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What Is Sexy?
I was reading a mumm the other day about what men find sexy in a woman so I thought I would explain what I think it means to me :) What makes a woman "sexy"? What does sexy even mean? To work out what's sexy to a man, you need to think about what's sexy to you. Whether its a new pair of the cutest, tight-fitting jeans, a bubblebath with tons of candles, or a romantic dinner, when you discover what is sexy to you, the man can find it sexy as well. Of course we all love to be complimented, I know I do. But is being called sexy, when you don't feel you are yourself, is it a compliment, or an insult? I would much rather be called beautiful than hot but to each their own, we all have our preferences. It's all a matter of self-esteem to me. I wasn't any different on the inside. I was the same girl I'd been the year before. I still had all the haunting insecurities that made up my personality from years of being riduculed and feeling like I wasn't good enough. I still struggle to
The Fuck?
Sometimes I get things that just make absolutely no sense to me. erosss: look. u can know me but I offended u erosss: you know byess thanks for chat ->erosss: But I choose not to right now. erosss: u could know ->erosss: Never said you were. Just don't know you. erosss: ok you know.but %u0131m not an bad human ->erosss: And I don't give out my messangers. erosss: what what? I want your msn only. ->erosss: Wait... what? erosss: I liked u erosss: u r angry ->erosss: No sir. erosss: thanks do u give your msn or yahoo ->erosss: I'm well, and thank you. How are you erosss: how r u note:u r very pretty ->erosss: Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo erosss: hiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Lil Shocked On This One
76% GeekCreated by OnePlusYou
Oracle Gift
As many of you know and have noticed, I have a gift in the gift shop. Not too many know, but this gift has a very heartfelt meaning to me. My mother loved butterflies and the color blue. Everywhere you looked in my house there was something that had a butterfly meaning. Whether it was magnets on the fridge, bed sheets, or an artificial tree branch with butterflies scattered on it, there was always a butterfly somewhere. My mother passed away in 1993. I feel this gift is a wonderful way to honor her memory with something that she loved so much. It brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye to see so many coming to me saying how much they love the gift and that it reminds them of something special to them. I wanted to write this blog so that everyone can see how a simple butterfly pin can have so much significance on my decision.
I Have The Big C.
Well I wasn't going to tell very many people about whats going on with me now. But I have decided I need a little more support. I have cervical cancer. The dr caught it early enough and is convinced he can remove it all. So weds I go int for that. If by chance the dr can't remove it all, I will have to have a total hysterectomy and radiation. Im doing okay though. Im staying strong for my kids...they just think mommy has a bad tummy ache...But I'm a strong woman..I can handle it...just want some kind words from friends...
what do i do?
Just saw Get Smart today, and it was fuckin awesome! My fave line: "Russia has no rules! I ran over an old today-greatest vacation ever!" The bonus was the shots of Moscow, which made me really homesick and nostalgic for about 10 minutes. I have days when I miss Russia so friggin much, its not even funny. I loved the movie, and Steve Carell is a gem in an awful world of retarded movie actors.
Starts On My Bday! 7-29 Thx Ange!
Cuffed DesiresThis is one Wild and Sexii Girl. And now you can be the one to own her. She has so much to offer. She will take you on the ride of your life. Better hold on to your seat!!Not to mention Hott as hell. Get in there and bid on her if you want to OWN this Special Lady. If you don't I will. I'd Kiss that..Now lets get those bids in..Let say you start with a 30 day Blast and work your way up. What are you waiting for Click the Pic Below!!!
It's Rocking And Rolling As Usual In Los Angeles!!!
Magnitude 5.8 Date-Time * Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 18:42:15 UTC * Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 11:42:15 AM at epicenter Location 33.959°N, 117.752°W Depth 12.3 km (7.6 miles) Region GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA Distances * 3 km (2 miles) SW (235°) from Chino Hills, CA * 8 km (5 miles) SE (127°) from Diamond Bar, CA * 9 km (5 miles) NNE (23°) from Yorba Linda, CA * 11 km (7 miles) S (178°) from Pomona, CA * 47 km (29 miles) ESE (103°) from Los Angeles Civic Center, CA Location Uncertainty horizontal 0.3 km (0.2 miles); depth 1.3 km (0.8 miles) Parameters Nph=144, Dmin=8 km, Rmss=0.42 sec, Gp= 18°, M-type=local magnitude (ML), Version=E Source * California Integrated Seismic Net: * USGS Caltech CGS UCB UCSD UNR Event ID ci14383980 Since The Initial Earthquake, there has been many aftershocks, as seen here: MAG UTC DATE-TIME y/m/d h:m:s LAT deg LON deg DEPTH km LOCATION MAP 1.4 2008/07/29
Sex Signs... Astrological Sex Signs.
Okay people! So this is usually quite correct. However, I have to tell you that there are cusps on which people are born. That would mean you are a mixture of two signs. Depending on which sign you are born closer to the beginning or ending of (for instance, you're born October 24, the cusp of Libra-Scorpio, nearing the beginning of Scorpio which is October 26, you'd be more Scorpio than Libra, but have traits from both signs) Here are the cusps, so you know if you are a half and half, so to speak: Pisces-Aries cusp: March 19-24 Aries-Taurus cusp: April 19-24 Taurus -Gemini cusp: May 19-24 Gemini-Cancer cusp: June 19-24 Cancer-Leo cusp: July 19-25 Leo-Virgo cusp: August 19-25 Virgo-Libra cusp: September 19-24 Libra-Scorpio cusp: October 19-25 Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp: November 19-24 Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp: December 19-25 Capricorn-Aquarius cusp: January 17-22 Aquarius-Pisces cusp: February 16-22 Mind you there are always other contributing fac
I Can Steal Too!
Do you sleep with socks on or off: Always off Do you flip your pillow to the cold side? Always. Over and over through the night. Do you like to hold or be held? I’ll take either. As long as there is cuddling. Do you want a small or big wedding? I never want to have a wedding again. What type of girls / guys do you usually go for? I don’t think I have a type. I like people who are smart, witty and caring. After that it’s just whether I click with them or not. I definitely like tons of different people. Would you rather be rich and unhappy or poor and happy? I’d rather be rich and happy , thanks, What are 3 things you want to do before you die? Travel the world Travel the solar system Travel the galaxy Have you ever churned Butter? Is that what the kids call it these days? Are you trusting of new people? I’m naive Rate yourself as a good or bad friend on a scale from 1-10. I guess I’m about an 8. I take friendship pretty seriously. If your
My Happy Hour
Congratulations! Your happy hour was a great success: lots of people gave lots of love. You collected 413,036 bonus points as Happy Hour sponsor. Cheers! 215 members leveled up during your happy hour: There were so many people, I can't even begin to name them all, but just know I ♥ you guys for all the help! Thank you Ernie for the HH, I actually got close to 800,000 points when you include all the rates and comments and stuff to my page. You guys rock, and I ♥ all of my friends:)
Have You Met These People?
Have you met these people? These are some of my friends who have been helping me out along the way...go rate them and add them, I know you will like them too:) Iced Earth Rule@ fubar ernie.cordell@ fubar ∋Vixen260∈@ fubar Mel@ fubar Reeka ~ Sirvalor's sweet t*ts@ fubar Philemon@ fubar §êx¥§åvïð®~owner of EasyOnTheEyz¢¾Playmate, Sin, Çðñ£ïÐêñ¢ê & 'HppyBubbles™~owned by spoiledb@ fubar Whoremaster™ Hubby to ~Master's Whore~@ fubar Jedi Master Goatse™ {Juggalo Mafia}@ fubar ♫Punkin™{G-Raf}♫ ♥♥Owned by Not Telling~Ms. Mo's™ girlfriend&hearts@ fubar -Broken_Angel- Whoremaster's MuMMer Angel@ fubar
I'm A Midget?
I know fubar isn't the place for pc behavior, but I was still confused to find this word in my profile, especially since I'm 5'10"...hardly a any physical definition at least. Apparently this is a me as a midget... By being scaled down to midget proportions I can now insert myself in all kinds of neato places that I couldn't fit before. This makes me a perfect pint size whore for points and for my boss, that pimp we all love, Fubar. Just what I've been waiting for!!! Watch out folks...everywhere you turn, there I be!
As It Appears...
There are way too many people on my friends list who want the spotlight...I would like to help them all, but I was trying to get it myself... Anyway, I think I'm going to take a break between these classes and my next ones since I can't seem to keep up...and I need a break. I have a sinus infection or something like it, and it is driving me freakin crazy! I need better meds, but don't feel like going to the doctor.... My daughter participated in a fashion yesterday, she was so freakin cute....those of you on my myspace will get to see pictures as soon as I can get them posted:) Next week is the county fair, and my daughter has to show the first Saturday...I hope she places, there are about 20 kids in her class, but i think she will do well:) Well, I have to catch up on my homework so I will hopefully be here for part of Philemon's HH...♥ you guys!
Beautiful New York Morning
A little background, every morning this big 4 door Avalanche tries to fit in this tiny space, and they are always over the lines basically using two spaces. What made it beautiful was this big pink sign I saw taped on the drivers side window that said "Learn to park in the lines." What made it New York is that it was signed "You Dumb Cocksucker."
I hate my nights off; I get so lonely sitting all night at the comp, just hate it. I would much rather be working right now.
Sooo...are You A Stalker?
There are some things going on in my life right now that honestly are taking me from being a little unwell to full blown insane. Given that i'm the type of person who likes to try to turn a negative into a positive i decided to try to come up with some ways to help people recognize when they are displaying behavior that may make others uncomfortable...or paranoid shut ins. You Are A Freaky, Bunny Boiling Stalker If... 1. You are still starting sentences with "Johnny and I" three years AFTER Johnny and you broke up. You show people pictures of you and Johnny. You do this so often, that people who don't know you well, assume Johnny is your husband, when in reality Johnny is now married with twins and lives halfway across the country and doesn't come home to visit anymore because the last time he did you showed up at his mama's house throwing rocks through the window, crying and yelling out "I just want you to talk to me" 2. You drive all the way to your ex's neighborhood to
What Color Is Your Passion?
Your Passion is Yellow You're a total sexual shape shifter. You possess a complex sex drive and are very adaptable. Of all the colors, you are the most likely to be bisexual. While you the most passionate, you are very open minded. What Color Is Your Passion?
Someone wanna help me figure out just how my default got flagged when it's the very same pic they saw when they approved my blast???
F*ck This....
I just have no time to run around leave comments today. Rehab starts today. Blah For the people who like these dumb things.... Goooooooood Morning...... Have yourself one hell of a Monday See, i iz a clean Cubby Cheers Hope yo'all have a fooking fantastic day. :P PS, Daisyblue talked me into going in her auction. I'm scared. :P
So I went to Arby's for lunch today, cause I didn't have alot of time. So when I order my usual chicken bacon and swiss sandwich plain (meaning no mayo or mustard) they usually understand what I mean. Well today the girl asked me "do you want the bacon and the cheese on there?" Ummmm...what? I felt bad for laughing at her but come on.. that was just stupid what she said.
Effing Blog Quizzes
Just not my day I suppose... You Are A Dandelion You are a weed and a pest. People see you as their nemesis. But they are unable to get rid of you. You are a over powering and over taking influence. As a redeeming factor you make good tea. What Flower Are You?
Are You A Fake Girl?
You Are 19% Fake Fake doesn't even come close to describing you. You're totally natural, and proud of who you really are! Are You A Fake Girl?
Rules For The Destroyer Of The Day (d.o.d.)
D.O.D. is the person in the family that gets all the sttention for one day!!! Everybody needs to go and rate this person, pictures, stash, etc. The thing is the person who is the DOD will pick the DOD for the next day. So it is important that you hit that person hard to give yourself a good chance of getting picked. Be patient though, everybody will have a chance at this. Just make sure you rate the DOD and you will get your chance at being the DOD. Once you get the DOD once then you cant get it again. Also the person who is the DOD for the day does not have to return rates they can if they want but they dont have to. Also the crew leaders and cofounders are not eligible for this!! Thing to remember.. Rate the DOD everyday and you will get your chance at being DOD..Thanx your friend Scooter!!
Levelers Please Read!!!! And Comment
Just to inform everybody that we have lost another member!! The ex-member was unhappy because they said they couldnt get any help from us. We have strict rules and guidelines as far as leveling goes and for anybody that doesnt know what they are here they are again. 20,000 or less to level to rockstar or lower!! Must have at least 100 items to rate (pictures and or stash) Rockstars or higher...if u have a total of 500 itmes(pictures and or stash) or more to rate you can get help when u get within 50k examples......If you have 130k, no matter what your situation, how much stuff you have you are not getting levelled until you are within 50,000!!! I had an issue today where a member was wanting levelled with 230,000 and got mad when I said not til they are within 50k. They said I was unfair, but rules are rules. So pretty much nobody gets help until they are 50,000 away from leveling. No matter what the situation is. If anybody disagrees with this then they dont
I Added Stuffz!!
In addition to everything listed I have now added #1 friend for 1 month and a cleavage salute. :P Please don't forget to rate the pic even if you don't bid!!! Thank you. :) This Bish is on sale!! All you have to do is click on the pic, rate my pic {most rates wins a bonus!}, and BID on this BiSH!!! You know you wanna own a BiSh! BiShing is what I do best!! This bully brought to you by: ~Ð!AnA~ ( NO FAN=NO ADD) OWNED BY LARRYB@ fubar
This Little Blog Is Nsfw
Ok, Im Torn..
My ex hubby was a complete moron and was arrested for embezzlement. Complete shock, never been arrested before, we were a regular middle class family. My kids are torn up about it and my oldest (15) won't talk to his dad at all. Should I force the issue? Or let him be mad as hell and talk to him when he's ready?
The Devil Went Down To Georgia...
Heh. He'd say it today. I'm in a funky, bad mood. -REL
Oh Hell....
I had mentioned the other day I had found out several ppl had died this month... ppl I knew... One I had mentioned had lost his father this past week... his mother in 1997, both to breathing problems.... His 12 yr old brother in a trailer fire in 1995... his niece/nephew, as well, not too long ago, as well... At his father's funeral.... His brother was arrested.... In front of everyone..... For molesting his own daughter...... My bud is good people, and took his brother as one too....sighs... My poor, poor friend...
We Have A New Recruiter!!!
Over the last week two of our members have been competing for the recruiter job. The winner of this contest was Texas Angel!!! She recruited a huge amount of new people over the course of the last week!! And I offer my congratulations and you can go offer your congratulations also!! ¢¾TexasAngel¢¾~Rating Revolution Recruiter~¢¾Fu Angel¢¾@ fubar
DEAR ABBY: What is "true forgiveness"? I said some terrible things to a friend in anger and didn't hear from her for a few weeks. Recently, I received an e-mail saying she "forgave" me but no longer wants to keep in touch, adding that it is important for her to know that I am happy. I wrote back saying I still want to stay in touch and remain friends. I apologized profusely for my lapse in judgment, but she hasn't responded. Abby, I thought forgiveness meant to absolve, to cease to feel resentment -- to "wipe the slate clean." Am I wrong to feel that? Isn't she still holding a grudge against me? I realize it's up to her to communicate, but I'm confused how she can claim she forgives me while still harboring bad feelings. Can you help? -- PERPLEXED IN SOUTH DAKOTA DEAR PERPLEXED: To forgive someone does not mean that you develop amnesia. While the woman you hurt may not be holding a grudge, she may consider you too "dangerous" to allow back into her life. May I offer a word of
I Am Sickened "ban The Horrific Stallion Fights In The Philippines" - Sign The Petition !
Today I have just seen the horror of Stallion Fights that are held in the Phillippins for entertainment! The pictures in the paper are so shocking I felt like crying, horses are gentle creatures, when there are two males after a female they may fight over her but the stronger one will win and the weaker one will go away. They never fight to the death! Although the 3 day fight festival a year was banned 10 years ago it seems it still goes on. They get tortured, tied up, beaten so that when they go out into the ring they are so in a frenzy they fight to the death, the rings they fight in are so small that they can only do one thing and that is to fight or face being beaten by their trainers who train them to fight. The pictures are too horrific to put on here, but I hope you take the time to read the article Here is the link for the article - I warn you it isnt nice ...
Words To Live By
Do not accept any of my words on faith, Believing them just because I said them. Be like an analyst buying gold, who cuts, burns, And critically examines his product for authenticity. Only accept what passes the test By proving useful and beneficial in your life.
Being Ignored Sucks
->Classy NOT...: hey wanna fuck? ->johnny: wanna fuck? ->Phillip668: wanna fuck? ->shhell: hey wanna fuck? ->Scarlett{S...: hey sexy, wanna fuck? ->brianday23: wanna fuck? ->Princess o...: hey sexy, wanna fuck? ->Mr. Jeff: wanna fuck? ->Harley~™~E...: wanna fuck? ->ALWAYS HOPE: wanna fuck ->Majikman: hey sexy, wanna fuck? ->*~×°Jåÿ£å°×~*: hey sexy, wanna fuck? ->Schadenfre...: hey sexy. wanna fuck?
2 Nice Is There Such A Thing
Thinking be to nice can be a bad thing..apparently it scares people or maybe i just scare people? comments apperciated
Sometimes I wonder why people talk to me. Then stop talking. Then start again. hmmmm...
Scarlett's Buttons Have Been Pushed
Okay, I have spent the last several weeks watching things on the fu go downhill and quickly. I have watched friendships dissolve, friends being accused of ridiculous things and friends leaving the fu because of the way things are. All of you that know me well know that I am a pretty patient, silly, easy going kind of person. Those of you that know me really well, know that I am a firm believer in "just cause it's right for me doesn't mean it's right for you". I have one thing to say right now cause my patience is at an end....WAKE THE F*CK UP PEOPLE. Think back on why you joined the fu. You may have been bored one day and said "why not", you may have been looking for a "hook up", you may have been looking to meet different and interesting people. Whatever the reason, each and every one of you have made at least one REAL friend if not several. Each and every one of you consider someone on the fu worth everything you have to offer, whether they live a mile away, across the c
What Board Game Are You?
You Are Boggle You are an incredibly creative and resourceful person. You're able to dig deep and think outside the box to get things done. You are a non linear thinker. You don't like following directions You draw your inspiration from the strangest places sometimes. You're constantly inspired. What Board Game Are You?
and cheesuz O: Anywho. I am really super bored. And let me tell you how super cereal I am about that. *staredrool* Oh gosh, someone entertain me. Please oh please. Sha la la la la la aaaaaaaah.
I said this before a while back, but I feel the need to reiterate to everyone who may have affected me since then. Sometimes I wonder if anyone realises how much they mean to me on here. Sure it's a website blah blah blah, but to me, and especially my family list, you're more family than most of my actual family. I take from your lives, use it to better myself, use it to live up to who I should be. You are all my role models and I want to do my best to actually be as good a person as you all are. I feel ashamed that I've done so little compared to you all, good or bad. I've missed so much and being around here, around good people has taught me just that. I say this again now because of the influences of you all, and just want you to understand I do what I do and say what I say out of admiration and love. So this is not just a website to me, no matter how many times I'm told it is.
Who wants to own me for my Birthday? (yep, too lazy again to enter an actual auction, so selling myself like the little fu-whore I am...)
Brock Lesnar Kicked Ass....booooyaah
So Brock lesnar just won by tko, fuck yeah, and who thought he didnt have a chance in hell? And to all you Randy couture fans...FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKK YOOOOOOOOOUUUUU...LOL
My White Girl Dance :d
Dont hate my loserness HAHA just laugh
Yo Yo Yo
So my plan was too run around pimping myself all day. That hasn't worked out. But i love my picture today so wanted to share it with everyone. What a wonderful Sunday it is. :S Thats right i haz them. Come rate, 5, 10, 2500 pictures i need the FuBucks. Lmaooooo xoxo Now go rate me. :P My friends are awesome
Hook Ups
Ahh, a beautiful night at work. In the morning, when I was takin a smoke, I started talkin to one of the Navy moms that stays at my hotel. She tried to hook me up with her 22 yo son! First she told me I was beautiful, and asked where I'm from. Then she said that when her son sees me, he won't leave the front desk. Then she said that she would love for her son to be with someone beautiful and fun like me (man, my ego was gettin stroked big time). Well, I haven't seen her son, but her husband was kinda hawt. ;p
I Just Found My Uncle Is Dying
a few hours ago i found out my uncle is dying. all of his organs are shutting down and we found out that he has cancer in his stomach.He is expexted to pass before Thanksgiving. i may be not be on here for a while due to it. i love you all and all of you will be close to my heart. hugs and kisses to all of you. you all are very dear to me. thank you, love puma(patti)
Suspect 5
> > > > > > > > > > > Clue accusation #5: > Reverend Green with the Candlestick in the Billiard Room > > > > > Mr. Green or if you prefer Reverend Green is another clue character with fuzzy intentions. This man is always hunting for money. > > > > He will pretend that his religious convictions are driving him where he can find more funds for holy reasons, but deeper thoughts are corrupting is mind. Green clue character is mysterious, but in my opinion, he was probably at the mansion for a debt he contracted with Mr. Boddy. > > > > In an attempt to clean his due, he challenged him to a billiard game and was about to lose more when he made the lethal hit with the candlestick. Clue rooms to make a nice little chat away from the others a not rare in this mansion, but this room was the perfect setup and Mr. Boddy didn't have any clue about the real motives of reverend Green, except for making a little money. > > > > Miss Scarlett has als
Name Change
went out for a few beers last night to the local dive, bars was kinda crowded, a lot of the non usuals there i was walking from the pool room in back to the bar for a drink and and this woman, about 30 or so, comes up to me and stares at me for a minute like i have three heads or something i`m wondering do i got a big ol booger hanging?turkey skin still stuck in my mustache? she says you scare me you have the devil in your eyes,you are evil then she walks over to the table where her friends were, grabs her purse and heads out the door i am starting to think that most people are even more fucked up than i am
Well Wishes
{blick}@ fubar Blick or Brain Ninja NGUNS has pneumonia and is in the hospital. She sent me a message from her phone to my yahoo and said she is having to drag oxygen with her to go to the bathroom and is using half of her normal lung power.. keep her in your thoughts please if you have messages i will pass them along for you
Week 14 Stats And Week 15 Schedule
Hey all :) Missed alot of your picks this last week, it's getting down to the wire, don't want to fall behind now :p The winners for this week are me and Will with 13-16 YAY even though I don't get Here are the stats for week 14. 1st Place: Just Me with 139-206 2nd Place: Kelly with 137-206 3rd Place: Me with 136-206 4th Place: JP with 135-206 5th Place: Will with 124-206 6th Place: Superman with 120-206 7th, 8th and 9th Place: Drill with 117-206 Porch with 112-206 Texi with 106-206 90 and below: Carrie 86 Spanky 82 Crow 66 McLovin 59 Alchy 42 (are you even still playing? lol) WEEK 15 Thurs. Dec 11th NO @ CHI Sun. Dec 14th TEN @ HOU WAS @ CIN DET @ IND SEA @ STL GB @ JAC BUF @ NYJ SF @ MIA TB @ ATL SD @ KC MIN @ ARI PIT @ BAL DEN @ CAR NE @ OAK NYG @ DAL Mon. Dec 15th CLE @ PHI Be sure to get your picks in to me no later than Saturday night. Only 3 games left to go guys!! GOOD LUCK!!
