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10 Odd Things
Cut-n-paste and repeat yourself. Don't fuss, DO IT!!TOP 10 "ODD" THINGS ABOUT YOU OR SOMETHING YOU HAVE DONE IN YOUR LIFE THAT DEFINES YOURSELF10. I contridict myself constantly.9. I am an exhibitionist....8. but actually hate my body.7. I have a cajun accent, but have learned to keep it out of my voice... most of the time6. love to go camping5. I love horror films. LOVE THEM4. I also love disney films... ARISTOCATS FOR THE WIN!3. I have had sex with 13 men... and 6 girls... 2. I have had more GIRLFRIENDS then boyfriends1. Have 2 or more types of indian blood in me... but you can only tell by my bone structure.. my skin is from my mom.. damn french woman :DYOUR TURN!This blog list is brought to you by that damn bird.
Evil Cupcake Is A Dirty Whore
I'm just hoping there's truth in advertising....
UHG! I went to sleep around 330ish, and started dreaming, and it would be no use to explain my dream because it had something to do with a music program I use..but it was one of those frustrating dreams where things dont make sense and you cant figure the problem out.. yeah. Well with all the stressful changes in my life right now, and being sick the last week Ive been sleeping during daytime hours and trying to stay awake to change my schedule back to something remotely human... good luck to that right...well i sleep for a few hours and wake up hungry... Grits and eggs, the cornerstone of any southern breakfast.  YUM...   well yesterday, for unknown reasons, I went to heat up a cup of coffee in the nuke machine, and when i went to get it, there was coffee all over the floor in front the microwave! It seems as though it boiled over inside with in 3 minutes. Im still scratching my nugget over this.. ha   I still havent received an Unemployment check and money is really low. My refri
Wisdom....i Can Haz It?
I'm thinking about starting to look for another job, like one that I'm getting my degree in. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about looking for another job and keeping the one without burning bridges. This is such a sketchy area and in the past I've failed miserably with it. People who have managed to do this please tell me how you went about going to interviews and explaining to your perspective employer how you tell them you're not really telling your current employer yet. There has to be a certain tact applied here right?
Its Rythm's Birthday!! Pictures Here !
Its Rhythm's birthday !!     He has been partying all week long     His buddies have been there with him every step of the way      well ... most of the way he might have had a little bit much to drink     all the drinking really did a number on his innards    
Remembering Lyrics
I am listening to Eternal E, by Eazy E, and most of these songs i havent listened to in at least 15 years, and im amazed i still know all the words... and i cant remember what i had for lunch yesterday...     Im bored
Moron :)
Sid: Well i really don't care about what you don't care my world i don't call people morons have a nice day Suga Lips: I know what you stated and I really don't care. Most people are morons Sid: i never said you were...i was just stating that it's mean to call someone else a moron Suga Lips: I never said I was nice Sid: well some people are not blesssed wit much intelligence...and it's mean to call anyone a moron just move on Suga Lips: I never said you said it. I was just stating that only a moron would think a simple question was a come on Sid: who said you were? that is far from what i meant...anyhow it's nice chatting with you..and see you around Suga Lips: I'm not a moron Sid: you might've thought it cause of my reply...who knows with online texting and no body language you could never be sure.. Suga Lips: I don't think you're hitting on me just because you asked about my status
Why Is He Ignoring Me
Me and my boyfriend broke up a month and a half ago.  Since then I have not heard from him at all.  I have tried to text him to see how he is doing and he ignores me.  I have never begged him to take me back, nothing like that, just hi how are you doing that sort of thing.  He told his mother what a great girl I am yet I am being ignored??  Anyone have some insight so I can understand this because I do not get it at all.  He broke up with me telling me he needed to fix himself that he has a lot of issues.  And he felt unhappy and if he was unhappy he can't make anyone else happy.  That was the reason of the break up.
What The Hell!?!?!?!?!?
Just Time Out And A Lil Disgust..
Yea, it's time out time. Look, there's alot about me that people either just don't know or don't remember. There was a time when believe it or not, I chased rates! So to see myself red again kinda was cool and everyone has been great and it made my Happy Hour so much more fun last night but.. but you see it's already starting to wear on me. I'm -not- the person that spends all kinds of money on here, simply because I can't. Sure it's fun once in a while but real life things are more important. And my close friends and people that have crossed over to real life are as well and I hope they know that. Mind you I even buy my bling on sale ffs when I do! lol. I'm already getting bitched or sniped at for "this person in your family, that person this and that." So three days in I'm officially disgusted. So on the first day of famplifiers I was #9 for the day and didn't even know what the hell it was! How'd that happen you say? Gee, maybe because the people that were running them I was actual
Suga Suga Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Oh Honey Honey
  shes is only 40 some rates away from taking the lead in her HH contest   please click the chick   this is of grave concern to me for the following reasons   A. I do not think I will be able to stand having to comfort her ass if she does not win B. I would consider it an emotional blow personally if the Teary chick who is ahead beat her   my sanity thanks you   that is all    
So, here's a new blog that has nothing to do with crucifying Christians, burning Mecca, hating on the haters, loving on the greenies, blocking your friends, kicking puppies, or smothering kittens!   Except for the afore-mentioned examples of crucifying Christians, burning Mecca, hating on the haters, loving on the greenies, blocking your friends, kicking puppies, or smothering kittens. Now for the blog:   So, here I am trying to think of something to write. Seriously, as you are reading this, at this very moment, I am typing this blog. "But," you say, "How can you be typing it at the same time I'm reading it?" Well, I'll tell you... You see, long ago, there was a princess who lived in a castle with a dragon. She lived far up in the tower and every evening, the dragon would fly up to the top of the tower and hump an open window. When he was finished, the princess would be soaked in marshmallow juices.  But one day, some marshmallow juice found its way through the princess's stoma
Don't Want No Short D*ck Man....
It's too early to deal with these douches.     My Chat Online Buddies (50+)ClearPop Out 6:20am reply juggalofir...: do little dicks make you laugh? 6:22am more To juggalofir...: yep. I point n everything 6:22am reply juggalofir...: mines 4inches is that big? 6:23am more To juggalofir...: um no. that's not very big 6:23am reply juggalofir...: is it tiny? 6:23am more To juggalofir...: it's pretty small. 6:24am reply juggalofir...: would u make fun of it 6:24am more To juggalofir...: without a doubt
Picture Pages, Picture Pages...
So today a very nice lady was victimized by the picture-stealer troll. She made a salute on her cleavage for another member, and then found that salute on another girl's page, edited and passed off as hers.   Now, once confronted, the other girl did remove the image, but the problem here is an ongoing one. What really is gained by stealing another members pictures? Is it really worth the drama? Or is that part of the purpose of doing it?  Do you honestly think that no one will ever know? The site has the same dynamic of a small town. Everyone is interconnected, and it doesn't take long for the news to spread. Then, you will always walk around with the stigmata that you brought upon yourself. Is the little indiscretion really worth it?   BE HONEST. It's not only bad form, but it's also bad karma. People tend to be very protective over their own stuff. It also leaves one to wonder if, in fact, any of your pictures are really you. Although with a little digging, and the resident fake
Just 'cause
Just wanted to say hi....   I feel so dirty...I've been paid to add people to my family....yelled at for giving someone points...been called every imaginable mean and dirty names...I though Goddess were supposed to be treated with respect hrm?
Code Pedro
Tomorrow I will get my orientation for the VA hospital.  Last month I signed up to be a volunteer, and it takes a bit to actually start.  They have to do a background check and some other things before they will let you come in.  My check passed with flying colors, because on paper, I'm awesome too. I didn't get the recreation assignment which I listed as my first choice, nope, your boy Pedro is going to be in the ER.  I can already see how its going to play out.   Me:  LIVE, DAMN YOU LIVE! Staff:  Mr Awesomeo, that's a cpr doll. Me:  Oh.... Me:  LIVE, DAMN YOU LIVE! Staff:  That's a houseplant. Me:  Well it was looking a little brown.    I don't have any actual medical duties, according to the guide book, I'll be filing, answering phones, delivering specimens to the lab, and maybe shuttling patients.  Still, I am excited about it.  It will give me a chance to help out, and who knows, maybe a blog or two.  Plus, I get a totally cool vest to denote my volunteer status.  I'm th
Maji Sayz....
1. Ever been compelled to fill out an asinine survey? 2. Ever tear the tag off of a mattress depsite risk of fine and/or imprisonment?3. Ever used an aeresol can other than directed (bonus cool points for as a flamethrower to kill a spider)4. Ever put in excess of 5 pringles in your mouth at once? 5. Ever been driving and kinda flinch because you dont remember part of the ride? 6. Ever sneezed in your hand, and then were immediately confronted by someone that wanted to shake? 7. What diversion did you create to get them to shake the other hand? 8. Ever been so drunk you ate all the individual components of a sandwich, but never actually made a sandwich? (ie-peice of bread, piece of meat, piece of cheese, squirt mustard in mouth)9. Not counting medical facilities or online...Whats the largest number of people that have seen you naked at once?10. What was the situation in question 9?11. Have you ever recycled a miss work excuse? And did anyone remember you already used that one? 12
Left Wing Loons Blaming The People That Live In The South For The Tornado Outbreak...
This is so outrageous I feel I had to share. Left wing lunatics and progressives, like Obama , with this global warming thing are now officially out of control. Now, according to several sources in the left wing press, they are actually blaming the southern states themselves for their own policies regarding climate change for the tornadoes that ravaged them in the past few days. So what they are saying in layman's terms is: You did it to yourself. I can't make this up, check it out here: I felt it so ridiculous I had to share. Remember this when you hit the ballot box in 2012 if you are in the areas effected by the severe weather. This is a new low for the left wing extreme progressive democrats dontcha think? ...god. Peace.
Emos Vs. Mumms
The MuMMs are probably one of the most popular spots on fubar. Mainly, because of the shock and awe of the comments. However, they seem to be rather "controversial." I use that term loosely, as this place pulls 45K people at best on a good day and it is at the bottom of the social media food chain. That being said, some people just can't let shit go and assume that because you comment (read: troll) on mumms that everything is said in a literal sense and is mean-spirited. The truth is it is 98% sarcasm. However, certain old, wrinkly, attention seeking individuals (read: hoars) cannot let things go and have to be Captain Save-A-Ho to all the emo, sensitive individuals (read: kunts) on here. :) This is not the first, nor the last of their kind, but most likely will end up with a death warrant from the grim reaper sooner than later. I'm not sure, if I should be discouraged here or not.   Things to contemplate. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Mtv Online Relationship Documentary. Interested? Read More..
So I came upon this information here and it might interest some of you or someone that you know real life, here, etc. What they are trying to do is start a film documentary about online relationships from people that have never met or have some dramatic online-relationship situation, be it good or bad. Kind of like "16 and pregnant." Bad example I know but it's that kind of MTV themed show... Here's the screenshot of his facebook posting and his facebook link below to contact: I think this would interest quite a few Fubarians. Upon contact make sure you tell them where you got this information from. If you receive a form to fill out be sure to either hard link this blog: Fubar itself: Or if you have any further questions, feel free to contact the happy fellow below and he will be more than happy to help you out if: esixfiddy@ fubar I want to state
Atomic Pedro
That Video I just posted? That would be the Atomic Wing Challenge.  I have completed that challenge twice now.  I like to keep my name up on the wall every year :) 
Exactly How Far Up Your Arse Is Your Head?
Y'know, I don't care if you always feel the need to turn anybody's trauma into your own issue, rather than actually helping someone. I really don't care if you disparage every member of your family, friends and relevant others constantly and incessantly. I don't care how desperate you are for attention, what you are willing to do to try and get it and how pathetic that makes you look. I don't care at all if you want to look like a beached walrus after a day in the sun, or be a rampaging drunk cougar on the prowl, just so guys can tell you their 2-incher is tingling over you. I don't care if you're a mean-MuMMer one second and a delicate flower the next because someone was meaner, or fubar did something to you that they didn't do to anyone else at all in the history of the universe EVER. I don't care what persona you decide to 'be' online. Some I may like and some I may not, some I may mock or deride or otherwise state my piece about but I really don't care...not in any significant way
Your Ramadan Guide
Ramadan starts next Friday and ends the 18th of August.  Having been over there a few times (once during the religious holiday) and also having access to military expectations/requirements, I figured I would serve as your guide to make sure that all my psychoti....I mean FuFriends are fully prepared. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and lasts about 30 days and is based on the official sighting of the new moon. It is a time for Muslims to do meditation and spiritual purification.   (NOT the kind of purification that Gallo is going to mention) You can NOT: eat, drink or smoke from sunrise to sunset (drunkenness is particularly offensive) there will be shortened work hours  (if you are a Government or State employee this means probably no work at all) Meals will be eaten twice during hours or darkness.  Most restaurants are closed during the day (so we will all be eating at Dud's). Although SOME coffee shops may remain open (for Postal's sake). It is IMPORTANT to wea
Breakfast Of The Godz
the only thing that would be better to wake up to than this breakfast cereal is sex.  js. this PLUS sex?  zomg.  just go back to bed and then repeat waking up every few hours. so: get a jar.  quart size.  then add: 1 cup chia seeds 1/2 cup shelled hemp seeds 1/2 cup slivered almonds 1/2 cup buckwheat groats 1/2 cup dried cranberries, chopped (feel free to substitute your favorite dried fruit) shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake ya chia! put 2-4 tablespoons of the mixture in a bowl and cover with half a cup of milk.  i tend to make mine with homemade almond milk, which has vanilla bean in it.  if you use regular cowz milk, you might want to add a few drops of vanilla extract.  real stuff, not that artifical shit.  if you use soy milk, just stop, k?  yuck.  a pinch of cinnamon in the cereal is also delicious.  give it a stir, then let it sit for 5 minutes to let the chia seeds start to expand and get a lil gooey. then, enjoy. N.B.:  store what's left
Bling And Other Fu Nonsense
Fu can be a great place to meet interesting people you would never know otherwise and I have made some amazing real life friends here. That being said; there are aspects of this place that are not good. Fu caters to the worse parts of all of us. Greed, neediness, selfishness and vanity are only a few of the less than stellar qualities in us that thrive under this environment. I am in general judgemental about these qualities in people, but have turned that harsh mirror on myself and realized that I am guilty of these same things. Clearly I didn't have over 1,000 pics because I was completely secure in myself. I was looking for some type of validation that I no longer need from other people or Fubar, so I will be deleting many of these photos. My good sense has finally overtaken my vanity. I will also not being spending another dime on Fubar, nor do I wish for any of my friends to spend anything on me. Bling is nonsense. Pictures of things are nonsense. Do not spend your hard earned do
For Those Of You Cheating By Changing Your Default Photos Opposite Of Your Gender
People have been reporting members who are changing their default photos to game the system. This means dudes are using female photos to help their efforts to level up or female's using FAKE model photos as their main. We consider this CHEATING. If you want to cheat you will be reset. We have not had to reset anyone back to Level 1 in years nor do we want to, but we will do this. Our terms of service is VERY clear about this. Using the excuse that you spent a lot of money here does not justify you cheating the system.  This is not a witch hunt, but this behavior is unacceptable. If you see someone doing this, please screen grab and send to me. The reason we take such a hard stance on this is it is NOT fair to the people who play fairly. We are hoping that eveyrone will get the message and we will NOT have to do this to anyone. Please help spread the word and let's focus on having FUN! PS For those of you who are fumarried or using a relationship and using this to try and manipulate t
Bombshell Roll Sheet
Me... Think About What You Know Before You Read This It Will Be A Bit Of A Shock...
Here is a bit of shit about me some of you may know this but i doubt that even half of you could even give a shit to know any of this... I am who I am... I am very unstable and very aggersive... I am capable of doing the unthinkable without a second thought... I could give if shit if you like me or not... I am very lovable and very compassionate... But I don't like when people play games with me... I have very few true friends and they have seen me at my best and at rock bottom... I am capable of snapping on anyone at anytime so don't fucking piss me off... I don't like to be pushed, so be careful... I dont like alot of people and i like even less... I have a strong attaction to the opposite sex but half of you aren't even worth my time because you fall into one of the catagories of people I hate... I hate people that are fake and people that think they are better than everyone else the most, next would be people who can't be by themselves, then would follow annoying people and possers
What Life Is All About
What Life is All About Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many friends you have. Or how accepted you are. Not about if you have plans this weekend or if you are alone. It isn't about who you're dating, who you used to date, or how many people you've dated, or if you haven't been with anyone at all. It isn't about who you have kissed. It's not about sex. It isn't about who your family is or how much money they have, or what kind of car you drive, or where you are sent to school. It's not about how beautiful or ugly you are, or what clothes you wear, what shoes you have on, or what kind of music you listen to. It's not about if your hair is blonde, red, black, or brown. Or if your skin is too light or too dark. Not about what grades you get, how smart you are, how smart everybody else thinks you are, or how smart standardized tests say you are. It's not about what clubs you're in or how good you are at "your" sport. It's not about representing
What I Find Rude!
I understand that cherry tap is all about meeting friends and what not. However it's also nice to level up and have your pics rated. I seem to keep adding people that are only interested in my NSFW pics. Hey that's cool and all, but I get no points for those rates and comments and that's the only ones you guys rate. I'm not saying all of you, but the majority of you yes! So I am locking them up and if ya want in them get to know me and rate my other pics. If ya think i'm a bitch for this...delete me! I don't need you as a friend. Go rent a porno! Thanks, Jackie
Caption It | Vol.1 | 003
RFB’s Bi-Weekly Photo Blog Caption It - Bi-Weekly it is! (Start sending in your pictures and I will feature them in a round of "Caption It") I will be doing these bi-weekly now so keep an eye out! The name of the game is “Caption It” and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog twice a week for a new photo and hysterical captions. 2. Comment with a caption of your own! You could caption the photo in general or “quote” the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc… ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. 3. Have fun!!! If I can get enough people into it I will start awarding gifts for the best caption every week as voted on by the blog participants.
9-11-2001 Never Forget
In memory of all the lives lost in the past and present since September 11, 2001. Please visit this profile and RIP picture for your default!! Spread the word; let's not forget. Sept. 11 pictures! CLick for pictures -->> HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN??? ©JĎĎTĺńĺ~»§ŁĹVE PRĚŃcE§§«~§@ fubar
Caption It | Vol.1 | 011
RFB’s Bi-Weekly Photo Blog Caption It - Bi-Weekly it is! I'm Back! Vacation was much needed and way too short. I hope you are all well. (Start sending in your pictures and I will feature them in a round of "Caption It") I will be doing these bi-weekly now so keep an eye out! The name of the game is “Caption It” and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog twice a week for a new photo and hysterical captions. 2. Comment with a caption of your own! You could caption the photo in general or “quote” the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc… ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. 3. Have fun!!! If I can get enough people into it I will start awarding gifts for the best caption every week as voted on by the blog participants.
I'm Hungry.
What's for dinner? :D And am I invited?
Every Life....
Every life has a story and I wanna know yours... doesn't mean that I love you just that I'm... curious I'm' not the type to hang on to I've got my road to travel along It's all set in motion even when it's going all wrong... Satisfy this need I have in our moment of trust... the intimacy factor isn't played out its definatly a must... you're throbbing I feel it .. that sweet release heart pounding so hard and in your eyes for a time I see peace so much troubles, many daemons, you can't let go they feast on the reason you can't find anymore Your essence is addictive more than the scent that will trail behind flavor and taste just what I expected to have... just what I had in mind come let me take you for a moment or two into this circus of mine all your worries slip away as you slip into the warmth that you sought a home to place your burdens generally buried deep I ache for a piece of you crave the touch you'll give in the absence there will be when you've gone away th
Demon Crew Family~revised Membership Rules And Guidelines
IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE RULES: 1. We are a BOMBING FAMILY, therefore, if you are not serious about bombing in contests, then there is no reason to join our family. 2. If you don't bomb in other members' contests, then don't expect others to bomb your contest. 3. If you are in a contest and don't bomb yourself,then other members will not bomb your contest. 4. You need to notifiy me BEFORE you enter a contest. That way, we can ensure that we have enough support to help you win your contest. 5. If you are in a contest BEFORE you join the family,you may not have complete family support in that contest. 6. If you are a new member and enter a contest within 30 days of joining the Family, you may not receive complete family support. 7. If you do not bomb in contests or rate other members pics and/or stash, then you may be removed from the Family. All current members and interested parties, please make sure you read and understand these rules and
A Man Named Dan
Due to the fact that I have had like 4 major nose bleeds in the last 5 days - my Smartass friend Deb felt like giving me a lil shit so this is how she did it. LOL - I have to say nobodys ever written poetry about or for me before - LMAO thanks Deb I feel special now!! Just remember paybacks a bitch! LMAO A Man Named Dan By: Deborah Boyd There once was a man Who's name was Dan He lived life with a nose bleed Until he was lead They lead him to the doctors And nurses and such In hopes to find a cure In hopes of so much He blamed others for this But they all knew for sure That the problem with Dan Was from not eating healthier So take my advice And follow the lead Don't end up like Dan With a nose bleed
Why, Spank You!
This game is now closed. Thank you for playing! Game F.A.Q. 1. Who can I spank? You may spank ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Those will be marked on the scoreboard, so that you know not to order for them again. 2. Can I order more than one at a time? Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many spanks for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 10 spanks) you would say "5 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 5 to Cali4nialovin01, User # 884702." 3. How long does it take for them to receive them? That depends on a few things. First, it depends on your order. If it wasn't placed correctly and I have to reply for more information, it will add to the delay. In addition to this, it depends on the number of orders received, and my personal schedule. I'm a full-time student (graduating in Ma
Nothing Like A Kick In The Ass
today i was told by the city i live in, that the house i rent is in violation of many codes and has been for about two years. since the landlord refuses to fix anything, it is now being deemed uninhabitable. me and the kids have 30 days to find a new place and move. im writing this because obviously i will be very busy and wont be around much. i will check in and try to return any messages etc. so while im away......hold the fort :P i will miss you all :)
Moving On
I just lost a very good friend due to my stupidity and actions In ReaL Life. I met him here And I now have verified the thought of it being impossible to have healthy relationships on here. Life was meant to live in person (for me at least). Tom, I am so sorry That I hurt you. Rob,Sher♥Greg,Violets,Mark,Drew you know where to find me. Sherry, Sher, Blondie,Illusion, Danielle, Beauty, Witchie, Peacey, Mac, Gaetano &Hearts; Yahoo me any time jadelotusre@yahoo and yes..another bites the dust
50 Odd Things
50 Odd ThingsTAKE THIS SURVEY! Take this survey 1. Do you like blue cheese? Nope 2. Have you ever smoked heroin? Nope 3. Do you own a gun? Nope, never will 4. What flavor do you add to your drink at sonic? Never been to a Sonic 5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Not really, but I don't go often. When I do, I usually already know what's wrong. 6. What do you think of hot dogs? They're good with cheese and chili. 7. Favorite Christmas song? Christmas in Hell 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Nothing, usually 9. Can you do push ups? Yup 10. Why do you post surveys? Obligation 11. What is your favorite piece of jewelry? I don't wear much jewelry 12. Favorite hobby? Internetz.... or gaming 13. Are your toes painted? I think I have residual on one of my big toes. 14. Do you have A.D.D.? Probably 15. What is one trait that you hate about yourself? Procrastination 16. Middle name? Michelle 17. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment My feet hurt, I c
Freaky Friday Auction!! Enter If You Dare
You have now entered into a strange new place. Odd things are happening and unexplainable things will occur. Bidding will be held in here. Here is what ya get. 300 11s on your page Friday-Sunday Sticky Pimpout Control Over My Name Slot Friday-Sunday Control Over My Default Pic Friday-Sunday Age, Location and Sex Will Be Changed To Yours Who Wouldnt Want The Braggin Rights Of #30 Prophet Let's Have Fun With This!! Chuckii won my page for three days with a bid of: 7 day blast 2 million fubucks bling pack 1 ticker okay people chuckii is chuckii wonder woman is chuckii superman is wonder woman hopigalerin is superman forest is hopigalerin Lauren is Forest lol yes we are a bunch of mixed up fu's
New Contest Now Posted!
Well it said to post in blog and stuff to get free so i am going to see how this works!! so here is my midget! dont know what you suppose to do with it but guess i will learn soon!!
So yesterday i mentioned something about the Sally Hanson hair removal spray.. welp.. the aftermath... i ended up with blisters... a lot of them burst... leaving sores all over my legs... itchy too.. my skin feels sun-burnt and it is really annoying...
Kittified By Misfit
I realized today that I wasn't being a good kitteh. This chicky will have you meowing in minutes.She's teh best lion tamer ever!Stop by her page, rate her, drop her drink, and thank her for being teh awesome. misfit@ fubar Go show her some love!Go, now, go!
