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From Douchebag To Hustling? Lmao
OK so my week started with my 5 year old daughter calling someone a douchebag. She used the word perfectly and even explained to me why the person was considered a douche. She is too smart and usually is very clever in her word choice to cause you to feel inadequate in many ways. This simple use of the word douchebag floored me. Today, my 10 year old daughter approached me as we were getting ready to leave the house and handed me a list of orders for Japanese erasers. She then said, "Mom, I have customers at school." I looked at her kind of confused at first and then realized what she was saying. She proceeded to explain to me that in the store we charge 99 cents for the erasers and with tax it comes out to $1.06 and stated, " Mom, I'm charging $1.50 and I want my 20% discount." I just stood there like an idiot I am sure and dropped my bag. So freakin adorable...but wow. :P
The Rules
After God Made Adam And Eve He Sat Them Down For A Talk, Ok God Said I Have Only One Rule So Pay Attention, We Are Listening Adam And Eve Said Together, Good God Said My One Rule Is Dont Eat The Apple, Ok They Said, God Said Now Do You Have Any Questions, Eve Kept Silent But Adam Said I Do, Ok What Is It God Asked, Adam Said Can I Put My Weiner In Her Butt ,God Said Ok I Changed My Mind There Are 2 Rules Dont Eat The Apple And Adam Dont Stick Your Weiner In Her Butt, Then Adam Said What If I Stick The Apple In There, God Said As Long As You Dont Eat It Thats Fine
The Last Defense Of The Guilty Is Accusing The Innocent
Well the fuckers are at it again. And this time accusing me of stealing my own code.  so lets see now beside the lounges i have done mydself .. by proxy i can add two more to the list. SF and club socal. What sad is the lack of understanding as to what makes the code work. the best part is they keep stealing old versions of my code so i tend to laugh alot. jsut further goes to show... my innovation v thier sad attempts at imitation. So thanks agian who ever is passing out the code i wrote in in Trivium ... sooner or later my code will be in every lounge in fu .. just the ones i have done will be fully functional...alright that being said. i have bigger shit to worry about any more than poor reproductions of my work . thanks for making me famous yet again .. I see they have taken my advice though send in the morons and the imitators. cause this just keeps gettin more entertaining.    hint .. were u ppl to ask for help with ur own code i would gladly help. but i will not fix my code th
Got Promo Ideas???
United Airlines Flight 93
UNITED AIRLINES FLIGHT 93: FROM NEWARK TO SAN FRANCISCO; CRASHED IN RURAL SOUTHWESTERN FIELD IN PENNSYLVANIA AFTER PASSENGERS HEROICALLY SAVED THE CAPITOL AND THOUSANDS OF LIVESCREWLorraine G. Bay, 58, East Windsor, N.J.*Sandra W. Bradshaw, 38, Greensboro, N.C.*Jason Dahl, 43, Denver, Colo.*Wanda Anita Green, 49, Linden, N.J.*Leroy Homer, 36, Marlton, N.J.*CeeCee Lyles, 33, Fort Myers, Fla.*Deborah Welsh, 49, New York, N.Y.*PASSENGERSChristian Adams, 37, Biebelsheim, Germany*Todd Beamer, 32, Cranbury, N.J.*Alan Beaven, 48, Oakland, CA*Mark K. Bingham, 31, San Francisco, Calif.*Deora Frances Bodley, 20, San Diego, Calif.*Marion Britton, 53, New York, N.Y.*Thomas E. Burnett Jr., 38, San Ramon, Calif.*William Cashman, 57, North Bergen, N.J.*Georgine Rose Corrigan, 56, Honolulu, Hawaii*Patricia Cushing, 69, Bayonne, N.J.*Joseph Deluca, 52, Ledgewood, N.J.*Patrick Joseph Driscoll, 70, Manalapan, N.J.*Edward P. Felt, 41, Matawan, N.J.*Jane C. Folger, 73, Bayonne, N.J.*Colleen Laura Fraser, 5
few realize this word. ACCEPTANCE, means to be unconditional taken for who they are or what they stand for. Too many judgements pass without so much as a thought required to think of what it may be truly like to be "in someone else's shoes". We make "assumptions" based on looks, appearance, and attitudes, but these are merely NOT enough "grounds" to decide if a person is truly worthy of our respect. If we dont learn acceptance at a point to where a person may be in their lives, then how can we make assumpmtions, or "judgements" on whether we can befriend them or not? HAVE we walked in someone elses shoes? people do wrong, they make mistakes, but where is forgiveness in a persons heart? Where is love and unconditional "help" a point....mind you, towards a person who may be lost, lost to the point of no return, lost to the point of just no longer caring anymore. We get angry at people simply because they gave us a "stare"across the room, or simply because they seem "stupid" in our
September 11th
I logged on today. Fu was so quiet. I remember what I was doing on 9/11. It was a regular day when I woke up. I took a shower and headed up to work to pick up my paycheck. I walked into work and everyone was crying. I was like "wahts going on"? They took me into a room with a TV on. I was like "is this a movie"? They said no it the twin towers. I was like "in New York"? They said yes! I stood there and watched the second tower fall surrounded by co workers my tears fell like rain. I was in dis belief that this my home, my safe place and my freedom was gone. I cried for days. My cousins wedding was that Friday and our family was thankful to be together. My cousin stood in her beautiful wedding dress with my uncle. (who recently passed, God bless his soul.) There behind them was the American flag. I cried like a baby. Today I remember with sadness the events that took so many lives. The absolute disrespect for human life I still do not understand. I feel unsafe now. I feel as though my f
My Feelings About September 11th
I couldn't imagine being on a plane thinking I was going home to see my family and never make it...   I couldn't imagine being in the WTC and just went to work to feed my family and the last thing I see before I die is a plane coming toward my office and not having a chance to say goodbye...   I couldn't imagine being on the floor above the plane crash and feeling like suicide was my only way out...   I couldn't imagine being a firefighter and going into the WTC to save lives and lose mine ...   I couldn't imagine waiting for my loved one to come out of the WTC only for them to never make it...   I couldn't imagine growing up without my mom or dad because a terrorist killed them for his beliefs...   COULD YOU IMAGINE?? I WILL REMEMBER  9/11 LIKE I DO MY NAME...ITS SOMETHING I CAN'T EVER FORGET!!
Where I Was Sept 11, 2001
I walked into my station as the 2nd tower was hit.   "What movie are you guys watching?" I asked my co workers.   "Umm, no this is live, in New York. They don't know the fuck is going on"   I was an emt working for a private ambulance company in Chicago at the time. I had been out of school a little over 6 months. We sat in horror watchhing the events unfold before us on the tv. Eventually we had to get in our ambulances and try to work. All of our "routine" calls were cancelled for the day. So we sat in our rigs, with white knuckles. I kept waiting for a call on the radio that they had hit the Sears Tower. If that was the case, it would have been all hands on deck. We sat in silence. Listening for any updates from dispatch. Listening to news radio for any updates or news on what was going on.   I was 21 at the time. Lived on my own. My mom called, and was screaming at me "come home right this instant!the world is ending and you can't be at work right now!!!"   I told her "No
A Note For My Friends
Just thought I'd let you all know that, starting tomorrow (Monday the 13th) and running for the next 11 weeks (through Nov 22) I'm going to be taking a class that will hopefully help position me to get a better job (so I can have a little bit more money to waste on Fubar! LOL!). I point this out because I honestly don't know how much this will cut into the free time I have for Fubar.  All I know at the moment is that, at the very least, I'll be out the 3 hours the class meets on Mondays and Thursdays, plus an hour driving time.  I don't know how much time I'll need to spend studying, but I will put studying over Fubar.  I will try my hardest to keep up with my daily rates for the PR group (for those of us who are still rating!), and to keep rating all my friends! :)
My Best Friend
well here i am whatelse to threw me out ,,,u threw me away...Crying over and over u need a friend...each time u chew me up and spit me out again..My life was not made to die for you..You spun me sum lies ..found out none were true...In the end your fatal attack,,is why i want a dagger tattooed in my back.Opposite extremes u soon will learn...Soon comes time u take ur turn .Your way of life it makes u fail..True happiness will never prevail...All u made me believe about me...slowly leaves my mind..Feelings of dread can be left behind...Sorry my friend u wouldnt believe me...But instead took it on to continually decieve me...One day u will awake and see loss of your best friend....Well .... kick urself in the ass again...I truly can not any longer repeat this mistake....My life stops each time u cause heartbrake..Seem to think i wouldnt let go because you think you are GOD!! No i had to just learn how to let go of a fraud.
