it, because he couldn't email her because he forgot her email address.   IT'S HER FIRST INITAL AND LAST NAME @ yahoo dot com.   After dating her ONLINE for a year and a half, he forgets her name is her email addy? Also, if he forgot that, how does he remember every little detail about what she did wrong to him? Pfft, damned if I know.   I pointed these obvious faults to his logic out in his blog, and guess what? Soon as I out that her email addy is her name, HE DELETES ALL MY COMMENTS AND BLOCKS ME!! /dies This is someone who BRAGS that he never blocks anyone beca
The Hamburger Jihad
There is a jihad in America against the Hamburger.  It's a silent war, with most people never seeing that it actually exists, but its there lurking beneath the surface.  The only way you can get drawn into this war is to try to actually get a hamburger somewhere.  Then you will see the Cheeseburger warriors try to descend upon you and force the cheese down your throat.  If you look at the McDonalds sign it says "McDonald's Hamburgers"  but once the Cheeseburgler got into town, he removed all the hamburgers from the menu.  You can buy a hamburger separate, and you can get it in a happy meal, but try to order one off their combo meals; There aren't any!  It has actually gotten so ridiculous that if you order the two burger meal with hamburgers they actually give you "two cheeseburgers w/o cheese."  Even the places which pride themselves on giving you your burger your way will always try to slip the cheese in more often than not.  Wendy's and Burger King are all guilty of forcing the chee
Enough Already
Why do the fuckin assholes who live behind me think I wanna hear rtheir mariachi bullshit fucking music every day all fuckin day> Iswear to fuck I am about to go postal. I am calling INS fuck this shit *end rant*
Its J's Birthday Lets Go Party!!!
Hi everyoneHi Helly Wanna pick on J Sure Helly were in !! ha ha ha ha ha!!! She's the birthday girl in the fubar world she looks plastic thinks she's so fantastic she has perfect hair and funky underwear imagine face-in her angry damnation She's the birthday girl in the fubar world she's kind of spastic J she's so fantastic has Sandra Bullock hair, tell her if you dare imagine face-in her angry damnation She's a blond single girl in the fubar world dressed up all the time, she's our dollie she's a doll rock n roll she's all glamour and pain she is here she is there ..shit she's cranky you can't touchyou can't play safe to say she'll never be yours she's the birthday girl in the fubar world she's kind of spastic, J she's so fantastic she has perfect hair and funky underwear imagine face-in her angry damnation if she walks if she talks she does whatever she please she acts like a star men beg on their knees she's a grump, the best friend let us sing it again come on clownsgather roundlet
Time Travel
This blog is just going to be a list of things; kinda throwing it into one blog, so I'm not making a bazillion of them.   Christmas list: now I don't usually ask for anything, I think it's more of getting stuff for the children, but I'm asking for things this year:   A dish washer :)   Make up brush set (all the different brushes you need to apply your make up)   Make up (cuz I'm girly)   A PedEgg (Misterfeet gave it thumbs up)   Proactiv   Teeth whitening strips (I want to try them)   Cute or sexy panties   Get my hair did (I want hi-lites or low-lites, something)   A cruise (haha, right)   A night out with hubby with no kids   A MFM 3some (rofl)   To win the lottery   To have my clit stimulator on my toy work   No talking back or fighting from my kids for a year (I know, when pigs fly) *************************************  
Fubar Is Getting Too Crowded.. It's Now Invite Only.
We've created a waiting list for random people off the street and we'll notify them when there's room to join.   For now, the only way to join is to be invited by someone already on the site.   werd.   -mike
1 Million Fu
I'm bored a little twisted and curious how many more there are on here.  I'm thinking of starting some kinda contest to see. It'd be a simple contest winner would get like a mil fu or something.  All you'd have to do to win would be answer a simple question. I'd charge you like a thousand fu for hints.  Think anyone would play?  Yes, I'm just plain bored.   Hmm, no takers.   Oh well, I'm gunna throw it out there anyway. I've been asked this question a few times today. So I'm gunna pay 1 milloin fu to whoever can answer it.  What's the significance with the #cii 966 856??? I'll give hints in private for $1000. fu   DurhamNtx Is the big winner! Now go mug him an' get my money back!!
Everyone is weird today. Very weird. People are weird everyday, but EVERYONE is weird today. Jasmine wants to eat a necklace. :/ She's always weird, I know. It's not just here though! On facebook too. People are usually stuffed shirts on fb...oh, but not my friends, noooo. I had a status up about a Klondike bar and somehow it turned into a porno! I can already hear what hubby's going to say. I hope my brother doesn't read it. :/ And for once, it wasn't my fault! I swear. I'm good on fb. :)
★halloween 2012 "scare Me" Contest★
Win a Rockstar! Post a comment on this blog with the name and year of the scariest and/or most disturbing movie you've seen. The winner is whoever freaks me out the most.   The winner will receive a Rockstar (or other bling of his or her choice equaling 35 credits) as soon as I finish viewing the movies, but no later than November 15th.  You may want to note that I am very desensitized, having been a horror movie freak since the single digits in age. I've seen thousands of frightening flicks! Also, feel free to submit foreign films. I'm a big fan of French Extremism, for example, Mexican Psych Horror, etc. etc. Anything goes, as long as it's Netflix streamable.     My Gentle, Logical Rules: Post the movies here; profile comments, PMs, gifts, and SB messages with entries will be ignored. I simply can't keep up with all the correspondence I get every day. Also, I want everyone to be able to enjoy your suggestions! As indicated by my pluralities above, you can enter as ma
The Big Day Has Come And Gone.....
I missed our baby so on that day and cried wishing that I was still going to be holding our baby at the end of the day. I decided on what was to be my due date that it had to be a "be nice to mommy day" so that I could effectively grieve and remember AND celebrate that my child ever was and now is in heaven. I went and treated myself to a $50 facial so that I could talk and relax. I then took my 2 earth babies out to dinner. All in all it was a good day though it was sad. I can easily say that I cried about 3-4 times all in that day. I KNOW that I will never forget the day and I am thinking that I will be making it a yearly ritual to go out and do something nice for myself on that day. Thanks to all of you that have been reading what I write here. It sometimes makes it seem a little less lonely.
Im Sorry
I want to say to everyone on my friends ,fan, and family list that im sorry i didnt rate any of you.But i did ,my computer sucks and it takes forever for anything to happen .I have rated everyone on my list's a 10 but im sorry if you didnt get it ..So everyone should know that you are a 10 and i thank everyone for rating me ..
Another Request
So I was in the i'm bored area during Slirpa's happy hour trying to replenish my fu-bank account and it generated a friend request... She has a salute picture with her cell phone # on it as her default...
The Sexiest Gurls On Fubar
DO U HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A KANDY KISS GURL... IF SO LEAVE a comment in the box below RULES FOR BEING A KANDY KISS GIRL 1) must add/rate /and fan other members the ppl you MUST add are listed below 2) must add kandy kiss member (kkg etc.) in name 3)must be a member of ck2 for week or more 4)must promote ck2 and urself as a kandy kiss you can get of the promotional bullys from any name on the list 5)owner and head members must have ur yahoo messenger(yim)listed below 6)must be level 5 or higher 7) if a kkg has an issue with another kkg they need to come to Karizma or DJ Only 8) KKG are not to do any thing that will disgrace the ck2 name if you do you will be asked to take kkg out of your name 9) each kkg needs to have a kkg skin in rotation of their backgrounds from Karizma profile skins 10) must
Paragon Of Virtue
Recently, someone commented on my pervertedness. But that is not the case, I am quite innocent, why I can count on one hand, the number of hands I would need to count, the number of people i have been with.
Well Wth
After many weeks of fighting what i know. I have came to the conclusion i'm leaving. This is not.."Please Cubby stay"....This is not a cry for attention. Those who know me well know i have been forcing it. Ya i love comments, ya i love making people smile. But its been gone for weeks. Yes i have thought this through. Why am i bothering writing this? Well, when your a Godfather, you cant delete. You must beg. So i have, and my page will be gone any day now. So i wanted to say bye, and thanks to the people who made this place fun. I had a ball, and will always remember what Fubar meant. You guys were a huge part of my life for a year and half. And i thank you. Cheers to you. Cheers to Fubar. I'm not drunk, so this is real. See you all on the flipside. :D xoxoxo
In My Quest....
I am asking for too much now... and I know you guys will be getting real sick of me soon, but here it goes... In my quest to Godfather I would like to get the spotlight...For this I need fubucks, and in serious numbers...I have 2.2million right now, so I have quite a ways to go to get the spotlight! Also, I am looking for major point getters...this is where the auction come in, and why I am requesting blings and bling packs... I appreciate everything, and I know some of you are working hard on helping me out, and you don't know how much it means to me to know that I have friends who will help me like those of you who are...even if it is for a website... I ♥ my friends, whether they help me or not, and I just want you all to understand that I would do what I can to help any of you that asked for it...
Help Me Now....
Now that Dee has gotten her spotlight out of the way, I am still trying to get it...Donations would be wonderful, no matter how big or small they are:) Also, I have a Happy Hour to use, and I'm doing it at 10am fu-time tomorrow morning!
So, this chick has a "crush" on my guy, and I don't like it... not one bit. I'm secure in our relationship to know that I don't have anything to worry about, but every time I see him talking to her I want to rip her face off with my bare hands. That is all.
Ok so backstory....I went into this mumm and this was chick was like "Oh I am all that and a bag o chips and blah blah blah" so I made a comment about leaping over my desk to get a good swing on her cuz she was annoying. This dude seems to think I can hit ppl through my monitor....(Obviously from bottom to top) ->Crimson Ne...: Are we starting this up all over again??? Really? Crimson Ne...: you don't fucking get it, mors is over there preventing them from coming to america and just killing us all, so yeah i'd say you'd need his protection, not to mention you never know when your gonna die, and to be honest i hope it's horribly ->Crimson Ne...: Awesome!! Crimson Ne...: rofl you make me smile, i'll be more than happy to place you at the top of my list of people to beat into oblivion ->Crimson Ne...: Bad Michael Jackson??? Thats good!!! Do you use that line with everyone you threaten to punch out over the internet? I hope not....I wanna feel special Crimson Ne...: oh do
This poor harmless spider gets so many hate messages, what did it ever do to us? :P
I Just..
got home from the club, looks like last mumm was 40 mins ago.....and I just wanna see whos still awake in this mudah fugger. Shaapeak to meh :) Now that youre all here... frawlick at will :)
One More Day!!
I would like to take the time these last 11 hours to say to  farewell. Those who know me know what is about to do ... It embarking on a journey. I don't know when I will be back or how long it will take but I have to leave. For those woman i want to do bad bad things with i am sorry but you will have to wait. I am cleansing my impure thoughts and washing away my desire to drive you to certain extacy. For those men who I would love to continue to tease and in a disgusting way flirt with. I apologize its not you its me... lets be friends... its better off that way.. I have to apologize to the one person i have continually provoked. He takes it like a champ and tries to fight back. He will be my arch enemy my love my friend my foe.. and a whore... He loves it when big bamboo objects are shoved straight up his ass... I will miss you Seamus you will be forever in my thoughts as im sittign on the toilet taking a banana shaped, yellow colour floater.... There is only love in my heart for
Mfkn Family!
Ok So please take a minute to read about the MFKN family :) The MFKN Family is all loyal friends to one another that look to one another as family on this website . This was unplanned Family but we realized what great friends we truly do have. Me and cruser started this out together and realized how many people wanted to be apart of it so it became one giant ass family hell muddah fuckin yeah. So If this sounds interesting to you or what you're about Please take a min to inform me and cruser and we'd love to have you aboard. We bomb ALOT and we like to bomb all the MFKN family members. Now as far as requirments go lmao we have none ...i know I know right one thing we do ask is all family members Fan Add and Profile rate one another AND a must is no DRAMA this is all about being here for one another and  ADD MFKN to front of your name. You got drama bring it to me ill wet the flame :) Everyone listed below Is apart of the MFKN family =D   P.S. lolz If you need to know what MFKN means
Well, life is chaotic. New job, and they are pushing me to get a promotion already. I had 4 jobs lined up...3 of them decided to not hire me because I failed the background check....whoops. So now I'm working Hometown Buffet, and only Hometown Buffet. It's...decent. Got me a little over $450 for working 20 hours. So...FUCK YEAH. I guess I can live with an average of $20+ an hour. The GM quit yesterday, and since I've been pressured already to go for management, I expect I'm gonna be pushed even harder now that there is a vacancy needing to be filled. No, not GM...I don't have the 10+ years working in a restraunt they are looking for...but if one of the other managers moves up...we'll see. I kinda want to get my license back before I accept a promotion, but...we'll see what happens, if anything does. I'm moving this weekend. Been spending a lot of time looking for an apartment. Still going to be living with my sister (mary) and her best friend (Holly)..but it'll be in a bigger place
Halp! Last Minute Costume!
ok, this is what I'm trying to work with: naughty schoolgirl naughty teacher Abby from NCIS I have: the wig in my default (hawt!) short black skirt white dress shirt red bra heels OR knee boots OR combat boots lab coat red tie collar or - throw it all together and go as every man's fantasy - well, only one pair of shoes... HALP!