Merlin And The War Of The Dragons
So I just got done watching the biggest piece of cinematic shit I have ever encountered. It was called "Merlin and the War of the Dragons". Wow...the entire 90 minutes of it I just kept thinking to myself "Why am I watching this? Why don't I just close the browser window and move on?" The plot was thin where it was not full of holes, the script was lame, and the acting was atrocious. The special effects look like they were done on powerpoint, and the main battle scenes (supposedly thousands of men) were attempted to be choreographed with less than 30. The camera angles were shit, the locations were poor, even the wardrobes were lame. The main villain looked creepy, but not in an evil way...more of an "I'm going to say something REALLY inappropriate, but never do anything bad" aura about him. One of the main "hotties" (one of the ladies of the lake...apparently this Merlin had 2 ladies of the lake) looked...looked..I don't know. Just odd. The best way I can describe what she looks li
Captain Cooter
This man needs no real introduction..but because I like him I will give him one. Captain Cooter aka Captain Cutie Pants ♥ He is very fun to visit with on any given day. I can say anything to him and he to me. Nothing is sacred and nothing is shared. But it is always a positive in my world. I would have his back in any e-argument LOL not that he needs any help holding his own :o I absolutely adore him no matter how many times he has gotten a new profile!!! Captain Cooter@ fubar ♥
Wtf Is With Photobucket?
I go to and it sends me straight to the mobile photobucket site( I'm not mobile...WTF?
Sexy Quiz
According to experts, I am : 71% SexyTake the Sexy Quiz at
Customer service is a big part of my job. It is inevitable that I will have to talk to a customer or help them with a problem...sick people, the elderly, the lonely, the's all part of the job. And, I'm a good faker. I genuinely like a few of the people who come in, but those are rare gems. The phone rings off the hook all day and most times it's addicts asking over and over again if their doc has phoned in their vicodin, their lorcets, xanax, klonopin, valium, pills in white, pink, blue, green...a rainbow of delicacies. Sometimes they also want to discuss their constipation troubles or ask if they can come show you their latest rash, wart, boil or *cringe* discharge. It's not dull here most days, but it's kinda gross sometimes. I have to play nice, but that gives me a bit of a headache. I want to shake them and say "for fuck's sake, you're on enough medicine that i should be able to stab you with a fork and you not feel it...what do you mean your wrist hurts, you
Early Christmas Present
When I was driving home today I stopped in Charlotte to see my dad for a bit. At the end of our visit he asked me to help him carry a box to the back of the townhouse. I did and we stood back there talking. I didn't even notice the car in the driveway. I was hugging my dad and on my way out of there. Then he says "I wanted to wait, but you see that car?" Then he clicks the keyless entry thing and says, "It's yours." WOOHOO! The truck I have now is his old truck. He had a work truck so I got to borrow it for the time being. Well, he got laid off and lost the company truck. So my dad has been without a vehicle for a few months. Which is worked out okay because he had back surgery and couldn't go anywhere. I guess he finally came across a good deal and decided to get me a car with the money he had saved and borrowed. The funny thing is he told my mom about it about a week ago when he got it and she has kept it secret. I'm proud of her, lol. I got to actually get the car from
wtf is this shit
Dear Santa
Dear Santa, Dont bother comming to my house this year cuz i was naughty... and it was SO FUCKING WORTH IT you judgmental bastard!
Merry Christmas
Leveling Help 225
~*~Desperatly Seeking Sanity~*~@ fubar 796k to level Auto 11's on!!
How Did Your Year Rate?
You Had an Average Year While you had some setbacks, your year also brought some good things. All in all, things mostly evened out. That's just how life works. Focus on what went well for you - and what you can improve. A new year is a perfect reason to give yourself a fresh start! How Did Your Year Rate?
Current Song In My Head
While in San Francisco yesterday I was singing this song when we were on the beach. =P
Zen And The Art Of Frustration Control
THE FOLLOWING IS A TRUE STORY, ONLY THE NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER. The neck surgeon "Dr. Bozo the fugging idiot circus boy, of a bowlegged mothers, embarrassment to the trade of a sperm gurggeling, no good,corrupt" (seriously, that's not his name),who figured it necessary to fuse 3 of my vertebrae together. He, is my blog topic today. While the surgery was being explained to me, the actual procedure, by said doctor Bozo, No CONs were presented. Then he asked if I had any questions for him. Any "off the top of my head questions", were played down and minimized with a purpose! ,my final suggestion for possible concern was, "Does creating a 'RIGID' section of my spine, (fusion c3-c4-c5-c6), create a weak spot in the vertebrae or discs immediately below or above the solid section? His answer was YES. Now keep in mind, he filled me in on the promised values, and STOPPED FUCKIN EXPLAINING THE REAL SHIT. In my eyes, the
Flannel Pj
You Are Flannel Pajamas You seek comfort above everything else. You rather feel good than look good. You are a very relaxed person, especially when you're surrounded by your favorite things and people. You are a homebody. Home is the place where you can truly be yourself. You are likely to wear pajamas a lot. In fact, you often change into your pj's the minute you get home! What Kind of Pajamas Are You?
Old Friend
I had this friend in high school. She wasn't the smartest in the class, but she had a quick wit, awesome sense of humor and an incredibly infections laugh that made her one of my favorite people to be around. As we grew up, we lost touch, but kind of came together off and on throughout the years, either by coincidence, or effort on either of our parts. I think of her now and then, and it's usually when she needs something. Not the needs something like borrowing money to get out of jail, but just needing a friend to be there for her. The first time it happened was when I happened to read the paper, which I never did, and look at the obituaries, which I also never did, and see that she had had a baby that had died a few days after birth. We'd run into each other occasionally, which was odd sometimes, as we were really from two different communities. Sometimes one of us would track the other down and stop by the other's house or write a letter, but we always seemed to l
Personality Defect
Your result for The Personality Defect Test... Bitch-Slap You are the Bitch-Slap, the hallmark response of any abusive husband! You are more intuitive than others, focusing more on feelings than rational explanations, and you are also probably very brutual because you care more about yourself than the well-being of others. As all nagging wives know, brutality combined with emotion often leads to BITCH-SLAPPING, which is why you are called "The Bitch Slap". (That and because I find it amusing to accuse people of pummeling female dogs.) Your humility probably stems from insecurity, if anything, because people fond of slapping the shit out of someone in place of rational discussion are usually not humble in the way Jesus was humble. Possible sources of insecurity? A small penis, a small bank account, a small intelligence...gee, when you say "small" a lot, it stops sounding like a real word! Not only that, but you are also rather introverted, and any tendencie
I'm cold and bored and look like shit. Who wants a salute? LOL
I hope the whole shit there stops by the time I go there next year to visit my fam.
Llama Leveler Of The Day
Support The Troops*Owned by fireforeman* (Llama Leveler)@ fubar All Llama Levelers will leave 100 pic. rates when done leave a comment below that you have done so.
I Mean,...i
There are 160 photos in my bartab since this morning. 18 of those are snapshots(members camera). 16 of those, are of an actual member/person. 9 of those 16 are reuploads from previously deleted of a person returning, but in fact, are them. Guess what 142 of those are... There are 9 blogs since I left for work. 6 of those are pimpouts or asking for something. 3 of those are actually an insight to or of the member, their words. mo·not·o·nous Pronunciation: \mə-ˈnä-tə-nəs, -ˈnät-nəs\ Function: adjective Etymology: Greek monotonos, from mon- + tonos tone Date: 1776 1 : uttered or sounded in one unvarying tone : marked by a sameness of pitch and intensity 2 : tediously uniform or unvarying
Patron Or Jose
I have been drinkin tequila lately, just toss a shot back here and there with a beer. Usualy ill get Patron or 1800 if im feeling cheap. but i was at a corner store/gas station last night and all the had was Jose i grabbed a half pint. uhhhg that shit goes down with goose bumps and smells like acetone! wtf? idk if im spoiled or a wuss.... why does anyone choose this stuf?
Who's Your Favorite
Ok quick one everybody, who are you rooting for in the UFC fights? BJ Penn or St. Pierre let'em
Fubucks For 1 Rate
ok time is almost up on this !! I have a few hours to get some rates on this pic :-) I will send you 1000 bucks just for one rate....thanks in advance ! Pm me to get your bucks !!! Angel
Why do blue pens exist? No, this is not a hypothetical question, it isn't mean to transition into some cool little point. I just wonder why blue pens exist. Most official documents require that you write in black ink, black in looks more important. Blue just I think I actually hate blue pens. To me, they seem to breed discourse in the world of the orderly. And anytime you are looking through a jar of pens to find a black pen, you always get a blue one. What the crap is with that? Are blue pens just so starved for attention that they try to find their way to you. Perhaps it is because when people steal your pens, they steal the black ones, and leave the blue ones, cause nobody wants the BLOODY BLUE PEN. I think I may be under a little bit of stress. I am so exhausted. Not physically, I am tired in body, trust me, but my mind is so drained. After so many hours, my eyes decide to quit focusing, I begin to drag. I keep telling myself I need to do something else, but there
Leveling Blog 382
'Princess Leia 3.5M to go' Club F.A.R.~D&DC~R.R. Crew~Dangerous Curves~IN-MOTION PROMOTER@ fubar 3.4 Million to Angel Auto 11's on till 3pm
He Is An Asswipe...very Sick Guy!
im just warning u ladies out there of this sick asswipe with many fake profiles..... My Bar Tab · fkerrrr rated your photo a '4'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '4'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '4'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '1'! · friend ((President of ... voted on mumm 'NEW PIERCING'! · friend 'SWEET N SEXY TINK' just uploaded a photo! · fkerrrr just sent you a message! · friend 'b2000z242000' just uploaded a photo! · friend 'SWEET N SEXY TINK' just uploaded a photo! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '4'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '4'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '1'! · friend 'SWEET N SEXY TINK' just uploaded a photo! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '4'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '1'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '4'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '4'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '1'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '4'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '4'! · fkerrrr rated your photo a '4'! · fkerrrr rated you a '1'! My Sh
I R Cool Mom
I was supposed to have lunch with my son for Valentine's Day. He just called and said he and Sarah {his girlfriend} want me to go out to dinner with them this evening. It's their first Valentine's as an actual couple and they want to spend it with me. They love me. *glows* Just wanted to share. ♥
Stroke Number....
Stargate 1 Anubis
  YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO JOIN ANUBIS'S OFFICIAL FUBAR STARGATE 1 CREW *************************************** First, you'll board the ship in the finest stargate galaxy ever. *************************************** Next, you have to watch out for Captian Anubis and Co-Pilot Princess Leia They might visit you and give out an exhilerating drink at any given moment.. (Don't worry, it won't harm you.) The other passengers might send you drinks, gift you, bling, or rate your things, you never know what's going to happen on this ship... Surprises await, including tags By Vollare Dave. 1.Anubis 2.'Princess Leia' Please Re-post *************************************** After you rate, fan, add, the crew, promotions team, and captain, just leave a blog comment for the co-pilot saying you have completed all the steps, she will add you to the Stargate 1 crew and on board the ship. Comments are encouraged. After the captain adds you to the crew and gives you your
Baby Name Book - In Progress
Cover: Page one: Page two:
Stop It.
For anyone sending Fat Sonny negative, or bashing messages you better stop it right the fuck right now. He's a good guy and doesn't deserve to get hate mail from my friends. He's in my fu-family, so i dig the guy. I will not put up with it. Sonny and I were never in a race, we both turned on our auto's on the same day, that shit will happen from time to time. He wants to level so he can pimp out his friends. But hearing my friends were bad mouthing him after-wards made me sick to my stomach. I won't think twice about deleting someone if i hear about it again.
Dammit Witchie
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I love playing in the mud. 2. I'm an insomniac. 3. I've broke my nose every 7 years til I was 28(takes 7yrs to heal). 4. Love seafood, hate fish. 5. I've paid risk insurance from 18 til 37yrs old. 6. I love the smell of my dogs feet (wonder how many friends I'll lose with that) 7. I've never smoked (anything) 8. I've had so many bones broke I lost count 9. I'd rather spend time with animals ie dogs than people 10. I don't like chocolate Now, who's next?
Tag Im It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am secretly Becky Homeecky...I can cook your socks off! 2. Rarely are people allowed to truly know me 3. I have flown in a plane but never landed in one 4. My left hip can be popped out of socket easily 5. I have died twice...always said i will do anything twice 6. I have a serious panty fetish...the more the merrier my drawer must have atleast 60 pairs 7. Since everyone wants to know and asks...they are a 38 HH (you know what I'm talking about) 8. I will drink a bottle of Crown in one sitting 9. I played Rizzo in my high school musical 10. I hate my eyes...everyone else thinks they are great
Time After Time ..interesting. Blame Cc
RULES: 1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS. 4. Tag 10 friends. 5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing. 6. Have Fun! IF SOMEONE SAYS 'ARE YOU OKAY' YOU SAY? Feel The Silence HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Sugar Pie Honey Bunch {LMAO} WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? Lips Of An Angel HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? When You Touch Me WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? Rockstar {LOL} WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? I Could Get Used To This WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Sweetest Sin. {LOL} WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? Baby Love {haha} WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? Devil In Disguise WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? The One WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? He can't Quit Her {WTH?} WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Why WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PERSON YOU LIKE? Extraordinary
Tagged By Klover
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1 i`m fuckin older than everyone i talk to on here 2 i swear more in real life than i do here 3 i have as many felony convictions as other people have fingers 4 yes i do smoke dope everyday, for back pain and sanity 5 i am a history international and cnn junnkie 6 i can be a bitter and rotten fuck 7 i am still a romantic puppy at times 8 i am missing the fingertip of my left index finger 9 i have had 3 heart attacks from genetics, bad diet and the first from coke 10 i am only doing this cuz klover tagged me i am tagging kit witchie danaughster russian foxx chrissicat
Another Surgery
OK SO SOME OF U HAVE HEARD ALREADY AND SOME OF YOU HAVE NOT YET.. I DECIDED TO WRITE THIS BLOG TO MAKE IT EASIER ON ME TO KEEP EVERYONE UPDATED INSTEAD OF GOING TO EVERYONE ONE BY ONE.. Ok well here it goes, I am having surgery Thursday February 26, 2009 at 10:00 Am here in town.. I have an open sore behind my right knee that will not heal up. The muscles and tendents behind my knee are so tight that they are goin to go in and loosen them up then they are goin to clean the sore out and do skin gaft on it.. After they do that they will be putting a wound vac on it for a week without touching it then they will go and change the sponge on the wound vac and see how well it is healing up.. If its needed then they will put the wound vac back on it for another 2 weeks to make sure the skin gaft is healed and it stays in place. Surgery should Only be an hour to an hour and a half long. So, I am guessing by 1 or 2 at the very latest I will be in a room that I will stay over night in. My
By Door and Thatgirl. Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. . I dream vividly, to the point its scary sometimes. . I share my dreams with teh people that were/are in them. . I have seen more mummette boobs then you have. . More mummettes have seen my boobs then mummers. . I would rather talk about sex then risk the person getting to know and or hurt the real me. . sometimes my feet stink. . I like crappy 40's style lounge singers with sultry voices. . Sweetness is my weakness. . I don't have my redwings, and I'm glad. ...Im not tagging anyone cuz well .. i hate this shit.
Bathroom Danger
My head hurts, I just spent 15 minutes unconscious on my bathroom floor. I was taking a shower and someone knocked on my door, I still don't know who. I'm in a hotel in Austin and don't really know anyone here. Maybe the front desk guy wanted to watch me shower, I don't know. So I was in the shower and I hear a knock so I grab a towel and step out of the shower and all hell broke loose. The shower curtain apparently was not up to code and was letting water out onto the tile floor of my bathroom making it very slippery. I stepped out of the shower and was thrown backwards like a Vegas magician had just pulled a table cloth out from under me. For a brief moment I was suspended like Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 then came crashing down looking like Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump. I hit my head on the toilet and kind of blacked for a while. When I woke up I was lying in a puddle of water half wrapped in a towel with the shower still running behind me. My left arm was in the now sid
I have a few things to rant about, so I'm putting it into one blog. It starts off with my main rant: rumors, homophobics & stupid co-workers. My good friend/co-worker had surgery 6 weeks ago & just returned to work about a week ago. Another friend/co-worker told me that the rumor going around was he had a sex change operation. Great, huh? I'm 100% positive that if he was straight this wouldn't even be in peoples minds. Close-mindness . On to the other rants: I went outside on my lunch break last night & there were cat paw prints all over my newly washed car. From the hood to the windshield to the roof of my car and down to the trunk. WTF?? Why is there a cat roaming in the damn parking lot & why is it walking on only MY car?!?! This isn't really a rant, but just an observation: Why do the same people keep admiring me in the Secret Admire game? I've had like 4-5 guys admire me like 20 times. Ok, I get it!! I think I'm gonna stop clicking on them. Have a nice
Well, I made it to the hotel and I have to say that I should have stayed here last week. It's cheaper, more soundproof, has room service until 3am and the food is cheaper! Plus I have a fridge and microwave in my room. =/ Anyway, I figured after my shower I'd make some salutes for my friends. No, not gonna be able to do the ones I talked about in my last blog. Sorry..haha. If you want one, leave me a comment and let me know!
Casper The Friendly Ghost
~done...roll The Fukin Dice~
There are quite a few of you out there that I have helped by 'sponsoring' you when you needed to level to Oracle, or sent blasts, bling, fubucks and some of you even cash when you were strapped. You now have red in ur names, close to 'lost souls', even ranked pretty high....I have helped many, many, many of you for some time now....anytime you asked for it.....and I have gotten broken promises in return for the most part for my effort. Well, I have been stuck on my present level now since before Thanksgiving and even put up a status message to see who would respond and who wouldn' I for the precious few that have stayed true friends and helped rate my pics, etc....I pledge loyalty and continued help. To those of you that used me and never looked back or are too busy to return the favors.....good bye. You can now go take a flying lip lock on a frog's ass as far as I'm concerned. Your well just ran dry.......don't come back and ask me to repost, help, vip, blast...blah
Cold Pizza And New Clothes
Last night my Step-dad made some pizza. Not that frozen stuff. It was from scratch and it was great. What I'm wondering is why is pizza so much better the next day and cold? Am I the only one that thinks this? I don't really care though. I love my day old cold pizza =D. I went to Walmart today and spent way too much money. I didn't really get much though. I got me some new jeans, a new bra, some new pjs, the boys a few things, and a new suitcase. I swear...I wouldn't think all that crap would cost me over a hundred bucks. Oh well, my jeans are awesome, my bra is nice, and my pjs are comfy and green/gray. Overall, I'm happy and not hungry. How was your day?
Thinking Out Loud
Most girls dream about Happily Ever After. I'm too busy thinking about the day after Happily Ever After... Did anyone ever stop to think maybe Cinderella kicked off her shoe, instead of "losing" it? What if she realized she wanted more and ran away? Ever think of that? -REL
I Did It Again
I've entered another auction. So go bid on me..okay. This is the FIRST time I've offered an actual phone call, and anyone that knows me..knows I hate the you better take advantage of it!!
I Would Have Mummed But...
Since I've been called a blog whore I'll blog this rather than mumm. I am taking care of my friend's Shepard (he got recalled back into the service. BTW It's his B-day tomorrow)and was asked to watch my neighbors dog for the night, no problem she's a Black Lab. So she get's along with my Huskies and the Sheppard. At the last minute my neighbors daughters Yorkie got thrown into the mix. My question is, how do I keep the Sheppard from eating the Yorky? And how ya like my St. Patties Day green print?
What's Up?
Only levels 25 and lower can bid on spotlight. I'm level 25 right now with 418k to go until level 26. I CANNOT level before my birthday, March 31st. If I level then I cannot bid on spotlight. And well, I'll have a lot of people mad at me for taking their fubucks for nothing! I have about 41k right now and with the price increase I don't really know if that is going to be enough. Since I can't really "earn" my own fubucks anymore, I'm going to have to rely on donations from friends. I have everything turned to friends only right now because I trust that my friends can follow these simple directions. Otherwise I may have to mark all of stuff NSFW so I can't earn points. I really don't feel like moving all three hundred and something photos from my default folder and locking down ALL of my photos, but I may have to. If you have any other idea, let me know. I was thinking of making a new profile to play on here for the next two weeks, but again that seems like a lot of wo
My First Auction
first hope you all have wonderful day as always just keep smilling.. this is my first auction here in fubar while i enjoy here,trying to give away 1 auto who win. just click the pic below and bid starting 3m bucks end this in april firstweek so you have time to save your bucks..
F Word #4
Sooo it's that time again...where I beg you to give me input for the F Word What did you think? What kind of questions would you like to hear answered? Most importantly...ideas for the next fuFacts. One more addition...who has seen a good movie lately? Send me your short reviews. So come on, tell me you hate it, love it or just don't care, but flippin say something. I neeeed your brains.
Nin Concert
OK i bought 2 tickets to the Nine Inch Nails Concert in Las Vegas, they are playing with Janes Addiction on May 18th...I am looking for someone to go with me or meet me there. I will cover the cost of the tickets and hotel you just need to get yourself to Vegas.... Im not looking for a GF, wife, or sex LOL just someone that will appreciate the concert and have fun. I also need someone that is serious about going cause i spent alot of money on the tickets!!!! If you want to know more and are interested IM me....Please Please be serious...LOL
Sherrylicious Made This =)
Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!
You Don't Say.
I still don't really have anything to say. Guess I'm not a profound person anymore (or never was, your pick). I've recently decided that maybe I'm too open with people. I'm always so open with people I meet, and typically I get bare-boned, vanilla I-could-care-less in response. Eh, maybe I'm wrong and the world is right. Let's try the world's way for a while.