Working Overtime
Working Overtime It was 4 p.m. and the office was shutting down for the day. Stephanie Thompkins was at her desk looking through the stack of correspondence that must be taken care of in the morning, when the phone rang. It was him. "Be in my office in five minutes," she said and hung up the phone. The thought of having the building's electrician she had been flirting with in her office set her heart racing. Five minutes...enough time to go to the bathroom, freshen up, and give her desk the appearance of organization. Two assistants were killing time in the bathroom when she got there. Their faces blushed red as they quietly picked up their purses and left to go back to their desks. "Got ya," she thought with a grin spreading across her face, "It's nice to be the boss." Stephanie peed quickly and washed her hands. She took a little more time putting her hair back into place as she looked to see if her makeup needed to be refreshed. After deciding that the makeup wou
i really really really hate men right now. their stupid and dumb; they think with ONE BRAIN! and its not the smart one. and we must always need them or be under their thumbs!! im sick of it!! im a big girl and i dont need their help!! im fucking DONE!!!
Cam Whores
Why do cam whores list the Philipines, mainly as their residence?  A. True B. Swerdlovsk is hard to pronounce
I shall state this very succinctly.  If you have a problem with my mumms, if you report, you are the dope.  If you want to block me tell me first, please.  If you don't to be friends because of my friends, good health to you.   This blog was plagiarized a little from Crazy Lips' blog
All Hail The Hearthbreaks--the Spill Canvas
"All Hail The Heartbreaker"I had the notion that you'd make me change my ways My bad habits would be gone in a matter of days I had the feeling that you'd open up my eyes To a whole new world that had since been in disguise But that day will most likely never come for me And it's just my luck to end up getting stuck To everything you are So tonight I'll sit and pick apart your pictures And overanalyze your words But the truth is that I've never fallen so hard It's taking everything in me Just to forget your sweater so far I had the notion that you'd make me forget the world But your undecisive mind shows me that You are "just another girl" I had the feeling that those looks you gave me were real What if I ripped your heart apart at the seams Maybe then you'd know how I feel But that day will most likely never come for me And it's just my luck to end up getting stuck To everything you are So tonight I'll sit and pick apart your pictures And overanalyze your words But the truth is that I
Lameness That I Want To Clarify.
I seem to have wound a few people up on here. I don't know how this has happened because lets be honest, I'm lovely! But as it has happened, people seem to constantly give the same lame remarks and/or carry out the same lame actions...   So, hopefully, with this blog entry, people will get a better understanding of their mistakes and hopefully, see the error of their ways! Here goes...   1. Yes, I maybe do look ever so slightly feminine. Does that really mean I've gotta read that lame comment, over, and over, and over, and over again? Seriously, I look feminine, get over it already. 2. I'm a troll apparently? Well, I disagree with this too to a certain extent. Fair enough I wind people up in my own foolish but slightly fun, light-hearted way! But if you were to ask me to define a troll, I'd say that a troll is someone who dedicates his or her time to winding people up and in essence, winding people up is literally a hobby to a troll in which they dedicate a lot of time and effort
People Shouldn't Judge...
  I have a huge problem with people stereo typing single parents...just got done reading something that was to a point, maybe correct to a certain extent, but in another sense disturbing...not all single parents made a bad decision in whom they had children with...unfortunately life isn't never was and never will be...I didn't choose to be a single parent, but that is the cards I was dealt...and I take the responsibility seriously...I have other friends who are single parents who also have been left to raise their children on their own and also take their responsibility does not make us bad people because the other person was the "wrong" person for one reason or another...I would rather raise my children alone than have their biological father be a part of their least now, they have a chance to be influenced with morals and values that I was raised with and not with the backwards back stabbing lies that they could have been raised with....sometim
Make up my feeble mind?  Are only boring people infected with boredom?
On Eagles Wings
On Eagles Wings Written by Michael Joncas Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint."         Refrain And He will raise you up on eagle's wings, Bear you on the breath of dawn, Make you to shine like the sun, And hold you in the palm of His Hand. Refrain And He will raise you up on eagle's wings, Bear you on the breath of dawn, Make you to shine like the sun, And hold you in the palm of His Hand. Refrain And He will raise you up on eagle's wings, Bear you on the breath of dawn
'bye Bob"
  "Bye Bob, my friend, you haven't left me yet - but you will. Too soon you'll be going on the final journey without me. I know the tears are for me because I will niss you so much.   No more night time cuddles, no more pats on the arm to encourage more stroking of your head and back. No more watching your funny attempts to catch imaginary creatures only you could see. No more so many things.   Though we never spoke the same language we understood each other. Amazing really. You made friends with the neighbours. You were (are) such a character. You are the best.   So 'bye Bob,
    Not sure why I am sharing this. I guess you had to be there because it struck me funny. If you don't know the rapper T.I., read no further.   I was in the car today, and while driving, I was listening to the radio as usual. Well this commercial came on and I can't remember what it was for. This is what the announcer said...   "What if T.I. surfed the internet often? T.I. would give TMI...and you'd be all like "OMG"...and he'd be like "LOL Mutha fucka!!"     For some reason that struck me funny and thought I'd share. It is pointless info so get over it.     Love, Peace, and Nappiness!      
What Does It Mean
What does to fuck someone's brains out mean, who wants to fuck an imbecile?
Part 5a In The Girl Friday Series...players: The Boss, Girl Friday And ?
Whats in the box?   From Part 4…"The horses." she answered, her face flushing. "Yes, Girl Friday, the horses. I've always had a love of horses, and I have quite a few. Horses are so strong, sleek and powerful, and yet they submit to their master, giving him control over their strength, just as the mare was submitting to her stallion."He turned the box toward her, and opened the lid, exposing the contents...----------------------------------------Girl Friday looked into the box, but only saw what looked like black leather covering the rest of the contents.The Boss turned the box away from her, and then reached in and pulled something out.  As he held it up, she could see that it *was* made of black leather, it looked like a body suit of some kind, with ruffs of dark fur or hair at the wrists and ankles.The Boss said "I had this made just for you, I hope that it fits.""Just for me?  Boss, what exactly is it?He replied "It's a body suit made of a special material, like
Kick In The Teeth
We live in a cold dark world with venom in it's fangs. You can spit it in my face but I know I'll be ok It's on the attack. It's a war, It's a game. A ball and chain chew my arm off to get away Don't fight, or it deny it, invite it cause when it .. Feels like a kick in the teeth, I can take it. Throw your stones and you won't see me break it. Say what you want, take your shots. You're setting me free with one more kick in the teeth (Na na na na na) Kick in the Teeth (na na na na na na) I gotta say thanks cause you kick me when im down I'm bleeding out the mouth. I hope you know I'm stronger now. I'm taking the hate, I'm turning it all around. I wont go down 'til I'm six feet underground. Dont fight, or it deny it, invite it, cause when it ... Feels like a kick in the teeth, I can take it. Throw your stones and you won't see me break it. Say what you want, take your shots. You're setting me free with one more kick in the teeth (na na na na na) Kick in the teeth (na na na na na) Wha
I'm not sure what is sparking my latest political thoughts, but I'm having them. I'm also not sure why I'm sharing how I feel about things. It's not like me at all. I've always said that I'd never talk about politics, and I'm doing it. Oh goes. I don't understand the governments thoughts on the latest round of stimulus checks. I think the idea is decent, but they should have went about it so different. Seems to me that if the only people who got them are the people that received clothing vouchers for their children, they should be used for the children. I'm not saying that every person is using the money for "non-child related purchases", but I have a feeling that most are. I know of one woman that got $500, not even a week ago, and it's already gone.  I just think that if the money is suppose to be "for the children", why not give them a voucher for food to a grocery store, with restrictions for food only. Or how about something to an office supply store to get school
Semi-political V.2
Welfare. The idea of welfare is a great thing. It helps people out. However way too many people are taking advatage of it.   Before I got my car. I was told that I could get help getting one through them. So I schedule a day off to down there. I had to have the whole day off because there are so many people there waiting to get help, you have to wait for hours. When I get up to the window to tell them what I'm there for, the woman asks me if I "get a check". I had to have her repeat herself and I told her no. I couldn't get help getting a car because I don't get a welfare check. Now that check is NOT the same as a disability check. My Mom gets one of those and it's not issued by the state. Anyway, I couldn't get help. I work my ass off, making shit for pay, but since I don't get paid to set on my ass, I can't get a FREE car. It's not them HELPING people, they GIVE them a car. In a nutshell, I work and pay my taxes so some people can get free food, a place to live, and a free car.