Posting Pictures In Blogs
Okay, following up with My previous blog in this folder, getting the URL of images, a friend asked Me how to post pics in blogs on fubar… so here shall be a rather quick blog just to show her how.. If any of you want Me to discuss anything more in depth on this subject leave a comment and I will add on to this blog.Okay when you go into either post new blog or edit blog you get the following header of the postwhat you want to focus on in the header is that little tree on the bottom row Depending on what you use Photobucket, tiny pic or any of the other photo hosting sites [or with the use of the previous blogs that manner of getting URL from places like myspace works as well. Myspace is a great place for photo hosting, has no real band width that I can see and you can hold unlimited pics]Below are a screen shot from both photobucket and tiny pic For both copy the URL that appears in the “Direct link” box and then just paste them in the Image URL box of the previous b
The Rain
Rain rain go away..come back another day...Superman wants to go out and play....   that is all.   (for those that are/will be snowbound...i feel for you as well)
I Am Not Wise If I Dont Take My Own Advice
I wanted to tell you how good of friends you have been the last 6 months, I know that my moods have been slightly up and down like a roller coaster ride. I appreciate those who have stuck it out and just laughed it off when obviously im bursting from the seams. I can honestly say that normally I believe im a fun loving individual but this enveloped sized baby growing inside of me has left my tolerance of ignorance slightly below all normal levels. I wanted to say that Im sorry for those of you who have listened to my rants and just let it slide. I also wanted to say sorry for those I might have pissed off or deleted because i probably could have handled the situation better.  I wanted to say that Im sorry for being irrational at times. Maybe it was for the best but i handled it completely wrong. For that Im truly sorry. I figure I preach allot to everyone on how to behave on fubar, how to handle situations and its about time i took my own advice. I haven't really been doing that. L
Need A Little Help...
currently composing a blog regarding a squirting contest. it will involve different FUs to squirt and knock out a candle flame.  Gallo will be the holder of the candle stick with his mouth. i do expect that hot wax will some how burn him immensely.  Dud, and his small peen, will be the 2 judges. in case of a tie, George will be asked to to break the deadlock. The current contestants are: Reeka Boops Passions Helly Wicked Witchie   I have some ideas on how to play this out but am needing all your demented minds to help me formulate this properly.
This Was One Sick Monkey...
Well, hello friends and welcome to another fun filled action packed blog of goodness. Been a long time coming and in some circles, not soon enough. Sometimes, well, you just have to do the dirty work, yanno?.... Quite some time ago now it seems, I was looking for cons, liars and basically general fu scum. The variety of person that just runs around here, thinking that they can do and say pretty much whatever to whoever they wanted with no recourse. On a large scale. This isn't you're one-on-one drama. Nope. I want big fish to fry you see. Real lowlives, dirtbags and cons that by their actions, ruin it for the good people on Fubar. The trash that is the mind game players, the people that think that they are "above" their place. The people that think that they can try and run their stupidity on people even those personally that I am close to. Maybe this will be a lesson to them, of sorts. Or as the word of mouth goes around here, no one on Fubar is -too big to fail-.... The pe
ok so im tired of watching the shit hawk like fucking fugly whores Ive told him only to like those i like then he might get some taste in woman   hes a wierdo   please go tell him he has no taste when it comes to twats    that is all
we now need to be RED to level... Top Dude or Chick of the Week:Must be within top 10 Dudes or Chicks of the weekThis is not a retro-active achievement.Only placement after release of requirement and later than your leveling to 57   sooo what's the plan? i am one of the lucky ones...and at least can afford the attempt...but what about the rest of fubar? i would assume that anyone 58 and above would stop ranking...LMMFAO but that WONT happen!! does it happen?   I AM actually suggesting anyone 58 and above STOP ranking! i know this is crazy...but are you willing to stop?       57's, how about adding FMP57 (famp me please level 57) to your name if you need help? then all them awesomely helpful reds and the rest of fu can find you and HELP YOU!!!       once I make 58 ill ajust my name to F457 (famps for 57's) reflecting my famps are for 57's needing to rank to level. my family spots will then rotate as people reach their ranking goal.         i'd be happy kn
· Someone has a CRUSH on you!! 1 min ago · sexii redhead became your fan! 1 min ago · sexii redhead rated you a '10'! 1 min ago · sexii redhead just checked you out!
Baseball.....not A Sports Blog.
Ok I was in a discussion with a lovely young lady in my shoutbox and we were debating on how riveting we found the book War & Peace and then she turned the conversation to sex. I know she is such a hussy. Anyways I brought up a point about how guys think of baseball to make themselves last longer during sex. She had never heard of this concept and questions me on the thought. I informed her that it is well known and everyone knows this theory soooooooo this is my way of proving it. Ppl we need answers here in the comments so I can prove her ass wrong. She said if she is proven wrong I get to see her ta-ta's so help a brotha out. Kidding....answer honestly....tanx!
Being A Girl
sucks monkey balls
Show Them Some Love!
So, I own these two guys. Can I just combine them and have a hot guy in a van down by the river?? They are both great guys. Please show them some love. Gary - Greeter @ Club Voodoo - ***Owned by SherryMH***@ fubar In A Van Down By the River *owned by SherryMH*@ fubar
Turns out i don't like any of you. I think i need to be bought. I think i'm a whore and shouldnt hide it anymore.... New rules for Cubby's page.. People with first name starting with A through J Have to buy me bling packs.... People with first name starting with K through z have to bling me. And the letters A-Z have to buy me one FU drink a day. I have spoken. Hear me roar... Yeah lets a joke.... duhhhhhhhhhh :P
An Auto 11/expensive Bling(s) For You??
So who wants an auto 11 bling?????? Incase you don't know what they are (where have you been LOL), they're the latest Fubar craze that gives you loads and loads of points when activated for 24 hours, they're awesome for leveling up!!! Even though you can now give them to yourselves, you get more points if you get them given to you off other members. My Idea - If you send me a bling pack(s) to cover the cost of the auto 11 bling (35 credits), I will use it to get you the bling. I know this is paying for it yourself, but you may not be sent 1 any other way, thats why I thought of this idea. This will be an ongoing offer for as long as the bling is available to us. UPDATE: This deal is now available to any blings above 20 credits each, as long as you send me enough bling packs to cover them, you can have any expensive blings you like!! The auto 11 blings now cost 35 credits each so if you want 1, you'll have to send me enough to cover the cost. They are a few ways
Ode To Ash
Shes got nerves and a mighty smart brain stupid mumms drive her insane she strong willed but what a thrill goodness gracious shes a ball of fire she'll laugh at you cause she thinks you look funny but you cant prove shes a dummy shes got her own mind that girl is fine goodness gracious Ash is a ball of fire Watch it baby ooohhhh shes good hold it baby shes gonna own you like a mummer should shes fine so fine she'll tell the world that your dumb dumb dumb chew your nails and twiddle your thumbs get real nervous if shes in your mumm Cmon lady you're really crazy goodness gracious Ash'll set your balls on fire Weeellllllll watch it baby ooohhhh shes good shes gonna own you like a mummer should shes fine so fine she'll tell the world that your dumb dumb dumb chew your nails and twiddle your thumbs get real nervous if shes in your mumm Cmon lady you're really crazy goodness gracious Ash'll set your balls on fire
Holy Hell
Witchie said I am luscious ♥ That is all
Thanks To Tulsa For This Idea...Just Changing Her Idea A Bit... I Would Like For Every Bad Girl To Make Me A Boob Salute... If You Have A Reason Why You Can Not ..You Can Let Me Know In A Private Message... It Can Be Either SFW(Boobs Covered In Some Way.. Or NSFW(Uncovered Completely) .. Or Both If You Choose.. Only Requirement Is That I Can See Boobs/Cleavage In The Pic If It Is SFW. Ok I'm Adding Something Else Here.. Who Would Be Willing To Make A Leg(Thigh) Or Booty Salute? You Now Have 3 Choices.. More If You Consider They Can Be SFW Or NSFW. Thanks, The Sarge
My Addiction
I have a secret addiction, I love leaving perverse profile comments on my friend's pages. It makes me giggle right before work. However my family list is a pain in the ass, as I only like to bother those that I talk to everyday, or communicate with in some form or another every day. So I had a brilliant idea, (an idea for me is the amazing part), I am putting those thathave been the most tolerant of my thieving (yes I steal these profile comments mainly from KCPilar69 bhahaha) and receiving profile comments into my family list and all others that I love but do not want to bother into my exclusive friends list where you will be one of the few non bag heads :D. I think I am a genius, you may agree and then bling me a cherry.
Help Plz
Ok, I am having difficulties thinking of places to apply to that are 24 hrs. I have: Meijers, Walmart, and Steak n Shake lmfao. And I refuse to work at White Castles so don't say it!
Fake Bitches On Secret Admirer
so i match a chic on secret admirer, her default is hot. so after the match i go to the profile, she has 2 pics. one is the default and one is some rip from or something. go figure, so heres the convo in my sb after i visit.. *Karma's Angel* ->*Karma's A...: you only have 1 pic... you should load more and make a salute. *Karma's A...: ty ->*Karma's A...: ty, ummm kinda you too lol *Karma's A...: ur kinda sexy thanks howard stern for all the new fake bitches lol
..on The Other Hand, Lol.left Hand, That Is.
Back to sanity.And hate.Mmmm.There's a certain nameless clique at a certain nameless lounge.Anyone who knows me, knows wot I mean.The Ignorers.I want vengeance.Ideally, I'd like to cut each of their lying 2-faced scumbag faces off with a scalpel.But that's impractical.I can't let this hatred go.It poisons me.But just walking away isn't a option, I swore an oath.What does one do, when the ones who one swore an oath to can't/won't hold their ends up, hmmmm?I can't sit back and let karma handle this.Even though it is.It's not enough.I fester with hatred. I know some of them will read this.Make it known.Plain and simple I want a ban.And I want it known to me that I am indeed banned.I can thus move on with life. And though it saddens me, I from here on in, do not wish to associate with ANY from this clique , and you fucking KNOW who you are.If you drove off my friends, or won't speak to me, fuck off.Otherwise, you know how ta find me.Same deal as the ban.Cut me from friends please, cl
I Haz Teh Funny?
How come when I say something I think is extremely funny I don't get noticed, but if I make a typo people like flood me w/ messages and junk?
Bwok Bwok!
So, asked about easter bling about a week ago or so...this was the result I suppose. Sorry Fugods but damn, thats not the purdiest bling bwahahaha Think I'll get any? Nooooo cus my friends are all assholes lmao *hides*
Night Of Passion ~story~
You looks deep into my eyes that move from a green to a blue  the closer they get to my pupils.  Your warm fingers gently caress my  face - brushing my  reddish blonde hair behind my ear before lightly running a thumb over my lips.  In your  eyes I  am  beautiful; a sexy creature that captures your thoughts and graces your dreams.  My features are soft and kind.  My curvy figure one, you crave to have pressed against you.  You pull me close, Your right hand moving from caressing my face to tracing the outline of my neck.  As you reach my  shoulder your  other hand has traveled to the base of my neck.  Gently, you pull me  forward as you step the rest of the distance to close the space between us. You draw my lips into a kiss as you left hand is entangled in my silky locks and you lightly massages my scalp.  Meanwhile, your right hand continues its downward travel.  You move it slowly down my back pulling me closer and finally allow it to settle gropingly on my butt.  Our bodies are pr
Pigs.... In....... Space!!!!
Just to Inform you today is be a Hugh Day, we like to support our local Hughs and say thanks for all your support Love and heart to the original Hugh G Joak.... now down to business...... Monday's theme.......... For those who know me let me tell you now that the Original Hugh will be the overseer of this project. regrettably I will be on a wake board in some freezing cold Canadian Lake be pulled around by a boat.. so really for Monday please look to Hugh G Joak to blog .... Mondays theme will be (drum roll please) Movie Characters from Space or Literature.... Enjoy and remember ill be here in spirit..... Hugh G Mclickmyboots PS. No its not Canada day...... *swears to herself****
Get Busy!!
