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My Wake-up Call
My Wake-up Call Picking up the pieces of my shattered Heart, wondering what happened, and what tore us apart. I used to wonder 'What did I do?" where was the warning, I was gonna be hurt by you? sometimes I cry, when I'm alone, I often wonder if I called, would you answer the phone? I finally woke up, now I can see crystal clear, the abuse I took from you I no-longer have to fear. I'm through with all the fighting, I'm through with all the lies, I'm through with all the pain, when my heart cries. I'm through with all the hurtin', I'm through with all the pain, I'm through with all the givin' and nothin' to gain. I'm through with all the excuses, for all the beatings you would do , but most of all I'm
Stupid Things Fubar People Do.
..this has been going on since the day of the flood around here but it's quite amusing to see take place often enough. And worth a mention. Everyone around here has someone that doesn't like them for whatever reason. And, the truly gutless of Fubar, you know the ones that hide in the shadows and speak with forked tounges? Now look, people that claim that they talk to "all" of their friends regularly I can tell you that they are full of shit. Because it's simply not true. Some people have little lists, some people have ginormous lists. Contrary to public belief, the time that I am here I talk to who talks to me. I've been doing this for years ok. I'm not all up in someone's sb or whatever (unless I'm looking for or their business or what have you. Again, contrary to public belief in some small, remote, irrelivant circles. Your level or color really doesn't mean anything to me either. Never really has, I do what I want. This is all not new news ok. But I gotta tell ya, I
Fake #1 Most Liked Of The Day, 8/31/2011
I had quite a few people complain yesterday about the flagrant fake that was #1 Most Liked Green yesterday, if you missed, here was the profile: The default picture... Was taken from bottom right corner of this screen shot: And this pic, which is one of multiple girls located on this profile.. Can be found of a girl mostly located at this site: Also can be found in various other sites online. People shot this thing up with likes and credits faster in the past two days than Obama can spend more stimulus. Are people ever going to learn? Especially when shit is this flagrant? God the stupidity never ends... In case you missed yesterday's blow out of (10) Futards check the last blog posted!...have a good week and peace.
For Those Of You That Know, What To Know And Or Care
Monday I met the surgeon, she was really great Next I met the nutritionist...I hate her...but then she does have me on a 1500 calorie a day diet lol She gave me 3 goals to work on this month. Protein with every meal, 64 oz of water a day, and 180 min a week of execise. Reasonable I think.. I also met with the surgery scheduler.. I have to get a pulmonary clearance, cardiac clearance, diabetes clearance, pshych clearance, see the exercise physiologist, get an upper GI, ultrasound of my liver, chest x-ray, bloodwork, get a letter from my PCP and a few other things., I had to swear I would quit smoking, forever, had to sign a paper :/ By surgery date I have to be 100% off caffiene, and carbonation I do not have to lose weight in my 6 month holding pattern, but I cannot cain an ounce There is more but I think you get the idea :) I feel like a total hypocrate..I always swore I wouldn't do this, but ya know...I need to live my life to please me..and be the healthiest, happiest me I c
Mumm In A Blog
Dear reader... I have this newly discovered thirst for life away from my computer, however, it seems to be interfering with what I thought were *friendships* Seems if one does not log in daily, people forget all about you...well me anyway. So.. Should I try to log in more often in hopes I will not be forgotten or Keep livin my life to please me and not have many friends at all?
Fuck Gas Fuck Insurance Companies Fuck It Alll!!!
yes :) this is HAPPY stuffz!!! Gas prices are increasing by at least a nickel a day, insurance rates are climbing, edmissions and plates are due AND there are always repairs and maintenance to be done... So, I've decided to stick to the bus. *dances* They are locked into their prices until Dec'12 if I buy monthly bus passes for my son I figure I will save at least 210 bucks per month!! *dances more* I'm selling my Jeep. I'll miss him, but if I sell him I'll be able to print my greeting cards and a few sample posters..maybe even buy a bling pack teehee! *bounces* Tis a WONDERMOUS thang!!! At least I decided to do this as Summer approaches, only a few more weeks of freezing tits waiting for my 2nd bus ;) Anything new with you? xxoo ~PoSTaL
That square was getting a little too cramped. Sorry Van...but now you can have more of a choice.... Orgy is now on!! Have fun ;)
Bitching...i Am
Maybe I'm just being picky and a tad bit bitchy...but I think if you are going to ban a picture of mine from being a primary, then anyone else with a picture like mine should be banned also. I, myself, don't think there is anything really wrong with either picture and I don't really want to get the other girl in trouble, but damn. Can someone tell me how in the hell her's is okay to use and mine isn't? You see more in hers than you do in mine. Mine:: Hers:: I don't know why her's didn't link...but copy and paste it.
Family Cruelity Against Women & Children
Turned On
[sigh] While rating pictures I've come to the conclusion that if a person has nice teeth, I automatically get turned on. I know there is a possiblity of them speaking and me wanting to run far, far away. Why can't guys that have nice teeth just smile and be quiet? Oh...and they better smell good.
A Thanks To Everyone 25k
First I want to say thanks to everyone, basically the whole site for making this 25k happen. Sorry for the delay in some of the thanks as I have been recovering by sleeping far more than usual. I was actually up 36 hours straight trying to make this thing happen. I sincerely appreciate everyone coming together in making this work out, even enemies of one another joined together for one day and helped out. I wish it was like that all the time; it actually showed how fun this place can be :). So once again thank you thank you thank you! Now I would like to talk a little bit about the experience myself and what I endured. I remember staying up very late on Friday praying that I would book my HH's and get the times I needed. Well luckily that was taken care of and that was the first step done. Each process was completely nerve racking. Did I think I would hit 25k likes? To be honest, HECK NO. Matter of fact, my own friends believed in me more than my ownself and once again I tha
PATHWAYS Well, it had been yet another bad day in the office, and once again it was the fault of that new girl, MaryAnne. She is one of those Wiccans, a so called witch. How can anyone in their right mind make this claim, knowing that it goes against God and all of the teachings of the bible? She doesn't even have the common decency to keep her satanic symbol, her pentagram necklace hidden from the view of the decent, God fearing people in the office. She has some nerve. I find that I cannot hate her for this though, for I know that she has been deceived. Satan works his evil in ways that she cannot see. I've seen that so called Wiccan Rede that she has tacked to the wall above her computer. On the surface, it looks like a decent loving belief, but all one must do is look, look closely and see that by practicing this way, and not embracing Jesus Christ as savior she is on the pathway to hell. As I've said, it was a bad day in the office. Thre
My Happiness
Bare in mind..these poems were not writen for any one single person..Just poems I have written in the past. Thank you for veiwing. My Happiness Everyday I realize more and more how very much I love you. And how much it means to me to know that you are there for me to share in all the moments of my life. There are time that I have to keep my focus on you and I When I have to look ahead and not worry But I trust you with my heart and my love. I believe in our hopes and dreams and the love we have for each other is enough to weather the storms that come our way I know we can only live and love one day at a time. But how comforting to know that you want to share your days with me. My greatest happiness lies in the intertwining of our dreams , hopes, hearts and minds. By Steven Lee
This is for the Children, I wana tell you alil about me and what has happened to me with my parents, i was in a foster home until I was 9 because my mom was working in a bar as a bar maid soo I never realy got to know her until I was 9 come to find out things were not soo nice at home from 9 til I was almost 19 my life was rough there my step dad was a drunk and my mom and him was always fighting at times i got the worse of it because he would come home and fight with her and then they would wake me up anytime threw the night and beat on me with leather sandles and pool aticks and baseball bats. I hated life there soo bad most of the time threw Elementry school I could not go to school because I had bruises and marks on me alot of times I could never move either alot of times I could never sleep or was afraid too because of how they treated me or if they was going to fight again and come home and take it out on me again. These day life is very hard a child even from
The Bottle
I did things because of you. Things I wouldn't normally do. I cheated, lied, stole, and hid. My life to you I'll no longer bid. I gave you all, You've got some gall. the life I had, Was not so bad. You made it seem so much worse. The bottle is a dreaded curse. I'll beat you yet. Place your bet. You are strong and smart and very sly. With new found Strength, I will stay dry. I've got friends who care, with me they share. Experience,Hope and strength. with them I'll walk the length. Aswell as Buddy up above. To protect me with his Love. To hide I no longer need. My Fear You'll no longer feed. Looking to teh sky, sober, I will die. If I pick you up you selfish drink. I'll die inside and surely sink. with some help, my spirit will lift. Sobriety, What a valuable gift. life is all well and good. as I'm doing what I should. I realize now I'm not so bad. It's because of you those thoughst I had. Guilt, Anger, Remorse no more will I fol
Sand Castles©
Well here we go again. Another great adventure. Have you ever been asked to go on an adventure and instead of saying yes,lets you've said where? I often ask if you'd like to go on an adventure and most just laugh and giggle. So once more... Do you want to go on an adventure? She said yes. I had called her because she is my playtoy. Over time, a trust has been developed between us. I have explored every inch of her and listened to the sound I can make her body make in response to my touch. We have learned each other completely. I told her we were going for a little ride and to be ready shortly. I had a bold idea and wanted to really push her this time. I knew she would jump at the challenge,lol. I am sure she could hear the trouble in my voice and asked what I required. I told her she was to be VERY inventive and totally accessible. She just giggled and said see you in a few minutes. I showed up and was a bit puzzled when she called my cell and said to pull up near the g
The Story Of My Marriage...
If you know me....and don't want to talk to me anymore after you read this i completely understand...some of this has some run on sentences and junk like that....well guess what...i cried alot when i wrote it, fuck you if you have a problem with my gramar.... All my life sent my life trying not to disappoint people. It started with my mother constantly saying how she hated men. I always felt like I disappointed her for being born with a penis. My mother was very disappointed with life in general and was very abusive, maybe to let out some of her rage. My feelings and my ass were hurt a lot, and I realized at an early age that I did not want to disappoint people. And I spent most of my life doing things to keep others from being disappointed. On my 21st birthday my friend Tim called me and asked if I could help recover his car that broke down the night before two hours away on the turnpike. He didn稚 remember that it was my birthday and with out mentioning it at all I spent my e
The Crazy World Of Ct
I知 tired... I came here just out of boredom, I知 lonely, and I just like to chat. I must say that I知 extremely flattered of all the compliments that I receive here on the site, but they are not really why I知 here. It痴 mostly just to have some fun and meet people as a person. I知 not trying to hook up with anyone. I知 not exactly sure of what I want for my life right now. I知 tired of looking at women and judging if they would be right for me or not, and it seems that you have to do an awful lot of talking to get to that point. Which leads them on and then I become the asshole that hurt their feelings. I know women are not trading cards, and yes it does bother me a lot that i have hurt some of thier feelings. Just sending some alone time... The past few days I have been bottling up and keeping to myself for some me time. I have been feeling like I need some me time. Just so all women know... When you come to me and request to be on my friends list I acknowledge you as a pe
I Wanna Sex You Up
You know, I realize that sex is much more important to other people than it is to me. I am almost convinced that guys will do more to secure a piece of ass than women will. I almost think that guys will crawl across a bed of hot molten lava, butt-booty-ass naked if they think it will get them laid. I could be wrong but I don't think that I am. So, the magic question....what is the craziest thing you have done to get laid? I can't wait to hear this...(This is where you all get to answer my question....LOL)
Please Share Some Love
Stillbirth...some Info
History Stillbirth, for decades, has been overlooked and disregarded as the number one mechanism for child death. Estimates range from 25,000 to 39,000 stillbirths annually in the U.S. That is approximately 83 per day or 4 per hour. Stillbirth takes the lives of more infants than all other causes of deaths COMBINED! Yet, these number have gone virtually unnoticed. Reports about national or state rates for "infant mortality" do not include stillbirth rates. Stillborn babies, despite gestational age or viability, are labeled "fetus" and are not regarded by public health departments, statisticians, or some researchers as an infant death. This attitude has been the driving force behind the complacency toward stillbirth in society. Please go to this site to sign the petition for Stillborn Birth Certificates . This information was gathered from An Open Letter to Concerned Citizens and Parents of Stillborn Infants - from MISS
Child Of Mine
I lend you for a time a child of mine," he said, for you to love while she lives and mourn when she is dead."it maybe six or seven years, or twenty two or three, but will you till i call her back, take care of her for me? she'll bring her charms to gladden you and should her stay be brief, you'll have hey lively memories as solace for your grief I can not promise she will stay , since all from earth return but there are lessons taught down there i want this child to learn I looked this wide world over in my search for teachers true and from the things that crowd lifes lanes I have selected you Now , will you give her all your love nor think the labor vain, nor hate me when i call to take her back again.. I fancy that I heard them say " dear lord, thy will be done. For all the joy they child shall bring the risk of grief will run we'll shelter her with tenderness, we'll love her while we may and for happiness we've known will ever grateful stay but shall th
How To Eat Pussy
This is not a crude posting, or in any way meant to offend anyone. It is actually in answer to a question / Challenge ************************************************* I like to start be running a nice warm bath for my lady. It is relaxing, sensual, and insures cleanness. Afterwards I start out with a nice relaxing massage with ingestible massage oil. I begin massaging the shoulders...getting close so that my chest is against her back, my breath on her neck and ears. I slowly massage my way down her back and sides...careful to allow my hands to pass over the sides of her breasts. I may also follow with very lights kisses, an occasional trail of nibbles along her sides. I eventually work my way to her buttocks, massaging each cheek individually, running my hands inside the crack and brushing the lower part of the virginals. I work my way down the thighs and the calf. And back up to the buttock. This time, while brushing the virginals I will nibble her butt cheeks, and
Female Domination No.1
Someone who i sent my story to suggested that it might be appreciated if I put it in a blog, so here it is. Please be kind but let me know what you think, I come home late from work one night, the house looks dark as I walk up the steps and open the door, when I get inside I notice the flicker of candle light coming from upstairs. I hang my coat and make my way up the stairs, when I get to the bedroom my jaw drops to floor as I see you standing in front of me wearing a leather basque stockings, black satin panties, long black gloves and high heels. When I have recovered from seeing the vision infront of me, you tell me to strip, I do as you command. Once I have stripped you walk over to me take a silk scarf and blindfold me. You lead me over to the bed and once at the end you push me backwards so that i fall onto the bed. You move me up the bed so my head is on a pillow, you straddle my chest and I can feel you stockings against my body, I reach up to touch and you say that there w
Viking Jailed Over Crack Problem (shocker)
So you are showing some crack. Well, no one wants to see that. In fact one nightclub in Minneapolis has a rule against it. I am not clear about their rules on nappy headed ho's though. "Minnesota Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin was freed on $50 bail after being arrested early Sunday in downtown Minneapolis and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, authorities said. Griffin, 24, was released from the Hennepin County jail at 4:45 a.m. Two witnesses told KSTP-TV that the Vikings cornerback was thrown out of the Spin nightclub for not pulling up his pants. The club has a dress code requiring that pants not sag below the waist. The witnesses said Griffin then had a dustup with bouncers and police before being taken away in handcuffs." Do yourself a favor, do not search for "ass crack" images. Just imagine 1000 words and then you have your picture. Hey, maybe there is a slot for him with Cincy next year.
Offensive: How To Avoid Perverts
I see a lot of people who post blogs about people who are pervs in order to allow everyone else to know that pervs exist on the Internet. Shocking, I know, pervs online! Well I'm posting this blog to help people avoid and scare them off. 1) Avoid using words such as slutty, vixen, Mr. big dick, twat, etc in your user ID. I believe they click the browse button typing in these words to find you! 2) Try not to use main display pictures that are provoking. If you are in your panties and bra, or you have a huge bulge sticking out of your boxers, you are more likely to be perved. 3) If someone is perving on you, describe your false sex-change operation with great detail. You can also try talking about the different variation of crabs and maggots you have living on your cooch or dick. As well as the different types of bumps and fungus that may possibly be growing. 4) Use fake NSFW of graphic pictures that have anything mentioned in #3. I have a hairy moob pic. You can
The Only Time My Daddy Spanked Me
I started to think of a blog as a sort of ode to Father's Day since it's coming up and I know there are a lot of dads out there. But it's getting too long and I'm so tired my teeth hurt, so I'll tell you a little funny story with a short ode to Dad prologue. My parents have been split up since before I turned a year old. I don't remember a time when they were together, so it's never been a big issue for me. In fact, I sort of cringe at the idea of them having lived their lives together, that seems wrong and hilarious all at the same time. Anyway, I lived with my mom my whole life but I saw my dad frequently. At least once a week when he lived in Seattle, then at least once a month he would fly me down to Portland when he moved to a city near there. My dad is my hero. When I was a little girl I was a complete Daddy's Girl..... okay, I still am. My dad is the coolest guy on the planet. When I was small, I would do anything for him. He tells a story about how when I was a
Morph Me Contest -read Instructions
I want to see how good your creativity is, I am challenging you to make Me a morphing picture, if your picture is the one I choose as favorite, I will give you a pimping gift of my choice... Now now boys and girls.. here's the picture I want you to work on. Feel free to post your creations on this blog for Me and everybody else to see.. I wish I could create a separate album for the contest but... no picture space right now. I will do that in time, once I have the space for them. Here's the picture I will be running this challenge till June 30th, so you have enough time to think and pick your morphing image!!... I can't wait to see!! Love, kisses & spanks Always Mistress M
All About Trust
All of us, at one stage or other, have experienced a situation in which we have found ourself not trusting another person. This could have been someone we have just met and almost immediately have not felt comfortable with them. Expressions like "Wouldn't trust him/her as far as 1 could kick them" or "Wouldn't touch him/her with a forty foot barge pole" express this lack of trust Unfortunately though, occasionally not trusting someone else also includes those we have known for a while. Doubts begin to creep into our thinking about their motivation and behavior, and these can begin to have a major impact on the relationship, for our behavior in relation to the other person will begin to be different It is interesting to note that when we find ourself not being comfortable with another person, regardless of the circumstances, we are not always able to articulate what this discomfort is about. What we experience is a strong gut feeling or hunch, which we are not able to explain.
I Just Found This Today....plz God I Neva Ask You For Ne Thing But Im Asking Now:p
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
I POSTED THIS BLOG EARLIER ON MARCH 11TH BUT FOR SOME REASON I WAS ASKED TO REPOST IT AGAIN. I HOPE IT WILL HELP AT LEAST 1 CHILD,DON'T YOU AGREE? SOME FACTS: 1~Sexual offenders are often known to the family, and not strangers. Abusers can be a man, a woman, or even a child - yes, a child. The offender on the video started sexually abusing others at the age of 10. 2~Sexual offenders are not homosexuals. Do not let your guard down because someone is not gay, vice versa, do not accuse someone just because he/she is gay. 3~Children do not lie about being sexually abused. 4~Only 5% of kids lie about the abuse, which means 95% are true. STEPS TO PREVENT SEXUAL ABUSE 1. Know the Warning Signs: Look for signs that someone may be an offender. In cases of reported sexual abuse, some parents step forward and say, yes, they knew there was something wrong with him/her. So what are some of these signs? キ Likes spending time with children all the time. キ
Why I Rarely Visit Profiles...
Some people just don't know what the fuck a stash is for. I mean, some of the pages I go to would literally be some 20ft long if you printed them out on a4 paper. Just miles and fucking miles of images and videos, etc. STASH YOUR IMAGES AND VIDEOS FUCKERS. STASH IT. Does anyone really need 4 different slideshows and five different types of guest books and maps? Is it really necessary to have a picture of everyone you've ever known and met listed on your profile? STASH YOUR IMAGES AND VIDEOS FUCKERS. STASH IT. Also - autoplay shit on your profile? Fuck off with that shit. I'm listening to music and go on to your page and get fuckin blasted by two tunes at once. STASH YOUR IMAGES AND VIDEOS FUCKERS. STASH IT. Also - fucking sparkling flashing all singing all dancing epileptic fit inducing skins? Thank fuck there's an option to view profiles as CT default. STASH YOUR IMAGES AND VIDEOS FUCKERS. STASH IT. I mean, your main profile page, your home page should real
Freedom, Part Ii
Despite my unwavering love of fun and freedom, I've never particularly liked Independence Day. Almost without fail, the 4th arrives and I find myself anything but free. One year I was in Colorado. It was 110 degrees out, and I was sleeping in a camper. My family assured me it would cool off at night. It did. It got down to brisk 104. Last year I had the brilliant idea that I should go camping over the 4th. I was working ridiculous hours last summer, staying out all night, and getting no sleep, so it seemed like a good chance to escape for a while. Lounge in the woods, swim, hike... a genius plan, really. I proposed the idea to my co-workers and they agreed to join me. We reserved a camp-site on the 2nd of July at the only park available. There was no power, no running water, no facilities save for a circle of port-a-potty contraptions that stank up a square mile of the campsite. The "beach" consisted of a pebbly twenty-foot strip of goose shit. The water was murky,
I'll Be There..
I'LL BE THERE.. ♥-When no one is there for you ♥-When you think no one cares ♥-When the whole world walks out on you ♥-When you think you're alone I'LL BE THERE.. ♥-When the one you care about most could care less about you ♥-When the one you gave your heart to isn't ♥-When someone throws something in your face. ♥-When the person you trusted betrays you ♥-When the person you share all your memories with cant even remember your birthday. I'LL BE THERE.. ♥-When all you need is a friend to listen to you whine ♥-When all you need is someone to catch your tears. I'LL BE THERE.. ♥-When your heart hurts so bad that you cant even breathe ♥-When you just want to crawl up and die. I'LL BE THERE.. ♥-When you start to cry ♥-Or when hearing that sad song ♥-When the tears just won't stop falling down. I'LL BE THERE.. ♥*So you see I
For The 1st Time
Ok I want utilize this time to clear some errs . First of all....I AM NOT A PLAYER!!!!! I am So sick of people assumming that about me. Why? Just cause I have pics of sexy women on my profile. Here's a clue to all the closed minded is ART. I love the female shape. I also love black and white photography. When you add those with subtle colors you have art. NO.I am not a vampire.....JEEZ!!!I can't even believe someone asked me that? Wake up people...This is REAL life. Oh wait I am player because I have nudes of myself on here.....this coming from the same women who have pics of themselves giving oral to different dicks or with toys in damned near every orifice. I have nudes of ME. It is mine and there is nothing wrong with nudity at all. Only what perverts think of it. Oh wait..I am a player because I have SOOOOOOOO many pics in general. Ummm..I like myself....just because you don't and have to put up actresses pics and can only find 4 or 5 and the are all tiny becau
Who's Up 4 It?
It is that time of the week for the KIDNAPPING EXTRAVAGANZA!! Ok my little Fu痴 Lets see what I have in my desk drawer this week, shall we?.. LETS!! Ok.. As most of you know... I work for a Neurosurgeon and everyone knows... we have the best pens I got blue ones, black, even Red... I have ball pointsoft tip.. People I GOT THEM ALL even have ones that have that cool squishy padding so you don稚 get a finger cramp I am a "awaiting" kidnap victim who cares about your comfort. Oh I do have lots of change.. LOTS saving my pennies you ask?.. Indeed I am for an occasion just like this one OK,lets see.. hmm.. we have. 6 carry the 2 plus 5.. I have a total of $3.36 cents OH WE ARE TALKING HIGH ROLLER NOW BABY!!!! BOOYA!! What was that?... you want free medical supplies? Okey dokey!! Lets see.. uuuuhhhh.. we sharp knifes.. well not knifes per say.. more like scalpels and such different topical ointments, gauze pads (in a variety of sizes might I add), yards of ta
Please Help Me!!
Honestly, Do You?
I'm curious as to how many of you actually read the things i post... I don't mean the stash updates or the silly blog posts... those i can see by who goes from the stash to the items or views/comments on blogs... what i want to know is have you honestly taken any time to read about me? Did you read it when I posted the bulliten? Do you ever glance through my Dunno Stash (the SFW poetry I've written), or the Ramblings blog (containing both SFW and NSFW writing)? When you went through to rate them, did you read them? or did you just click the button? And please be honest, if you're just here for the pictures, that's awesome too, as an exhibitionist, that's awesome, but i'm curious as to who actually wonders about the person in the pictures... Please comment either way, just so i know ;) Sin
Want To Win A 1 Day Blast??
The first person to correctly post my middle name will win a one day blast. Happy Guessing folks! Hugs and Kisses
Don't Like Go Away New Rules
So recently I did a new contest. Now at the time I had just over 1800 "Friends" and 50 "Family" members. Do you want to know how many help me on my contest??? Less than 20! In the end there was 5 friends who actually were there the entire time and let me tell you they earned their keep! I ended up getting 3rd place and that was good with the amount of help or I should say the lack of. Now from this contest I won a blast and am getting all kinds of new friend request and people asking to see my naughties, and oddly enough most of the people asking are people who are already "friends". To my amusement they are all people I repeatedly asked to help me on my contest and never once put one comment for me! How is this even cool? Oh wait! It's NOT. SO, my pics that are a LITTLE (not even much) more NSFW are put in a folder that is for FAMILY only. The only way you will see them is if you earn your keep. By this I mean you make a genuine effort to talk to me when I am here and you don't ask me
Wtf Is The Point??!! This Bullshit Sucks Ass!!