This Profile
This profile will be mainly showcasing my friends and fans who I believe are very nice people
Week 1, Day 1
So I started the Couch to 5K today.   I'm not a runner.  Never have been.  My boobs have always interfered.  (Laziness too.)   I finally said screw it.  I'm getting older and my body's feeling it.  I figured I'd better do something before I couldn't anymore.   It actually felt good.  I didn't run very fast, or very far, but I completed the program for today.  That's a lot for me.   I need some motivation though, so you fu-fucks need to make sure I get off my ass and do stuff, OK?
*jumping To Conclusions Takes A Leap Of Faith
Giving up sounds betterThan giving inSay goodbye in a letterBut where do I beginMaybe I should goAnd face the truthAnd things I don't knowAt times I feel like fightingBut I don't have anything left to giveWith every breath I'm dyingI don't want to liveI never meant to hurt youNever meant to be so scaredBut spend a day in my shoesAnd you'll that see no one caresAll the memories feel rejectedAll the pain so realI never wanted to be neglectedI only wanted to feel
Moms And Love
My mother passed away this morning, she was eighty years old, I live far away but I tried to call once a month.  Don't leave a person without telling that you love them. She always did that after every phone call.  May the Lord bless everyone with happiness and peace. I am not asking for sympathy, just giving information.  If i wanted sympathy I would have written it in my status.
[somewhere Along The Lines, I Forgot How To Scramble Eggs]
Discount coffee. So one night I was watching Julia Child's omelette episode.And about died.No eggs in the house.Zero.But I got down the tech technique and hardware after I got my carI can't quite do a snappy ass flip yet with my busted ass shoulder and my 8lb skilletbut ... I did make one hell of a two-egg omeletteI once watched a guy make this ... perfect orb of omelettehe was a french trained japanese chef that worked in a world class chinese banquet... yeah that's confusing.It was a combination of techniques, and I do in fact idolize that omelette.He tapped, tilted and fried with perfect execution.But I'll walk first.With a trifold french omelette.One of the simplest things to cook... one of the easiest to fuck up.And I did it in my cast iron skillet on a larkI heard such things were impossible.butmy skillet heats evenlythoroughlyand you can't do high heat on a non-stick.They're serious about a few things folks.ButterEven coat, not brownedshould be hot enough to bubblethe eggs shoul
Read The Warning Label!
it still makes me laugh til I cry..... (the read is worth it) Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized Tazer. The effects of the Tazer were supposed to be short lived, with no long term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety....?? WAY TOO COOL! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home.. I loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button and pressed it against a metal surface at the same time, I'd get the blue arc of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs. AWESOM
Script Idea, Please Give Feedback, Stupidity Will Be Deleted.
Scene 1: Burning the PastOpen on a large field a night.  We see a fire a distance away.Slowing zoom forward to fire, a figure begins to gain detail as come upon her.CUT to close up of girl crying.CUT TO: Box in girl's hand, filled with pictures and letter and other things a boyfriend and girlfriend would exchange.CUT TO: We watch as she slowly throws in pieces into the fire. (perhaps a quick time lapse of the box slowly emptying into the fire)We finally get to the bottom of the box.  CLOSE UP: of GIRL picking it up. It is a newspaper clipping. CUT back to fire of burning pictures and notes, some still visible to camera.CUT back to the GIRL.CUT to clipping, it is a obituary, "Local Teen Killed in Tragic Accident"(or something like that)CUT TO: Close up on girl's face, tears freely streamingWide shot of Girl as she slowly kneels and sets the clipping and the box in the fire.Medium shot: Girl, closes eyes and swallows hard. Wide shot: girl gets up and slowly turns and walks away.Slowly zo
Oooo..."master" Alex...lmao   So, "Master" Alex here decided to give me a "shout" in the shout box: misterak20: hello... i have to admit that you have a very submissive appearance to me. it seems as if you are waiting for someone who takes control. you have a sort of body language as if you are that sort of female i prefer to see with a collar arround her neck instead of a necklace. and i am sure i am correct about your personality about that. *snorts* Wow, how observant...NOT! Oddly enough, when I responded back to this winner, he went all silent. Hmm, yeah, just as I thought. "Master" my ass. Check out his profile too. Lots a real interesting info on him. *shakes head*
Happy Birtday Baby
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY   "I know that I havent been the best to you through the months, But I want so much for you to be happy, Because I love you with all my heart and its the best I cud do for your birthday Right now.Its early I know but who knows I might not be here tomorrow I love you chris NEVER forget it.This website is just what it is a site and it has a off button, But my love for you has no off button (your an angel) Happy Birthday baby I love you" I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Voyeur Cam Idea And What Its About
  ok so im starting a voyeur cam that means a cam thats basicly just turned on when im home.... im gana do everything i would do normaly with the cam just on no directing please im doing nothing to amuse you it is just an expiriment about people viewing into anothers life the more... probabaly wont be walking while on it.... cuz i wana treat it just like i would if it wrnt on means usuly not looking at myself whlile online and basicly u guy can just watch me.... do what id do any day.... but dont get to excited i live a pretty boring life oh i also will cover up when i smoke cuz i dont wana pass the legal to illegal grey line
Where Pain Used To Be
I wake up bent like a willow after having surrendered to you thoughts that once I didn't have grew into thoughts I pushed away but later became thoughts I spoke to you and you devoured them We were tangled so tightly I didn't know where I ended and you began. I was the drop of rain running down your neck across your shoulder and down your back and your skin responded with a quiver. And now, no breath remains my love stripped bare and everything I am rests within your hands. The sky opened last night and drenched us with everything we knew lay behind the wall of fear. We discovered that our souls  were made for each other. We forgot in those moments everything we were afraid of and where pain used to be now there are butterflies. Poem By Tammy C. 
Rant (nsfw)?
I know many have assumptions about me/ 1.  Just  because I am 51 and unmarried doesn't mean i am a koksucker 2. Just because I am a convert to Judaism doesn't mean I know only a little more than born Jews 3. Just because I have a preference for Asian women doesn't mean I cannot find a Jewish woman 4. That I am a wolf because I talk to young women   I know 1, 3, and 4 are contadictory, deal with it     5. Just because I don't mention my employment too often, doesn't mean I am unemployed  6. Because I have a beard I must be hideous looking without it, well actually that is true End of Rant
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What Would You Do?