Level this Crazy Beiotch!!! Seamus says... May 17, 2009 @ 11:16 pm #71 of 71 -- gawd i hate rating pics, but at least there was boobage Hellyion@ fubar   Seamus will do salutes for all that help. Someone just needs to tell him that! *hides*
Level This Gorgeous Lady
Now. she is less than 400k from Insider.     Tangerine Dream Lady@ fubar
Almost 2 Weeks After Surgery
so its almost 2 weeks after surgery, i'm stuck on crutches for awhile yet, but all in all i'm getting around pretty effin' good.  i have the hard core pain meds and some physical therapy exercises that I do 3x a day.  sitting at a computer desk is a bit uncomfortable, right now i'm in a recliner with the laptop, but to be honest i miss my damn mouse.  this finger pad crap is not for me. evidently i lucked into a great surgeon with my referral from my family doctor.  he uses larger hip parts (than most dr's) to replace the originals with, which makes the joint stronger and should allow me to do all of the activities that i enjoy after healing.  in fact, he said i have absolutely no limitations whatsoever, as long as i can accept whatever pain comes with an activity, the joint can stand up to that activity.  i'm told he also inserts the joint at a different place than is typically used during hip replacements, which results in faster healing time. the dr told me that with the size of t
The Mummy Awards
Sitting here in my boredom (and considering I am at work so fapping at my desk would be a VERY bad idea), I came up with a concept and would like some input. Movies have the Oscars, Music has Grammys, Why can't the Mumms have the Mummy awards... We all get to vote on such things as...   Most butthurt mumm poster Best tits in a mumm Best cock in a mumm MuMM of the year Well.. that's all I can think of... I want more suggestions, and if this may be a good idea or not.
A Question...
I was recently told that I am not girlfriend material. Which has really gotten me thinking....what exactly makes someone dateworthy? Any input friends?   p.s. ^^^good entertainment
Updates N Stuffz. [7.1.09]
I'm writing this out for my friends who have been wondering whats going on with my health and new apartment and such. Forgive me if parts don't sound right or aren't in order - sleep deprivation does that to a person. HEALTH STUFFZ: Cough is about 70% gone, and I'm seeing a pulminologist in a few weeks, to find out why I've been sick for so long, and why nothing seems to get rid of the wheezing. Yes, that's a little scary, and I would be quitting smoking (with Chantix) if the doc agreed to write the script, but... he won't yet - because... I'm on day 12 without sleep. No, I'm not kidding. They started the prednisone (100mg a day) Father's Day night. Since then, I haven't slept more than a few minutes without waking up wide awake, only to have to lay another hour to try to fall asleep again, to being on the verge, and poof, wide awake again. As soon as my body starts falling asleep, for some reason, I stop breathing. Not congested, not blocked airway, my brain just do
Roasting, A Good Idea?
I've been thinking about this. Would it be a good idea, once a week or so, to roast one of the mummers here in a blog? Do you think other mummers would be for it? Can mummers stay in a blog that doesnt have boobs in the title for more than 5mins? And if so, who should we roast first?
Mummers Are Mean!
I am SOOOOOOOO going to make a butthurt mumm. Calling me a snitch HMPH! I HATE YOU ALL!
Shamelessly Flaunting
I don't have any pic space, so that's why this is going here. And I'm posting it in the comments since this never seems to work.   I bought him cuz I tried buying Baby J and was too late & I wanted to buy a yellow. It was probably a better choice anyway. :D
The Witch
I regret to inform you all that the one person who i love dearly that had a vagina is not longer holding the key to my heart. That Lady has made me feel small and un important in her life. I was turning into a lesbo because of her and i really like cock, so I had to send her away... Ill remeber the way her red hair fell off her shoulders and how i imagined gettign my fingers stuck in her curly hair. I cant tell you how many times i have masterbated to her breasts... those days are over...   GOOD BYE WITCHIE I LOVED YOU ONCE WICKED
A friend told Me to do a blog so here goes…I was bored googling good V for Vendetta pics for a picture a friend asked Me to do, when googling this I found an Article by Ted Baehr in which he summed V for Vendetta as “a vile, pro-terrorist piece of neo-Marxist, left-wing propaganda filled with radical sexual politics and nasty attacks on religion and Christianity”I shall assume the idiot has never seen the movie, REALLY sexual politics? They showed no one having sex, at most you saw two woman kissing WOW that will disrupt the morality of the world.  Pro-Terrorist, if anything the film was anti-fascism… that guy is probably all for complete utter government control. Attacks on religion? Hm, so being a humanist and believing in people having equal rights, one where they do not live in fear of the controlling class, and not have to worry about being tortured and killed if they spoke out is attacking religion.. thanks for telling Me. Neo-Marxism to say that the peo
Stop It !!!
I got this   subject: LilBoops just pimped you out!   left the computer to place an order with sales dude     came back to this   lovelyalbe...: hellooo sweety   cancel Chat 10:57am reply DanyMac300: hello there i know you dont know me all i wanted to do was write to you and say hi and give you my compliments on such a lovely sweet sexy gorgeous looking lady that you are and i do hope this message finds you happy healthy and full of smiles and when you actually do receive this message night or day you are having an amazing day all i can say is my compliments to a sweet lady indeed and all i can say is 100% definitely the 5 S,s indeed   cancel Chat 10:58am reply jf1881: hey   cancel Chat
Sweating The Small Stuff
Sweating literally, it's 30+ degrees with god-knows-what humidity...first day back at work after two weeks off, a crap date that ALWAYS combines with the worst times...and a bad day   I grabbed the wrong powder (blush instead of base) this morning...happened to glance in a mirror mid-morning (see, not as vain as you thought I was) and I looked like a parboiled lobster...but with sparkles.   Forgot my swipe card, so everytime I left the office I had to wait around like a dork and explain to someone that I'd forgotten it...'ha ha yeah I'm a drongo' gets really old after the 50th time.   Corporate card wouldn't I had to go to the bank...but I didn't know which bank it I went to a few wrong ones first (did I mention 30+ degrees?).   Boss was supposed to be in. Get an email about 10am, he's on a beach. My response was a lil wordy but it did include the words 'you bastard'.   Colleague spent $4000 USD in one evening and is refusing to answer my questions...which
aint shit happening here...   whats up in your world(s)?
He's A Shout Box Hero ....   I usually ignore the shout box hero after pic comments ... not this time :D     Just Dream...: Love your picture comments it must be pretty boring for you as you need to bad mouth peopleTo Just Dream...: really shes running around making comments like put this on your head after I wipe my crotch with it and you are going to try play hero and defend her chastising me for my words ? lolol cute ... fuck off Just Dream...: You are and have been a true bitch all your life I betTo Just Dream...: is there an insult in there somewhere ???? Just Dream...: I know ythat you started the bull shit with your photo comments so don't go there bitchTo Just Dream...: snorts .... do you get to see her vagina now ?Just Dream...: No but I hear yours is plastered all over the internet as skankyTo Just Dream...: could you people at least put effort into insulting people and at least use something solid rather than making up some bullshit that has no basis ...gosh at leas
This is a bit of a re-write from a blog I posted last night, so apologies Bwhere...I deleted it because I didn't want to perpetuate negativity.   But apparently others let's try and be a lil constructive here.   First off - by running someone off a website, what are you accomplishing? Punishing him? That's what a legal system is for. Making him feel bad? He'd have to have a conscience. A moral stance? Well, I'll come back to that one.   Basically, to me, it's the 'out of sight out of mind' mentality at work - he's not a risk to any children on an adult it doesn't actually matter if it makes you have to be a grown up and just suck some things up. I don't like a lot of things (sexual offenders included) but guess what? THEY'RE AMONGST US.   So, you're giving him more attention than he has probably EVER HAD - and as we all know, it doesn't matter if it's bad attention, ANY attention is good for the fucked up. And you're wanting to add
My Reasons Of Not Wanting To Be Green
I wish to explain something if I may.When I signed on I think back in May I had other things come into my life that had to be attended too so I left for while. Since I have been back I have met some GREAT people and they have turned into friendships.Yes I can admit I got caught up in all the hype of this place.(Running the God Modes,Rockstars etc:)I had a blast but when it comes right down to it.I come on here for friends.I don't have to be GREEN to know people like me. I am far from the type of being a person who gives a fuck about what people think of me.I have heard it all from being bi-sexual down to being a bling whore etc:. What I have noticed in being GREEN (most liked) is hatred,jealousy and back stabbers and then they are begging for rockstars just so they can beat me.You guys can have it,I would rather be liked for who I am than to think I am only liked for points and have to pay for it. I admit any girl loves to be spoiled I know I do and I love God Modes and yes I have
Just Wondering...
so last year i was locked out of mumms AND i am testing if i can now blog after a month of not being able to make, comment mumms or blogs i took a long fu was refreshing.  i guess i coulda just made alternative accounts but i know admin likes to make sure your punishment is felt and would delete the alts.  not that i even considered it...i am not that fucking pathetic that i NEED to be on fubar they dished out their punishment...i took it for a month, then left.  was quite shocked i came back and was no longer locked out of my 2 fav areas lesson learnt   *hits post and waits*
Tragedy On 8-16-97
I have met several people on here, and started to talking to them. I have explained my situation to a few, but I feel that all of my friends, even those who could care less, should have the knowledge, if they desire. On the evening of August 16, 1997; me and my best friend were out bowling. It came time to leave, so we loaded our bowling stuff into his car. We ended up sitting in the parking lot a few minutes, so I sat on the trunk of his car. He didn't realize that I was sitting on the trunk of his car, and he pulled off. I made it about 100 yards before I slid off. When I slid off, I landed on the back of my head, causing me to immediately lose consciousness. My friend ran inside the bowling alley and called 911. After that he called my mom and said "Jonathan has been in an accident and won't wakeup." Within a few minutes, my parents arrived, but the Fire Dept and EMS was already there. They transferred me to the hospital. Two CAT scans were take and it looked as if my brain ha
Shut The Fuck Up
catherine : wth is goin on with you, what's the beef with WM for? Ken L: he's being a bitch Ken L: no big deal catherine : hows he doin that Ken L: he got all pissy that i messed with his stupid mummer pic, and deleted me. no big deal, but then his friends come and bitch at me, so fuck him and fuck all of them. i tried to re-add him twice, but he insists on being a bitch. so i just mess with him for fun. Ken L: is that ok with you? catherine : we're not robots, i cannot program you on what to do. you two got along fine, but since that denied blog, it's like you're attackin the "nice" things mummers do. last time i checked, no one needed your approval, granted you claim you were kidding but, if it were on a newbie, then i'd get it just didn't see the point, it's like you didn't like all that were included in the photo not just the fact that he made it catherine : i mean, when i 1st read it, i thought you were serious! Ken L: its not official unless it reflects me. catherine :
Alone And Bored.
Yaaa. I actually rolled over. Good Cubby (pants):D I got a few smiles from the nurses, but that's it. Grumpy bishes. (No offense Kit). I was hoping for a congrats handie, or even a scooby snack. Nada, nothing. This place sucks. So after being on my tummy for a few days i began to wonder. How do men sleep on there stomachs? Do you all have a hole in the mattress for the wood? Not that i've had that problem yet, i haven't had wood, or even a poo in almost a week. Damn drugs. But really, it was so uncomfy laying on my stomach. As you can tell they cut my drugs back. Anyone i've talked too in the past few days, i'm sorry. I probably didn't make much sense. Lmao. We did wait to tell my mom. And yes she was upset, but was more upset that she had to argue with my ass when she came to visit. I guess being on my stomach isn't that bad. LOL She came this morning and said she understands why dad and i did that, so i guess where cool again. I'm lying in the bed, eating some
Thank You All:)
Thanks everyone for making me feel special on my Birthday:) 2 of my closest friends that I have been friends with since school didn't even bother to call or text today, but other than that, its been a pretty good day:) Thanks again, ♥
Pegasus Project Members
Updated March 21, 2009 CouncilWild Horse~fubars 3rd Lost Soul~~The Pegasus Project~SUNNY BagaDonutz™~The Pegasus Project Council Member~~Bella ~Pegasus Project member Council~MzChelle~~Pegasus Project CouncilTeam One Leader♥PreciousPinkPearl♥SheSmilesInTheDarkness~Cherrybomb™~P77sam~~B1tch™~~VODKAGURL*Denverangel68*Sunshine loves Popeye the Sailor~ broken ~Team Two Leader~Deutsche Prinzessin~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ SuGa HoOKer♡*~NunyaB~*
Oh How Hot(t)
a_hipps: partying tonight? perfectly_inked: no a_hipps: and why not young lady perfectly_inked: gotta work tomorrow a_hipps: me to a_hipps: wheres your son? perfectly_inked: here a_hipps: oh so didnt send him to dad's today huh? a_hipps: when you gonna get unscared and meet me perfectly_inked: i'm not scared...i just haven't had the time a_hipps: haha you got the time tonight lamo perfectly_inked: no i don't. not with my kid here a_hipps: hmm how can i convince you i am a sane person and not a crazy man a_hipps: i can drive up in my work truck haha a_hipps: its a huge ass box truck a_hipps: with a big wrap of my company on it a_hipps: haha perfectly_inked: oh please. dennis rader killed women while on his lunch break from adt securty systems. so that wouldn't do it a_hipps: im not dennis radar a_hipps: haha a_hipps: im adam hipps a_hipps: and he drove around stalking his victims a_hipps: i got better shit to do perfectly_inked: i don't
Random Cute Fu Men
Link a random male profile if you think he is cute Note: He is not someone from your friend/family list.