Sytycd Finale
Going into the Finale last night I really thought it was a two horse race so to speak. I thought Josh and Katee were well ahead of Twitch and Courtney. I really thought that the Foxtrot was going to kill any chance Twitch had at all. So onto last night, I thought it was a really good show. The first number was the Hip Hop with Twitch and Courtney. I thought it was pretty good. Not outstanding but pretty good. I think it kept both of them about where they were in the pecking order. Next was the Wade routine by Katee and Josh. I thought it was masterful. Those two really dance together better then any couple I've ever seen on the show. For me it was the best routine of the night. I can't remember the order but I thought the girls danced together next. The judges seemed to think that Katee was a fair bit better then Courtney in this routine but I thought Courtney held her own. Still, Katee was fantastic as always. Next was the Russian dance routine with Twitch and Joshua which was
Thank You!!!
Thank you to everyone who tried hard to help me! I appreciate it so much! I love you guys! ♥ My arms are aching from so much
Bomb These Contest Plz
mismatoosey liz ok lets all work on these contest plz bomb ur on too
redtube doesn't have shit on it.
Week 1 Schedule
Here is the schedule for next week's games. FUBAR FOOTBALL POOL Thurs. Sept 4th Redskins AT Giants Sun. Sept 7th Lions AT Falcons Bengals AT Ravens Seahawks AT Bills Jets AT Dolphins Chiefs AT Patriots Bucs AT Saints Rams AT Eagles Texans AT Steelers Jaguars AT Titans Cowboys AT Browns Panthers AT Chargers Cardinals AT 49ers Bears AT Colts Mon. Sept 8th Vikings AT Packers Broncos AT Raiders In the case of a tie, for the last game ie. Oakland and Denver .. place your bet for total score for that last game. Send your picks and fubucks to me in a private message.. not in the blog. GOOD LUCK ALL!
~what Is A Blog?~
So yea...being that I'm still pretty new to all this shit, I was bored, and did a little research last night. What is a Blog? A blog (a contraction of the term "Web log") is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual,[citation needed] with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (artlog), photographs (photoblog), sketches (sketchblog), videos (vlog), music (MP3 blog), audio (podcasting), wh
Just 1 Rate??
Imagine how close I could get to Godmother if I won a Happy Hour!! All it takes is just a few seconds to rate this one lil pic!! Please help!! Thank you!
So i ask the nurse to bring me some pop when she came today. Dad and Mom left town, and well i can get my own yet. She brings me this stuff... I was like, what the fuck.... I'm 38 yanoo. BUT OMFG.... this stuff rocks. Yummy..... To make this a mumm. Am i a kid stuck in a 38 year old body or have i forgotten all the cool stuff i liked as a kid? Cheers peeps
Happy Birthday To Coot
EVERYBODY SING IT!!! Oh and post your Coot pics
Week 7 Schedule
Flashing Boobs Blog
You cant say I lied
New Rules For Dod
Ok here it is plain an simple...we have had DOD since the beging of the revolution an its been a good thing for the family members but it has been brought to attention that a LOT of members are not rating on a daily basis so what we are gonna do is First you must come to DOD blog an leave a comment that you are there an on your way to rate then the dod for the day will be able to see the people that have rated them by coming to the blog an seeing the also by looking at their to be eligible for DOD for the following day you must be active on the DOD!!! It is understandable that some days ya just dont have time an cant do it ..we all have lives.. But to be eligable this is what needs to be done! So from now on the DOD at the end of the day has to go to the blog an pic the DOD for the next day from the list of members that have left a comments saying they are rating that day..Second an no less important you must rate a least 100 pics! it only takes 5 minutes to d
Dod For Wednesday Is *specialangel*
*SpecialAngel*Member Of Rating Revolution*Fu Owned By Bisexcee*Member Of The Love Shack*@ fubar
Nailed It!
I went to my first audition today. (I hate the term “audition.” It sounds so “yes, I’ll eat Top Ramen and wait tables until I make it big.”) After years of hearing people suggest it to me, I finally did something about it; I took a class, took the suggestions of my professor, mixed my delivery and recorded the material for my demo CD (still in the process of being edited). Last week, I took another suggestion. “Here. Respond to the ad. Call the number on the city’s flyer,” a friend said. I called. I backed out after being told I was one of hundreds of respondents. I took another suggestion. “Come anyway,” she said, “I have a feeling we’ll use you.” “We?” I asked. “I,” she said. “The auditions are to be fair. I make the decision and I think I just did.” I took the suggestion and came anyway. I went to my first audition today. “Take one,” she said. “5, 4, 3, *, *” I smiled for warmth, kept my mouth open for enunciation and let ‘er rip. After the fi
Kinky, Who Me?
You Are 90% Kinky If you've heard of it, you've tried it. You're that kinky. You're open to any and all sexual experiences, as long as they're safe. You see the bedroom as the primary place for all your adventures. But that's not to say that the bedroom is the only place you get kinky! Are You Kinky?
How Sexually Powerful Are You?
What sexual morals??? You Are Extremely Sexually Powerful Your sexual power is obvious - you don't do anything to hide your sexuality. In fact, if there's such a thing as a person with too much sexual power, it's you. Your life and thoughts are dominated by sex. And while it's good to be sexually liberated, you're starting to have a one track mind. You don't always have to use your sexual power. There's more to human interaction than getting naked! Are You Sexually Powerful?
This person sure could use some bids.... why don't you help this person out?
If I Didnt Have Bad Luck I Wouldnt Have Any Luck At All
Hello friends, im sure your all tired of hearing about my problems but because i made a mumm a couple nights ago and had some of ya'll worried id figured id give ya another update. My mumm was about complications i was having since coming home such as excessive drainage and extreme loss of blood as well as very high fever nausea and a slight odor coming from the surgical sight. I was very worried about infection but im happy to say as of right now that isnt a worry. So you dont all think im stupid i did call the 24 hr emergency line before making my mumm and the nurse basically told me all this was normal and going to the ER would be silly due to the fact it was Christmas eve. Im aware this nurse was just being a lazy cunt and needs to be fired, im in the process of making a complaint. However allow me to remind you the hospital i had my surgery and stay is over an hr away and so id be going to the local ER. Ok that said i did take Seamus's advice and had a very early Christmas with
The Cia Goes Blue
this just goes to show how important sex is to all the world: i'm forced to watch foxnews all day at work. According to their sources, the cia is now giving viagra to afghan warlords in trade for intelligence information. go blue.
So Tll Me Your Plans For 2009...and Dont Be
So since I'm bored as shit , I wanna know what is everyone's New Year's resolution for 2009...and be You dont have to answer if you dont want, and I really could give a . Now please hooooollllaaa back
Footie Boy/man/person/dude
he's only got 2,989,364 Points to he's up point whoring. Go rate him, he's really a cool guy once you get past the whole foot fetish thing :s Oh & Happy Monday folks!!
Life Is A Gift, Open Your Present
Im writing this blog because ive been inspired. In my quest to achieve something great not only have i given myself something to be focused on but ive also brought together some positive reinforcements. Together i believe we can sculpt what started out as just an idea into a phenomenal masterpiece. I dont want to give too much away at this time as i see no need to. This is something special and i plan on pouring everything i have into it as well as my partners. With that said i have a question and within this question holds a lot of power. We have all walked a different path in life, each of us holding inside a great story of passion, failure, accomplishment etc. Each one of us is unique in a different way and every single one of us should be proud. People often ponder the meaning of life and with this holds many different answers. I believe that the meaning of life is just that...too bring a meaning to yours that will live on even after we are gone. So my question to you is if you w
Bye Bye!
I'm leaving for Texas for the weekend tomorrow. I know you will all miss me like crazy....hehe. In case I die I wanted to leave you all some love. Muah Grope Kiss Licks slurps n stuffs :D
I been thinkin... what do you do with gossip? Do you repeat he said she said stuff? when someone that you know of, runs their mouth off about your friends to other friends and you hear about you tell the friends? i tryin to figure out what constitutes spreading gossip and stirring up drama vs. being a loyal friend and telling your friends what you've heard that is being said about them? there are fuckin people here who think they know everything and run their mouths about me too, trust me..i know it, they dont think i hear about it, they dont think i find out about it..but i do. Im just loyal to my sources and never let on that i know. Cant say i dont love knowing who to stay away from on here. :P These people or actually this person means ziltch to me especially since ive known for a long time just HOW they are just by watching their hypocrisy. but i never say shit, i just move along like i dont know...because they dont mean anything to me anyways s
Today I went out shopping. I bought jeans and blah blah blah What I really want is this.. It's DISNEY PRINCESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw this at Target. Only $41.98. Oh. Emm. Gee! The only think that sucks is that Pocahontas isn't there. /sigh ♥
i been good with my pics in the mumms forever, ya know? and ppl been posting outragous, sexually graphic crap all day.. i post one.. ONE semi-naughty pic with a little skin and plastic showing, and WHAM... singled out.. i hate egotistical bouncers.. just cuz i won't kiss her ass, lick her crack or whatnot.. wtf??
Free Cam Show!
OK, so another lame auction. Pay good money for me though, and you never know what you'll get :P
Well, At Least He Wasn't A Pervert =/
It started in a MuMM...he wouldn't approve my comment but sure came to my shout box. In my comment I'd asked, in a sarcastic tone.."you're a male and your name is Jen?". Here's what followed.~~JEN~~420: i m sorry repost if u like ->~~JEN~~420: I'm not calling you anything. You won't even accept my comment on your MuMM. ~~JEN~~420: my name has not concern here.... u can call me juice if u like ->~~JEN~~420: I know your name has numbers on it, I'm not stupid..but seriously...Jen? What's your real name? ~~JEN~~420: i male...screenname is Jen420...I'm not even going back to post my original comment..the moment has passed. Ugh. And really, Juice???
i find it to be a little underrated as far as movies go... Are there any movies out like this now? I've seen Murder by Death. But they just don't make movies like this anymore (at least in the theaters) Wadsworth: The game's up, Scarlet. There are no more bullets left in that gun. Miss Scarlet: Oh come on, you don't think I'm going to fall for that old trick. Wadsworth: It's not a trick. There was one shot at Mr. Boddy in the study, two at the chandelier, two at the lounge door, and one at the singing telegram. Miss Scarlet: That's not six. Wadsworth: One plus two plus two plus one. Miss Scarlet: Uh-uh. There was only one shot that got the chandelier, so that's one plus two plus ONE plus one. Wadsworth: Even if you were right, that would be one plus one plus two plus one, not one plus two plus one plus one. Miss Scarlet: Okay, fine. One plus two plus one...SHUT UP! Point is, there's one bullet left in this gun, and guess who's going to get it!
Jwh Is Such A..................
Angel! She is 93k away from GodMother and for being the angel she is, I think she really wants to be a demon :) Lets go get her done!!! JWH@ fubar
OMG, I am feeling old, my daughter will be 19 on Valentine's Day and my son will be 18 this year... Never thought about it really until just now.... //thats all
Fubar Challenge For Men! (results!)
So I've come to realize that most men on Fubar are incapable of holding conversations with women here. It's extremely rare for me to be able to hold an actual conversation with men on here. At least not without: bringing up how I look what they'd like to do to me asking for my messenger screen name (or giving me theirs) asking for my phone number (or giving me theirs) asking and/or implying about seeing my private photos hitting on me trying to flirt with me mentioning something sexual trying to meet up with me cyber with me view my cam or get me to view theirs terms of endearment like baby, babe, honey, hun, sweetie, sweetheart, sexy, hottie, beautiful, gorgeous, so on and so forth. etc etc etc So here's the challenge: Starting tomorrow (Monday 2/23/2009) you all have a week to prove to me you can actually hold a conversation (without doing anything listed above). ALL conversations are to be held in PRIVATE MESSAGES back and forth between us. The man that can keep the
Birthday Coming Up'ns...
I noticed that there are quite a few Birthdays coming up...including mine Pisces Rock!.....just saying Just wanted to say that I hope I get as much love as I have seen and been a part of, past B-days of certain kick ass friends. I'm not going to ask for anything specific like alot of people, all I care about is just being thought of and such....even though it is just a stupid site (j/k Jesus , it still means alot when people acknowledge you and send you love...which ever way it may be. ......Just saying
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Sherry 2. Sherry Boo 3. Boo Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. Secretary 2. Babysitter 3. Promoter Three Places I have lived 1. Kentucky 2. Georgia 3. Back to Kentucky Three TV Shows that I watch 1. Dexter 2. House Hunters 3. The Tudors Three places I have been 1. Alaska 2. Canada 3. Mexico Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. My nephew Jason 2. Candice 3. Lyndsay Three of my favorite foods 1. Fresh tomatoes 2. Chicken taco salad 3. Baked potato Three things I would like to do 1. Travel more 2. Get a new car 3. Spend more time with my friend Erica Three friends I think will respond 1. Crystal 2. Tawny {if she is around} 3. Ash won't.
Put Me On A Leash N Call It A Day
Well friends woe is me as i sit here in the worst pain i think ive felt in a long time. Just as things start to look pretty damn good as far as my ankle goes my clutzy self just had to mess that up. About 1am this morning i had let the dogs out and as i was letting them back in i tripped over the leash and fell directly on top of my daughter's scooter back first. As i hit the scooter i could hear my back cracking and it knocked the wind out of me, so i think i must have layed on the ground in shock about half an hour before i could even move. My back is throbbing and it hurts to walk or even bend over and its like it radiates around to the front of my kidneys. I literally had to cry myself to sleep as it hurts to even breathe. Today is even worse, my entire body feels like its been run over by a mack truck. I called my doctor and they cant get me in until the morning and i refuse to go sit for hours in the emergency room so looks like ill be crying mlf to sleep again tonight. I really
The Boys
Sorry to any I forgot... Shhh I stole this idea from Diana (KCPilar69) Photo and video editing at
Ok, So I Am Bored.
The Chocolate Oracle Says You're Mellow You are sweet, mellow, and easily satisfied. You don't like anything too intense and dramatic. Deep down, you're a kid at heart... and you're nostalgic for the past. You are down to earth and lovable. A true friend, you're very tolerant and understanding. In fact, your friends' biggest problem is that they don't like each other! You love to be the center of attention. You enjoy entertaining your friends. You feel lost when no one is interested in you... You're too interesting to be ignored. The Chocolate Oracle
Buy Me Buy Me!
Confused & Annoyed
Right, does anyone know the reason for the following? Why can you buy other people a vip via paypal, but you can only buy yourself one direct by credit card? That extra Ł1.50 bothers me.
If you are on me please....thanks......if big deal....
Weird Guy Or Just.....
so we took the kids bowling yesterday, and ritchie ended up slipping nd smacking his nose on the ball return, rocky loaded up the other kids and left them with dee at the house while i was trying to get his nose to stop bleeding. there was a guy there, i dont know if he worked there or not that came over and helped me calm him down and clean him up, nice enough right? well i check my myspace this morning, and he has sent me a friend request, i never told him my name, and it kina weirded me out. am i just paranoid, cause i have had creepy stalker guy for a year or its just a small town and he might know me from somewhere?
Imposter Alert!! Snakes And Wookies
User Profile: User Profile: BTW Red Serpent has a happy hour later...hmmm wonder who bought it... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: This was just sent my way: It's been brought to my attention that this account was froze which is why the red serpent account was created. User Profile: I couldn't resist I HAD to add these fake salutes that Mr. Harley had in his photo albums of red serpent ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update: Then he blocks me so I can't respond...Interesting HĂRLĘÝBĘHĂ...: ahhh the wonders of the ole block list lmao HĂRLĘÝBĘHĂ...: so please go snoop somewhere else ok inspector HĂRLĘÝBĘHĂ...: and has bought many of our friends happy hours and bling packs HĂRLĘÝBĘHĂ...: no not sexy wookie another friend princess snow water HĂRLĘÝ
Finally, Some Good News!
After months and months and months and months of disappointments in different areas of my life FINALLY a bright spot has emerged. I have a job interview tomorrow It's at a local veterinarian office. They are doing what they call a "working" interview. I will actually be put in the back helping the other vet techs. I haven't worked since December of 2007 so this is like a really big deal for me. Keep your fingers crossed, keep me in your thoughts and if you pray throw my name in there too! ♥ you all
And Now, Deep Thoughts By.....
Yeah, nothing deep around here...I'm a shallow biznitch like the rest. Apparently I have time traveled back to age 14 and restarted having a terrible complexion...Wtf?! I'm 26, and suddenly have a pizza face.  I take the shortest fu-cations ever. My life is so vapidly empty that I literally need Fubar for entertainment. It most certainly makes me sad, but it beats folding more laundry. Texas trip...T-5 days and counting...I'm stoked. Its been in the 80's down there now for a week. I can't wait to drive through the base and see all the hot soldiers doing PT *drools* I'm also uber excited to eat at Popeye's again.  Don't ya just love being tricked into a blog only to read crap that means absolutely nothing to anyone else?
Ummm Wtf ???
Ummm ... I don't quite know what to say.  But some people need to get a check on reality.  And the fact that ... SHIT HAPPENS.   ->: Lord God .. you need help. I explained what happened. You are high maintenance. I talked to you on here : 5 seconds? didn't even answer my last 2 texts when i asked how your easter weekend are just fucking rude.....anyway, im off to reality, have fun on here...cya ->: I meant off my page idiot. you have serious attitudinal problems. Simply because I haven't returned your texts in 5 seconds. As I said my phone was suspended, that is why i didn't respond. Go get yourself checked. And keep off my fubar page and all else. : Lol....I'm like 4000km away.....I'm keeping my distance. ->: well you need to piss off and stick your grapevine up your ass. Idiot .. now eff off and keep the hell away from me. I am not joking. : I just heard it in the grapevine....and don't tell me to fuck off....or i will cock slap yo
Saturday Night's Alright
Another weekend, another concert set... At least I didn't go brother needed a night out, so we hit the road together. Honestly, we went just to be doing something. I'd never heard of any of the bands playing and from their myspace songs, I didn't think I'd end up staying the entire night, but i was, for the first time ever in my life, wrong..... Floyd's Music Store is basically a hole in the wall venue in a multiple college town. Lots of youth...lots of drinking, lots of partying in Tallahassee, Florida. Not that I would know or anything. You walk down a set of steep concrete steps to actually get down into the bar. Underground... There's a bar along the back wall which runs parallel to the stage. To get to the stage you actually have to venture down more steps into the pit area. With the right rip in a guy's jeans...especially if he's going commando, you can see all he's got--surprising but true. That's how tall the actual stage is... I've been going to this place since I
I was thinking today... I've seen an awful lot of people around here who's member numbers are up in the high 2 millions whining because it takes so long to get to godfather. Ya know, I was here nearly 2 years before making it to godfather...and I only made it because bling was introduced about that time....Vixen and I blew a shit ton of money one day to get each other leveled. I feel like my grandparents, but used to actually have to work to get anywhere around here...I'm sick of these newbies whining because ZOMG! I'm not an oracle and I've been here 2 whole months!
I'm not exactly sure what to write in this. I'm sure some people are thinking I'm going to be talking so bad about Tom. I'm not. But like I said....a lot about me has changed. I guess the time away from here helped. I'm thinking maybe I should take the break every so often and clear my head. Anyway, back to the actual blog. I've had a lot of time to think about everything that happened between me and him. While it ended pretty rough, while we were was pretty good. Now let me clear this up before anyone assumes anything...NO, I'm not making this in some attempt to get back with him. I just think the last blog I wrote was pretty damn mean. Yes it was what I was thinking at that exact moment..but still. I should have been a bigger person and just moved on. Instead, I wrote some pretty mean things. Granted, they were all true..but I should NOT had made it a public blog involving mutual friends. That was really low of me. At the time..I needed to vent and all I can do is ho
Leap Frog..maybe
Not sure if this will work. The HTML on this is too tricky now. Anyway, this is suppose to be a 2nd grade computer test in China, which is to be completed in 2 minutes or less. I'm thinking they are pretty smart, or I just suck really bad. Click here to play it
People Piss Me Off.
I'm back one day and I'm already getting pissed off in the MuMMs. I make a very good point and my comment gets deleted. Someone replies to it, that gets deleted. I ask her if she's a deleter, and THAT gets deleted.   Good thing I didn't tell her I think she needs to keep her whore legs together and that when her kids grow up they are going to be ashamed of her.
Response To 'drama And Shit'
I'm shocked, that you'd tell boldface lies - no wait, no I'm not. Telling me how you could never be with him because of his teeth, how you'd never be able to look at his bald spot, and gagging when I showed you his salute to LaLa... but go ahead, deny it, idgaf. It just proves to me who you really are, nothing more than a user and a fake. I was good enough when you weren't online, to talk to till 3am, to cry to when your Mom was sick, but you get back online and you're a different person. Sickening.   Here, just for you:   1. I didn't say he was bald, fat, toothless, or gross. You gagged at his salute to LaLa. I have the screenshot if you'd like it. You said you could never be with him because of his bald spot and the fact that he barely has any teeth, which you noticed looking at one of his pics closely, you even mentioned the pic, but I don't remember which it was. That was on the phone, so I can't screenshot that. :|   2. I never said I believed any of the stuff that was goin
Dog Show
I have a burger and sangria hangover today. I still had things to do so around 4 pm I disconected my self from the interent and headed off into the real world. I stopped off at the apartment office to drop off my rent check and to see If my Baxter whoring paid off. The blonde lady that seems to know everything was not in. I asked the brunette lady who had won the competition but she just said she didn't know. I don't think she knows much of anything but I also think she might play dumb alot so people won't expect much of her. That's what I would do if I were her. I glanced over the competition while I was there. A couple of other dogs, all small and for the most part not as cute as Baxter. There was also a bird. Pfft. Birds. I know the guy who owns the bird. He works at the circle K where I sometimes buy my cigs. Whenever I go in there we don't act like we know each other. I don't like chatting with people when I am trying to buy cigarettes. I just want my drugs and to be on my way.
Not Cut Out For This...yet
So I'm trying to get a bit more exercise in after slacking off for a bit too long.   Played football on sunday for 4 hours, badminton for an hour yesterday, football for an hour today, and football hopefully again tomorrow for an hour or so.   Now, the problem lies in my muscles, my groin is still playing up from Sunday, obviously the running around since then hasn't helped, but still. Badminton was ridiculously hard work due to not playing for over a month, was a really good game though (even if I did lose). My right shoulder and the muscle from my wrist to my elbow just weren't happy today though.   Hopefully this should stop though after I'm in my routine again for a few weeks.
I Have The Best Mom
 I got this from my MOM she's the best. HAPPY 39th !BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL VICKI!                            ON FRIDAY, JUNE 5TH @ 6:52 am, I GAVE BIRTH TO A BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL.   AND WE NAMED YOU VICKI JEANNE.  HERE IS A BEAUTIFUL STORY THAT IS VERY VERY TOUCHING.  I'VE HAD IT FOR YEARS AND JUST RAN ACROSS IT AND I WANTED TO SHARE WITH YOU!!     TO MY GROWN-UP DAUGHTER   My hands were busy through the day. I didn't have much time to play The little games you asked me to, I didn't have much time for you.   I'd wash your clothes; I'd sew and cook, But when you'd bring your picture book And ask me, please, to share your fun, I'd say, "A little later, hon."   I'd tuck you in all safe at night, And hear your prayers, turn out the light, Then tiptoe softly to the door, I wish I'd stayed a minute more.   For life is short, and years rush past, A little girl grows up so fast, No longer
Amy's Rant For Today
I'm going to rant. You're going to think I'm a bitch. Oh well. I'm sick and damn tired of trying to reach out to friends and be kind just to get ignored or disrespected in return. If someone is kind enough to be concerned for your well being then don't be a total douchebag to them. This goes for online and offline friendships.  I'm sick and damn tired of the woe is me people. They think it's the end of the world when one little thing goes wrong. I can bet you that 9.9 chances out of 10 I can find at least one person who has it rougher than you. So get over it, move on, and become a better person because of it. Yes, you have permission to quote this to me when I start to get emo about things. I'm sick and damn tired of people lying to me about the most petty things. I was NOT born yesterday. I can see you change your status, leave people comments, and other things. So don't lie to me and tell me you weren't online or you weren't sitting at your computer when I sent the SB message or
I learned a few things about myself today... 1. When I burn on my arm, and it peels, it takes forever to actually finish. Each layer of skin I peel off, comes off in very small pieces. It sucks =/ 2. I'm "in love". [shrug]   Also, I have no plans for tomorrow. It's Sunday. I can't go out late, the boys will be home. So IF I do anything, it will have to be early. Ugh. I'll probably just be on here, lol.
Goober Chi...: was just having fun but i guess you're too much of a cunt for that. ->Goober Chi...: my status is perfectly took it upon yourself to be a pervert. Goober Chi...: you brought it on with your status. ->Goober Chi...: you really have no right to ask someone you don't know that question. Goober Chi...: sorry? just making conversation. just forget i said anything to you. ->Goober Chi...: why the fuck is it any of your business? Goober Chi...: a nice long tongue? Goober Chi...: really? just curious wha gets you wet ->Goober Chi...: wow really? Goober Chi...: WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET THOSE PANTS MOIST?   from the bottom up...