Questions where the question "What would YOU do?" applies to them.   Answer the question, then repost a new question for others to answer as well :)    This should be an interesting experiment. Question Number One: What would YOU do if you were locked away in a room with me for 24 hours and all that was playing in the background was love making music? :P
I used to need to think things through on every possible level. Focusing on every minuscule details before I would even consider taking an appropriate action. Its funny how life forces us to change in ways we never could even imagine. It's forced me to no longer have any well thought out plan for awkward social situations.  It's forced me to break down my barrier walls and let people through. No longer able to hide behind a hardened bitch persona. Forced to admit that sometimes I need to let someone help me in life not only for my own sanity but people like to know they are wanted and needed.
Time Standing Still
One year and three months has passed since I lost my best friend, lover and husband. It seems like yesterday. I really thought I'd share some words of wisdom with y'all but for the life of me I can't find any. Peace out.
Experience Of How Childhood Pain Has Impacted My Life
The purpose of this poem is related to my own life and how there was a girl trapped inside and noone knew how a Grown woman held somuch hurt and pain inside. So here is a poem from that inner voice inside that was never heard. The title plays along with it becauseso many people have said that they know what I went thru and my response is " Can you?! Thru my EyEs! Noone can ever see 100% all the things thatyou have went thru in LiFe..."CAN YOU? THRU MY EYES"    For so long I have felt like a stranger hidden in disguiseCan you figure me out by glaring into my brown eyes?    Tell me what my soul has thirsted for in the past years?Can you total up yesterday's painful grieving tears?    I'm trapped inside a cold dark world of durange madness.Can you please help me to understand why all the sadness    Thru my eyes is a lost child reaching for the divine lightCan you see the helpless child inside of me triin hard to fight?    Time keeps slipping and no one can hear little girl cryCan yo
Kinda Weird This One :(
Im not sure how to take this or even what to make of it. The other mornin maybe 10 mins before I awoke, in my Dream I was runnin through a corn field, with my arms full of what I can only assume is sweet corn. Anyway, when i was crossin the road back to the house, out of the corner of my eye to the right, i caught this Black shadowy figure of a dog. But this wasnt any normal dog. An much to big by the looks of it to be a normal Wolff. It stood (on all fours) at my mid~section, jus beloew my chest. Thick furred, and as black as the night herself. This, figure was in my neighbors yard, middle of her lawn. As i started to take another step, out of the corner of my eye, I saw one right to the left of me. I mean I could reach out and pet it, thats how close it was. They were both identical in color and in height. They were eye to eye with me, almost. Now the only things Ive ever seen that big were in the movies, and that would be the Lyconthrope. NOt sure what alot of you think, but i fo
Raaage *cough Hack Cough*
So yea, this flu bug has finally caught up with me, and I feel like walking death.  Very annoying, and is going to make this weekend a pain in the ass, as I have Guard Duty.  Unfortunately, this isn't what is making me want to kill a man... I have the same financial advisor for school as another individual some of you know on here. ;)  Well, guess what....he didn't get my documentation turned in to the VA in time it seems, and I did not get my money by today....this is very bad, as I use this money to pay my mortgage for the month....which ends today...  To make matters worse, I have an appt. with my student advisor in about an hour, and she shares the same office as him.  I'm going to have a tough time, not unleashing on this fucker when I see him.  Not many things make me see red these days, but fucking with my money and livelihood is at the top.     **Update**   So, I talked with the finance guy at school, and found out he actually did not mess up, the VA had to amend my status
Approaching Girls
Why is it that most girl's are afraid to approach other girls if they like them? I just don't get it! I know if I am out and see a girl that I think is beautiful I would go up to her and talk to her. I have no problem approaching other girls if I am attracted to them. Are girls just scared to be rejected thinking the girl is straight or just not into them? Or maybe its a height issue! I mean what is the worst that could happen that the girl say's no. So what if she does! I just know I am kind of tired of approaching other girls; It would just be nice if a girl would approach me for a change. I am not picky when it comes to dating. Ill date a girl if she is femme like me or butch or black or white. So any reason why girls are scared ?
Life On The Lake
I live in a small, non-descript house. It isn't anything special, and wouldn't cause you to look twice or even notice it really, in the middle of nowhere. Literally.  I am 15 minutes from the town my address says I live in. You are not within walking distance to anything except the dirt road that brings you to my house. I am alone out here, 9 months out of the year.   In the summer, we have neighbours. Transplants from the city getting away to the country for summer fun. It isn't even that big a city actually. The population is under 250,000.   My small town has a population of less than 1200. The town lines go far and wide though, as most small towns do, in order to afford conveniences like trash pick-up and such. It takes about 45 minutes to run the highway from one end of my town to the other. There isn't much in between.     It grows quiet here, after a summer of family and friends visiting, boat rides, tubing  and waterski lessons,of frog hunting and tadpole catching,
[its No Small Wonder]
that people hate tomatos.Seriously, the ones we're exposed to are canned, or ...blechkI swear 90% of the tomatos I've had in my life tasted more like ... wet nothing.Its a damn shame really, and apparently this area suffered a mater famine, soyou guessed it, prepackaged, mass shipped, color treated, barely mature (barely legal) tomatos in my salad.*sigh*I've had ketchup that tasted more like tomato.Man what I'd give for a big, bumpy, knobby, purple heriloom, bursting with seeds and actual flavor.Sure they look like a tumor. But that doesn't matter after you cut them. Also, I woke up today thinking about band tattoos.My beloved readers, I still think they're an awful idea.And I may have mocked you for this already.Here's why.Snoop Dogg is a voice actor on children's movies.Abba sucks.And Steve Tyler is going to be a judge on American Idol.That is the antithesis of rockand music.Sure, you never know when your beloved music gods are going to sell out.I meanTrent has done some shitty shit
Welcome To Fubar By Quest is an 18+ Website!  Welcome to Once you get here. There are some things you may just want to read or look at: Fubar has a Fubar Bible to help you with most of what you will see while you're on the site Fubar also has a Support Lounge available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Some of the people you will find in Fubar Support are site Bouncers, Bouncers-in-training, and Lounge Moderators. If you need to find a Fubar Coder sometimes one is available in Fubar Support or you can send one of them a Private Message All the staff there are here to help make your time spent on enjoyable and helpful! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fubar gives you a creative way to meet new people online, and listen to music, or video chat, and more! Heres a l
Another Douch
DJ MAYO aka Mayo James Staley was telling me that he wanted to be with me and then confessed undying love for some old ugly woman in his status. Just be warned ladies that this is not a REAL man and has some growing up to do! If you are in his family or ranked on his page you have been blocked from mine and are not reading this anyway. I really don't care anymore. I am making sure that I don't have anything to do with anyone close to him! I'm done with his whole lot of miscreates.
I here to claim that with all the fake profiles and ppl on here, that it doesnt seem like a bad idea to make ranks and get fakes out of here or less to deal with to make it a requirement for someone to have to have a salute in order to get passed rank 5. i know i ain't the only person  to think this just think it would be better off. Thanks for the time,  Checotah
What Kind Of Gambling Are You?
You Are Bingo You are easy going and popular. You have a lot of friends in your life. You are a social person and you enjoy camaraderie. You prefer to do most things with a group of fun people. You love conversation, and you're happy to chat with almost anyone. You simply like people. Old friends appreciate your loyalty and good advice. New friends appreciate how friendly you are. What Kind of Gambling Are You? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
The Gourd Test
You Are Authentic You love who you are, and part of what you love is that you're very different from most other people. You may be unique and a bit odd, but you embrace that about yourself. Your confidence shines through. You are honest and truthful. You would never hide who you are, especially from yourself. You wish more people kept it real. You're interested in learning who people truly are. The Gourd Test Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!