Traditionally I have always taken the stand that FUBAR is a free site and those who run it have the right to do so as they please....however, today I am going to rant...LOL. I understand the concept behind bouncer checks. If you are one of those who gets that nasty lil bastard every 20-30 comments or rates, consider yourself lucky. Starting on Halloween, I started getting bouncer checks every single comment I left. That was, after being offline a huge chunk of time because at that time I was sick and just checking on my account here and there. So, here I am, yet again, have had really, minimal time lately and go out and show my friends and newbies luv and now I get that sommabitch every single time I hit a profile page. That pretty much kills me being able to browse the site using tabs. First, I want to thank the scripters and cheaters for bouncer checks in the first place. Had it not been for you cheating fuckers, we'd not have them. Without the cheaters, we would be
If You Ever Need A Smile....
> The light shall set you free! > > > > Why God made pets > > > They help out around the house... > > > > > They protect our children .. > > > > They look out for the smaller ones .. > > > > They show us how to relax > > > > They "converse" with each other > > > > They help you when you're down > > > > They are great at decorating for the Holidays > > > > They have "great" expectations > > > > They are Patriotic > > > > They are happy to "test" the water ... > >
Flight Readiness Review This Week
Flight Readiness Review This Week Image above: Space shuttle Atlantis rests on Pad 39A awaiting launch on mission STS-122. Photo credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett NASA managers will hold a flight readiness review on Friday at NASA's Kennedy Space Center marking the next major milestone for mission STS-122. NASA officials, space shuttle program managers, engineers and contractors will discuss the readiness of space shuttle Atlantis, the flight crew and payloads to determine if everything is set to proceed for launch. Managers will also select an official launch date at the end of the session. Launch is targeted for Dec. 6 on a mission to install the Columbus laboratory on the International Space Station. A briefing following the meeting will include Associate Administrator for Space Operations Bill Gerstenmaier, Space Shuttle Program Manager Wayne Hale, International Space Station Program Manager Mike Suffredini and STS-122 Launch Director Doug Lyons. The briefing will be
Once Upon A Time....
ONCE UPON A TIME... Current mood: content ONCE UPON A TIME "Once upon a time, as tales usually start, a beautiful little girl was born into the world. She didn't realize that she was coming into a home where an alcoholic lived. She grew and played with her dolls and sang nursery rhymes. Then one day, when she was four years old, Daddy taught her a new game. A secret game. It was called "This is how we show we love each other." Nobody must ever know about this game because then the magic would disappear and love would go away and nobody wants to be without love. At the end of the game the little girl would get a peppermint stick or a piece of candy as a prize to make the funny taste in her mouth go away. Her very favorite prize, though, was a candy necklace. As the months and years went by more and more rules were added to the game. After all, the more you love somebody the more you can show them. The day came when Grandpa was invited to play the game with her and Daddy. She
About The Playmates & Pimps
INTRODUCING.... THE PU$$YCAT PLAYMATES & PIMPS Who are the Pu$$yCats? The Pu$$yCat PlayMates N Pimps are a family that has been created for sexy men & women who like to have a good time and entertain without the added drama. Pu$$yCat Mission Statement As a Pu$$yCat PlayMate or Pimp you must commit to the following: To uphold the integrity of being known as a Pu$$yCat PlayMate or Pimp to the highest possible degree. To acknowledge that sexy is not just the outside appearance that most would consider as beauty, but more a state of mind that goes beyond those physical features. That as a Pu$$yCat PlayMate we are ladies above all- sexy, classy and sassy- and as a Pu$$yCat Pimp it is your duty to look after, protect, honor and respect our PlayMates as the women they are and that as a family we are to respect one another at all times and work together as one to the best of our abilities. What do the Pu$$yCats represent? First & foremost, we represent family & togethe
So Does This Make Me A Tagger? Lol
Ok i'm sure i was supposed to copy and paste the rules, but i forgot the CTRL C before i swapped pages.. oh well.. here goes, it maybe a little on the vague side lol I believe the rules are... once you have been tagged, you have to post a blog with 10 random facts about yourself, then hit 5 people and leave a message on their profile saying 'Your tagged, please read my blog', you can't tag the person who tagged you... i think that's how it works lol... now 10 random facts about me??? this could take a while! lol 1: I was a teen mom at 15. (And i lived to tell the tale) 2: I am a qualified Nursery teacher. 3: I believe in ghosts, and if you don't come and visit my house for a week... ask Suze she will tell you about the happenings in my home lol 4: I live on a hill... (ok you did ask for random right? lol) 5: I can't watch Titanic, don't know why but there's something very familiar to me about the whole story, photo's, surroundings etc.. can NOT watch it! 6: I used to have an
02-18-08 (obsession)
Feb. 18, 2008 So happy to see you, It's always my pleasure that you stop by! A guess how pleasurable that is can be construed or perceived differently by people. After being called obsessive casually by someone today. I thought it might make an interesting subject matter for discussion. First off:Here's what the dictionary says: Main Entry:obキsesキsionFunction: noun Pronunciation: 臙-'se-sh&n, &b- 1 : a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling ; broadly : compelling motivation [an obsession with profits] 2 : something that causes an obsession I know y
Read This!!!
First of all, I marked this NSFW because I like to swear a lot. If you don't like it, you can get the fuck out now. Thank you and have a good day. For those of you that actually care to read this, here it goes.. 1) I just want to thank each and every one of you who have helped me, in any way. Whether it be with leveling, in my give away, or just being a friend who will listen to me bitch. Every one of you mean a lot to me, and I just want you to know how much I really appreciate it. I could list everyone here, but I'm not going to. If you're wondering to yourself "does that mean me?", it probably does. 2) For all the down raters, haters, people I don't like, etc.. If you want to down rate me, have a fucking ball. I still get points on your behalf, so please, keep it up! If you just don't like me and feel the need to talk about me behind my back, again, please keep it up. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you talk about me. If I just don't like you, there is proba
My New Acct
First let me say rate fan and add me this is a new new account lol... This is now my 3rd account (my 5th actually, the first two i thought the site was gay and deleted those) the 3rd one i got to 24 800k to go and all kinds of shit happened. stalkers drama that somehow i had involvement with yet had no idea wtf it was about some little things here and there, the stalker thing was the final straw on the acct. So than I had the 4th acct at 21 with 300k to go and because i from what the site thinks stupidly voiced my opinion it got busted down to an lc (last chance) acct and had like zero privledges. I now have this one and the other one which is vip'd with blasts running and has unused gifted blasts. I am not sure if I will be keeping this account. Hell I am not even sure that the other account will stay active they could delete it at any time. Basically what this all boils down to is IDGAF lol rate me here rate me there whichever but I am however undesided as to what i
Whats That Fat Man
Random Book Fact
I heard today that the average American is a voracious reader...digesting 6 books a year and a total of over 400 in a lifetime (somehow that doesn't add up). Wow. Not to brag or anything, but, I've read 6 books in the last 3 weeks. Guess I am not average.
Gone From Fubar For Awhile And Why....
True friends will read this...the others it doesnt matter some of Ron and my mutal friends already know from his blog...we will be off Fubar for awhile...those of you who know us know he had a colostomy bag put on 8mo ago and now it is time to remove it. Hes scheduled for the end of may for that...before that happens we will be on vacation and getting ready for it. we will probably be back after hes recovered....but who knows lol its been fun and i have made some really good friends...and i love them to death :) when i joined Fubar i was single and pretty much had no life outside of was something to a year later my life has changed completely...I have a man i love very much and thru him a larger family...i lost my dad a couple of weeks ago and my mother is in bad life is full. Summer is almost here...and i have learned life is need to get out and enjoy it and spend time with people you love instead of living on the computer. some o
* Fantasy Flight *
Join the ** Fantasy Flight ** New Friends! Quick and easy points! Level up! It's easy to join, very simple rules. 1. You must fan, rate, and add all the flyers on the list. Include "I'm a Fantasy flyer" in your request so you are sure to be added. If you are already friends with that person, leave that comment on their profile page. (If a flyer has made their profile private, just send them a message that you are a new flyer and want to f/r/a them) 2. Send me a private message telling me that you have f/r/a everyone so I can add you to the list. 3. You must fan and rate all new flyers when you accept their request. 4. This one is very important! NO DRAMA! Adding Fantasy Flyer to your name is optional. The Crew The Pilot In my dreams...or yours? ~*~ Shadow Leveler ~*~@ fubar The Co-Pilot CinDragon~FounderClubMystic~IBIC~fuOwner of 1969,MissCrys,LisaMarie&many others!@ fubar The Flyers EmilyIMAX ☆ THE IMAX EXPERIE
Who Does That?
When I was shaving yesterday morning, I cut myself in the most bizarre spot. How the fuck does somebody cut themselves in the nostril while shaving? Seriously, who does that!?
Would You Like Zoloft With That?
You know, every time I give online guys the benefit of the doubt, someone comes along to undo that...LOL I feel like Joey Greco from Cheaters "Meet Chad, a 38-year old nut job from Nebraska"...He writes: CHAD: "HEY SEXY THIS IS CHAD TAGGED DELETED ME TODAY PLEASE READD ME I MISSS YOU BABY LOVE CHAD DAMN SEXY WOULD YOU PLEASE ADD ME HERE AN YAHOO AT LOOKING4LOVE68061 I WOULD MARRY YOU IN A HEARTBEAT TRULY ALL YOURS CHAD" Marry me in a heartbeat?? think that sounds unreasonable NOW??!! Just wait...I reply to him: ME: "why did they delete you?" CHAD: "I HAVE NO IDEA AN I AM GETTIN TIRED OF ALL THE NEW SHIT ON THIS SITE PLEASE ADD ME IN YAHOO LOOKING4LOVE68061 CHAD" ME: "Chad, it takes me a while before I will add people to my messenger. I am generally leary of people with one or no pictures and those with whom I have not chatted with often." Now, had he actually READ my profile, he'd have known that... but anyway...lets keep this moving: CHAD: "WE
Please Click On Pic And Rate Only Once!! Thanks!
Demands And Suggestions
WELL, I got myself an mp3 player for when I exercise. But I don't know what all songs I want to put on it. SO, if you would be so kind as to help me out with some songs that would rock (Y). THANKS =]
Bluff Jumpers
A friend of mine is always posting blogs that contain scenarios and interaction between two people. She always explains the way she imagines the conversation would go. I do the exact same thing, maybe we're messed up in the head. Anyway, here's an example. A couple city slickers at the top of a bluff on a river I grew up on, contemplating jumping. I've just finished yelling to them to take a good run, and jump out and to the left to avoid the rocks that lie beneath the surface of the water. They confirmingly nod, and I see them start talking to one another. Imagined Conversation- Harold: Do you think he means our left, or his? Joe: I'm not sure. Do you think we should confirm? Harold: I dunno man. I'm sure he means his left. Besides, we're city slickers. He's probably just fucking with us. Joe: You're probably right. He's trying to scare us so that we won't jump, and we'll look like pussies in front of our girlfriends. Harold: It looks safe. You go
At this point, it's almost cliche to still be making fun of guidos...but it's not our fault. These fucking wastes of life won't go away. Seemingly totally oblivious to how absolutely ridiculous they appear to any normal human being, they continue to pollute your favorite bars, shopping malls and gyms with their unwanted presence.Although this really isn't a blog, I felt the need to share the following horrific images with all of you so we can marvel at these walking, breathing, orange-skinned cartoon characters and all have a nice hearty laugh. Once again, if there is anyone on my friends list who finds any of these "men" attractive, please delete me from your friends because you make me physically ill. Let's begin...Here is the star of today's show. A guido I came across on a message board elsewhere on the net. His face seems to be frozen in the same expression in almost every picture. Is it the steroids? Has the hair wax made it's way into his blood stream through his skin somehow a
Well for those of you who might actually read this dayum thing, I am recovering from my second brown recluse bite of the year, got bitten the first weekend in the new house which left a pretty bad scar and hole in my right shin. Well last night happened again when i went to bed. Felt two little stings, just wiped it off as feather stick maybe since i use a down comforter, and sure enough 1/2 later i looked like the stay puff marshmellow man, rushed to ER and spent the night in ICU before checking myself out AMA(against mediacl advice) I hate hospitals as you can tell! So keep me in your thoughts, those few who might read this and I should be on here sporadically the next few days. I also have my daughters up for the summer so my time is gonna be limited as far as internet. TY to all my friends here you have been gr8 and hope to hear from you,if u can't reach me here try my yahoo bluesman341971
I Can't Decide
I found these two tv stands on craigslist and I can't decide which one. I like them both and they both have good points. And they are both $20. Here's pics: A) B) The only thing that B has that A doesn't is that it swivels, so I'll be able to turn it and see it from the kitchen. I have a 32 inch flat panel tv. And if their measurements are correct both stands will fit fit my tv. Ahh! Help me pick one.
Cheating Host All Bombers Beware
Update on DJ EDGE...... Seems our cheating host, DJ Edge is back after FUBAR deleted his account. Note that if you are a VIP FUBAR can "ONLY" delete your account under probable cause. Seems they caught him too. So now....he is back again and going to my family members. Go ahead click the link lol, he blocked some ppl, but doesn't matter though. I am blocked from his profile, but that doesn't matter either. I want him to see everything I do. BTW... he sent me a yahoo a couple days ago that I responded to. DJ EDGE..warning this doesn't link to his pro, just his pic :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WELL I GUESS ALL THE BLOGS/ BULLETINS THAT HAVE BEEN POSTED TODAY REGARDING THE HOST THAT CHEATS AND BOMBS HIS OWN CONTESTS HAVE PRETTY MUCH SPOKE FOR THEMSELVES. I HAVE NOT POSTED ANYTHING UNTIL NOW BECAUSE OF THE FACT THAT WHILE THE GIT R DONE'S AND THE CONFEDERATE BOMBSQUAD WAS
Things To Do With Music When You're Bored...
So this is a meme that I saw on someone's blog eons ago, but since even a week is practically an eternity in internet time, everyone will think I'm stunningly original and inventive! Unless I tell them I got it from somewhere else, of course... crap. Anyway, here's the thing. You take the top 10 most played songs on your iPod or similar device (or just pick 10 songs you listen to a really really lot). Post the first line of the lyrics to each in your blog. Sit back in smug satisfaction, knowing you have the best taste in music ever (this is a crucial step). Then your friends do their part: in the comments section, try to identify what songs the lyrics come from. Oh, and Googling is cheating! So here's my top 10: #1: "Oh, Johnny wishes he was famous, spends his time alone in the basement..." #2: "It came without warning, a love like I ain't never felt before..." #3: "It's a little bit hard to understand, but I only wanna be a modern man..." (Yeah, this one's pretty obs
So tomorrow I'm off to Edinburgh for the weekend. Ostensibly for the Tom Waits gig on Sunday night, but we will have some of Saturday and all of Sunday loitering about (me and my brother). If any of you guys have been, what's a good thing to do or look at in Edinburgh? I'm looking forward to the journey - long train journeys are good. We're coming back on Monday, so I'll be offline til Tuesday.
Motorcycle Wreck
John was in a VERY Motorcycle Wreck on Sat, we were all Riding in Sturgis. A lady messing with her Radio Crossed the CenterLine and Hit John Head-on. John was thrown over the car and was not Breathing, he was revived and airlifted to the hospital, they said he died 2-3 times in the Air. He broke his Neck,Back,Arm,Ribs and Legs. He has Brain Damage and they think he will not have Use below his Waist. He went in to Renal Failure last night, has a lot of Preasure on his Brain. UPDATE We have Decided to take him off Life Support, he would never want to live this Way. He is holding his Own right Now, but the next 48 Hours are going to be tough. Docs have releived the Preasure to a safe point on his Brain UPDATED 8/8/08 John went Down Hill Yesterday, but we still have hope, Preasure is Building up on his brain. UPDATE JOHN PASSED AWAY LAST NIGHT, Doc said there was just to much damage for him to over come. he was the BEST little brother I could have had.
[disclaimer: Melzie is on my shit-list now, for making me take this damned thing... lol] Do you sleep with socks on or off: On. Do you flip your pillow to the cold side? Depends on how tired I am. Do you like to hold or be held? Depends. Do you want a small or big wedding? *laughs* Wedding? Puh-leeze. What type of girls / guys do you usually go for? The wrong ones. Would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy? I just want the money. Happiness is relative. (This is what Melzie said. She's right.) What are 3 things you want to do before you die? Visit Australia, Go scuba diving in tropical waters, raise my daughter to be a better person than I am. Have you ever churned Butter? Yes, actually... Wilderness School. :) Are you trusting of new people? *sighs* Not anymore. Rate yourself as a good or bad friend on a scale from 1-10. I try to register on that scale, but I usually wind up pissing someone off due to my wonderful memory and at
Music Request For M&t Radio Dj's
Live DJ'S on staff We are now taking requests for music please leave request in comment section and it will be played in the order that it was received. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated DJ TOWMAN@ HENDRICKS PIT STOP Now Hiring DJ'S COME CHECK US OUT AND HAVE FUN AND INVITE FREINDS
Fu You
I was just sitting here de-stressig sipping a teeny tiny Dirty Martini:) and in 5 minutes all this Da Sox: hahaha Da Sox: whose lmfao now cunt? Da Sox: fuck u cunt ->Da Sox: dont know you Can't thin...: you walk into your bedroom only to find me there admiring myself in the mirror wearing your sexy lingerie ->Da Sox: lmao.......not for you hun Da Sox: do u have yahoo messenger? ->Da Sox: ok?....? Da Sox: i have a question for u ok? jeffrey: hi Matt: yum hi big_jim30: Sweet Fireman4ki...: helllo t0mmyboy5: so hot mike123: hey hey girl diverdown6...: hello there キ Da Sox rated your photo a '1'! キ Da Sox rated your photo a '1'! キ Da Sox rated you a '1'! キ Da Sox just checked you out!
Buy Me?
You know ya wanna own me =) and just been added: 1 graphic by my favorite artist for next bidder =)
"Be the change you want to see in the world." -- Ghandi
Standings For Weeks 1 And 2
so true.. funny how main stream radio cant say the N word or even "nigga" anymore, but its so freely to use hateful words about white people.. isnt it... interesting... A Milli (BossCracka Remix) - Shane Capone
What Kind Of Cake Are You?
You Are a Red Velvet Cake Rich, decadent, and sensual. You have a deep appeal that transcends all trends. You are the definition of passion: intense, adventurous, and seductive. What Kind of Cake Are You?
So last night was crazy (what night isn't around here?). There was an 18 year old hanging around....ok, I Lied...she turns 18 next month. But she was trashed, she was hot, and she was HORNY. I had a chance...she came onto me pretty hard. Scratch that...she came onto me VERY STRONGLY. There was no doubt what she wanted. I turned her down. Why, I'm not sure...she's hot. But...I did, because I want someone else, someone I can't have right now, someone who isn't technically mine...I turned down sex with one of the hottest chicks I have ever encountered, and definitely the hottest chick to ever try something with me...and I feel guilty as hell. In what world does this make sense? I'm single, I could have (possibly SHOULD have) gone for it...but I didn't, and I'm still racked with guilt. WTF?
There is something very not right about a certain person, and it has something to do with completely screwing someone over. I hope I can find out about this fishy situation. Don't want to jump to any conclusions, but a fox animal sense has never failed her. Whoever that is I'm talking about is doing something really, really wrong. And that person will not get away with it. Eventually everything comes to light. What bugs me is that there is someone out there who knows the truth.
House Season 3: Valley Girl Version
Hi Everyone . Thank You In Advance
Hi everyone that reads this and thank you . Sorry about not getting around to leaving my comments to you today and not saying hi . I don't usually do this but I need all the prayers I can get for my Great Aunt . ( She's in my family folder) a few weeks ago she feel while she was at home and broke her hip. Well she was doing fine they replaced the hip and let her come last weekend . I got a email from one of my Aunts back home ( Calif is where I was till I moved out to Texas a few months ago) Any way . My Great Aunt suffered a stroke this afternoon. All I know so far is the left side of her face is paralyzed . She just turned 87 back in July . I have always thought she would live forever. Please when you all go to bed tonight please say a prayer for her . Thank you again for taking the time to read this . They say the power of prayer is miraculous thing and I so believe this as I have received it many a time during my addiction and also with my own personal health problems . Th
The Proof, Part I
Cliff Notes on the whole situation: 1)Deacon and I became good friends a long while ago. I am married, purely platonic, blah blah blah. 2) Soo...he met Cuppycake. And romance ensued. I told him not to trust anyone, and not to jump into conclusions, and always sleep with one eye open. I didnt say that out of jealousy (I always hoped he would find someone who is worthy of him) Ever since I was little , Ive had a really strong 6th sense sorta thing, like feeling who is out there to fuck someone over, or that something wrong would happen. I told him that I have a BAD feeling about her, and he needs to watch out. 3) He talked to me every day about her, and I kept getting a feeling of something sketchy more and more 4) He plans to meet her for the first time, but tornado happens, and she has to stay elsewhere. Altho there were xtra seats on the plane, etc, other stuff. He was 2 hrs away from her, and she made up a story to avoid meeting him. 5) They talk on the p
What Your Name Says About You.
What Your Name Says About You Your name says that you are mostly: Charismatic but impulsive Your name also says you are: Independent but distant Passionate but flighty Fiery but unbalanced What Does Your Name Say About You?
Lucky Thirteen
Disclaimer: This weeks House episode spoiler. You have been warned! Who thought Thirteen was perma-fired? And what was up with House's reaction to Cuddy's adoption? And per the previews for next week, do you think Cuddy and House will hook up?
This is in no way about being butt hurt, but about the amount of stupidity and butthurtedness that others have. This idiot got butthurt that I wouldn't cyber with him (his stupidity was a major turn off eventually) And then I get this in my SB (bottom to top) mjrkonig1942: i thought u were stupid lol ->mjrkonig1942: yup mjrkonig1942: ur for mccain too So I try to respond back, and .... I'm blocked! The pussy blocked me cause he got asshurt that I denied him the first time, and then cause of my political affiliation. lmao, a true liberal
Come Join The Newest Family On Fubar!
Devil痴 Advocate Bombing & Leveling Crew Devil痴 Advocate Bombing and Leveling crew is looking for new members!!! If you love the FU and love to help your friends & family level we want you!!! Sooo come on bycheck out our home page see if we are right for you!!! Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew@ fubar If you are interested in joining contact: Sexy T~~ {{*Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew*}}@ fubar or ThugPassion247 {{*Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew*}}@ fubar
Into And Fable Ii
Well, I noticed I was starting to regularly update my profile with where I was in the gaming world, so I figured I would be better off putting it down into a blog for all those (1) people that would have interest. If nothing else, I like blathering on about unimportant things. So, Fable II. I was a little reluctant to start playing the game, as I played the first Fable on the PC and was none too impressed, most likely just because the game was never intended for the PC. But, this sequel was a ton of fun. It didn't take me long to get absorbed into the world, and get a hankerin' to go home and play some more -- Love you Fubar, but I loved Fable II as well! Despite the great story and world, it could get very annoying with some of the bugs, and poorly designed puzzles. The game should have been held back for another month for bug fixes. Many people have reported game stopping bugs, and I ran into one myself. Luckily others had found the bug online, and I was able to get a fix
Dod 4 Saturday Is Luv
tiffpop - Rating Revolution@ fubar
tonight has been weird... I go to mcdonalds with my boss so she can get food... and run into my ex boyfriend.... ACKWARD... i go to a bar with my boss and husband.. and run into my ex GIRLFRIEND.... who proceeds to pounce on me and snuggle up to my tits and kiss on me.. my husband said..... pictures...
Isnt She Lovely?
I'm sure some of U have noticed I've been MIA for a week. My daughter started labor last week, but it wasnt progressing. Her Doc here in my small town is running for state senate, so my family wasnt at the top of his list. I tried so hard to keep her strong. Its been the most heart wrenching week I've ever had in my life. There's nothing worse in this world than watching ur baby go thru pain and noone will help her. Finally after a week of labor, she dialated. Thank God. Soooo, she was admitted for the 3rd and final time. The "wonderful" Doc came in, gave her an epidural and left. There she laid, dialated to 10 for 5 hrs, while he went home and slept. She of course felt no pain, so it was ok with everyone but me. Finally, he came back and broke her water and told her she could start pushing with contractions whenever she liked. I was like OMG! He went to the room next to hers and slept. Soooo, her labor nurse tells me we'll be doing the work. We were to watch the monitor for the TOCO n
3rd November 2008
i married the very beautiful illusion. at long last we went through with it and i am now officially the happiest man alive.