1ST Fathers Day Without My Kids....Make Me Forget That Today YET AGAIN™, Waverly, IA     how lame and his status is begging for tickers to help him not miss his kids.
This Weeks Flowers Inspired By And Dedicated To....
I'm sooooo happy we've met!!! I really do ♥ you!   His arrangement *grinz* ♥ PoStaL  
Life Is Good, So Far Today At Least
just got done trimming some low hanging branches in the back yard. got out the leaf blower, cleaned off patio and hosed it down. was sitting smoking a bowl and a lizard jumped out of tree and landed on table dark grey head, green belly and silvery bluish back. have never seen one like that before. just sat there while i smoked then scurried away
Dumb People, Cons, Fakes And Why Some People Are Numbers...
..well well well, it most certainly has been a long time since I’ve done anything like this, that’s for sure…. …I guess that’s what a lot of you come here for , or came here for, or send fake drone accounts in here to view (why I dunno) or told your friends about over the course of time, or whatever. Or agree, or disagree or whatever the case may be…. …there’s a lot goin on here these days, tons of new levels which actually force people to interact with each other, wow the novelty! That’s definitely a step in the right direction, some may disagree, but that’s usual around these parts. Half the time I’m lucky I remember what level I am at all, points were just, really never my thing on here….After all, a 350,000,000 fubuck spotlight does lend toward the extreme end of the circle now doesn’t it?….but like always this place ebbs and flows and like a good filter, the trash usually finds a way to slip through the crac
Confessions Of A Submissive In The Making
So I was going to talk about my obsession with the deep sea tonight but I got side tracked. I just downloaded a bunch of music featured in Abby's lab on NCIS (love that broad, btw) and it brought me back to some of my... uhhhh... kinkier nights. I thought I'd share. Anyone here ever actually been to a sex club? Apparently Seattle is a pretty prime place for sex-positive culture. Very open, very experimental, and safe. {Side Note, new obsession = Android Lust. Enjoy listening while you read...} I've always had a dark side to me and it most definitely makes itself known in the bedroom. BDSM is what makes me tick. Control. Power struggles. Destroying someone. Being destroyed. All of it is hot. It makes sense with who I am, but I won't get into the psychology of it. That's for another time, maybe. The point is, I met someone that opened my eyes. Took my hand {or say, neck, by leash and collar?} and walked me into one of Seattle's BDSM sex clubs, turning years
So walking past a tattoo parlour twice or more a week has got me to thinking about getting one done. This is purely still a thought at this point, but I've been thinking of the getting the pic below on the back of my left shoulder.   Any thoughts?       And obviously just the bird...
Random Thoughts From The Brain Of Lippy...
 I know, kinda scary, me thinking :P Happy Lippy is back! :) I am grateful for my friends and those that I call my sisters. Even if I don't talk to all of you everyday, I want you to know that I do care.  I got warm fuzzies just knowing who cared.  I am gonna keep ya'all in my pocket for safe keeping. I have redone my family and will start removing dead weight 'friends' soon. I have learned quite a bit about myself this week.  I really don't like to be cunty but I am good at it.  Some of you helped me and you didnt even know it.  Thank you. Monday should have been a really shitty day for me and it wasnt.  For those of you that kept me busy Sunday and Monday talking on here, yahoo and with texts, thank you.  I truly cant say thank you enough.  It made going to visit my dads grave a little easier for me. For the one that kept me up one nite, for the whole nite this past week, words can never express my gratitude.  I didnt spend the day dwelling on painful things. Btw, the new Ir
Point Whorasuarus
I got these 11's from Crazy Cracker (he is awesome btw) way back when I was in an auction. I think I am going to run them around 1 pm FU time tomorrow. I plan on whoring it up big time because i am about 2 mil from leveling.   This is me asking for all your FU love and attention. If you can pull any favors for me I would absoultely love you. That good kind of unconditional love that makes you feel all warm inside. But I guess it's not unconditional because I expect you to do something for it.   so nevermind I take back the unconditional part. But I still would like your help if you can spare it. The usual stuff ...yanno... rates, bling, pimp outs, threatening to block your friends if they don't help out, blasts and tickers.   I heart you all kinda sorta. Muah!
Sunday Morning And My Left Toe
This has nothing to do with my left toe, but I just was wondering this:   If you could do anything for one day, what would it be?   Me?  I would love to........(fill in the blank)
I am in a bad mood been awake all night in excruciating pain the pain meds were useless workman's comp doesn't care   pffft   hugs
Random Thoughts...
I painted the entire 300 sf room with vaulted ceilings by myself yesterday because J is a lazy asshole   I am a hurtin bitch today I want to blow up the comcast of their assholes rang my doorbell at 7:15 am this moring wanting to get in my back yard wtf   I made over 700 in tips for working Oktoberfest that goes to the squadron xmas better be fucking nice is all I have to say   I wanna go back to bed but the kids are outta school today it is sleeting and cold and yucky here  
Stupid Haircut
last night I was reading in bed about 2 am. I heard the upstairs neighbors coming in from the bar. i have never met them but i am pretty sure there are about 20 of them. And they all weigh about 300 pounds. And they are part of a clog dance crew. And they also bowl in their living room. Also they like alternative rock and saying "wooooooooooooo" i guess one of the dance crew got left behind and he came stomping up the stairs a few minutes after the rest. Then i heard someone try and open my door. Of course it was locked so i just continued reading figuring he was to drunk to know where he was and would soon see his mistake. But he was too drunk to realize. So i sent baxter to the door to give ssome warning barks. But this guys was still too drunk so he started knocking. I got up and double checked the lock and put my eye to the peep hole. "may I help you?" i asked. "you can let me in!" he said swaying back in forth. "no" I laughed. "why not" he said a little annoyed. "Beca
C O C (code Of Conduct)
 Welcome to Everyone & glad to see you all here. 1. All 2nd alrm Hottie Prospects must have a verified salute & a minimun " 10 new pics " of yourself 2. All Hotties Must Be Female ( no exceptions ) 3. Must sign the COC ( code of conduct ) agreement below as a comment of "I AGREE " inorder to be placed into voteing procedure. 4. Shout Box & Fu Mail must be open to all Officers for communications . ( Profile can't be set to friends only for this purpose unless all Officers are made friends ) 5. 2nd Alarm Hotties Homepage must be added to Your Family while being considered a Prospect & remain in your family after admittance. FireChief (Founder) must be added to your family as well but doesn't have to be in the top 7 . Just as long as he's in family so that he can contact you at anytime when needed . Also your Team Leader to be added to your top friend so they can contact you at anytime also .
***tilts Head***
      Obviously read the message from bottom to top. I got this earlier this morning. Got no response, so when I went to check the person out, their profile had been deleted. I never seen this person before in my life. Do perfect strangers honestly think they can just talk to me any kind of way and I will just jump in that pussy like it's a gold mine?     to:    URSexyDrea...United States    subject:    RE: damn hunny sent:    10/26/2009 6:12 am What makes you think I would fuck you? I don't know you. You came at me like I am a piece of meat rather than a man and how the hell do I know if your pussy is clean or not? If you are coming off at guys like this, then you obviously spread that pussy around to anyone that gets hard. Go find a guy that thinks with his cock rather than his brain and learn to read a profile next time you gutter trash piece of shit.=== 'URSexyDreams' wrote the following at '2009-10-26 06:08:26'..>> u loook good! do u hav a gf? if not do u want to fuck? u r h
One small wholemeal waffle with bolognaise, and one small waffle with chocolate mousse, cream and (too much) maple syrup.  I now want to hibernate, because I feel ill.    
Celebrity Lookalikes
Since this thing hates me it will be posted in the comments.   Question, and a serious one, do I really look Asian? I have had a few people ask me if I have any Asian's in my family. I don't in close proximity.
Amazing Woman
There is this woman named Paula that is a guest at the casino I work at. She is a big player and her husband is in the top 100 for cash in at the casino. She is an AMAZING woman and her husband is also amazing. I love her to death.. always talk to her. One day (the day the husband and i split up) she asked me what was wrong because I looked sad. I told her about the husband and I splitting up. She hugged me and talked to me about everything for about an hour. A few days later I was about to go on vacation and was telling her bye and what not.. She handed me $100 and told me how great of a person I was and how I deserved to spoil myself a little. I started crying and told her how much i appreciated it. I see her almost every day at work. Tonight she was gambling and i stopped to tell her bye since I was going home for the night. She slipped me ANOTHER $100 and my jaw dropped. She winked and her husband started grinning ear to ear. She said that she was giving it to me because the S
My Ironman Cup Has The Ghey.
I am freezing my butt off just sitting here. But yet here I am,mittens and all :) Been a long week and its not even over, I have been honoured by a close friend to be in her wedding.I am rather excited for her and the fact that this beloved day will be held on my 30th birthday. I rather toast to the bride and groom then blow out a cake full of candles that could more then likely start a fire. I also have taking on a few tasks for this special it the costume designs for the jack and Jill party..annnnnnnnnd flyer designs for said event. burlesque will be the theme,but sweet day in the mornin im sick of looking at short skirts,corsets and little top hats with the mesh.. Jesus I cant believe I just said that,I MUST be getting old. So besides being the busy little beaver I am, I have picked up a new addiction. 1 vs 100 on 360 has me under its spell..and boy is it grand! I was growing tired of lfd2 so this couldnt have came at a better time. Specially when I get to kick my
One Of Those Things
Does the last person you shared a bed with mean anything to you?Mr Ted? Yea he's so comfy and squishy.Tears are falling from your eyes, what's the reason?Probably just finished watching a sad movie Has someone ever told you they want to spend the rest of their life with you? No I don't think so If you got paid 5,000 dollars would you stick your hand in an elephants ass?yesHas anyone ever promised you forever?NoDo you get high?NewpSomething bothering you?A littleHas someone told you they'd always love you then went for someone else?NoWhat made you happy this weekend?People and stuffs...When was the last time you cried?I don't remember...What color shirt are you wearing?Night shirt? Purple.How long is your hair?Past boobs. No wait...I cut it...just above/on boobs.Last thing you ate?Porridge oatsLast thing you drank?Tea..DUH!Where did you sleep last night?My bedAre you happy right now?My belly is full so I must be ok. :)What did you say last?I haz a full bellyWhere is your phone?On my
A Proper Blog
Things I hate: 1. Laziness. Rather, lack of direction. I can't stand people without ambition in life. It might be one of my number one pet peeves with others, but this should not really be surprising to people who know me and how overly ambitious I can be. 2. Blind arrogance. There's a difference between this kind of arrogance and secured arrogance. Everyone is entitled to be arrogant about something, but to be so arrogant to the point you are blind to your own faults..just ugh. It's a balancing act. You have to acknowledge each part for it to work out properly. 3. Irresponsibility and lack of accountability. These two go hand in hand. If you have a responsibility, take care of it. Don't make excuses and blame others, just do it even if it means sucking up the bad to do the good thing. 4. Fear of disappointment. I swear this is a huge one for people. Why oh why do people let this one get in the way of taking action on something? Just yuck. OMG you disappointed someone, it's probabl
  How can a girl say no to that? :/
A Tragic Loss Involving A Fubar Member...
I’m sure some of you have seen this on the boards but for those of you who haven’t here’s the news story involving one of our own Fubarians and this tragic loss.. Click here for the story ..and the user it involves… ~*BI-SEXY MOLLY*~@ fubar May their souls rest in peace.
2nd Alarm Hotties Code Of Conduct
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!! 1. All 2nd Alarm Hottie Prospects must have a verified salute and 10 recently updated pics of yourself 2.All Hotties Must Be Female NO EXCEPTIONS 3.Must sign the COC (code of conduct) agreement below as a comment o"I AGREE " in order to be placed into voting 4.Shout Box & Fu Mail must be open to all Officers for communications .You may be able to set your profile to friends only if you have added all officers this allows us to communicate with you when necessary. 5.2nd Alarm Hotties Homepage must be added to Your Family while being considered a Prospect remain in your family after admittance.Fire Chief (Founder) must be added to your family as well but doesn't have to be in the top 7, just as long as he's in family so that he can contact you at anytime when needed. 6.All new Hotties will be assigned a Team Leader who we ask to be placed in top friends but don't have to be in top 7. But would be nice so you can represent the Hotties for more exposur
Completely Serious Issue
Ok I think ive put up with just about enough lately... Im so tired of being let down and people assuming they know me... Im tired of hearing me vent Im tired of having to explain to people why i do crap.. I actually considered deleting my profile earlier this week.. This is what you need to know and you choose to make a choice whether you want to be friends with me or not... then re add me later cause im deleting everyone! OH and if your coming to read this and your hiding fuck have some balls and say im here i hate you if that's how you fucking feel...   1. I am not a liar 2. I dont give two shits if im popular 3. I choose my friends you choose yours $. My friends fight their own battles just like i fight mine.. If someone came up to me and said your friend is a cunt.. they are no longer my friend... 5. I will if i see you doing something to hurt each other stand my ground and tell you both off. 6. I am not here to hurt people 7. I love my friends dearly and if they hav
So Yeah...
I'm attempt at a social life elsewhere has failed miserably....and I know I can always count on my friends here to be HI EVERYONE!!!!!
Helly, Pf & Jas In Scotland.
Helly & PF award a ribbon,   Jasmine finds it gruesome.       A Scotsman clad in a kilt, left a bar one evening fair.  
I Have No Title
So either I'm on here too much (which I don't really think I am) or it's because I was on here right before I went to sleep: I'm not really sure. But I had a dream last night that BabyJesus and I were texting each other. Like..a lot. I need more sleep. Good morning and crap.
Can someone tell me why the applications are so damn addictive on that site?   I really need to adjust my farm and I'm waiting for more energy points in Mafia Wars. [sigh]
Bar Etiquette...
Ok, First let me start off by saying that if youre going in to a bar, please realize its a place of business, and not your front porch, or basement, or garage... or wherever the hell you hang out with friends and drink. And since youre in a place of business, act like it. Youre also supposed to be an adult, again... act like it. Dont get pissed at the server because YOU are too fucking stupid to know what you are asking for.   Just to clear a few things up... Blue label is a SCOTCH, not a vodka same goes for black label. Blue, is a brand of wine... again, not a vodka. Dont ask for blue top, cuz guess what? 90% of bottles HAVE blue tops Dont ask for "Bumpy gin" because in a loud crowded bar, we hear "Bombay gin" which is a better gin, and will cost you more. Seagrams is a BRAND NAME, not a drink itself. The provide vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey, canadian whiskey, gin, and Brandies, so asking a bartender for a shot of seagrams is like going to a Blockbuster and asking for a horro
Gunna Be A Mindless Ramble
So I been seeing alotta shit around this dump. And yes I am gunna type like I talk if ya coose to  think I am uneducated for fine i dont give much of a fuck. Besides if people think you are stupid they underestimate ya. Imma go ahead and drop a little news, I know Red has been catchin some heat, people thinking i am trying to fuck with her to get her away from jared. lemme clear sum shit about that up. I have met the guy.he is a decent guy but is not the guy for her.he tries to change her.But that aint what is causin this. He cant deal with her disease.he flat out said that he dont think he can be the man there at the end because he is not nurturing.She deserves a man that will be.I been with her thru more shit than he can begin to comprehend in tha last 16 years, including her being stabbed. No it wasnt me lol. So Jared has moved into the 4th bedroom,like they did when she was with John.I will let her explain fully if she chooses to. Bottom line tho there marriagehas been over since D
I Kinda Giggled
Suga Lips: I am fine except for this weirdo in my shoutbox asking if I want to see his little penis Brad: lol well im sorry i suppose we got off on the wrong foot. let me start over.... Hello how are you? Suga Lips: think you're clever. No thank you, sir Suga Lips: A lot of men are eager to show off their baby dicks Brad: then take a sneek peek for yourself Suga Lips: I don't believe that at all Brad: haha i can gaurantee you if my cock was 2 inchs i would not want to show it to anyone Suga Lips: Yeah I guess being an asshat and trying to show random strangers your 2 inch cock is SO much more fun Brad: thats boring Suga Lips: Maybe this is a sign you need to stop being gross and start by saying "hi" to someone
I'm having a good boob day--they look awesome! (A little more awesome than normal :P.) You ever just have a good boob day? Umm men: maybe a good penis day or a good balls day? Like where you would fuck the hell out of yourself and then do. Where you pass by the mirror and wonder who that sexy pair of boobs (or penis or balls) are staring back at you. I wonder why I think of these things..really, I do.
Why me? :( plastic6: i know i need to go you make me horny. have a nice day Suga Lips: I doubt my husband would allow that plastic6: makes me want to have some fun with you Suga Lips: It's okay plastic6: thats to bad Suga Lips: No plastic6: up to anything fun today plastic6: you are very welcome Suga Lips: Thank you plastic6: like looking at your pics. you are very sexy plastic6: i see Suga Lips: Thank Kid Rock--he wrote it
Piss And Vinegar
I think its time for a new playlist, to replace the retro rock one i has now. i usually do some sort of theme or typing in my playlists but I might just go random and step away from just one genre of music... im watchin my ex's daughter lately since im not working and this child, at 4 years old, dresses herself like a future its comical   my kids want me to get cheat codes for a video game, and i looked them up and they suck..what ever happened to getting unlimited strength or life cheats... what a jip   why is it, that everytime you call your cell phone provider, or any other luxury service one might have, they always try to sell you new shit?   its time to buy some new kicks... i usually buy white KSwiss but im feeling like a change i guess... ill probably look at all the shoes for an hour and buy the same shit i always do tho   im amused at the comments in my "too old for pie.." mumm of those who thought i mummed about piercing my lip... esp the comment about
My Mumms All Nsfw, Why
My mumms are all NSFW because I do not care about points on my mumms; blogs and photos are a different story.
Spam Maybe
Hello all...I was away from the laptop and when I came back I got a new message.  I was so excited.  What fabulous new fu drink did I get today from someone I never talk to?  What I got made me I will post it here for your amusement.   from: chancechris75 Haha....It's a great day. District Of Columbia, DC subject: Hi, how are you? received: 06/6/2010 07:04 pm replied: no   block this member Hi, how are you? I hope all is well. I will be in you area for a couple of days and wanted to know what fun things I could get into while I am here. I am a loungey kind of person and not really into the club scene anymore...If you know some good spots, please feel free to hit me up. or if you could be my tour guide it would greatly help.... I hope this doesn't run you away. I am a
Brain Says, I'm Done With Her You Know, She Treats Me Like A Ragdoll
The final PNG blog   I went into work early to meet PNG, seems she got there ahead of schedule and texted me that she was there.  No response from my text last night.  Even though people were already inside, she was outside waiting, and she bought me a present.  They have a local drink called Loganberry, she bought me a bottle, as we had discussed it before. We did have a nice chat, but I was able to determine that she is infact dating someone.  I'm going to put it in the books that she totally likes me, but she's seeing someone, so it will go no further.  Yeah, someone who is faithful, what's that like? So thus ends the tale of PNG.  Hmmm, I wonder just how old Semi Hot Intern (SHI) is... :D
Child Abuse!
If you see a member that obviously appears to be under-age for this site, either report them or ignore them. Leaving abusive comments on the photos of someone you believe to be a child? What kinda fucked-up bully are you? You people are fucked in the head. :D
My Blessing ....
as most of you know I have not been feeling to shit terrific hot the last while   this is not a whining blog but just want to share one of the most amazing young ladies I have ever had the fortune of knowing   Amanda   she is my staff ... shes 19 and I took a chance on her 2 years ago when she was being put out of her home because step daddy was more important .... she calls me the Mother she wish she had.   I figured out Mothers day she holds me in a special spot in her heart I am not sure what I did to deserve when she brought me flowers but what she has been doing since I have been unwell blows my mind. Shes the one I called when I needed to run to emergency at random times in the middle of the night. Her and her boyfriend come no questions asked and after hours of waiting with me she would sleep for 2 hours and open my store. She has kept my store going while I was not able to be there locked up the store and come straight to my house to take my grocery list and bring
I Was A Nice Person Today
So today was my day off.   Which meant I finally got to do some grocery shoppping.  Much needed apparently , I went to have some milk last night and didn't check it...yup a big ole gulp of  spoiled milk =/   Anyways, I digress lol.   So I  get to the parking lot of Stop N Shop, park in my usual spot (OCD thing don't ask) and I see a shopping cart right by the elevator that takes you down to the store.    When I get to it I go to throw my resusuable bags into it and I see a small Coach zippered pouch ...and my first thought was ohhhh wow wonder if there's  a wad of cash in it.   I open it up, and see some money,  several credit cards but nothing else.   I waited about 10 minutes but nobody comes back, so I put the pouch in my bag, figured I'll try to find a phone number when I get home.   Do my shopping, get back home, put the stuff away and get on with my day.  (yup I totally forgot about the pouch)   So about 8:30 I went to get something out of my bag, and find the pou
Where Are We?
So, here's some thoughts I was just having. Einstein reputedly once said: "I'm not an atheist and I don't think I can call myself a pantheist. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangements of the books, but doesn't know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God." This leads me to believe that while Einstein didn't deny the existence of an entity that we know as God, he neither accepted that God was some all-powerful being.  Personally, I'm of the mind that one day we may be able to explain God scientifically. There's a lot of people out there that would immediately say, "Hold on a sec. You're saying that one day we might prove that God exists. Not only might we prove
Theyre awesome.  oh, and i just saw The Losers. It was like the A Team, without all the suck. In other news I recently walked in on my mom cheating on my dad.  didnt kill the guy. came close. Now I'm pretending nothing happened to keep my family together.  Workin at two different bars now, one at a resort and the other a college bar.  basically I just deal with two different kinds of assholes depending on the day.  Also I'm setting up a small jewlry studio so I can start producing some work again.  mostly copper and sterling stuff.  for the ladies on here that I know, if you have any requests, I like a challenge.  :) Tyson
600 Mins
I am trying to transfer my files from my older comp onto my new one using Windows Easy Transfer thingy .... It looks like it's working, but here is the but ..... it is still on the screen which says it's checking what can be transferred, please note it isn't stuck ... This screen says this could take a few minutes and right now it has taken approx. 600 mins. I would say that is a lot more than a few. Has anyone ever used this software before??? I was going to say something else ... but I forgot what it was, must have been a lie.    
Uh-oh, Here We Go Again!
So after yesterday's MUMM, I thought I should give a shot at explaining what universal ethics actually is. This is the best I can do. (Yes, I came up with this allegory all by me onesies).   A man stares up at a building and asks, "How tall is this building?"                Another man replies, "It is exactly 80 feet tall."                Yet a third man claims, "You are wrong! It is 75 feet tall and I should know because I am an engineer!"                But a fourth man rebukes him. "I, too, am an engineer and you are both wrong! For I measured this building only yesterday and it is 65 feet tall!"                The claimants proceed to argue and fight over how tall the building is, so the first man takes off his shoes and begins measuring the building with them. When he is done, he says, "I have just measured the building and it is 70 feet tall."                Now all four begin to argue about who is right while crowds gather arbitrarily taking sides with the different men.
Happy Hour!!
Thursday, September 2nd at 10pm Pacific Time: BE HERE! I will be on top. :D Then stay tuned at 11pm Pacific time for THEFUChead's 1st HH. I will be bombing during his HH so I can actually enjoy mine (and so I can  change pics and annoy everyone. :D)  
Morrowind Best Ever Game Rpg Style
Dagoth Uthol is one of the Ash Vampires and brother to Dagoth Ur. Vivec suggests killing him in order to weaken Dagoth Ur. If you kill Dagoth Ur first, all the other Ash Vampires will die with him. Dagoth Uthol may be found in Kogoruhn, Charma's Breath. He carries the Belt of Heartfire artifact. Of the seven Ash Vampires, Uthol is unique in that he is the only one who will let you pass peacefully if you talk to him first. Just choose "come to submit" when he talks to you, and he'll let you go.
Some may or may not know that Jenni and I became r/l best friends a couple years ago. She only lives a couple hours away from me and often makes visits to come see me. She can be the steady boat in my stormy sea. One weekend with us just hanging out makes me relax a little. Though, she'll often tell me I'm wound up too tight. I kinda love that she sees that. Don't tell her that, though.   On to my point. She is trying to go to the darkside. I swear another one of my friends who wants to actually help out around here. I don't understand this concept. :p Don't they know this goes against my being? Benedicts! She's a little over 5 mil from leveling and she actually has to level in order to be considered. Would you toss her a rate, a bling, a something to help out? 5 mil, anymore, really isn't that much and with a bit of greased effort I know it can get knocked out all in one day. I vow to get her drunk, take embarassing pictures, and post them as a favor in kind. :D Link down below,
Sign Up At Bottom For Auction!!