Violets Made Me
OK, last time. I promise! I need fuBucks for the spotlight. I'm going to try for Wed or Thurs. Please help!
Auto11/cherry Bomb Auction
I am auctioning an Auto11/Cherry Bomb! Your Choice. Starting bid is only 1 Fubuck! There will be a Buyout Bid of 15 million FuBux.(This means that someone wanting to insure a win of this bling can bid 15 million and the auction will close upon their payment of this buyout bid.) The Auction will Run until Midnight Sunday 4-5-09. All Bids must be posted in this blog by the bidder. If two bids for the same amount are posted the one POSTING on the blog first will hold that bid. Showing me your naked pictures does not constitute as a bid. Sexual favors must be presented in person before close of bidding to be considered valid. Samples Required. Payment is expected BEFORE delivery of the Bling. No Exceptions. Payment is expected within 12 hours of the auction close. In case of Default of Bid by winner, the bling will then go to the next highest bidder for their top bid. I reserve the right to cancel this auction at any time prior to payment of the winning bid.
What Now...
Hello friends, have a few new things going on and thought id share them. As most of you know ive had a few major surgeries over this last year on my right ankle blah blah blah. Im tired of dealing with it about as much as im sure you're tired of hearing about me dealing with it lol. Anyway since i am back to walking mode i decided it was time to get back to work, i do have 2 lil girls to take care of.  I received the phone call Tuesday for an interview and was hired on the spot as well as started that same night. Wendsday night i noticed i was having a lot of pain in my ankle but figured it was due from not using it and was normal and as the night goes on the bottom of my foot felt like it was on fire and so about 45 mins before im due to get off i take my shoe off to discover my sock is soaked in blood and as i pull it off..gah! the incision on the bottom of my foot has ripped open. Well they immediately tell me to leave and go to the emergency room although me being the kind of work
i miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~little Dick2...jealous Fella~ we go again.....just finished a bomb and was talking with friends here...when out of nowhere comes a little dick and buys one of my 'fu-owned' friends....she is new to me but has sincere and kind words on her page....well, silly guido thinks this is a fun site and we all try to raise the fu-value of those we 'own' as fun and games..... Next this dude starts to 'fu-kill' my worries...I have many friends that help out there. Now here comes my problem and what I have issue with....he starts hitting my good friend's shout box and telling them stupid shit about me 'leaving his girl friend alone'.....trouble is...she is sending me messages on how happy she is that I fu-own here.....weird huh. It gets better.....he tells my friend that I will 'go broke' and he has enough power as an Evil Oracle to keep killing my fubuzz....(whoop te doo). My friend counters with she has enough power to keep shitfacing me.....Now, I don't care if some asshat doesn't like me or says
Russian Citizenship
not permanently, ofcourse.   So my mom and I are going to get our Russian passports renewed together. She is going there in a month, and also thinks that its better to spend an arm and a leg on a passport thats good for the next amnt of years, than waste it on stupid visas all the time.   I really hate the stupid visa system, esp when even some fuckin Ukraine doesn't require it, but wth. Turns out, however, that since I'm gonna be living in Moscow, I need a residential visa to live there (even though I have a place there, am a 5th generation Muscovite and was born and raised there). And ofcourse that registration thingy is not too cheap; what a fuckin rip off :( Its beginning to make sense why Russians hate my city so much.) Its the only city in Russia into which you cannot move as an outsider, and have to get docs to be a "citizen of the city", so to speak.   My friend told me not to worry about that shit (she works as a lawyer at a police presinct in Moscow), but since I have a
I am so fuckin tired of this whole "you are married, so you can't talk to men, you can't talk to guy friends on the phone, etc"   Being that women dont want to have ANYTHIN to do with me, I am kinda stuck with men folk as friends. And I love it. I dont have to talk shoes, shopping, kids, childcare, other pointless BS crap that I hate.   Yeah, I talk to numerous guys, online and on the phone. I am all alone at work all night, and its nice to talk to someone human. Does it make me a whore? slut? sure, if you want to view me that way.   I am pretty sure I dont give a fuck what random strangers think about me, so its all good. Peoples shallowness and stupidity boggle me...   Like the dude that posted a mumm about his wife talkin to guys. I guess he assumes that ppl of opposite sex can only talk about how they wanna bang each other? wtf? I am tired of this shit, its old.
New Results..
K again TY for everything, the words, the prayers, the bully's the comments, words fail me .. besides im crap at words :) i went back to Lawton Cancer care centre it seems im jus falling aprt .. biopsy i have to wait for .. they want to start an 8 week treatment of IV solution similar to iron .. my levels are below 3.. should be 9-12. my iron saturation is only 20 percent. so he took more blood to run some more tests get those results when i go back next week. so for now its a trip to cancer care centre for iv treatments he gave me some good ass pain pills and some sleeping pills . unfortunatly there isnt a pill to grow my hair back LOL ..Hell bloody hell Justins hair is longer than mine .. N e wayz Thankyou all so very much i really do mean that Sarah
And Hello To You Too
thick huge: hey there sexy....daaamn u got room for one kinky naughty guy with a huge thick cock on ur friends list?cz id love it if ud add me so wecan have sum nice tim
Testicle Salutes
wtf?? Only 2 so far...pussies
Pretty Please?
Another lovely friend going for spotlight?   Can anyone spare a dime?   Chef Jay@ fubar
i was going through some boxes earlier and found the book of predictions my 6th grade class made. we had to predict where we would be 10 yrs after high school. my prediction was as follows "In the year 2008 i will be a police officer with the vancouver police department in vancouver, washington. i will have a wife who is nameless and 2 kids, andrew smith jr. and nathan. we will be very rich and live in the country. i will work with my friend jerry and we will both be captains on the police department. my wife and i will have a rolls royce and a neon lowrider"     Whats Hot in 1991-1992 Movies: hook fern gully terminator 2 whitemen cant jump beauty and the beast hand that rocks the cradle slience of the lambs father of the bride waynes world boyz n the hood ----------------------- Music: kriss kross amy grant boyz II men color me bad ABC genesis michael jackson marky mark and the funky bunch dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince KLF hammer bryan adams -------
Wish me luck. I'm going to check out an apartment tomorrow. It's on the top of my list and I hope everything works out. I already know they have what I want and are willing to hold it for me. I just have to check out the place and make sure it seems cool. The pictures on the internet and driving by don't always tell you the whole story. That is all. Back as you were.
I recently went out with a chic from where i live..shes cool and all but ya know i just met after the second date basically... i spend the night at her place and ya know how that goes...everythings cool. she keeps calling me my friend and says she wants to take it like cool...after thinking about it should i be offended? she says she wants to still see me when i get off the boat and i guess i have the fwb thing... i dont want a clingy possessive freak a bish trying to walk me down the isle at her congregation next month... but my guy ego says she should be lol any ways... and i ran into my last fwb and she says she wants to hook up too.... i love the single life when its going good... ol
Tater Is Sick-please Read
ughhh.... can the make the family wait this long? it should be a crime... 4 days later we still don't know the cause of death, and still can't get into her apartment. it's driving me crazy!!!! the end.
*~ For Envy Me007*~
  Adh naEireannach Happy birthday envy! Go raibh tu daibhir i mi-aidh Agus saibhir i mbeannachtai Go mall ag deanamh namhaid, go luath a deanamh carad, Ach saibhir no daibhir, go mall no go luath, Nach raibh ach athas agat On la seo amach
Hai U Guys!!
Well I'm all back and shit from off of my holidays.  It was super, and being back kinda sucks. I twisted my ankle while I was away, so now I'm all gimpy.  And I almost have what might be called the vaguest beginnings of a suntan.  Kinda. Anyways, here's hoping I've rejuvenated all the ole batteries and are fit for active duty again.  Spotlight today?
2 Yrs Today!
Ok, so I obviously didn't get the spotlight big deal, I will try again another day.   Thanks to everyone who donated and stuff, I really honestly appreciate all the help:)   While I am having a good day, my thoughts are elsewhere as well. Everything is happening so fast, but a lot of things are not happening fast enough...I'm not going to explain this, but I'm sure you all know how it feels.
My Bacon Number Is 5
So I'm kind of a big deal. Not to be outdone by Witty and her rock and roll video sluttery with Sleez Beez Kneez or whatever, I've decided to share with you my hugeness.  You see, I received a starring role .... errr .... a part as an extra in the 1980's hit teen movie "The Zoo Gang".  This was the movie that launched Jason Gedrick to new heights in "Iron Eagle" and made Ben Vereen's career land in the Hudson. In my role, I was supposed to do just two things:  1)  Not look at the camera. 2)  Act like I'm rocking out to a glam band. As you can see from the picture below, I was the only one looking at the camera and definitely not rocking out.  So yeah, I nailed it. Anyways, I've figured out that my Bacon Number is at least 5 maximum.  That is, 5 degrees of separation between myself and Kevin Bacon.  Observe - Me to Jason Gedrick.  Jason to Louis Gossett Jr in "Iron Eagle".  LG Jr to Richard Gere in "Officer and a Gentlemen".  Richard McGerbilstuffer to Julia Roberts in "Pretty
Listen Up!
The Hangover = one of the funniest and most awesome movies I have ever seen in my entire life. Go see it! Nao! Run, run, run!!!
Family List?
Any having any problems with their family list?   Mine has entirely disappeared and it won't allow me to add any of the people that were there back on, but let me add someone new...
I'm lazy. I want to tell all of my friends that I really do appreciate them all. I know I don't leave comments, rate, or do much of anything to you all, but seeing you online and leaving comments on MuMMs and blogs makes me  smile. I'm not really sure why that does, but maybe it's because you all still keep me on your list, lol. Anyway, I love you all!!!  
Big News!!!
Because Im A Damn Whiner....
Ugh, its humid as all fuck here...83% ffs. I'm crabby at this damn place. I want to sleep but can't. My friggin' ins only allows 15 of my sleeping pills every 23 days so I get to go a week without sleeping because HealthPartners finds the need to fuck with me. Can someone just knock me the fuck out?   p.s.   wookiesnatch.
Foolish Games
I forgot what a brilliant song this is...     Foolish Games-Jewel   You took your coat off and stood in the rain,You're always crazy like that.And I watched from my window,Always felt I was outside looking in on you.You're always the mysterious one withDark eyes and careless hair,You were fashionably sensitiveBut too cool to care.You stood in my doorway, with nothing to sayBesides some comment on the weather.[Pre-Chorus 1]Well in case you failed to notice,In case you failed to see,This is my heart bleeding before you,This is me down on my knees, and...[Chorus]These foolish games are tearing me apart,And your thoughtless words are breaking my heart.You're breaking my heart. You're always brilliant in the morning,Smoking your cigarettes and talking over coffee.Your philosophies on art, Baroque moved you.You loved Mozart and you'd speak of your loved onesAs I clumsily strummed my guitar.You'd teach me of honest things,Things that were daring, things that were clean.Things that knew
Just Wanted To Save This
I believe that we don't have to change friends if we understandthat friends change.* I believe that no matter how good a friend is, they're goingto hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them forthat.* I believe that true friendship continues to grow no matter how long the distance * I believe that you can do something in an instant that willgive you heartache for life.* I believe that it's taking me a long time to become the personI want to be.* I believe that you should always leave loved ones with lovingwords. It may be the last time you see them.* I believe that we are responsible for what we do, no matterhow we feel.* I believe that either you control your attitude or it controlsyou.* I believe that heroes are the people who do what has to bedone when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.* I believe that money is a lousy way of keeping score.* I believe that sometimes the people you expect to kick youwhen you're down, will be the ones to help you get ba
Aww You Made Me Ink!
I gotta get random with my blog titles what with these blog title thieves roaming the fu free men. >:D So here's why I hate married people. No not all married people, just a strong 92.4% of them. It seems like once you say those vows you lose all free will and dignity. I haven't seen my friend Danielle in a hot minute. In fact she got married while I was away. She wouldn't even know the guy if his friend hadn't liked me and wanted to hang out. He's married now too. Both guys are military. Big shock right?? Anyway, I texted today to see if she wanted to go out, to which she replied that she was broke. So I says that's cool, just come over here with the ball and chain and we'll catch up. She replies "ok we'll head out that way" Sound like a tentative plan to you too? So I texted at 9 or so and asked if she was still planning on stopping by, so she replies "no we're fishing. "I say, "wow, thanks for the heads up." I mean I'm not trying to be a baby, if she wants to miss out on my awesom
From The Mouths Of Babes...
"Mom! We opened General Jesus!" "What Lauryn?" "On Star Wars! We opened General Jesus!" "Oh, you mean General Grevious." "No dummy, I know my game...its General Jesus"
A Little News Just So U Kno Lol
  i just want everyone to know for starters RL Is Numero Uno,and i have had alot going on in the past 5 days....  i AM NOT ignoring you guys, i appreciate all the fu luvins and i am glad to have friends like u all.. i havent returned luv since thursday or said thank you to anyone that has bombed me or sent me gifts and i feel bad about it.... Things have really sucked for me since Thursday night , We had a death in the family and that was horrible, always hard to deal with death!! i think we all know that ... And then the iceing on the cake friday my moms found out some reallly really bad news about her health.. so   im sure u all  kno i havent felt like or had time to be on fubar :-( Although  it looks like i am logged in 24/7  because for some ungodly reason i cant log fubar off of my blackberry  .. so it is just staying logged in all the time and i have ppl in shout thinkin i am ignoring them, and that isnt the case at all !!! i just kinda wanted u all to know the deal cus i am sure
Update, for those that give a shit... Apartment is mine, just waiting on the apartment building peoplez to finish prepping it n stuffz. Pneumonia is gone, finally, and hopefully not coming back, like it did a few times. I haven't been on here in 9 days, and probably won't be on for another week or two, cuz I've realized life is better without the drama and stress this site causes. I won't delete, but I definitely won't be on here day in and day out like I used to be. Sorry, but it's just not what it used to be.   I miss a lot of my friends, but most of you know how to get in touch with me... (only one person has called me, btw... and she's just as, if not more, happy as I am about her new place and job and stuffz. I'm SOOOO happy for her. She knows who she is. ♥) and those of you that are too busy, I understand... life happens sometimes... :P Just know this - I'm here for my friends, if any of you need to talk, or anything, just IM me, or call me, and I'll take the time to
Shit Arse Motherfucker
eat my ball sweat.
Most Dramatic Eyes Contest.. Come Enter
OK, I am gonna hold my FIRST ever contest for you ladies and gentlemen of the Fu!! Its the MOST DRAMATIC EYES--- submit to me in my email either the actual picture or link to the pic of what you want to use for this contest. EX... Crying, shocked, happy, sensual, sexy, surprised, lusting, bored, depressed.... etc..... Please tell me the title you want under the photo as well. PICTURES DO NOT HAVE TO BE OF JUST YOUR EYES. IM JUST LOOKING FOR SOMETHING IN THEM THATS ALL... SO PULL OUT YOUR BEST EXPRESSIONS AND LET ME SEE THEM!! ALL pictures are due in by Sat August 1st at midnight. Entry fee is $40k The prize will be YOUR choice of a one month VIP and a ticker or a $20 bling pack and a ticker. SO the prize is WELL worth the entry fee!! SALUTE IS NOT REQUIRED FOR THIS CONTEST!!! I wish you all the best of luck!! Show me those windows to the soul!!   Winner will be chosen on NUMBER OF RATES not comments! ALSO TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN IF I GET A GOOD NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS
Carrie, Love Stinks
You love her, but she loves him, and he loves somebody else - You just can't win.And so it goes until the day you die.This thing they call love,its gonna make you cry.I've had the blues, the reds and the pinks.One thing's for sure...Love stinksLove stinks...yeah yeah...Love stinks!Love stinks! Yeah yeah...Love StinksLove stinks! Yeah yeah...two by two and sid by sidelove's gonna find you yes it isyou just can't hideyou'll hear it callyour heart will fallthen love will flyit's gone that's all!i don't care puttin a cap on those things all i can say is...Love stinksLove stinks yea yeaLove stinks Love stinks yea yeaLove stinksLove stinks yea yeaLove stinksLove stinks yea yeaI been through diamondsI been through minxI been through longLove stinks!Love stinksyea yea! Love stinks!Love stinks yea yea!Love stinksLove stinksLove stinks yea yea...
  Ass. This is all I have time to write. Discuss ...
I hate bees.     The back of my arm itches and hurts like hell...even 24 hours later....bleh.
One Bad Choice Deserves Another
Just pile em right up.   Yesterday I went to a pig roast - not necessarily a bad thing, but I had food poisoning Thursday (I'm pretty sure that's what it was).  So Friday at dinner was the first I had real food - toast doesn't count. I head up there a lil late on Saturday, I didn't have dinner cause I figured there would still be pig, and I had a cherry bomb in a big ass cup to go.   By the time the cherry bomb is gone I decide it's a good time for some food, but I dont see any in sight.   So, I had some moonshine instead, and a refill on the cherry bomb, and a cherry soaked in moonshine.    And at some point someone popped a percocet into my hot little hand - you know that went right down. I'm not sure what time I wandered out to my car to lie down and vomit, my friends found me in the car, brought me my stuff and appointed me a 6'9" babysitter - who apparently checked on me several times an hour for however long I was passed out and randomly heaving. I woke up around 3 am feeling
Sons Football Game
so my sons first game was this morning, and the team got slaughtered. thats ok tho, my son did great, made tackles, ran the ball well and im proud of him. the other team had the aggression, the motivation and far better organization. I come to realize that the coach's for my sons team dont know what they are doing. Its clear watching the other team that their players are being coached far better. I hope that they are the best team in the league, abd that my sons coach's try some different strategies this week. the players are in the 6-8 year old age group and there is mostly 7 year olds on my sons team, so next year they will be the larger team! But when his team had the ball, they moved at half they are unsure where they are supposed to go...not all but half or so. any ways the game ended half way thru the third quarter with a score of 28-0...mercy rule ya know. they didnt give up, but after half time there was a lot of hanging heads... thats my repor
The Worst Part Of Being Sick...
Was not the…   Phlegm,   Congestion,   Running nose,   Watery eyes,   Fatigue,   Insomnia,   Sore throat,  
Who Admits To Releasing Pandemic Virus Into Population Via ‘mock-up’ Vaccines
The document on the WHO website linked below states that it is common procedure to release pandemic viruses into the population in order to get a jump ahead of the real pandemic, so as to fast track the vaccine for when it is needed. In Europe, some manufacturers have conducted advance studies using a so-called “mock-up” vaccine. Mock-up vaccines contain an active ingredient for an influenza virus that has not circulated recently in human populations and thus mimics the novelty of a pandemic virus. According to the website, “Such advance studies can greatly expedite regulatory approval.” Sources: World Health Organization
I had a very nice time, it is a good city.  I will go back there.  I will eaborate further soon, but for now, HAI U GUYS!!
Give Me
Give me your ideas! NOW!   As most of you know I am involved in bully breed rescue focusing on my favorite, Rotties. I have posted on Craiglist and put up flyers everywhere and am having no luck. In order to keep going our rescue needs not only donations but more volunteers! Fosters! and adoptions....   if you have any ideas....give me!   xo  
If You Get Bored....
Go rate my sister.Yes,she is a bitch,but she is back and I have already rated what little she has.   Here is the link:Queen Bitch@ fubar  If you dont want to,I dont blame you.I wouldnt either,but she is my sister and I have to act like I care. :D     werd
This is the fine assortment of men to pick from on the secret admirer game....  
My Friends...
My Friends In life we are often times taken advantage of in one way or another. We often take advantage of othersweather we mean to or not, its just a part of life. I have been very lucky to have some pretty good friendsin my life. Friends Not meaning those that are there to rate you once a week or pimp you out for some fubuxs.Friends meaning those that are there with you threw the good times and the bad. Those that Pick up thephone or send you a text message when they KNOW you are having a bad day. I am very lucky I have some of the best people as my friends and I'd like to achkoweldge them here.  I have to be the 1st and admitt that sometimes my judgement gets clouded, and I forgive alott. I forgive sometimes too much the wrongs that are done to me, but that's just me and I never want to stop being myself, its what makes me ME. this list is by no means done its going to take me a bit to add those people t
Email To The Kind Folks At Nike
Dear Nike, I understand that this email address relates to queries regarding purchases from nikestore, but your website is confusing, and I spent literally some minutes looking for the right address and couldn't find it, so I'm wondering if you would help me by forwarding this to the appropriate department. My name is kins, and I am an active and  semi-popular member of a social networking website called  I have over 300 friends! lol Anyway, as literally tens of people probably see my default picture every day, I am wondering if Nike would like to take advantage of a unique proposition, ie paying me a fee (we can negogiate over this bit) to have the Nike 'Swoosh' as my default picture for an agreed amount of time.  This would increase brand awareness for your brand amongst the users of this site, and you would be able to cash in on the kudos of having me say your things are good. Let me know what you think, guys! kins
Joe Had A Nice Bone.
Just's worth it.. I laughed so hard I snorted. =/   [video in comments]
Stuff =]
Since I can't upload any pictures on here, without deleting a BUNCH, I'm posting 4 new ones here =] Go me! Jesus, I'm lame. Me after bowling last week.Wearing Connor's conductor hatWearing Connor's hat again =]Just in pigtails and my old glasses.
dear fuland, fumafia? really? i just have to say... fuck that shit. do not ask. no way. i have better things to do with my taking half nude pictures of myself and posting them. or sending them to people. okay? thanks. all my love, j
Tappin' That Ass In Iambic Pentameter
Just because Alix challenged me to do this awhile back - The deep thought here is what if introductory emails on Fubar were required to be in iambic pentameter?  The content and tone don't change - just the rhyme and meter. Yo Girl, I want to tap and smack that ass You look so fine and tittilicious lass Like steel, my peen is true, my peen is tall For real, I want to screw, you'll take it all This pretty much made my brain hurt and I think I fucked up the meter.  But you get the point.  Reply in rhyme, if you will.
Knock Knock, Who's There?
So, it's come to my attention that I'm a complete brain dead zombie (well, not really, just sounds better that way). Is this a bad or a good thing? On the good side, it's hard to be stressed when your basically devoid of thought. Along with the fact that I have to be better at thinking on the spot. On the bad side, well, as most of you know, I'm not the most talkative chap. Along with the fact that thinking on the spot doesn't always turn out too well...   But I'm still undecided really, not that I'll be changing any time soon, but you know, is good to think these things once in a while, get that bain alive for a couple of minutes.