What's Irish For "see You Later?"
I think it has the word "Guinness" in there somewhere, anyway. So I'm gonna be gone for the next week and a half or so (boo!). I'm going on vacation (yay!). I'm going to be in London for a few days, then off to Ireland for about a week. I don't have any really set plans yet. Just going to rent a car and drive. Yeah, on the wrong side of the road. Pray for me. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that I won't be around for a bit, so you're not wondering. Let me know know if you want me to bring you anything.* *"Anything" must be a) legal, b) inexpensive, and c) able to fit in a suitcase.** **Hot Irish redheads do not fit in a suitcase. Continue to see Miss Licks for all your hot redhead needs.
Too Whom It May Concern
I have been on this site for over 2 years and for the most part I have helped as many as possible. I started out spending alot of time on here. Most of my days was just going too find people that needed leveled.. How many in reality would go through the top scores too see who was getting close and contacting them too see if they wanted help. Some we just did on our own. Then things changed in real life. I now work full time and on most days dont get here until late. I work anywhere from 8-14 hours a day. Now the sad part is too get comments that Im choosey on whom I help is far from real. I help anyone and everyone. People I dont even have on my own friends list. If you seen some of the messages I have gotten its crazy. Im going too be honest with all of you. Put yourself in these shoes walk the walk before you talk your talk. You dont know me or the heart I have for people. I love leveling but selfish people have really take the fun out of it. Some of you I have helped level and
Thanks to all that have helped me out.. I went FROM TO In a 24 for hour time frame. Why might you ask? This absolutely wonderful man BWhere@ fubar did this ISN'T HE SWEET!!!! I want to take a moment to say... THANK YOU TO ALL THAT RATED ME!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! NOW! Go rate BWhere :D BWhere@ fubar
Nerd, Geek, Or Dork?
Your result for The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test ... Pure Nerd 83 % Nerd, 17% Geek, 30% Dork For The Record: A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia. A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one. A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions. You scored better than half in Nerd, earning you the title of: Pure Nerd. The times, they are a-changing. It used to be that being exceptionally smart led to being unpopular, which would ultimately lead to picking up all of the traits and tendences associated with the "dork." No-longer. Being smart isn't as socially crippling as it once was, and even more so as you get older: eventually being a Pure Nerd will likely be replaced with the following label: Purely Successful. Congratulations!
My Naked Pic
I didn't say of me
How to Give a Cat a Pill 1. Pick up cat and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a baby. Position right forefinger and thumb on either side of cat's mouth and gently apply pressure to cheeks while holding pill in right hand. As cat opens mouth, pop pill into mouth. Allow cat to close mouth and swallow. 2. Retrieve pill from floor and cat from behind sofa. Cradle cat in left arm and repeat process. 3. Retrieve cat from bedroom, and throw soggy pill away. 4. Take new pill from foil wrap, cradle cat in left arm, holding rear paws tightly with left hand. Force jaws open and push pill to back of mouth with right forefinger. Hold mouth shut for a count of ten. 5. Retrieve pill from goldfish bowl and cat from top of wardrobe. Call spouse from garden. 6. Kneel on floor with cat wedged firmly between knees, hold front and rear paws.. Ignore low growls emitted by cat. Get spouse to hold head firmly with one hand while forcing wooden ruler
For a day I thought was going to be sad and lonesome, it turned out to be ALMOST perfect. I had decided I wasn't going to a restaurant on Thanksgiving day and that I would cook for my mother and me. My sister called last night and said she thought we needed someone to help us eat all the food, so she and her and husband came. I got a call this morning from Justin who had made the decision spend the day with his father and his family then on to Sarah's mother's, which broke my heart. He said Sarah's mother moved her dinner up for later so Justin could come here for a bit! He stayed for about 2 hours. It made my whole day. The only sad thing about today was that we couldn't get Blake for the day. His mother wanted him with her. :( Also, my nephew who lives in West Palm Beach couldn't make it in. Jason is one of my best friends as well as my nephew. All the family is gone and I just finished putting up my Christmas tree. :) I am sitting here enjoying lovely cup
Hottie Hottie
recent shoutbox convo.... shameless: Do Ya Think You Could Just Pack Up And Move To Michigan ->shameless: would that please you? shameless: ohhhhh very much so ->shameless: well, that's a nice compliment, so thank you. would you keep me entertained? shameless: every minute I possibly could... in every way ;) ->shameless: that's an invite with all sorts of innuendo shameless: I love the elephant tats shameless: I'll prolly do just about anything shameless: how do you like to be enertained ->shameless: there are lots of way..some are secret. singing is a good start shameless: well I've got that one covered shameless: what else do ya want.... ;) ->shameless: know any other tricks? shameless: I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a hottie hottie ->shameless: how many? shameless: just enough until your eyes roll into the back of your head.... well, have fun with this one...i played it through for your pure bloggi
Should I?
So I am sitting here with 2 unused Auto 11s. I am thinking of activating one after I make dinner. What do you think? Will you show me love? lol I don't want to be a bother, but I appreciate these two people for caring enough to give them to me. :)
I have some class assignments due tuesday... i have started them but haven't finished them.. I have to work till 430am today and tomorrow should I bring my school work OR my chainmail to work? I wanna work on the chainmail but i should finish the work lol
Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a Fubar t-shirt and a bag of coffee ;) I have been semi good this year :) Love, ClOwNz! and PS.... Lots of bling too! All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) (1999 Digital Remaster) - Alvin And The Chipmunks
Last Night
So last night I was reminded why I love my job. I was checking in this older 52 yo guy at around 12 10am into the hotel. All of a sudden, he looked at my name tag and went: "ty Russkaya??" (are you Russian?) I go: "yes, I am" Turns out that he is studying Russian language, went to Soviet Russia during the 80s, and is interested in learning about Slavic culture. Him and his wife hosted a foreign exchange chick from Russia, and he was talking about his experiences in the Eastern Bloc countries when he went there. We wound up talking about the language traits, the country, traditions, and lifestyle until 2am. Then he went back to his room when I was checking someone in. At around 2 40 he came back again to get some soda, and we started talking again. I was teaching him Russian, and how to write in cursive until...4am. He was totally shocked that the time went by so fast, and he had to get up at 7am. So we said our good byes, and off he went. Then some idiot pulled
Mummers Are Decking The Halls ...part 1
Perverted Ghost
There's a ghost in the mortuary. Surprise surprise. He's in the women's restroom to be exact. He lingers in the corner, handicap stall. Yes I said He, as in Him, as in male. That's just the vibe I get. No distinct features. He's really just a tall, ominous mass that looks hunched over. He causes no harm but likes to flick the lights off and on and jiggle toilet handles. I've been in that stall with him serval times, kinda freaked but excited at the same time. Not sexually you pervs. Who is he? Why does he stay here? Does he know he's dead? Or is he just the smartest ghost ever and peeks at women's goodies while they drop trou? Regardless. I'm the fastest pee-er alive. -REL
I Love You Too
My friend Diana left this for me on my profile, I am so deeply touched and wanted to say thank you Monica Thank you for always being there, To listen and understand me. I appreciate all you did for me, And all you still do. Thank you for making me feel whole again, For putting my pieces back together. I appreciate you putting my life back together, You saved my life. You may not understand, Why I do what I do. But you never criticized, You just helped my through. I knew I could come to you when I was down, 'cause I knew you'd always be there to pick me back up and say everything will be ok.
My Mumm...
December 12, 2008 @ 5:16 pm #41 of 46 LMAO'D???? Laugh My Ass Off'd??? Laughing My Ass Offed?? makes no sense and your an idiot you ruined my night I got called an idiot by someone who doesn't know proper contractions. Gotta love mummin'!
Good Gawd.
Ash needs help. That is all.
Holy Crap.
Ok, so I am a fan of the Steve Wilkos show (yes the dude from Jerry Springer who now has his own show). Well, today's episode; This guy molested, beat, and did drugs around a 4 and 7 year old. When the 4 year old was 3, the cops found her in her bed crying in only her panties; after apparently the guy beat her up for crying for her mom. To top that, the 4 year old was later brought to a doctor and was said to have an STD.... wtf?! And the guy claims he hasn't done anything. What is wrong with people????
I'm A Filthy Whore
Ok, so earlier tonight some little boy posted a mumm asking if you should have to pay 100 bucks to get married on fubar. Undiscovered soul said the following: December 21, 2008 @ 5:06 pm im not too worried about it since i dont see anyone asking me to marry them make believe or not. I, being the curious babysatan that I am, wanted to know how she really felt so I went and sent her a fuproposal saying she had to answer the little boy's question. She accepted and still hasn't answered the question. Poi found out about the curious about the proposal and now she's telling me I'm a filthy whore for fucheating on her. I am publicly apologizing, both to my Poi for being a cheating whore and to Undiscovered Soul for the pity proposal.
Avoidant Pd
Your result for The Personality Disorder Test... Avoidant PDYou scored 70% on Openness, 70% onConscientiousness, 30% on Extraversion, and 80% on Agreeableness. Your score places you closest to Avoidant Personality Disorder, a disorder marked by hypersensitivity to criticism, social anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy. Individuals with this disorder tend to avoid relationships with others unless certain that they will be liked, and likewise avoid activities involving large amounts of social interaction or evaluation. They tend to see themselves as inferior to others or as incompetent socially, and are unlikely to take risks or try new activities due to a fear of being embarrassed. Avoidant personality disorder is classified as a Cluster C "Anxious/Fearful" disorder.Did you like this test? Please take a second to rate it. Thanks! Take The Personality Disorder Test at HelloQuizzy
Auction For A $50 Bling Pack
I will be holding an auction, for 1, $50.00 bling pack.This auction will start Saturday January 03, 2008, and will end January 23, 2008 at 12:00pm est time. The winner of this bling pack will have placed the highest bid in fubucks, and will be notified VIA email. The person that holds the highest bid has 24 Hours to reply, or this offer will go to the person with the next highest bid. The minimum starting bid will be 500K in fubucks. So let the bidding begin, and good luck and have fun :D. All bids must be placed in this blog in order to be legit!! Let the bidding begin...
Donations Would Help Alot
OK i gots to ask.. i would really like to get spotlight for my birthday in march. so if anyone could help me win spotlight that would be great. i need donations. anything will help.. the last time i had spotlight it cost 800k to win it lol.. that tells you how long ago that was.. i do believe i bought stacie a mansion back then too lol. but any donations will help.. ty!!
Oh The Blood...
I want to get something pierced this weekend. I can't decide what though. Nose Tongue Nipples Fuck a mumm. Gimme input. __________________________________________________________________________ EDIT;; Thanks to everyone's input, I've We've decided on: Thanks to everyone who participated. I'll give you each $5 fubux :P -REL
F00k You In The A$$!!!!
キ babyangel Owner... invited you to the lounge: Home of the Brave! send me a lounge invite & i block your ass, k!!!! oh & when should i activate my fancy auto 11s...or should i just let it go to waste? i'm not leveling anytime soon, i'm not as cool as footie at being a point whore.
Another New Interview And What To Wear?
Okay so two new things, well one not so new. I received another request to interview a band. Yay! It's The Last Vegas, they won a Guitar Center contest, chosen by Motley Crue, receiving money, equipment and a recording deal with MC's label. They're pretty cool, very 80's rock, with a little more grit. The other thing is I'm still trying to decide what to wear to the concert. What I feel comfortable in is my polka dot dress, but not exactly the image of a rock reporter. Of course it wouldn't be contrived, which I love to surprise. Anyways, if anyone has any ideas, let me know...and NO, I'm not going naked or in a bikini :P but thanks for asking :) K
Bowling Night
Tonight was bowling night again. For my new friends that MAY read this blog or for the bar tab stalkers, I'm in a league and I bowl every Friday night. As some of you know, I started out really bad. My average my first week was only 111. I've slowly been getting better and checked tonight to find out my average is now a 121. Not too bad, I guess. Today started out normal. I worked a full shift and we were so busy! I didn't even get a break. I can't really complain about it because for the first hour we didn't really do anything, lol. I just got really aggravated today at work though. People were just being stupid, I guess I should be use to it though....I do work with the public. =/ After all that went on this past week I thought for sure my bowling was going to be horrible. My emotions were a mess and even though I was sure I'd put it all past me, I wasn't 100% sure something small would make me think of what all had went on. I get to the bowling alley and I get told tha
Timothy Leary's Dead... But, Not Forgotten
I was asked about my status (my eight circuits of consciousness are shorted): Tunnel-Realities and Imprints Let's try Dr. Leary's perspective on these mysteries. To understand neurological space, Dr. Leary assumes that the nervous system consists of eight potential circuits, or "gears," or mini-brains. Four of these brains are in the usually active left lobe and are concerned with our terrestrial survival; four are extraterrestrial, reside in the "silent" or inactive right lobe, and are for use in our future evolution. This explains why the right lobe is usually inactive at this stage of our development, and why it becomes active when the person ingests psychedelics. We will explain each of the eight "brains" briefly. I. THE BIO-SURVIVAL CIRCUIT This invertebrate brain was the first to evolve (2 to 3 billion years ago) and is the first activated when a human infant is born. It programs perception onto an either-or grid divided into
Never Enough - Ffdp
I've currently become obsessed with this song. It sums me up perfectly.
I'm Such A Cut Up
The funny thing is, I am not even going to see the movie tonight.
me and candi are going to rape Robert Pattinson.. ALOT!!!!!!!! and yea i have been gone alot, busy with life and plying my game when i do get a chance to sit down and show me your boobs
I Need All The Luck I Can Get..
In about 5 hours, I go in for my lymph node mapping procedure. They will inject me with a radioactive tracer and three hours later, use a special geiger counter to locate the lymph nodes with the most concentration so they know which ones to remove and test in tomorrow's surgery. I will be getting a call later today telling me when my surgery will be tomorrow. I'll be admitted overnight and released Friday morning, barring any complications. I won't be online until I get back home *gasp*. I don't ask for things often, but it would be really cool if I had a collection of lucky rabbit's feet from the fu-gift shop. A lucky 7 bling would be fine too Thanks in advance < update > Just heard back from the hospital - I have to check in at 7am for an 8:30 surgery. So this time tomorrow, I'll have one less boob. < update 2 > zOMG, that just might have been the worst pain I've ever felt. She said it would feel like a bee sting... damn if any bee stung me that hard on my a
Blackwidow Rawks!
It's CantSleepClownsWillEatMe's HH! Show her mad love Friday@2 PM Fubar time!!! She's trying to get closer to Lost Soul and needs all the help she can get! 勦ღCantSleepClownsWillEatMeღ☆☆♪ Owned by the beautiful LipStick@ fubar Pimped out with love by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar (repost of original by '♫BlackWidow♫' on '2009-02-25 15:00:38')
Fubar Break..
So after getting annoyed enough I took a tiny break from the fu.. and got trapped again in the world of warcrack.. sad to say I have more fun on there though..
Thank You And Stuffs
My friends and family kick ass... way too much funky groovy ass!!! *not the smelly kind, the sweet you should have your farts sent to a perfume company kind* Anyway, just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of my birthday lovin's you guys made my month! My r/l family kicks ass too!!! I got lots of cool stuffs (mostly hand made, my favorite) *sigh* The economy is starting to bring me down, again...I see people all over struggling and it bites ass!!! and not the good kind (see above statement) Clients are waaaaaayyyy bitchy and picky and everyone is on edge... *sigh* I continue to stay positive, put forth 150% and pray for the best...I do see some companies starting to pick up again and my cousin got his job back after being laid off for only three weeks...verses some of my friends who have been off work for several months to even over a year... My employer is a smart man and has made a move that will allow for myself and my coworkers to stay employed with almost a 40
Bit O' Luck Game
This game is open from 3/10 to 3/17. Game F.A.Q. 1. Who can I order for? You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens! 2. Can I order more than one at a time? Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many tokens are meant for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 10 tokens) you would say "5 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 5 to Cali4nialovin01, User # 884702." 3. How long does it take for them to receive them? That depends on a few things. First, it depends on your order. If it wasn't
'possum Yay!
i was driving with a bud one night in dad's old truck... a rabid opossum jumped out of the brush and attacked my tires... he went under the tire and .. well.. crushed... we stopped the truck, backed up over it again... i got out, made sure it's head was firmly under my rear tire, and got back in the truck... then i slammed on the gas.. SKKKRRREEEEEEEEEE!!! you shoulda seen that little fvcker's head roll down the hill... but sadly... there was blood all over the rear corner panel of the truck, which didn't wash off well...
Idle Threats
So clownie found me on Myspace...and the love letter she sent me made me giggle and I wanted to share it. YOU NEED TO FUKING DIE YA SKANK BITCH THIS AINT FUKING FUBAR NOW. WHY DONT YOU GO FUCK YOUR DADDY IN THE ASS WITH A BARBED WIRE FENCE POST AND THE FUK YOURSELF WITH IT BITCH. YOU ARE THE MOST WORHTLESS PIECE OF SHYT I KNOW, YOU AND ALL YOUR LAME ASS PICTURES IM NOT THE ONE THAT HAS SEX WITH DONKEYS YOU ARE ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: ~♣Kerry♣~ (282657178) To: Twitter Lette Date: Mar 16, 2009 1:01 PM Subject: RE: Ha bitch lmao huge threats...bitch i gave you my addy long ago. ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: Twitter Lette (429736391) To: ~♣Kerry♣~ Date: Mar 16, 2009 2:13 AM Subject: RE: Ha bitch Like I give a fuck bitch GO FUCKING DIE before I do it
Roommate Wars!
So I had a dream that I lived with my horrible ex roommate. She was a bitch who never thought she could be wrong about anything. Most of the dream was blurry but I remember there being gun fire and I was holding the persons arm so they wouldn't hurt anyone. I woke up with my heart pounding. I hated that bitch.
If You Are Interested, Please Raise Your Hand.......or Dont
ok to start things off, this is not a desparate plea to get attention or have someone fall for me. Over the years Ive had a couple girlfriends on fubar (that didnt work out for one reason or another) and several women Ive been interested in. Now given that I have over 500 names on my friends list and 3 of em are male, apparently its assumed by many females that im some kind of player and that i get it from a different source every night. Lets debunk that myth right now. I havent had sex in over 3 years. I have had phone sex a few times (given the time period) which has averaged out to MAYBE once a month. When you factor that ive had phone sex with one girlfriend on here nightly, that shapes down to a whole bunch for a mnoth and a half and maybe 6 times over the rest of that period. I also know I have the pic of my tongue up, but for years I didnt so lets discount that in terms of opinions about me for the time being because it really has no bearing on anyone except NEW fri
Thanks for the talk...and thanks for telling me bye when you left. That was so nice =/
Still Thinking
I'm still sitting here, pondering and thinking...*yawns*
I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me get the spotlight yesterday. I want to especially thank Violets, NinjyStars, Ninja, Vixen, misfit, Goatse, Just, WetCat, Sproet, Crystal, Punkin and whoever else helped me with large donations. I wouldn't have been able to get it without you! I know I'll miss someone so I apologize ahead of time. Now I can delete since there isn't anything left to do, just kidding!
Why Me Lawd?
during the weekly southern association of wino's *SAW* the topic came up as to what to do in this present day & age now that girls fill out quicker and sexier than when we was coming up.getting so bad that ya have to ask for some id before even talking to them. finally the topic came towere it was a greed upon that little girls are Gods way of getting back at ya for all the shit you pulled on other women when you were young. so.. i ask, as a godfather to a beautiful young girl that is growing up, when do young girls realize just how sexy they are & begn to use it to thier advantage?
What The Heck?
What the heck is this? Fubar is giving pimp outs for people close to leveling? I need one of these! I only have 17 million to Oracle!! LOL
How The Hell... Doesn't Matter
I see they changed the blog thing. that fucking sucks. Anyway... I hate that sometimes i want to say things and nothing comes out and other times, everything else comes out other than what i want to say. i know this is probably not making sense and i'm completely okay with that. I know some of you actually read these things, and some of you actually talk to me... you all already know i rarely make sense for long periods of time. So anyway, I've been trying to figure out how to get certain things out of my mouth when they're all i think about, and yet for some reason it just never works. I want so badly to just scream. I think if i did that when i wanted to, i'd be back in the looney bin faster than i care to admit. I miss feeling like i have control. i don't think i've ever had complete control over my life, but usually i had some semblance of control over my craziness. i'm sick of the medication switches and the doctors and the fucking ignorance of the masses. i'm sick of myself an
Fvcking Ugh
Fvcking ugh! I was just sitting here eating a vegetarian wrap cuz I iz hooked on them, when the friggin noon news was talking about outbreaks of salmonella with raw sprouts... Grrrrr I have ate several wraps the past week and that is my main thing, the cream cheese then sprouts on top.... grrrrr so if I get sick I am gonna be pissed.... but may just be my paranoia....
I'm The Dog....the Big Bad Dog...
The Bounty Hunta!!!! Anyways, everytime I watch this show I just giggle. Although Beth is uber hot now that she lost weight and her boobs aren't as big...
After last night, I am both mentally and physically drained. I am usually an extreme early riser, and didnt get up till 9:30 this morning after a long night of waking up constantly with nightmares. I did set my profile to friends only, first time I have ever done that. I am hating this stress more then I care to admit on, sadly, I know it is showing :( I was literally pissed off cuz I had went to buy someone and then someone bought them back and I bought them again and then the same person bought them back and then I was blocked from buying them. Usually I would not care, but yesterday it hit a nerve big time. Then thinking that bombing would take my mind off of thing, hahaha ya right.... I had my shoutbox off to begin with, hit my family members and stuff 1st like I usually do, then when I turned the shoutbox back on it was filled up instantly. I actually jumped one person, I had my status set to bling or some rates would be nice, these idiots don't even come to my page and act li
So..I don't even know where to start with this one, but when people on here try to make you feel shitty for not forfeiting your real life to be on here..makes you want to take a break. Yeah, ok I'm on here a lot (and more so in the past week cuz I'm on vacation from a JOB) and I like the site; that is no ammunition saying I don't have a life. Yep, I may be on when my kids are home, but as soon as they want something, I get it for them. My family trumps internet; all there is to it. I don't care if I don't answer you right away and it pisses you off or whatever it come LAST. I am up and down the whole time. Just because it says I'm online does not mean I am glued to my fucking chair. Yep, you may see me comment on a mumm or a blog; I could've just come back from letting the dog out, getting a toy for my kids, going out to check the mail. I do care about the people I talk to on here; I even text or call some of you. But when my real life, right in front of me family i
Mother's Day
I thought I would be ok this weekend, but I can't stop thinking of my mother. The messed up thing is it's not like I've had her for the last 14 mother's days since she was sick. But I feel it this weekend. Because I know she is. I started crying yesterday when one of my customer showed me a card she had bought for her daughter. It was a stupid Disney card too. I will probably be getting drunk tonight because I feel the need to be numb.
so i have decided to cut my friends list from 74 down to no more than 25 i am only keeping those who have been there for me and have appreciated what i have done for them i am also getting rid of my family and rebuilding it
Zomg! Thrilled!
I am so thrilled right now I could scream and dance! Omg, did I really say that? Yes, I did!!! Having had my name on the list for the shelter here in town as well as a transitional place, the transitional place just called!!!! I have a one on one interview there tomorrow. Some of the things she told me during the phone interview included: its a clean and sober house 10 women living there (beats the shelter of 80) Currently they have 2 openings :) You need to be there at 6pm M-F for dinner and case mgmt random UAs and BAs (bring it on!) assigned some type of chore for the upkeep of the house groups, that include Processing Group, Community Group as well as Recovery Group Assigned a contact counselor Curfew the 1st month is 10pm lots of structure and encouragement as far as change in jobs, schooling etc I am totally stoked!!! I wanted this over the shelter cuz here they encourage you to get out and do things rather then go to bible classes and not work the first 9 mo
Somebody? Anybody?
Anyone interested?
Spotlight Day 4
Well, looks like I have enough cash to do it now, in just four days. It's been a ride, and you guyses have been all awesomes and shit. brought to you in part by Pixeh, Kit, Vanima, Misty Melons, Jai, Joker, OMFGSHOSHONNI, Tom, Brain Ninja, Nursie, Postal Florist, LaLa, Jeniwren, Majik, Bunnz, NinjyStars, Hairduz123, Luna Deuville, Sproet, She Devil, Faeriesue, Not tellin, 9987, MooMoo, Moet, Deacon, Lipstick, Frayed Knot, Mistress of Wolves, Gabe, Muss, Yssup, Noone, Babybootay, Whorasaurus Sex, Morgan Le Fay, Cute But Psycho, Goddess Kevauna, Jan, Black Widow, Pan, Kisses Papercut, Cory, Witchie, Jennie28, CQQrsLightGirl, WooGirl, Karma's Bitch, TopKnotch, Silver Diamond, Kit, Cataine, Sugit, Master Of Puppets, Trippitaka, Angel on the Moon, Crystal, broken, KissedByTheSun, ticktick....BOOM, GutterSlut, Porch, Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekakakakakakakakakaka, Tamz, Kittie, Misfit, Mrs Badcrumble, YOTD
Why Dad's Are Morons ...