My First Mumming Idiot In Years
so, yesterday I plunged head first back into the mumms after a couple years. I have commented a few, and posted a couple since early 2007, BUT yesterday was my first real treck back into them. I commented a few, and I actually posted 2. It was a good feeling when i woke up this morning and saw in my feed that someone commented on my mumm then checked me out. I read his first comment then knew he had blocked me before I even checked. After checking and seein he already blocked me, I replied to his comment, which led to a short conversation. Good times, I missed the idiots mumming brought to me....     Ur Next Sugar Daddy said: All I have to say is your screen name suits you well [image] theFUChead said: How very original. I have NEVER heard that before. Maybe someday i can be as whitty as you. Ever think that MAYBE I chose this name for a reason dipshit? Ur Next Sugar Daddy said: No....I think you've summed it up nicely.I was not trying to be original. I was trying
I Want To Level Again...
Any ideas on how to level fast? I have some bling credits left, but not a whole lot.    I'm not asking for bling credits or anything except for maybe ideas on how to level quickly by way of contests or whatever. I was thinking about having an auction, would any of you be interested in joining it if I hold it? Let me know what you think. Thanks!
What do you consider sexy? And how does it differ from someone being pretty or attractive? Is "sexy" something that someone can be or is it something that they just are? Give an example.     As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
A Friend (in Reality) And I Were Talking This Morning
We were rattling off Christmas songs... Name your favorite?
Just A Quick Few Thoughts... far this weekend football has let me down...the fuggin' Packers blew out the dirty birds...the Squeelers beat my Witchie's Ravens.....Think the Bears and Jets can pull off wins for me today? Because that would be spectacular... Well, in all honesty...I don't much care who wins...I just get a certain joy out of certain teams losing...I mean, the purple and gold pretty much gave up this year after that elderly hack as a QB came back.... In conclusion... It's pedicure day! I'm taking Moms out to get pretty feet for her birthday that was a couple days ago....I'm getting mine done as well...Can't decide...Pink, Purple, Blue, Green? Any input??
What I've Learned On Fu
Cuz I'm a noob, I gotsta keep track of my learnins...   In Their Screen Name Sexy - Over 300lbs BBW - Over 400lbs Milf  - has at least 3 kids by 3 baby-daddies Bitch/Evil (Bytch/Evyl) - Never graduated high school (or primary school) Death - virgin that would be an emo if only they were cooler Lone Wolf - virgin that considered using 'death' but wasn't brave enough. DJ - Illiterate Juggalo - Illiterate Acronyms/multiple XX - I am in a fu-gang on the off-chance I can speak to the hottie that's getting all the points/bling from the rest of us Second/Third Alarm anything - she-beast whore Hellyion - "Spawn of Satan" was taken   In Their About Me "I don't do drama" = Yes I do "Keep your drama off my page" = I am a stalker "I'm not here to hook up" = But I will pretend if you bling me enough "My friends matter" = if they bling me
Sorry To Burst Your Little Bubbles But This Is Kind Of Important...
...does anyone know what's going on in the real world at the moment? Sure you all probably know about Libya and Syria and all that, plus the enormous spikes in gas prices, etc..probably even more so even Donald Trump wanting to run for president...however, at the moment there is a far, far more serious disaster at hand that can and probably will effect you that no one is talking about. Japan. Check some of this stuff out....also, there has been radiation found in the rain and drinking water already from California to Florida up to MA. There's radiation in the milk on the west coast. Our authorities say it's "nothing to worry about." And we believe that right? I mean, they are the same ones that said that it wouldn't get here in the first place. And also the same people that said that the nuclear reactor situation in Japan was "under control." Umm..I don't think so.... Something to think about between point whoring
I Should Kick Myself ...
Really, I should. *kicks herself*
Who's Got Two Thumbs And Spent Four Days Eating And Drinking And Being Merry Whilst At A Con And Still Lost Three Pounds?
THIS GIRL. ps. Anyone have any green paint? I always wanted Hulk hands. Review
I'm not really one to write a review for anything. I may have done it one other time. But the more I thought about the VMAs, the more I wanted to say/get out. So here it is:::: The start of the awards show was.....different. No host, really? I'm not sure how I feel about that. I mean it's not like they really had anything different where time would be an issue with the host talking too much. Then there is this whole Lady Gaga opening act. It was annoying as hell. I'm not sure I get the whole reason why she felt the need to dress as a man for the performance. She looked like somone I'd seen before. For some reason I'm thinking it's Madonna, but I don't know. Her clothes and style reminded me of Grease. I love that  musical, but I just wasn't feeling it with her. And what the fuck was the deal with the beer? Did she really think that her slinging it everywhere when she was on top of the piano wouldn't make the floor slippery? Guess what, it does.....she figured it out when she jumped o
[schedules- How Do They Work?]
So, Saturday I saw gorgeous girl that I like, with a bunch of her friends- and on my way out me and girl are talking about meeting up after her out of town friends are home. Nothing concrete, but the inklings of plans. Sunday at 10:54 A.M. I get a text asking if I want to meet at ye olde coffee shop and take a crack at her kooky ass laptop. I says sure, and get a couple more texts talking about what she did last night and I ask if she's taking her friends back to the airport ... ... ... ...   22 hours later and I've got nothing.   Soooooooooooo... best case scenario, her phone died and it took her all day to get her friends to the airport (it does, I've made that trip). Worst case scenario. . .                 So what are you kids doing today? :|   Is there something I should be doing?
Mother Offers Self, Daughter For $25 Debt...
This is our sicko story of the day. Wonder if this woman has a Fubar account or what she would do for a bling pack. Sick. Check out the video here below: WTF is wrong with people today? Sick. Peace.
A Rock And A Hard Place.
 Me and my dad and our dog Socks have been displaced for going on 2 weeks now.Displaced meang not homeless,but not having a home at the same time.We are living In a hotel for now,close to being homeless.Once funds are depleted we'll be living out of our car.No luck finding anything yet.My full story can be read on my blog here     In the mean time I'll be tossing up links to my pictures on here on a site that pays me for the views I get on them.You can read my other blog on the link above to see how you can helped me If you want to do so too.But onto the site where my pictures are for now.Click onthe pictures to see more of them.These are of Socks too my and mine dad's dog.I get paid .22 cents for every 1000 views on my pictures for each veiws.So If everyone light them up It'll helped me out a lot.And I sure can use the help too.Life Is bad for now.      Thanks to everyone that views my pictures,you are helping me out to a large degree.
2012 - Fubar And Real Life Year In Review.
Well kids it's that time of the year again. It's almost the end of 2012 and it's time to take a look back at some of the things that happened this year that of course, are memorable in real life and here on ...I took a quick look at my blogs over the past year or so (what little there was compared to previous years) and here's some of the at least Fubar related things that stuck out... 1. Massive amounts of fake profiles. It's funny actually considering all of the work we have put in here over the years. You would think after nearly 7 years (yes, I know) that people would wise up. That model isn't real. That porn girl isn't real. That 98 lb too-good-to be true hot redhead with 38D tits in the schoolgirl outfit looking for you to send her Amazon gift cards isn't real. At one point, believe it or not, when we used to pound the fakes out on a weekly basis either they would mix up their approach or at least try harder. Now? It's a joke. They don't even bother to make a
fire64: hey sexy 6:10pm reply LilJimmy: dont ya hate that 6:13pm reply G NAUGHTY: Hi lover 6:13pm reply G NAUGHTY: Still at work ? 6:14pm reply G NAUGHTY: Hit me up when you're online if you want to August 25, 2013 11:29am reply Lonewolf45: hi 8:02pm reply devildesir...: no problem baby, you just listen and I will try to take care of your horniness hehe 8:06pm reply devildesir...: slowly undressing your shivering body, drinking in the ample bosom as i remove the blouse and bra, my eyes follow my fingers down to your waist as i unhook and unsip your skirt and let it fall to the floor 8:10pm reply devildesir...: down on my knees in front of you, my thumbs slowly rolling the panties down off yor shapely hips, my lips kissing the tinglng flesh as it becomes exposed, down to the soft mound as you shake in excitement, hand on my he
My Son/ We Are Still Looking Today For A Kidney
Everyone I am here to ask you to pray for my son..He just turned 25, He has a wife and 3 young children ages 7 months,3 years,and a 5 year old ...They need him very much!!! He has a Illness that is taking his life and in about 6 weeks the doctors will be trying something they have never tried but if they don't he will die, we have hopes that it just might work...They will be shutting down his kidneys and putting him on a donar list...All I ask from you is that when you say your prayers please take a moment to mention my son...His Name is Shawn...Thank you from the heart of a "Mom" Hosted By From the heart of a "MOM" to her sick child...MY heart breaks at the thought of what you are going through...I want you to know that I will stand by every decision you make because as you say you are grown now and I thank Jesus everyday for that...It has been a long road for us and I know that whatever you decide that Jesus will be there with us...I love you Shawn be stro
Doing It Doggie
Rules For Stang's Music Trivia Blog! Read This!
This is super simple and I hope proves to be lots of fun. Everyday, at different times, I will post a music triva question. Most of the time it will be lyrics. If it's a lyric question you must comment the blog with the name of the song, artist and YEAR it was made. No exceptions. I will check back and close commenting when I have a right answer. Comments to my shout box or inbox don't count, all answers must be submitted on the blog. If it's just a trivia question, then answer it correctly and go from there. I will send the person who answers it a gift based on the difficulty of the question. I have a box of trivia cards that I will be using, in case of a dispute, what the card says goes. If you prove my card to be wrong via another source, then I'll gift you too. Now that's fair. I'll post the first question later today. **Note: I have a very wide range of music knowledge and taste's so don't get discouraged but this may make you work a bit. If you are n
We Made Love
I answered the door and there you were, lightly made up but oh so beautiful. Your smile seemed to light the doorway. “Come in baby, have a seat” I said….and you walked over to the couch and sat down as I got you a glass of wine. “You look very beautiful tonight…” (It made my heart feel so good to see that little smirk), “Well thank you love” you replied. We sat and shared some conversation, and wine….and I realized, your wearing a skirt, my weakness. I noticed your very sexy and shapely legs, adorned with nude tone stockings. I notice a pale area, you skirt seems to have risen a little. A hunger begins to build inside….it seems to have suddenly gotten warmer. A moment of silence arrives, and I lean into you….we share our first kiss. Gentle at first…lips not quite touching, tongues gently dancing with each other. My hand caresses your face. As we end the kiss…I look into your eyes….how beautiful they are, a hint of a smile on you face warms my heart. I prepare the tab
Death Of Superman
I think they should take all the comic books that talk about the death of superman, no mater what seris, and put them in cronilogical order in one hard cover book for sale. I dont mean changing anything, just taking the isues that talk of death of superman in any way and then reprinting them in a hard cover book, pics and all. like a special colletors edition. what do you think? why?? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~RIP SUPERMAN~
01-23-08 (2 Years)
I hope 'IF' this day finds you definitely twisted That your bends and turns at lease had a few Good stomach laughs & spins from within. What I used to call "losing my stomach" Yesterday (the 22nd) was 2 years here at fubar, Talk about twist and turns ... I bumped into this site by accident: I'd been logging on daily to a "dating" site called OkCupid for about two years when an on-line friend sent me a link to a site "Hot -or- Not" to rate her picture there. I stuck around that site most of the day (Checking out the "hotties") I made a profile uploaded a couple of pictures there to get "rated" too ... Just finished up and notice a banner ad for a place called: And the rest is history ... I've mention to anyone who listen ... About how much work & growth I witnesse
GREED Greed (or avarice) is, like lust and gluttony, a sin of excess. However, greed (as seen by the Church) is applied to the acquisition of wealth in particular. St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that greed was "a sin against God, just as all mortal sins, in as much as man condemns things eternal for the sake of temporal things." In Dante's Purgatory, the penitents were bound and laid face down on the ground for having concentrated too much on earthly thoughts. "Avarice" is more of a blanket term that can describe many other examples of greedy behavior. These include disloyalty, deliberate betrayal, or treason, especially for personal gain, for example through bribery. Scavenging and hoarding of materials or objects, theft and robbery, especially by means of violence, trickery, or manipulation of authority are all actions that may be inspired by greed. Such misdeeds can include Simony, where one profits from soliciting goods within the actual confines of a church. A Beautiful Mess *~*~S
02-21-08 (oranges)
Thursday, February 21, 2oo8 I hope my this finds you with a good pair of shades & the upcoming weekend plans so bright that it's worth wearing them. also to protect from being blinded by todays blog! So - I'll ease the day with a joke: "Knock - knock" ... _ _ _ _ _ _ "Who's there"? "Banana" _ _ _ _ _ _ "Banana who"? "Knock - knock" ... _ _ _ _ _ _ "Who's there"? "Banana" _ _ _ _ _ _ "Banana who"? "Knock - knock" ... _ _ _ _ _ _ "Who's there"? "Banana" _ _ _ _ _ _ "Banana who"? "Knock - knock" ... _ _ _ _ _ _ "Who's there"? "ORANGE"
Mind Fluff
On my way to work today, I saw a rattling shit can covered in stickers: -Keep Honking, I'm Reloading -Jesus is coming, look busy -My reality check bounced -My kid is an honor roll student at DumbFuck Elementary. -The fish (Christian symbol) -And John 3:16 Why is it the assholes that drive like old folks are usually the ones in shitcans covered with the proverbial American rhetoric/propaganda? ____________________________________________ My mom brought back some Kona coffee for me. It, apparently, underwent a new process called "crackulating". Supposedly this makes it phenomenally delicious. So far, it takes like the beans I buy at Starbies. I'm fairly sure mom was ripped off. She paid $40/lb for this stuff. And a t-shirt that says "I'm addicted to crack". _____________________________________________ Bagels always taste better when they come from a bagel place, versus out of your fridge.
Html 4 Me To Remember
Edwardian Script ITC normal garamond normal garamond bold Harrington pristina normal garamondbold normal garamondbold in bold Papyrus Papyrus Bold Blackadder ITC Blackadder ITC script mt bold Imprint MT Shadow Chiller b733-deco Pics Side By Side < nobr>< /nobr> Making youtube Videos play auromatically add &autoplay=1on the 2nd url red yellow purple pink hotpink magenta silver gold blue royalblue teal grey green orange I am getting there lol --------------------MUSIC IS MY LIFEMUSIC IS MY EMOTION--------------------Arch EnemyotepDemuredininsanityskinlabType O Negitivedillenger escape planlivitihanwarrentslayerpearl jamoffspringHIMhate eternalfear factoryyngviestevevaidimbagdarrel (god)atrold metallica "old"downdeathserigojesses gituarlynard skynardvan halenstone temple pliotwarren gdream theaterjohn of dreamtheateracid bathmorbid angelatari teenage roitiron madienjourneydokkenzz topeaglesposidoniced earthdragonf
Theme Music
I was watching Indiana Jones today and I considered how integral the theme music is to the story. I'm a fan I'm not ashamed to admit and as soon as that little bit of music kicks off and you know that means Indy is about to do something incredibly cool and daring, I feel that adrenaline rush and feel like I'm there swashbuckling alongside him, willing and capable of accomplishing anything. James Bond instills exactly the same emotions in me. It occurs to me that these feelings wouldn't be half so powerful without the music. I then consider that if this story was real - if Indiana was actually out there doing these things - then he probably couldn't hear that music. It makes me think he must be a greater man than I just to keep on saving the day without hearing a soundtrack. The point of all this, even though it isn't really much of a sane point, is that I'd like to think that in some alternate dimension someone is watching my movie right now - the movie about me. If this is the c
Rules For My Lounge
So I have had a couple nights of little to no sleep. With many thoughts clawing at the back of my head. A few shed tears. My feelings...silly damn things...are so easily hurt. I have something to say. It may require a moment of your time to read, but that moment is worth it, I believe. I have never set out to intentionally harm anyone. I have never deliberately stolen the affection of anyone from another. I have not willingly seduced another to my bed, who did not ask to be invited. Or belonged to someone else. I have loved and loved deeply, a total of 4 men in my lifetime. I have lusted more than my share. Not that anyone has a limit you know...but my point is this, I am not after anything that belongs to anyone. I am incorrigible..I am flirtatious...I am impetuous...I am kind, gentle, and caring. I am sensitive and extremely passionate. I have issues, most an OCD type of way...others very personal. I don't betray I fully expect my confidences be kept
They state: "If you question your sanity, you probably aren't insane" I say: "If you state you are sane, I'm probably going to question it"
Poor Choices...
So last night, while under the influence of ambien I made a really poor choice. I showed my good on cam to a whole group of people. I'm rather embarrassed about it. Im not the first idiot to do it but for some reason I feel really dumb about it. *sigh* almost makes me want to delete.
What Felony Are You?
You Are Kidnapping You love to be in control. You are incredibly dominant. A part of you even likes to make people suffer. It's all about power! You love to take risks, especially if the potential payoff is huge. But you wouldn't be in crime only for the money. You're twisted enough to just enjoy screwing with people. What Felony Are You?
Squirrel 2
update the squirrel is doing just fine,I have a vet appointment for her tomorrow, looks like I just adopted a new pet :D well until she is good enough to make it on her own (more than likely through winter) just thought I'd let all of ya know.. :D Update 3.... Dropped the little Bean off at the vet today to get some steroid shots and have some work done needless to say had to drop her off:( but hopefully she will be back up and running around here soon :D ....:( after a nights stay at the vets office little Bean was x-rayed and it was found that he had suffered from a broken pelvic bone and a broken back :(..which would never recover from and if was to live would be in pain the rest of it's life :( so the vet put her down....I really don't like this year :(
I'm tired...of fake people, people that pretend to care, pretend to be friends, conniving weird ass fucktards that weave webs of deceit. I have been told that I don't leave anyone comments, blah blah blah . Thats true. I would much rather talk to someone one on one than leave a lame ass profile comment. I talk to tons of ppl online, but in the long run, I will most likely never meet them. Whats the point? Sometimes I just wonder why I even sit online. Don't think I talk to you about sex cause I like you. Chances are, I am bored/want to see your reaction. And most likely I am not touching myself, but eating pretzels and crocheting. There are only a few ppl that I would like to meet in RL. Others, even if they happen to be on my "friends" list, would probably make my brains hurt with their presense. Not trying to be a bitch, but I probably don't give a shit about 90 % of my "friends".
How Nerdy Is Ya?
You Are 64% Nerdy You are a pretty big nerd, and you're getting nerdier every day. Don't worry if you don't have friends... there's always robots. How Nerdy Are You?
A Little Change To Chain Of Command!!
I have found out that recently the homepage has long time periods where it is left unattended. The family is so big now and we get so many levelup requests and questions to the homepage and stuff that its hard to keep up with. Honestly with stuff I have goin on in real life I admit Im not able to be on the page as much as it needs. So I have decided to move Wizards enforcer position up to where he will be over the crew leaders kinda like a crew leader leader lol. Alot of times myself enchanted or the crew leaders are busy and cant be here, then the levelups get missed and that is the main purpose of the group to help people level. When there is nobody on the homepage then we are not doing our job!! Mainly my fault because sometimes when I log off the homepage I cant get back on til the next day and in that time I have missed so much!! I apologize to anybody that I have been late responding to or late getting to the levelup requests!! We need somebody in charge that can be around m
ok i have 6.5 million or something, send me your fu-bucks. My burfday is Nov 20th, so this gives me a lil time to beg & whore myself me help me...and gimme gimme gimme i love you ♥
Office Move
So, you may or may not, but I'm one of those irresponsible Fubarians who does most of his fu-ing at work. Well, today I got an email that said I was going to be moving desk... Instead of my current position at the red desk, with my PC facing the corner, I'm now going to be sitting at the green desk, with my PC facing the door. So guess how much daytime fu-ing I'm going to be doing in future....
On The First Day Of Xmas My True Love Gave To Me
A pretty lady tied to the bed... On the second day of xmas my true love gave to me (NOW ITS YOUR TURN< LETS SEE IF WE CAN FINISH THE SONG)
One Word.
Mclovin tagged me sort blame him! You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? desk 2. Your significant other? Misfit 3. Your hair? Blonde 4. Your mother? beauty 5. Your father? wise 6. Your favorite thing? hearts 7. Your dream last night? blank 8. Your favorite drink? tea 9. Your dream/goal? happy 10. The room you're in? office 11. Music? christmas 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? moms 15. What you're not? satisfied 16. Muffins? banana 17. One of your wish list items? skinny 18. Where you grew up? California 19. The last thing you did? coffee 20. What are you wearing? cargo's 21. TV? Dexter 22. Your pets? Kitties ♥ 23. Your
Life And Death
Tonight we celebrate the Birth of a new year, we all wonder what will it bring? Well For me it has already brought sadness to my life. I watched my 49 year old Brother Die at 3:10 this New Years Eve Morning. I hope This will make alot of people think about life and death, He died because he loved the bottle more than life, An Ulcer in his Esphogus Ruptured and he bled to death, Please all of you think of the choices you have to make in life, Don't let Booze become your main thing. Their is so much more to life than a Bottle... A friend, A child, A Loved one, A flower, Peace on Earth, Your health , just to name a few. I Want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year, and Pray that you never have to go through what I went through this morning! Be Safe And Have Fun, But Remember Life and Death Are a Second apart, Choose the road to this New Year Wisely.May you Choose to live for something or someone, not Alchol or Drugs...I will miss him and my New Years will never be the same. I find com
I'd let Edward put it in my butt over & over & over again....just saying Sarah can watch!!!
Lewis, I Hate Thee.
Under each question, answer it, then go to urbandictionary. com and put the VERY FIRST definition that comes up. 1) Whats your name? ME: Carianne UD: Carianne Carianne isn't defined yet. 2) Whats your age? ME:20 UD:20 Bag of Weed, costs $20.00 dollars and is enough to make 4 fat joints. I know this dealer that sells 20's. 3) Name one of your friends? ME: Nicci UD: Nicci smart, classy, funny, weird, diva. the best of women that chick is a nicci. 5) Whats you favorite color? ME: shiny (yes that is a color xD) UD: shiny To be good, in a state of being good, to be having a good time. (See Firefly) How are you today? Shiny. Cool. 6) What is the name of the city you were born in? ME: Munster UD: Munster The act of hiding something in the rectum (or vagina) for the purpose of smuggling or concealing from authorities. "Oh shit, here comes a cop! Where's that pot I gave you?" "Don't worry dude, I munstered it." 7)W
No Fake Here,just A Great Guy And A Dear Sweet Friend
There Are Rumors Going Around About A Dear Friend Of Mine ( Gnb Rebel)nicholas... GnbRebel Manager of Head Thumpers At Sweetwater's & Owned By Carolvision63@ fubar He Is Not A Fake!! Just Cause He Does Not Have A Salute Up Yet,Doesn't Make Him A Fake,I Have Had The Pleasure Of Knowing Him For A While Now.And I'm Very Thankful For That.This Guy Has A Heart Of Gold When It Comes To His Friends..He Is Always Making Special Pic's For Them,Rating And Posting Bully's And Even Reposting Them. I Have Had Many Serious Conversations With Him..I'm Here To Tell You That There Is Nothing Fake About Him!!! Shyt, I've Been Stalking Him For Abt 5 mnths Now.. You Could Not Ask For A Better Friend!!!! So Let's Stop These Rumors Now... If Anyone Get's Their Feelings Hurt From This Blog,Then I'm So Sorry,But You Have Also Hurt His Feelings.. True Friends Are Surpose To Stand Up For EachOther NO MATTER WHAT!!! The Good,Bad And The Ugly!!!! So Let's Show And Prove To Him That We Know That He Is As Re
Introduce Me (stolen From Gutter Slut)
If you were to introduce me to someone, what would you say? This should be fun. Pass this along and see what YOU get back.
Stupid Twatwaffle
-> ♥DJ Mistr3...: nope ♥DJ Mistr3...: i only have 1 hr of my 11s left will u please help me to get godmother!! 1. don't ask me to rate you, i hate rating people 2. i'm not even your friend 3. DJs should just delete themselves dumb cunt!!! /rant
For the love of all that is holy I cannot hit the ' key first time today. Pis*ing me the hell off. That is all
5 Inch Heels...
Hello friends, well as most of you know i had some pretty major surgery 6 weeks ago on my right ankle/leg. Yesterday was my 6 week check-up and they removed my cast and did some xrays and take me back into the nice little room to wait on the doc. As im waiting a younger doc in training comes in to scope out my ankle, in my mind im thinking great now im like a test subject BUT i dont mind cause the doctor to be is HAWT plus he is totally rubbing my foot which felt amazing! He is fingering my toes haha asking me if i felt this and that and me being me i said of course and suggested he not stop cause it felt great. Now either he was really bored with nothing else to do or he decided to take my advice and continued to rub my foot and caress my calf...nice! Now to be honest i started to feel a little uncomfortable so to lighten up the moment i started to moan and we laughed and at that time the real doctor came in to give me the run down. He looked a little puzzled at all the laughter but t
S. Darko
a good idea or no? not sure what to expect. different cast, different director etc.