Please Support All Vietnam Vets After All These Years .. Please
I spent the day writing a short letter to all the US Senators and sent them an email   The web site that you can use to write to your two state sentators by email to inform them that you would like equity for Vietnam Vets from almost 40 years back. The Navy veterans are not considered as having exposure to agent orange because they were alegedly too far away to be exposed.  The truth is that the AO was in the water of the Gulf of Tonkin and they sailors in the gulf drank it after it went through the desalination processors, ate food prepared in AO and they also bathed in AO each day.  Bt these civilian law makers don't want to realize that they were exposed thinking that AO never entered into the Gulf of Tokin when there was millions upon millions of gallons sprayed into the jungles of Vietnam and they it went into the rivers and flowed out into the gulf as well as the winds of Vietnam carried the spray  hundreds of miles in all directions. Please help our dying
Want To Say A Lil Words To My True Friend And The New Friends Too
I am a very simple person here to help those in need I do the things I do from the goodness of my heart I dont ask for much jus RESPECT me and my family please I will do whatever u ask of me cuz I believe if u are true to someone till the end ... U will bless others with ur kindness i pass around helpin people in random some jus block me some actually appreciate what i do ...  All i ask is pass it around the FULUV I have shown my friends and Family. And for future friends all are welcome my Name Is Raul And I am a true friend and gentleman who will always have a hand to help ... Thanx FUBAR !!
He Is A Fag
LOOK WHAT THIS FAG SAED 2 ME, piranah lo...: lets video chat sexy man
Um. Hello?
Since when has "Hey, Sexy!" or "Damn you hot!" been considered as a valid opening statement? Okay...really. I have a name. You can't say you don't know it since it's posted on the fucking interweb for all to see... I'm highly amused at the fact that 3/4 of every message I get starts off like that and then they proceed to wonder why in the world I don't say anything back. What ever happened to saying "Hello?" Isn't that how we've been taught to conduct a conversation? I don't know about you, but when I was a wee bambina, I was taught that when you are approaching a person whom you are about to converse with the first thing you do is say "Hello." Sure there are many other opening phrases that have been created over the years that are considered "Acceptable" and I am fine with them. But let's be real. Fubar is not a motherfucking club. You do not need to be approaching ladies like an idiot with your lame pick up lines or trying to show you're cooler than you are by calling us nothing bu
Inquiries About My Profile... Damn Stalkers Lmao!
Suicide---a Comedy
(This is a true story. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not.)   I should have known that my first marriage was over when my wife was disappointed I came back from Desert Storm alive. Generally, that is ominous enough to make a man consider his situation, but I slogged through for another three months before she left and took the kids and headed back to Arizona.   Overnight I went from a devoted dad in a nice three-room house who was a Sunday school teacher in a nice church to a pariah, a statistic, alone. Instead of a nice house with a huge yard where I could play with my 4 year-old daughter and 2 year-old son, I got shoved into a three-man room with two of the most insane 20 year-old skirt chasers the Army had ever seen. Mud, the young black guy from Yazoo, Mississippi, used to hang from the lighting fixture for hours doing pull-ups to increase the size of his arms. Sweet Lew, his partner, used to bounce a basketball against his locker over and over again, until the s
[i Had This Dream For A Whole Year]
Going down the rabbit hole. Brb.   KI just watched all the marble hornets videos.And totheark's responses.You know those...things...those things that you know aren't real but... every fucking culture has a corresponding meme to it?I had a recurring nightmare.And nothose aren't just literary devicesof a man standing in the middle of a dark roadhe had powerover the spaceover the lightsand those footstepsthoseslowtrodding footsteps.He was the rag man.I didn't even know what the rag man was until I was fucking twenty.But that was him.And every night I woke upsputtering,gaspingsweatingfor over a year.Closer to 3 off and on.This wasn't just the excited imagination of an eight year old.I was an adolescent.And I remembered every squeeze, every scrape, every choke.Every night.Cultures that had no exposure to each other all have their respective rag man legends.He takes children in the night or... particularly nosey adultsThey never reappear.Some never reexist.I find that... fascinating?Terri
Sudden Urge To Write Tonight, For My Love, My Queen
When one is said to love,Do they truely know the meaning of the word?Or are they simply claiming it?Some know love, pure and happy, sweet and divine.I know this word they call love.For it burns in my heart, it cultivates in my every action.I yearn for love's touch, I crave love's attentionMy love is my own, now and forevermore.Days pass, weeks pass, yet still I press on,I press on towards the happiness that I know in my heartIs right in front of me, closer day by dayIt is this light, this happiness, that keeps me upright,That keeps me strong, strong for my love, for all eternity.I will not let go, I will not falter, I will not fail.This my vow, this is my promise, and on my life, I will not fail.
Attention Whores
As I sit here on my bed surfing the world of Fubar, I tend to watch the Blasts every now and again. It amazes me what some people put up there. Look. I've realized that every post I've written has made me sound like an angry bitch. I'm really not one. I am simply stating what I feel is stupid. It's the honesty/bluntness part of me. I can't control it. If you don't like what I have to say, then stop reading. Not hard. Anyway! What was I talking about? ....oh right. Blasts. I can't say I'd never do one...since I do have one up there. (For another 4 1/2 hours) It was a gift...give me a break. Honestly though...It amuses me what some people would actually put on there. Are people that vain and self centered that they actually think they are awesome enough to even say half of the shit they have up there? My favorites are the ones that basically say I will love them and they will become my new obsession. Really? Me clicking your picture inside that Blast Box will do such things? If that's
The Orange Of Sin. Created
 Your touch is softer than your skin,Lips are more adddicting than any drug they should be a sin,They sweetness is diden deep insider your out shell,So is the necture of a orange hding behind its pell till you cut into it's prtective cell,Warm and surgary,Luquidty and rich as honey,Gushing and oozing,Eatable as well as drinkable,Addicting with the frist tast,When its tottaly gond your left wanting, craving more,Even though you feel refreshed and quenched,Pure satifaction is but a kiss, touch ,taste and word away,If thee wants they orange then thee but needs to ask. ©
 "AMERICA!"   I don't know who put this together but, they deserve a lot of credit.   Osama Bin Laden, your time is short; We'd rather you die, than come to court. Why are you hiding if it was in God's name? You're just a punk with a turban; a pathetic shame.   I have a question, about your theory and laws; "How come you never die for the cause?" Is it because you're a coward who counts on others? Well, here in America, we stand by our brothers. As is usual, you failed in your mission; If you expected pure chaos, you can keep on wishing.Americans are now focused and stronger than ever; Your death has become our next endeavor.
Taking A Stand,is It Wrong?
I have done my research since I have had blogs,stash and status removed when others are free to say as they wish. So I will not mention any names in theis entry.I have had so many responses over this person trying to cyber bully me.I need to say this. NO-ONE has the right to talk you down to anyone and just because this is the Internet does not mean it is not real.Cyberbullying does not just apply to children. Never Respond to Cyberbullying Directly, The most important thing to remember about dealing with cyberbullying is to never, ever respond to the bully. I know it's difficult to do. I made the mistake of this. Remember that bullies are often lacking something crucial in their lives and they seek pain in others, so do not fill this void for them by giving them a reaction. Your re
Heart Of Gold
I sit here and try to figure out why people think its so easy to treat my like garbage. Then I think to myself? Maybe its because I allow them to. Maybe its because I trust when I shouldn't. I allow people to hurt me. Maybe I need to be like a other women. A cold hard bitch to be respected. I rather have a heart of gold then allow myself to hate or mistrust. I will continue to let people hurt me because I beleive in love kidness and forgiveness. I beleive in allowing someone to be genuine. I have yet to find a man who can do that. They all treat me like a door mat. They wipe thier shoes on me and move on. But, it ok. At the end of the day a lot of times in tears I know in my heart that I am a good person worthy of being loved and cherished. I say today I am worth it. I say today........Maybe you are not!
Why Is It...?