“Hurry Sweetie! We’re going to be late!” There was an unusual buzz of excitement around the house this morning. One of the local news stations was doing a series on child safety and were to be filming at my daughter’s karate studio in just one hour. Yes, my little girl was going to be a TV star! “Why don’t you have your uniform on yet?” “Daddy, I can’t find any clean panties!” “What about the Little Mermaid ones?” “Daddy, they’re too small!” “Oh they’re fine! Just put them on!” “Daddy!!” ** stomps foot, retreats to bedroom ** “Sweetie, if you don’t get dressed RIGHT NOW we’re going to miss the filming!” Two minutes later, she comes out of her room fully dressed in uniform. Dad ties on her orange belt, makes his best attempt at a ponytail, and shuttles her off for her debut to the television world.
Wicked Turns Sappy For A Minute!
I want to tell you all about my wonderful friends I've made on Fubar... I could list names but i think you know who you are... I have to admit I'm a cold hearted bitch most of the time... I put up a wall and i try very hard to be a loaner... but these friends of mine keep drawing me out of my dark hole and seem to love the idea I'm kind of geeky... Now you all might see each other in my recent blogs, even commented on each other. But sadly you have not added each other as friends..... I want you all to love each other as dorks... stand untied and proud.. needless to say with my friends they are all pretty ice and excepting of how dorky i can be.. so i wanted to thank you ... you know who you are.. i crush you sometimes i say i love you and mostly i get to spend a little of my day with you.... Thanks for being you.. Wicked P.S. If you need a list of names to know your on the list just say so... oh my dads here ill be back in 30
Weirdest Dream
So I just had the WEIRDEST dream. Basically, I dreamt that my site was manifest. IE, a real world object. And that it was organically grown. It's REALLY hard to explain, but you'll just have to take that at face value because I can't think of a better way to put it yet. So then, it became this massive thing that grew into orbit, and like, solved poverty. Fuck knows how, that was really early in the dream. Then other people grew rival versions of it! Well, "rival" is maybe not the right word; it wasn't competing. However, my -ex- grew one. I'll get to how that figures soon. So I sent her some stupid email about I-don't-know-what, at which point she suddenly started talking to me on IRC (we haven't spoken in a few days, I pretty much think she's ignoring me permanently now), or rather started posting random links. So I clicked one. It took me to her version of my thingy, at which point I was trying to figure out how it worked, and needed to set something up on my thingy but couldn't
A Man And His Porn
it's 4 pm and I've nothing to do... as I wonder aimlessly around the carnival of debotary that which is the Internet, looking at porn like all bored, self-respecting man will do. porn and their stars alike bore me. Same ol' looks, same bad acting. but every once and awhile. a girl I come across just simpley blow me away. no pun intended. then I find myself looking for videos or her NOT fuckin' just simply doing an interview, or on the street. I don't change my favorite porn star often, to retire them breaks my heart, But as of about 7 months ago, I retired my long running favortie "Gauge" for Gianna micheals...shes awesome. ...and your not.
Don't Debate It
Leveling Blog 451
icecold@ fubar 20k to Level
My Day....
Well my day totally fucking sucked ass. Hope yours was better.
The F黎e
“It’s on the counter in the living room.”“What?”Clearly, I was lucid as I offered these directions my mother. Every living room has counters, no? Suffice it to say, the party I hosted last night was fun. Number of people in attendance: Well over 50. Cars & trucks in my yard: Thirty, at any given moment.Glasses of wine in my hand: One. I’m classy, yeah? No more than one. Never, never less than one. Rigid, rigid are the constraints of a very classy gal.Number of stories told of the man with whom I’m supposed to go on a blind date: Two. If he survives the first date, I’m sure he’ll thank me for filling my neighbors in on the ridiculous things he says.Babies I didn’t hold at the party: One.Babies at the party: One.Number of times it was suggested to me that I make babies before I’m 40: One.The place at which my pre-40 conception will occur: On the counter in the living room.Obviously.I forgot to tell the men to pee arou
Check It Out!
Today's Rank:#1 Tooltip Views: 174 so far today, 17,230 yesterday. (vip only) Photo Views: 31 so far today, 5,583 yesterday. (vip only) Wow! Check out that rank! lol PLEASE LEVEL ME! I only have 234,000 points to go!
Pure Randomness Lol
Like the title says...pure randomness in this blog. First I gotta say the new Transformers is pretty good. I'm not really sure why it's getting such bad reviews. Maybe it's because I went in to this movie knowing that hey the entire movie is based off of a cartoon/toy. It's like people expected the storyline for this to be like what you'd find in Braveheart or Angels and Demons or something like that. I thought it was a good movie. Awesome action scenes. I loved that this one did a lot more with letting the Transformers fight. In the first movie they had some fight scenes but at times it was too hard to tell who was who and what. Plus I liked some of the humor they threw in it. Personally loved the twin Autobots lol. You gotta see the movie to truly understand. And another fave was the Decepiticon remote control truck. But enough of that...the other randomness is I'm in another auction. The high bidder of the last auction never paid up so I figured what the heck. I'm
Within Temptation - Our Farewell
In my handsA legacy of memoriesI can hear you say my nameI can almost see your smileFeel the warmth of your embraceBut there is nothing but silence nowAround the one I lovedIs this our farewell?Sweet darling you worry too much, my childSee the sadness in your eyesYou are not alone in lifeAlthough you might think that you areNever thoughtThis day would come so soonWe had no time to say goodbyeHow can the world just carry on?I feel so lost when you are not by my sideBut there's nothing but silence nowAround the one I lovedIs this our farewell?So sorry your world is tumbling downI will watch you through these nightsRest your head and go to sleepBecause my child, this not our farewell.This is not our farewell.
See You Soon!
Ok my has come time for me to take my yearly vacation to Walt Disney World. I'll be gone for a week but I just might pop on from time to time just to check mail and stuff. I will miss you all while I am away. Don't forget about good ol' Stitch!
Van Was Right...
Where's Your Halo? Your not a bitch at all! your goodie two shoes, often called a church girl. Your the angel without wings. parents, teachers, pretty much any adult adores you. Be good, but losen up a little... have fun!
Bowling, Work, And My Shirt
I just got finished bowling. I did bad. =/ My handicap will go up for sure. Go me? I got a new shirt when I was in Missouri. I wore it once. I can't wear it again. Somehow it has gotten a hole in it. I can't sew's knitted. Blah Work wasn't too bad. I ended up being late because I over slept. Now I just have to find someone to work Saturday for me. My aunt and uncle are coming in and I know I won't get sleep Friday night. How's everyone's evening?
Vacation, Eh?
Ok kiddies, we're off to the land of mooses and Canucks in August for 3 weeks, looking for ideas of kewl places to visit. Any help???
Fvck Me Runnin'
Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I hate chain blogs :p 2. I hate people from Wisconsin. 3. I hope all people in Wisconsin die of lung cancer from smoking in their bars. 4. Guys in white tuxedos are gay. 5. Guys who like cats are going to die single. 6. I won't be tagging anyone :P 7. I like pez bling... 8. I' m hungry 9. I have a date on Sunday 10. My mini-van acquired a new dent...
I Can Has *****?
its probably too early in the week for a bewbs blog, and im if ya has bewbs to show show em. But if you need alcoholic beverages to be a voyeur then ill just do a fuck blog...havent seen one since 514xors fuck blog... ill say fuck the politics on fubar! im sure this wont be epic, but i can try... ok so just say fuck whatever you feel like. for example ( imean slow people) Fuck paying tax's get it got it good! as you were
I'm getting my armband tatt done for my birthday soon (gothic german letters of my family name).... do you think i will still pass for a "good boy" with a 'out there' tatt?
Monty Python Does The Not So Live News
Yesterday was a relatively slow news day. The big story was the weather. There were storms with flooding and lightning strikes cover the better part of Eastern South Florida. After the obligatory shots of cars driving through flooded roads that show some idiot in a Hummer flying through the water throwing up a wake the drowns anyone driving a normal car. (I added a period instead of the comma that belongs because this was turning into a really long sentence) The news came to their big exclusive story. Lightning had hit a tree next to house and the lightning jumped from the tree into a utility room and had fried the washer, dryer, and water heater starting a small fire in the house. No one was home at the time and the fire department was able to contain the fire to the one essentially outdoor room with no damage to the rest of the house. I add all this detail in case you aren't familiar with Florida and South Florida in particular. We are the lightning strike capitol of the
Need To Know
I am going thru roll call list and want to know from all members & Staff who wants to stay in our family and who wants out so i can remove you from roll call list and friends list.So if you want to stay in the crew please leave a private message on the homepage,not in shout box or comment only in private message that way i can go thru the messages and mark them one by one.We have alot of members that dont even try to help out on level ups i know everyone has other things to do in real life like i do and its hard to be on helping out alot but also in that note i cant also be the main one posting level ups and helping our own members.We have other crew leaders to that could help out.So if you want in or out please send private message to the Moonlight homepage.Thank you for your time. Ink
They feed off people's weaknesses, passing their insecurities onto others in order to distract people from themselves. How do I know? Because I was one. As a child, starting as early as 3 or 4, I was a bully: I liked taking stuff away from kids, making them cry, kicking or punching them. I still have a scar on my cheek as a memento of those times. I remembered a tiny red haired boy whose life I helped make miserable, along with other kids. He recently contacted me on Russian classmates site, sayin that if he wasnt married, he would totally hit on me. I was like "damn, after everythin I've done to him!" And a semi-homeless girl from my class whom I tortured on a daily basis along with other assholes. To these days I kick myself for not tellin them to STFU and lay off of all those kids, for being just another piece of shit. I sorta got in touch with both of them, and they are doing just great, which made me feel a lot better. I know now that being the only Jewish person in t
I lovers V!!! He is teh awesome!! And he should totally keep his clothes on, because I lovers him for his mind and personality and not his naked body!!!! someone is going to think I want to lick his man lollipop..I just know it.
Who ARE all those losers that scream "wut up wut ya up to?" I add everyone, without even lookin, since...I am too lazy to check ppl out n read their shit.So they just accumulate themselves on mah page. But, seriously, some are just palin annoying and retarded.
Here I Go Again..
Here I go again with another blog.Fubar inspires me I must say.I'm sure my blog stalkers will love this one.Can't wait to see who comes and blabs their opinion on it eventhough they ARE NOT my friend.That is a pet peeve.Someone who doesn't like me or agree with me coming to MY blog and saying stuff.Crazy Aye? Anyways,I just want to say..Why do people put other's down for their beliefs and views? Why is so important to some that I'm christian and they find out and cannot be my friend?I find that insane.I have alot of athiest friends.Friends who share diffrent religious views then I do and we are great friends?Why is my worth based on my religion?I think some people have bad tastes in there mouths from some religions.I've been put down by atheists and people who hate christians but I am not so naive to assume all atheists are the same.Why treat me that way?Why treat anyone that way? I think it should be a matter of respecting the other person.If I do not agree with your religion I am not
4melissa = Fake...
Are you really serious?.... ..from user .. 4 Melissa@ fubar Has stolen pictures claiming it's her from... Actually had the audacity to upload this salute..really... Nice to see nothing's changed. P.S. If you want to try and get me involved in your drama. I really, really don't care. Have a good night.
Grr, Stupidity At Its Finest
I refuse to protect anyone, that exceeds this level ... sportbiker...: hi ->sportbiker... hi sportbiker...: how r u sportbiker...: how r u ->sportbiker...: well, you? sportbiker...: am ok ty....have hardon like no other though ->sportbiker...: then go find a slut to take care of it sportbiker...: know of any ->sportbiker...: why would I know of any sluts? is there something in my name that says I do? sportbiker...: no u just look like a girl who would know many ->sportbiker...: that i do believe you ae mistaken ... if you take me posting my pic of me sticking out my toungue for knowing sluts then you need to rethink I know I probably shouldn't be upset ... but DAMNIT MAN ... WTF!!!! so now that poses a question .... should I change my default pic?? which would mean new and updated pics of me .... which would mean to take pics (grrr) But it is halloween ... should I put a bag on my face for my halloween pic?? I have the re-useable ones ... I could promote walmart!!!
Rude People..let's Kill Em All!
So i was on msn before and noticed a couple friends off here on and sent a hi and nothing!...or they just switch off. i get a gut full of rude people in reality let alone in cyber. anyway, answer me or i'll fucking delete you! hahahaha! shud up!
:| video in comment section,cus I said so.
LMAO, a funniest shit just happened. I'm eating honey out of this squirt thing bottle. I looked directly at the thing on top of it, where the honey comes out. And accidentally squeezed. So the honey just totally squirted on my face. lmao
Uh Huh
So folks, my fubar career has come to an end and I will be deleting my profile...I have most people added on facebook but if there is anyone else that would like to add me just ask for my info :)
Thing I Thought I Should Be Doing ,and Now I Don't Think So
hi when i first came on this site,I didn't know what i was doing , and so when i saw nsfw photo i made comments that i thought you wanted to hear,sexy,and now that i think of i wasvery disrespect.Well I've talk to a women that i have the up most respect for. And she explained,that i saw this site as not being real,and just a place to have fun ,and get away from reality for a while,and tell everyone what they wanted to hear,and like i said it was some statement that my mother would have kill me if she ever heard,but i figure if you had NSFW photo then that what you wanted dirty talk .And now i know i was wrong and very disrespectful,and that not how i am at all.Some people that know mea little bit here know that I'm a very nice and caring person,and when something go bad for anyone ,i offer my help,because i really do care for people a lot.So from this day forward i will be just me real and honest that all i ever was,and got caught up in this places,where i thought it was all fun
Perfect, Hoisted From Boo
perfect breakfast; canadian bacon, eggs sunny side up and an everything bagel slathered in butter perfect date; someplace dark and quiet, followed by hot tub under the stars perfect kiss; the next one perfect argument; grudge fuck, followed by make up sex perfect woman; one that is either blind to my many faults or thinks they are cute perfect shoe; barefoot perfect flower; crimson rose perfect time of day; sunrise, watching the world come alive perfect drink; strong kona coffee, an ice cold home or microbrewed beer on a hot day or an extra large white russian in the hot tub perfect drug; ganja
First Line Of Defence?
I wonder...people (r/l and online) are always saying I am 'cute' and stuffs blah blah blah. But I am perfectly capable of being non-cute and deadly serious (and secretly a little bit mean), but I think cute is just like a 'default' for me just don't really think about it much. Maybeh it's a defence mechanism? After nobody really gets mad at cute stuffs and most people tend to be nicer to you. (Apart from some freaky deaky's in the mumms, but that's kinda fun to play with too) Meh, I don't know. Is it a defence thing? We all know baby animals are cute and stuffs to invoke maternal/paternal feelings but they still get eaten by sharks and things. *Shrugs* What was my point again?
I Done A Quiz
(I stole this off of my friend Lovicious Scissorsnatch) layer one.Spell your name with bands/artists K - Kings Of Convenience I - Interpol N - Nickelback Bitch (cheers Porch) S - Slipknot layer two.- name: kins- birth date: April 15, 1975- nicknames: Fatty, CuntCunt- current location: my desk- eye color: No idea- hair color: Brownish I guess- righty or lefty: I'm right-handed, is that it?- best friend[s]: Magic, Perfect, Lui and Davelayer three.- the shoes you wore today: my work sneakers- your perfect pizza: sausage, bacon, pepperoni, beef, bbq sauce, plenty of cheese- the last time you cried: Watching 'Elf' last nightlayer four.- your best physical feature: Beard & Butt - most missed memory: Missed memory? I don't understand the questionlayer five.- pepsi or coke: pepsi- mcdonald's or burger king: subway- adidas or nike: converse- lipton ice tea or nestea:Eh?- chocolate or vanilla: chocolate- cappuccino or coffee: coffee, black and stronglayer six.- curse: fuckno- do you sin
Not Sure About This
I'm not exactly sure what my view is on this. I mean I guess I do, seeing as how it kind of pissed me off that my Mom said these things. To be honest, I'm not sure why I'm even posting this on here. Maybe to just vent. My Mom was watching some show on television this afternoon. It showed a woman that came to the US from some other country. For some reason this put my Mom over the edge. She starts blurting out how people should just stay in their own county, how the only reason they come over here is because we "give them things", and how they take our jobs. I sat there just staring at here, not sure of what to say. What does one say to comments like that?
Just read on twitter than Peter Serafinowicz will not be making another series of shis sketch show for the BBC. Not entirely sure if this is true, or some kind of joke referencing the news that Jonathan Ross has just announced that he won't be renewing his contract... With Serafinowicz it's often hard to tell. So I popped over to his website to see if he'd said anything on there, and long story short, I ended up getting distracted. This time by the rather excellent Brian Butterfield page... Also, I've stashed a couple of good Serafinowicz clips this morning, plus found his statement about leaving the BBC, which has the embedding turned off, but can be found here : Serafinowicz's website
Pumpkin Eater
A pungent odor fills the airIt makes her face tense when she walks in the roomAnd reminds her of the stench of old milk and rancid fishStumbling over boredomShe struggles through the motionsLeft, right, left, right to the top of the stairs…Stop. Off balanced hug, kiss, and empty smileMutter a few rehearsed wordsContinue fighting the urge to run out the door into the embrace of fresh air.She walks down the hall to the bathroom,turns on the water in the shower, and plops heavily down on the porcelain bowl.The warm release temporarily relaxes herSighShe can smell his semen, still sticky on her thighsThere wasn’t time to shower during this most recent meetingShe had tried too, like every other timeShe was lifting her foot over the rim into the showerWhen the door creaked open, and there he stoodCompletely nude, his hand scarcely covering his erectionHis eyes were still hungry and he wore a crookedAlmost innocent smileHe needed to be acceptedShe needed to be desiredThe shower w
I'm Going To Eff You On Goat And Other Euphemisms
sometimes i think my sense of humor (or humour for the canadians in the crowd and by crowd i mean the 10 people reading this) is often inappropriate, over the top, misunderstood, ridiculous, dry, and a bit dorky. i laugh at things that others don't, at odd times in movies, and the hardest at myself when everyone else fails to even snicker. here are some conversations or random statements either made by myself or thrown in my direction over the last few weeks that seem to fit the mold... "Win the lottery so you can be my sugar daddy. Please" "I'd by you an alligator and a lovely note that'd say smell ya later, fag" "If I won, I'd set you up for life. Now. Don't you feel awful for being such a dickface?""What's the Georgia lottery? 8 buckets of chicken and a side?" "NO!....... 40 acres and a mule!!"Even I wouldn't blow michael bolton in a truck stop bathroom..."i've been playing the shit out of this video game if that makes you feel better. but you're being kind of a girl about it."
Let's Get Dirty
you're probably going to get the wrong idea about this blog because of the cleverly crafted title i used. in your face. haha. i mean, let's actually get dirty. in april, there's a big music festival pretty close to here (actually it's halfway between witty and i and if she reads this i hope she figures out that she and i would have a blast at said event) in live oak, florida. basically, there are 4 days of bands playing in this huge park. 15,000 people will attend it. we could camp there. sleep on the ground, roast some marshmellows, drink, meet people, and get dirty. THE BLACK KEYS are playing on that friday. i love the black keys. i want to marry the both of them but not really. i just want to....okay, nevermind. i look slutty enough online as it is. so yeah. black keys. woohoo. i mean, come on, man.... this is the best shit ever.
"solace Seekers" What We Are About And How To Join
"So I think we should start a new trend on Fubar. All of the really nice people who dont want to be perved and want a true friend should come say hi, add me and lets be a community of friends we can be proud of and find solace in. Lets make each other smile" This was my status one day and i had an amazing response from both men and women who thought this would be a great idea to have here in fubar. It quickly went from a status, to an idea, followed by concept, and into the creation of the "Solace Seekers". The idea is simple, a group of people that can be trusted to chat with, vent, and help everyone inside of the group to level and be free of drama, perversion, fu whoring, and help create smiles on an other wise bad day. The rules are simple as well; 1) Have an approved salute 2) Anyone caught fu whoring or perving will be blocked by all in the group a) fu whoring is described as offering nsfw
Having A Bad Day?!?
Wait for it... Wait for it...
Very Important Rant
Ok not really but I feel like bitching. Trying to get 4 people to stick to a plan is harder than trying to negotiate multimillion dollar contracts. People (my friends) should let me be in charge of outings. They should just trust that the one thing I know how to do well is have a good time. I really do. I'm a walking, talking, pill popping good time and people should learn to recognize! *chicken neck/finger snap combo* I didn't really need drugs or booze 3 hours ago but now I am willing to walk 10 miles for them. 11.5 miles actually. My horoscope says to reach out to my elders this week. I think my horoscope is being written by a sadistic asshole. Ham and cheese hotpockets are for people with stomachs stronger than mine. I need a shower and a facial. *waits for dirty comments*
Life Of The Par-tee
He was poppin’, lockin’, spinnin’, and pumpin’. Hair spiked high in the air, he was channelling his inner Jersey Shore. As his hips gyrated and legs contorted, it was clear all the 40-something aged Snookies in the audience wouldn’t stand a chance. He was exhibiting the Mating Dance of the American Douchebag … at a golf tournament. Yes, it was once again time for the Phoenix Open. The Phoenix Open is Arizona’s main PGA event of the year and quite possibly the biggest spectator event to hit the area. On tournament weekend, over 400,000 people will go to witness the affair. None, save about 30 of them, give a shit about golf. It’s really just an excuse to go get obnoxiously plastered while wearing khakis and a sweater vest. In local circles, there are two primary reasons to go the tournament – the 16th hole and the after golf party at a place called “The Bird’s Nest”. The 16th hole happens to be
Chrome On Fubar
And once again, Fubar, Chrome, and Vista cant play nicely... WTF? when i go to face book, or myspace, or youtube, another tube ;) or just to any google search result no problem. I come to fubar and javascript fails. no status updated, no comments load of any kind, sb doesnt work and bartab links wont function like they are supposed to. NOW i cleaned my cashe twice...not that the second time did anything, but it was worth a shot, I rebooted my laptop and even checked to see if there were any new jave updates. Nothing seems to work.'' Anybody? any suggestions? I dont know what the problem is because the last few times i had this issue, i cleaned my cache and then Fubar worked fine... but obviously there is another issue that needs to be dealt with. It wearing my patience thin so I know there is a simple solution
For The Love Of God.
I was going to blog. Had the subject and everything, then my phone vibrated...I had a text....and I forgot. =/ I don't think it was something really all that wonderful, but still. It just proves that I have ADD. Oh the idea is back. Not really an idea, but yeah. How do these people, and by "these people" I mean point whores, get people to give them blasts and expensive bling?
Sleeping 12 hours has its advantages apparently.... Carry on.....
Yesterday was great. I got off work early and my friend, that I haven't seen in about 4 months came down and spent the day/night with me. Me and her went to the bowling alley and she watched me bowl and met John. Then me, her, and John went and got something to eat. After that me and my friend just relaxed around my house, well my Mom's house. We were up until about 4:30am. We woke up around 10 and went out at about noon. I now have a really bad sinus headache. I can't stop coughing, and my throat is sore. It sucks. I also think I have a fever. Yay!!!? Anyway, how is your day?
Sexually Explicit Rant
Alright kiddies LISTEN UP!!!!!Uncle Adam is here to LAY IT DOWN!!After watching the MTV True Life:"I Love Fuckin Hot Chicks With Sweet Asses and Suckin off Guys with Big Fat Cocks" episode, I have cum to the conclusion that YOU EARLY 20 SOMETHINGS NEED TO COOL YOU GODDAMN GENITALS IN A BUCKET OF LIQUID NITROGEN!!!!You are ALLLLL TOOO YOUNG to "PLAY" the pretend happy couple bf/gf game.That's for adults! Like ur parents!! It's a scientific FACT that ur genitals are too immature for a monogamous (sex with ur bf/gf and hook up ASS on the side when you "break up" once a week) relation-thingy. There is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much fuckin goin on! Now I know whatchur sayn "Fuck you, you had your fun, and now you got the fuckin balls ta tell me how ta life my #$@#$ life motherfucker????!!!!!!!"The answer is YES, that is eXXXactly what I'm doing. You wanna spread ur legs or whip out ur dick n play tha "fuck you I'm young n wild card", then I'll play the "Hey Junior, I've already
Me Again
I was nice to someone today. I refuse to apologize They deserve worse!
No I Didnt Die..i Dont Think So Anyways...