2 Weeks To Go
It's hard to believe that in 2 weeks (almost exactly 2 weeks cause right now it's almost the exact time it will happen too) that I'll be jumping into Lake Erie. Which is going to be interesting. Right now most of the lake is frozen. So there's a real good chance that come the 21st the lake will still be frozen and they'll have to bust up the ice for us to do the Polar Bear Plunge. Don't worry there will be pictures from it being done. I figure might as well since it's not often people are crazy enough to jump into freezing water in the middle of winter. If you want to read more about it click the link... Polar Bear Plunge Information Just remember that's not the page for donations to support me taking part in this. If you want to donate towards supporting me doing this the next link is the one you want. I'm trying to raise at least $100 and any little bit helps even if it's just $5. The money raised goes towards Ohio Special Olympics. Click here to donate
We have storms moving through with wind gusts potentially getting up to 70 mph and HEAVY rains this evening and tonight. My power is already dimming and flickering sporadically, so it's possible I will soon be without power. Just letting you know. ♥
Texas is letting me back in. Apr 22-26th I shall grace TX with my presence once again...Take that bitches!
if you are on my friends list and are a racist, please delete yourself i have no problem with an ethnic or racial joke but that was bullshit in the mumm i posted last night .yotd asked me to delete it last night when the shit started so i did oh and i slit the bite spot and it drained and looks fine today thanks again dio
Blow Job
This made me giggle
My Butt Is Allergic To Cock
i got hate mail for not blogging so i still hate fubar its misfits bday go show her your cock ADS wants me to punch him in the eye so he could use the story in a blog misterfeet blicked me cause i havent been on my butt itches and good morning, anyone care to join me for a cup of coffee?
I Don't Really Know Her...but
She is super sweet and trying to level to Godmother. I seen a friend's status and rated her until my fingers hurt, lol. She really is could you all PLEASE go give her a few rates? Thanks!!! ♥ נєη ♥@ fubar
Name Change
Changing the name . Last night got involved in a MuMM that spun out of control. Long story short Some woman have nothing clever to add to the discussion, out of nowhere starts accusing me of being gay .Now I'm confident of who I am and what I represent and to set the record straight this was a false accusation borne out of pure lack of wit. I'm definitely not gay lmao but this little stunt they pulled has garnered me some unwanted attention from the homosexual community and my former name ..Lil Bear is some twisted gay term I've heard. So in an effort to supress this attention I'm doing away with the name.
The "fakes Of The Week" Have Transformed?... there's been some changes, interesting ones too in last week's "Fakes of the week" segments....last week there was AutoKatie and Cardinalgirl. Both fake salutes, but not necessarily fake in nature.. ..for any of you that missed last week's riots on these two, click the link below to catch up... Click here to catch up on AutoKatie.. Click here to catch up on Cardinalgirl.. ..first the Cardinalgirl...last week she was a Louisville Cardinal Cheerleader with nsfw!...this week, this is Cardinalgirl...maybe...check this out....
Truckers Are Interesting People
My BF Ken, through the course of training and being trained, has run into some rather bizarre, and sometimes interesting people. The first guy who trained him, Mr. D., is one of the most interesting people so far. Mr. D. drove for the carnivals for 10 years, living the life of a gypsy. Before that, he spent 3 months backpacking in Europe, and he also took a month off recently just to get in more practice flying an airplane so he can get his flight instructor's license. Suffice it to say, Mr. D has a lot going for him, and he's all of 29! I digress. Mr. D. called up Ken the other day to tell him he found a baby kitten last week. He was pulled over at a truck stop and heard it mewing from beneath an empty storage container. He felt sorry for the poor thing, and fed it some lunch meat. The kitten then followed him to his truck, and even though its against company policy to have an animal on the rig, he took the kitten with him anyway. He bought it food, and litter, and r
Fuckin Pitbull
So i got on this morning and was graced by pitbull in my SB..what a way to start the day off right...I had to change his name because it gave his link in the blog and gave me and invalid html error...but from his charm I am sure you can all recognize him as from the bottom up           pitbull: fail on your part ->bp pitbull -again...I am goin for a few have fun talkin to yourself ->bp pitbull... like i give a fuck..i dunno who the fuck that is fuck her too ->bp pitbull: audience ->bp pitbull: for real I am steppin away for a few...feel free to continue your shit talk without an aud bp pitbull: even diana says i own you all ->bp pitbull: dont even own your own cock you piece of trash bp pitbull i own you ->bp pitbull: whatever...get some dcent insults or gtfo of my sb..I am sure there are others who would love to have you in theirs bp pitbull: an your but pals with him so sure you'll say that bp pitbu
Wicked Wins!!!!
Ask A Whore....master.
I stole this idea from the beautiful Witchie and Broken Angel, they said I could...           Most of you know that I am a smart ass.               Ask me a question (that's answerable) I'll give you an honest answer, or my personal honest opinion. No matter how brutal.               Go.
Story Of Military Taps
If any of you have ever been to a military funeral in which taps were played; this brings out a new meaning of it. Here is something every American should know. Until I read this, I didn't know, but I checked it out and it's true: We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, "Taps". It's the song that gives us that lump in our throats and usually tears in our eyes. But, do you know the story behind the song? If not, I think you will be interested to find out about its humble beginnings. Reportedly, it all began in 1862 during the Civil War, when Union Army Captain Robert Ellicombe was with his men near Harrison's Landing in Virginia . The Confederate Army was on the other side of the narrow strip of land. During the night, Captain Ellicombe heard the moans of a soldier who lay severely wounded on the field. Not knowing if it was a Union or Confederate soldier, the Captain decided to risk his life and bring the stricken man back for medical attention. Crawling on his stomac
Redoing An Old Blog
I wrote a blog a while back and apparetnly i need to remind people of the shit i deal with on a weekly basis ..... I honestly am at the point in whichI either break down or just laugh threw it.. so please i beg you if you care or respect me dont add to my stress.. And no im not just picking one person and pointing the finger. I hope that bywriting this maybe you as a person can see that life outside Fu might not be great, try saying something nice and try respecting others and their right to have a place to come be safe and breath... Love you Wicked Heres the old blog: I am proud of the fact that Is usually pretty sweet and morally sound when it comes to being on the Internet.. What you see is what you get. I try to make everyone feel better about all the shit that's going on in their lives and make them at least laugh... Most I can make them feel a little bit better but some I cant help...   What I want to know is what the fuck happens when my day is going to shit... do i compla
Right Thats Its
i am giving up making mumms, no fucking point anymore and too much fucking hassle involved.
My Hair..
I'm having an issue with my hair. I know that this week I'm going to get it cut and I want something done. I just don't know if I should go with...   1. Touch-up on my highlights 2. Dyed a different color, if that, what color 3. Dye it back to natural, medium brown. 4. put in some odd color highlights.   Help a girl out, would  ya?
I have fallen unto a serious depression. Whatever the complete opposite of happy is, thats what I am. I can't stop crying and have been picking fights with the love of my life for no freakin' reason. I even threatened to break up with him last night for nothing. I hate feeling like this. I already have this huge pile of shit I'm dealing with and every day it seems like more and more stuff is being added on. I'm crumbling under the pressure. I just can't take it. I'm not looking for sympathy or anything I just need to vent.
the bulit in wifi on my laptop seems to have fried, and of course that has to happen during the hottest week of this summer here.  this room with the desktop gets uncomfortably hot by noon and stays that way forever so until i can get a wireless card this weekend, i won't be around that much.  probably just try to log in here early and unload my 11s. keep misfit pinky purble!
"get Pimped Every Day For A Month!"
Does the thought of this intrigue you any???… Then this should be fun. I don’t usually do things like this so I’m quite curious how this will pan out. Anyways, up for auction here is one month’s worth of daily Pimp Outs !! That’s right, every day starting on August 31, 2009 and for the entire month of September for the lucky winning bidder will get a pimp out from me.. Thirty One days worth !! No more begging for a month, no more looking to buy pimpouts from people for up to TWO MILLION FUBUCKS EACH! ..yup, that‘s what some people are paying and charging these days… Rules are dirt simpl
Yesterday among all the bullshit..I log in to find a message delevered to me from Fallen Mystery in my SB from that skank fake bitch that stole Cerri and I's pics a week or so ago saying I am a cunt stalker..ironically I had not been logged on most of the day   I asked fallen Mystery wtf got no response so does anyone know who this cunt is?   PS fake snakns screen name is Mistress of Dragons
Sb Chronicles -
>kinky&chatty: sure..gtfo of my sb and we are done..all ya gotta do is quit responding kinky&chatty: let's just agree to stop talking to one another....ok? kinky&chatty: illiterate? ->kinky&chatty: yeah it says that you are an illiterate whiny blocke me gtfo of mysb and go bother someone else kinky&chatty: holy shit....I don't even understand what you just wrote...that says something about something ->kinky&chatty: lmaooo that is not me dumbass I am an the other pics..and I am nt the whiny cunt goin all emo in a SB cuz someone didnt notice my rates kinky&chatty: whatever snot! I was just letting off some steam. I didn't even think you were paying attention....don't get all self righteous about it with your leather outfit pictures up on here! ->kinky&chatty: well then..I dont se that it has changed much kinky&chatty: ummm neither do I ->kinky&chatty: umm Ihave been here for 2 years...I just got locked out of my other account and ad to make this one..I dont th
So, hanging out on Facebook with Fubar folks....posting a bunch of pervy stuff and publishing needless applications that only a fubarian would find funny....completely forgetting that the boyfriend, his mom and cousin will be able to see everything I did.....Facebook 1, Steph 0
I Be The Dread Pirate Durhamntx!
Today be Talk like a Piret Day! One day a year when ye are encouraged to rewrite the rules of grammar and talk like Long John Silver or Captain Barbosa! And to help ye get into the spirit of things, here be a couple of links to visit: - Get ye a pirate name and ship's name - to find out where the notion sprouted to begin with Feel free to leave yer pirate name here or with Mad Garrett Shull! Sail on!The Dread Pirate DurhamNtxAKA Holcomb of the Queen Londra Sea Shark  
Grrr... Argh
So Ive been saving up for a new camera, since my last one mysteriously vanished. I went looking at some the other day, (Why is there a touchscreen camera? most people HATE seeing finger prints on their screen...) found one I liked and figured Id go back and get it Sunday. Thursday comes, and the side of my jaw is hurting, I figured it was a toothache since bad teeth run in my family (yaaaay genetics!) Well Friday, I wake up and my jaw feels 30lbs heavier. I look in the mirror and my face is swollen, I cant figure out why... I didnt eat anything unusual, or get stung by anything... nothing is coming to mind. Saturday its starting to hurt... BAD. Throbbing, sensitive to the air, I couldnt keep my mouth closed all the way because it hurt that bad... My friend's dad looked at it (hes a nurse) and told me I had an absest. SCORE! They couldnt drain it because it was so infected... Im on meds for it, my face is still HUGE (no I wont show you :P) but its slowly going down now. Im pissed b
So Self Centred
I really am... How do I stop that?
Green-eyed Monster
Had an idea for a blog and had to go with it. Jealousy. Lots of people have it and lots of people say they don't like it or want it, but many times in relationships it rears it's ugly head. A brief description of jealousy: Jealousy is an emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, such as a relationship, friendship, or love. Jealousy often consists of a combination of emotions such as anger, sadness, and disgust. Jealousy differs from envy in that jealousy is about something one has and is afraid of losing, while envy refers to something one does not have and either wants to acquire or to prevent another from acquiring. Jealousy is a familiar experience in human relationships. It has been observed in infants five months old and older. Some claim that jealousy is seen in every culture; however, others claim jealousy is a culture-specific phenomenon. Now, we are all
Point Whore
I'm sittin in my basement,I've never had a lifeI have 11 babiesWith my fatass welfare wifeI troll for nudie pics;My cock is all the rageWith unsuspected chicksThat stumble on my pageThe only thing I doIs eat and masturbateSo please check out my pageAnd Add, Fan, Rate
Cheers Bishes!!!!!
Thanks to Tom, Suga, Badcrumble, Crisis, Witchie, MooMoo, Skeeter, Peace, Alix, Shoshonni, MailBroad, TopKnotch, Rev, Alexa, Reeka, Sherry, Papercut Kisses, SkankAssHo, Jasmine, Coot, ZombieMonkey, Kittie, Black Widow Y'all can stops sending me monies now!
This Is How You Do It
Take it nice and easy that is all.
Tarot Card
Open Relationships??
I have been in a relationship before where the person i was with wanted to be open so they could fool around with other people.  So, tell me, what kind of relationship is that? When you are in a relationship, why would u want to be with someone else sexually? shouldn't that be something you save for your partner?  I've heard people put certain "guidelines" on relationships like no kissing or cant have sex with the same person twice or no names exchanged, etc.  If anyone on here has a comment to make on here regarding open-relationships, please do so.  Personally, I am a one man type guy (yea, i'm gay)....I want to find that ONE guy to be with, and hopefully have a Life-long relationship with.....Is that possible anymore?
Cupid Test
Don’t ever marry, you’re The Hornivore. Roaming, sexual, subhuman. The Hornivores (you) are some of the most screwed up and naughty beings in the Universe. And their numbers are growing, mostly due to skipped or misused contraception. You care not. There’s one thing you want, one sole need. Half manly, half bestial, you act on instinct, and animal charisma smoothes the way. It’s unlikely you’re driven by much other than your own selfish, orgasmic requirements. Your appearance and personality have evolved for the hunt. Ass beckons, you oblige. For the record, you can happily bang all personality types, however your match percentages might be low with the kinder, more sensible people of the world, purely because they all wish to avoid you. Good luck to them. “One day, the villagers came with torches to the house. In the smoldering ashes, stray dogs looked for cooked flesh.’      
Offended. [not Really, But Kind Of]
Most people on mine and Witchie's friends list know that we have nicknames for each other. I call her Goober and she calls me something else. Some time today I was visited by a user with the name "Goober" wasn't her. Why in the world is that bothering me? lol.   The first person that can tell me what she calls me, wins a bling. [no Witchie, you can't say it]
Walls Make Me Giggle
Okay, so I'm doing some spring cleaning and I've got these stains on the walls....yea, I know laugh it up...I have no idea what it is, as some of it made it to the top of my vaulted ceilings (about 12 ft) I tried Magic Eraser and it doesn't work on it, and I really don't want to rub the paint off, so any ideas on what else to use? I am thinking about painting the walls, which is a whole other ordeal, but I need the walls to be clean first.   Also, cleaning chemicals are the poor man's drug of choice  :D
Damn You Witchie
Ten random facts folks   you read do it   1.  I don't cut my nails, I peel them off with my other ones   2.  my fave food is pretty much all of it   3.  I ate about 9 big pieces of fried chicken, along with 2 plates of salad and a plate of rice at old country buffet (or whatever it was called)   4.  I love cats   5.  I'm kinda a slob, crap everywhere in my room   6.  I utterly love the cold   7.  I despise the sun, it gives me horrible headaches   8.  I'm a seriously sarcastic bastard   9.  One of the teachers at work gropes me   10. gimme music and I'm happy   GO!
New Thing
trying to spend less time here on fubar as it is wasting time when there is better things out there to do which i just noticed lol. I enjoy my new hobby going gym and relax in the sauna etc
True Story
I've probably masturbated to you. :D Now that I've ruined your day, how are ya?
It's been a loooooong week...and it's not over yet. For those who don't know, my work involves dealing with people on different time zones (no, I don't work for Fubar). That means I'm waitingggggggggggg waitingggggggggg waitinggggggggg for that little gap between when Nigerians are at work and the Australians haven't buggered off from work because they're lazy bastards. When that gap emerges, I get to yell. A lot. I enjoy it. Because there's a purpose to it. There's ALWAYS a purpose to what I do. And it's rarely for myself that I'm doing it. That increases my enjoyment. Radical I know. I still owe Liverjuice his super-whoring tools, and I still haven't finished the epic pome...ok, I haven't really started the epic pome...I'd do the 'why Doug should win Fubar' thing but at this point me voicing the word fubar aloud would probably result in a veer off into a significant rant ending in five minutes of mumbling about snivelling cowards...and then it'd be too big to upload and I
Went out with a few of my girlfriends this evening! damn did i need that break. A few beers, on the patio with good company, couldn't ask for better. I do have a question for you wonderous fu-peeps: Am I ridiculous for being annoyed with the waitress for 1) taking 35 minutes to come to our table the first time? 2) not bringing our drinks for another 10 minutes? 3) bringing out our food after it had become hard? 4) screwing up the bill in epic proportions?   Aside from the fact that she was retarded, we all had a great time. I think bad service may just be a pet peeve of mine.
Naps are awesome. that is all.   carry on.
Just Wondering
i might be generalizng a bit here...But why is it when men ask (some) women a "yes or no" question we can never get a yes or no answer to the quetion asked????
  I'm bitching... So, if you don't wanna read me bitch and moan...leave now!!! I have way too much shit to do and not enough time to do it... Granted, I'm loving the fact that I'm busy but, it's kinna taking it's toll on me.  My house is a wreck, my yard looks like shit, I haven't worked on the online store or website in weeks,  I have to redesign my business cards and brocheres for pride fest...UGH!!! I was sick for a week and feel like I'm drowning, cause I can't get shit done!!  Well, I'm getting stuff done in clients yards...but, really I need to get my "winter" business going...or ....I"m screwed. Our weather has been wacky so some days I can't work cause it's too hot or too cold today...IT HAILED btw..I worked in that. *sigh* I'm going to my cabin this weekend...maybe I"ll get shit done instead of coming here to unwind....I think coming here keeps me sane. I really don't want to go Postal on a client.   Yes Passion's, I do know what you mean.  but, this t
Real Men
Real men, and other great lovers of The Lazy J, should figure how to drive better. Jesus would have wanted it that way. Oh noes! Instant karma. Just dropped my bagel, cream cheese side down, onto the keyboard.
Paranormal Activity
Correction, this movie is called Paranormal Entity I just watched the movie, there was 2, count them, one, two, boob shots. woohoo, and a whole bunch of shaky hand held camera work, and a voice behind the camera. I guess it was supposed to be a frightning, adrenaline pumping was not.  aside from the fact that the premise of the movie was interesting, the low budget "Demon" call Maron is a dark spirit who rapes women in their sleep. an Incubus, in christianity, has his eye on the daughter in a family that has experienced a death in the family, the father. In an attempt by the mother to communicate with her deceased husband, she conjured up this Maron and everyone but the boy behind the camera dies...until he is arrested for their murders and commits suicide. In tribute to the film critics from the past, I give this film a big two thumbs down.   BUT, if you like Quarantine, Blair Witch project, and the one with the might think this film is entertainmen
I Feel ....
OLD!!!!!! I bought my first tube of fixadent today.
We Shouldn't Let Jasmine Play With Scissors
So today I was trying to cut something open, and I held the scissors in some retarded position with the blades pointing down and cutting towards myself. I kinda slipped and basically stabbed myself in the tummy and tore my Hellokitty jammies.   But it's ok...I have 2 other sets! :)
Inquiring Minds Want To Know.
Or do they? Is it better to blog everyday about things that may be meaningless to the random reader, or to blog intermittently and still risk posting something that may or may not be entertaining to anyone that happens along? I follow a few blogs that are updated on the daily with cute anecdotes and stories of life happenings, but I'm not entirely certain I could keep anyone interested for an extended period of time. I could blog everyday if I wanted to, and I probably would if I thought YOU would read them. Would you? WOULD YOU?! Fucking liar! You don't even read them now. Your mom threw away your best porno mag, BUSTED. [Except for you, Witchie, or whatever your name is today.]   Fin!   ps. I really hate the shoutbox. I don't hate your messages - I often think they're rather cute - I just hate using that media to reply to them. Fin again!
Help This School Please!
I don't like to do this usually, , but Kohls is sponsoring a contest where they are giving money to schools. Top prize, I believe, is $500k. Everyone can vote up to 5 times for up to 4 schools. Please go vote for yours, and for Great Lakes Academy, in Plano, Texas. If they win, it will help learning-different kids in the the area get the technology and . If you have a Facebook account, login and go to #mce_temp_url#. Click Allow access. Then you can look up the schools you want to support for the contest. If you don't have an account on Facebook, and don't want to create one (though it IS free) then please share this blog. I can't really offer anything other than my great thanks. Unless you need a shitfacing!  Rock on!Shawn, AKA DurhamNtx UPDATE: The link for GLA is:
My Undying Love
                                                                My Undying Love          I Remember when I first saw you,        I was nine and you were ten,        I fell for you in more ways than one,        that's when my love for you began.          I chased you all through grade school,        and I knew our love would forever last,        I loved you and I knew you loved me        'cause you'd never run too fast.         I followed you throughout middle school,       we were inseparable and all the other guys       were jealous , I felt so cool.        Then in high school,      I took you to the prom      High schools final dance,     that's when I gathered enough nerve     to take one more chance.       I pulled a ring from my pocket     and dropped to one knee,    I pledged my life to you,   and asked if you'd do the same to me.     You smiled and cried,   as I slid the ring on,  and when you said "Yes"  the nervousness I felt  soon would be gon
Incest Da Best, Put Yo' Sistah To Da Test...
From another site, from somebody on my friends' list.. I just wanted to share...     What it says...   Jack - What do you think of incest? Her - It's distgusting Jack - I see. Is there any other info you want to know of me? Her - Nope, not so much Jack - We still could've been friends. I just asked. I didn't mean you. I'm into it, but fine, too bad. Bye Her - That's gross, dude. Seriously, you fuck your sister, then? Fucking distgusting! No wonder people block you cuz you're fucked in the head.   Naturally, I cleaned up what it says with some proper spelling and punctuation.. but hell, I ain't perfect, either...   now..   WHO YO' BRUDDAH!!!!
Gahhhhh Revenge Drama Blog
I fucking hate this.   First off, yes I like to antagonise people. Some people NEED antagonising. They need to get their heads out of their arses and realise that there's a whole world of opinion and fact and reality that doesn't actually relate to their pea-brained fucking notions of the world.   Second, I do not operate in a pack. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I deliberately avoid packs and resent their involvement in something I am quite happy to deal with myself. Why? Because I'm an insular motherfucker, and the youngest girl who wants to prove she doesn't need her big brothers' help. Also, because in any group interaction, the interaction goes to the level of the lowest common denominator within that group. And on here that's pretty fucking low. So truth, reality and discussion go by the wayside and it becomes a war of 'I know you are but what am I' or a goddamn witch-hunt.   To the gentleman that thinks I'm persecuting him. Ironically, the first few times you made creepy
False Alarm.
I guess it wasn't the other status, but about the movie quotes I had posted "minutes" before. Why everything was deleted and not just the quotes was a question never answered, but I didn't feel like asking again. "..Post your tits, vag and cock pics... but DON'T TALK ABOUT THEM IN STATUS! THIS IS NOT A PORN SITE!.." like Dr. Black says pretty much sums it up. Adult site, what? The movie quotes were from The Other Guys, which I was watching at the time. If you find "I feel like we're literally driving around in a vagina" and "I hope you like prison.. and penis!" offensive, then we simply cannot be friends. If you're already on my list and find me disgusting, delete me now because this will only worsen with age. Your statuses (statusi?) are cracking me up, though. You all get cookies! =P
Hotd Jan 27, 11awesome Giant Drug Catapult Busted Awesome Giant Drug Catapult Busted
Awesome Giant Drug Catapult Busted   This one is cheating a bit because it is taken from the Village Voice blogger but as it is best conveys the story I am using it.   More of the story from the New York Daily News. Mexican soldiers on Wednesday seized a large drug catapult that smugglers were using to launch packages of pot into a remote area of Arizona.  I love that the soldiers played with it...  errrhhh tested it for legal reasons... after they seized it
Off Roading Adventures, With Your Host Pedro El Awesomeo...