Falling Off The Wagon
The other day I fell off the wagon and cut myself several times on my wrist. It has been a few months since I had done it last and can't really pinpoint a reason why I did it. I saw the razor blade and felt a surge of adrenaline that rivals any high I have ever had. Taking the razor across my wrist, seeing the first tiny drops of blood was like a release. It actually made me smile to see the marks and blood. I go back to the psychiatrist on the 13th and discuss this episode, the fact my anti depressant makes me feel like I'm just a shell, and my insomnia is in full fucking effect.
Uh Huh...
Yeah.. You know... That thing....
Just a few things that are of Fubar importance, if you're a point whore and stuff. I've turned my profile friends only. I'm going to be doing that to my picturess and blogs too. Why you ask? Because I had to take someone off my list and I don't want them coming back with a new profile. Eventually I'll make it open again. Hopefully they will forget about me and move on. So...don't pimp me out for a while. I have a few people that pimp me out when I talk to them. Which is nice, really it is, I like it. There's just no point in doing it right now seeing as how no one but friends can get to my page.   Have a good one.
Tagged By Mike Hunt
ok guys. i'm not really good at sharing a ton of personal stuff, but i'll do my very best.   1) i am the oldest of my father's children and the youngest of my mother's.   2) i lost the most important woman in my life, to breast cancer in 2005. the grief sent me into the worst bout of depression i've ever known (i was 5 months pregnant and subsequently delivered a premature, 4 pound son)   3) i was a very troubled teenager, and ended up in several different "homes" due to my behavior.   4) i believe in God, but am not affiliated with a church right now.   5) the last year has shown me that i'm capable of anything i put my mind to.. and i WILL see myself through the things i have committed to.   6) i'm addicted to music, without it.. nothing in my world would make sense.   7)i used to be a nail biter, but gave it up 3 years ago.. and now my damn nails break all the time.   8) i'm feircely loyal to my friends and family. i will stand behind those that i love, until the bit
Think Think Think.
screaming kids + flooded bathroom floor due to kids not keeping water in tub. + fogetting to pick up cheese at store for supper. + One ice cube in tray + arm on frying pan just fell off in my hand + sore neck + cooking pizza for kiddos with the cardboard still under the pizza due to forgetting all about it. = Natasha throwing in the towel PLUS @#^$&!!!!!!!!!!   Later days.
It's Been Awhile...
And since I've barely spoken to anyone here lately, I figured I'd write all this shit down in case someone actually gives a damn. First of all, I'm finally done with the really bad medical stuff.  I'm just on oral antibiotics and my regular meds, no more IV crap and it seems like the staph infection is gone.  I'm almost as far past my last surgery as I was with the first reconstruction when the stitches opened up, so *knock on wood* Yesterday would have been my father's birthday.  He passed away in June, and I spent the day after Thanksgiving at my sister's house arguing over what stuff of his we each got to keep.  Now my mom, who has restarted chemo due to her lung tumors growing again, is telling me she wants to go through her jewelry and furniture and stuff so my sister and I don't fight over it when she's gone.  And she's sounding like she doesn't think it will last far into next year.   SHE'S been the one telling the docs all along that she'll make it in that small group of peop
I Will Make Sho Mine One Day...
The perfect breakfast: French toast with powdered sugar, scrambled eggs, sausage links & orange juice   The perfect date:  Screw the date; fuck me hard and call me a slutty little whore while you pull my hair and spank my ass.   The perfect kiss: No slobbering, biting my lip, me biting your lip, lots of tongue, breathing heavily, messing my hair up..out of breath   The perfect argument: I always win   The perfect man/woman: The one that listens to everything I say and knows I'm always right. Humor, personality and intelligence please. A thick cock or tight pussy is also nice.   The perfect shoe: Something slinky with straps   The perfect movie: Its a Wonderful Life   The perfect flower: Roses and lilacs   The perfect time of day: Dusk   The perfect mood:  Erotic   The perfect dream: Sex.   The perfect drink: Raspberry iced tea   The perfect name: Robyn   The perfect drug:  Lust
Ok....i Couldnt Wait.......
Pick your Artist:                                                                                                                      Led Zeppelin   Are you a male or female I'm a man   Describe yourself: Dazed And Confused   How do you feel: Ten Years Gone   Describe where you currently live: Misty Mountain Hop   If you could go anywhere, where would you go: South Bound Suarez   Your favorite form of transportation: Im Gonna Crawl   Your bestfriend is: Poor Tom   You and your best friends are: Sick Again   What's the weather like: The Rain Song   Favorite time of day: In the Evening   If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: In my time of DyingWhat is life to you: The Battle of Evermore   Your current relationship: The Girl i love she got long black wavy hairYour fear(s):When the Levee BreaksThought for the Day: Nobodys Fault but Mine   How I would like to die: Out on the TilesMy soul's present condition:  Achilles Last Stand   Most Faithful C
  My eighty year old uncle likes cartoons.  Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Coyote and Roadrunner and the like.  So, when the Wallace and Gromit movie came out a couple of years ago, I opted to take him.  Unfortunately, by the time he was free, three weeks after the invite, the movie was no longer playing locally (the movie didn’t do very well).  Rather than the day be a complete bust, I asked what other movie he’d like to make.  After paging through the local paper, he chose The Producers, the remake.  I’d seen the original.  Hysterical.  I thought Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick would do a nice piece and I agreed.  We got to the theater and sat down.  It was maybe a third full and the crowd was made up almost entirely of young Asians.  “Hmm…that’s odd,” I thought.   The curtains came up and the movie started.  A few minutes into it someone, I don’t remember who anymore, burst into song.  I winced.  I can’t stand singing in movies. 
stud n i worked it out talking  helps  folks try it
Find A Guy......
" Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep... wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you' re just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have YOU... The one who turns to his friends and says, thats her... "
'boat' Could Explore Saturn Moon
"A daring proposal to try to put a "boat" down on a sea of Saturn's moon Titan is about to be submitted to Nasa. The scientific team behind the idea is targeting Ligeia Mare, a vast body of liquid methane sited in the high north of Saturn's largest moon. The concept will be suggested to the US space agency for one of its future mission opportunities that will test a novel power system." What's not to love about mental space-based schemes? Read more at : BBC news
For The Ladies...first Blog Of 2010...
So it’s 2010. And here’s the first blog of what promises to be a fun year again here I’m sure. Nothing too extravagant as I’m on 2 hrs of is a “feel free to click & take” moment. Mostly for the ladies I’m sure, as I hear non-stop about all of these issues as well. I’m sure some will put it to good use..This picture below… ..and was found on the page of…. Cute_but_Psycho ®@ fubar Hope you all had an amazing New Year’s. Here’s to 2010.…peace…
For Boo, Cuz She Always Makes Me Smile
along time ago, in a land far far away lived a lil princess named boo. she was the fairest female in all the kingdom. the kingdom was in a tropical locale with warm oceans and sandy white beaches. it was as close to perfect as you could imagine, except for one thing. her great great grandfather the king erected a huge fence around all his lands to keep invaders out, but by keeping the invaders out he inadvertently kept all his subjects in.this ended up causing a lot of inbreeding making it impossible for poor boo to find a suitable husband. so one night in the dead of night boo snuck over the wall in search of other lands without drooling 3 toothed men. the first land she came to was called mummerville but all she found there were a lot of troll like creatures aside from a few ravishing lesbians. she snuck out of mummerville and traveled 2 full days where she came upon a kingdom called blogville. she spent a week wandering there checking things out. but alas the was nothing there that
I can't upload pictures so I'll put some here from last night. Daniel took this picture of me. He said I looked scary. This is just me and Daniel. I love that he's always making silly faces. The next two are of me and John. Figured as much as I've talked about all should see us together, lol.
First Fakes Of February And A Bling Pack Contest?..
This is a simple fake, I know I’ve been slackin kids but here goes….I saw it scrollin that means some duffbag wasted a pimp out on it… NiKki@ fubar Pictures stolen from At least get original with the name, please. And this annoying fake is the most annoying kind, and steals pictures from real people on…then hides behind a friends only profile.. Check it out in the blog of the young lady it offended today…. Meanwhile I’m getting ready for a contest to give away either a 7 day blast or a 25 credit bling pack! Here’s a hint: You won’t have to look far from here to get in the game…lol peace.
O Hai guise! n case yew didnt allredy no.....: THIS IS 4CHAN: you have just entered the very heart, soul, and life force of the internet. this is a place beyond sanity, wild and untamed. there is nothing new here. "new" content on 4chan is not found; it is created from old material. every interesting, offensive, shocking, or debate inspiring topic youve seen elsewhere has been posted here ad infinitum. we are the reason for "not safe for work". we are the anonymous army. cross us and you will fail. anonymous is everywhere. you depend on us every day. we bag your groceries, we fix your computers. anonymous sees you before you see him. sitting at desks around the world right now is a nameless, faceless, unforgiving mafia composed of the best of the best. we are 4channers. the people devoid of any type of soul or conscience. products of cynicism and apathy, spreading those very sentiments daily. anonymous is the hardened war veteran of the internet. he does not forgive or forget. we ha
Why? Its A Old!
Heather hey do you have yahoo? 5:09pmGreg i never use it 5:09pmHeather ah 5:10pmHeather have some pics for you to see 5:11pmGreg of? 5:12pmHeather I totally found out who "Jaymee" really is...the pics she said were of her are really of her niece Brittnee I go onto her younger nieces page (nikki) and she had them all over of her and her sister brittnee (That jaymee said was her) 5:15pmGreg I really dont care anymore, and if this is the only thing you want to talk about.. 5:16pmHeather um ok...just thought it would give you piece of mind sorry 5:16pmGreg it was over a year ago ffs 5:17pmHeather ffs? 5:17pmGreg for fucks sake 5:17pmHeather um...ok sorry 5:18pmGreg shes a crazy lying cunt, we know this... 5:18pmHeather yeah.. just messed up she was sending pics of someone under age...but its all good anyway 5:22pmGreg so you say that your friend tyson and her got married... and he never sent you any pics? 5:25pmHeather He was deployed for a year. She said
Go On, Ask.
So I signed up today for one of them thar thingers. You can ask me anything you want, anonymously, and I answer it. So go ask me some stuff!   EDIT: Look who else is cool and has a Formspring!
I Don't Think Of It So Much As "purgatory" As "inferno Ii: Electric Boogaloo"
The Dante's Inferno Test has sent you to Purgatory!Here is how you matched up against all the levels: Level Score Purgatory (Repenting Believers) Very High Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers) Low Level 2 (Lustful) Very High Level 3 (Gluttonous) Very Low Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious) Very Low Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy) Moderate
Greenies, Illiterates, And Lesbians
Should I feel sorry for the greenies, illiterates, and lesbians, that when i have woman's photo as a default, try to hit on me?  Because right now all I can do is laugh!
Another Year Gone By
The 14th of April is here, and it never gets any easier. My little brother was taken in a car accident from us. He was only 25 years old when he died. There was never a man out there that was as good as he was. He lived each day like it was his last, which is why he has left such a lasting impression on people. He always took the time to talk with people. He never rushed anyone. He even made time to call and bullshit with me on Saturdays to chat with me. I miss him terribly. He was a great man. I wish I had more time to talk with him and just hang out with him. He was years ahead of everyone else out there when it came to living life. His faith was unshakable. He never backed down from what he believed in, but he always listened to someone else's perspective. He was a much better man than I, but each day, I try to be better than I was the day before. I know I have a long way to go to live up to what he was. I love my brother, even today. His name is Shawn, and he will be forever missed
Dust Pillar Of The Carina Nebula
M.i.a   Watch it. Can't embed it, no code. Seriously.
Let's Just Say.
Suppose you offered your home to a family member, their fiancee, and his kids while they were supposed to be fixing their house so they could move into it. You do this out of the goodness of your heart because you don't want to see the kids homeless. So, a month goes by and NOTHING has been done with their place except more damage in the name of repairing it. The fiancee's sister comes to town and without asking, it is simply assumed that it's OK, she moves into your house as well, with her two kids. Let's also suppose that you ask for nothing in return for your hospitality except for buying food and doing a few household chores. This goes on for 7 months before the manager of the park (yeah it's a trailer pa...err, mobile home community) tell you that having 13 people in your house is not allowed for obvious reasons. Said manager comes to your house one night and informs the 7 others "staying" there that they have until the end of the month to vacate, and the sister, who never filled
Bad Romance
A few days ago, my friend Lard Spitsonya offended my other friend Sucksaman69 by posting a blog questioning his sexuality and NOT TELLING HIM. This is the key, as I am to understand, that Sucksaman69 was not informed that this blog was posted. QUOTE:“What ticked me off was he didn’t tell me he made one… Someone else out of the blue told me”So being offended or ticked, Sucksaman69 deleted and blocked Lard Spitsonya from his page. :(Well the next day, finding all of this amusing, Eatsmanonweekends posted a follow up blog announcing Lard Spitsonya’s engagement to Sucksaman69. It included a flyer and announcement, included photo shopped photos and all! Eatsmanonweekends told Lard and Dicksa Craven about the blog, but Sucksaman69 stumbled upon it, read it, and commented “rolls eyes” and went on his way. BUT he did not delete or block!So being curious by nature, I pondered this, and realized that the real truth is Sucksaman69 is in love with Eatsman
$-hot Booty Cutie Contest-$
    This is a RATING contest!!!!       It's easy peazy =)   You rate me up in the contest and you get to see my booty   No catch at all:seriously it's a booty contest!!!   IF I win and get a VIP I’ll rate you 11s!!!   oh and feel free to drop comments!   click below :)     and to see the booty, this is what I have to work with and       Brought to you by: KENO KO OWNER           $-HOT BOOTY CUTIE CONTEST-$ (running from now until Saturday, May 29th)!!!!       bully posted by: Boobalicious Paper Doll@ fubar        
So I Sign On And This Is What I Get. He Of Course Blocked Me So I Can't Reply.
Tony Scarro NOW I KNOW WHY I LEFT THIS PLACE THE FIRST TIME United States subject: Tony Scarro sent you a Sand Pail received: 05/25/2010 02:16 pm replied: no   block this member "HERE THIS IS ABOUT YOUR SPEED, THE SANDBOX" Tony Scarro NOW I KNOW WHY I LEFT THIS PLACE THE FIRST TIME United States subject: Tony Scarro sent you a Pink Lemonade received: 05/25/2010 02:17 pm replied: no   block this member "AND YOU CAN TAKE THOSE PILLS WITH THIS, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE ENOUGH TO KILL YOURSELF"              
DJSDmok3y69...: hey wanna enter a tata salute contest if creative you might win a boomerang plus i will give you 5 million fubucks once salute is received To DJSmok3y69...: Nice people have given me boomerangs just because I'm awesome. I don't have to prostitute myself for them   Okay...this new chat system makes C&P weird..
Is it me or is it sposed to be that loud vacuuming up coins? Truly, The Bachelor
New Photos
I can't upload photos, so I'm going to post a few here. I'm trying to decide which one to post on my facebook. lol Leave your vote in the comments. #1 This effect is neat.  #2 B&W makes me prettier. hehe #3 Look into my eyes, bwahaha! #4 Stupid grin. haha #5 Just trying to be pretty. #6 Now you can truly see how short it is! #7 I love the way this one turned out. #8 Curly q! #9 It is super short. #10 cheesin' #11
She walked back into the salon after her break and headed straight for her station. There was a graduation in that room later and she had to pack up her tools. The director stopped her and asked if he could have a word with her. Am I introuble, she asked jokingly. He joked back, Why does everyone go there first. But she was in trouble. She had taken another client for a fuck up and that had snow balled into a giant fucking mess. They kept getting interupted. A pregnant lady needing to go to the emergency room forced her back into the salon for a moment where several girls were aware she had been pulled into the directors office. I think I am getting written up, she said solemnly. What? Why? Because of that fucking cunt Georgette. I should have turned and ran the other way as soon as she approched me. I'm an idiot. The immediate emergency over she was called back into the office. He told her not to be upset. But I am upset. This is crazy. Before I ever retrieved the guest from the w
Friend Requests
  Mumm in a blog...   I have over 100 friend requests. Should I accept them all then delete them just to fuck with people?  
Omg!! Work Out Supplement From Hell!!!1
I took this work out suppliment that is supposed to help you lift more and lift longer.  Oh boy, it did that.  I feel like I'm tripping and did an 8 ball. I've already thrown up 5 times.  This sucks balls!   On a positive note, I did pump mad iron(Y)  
Photo For Me Mum
This should really be a MuMM I guess, but people'd just say it's a hot or not and I have to go to work and I really don't want to argue with the asinine before then.   In a nutshell, I am thinking of giving my mum a birthday present which is a photo of me (yes I know, every level of cheese and ego). Buttttttt, she only has about one photo of me after the age of 5, and I also wanted to show her I wear her knitting (long story, I don't much like knitted stuff...she likes knitting stuff...I have a lot of knitted stuff). Soooo I was gonna get this photo mounted with some kinda cheesy message (I'll put the photo in the comments cuz I suck at blogging with pics).   I know my mother will say it's lovely regardless, which is why I need you brutal bastards to say 'piss off that's stupid/ugly/what the hell are you thinking?'   I don't like doing selfies, and so I'm really not wanting to try and take another, but if it looks like I should, I will. I don't think it's a particularly good one
Ugh...really? sideboob picture got flagged as offensive....apparently being bent over a car and half your ass showing is way more family friendly....whatever...fuckin' fighting the urge to delete.
Multiple Friend Requests
I don't understand people who send multiple friend requests. If it was denied the first 10 times, what makes you think that's going to change? People who need obsessive attention should be shot. That is all.
Reapers_resurrections Memorial Services
Reapers_Resurrection passed away on Saturday, July 3rd, at approximately 5pm. He had a heart attack at home and was pronounced by EMS. Please remember Reapers! He was such a good man... And he liked Fubar!!! Leave any statements, condolences, and best wishes for his wife...  I will give it to her...   Reapers_Resurrections - A chance for you to talk about him 
Sleepless In Newcastle
I can't sleep, have been awake all night, so have been looking at pics ... no, not the rude ones.   I come across a folder on someones profile named the hubby files, with a name on one of the pics. Now this hubby is also a new member but has a totally different name to this guy in this folder .... but it is actually the same guy.   Now me being nosy (or you could call me sherlock), goes back to the new member profile to see if there are any links, no links whatsoever and he has been invited by this other guy. So I go to this other profile, no links on that profile either to the original profile with the hubby folder in.   Now i've got Mickey Rourke in my bartab .... and I know I didn't add him.   Do you think i've been awake too long?
More Sb Fun
This is the girl that has been whining for two days about her bleeding belly button. After posting a joking bash on Helly and Rev, this sb convo ensued: EDIT: For people who come into this late, Rev and Helly were doing their usual bit (like all us old(er) mummers) of banter, after, of course, making it plain that the mumms is no place for seeking medical advice. She got mad and called them out on their fuckery because they weren't being serious. That's when I jokingly ripped on them both.   Baby Dimplez: Thanks for that To Baby Dimplez: I wasn't being serious. Sorry, hun, but they make the same point I always wonder when I first read a mumm seeking medical advice. To Hellyion:  Baby Dimplez: I wasn't really asking for medical advice, I was looking for way to clean it cause everytime I do it just starts bleeding again Hellyion: stop fucking changing your name I am blonde ffs To Baby Dimplez: apply alcohol - peroxide is nothing but r
Nsfw Pics
So this idiot left me a shout yesterday asking to see my NSFW pics. I left him one back and told him he was an idiot.  :)     bigd: WOW !! SORRY FOR EVEN ASKING !! IDIOT? YEA UR COOL ..EXCUSE THE FUCK OUT OF ME !!! 11:12am Suga Lips: pretty much. assuming someone has NSFW pics and then asking to see them makes you an idiot. You have no reason to get high and mighty with me 11:14am bigd: AND I DONT ASSUME !! IT SAYS YOU HAVE NSFW PICS ! 11:15am Suga Lips: That doesn't mean I'm naked, you moron 11:16am Suga Lips: It can be marked because it has the word 'fuck' in it. Think outside the box bigd: I DIDNT ASSUME YOU WERE NAKED IN THEM !!! I JUST ASKED TO SEE THEM ..... FUCK UR A RUDE ASS PERSON ... 11:18am Suga Lips: Why would you ask to see them if you didn't think I was naked? I wasn't born yesterday, you know. People ask because they assume they're gonna see ass and tits bigd: WOW THINK OUT SIDE THE BOX DUH ...THIER PRIVATE I WAS
Dropping My Sanity Basket
As some of you may have (or may not have) noticed I have been MIA for a week. There is a really, REALLY good reason for this.  I was officially admitted to Patrick B. Harris Mental Hospital for major depression, suicidal thoughts, a suicide plan, anxiety and hallucinations. I  was released today at 1pm.  I missed all of you and some more so then others ;) Please be gentle with me, I'm bruised currently and slightly fragile.
Wanna Trade?
    Anywho, things are going well right now. I was able to change my major, so I am hoping to like the classes I will be taking now. I heard they will be a lot harder, but I really like the idea of learning a trade that is always in high demand.   I met a guy, he turned out to be psycho, so that's over already. I am good with being single, I wish everyone else would understand that and accept it too.   I really need to find a new job, one that pays better so I can stop struggling for a while. I am doing ok, but it would be nice if I had extra money on occasion.   On the request of my boss, my kids, my friends, and most of my family, I need to talk to my doctor again and ask if I can move onto the next step. It seems that the current type of product has made my symptoms worse rather than better, and my people are all about to disown me if I don't get something done soon.   Well, that's it in a nutshell. My kids are doing great and seem to be pretty happy. They are getting read
Highest Bidder
I saw that someone had come to my page. Their status says.."For sale to the highest bidder". That got me thinking, aren't we all for sale to the highest bidder?   On here it's what's the LEAST you would accept to post nudes, show more cleavage, whatever the case may be. It's also the FuOwned thing..and unless we change the settings, we literally are for sale to the highest bidder.   In real life you have to look at job opprotunities. What place of employment is going to offer you the most money for your trade. You are selling what you do to the highest bidder.   I'm done. I'm tired and if this makes no was perfect in my head.   Love you all.