Well if your lookin for me next week... Saturday...laying the "real" hardwood floors in the downstairs family room...then putting the finishing touches on the fireplace i made..yes i made... Sunday....finish up the new laundry and shit..then painting the new babies room and my daughters room too....then finishing the dinining room table and chairs i made..yes again im like fuckin joseph...i can do all that shit.... Gone hunting monday til thursday...its turkey season in good ol WV Oh and last but not least....a old friend of mine whom owns a hunting ranch is taking my puppy Hank from me..he will be a guide not pleased in fact im totally bumming..but Hank will be able to hunt all the time and have a great home too
I woke up angry today. I wish I could tell you why. I went to sleep around 3 am and at 5:30 I woke up feeling enraged. I sat there for a good half hour trying to put a name or face to my anger.... Nothing. I'm am normally a very happen person, despite rumors to the contraty, so this sort of hit me out of the blue. I have been feeling a little lonely lately which is odd n a house full of kids but no nore than usual. So after the half hour I got the kids ready for school and up to the bus stop. I listened to the mom's gossip, which I hate, and walked back home with my baby hand in hand. I made her breakfast and we sat quiety eating. She had her cereal and me my eggs. After breakfast she wanted to watch a video so I turned on "The Country Bears" and we sat and watched. She's 3 by the way. So after a few minutes she announced she had to go potty. For her that means the potty seat and her little bench to climb up on. Last night I stubbed my toe on the bench so I moved it to th
I Can Fail That Test Tomorrow
I should be cramming for a test tomorrow. I had my theory exam today and I got a 92. 92. I look at the number and want to be excited about it but ultimately it was a pass/fail test and in that kind of case who gives a shit if you made a 100 or the lowest possible passing grade. That idiot with the 80 will still be standing next to me in the next phase sucking up my good air and taking clients that i should get. In some ways i feel like I overshot things somehow and maybe I should have conserved some of my energy. I've got nothing left for tomorrow but at least if i fail that test I won't fail the phase. haha fail the phase... I like alliteration. Other things I like are the girls at the coffe shop in downtown. i grabbed a coffee after the test because I had nothing better to do. This isn't a Starbucks or Dunkin. This is a place that changes the art on the walls every month. And the owner works behind the counter. And she will throw you out on your ass if you try to talk to her about J
Inspire To Believe
Do my mumms or blogsever inspire you to believe I am a 13 year old going on fubar?
They are making it way too easy now. I knew something was off when I read his status. He's asking for someone to bomb him and he has 35 :/ He's still yammering on.. Suga Lips: Because I don't need dumbfucks on my list asking me to cam or asking if I wanna see their dick slyfox26: no i'm just trying to figure most of u ppl out that don't want to chat on messenger Suga Lips: it takes awhile,,and I don't think you'll ever get it, because you can't comprehend that I don't give it out slyfox26: when do u add some one to messenger Suga Lips: Uhhh are we not talking now? slyfox26: but how do u get to know ppl if u don't talk to them at all Suga Lips: That's not my point. In my about me, I clearly state I do not give out any messenger info Suga Lips: You do realize we're talking on here right now, right? slyfox26: and i'm not on it all the time Suga Lips: *sigh* slyfox26: i don't remember them all Suga Lips: In order
Your Momma.
Both my daughters can tell if a driver was taught to drive by their mother or father.
The Deceit & Con Train Strikes Again...and Of Course, A Lolz....
Well well my friends another weekend is upon us and well, so is the fun. We have new levels, lots of seizure-inducing spinning flashy things goin on and all the rest of it My sincere apologies for slacking off blogging and all that, have had the family here most of the week and have had well, some 電istractions lol So I壇 figure I would just put everything that I have gotten lately into here for the weekend痴 posting.. First off, check out this scam. Now this has been happening for a long time but I see this profile is still 吐riends only an active so perhaps it needs here goes the tale here This user: http:/
Even Better!!
from: pearlofrage United States subject: RE: hi sexy received: 06/16/2010 10:53 am replied: no block this member i assume you havent been fucked good in ages with that atitude === 'Kloverlynn Fuwife to petitebella' wrote the following at '2010-06-16 10:49:49'.. > > I assume you are joking..or are illiterate.Plz read my about me > === 'pearlofrage' wrote the following at '2010-06-16 10:42:33'.. > > > > how r u doing? do you like to camchat? > ~~~ And of course he blocked me
My Day At The Spa
We got there at 9.30AM! The lady had converted her house into a spa and it was sooooo nice! Anyways, my treatments weren't till after lunch at 2pm. So we just hung out for a bit till lunch at 1pm. Sooo...yea we got started on the champage at 10am...(5 o'clock somewhere right) And then we went in the Jacuzzi, dunno why but I think drinking in it makes you get drunk quicker. Gah we drank Moet Rose...that stuff takes me DOWN. Then we had lunch, it was all yummy and healthy stuff but I stuffed myself so much that when I had my massage, which I had to lay on my tummy for, I felt like I was going to puke. Treatments that I had done was the Thai Herbal massage (I smell really nice now!) and a deep cleansing facial with an extra hot stones facial...sooo nice. Total to 」110 pounds. But then we were looking at all the treatments and my friend got a brazilian, we all went in to watch lolz. She was like 'everyone can see my fanny flaps!'. It looked painful. But in my still drunken
I Guess He Cannot Handle Debate...
Interesting status banter... faustulusEvil 39 secs --BOYCOTT BP odie aka assholish smartass said: just wondering how u plan to do that... faustulus said: simple..... don't buy their products...... other compaies make the same things they make odie aka assholish smartass said: BP sells directly to other suppliers who then make are you going to boycott them... faustulus said: bug someone else then he deleted his status comment...
Oh It's Definitely On...
This morning when I was at work, PNG came into my office to talk a bit. She looked pretty good today, she was wearing a blue dress with a yellow sweater, and had her hair curled a little bit. I didn't comment on it looking nice, because I dont want to have that talk with HR. We talked about my kid, and how we are close, and we like to go see concerts together. I got a couple "Awwwww's" about me being close with my daughter, and she said she was close to her dad. I was able to determine that she is late twenties maybe even thirties, she just looks young. We also talked about music a bit, she doesn't dislike the Deftones, and she has heard of Social Distortion. She didn't nail down a music she prefered, but we still had a nice talk none the less. She also mentioned about some Italian festival this weekend, and suggested I check it out. Sure, that may have been a ploy for me to ask her if she wanted to go with me, but since she hasn't gotten back to me on the lunch I didn't want
The Skinnydippin' Game
THIS GAME IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU FOR PLAYING! ****** Addition Note for the Trade List - I was asked if bling credit transfers count the same as bling packs, and yes, they do. I offer more for packs and credits because people don't receive fu-points for doing something extra nice, so they are valued higher for my games than usual bling****** GAME F.A.Q. Who can I order for?You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens.Can I order more than one at a time?Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of ho
So Fukked!!!
My foot is still broken. Apparently, I should never have been allowed to leave 3 weeks ago without support for my foot and advised that I could return to work a 60 hour week (of course I didn't, my GP signed me off sick at my request). I am being fitted for a moonboot, have you seen those things??? Michael Jackson I ain't! I also need a CT scan. I will more than likely need surgery now. I can't return to work and will probably have to spend another 10 weeks of hell literally pulling my hair out.
I swear people get dumber and dumber on here. This guy wrote me right before I was leaving to shower and I thought he asked if I liked to CAM haha. ronalreenie: heyy sexxyy 8:24am ronalreenie: u like cum ?? 8:26am Suga Lips: no 8:26am ronalreenie: ever had an experience with cum before though ? 8:32am ronalreenie: yes or no ? 8:54am Suga Lips: Have I ever experienced cum? Are you fucking serious? I'm 29 years old, married and have 2 children: what do you think?! Dude is also a n00b with no pic and his age says 20. Weirdos. **EDIT** He decided to write back ronalreenie: so u dont like it but u just deal with it ??? 9:34am Suga Lips: I thought you asked me to cam. I do like it. Why do you care? 9:34am ronalreenie: yea u got a cam ?? 9:35am
Photo Shoot
Once again I'm trying to pick a picture to use on facebook. Help me decide please. Just leave your vote in the comments. :) #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 Ok, have fun and let me know what you think. I have the hardest time deciding between pictures to use on there.
Killing Friends
So, I went through my friends list and deleted an ass-load of people and de-fanned another ass-load. Here's why. You bored me, irritated me, point-whored, or contributed nothing to my life. Some of you I may have deleted because, as far as I know, you've been inactive, but I'd love to re-add you if you're still around. Some of you were deleted by fubar, methinks, because there's a number of names that I didn't see in my friends/fans list. Yes, I also deleted people I know irl. They were either annoying or never on. Why don't I want everyone on my friends list? Because it becomes damned annoying when I'm using it to find someone I WANT to talk to. If you think you were deleted in error, let me know. If you actually think that, then it's probably true. But if you suffer from delusions and think you're important to me when you're not, don't get butthurt when I tell you I'm not adding you back because you're a boring, point-whoring, whiny bitch. For those of you who are still on my l
Deaf Ears...
My buddy has been trying, since November, to set me up with some chick. Someone I am NOT interested in. And what gets me is, he KNOWS the type of women I prefer, and this girl doesn't even come close to it. I've told him I wasn't interested and he says "just give her a chance" I've used the excuse "I just got done with someone and I don't wanna be bothered right now" but he just says not to waste any time and get back in the saddle again. (I'm SURE she would be just THRILLED to know he's comparing her to a horse with that statement :p) I've tried being nice about it, I've tried being blunt about it, I've flat out told him I'm not attracted to her, and never will be. But its just falling on deaf ears. I don't understand why he is so adamant about hooking us up, but it got old about 7months ago and he's not taking the hint. Is there anyway to get stubborn people to listen?
Fubar Football Tournament
At My Core...
I'm not one to make blogs like this, so realize you are now a part of history. Online relationships come and go, trust me. When MySpace first came out, and before high-schoolers ruined it, I started meeting girls from online. Granted, it was easy to meet local folks on there compared to fubar now. MySpace soon became the new "bar scene" for me. I actually got to know girls, without being tipsy and without watching the clock for the dreaded LAST CALL. So, I'm not against the idea of "online dating". ... Fast-forward quite a few years, and it's a different story... ...especially with fubar. This profile is almost 4 years, so that makes my original almost 5 years old. Five years on fubar, and I only thought of travelling to meet TWO girls on this site. ONE who was really close to me, and another who I really enjoyed our interactions... Neither ever happened. But during this time, I met someone. Someone who impressed me with her morals and outlook on life. The friendship gr
How To Properly Grab Your Bomb Album Url
I hate bombing. When I have bombed, I hate it even more when people spam you with dead links and you sometimes, occasionally click on them. Learn how to do it right.
Random Gift Day!
Tom and I have been doing a Random Gift Day for over a year now. I've been slacking on it and I'm not too sure about him. At any rate, I think it's time for some changes with it. Don't worry, since Tom says "rules suck", they won't be hard and there won't be a lot of them. [See Tom, I do think of you, lol] 1. The only thing NOT random about Random Gift Day is the date. It will always be the 23rd of every month. Why the 23? Well that's the random part of it. 2. You can send gifts to your friends, but you also have to send gifts to RANDOM people. Yep. People you know nothing about. 3. The gifts you send have to mean NOTHING. Don't be sending the guy/girl you like something all cute and loving. Send them a birthday card or something, lol 4. If you get a gift, send one back. Just make sure it's just as random as the one they sent you. 5. Make sure when you send a gift, you let the people know it's for Random Gift Day. That's all I think, lol.
Please Read - Fu-break
Hey, everybody! First of all, no this isn't a drama deal. I want to thank all my friends on here for being totally awesome! You guys rock! Thank you for chatting with me, reading and commenting on my stuff, and just being good people and not throwing drama around my page. Every single person on my friends list and quite a few that aren't who will probably read this has contributed something to my life and I thank you. I'm glad to have known each and every one of you, even if I acted like an ass at times - sometimes I take a joke too far. Unfortunately, I need to do something - anything - else with my time. Fubar is just taking up too much of my daily activities that I could be spending on something else. I'm taking a full load of courses this semester and I need to get prioritized and focus on what's most immediately important in my life. Plus, I've been going on Fu pretty hard for a while. It's time I took a break or cut back. Just in case anyone is wondering (I don't know wh
A Special Friday Blog..
Sometimes in the rat race that is commonly known as Fubar, some things get missed, or overlooked, yanno like the fact that there are actually real people behind those floating gifs you see all the time. People get so caught up in bling, drama, who's doing what and playing who that sometimes well, important things are missed. With that in mind I want you to show some love to a friend today, on her birthday, as she's having a lilll bit of a tough spell out there. So give a warm Happy Birthday and well wishes to: Irresistable Beauty xxFuCTxx @ fubar I just know she'll appreciate it... Two side notes: - A) I'm buying all of your unused tickers, sb or pm me with messages. - B) And a new normal blog this weekend. It's a hollllllllllliday weekend, let's hope for a bling sale, js...haha peace.
Loose Ends
looks like I need to do a blog...start with the light shit, Went to see Resident Evil...was pretty good...I was able to sweet talk my way out of having to work the beer tent again tonight as well...which leaves me the time to do the blog.As many of you know last week Joanna and I had a fight...which should have stayed at that but Debby came in for the kill showing me convos that she said were Jo stabbing me in the back..and yes, at the time that is exactly what they appeared to be. She said she would follow with screenshots from her and John proving it further. Those never came thru, I finally broke and spoke with Jo the other day, she sent me the REST of the convos associated with what Debbys had shown yes they were her word....just put together to suit Debbys needs. Now Debby..welll where to begin . Few weeks ago I received a Bday gift in the mail from John. I finally said soething about it and of course was called a liar, a psycho..all kinds of shit. Then I produced the invoi
How To Make A Chain Mail Dice Bag In Two Easy Steps!
Okay, picture blog time! 1) Make a sheet of chain mail. 2) Turn it into a dice bag!
Png Had A Bad Day
PNG comes into my office on Friday crying, turns out her BF is about to break up with her. She wants to get on facebook and make the hit first (we have it blocked from the office) so she asked if I could help (of course, it's blocked for the users, not the admins.) I hook her up, and she goes over the details, he's a democrat and she's a republican and he didn't like how she voted in the last election (if you remember what I posted about her politics before, just shut up) and he said something along the lines that he basically found her vapid. I am paraphrasing here, but that's the gist I got. So I tell her plenty of nice things; there's someone better for you, you're a sweet pretty woman, full of laughter, who wouldn't go after you, and etc. In an attempt to make her laugh, I say "I guess you'll finally let me take you to lunch now" but yeah, that didn't go over well. Ya know, I am being just the awesome guy I am, though its really not flying, I think it got to the point w
Speaking Of Brain Dead Zombies
Just had a user come into my office and say "This government website is down, I wanted to know if someone could call them and find out when it will be back up" First of all, why can't you? It doesn't require a degree to ask "When will you be back up?" Then, like they would even tell you, because you know constant interruptions always make me fix things faster. Yeah, I'll be so glad when I leave this place, I'm tired of being the master of the freaking internet.
Ooops See If I Follow You Folks Anymore Know I Will
I must have made the person mad Its time t...: U BITCH cancel Chat 12:01pm more To Its time t...: you nasty cunt cancel Chat 12:01pm reply Its time t...: FUCK YOU cancel Chat 12:01pm more To Its time t...: try some feminine hygiene cancel Chat
For The People
I shouldn't even have to write this because it's so stupid, but I've been noticing it a lot lately and it annoys the hell out of me. I come on here because I'm bored, I like talking to people, I like laughing and goofing off and you really don't need to think much to be on here. It's a nice escape from reality and we can all use an escape sometimes. Having said that, I notice people taking stuff WAY too seriously on here (and other sites.) Sometimes, a status is just a status--there is no need to overanalyze. I put a lot of song lyrics, movie/tv quotes in my status and I get random people saying things like "whoooa I better watch out for you" or something similar. Friends/family ranking: If you don't like the "position" you are on in someone's list, you need to log out. Plain and simple. I don't organize my list by who I like the most; it's usually by who I've known longest/talk to the most. Don't like it--delete me. Funnily enough, people who have said others were ridiculous for
In Memoriam
When we say goodbye, We alway's think of the past, these memories we soon cherish because time seems to go by so fast. I hope I left you with good memories, filled with laughter and love, I'll take these memories with me , as I go to Heaven above. Though I must leave you , tears please not shed, remember the good times we shared, filled with laughter and love instead. Before I leave you, I just want you to know , I didn't want to say " Goodbye" it was just my time to go.
Teh Pointz!!!111!!!
Hey! Guess what? Tomorrow there will be triple points. For once, it's not about me. :P This guy has 3 mil points to go. Could you help out between today and tomorrow and make it happen? He's like the best dude friend you could like have. Chef Jay@ fubar Thanks! That is all.
Riddle This?
Sam Sham and his new bride Samantha were racing down a country road toward the city. Suddenly Sam's car began to sputter and cough, and finally stalled. Realizing his car was out of gas, Sam decided to go for help. before leaving, he instructed Samantha to lock all four doors and keep the windows rolled up tight. Sam returned to the car to find his new bride dead and a stranger in the car. The windows and doors still locked and closed, and the car undamaged. How did Samantha die, and who is the stranger? discuss amongst yourselves and solve...yes this is for your final grade!! lol as you were
Crazy Bitch!
Many of my fu-friends that know this crazy bitch, and have heard her deny that she stalks me but this dumb cunt found me on Facebook and asked to be added to my profile and was told to fuck off. When I wouldnt let her get on as a friend on facebook she located my sister and my son and begun hassling both of them. At first I didnt know it but she had said that my son and sister were so much nicer than I was and that tipped me off immediately that she had already contacted them. As soon as she had said that I asked my son and daughter if she had and they had both said that she did. I told them about her and asked them both to remove the bitch, and my sister did but my son thought that it was funny being a wiseass like his father he laughed at me and said no. I said ok but I will laugh at you when she starts harassing you and your friends like she did me. My sister was telling me how the dumbass was "liking" every single comment that she made. She blocked her soon after. The one thing
It's All About Me
I'm having a Happy Hour! It's been a couple of years... but I have a day off work next Monday (11/15) so I decided to do a fu-nooner :D I know all of my friends have at least e-ADD so I'll remind moar, closer to the day. BE THERE OR BE BLICKED! :P
What's Wrong With This Picture?
life is too short to keep making excuses
Well todays subject doesnt take much thought to come up with... What is your New Years resolution going to be? And Why? Do you honestly think you will be able to stick to it and/or achieve it? As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT. Please check out the other questions of the day. Please Rate This Blog & Follow It
SWAGFUNK: There will never be a day when the heart would not ponder the thought of you. There can never be a moment when the visions have become so darkened that your reflection has been removed from the concious perception. May there never be a day when the evening would find great sadness because it would not be able to adore the remarkable sensation that has been discovered in you. Yeah.......right. That is all.
i wanted to see what all the hype was too so... twatever
I am making some pictures for my "crazies" and "stalkees" before I leave. Let me know if you would let me "borrow" a picture of you for it. Thank you
The People I See ~ Ramblings Of A Feverish Brain
Some of you are here for fun Some of you are here to find sex or love Some of you are genuine Some of you are only here for people when they are happy Some of you think I have aligned myself with someone you don't like and leave without looking back Some of you listen only to what friends say and don't use your own observational skills to pass judgment - and we all judge whether we like to admit it or not; it's how you do so that defines you as a person Some of you need to put others down to make you feel better Some of you, very few, are truly awesome - these people are in my family list, though some are still missing Some of you feel slighted to have been deleted from my list and thus avoid me - this I understand because I have felt the same way, but I tried to make it clear in my blogs and about me why it was done All of you are real people, despite what most say. Someone physical lies behind the screen, whether they choose to be themselves or someone totally different
Today Is A Good Day
Excited about tomorrow! My baby sister and I are going to shop together..I really hate shopping,but love her. Poor thing has to have some bone removed from her elbow soon,so she deserves some time with her wacky big sister ;) Every friday should be bone your spouse day! ....js Cory is losing weight and getting super hot rawrrrrrrrrrrr I am getting more and more nervous about Feb 8th,but ready for it to be here!..discussing my surgery then and hopefully setting a date!!!! I hope workman's comp will agree and NOT back out and let me have my life back. Mom is at dialysis and I am keeping my fingers crossed..we are taking things one moment at a time. After tomorrow... I am grounding myself from Bath & Body Works!....... I am in lust with that store..everyone needs to get the scent "FOREVER SUNSHINE",soooooooooo you can smell like ME! that is all!.....why are you reading this???? go bone now!
Do You Got What It Takes?
So I have run a couple "GOD MODES" and I have learned some interesting things........ 1. People don't give a FUCK about what your status says until you have that little blinking lightning bolt next to your name. You can literally post for 2 weeks straight that you are taking offers for family adds and not get 1 single offer until you activate. 2. SUDDENLY everyone of the fuckin "green" and "red" name ppl wanna leave you status comments like they have been your BFF since you started FU. 3. Fu-sers like to jump in your SB claiming how "fu-poor" they are and they "really need a boomy, famp, or auto 11 to level :( " And of course I just wanna jump up and say " OMFG!! Of course I will help you!! You're sooooooo cool and I see you scroll all the time. I just wanna lick your ass so you will love me" FOR REAL?!?!?! Get a FUCKING LIFE!!! 4. I KNOW how much you can make in Fubucks running a God mode....... BUT apparently everyone is soooooooooo poor that they can only offer
Show me what your soundtrack would look like. Opening credits: The StoryWaking up: Whatever Average day: Just Another Day in ParadiseFirst date: OrdinaryFalling in love: Something BeautifulLove scene: With MeFight scene: HeadstrongBreaking up: What I Didn't SayGetting back together: Come Down to MeSecret love: StayLife's okay: Fine AgainMental breakdown: Down with the SicknessDriving: Break StuffLearning a lesson: What I Cannot ChangeDeep thought: She Don't Want the WorldFlashback: Ruff Ryders AnthemPartying: Party Like a RockstarHappy dance: Like This Regretting: 21 GunsLong night alone: It Never Entered My Mind Death scene: WastelandClosing credits: She Don't Want the World
A Proof Lesson, A Thank You & Some Points To Ponder...
ahh..may as well get this overwith so we can move on..because you know, we still have so much work to do... Hello kids, how are we?...First and foremost, I'd like to thank every single person that spread the word, submitted screenshots, contributed and offered general support in what looks like the busting of the goon in the previously mentioned Valentine's Day Massacre blog.. That was beyond the scope of anything I thought it was when the idea was first presented to me, as is usually the case when dealing with high profile scam jobs and con artists...would you believe I'm still getting more info from more people about it?...amazing...just amazing... So thank you... Secondly, wow I don't even know where to start with this one. Fubar is a place where alot of money, feelings, and personal interaction takes place. Inevitably, it will lead to lead to people fighting. And people have every right under creation to cut, remove, jilt, distance themselves, push away (my god I hate t
I Am Batman In A Bar...
So I went out tonight to watch the Sabres play and have a beer and some wings. I am sitting in the bar, and in walk these two couples, who take seats at the end of the bar. Pretty Girl buys a drink for herself and attractive guy. Less pretty girl buys drink for herself and starts a tab Average guy buys drink for himself. Pretty girl talks to attractive guy Less pretty girl turns her back on average guy and listens to pretty girl talk. Based on these actions I determined that Pretty Girl and Attractive guy are dating. Less pretty girl is pretty girl's friend, average guy is attractive guy's friend. Attractive guy set average guy up with less pretty girl so that she would not be third wheel. I confirmed my hypothesis after I bought average guy a drink, for I felt bad for him that less pretty girl, which let me say, yeah she had a decent rack, but she's fighting a losing battle snubbed him.
Life, Love And Fubar
It's strange for me to be writing this really because having started I'm not really sure how to continue. In the time I have been here at Fubar, I have made a few enemies, some very good friends and one person in particular who makes my whole exsistance mean something. No matter what the relationship, I am thankful for each and every one of you. You have all been the source of a great deal of happiness to me and have become a part of my life that I cannot go a day without, and even though Fubar will only allow me to put 50 of you into my fu-family, I wish that I could include each and every one of you. Some of you have known me for quite a long tme, others are only recently getting to know me but I would like to think that I have touched your lives in much the same way that you have all touched mine. Having said that, and probably sounded like an old fool, I suppose, its time to get to the point. I have for a couple of months been suffering from some health problems. Those of you th
Family Ties
OK, here is one for you, Dr. Ninja. When it comes to Fubar, I am old school. When I put someone in my family, it is because I think they are my friend unless it for a specified reason (like helping them level). Should I be upset when someone puts me in their family because I am a friend, then they remove me to add someone that pays them for a spot? Or, should I just recognize that this is the new Fubar where family can be bought and sold? Sincerely,Questioning friendships Dear Questioning friendships, Whether or not you are listed in someone's family, unless there was an argument precipitating the removal, you shouldn't really matter. Some of us rotate family members frequently so that people who don't usually get the benefits of famps and such finally do. Sometimes, money is tight and we want some credits. So we sell a spot for a run, then go back to the usual lot. If you think it diminishes your place in their life, you probably want to analyze the fact that you care m
Damn, I Am Good
Ok...I have been growing a garden...herbs, tomatoes, and onions... I have really been working hard landscaping and getting my yard looking good I have been eating better and walking..I am really working hard to improve my whole life, not just one part I bought a new grill (and assembled it myself) and tonight..I cooked a damn fine dinner I made chicken with rosemary I grew, red potatoes with green onion and fresh parsley ( i grew both ) and fresh green beans with grape tomatoes Icooked it all on the grill...and i gotta say...I am a damn good cook lol Anyway Hi..:D
Someone Get This Pervert A Referral Link!!