As I was coming home from the gym, I hit a patch of ice and pulled a nice 360 into a snow bank.  It really wasn't snowing bad, just a little mixed with some freezing rain made for bad conditions.  Here I was stuck in a snow bank, in pretty deep, in people's back yards.  Let me explain something about my post gym routine.  I usually am putting out a fair amount of body heat, so much so, that I don't bother to change out of my shorts and a t-shirt attire, nor put on a coat. My running shoes are designed to keep my feet cool by allowing the maximum amount of air into them. So I am in my garb when I hit the snow. I am wedged in pretty deep, My car is not made for the snow.  I cannot go forward, and I cannot go back.  I cannot do really anything.  I even tried using some of my kitty litter to get some traction.  Nothing. I must say people in this town are very helpful.  At least 10 people stopped to ask me if I needed help.  I assured them that I was ok, I have called A^3 and they will b
Thank You So Much....
for being a piece of shit, for treating me like i wasnt good enough for you. thank you for every slight you have made about my life and the choices i make. Thank you for taking advantage of the fact that i am a trusting person and truly care about the people i am with. Thank you for making me feel like i wasnt  good enough. Thank you for taking what you could get from me, all while not really caring about me. Thank you for still NOT GETTING THE FUCKING POINT ABOUT THE SHIT YOU FUCKING DO! I will not wish anything bad on you, becuase really i do not want it coming back on me, karma is a bitch, isnt it? Heh. You are an empty sad person who is nothing but a wanna be   "intellectual badass", who dosent have one fucking drop of anything original inside of you. And really, if i wanted to mess with you i would do it right out in the open. Fuck you and if you have something to say to me fucking say it, dont be passive. you are nothing to me except a poster child of what NOT to do. And yes i a
My 15 Minutes Of Of Fame...part 1?
Sooo, for those of you who are unaware...   Last week I went downtown Chicago, to record for an episode on the Judge Mathis show.   The gist...   My ex boyfriend owed me more than a little pocket jingle, so I sued his ass...this is the same jackass who cheated on me with the durdy skank & married her two months after I kicked him out. I had a signed contract/promissory note as well as other evidence. Since he is in the process of filing bankruptcy for other stupid decisions he has made, my options were fairly limited.   I am not big on huge public airing of my dirty laundry, but...this was means to get the debt paid. When you win on those dumb court shows, the show picks up the tab...guaranteed funds. Can't squeeze blood from a turnip, yanno. It required his cooperation, so I opted to 'catch more flies with honey'...needless to say, he cooperated. She decided to tag along as well, since their whole relationship/marriage is based on trust and all...she didn't want him to be in t
The Worst Of The Worst On Fubar Contest Catagory Picker
Ok You know how this works. Marcie did a similar one of these called "the best of the best on fubar" but you know me to be most evilest so Me and Mrs.. Sylent decided it be funny to make "the worst of the WORST fubar Contest" More like the demon side  not the angel. Here's how this 1st one works. I NEED ONLY CATAGORYS RIGHT NOW! The Voting Blog is not yet up so DO NOT NOMINATE ANYONE  just yet. The following Catagorys Are all ready listed for you so you can get the gist of what were looking for. We need your help to determine the rest.   ***If this causes drama in your little world, I feel bad for you this is a social networking site if you get voted think happy thoughts, haters are thinking of you and haters make you famous their just jelous. So have fun with it, because this is all this is suppose to be is fun, which is why when we have the final voting its annonymus.***   1. Worst Fubar Couple 2. Smallest Peen on Fubar 3. Worst Phone bone on fubar 4. Worse Ratio of Defau
Right now, my biggest problem in the whole wide world is that the zip is broken on my favourite pair of ballbuster boots, which I wanted to use for a meeting that I'm dreading tomorrow.   Obviously, I have other problems (all that bitter rage, lesbianism, frigidity, shrivelled heart stuff)...but as I was about to throw the offending boot off the balcony whilst screaming 'why me God? Why?!!' I did actually manage to put it all into perspective.   I have other boots.   One thing I've noticed about people is that those who feel in control of their lives are less stressed about the know the cubicle warriors that have all their paperclips counted and there's a label on anything that could possibly go astray - not feeling in control of anything so avidly control what they can.   Yes I know this isn't ground-breaking news.   But that's why sometimes I don't give a fuck about things...other times, I let myself get caught up in them.   If my biggest problem is my bo
Not Getting Better...take 2
I am still sick I am still sad How the fuck do I fix this shit? The sinus infection is still lingering. I talked to the dr I work for and he gave me some tricks, hopefully I will be better by monday :) The sad...well it comes in waves...I will think about Derek..then get sad...then start to think about all the things that are wrong and just cry...I DO NOT CRY Ugh.
Stab Me In The Face
Stab me in the face so I forget how badly my thighs and shoulders hurt...please and ty!
Please Make A Note
If we go out on one date, do not expect me to say Hello! every day.  I really don't like the Nao! Nao! Nao! attitude.  One or two dates does not make a relationship.  I can date other people, you can date other people.  I would expect you to date other people, that way you can see they are far less awesome then me.  I don't think exclusivity is something that should be assumed.  I think it is something that should be stated "Hey, I dont want to see other people!" or something to that affect.  I don't believe it is possible to have a long term relationship without having a short term one first.  Now at some point in the future, if things go well, and the relationship kicks up a bit, then yes, I'll say hello daily, but really, come on.  Just because I bought you dinner doesn't mean I have to say hello to you every day. 
Tonight's Workout...take 2
I got to the gym at 4:45.... I got on the treadmill and did 1.5 miles 29 min.. I know I know...not that fast...shut it. Then we started lifting... Chest : incline bench (45 pound bar)             decline bench (45 pound bar)             cable flys (30 pounds each side) Back : bent over rows (10 pound dumbells)            seated row (50 pounds)            lat pull down (standing, pulling straight down 40 pounds) Bis : standard dumbell curls (8 pounds)         sideways dumbell curls (8 pounds)         21s with the preacher curl bar (10 pounds on the bar)         straight bar pull ups (40 pounds) Tris : Dips using the foot rest of the pull up machine (110 pounds)          rope pull down (60 pounds)          kick backs (8 pounds) Legs : inner and outer thigh machines (70 pounds)           squats using the leg press (100 pounds) only one set           calf raises on the leg press (100 pounds) only one set           standard squats on the smith machine (20 pounds plus
Clown Luvins
DJ Skitz RLM 2 Sexii Cat Buzz:   sh*t faced! Level: Prophet (27) Gender: Male, 29 Location: United States Status: “Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend.” DJ Skitz R...: hey u are u to be talkin about juggalos when u aight even repin shit just becouse someone isint stupid dont mean they aight down so why u hatin on fam for 12:33pm Kloverlynn: lmfaooo ty for proving my point just did EXACTLY what i told your buddy set him apart because he DOESNT do it  kudos 12:35pm DJ Skitz R...: shit i know whats up wit me i been a down azz ninja sence i was 12 12:35pm Kloverlynn: i take it 12 was also the last time you went to school
Too Big For The Britches?
Woman Who Can’t Fit Into Skirt Denied Job as ‘Kilt Girl’     Usually job candidates are turned away because they don’t have the right skill set or enough experience, but one California woman said she didn’t get a job because she doesn’t have the right body type. Jennifer Rogers, of Palm Desert, Calif., claimed she didn’t get a job at the Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery in Palm Desert because a skirt that is part of the uniform there didn’t fit her. The 20-year-old made it through the application process but was turned away when it was time to try on the required “costume,” she told ABC News affiliate KESQ. “Because the skirt was a size too small, they said that I could not work there,” Rogers told KESQ.  “I couldn’t wear the uniform.” Rogers applied to be a “Kilt Girl” at the restaurant, which is scheduled to reopen in two weeks after being closed for a year and a half. The job is l
He's Back...
This is roughly the 4th time..and acct this douche has asked me this from....One of my friends made him delete durin the last blog over hm lol       > reply  forward back to folder move to Saved  delete from: matt turner subject: Wanna watch me suck on my own dick on webcam? received: 05/14/2013 03:41 am replied: no   block this member .
Diaper Days Lol
Clear HistoryClose allen1612 Buzz:   sh*t faced! Level: Chill Fu (4) Gender: Male, 22 Location:     9:44am allen1612: hey 9:45am allen1612: u there sexy 9:46am QueenFvcki...: what up? 9:49am allen1612: nothing much you 9:49am QueenFvcki...: oh just working.. 9:49am allen1612: were u
Sorry, But Being A Mother Is Not The Most Important Job In The World
Being a mother is not the most important job in the world. There, I said it. Nor is it the toughest job, despite what the 92% of people polled in Parents Magazine reckon. For any woman who uses that line, consider this: if this is meant to exalt motherhood, then why is the line always used to sell toilet cleaner? And if being a mother is that important, why aren’t all the highly paid men with stellar careers not devoting their lives to raising children? After all, I never hear "being a father is the most important job in the world". The deification of mothers not only delegitimises the relationship fathers, neighbours, friends, grandparents, teachers and carers have with children, it also diminishes the immense worth and value of these relationships. How do gay dads feel about this line, I wonder? Or the single dads, stepdads or granddads? No matter how devoted and hard working you are, fellas, you’ll always be second best. I’m also confused as to what makes you a
Private Pics!
I am not trying to be mean, cocky, or bitchy. As I have been called all those things and more lately by people wanting to see my private folder. It is private because I do not open it to the public. I am unsure as to why some people feel that I should just gladly open it up for all to see. If this was the case I would have never set it to private. It is nothing against anyone- I just want to get to know people before I show them every kind of photo of me. lol. But I have it listed in several spots to not ask in my profile, as well as in the name of the folder. Trust me - If I want you to see them I will invite you to see them, even if only for a day.  All I ask for is respect, and for guys to actually get to know me before you ask. If I have no idea who you are there is no way I am going to say ok. Some people think "let me see your Privates" is a great way to say hello. It isn't. Sorry- but that is just how it Is And If i say no- its nothing personal- I warn you on my prof
The Way It Really Is!
Just read this: I don't care what "family" you're in. I don't care to know what "role" in that family is. I don't care about who's your daddy, mommy, wife, husband, CT wife, CT husband, Online Bride, or Online Groom. I don't care what your level is. I don't care how many people are in your friends/fans/family. I don't care what your rank is. I don't care about your religious convictions. I don't care about your political views. Please do not attempt to talk with me if that's what's on the agenda. I have no time for one-trick ponies. I'm not saying that I don't have or like to talk politics, I just don't have time for mindless zealots. If you know you are not smart, or people are constantly telling you how unintelligent you are, don't talk to me. I will probably not rate anything you post on bulletin or blast, just in spite. Don't EVER beg me for ANYTHING. Not only will I not give it, but I'll leave you out in the cold. I will not give gifts to those people wh
Lebron James Is Rich, And If You Are Not, He Thinks Its Funny
I know I'm late to the game on this, but Stephon Marbury deserves all the propers he gets for his $14.95 sneakers, shoes he actually wears in NBA games from a company in which he is partial owner. And LeBron James loses a lot of cool points for his arrogant remarks about the Starbury shoes: "Before the game, James took a little shot at Marbury's $14.98 kicks, saying he couldn't imagine endorsing a sneaker that cheap. 'No, I don't think so,' James said. 'Me being with Nike, we hold our standards high.'" Yeah, like, we pay our child laborers 17 cents an hour, much more than what Reebok pays. Now, before Starbury becomes St. Marbury, lets remember that he is running a business, and probably reliant on cheap foreign laborers as well. But at least he's not raping the American consumer in the process. And he had the "Oh, snap!" comeback to King James, saying "I'd rather own than be owned." LEBRON IS A DICK!
Viet Nam Blues
The Letter Has Not Been Guessed Yet
Cav's Vs Spurs
who do you think will win
Caption It | Vol.1 | 001
RFB’s Weekly Photo Blog Caption It The name of the game is “Caption It” and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog each week for a new photo. 2. Comment with a caption. You could caption the photo in general or “quote” the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc… ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. If I can get enough people into it I will start awarding gifts for the best caption every week as voted on by the blog participants.
Caption It | Vol.1 | 008
RFB’s Bi-Weekly Photo Blog Caption It - Bi-Weekly it is! (Start sending in your pictures and I will feature them in a round of "Caption It") I will be doing these bi-weekly now so keep an eye out! In honor of the Republican Party Debate tonight... The name of the game is “Caption It” and the rules are simple. 1. Check out this blog twice a week for a new photo and hysterical captions. 2. Comment with a caption of your own! You could caption the photo in general or “quote” the person/people in it. (rude, funny, gross, sarcastic, political etc… ANYTHING GOES!) I will be making this blog NSFW so post whatever you like. 3. Have fun!!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!!! THEY ARE MISSING OUT.
Read Me
Hello everyone..I expect you all to read this as it will be the basis of all future communication with me. I have reached the end of my rope..and I am a FRAYED KNOT :) So here it goes... *If you are added to my page you have access to anything I post as a friend. This does not entitle you to sexual conversations with me. I am not here to get you off...nor am I here to get off via FUBAR. *I do not fan..unless I feel compelled actually need to impress me GO FIGURE *I may appear online for long periods of time..but that doesn't always mean I am here. *I DO NOT like being ignored. If I attempt to communicate with you and am ignored you will find yourself on the block list. I am done being nice...I have no desire to be treated like shit because you A. Don't think I deserve a response B. Think I am not smart enough to know you are online C. Just really don't give a damn about me or my feelings! *I will also block you if you are annoying..I have two children for that...I don't n
For All Who Can't Read!
Ok for all of you fu's who either CANNOT read or just plain REFUSE to read my profile and how I feel about certain things, I have a video here for you that will show you the results of your silly behaviors. Getting in my shoutbox about nsfw pics, getting in my shout saying you can make me feel real good in bed, emailing me similar requests, and stalking will result in you starring in this video. Please do not put yourself in this position LOL! Please watch video to get the picture. BRB...gonna take a shower!
Can I Count On You're Support?
Ok this is new to me...but I decided to enter into a contest...the prize? A VIP a 3 day Blast and 500,000 FU Bucks is what I can win! What I need you wonderful friends to do is comment me and rate me....I need 50,000 comments...and the more rates I get the more Fu Bucks I get...I get 10 points for every rate as and added bonus! please click this pic!!!! I just want to thank you all for your help in me the love and I will do the same!!!!
Having Pc Problems
02-10-08 (love)
February 10, 2008 Happy Sunday to YOU and yours! Ahh Yeah ... The sappy love song, Surrounded by hearts - The month itself ... *ick* it must be (time for L O V E?) The subject matter seems to give many C H I L L S One way or the other ... I know that "LOVE" and All matters of the heart! It seems to be as night and day as: well ... Night and Day! Your either IN it or Hate the thought at times. This time of year will make the ones IN it ... even more so -OR- Drive the ones who are NOT (IN it) crazy Either avoiding the whole sappy subject or looking feverishly to be part of the ones IN it! For the "Nay-sayers" that don't believe ... Just google the word ... "L O V E" It's second only to it's counterpart ... "S E X" For related interest & searches, lol
02-14-08 (non V-day Blog!)
February 14, 2008 I must say that I'm really impressed ... Here, everyone is just so Full of love & All festive! I never knew there was such fan fare for this Holiday ... With all the decorations, with hearts and signs of 'TRUE LOVE' and an out-pouring of joy & kisses with candy even! I'm proud that fubar & the community has embraced This holiday . . . Huh? _ _ wait w h a ... ---------ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Nevermind! (ugh) It's all for that "Hallmark" Holiday ... I swear - THIS is the last time I'll make mention or b*tch about "T H A T * H O L I D A Y" So what cha get me for Valentiii n e s ... (oops) Okay ... That was the last reference to "T H A T * H O L I D A Y"
I hate hate hate getting up early. However, sometimes it's worth it. Today I'm in an awesome mood, everything is perfect. I don't know what is better though.. The mist is flowing through the mountain-tops, barely concealing the snow and trees. It looks like a snow-covered wonderland of magic. The dew is sparkling on the grass, shining bright with all the colors of the rainbow in a thin sheen over the fresh-cut grass. The sun is peeking over the hills, sending rays out between them, slowly lighting up the morning sky in reds and lavenders. The lake is full of baby ducks fishing and playing. The sun is reflecting off the broken surface of the water, dancing off the waves in patterns of childlike fancy. I woke up to a text saying "you are amazing" from the most beautiful and wonderful woman alive. I'm leaning heavily towards the text, but everything else was awesome too.
Trade Favors?
whats up peoples! :) hope everyones monday wasnt too bad. mine was alright; it snowed here for the first time this winter. so that was cool. freezing actually 8-p may know by now that im in a race. its between pebblesinaz and myself. i really want to be sure and win, cause theres 90,000 fubucks in the pot so far(ask me how if you want to add to the winners pot)! so...wanna trade favors? let me know! you rate all mine and ill rate all yours...comment for comment ect...i want to get a list of several friends profiles to work on so...if youre interested, pm me or leave a blog comment. :) oh! in an auction. you could own me if you want :D CLICK PICTURE TO BID! ♥ ღ thanks to everyone whos supported me ♥ ღ love you guys :) as usual, i feel like buying happy hour drinks for all comments to this entry.
This Dummy Needs Help!
So my dear friends I need your help! Everytime I make an animated GIF and save it the animated part doesn't work.....What am I doing wrong????
Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you might not get them back. Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives and problems that we may not even notice that we've let them fly away. Sometimes we! are so caught up in who's right and who's wrong that we forget what's right and wrong. Sometimes we just don't realize what real friendship means until it is too late. I don't want to let that happen so I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you. Send this to all your friends including me and see how many you get back. Even send it to your balloons that you think have flown away forever. You may be surprised to see it return
Finally Home!
Phew! Finally at home! Thank you to everyone who commented and left me love while I was in Chicago! I will be posting some pics as soon as I get some good ones! Forgot to take my son's camera, so the only ones I have for now are phone pics..and they are B-A-A-A-A-D! As far as the competition is concerned, the groups I conducted finished first (Jazz Chorale). second (Camerata) and the Concert Choir earned a silver award and did not have any competitors in their specific classification. So thank you again to everyone and as "Dorothy" said, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home"!
Great News
As everyone knows, I have been working on getting the funding together for my next film.. While that funding has not yet been obtained, my Partner called this evening and tells me funding has come in for a revisit to our first film Red State Road Trip! So, in the next week or so, I will be away from the internet for a while as we get this next installment of that film completed! I'll try to update this blog while on the road letting all know what the progress is like. in the mean time I'll miss everyone on fubar while I'm away.. Shoot I miss you already and I'm still planning travel!! So while I'm gone.. Keep up the point race and maybe I'll be an Oracle when I return!
We are mixing it up a bit! It is taking so long to get the Traveling Pepsi Hat around that I am going to create a folder for Pepsi adding 1 new salute a week. I will start with mine...*hehe* then go in the order that they were made!!! WWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
2 Weeks
My last 2 weeks in New York.
The Worst Pain A Person Could Ever Know
June 10th has been an extremely hard day for me for the last five years... Six years ago, June 10th 2002, I became a mother for the very first time. I wasn't so sure I was ready, but when I held her for the first time all the doubt faded away. She was so beautiful, so precious, so perfect. I was happier than I had ever been with my little Alexis Jade. The next three weeks went by so fast...too fast. My sweet baby girl died June 30th 2002. Her heart had stopped. There was no reason they could find as to why it happened, it just simply stopped. SIDS... My heart still aches for her and I know it always will. I often wonder what she'd be like if she was still here. She'd be six years old today... Alexis Jade June 10,2002 ~ June 30, 2002
So Ok..
I've been quiet now for almost 2 weeks - With the exception of a few people I know around here - I'm thinking that if I dropped off the face of this earth nobody would really give 2 shits. So - wow - ok - buhbye now.
Car Accident - Update! June 26th
June 22nd 2008 My son & I were in an accident with my friend & her son. We were hit on the driver's side. My friend was driving. Jaren, my son, was sitting behind her... he got the worst of the hit. His head hit the side window really hard. Splitting his eye lid wide open... and making him very listless. They couldn't stitch his eye up as he wouldn't stay still long enough and any infliction of pain had him crying. But wouldn't talk.. not a word. Just stare at me and cry. Talk about feeling helpless!! The seatbelt held him in hurting his neck & back but stopped him from flying out. His hip and whole left side is bruised pretty good along with his head. He was rushed by ambulance to the hospital cause he didn't want to stay awake and his arm was going numb. He is ok. They X-rayed and no broken bones - Thank God!!! We just got home a few hours ago. BOY is he every gonna have a 'Fun' birthday tomorrow. :( My friend is ok and her son and I were just shaken up.. stiff from being
Thank You
TY everyone for showing me the love and support, I have been dealing with some personal issue that I would like to keep private. I know others are going through things as well . please respect my wishes, love to everyone BooBoo
Me In Midget Form :)
Apology?, I Don't Think So...
How the fuck is THIS an apology...? I see you're whining Stop by my page Check out my blog And see for yourself what I'm doing. Anyway, sorry for my misunderstandings, etc. So, now I've appologized. Why don't you? Name calling really isn't necessary and I didn't say you weren't a MUMMER I just said you didn't seem to know the rules. Some mumms are real. gave me a field day with the bouncers. cause really really love to be 'harsh' with them sometimes. gotta keep em on their toes. So like I said check out the blog you'll see what I'm doing. And realize that hey... it's not like ya thought. Give people chances before calling them names. and assuming shit with shit. :-) It'd be nice. Thanks.
I Highly Recommend
you try the new pre-mixed Smirnoff Pomegranate martini, if you haven't yet. It's delicious. It made my weekend, it was so delicious. I might even consider alcoholism, it's that fantastic. (not really)
Well Hmm
It seems that i was removed from someone's friends list because i don't agree with him about something stupid and trivial.. basically that person is pissed that I didn't defend him when someone "messed with" a picture he made.. it was trivial and i told him he should not be so angry about something so tiny... it was a picture... deal with it.. people mess with other people's pictures ALL THE TIME. I have stuck by friends through a lot of things but i am very open with my opinions on things and if you don't like that TOUGH COOKIES! I won't be pissed off about something that I think is funny just because you are. its not like it was the ONLY copy of the picture ffs.... If anyone else has to remove me for that.. then please feel free too... I will not cuddle you and say "ohh i am soo sorry the big bad wo/man messed with you... let me yell at him...." I am not that type of person. if it was something really offensive then YES i would have said something.. but it wasn
Just Stay Way
CAN T YOU JUST STAY WAY joker@ fubar
Night @ Hospital
It seems if it wasn't for bad luck lately, i'd have none at all. Yesterday morning i went in for my 3rd opinion. All seemed good at first. The new doctor had a new approach that sounded fine to me. I hate getting camera stuck up my peeker. He wanted to go through the mouth. No problem i thought. Half way through the procedure i had a seizure. My first one ever. Turns out, i had taken a Vikaden in the morning and it didn't go well with the anesthetic. Make a long story short. They didn't finish checking my back. I'll have to do it again. I had to spend night in hospital to be watched. And i'm one unhappy Cubster. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense. I'm probably more high than i have ever been. My body feels like its been through a meat grinder. Having a seizure really takes alot out of you. My throat is killing me from the camera, and i'm just going to lay down for the day. thanks for all the people checking on me. Nice to know people care. I'll be back hopefully tom
Apparently i dont need to take the "are you a follower" quiz since im copy'n boo n mel by doin this. :P so.. You Are 65% Kinky You are a very kinky person. You are completely open minded about sexuality. You're up for something different from time to time, and you don't have many hang ups. And while you're not into everything, you don't judge people who are. You figure that anything between consenting adults is fair game! Are You Kinky?
So, today was my baby's first day on the big bus. I hate that damn thing. One woulda thought the bus driver woulda kept the front coupla seats open for the little ones. There were 3 Kindergartner's at our bus stop alone. *Sigh* I so hate going through this.
Very Important Please Read!!!!!!
There are people joining the family that are not rating fanning and adding all the members. I got on today and there is one member who never rated or fanned me and I had no message from so I didnt know they joined til I saw them on the rollcall! I have another member who joined has RR in there name and they have never viewed my page. As of right now we are not going to accept anymore new members until everybody that has joined in the last couple of days goes thru the rollcall again and reads and comments on the rules and guidelines. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY::::NOBODY SHOULD BE PUTTING A NEW MEMBER THRU THE JOINING PROCESS UNLESS IT IS ONE OF THE COFOUNDERS, CREW LEADERS, OR CINDIE!! So as of right now we are accepting no new members til all this gets straightened out. Thanx your friend Scooter Please comment on this statin g you have read and understood
Make Me Hard
Things that will give me an erection lasting more than 4 hours: 1)Links to fat chicks. The fatter, the better. The transgendered community is also welcome. Actually, anybody pitiful looking is fair fodder. I also like people who are just plain stupid. 2)An elephant bling. I has a collection of elephants (the animals, not fat chicks) IRL and I NEED a collection for Fubar too. 3)Snapvines. I can haz moar plz? 4)A plane ticket to Chicago. 5)Your mom. (Burn!) 6)You rating this picture. Tell everyone you know to do the same. 7)Loving Miss Licks absolutely senseless. Rate her, fan her, add her, bling her... until you can't do it anymore. 8)Giving all of your fubucks to Bibli. We NEED a cute girl spotlight.
Tutti The Tramp...she ♥'s Me
->Tutti_Fukk...: As do I Tutti_Fukk...: well i has a tramp stamp lol ->Tutti_Fukk...: But I mean that in the most loving of ways ->Tutti_Fukk...: Tramp Tutti_Fukk...: Hooekr
What Kind Of Ice Cream?