Why is it that... - ...people run hoarbling and keep their profiles friends-only? - ...people beg for help but don't help you? - ...I have 11 points and can only shitface 10 people? - ...people want to vote for someone with "family values" but elect a goober who says he was hiking, but was actually with his mistress in Argentina? - ...people are anti-abortion, until their daughter gets pregnant? - ...people complain about being overweight while eating a large bag of chips and watching "reality" shows? - ...people believe "reality" shows? - ...peepel posts public stuff with mispelled werds and grammar misteaks and complain when you correct them right? - ...I really don't care anymore about "reaching across the aisle"? -'s such a bad thing to elect a witch to public office? - ...I feel like burning an elephant? Okay... That's all - feel free to add your own.... And go comment on the previous blog entry, please... Rock on! Shawn Additions: Why is it that... - ...peop
Just A Number
I am blessed to live to see another year.  I never take everyday for granted, and every birthday that I live to see, I look back to last year to see where I was and what I was doing, and what I was going through. One thing I have found out is life constantly changes and whatever you are going through - good or bad, doesnt last forever.  I am not saying good things come to an end but good things do change into something different.  Sometimes bad things,  but most of the time into something advanced.  There are times things play out like a television series, a season finale if you will.  Good, bad, the majority of life's situations come to a 'finale'.  Whether the situation is financial, personal, spiritual, relationships, or professional.  The point is, I am glad life changes and we need to look back at things not only bad or painful, but good things that happened to us as well.  The only thing we can do is learn from our life as we are blessed to live from year to year and although we
The Comeback Tour Part 1
I'm posting this here just for the sake of garnering some more attention for it and the writers' social site I created with my dear Olive. I don't know that too many people here will get it or enjoy it, but I figured it was worth a shot.    Also, if you'd like to read more, i'll give you the link to where parts 2-6 are posted. It's a serial story that hasn't seen it's end just yet.    We all have our Idols. I reckon that's the best way to explain what happened Tuesday at 4:15 p.m. Really, it explains the aftermath of "Elvis' Return To The Building--that's how I been referring to all this. It's Friday now. Been more than 3 days and even though I'm waiting in line for the Big Show down in Tallahassee, I'm still pretty clueless. Judging by how fast this line's movin', I imagine I'll figure a few things out pretty soon.Here's what I know so far.Every single radio station, television station, live web stream....every media outlet possible broadcast The Return. I happened to be at work.
A Convo With Cannibal
I thought this was funny:     To FangBangin...: Oh, Falkor isn't really oddball - he's just the absolutely perfect personality for a ferret - to a degree that it's an anomaly To FangBangin...: well, he's an oddball - but that's ferret behavior FangBangin...: animals adapt to their family  your animal is a direct reflection of you To FangBangin...: crap FangBangin...: that is a good thing  To FangBangin...: so, i'm goofy, insane, and I run funny? FangBangin...: you? To FangBangin...: I don't think I run funny
Good Girl Vs Bad Girl
Why is it that the "Good" girl the one with alot to offer doing her own thing, but makes sure to make time for her man, treats him with respect, loves him but gives him that room cause she needs it herself, doing her, but she doesn't get the man she wants but the "bad" girl the one who treats the man like ish, doesn't care what he thinks or feels, doesn't do for him, etc get him....and mind you the man is a real Man...alot to offer....intelligent, funny, God Fearing, Handsome, Knows the Meaning of WORK etc etc.  Just Curious...Thoughts?
When the cams started on Fubar i was happy, because i love looking at cams and pictures. Lately however it seems that because i am 67 years old , i am not supposed to look at cams, I am too OLD i am led to believe, I have never disrespected anyone here on Fubar.  Please give me the same respect I afford to you.   Just because i look at your cam does not make  me a pervert any more then the 21 year old looking at you. If you see me checking you out don't be suprised that I am a Grandpa..  Hence the name Gramps.....Just close your cam to me, if that bothers you, not a big deal.LOL   Just remember that if you are broadcasting, anyone who opens your broadcast can see you.  NO age limit on the cams, you just have to control that your self and be aware that there are people older then 21 on here.LOL Thanks for letting me vent.  Have a good day.
Unseen Friend
Although you are a friend of mineand letters we exchange,I wouldn't know you on the street,and doesn't that seem strange?You hold a place within my life,unusual and unique;We share ideals and special dreams,and still, we do not speak.I picture what I think you are,perhaps you picture me.An intriguing game for both of usfor someone we can't see.So for this friendship we possess,we owe this mail a debt,Perhaps the charm lies in the factthat we have never met.
Ball And Chains
So I just came home from the pool hall and a visit to Denny's afterwards with some friends. Mind you, it is 3:54am and quite the norm...until tonight. Tonight was different because one of the guys, who we play pool with, actually came to the after Denny's ritual which is unheard of. I never knew why really...until now. He, like most normal people of this world, has a job that requires him to wake up early; but that never keeps him from a good card game where he can possibly make a few hundred off of us. Usually he will end the night around 2 or 3am and then go home to his wife and kids and go about his daily life. Tonight he decided to hang out for a bit longer and we were more than happy to have him come along. So, as the normal routine goes on, cards are dealt and food is nom'd on. Here we are having a good time with some laughs, stories, smoke breaks and of course...the gambling. All of a sudden his wife calls, which was to be expected, and he tells her he is leaving in a few. Whic
A Death Announcement...
        An Obituary printed in the London Times - Interesting and sadly, rather true.        Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend,  Common Sense , who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:     - Knowing when to come in out of the rain;     - Why the early bird gets the worm;    
Trying To Understand Peoples Thinking
I just don't get people at times! I mean when you are out in public and someone approaches you and tries to get to know you and when they find out that your gay they act all weird and creepy all of a sudden! Its like they think you got germs or something and like stay away from me. I just dont get why people act that way around gay people. I just wish everyone would treat everyone the same. Is that asking too much? And I wonder how many of them have gay friends and don't even know that there friend is gay!
Help Vi R Us Fight A Disease?
This is Dylan.Dylan is five years old and has a sever case of Hemophilia B. Hemophilia B is a rare blood clotting disorder that doesn't allow for Dylan's body to heal when a blood vessel is broken. Thus a scab is never formed, and blood can poor from the open wound. In sever cases, bleeding can occur for weeks.Dylan has to be very careful about what he does, so he spends most of his time inside with his action figures and video games, because even a small cut could be devastating. October 17th is the Hemophilia walk and Dylan needs to raise $200 dollars before this point. We're almost there, sitting at $71. Care to help?You can donate as much as you wish, and it only takes a couple of seconds.I'll even provide the link! It would mean a lot to me, Dylan, and his family. Thank you.
Proud Moment
Im watching a show called QI where they ask seemingly obvious questions but you get points taken away for giving the wrong (obvious answer).   The question 'What is the most common metal found in the body' And the answers of 'iron' and 'mercury' was poo-pooed straight away! The answer was calcium...which is what I thought of straight away!!   I'm so proud of myself right now. :)
The Thoughts Of The Broken Hearted
I Want to cry I want to scream I want to tell you mostly.I hate that im afraid of everything   I hate that your the one thing i want most but cant have  I hate that you let me go before i even got to say goodbye I wiish that you would come back to me  I wish that i were strong enough to say NO to you I wish i could believe my own lies I tell you to cover up the pain you left I need to move on says my head I need to hold on says my heart I envy the way this hasnt hurt you at all I envy her I envy the fact that you dont understand what this feels like at all I want to hurt you I want to be with you I want this nightmare to be over I wish i could make things to the way they were before I wish i could change time I wish I could change you  I wish I could have hurt you before you hurt me I need you out of my thoughts I need you out of my heart I need to start doing things for me I hate that i gave you something that i can never have back Im tired of hoping aimlessly
My Lunch.
Okay, so I marked this NSFW cause I'm going to swear a lot. So I posted a picture of my healthy lunch on my facebook page, because I'm starting a diet (again).  Nearly identicial to my last diet.  Reason I posted the picture in the first place was because some people think I won't actually stick to it, nor start it.  But fuck them, I'm strong willed. Anyway... I posted the picture, it included; A turkey sandwhich with lettuce, bean sprouts, and very low fat mayo on whole wheat bread, celery sticks, and an avacado. A few of my friends gave me shit for it.  Saying, "Uhhh, avacados are bad for you, they are full of fat."  Well, I've done this before, and have dated body builders in the past that swear by them, blah blah blah, anyway, they are GOOD for you, they have the good kind of fat that your body needs, plus they are enriched with 20+ vitamins that are excellent for you, in all actuality, avacados are one of the healthiest things you can eat. Then I have one girl say, "Any fat in
[micheal Vick's Dog]
And no...I'm not letting this one go.So...My cousin was over this weekendand bear in mind, he can be kind of an idiot"ZOMG MY $3000 PURPLE COUCH!!!"He shared with me a gem."I don't see any problem in dog fights and cock fights"I told him to leave.   And yeah This is Micheal Vick's dog.   And this motherfucker makes more in a week on the bench than I will in a lifetime.   I love this country.