I Caught Him Cheating...
I entered an auction, but the person running it doesn't have enough people. It's been awhile for me, so I figured I could do another one. Anyone wanna be fu-owned for REALS? CLICK HERE
Name Change
i have noticed my name is uncool i think i should change it to DJBBWMMFCLOJUGGACUNTSEXYLITTLEWHOREBAGDOMEINTHEBUTT that is all
Ok..SO I will not throw my personal political views into this..but I am gettin pissed and wondering if I should call my daughters school and have a talk with the teacher. Yesterday Obama was here in daughters teacher took the class outside to see Airforce One...because we are very close to the AF base that he landed at. So after tellin me that she says Ms. T says he is the best president ever and we can have an Obama friday where everyone can wear a t-shirt supporting him. Sooo...I am pissed. They cant discuss religion in school...well politics should be no fucking different...she is pushing her views on my kid. I just dont feel it is right...she should keep her opinions to herself and teach the kids...that is her job. So when I call the do I go about callin her out on this?
Stupid Helicopter
I stole this from Tinkerbell. I hate her cuz it's a stupid game & I'm addicted to it. I can't get past the second hurdle thingy. My high score was 114. I suck.
so my zune needs an overhaul, becuase i want new mucic on it,sooo my fine fuckers, whats on your playlists?? i might wanna steal something
Thanks for my respect for someone I do not want to mention...I deleted all the "hand bra" salutes that I made for my friends. I only kept Cubby's because I liked it, lol. Well, now I don't have a reason to not have them. So....wanna post it here or link me to it? Thanks!!
The Bet
While dining at an Irish Pub tonight, my boyfriend and I ended up making a bet. I bet him that I would not level before I go to bed tonight, he bet that I would. If I lose, and actually level, I have to get naked... completely naked on cam and use my bob. If I do NOT level, he has to whack it on cam. It's up to you folks... what do YOU want to see happen?
Healthy Poo 3rd Try
How healthy is your poo?    
Wet Spot!!
I will apologize right now if anyone walks in who doesn't truly know me .......saying that here goes...   After spending the last three days not completely perving up all the beautiful woman on fubar, Ive notice that even someone saying hi has me ready to crawl up the walls. There is something about each and every woman that i find completely attractive.   I need you all to just do what I say for a minute and jump in my dreams.. If I have served you yet now is the time to say hi... My god seriously I might just have to go away for 45 minutes with a porn and a few good toys and spray a few walls... Please on a side note if i ever consider doing a cant perv bet slap me till i realize i don't have to win..... I love Cock Wicked   PS I wrote " I love cock" so men wouldnt cry.... I need to seriously rape something....   Holly fuck thank you Witchie!! ( it juts popped up)
Lyrics - 80's Edition
Guess the song, 80's style. ANSWERS IN THE BLOG! Usual rules, first lines of the song, and no cheating allowed. My last one of these did not turn out that well, so here's to a better outcome. Most correct guesses by the time I go to bed gets a ticker credit paid for by me. Let's get down to it.   1 - "Do you remember a guy that's been, In such an early song" 2 - "Well I've been waiting, Waiting here so long" 3 - "I have a picture pinned to my wall, An image of you and of me And we're laughin' with love at it all" 4 - "Well we know where we're goin', But we don't know where we've been" 5 - "Since you've been gone. I shut my eyes, and I fantasize that you're here with me." 6 - "Well, there was no reason to believe she'd always be there, But if you don't put faith in what you believe in it's getting you nowhere" 7 - "Looking out for love, In the night so still" 8 - "She'll only come out at night, The lean and hungry type " 9 - "Looking in your eyes I see a paradise, This wor
Need Help For Ketch22
Ketch22 is an idiot he tried to send me a gift of massaging oil with the words handjob please ....   He sent it to Hugh instead.....   I feel responsible because I own his ass so i turn to you asking for your help   Please send Hugh the same gift with the same words so he doesn't catch on that ketch22 loves him   Thank you Wicked
Bet With Papi...
Alright, me and Papi has another bet going on... This time, it's about the NFL!!! Being a die-hard Cleveland Browns' fan, I stand by my boys!!! But Papi is a COWBOYS FAN!!!! Anyway, short story long... We made a bet. At the end of the season, whoever has a better record WINS!!! The prize? A Happy Hour or 100$ bling pack... GAME ON!!! Is Goin On
I have notice an epidemic around fu lately of peple leavining saying they just cant deal with this place. I understand haveing real life bullshit and not being on much due to it..but leaving because they cant take it here? I adore many of the people doing this so I am sad to not see them for while...BUT I do NOT understand how they can let the idiocy of a website hurt them to this extent *shrugs* wtf *end rant*
Sex Degrees Of Seperation
so i hear about this website, by the same title, and complete the calculator fields as required. the calculator works by multiplying the number of sex partners youve had, and the average number of sex partners people have in the age group they were. this number really seems kind of high, but it could also be low concidering, the rule of thumb is however many guys a woman says she was with, double or triple that figure. i dont know if thats true in 50% or better...but what the hell   now you know how the six degree of seperation work and this works the same way...i guess its just an average sex partners for age groups and i may have forgot about a few. Im talking a 25 yeear span here, i cant recall every single woman ive slept with at a moments such a man whore lol i would hate to see Tommy Lees or Flava flavs for that matter :P You have had 4,480,931 indirect and direct sexual partners. Based on information entered into this calculator, people in your age group h
New Avatar Policy Please Read And Tell A Friend
We are making some changes to our avatar policy. Please read this blog which was posted on Babyj's blog. Starting on Thursday, we will begin enforcing a new policy for primary photos / avatars and it will apply to everyone. This does not effect non-primary photos (i.e.: random stuff in your photo albums), only the photo that you select to be next to your name everywhere on the site. The policy will be: * no bare chests. (men, or women... duh) * no lingerie, bras, or underwarez. * nothing deemed sexually suggestive, at our discretion. Any primary photos which we find in violation of the policy will be marked as NSFW (even if they wouldn't normally have been marked NSFW had they NOT been a primary photo). Repeated offenses will result in suspension and/or removal of your account (the same as if you break other rules on the site, repeatedly).We want as many people to have fun and enjoy the site as possible and quite frankly, some of you who've bee
Just posting blog cause I saw several of My moronic friends [calling it as I see it] following Me in that mumm and voting on the bs, damn helping the point sluts, kill Me. Okay Random information. I can't find My glasses and is now squinting to see screen. I picked a name for My new dog. [he sleeps a lot so think you can guess the name? hint Greek gods] I am watching law and order: Criminal Intent. I am drinking orange juice right now, and eating a ham and cheese hot pocket It is early 40 here and I have My AC on so it is about 20 in My room. I have on shorts and am freezing yet still turned down AC Two drunks outside have been arguing for about ten mins.. fight or move on damn it Am writing a blog which I will post in a bit... or tomorrow Okay that is all...
Just flashed Me, should IA- point and laugh and say you call that thing a penisB- feel sorry for him and order him some penis enlargement pillsC- positive motivation and say WOW look at that thing so he continues to have self confidenceD- consult a doctor cause I may be going blind Any other options you have you may lisit below...
Read It!
Okay, wyked threatened Me with bodily harm if I did not do a blog. So here goes, Since a few of you asked Me, I will be starting the Islamic satirical blog tonight or tomorrow… Its okay Christians, do not worry I will be doing a blog about you if the people want it, and any other faith, political party, person whatever I find funny. Don’t lie, I know ya ladies love a man with man boobs I know I'm sexy, you want Me don’t you? :P So, one day I was bored and decided to go for a stroll.. while walking by a cemetery I for some reason got very hornySo while there I decided to go and dig up a body and ..well started enjoying what was inside.. I was caught and did not know what to say The man said some of the most intelligent words ever utted to Me So... um.. what do ya think of the quick blog? Fuck you too! blame wyked she threatened Me to do a quick blog have just survived yet another of Emanon's blogs made out of boredom
          SO THIS GUY GETS IN MY SB....WE FUCK WITH HIM///He is currently nude on cam askin product for a tit shot *dies*   Kloverlynn...: hello Kloverlynn...: we are the same person andrewshot585: that isnt a girl that is that guy who messaged me Kloverlynn...: give me incentive andrewshot585: show tits Kloverlynn...: it is me...i have a bad cam andrewshot585: tyhats a guy Kloverlynn...: that is me andrewshot585: i wanna see u not him im straight Kloverlynn...: I a
Why I'll Never Win Fubar
Yeah I know it's an extension of my About Me...I don't care. I suck at Fubar cuz: - I don't do simpering idjit - Hell I don't even do nice most days - I don't give a flying proverbial about points, levels, cliques, or games - I haven't had a lobotomy - I'm unable to ignore multiple contradictory lies and give the attention demanded - I can't check in my morality when I login - I like wit, intellect, honour and integrity - I can't pretend someone's hot when they look like the backside of a mule...that's been hit by a bus - I can't fake bullshit to make people feel sorry for me - I have REALLY MEAN FRIENDS - My ability to be nice to someone isn't influenced by their ability to bling me - My idea of sophistication is NOT putting a paper napkin under my Moonpie - I couldn't care less what size your cock is, particularly as you've apparently mistaken 'having a big cock' with 'being a big dick' - I don't use my unhappiness as an excuse to hurt or manipulate others - I'm not u
Daddy Dearest
So the fairly hot cop next door has a new girlfriend....     A MUCH younger girlfriend whom he has already moved in, along with her extremely obnoxious 6 year old son.  *sigh*   What is it with you guys?  Trying to regain your youth?  Enjoy playing Daddy?  Women your own age are too old for you?  When women date younger guys we are stereotyped as cougars.  When men do it you pat one another on the back and ^5 each other.  I have even noticed it on here.  I see men on my list who are in their late 30s and 40s  mostly flirting with the 20somethings.   People are always asking me why I am single.  Here is one reason.  A lot of men my age only go for the young girls and I am NOT going to date someone my son's age.  That's just weird.     That is all for now.
Interweb Machine
So, many of you know my life has been total utter crap the last few months. Those of you who don't know, don't worry bout it, but trust me. It was. Now in this pile o crap my life has been, there have been a few shinning not crap items. One has been a dear friend of mine lettin me live in her empty condo, and lettin me use her interwebs mahines. Now, I must move from her soon to be occupied by her again condo. In her proccess of re-occupying her condo, she is shutting off her cable. That includes the interwebs. So, while I am moving into a new apt, and will get my own interwebs there, sometime soon, my curent interwebs will be goin away. This will not be a typical fu-sabbaticle for me. I will miss this place from day 1, and will be back as soon as my new home interwebs start interwebbing. I move on the 9th, so it'll be after then sometime. I know not when.   and in addition, many of you can text me, but some of you can't. If you do NOT know my number, and would like to, ask for it. T
Bang! Bang!
Something you may not know about me;  I like guns.  Now I'm not an avid hunter, nor is my license plate "NRA4EVER," I just like guns.  Maybe its the workings of the machine, maybe its the physics, maybe its just cool that they make loud noises and punch holes in things far away.  Anyway, I like guns.  I used to shoot often, I'm not a crack shot or anything, but like sex, just because I am not good at it, doesn't keep me from doing it.  By now you are saying, well pete, why are you telling us this? I'm glad you asked that question Billy.  I have a friend at work, I'll call him Mr. Clean, though I'm fairly certain you would never guess why, former military like me, and he too likes guns.  We were talking about hitting a range sometime, when we found there is an indoor range not even 15 mins from work.  The plan as it stands now, one day for lunch, we'll run over to the range and get a little GSR before heading back to the office.  Those of you who probably have legally registered firea
Best Playlist Contest...explanations And Leaders
Thank you so much everyone!  This contest is and was amazing!  I can’t believe all the wonderful lists there are on fu and I’m extremely happy I made a couple of great new friends!   I have about 10 more lists to listen to and provide stats for; I still can’t believe how many entries I received.  If I missed you somehow in the blog, please pm me or shout me (my sb is set to friends only)   If I didn’t save a ton of your tracks it’s because I already have them in the external drive, NOT because your list sucks monkey balls ;)    My cuz is Ivan from Five Finger Death Punch.  Because I’m irritated with him at the moment AND I prefer Motogrator over his new band… I skipped those tracks. I sorry…LMFAO   If you want to know what songs I skipped, saved or giggled/goose bumped to…feel free to ask.  I wrote everything down on scrap paper, so I dunno if I’ll remember exactly, but I’ll try!   I thought up this con
The Doctor Is In...