I Hope I Get A Good Seat At The Next Sexual Harrasment Course
User comes over today because the printer was having a problem.  (A not unattractive one, I may add, the user, not the printer) She said the printer was reporting as jammed so I open her up, the printer, not the user, and take a look. I saw no jam, so I blew into it to make sure there wasn't any dust in the sensors.  I put the toner back in, and boom, the printer is back up I said "Now see, that was a very technical blowing" The user says "So all it needed was to be blown?" I replied "Yes, and I feel it's pain..."
Ok, downloaded two CSS editors (thank you Reeka). First one is Simple CSS, the second JustStyle CSS ... anyone used either???  
Change Your Country Day!
So, I think we should have a "Change your country" day on fubar. The rules would be like this:   You can't just go pick a different country. You have to "trade" countries with someone on your page. You can then "trade" that country for another if you like, but you and whoever you trade with must change your profile to say that you're from the country that you traded for. You must learn at least something about that country's culture - something you can reflect on the internet so that you can actually pretend you are from that country. For the entire day, you MUST pretend that you're really from that country. Finally, the fun of it is to exaggerate all the nuances of that country. (ie: if you get Canada, end EVERY sentence with "eh"). But, of course, this doesn't work unless people do it. And I dunno what day it should be on. Thoughts?
For Xiconx
Pic will be in comments, just click it, rate it and share it please. :) No lip! It's just a rate--it won't kill you. Thank you very much.    
Pedro Doesn't Work Here Anymore
I've been making jokes that I'm soon to be fired.  At least I hope they are jokes, really, I don't know.  We have a new developer coming in on Monday, and I have joked that I have to build a new laptop for my replacement.  Now as far as I know, he is not actually my replacement (hell it could be a she, but I don't know) What will make this even funnier is that I have put in for a vacation day on monday, though I haven't told anyone about it.  So when the new person comes in... What makes it even funnier to me, I put in the vacation day because I have job interviews at a new place.  Fingers crossed for me.
Do You Take It?
Kloverlynn pointed out earlier that she and I don't seem to share musical tastes. Well, I just wanted to demonstrate that my musical appreciation includes a broad and eclectic mix of styles and songs. So... Do you take it?Written and Performed by the Wet Spots Well my father says your niftyAnd you've heard of BaudelaireAnd we both agree that human rights abuses are unfairYou understand your feelingsAnd you're not afraid to shareAnd I think I could do something with your hair.You smell nice and you're groovyAnd we both like foreign moviesMy mother says you have that touch of classWell I can see a shining futureWhere we'll dialog and nurtureBut there's one last thing I feel I need to ask...Do you take it in the ass?Do you take it in the ass?'Cause you're beautiful and curvyBut, unless you're kind of pervy,there's no way you and me are gonna last.Do you take it in the ass?
Anyone else having the shits with Google Chrome? I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, did two system restores, wiping out half my programs, as well.. Updated every damn thing, too.. All I get is a plain white page and the waiting icon stays going until the pop up comes forth with "kill Page' or "Wait".... but kill the page doesn't working.. click after click..       *click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click.......................*
Dick Man Speaks !!!
10:32pmreplygo: why would i have nightmares about a bunch of ugly,stupid, boring, sad people on some white trash website? 10:33pmmoreTo go: for a man that makes 40 profiles a day you sure wanna be on the white trash site huh 10:35pmreplygo: well, its so easy, and hilarious, to piss off all you dumb folk. you take the bait EVERY time 10:35pmmoreTo go: lol ya we are the ones pissed off .... snorts 10:35pmreplygo: not you as much as some of the others. They are just beyond sad 10:36pmmoreTo go: heres an idea make a normal profile where they allow the pic to stay
Oh wow look a new blog again. lol...this one's pretty short and not too wild..let me just give a little ..back in 2009, Fubar made a publication called "The F Word." .. in it there are featured members, demons & angels funny shit , mumms , etc. Just a fun piece random piece of fubar delivered to everyone's mailbox...and it's something definitely worth a look at mmmhm... Fast forward to today...and there's a new issue!! The first of 2010....feel free to copy and paste the link below and check it out to see for might see some familiar faces in there...just sayin.. hahah...hope ya'll are avoiding your own personal drama llamas anddddd..yeah..enjoy it...peace.
Assorted Baked Goods/food
Bikini girl cake complete with bad tan for my sister's bikini competition BBQ mini cupcakes   Bears themed cheesecake brownies Maple bacon cupcakes with maple frosting, sea salt, and candied bacon Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Pizza from scratch. Caramelized onions, italian sausage, goat cheese, and spinach on a honey wheat crust. I didn't make the sauce. Bagels Turkey sausages with apples and onion - these had very little flavor...I'm going to have to try again
If You Want To Know
My computer is dead. I can come on here with my cell but it is a pain,can't respond to people etc grrr .so know that I haven't been ignoring anyone. Not sure when we will replace my computer,but I do know I appreciate my friends here. Huge hugs!
Sciencey Results As Proven By Science
i really want to thank everybody who entered even those of you who entered late. You're dedication to Sciencey makes you better than everyone else. You should be able to power your computer with your own sense of self satisfaction. With the exception of Miss congeniality the winners were choosen by a panel of three judges who have nothing to do with fubar. This led to some interesting questions WTF is a cherry bomb? People send you pictures of their junk on this site? Wth does a thumb have to do with it? I do like some hand drawn boobies but other than that I don't know what's going on here. Why don't these people understand what more than one color is?   I told them not to worry about it and if they behaved themselves i would buy them all candy. That seemed to work and the winners go like this.   Miss Congeniality and most votes: Pedro 3rd place Higgs 2nd place pedro (I'm told this is because of the use of 8008) 1st place and most sciencey Lilboobs! (haha)
God Forbid I Have A Decent Heart Attack
NSFW cause of you fucks   well it was not a heart attack...they dont think..ffs no bloodclot either actually they have no clue whats going heart rate and bp kept sky rocketting..gave me nitro 3x and the shit would still fly thru the roof. a few CT's and intravenous drugs later...the pain subsides..but only to come back with a vengance around 3am today...gotta get a stress test and a CT with dye injection to check for possible cloggs...   on a fun note: the nurses loved my tat's...and my odd sense of tired of waiting for them to come back in and check on i pull off strategic leads and flopp around as they rush in...hey i got them to come in at least...   Money making opportunity: for fucks sake someone invent the lil sticky tabs they hook heart monitors up to so they dont pull off my chest hairs and make me scream like a canadian having their beaver waxed....OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Stupid Pages People Might Actually Use
I know this is anathema to certain people, but how about adding some utility and usability to aid members in enjoying the site the way casual observation reveals about their behavior patterns?   Suggestion #1 - Pimpout market/exchange. A place where people selling or needing pimpouts, buzzkills, pimp slaps, etc... can meet and exchange services, like an internal eBay or craigslist. Sure, it's not interacting with each other the way you might want us to, but it's how a lot of people interact, and would be much more useful than another way to spin those point wheels you say you're so disgusted with us for spinning so fast, anyway. People interacting and talking with people rather than clicking on pictures at random. This is a community of people you want to see interacting, and you keep giving us more excuses for narcissism and voyeurism. Not exactly social behavior. I think I'm done for now.   Love, Higgs Boson
How Rude.
Apparently my last post was deleted. Suck it. I SAID I was gone for the majority of the holidays That I didn't forget you guys, and actually missed you Hope you missed me I need updated on your lives now thanks...
In the past, I've had no luck with general new year's resolution such as "exercise more." Usually I don't even bother with them at all. I want to try something a little different this time. I'm going to blog a monthly goal. Nothing earth-shattering, nothing that will depress me if I don't get it done or impress anyone if I do get it done. But my goal will be here in my little blog, reminding me that if I have time to scribble my rambling thoughts to my internet buddies, then I have time to make some constructive changes in my surroundings. Resolution #1 is to reorganize and update my bedroom. Right now there is too much furniture, too many guitars and amps and cords, too many books, lamps that don't work in the space, outdated bedding and drapes, and old prints that do nothing for me anymore. I want it to be a warm, inviting, calm, beautiful space.  My furniture is nice. I may update it with new hardware but it doesn't need refinishing. It's old, solid cherry and I've been stymie
Soma Romantic. I
It wasn't raining.All great stories begin with rain.Horror.Tragedy.Film noir.Smoke rings, and vesper whispers.Tonight its about the snow.The stillness that comes with it.The irretractable boredom.Sterility, but clarity.Tonight I was supposed to go to her house.On some flimsy excuse. On even flimsier words.Instead I have a thick layer of glass to drive over and the growing awareness of apathy.Why chase when you can kill?Why taste when you can fill?She told me she loved me.In the most awkward way.We weren't face to face, sunlight streaming through the window of a diner.My fingers idling a filthy coffee mug, or yearning for the days when we could smoke inside without a congressional hearing.It was the other day.Right after my lunch break.Back when I was working.Via text.I knew the second that I didn't say "I love you too" that it was over.I still had half a sandwich in my mouth and one arm in my jacket.Maybe she hadn't heard the news yet.But I just can't fake it again.See, that's the thin
Something Ridiculous And Maybe Something A Little Shady ...
Hey kids..let's keep this simple here ready set go now!!!... Default: Real Salute: I don't have to say much here do I?...also in a totally unrelated issue, word of mouth has it then we have a constant green/teal dude out there that runs God Modes & is on Fubar 24/7 but is "homeless" and "can't pay his phone bill" and is always "looking for cash & places to live",is on "Fu from the Car" and preys on the generosity and naiveness of women here. Word has it that the amount has now about hit double digits. If you or anyone you know has been affected by this please send your information to me in a PM PLEASE and it will be added to the pile. Soon enough everyone will find out, just a matter of time and putting it together. Remember, always be leery of someone looking for cash when they seem to sure have enough time and ability bling to run. Or anywhere for that matter. Have a good night, stay warm, and peace....
30 Day Song Challenge - Day 2
Day 01 – Your favorite song (Somebody to Love - Queen)Day 02 – Your least favorite song  Again, a hard pick, but this song is pretty awful. Runners Up include: Hoobastank - The Reason and Black Eyed Peas - My Humps Day 03 – A song that makes you happyDay 04 – A song that makes you sadDay 05 – A song that reminds you of someoneDay 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhereDay 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain eventDay 08 – A song that you know all the words toDay 09 – A song that you can dance toDay 10 – A song that makes you fall asleepDay 11 – A song from your favorite bandDay 12 – A song from a band you hateDay 13 – A song that is a guilty pleasureDay 14 – A song that no one would expect you to loveDay 15 – A song that describes you Day 16 – A song that you
Won't Be Back Till Maybe Wednesday
I have a work trip tomorrow, driving 8 hours to New Jersey... will be too tired to do shit by the time I get to my hotel. I'm doing warranty troubleshooting and repair after another technician who obviously didn't check his own work last week. Who knows where I'm going next. These trips are almost always last-minute.
Letting It Out....
So, the last 2 weeks have been full of stress.  Nothing to do with Blake's health, so don't worry.  He is still doing good.     It's other things.  Major things.  Why do they always seem to come in bunches.  I have grown accustomed to dealing with 1-2 crises at a time, but this week has decided I need more on my plate.     I've been good about hiding the stress from everyone, but I needed to vent.  I no longer have access to the one whom I confided everything in and everyone needs at least one person they can open up to.   Sometimes I want to find a place far far away from all life's stress, but alas I am too "responsible" to do that.     /end vent, Yeah, That's It, Therapy
Dear Ninja, Some people consider group therapy to be "second rate treatment." However research data suggests that group therapy is equally as effective as individual therapy and, in some cases, more effective than individual therapy. According to your lecturer, what factors may make group therapy more effective than individual therapy. (Please use the internet in place of a lecturer and your own common knowledge. I'd appreciate your response to be 3 pages double spaced with 1 inch margins all around) This question is worth 10 million fubucks!   Dear crazy person, I'm not going to take that much time in explaining why it works. It works well because there is a free exchange of ideas that have been successful for others in their problem solving. Also, it helps people unburden themselves to multiple people so that they no longer feel the weight of the problem. It's why AA, NA, etc, are successful programs if you actually follow them. Say, for example, you and your crazy gro
Llcq: The Truth.'s her birthday! Hahah love or hate her you have to admit she does keep things interesting. And yanno, if ya actually talk to her you might like her....soo with that being said...wish a Happy Birthday toooooo... LLCQ XxKOxFubar BunnyxX@ fubar I won't be held responsible if she asks you for credits..come on people, take a joke...haha..Happy Birthday April!
Bad Brownies
Okay so the other night I was a bit naughty and munched on some 'special' brownies that my cousin baked.OMG I just did a really big poot and I was like *sniff sniff*...huh?...*sniff sniff*...OMG MY FART STINKS OF WEED!
My Weekend (second Time)
Friday night was the formal night for my 20th class reunion. I had a really good time, I was shocked Today was the family picnic part, again...had so much fun. It was actually a treat to see everyone...there were only 2 people there that were not extremely friendly 2 guys that used to dog me for being fat... Now they are....I still am, but I am confident and fun They are sad and lame :D
A Message Lost
                                                                     A Message Lost         I heard a voice      calling in the breeze,      from across the ocean      and through the trees.        Where it came from     nobody knows,     but as each person hears it,     its message grows.         A voice from far away,     looking for a place     to settle down and stay.         Sometime ago      it would be lost,      and as a result      there was a cost.         A time of sorrow      and peace no more      lives lost      by something called war.         The voice is calling      once again,      hoping it's message      will soon begin      the message is simple      and easy to do,      say these three simple words        " I Love You!"
[if You Ever Felt Inclined..]
To combine Frasier American Psycho Vertigo and Silence of the Lambs   Watch "The Perfect Host" With David Hyde Pierce.   Man, that's an oogey role, and awesome.   Side note- David Hyde Pierce walks exactly like one of my exgirlfriends. Creepy.   I wish I had more for you at the moment. I've had some work, I'm running out of work... rapidly, I've changed tires 5 times on one car, I'm gonna put on my gomez mix... pretend I'm out in the middle of nowhere... working at nothing with my dog and crisp quiet mornings.   I miss my hands on someone else's hips, feeling that loose grip on things.   almost 10,000 views... I'm averaging over 70 views a post? Weird.   I'd like to call this progress. Comfort. Triumph.   Its the closest thing I've had to it in a while.   Only 290,000,000 til I can get a bottomline retrofitted missile silo.   Maybe I should just build a cement bunker and wire/plumb it... can't be THAT much more than a 1 story rancher.   I have to c
Nerdy Cute Vs Arrogant Attractive
I have always preferred nerdy cute men over arrogant attractive men. i adore men who are attractive, funny and intelligent but have NO IDEA how wonderful they really are. i also prefer a man who doesnt look in the mirror all day, and spend all day in the gym staring at himself and measuring his muscles. i'm totally fine with the skinny, goofy type.  I find they are less arrogant, a lot more kind and less prideful when showing the women in their life how happy they are to be together in a relationship.   i have not had the same experiences with men who have "women falling all over themselves" to be with them. the more attractive a man thinks he is, the less he will make his actual girlfriend/wife feel wanted, loved and cared for. this has been my experience. as if Mr. Hot shows any type of love and how "he cant live without her" feelings, this will make him less of man. the man with "many options" never feels he has to do much to keep a woman happy in the relationship, yet feels entit
Thank You All For Making My Birthday So Happy!!
*dances* I love ALL of the smiles, words and thoughts that were given yesterday. *dances more* YOU are as special as YOU make ME feel! I will hold these feelings in my heart, soul and being for the rest of my days!! My friends and family truly are THE BEST OF THE BESTEST!! Thank YOU to EVERYONE who thought of me and thinks of me, without YOU there would be NO inspiration. :) xxoo PoSTaL
Well What?
*sigh*   I may be able to afford to choose 50 designs to print off into cards and I don't know where to favorites? your favorites? randoms? Plus, matte or gloss?   meh.... things to ponder
Stolen First Impressions, Music And Salutes
The first part of this blog I stole from Suga Lips. I just thought it would be a great idea and fun. So here it is....   How did I meet you? What was your first impression of me and is it still the same?   Now for the original part of the blog, lol.   I want to make a CD that reminds me of you all, my friends. What I want you to do is tell me a song that describes YOU. I'll download it and make a CD. I'm saving the songs as you, so no one will know what the song will be until it plays, lol. Lastly, I'm making salutes tonight. I already know Supe is getting one, who else wants one?  Lemme know :)
Pimpout Changes Again....
I'll make this easy by posting it this way. What this means is: 1. You can get pimped every 10 mins instead of an hour. 2. Both Angels and Demons can do it. 3. It's cheaper to reset your ability points for demons to reset someone's 11's now. 4. You have to be a level 45 to do it at all. No, the promoted members box isn't going away any time soon. *Update* Scratch that: One thing never changes here, Any questions? Thanks.
I'm NOT a fu-hoar...usually. I may play the part now and then, but it's just a part-time gig.   Since I discovered the joys of the Mega-Polisher not too long ago, I've bought myself several.  One of those gets me more points in a much shorter time span than any other bling available.   The thing I like best is that it gives me a good (and convenient) excuse for being anti-social.  A mood I've found myself in more and more lately...but that's a whole other blog completely.   I run a mega-polisher when I'm feeling bored. I'll run one when I'm feeling anti-social as well.  I don't expect anyone to know what reason is behind it at that time.  However, one thing you can know is that I can't get to everyone's bling to polish.  I do have a lot of pages bookmarked to try to get some of the bigger (higher points!) bling... ponies, cubes, sparkly expensive stuff, etc.   If you are on my friends list and want me to polish your bling, please, by all means, get in my shout box.  If you are
Kyla - Fake Of The Day 9/7/12
Today's Fake of the Day....I posted this in the wrong blog originally... Kyla huh? Well, this is what "it" says... But low and behold, look what we find - Say hi to Collette: And oh by the way perverts, the real girl is 15 years old... Ouch. This would explain why it never had a salute. Sure had a ton of ability bling though! Please Gem Girl, try a a little harder next time and you won't get locked. Have a good weekend.
Since Not Everyone Follows Me On Fb
Well, I'm guessing the few of you that read this already have me on FB anyways...but here goes...   So just a couple of weeks ago the hubby and I decided to border jump back to MN because the job market in WI was doing nothing for me. We lived in such a rural area that jobs really were few and far between. And since my husband can sell cars anyways we made the decision. Well within 2 days of our decision, he already had a job and we had a new apartment we rented. Now, 10 days later I have a fairly decent job working with Best Buy. I'm so excited things are working out for us. We were getting close to drowning for a while but we've been able to find a life preserver. My kids love their new school and are ecstatic about living close to their Nana and Papa again. Life is looking pretty good.     Although, I shouldn't say that out has always had a way of LOLing at me.
Feelsgood's Fupony Lotto - The Full Post
Feelsgood's Fupony Lotto Only 200 Tickets Available!  Here Is Your Chance To Win A Fupony! (or one of 38 other prizes) 39 Prizes = 2,000 Credits Total!! One (1) Drawing For A Fupony Bling (1,000 Credits) Two (2) Drawings For Your Choice Of 100 Credits In Bling (100 Credits Each) Four (4) Drawings For A Rock Star Bling (35 Credits Each) Four (4) Drawings For Auto 11's Bling (30 Credits Each) Four (4) Drawings For Cherry Bomb Bling (30 Credits Each) Four (4) Drawings For A Famplifier Blin
It's All In The Stars
So...  I went to  one of those Psychic Readers last night....    her name was Mira,,, she was this cute lil petite 67 year old with burnt red hair  she said she has "been seeing" since she was 7 years old... she was really cool!    Her life, as she told us some stories, was anything but ordinary....    She told me things  only I knew....   alittle creepy, but fascinating  She told me things that have happened in my past...  more creepy & intriguing  She nailed the male roll model as a Scorpio...My Dad She nailed I am surrounded by males.... sheeshhhhhh people.....  get yer fucking minds outta the gutter....she pulled the male card of youth 2 times ...meaning my boys   The one thing that totally flipped me out was,in the 40 minutes I was with her, she kept pulling star cards...  she said something about the stars.... something about a Female Role Model...  again another star card.... a grief card,  the Queen,  again a star card.... that she never really left me... that
Are You F*cking Kidding Me?
Let's play a game. It's called "Name everything you see wrong with this image." I can name quite a few: This screams step right up and be Catfished. Leave your thoughts below. Peace.
Fu Hubby Or Wifey?!
OMG I swear I'm fed up with my fu wifey/hubby problem.  I'm writing this blog to let everyone know that I"m chosing a new hubby or wifey at the end of the week.  If you want to be considered leave me a comment.  I like someone that is sweet and gives me attention that I want and crave.  Thanks everyone.  :)  luv ya all
Angry Masturbator
  Clear HistoryClose DALLAS Buzz:   toasted Level: 26 Gender: Male, 35 Location: Status: blah blah blah     12:39pm DALLAS: why? 12:40pm FvckingCan...: It is not supposed to be red and inflamed.. 12:41pm DALLAS: lol it was only red cuz i was stroking it 12:41pm FvckingCan...: well you must had been using sand paper or something 12:42pm
Join Me In My True Love For Life...
I am in love with life. If you open your mind you will realize that life is just amazing. Try not to let your religious and cultural prejudices stand in the way of learning something new or understanding something differently. What seems one way to one person can seem very different to another. What would be correct and good in one instance can be wrong under other circumstances. Therefore, I consider the opinions of others as I do the words from a friend's conversation; to be considered alongside my own and carefully weighed and thought about. We are all brothers and sisters in humanity. I hope that you can know the joy and humility of realizing the many similarities we share with other cultures, even with their ethological constructs so seemingly dissimilar from our own. Ultimately, I would like to build bridges to greater understanding and empathy. It is not that I believe there is no evil in the world; for there surely is, and it must be dealt with. I do, however, believe there is
The Pain I Caused
I'm sorry for the pain I caused. I regret what I have lost It wasn't you but me. I got to close and had to be free. I've some to grips with the fact, I may never be able to have you back I was a jerk for way to long I'm Learning to admit my wrong. I should not have lied and hid, All the wrong thinsg I did. I hurt myself by hurting you. that's all I knew how to do. I'm learning to live life, free of fear, free of strife. I feel empty down inside. I want to take a new stride. All i ask is some forgiveness, for the actions of my illness. I hit the dope real hard. To forget that, which I scarred. The actions I performed were blind, I was drunk out of my mind. To you apologies I do owe. Will you accept? I don't know. Alcohol changed my aire, So i didn't give a care. Only for me I gave a shit. it brought me to an aweful pit. you say you are still my friend. i hope it's true till the end. If it's not feel no shame. i am the one wit
To Everyone
I'M SORRY I'M GOING BACK IN AND NOT LOOKING TO GOOD...I went to the Dr's office lung function has never been this low before...its was 14% lung capicity and the Dr's said its to late for transplant.This made my hole world upside down and has very much made my day the worse ever.I have been making my self jump everyday for a new chance at life.And now to here that it could be as little as a few months away I'll no longer have the things that people have the pleasure to wakeup to.I loved wakeing next to my GF and seeing her off to work..I loved the sinrise as you can tell by my pictues.I have grown close to friends I have never met and still have new people everyday ask to be my friend.I'm so greatful to be able to say I have done all these things in life.Most CF people are not as lucky.God will be with me through my hard times I'm sure but I wish the best that he will give me another 5-10 or even 15 years...I had a wish an now my wish is shattered...that wish was for new lu
My Angel
My sweet beautiful angel. Sent to earth from above. I am so grateful to have found you, and I give you all my love. You must have come from heaven, because your beauty is not of this world When I look at you my heart begins to beat, and I begin to live for the first time Your sweet angelic voice, continuously rings in my ears. With you near me, with me, there is nothing I fear. Whenever we are together, You shine with a heavenly glow. Your beautiful angel face, raises me up from feeling low. Yes, heaven is missing an angel, because you are here with me. You are a sweet, beautiful angel, and I will love you for eternity!