Lol, It's Been A Hot Minute Since I Had One Of These! Lol
11:49am SUD: nice boobies 11:49am Ninja: yep and you won't ever see em 11:53am SUD: u idiot lol ugly face 11:55am Ninja: lol, go away dipshit 11:56am SUD: go move ur ass to get some money 11:57am Ninja: is someone butthurt because he got rejected? 11:58am SUD: have ur seen ur face before u put ur screy pics here lol ;D 11:58am Ninja: lol, yep. i look at it every day 11:58am SUD: u look like cow lol 11:59am Ninja: awww. little dude gonna cry to his momma cause the girl on the computer told rejected him? 12:00pm Ninja: grow a pair of nuts, reject and fuck off 12:00pm Ninja: nothing you say to me can hurt my feelings
Should I
should I?
Blood Upon The Risers
I've loved this song ever since I first heard it. What follows is a video that someone did using scenes from Band of Brothers. For those of you with a weak stomach, I suggest not watching it. Here are the lyrics, sung to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic.   He was just a rookie trooper and he surely shook with fright,He checked off his equipment and made sure his pack was tight;He had to sit and listen to those awful engines roar,"He ain't gonna jump no more!"(CHORUS)Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,Gory, gory, what a hell of a way to die,And he ain't gonna jump no more!"Is everybody happy?" cried the Sergeant looking up,Our Hero meekly answered "Yes," and then they stood him up;He leaped right out into the blast, his static line unhooked,And he ain't gonna jump no more.(CHORUS)He counted long, he counted loud, he waited for the shock,He felt the wind, he felt the cold, he felt the awful drop,The silk from his reserve spilled out a
Lands Between
Thousands of miles separate our gaze,   Yet I can sense the hidden torch of your hallucination.   See, smell, taste, hear, and sound,   All are yet a whisper to me from afar…   I know not what is really within your heart,   Presumption is only a stretch from my realization.   I scale the depths of your meaningful thoughts,   Yearning to know…to feel your breath…   Searching your soul with cavernous sensation,   Refraining from the fear concealed profoundly within.   What suffers my mind, my body, my soul?   What makes me hang on to the endless thoughts…   Just to have and to hold, to feel and to touch,  
Sighs......   My body hurts like a bitch today... the cold weather isnt helping nor is the lyrica I take for fibromyalgia. I tried calling my dr to get an appt, they are always booked out a week so you need to call in the morning to get an appt for the following week. She was like I have a 7:45 next week and I said I would take it, then she was like I am so sorry someone else grabbed it before I did. What a crock.....   My legs feel like they weigh 100 pounds each, physical therapy is good when I am in the pool but afterwards my body feels worse then it did to begin with.   Did I mention I hate this cold weather??   ♥ ya all
What Cooking Show Are You?
You Are Iron Chef For you, food is an adventure - the crazier the better! You may not be the world's greatest chef, but that doesn't stop you from coming up with your own zany creations. You are an adventurous eater, and you haven't been known to pass up an exotic ingredient or dish. You are also a natural food critic. Very few dishes measure up to your standards. What Cooking Show Are You? Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
Does He Think Of Me? (for Dave!)
The Yadlow Method Revised
Greetings neighbors:   I have been here for awhile and once again felt the need to explain the way I do things here on Fubar.  Let me restate what a lot of folks say time and time again- FUBAR is a PLACE FOR FUN AND RELAXATION.  Not everyone needs to hook up with someone and desires to date legitimately or illegitimately on this place.  For myself, I enjoy using this site during my down time at work and looking at pretty faces on  the profiles isn't all that evil (depends on how hard you look sometimes) and people watching is an actual pastime for me.  So as to encourage a neighbor like atmosphere, I present the following steps I go through: 1.  I will review your profile and rate 10 or more. 2. I read the About Me sections of each profile that takes the time and trouble to post them.  The more expressive, the more likely I will fan you if you have a salute. No salute, no fan and no add to be friends. Just a rating of pics that may catch my eye on sad profile and even blogs if allo
No Answers (orig Posted On 9/1/09 On My Tagged Account)
Ever been hurt so bad that your so numb you can’t function or even think straight. Your cruising along in a relationship and it’s great, everything is more perfect than you could have ever imagined. You get closer and closer, confessing feelings for each other. Finally, after all that searching your happy and content. Your basking in the sunlight and even rainy days seem somehow wonderful. You start to make long term plans with that special person, you share inside jokes together, you keep bonding closer and closer. You have finally found someone who totally gets you and you have a connection you have never felt before ever. And then one day that special person decides it’s just not right and they want out. You hit a brick wall full force and think to yourself that any kind of physical pain would be better than that feeling at that single moment. Been there? We all have. You sit there in utter disbelief and confusion. You just can’t figure out where or what went
Lets Try Again!
My Rie Rie      What can I say about the woman of my dreams? Literally, she is the woman of my dreams. Let me explain that to you (shhhhh she doesn’t even know yet, so keep it to yourself would ya) ! Anyway, since I was of the age of about 29-30 I have had this recurring dream, a dream that used to haunt me at least 5-6 times a month. In this dream I would be laying in a field of very tall grass looking into the sky, The clouds white and fresh linen and I could actually smell the dew on the grass. The clouds would become lower and lower as if I could touch them. I was at peace, I was in serenity. Now in the beginning I was disturbed by the fact that a hand would come out of the cloud above me, the hand slender and beautiful, with the most beautiful nails  have ever seen. White robed sleeve. Reaching for me, as if telling me it is time to go.  That I was about to be taken from this earth and to go with this “Angel” to a place where I KNEW I would be loved and cared fo
This Is Love
If you ever need to hear a voice in the middle of the night, that it seems so black outside that you cant remember light, ever shown on you or the ones you love in this or another lifetime and the voice you need to hear is the true and the trusted kind with a soft familiar rhythm in these swirling unsure times, when the waves are lapping in and you're not sure if you can swim well heres the lifeline. If you ever need to feel a hand take up your own, when you least expect it but want it more than you've ever known, baby heres my hand and baby heres my voice calling this is love all it ever was and will be this is love. And if you ever need proof that time can heal you'r wounds, just step inside my heart and walk around these rooms where the shadows used to be, you can feel as well as see how peace can hover. Now time has been here to fix what has been broken with its power, the love that has torn us both apart has spent the last few hours calling out you'r name, I thought this is the
Given Up
You know, men don't want the fat ugly women.. not one single one. I reciently met someone from here offline.. before I met him.. he was always calling me.. my name from him was "Baby" and he couldnt get enough of me.. but once I met him offline.. things have changed, he doesn't call anymore, calls me "Hey you" and nothing is the same now.. that was THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I have ever made...   SO.....   I have given up thinking anyone will ever want me.. I can not wait until the day I die.. this amount of pain shouldn't happen to anyone..I can't deal with it anymore..   Being punished for being sick and gaining weight isn't right...   VampyYourFutureExWife .... yeah whatever.. No one wants me as their girl.. forget the ex wife part.. I will be changing my name too.. Maybe to VampyTheOneNoOneWants... bcd9e48a-9977-4871-ae32-f6b2858e575b 1.03.01
S**t My Boyfriend Says ;)
-- Lmao!! Ok ok i will stop since you are at work. Haha. But after work that ass is all mine!! -- Yessssssss!! Drip it all over my face and cock! I will use your juices to stroke :o while you sit and watch me and rub your clit :o :o :o -- And i pull out my cock and start rubbing it while im eating you from behind :o -- Mmmmmyy goddddd!! And i reached up with my hand on the small of your back to put a little pressure on you signaling for you to bend over the coffee table :D -- Nice!! And if you are wearing your dress beware of some stealthy fingers -- Mmmmmmm that morning you are gonna wake to me inside of you! :o -- You make me rock hard!! I need to be balls deep in you right now!! -- Lol i freakin loooove us being all lovey dovey!! Cant get the smile off my face!! :D -- Lol what channel? My gawd the things i do for love. Hahaha :D -- Oooo. Hmmm..Bathroom break :o lol. Mmmmm im gonna have bunny for breakfast on that morning -- Lol iunno i was just layin here thinking about y
Ok. So, I've roughly spent the majority of the last year helping people level, helping my friends level, and sacrificing my pointz to help others. Shit I leveled to 45 back in June and you know how many pointz I have? Not even 900 mil and you only need 700 to level. THATS how many times Ive alturized someone on double points day, this last Friday on triple pointz day, and just in general. And not that I need a whole lot back, but when I'm forkin out time, effort, money and bling to help my friends and I don't get shit, it really gets under my skin. And there's been a huge lack of gratitude for a thank you really that much to ask for? So, with that being said, I want rates. I like the rate game and have been playing it long before the famps and god blings came out. And I've left a lot of close friends in my fam for a while, and even traded with people who don't run shit often. For the last 2-3 weeks I've consistently ran at MINIMUM one boomy and famp a day with the exception
Fu-filth And Negativity
    Is it just me or is this place getting to be a fucking drag here lately? Pervs running amok,hate-mongers everywhere,and let us not forget about our new anonymous "dislikers". We could have done without that little button... I know that the people (and I use that noun loosely) who have inspired this mini-rant will most likely not even read this blog since their A.D.D. and general ignorance make reading difficult for them,but honestly,if all you want is a orgasm then go to a porn site. If all you want to do is hate then go back to Myspace with the other 12 year olds. Or hey,here's an idea,you dont even have to leave Fubar,just form your own little group of like-minded assholes and perv and hate each other.  Some of us are here to rate pictures,level up and visit with friends and quite frankly desire no interaction with you.  