So after extensive poking with a stick by someone, I decided, why the hell not. This is a new blog where you can send me your crappy problem, and I will give you the best damn advice you can find on the interwebs! Ok fine, probably not the best on the whole interwebs, but there's a high probability that it is the best you will get on here.  So here's the deal Sparky: Send me your issue via personal message. NOT a drink message or shout. I don't pay attention to gift messages most of the time. In the subject line, use "Ask the Ninja" If you'd like to keep it anonymous, PLEASE state that. I'll be happy to put you in the Ninja Protection Program. Nothing is off limits. You need advice on anything from fu-life to real life, send your questions. I'm pretty sure I have some kind of smart ass response to everything!   *Disclaimer: I am NOT a real doctor, and will not operate on your kidneys. Although I may try to sell you on the black market for parts. What? It's good money! lol
DJ Isis had a bad seizure today at approx. 430pm est. She was pronounced dead at 602 pm est tonight. She loved all of her friends on here and I know that each of you touched her soul. Thank you for being her friends. If you have any questions you can email this account. It will be open for a few more days or you can contact me (link below). Please be patient for a responce this is very hard for me. Osiris "IPT & PITAH"@ fubar
The First Rule Of Feet Club Is...
You don't talk about Feet Club. This is best viewed in Firefox, i notice that it loads sluggishly in Internet Explorer.
Two Craving Souls
      THIS IS ME MIZZ SHADY AND THATS MY POEM. Two Craving Souls I'm so lost for words, I can hardly think, My heart is pounding; my knees are getting weak... My hands are shaking, my typing is obscure, I look up at my screen, in my heart I know for sure... Right here right now is where I see his face, This mind entrancing place we call cyber space... This could be so beautiful; it just feels so right, I'm thinking to myself I must have all of him tonight... Mixed, unsettled emotions are clouding my brain, Thoughts are being switched between pleasure and pain... In the very least to no surprise, It's become moist there between my thighs... With a simple click of the enter key he now knows, Deep inside of me is where he goes... No pleasures go unshared, Computer screens are flared... Before you enter inside of me so deep, I beg for you to take me to my peak... With your tounge I want you to taste, All those desires that I hold for you in that place... Circle it, te
Dear Pussy Cunt Faggot Fucks,
I don't care if you delete me because some shmuck southerner can't take a joke. go away. nobody needs you. look at the premium grade ass in my friends list. now realize you are easily dispatched. save your faggoty bitching and goodbye.
Radio X's Auction
Radio X strong-armed me into his auction. Blame it all on him! :p If you can't bid, just rate it..mmmk? ♥ Thankies. :)
Random Monday Thoughts
So, my oldest is outa school the whole week & that stupid holiday is Thursday. I don't like holidays since my mom died, i'd rather eat at Taco Bueno than be with family i can't stand. Riley's nana(which i adore & she was my mom's friend) told me to come see her, but she lives like 3 hours away & i hate driving, not sure if i'm gonna go or not. maybe i'll just sit on my couch and read some more. i read that Twilight book yesterday, the story is ok, but the writing is horrible. i'm hungry. anyway, that's about it. p.s. boobs
I Hate It When...
Pet peeve #15364354 When otherwise intelligent people use the phrase "I seen" :/
Change Of Plans.
I'm crazy busy today. And have plans later tonight. I think Monday will be a better day to turn on my 11's. It's a holiday, "Family Day" here in Ontario. So i'll be able to return luv better. Have a great day
I had to explain the function of a clitoris to a five-year old today. OK... she still showers with me. I was sitting on the toilet before we got in the shower. She comes in and spreads herself and says "This is my weiner" Me: You don't have a weiner. She: Yes I do, see? Me: That is a clitoris. She: I pee from there? Me: No, you pee from a hole behind it. She: Then what does it do? Me: It's just there because it feels good to touch it. She: You don't pee from there? Me: No. She: Do you touch yours? Me: Sometimes. She: (Touching it.) Touch. Touch. Touch. Touch yours. Me: That's the thing. You don't touch it in front of people, and you don't let other people touch yours. She: OK. I'll be right back. She walks out the door, closes it, and I hear her out in the hallway saying "Touch. Touch. Touch."
So. Miss me at all lately? lol No, I have not been doing anything wrong. Just venturing out because all the drama and hatefulness was getting to me. I know you find that everywhere, but I needed a breather from the drama I was dealing with. It has seemed to become a war zone mostly in the MuMMs, where I have always loved hanging out. People ganging up on people. People treating others as inferior, etc. I was pulled in to drama I didn't want to be a part of because of misconception and lies. Most of you should know me better than things which were said. Now it seems it is only getting worse and people are checking me out and such because of something which has nothing to do with me personally. lol Anyway... I miss some of you.
Good Fuckin Day, For A Change
started off my day doing my weekly food bank thing, picking up and dropping off donated baked goods  from a supermarket. get to morning job site, what should have been an 8 hour job we got done in 2,but paid for 8. stopped at the chili pepper in santa ana for lunch. the 4 best double margaritas i ever had. i ate too, jalapeno shrimp, zuchini, green peppers, diced tomatosand a ton of garlic in a butter sauce. new food to add to my top ten list went for beers in the neighborhood after smoking a joint somebody told me they loved me, made my day
Kiss This
Mumms are slow so im gonna do ths blog thing again. So i finally cleaned out my very messy closet and found lotsa goodies..yay me oh yea... kiss it...
Beds Of Roses
This game is now closed. Thank you all for playing :)                     Game F.A.Q.Who can I order for?You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens. Can I order more than one at a time?Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many tokens are meant for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 10 tokens) you would say "5 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 5 to Cali4nialovin01, User # 884702." If you are have earned tokens, you can say something like "Rated Love Box #1 10s. 100 tokens for Dawn #975528
Gran Torino
just got done watching gran torino for the 3rd time, and i`m not a big movie type of person i`m older than almost all on here except maybe trannygranny and a handful of others someone i really like a lot and value their opinion and friendship told me that she thought of me when she was watching the movie klover (h) i grew up i a neighborhood that was entirely irish catholic and is now like the one in the movie, mixed races and old and deteriorating housing stock. i also was raised with similar prejudices ,my fathers father not only looked like archie bunker but sounded like him too. although i have for the most part overcome that just by exposure to the world i come from the time when mlk was doing his marches across the south,the sds and the weathermen were blowing up colleges,women did not have equality and if you were queer you kept it a secret people my age are the bridge between the 50`s and the present no idea where this going, just got to thinking after watching the movie
I'm gonna enter an auction. I normally don't do them but...I figured why not   I need your help. First off, I need to choose an image and don't know which one to use. Perhaps my default? My wheaties pic? My moobs? I dunno I also need to offer stuff, and I have no clue what to offer. Any advice or demands would be very much appreciated.   Thank you, and have a wonderful day
Need An Opinion...
Alright...if a dude tells you "I'm just so busy" isn't that just another way of saying "I'm just not that interested."? I just got called bitter because I told someone that. 
The First Time
Now I've been blocked, many times actually. But I have NEVER been blocked because of a comment I made in a BLOG. I know that a few of my friends don't get a long with some of my other friends, but what I like about it is that none of them try to force their opinions on me. They understand that I'm their friend AND the other person. I see that a few of my friends are commenting on this one particular blog. I go read it and it's a bunch of whining. Then they are calling out certain MuMMers, by name. Which is against the TOS. I simply said that their blog was a nice way to group every MuMMer together. That not all of us are assholes, even the ones that they were calling out as being one. I then informed them that their blog was against TOS. And lastely I said that they needed to stop whining and just block the people that they don't like and ignore them.   Then....a quick refresh and I'm blocked. I'm really  not sorry if they got offended because I spoke the truth. I was defending my
I'm Engaged!!!
We went up to the cabin again this weekend.... We love it so much up there!!! Took a hike up to elephant rock with my man this morning....sun peaking through the clouds... tree tops as far as the eye could see...aspens chiming in the wind... Ssssoooooo pretty... He gets down with one knee on the rock, opens a tiny black box and says... "I was wondering if you'd marry me?" Of course, I said YES!!! *dances* My ring is sooooo gorgeous!! It's three Aquamarine *my birthstone* with four small diamonds surrounding set in white gold...before you fuckers call my man cheap...this ring is perfect for me *not high maintance, at all* As soon as I get it sized, I'll take pictures.... *grinz* It's all soooo perfect!!! ♥ most of you... PoStaL
Auction Participants Sign In Here! Comment Ya Entry!
Hugh's Spotlight
For those of you who missed my Blog yesterday or was confused by it.. I am starting again I am one evil bitch who has decided to take it upon herself to pimp Hugh out. He has no knowledge of what I am doing and probably would kill me for doing it to him. Hugh is a sweet and kind man who has always been there for me. I love him dearly and you should to... I am going to try and convince him with your help to do the Spotlight.. he might refuse but hey whats 200 grand? So help me with my evil plan and go donate to Hugh with the message "spotlight Fund" also tell him Misfit send you...   Thank you Wicked
yeah so... I am lost around here most of the time. I seem to fly under the radar. I am okay with that but sometimes I would like to know what is going on so I don't upset a person by saying the wrong thing. I know that some things are the same as always That one guy is still stupid. That one girl still has ginormous boobs. That one guy is still obsessed with anything having to do with the butt. That one girl is still desperate for attention. Other things confuse me. That one girl that I thought everyone liked (although she and I have never been friends) well... it turns out hardly anyone likes her. And that one guy that I thought no one likes... turns out people like him and think he is actually a nice guy. Numerours people have new profiles due to losing privledges or getting hacked. I can't keep them all straight. People disappear. Where is that one girl who has been pregnant for ages? Did she finally pop those things out and is recovering or was she bad again and she is  i
American Politics
Was bored so figured I would do a satirical blog about the two major parties of America.If you can not take a joke or plan on getting serious, do not even bother. This is just part I, I may do a part II when I either wish to change it or just want to add on to it. For the record I am neither conservative nor liberal. I am of the independent party
Wwz Open Discussion #1
I'm still working out some kinks, but I thought I would put this here so those who would like to start talking can gather and do it here. This blog is only for discussion of World War Z. Anything off-topic will be deleted. Sorry! General thoughts, opinions, ideas? Please try to avoid "spoilers", if you have to them please mark them as such, kinda like this: *SPOILER!* Zombies is people!! *END SPOILER!* Also, what do you think of having entries made for subjects as well as general talk? Such as having one to focus on the political aspects, scientific, its place in zombie pop culture, etc. etc. Alright, post away! :)
Dear reader, You might not know this about me but i have one feeling....   JUST ONE   GOT IT GOOD!!!   OH PS: I think family is retarded so I will be deleting it within the next 3 minutes   YES IM HAVING A TANTRUM IM PREGNANT TRY STOPPING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   FUCK YOU ALLWicked   PS random boob pictures might just help alleviate my ignorance
It's Just The Internet
Those words...along with "just saying" and "it's my right" have to be three of my most despised phrases ever. (Side note: "should" is still my most despised word, but that's a whole other blog).   These are used by people to excuse what they already know is crappy behaviour. They are used to move, in their tiny little minds, their actions from the 'vile' category into the 'ok' category.   DOES. NOT. WORK.   It's just the internet...who's using the internet? People. If you've lost your sense of humanity then it's you that needs the help, not the people you laugh at. Just saying...if you can't own your own actions, you own nothing. On the internet, your words essentially ARE your actions. If you want to disclaim whatever you've just said as soon as it's out of your metaphoric mouth...go suck a big one, cuz you just lost all my respect. It's my right...with right comes responsibility. If you don't understand that then it's my right to take away your rights and hit you over the hea
I Need Your Help!!!!
Witchie is evil and put our favorite shit hawk up for auction...   Im jsut askign you to up him some fu bucks not bling so everyone can have a turn on his ass... so dont be going and puttign him over the top!   Im asking you to help that bird have his feathers ruffled you know show a bird you care...   He might shit on your car but that's just the way he loves you..   So if I can get at least 20 people to bid on the fucker ill send witchie a boob salute she will never forget..   Wicked
Weekly Blog
Just to keep you all updated on the crazy life that is mine: 1. today ham is 32 weeks old, for those of you who don't know (KLOVERLYNN) ham is a girl. Yes you can all laugh now at the thought of a mini Wicked running around or you can turn and run. Needless to say Ham has finally turned and has her head in the exit position....and Ive only gained 21lbs.... woohooo! 2. I was running late this morning to my doctors appointment and threw on the jeans i wore last night, being that they are the most comfortable. I jump in Jeff's truck because i have a hard time dropping into my car now and off to the appointment i go... As I'm walking into the building i feel a large sag in my crotch... what the fuck did i just poo? is this a new pregnant thing.... omg. I run into the secluded hallways and feel in my pants and pull out the culprit... yesterdays panties! 3. I get home and I'm wondering will i always have something funny happen to me.. why am i the butt off all my jokes. then the door bell
So I deleted a ton of people, and all my old blogs. You all know I do that from time to time... I guess it's kind of a test to see who pays attention?