You Are Chocolate Chip Ice Cream You are kind, popular, and generous. You tend to be successful at anything you try. A social butterfly, you are great at entertaining a crowd. You are most compatible with strawberry ice cream. What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?
So, last night I posted a bulletin, and guess what? Due to people who are uncaring because it had NOTHING to do with Fubar, I deleted it. It shocked me to see that noone really cares about what goes on outside of this site. Makes me wonder why I am even on here anymore.'s a short view of what my bulletin was about. And not one freakin person could repost it, and I only had one person read it. Sad really. Sorry it had nothing to do with leveling, or helping others on here. It was about helping REAL LIFE people. For those of you who actually got to know, know what I do for a living. Those of you who don't, I work at a facility that specializes in Alzheimers and Dementia. It's like a nursing home but not. We help keep their brains active by brainstorming, all the activities we do help them to keep what memories they do have for as long as we can. It is a very hard job, yet very rewarding to me. It's my passion. get to what I was talking about in my B
Auction For Bling Pack!(20.00)
I will be holding an auction for a bling pack, value 20.00, all bids must be in fubucks.This auction will start today November 20th and will end November 28th at 6:00pm. All bids will be in fubucks, and must be higher than the current bid! The minimum starting bid will be 250,000 all other bids must be higher. The winner will be contacted by mail, and must reply within by November 29th at 6:00pm. If the winner doesnt reply, the last highest bid will receive this offer. Good luck, and let the bidding begin.
I really hate this city. Its hard to tell if I hate Chicago now more than when I just moved to US, or vice versa. I hate everything about this city: the architecture, the landscapes, people, places, weather. If not for college, I would've been out of this god forsaken place faster than lightning once I was out of HS. I can't wait til I go on my work program, then move to California. My other dream state is Michigan, but nothing beats NorCal.
Lack Of Motiva...
My projection for the amount of work I get done this week: Zero. Why? Because I have next week off. I have no clue why in the world I am this way, but when it comes down to the time before some time in which I have off, I am so unproductive. It really needs to be the opposite, I should be freaking out about needing to get this done, and that done...but frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn. This time of year is kinda strange. Since I work at a university, I get a week off for Christmas, which really turns out to be nine days when you count weekends, but then it turns into about eleven days when you count New Years. Normally that would be exciting, but I seriously have nothing to do during that time frame! I only spend about two days with my family, mainly because they drive me batty. Most of the people I know around here are leaving, so my typical hangout schedule will be interrupted. I recently watched a movie about a couple going on vacation every year for Christmas...wonder if I c
DJ Pitbull was born in 1970 to a whore and pimp in South-side Chicago. At the age of 6 he happened to see his mother naked, and not pay his father. He has walked with a limp ever since. When Pitbull turned 27, he gained an unhealthy obsession with Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker on Star Trek). After many failed attempts a wooing the television star by breaking into his house, molesting his dog, and violating his house-plants, Pitbull was eventually served with a restraining order and thrown into jail for 120 days. While serving his time, he met a cholo who told him of a plastic surgeon who could help him out. Once he got out, he found the surgeon, and eventually (after many many acts of male on male prostitution to pay for the downpayment) went through the long and painful process of adapting his face to look like his favorite television star. He was finally happy, he could stare at himself in the mirror for hours on end while masturbating and finally be at peace with his looks. Howev
Winter Wonder Land
These are pics taken this past week in the wild weather and snow that washington state has had for the past week or so
Metallica Or Slayer?
Time to vote on the next album. Up next Metallica's Master Of Puppets is going against Slayer's Reign In Blood. Voting starts tonight and ends Sunday 8 p.m. eastern. So vote, vote, vote!!!
Birthday Trains - Sign Up Now To Ride
In the next few weeks, 4 of the most wonderful men on fubar will be having birthdays... In their honor, I will be running trains in hopes of helping them get closer to leveling... Sign up now for any or all of them... Just leave me a blog comment to sign up. I have my comments set for approval by owner so I don't miss my profile comments... So, just because you don't see your comment immediately, doesn't mean it isn't there... Private message me if you like... Jan 6 - Johnny Riggs, my best friend and owner (2.8 million points to Disciple) He will be hosting a Happy Hour on January 6 @ 6pm Fu-Time... Auto 11s will run all day as well... Come spank him hard... Jan 9 - Syrano, my R/L hubby NO TRAIN... He made Fu-Pimp... And wants to stay there for a while... But stop by and wish him a happy birthday if you like... Jan 13 - GnbRebel - a very dear friend (3.8 million points to Disciple) He will be running an Auto 11!!! Jan. 15 - Willie - a good
So, Ive decided to be Molotov Cocktease for the next Halloween.
This Amuses Me...
I read this and couldn't even say anything back. Poor fella, been lied to =/
Wild Thang Aka Kiss My Grits Aka Top Member Cheater..
This is what this scripter does...has this happened to you?... > > 1/11/09 4th time that day - dunno why that says December on the clock > > > > 1/11/09 - had finished an auto either that day or the previous day > > > > 1/11/09 3rd time > > > > 1/12/09 > > > > 1/12/09 > > > > > > 1/12/09 > > > > 1/12/09 > > > > 1/13/09 > > > > 12/24/08 > > > > 10/31/08 > This is another screen grab from a totally different member: This proof was sent by someone who is tired of the lies and cheating, including screen shots of time stamped repeated visits and re rates from t
O God Your Cheese Is Hard!
I tend to make unhealthy choices when it comes to food and relationships. I'm sure there are other things, too, but, lying in bed, surrounded by chips and sour cream & onion dip, fingers still covered with a film of salty/oily/sugary deliciousness, these are the two that come to mind. As a child, I ate weird stuff. (And no, not just dirt, though yesterday's piece in the NYT suggests that eating dirt is a good idea.) A certain Dr. Weinstock (which is my kind of soup!) gives the following advice: "Children should be allowed to go barefoot in the dirt, play in the dirt, and not have to wash their hands when they come in to eat." Also helpful, he said, is to "let kids have two dogs and a cat," so as to expose them to intestinal worms that can promote a healthy immune system. Mmmm. Worms. Nom nom nom. Certainly, I ate things out of the dog dish. And I consumed a fair amount of dirt, both the outside variety and the potting soil ilk - the latter being a bit lighter, ha
I Gotta New Drug
So, Tuesday I went to see my family doctor to get some scripts refilled and mentioned to him my moods. Being extremely happy one minute, so mad I could murder someone without an ounce of guilt, then remorse for being a bitch. He is well aware of my past and ongoing battle with depression and aware of my past suicide attempts. Since these "moods" don't occur everyday, he gave me something to take "as needed for nerves",Buspirone 15mg 1/2 to 1 tablet twice daily. This is some serious stuff. I took half of one and was so mellow and relaxed I watched a plastic bag blowing for 30 minutes. Yay for drugs that make you not give a fuck :D
Going Thru The Paces
bid on me and give me stuff for no good reason I wanna cost more than Witchie it is my biggest desire in life
It's almost time for the holiday that I've always hated. I'm sure it's probably a great holiday, but I seriously can't think of anything..after the 7th grade...that I've gotten ANYTHING, including cards. I'm jealous of all these people that are with someone and has a "valentine". Why can't I have one?? [cries a river] okay, I'm over it.
John's Weird Dream...
So apparently John had a dream about me.... I decided to call him while I smoked. I'm thinking he is my "I need a friend to talk to while I smoke" friend, lol. Anyway, we start the conversation with how I managed to hurt myself getting off of the couch. Yes, I'm that much of a klutz. What happened was, I've been sitting on the couch for most of the day and I was sitting with my leg under me. When I got up and took a few steps, my knee popped really loud. That fuckin hurt! Next we started talking about doughnuts. I don't really know why. But just so you know, my favorite doughnut is the plain ones. Next is the cinnamon ones. Finally it's the ones with chocolate glaze on top. Just thought you all should know this, I don't know why..... He tells me that he had a weird dream last night. Right off the bat I knew it had something to do with me. And no...I didn't think it was perverted. I probably should have, lol. No, it wasn't though...hate to burst anyone's bubble, lol. In his
The Biggest Idiot Of Them All!!!
He takes things so literal...McLovin: something stupid in my shout boxI loves him, lol.
Before He Cheats
RULES: 1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS. 4. Tag 10 friends. 5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing. 6. Have Fun! IF SOMEONE SAYS 'ARE YOU OKAY' YOU SAY? Santeria HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? waiting on the world to change WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? Ohio is for lovers (wtf) HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? Stupid girl WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? Stairway to heaven WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? Nothing left to lose WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Welcome to the black Parade WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? Lovefool (lmao) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? celebrity skin WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? Why don't you get a job o_O WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? Wake up call WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Living dead girl (lmao) WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE
Kicks Husky
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am addicted to sugar free rockstars. 2. I am very much a people person, although I am shy when I meet someone. 3. One of my favorite shows is CSI Miami 4. I have flown to NYC to go on the Sally show, was a back up show that never got recorded. 5. I used to breed ADBA Registered American Pitbull Terriers 6. Hence my screen name, I love evil clowns and have Pennywise from IT tattooed on my leg. 7. I love horror movies. 8. I have lived in 11 different states. 9. I was in the USN, got out because I got pregnant with my daughter. 10. I have a Valentine Baby.... Now, who's next? anyone that read
Fubar Peeves
It really irks me when people on here get into packs. I believe a cliquish behavior and a personality is a sign of a lower intellect, since the lower the organism is in biology, the more dependent it is. That, and it is just stupid, imho. I hate being in groups in RL or online. Its draining, creates drama, and doesnt really create relationships between people. But maybe thats just me being a loser. I never go to parties or mingle with people. Bah!
Men Or Women-who Is Stronger?
After carefully analyzing and observing (not really carefully, but still), I have come to a conclusion-it all depends on a person. While my mother says that men are whiny weaklings unable to take care of themselves, I tend to think that both genders have a lot of representatives that are guilty of those character traits. While I have to admit that a lot of observing comes from Fubar-a site often used by emotionally unstable or weak individuals, it does give a pretty decent insight on human interaction and needs. I have seen needy men that are craving attention so bad, they forget to pause and look at their pitiful selves, looking entirely pathetic and unappealing (even with 6 packs, biceps, and all that other pointless crap). I have seen needy women that would compete with each other over how much attention someone would give them, which man is theirs, and who looks better. In my own family, there is a pretty strong pattern of strong females and needy, weaker males. My gr
Embrace The Suck
Part of the Zen of Pedro is my basic philosophy that I am 100% responsible for my life. I have been dealt a bad break or two over the years, and those things happen, I didn't bring it on myself, and it wasn't through bad luck or fate that it did. These things I cannot control, but what I can control is how I react to them. I haven't always made the best decisions, in fact it seems sometimes I sit and wonder how I could have been so dumb five, ten years ago. I am sure five years from now I'll probably think I am doing something stupid today. I know a lot of people that think life is beyond their control, and if you think of it in an instant gratification sort of way, yes, you cannot become a doctor tomorrow, but tomorrow you can find out what it would take to start. It may be that you lack all the resources to do it, but it comes down to things you can control. Maybe you can't have all your hopes and dreams, but it shouldn't stop you from trying to get close, and maybe end up wit
Single Woman Seeking
music gimme something to download I am bored of all muh shits. That is all.
Below Me
thats all i have...below me! blow me... a few of you on fu...yep. keep your face out of my ass! but while you are there...go on ahead and kiss it! if your gonna have my name in your mouth, might as well suck my dick bitch! as you were
Sometimes, I just want you to sit down and think, "What would I do without that man?" Sometimes, I want you to think about all the things that have been done for you and realize, "He was behind so many." Somedays, I wish the first thing you thought in the morning was, "I hope he's thinking about me." Sometimes, I want you to put your hand down and just briefly think, "I wish his was right under mine." At times I want you to hear your phone and skip a beat thinking, "I hope it's him." Sometimes I wish I'd realize it isn't going to happen.
Movies, Movies, Movies!
Movie Quotes 1. Pick 20 of your favorite movies. 2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie. 3. Post them here for everyone to guess. 4. When someone guesses correctly, cross it out. 5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search or other search functions. 6. No looking at my favorite movies on my Facebook page 1. You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles. 2. Don't touch that squirrel's nuts! It'll make him crazy! 3. -A bird may love a fish, signore, but where will they live? -Then I shall have to make you wings. 4. My God. I haven't been fucked like that since grade school. 5. With enough courage, you can do without a reputation. 6. -Voice confirmation required. - Uhhh... -[after the "uhh" echoes] Accepted. 7. You telling me the man who try to put a rubber fist in my anus was a homosexual? 8. Well, if you say you haven't, you're a prude. If you say you have you're a slut. It's a trap. You want to but you can't, and when you do you wish you didn't, righ
New Name...
I need a new nickname...I'm kind of sick of being called Woo. Any ideas?
Just What I Needed
It was a nicer day than yesterday. Today would be a good day to go. More people I bet. I'm going. I didn't do my eye makeup. The sunglasses will cover them. Where did this pimple come from? That wasn't there a second ago. Who cares. This is all bull shit anyway. There were more people. Lots more. More dogs with them. I kept Baxter on the leash a little longer this time. We walked past a guy in his late 40's who was playing fetch with a black lab mix. "hey there big guy" I hoped he was talking to Baxter. I said hi but didn't really stop. There was a grouping of dogs about 20 feet away. All of them were smaller than Baxter. The owners seemed like they were my age maybe a little younger. I took a deep breath and let him off his leash. Of course he went barreling at the grouping of dogs. of course he did. So I awkwardly ran after him. Not because I am shy but because I don't usually run and when I do it looks awkward. I'm top heavy and it causes an unbalanced stride. Everyone one wa
Cancer Sucks
I've been at the breast care center for an hour now... still waiting for the radiation oncologist. Yes, I need radiation treatments. This will involve 5 days a week, for idk how many weeks - they say it's usually 5 or 6. More details after I actually talk to the guy. I'm sitting in this stupid hospital gown waiting... waiting... waiting... --------------- Update: 6 weeks of radiation monday through friday then tamoxifen or equivalent to produce early menopause - just in time for my 36th birthday.
Is It Really True?
I need a males perspective on this. Last night I couldn't get to sleep and I decided to watch a movie. I ended up watching "He's just not that into you". It was an alright movie, but the ending was somewhat predictable, just like any other 'chick flick'. I figured the movie would just bore me enough that I'd fall asleep within the first 15 minutes of it..but nope. I watched the whole thing. Anyway, in the movie there's one girl that is so desperate to have a guy want to be with her. She's the type of girl that, when a guy says he'll call her, she walks around with her cell just waiting and then she panics when they don't..always thinking of some off the wall reason as to why they didn't call. At some point in the movie she meets up with this one guy that basically tells her how she will know when a guy is into her and when he's not. They seemed to make sense and I'm wondering, did a guy just blow the cover off of every thing that other guys use to keep a girl wanting him? One of
Clearing Up Confusion
Well I am Back Finally:D      As most ppl know I am in a new Duty Station now and finally got settled in to the house and got it stocked up and ready for my Family to move into. It is a relief to be done with that part of this transition.    What some of you may not understand is that the new job I am in requires a whole new level of concentration because I am out of my field of work now for the most part. I am not forecastiong the weather in this duty. I am in a combat unit now. What this means is that the training I am undergoing right now requires 110% of my focus and concentration in order for me to learn what I need to in order to return alive each time I deploy.     What this means is that I may not be as chatty or interactive as I was when I was in Hawaii. Please do not take it personal or think I am ignoring you or that I just don't care anymore because I always have and I always will. My Fubar Family and friends are just that, You are my Family and you are my Friends, whic
Card Readings, Dream Meanings And Palm Readings
Hi.  Ive just opened my new web site online.  WWW.LIFESMYSTERIESTAROT.COM    If anyone is interrested in having their tarot cards read.  I provide useful and insightful advice and readings.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 
Please... I don't want to love him anymore, I can't bare the heartache so what do I need this heart for? Just take it away and leave a hole in its place, stop the hurt and all the tears that roll down my face. All the hurtful words leave scars of the emotional kind, They never heal completely and leave their mark on my soul and mind. Please just make the hurt in my chest go away, Since you can't make him love me or want to stay. This is the kind of pain a body can't keep others from seeing. Hurt that devours the very soul and physical being. So please reach in and snatch it away, don't leave a single part. Because he somehow managed to get into every corner of my heart. So just take my heart and give it to one he can love too, So at least then he'll never have to endure a single, "I don't love you".
Application For Wykked's Harem Toys
So I have decided to keep a lil harem of bishes...They must be my slave and rate me and give me stuffs. drinks etc. lol...In return of being my bish I will do the same for you...So...if u wanna be Wykkeds bish...u must tell me why u deserve the title. lol...MUAH...luvs all of ya...thanks in advance. LOLPs...this was for fun...but I wouldnt mind really having some of my own personal bishes. LOL...kisses you sexy aka WYKKED
I hate Texas.     That is all.
Shameless Whoring
This is a purely shameless whoring blog. =D   My birthday is on Monday and I'm on vacation from work (yay!) Everyone should buy me something pretty, pink or shiny (all 3 would be cool.)   A very nice person bought me a ticker, which I will be trying to get an approval on midnight of my b-day (so it can run all day.)   Yep, I'm asking for stuff. I ask for stuff IRL too. A co-worker made me a kick ass cake and my sister in law is making me a cake. =D I'm going to be obese for my birthday.   I'm like 1.3 mil from Godfather, so rating me a lot is a nice gift also.   Thanks in advance. ♥
Uh Oh
takin this down very soon
Please Help
i want to collect salutes from all 50 states and countries from around the world, please help me make my folder   please link me when and if you do pleaseeeeeeeeee
Drugstore Wrapper
Drugstore Wrapper They were bangers doin' Mollies, Liked to watch the Sheilahs gag, They treated lassies like collies Then they'd zip them in a bag. They queried Maurice about the scene, And asked Jerome just where he'd been, They said when your life is in the crapper, You've got no use for a drugstore wrapper. There was a Dick that called her Vic, I said that's not her name; He said, "You're a person of interest," And "She was just another Dame." The doctor talked in Latin, And then the priest did, too, I think a tall man said her last name Like it came from Popol Vu. The Peelers kept me under a lamp in the dark, Watching blood in my eye with a frustrated sigh. She must have had a visit from a foreigner, And they had a hunch that he was I. For a while ten men were all my friends, And told me victims were volunteers, They said scanty clothes just asked for it And smiled at me with clever sneers. Gentlemen made me generous offers, Suits
Drinkin And Thinkin
proceed with caution i`m not sober   stumbled in drunk at 5:30 this morning not tired so i made a pot of really strong coffee and sat on the deck smoking cigarettes and sipping coffee watched the sky lighten as the sun crept up in the east. heavy rain clouds to the west coming in off the ocean. i watch the clouds break apart into tiny wisps and eventually disappear as they head towards the sun. brought to mind the greek myth of icarus meeting his death flying to the sun. death has been on my mind lately. someone i know committed suicide last fri. not a great friend but someone i`ve have had  more than a few deep conversations with. took a header off a 6 story parking garage. so if i look to the south i see a beautiful sunrise on the left and if i look to the right i see tumultous weather. same as everyones life right? beauty or trouble are always right there. why do we decide to look one way or the other and only see that view? i`m gonna quit this now . good morning to all who
: BUY SWEETIE!!! XOXO!!!->Snazziii**...: LOL your views*? Yeah we can go with that..itwas fun...enjoy your day nowSnazziii**...: AW SWEETIE. I THOUGHT U WAS TIRING OF ME. I CAN SPELL FINE BUT I CHOOSE TO SPELL THE WAY I DO BECUZ I WANT TO && CAN && IF THATS ALL U HAVE TO SAY ABOUT ME I TAKE IT AS CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM && HAVE EXPLAINED MY VIWS->Snazziii**...: neybe not...except I can spell...want me to teach ya? or shall we call it a daySnazziii**...: BECUZ U KNO ME SO WELL YET U ENTERT6AIN URSELF WIT ME. MAYB WE'RE NOT SO DIFFERANT->Snazziii**...: no I just bore quickly with common idiots like yourselfSnazziii**...: O A QUITER. XOXO->Snazziii**...: LOL i knew that would be your are so predictablethis is n longer fun...byebye nowSnazziii**...: THATS FUNNII CUZ I BEEN WIT THE SAME GUY FOR 5 YRS SO REALLII. LMAO->Snazziii**...: men*]->Snazziii**...: no i am the one using you as free know kinda like the med in your lifeSnazziii**...: UR THE ONE FEEDING I
Ugh, Religion
There are wars over God...well religion, whatever. Are there wars over satan? If not, why is he such a bad guy then? He didnt get kicked out of heaven he left! It was god afterall that made the apple, AND the snake...and the trees to produce the apple and the blah blah blah I know I know the devil coaxed whatsherface to eat that apple (damn bitch cus now I have to suffer too!) yet if they were made in Gods creation.....   Dammit!
what a waste!   ·  friend Pedro El Loco got five across the lips by the Pimp Hand of  Ziggy St...!     he's not even online...
Tuesday Is It!
Graduation is tomorrow (June 23) and it marks a graduation of sorts for me too.  After a 30+ year teaching career (yeah, I'm one of those weirdos who graduated from both high school and college early), I have to call it quits; long story, but it has to do with contract language. So now, what to do.  I already have 4 offers to conduct different musical ensembles.  I need some time to "recharge my batteries", so to speak, so I will take some time to decide which one to accept.  However, I will NOT just be sitting around all!  I still have fun coaching one of my son's baseball teams and watch him play on 2 others.  We are into all-star season for the team I coach and our first game is Sunday. As far as the "Fu" is concerned, as soon as I get some time, I am gonna celebrate my retirement here by running an auto and blowing up a TON of  The question is, when will time permit?  Nevertheless, I have a great group of friends here and I guess I'm just giving ya'll a head
Job Interview
So I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon.  Yay me!  It's for an assistant manager position at a shoe store.  I am wearing a skirt for the interview.  The heat index is supposed to be 110 freaking degrees when I go for my interview.  Ugh.  So I am not sure if it would be tacky to not wear panty hose.  I am wearing closed toed shoes but they are sling backs.  Pantyhose are so god awful hot and the a/c is out on my jeep.  Advice please!!
Mad World
Gary Jules-Mad World   All around me are familiar faces Worn out places Worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going no where Going no where Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression No expression Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow No tomorrow No tomorrow And I find I kind of funny I find it kind of sad The dreams in which I�m dying are the best I�ve ever had I find it hard to tell you I find it hard to take When people run in circles its a very very Mad world Mad world Children waiting for the day they feel good Happy birthday Happy birthday And I feel the way that every child should Sit and listen Sit and listen Went to school and I was very nervous No one knew me No one new me Hello teacher tell me what�s my lesson Look right through me Look right through me And I find I kind of funny I find it kind of sad The dreams in which I�m dying are the best I�ve ever had I find it hard to tell you I find it hard to take When pe
You are amazing. I miss you. Do you think of me? I hope you're happy. I'm glad you've moved on. I wish we still talked. Things would be different if I could make them that way. You're really not as great as you think you are. I love you, far more than you could possiblly imagine.
Lacuna Coil - Falling
  Stained, looking at my handsI talk with these linesIt's not the answerI'm crying and I now I knowLooking the skyI search for an answerSo free, free to beI'm not another liarI just want to be myself...myselfAnd now the beat inside of meIs a sort of a cold breeze and I'veNever any feeling insideAround me...I Bring my bodyCarry it into another worldI know I live...but like a stone I'm falling downDamned, looking into the skyI can feel this rainRight now it's falling on meFly, I just want to flyLife is all mineSome days I cry alone,But I know I'm not the only oneI see that another day is goneI don't want to die...Please be here when I arrive, don't die...please
Cracker Facts
Instructions......Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.1. I've been told I'm an angry eater. One friend said I look like I am actually KILLING my food and another said he'd rather be waterboarded than watch me eat.2. I have soft flat soles on my feet cause I never go barefoot; my Indian buddy gave me an Indian name "Walks Carefully On Gravel" cause of the way I purposely and slowly take each specific step, while wincing in pain.3. I can accurately measure 1 tsp in the palm of my hand, which I do constantly when fixing my coffee at work.4. I talk to and curse at inanimate objects all the time. If I drop a tool I will have called it a useless fucking cunt before it even hits the floor.5. I c
Do It
go rate her and stuff cuz all her points come to me cuz she altruized me for the next 12 hours and i need them
The Zutons ~ Why Won't You Give Me Your Love ?
      When i was in liverpool today i saw abi harding walking towards me, she is just a tad hot.
Stolen From Lipstick..kinda
winners get a slap on the ass and "good game"   1. What is my first name?       2. What is my favorite color?       3. Am I married, divorced, single or seperated?       4. How many kids do I have?       5. What type of music do I listen to the most?       6. What was my first car?       7. Do I have tatoos?       8. Am I a smoker?       9. Do i prefer the t.v. or to read?