Someone get this man a Fubar Referral link! LOL How many people on here know someone with this kind of story hmm? Lies, cover ups, lies, sex, pictures, bs, lies, then only once busted, the truth they do reveal... New York - Rep. Anthony Weiner Admits Sending Lewd Twitter Photo - 06/06/11 But he sure was the first one to criticize GOP members about their ETHICS!!! It's funny what people admit to when they are pushed. On every level. This is why we seek truth. This is why society is the way it is and why you need to be vigilant about who and what you trust and with what tongues they use to speak their words. Crazy right?...peace.
A Gift For The Fakes...
Courtesy of Alethea (I still call her Ashwee)....if you see a fake drop this on their page... LOL. Maybe it will deter a tool or two.
Muffin Mania
I know alot of people are having problems with their credits being lost due to "Pink Muffin Mania" day today. You should receive something like this if you actually paid for some of them. I think the glitch is fixed and here's some explanation of's the message that was sent to me from someone who got some of their lost credits back: That's a lot of fucking muffins. I want whatever was in -that- frosting lol peace.
High On Cold Meds
MASo won't let me blog. So this is me not blogging! :D Or blogging about not blogging. Something. Either way, he is REALLY bossy. This doesn't count as a blog, MASo. I'm on cold meds and I'm goofy (more than normal.) Does he look mad? I bet he's mad. :D Hiiiiiiiiiiiii peoples. How's you doin'?
Reality Check
Ok, this is a weird day. Someone who was a mutual family member for almost 2 years unfriended me suddenly. I politely asked if something was wrong to which was repled "STOP!!!" followed by a block. Now suddenly I am being blovked left and right by people. Does anyone have any clue wtf is going on?
45 Things Women Want But Won't Come Out And Just Ask You For
45 THINGS A WOMAN WANTS, BUT WON'T ASK FOR:1. Touch her waist.2. Actually talk to her.3. Share secrets with her.4. Give her your jacket.5. Kiss her slowly.Are you remembering this?6. Hug her.7. Hold her.8. Laugh with her.9. Invite her somewhere.10. Hangout with her and your friends together.KEEP READING ..11. Smile with her.12. Take pictures with her.13. Pull her onto your lap.14. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back.15. When her friends say “I love her more than you”, deny it. Fight back and hug her tight so she can’t get to her friends. It makes her feel loved.Are you thinking of someone?16. Always hug her and say I love you whenever you see her.17. Kiss her unexpectedly.18. Hug her from behind around the waist.19. Tell her she’s beautiful.20. Tell her the way you feel about her.One last thing you need to do to show her you actually do mean it.21. Open doors for her, walk her to her car - it makes her feel protected, plus it never hurts to act
Today's Ranks = Rate Glitch. Not A Conspiracy.
I'm going to clear the air here before people start whining and complaining. If you look at today's rank, you will see it is very off-kilter from the norm with myself included. This is called a rate glitch. This has happened at least three other times in the past couple of years. This is not a conspiracy there is no favoritism, these people did not cheat. After a quick review of the top 200 daily members today, it appears to have been on a widespread scale as some of the effected people haven't been here in quite some time. Just for the record, lol. So if someone is blowing a gasket or making false accusations of cheating, please review this blog. If you have any thoughts or comments, feel free to share with the class. Any questions? Have a good weekend.Update: The dailies have been restored to normal, just not the lifetimes.
Postal Promotions!!! Time For Me To Begin Promoting Local Bands Again!
Hello all you happy people, friends, family and fans!!! First off; a note to my current friends and family I have decided to start up the promotions part of my business and will be linking my fubar page to my promotions page. I will be accepting ALL friend requests. I know I have been picky in accepting friends in the past, but for promotion reasons this seems to be my best bet ;) Second; I will be going back to some of my point hoaring habits, because I've been bored out of my gourd on here!!! LET'S LIVEN THIS BISH UP!! Who's gonna buy me a bling pack? *giggles* Third; I will be hitting local shows beginning the first week of November, uploading show pics and blogging about my favorite local bands and where the next gigs will be! I've missed it!!! Hope to get your friend requests and like me to follow the local COLORADO SCOOP! Forth; My studio sale is still in full swing....SAVE UP TO 30% OFF!!! Jewelry, Photography, Graphics,
Beware Of Recent User/scammer
There is a new scammer/user on here There are other blogs on this guy. Yes i am the ex fu-fiance that was used and lied to and backstabbed. He was new on here so i thought i would help him and show him how to enjoy fubar. I gave him my points off many god modes and famps and even bought him a Boomy. Yes i know im a dumbass but i wanted to help. I leveled him 5 times and inroduced him to other family that he used as well. He promised to get me bling and pay for fu=marriage and pay my friend for the skin and pics and tags she made him. when it came time he had excuse he did not get pd. We let it slide. Then he promised to pay this past monday. Never happened. I went to another friend he was talking to and found out he was slandering me and saying same things to her as he was to me and he made same promises and never pd. He claims his mom died the day he was supposed to pay us and start running all these famps he promised other ppl. Well i looked
Once Apon A Time
Once apon a time, I went on the computer and talked to a real life Angel. But didn't know she was an Angel, because I didn't know her yet. Then one day we desided to meet up. Then I found out Angels are true. But this Angel was a little different then the rest. Only because she didnt really think she was an Angel, and she was lost. She was a true life living Angel. But she was lost, he in the States, insted of being free in Heaven. Only because she didnt truly believe she was one. I have faith in god, but once meeting her, nothing else in this world met nothing to me. I just wanted to be with this Angel. And I wanted her to realise she was an Angel. But when your 100% sure she was a real life living Angel, How do you make her believe that? You really cant make anyone believe something, they feel is not true. But this was a totaly true Angel of God. So how do I make a lost Angel, not be lost? Thats what im working on now. But me not being an Angel it's ha
Ravings, Rantings And Rankings.....
I cant begin to tell you what you all mean to me. Yesterday was absolutely amazing and I guess my pea brain had no idea what it was gonna be like to be on everyone's home page for 24 The response to that overwhelmed this lil gal from texas' heart. You people are incredibly amazing to me. Those that know me well know that if there is anything at all I can do for you for showing me so much kindness all you need do is ask. Im incredibly behind in rating you all and if I havent, which yesterday was next to impossible, please remind me especially if you are needing to level up and I'll come and help push you over or pimp you out as need be. I do want to address one thing that is in my mind this morning. Over the day and last night several haters came to my profile...Never once commenting on anything but to leave 1's, 4's etc...whatever the number, I guess in some attempt to make me feel badly or to drop my rating or whatever. Never being brave enough to speak to me.
December 5th, 2006
As of this last Sunday it was recommended that I go back on my birth control patches to get back to normal....I remember when I was waiting for the right time to get off of them and now I am back on them but I get the feeling that they are working. I am starting to feel a little bit more normal again. I still cry sometimes and miss my baby. I made a little place in the house dedicated to the baby on an onld fashioned dresser and I have promised myself to take it down by the first of the year or when I am pregnant...whichever comes first. I want to remember this but I dont want to drag it out for too long. I think that I am already starting to let it all go. I didnt go in for my blood draw yesterday or today. I am gonna wait as long as I can before it drives me crazy and I NEED to know my numbers. Maybe I will go tomorrow. Thanks to those that keep following this with me.
Play Roomゥ
This story will be somewhat darker than you might be used to. If you have read my profile or stories before you know of my desire for a "playtoy". Their are qualities I look for in my toys. Being open, honest is really a big one as well. Spontainious for those sudden urges I just may have. Being uninhibited also a must because I may decide to play with you in public as well. Warped sense of humor will help because when not playing,I tend to be goofy. Finally, you MUST be creatively dirty minded...(mischevious grin). I moved into a new home, it'll be almost 3 years next July. Living alone I really didn't need such a large home,but I wanted a spare bedroom,a study,and my dream...a "Play Room". This is something I worked long and hard on,creating most of the things that are inside. The builder thought I was nust when I requested 2x12 rafters in this room as well as large cabinets that were at least 4ft. deep and at a higher level than the cabinets in the kitchen or bathrooms. I also
The End To My Ordeal Is At Hand
Tomorrow is my ultrasound to assure that my uterus is in fact now empty. In some ways its kinda bittersweet. One the one hand we want it to be because that will signal that I am healing and that this will all finally come to an end. On the other hand, it will make it FINAL that our baby is indeed GONE and its a big pill to swallow even now almost 3 months later. I keep trying to hold my chin high and brave this old yet new pain. We have an ornament hanging for the baby on Wednesday as well and hopefully we will be able to meet other parents who have survived this as well. This Christmas will be sweet and yet tough. It will be me and Mikes first Christmas AND the first Christmas knowing the baby is gone. I hope that I can make it through without crying though I am thinking I am not gonna be able to. Thank you all for stopping in to read and being my are all great!
Vid;) Adult!
Afternoon Fantasy - Elevator
The elevator door closes and behind me is a very handsome man that I noticed as I entered. He is wearing a very expensive looking suit with an attach case in his right hand leaning up against the wall. He smiles at me as I enter the elevator and press the button for the floor below the button he pushed. We have many floors to go yet. I stand there in the middle of the floor and we begin our ascent to our destination. I can smell the scent of his cologne as it wafts over my shoulder. Very manly and extremely seductive was the scent from his cologne. It made my mind wander with the allure from his scent. I hear the tap of his attach case as he sets it on the floor behind me and off to his side. Suddenly, I feel his arm slowly reach around my waist and give me a slight tug backwards and I can feel his body press up against my back. I gasped for a second but never said a word. Against my ass I can feel the stiffness of his cock as it rises beneath his pants. It is gett
What If.
A date with you would start, of course, with me asking you out and you accepting. It would begin around Nine AM I will take you to a restaurant on the beach where we would have a light breakfast...its a good way to get rid of butterflies in the stomach as well as communicate some ice breaking topics, this also gives you an out if you choose to end date.........After we have ate a bit and enjoyed talking to each other and we are both more relaxed, i will take you to a nice late morning stroll on the beach. We can hold hands and walk and talk about how beautiful the scene is and i will tell you how the day is so much more beautiful with you by my side.. We can play a bit chase each other around and walk barefoot in the shallow water.....I will kiss you at some point, a good kiss looking onto your wanting eyes, holding your face to mine....kiss, should you return the kiss I will embrace you, squeeze you close to me, at you will probably feel at this point my desire for you. But this i
Happy Valentine's Day 2 The Lady I Love The Most Always & Foreve
You came into my life one morning on a cold and snowy day, I had never seen such beaty you just stole my heart and soul away, you gave my life new meaning, I so did worship you, and as the days past to years your beauty only grew, my most treasured memories all begin and end with you, but this world can be so empty, heartless and cold, I lost you far to early long before your day was due.. You will always be my special angel the one love that will always last and I couldn't let this day go by without saying to you, Happy Valentine's Day My Angel, Mystikal Dawn I So Miss you.. Hosted by
Some people SERIOUSLY don't understand the word NO. Most people on here aren't here to listen to others bitch and complain about how one person has more points then them, this persons using greese monkey, oh no, and this person hates me boo fucking hoo bitches. NO ONE gives a fuck seriously. You can take your cry baby asses, back to myspace or cybersocieties cause we all know thats where you babies came from. UGH they annoy me. HOW HARD is it for people to just come online for a few hours and HAVE FUN. It seems to be extremely hard for some people. And to be honest i don't really care if you disagree. This is my blog and i will state my opnion anywhere i want, anyway i want. Get the fuck over it. Yes im bitchy right now, but im sick and tired of hearing cry babies. Ugh if you agree with me rate this blog :)
Help Me Guys!
I am building a sports funny website, as you know. That being said, I want to put out there a little contest of sorts for the name of the site. I would appreciate any input you might have. My idea was but that may cause an issue, as you know. Thanks guys!
This One Is For Diomand Earings Paid During Happy Hour
remember i will send thge gift to anyone u want anonymously with a note saying u send it guess a number fro 1-20 unlimited guesses but one per comment winner announced soon as i see the number.......if no winner in 10 minutes 1st person to guess wins by default
People Ask Why I Have A Foot Fetish
i'm often asked how i came to love feet so much. Every person that has a fetish, has their own way it formed, and many don't know why. But i do remember how mine began. It was in the 3rd grade, i had a very strict teacher, but as strict as she was, she was also beautiful and fashionable. High heeled, open toed shoes were the fashion and she wore them often. A few times a week, she would gather us together in the back of the room for story time. She would sit on a stool and read us a story, while we all sat on the floor at her feet. i remember eventually getting bored with the story, and just looking at her toenails. i'd just watch them, they weren't doing tricks or anything of course, but for some reason they really fascinated me. i remember how disappointed i was when her sandals turned to boots for the winter, and how it just wasn't the same to stare at her boots. By the end of the year, i was not only looking at her toenails, but other teacher's toenails as well, and co
Remember The Love???????????
"Absence does for love what the wind does for a flame: it extinguishes the weak, and feeds the strong" That's the Beat of a Heart Sometimes it's hard to don't wanna look over your shoulder 'Cause you don't want to remember where you've been There'll come a time you die, If you could only hold (her,him) 'Cause I know that's where I am So listen with all your heart Hold it inside forever You may find all your dreams have already come true Look inside and find the part that's leading you 'Cause that's the beat of a heart Sometimes you'll drown it out with all your rage and thunder Sometimes you'll drown it out with all your tears There'll come a time when you hear it and you'll wonder "Where in the world have I been?" So list
Talk About Luck...
In the picture above you can see where this guy broke through the guard rail (on the right side where the people are standing) and somehow his truck left the road, traveling from right to left and flipped end-over-end, across the culvert outlet landing on the other side. Now look at the picture below... If that isn't luck I don't know what is!
Parents And Their Kids
Parents should be upfront about everthing with there kids except what the kids are getting for xmass and birthdays. if you like to walk around the house naked or topless then you should weather kids are around or not nomater there age and so on. If more parents were naked around there kids at home then less adults would be uptight about nakedness becase they grew up with it. what do you think? why? how come? what for? when? where? because...?
Any More Questions???
I hate answering all the same, stupid questions over and over, especially since most of your answers can be found in my profile if you'd only take the time to read... So to address some of the things I encounter multiple times on a daily basis: *I will NOT show you my private folder. I don't care if you beg, whine, whatever. The answer is still no. *I will not send you "extra" pictures. What I have posted is all you're gonna see. *I have a son. He is 4 years old and he is my world. *I am NOT gonna have cyber or phone sex with you. Or for that matter, sex in real life. I don't need you to satisfy me. You probably couldn't anyway. *I do not own a web cam and even if I did, I would not be getting on it for you. *I will NOT talk dirty to you in the shoutbox, on a messenger, on the phone, in email, etc. *I will NOT hook up with one of my friends. Go find your own damn girls. *Yes, I am single. That does not mean I want a boyfriend and that does not mean I want to have sex randoml
Caption It | Vol.1 | 007
RFB痴 Bi-Weekly Photo Blog Caption It - Bi-Weekly it is! (Start sending in your pictures and I will feature them in a round of "Caption It") I will be doing these bi-weekly now so keep an eye out! The name of the game is 鼎aption It and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog twice a week for a new photo and hysterical captions. 2. Comment with a caption of your own! You could caption the photo in general or 賭uote the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. 3. Have fun!!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS IF YOU HAVEN探 ALREADY!!! THEY ARE MISSING OUT.
You walk into the bathroom; candlelight flickers on the walls casting softly luminous shadows. One captures your attention and as you turn your head you see me, naked, kneeling over the bathtub. My beautiful tight round ass is lifted slightly in the air as I adjust the temperature of the water, my long red hair hanging over my breasts, attracting your eyes to their hardened tips. You quietly strip down as you watch me and I turn the water from bath to shower. As you walk up behind me, you gently squeeze my ass. I turn around quickly and gaze into your eyes. Then you grab me, kissing me passionately, nibbling on my lower lip. Turning out of your grasp, I pull away and without turning to you step quickly into the shower. 溺ind if I join you? you ask 哲o, not at all. I wiggle my ass slightly saying for you to come and get me. The steam from the shower fills the room as you step into the shower. With the multitude of hanging plants around us, it痴 almost as if we were in a tropical
Birth Story!
(BIRTH STORY) SHE IS HERE!!!! I started getting the contractions on the 9th at 10pm after i took the castor oil, and i figured that they would just go away, but i went to sleep and woke up around 5am with stronger contractions than i went to bed with. i called my mom at work and told her i needed to go to the hospital. when we got there i wasnt dialated anymore, but they told me to drink alot of water and walk around the hospital for an hour, so thats what i did. after i did that they checked me and i was dialated another cm, and 90% effaced. my midwife asked me how long i had been having the contractions and i told her since 10pm the night before, so she said you have been piddleing along for too long. lets have this baby. she broke my water and started me on petocin to speed things up. she asked me if i was still going to go natural and i told her yes. she said i was brave lol so the contractions came and went and got stronger and stronger and before i knew it i was dialated to a
Have You Ever Been So Hurt...?
Ok, I have a question for all of you. and I want HONEST TO GOD ANSWERS. First off, let me start with this. Have you ever been so hurt by everyone, and so angry with everyone, and so disturbed and confused with everyone and everything crashing down in your life, and are so tired of crying, that you just turn into stone? Thats where I am right now. For those that dont know me, or much about me, you're in for a real treat. Here I am. 22 years old. Moved from California to be with my sister out here in Florida, to keep her fucking psychotic ex boyfriend away, and to make sure she doesnt do anything stupid between July 3 (when I moved out here) to October 11th, when she'll be 18. Because my mom and sister weren't able to keep their apartment because with only one income my mom couldnt keep up with the $1300 a month rent on this bomb ass apartment, they had to move in to my Grandmas house. My grandma lives in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house. And before I came along, there was my grand
I am going to quote Katt Williams here..."Ladies, stop waiting on a man to tell u ur the shit. If ur the shit, ur the mutha fuckin shit." A man dont need to tell u this. Its something that u should already know. I am saying this because I see all these mumms that ask "am I cute?" "Do u like me?" Who the hell cares really! I am a beautiful...full figured woman and I know it! I dont need anyone to tell me what I already know! So with that being said I am gonna close this with one more quote from Katt... "hows a woman gonna say u messed up her self esteem? Bitch its called 'SELF ESTEEM' its esteem of ur mutha fuckin self. how did I fuck up the U feel about U simple bitch?" Ladies keep it always repect ur women!
Hatfield And Mccoy's ..... Listen Up!!
You know, I am watching and have watched this site make and break relationships. Where have I been?? The last week or so, I've just been back in the cut watching the scene. In all honesty, I've been really disappointed by it. To some of you, the rest of this blog may not make any sense but to others, it will be crystal clear. About a year or so ago...give or take, a group of great people made some connections on this site. As time went on, these people became friends. Not just dot com friends but "park my feet under your table" type of friends. Even some of those who had not met face to face yet had formed bonds that seemed impenetrable at the time. They stood with one another for the good and rolled with one another when shit got ugly....they were watching each other's backs. Now, through fu-fame, and the rest of the illusions of grandure and opportunity that this site festers, I知 watching the same people no longer watching one another痴 back. It appears that s
Kitty Pics
There is a reason I do not have pics of my "kitty" on fubar. There will not EVER be pic of my "kitty" on here. SO STOP ASKING. I am deleting and blocking everybody who asks for some or tells me I should post some. Well I just cut my list by half lmfao
What Happened To Me This Week...
This has been one hell of a week. For a week that started off so horribly, it sure ended on a bizarrely high note. For those of you that didn't know, I was in a really bad car accident last Friday, courtesy of a drunken driver. Yay. I was bruised, sprained, battered, and smashed.... but amazingly, did not break a single bone. Which is even more amazing considering I got a really bad concussion from putting my face through my side window. The bruising is only now starting to go away from my face. The only thing that tells me is my doc is going to have one HELL of a time cutting into my head, but that's another story for a later blog. So I was supposed to chill, rest, and relax this week. After Monday, I was ready to kill people, so I begged my way into getting a rental, and drove myself to work. Yeah, most of you will think I'm a fucking moron, but hey...that's just the way I am. So, yesterday (Friday) rolls around, and I get a surprise that makes everything worth while. N
Who Wants A Morph Made Or Some Quick Easy Fubucks?
Who wants a morph made or some quick easy Fubucks? What do you have to do? Goto Stephanie Lynn's page You must do this in order 1. Rate her (10 or above) 2 Fan her 3 Add her as a friend when you add her your request must say Lisa sent me to Rate/Fan/Add you Do this and I will give you 3000 Fubucks Or I will make you a morph, you decide You must send me a message when done(Not a shout)
Next Week
It's really hard to believe that a whole year has passed since I wrote a blog about this subject, but it has! Anyhow, next week is production week (a.k.a. the longest week of my life; hell week; etc.) for our show. That means VERY little sleep, let alone time to be here with you all. I will make every effort to log on whenever the opportunity presents itself. But, please don't think I am ignoring any of you or avoiding you if I don't get the chance. I look forward to being on, at least for a little while, next weekend, but we'll also see how that goes. So, my friends take care and be safe! Talk with you all soon!
Some idiot in the sb.... he bugged me last night and kept asking me what I thought of his pics. Today he again started asking me what I thought of his. As usual, start from the bottom. He blocked me, and then kept going, even when I couldn't respond. izbig&: u fucking slut izbig&: who one bitch. ur pussy stinks izbig&: cunt izbig&: check it out got omething for u ->izbig&: Um, you started talking to me... izbig&: then y talk to me ->izbig&: No, I'm not disrespectful and rude, I don't take orders from people I don't give a shit about. izbig&: ur disrespectful and rude.. hows it feel ->izbig&: You're a complete asshole to me and you want me to do something for you? izbig&: just do it please ->izbig&: Actually, I could hav my choice of several guys, and I DO have someone, so fuck you... and why would I leave you a pm? izbig&: leave me a pm izbig&: thats y u have no one looser ->izbig&: Damn straight I don't need to do anything. I do what I w
Charitable Proposition
In the shower this morning, I was thinking about Awareness and how we all should be more Aware of important causes. Like my vagina. [insert pic of sad-looking vagina here] For just 37 cents per day, you can make a difference in the life of my vagina. "My god! That's $4.23 less than I spent on a mocha-raspberry-hazelnut-latte this morning!" *sage nod* "How," you ask, "can I do my part to better the life of this sad vagina?" I'm glad you asked. I could tell you to send my vagina money, but my vagina, being well-educated and already having too much expendable income, doesn't get that excited about money. Rather, it gets excited about Awareness. So please: give to a charity in my vagina's name. When you're at the grocery store and they ask if you would like to give $1 to fight polio-cephalitis, obviously you do. In the name of Sugar's Love Hole.* When I got to work, I explained to a coworker my plan to increase Awareness of my vagina. Coworker: Sugar, what are th
So tonite I was checkin out porn on Altavista and accidentally ( I swear to God, honest) stumbled on a... horse show... pic. I don't think I have ever seen a more disturbing site. :(
All Bad Girls Need To Read This
Hey ! I was going thru my friends list and I was wondering who to start rating my 11痴 for the day .. and then I decided who better than my bad girls !!! soooo can u post a blog about it.. basically stating for the next month.. (every day starting today) they get all their pics rated 11痴 (guaranteed 96 pics rated 11.. I have my days I forget and then ill rate a profile an 11 .. ) BUT they have to leave a comment on the blog.. so whoever is the 1st 1 to respond I go to them today .. the 2nd 1 I rate them 2morrow.. 3rd 1 to respond I rate them Friday.. so on and so on .. kool ?? let me know Here is who to thank for this idea *BooBooKittyFuk* * FU -OWNED BY *A-MAIZE* & *RAINDROPS* b4 add,favor is ALWAYS returned!@ fubar
Own Me!
So, I've decided to auction myself off again. I'm a nut, I know :P Click the pic below to see what I am offering and to go bid!!!