The End
I was going to write this a different way, but a certain kiwi's nice blog inspired me, so it's going to be put a little nicer.   If I talk to you and I'm not a bitch, I like you. Whether you're on my friends list or not, in my family or not. There is something about you that I liked. Granted we all have our moments and maybe sometimes I lose sight of why I liked you to begin with, but usually you come shining through.   I like people that may not be so popular on here for whatever reason, I like people that are very popular for whatever reason. I've been judged by which company I keep. That's fine with me. The point is, it's my internet time and I'll spend it with whomever I see fit.   I guess this isn't going to be as nice as I hoped...I really tried.   I don't care who doesn't like who or why, I'm out of it. This goes for ANYTHING, not just stupid crap going on recently. I don't want to know about it at all. I'm serious. If something comes up I do not want to participate in,
I had a momentary lapse in judgement, got annoyed/pissed, whatever (girly some might say.) I was thinking about taking a break and signed on just to check things quickly. Got a giggle when I saw that I had been pimp slapped while I was logged out and said screw it. I try not to get too emotional involved on here because I don't want it taking over my offline life, but I was human today. I flipped out for no reason, it was stupid. No one offended me. I felt bad about the previous blog because I thought people took it the wrong way. If you are a woman and on my list (even if you're not coughMissyfitcough), I ADORE you. I have told a few of you I wish we hung out offline because you are completely awesome and someone I would be proud to call my friend. I am hypocritical, I know. I tell strangers they have saggy tits or roast beef vaginas. Is it right? No. Most of the reasoning we have is that they put it there for the world to see, so they deserve it. Do they? Maybe. I have tried hard n
I Love Interwebz Drama - It Is So Much Fun.
My lovely message this morning: My lovely reply: I'm sorry...who's butthurt again. I love interwebz is so much fun! How dare you slander me in the MuMMs! Bitch, I don't say anything that's not true. lmfaooooooooooooooooooo
Conservative Rebirth ▬●ΑΘΕΟΣ--☭--☆
Blogging Buffoon Activated CURING YOU OF YOUR LEFTIST LIBERAL EVIL!!! / CONSERVATIVE REBIRTH TEST My attempt to cure my leftism…These are the original Twelve Steps as published by LEFTIST ANONYMOUS1-We admitted we were powerless over leftism—that our lives had become unmanageable.I admit that I am powerless to leftism…2-Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.Power greater than me?... fuck, to cure logical thoughts and a care for a common man I have to believe in god? So god is why man has such a hatred for their fellow man.. I knew it!!! I knew it!!!... I will skip this step.3-Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.This again? Sorry, but if I must give up caring for others, and wanting to help when I can, and my socialistic views, you must offer me something greater than a friend I gave up when I was a child.4-Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.Um,
Profile Comments That Make Me Giggle
Comments on FvckingCannibal Taylor Kent16 hrs to me on my other profile babe. I have a big dick if you can see it! reply Best profile comment in a
Here's A List Of Them...
Well I started blogging the haterz so figured I'd blog the downraterz as well. When someone downrates me I block them. If you rate or comment them it still gives them points & attention so it's best to just block & ignore. I've made this list so u can block them as well. Feel free to comment a link to a downrater & I will add them to the list. Whitie FALLING INTO HISTORY joe1 Chort StaticXfurY carpathian lover lilelmo112 spirishpixi xX xJaimeBabyx Xx phoenixxx glook
Mandatory Blog For Shadow Levelers
I want too bring everyone up too grounds so all know whats going on. Im actually putting adding new members on hold. We will be cleaning out some of the members. We have been watching and paying attention too some of the members. I will be going through checking too make sure that all have Shadow levelers on there profile. If you dotn then that will tell us that you know longer want too be a member of the team. We have levelers that never check blogs and some that never help on level ups. We will be cleaning members out. It is not required that you help on all that we post from homepage but we do watch too see who all are on level ups. With a team this big we need too know who is a member and wants too help and who doesnt. Some of you are on other teams and i see you checking there blogs but never ever see you looking at ours. We will no longer be adding anyone that wants too join. Too many join and never help. We are not in it for numbers we are doing this too hel
So I am sitting here looking around at all the work that needs to be done before I move in a few weeks. Boxes sitting empty and my joint hurts too bad to fill them. I have been trying to space my meds out more to see how much I can handle. Not alot. It starts hurting and I end up taking something. This sucks!!! /end rant
Shut Up yea I got an interesting fumail this morning...using my name in the midst of some bs drama that I don't' even know about....I barely talk to either person and fuck if you are going to use my names in shit. Don't bring your drama here, it will be stopped. If you have issues with me come to me. Shit always comes back. This is the fu after all, everything circulates, especially drama. I have far more important shit going on than the fucking pissing contests you people seem to enjoy to get your asses into. And I'm the last person to fucking gossip. I don't talk to anyone about anything. Even those that known me the longest know that. I'm sick and tired and haven't even had my first cup of coffee, so fuck you for this shit first thing in the morning.
He Pinched My Butt!!!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I bite my lip when im nervous 2. I cant ride in a vehicle without at least one window (preferably mine)partially down regardless of the weather 3. I have a special pillow and i cant sleep without it 4. I cant eat beans without mayo 5. I have to smell everything before i eat or drink it 6. I hate silence 7. I LOVE purses but never carry one 8. I hate driving over bridges 9. My panties n bra have to match 10. I ALWAYS have to smell good 1.Kevin 2.Dirk' 3.Whisperer 4.Matty 5.Feisty
Bag On Head
I was told I'd look better with a ski mask on. I don't have one so this will have to do. Whatcha think?
Naughty By Nature
Ok so the mumms suck and im feeling a tad feisty. I dont know about anyone else but i love to role-play and have yet to live out any of my fantasies. Im not going to say how long but lets just say its been way to long since ive been pleased by anyone other than myself. The last few days everyone has been doing these random surveys with silly kiddie questions to tell about ourselves. I want to do a naughty survey between adults (us) and see what darkened sexual nature lives inside all of us. Im going to call this Psyche's power hour...let the games begin. What is the craziest thing you've ever done? What is your wildest fantasy? Is there anyone on fubar you would go out of your way to meet and sex up? Feel free to post pics Thanks 4 Reading
Numb Is Dumb
posted on 03/12/2009   I have heard many people say "I feel numb." I'm guilty of saying it myself, but the more I think about it, the more I find myself thinking it's not the right use of the word. Numb describes being without feeling, would it be appropriate to say "I breathe vacuum"? I don't think so. While it is still approprate to use "nothing" as a term to describe one of the senses or lack of one: "My trunk? I hear nothing Officer!" using the term that describes the absence of something doesn't seem right.   Something else I have noticed is the level of redundancy when it comes to computerized banking. Most people are aware of the redundancy in saying ATM machine, as the last M stands for machine. Its the equivalent of saying "I need to find an automated teller machine machine." What usually goes unmentioned is the term "PIN Number" which is saying "Personal Idenitfication Number number" What is it about banking that has us saying these things multiple times? Are w
I woke up this morning so tired. I got enough sleep, the same amount of sleep that I get every other day of the week. I just don't know what's wrong. I took a nap and slept for 2 more hours. I woke up feeling sick. Not fever/sore throat sick, just feel like I'm going to throw up.. I'm still tired too. I'm bored too. My cousin is suppose to be here at some point again today, lol. Hopefully we'll do something later.
Pennies From Heaven
For no particular reason, I have started leaving a penny on the hand rail in the elevator at work. It started when I had a couple in my pocket after lunch, now its a goal to leave one on each elevator every day.
Last night I had a nightmare that I was pregnant with twins by my ex husband. I woke up super pissed off...and was even tempted to buy a preggo test because it seemed so real!
Tired Rage
Ever had one of those moments where you want to be angry, but it's too late and you're too tired? I swear if I wasn't too busy yawning this computer would have gone through a wall.
Heh...I just got this in a message on another site...   Hello my sweetheartMy name is Brian Michael H*******, I am Handicapped but very sweet. I live on my own in Champlin. I grew up on the North Shore of Minnesota in a small town north of Duluth called Two Harbors. I finished school in 1992. I then moved to a place called Courage Center.Courage Center was my collage. It was there I learned my skills to live on my own. I was there from 10-31-92 untill 3-29-94 when I moved into my current place where I've been for the past 15years.In 1996 I was hired by Courage Center to work in their Data Ability Program then in 2000 Courage sold the program to a place called Rise. In January I moved to Rise's main office in Spring Lake Park.I am looking for a relationship that hopefully will turn into marriage. If you decide to date me, our date would include a romantic dinner, a walk in Elm Creek Park and then back to my place for a DVD.My yahoo ID is Brian_*******. Hope to hear from you.Love,Brian
My Sfw Blog
Hi my name is Wicked and i dont play nice with others......   Cause Husky asked me to   Wicked
Evil,wicked, Mean And Nasty
yes i`m referring to that one blog whore whose name is in the title i will never mention her name again, nor ever talk to her again   she talked me into taking tomorrow off work to play on fu, then after i call in, she tells me she has an all day appt with her accountant.  who know hookers had acct`s? things must be different in cyprus   seeing as how i have never blocked anyone before, would someone please tell me how to do that?
Motherfuckin Dirty Cunt
Some CUNT just got in my SB with this hasbeen a long time since I have actually wanted to track a bitch down just to hurt her. She blocked me so I could not reply and FYI My fucking brother is black so yeah the whore was talkin out her fucking ass. motherfuckindirtypieceofshitcuntdieapainfuldeath reduce: i bet you dont like Obama because he is blackreduce: come on, we all know you are a racistreduce: you can do better than that->reduce: fuck you cuntreduce: wow, sorry. you are rude. have fun with your l;ove for killers->reduce: move along take your bullshit elsewherereduce: wow. wtf ?->reduce: get the fuck out of my SB nowreduce: so you like it that they kill people ?->reduce: I support my troops..which include my brother my ex husband and my roommate if you do not know thedifference than do not proceed with this convoreduce: how is that any diffrent ?->reduce: it is supporting the troops..I am not into warreduce: all that iraq war stuff in your pix->reduce: I am sorry I dun
Ugh seriously...Why do people have to say things like this?!??   "Don't think you aren't beautiful because you aren't skinny, lots of women are over weight."    Seriously?!?! What would give eone the idea that I thought I was ugly anyways?? /annoyed
I Never Complain About Bling...
BUT... I just want to say a nice heart felt FUCK YOU to whoever came up with the sock puppet bling seriously... sock puppets make my skin crawl
Good Lawd...
Ever look at your bartab and the saying "beating a dead horse" comes to mind?
Fubar Relationships
Internet relationships as a whole are a fucking sham... but FU-RELATIONSHIPS are the worst of all. People have really lost site of what relationships and friendships are for that matter and I am about to call you out! Nearly every day I am approached by someone that thinks they have it all figured out for me.. they are the one and I should abandon my real life and sink into their pit of lies. WRONG! You can tell me all day long how you would rub my feet and draw my bath and treat me like a queen - but WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? You are not real... I cannot touch you - I cannot kiss you and you cannot do any of those things that you so freely  talk about - perhaps that is why it makes it so easy to promise the world to someone. I am on to your game fuckers and you are gunna pay dearly! People string along four or five or sometimes more people to fill the void in their empty lives.. is that really entertainment?... an ego boost? What is sad is that many people easily fall into the trap
Nakita The Bad Bad Dog!