Welcome Home©
Contrary to what you may have heard,guys can be romantic. The problem is most of us have no idea how to romance the one we love. So this story is for the ones we love and lust. It's a guide to show the path to passion. So pull up a chair,call the one that matters,cuddle close and enjoy together.... It didn't suprise her that I'd be calling. They always tried to touch base after work. Should I cook or are you cooking or maybe takeout. This call was NOT about dinner. What she was not ready for was my tone. As she answered all she could hear was my breathing. She was no longer to talk but to listen. The instructions were short and sweet,pull into the garage,turn off the car and walk to the door. There she will find a note on the door going into the house. From there she was to follow the directions. Instantly she could feel her heat. I know her better than anyone ever will and this evening was going to be all about her. From the house I heard the garage door open. Turni
I need votes the link is in my blog please help me out i am losing and i dont like to lose....
To All My New Friends...nsfw
Caught My Husband
Last night in the jacuzzi my best friend ,husband and I were in there. We were relaxin and then I got up for a drink, as I looked into the deck door window, I seen my husband grab my best friends tit. when I came back both of them were sitting there giggling. Now should I confront them? Or be quiet cuz i am having an affair with my best friend?
My first blog ever.....I guess i'm annoyed and bewildered at the moment and this is my only way of taking a punch at myself and let those thoughts loose. I guess i am an exhibit of randomness and my thoughts don't follow an order whatsover. I think I am hurt by believing into friendship and then it crushes upon me. I wonder if i trust people too easily and I set up myself for failure. I have a really hard time reading people or maybe I read too much into people. I delve into the unknown believing and trusting and I guess I have to believe and trust in myself first in order to succeed in my voyage of nothingness. I am confusing myself by writing all this, but yet I have the urge to keep going. I don't know where this will take me but it's kinda working. It takes me away from the thought of the essence and into the thought of the unknown...the random comment in a blog that maybe later I will be able to subtract from randomness and fit it in to my current state of mind. However, I feel
And You Are Invited...
Join Us Monday Night For the Biggest CT Marriage EVER! CherryRock.FM Lounge! 11pm est. You won't wanna mis this! Click the pic to get there
Spokenword(video Blog) : The Art Of Seduction By Marq
This was a flyer from a night I headlined a poetry reading at a local Caf'e ~[]~ Massage, Masseuse, You’re to tight, get loose. Baby Breathe deep, Come on… relax a lil bit… Just let your body fall limp, An stop biting your lip. Here we are, lay down on the couch In the candle light, exploring by mouth Leaving glistening salvia trails across soft skin Lip locked, prepared for twirls & spins Slippery & sliding, tongues will flick. Across swollen tips, to lick two nips. From soft to hard with three moist, kiss. With most clothes still on, but steady grinding hips We dilly & dally, searching our valleys Every crevasse & protrusion How sweet her taste, inducing dream like states, Reveries of erotic illusions Now shedding our clothes, I tear through her hose, An with one quick jerk, Send the buttons soaring from my shirt, Into the air & before they can hit the floor, We are bare chest to breast, Flesh on flesh, Both, craving & begging for more Sticking
Morph Makers Contest
ok i am in this and i may not have chosen the best of my work but this is the pic and link ty for your help
Spc Ronnie G. Madore Jr.
Small Vent
what is up with people posting fake pictures??? especially when the "real" pictures are hot anyway? fucking dress yourself up and have a photo shoot, dont put fucking pictures of models up on your profile to get more points you fucking point whore. and while we're at it, what is up with people who are RL married having CT hubbies? WTF? Do you have an open relationship? Is all this cyber stuff really so fake for you that it's like a game where you can play any role you want? I dont know about any of you but i'm here to meet real people, and make real friends, and i'm tired of the lame fake ass bullshit i keep seeing. makes me wanna clean out my friends list.
For A Trophy
Happiness Is A Journey
Happiness is a JourneyWe convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another. Then we're frustrated that the kids aren't old enough and we'll be more content when they are. After that, we're frustrated that we have teenagers to deal with. We'll certainly be happy when they're out of that stage.We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when our spouse gets his or her act together, when we get a nicer car, are able to go on a nice vacation, when we retire.The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now. If not now, when? Your life will always be filled with challenges. It's best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway.One of my favorite quotes comes from Alfred D. Souza. He said, "For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, or a debt to be pai
About My Son!!!!!!
As alot of you already know my son needs a kidney to live...We have been working on this for a long time as it is a very rare decease and the surgery has not been preformed befor on some one with his illness. Now the decease has created more problems for him...His heart has started giving him problems now...In the last 4 months he hs had 2 heart attacks...making it a number of 3 as he had one at the age of 8 also...He is now 25 and doctors say he looks 25 outside but inside he is an 80 yr old man that has takin drugs forever...This is due to medicines to keep him alive over the years...If I dont respond to you here please dont take it I dont care as I do but sometimes my mind is just to scatter to chat with someone...I just keep praying and am asking you to do the same...That is all I have to hold on to....I am going insane...This one is much more than I can handle alone so I call on Jesus to give me strenght to get thru this....Thanks to all of you that take the time to read this and
Dedicated Shoutbox Windows...
hey folks, i've been working on some stuff that will allow you to create a dedicated shoutbox window with another user. it makes it easier to talk to a specific person if you get bombarded with shouts from various people at the same time. you can open it by clicking on the 'horn' icon next to the SHOUT label in any members tooltip. when you click that horn, it'll open up another window with a shoutbox to that person only. feel free to play around with it, once i work the bugs out of it i'll put it in a more obvious location... but for now it's sort of hidden. :-) if you have any problems with it, please post a comment on this blog... thanks! -mike
Am I Real? Hmm? Lets See....yes!
Hello friends, Some asshole named Holyone asked to be my friend this morning. I accepted him. He goes into my my pictures and looks at them and then proceeds to write me a message that says this: you and your pictures are false.. I don't believe this is u. If i try i find them on porn pages.Who did take. Why did take and why do you show them? What do you earn? You're account is admin's or something like that.. I don't believe. You can remove me from ur list... What a fucking asshole! Um, I am not paid by anyone to take my pictures or put them up! I do not have a fucking website with my pictures on them! I did not get my pictures off a porn site! This is me, all of me!!! The only folder that isn't me is folder A and I do not in any way pretend that those pictures are me. I have one folder that isn't me, they are porn pictures and a dozen more folders that are all of me. How could anyone not think this is me? I am totally naked, totally from head to toe me.
Chapter 4: Travel Diddling
The Captain has requested another chapter in the diddling saga, and because I strong-armed him into posting a blog purely to entertain me, I feel the need to honor his request. Quid pro quo. You know how that works. Lately I've been longing to get in touch with my German ancestry, and so I've been preoccupied with thoughts of travel. And, in typical stream-of-consciousness Sugar-fashion, I was thinking about diddling experiences with regard to travel. Travel. Diddling. Travel diddling. [I know, I know... you're diddling your thumbs right now, thinking, "Get to the fucking point, Sugar." I will. Be patient.] As you know from the first few chapters of the diddle blog, the early part of my life was very sheltered, having grown up too far from town (this is a generous misnomer for 'gas station') to escape my parents. When I left to go to college, it wasn't much better. I had a roommate, Char. (Pronounced /shar/, though considering the degree to which she styled her ha
Im Fucking Pissed Off!!!!
Thank You All!
Guys... I really got to thank everyone who left me birthday wishes, gifts and profile comments! There were literally too many to reply to personally but I appreciate each and everyone. Fuckin hell, I guess I'm popular :P Thanks again, you guys fuckin ROCK!
Falling Angel
Fallen Angel,why do you cry? Your tears wetting the world, and you sulk into sadness I wish I to help you I want to hold you and tell you it is alright.... Fallen Angel, do you feel alone? You need not be, if you choose. Raise yourself, as you once did. For you are still divine Just without your knowledge for now. Fallen Angel, how I love you.. Your tears, are still falling like a soft stream flowing.. Crying onto the earth and the stars do wince at your pain Fallen Angel, how I wish it were all well. I wish for your happiness to put a smile upon your face Awake, Angel, from your depression Fallen Angel, embrace the light.. While you may see yourself trapped now in a void and eclipsed world of sadness You will break free, you will escape Fallen Angel, for how long? Your wings will spread high and fly and you shall be free The chains of sadness shall be shattered. And by your power will we all hope. and from a fallen Angel... such as your self we
Racism, And How I See Things. Like It Or Dont......these Are My Opinions.
Hey hey hey, i know, im sposed to be finishing the last part of the "internet love and dating" blog, but i really wanted to write this while its fresh in my head. Recently i read a bulletin that was filled with racism, and i just couldnt help but voice my opinion on the subject. I know that its a touchy subject, and i just might lose a friend or two because im so vocal about how i feel about it.......but seriously, this needs to be said. I have never understood how a person could wake up in the morning, and hate a specific race of people. Its very bizarre to me that anyone would think that any one race of people are any better than any other race. Seriously.....think about that for a second. Members of the KKK believe that white people are the "superior" race. Um.....WHY? What makes white people so much better than the rest of the world? Is it because a million years ago, a bunch of ignorant white guys that thought they were superior owned a bunch of slaves? Cause if y
Fun!! Lets See How Well Everyone Know There Rock N Roll History
OK. Below is a picture that has 75 bands represented in it. What I want you to do is leave me a comment naming up to 3 at the most. Leave some for others to find. This should be fun. Good Luck
(this is NOT about the car. This blog is Not about comments on pics. read carfully!) *Toipic Of Blog: So now people are rateing pics with out even looking at them. oh, that is realy nice. NOT only are they giving tens for the sake of giving tens, but now they are NOT looking at what they are giving tens to. how dubble rude of them...: *Example Of Topic: Modified C...: I don't even think I saw your pic when I rated it. Nor do I really care about a car. ->Modified C...: what is the point of yourateing my pic with out commenting on it? *Question: what do you people think?
Caption It | Vol.1 | 004
RFB’s Bi-Weekly Photo Blog Caption It - Bi-Weekly it is! (Start sending in your pictures and I will feature them in a round of "Caption It") I will be doing these bi-weekly now so keep an eye out! The name of the game is “Caption It” and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog twice a week for a new photo and hysterical captions. 2. Comment with a caption of your own! You could caption the photo in general or “quote” the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc… ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. 3. Have fun!!!
Caption It | Vol.1 | 005
RFB’s Bi-Weekly Photo Blog Caption It - Bi-Weekly it is! (Start sending in your pictures and I will feature them in a round of "Caption It") I will be doing these bi-weekly now so keep an eye out! The name of the game is “Caption It” and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog twice a week for a new photo and hysterical captions. 2. Comment with a caption of your own! You could caption the photo in general or “quote” the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc… ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. 3. Have fun!!!
Upon Request
It’s an unusually warm autumn evening, though the smell of fall is in the air it is warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt. We walk along the trail by the water; the sun is dropping onto the horizon. The sky is multiple shades of pink and purple we continue walking and our hands find each others and our fingers lock as we continue walking. We come to a grassy opening and sit to finish watching the sunset. As the sky continues to change shades from pinks and purples, to purples and blues and twilight begins to set in I wrap my arm around your shoulders as the temperature starts to drop. Your head finds my shoulder and you lean, I kiss your head softly and go back to watching the last bit of sun disappear over the horizon, though the sun is gone there is still a bit of light. I attempt to stand and you hold me in place, our eyes meet and you smile softly. I smile back and sit back down beside you. We lay back and watch the stars as they come out. After the first dozen come out you mo
Not So Good News
Things are really bad for my son today and we need all my friends and fans to please take a moment and pray that things get better..Please ask Jesus to lighten the load off my son...Please ask him to send a donor..Please ask him to guide the doctors hands...My son is very ill and things in his life are not so smooth..Someone just stole all the money he had and it has put him in a bad state...I saw him today and cried he has not been seeing me cause he said he is so anger...Today his skin was blue and I tryed to get him to go to the hospital...He became anger with me and said that he wanted to give up...He refused and I am scared but he will not hear me...Please as a parent understand this is breaking me and we need lots of prayer now....THE MOTHER KNIGHTSKITTY
Hate, Disgust, Shame, Pathetic, Sad, Prostitution
I have had it with people on this site. I told myself that i would delete anyone on my friends list that asked for something in any form. Be it, shouts, blast's, tickers, status, private messages. It aggravates me to see someone continually post shit like, "buy me a blast" "i need v.i.p." "please buy me a happy hour" WTF? What makes you so special that you think a perfect stranger should spend his/her money on you.....and why is it that you cant buy your own things? Do you realize how pathetic you sound? I look at it this way, it is NO different that standing on a street corner begging for money. Its the exact same thing...and it makes you seem desperate, pathetic, and really sad. If you dont have a job and cant afford it....TOUGH SHIT! Are you a stay at home mom with 5 kids? TOUGH chose that lifestyle, and i feel no sympathy for you. Are you a stay at home wife? TOUGH SHIT. Ask your husband to buy it for you. But for love of god.....stop begging strangers!!!!
W.i.s.e U.k Friends Members ~ Page 2 Of 2
♥☆ W.I.S.E U.K. Friends ☆♥ To find out more about the group and read the rules before you join, then please click here to go to the blog. Please make sure you have rated, fanned and added everyone on *~* page 1 *~*first before adding members off this page thank you :o) I will have 100 members per page 101 **** NO1 ON HERE YET **** New members are added as they join so keep checking back to make sure u have every member rated, fanned and added thank you ;o)
Random Poetry
morbid beauty loving family church religion was it worth it all these years i was taught it all at wal-mart 24 hours, florescent lights, white lights what ever happened to drive ins radicalism and liberals two lane roads now I see a butterfly in the zoo locked in a cage with a scratched window staring each day at blank faces and white washed brick walls fluttering slowly lost in a world of sticks leaves broken off a home land destroyed my little butterfly do you see what religious government has done? of course not brainwashed hypnotized is this the end the last straw the final line preach on
Girls In Sexy Lingierie! You Know You Wanna See! :d
hey everyone!!! (who reads my blogs :P) wanna go look at pictures of beautiful ladies in their panties and lingerie?!! i know i want to!!! :D:D :P thats why i entered this new contest. its totally different from the others guys, so dont worry!!! its all about fun! the pictures will be in a nsfw folder, so its not about points and bombing. which i love!....ok if you want to check it out (and hopefully vote for me :D) you need to add my friend natas! dont worry guys...hes a really cool guy. :) Contest Starts At Midnight Eastern! Add Me As A Friend To See The Contest If You Cant!@ fubar please go add him; if hes not already your friend, because you will need to be on his friends list to veiw these photos. when the contest is over, feel free to delete him or keep him. THE CONTEST STARTS TONIGHT!! ***********this is NOT bombing contest!!!********* its rates only!!! comments dont even count, but its ok if you want to leave one anyways :P if there is a tie in
J-roxxx Hottest Mummers Contest!
hey everyone!! in case you didnt know yet...ive decided to host my own contest (im NOT in it). its J-roxxX 'HOTTEST MUMMER ON FUBAR' contest! and, trust me theres a grip of yummy mummers out there! contest includes both men, and women mummers. i love the mumm community, and this is my small way of appreciating them all. :) its a photo contest, with winner being decided by RATES ONLY! you will not receive any points for comments, although its ok if your friends want to drop some love on your entry pic. so, there is NO ANNOYING BOMBING NECESSARY! this contest is a bit different from any ive seen :) IT WILL RUN FOR 30 DAYS! most rates wins :) in case of a tie...there will be a 24 hr overtime. if there is another tie after 24 hrs...there will be double overtime for 24 hrs. so on until there is a grand prize winner. :) NO DOWNRATING OR OFFENSIVE COMMENTS WILL BE TOLERATED! its just rude, and not very cool at all. :) if you rate a 1 they will still be getting the sam
My Heart
♫Smokey BeaЯ®♫@ fubar Baby You Have No Idea How Much You Mean To Me!... You Are.. My Heart My World My First Thought When I Wake Up In The Morning The Last Thought Before I Go To Sleep. My Hope For The Future You Make My Heart Explode With Just A Simple I Love You. We Defiently Have Our Ups And Downs But We Have Proven That There Is No Opstical We Can't Get Through. I Can't Wait To Be With You. It Seems Like A Long Ways Away But Time Flys When Your Having Fun. I Can't Wait To.. Kiss You Hug You Cuddle With You & Watch Cartoons LOL Look Into Your Eyes And Say I Love You Goof Off In Public (Even Tho I Told You Id Get Embaressed Lol) Hold Hands Have Petty Fights Then Make Up ;) Lol ...Gahhh I Dream Of Those Days With You. I Love You With All My Heart..And Just Remember The Saying "Miles Mean Nothing When You Are In Love"
Playpen Staff Applications Only
To apply,simply leave a comment stating what the winning bidder will receive once he/she has won you. ***PLEASE NOTE*** If you cannot leave a comment it is because we are either not accepting applications yet,or because we have enough people signed up. This is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!! Once the 25 people have signed up,I will once again disable comments on the blong and the applications will be closed. I will leave the blog available to be viewed by anyone so you can see who is offering what and to see who you would like to bid on. ******YOU HAVE TO BE ON MY FRIENDS LIST IN ORDER TO POST!!! IF IT SAYS YOU CANT POST THEN IM NOT ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST AND YOU HAVE TO ADD ME!!!!!******
01-16-08 (attention)
W E D N E S D A Y I hope that your Hump Day Is going Okay ... While I have your attention ... I'll misdirect it as to pick your pockets ... haha I think we all like a bit of attention, Some more than others ... *cough-AttentionWhoresFromHell-cough* Some folks are like dogs And jump all over you until you rub their belly and send them off for "Being Good" While some are more like a cat ... Know it's there & will come get it Demand it even When and if - they so chose - to do so Hey - I'm not hating on people who like attention: If the talented folk out there didn't strive for it ... We wouldn't have stars- Be it: Movie Sports Rock -or- Porn And who wants to be a STAR without being noticed? Although I do know there's a difference between Being FAMOUS -or- Being a Star Infamous isn't the best way to get attention ... I rather be known (if I was ever "famous") For doing something well ... Something that was for
Do You Need Help Leveling??
Ok Bad Girls..This Blog Is To Keep Everyone Informed If You Need Any Leveling Help.. Just Post A Comment On This Blog..Anything Under 50,000 To Level..Remember It Is Up To You To Leave A Comment If You Are Close To Leveling And Be Sure To Check If Anyone Else May Be Close.So We Can All Help Each Other Level Up... Thanks Sgt. Raider Promoter Of Sarge's Bad Girls
Sweetwater's Lounge Dj Schedule 1
Contest Help/auctions
If Any Bad Girls Are In A Contest/Giveaway Or Auction..Or If You Are Having A Contest/Giveaway Or Auction...Let Me Know I Will Add It Here Or Just Leave A Comment With The Info
02-20-08 (riding)
02-20-2008 Happy to see that my little bout with a sickness didn't scared you away! I do thank you for the pouring of kindness That I recieved for GODFATHERING And for my wooziness ... It's nice when friends go to extreme measures to show you they're there for you. extreme, hmmm Which brings me to my subject ... Riding bikes! *laughs* no not that kinda 'riding' ... -nor- Even that kind of "BIKE" riding on thin wheels ... well, TWO thin wheels Human powered "Bicycles"! If your looking for a tie-in or wonder what's my correlation between bikes and the fans ...
Join Us
Tired Of Fubar
ok this place was once fun before all the admins and site gettin shitty wtih rules here .. back when this was actually a site for adults .. then it when to hell .. started wtih the time out shit ... then the .guidelines for NSFW getting so strict ya think you are looking up something for a kindergarden student ..... not to mention there's an awfull lot o facvoritism shown there hence ya look at stuff ya had flagged and look at top member primary photo's that are more often more revealing .. then there's the mumms .. they make it cost so many fubucks to post global and if one is removed .. they are restored on a random date .. whats messed up is SCRAPPER ADMITS HE DOESN'T READ 99% OF THE ONES REPORTED .. .. UNLESS you are a top member.. got friends that are bouncers or buying lots of happy hours and Blast they will do nothing for you if you need help with a problem on here .. I used to have several on here who i thought was friends .some instead used me till they felt i was no
Does it ever piss you off when people ask 'How are you doing?' Like, I usually reply to that with 'I'm doing okay,' and sometimes I'll get responses such as, 'You're just okay?!' WTF. Am I supposed to act like I'm a male getting an awesome blow job twentyfourseven? 'I'm fucking fantastic, yeah! Oh! Oh, wow! I am amazing. Totally amazing!' Fuck you, asshole! Maybe I'm having a really fucking shitty day, and I'm doing you a courtesy by simply saying I'm 'okay'. Maybe my best friend just died. Maybe I lost all my ID cards. Maybe I just got my period, pigged out on chocolate as a result, because of that gained a couple pounds, and then my favorite jeans became a little too tight, plus I stepped in a muddy puddle and my left Van got completely soaked. Do you really wanna fucking hear all of that?! No?! Then stop fucking questioning my 'okay' mood! Because guess what: I've now dropped from 'I'm doing okay' to 'I'm feeling like drenching your body in gas and setting you on fire'. And th
Prime Time Happy Hr Marathon..a Resignation..and More Of The Usual...