This Is Really Important!
this is sumthing i want everyone to see! its sad and scary and really fucked up. everyone can u pls leave a comment on this, and if u can, try and send this 2 other ppl. because i feel that this blog is really important. and every1 needs 2 c this
Old Age... (yes I'm Nearing It)
"God doesn't waste old age on everyone; some people find themselves under the wheel of life." Coop
Busy Time :-)
As a lot of you know me and Porl have been offered a house, it came as a huge surprise and boiled down to me residing in the same village the house is in for 20 years - they call it a strong connection. Before all this happened we had booked a long over due holiday which we are all excited about ... but .. this means not only are we packing the house up but we are also packing our holiday cases cause its a matter of move and fly lol! ... we like chaos ... NOT lol !!! We may not be about as much as usual ... so please bear with us .. we arent ignoring you we're probably in a large box - sounds kinky doesnt it? lol! we are still here and still feel the fu love ... :-) We will be in chaos from now - 12th June, but that doesnt mean we wont drop in from time to time when we can :-) Thanks for your understanding :-) Love Sandy xxx
Friday 05-09-08 (cofunments)
Friday, May 09, 2008 Awesome to see you once again! I hope this finds you with a full week behind you & An eventful weekend in store! I've many things in the planning stages that are hopefully achieved & successful. -wow- Mother's day Weekend is here already! So of coarse I plan to do something with my m
Is anyone else having trouble viewing/posting photo comments? I can't see any of mine and when I try to post one for someone else it doesn't show up for me, but they can see it. Also... You know how you use to be able to select someone's photo album and click from photo to photo at the top or click on the current photo to go to the next? I can't do that anymore. I have to exit the album, reenter it and select the next photo. It makes rating photos annoying and time consuming. _______________________________________________________________________ UPDATE: PROBLEM FIXED! *thumbs up*
So, I know I might sound like a filthy hypocrite based on my dislike for tats on women... butt I have decided to get a small Pisces tattoo. Ofcourse being me, and not being able to make up my mind on ANYTHIN ever, I have no idea what kinda design I want. Sooo, I am open to any suggestions :P
Grrrrrrrrrr! My ISP had a major fiber cut on Fathers' Day, and therefore, I was not able to get online the whole day! For those of you who commented me or left love, thank you sooooooooooooooooo much. I am not sure it will still be in the "see all" portion of my Bar Tab, so please let me know you stopped by to do so. Thank you for your understanding!
in the Fubar gift catalog the is a gift called a volcano..Has anyone one ever received one?. More to the point? does anyone know what it is?
Free Oral Sex
OK, here I am in another auction. Will you come and bid on me, please? This is what I'm offering: Here is my offer: All SFW pics rated during HH (11痴 if available--I can use my guy's account too, so there's lotsa 11's available). Owned by in name for one month Added as #1 friend for a month Keep you shitfaced for a month Link to your profile on my page Rate all stash during HH Blog about the owner with link to the page SFW salute If bid is more than 20.00 cash Five custom graphics One movie with pictures and song of your choice
The Fu-social Experiment
"Women have it so easy..." "Guys have to work harder than women to level up..." "Women just get VIPs and Blasts while we have to buy our own..." Ever heard of those arguments in the Lounges, MUMMs, Bulletins, Blogs, Shoutbox, or wherever? There really is truth behind this. I do not only teach, but I am also a student. It's true. I am taking Sociology courses. A big part of being a Sociologist is research and studies. Say that you are being studied on your free-throw accuracy and having someone take notes of how often you make the free-throws in a game of Basketball. The researcher tells you, "Don't mind me. No pressure. I'm just taking notes on how often you make your shots." Isn't that just a foreshadowing that you have an audience and that you feel you have to do better for the sake of science? I sure feel that. I'd be nervous and miss a lot of shots. Now, think of a study where no one knows that they're not being studied. Think of that movie called The Truman Show.
When It Rains...
I know.... This is 3 back to back to back Cubby blogs that i'm not happy. Sorry. Ever have one of those days that you knew would effect the rest of your life? Be it, when your girl says yes to marrying you. Or the day you find out your pregnant? I had one of those days today. Some of you know, most dont. I have back surgery scheduled on July 17th. next Thursday. I have 2 collapsed disks. Today i had a pre-op appointment. They FORCEFULLY stuck a camera in me. (Don't ask). And they took a last look at what they have to do. Well, it wasn't good news. They saw some changes since the last test. Some growth of nerves, and scar tissue. Doesn't sound like a big deal right? Well, its big enough for them to tell me today that they no longer want to proceed with the surgery. At the beginning, there was a very small chance of something to go wrong. That has changed. Now, Dr. Brock says there is a 30% chance of something going wrong. (Never walking again). And since i'm now w
Vacation To Tn
Out of the blue the hubs and I decided to drive to Tennessee sometime within next coupla days. Woo hoo, road trip!
New News...
So, now that all my medical issues a re resolving themselves, I decided that my life needs a new direction. So, upon many many discussions with my boss and co-workers, i have decided to study for the MCATs and see where i stand. If i do well enough on the practice MCAT, i'm going to go full time studying and prepare for the real deal sometime after the first of the year. So, yep, you read that right, bishes.. Giggity is going to be a doctor!
Own Me?
Yes, that's right, I'm in another auction. What can I say...I'm a glutton for punishment. =P Anyway, the auction only runs thru Thurs (fast and furious). So get your bids in asap! Even if you can't bid, take the time to rate it, please and thanks. ♥
OK, so I've been playing with my camera (not web cam), and made some vids ; however, they are in an avi. file, and I have no idea how to convert them into anything that can be uploaded on here or my photobucket :( input? thx
Zero Waste Policy?
"The Mayor of Kamikatsu, a small community in the hills of eastern Japan, has urged politicians around the world to follow his lead and make their towns "Zero Waste"." Brilliant stuff. More of this please. Clicky-clicky
Things About Men
Men don't like hints. THey like for things either to be said upfront, or not to be said at all.
My Trip
I just came to realization that it will be less than a year when we will start getting ready to put our place back on the market in order to go on a voyage, AKA work program to Europe. The idea is pretty much to travel indefinitely until we run out of moneys. The fact that we will have jobs will make it possible to extend the trip for over a year or more, we'll see. The main chunk of it will be in Scotland, where the work prog is originated, but planning to stay in Russia for a coupla months (my friend there is gonna try to hook me up with a govt translator job-she is a cop in Moscow) since we will stay with my Gramps, in Israel for the same amount of time (staying with my great aunt, and will apply for a civ IDF position), Germany for a while (staying with my cousin in Berlin). These are just the places I can freeload at. The rest will have to be for a lesser amnt of time: Belgium, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Bulgaria, etc. I am all excited, but gettin ready is gonna be a major has
Hey everyone...this guy is a long time friend of mine and he's just 55k from Insider.... eekwoollymammoth@ fubar Go show him some love. :D ♥
Went to see some friends last night, and they've just bought a new puppy. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....... Me wants a puppy. She's so adorable...
It Never Ends.
I hate blogging. It's always me bitching about something, and i was never a complainer before. But it's the only way to let people know what is up with Cubby. The back is actually not bad today. Finally got all the drugs out of my system and am feeling more myself. The night i got from the hospital was a weird ride. Pretty sure i was having a tea party with Pink Elephants and ghosts. Cubby rule #531: Never let a nurse stick you with a needle without knowing what it is. But as i said, the back feels good today. :D Yaaaaaa. But instead of taking it easy to make sure it stays that way. I'm off to a Wedding. LOL. It's my best buddy Fred's wedding and i'm the best man. So i kinda have too yanoo. :P It's both Gloria's and Fred's second marriage so it's very informal. So no sexy Cubby in Tux pics later. Sorry. Lmaoooo So, for those that miss the Cubby comments, i should be leaving some tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has missed them. Thanks to everyone who gave me well wishes in the
Here We Go Again....
Just to let everyone know, my mother had yet another cath done today on the artificial artery which runs from her heart, to her kidneys and bowels. The graphs have closed up and it looks a if she is going to have to have surgery which we had hoped could be avoided to replace it. She goes back to the surgeon next Monday. We won't know more until then. I am staying optimistic, just wanted to let everyone know what's up. Thanks for all the well wishes today. I figured it would be easier to blog about it than explain to everyone individually. Now, I just wanna relax. It's been a long day at the hospital, to say the least.
Careful What You Wish For...
...hey...'s been awile... ....let's see, I can't even remember where we left off, but I guess it's better to leave that where it was, huh? ... Many of you come to my blogs to look for the cheaters, the fakes, the manipulators and the liars and some of the biggest scum that the Fu has to offer. Some people came here to spy for other people that are too cowardly to show up as a viewer themselves. Others came here for something to read about that wasn't a lounge posting, pimp out or begging for help in a contest or auction. Anyways, I've been really busy for the past month or so, finally got out of that hellhole Florida (right before more hurricanes hit too!) The time away from here and doing "real life" things has been really good for me, and I encourage anyone to do the same. Anyways... A few days back and lo and behold what do I see? Hrmm. Lots of fakes!!! TONS of fakes! And a re-remergence of SweetSuzy reincarnated? It's possible and probable as well. A fatso & a tree h
The Punisher
This piece of shit, The Punisher made a mumm this morning and blocked me after I commented "Who is it this week?" I had a friend deliver a message back to his mumm, he deleted that and blocked the friend. About a half hour ago I get a PM from him, then I used some other means to get to him but his coward ass kept replying then blocking. So here it is for your amusement. I rearranged it so it can be read from the top down. can't do ur own dirty work, huh, so who's the real bitch, sounds like u. if u have a problem with being a man, then u need to get off of fubar I can do my own dirty work but when pussies have me blocked, I have to resort to other measures. The sad thing is I have been privy to many of your shoutbox conversations. It appears that you are the one that needs help being a man. Most of the women that you hit on think you are a fucking joke. I just think your pathetic. u definately lack a set of of balls, if u have a problem with me, step out
Not Far To Go:)
This young lady is getting sooooo close to Godfather she can practically taste it! So go to her page, show her some love, rate, fan, rate stash, comments, bling, whatever it takes to get her there! 225,409 Points to go! Let's get this done!!! MacARoni僉 fubar
Tell Me Your Opinion About This!!!
In this family we spend alot of times helping the lower levels move up. At times we have leveled some members more than once. The upper level people dont get that chance very often to level. So here is my idea.....How about if we have special days set aside for the person closet to godfather...then couple days for next closest person and so on. We could do a stretch of 2 days or 3 days per person. Then after we get the level 24s done we move to level 23 and then level 22, and so on. I want to know everybodys opinion on this. If you guys dont like the idea then let me know and we wont do it. Majority vote rules. If you like it how many days do you think each person should get? Or do u think this is something we should just do on Fri, Sat, Sun. A different person every weekend
So after an insane 3 days in Minnesota with the RNC here in the cities, with the protests and the media frenzy things are finally back to normal. After hearing McCain speak last night, I have such a higher respect and admiration for him. knowing his family history and his time as a POW, I understand what my dad was telling me all these years.. that even though the Vietnam vets were not given the praise and respect they should have recieved when they got home, that they fought with honor and integrity and for that I am proud to say that I am the daughter/granddaughter/neice of heroes.
Italian Chef is about 84k from leveling. Plz help this a$$h*le. :p Italian Chef@ fubar
The Day I Felt Old
So I watched the VMAs on Mtv a couple weeks ago..I couldn't wait for the show to come on. After watching a 1/2hr of the red carpet stuff it occured to me that I might be getting old. I watched 30 minutes of Nickelodeon and Disney stars that were highlights of the show??!!??!! It was a tween nightmare.. Ok so I made it through the red carpet and on to the show...Lil Wayne performs and wtf??? He has his pants on with his belt buckled completely UNDER his ass with no shirt on. I spent the entire time waiting for his pants to fall to his ankles and for him to trip and fall. I turned off the tv completely disappointed and feeling my age thinking about how I USED to be cool :( Damn you Miley, Ashley, Jonas Bros, Lil Wayne and that chick who kissed the girl and liked it!
I'm for sale... It started today. I dont know where.... First person to send the link wins a Cubby salute End of blog.....
Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness concerning all acts of initiative and creation. There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans; that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen events, meetings and material assistance which no one could have dreamed would have come their way. I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets: 展hatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now! ~ W.H. Murray "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." ~ Paulo Coelho, 21st century Brazilian writer from The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream
Family Comment Bombing
I will be starting it a little early!! it is no race it is just to see if you are willing to actually do 6k like asked and not give up in a kinda timely manner !! Everyone gets a prize !! I will be opening it at 11 Eastern time !! thanks \ Basstracker
Am I An Idiot Or What?
So here is this little personality awareness thingy, I stole from Mel. Things you(meaning anyone doing it) think of me. The first one is positive traits. The second is negative traits. So, yea, go and burn my soul......
Setting Things Stright
Anubis & Cherokee God Mama This is to settle all questions,,,,, As everyone knows me and Anubis met here on Fubar through Club F.A.R. We have been friends for awhile now and when I became single again a couples months after we started talking yes he is now living here in Norfolk Va and we have decided to make a go of it and live together ,,, we plan on being together and making this work ... Now the reason for this blog is simple seems I have some friends that wanna be 2 faced and yes things always get back to me I have lots of loyal friends that come to me with things they have heard.. If you are my true friend then be happy for me and know that I am happy if you can not do that then please remove yourself from my friends list and let me know who you are so i can do the same.... As for my T-R-U-E friends thank you so much for standing by me and not judging me and always having nice things to say ... As for all the haters all I can say is KARMA .... Terry is one
Book Report
I'm starting my book report at midnight. My goal is to be done with it by 2am. With no distractions that should be attainable. So distract me now while I'm here!
Halloween Auction Ball!
Come bid on me!
Disclaimer: This is a blog specifically about House (my obsession). If you have not watched the current episode you may want to back out now as there will be spoilers. You've been warned! So who thought House was sick when he passed out last night?
WHores should NEVER have kids. In theory
I'm A Hooker
yep still selling my ass....pweese own me
Words Cant Even Describe
Words can't even describe the thanks that I am sending out to each and every one of you that helped me on my auto-11. I am in awe and strictly amazed!! You guys blew the roof off of this one! I had many people telling me thanks I leveled because of your pictures, where as I am thinking, thanks you got me a BIG step closer to Oracle. I have some before and after pics to post here, its amazing!! As I started the auto-11, I took a screen-shot. Then I screen-shot right after the auto's had ended! Now notice that, that is 2,978,365 knocked off!! I swear, if I didn't see you or give you some type of thanks, please let me know so I can return some love!!!! Thanks you all so much! Tawnya
Thank You Everyone!!
I am still astounded at all the love I got yesterday with the auto 11s! :O I had almost 25,000 photo views yesterday! My fu bucks almost tripled, I am now almost 3 mil closer to Disciple than before, gained 2 more crushes, and ranked #170 today! :O Thanks so much to Misfit for the bling and thank you everyone for taking the time to rate all my pics!!! I ♥ you people!!!
I Guess I Did It Now
I was trying too comment on a persons bully that im in there family and I couldnt so i asked why and they didnt know. Then I tried commenting on a friends blog Im not allowed too do that. SO im not sure what else im not allowed too do I guess they got mad after 24 hours of seeing everyone posting my bulletin and agreeing that I am correct. Just an updateI was wondering around too see what i can dont do. Now I cant post or repost bullys, comment on bulletins or pictures. The only thing I can do is post Blogs that I cant comment in. I can still rate pictures and buy gifts To play this safe im posting it as a nsfw blog. Im not sure how long im on punishment!!!
Please Delete Me If...
If you are racist or you have an issue with gay marriage and can't even attempt to give me an intelligent reason why, please delete me. I won't cry I promise. I have recently found myself involved in many discussion that involve either gay marriage or racism. I don't understand how people can honestly judge people by the color of their skin. Stereotypes irritate me. Judge people for who they are. Not from things in your past. I have not found one person who can give me a reason that gay marriage shouldn't be allowed. Well one that doesn't come from fear or ignorance. I hate people. I hate that they are allowed to be ignorant. How is it possible that it still exists?
Dod For Tuesday Is Skittles
skittles~fu-angel~*rating revolution*@ fubar
Freddy Krueger....halloween....crap
A video of Freddy Krueger doin stupid crap cuz I am bored outta my mind and this was mildly entertaining..... See more funny videos at Funny or Die
Cubby Likes New Friends.
Well being as hot and sexy as i am. You can imagine the millions upon millions of friend requests i get each day. #5 came in a few minutes ago. Looks like love at first sight... And of course my reply... So to make this a mumm. Should i show my 14 year old beaver to try and finally get an auto 11 or Go next door, grab their hamster and stick it up my ass to see what Richard Gere has been doing since the late 80's? PS. I should go friend request him shouldn't i? :P He looks fishy to me. Someone i might know...
Holy Sheets
Hi. :D That is all.
Project Help
I need some help with a project of mine. I had to make balance boards to be donated to a local elementary school. I have two. I need to paint them. I know the school's mascot is the bobcats, but I have no idea what the school's colors are. I also have no way of finding out until it's too late. So what color(s)/design(s) should I paint these stupid things? Thanks for the help everyone. :)
since no one ever actually looks at person's stash, and because i have a little commentary to go along with it, i'm posting this video here. the company i work for builds automated packaging machinery. i'm the controls engineer, so it's my job to do the electrical systems and write the programs that run the machines. the second half of 2008 has been really good for us - so good, in fact, that we don't have enough people to do all that needs to be done. i've been given two underlings to help me out, one of them being my boss's son. i was ecstatic to have the help building the control panels. there is about a half mile of wire that goes into one of these things. it's a lot of work. because of the way our schedule worked out, my boss decided that it would be a good idea to have his son do the programming for our last project. i should back up at this point and say that i had been working for two years to standardize the programming for these machines. i have pretty much comp
Leveling Help 130
:::"JEWELS"::: * Club F.A.R. *Llama Levelers ~ LOVE New friends!@ fubar 99k to Godfather let try to help him out the best we can Huggggs.......Michelle
Why I Am Better Than Others In All Aspects
syke...not really...sometimes What makes me appreciate myself? Those who know me well know that I am not vain. Actually, I don't even like the way I look, not a bit. This is NOT a pity party, or an invitation for anyone to tell me how hot I am. So dont even think about it. Compliments really don't mean much to someone who doesnt see the reason for a compliment. So plz don't bother, it really wouldnt stroke my ego, and wouldn't do anything for you. I do however enjoy myself for...not being someone dumb. When I see someone stupid, I instantly think how awful it would have been to be like that. To have a tiny little walnut shaped imitation of a brain; to have my little faux world filled with silly worries; to depend on opinions of others more than on my own opinion. ALtho mostly those people don't realize that they are dumb, but still...I would hate not to be me.
Secret Santas Needed
I Was Given This Idea By One Of The Bad Girls.. Ok Anyone Not A Member Of Sarge's Bad Girls That Is Willing To Participate Read This Secret Santa.. Who Would Be Willing To Participate In A Secret Santa Gift Exchange? You Can Trade Anything That You Can Get On Fubar.. Blings-Bling Packs, VIP ,Blasts, Tickers And If You Would Like Even Salutes & Or Other Types Of Pics Or Graphics... The Person You Will Be Exchanging Gifts With Will Be One Of Sarge's Bad Girls.. The Way The Secret Santa Will Be Choosen Is That Each Bad Girl Participated Will Be Assigned A Number & The Non-Bad Girls Particpating Will Choose A Number This Will End On The 20th..That Day You Will Find Out Who Your "Pair" Is .. Leave A Comment Or Send A Message If You Want To Participate
The LIL shit couldn't wait. :P He has teh auto 11s!! Go get him please! TOOL@ fubar
I've been listening to the same shit recently, so more stuff would be swell. I'm not really looking for anything specific. So whatever you think is good, go for it. I have a list on my profile so that can give you an idea. Go!!!
What In The Hell
ok i have a simple question. please answear me lol... why in gods name would you put squirter in your name.. (if i have any friends that do this sorry but its weird lol) thats like walking up to someone down the street, shaking their hand and say hi there.. im a squirter!! im sorry but i dont need to know that much about my friends lol.. ok lol thats it i just felt like an early morning rant.. have a great sunday
Ello Fu Family, Well tomorrow im going to be going into surgery -sigh- more scars to add to my flawed dorkalicious body. I think im replacing my wants of tattoos with multiple sizes of scars, weird huh? lol. The past few days my arm has been hurting and I had no idea why so i went to see my doctor. Come to find out one of the titanium plates in my neck has come loose and shifted. For those of you that dont know me nor my past, I was in a rollover and broke my neck. It all happened in 2004 and was paralyzed for 5 months of that year, now almost 5 years later it bites me in the ass lol. I should be home in a week or maybe even less if all goes great but knowing me some BS might happen, just my luck right haha. Please dont feel sorry for me because this type of thing will be part of my life till I die and im ok with that, its part of life. Not everything is rainbows and butterflys, just gotta smile and hope for the best in the end. I hope everyone has a great week while im gone. Love a
Psycho Or Intuitive?
My cat has found a Q-tip that one of the kids has dropped on the floor. Apparently it's a dangerous Q-tip because she is employing a variety of ninja tactics to defeat it. Is she crazy or does she know something about the ebil Q-tips that I don't know about? I love you fuckers Nom
Are You Hero Material?
Wonder Woman Needs Some Help This Leveling Is Extremely Hard So She Is Putting Out The Call For Some Super Back Up! Here Is What You Get If You Are Strong Enough To Step Up To The Challenge: *#1 Friend Spot All Month *One Angel Pimp Out A Day All Month *Added To Family *Rate And Re-rate All Month (500 pics a day) *Bullies Made *Pimp Out On Page *Your Own Album Filled With Goodies I Make U *Help On Contests *Pimp Out In Blast Tickers Or Happy Hours If Bid *Blinged Back All Bling Bid *Special Salute Thank You For Viewing My Blog
I Needed A Pimp
last night misterpimpin says to me: u have very sexy boobs and hot tats no one has ever said something so fantasically complimentary to me before. *swoon* i couldn't resist replying back to him...we talked about his long days pimpin out the ladies and how belittling that is for him sometimes. i just think he needs the right woman to settle him down. he is so very eloquent as his opening line has shown, so i was so nervous about my responses, but i warmed up to him fairly quickly. now i want to marry him and have his babies. he says i can be his secretary.
Giving *blings *auto 11 On
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ^^BUT FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO SAY..Thank You for Your Rates and Thank You for Re-rating my Profile and making sure you have me Fanned...:) ***STARTING A NEW PIC RATE A THON *AS OF 2-03-09 TILL ????? TO SAY THANK TO MY FRIENDS. I AM RUNNING ANOTHER AUTO 11, SO MANY HAVE LEVELED ON ME THEY WANT ME TO DO IT AGAIN LOL **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs GIVE AWAY** I HAVE HAD LOTS DO IT 7 & 8 TIMES LOL & AND GET BLINGS EACH TIME WHILE THEY LEVEL UP..OR THEY ARE WORKING TOWARDS LEVELING LOL.. **RATE ATHON WITH BLINGs GIVE AWAY** get 35 points for each rate, and 57 points during Happy Hours. Have fun rating and hope a lot of you level up Happy Hour 11's from VIP's will count 108 and not 57 *JUST A Example*...600 rates takes about 30 minutes and @ 57 points each, thats 32,400 easy points and matching fubucks,,, what a deal. **Rate Athon with Give Away BLINGS till????:)** SEXYGIRLBLONDE,FAN/RATE B4 ADD,TY *SEXYGIRLBL
Friends List
I had me one of them spring cleans. So if I left you on, and looking to get out, lemme know. Also, I de-fanned EVERYONE. I may re-fan you next time you do something cool. You know, if I can be bothered, and shit. Bunnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!
I've been told I have extreemly vivid dreams. Last nites dream, yes I dream in color. It's a highschool setting but I'm older so more like college. I'm dressed in Gene Simmons type elevator boots with steel dragon heads on the toes and a black trench coat. It's a math class of some sort, and the teacher (who looks like Amy but blonder,( a select few of you will know who Amy is)took my bottle of Capt'n away at the beginning of class. She has a complex problem on the board. She tells us to pair up and who ever figures out the problem can skip the whole quarter. The guy who was left to be my partner The guy who played Spiderman, Tody...?) choses to work alone because I just slack off. The problem has something to do with how much air pressure is sopposed to be in her tires of her 1920's car? I get up hand in the solution to which she says is wrong. So I point out she used the indoor temp instead of outdoor and lied about her own weight. I even stated that the cars themselves where diffe
Gang Sign?
I'm so confused. My primary...what do you see when you look at it? What "sign" am I making. Let me put the image here... I just got this in my shout box: young mecca: what gang sign is that? I aint never seen that b4. but u cute though....lolI'm just wondering if he's stupid or am I really throwing out gang signs?
Lab Rat
When I was 13, I had a major seizure, and was sent to a treatment facility in Moscow that researched seizures. They said it would take a coupla days, but... They found that I had a lot of activity goin on in my brain, and decided to leave me in a hospital...for a month. So I stayed. There were kids of all ages,both boys and girls,one meal a day, and we were not allowed to go all. The walls were made out of glass, so they could monitor us. In the room next to us was a 3 year old girl in a coma. At night, I had hard times sleeping cause of the lights on the machine. I am not sure what kinda place it was, but I have no idea why I had to stay there for treatment from seizures... Every day the nurse would bring us some pills, and make sure that we eat them. I tried hiding them in my mouth, but she pried it open with her hands, took the pill out, and dropped it in water, watchin me drink it. Every morning she would wake us up at 5am, and measure our temperatures.