Last Thoughts On Fake Lil Southern Cutie...
..apparently this question is good enough to get blocked by a fake because she did after I asked this question…. …Points to observe. It’s here for real friends. Then why no salute or pictures of herself? Where’s the salute? What happened to the Canadian chick she stole pics from claiming it was her? Unstable. Sorry if it messaged you with this creepy message above. This was too good not to share. Enjoy and it’s safe to say we can close this one out and add it to the “busted” file….peace…
Stalker Fake Profile 8-8-2009
Profile #3 email #2 "with those statuses of yours- A Psychiatrist would SURLY give you some HEAVY Anti-Psychotic, delusional meds, Pierre !!!WTF is wrong with you, Psycho ??????THINK ANYONE TRULY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT U HERE ??? ABOUT YOUR SO PATHETIC, STUPID STATUSES ??? NOW KEEP COUNTING, KEEP WHORING YOURSELF TO THE LOWEST POINT OF ATTENTION, THAT'S THE ONLY WAY U KNOW, OBVIOUSLY !!!!!!CALL ME STALKER, PSYCHOTIC, CALL ME ANYTHING- I ALSO DON'T GIVE A SHIT, AS I'M ONLY TRYING TO GIVE U THE SHAKE OF YOUR LIFE & SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF !!!!!!!! GET A LIFE, PIERRE, U DO HAVE 1 OR 2 THINGS TO OFFER TO THE REAL WORLD.... What are you so afraid of ??????So stupid & poor, feel so sorry for you, really.... And you're SURE I'm your enemy....... Crazy Psycho !!!Now Go change it to #3..... Fuck, you could have been a somebody, Pierre, you keep digging your grave for yourself- WTG !!!!U better also look-up those terms you use in your statuses, like Psychotic episodes, as they actually describe.....
  So my really good friend, WhatsHisName, needs some fubucks. He's going for the spotlight.  I have some fu-bucks to send him, but not nearly enough. I was thinking maybe I could "sell" something. I'm not sure what, but yeah. So you tell me what you want, and if it's possible, I'll do it..for a price. You can send the Bucks to me or to him.  If you just want to send him some bucks for the hell of it, yanno, because my friends are just awesome like's his link.   Ugh, it won't work. So here's the link, just copy and paste it. Blah.
To Throw Away Or Not
Imma sitting here going through stuff to either sell on Ebay/Craigs List, give away, or trash.... & Imma having a hard time letting go of stuff.... Since imma alittle buzzed.. it's all going in to the keep pile! What is one item you own that you really should throw away.... but probably never will!?!?!?!?! hope ya'll had a good weekend and peace baby
Cats In The Cradle...
My dad isnt a very emotional guy. When our grandmother (his mom) passed away I dont even ever remember seeing him cry a single tear. I dont remember us doing anything with him while growing up. It was always with my mom. When we finished school, there was no hug or even a handshake or him saying "Im proud of you" just a kinda... nod that he does when he sees something he likes. All I ever remember seeing him do was kiss my mom on the cheek when he came home, so effection wasnt a big thing from him either.  I was talking to my mom today and she had said that last night, my dad had a few more in him than usual and was talking, which he never does. He said he's a lil upset that we (the boys) dont bother with him. And at first I was like, "what the hell, we come in, say hi, BS for a bit then go out with my mom somewhere" But she meant actually DO something with him. But what the hell can we do with him? He doesnt go to movie theatres, when we ask if he wants to get a bite to eat with us
Fubar's Hottest Hotties
click the pix and it will take you to their profiles        
Fubar School 101 : Friends List Manager Trick
People always ask me random questions that they can’t get answers to around here so with that in mind I bring you this….So lately I see that people have gotten emo over their friends list, who‘s on who‘s not why are there a bazillion dead / fake / drone / spy accounts on it and what to do and how to manage your list. With this in mind I bring you this novel fact about Fubar you may or may not have known. I actually found out thanks to Bright Eyed Artist. Want to clean out the dead weight in your account and get a much more accurate number of actual friends you have? Go to my friends, see all, then click the last number on the amount of pages you have ( for example it says on the left 1, you start at the number on the right, for example 1100.) Click on that number and start hitting “previous” until you get down to the last page. You will notice your friend count drop drastically since the dead pages are being eliminated from the count. It works I did it for awhile today myself… .
Lets Have An Intelligent Conversation....
This saturday I am going to post a blog to spark some intelligent conversation. Well at least I hope it will spark some decent conversations.  Hope to see you all there.    
Lazy Fucker
This is an actual text conversation between myself and my son tonight:   Him:  You never forwarded me Toxicity Me:   You seriously just texted me from your bedroom? Him:  Yeah I'm lazy   Mumm within a blog - should I beat the shit out of him or just take his phone?
Blind People
Yeah it has been awhile since i wrote a blog,but i`ve got a few things to vent on so here goes. #1 Fakes. Ok,are ppl seriously that blind on here that they can not tell if someone is real or not? I mean for real come on now. They have hundreds of pics of themselves yet no salute,if they are actually taking these so called pics they can take a damn salute pic. Or they have 3 to 8 pics and use the same pic over and over for things,hello...wake up. Or like this lady i came across the other day she had all these so called pics of herself and someone had wanted a salute so she makes one with a stuffed animal the woman is nowhere to be found and she uploaded it with a cell phone,,DUHH!!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!! If they cant put their face in it then obviuosly its not them. And ppl on here blow money on these fucks. WTF are you thinking seriously..what are you thinking im sure some of us would like to know. Are you blowing money on them for the same reason they are using others pics?
What The Hell Happened .....
because I am getting many many messages asking this ..... here is the run down   posted an innocent mumm put a voting option as blow me ( should have done blowing in the wind ) mumm was removed and I got banned immediatley I could not comment from this acct no one is telling me why I am banned I see no point in fubar if I cant raise hell in the mumms therefore my alter ego Helly will take my place for now  
Random Thoughts By Deacon
well since this site has been getting slower lately and all... i got to thinking.... the days of buying a couple outos for the weekends and doing the whole "get leveled" thing arent going to yeild 5 million points any more...but even if they did, at 23,200,000 points from oracle @ 5 million points for 2 week ends every other would take my self quite a few months to even get close...   so im wondering if i should quit my job and start on this right away... maybe i can mold my peen and start selling it on the internet as the pocket buddy...   and what the hell is up with the lack of mumms...   i made margaritas last night with my new blender...and the kids had orange juice snow balls...( aka icees)   lately ive lost about 40 people on my friends list and i only know who the people i deleted were...people are deleting accounts a lot...   my facebook friends list is looking more like my fubar friends list   at sun set last night the temerature dropped about 20 degre
From Bottom To Top, Some People Just Dont Get It... Lmao
Venus: wow, you are one slow son of a bitch arnt ya? Domino: talk dirty to me Venus: good for oyu Domino: ive got it all babe Venus: well unless you have the girth to go with it, you have nothing to show for babe Domino: whats that mean Venus: i kinda figured, congrats to you, ever tried to satisfy a Blue Whale? Domino: its bigger when its hard Venus: huh? english please Domino: that soft u dont wont to know hard Venus: ha, baby, I have 9 inches avalible at any time here at home, so id prolly laugh at it Domino: what could u do with 8 and a half inches of cock Domino: i dont know
I Hate This Crap
Fucking Helly! Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. NOOOOOOOOOO You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Pick your Artist: Manowar   Are you a male or female?  King of Kings Describe yourself: Warlord How do you feel: Hail and Kill Describe where you currently live: Valhalla If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Kingdom Come Your favorite form of transportation: Ride the Dragon Your bestfriend is: Dark Avenger You and your best friends are: Gods of War What's the weather like: Black Wind, Fire and Steel Favorite time of day: The Dawn of Battle If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Kill With PowerWhat is life to you: Blood of My EnemiesYour current relationship: Death Tone
BECOMING AN ECS MEMBER: In order to become an ECS member, you MUST have a salute legible salute approved by Fubar. If you do not have one, you will be required to create one before you we can add your picture to our albums. Upon receiving our invite and you agreeing to join ECS, "ECS Prospect" MUST be added to your name. Once this is done, we will rip a picture to our ECS Prospect folder and will remain in that folder until the following has been completed. You MUST FAN, ADD and RATE our top 7 members found in our family as well as all of ECS members. The group is growing every day and to fan, add and rate all ECS members is time consuming. We understand this but, until you have completed this, ALL ECS PROSPECTS will remain a prospect. The ECS homepage should be added to either your top friends or family. After completing the above, please contact the us via private message or through the shoutbox letting us know that you have done and completed the above. Once we have confirme
My Favourite Christmas Joke Evar
Q.What's a bear's favourite Christmas carol?   A. God Rest Ye Merry Gentle Ben!
Reasons Why I Should Probably Not Drink So Much...#1
So Friday night I went out to the bar and met up with one of my oldest friends I haven't seen in forever. While I was waiting, I was sexually harassing my bartender (you would too, trust me), and having some shots of SoCo.  So at some time during the night of sexually harassing Kevin (YUM!) and dancing with my friend's husband (who can pop it like a stripper), I met this guy and gave him my number. So he calls me tonight, and mind you I don't know his name, can't for the life of me remember meeting him, but apparently we have a date Friday. And he wants me to like meet his family and shit Friday night as well. WHAT THE FUCK?! I seriously have to talk to my bartenders about letting me talk to random guys while drinking whiskey. Because I am fairly certain all I was thinking about was molesting my bartender.   I should probably scale back the drinks a bit huh?
My Fufamily Tree... So Far....
This blog is mostly for my own record keeping, but please enjoy :p FuSisters: Miss Vanima, Witchie My First Lady: Moet, aka Alexa FuBrothers: Papi, Kins (from alternate reality) Royal Pain in my FuAsseth: Bludgeon FuWifey: Klover, I adore her and so should you DAMNITZ!!! FuAdopted daughter: Klover and I adopted Jasmine. Scary, I know.... Passion's Fire: Jasmine's Nanny, God bless her! First FuBaby momma: Russian Foxx gave me JDW Second FuBaby momma: Pixie gave me... ummm... I forget his name and she sent him away for a better life. Third FuBaby momma: Wicked gave me Jai Jr... and then SAT on him (RIP Jai Jr) Fourth FuBaby momma-to-be: Pixie. We hope it's a girl cuz we want to name her "Pixai". Unfortunately, she's always WORKING thus we never get any play-time *pouts* K, I think that's all.... ...I hope :p  
Embarrassing But Funny
Ok... so this is embarrassing but funny so I'm gonna share it anyway. Figured if I can laugh at myself, you all might as well too. Wednesday I noticed that my black pullover was covered in dog hair on the front so being out of those sticky rollers you'd normally use I grabbed the vacuum cleaner. I attached the hand held upholsery tool with the spinning brush thinking... well it IS made for removing dog hair from furniture. Yeah... so... I proceed to vacuum the front of my shirt while still wearing it.   Well it worked great, the dog hair was all but gone .... when suddenly my OWN hair got caught in the upholsery tool's spin brush. And I know what you're thinking... ouccchhhh.... well... no... THAT part actually didn't hurt. But when the upholsery tool quickly shot UP my hair and hit me in the mouth, splitting the inside of my bottom lip open so that I actually required stitches... well THAT did hurt. Yeah... How many people you know can actually injure themselves removing dog hair f
World War Z
  So I read this over the past few days, and genuinely one of the most astonishing genre novels I've ever read.  As the cover states, "an oral history of the zombie war", it's basically the story of Earth facing a global crisis consisting of the dead rising to eat brains and stuff, but instead of a straight novel, it's instead presented as a factual collection of interviews with survivors that piece together to form a history of the crisis.  While this approach does sacrifice a certain amount of tension, dispensing with the usual tricks of horror writing and coming over very disapssionately, what it gains in return is an absolutely convincing sense of how our world would respond to such a crisis.  The detail, and moreover the choice of how and when to reveal the detail, and when to let you fill in the gaps yourself, make not only for an air of authenticity that defies belief when considering the subject matter, but makes for as finely crafted a work of fiction as I've ever read.  It i
Just Like Alway This Is A Blooming Rant
Just one of those days huh... been getting a fair few of these days recently, one thing after another and just begs the question is just annoying the fuck out of me. I deleted a good chunk of people from my family and friend’s people that only want YOU to rate them and not the other way around... I mean how fucking hard is it to return a rate IF rates are what your after? Wake the fuck up... I know a good lot of you are not here for point’s lol YOU lot stay on my family and friends because you’re actually my friends... but the rest of you... stop bitching that you’re not getting rates... I don’t give a flying fuck really and if I have to see that shit all day I’m just going to delete your fucking ass real quick! Been getting angry more and more lately... don’t know why for sure... there are many reasons but none point to the bigger picture, like point whores though sometimes fun to talk to recently they get more and more selfish... they ask for
Some Insight Since I Get Asked So Often As To Why Im Not On In The Evenings'wknds
Ok im gonna make this quick as to why   1. 3yrs ago this fathers had his bike wreck that left him with a Traumatic Brain he is pretty much like having a group of 6yr olds...thus, why i moved essentially into the house next door to them to help mom out as i am the only sibling in the area.... 2. had to put Grandma into a home last year due to her severe stroke..i had bought her a home 3 doors down from i have 2 mortgages to pay and all the fixings that come with home ownership..and also go to see her everyday 3. im having kid number 4...soooooooooooooooo my plate is full with being a daddy and the woman always works afternoons..sooooooooooooo well thats pretty much why
My Uncle
This is in answer to a couple of things that were raised with me today...I didn't explain very well at the time so...   When my uncle lived, he had a lil house, mortgaged. Car and motorbike, not paid off.  No wife. No kids. The only woman he'd loved, he'd met when she already had cancer and he looked after her for six months until she died. To outward appearances, a decidedly average, nothing life...observers would probably have felt sorry for him or, if he was on fubar, probably mocked him. When he died, there was literally standing room only at his funeral. Over 500 people from all over the country had dropped everything mid-week, not for appearances, but for him. 500 true mourners. We had to minimise who could speak so we didn't have a day-long service. People who had not seen him in ten years came up to me afterwards and told me of the things he had done for them. One-off kindnesses that they had never forgotten. In the eulogy I focused on what he had meant
**FYI** His profile says he lives in TX and his status claims he in now in Memphis. This will explain why I'm referring to both of them. D2HELL: not gonna get idnto who could whomp who thats shits stupid so good night was almost fun chatting with you D2HELL: lmao so you think Suga Lips: Well, you'd be the first dumb one so you've got that going for you D2HELL: i am not the usual guy Suga Lips: he's a big guy, people don't generally fuck with him D2HELL: i would duck lmao Suga Lips: Yeah...he'd punch you in the face, D2HELL: well if he gets mad will just leave him then lmao Suga Lips: lol I doubt that
*waves white flag* I'm done. /end
It's time for my fu-friends to ask advice if they need to. (This is for Dud who was whining he missed the 1st blog.) Fu-Abby is here.
Lost In Translation
I like my brother in law very much. He is very smart. One of the ways he gets people to like him, despite being way more smarter than them, is by using a special nonthreatening language. My sister often translates for me. Bro-in-law: I think that bag of quarters is in the glove compartment. translation: Get the quarters. Bro-in-law: This looks like a good spot. translation: park here. Bo-in-law: i never heard that before. translation: OMG you idiot! You have no idea how the world works. Since I have a slight public relations issue (translation: all those beauty school skanks fucking hate me) at school I thought i would adopt his methods and see how they work for me. Today we were doing lash and brow tinting. You have to be really carefull with this stuff because it will stain the skin on contact. My usual partner was absent today so I went with this other chick hoping she would be as careful with my face as I would be with hers. While she was tinting my lashes with super fas
I've just discovered it so much easier to suck on a lollie without teeth!
Oysters, Pasta, And Eggplant Bruschetta
Yeah... this rocks...   (Serves 4)   12 whole oysters, washed, shucked, and sitting on the half-shell. 2 cups coarse breadcrumbs 1 Cup Ginger Ale 2 TBSP Minced Garlic Black Pepper to taste 2 TBSP Chili Sauce 1/2 cup of cream 1/2 stick room temperature butter 1 cup shredded cheese (Jack, Mozzarella, or American) Lots of rock salt     Enough Angel Hair pasta (uncooked) for 4 people 1 cup water, 1 cup milk 2 TBSP Flour 2 TBSP butter 1 TBSP minced garlic 1 TBSP Italian seasoning   1 Medium Eggplant 3 Medium Tomatoes, seeded and chopped 2 TBSP Minced fresh Basil 1 TBSP Minced fresh rosemary 1 Cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 2 TBSP Shredded Parmesan Cheese Olive Oil   Make sure you thoroughly scrub your oysters with a nylon prush before shucking them. This removes the mud and debris that is naturally part of a fresh oyster. CAREFULLY use an oyster knife to open them. (Please do not use a kitchen knife.... this is a wonderful way to lose the use of your hand) In
I'm thinking I won't be going to uni this year. Atleast next year I will be doing the subjects that I actually want to, English lit and maybe re-take History although my teacher says that's still debatable because she wasn't happy with the way the exam was marked. And I should watch the news more often, apparently this year is the first time ever where the amount of applicants for uni was waaaaaaaay over than places available...bollocks. I always assumed in UK as long as you got the money you can pretty much go to I guess not. When I got my results yesterday I did pretty well at holding myself together I think, I didn't give too much away...wway too many press around anyway. I even managed to smile and hug my friends who did well. I also got a reality check...yeaaaaaa I should stop expecting things to come easily to me lulz. I blame school, there it was so easy to pass and be clever but now I know I kinda have to put a bit more effort in and not just expect to be naturally
Anger Management
I've been watching "Say Yes to the Dress" for nearly an hour now.   I'm really starting to regret my impulse to destroy my remote control last night.   Can someone please please please come over and flip channels for me?  Please?
A Statement To The General Public
This isn't high school and this isn't my diary . This blog Isn't about anyone in particular. Don't be so vain . I'll keep it simple. If i have problems with some one, I wont sugar coat it . I also wont make it public . If we cant come to a solution , no need to make a scene about. i'll move on. its fucking fubar. I expect the same . I get the feeling the word "Drama" gets thrown around alot on here. If youre blogging about it, youre fueling the "drama". If you dont like me , that's fine . Just keep your mouth shut about me . I promise i'll do the same . I have the whole time . It's almost like speaking your mind is a fucking crime on here. Unless you buy them bling . I cant stress this enough , I'm not here to hold grudges , fight or be Keyboard hero . Outside this place and outside of work , there's a whole different world . Civilization.You should get out there and experience it. Anything you've heard about me , is most likely bull shit . If I've never had c
Png Finds Me Exciting
I start this with the disclaimer that PNG's ship has sailed.  Besides the fact that she's dating someone else, I found out she supports a tea party candidate, so yeah, uh no. But, even though we'll never dance, I am still awesome, because I just am.  Occassionally when I make trips to the communal candy jar, I may grab one for PNG, because I'm just a nice guy.  Plus its on top of a cubicle wall in the I/T hole and she cant reach. Today, I grabbed her one and left it on her desk on my way back.   She came over to tell me "You don't know how excited I was when I found that!" It's almost as if the poor girl has never experienced awesomeness.  I feel bad for her, too bad she didnt know how to recognize it when she had a shot at it. 
Trail Mix And Douchebags.
Apparently I have an affinity for trail mix and douchebags.   The trail mix part I can you go wrong when you put peanuts, raisins and m&ms together? honestly! throw some sunflower nuts in there and you have a slice of heaven....oh and w/ cashews?? even better!   but the douchebag part....I dunno...I even attract them in Buffalo.....had a guy telling me he'd move to Minnesota for me....and when I reminded him he hadn't even asked for my number he said "Thanks for reminding me!" and instead of taking out his phone he grabbed a handful of breast....*sigh*.....I'll stick to the trail mix.
We All Have At Least One... What's Yours?
Todays question is simple...   What is your most humiliating/gross/shocking/embarrassing moment during a sexual experience?       As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.     Please check out the other questions of the day.     Please Rate This Blog
Only Friends?!?!?!
Can men and women truly be ONLY friends, without one of them thinking of it becoming more at some point? If you have a friend of the opposite sex and are in a relationship, do you believe there are any "rules" that should be followed that differ from your same sex friends? Do you think that your partner has a right to be jealous or suspicious? And what can you do to ease these feelings?       As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
Wake Up And Smell The Douchebag
I spent a few hours in traffic court tonight.  One of the best things about Traffic Court is the melange of people you get to see.  The sixty'ish old ladies ticketed for texting while driving, to the mullet adorned for having illegal mods on his truck.  While I am sitting there quietly, the guy behind me is talking to his girlfriend quite loudly.  He's discussing his future funds, how he needs to buy a controller for like $120, and he owes his mom $50 for his kids diaper.  He said he still needs to go to the dollar store to buy his daughter a late birthday present.  Then they continue to talk about how they are going to decorate their place when they move in together. So I am thinking to myself, wow.  This girl doesn't seem to put together how shabbily he treats his daughter, the dollar store?  Yeah I understand she is a baby, hence the diapers, but if you treat the one person that you created and depends on you for everything like that... Yet this not unattractive girl doesn't do t
Brain Noms.
I was tagged in this note on Facebook. I figured I might as well post it here, too. Carry on! Have you read more than 6 of these books? The BBC believes most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books listed here. Instructions: Copy this into your blog. Bold those books you've read in their entirety, italicize the ones you started but didn't finish or read an excerpt. 33 I clearly need to read more often. There are far too many books listed below that I should have read by now, and that I would really love to enjoy. Regarding many of the titles in bold, I have read them, but could probably not carry on a lengthy discussion in their honor due to the fact the last time I truly enjoyed them, I was most likely in Junior High. I need to get on my ass (yes, on) and crack more of these open. Especially since the ones I have italicized, I actually own. Pure laziness on my part. I must make amends! It does somewhat sadden me that The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe made the list. Not
Hi..i'm Here Adore Me
So,... Yeah, sorry I have been MIA Between work and hanging with my friend that popped into town for the holidays...well..I haven't had much time to do anything lol I know for a fact I was missed by one person...he texted me and told me so The rest of you with my cell :P Those that don't have it and missed me...well email me or something lol ANNNNNNNNNYWAY How was your Christmas? What's neW?
Cos Everyone Is Doing One!
And cos I remember Crazy Lips said she'd like to know more about me. :)   1. Do you like chinese food? I hate the food of my countrymen! Neh only joking, of course I do. I like the REAL kind and sometimes the junk you get in takeaways too. 2. How big is your bed? Single...but remember a British/European single is smaller than an American single. 3. Is your room clean? It's messy...I have a lot of stuff. 4. Laptop or Desktop computer? Laptop 5. Favorite comedian? Stephen Fry although technically I'm not sure if he's a comedian. 6. Do you smoke? PURPLE HAZE  YO! (Amsterdam) 7. Does anyone like you? I hope so! 8. Whats the sexiest thing about Condoleeza Rice? Who?10. Sleep with or without clothes on? I haz nightie, can't wear shorts/bottoms though. Always wake up with a wedgie. 11. Who sleeps with you every night? Moi 12. Do long distance relationships work? Probably not 13. How many times have you been pulled over by the police? Nevar 14. Pancakes or French T
How Do I Fill Out A Cca?
The CCA form is sent to members after they have made several purchases on fubar. The CCA process verifies you are the card holder. Most likely you have been sent this form before and ignored it. Copy and paste this link into your browser and you SHOULD be able to access the online CCA form.  If the above link does not work or you are using someone else's card, you will have to Download the CCA form and FAX or email a signed copy to (650) 261-9669 or .  Click Here to Download CCA Form Here If you use debit/pay as you go or multiple cards, please note in the comments and list the card. If you use PAYPAL, please enter your account information that you have registered with PAYPAL. We are NOT asking you for credit card numbers or anything we do not have on file from your previous transactions.  Anyone using someone's card other than their own is required to complete a CCA form and have the card holder cosign the form. Click Here
I Shanked At Fubar...
Soooo yesterday was fun...ha. Anyways, thanks for Bama for the God Mode, etc that was nice of her. Sorry I didn't get back to everyone I think I actually hit 20 million in various forms. Crazy! Anyways, I had a big fat ol Fubar fail yesterday right. So the new levels came out in the morning and I was like oh wow I might actually be like yanno, one of the first few people to get to at least a 46 right? Welp, so i run around doing all the stuff just figured I'd activate the God Mode and it would also include the boomerang requirement, guess what. Shank! lol. It doesn't. So yeah, even people that have been here forever can shank at Fubar. Am I mad? No, it's actually pretty funny. I just figured I'd share a personal fail with you all. See, even I can screw along the info for future level 46's to be...have a Happy Memorial Day weekend and peace..

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