.....just a few things I want to touch base on and clear up before we go forward.. ..first off, tonight at 7 PM and 8 PM Fubar Time ( 10 & 11 PM Est) me and my Chelle aka Amnesia are hosting back to back Happy Hours! Awesome! Be sure to rate each other silly and enjoy what should be a special prime time event :D... the other stuff. Drama. I'm burnt out of things around here. Alot of them. So with that in mind, I'd like to bring to light and set the record straight about a few things before people spiral them, take them out of context or twist it to fit their own idea of what it should be... ...first off , for no other reasons than my own, as of this posting, I am officially no longer affiliated with the 2nd Alarm Hotties. No, it's not because of Chief. No, no one did anything to piss me off (well, maybe that auction drama but that's another issue, at least it was semi-rectified) , no it wasn't this or that, it just is what it is and what it needs to be. There are a ton of
You Are 64% Sociopath The good news is that you're devastatingly charming. The bad news? You mostly use those charms for evil! Are You A Sociopath?
A recent blog inspired me to do a little research. I found this website, and I think this paragraph could be reduced to a one lined sentence had they not been so redundant. At any rate, reading it made me chuckle a little. Brown Recluse Spider general information, Brown Recluse Spider bite prevention information, and Brown Recluse Spider bite treatment information is available here for your review. If you have been searching for Brown Recluse Spider bite prevention or Brown Recluse Spider bite treatment information; you have come to the website of a leading provider of Brown Recluse Spider bite prevention and Brown Recluse Spider bite treatment provider.
i has a job offer!!! i feel all grown up and shit.........
Stupid Ass People
Like I said in my last blog about obsessive, overbearing, insecure men... Well, because I removed somebody from my family list he decided to call me a 'fake ass bitch'. This is the same person that keeps comparing me to other people because they fucked him over, not my motherfuckin problem. You have a problem with constantly women fuckin you over maybe it's you. Really. I don't care how you feel about me because I'm not insecure with myself. I mean you repeatedly tell someone to stop comparing you to other people and they still do it, wouldn't that push you away and not want to be bothered. Another person who became obsessive, controlling, demanding of me and I got tired of it. That's the problem. Not all women like that shit. Investigate ask questions before 'falling' for someone else to see if they like that shit. This one don't like it. This is the message I got.. "i see u removed me from family, straight up your a fake ass bitch. I was there for u 24/7 and u fucki
Birthcontrol Blooper
I was chatting it up with a friend of mine earlier today and we were discussion some sex bloopers we had and this one was the funniest that had happened to me so I had to share it with everyone. Two weeks before my husband came back from Iraq in 05 I decided to go on a new form of birth control called the Nuva Ring (looks just like the pic below) Its a circular type plastic ring that you insert into your vag. The night my husband got home from Iraq we started to do our thing like right away obviously and right in the middle of it he pulls out and goes WHAT IN THE FUCK IS THAT. HAHAHAHHAHA my birth control was wrapped around his dick... opsy ... i kinda forgot to tell him that that was possible and forgot to inform him of exactly what it was lmao So he got up and walked away freaked out and of course we stopped doing our thing because of it. So as he walked away still holding shock mind u. im like uhhh hey I kinda need that back ... so i grab it f
hey thinking of leaving fu. in a very stupid move i introduced my ex to the site when we were together and honestly its just to painful to see him on here going on with life as if nothing happened. what can i say? i am weak. i feel like real life is passing me by as i use this site for escapism....and even for that it has lost its appeal. if i do decide to leave altogether i will leave up my yahoo and give the addy to any who may want it. bad day..bleh
Words By: Deborah Boyd Words that are spoken Have meaning to some But then comes a time The meanings are none There is a little life saying I take true to heart Words are like assholes Its show me what counts So tell me no lies Don’t make promises you can’t keep Don’t whispers sweet nothings If this is not what you seek Just leave me alone And I will be fine Don’t need any liars And that’s my final line.
Shout Box... :/
I guess I just wasn't very interesting... her status was " (wanna see me on cam?) " Can someone help me on this whoring thing? ->_carhinne_: good, a little tired but good... and you? _carhinne_: how are you? ->_carhinne_: hello _carhinne_: hi there
Hanna Montana Is A Whore. like we've all heard the rumors, watched the news and all of this sickness involving Miley Cirus (aka Hanna Montana) and all of the crazyness involving her pictures in her new Vanity Fair shoot. It's so outrageous, it's beyond words that they are putting up a Disney (Minnie would be embarrassed for sure) 1.4 Billion Dollar empire of Hannah Montana to such a great risk by doing this. After all, she's a role model for millions of pre-teen girls ages 7-12. They are using the sexuality of a fifteen year old girl to sell Vanity Fair magazines. From what I've gathered and what I know about human and male nature, based on the set of these photos as well as some of these taken below, most of the people that are viewing these pictures and buying these magazines will be pedophiles. Check these out that I came across. Disgusting. ..many of you have young children on here, probably ones that you've bought a Hannah Montana doll for or let watch the Disney Channel. Wo
Tiny Hugs Pimpout
These Tiny Hugs Levelers have worked hard lets show them all some love! 19k to levelhoneymonster@ fubar 33k to level Qüêêñ ßêê+starlight express+fubar world cruise+sin wagon@ fubar 72k to level vannasbaby@ fubar 138k to level Sassy Redhead *~*Shadow Levelers & Tiny Hugs Levelers*~*R/L Wife to Kasman@ fubar 155k to level Lady Darktree/tiny hugs levelers@ fubar 238k to level Just Susan proud fu wife of Jeff Rogers@ fubar 243k to levelEasyrider Proud Fu husband to Just Susan. Fu owner of mystic fairy@ fubar 391k to level ~MandyTinyHugzLevlers~@ fubar 548k to level ~*Sweet Kiba*~Owned by Rosie and "Tiny Hugs Leveler " a lone wolf from the Wolf Pack@ fubar 652k to level GOD ANGEL PROUD FIANCE OF AUSTIN&FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE
Important Pls Read!!
Friday May 9th 2008 To all my friends and family.... For those who don't know my current situation. I moved from my hometown of cleveland Ohio just a couple months ago to be with my "boyfriend" I met online. Things have not gone well at all and I have been thinking about leaving him. I won't get into all the details but it hasn't been good. I just got off the phone with my aunt who is like a mother to me! She raised me most of my childhood! To top of the issues I am having here she is not doing well. She has CHF among other problems. My nanny (grandma) is also having heart problems. I have family issues that need to be taken care of back home in cleveland and with the issues I am already having here in PA I am going home to stay! They past few days most of all I have had all my friends going way way above and beyond to help me and I SOOOO appreciate it! I am so very sorry that it seems to all be for nothing. I don't know that I will be getting online much at all once I g
Round 8!
Name that tune! Band and song title! First to comment gets 5k FuBucks! I will be playing this game all day so watch for my blogs in your bartabs! If you know the answer but don't want the bucks pls comment but don't give the answer so somebody can win the bucks! Too shy to To follow through But it is true Yes, I do love you You say no But I won’t go Cause all I know Is you and I are meant to be You and I are meant to be Too proud to Give in to All the love That I wanna lay on you So called no Say it ain’t so Cause all I know Is that you and I are meant to be You and I are meant to be Feels so right Feels so right It feels so right Too lost to Realize who Well here’s one clue I’m standing right in front of you Don’t say no Cause I can’t go Well all I know Is that you and I are meant to be You and I are meant to be Feels so right Feels so right It feels so right Too shy Too proud To speak Too loud Too high Too low Too weak To
Mon 05-12-08 (coffee, Tea Or Me?)
> Monday, May 12, 2008 And . . . Glad that you joined me, can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea?? Would it be to Cliché to ask: ME??? Being it's afternoon here in the Eastern Standar
I was going to just not mention it until it happened but I am in training to be a bouncer. woofreakinghoo. Today, i realized that some of my "friends" don't like that and have even been removed by one of those "friends" after being told bouncers aren't welcome. so here is the deal... IF you read this.. and IF you have an issue with me becoming a bouncer.. then please let me know and please go ahead and remove me. I would think that having bouncers around is a good thing and that people wouldn't be so angry about it. but PLEASE just let me know and remove me as needed. This is my official announcement of becoming a bouncer trainee.
Reason # 17
you know kentucky is fuckin' boring when i hit my photo rating limit for the day. well not gonna have internets until i get to CA in another week, just another 2,000 miles to god damn drive. rock out.
Update On My Father
First off, thank you again for all of the outpouring of support and genuine concern for my father! First it was my son, who is improving each day, and now this. He is a "cantankerous" 80 year old. He was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning with a temperture of 105, couldn't stand because of cellulites in the leg in which he had a knee replacement 4 years ago and would NOT allow the ambulance to be called. So, my two younger brothers got him there. To make a long story short, he also had elevated BP, sugar levels and they found blood poisoning, among a few other things. So, today, they will remove the artificial knee, clean out the joint and replace it with a temporary joint. The utmost concern are the infections he has and to try to remedy those. This will be quite a drawn out affair, but at least he is in very capable hands. Thank you again for all the love and concern you have shown!
I've been getting random phone calls from private numbers for the last like week. I answer everytime and they hang up. Hilarious huh? Now I'm getting strange profiles from Fubar and Myspace checking me out. I've also had people trying to sign into my accounts. Anyone else find this hilarious? I guess I really got to someone bad : D
ass fuck pig nuts shit
Balsamic Sauce!
**Contributed by the always awesome Licks.** This is one of the less "healthy" sauces, but it's really good...and can be used on lots of different stuff and it's super easy. balsamic vinegar unsalted butter minced garlic heat about 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar over a medium heat with 1 clove of minced garlic. You want it to simmer not boil. When it gets thick, which shouldn't take very long, add 1 stick of unsalted butter or margarine. You should cube it and add it a little bit at a time until it's all in there...whisking as you go. That's all there is to it. You can serve this over fish, veggies or with pasta/rice that has veggies in it or chicken. Anything really. I would think it would also be good on a mini pizza creation.
He's Back!!!!!!!!
I wanted to show some love to my friend!! He left me months ago.. and he's back. Show him some love. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Special Hh
Thanks to everyone who supported this HH and sported the green ribbon to bring awareness to lymphoma cancer. It meant a great deal to me and I hope I opened the eyes of at least one person. That was the point. Nothing more or less.
I Ain't Dead Yet
I'm outside having a smoke, when this very attractive woman walks by in a short white dress. When the sun hits it right, you can almost see through to the other side, so of course I have to look. As she walks past the corner, this old dude walks by with his head craned to get a view as well. I wanted to shout to him "You go old dude, you go!"
Robbed From Who Knows
Long as hell I know, so sorry. But bored, and you don't have to read it Time started this:: 2:04AM Name:: Lewis Adam Jones Age: 20 Gender:: Male Birthdate:: October 16th Birthplace:: Islington, London, UK Current Location:: See Above Status:: Taken Height:: 6"0' Weight:: 197 lbs Body type:: Chunky Eye Color:: Blue Hair color:: Brown Hair length:: Short short Skin(type/color): Very white, except elbows down and knees down Sexual Preference:: Female of the species Members in your family:: Mother and Brother Are your parents married? Divorced + dad dead Are you a citizen of your country?: indeedy Pant size:: 36" Shoe size:: 11 Shirt size:: xl Zodiac sign:: Libra - I balance you out Chinese Zodiac sign:: Rabbit Blood Type:: O- Do you exercise frequently?: Hell No If youre a girl, what is your bra size?: Am not, but probably could wear one What is your cellphone number?: 07950 521124 (not like anyone'll use
I'm In A Goofy Face Contest!!!
If you could rate this pic I'd really appreciate it!! Every rate and comment counts. I know I won't come close to winning, but I had this pic lyin around :P Thanks!!!
Fubar Football Pool
A Friend (Tiffany), is putting together a football pool..standard pool of just selecting the weekly scheduled matchups...An entree fee of $200.fubucks is all that is required..After the 17weeks has been completed the two top point leaders will be awarded..#1 getting 75% of the fubucks pot(which will be noted after all entrees have been received),along with a 3credit bling. 2nd place will be awarded the remaining 25% of fubucks and a 1 credit bling.. Perhaps if this works out we can consider setting up a playoff pool also.. So leave your name and all info will be transfered to Tiffany so we can get this rolling before the season starts..Thanks for the support and anyone who wants to show Tiff some lovefor putting this together dont hesitate..whether its fubucks or rates..Anyone whos ever run pools knows it takes time and management.
Do You Love Her?
There is this really beautiful lady who is also on the quest to Godmother. She is sweet and would do anything for any of her friends, and I think we need to help her level ASAP... .violets.__owned by the one & only Philemon@ fubar Now, I am also still taking donations, I have a date I want to win the spotlight in mind...Its September 3. This is the day that 2 of my close friends died last year(will write up a seperate blog to explain that situation) and another good friend's birthday. So I need about 5-10 million more fubucks and I need them in just over 2 who wants to help me?
My Vacation
So I just came back from Michigan. I had no idea that place was so amazing,it so reminded me of Russia, I was nostalgic the whole way there. In Charlevoix, MI, we stopped at this tiny log cabin motel, and went for a walk with Doug and my mom at around 12 at night (it was a full moon). Suddenly Doug told us to stop, and we saw 3 figures run across the road into the woods to our right. Deer! One of them turned, and we saw that all 3 were enormous fuckin wolves. We just stood there, watching them watch us. All of a sudden, one went into the woods, and the second one followed him. The 3rd one stood and stared at us. A moment later, they came back, and stood next to the first one. We felt quite fuckin uneasy standing in front of a pack of wolves at night, I actually felt my stomach tighten up. I didnt know if they were gonna get scared off into the woods, or if they were planning to attack us, since the rest came back and they were lookin at us intently. Finally, we started w
My Porn Site
I just googled my nic (which I use on myspace too), and I stumbled on a porn site that had links on Russia and Russian chicks. And my myspace link was #10. WTF?? Only 10?? Thats how low I rank? Fuckers...
Bad News.
Well, my mother's doctor called this morning and wanted to see her today instead of waiting until Monday. It's not good. At all. Apparently if they had tried to help her the other day when she had the cath she would have most likely passed away. This was from the doctor. He sent her over to the hospital for a couple of test, then she goes back Friday for another test. He will then figure out if he can do anything else for her, but said IF he is able to do surgery again this one would be much more complicated than her first surgery 3 years ago. :( She is living on a very thin trickle of blood and even he is surprised she is still alive. The artificial artery has closed up completely. It's of no use now. I am blogging this so I won't have to tell everyone individually and so all of you know what's up if I disappear for a bit. Please keep my mother in your thoughts and prayers.
Nothing But A G Thang
I was at this Wendy's and they had a sign This Wendy's is Rated G - all ages are welcome Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others! I thought to myself, fuck, I could have gone to an R rated Wendy's? I bet that chick has a great rack that the sign cuts off.
So yesterday was the championship game for my softball team, and we won! Actually we kicked ass :D 11-2 and I hit my first homer of the season which gave us a 6-2 lead I have to give it to the other team though, they really tried hard, and gave it thier best.. they were a good team to play and felt so good to beat an undefeated team :D
Tortured Genius...
You Are 94% Tortured Genius You totally fit the profile of a tortured genius. You're uniquely brilliant - and completely misunderstood. Not like you really want anyone to understand you anyway. You're pretty happy being an island. Are You a Tortured Genius?
Stolen From Van Via Philemon
1. Go to (don't sign in) 2. Type the answer to your question in the "search" box 3. Pick from pictures on the first page only What is your name? What is your relationship status? What is your favorite color? What kind of car do you drive? Who is your celebrity crush? What are you listening to? What is your favorite tv show? What kind of phone do you have? What is something you do a lot? Whats your favorite character? Whats your favorite dessert? Whats your favorite non alcoholic drink?
Yay, I Finished My Classes!
I actually got both of my finals finished and turned in with PLENTY of time to spare! I am so proud of myself!
My Life As A Random Playlist, As Handed Down Through The Ages
The story of my life told via random playlist. . . Opening Credits: "Young Lust" - Pink Floyd (No comment?) Wake Up: "Dazed & Confused" - Led Zeppelin (Actually the string quartet tribute... which might even work better!) First Day At School: "Gravity" - A Perfect Circle (Well isn't that depressing...) Falling In Love: "Sweet Sweet" - Smashing Pumpkins (Ooh, this works...) Fight Song: "Mrs. Rita" - Gin Blossoms (Apparently I am a wuss in a fight.) Breaking up: "For the People (Dan Label vs. Mahamudra Remix) - Yahel (At least I have the purest of motives. And am too busy dancing to notice breakup.) Prom: "Little Red Riding Hood" - The Bobs (I guess my prom was a capella.) Life: (Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding (Isn't my life EXCITING?!) Mental Breakdown: "Another Bag of Bricks" - Flogging Molly (Yeah, this just works. Go look up the lyrics.) Driving: "Moribund the Burgermeister" - Peter Gabriel (Um, well, at least it's from the albu
For The Guys.. Lol
Important Please Read!!!!!
I have been getting hit everyday with complaints. This is suppose to be fun, and its not anymore for me. I cant get on without having somebody in my ear whining or crying about why arent I getting help or why did u pick her for DOD?...or blah blah blah. Well I have explained in the blogs specifically the rules for leveling members how many points needed ect. then people bitch if they have 300k plus points and were not levelling!! Read the rules before you bitch about not getting help. So many people are selfish and just in it for personal gain. Well Im done with it. I tried to be as fair as I could but it just wasnt good enough. All the time and effort I have put into the RR to try to make people happy it was just a waste of my time. Well Enchanted Rose is in charge now!!!! And good luck leveling. I am so proud of what we have accomplished as a unit but now there are just too many selfish people and everything I do is wrong so if there is somebody that can lead better then good luck!!
What Condiment Are You?
You Are Mustard Your personality is strong and distinctive. You are beyond quirky. You can stand alone in the world well. You are a strong individual. You sometimes work well with others, as long as there aren't any other strong personalities involved. Your taste in food tends to be simple yet high quality. You can really get into a perfectly prepared sandwich or simple fresh salad. You get along best with ketchup and barbeque sauce personalities. Get you with a salsa personality, and things might become downright nasty! What Condiment Are You?
Mmm Yummy Meat
I will be makin more very soon . Hope u all enjoy!!! Redqueenbbw xoox
Important Updates For Fubar! Please Read. Thanks!
Greetings Fubarians! Notes from Fubar Administration are as follows: The following actions and items are in place and in effect immediately. October 1, 2008 1. There will be NO more points for photo uploads. 2. As for ripped photos, if someone is complaining about them...don't upload them. We will not do a no right click, no rip from default. 3. There is now a MASS DELETE ability in the Stash, which now live. 4. There will be no fubar user names written on shirts. Meaning, that if you you order a shirt from they are not going to personalize it with your name on it. 5. Please remember that there is to be NO NSFW material posted anywhere on the site in open public view. This includes and is not limited to Comments, Stash, Mumms, Photo Comments, and SKINS! As always, if you have any questions, please see me or any other Orange Tagged Bouncer, or stop by the Support Lounge for any assistance. Thank you, Anna aka Fyretygress, Fubar Bouncer
Ok Who Is It?
I saw that i have 2 crushes.......I know one of them..........Who pray tell is the other??? I iz curious
Schad's Truth!!
Googling away... I came across the truth... Schad DOES shit on people...!!.. O...M...G!!
Think You Know Me? :p
this person is to be blocked on all of my bombers pages. he has threatened and has been trying to start crap with multiple ppl in the family saying that we use scripts and etc and i dont allow that crap in my family at all!! UNSPOKEN~The Wizard!!!@ fubar leave a comment so i know that you were here too.. im feeling boot happy today.. just a warning
I'm thinking I'm going to activate them around 4pm EST. That way I get most of the HH's from today and a few from tomorrow. Does this sound like a good plan? Any suggestions? I ♥ my fu-friends! :D
All About Me
Yesterday you texted me and told me that you just wanted to be friends. It knocked the wind completly out of me, this told me that all those intangible joys I was hoping for and working for in the future had been taken away from me with just one sentence. I was devastated to say the least. I realize that you had undergone similar pain weeks prior when I told you the same thing, however when you came here and convinced me that we had a chance to work out, I was completly overwhelmed by the gesture and believed in you with all of my heart. I feel completely in love with you, body, mind, and soul that night you arrived to rescue me from my poor decision about us. And even when I was told to move out of the only secure place I have ever known due to the decision to see you, I accepted that because I knew I had made the right choice for our future. I realize that I have been unstable this past week. My life has not known neutrality. Most of my younger days were spent either terr At Bottom F Page/ Just Click The Pic And Rate Ty !just One Rate Please...ty
CONTEST...Link at bottom of page just click on pic will take to pic to rate! thanks...Becky
Vixen This Is Your Life
Trick Or Treat
As it's still halloween, kinda, and I'm bored, here's a novel trick or treat type thing I just thought up. Anyone who reads this either says treat, and gets a small fu-shop gift (am fubroke) or trick, and I have to answer any question you can think of for me, and I have to post my answer in the blog itself as a comment. so there you go, let the games begin
Dod For Today Is Princess Leia
'Princess Leia' Sassy Laurie Club F.A.R.~D&DC~Rating Revolution~Lollipop Gurls~@ fubar Pretend its her Birthday so spank her
Dear Red States
Dear Red State​s,​ We'​ve decid​ed we'​re leavi​ng.​ We inten​d to form our own count​ry,​ and we'​re takin​g the other​ Blue State​s with us. In case you aren'​t aware​,​ that inclu​des Hawai​i,​ Calif​ornia​,​ Orego​n,​ Washi​ngton​,​ Minne​sota,​ Wisco​nsin,​ Michi​gan,​ Illin​ois,​ New York,​ and all of the North​easte​rn state​s.​ After​ this elect​ion,​ we'​ll be addin​g Color​ado and New Mexic​o.​ (AND HOPEF​ULLY VA, PA, and FLA)​. We belie​ve this split​ will be benef​icial​ to the natio​n,​ espec​ially​ to the peopl​e of our new count​ry - Nuevo​ Calif​ornia​.​ To sum up brief&
Sexy Legs Contest!!!