Leveling Blog 365
:::"JEWELS"::: * Club F.A.R. - Love Team * Llama Levelers ~ THE BOBBLEHEAD FAMILY@ fubar 183k to level
Consciousness And The Universe..
So far this blog has pretty much made clear that the existence of anything is a remarkable and mysterious feat. One problem we have in this universe is properly identifying the role of consciousness. The thing is, we are products of the universe. In other words, one way or another - there was this "universe" and we were forged within it - inseperable from it if you will. If we are conscious and sentient beings observing and trying to understand the universe around us, then it is undeniable that the universe has developed consciousness, and is in the act of observing itself - EVEN IF ONLY VIA US. This then begs the question.. what are the origins of consciousness? When did the universe first develop consciousness? Is consciousness only manifested in the complex workings of a brain? Could consciousness only be explained by such mechanical operations? Researchers agree, while thought is mechanical, the subjective experience of consciousness is not. As you can see.. this one is
How Cold Is It?
It's so cold this morning I: A) Stuck my hands up a woman's skirt, you know, for the warmth B) Punched a cop, just so he would throw me in the back of the warm squad car C) Bought a newspaper, lit it on fire and carried it like a torch D) Did none of the above, and just whined till I could write a blog about it.
bore me, and really need to get a life. now all of you should take off your pants =]
Sticking Things In My Nose
random thoughts, could i stick an entire pack of fruit snacks in my nose? does anyone really eat eggs and enjoy them?? ( i hate eggs unless they are covered in cheese) and why do men like boobs so much, considering that in most cases, their moms were the first they ever played with....sick fuckers
My current thoughts on the Fu. This is my 2nd profile since joining in the days of Cherrytap. I have seen many changes time and time again. Some for the better and some for the worse. I have gone through my own little "rebelion" against the Fubar administration and gotten over it. I had been gone for a few months with no computer. I got my computer and came back to my Fu addiction only about 2 weeks ago and in that 2 weeks I have seen so many people behave like children on this site thats meant for adults. The hard work it took to get the status and reputation that came with the high levels are all gone. Auto 11's... When I first saw these I was like omg thats gay! After having a couple myself and seeing how they helped friends I deem them a good thing. It helps all parties! Both those hosting and those participating so how can you argue with that? New comments... I personally love the way comments are now posted and am thrilled to see that comment bombing is virtually non e
My boyfriend is driving me batty...really, it's not his fault but, UGHH!!!! I thought him loosing his job at our former employer would be good for our relationship...instead, it's making it worse. He's doing everything he possibly can to find employment, with no success. It's driving him crazy and depressing him, making him "on edge". I don't feel like I can say anything or do anything without him being snide or questioning me and our relationship isn't usually like that. I've had to call him on being an asshole once in almost two years, in the last week I've had to call him on it 4 times! UGH! He's really bad today...his first unemployment check was half of what it should have been and he can't get through to the office by phone....and I'm feeling the wrath. He just bit my head off (not literally) and shortly after I said, "Well, alrighty then" and sighed...he apologized, "I'm sorry baby I didn't mean to snap" Poor guy...poor everyone out of work... This suck
Tag, I'm It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I'm a real bi chick; I don't just play one online. 2. I'm a procrastinator. 3. I'm pretty sure red meat gives me gas now. lmfao 4. I have an emerging pimple on my chin. 5. I'm a phone whore. I LOVE talking on the phone & can talk for hours upon hours. 6. I hate how my voice sounds. 7. I'm obsessed with sharks, especially great whites, but I'm terrified of them. 8. I've never never flown in a plane. 9. I didn't get my drivers license till I was 26. 10. I want to watch my gay friend & his boyfriend have sex. The 5 people are: Mystical Kitty Captain Cooter
The Bailout Mascot
Gotta Love Idiots
Now I'm pretty laid back on who I let on my list (which sometimes as you'll see is a mistake). I hate idiots. Seriously, have a little common sense. If you're just some pathetic perv on here who is only out for perv pics don't make it as obvious. Don't let the first words out of your mouth be... Is it too much to at least say hi and fake some conversation first before you show the truth about yourself?? But apparently shouting me that wasn't even. The moron then needed to fu-mail me asking the same thing. And then he wants to come back trying to blame me for it?? Sorry but it's not my fault you're a damn idiot that can't grasp the fact that just because my name is Freak doesn't mean I want anything to do with you sexually. It doesn't mean I'm some whore who is going to show every part of myself to ANYONE and everyone. So screw you for wanting to be a closeminded jackass. Yes I should change my name because you're a damn moron that is too stupid. That yo
Addicted - Saving AbelI'm so addicted to all the things you do when you're going down on me in between the sheets all the sounds you make with every breath you take its not like anything when you're loving me oh girl lets take it slow so as for you well you know where to go i want to take my love and hate you till the end its not like you to turn away from all the bullshit i cant take its not like me to walk away I'm so addicted too all the things you do when you're going down on me in between the sheets all the sounds you make with every breathe you take its not like anything when you're loving me yeah i know it was getting rough all the times we spend when we try to make this love something better than just making love again its not like you to turn away all the bullshit i cant take just when i think i can walk away, I'm so addicted to all the things you do when you're going down on me in between the sheets all the sounds you make with
Maybe I Should Be A Dognapper
Okay, so even though I live in the midst of nowhere in a town of just 300 people, I still have a neighbor. Actually neighbors fairly close on either side. That's usually okay with me since I'm on my own with the kiddo and the dogs, so at least there's someone nearby who might possibly notice if the house is on fire while I'm gone. But considering one set of neighbors are in their 80s, I won't count on them to save the house. It's quite possible, just as when my yard actually did catch fire a few weeks ago, the old woman will try putting it out with her water hose dressed in her muumuu and slippers.... The neighbors to the right of me are a youngish married couple with two kids. I've only spoken to them a handful of times usually concerning the fact that my dog is just too big. My dog is a pansy ass great dane who gives you five for a saltine cracker...he does weigh 155lbs. He can also put his head inside the car window without his feet leaving the ground. I didn't exactly know ther
Spotlight 4 Me
Slave and Ninja have elected me for the spotlight for tomorrow 3/15 before i go off shore. current bid is 38 million, I need to raise 25 million at this moment... updated sunday 2:00pm im going off shore tomorrow and I just found out that if i dont run my auto 11 and cherry bombs till i get home in a month, thetll expire... thats a monetary value of $70.00 id lose... so ill rather give up the spot light....
Feeling Confused?
Hello, and welcome to the Mental Health Hotline. * If you are obsessive or compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. * If you are co-dependant, please ask someone to press 2 for you. * If you have multiple personalities, please press 3,4,5 and 6 * If you are paranoid, we already know who you are and what you want, but stay on the line while we trace your call. * If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a small voice will tell you which number to press. * If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be transferred to the mother ship. * If you have short term memory loss, press 9, if you have short term memory loss, press 9, if you have short term memory loss, press 9. * If you have a nervous disorder, please fidget with the # key until a representative comes on the line. * If you are dyslexic, press 696969696969. * If you have amnesia, press 8 and state your name, address, phone, date of birth, social security number and your mother's
I Need Just One Rate Pls Help Me !!
I'm need just one rate for you to win a Cherry Bomb/Auto . PlS while you are there add the host and let her know I sent ya we also get pts for that. For everyone that give me the one rate I'll rate 50 of your pic back that's right 50 for your one little rate you'll get 50 pic rated back. PLS Let me know you rated if you F/R/A add the host and let her know I sent ya I'll rate 150 pic of your pic . CLICK Pic Below to find link : Thanks to ya'll Rock , Unabear
Bombs Away
I just want to thank Donnie for giving me the cherry bomb, it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it a lot. I tried to bomb people that don't get bombed a lot, but if I missed you, I'm sorry. It is hard to keep up. I'm amazed at how many strangers message you & ask you to bomb them. I got like 10 friends request and a dozen messages and went from having 129k fubucks to: fuBucks: 885,111!! I would definitely recommend the bomb over autos. I hope I can get another one sometime in the future, but if not, it was a lot of fun. ♥
Scrapper Says
Here is your chance to ask Scrapper anything you like...from his favorite color to site questions and everything in between. It can be serious, funny or just ridiculous...bring it on. Ask away...we will run a question and answer in this weeks F Word.
April Fool's Day Virus.
..just be careful and don't open anything you don't trust...It's called "Conficker" ..check out this video ... ..share this with your friends.
New Eminem Video. Lol Worthy.
People In Danger Of Deletion!
People that are in Danger of being deleted! If you're on this list start showing other group members love more often and the group page! *Part of being in the group is SHOWING LOVE regularly to other members! I have an auto 11 blog of people that are running autos and it should be checked everyday and you should be RATING them! ALSO! CHECK the leveling blogs! I have heard from TWO other people that have recently leveled and also from self experience when I leveled to disciple there were VERY FEW VMV members that helped me out! You need to be helping out if you're in this group! The occasional comments to the whole group is nice too! I know in the Pussycat playmates group that I'm in there are VERY STRICT requirements! This is nothing! SO....I expect you to rate autos daily if there are some, help with leveling and leave comments. I mean why on earth join a group and not do anything? THESE are the poeple in danger of deletion listed below: Kenny ~ wants to stay in the gr
Does It Work?
So I have been seeing all these cherry bombs and stuff and my question is, is it worth it? Does it really give you a lot of points and fubucks? I have been sitting at just over 3 million to disciple, and I would really like to see if it would help...not that I can afford it right now, but ya know, some day...
Someone help me gain some perspective because I'm slightly freaking out. Sure I know I went to a private college for four years. I understand that it was expensive and that I took out student loans. Of course I KNOW how much I took out over the 4 years. But it all just slapped me in the face. Right now with the interest that has already accrued on some of the accounts my grand total of student loan debt is: $59,335 This scares me. I feel like I'm going to be paying this money back until I'm retired. This total makes me think of a nice luxury car that I gave up owning because I HAD to get a college degree. Please someone slap some sense into me and tell me I did the right thing. The only blessing I see right now is that my graduate school is COMPLETELY paid for and it is a guaranteed $3,000-5,000 more in my salary. *goes back to stressing out* My heart is kind of beating fast right now.
Guys Point Of View?
From a guys point of view: We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the roomand you jump up and tackle him without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till he morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong.We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage of the mood im in. LET US PAY FOR YOU! DON'T 'FEEL BAD' We enjoy doing it. It's expected. Smile and say 'thank you.' Kiss us when no one's watching. If you kis
Grr, People...
Just venting here... Hi, I'm Russian Foxx, and I deal with pompous, annoying, overpriveleged, entitled assholes for a living. Sometimes when people bitch to me about somethin, I tune out and imagine stabbing them in the eyeball with a pencil, or grabbin them by the hair and just smashing their fuckfaces against the front desk counter. Oh, well, I'm in a hospitality business...
Omfg! For Real?
Someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong with some men. Backstory:I went to school with this guy for 7 years. We had the same major in college. We saw each other all the time. We partied together often. A few months ago he contacts me on facebook telling me he had a dirty dream about me and all this perverted shit. He has my yahoo and AIM from facebook. Well he will randomly IM me and want to talk dirty or want me to send naughty pics or even get on cam for him. What the fuck? I don't even really "know" him like that. I usually try to be polite about saying NO, but tonight he pissed me the hell off. I finally went invisible on yahoo and then he had the nerve to text me on my phone! He has BEGGED me to get on cam. Heliterallysaid "I'll do anything. Please come back." OMG!! Fatal attraction? I hate to be mean to people. Yeah, believe it or not I'm not a bitch. But he is really pissing me off. I hate that he is degrading me by thinking I'm some sleazy chick who will just "give it
Last Night
So last night while lying in bed waiting on my sleep meds to take effect, listening to the heavy breathing of the S/O in the beginning stages of sleep I mentioned to him how if I had enough pills I would take them and just fall alseep forever. He wasn't to happy with those thoughts. Like I am? :-s It terrifies me to feel like this.
I Have A Problem....
Here I am, in my living off playing....and here I sit watching iCarly...and I'm loving it!!! This show is so dumb, but I'm such a tard. I have a stupid crush on the big brother and Miranda Cosgrove and Jeanette McCurdy are gonna be absolutely gorgeous as they get older. *sigh* What an awesome Saturday night =)
I did not wish to pull away from Fubar without forewarning my dear Fubar friends and family. I am not totally profile will remain, but I won't be here as often as I have been, although my presence here has slowly been diminishing over the last few months. I am going through some massive changes in my spiritual Path has become more defined. I am still attempting to simplify my lfe. Some of this is a deeply painful process for me, but the end result will be worth the effort. My time here will vary from week to week......I will be back a couple times a week to check my Private Messages and such. I am open to the possibilities! Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for all of you. Wish me well...... Maggie
The Uninvited
Awesome movie, a must see... Mumm within a blog... Should I play poker or XBOX?
Nom Nom
Today has been very chill! I have been kicking back watching movies on Lifetime (I am such a girl). Just got done eating, made a boneless ribeye steak, sauteed mushrooms and white rice. Oh and of course can't forget the A1 sauce! It was the friggin BOMB!!!!!! Just thought I would share that :)
WTF.... I finally get to go back to work and I have people all over my ass on here. Holy fucking hell. I mean Heaven fucking forbid if I am not online all the time. Man some people take fubar way to seriously. So this is my mass fucking apology: Sorry if I don't say hello to you the second I log on. And that I am not sitting there waiting for your shout. Forgive me if I have no fucking clue that you rated all my pics cuz my damn bartab is empty or others have erased all the 'hard work' you have done in the bartab. Holy fuck I missed your blog cuz I was way to busy saying hi to other friends and replying to messages. Or I decided to mumm to blow off steam so that I wouldn't be an ignorant cunt to you. Forgive me for wanting to be nice to my friends. By the fucking way, if it is that important click the fucking share button. The fubar sky is falling because I blinged some other fubar users and not you last month. Money doesn't fucking grow on a tree for me. Can you forgi
And Then There Were Five.
Three of my peeps met a violent death last night, at the mouth of the neighbor’s dog. This is the same neighbor whose door I didn’t wish to show up at when I’d locked myself out of the house. The neighbor’s dog, however, had no qualms about showing up at my door and killing a few of my chickens. Two of them were flopping on the gravel drive, necks bent unnaturally. A third lay motionless on the sidewalk. Two of the chickens he’d spared were running around frantically. The other three had gone into hiding. Moments after I chased the dog away, a little brown one came out, peeping madly. The surviving red chick, Rosie, had wedged herself in between a tub of water and the side of the house. And the yellow hen, which my neighbor Janine suspects is not a hen at all, was missing for quite a long time. Sobbing, I searched for her, fearing she was in the dog’s belly. Eventually I found her under a tree, stretched out and looking quite dead. She wa
Thanks Sasquatch....
Come on, fill it out for me. Please! Copy, paste, answer. you know the drill then go to Captain Cooter's page and thank him for this..... 1. I know who are you, tell me who you want to be. Someone far more emotionally and financially stable 2. Are we friends? I would like to thik so otherwise why on earth would I put up with your doofy ass? < ~~~ kept Andy's answer cuz it seemed appropriate 3. When and how did we meet? MuMMs4. Have I ever gone too far? IDK, have you? (Not with me, I know...) 5. What do you think of me? You're a sweet man, great dad, and *drools* wonderful guitar player6. If I spanked you would you laugh, cry, or just hope that I do it again? Probably all of the above :P7. Am I a good friend? Abso-smurfly. 8. Do you love me? As a friend, certainly9. Do you have a crush on me? *blushes* ummmm... maybe ;) 10. Would you kiss me? Only if you wanted me to 11. Would you hug me? Definitely, whether you want it or not :P 12
home of nasty weather, shitty people, ugly nature, huge prices. I can't wait to gtfo here. UGHH!!
So there have been an unusual amount of horny guys all over my page today and in my shoutbox. Is there a shortage of pussy out there or what? Good lawd! Just a couple of the statuses below... (~ETERNALLYHORNY & VRYEROTIC~ Gift MEPLZ) (At work, boredand horny.Dangerouscombo....) and a pervy ticker... it wasnt wet til you turned it on . come luv me..i luv back~Sunshine~ mist...,Saginaw, MI
But It's David!
I’ve been busy lately. Hunting asparagus and bunnies, installing a solar light in my barn, building a peep house. So I’m not sure how long David has been missing from my refrigerator. For at least the last decade, David, the statue but in two-dimensional magnet form, has occupied a prominent spot on my refrigerator. Yesterday, he was missing.I found him resting on the top of the fridge, a bottle of pinot noir sitting erect on his normally flaccid manhood. The wine is not great, but David seemed to have found it to be very stimulating. I lifted the bottle of wine and retrieved him from his reverie, stuck him back on the front of the refrigerator, surrounded by magnetic poetry, a gaggle of verbs, a smattering of unused adjectives.My sister comes to mind as the most likely suspect. Upon reading thestory about how my mother disgraced David by putting a magnetic flower bouquet over his forget-me-not penis, my sister called to tell me that she concurred with my mother.Squ
Might Go For The Big One.
So Pk and I were talking about how I have had this account since 2006 and I havent even come near Godfather,but she did it in like a month.Now I know that my friend making skills has nothing to do with it b/c I am loved everywhere I go.And I am online EVERY second of EVERY day.So it must be that I have never had the spotlight.I am kinda worried that if I go for it I will end up saying something offensive and get deleted so it will all be for not.Now I know all three of you that read this are thinking JUST DONT SAY SOMETHING STUPID!!!It isnt that easy.It is almost impossible for me not to.I am driven to piss someoen off.I LOVE IT.I think I just need to come up with a really clever way of being offensive and I could get through it.But then again that might defeat the purpose of me getting Spotlight.I wont get any rates,but I dont care.Still not helping me Godfather.See I have already given this way more thought than I would normally care to give,but the chance to piss off a SHITLOAD of
Blame It On Stacie
You think I'd actually do the sex survey that everyone is tossing about? PFFFFT!!!! If you wanna know something...friggen Ask me :p
Rofl 4
Try JibJab Sendablesョ eCards today!
Pedro El Loco: you are right Pedro El Loco: i am wrong Meg: wow Meg: i might have to go touch myself now That is all. :D
Stupid ? Of The Day
Since that mumm got deleted, cant remember which one...I asked: If I rename myself as ORGASM without a salute, does that make me a fake orgasm? Yeah yeah shake your head at my nonfunnybutlaughingatmyownstupidself :D
4th Of July Bomb Auction!
To celebrate the 4th of July I'm auctioning of another Bomb/Auto Auction will end 6PM FuTime Winning bid has the choice of Auto or Bomb. Place your bids now!
Sooo...Putin has banned all casinos in the entire Russia, nationwide. I have REALLY mixed feelings about it. Being from Moscow, I cannot explain the amount of fuckin casinos that littered my beautiful city, bringing all sorts of shady oil mafia magnates. As if Moscow wasn't ALREADY a cesspool of illegal activity in the entire country, they all had to come down to those fuckin casinos. BUT...I cant even fathom how many underground gambling holes will open up...
*feels Like A New Woman*
Man, I needed that... got away from the city for the entire weekend... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh talk about relaxing! Played penny slots up in Central for the entire night Friday into Saturday morning and finally made it up to the cabin for a night a couple of days, damn it feels good. The "boys" in our family need a good lesson on how to clean, it was pretty bad. Though, they did clear about 5 ft down in the "hole". *dances* I'm vowing to get up there more. It really needs a good cleaning, a paint job, some perennial plantings and tree clean up. The pine beetle is beginning to get to our trees and we need to get them cleared. Phew, great excuse to get up there more...hehe *grinz* Now I just gotta figure out how to get my net connection working and things will be 100% groovy. ♥ most of you PoStaL
The Big Hunt
Since I live in a hunting lodge, I’ve been contemplating offering asparagus hunting trips. A trip would start out mid-morning with a tour of the farm, a chance to meet and greet the chickens. I’ll make a light lunch, so that you will have sufficient stamina for the hunt. Over lunch, we’ll discuss technique. “The asparagus will not come to you. You have to come to the asparagus.” I’ll explain how some of the patches are marked with fence posts, but these are older plants, and they often don’t produce as well as the newer, out-of-the-way ones, the ones you have to find on your own. The easiest way to spot the plants is to look for last year’s stalks, tall, fern-like clumps, generally knocked into the grasses by the wind. Sometimes, though, you will see a lone purple-headed spear sticking out of the grass, beckoning you. Tread lightly; watch where you walk. You might find yourself surrounded by a patch of big ones. Because we only
What Is Moonlight Levelers About?
What is Moonlight Levelers about? We are a family that helps those that meet the level up requirements level. In the process we are also helping ourselves because when we rate them we are getting points as well. We have the best members on the Fu! Our vision with our family is this. You don't have to beg people to rate you to help you level because you have a family that will do it for you. When you help level someone it brings you even closer to leveling yourself. When you are ready to level you have a family that will step in and take care of you. We have the best leaders and we are well organized. We have 6 simple rules: 1. No drama 2. Your page must not be set to private 3. You must a/f/r all members 4. Must have our name in your name after you do roll call 5. Help level people when we post a level up 6. Have fun What Moonlight Levelers should be about is family because we are one. We are here to help one another and here to help those on the fu get leveled as well. In t
Anyone know that Simpson's episode, the angry dad rageaholic one? I feel just like him in that episode today, this computer is royally pissing me off.
A Blog About A Hh, Autos, Bombs And Some Real Fu Friends.....
Sometimes things are random, sometimes things happen that you don’t expect. Like the generosity, totally out of nowhere from people on here. Sometimes they are fu - culture warriors, people that take it on themselves to do the right thing and make as many people know as possible, sometimes it’s from the hand of those who actually want to see that word spread. And sometimes even, from people that you’ve known forever on here, or so it seems and they just want to lend a helping hand. If you see my Happy Hour Sunday August 2 at 8 PM Fu Time, or some happy Auto 11’s or that little bomb blinking next to my name over the course of the next day, these are the real people who you need to thank…. For the Happy Hour and the Free Bomb…. Dark Angel Freakstar@ fubar ..for the Auto 11’s that everyone will love all over I’m sure….
Easy Tips For Leveling
have an approved salute rate, upload pics, etc as much as possible during HH upload the maximum amount of pics for your level buzz meter being full is a good thing (sh!t faced is good on fubar) watch the scroll bar for those that have auto 11's and rate them like crazy NEVER expect gifts, rates, etc to be returned and do not get pissy when they don't. fubar is just for fun. buy a ticker with your fubucks to get some more exposure. click on the bored button these are just a few basic tips to help out those lacking point whore skills :P
wtf?? today I have stumbled upon not one, but TWO blogs that were written by insecure, selfish, and obsessive women. I guess they will have to learn the hard way that no man (or woman) wants to be put in a cage once they are "caught". Its the clingy "call me-where are you?-lets spend all time together-you cant have friends cause you have me" idiots that make such an awful reputation for marriage. Its just sad that people have no personality/life on their own, so they have to attach to someone else's
I Did It
yes I am gonna be in an auction tomorrow..and I may regret it..I figure I iwll get the record for least bids...yay! so..give it to me pointwhore...thought i would try it..we all know I will never get enough fubucks to buy my fave fuckers because I hate rating I will put the link up when I get it tomorrow
The Anal Chronicles Pt 1
Just to humor Bludgeon ->Bludgeon: fu cut off half of the convo Bludgeon: YOU BETTER!!! ->Bludgeon: yeah yeah Bludgeon: if you dont blog about me Im gonna start being even meaner to you!!! ->Bludgeon: fine I will blog it for ya ->Bludgeon: never argued that Bludgeon: Im stupid too! ->Bludgeon: if ya really really want me to I will blog it for ya ->Bludgeon: one guy is in there 3 times lol ->
Yup, that about sums it up, a big ole blah! Haven't been on much lately, I've been crazy busy this summer, a lot going on, some good, some bad, but it's definitely all kinds of busy. I'm in desperate need of some down time. Maybe I'll take a hookey day - but one with no kids! Roll around in bed all day, accomplish nothing, play on the computer and watch TV. Somehow I doubt it would make me feel better, but it's nice thought. I've always had reactive hypoglycemia, but for some reason it's going completely nuts lately, the things I've always done to manage it don't seem to be working anymore. Doc is checking it out, they took like a gallon of blood from me saturday to run tests - we'll see what they say, probably nothing definitive, just because, well, just because it's me. Still unpacking boxes from the move in July, I swear sometimes I feel like I"ll never get everything done, I just dont' have the energy lately, and when I do, working on the house is kinda the last thing on

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