I love my dog very much but at times I swear she tests the limit to unconditional love... here's a few examples: 1. The day i came home after leaving her for an hour to go to the grocery store and found my brand new (a week old) suede boots chewed up... They cost me quite allot and if any of you know the love i had for shoes you will understand that it was not a good day. I believe at one point in my shock I proceeded to call Jeff and tell him to find her a good home.... 2. The day I came home and found she had gotten smarter about shoes.. I just bought 2 brand new pairs still in the box and she ate one of each pair... the left and the right.. I cried that night.. I also determined to wear them at least once.. walked around my house with the left 4 inch heal and the right 5 inch heal... im stubborn ... 3. the day I came home and she had literally eaten my silk lamps.. don't even ask what her poo was like..   Today I was texting Witchie about how shes evil... and telling Seamus
Reasons your friend request might get denied: 1. Your screen name requires punctuation! 2. Your default pic has possibly caused a seizure! 3. Has some lounge name greeter/promoter your screen name, with letters replaced by numbers. 4. If you have a crafty name like "luvstosuckok" or "happyguy" 5. If your name includes cute, sexy, hot, mama, or kitten and you weigh more than I do 6. If your profile about me section includes "rules while on my page" and have a status about RFAC STFU 7. If you think you are a dj because you have made a playlist or play mp3s in a lounge 8. If you have one public pic of a porn star, or some chic you wished you were/could fuck! 9. If your last 9 of 10 status messages were begging for/offering naughty salutes for bling packs 10. If your status messages are always negative toward other people or advertising your personal drama! 11. if you have more photos of yourself, than you have in your bomb folders! 12. If you think you need a default that flas
Now You Know
Went to Urioligist app today   I will be going for a test at local hospital Tuesday a week test is no big deal   I guess the 2 things he is looking for are not   He took me by surprise and mentioned something I had totally dismissed from my mind when I came across it on google ... the dreaded C word and apparantly I am exhibiting some classic symptoms   The main purpose of the test will be to look for   tumors in the bladder and endometriosis ...something some of you know I have said myself I think it might be   glad its not a 4 months wait he will be able to tell me right then and there what he sees ( at least thats my understanding)   now you know  
where is the people today? ya act like its minday and its football season..WHO DAT! sorry, turrets. anyways, I noticed that the vietnamese lady that owns the store down the street gets a little better at engriss every time i go there. I should stop asking for fellatio soon, she may catch on! I really need a get away, its been a few 3 or 4 weeks since i have had adult time that didnt consist of kids sleeping in the next room. or a trip to the store for groceries. My Immediate goals are as follows, job, car, my own apartment agian. Oh, yeah, My car kissed a taxi cab last weekend..its done, it will make a good dust bunny for some junk yard. nobody was injured and i wasnt driving I seem to have a knack for making skins, and hopefully get some commissions from some people who want something custom. do you? Im getting bored, probably because i have too much time on my hands lately, back to wanting a job to solve it. my kids will be going back to school soon and this means peace, and qu
The Heart Of A Woman
                                                               The Heart Of A Woman    The Heart of A Woman  is a mystery,  often with a story to tell,  A story of mystery & suspense  Honor and betrayal.    When will a man ever see,  what's staring him in the face? A love so special and true, just searching for the right place.    The Heart of A Woman  is often misunderstood.  As big as it is often screams in silence, though it never should.    A woman doesn't want a man,  because of how many women  he's had, she wants a man  who loves her for who she is ,  and for that she'll be eternally glad.     The Heart of a woman   is a strong one,   no matter how battered or   abused, the Heart of a Woman   beats on , for there's plenty of love left   for her to use.    So don't pity a crying woman,  because her broken heart still  beats strong, and she knows  deep down inside,  he'll pay for the day  that he did her wrong.
What the hell is wrong with everyone today? Every single mumm I have been in today has had some sort of drama. I had drama in my shout box this morning. People need to chill out and realize it's not real.
New Code Of Conduct
2nd Alarm Hotties Code of Conduct 1. All Hottie members/prospects must have a verified salute and a minimum of 15 pics which includeS.F.W body shots. All hotties must be female by birth 2. All pics, (excluding private and n.s.f.w) must be open for the purpose of voting and rating to all officers. Shout box and Fu-mail must be open to officers for communications. You have to have a yahoo id or msn id for this purpose. Officers must have yahoo sn. When you acquire a Yahoo Id. You must submit it to C/D.Carrie for inclusion in the communication list of hotties. 3. All new hotties will be assigned to a Team, your team leader must be in your top 10 friends and Upon your admission you must add 2nd Alarm hotties to your profile name/nickname, you are allowed 5 days to conform with C.O.C.rules. Team leaders will be checking for compliance. This applies to ex hotties, rejoining. 4. Most important; Chief and Hottie homepage Must be added to your Family...and Carrie (careabella),Flirt (cris),K
The Teacher Is In (straight)
The Teacher Is In (Straight) Maggie had always been on the shy side and not really the type to draw lots of attention from the guys in school. She was on the short side, only 5’ 2” and full figured, with thick hair just below her shoulders. She had dated a few guys over the years, but nothing bold or adventurous. So her knowledge of intimate activities was really limited. With the vast internet now at her finger tips, she sees all the variations and terminology. So many men coming at her from every direction with strange requests and questions. The whole idea has her overwhelmed. She was just in her mid twenties and now men of all ages, from all over the world, seemed interested in her. Then one day, she gets an email from a man about 15 years older than her, but he seems to have nothing but compliments. This is unlike the constant scary emails full of rude questions, she has come accustomed to. He even included a nice full body picture of himself, not just nu
Thanks Everyone
You guys all rock. Not one of you fuckers wished me a Happy 2 year anniversary on Fubar today. I hate you all. To make it up to me, one of you better buy me a castle..... PS, i didn't notice either. Lmaoooooo Have a good weekend.
So Yeah
So tomorrow is my birthday. Yaya. It'll be a huge CubbyWhore day, watch out. :P And why yes, thanks for noticing i'm old. I thought i should give you some hints at what i want for my birthday. Just small stuff. Get it for me if you can... 1) World Peace 2) 8 more years of Bush. We all know the President doesn't really do anything anyways, and come on. He was funny to listen too. 3) 17 FuPonies. Not just one. I want the most on Fubar 4) Florida to have a blizzard. I'm sick of Neppi telling me how nice it is down there. If you know Mr Snow Miser please tell him i need snow. 5) A person who can actually cut my hair, where it doesn't look stupid for 3 days after. How hard is it to make me look good? 6) 38 Bling packs. Just cause i'm a whore. 7) To be Red for a day. Hell i'll even show my boobs to be a legend. :P 8) Scrapper and BabyJ to finally fan me. I'm probably the most famous person on this site, how can they not fan me? Go tell them to fan me tomorrow mmm
Who's Cuter?
BFD seems to think he is cuter than I. I think he's wrong. Don't get me wrong: he's cute, but I think I win this argument. We're gonna let the fu public decide. (Can you tell I'm bored?)
Remember Me?
eah, im still here, but im expecting to poof one day,as alot of my other friends have. meh to drama, meh to this site, i just wanted to stop in and say hi, and i lovers you fuckers
Its A Small World After All
The title of the blog is so true. When I first signed up for this site (when it was CherryTap), I would add almost anyone who'd send me a request.  I added this guy and we hit it off; we talked a lot. He ended up deleting his account a year and a half ago, but we still kept in touch through another social network and messenger.   When our e-friendship started, I lived in NY and he lived in AL. When I moved to MS, he had moved to FL for a job and then ended up moving back.   Last night, my husband and  I went out to the bar to watch his band play. :D It was the first time we've met face to face. Pretty awesome.   2 years ago, I never would've thought I'd ever be in the same state as him, much less meet him and watch him sing.   It was fun and I can't wait to hang out with him and his wife soon!   Have a good Sunday all.
Nakita. Terror Of The Dog Park!
For those who know me well, know that I have a slight problem with my dog. For those of you who have dogs might know there's one of me in every dog park around the world. I got my beautiful pooch from the City pound when she was 6 months, she was so small and malnutritioned I figured I would name her something fierce and strong. So I choose to name her after a female assassin.. Nakita. At first Nakita was a sweet and gentle dog, she was carefree and lovable. Then after she hit her teenage years she has become the biggest bully of the park. I drive up to the dog park and as soon as I open the door my dog is out stalking her prey... Usually a Great Dane. She runs toward them hackles up and growling.... you might say I am a bad pet owner but Ive watched so many shows and yes ever Caesar.... I am that lady everyone laughs at, I am the lady who runs threw the park chasing after her little bitch.... hoping ot god she will listen just once. Hoping that she wont come close enough just to
Fuckin Aplogy For Wicked
i publicly apologize to wicked for having a status message stating that she texts me while pooing while true, it seems it was inappropriate to mention her pooing in my status i will hereby refrain from mentioning her defecating in my status
Deacon Frost
over the years, since when i first joined cherrytap, and now fubar (for those of you that dont remember :P) I have learned quite a bit about this site and the people on it. learned the classes and the politics of the site. This is probably the best site on the web for social networking, and I have met some great people and some people that id rather avoid...dont worry chances are if you are reading this, you dont fall in to the latter group! ok to my point. Some of you remember when I was Deacon Frost, and when my attitude on fubar switched from the cold, unsensored person i used to be, esp in mumms, i dropped the :Frost" from my name. And since have had some epiphanies and failed attempts at meeting people, and its been a great social experience over all. But i wondered if i should get back to some of my Frost. I have become the clown/flirt on fubar and its alot of fun but i havent been the asshole in a while.   sorry its so long lol   as you were
You Will You Won't
give me fubucks for the spotlight muahahahah
I believe in soulmates...I just do not think we end up with them very often. I am a realist..NOT a pessimist I think it takes way too much energy to hold onto hatred and grudges. those who claim to be the least judgmental are usually the worst I think most people are selfish and just refuse to admit it...yet claim to be very giving When I say really DOES mean fuck you I want to be family is crazy and I have given up on them I am terrified of dying before seeing my kids grow up I am sick of docs and really believe they have more of my DNA than I do at this point.     I will be nice enough not to tag on this one like I was            
Nerdy Friday!
Woo and I are declaring today to be NERDY FRIDAY! Embrace your inner nerd! Be a Klingon! A Trekkie! Booger from Revenge of the Nerds! Break out your pocket protectors and graphing calculators! :D   Nord on! McGee, AKA Shawn Update: That SHOULD be "Nerd on"... :P
As It Is
This isnt a bitching blog I just wnted to say TY for tose of you whom I truly value and I believe value me back. I have had a very rough pathc lately..and have whined more than usual. I try not to let my health issues make me that way. But..sometimes we have weak moments   I realizze my family will always suck..and no matter how much I WANT a relationship with cannot be forced. I have met some amazing people here that have become "adopted" family. And I just wanna say TY for that     on another note I am thinking of giving up my obsession with Drill he will never relent to my stalking I am thinking maybe of..Ford....
Entrance Music!
So, as many of you know, I have a fight coming up on the 21st which is SOON!!! I feel I am ready. I only have one problem, I need help choosing an entrance song. I have it narrowed down to 4 selections, which are below. Please help me choose one. I would prefer if possible ya'll help me choose just from the 4 listed below and not any other suggestions. Of course I blogged this rather than mummed it since I have more than 2 choices. I don't care which one of these I walk out too because I like them all. So which ever one ya'll like the most, will be it!! :D Thanks again ya'll, and MUCH LOVE! :P "Mad Izm" by Channel Live "Evil Streets" by Onyx & Wu-Tang "Release Yo'self" by Method Man "Shook Ones Part 2" by Mobb Deep
Fuckin Odd Stuff
ok odd fuckin shit is happening lately stopped for a few pints after work today, all was normal and had about 4 or 5 drafts. finished last one and we asked for tab, i go to pick up my empty pint glass, i touch my thumb and middle finger to glass and it explodes out of my hand sending shards in all directions away from me fuckin freaked me out, not to mention my buddy, the barmaid and about 8 other people that heard and saw it. it sounded like a .22 crack she swept up glass from as far away as 8 feet, but no one got cut or hit by glass, the largest piece was 1/16 by 1/8 th on an inch now heather my favorite barmaid thinks i`m possessed any explanations my friends?
Men May Not Wanna Read This Lol
A couple of weeks ago my mother went to have a surgury to remove precancerous cells off of her cervix and uteran walls.. she had a couple of not kosher paps and they found the cells.. I have had one slightly odd pap before.. I have an appointment in the next couple of weeks for another one.. since the first odd pap I had.. i have had some.. issues.. Therefore.. I am TERRIFIED of this appointment. My chances of being able to have children are already pretty slim.. I REALLY want kids... and now i am terrified of this... what if there IS something wrong.. what if the issues that i am having are because of cancerous cells.. what if what if what if... I am fucking scared and don't want to do this alone.. but I don't have anyone to do this with me... my mother is still catching up on work and i won't ask her to go through this.. my sister is living 4 hours away... my husband.. oh god where to start with him... all of my friends have other things i won't pull them away from.. kids, sch
Trolls, And Gnomes, And Faeries, Oh My!
Last night I had the pleasure of enjoying an interesting conversation from a family friend that I hadn't spoken to in a while. She was quite distraught when she called and said she needed a night out away from her son (a 25 year old who is mentally retarded and unable to live unassisted). Understanding the need to get away from the kid(s) I accepted and met her for dinner. When I got there, she was seated and notably anxious. After persuading her to spill the beans, she told me of an incident that happened last week. My friend is a single mother (the father left when his son was diagnosed) and a teacher. She leaves her son at home while she works, with a neighbor who comes in to check on his from time to time. She got a call while in class last week, and it was her son, very excited to tell her that he caught a troll and needed her to come home right away. Laughing it off, she said that she would be home at 3:30 and to stay out of trouble in the imaginary world. About an hour later,
This And That Ii
Took this blog from yesterday and am writing the story under each I am bored, spinoza told Me to blog I am still bored, but spinoza did not tell Me to post this one... :P So what should I blog about... a blog asking what to blog about.. I am blogging about each thing in this blog from the previous blog for the sake of blogging.. The cum shot face? Oh I would have to ask the women ..the ones who can get Me to cum that is.. what My face look like... though the room with mirrors I have seen My own cum shot face lmao My enjoyment of women in gas mask, leather, rubber, latex? Oh yes, I find there is nothing more fetish pleasing for Me then to see a woman in a gas mask, with latex, rubber, leather and other styles of fetish attires that I find pleasing that need to smoke weed....or get off the crank Yes I am for making weed legal :P My random religious conversation with this Christian couple a week or so ago Yes they did, such a wretched group of people who wa
Lolz @...