I am in a Sexiest Legs Contest starting on 11/5/08 and ending on 11/12/08. Please follow this link and comment and rate me. The woman with the most comments wins. Rates count as 2 comments. Please help me!! Would LOVE to win!! :)
My Nsfw Pics
a friend of mine siad i should make my NSFW pics family only til i get some bling packs, happy hours, blasts etc. but i like to get the comments from people and stuff. what do you think? should i do it like she says and make them family only and go on a "give to get" type of system? let me hear what u think. :)
Sugar Daddy
Hypothetically speaking .. we as women want to know what constitutes a "Sugar Daddy"? Is it that these men are looking for "Arm Candy" (Beauty with no brains to strut around with) or just someone very good in bed? And how does a woman go about finding one of these men? What does a Sugar Daddy relationship consist of? What are the expectations from both parties? Just curious ..
Whats Been Going On With Me Lately??
Just want to take a few minutes to fill my friends and family in on whats been going on with me lately. Some may have noticed I seem to be "absent" or you dont see me around much. Well, there has been alot going on. It all started with a simple Dr appt to renew my med prescriptions. I was referred to a dermatologist who did a biopsy of the spot (divot/dip) on my nose. It came back positive for basal cell skin cancer. That Dr referred me to a Dr at the Skin Cancer Clinic in Longview that does a special procedure that minimizes the tissue lost when the cancer is removed. That appointment was very difficult for me as the real extent of my situation came to light. I could lose a large part of my nose depending on how large and how deep it is. That wont be known until they get in there and remove it. At that point another Dr may be called in to do the reconstruction. I just returned home from an appt with him and he was able to answer alot of questions I had. Some have asked why xray
My Vid
My Head's Messed Up
Ok, I was nodding off at the computer last night, so went to bed early. Ended up having this properly freakish nightmare and ended up not sleeping for ages; I dreamt that there where loads of pidgeons in the house and they'd just eaten our cat. I mean, wtf? Had another dream after that but the more I try to remember it, the more I can't. So anyways, read in to that what you will, lol.
Its almost nap time, which is preceded by fap time. ANd I fuckin forgot which site I was using! youporn...nope redtube...nope tube8...nope WTF?? I cant remember! Is there any other ones?
I'm Not A Whore
Yes i have Auto 11's. thanks Alison. :D And i'd love to level today, but poor Carrie has waited days to level. She's only 28k away. Please give her a hand. TQ ~ Thee Queen (Dude)@ fubar Oh ya, come back to me when your done tho. (evil grins)
Tudor Mansion Head Mistress
THERE’S BEEN A FU-MURDER!! Put on your detective hat and solve the crime! If you do, a 25 credit bling pack is yours. This is the FIRST train/game/contest of its kind! Wanna play Fu-Clue? This is not a race! Game ends Dec. 21 or when a player successfully posts a VALID and correct accusation. Please no drama and remember to have FUN!! It is a train, so as you go through the list of suspects and card holders you must F/R/A or comment them if you already have them as friends. Players will not be added to the train. All suspects and card holders will F/R/A or comment you back. It is a game! You will first visit my Fu-Clue folder to get VALUEABLE information. “How to” play the game is explained in there. Rate the pics, leave a comment on the last one. Move onto the Suspects in the train. They each have a blog dedicated to the game. These blogs also hold their Suspect Cards (SAVE these cards). The information they have will help you in yo
I Got A Hawt Owner!
So, I was in this auction. I got the sexiest owner around! Lucky me!!! Here she is. Please go love on her. ~Fiesty~@ fubar
Boobs For A Good Cause
So, my German friend Martin is here & he's drunk, so am I & we need to see some boobs. your tits!!!! i ♥ you all
Good Morning peoples!!!!
Include an optional note with this fuMarriage proposal to..... "You can remind them who you are or tell them a little about yourself:" Sorry, but that's hilarious...
Attention Dbc Members
OMG it's Cubby!! My favorite and I mean favorite Canadian freak! haha!! He is a comment whore and completely wonderful!! Sometimes he gets sort of EMO-ish and deletes things..but most of those things make their way back in time. I used to spend the night on his page often...camping out with his play lists. He may not have known that!! I believe that he has the most snapvine messages I have ever given to one person..and if I took the time to listen to most of them I would wonder why he still speaks to me. I will note he is also the giver of the majority of my snapvines as well..and if you ever need a giggle..he left some doozies!! I LOVE HIM!!!!! ~Cubby~@ fubar ♥
Thank you for always being there, To listen and understand me. I appreciate all you did for me, And all you still do. Thank you for making me feel whole again, For putting my pieces back together. I appreciate you putting my life back together, You put the pieces back into place. You may not understand, Why I do what I do. But you never criticized, You just helped my through. I knew I could come to you when I was down, 'cause I knew you'd always be there to pick me back up and say everything will be ok.
♡Exotic Eyes...RIP Kept In Corsets♡@ fubar She has 53k to level. Go, now! :D Thanks. No auto 11's or anything special, just a simple help out. Thanks.
Assited Or Cheating This Is The Question
I was having this discussion with a male friend of mine, trying to determine the parameters of assisted masturbation. Is it truly being assisted or are you cheating? These are the two scenarios I came up with. If a girl who has just had her nails done,had a friend who helps her masturbate by holding the vibrator. She does not touch the other girl nor do any of her clothes come off. Do we call this assisted masturbation? A man has broken his arms and legs. Hes on an island of all men. There is no electricity so he can not watch any porn. If he has one of his friends jerk off for him. is this cheating? This is the crap that comes into my head late in the night
Well Then
Alison needs just 11 profile rates to reach 75,000 rates. Alison@ fubar Give her a profile rate? Thanks. :D
Metalheads Time To Get Involved!!
Ok up next is Pantera's Cowboys From Hell album verses Megadeth's Rust In Peace. Voting starts tonight and ends Sunday January 11th at 8 p.m. eastern time. As you know, the album with the most votes will be played in it's entirety on my Monday night show. So make your voices heard and vote!!
Just No
· new friend request from 'AUTO11 ON! Pici...' received! · AUTO11 ON! Pici... rated you a '10'! Level: Angel (30) With Auto 11s He can fuck right off.
Taking A Fu Break.......
Hi I just wanted to let you know that i'm not going to be here for a while, i'm not leaving per sae but i need a break from this site. There are many reasons why i need to leave for now ~ mainly family stuff and my own health problems, but i will check in from time to time to see if i have any messages and to leave some love on peoples pages. I won't forget you my friends and i hope you won't forget me whilst i'm gone. My last blog was to help Cindragon level to Prophet, she's close now so please, please go help this wonderful lady make it. Cin i'm sorry i won't be able to be here for your levelling but i will check in and out on your page. I love all my friends and very much value your friendship and i hope you understand i have to leave for now ~ i will be back. Love ya Linda xx
I think I have ghosts. Either that or a loony dog. She won't quit investagating the laundry room. or laying down at the doorway looking in. Since that is emediatly behind me should I worry?
Current Things In My Head.
1. Carlos Mencia is a JOKE. 2. I cut my hait and I don't like it. 3. Someone owes me 14 dollars. 4. I failed my written test and now I think I should study. 5. My movies are missing =[ 6. Mandatory service for 18-24 year olds doesn't sound like a bad idea. 7. Sharon Osbourne pwns! 8. I want to upload more pictures!! (Mr. Adorable thinks that's the subtlest form of begging for VIP :P) 9. San Francisco is one crazy city. 10. I'm in lust with Henry Rollins ..that is all
Gym $$$$
Ok, so I want to get in to a gym program since I have such a large time slot between my classes on mon and wed. Now my school has a gym and it would cost me 21.84 a semester. Should I just go there or can I find a bigger, better gym for less? (yeah this is kinda a mumm lmfao)
So...does anyone else see how the HH person is like non-existent? xD How do you manage that?
This is what happens when you call someone a whore, you fucking slut sarasmile: whatever you want to think. ->sarasmile: im happy to see you agreeing with me, that you do indeed have a penis. sarasmile: wish. ->sarasmile: you offering yours? sarasmile: haha...go suck a dick. ->sarasmile: wouldnt want it enmeshed in a web of herpes, and gonnorhea, thank you....ill pass sarasmile: pfft....def wont be yours. ->sarasmile: i think you need a hard black dick jammed in your throat Sarasmile@ fubar
Introduce Me... *stolen From Per Who Stole It From Tiffy*
If you were to introduce me to someone, what would you say? This should be fun. Pass this along and see what YOU get back.
Is It Possible
Hi all! Just writing to say that I am going to see if I can "get my wings"! I will be running an auto at some point tomorrow to try to accomplish it. I am nearing the point level needed, have the "bucks", but still need two more referrals to accomplish it. If you have any ideas or leads in this regard, PLEASE PM me and let me know. I have ALWAYS said I have the GREATEST friends on ALL of Fubar. Have a GREAT Weekend!!!!! manly ***update*** only need one more person to join!!!! ***update again*** thank you thank you thank to 25 - ready to go now!!!!
Cereal Killer
Your result for Serial Killer Profiling Test... Serial Killer MaterialYou are 71% Serial Killer! You'll could make it in the exciting fun filled world of serial killing. Below are your scores for the various areas in serial killing, You should read to understand your score. Serial Killer Potential: 71% Killer Type of Serial Killer: 80% Organized 33% Disorganized 0% Medical Professional Killing Motivation: 0% Visionary 100% Mission Hedonistic 100% Hedonistic/Lust 0% Hedonistic/Thrill 100% Hedonistic/Comfort 100% Power Take Serial Killer Profiling Test at HelloQuizzy
This is how I want to have sex. damn. =D
I wish people didnt wait for a new president to jump on the lets change bandwagon!!! sounds negative but its not....remember today as if it were everyday... be inspired.... get something to make a difference dont just be cheer leaders!!! no offense to cheerleaders (I am a Coach) But sitting on the side lines of life complaining or cheering doesnt do a thing!!! Jump in. Or just STFU & show me your boobs:)
On my way to work, driving in a trance state, I often have ideas or scenarios working through my head. I'll capture what I can and usually never get back to finishing anything... Property owners were advertising their wall space on craigslist. Graffiti had become prevalent in this depressed time of low-profile police enforcement. Taggers became more bold and eventually overtook surfaces old-school artists only dreamed about. Each new masterpiece would gather crowds of onlookers that lasted for days, some sitting watch to ensure no one painted over it. One ingenious shopkeeper, walls emblazoned by a lesser-known tagger revered by art-house afficiandos, and long thought dead, took to paying forgers to throw up randoms over the works of others. Hoping to soon find his unsightly walls1 refreshed with a tasty, crowd-gathering bit of eye candy, thrown up in retribution for his street-code transgressions. Within minutes of completion, the latest epic masterpiece was vanquished by r
I've been up for about an hour and I'm already blocked. I guess that's what I get for calling some skank ass guy out on his shit in a MuMM. =/ I'd put it all on here, but'd be long. I guess because I didn't agree with him I'm a bitch...go figure.
Pointless Venting, Boh-ring
If I could get away with just one thing, it would be stabbing my worthless piece of shit boss, cutting of his balls and making him eat them first. Not only do I get to be a night auditor, a housekeeping person, and a cook all at the same time, but I also get flak from that worthless sack of dog shit for burning the eggs. He saw that I was getting really pissed off, and said that my set up was perfect, but I just rolled my fuckin eyes. Nice try with all that "say something nice" routine, I dont give a shit. A raise would suffice. I got pretty confrontational with him, and when he asked me why I didn't adjst the setting, I told him that I burned myself like 3 fucking times trying to make those friggin eggs, and obviously if I knew the answer to that question, I wouldn't have BURNT them in a first place. He saw that I was gettin cornered at really defensive, and was like "OK, just go and clock out now". *eye roll FUckin bastard, I really hope he gets hit by a semi. /vent off,
tazwd2003@...: can i ride u for a moment, i considered replying with a "where are we going?" but i'm not in the mood for such horseplay (dorky ass pun intended) instead, i am content to just fantasize about how awesome this person who nicknames himself "taz" is in bed and how, in fact, i want him to ride me so badly *eye roll* i think i'm missing out on the greatest experience in my life. i mean, no one ever has the intelligence to make such a comment to me without ever having spoken to me before. taz= who wants to be compared to a stocky and fairly retarded cartoon character?
Leveling Blog 373
~LadyHawke~Fu-Married to scottyhawke@ fubar 245k to level
can you "guys...with penis's" pee in a chicks butt with a hard on? weird convo I'm having in my SB :s
Wtf Seriously Wtf
Read from the bottom up!! I just got this in my shoutbox ->markwarlter01: u ever spam me again I will fucking report u markwarlter01: Hello Angel How are you doing?Impressing is what i describe your captivating profile as a near perfect description of what i desire in a woman ,even your picture goes a long way in describing the quintessential underlying beauty any man would seek for in a woman ...i think i like know i like you but all that don't matter as all real love relationships begin on a basic foundation of friendship..i would like to know u better and be good friends with u and am sure something deeper will spring from there...I'm Mark and i am just as simple as u want...i would like you to write to me and tell me all about yourself as i would do too.i stay in Hollywood in Florida but presently now in African on a business contract with a company called Tinapa Company,i will be back in the state as soon as i finish the contract..I am into contracting and buy an
Wanna Own Your Very Own Cannibal?
How would you like to own me for 30 days? Well here is your chance :) just get your Fubucks ready..LOL and click on my mug! But first click on the lovely Ms. Daisy Blue and befriend her...she is the Gateway to owning me.. DaisyBlue@ fubar And thank you for helping me attain the Ultimate FuWhore Status!
Serious Blog
Before you even ask, yes I've been checking. Do dogs have Asama? Basically I need to bring dog in. Any body that knows anything about me knows I can't afford it. So any Dr.s or vets out there? My female Husky 3 yrs old wakes up and gasps for air. She's very athletic and doesn't have problems running and playing. But when she wakes from a nap especially if startled, she gasps or coughs. kinda makes a noise and action like a horse "phhh". I've been told stuff like allergies and such. Any input would be appreciated. Like I said I can't afford to chase shadows. Update. I'm more worried about her bloody diarrhea now. last time she had this it cost me $900. in vet bills. I am so fucked. :( Day 2 on poop patrol... She's got her appetite back that's a good thing. She still seems under the weather though. She was very hot lastnight. I haven't had to give her anymore showers (thankfully).
its thursday im bored wtf my yahoo im wont log in idky ???????????????????????????
Damn Youuuuuuuuuuuu
grrrr....I'm kinda mad right now. I wanted to take off the "hates your p3nis" part of my name and just leave it as candi♥ass....but NOOOO, that's not allowed. So, I'm stuck hating your should all give me fu-ponies to make me feel better, k thx
Bad Times
Well it looks like I will be just another number standing in the unemployment line soon. My position at my store is being eliminated. If there is an opening at another location I can interview for a position at that location. However, the closest location is 45 minutes away in light traffic. Or I can resign my position, lose $3 an hour and get anywhere from 5-37 hours a week. Yay me. I will get the final word on any open positions or if I have to step down within the next four weeks. So if I seem blah and a little pissy over the next few weeks you now know why. I am off this weekend and will be updating my resume and job hunting. Wish me luck.
Pimps And Hoes
last night my favorite Serbian cab driver came into the hotel, and asked me if I knew any local Russian or Eastern Euro call girls. I said no, and he said that an Indian guy from my hotel is lookin for one. There is a Russian hooker that comes in once in a while (not me), and next time I'll get her digits. But for now, I went on Craigslit, and found him a Dutch chick in 5 minutes. So the Indian dude got his hooker for $200/hr, and I got an idea for new business. I am currently lookin for a purple velvet hat and a cane... *later during the night, some Indian guy walked by the FD, looking at me strangely and being overly friendly. I was tryin to figure out if it was him or not (my hotel has a ton of international pplz staying there, so I couldn't tell)
Who Is Better?
idaho and i are arguing who has better nakedness...i say she does and she says i do you decide ME: IDAHO:
Things That Happen When Single
Kinky Chef...: np let me know if ya change your mind ->Kinky Chef...: Well Im not but thanks Kinky Chef...: damn i wish u were lookin for a bf i would be first inline ->Kinky Chef...: I dont want to be taken Kinky Chef...: u a hottie Kinky Chef...: u would not be single for long i would take ya ->Kinky Chef...: Why is that Kinky Chef...: wish u were in northrn va
So yesterday morning I was bought a 1 day blast. I think the picture I have as my primary is a decent one..and SHOULD grab people's attention. I don't know though.... How is it I can have NO active blast, ticker, or anything..but when I do have a blast...I can't get a daily rank? lol. It's kind of funny. Anyway, how is everyone's morning?
Tagged By Seamus
1 I like older men and cannot stand talkin to 20 sumthins 2 I find holidays an unnecessary hassle 3 I've never smoked pot 4 I 've had epilepsy since I was 13; Last big one happened in Sweden, but I dont remember any of it. Almost had one in Israel, but forced myself out of it cause I felt it comin up. I stopped takin the meds 3 yrs ago, and now control it by gettin enough sleep. 5 I love Europe, but don't like most Europeans 6 I rarely forgive people if they fuck up, and hold grudges 7 I watch Spongebob and other cartoons 8 I tried to stab my mom when I was 7; she was stronger and faster 9 I love nature and forest is my domain 10 I can move my ears
You Stupid Twatwaffle!!!!!
You Are Gonna Love This.........
(If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say! ....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!) ================================================================================================== I stole this from Crystal.....It will make for interesting reading......... What is it that you absolutely need sexually? Hot sex on a platter What is something you have always wanted to try? I ve tried everything....I could go for a 3some with 2 mumerwimmen....that would be HOT!!!! What is something you have never done in bed before? I think ive covered it all What time of day do you like to have sex? Is any a time? What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? I love a chick who will wear fishnets......Its totally 70's, but i dig it....... How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? depends how good she kisses... If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you
Okay, Read This.
Mmkay. We all know lounges suck (no f'ing arguing, k?), but I think it would be -kinda- nice if all the people I know on fubar could gather in one place, and converse in real time. Except lounges are really bloody annoying, so I would NEVER suggest such a disgusting, foul thing. Most of you probably have no idea what IRC is, I'm guessing, but it recently (like 2 minutes ago) struck me that it'd be fairly teh aweseome to have an IRC channel specifically for fubarians, MUMMers in particular. Because I am full of awesome win, you can just click here and join said newly created channel. omgossumnowai4srsDag? yar4srs! You just have to click the link now. S'it. Done. Works. TADA.
Thank You All!
Thank You! I just want to say thank you to everyone that helped me reach Lost Soul this morning! It has been a long journey since I began the site way back when it was Lost Cherry back in June of 06. I have made wonderful kick ass friendships from the site, both in real life and online friendships. So many people I would do anything for. You all rock in my book! I may not be doing as much on here, nor pointwhoring quite as much because my carpal tunnel has started acting up quite a bit, and I apologize for that, just know that I will do as much as I can for each of you, within my limits of course. Friday when I began this journey to really level, I figured it would take at least 2 weeks, and a lot more being a hooka for points. I had over 13 million to go, last night I went to bed with about 1.5 million to go figuring I could work on it today. I got woke at 4:30 am by a phone call from my bish iDaHo (my real life bestie, go love up on her!) saying wake up wake up wake up you
Somethings About Me ...prt 3..the Final!
1 - I like giving and not recieving (with everything ) 2 - I can bench press 120 kg. 3 - MooMoos daughter loves me. 4 - I can be sarcastic (99% of the time) 5 - I think Shosh is my evil soul mate with girl bits. 6 - I once ate 24 Lamingtons at my sisters wedding feast (a sponge cube shape cake with chocolate covering sprinkled with coconut) 7 - I've never been married or had kids 8 - I once went out with a girl 18 yrs younger (and no, it's not Moos daughter) 9 - I'm romantic and like to cuddle (specially big breasted women). 10 - I love salads and cold chicken in summer and hot Baked chicken with baked vegies covered in gravy in winter. Me
Sometimes sb convos are intriguing, heated, funny, sexy and confusing. Then there are those ones that are unique unto themselves. ->nida: ok...that just looked odd, lol...well i can atest to my being real just as you can nida: keyboard...i typed it badly ->nida: "broad" explain please? nida: not sure you think that others are real or not.,,,i know you are someone pushing the keys on a broad on a computer someplace ->nida: and you think that i am not a real person? nida: lmmfao NO...never upset.....never totally serious..other than i am a real person.....i have nothing to be upset over. ->nida: so throughout this whole sb convo you have never been upset? hmmmm nida: lollk, there ya go again I WAS NEVER to try again?! ->nida: oh i are turning your being upset by my joke into nothing but a joke for yourself to try and cover...i get it. *laughs at your joke* nida: and THAT was a JOKE not real. not insulting it was a JOKE....who took it way too serious an
Report This Please!
Please report this photo of this chick. She has a young kid pulling down her G-string in the image.. and it shouldn't be on this site!!!
It's Thoughtful Thursday Somewhere.
Well I've been thinking a lot. And I mean don't get me wrong I like sex as much as the next person, but MY GOD. Why is it every time someone talks to me... it almost always has to deal with sex... on here or not, there are the few exceptions, but not many. I just wish, one day, someone would actually care about me... and carry on a decent conversation that didn't have the objective of sex. I don't honestly care about your dick size... it's probably small... most guys who ask on here are. I'm sorry but seriously if you have to nag someone to rate your cock for your self assurance, well lets face it, you know somethings wrong, and you want someone to lie to you... so sure you have a marvelous cock, not like I will ever touch it or care to. If you want to talk to me about sex... seriously don't bother... maybe once I know you for more than 5 minutes... I just wish I could talk to a nice guy, have a decent conversation, and be happy to talk to someone, and actually give a shit.
He's got cherry bombs on and he's just over a 100k to level. Help him plz. Thx. Robert@ fubar
Stop Acting The Victim!!!
I am super moronic right now, so sorry to everyone. I didn't even drink that much, but it's been awhile since I've drank, so it hit me fast & hard. and hard...anywho...if I'm stupid or mean to you, I'm sorry. P.S. Give Deacon your fubucks. P.S.S Bid on me in Radio's auction.
Bubble Bath
Don't forget to rate and comment...
Workout Diary, Day Six
After an extended hiatus, I was finally able to make it to the gym yesterday. I had the day off, but still had a lot to do, so it was only an hour, but this is better than nothing. Stationary Bike:25 mins, 101 Calories burned Elliptical Machine:20 mins, 191 Calories burned Stair Climber:10 Mins, 60 Calories burned. Weight is holding at 209.5, but that's what happens when you take a break I guess. If I can loose one pound before the end of the month and keep it off, I would be satisfied.

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