People who are nice to your face but bitch about you behind your back. People who are nice to you in private but are afraid of other people knowing in public.
Todays Shit
Here are a few things I wonder about when waking up at 5 in the morning:   a. how did that bastard convince me to get pregnant? b. how is it possible that the only girls i get along with come from this magical place called fubar? c. will I get everything i need to get done before Ham's arrival? d. why dont woman admit they burp, fart and turn and see what they left in the toilet? e. Why do my evil plans never work out, am I just a softy?   What do you ask yourself at 5 am, when your partner is moving but wont get the fuck up so he tortures you till you get up and ponder?    
Thanks Mark for being there when I needed you. (nb. not sparkly Mark) The guy from my stoned blogs!   And Kins .... just when I needed cheering up, you sent a text. I could pinch your lovable cheeks :) You had just knocked one out or so you said. But i'll forgive you! Jai, I told him what you said :( .... he says not to worry you are both GAY!!! :) And thanks to everyone else that has had to listen to me whinge. Thanks!!!
Twin Hh's
Justa and I are having HH's! Where: Fubar. duh. When: This Friday Justa @ 5pm Futime Mel @ 6pm Futime Make sure you're there with bells on! Wonder Twin Hoar Powers Activated! justa@ fubar MEL@ fubar   Please share this blog. Thank you.
Family Adds For Rates... Famp/god Mode Etc
There seems to be a lot of people being shady over trading family adds etc for Famp runs. I realize everyone runs their family different, and that is fine. So there is no confusion on how I do it and what I expect I am writing this blog.Let me get a couple terms cleared up first.....per·ma·nent   /ˈpɜrmənənt/ Show Spelled[pur-muh-nuhnt] Show IPA–adjective1.existing perpetually; everlasting, esp. without significant change.2.intended to exist or function for a long, indefinite period without regard to unforeseeable conditions: a permanent employee; the permanent headquarters of the United Nations.3.long-lasting or nonfading: permanent pleating; permanent ink.Shady1. illegitimate. underhanded. dishonorable. corrupt. sneaky.2. A shady person is someone who does not keep it real; a person who hides out; a person who keeps things to themselves.My family consists of... REAL friends... Permanent family trade... and Temporary family trades. I make it very cl
**new God Mode Explained Blog**
From the Desk of Scrapper ...     NEW UPDATE! If you were part of the people who were running God Mode we are gratuitiously giving you some points. Anyone that had a god mode bling deactivate between 1:30PM PST...if they ended at 2M points, they'll end up at 7M points. if they ended with 8M points, they'll end up with 10M points, etc..... If you were part of the lucky few who helped us test out God Mode Bling, you are probably asking yourself why did my God Mode bling expire early. It actually did not sxpire early, we are finally out of our testing mode and it is now truly LIVE on the site. The God Mode bling has surpassed our special ability bling expectations. It is a very powerful weapon in your arsenal on fubar. We thank you for helping us beta test the God Mode bling. Consider yourself lucky to have had the chance to to that so few will ever have in the future. Please read the following blog. If you are angry or feel slighted, we just want to thank you for helping us develop
Just Sowes Yanno
I am here to have fun. I like to play, joke and have a good time with all sorts of people.    If theres an argument goin on and we disagree on it, Im alright with that. Im not here to hold grudges or be all pissy with you cuz you disagree with me, so if you are this way, please, do us both a favor and delete me. If i feel that you are way outa line, and a total fucking attacking asshole, I would delete you on my own. Otherwise, to me, its just a matter of different thoughts and opionons and caring and defending of friends.   If you are still on my list, Im going to assume that we are alright and im going to interact as i usually do. Im an analyzing tard tho, and if I feel you are remaining on my list for other reasons, you'll be gone shortly.  
Jealousy!!! Jealousy what a stupid emotion if I could get rid of one that would be it!!! I have seen 35 summers!!! All the hate that goes on!! I am most comfortable in my skin!!! I have been hiding behind the doors for years thinking I wasn’t good enough to be out!!! Well Fuk u haters!!! The sad thing is the half of u are closet bbw lovers!!! If u had the chance to put weight aside to see what’s inside the person!!! Wow U might find a good soul!!! That’s why I would get rid of jealousy!!! See I was raised mommy always taught me to share and to be kind to others!!! So as for u low raters just fuk right off!!! U might want to be comfortable in your body or find out why u have so much hate!!! it took me years to get my confidence back up there it will never go to my head !! Just know that I am beautiful!!! We all come in different sizes and shapes If we didn’t this would be a weird world all the same!! Well us phat bottom woman make the world go around tooo!!! Life is short
Club F.a.r. Family Member Request Page
First of all, let me wish all of FUBAR a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We the Club F.A.R. Family, the #1 Family on FUBAR, would like to send out an invitation to all of FUBAR to come join our loving family. The requirements are simple and as follows, 1. You must be a level 5. 2. You must have a SALUTE pic, We dont care how old as long as its a verified CHERRYTAP or a FUBAR one 3. You must FAN, ADD and RATE just the profile page a 10 or 11 if your a VIP. All members links are on the members list in the blogs of our New Official Club F.A.R. Homepage 4. Once you have added all the current members, you must return every few days to the bottom of the last list to check for new members to FAN, ADD & RATE. This is your responsibility, dont wait for people to come to you, go show them love and lead by example. 5. We are NOT A COMMENT BOMBING FAMILY, we have had too much drama when members go against each other or friends, so this is why we are not
For Every Parents,grandparents,aunts And Unles
I CHANGED THE FONT COLOR CAUSE SOME PEOPLE WERE NOT ABLE TO READ IT. HELP THE CHILDREN Preventing Child Sexual Abuse SOME FACTS: 1~Sexual offenders are often known to the family, and not strangers. Abusers can be a man, a woman, or even a child - yes, a child. The offender on the video started sexually abusing others at the age of 10. 2~Sexual offenders are not homosexuals. Do not let your guard down because someone is not gay, vice versa, do not accuse someone just because he/she is gay. 3~Children do not lie about being sexually abused. 4~Only 5% of kids lie about the abuse, which means 95% are true. STEPS TO PREVENT SEXUAL ABUSE 1. Know the Warning Signs: Look for signs that someone may be an offender. In cases of reported sexual abuse, some parents step forward and say, yes, they knew there was something wrong with him/her. So what are some of these signs? · Likes spending time with children all the time. · More comfortable with c
What Been Happening To Me The Last Few Days
have you ever been someones friend because you felt sorry for them for the life they lead or because they are lonely? I did that and got screwed over for it. I was talking with someone for almost 2 years and toward then end they tryed to manipulate me into trying to leave the man i love. they also tryed to tell me what to do with my page, tell me who my friends could be or who i could talk to on my own phone. I hate to say this but that was the biggest mistake of my life. I got to where i trusted this person and told them some personal information, to my great surpise they used it against me. Even when they swore that they would never do that. I dont need someone like that in my life. in the past few days i have had to delete the person from my yim, change my phone number and delete this person from my life. yet they come back under a new acct and try and start the cycle over again. Im done with it. the last few days have been me most stress free days i have had in almost 2 years. if s
Uber Cool.
She's a 127k from Fu-King. If you haven't already go drop her some rates, please. She's been here longer than I have (with the same acct). lol. Beauty & the Mess@ fubar Thanks.
Alone With My Thoughts
It seems to be one of those kind of days. Ever do something that makes you slap your forehead and ask "what the hell was I thinking"? It's quiet. At least for me. I'm sitting here looking around my house, trying to find something to do. I am not in the mood to watch a movie. I couldn't stay focused. I don't feel like going anywhere today. I don't want to go through the whole make up thing. I won't leave the house without it. lol Ugh.
Your Reviews
You've all got something you love. A new movie, book, car, toy, gadget, etc. I want a review from you. It needs to be current and a lil' edgy. Ok...go!
Lesbian Sex
Why do lesbians rub their nips on the other chicks cunt? And scissoring, what the fuck is up with that?
10 Alternate Uses For A Coathanger..
I want to thank Hugh G Joak for coauthoring this blog with me. He is my inspiration on most of my crazy ideas and blogs. I would like to give him full credit for today's blogs theme. You are my rock, Kumquat.. 10 Alternate uses for coat hangers: 1. To hold your Pippi Long Stocking hair do 2. Breaking into cars. 3. Punk rocker earring 4. Giant Bubble Blower 5. Electrical outlet tester 6. Hill Billy toothpick 7. While wearing a cast a scratching device 8. Car Radio Antenna 9. To capture large dust balls from the far corners of your bed. 10. Makes an excellent cat toy ( just need crazy glue and feathers ) Thank you for stopping by Kumquat and Snow Pea
Tattoo Help
Ok I need some help with this as I am at my wits end.... I have a name of someone on the back of my neck that is in dire need of being covered up...What I want is to get some sort of TOOL design to cover it up with but have yet to find anything so if anyone has any ideas..I am open for suggestion.... Thanks, B
I Got Stupid Again, Help
after partaking in a bowl of particularly stong ganja i came across a blog, and decided to enter an auction now i need ideas on what to offer   being a virgin and having only looked in a few before i have no ideas   help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
My Harem
Im collecting people for my harem   WOuld you like to Join   Call me 1-800-pimpmyass   Witchie and Seamus are some serious expensive bishes   Wicked
My son decided to join band.   Not really sure how I feel about it.   Hes 10 and he chose the French horn.    
Piss And Moan
Ok i will just get to it.  i have a lot of things going on and i am starting to crack. kids are going back to school. i'm going to school full time. i have a crazy person that wont stop calling my phone from a restricted number (40 times a day) my ex is seriously ill, and i've been trying to be there for him. dizzy spells = anxiety attacks.. so my doctors says my sister is a jerk and talked a lot of junk about me in front of my daughter, so now my family is warring. anywho.. i'm usually sitting here, not sure how to comment a mumm or what i should say in the lounge. i'm a little bit spent these days.   /End rant
Question For 09.14.09
What is one thing that can instantly turn you off to a love interest? Why?         Please rate this blog! Thank you so much!!!
Photoshop Request
I'm a right lazy bastard - anyone fancy knocking me up a picture of Daniel-Day Lewis in 'There Will Be Blood' but with my face and saying 'There Will Be Bras'? I offer absolutely nothing in return by way of incentive, cheers.
Live Valentine Auction
Mama Mia ... A Fubar Love Song
Mama Mia A song saluting the pains of fubar love   her Ive been cheating on fu since I dont know when I cant make up my mind should it come to an end look at me now will I ever learn I am so low but I suddenly lose control I dont think that I have a soul just one click will you please send me bling one more bling you can see everything oooh oh oooh oh   Mama mia here I go again my my how can you resist me mama mia showed my goods again my my does that prove I missed ya yes hes been broken hearted since all my whoring started why why did I ever let him know mama mia that was quite a show my my next time he will never know   him Ive been angry and sad 'bout the things that you do
Code words that Jew haters use to describe Jews, not necessarily in order. or complete Banking Elite Zionist Occupation Government(ZOG) Talmud Jews Cosmopolitans International Bankers Unforgiven Israel Supporters If you think of anymore, tell me. This blog, jpub is for anyone interested in Jewish topics, you don't need to be Jewish to comment on my blog.
For 19.95 You Can Get A Bling Pack...or
Well, every now and then I post something random. And when I saw this on an infomercial, I really thought that it was funny for what it is, and then I saw this…check out the parody video below: See dudes, think about it, for the price of a 25 credit bling pack you can get your favorite fu girl of the week one of these…lol…sometimes it’s funny to be random, hope ya’ll had a good weekend and peace…
Pete Meets The Pretty New Girl
Yesterday a new girl started at work.  The new girl is pretty and henceforth shall be referred to as Pretty New Girl or PNG.  Pretty new girl is about 5'6 with long brown hair, and very light blue eyes.  I said nothing yesterday, figuring I would wait for an introduction, but since that didn't come about, I made my own move today.  I introduced her, and said if she needed any I/T support, I was her man (See how smart I am PNG?)  She sent me a test e-mail to make sure it was working, and everything checked out.  She sits on the other side of the wall from me, so I can't go into the office I use without passing her.  Each time I did, I gave her a little head nod, and she would smile back (taking it as a good sign.)  Before she left, I replied to her test e-mail "Hey! Keep it down out there!" and received what I deem a positive response "Hahaha, have a good night, see you tomorrow." (See how funny I am PNG?)  I debated on whether or not to e-mail her, but then I thought what would Pedro

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