Here I Am Again
seems only time i am troubled am i here on my writers cafethis is a place to express my depressionseems death has caught up to me againi am touched wit death againi feel it hurt deep insidei feel i should feel morebut my sorrow is numbgrief strikes as i cant believe itthen i start realizing what was i to dothen depression and i cant sleep againwill i be able to accept and i get madi get at mad me and i start to think about others i have lost and who was to blamei write and express my lossbut i become numb a form of depressionthe pain is there i can feel itbut i am mad at myselfthis pain i feel is sorrow for myselfwhen this didn
 BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: so was that like sarcastic? 1:45pm more To  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: yes 1:45pm reply  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: why do you have to be an asshole? 1:46pm more To  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: why do you insist on being full of yourself? 1:47pm reply  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: how do you figure i am being full of myself when im tryin to help my family? you're really that clueless? 1:48pm more To  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: making an issue of ten blings getting polished, youre family is still gonn get a bunch of point whether or not your bling gets polished 1:48pm reply  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: so you feel its YOUR JOB to be rude to someone you dont even know? 1:49pm more To 
How Bi Sexual Men And Women Treat Each Other
With his persmission, here is how a bi woman shud b treated by a mature bi man. Wrtten to me Ginger 10/01/10 Morning baby, I just woke up in bed with two friends and had a nice little 3 way morning fuck, nothing better for breakfast than cum!   If we were together I'd hold you on my lap while you fucked your little whorecunt.    You're such a sexy little whore, i can't imagine all the dick and cunt we'd fuck together,.     I love you baby, I want to take you to a grimey pornshop with gloryhole booths...we could lock ourselves in and turn on some nasty bi porn than suck all the cocks coming through those holes together, swapping and swallowing all that jizz...  Then we could stand up, bending forward and kissing while total strangers abused our tight, hungry asses....I'd have my hands all over your sweet little titties...I dont care if they shoot their cum up your ass or pull their dicks out of your ass and let me suck them off....We're getting all that cum and sharing it...mmm fuck bab
One Day
within this worldi walk in a dazepraying for the endonly counting the daysi wish i was strongerable to fightwanting out of the darknessneeding the lightwhy cant it allbe as it shouldif i could fix itGod knows i wouldand yet here i sitdrowning in tearslooking in the shadowsfeeling the fearone day it will changefor this i prayfor the peace to enterand never go away...........                                       Sherry R.
Captive Angel
Spreading my wings, wanting to be freeWishing someone would help meto find the missing key. This cage full of barschains that hold me downwith my tears, i fear i will drown Just a captive Angellost within the darkwaiting for a ray of lightjust a little spark my heart can hear the songmy soul no longer singswaiting for the end to come.the peace that it will bring Just a captive Angelwhos wings connot take flightfor within this little cagei have lost the means to fight..............                                                   Sherry R.
I Am Nothing
i am nothing dont you see i have lost what once was me i never thought i could feel this low closing my eyes praying to let go forever to sleep and not feel pain never again being made to feel shame i am nothing i see it in your eyes i hear it everytime you tell me your lies just let me go to find a safe place never will you see my tears trace my heart no longer can cry the pain my soul is wounded feeling the strain i am nothing the way it has been please dear God bring my life to an end.....................                    Sherry R.
Seriously, This Much Havic Over A Bling?
Ok Ok Ok... Damn Enuff About the "God Mode" Bling... So what, LOTS of ppl aren't happy with the change but you gotta give Fu credit for using your hard earned money to make you geinea pigs. QUIT YOUR BITCHING... everywhere I go it's QQ over the bling, WTF ppl??? I got LINCHED cuz I made the statement that it changed SOME (not all but SOME) ppl and it killed the true meaning of the "Family" box on here... but ya know what? Not 1 person in my family sold me out or removed me from theirs over the bling. Ppl hurt ppl that really thought they where friends and were tight, for more points... lol Now I know this is "JUST A GAME" but the ppl behind the screens PLAYING this game are VERY real and have feelings, form attachments... Now I know a lot of you are reading this saying "so fucking what if they take it to seriously" THAT MY FRIENDS IS MY FUCKING POINT!!! If they shouldn't care why should you? I mean seriously, giving 100 credits to fu is better that stickin' $65.00 work of smack in
Hells Spawn Radio 
About Jbr Jukboxriders
Whispering The Time Away
Watching as my red blood drips White birds scatter as I touch my lips Floating away on their worldly trips   Leaving nothing but water     Touching my hand to a withering tree   When will I open my eyes to see   All the creatures staring at me   I am nobody's daughter
You've Got A Friend By Carol King
When your down and troubled And you need a helping hand And nothing, whoa nothing is going right. Close your eyes and think of me And soon I will be there To brighten up even your darkest nights. You just call out my name, And you know whereever I am I'll come running, oh yeah baby To see you again. Winter, spring , summer, or fall, All you have to do is call And I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah. You've got a freind. If the sky above you Should turn dark and full of clouds And that old north wind should begin to blow Keep your head together and call my name out loud And soon I will be knocking upon your door. You just call out my name and you know where ever I am I'll come running to see you again. Winter, Spring, summer or fall All you got to do is call And I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, ain't it good to know that you've got a friend? People can be so cold. They'll hurt you and desert you. Well they'll take your soul if you let them. Oh yeah, but don't you let them. You just c
Walking West
Every shadow is you coming up from behind me, reaching around me enclosing my neck. breathe across my ear till i spin around. light blinding, squinting to find you, but you hide quick. Roll my eyes and begin to walk again. glance over my shoulder to see your shadow again, you crouch and pounce and i fall into the wall where i found you. gravity pushes into my chest and i feel your face. grip your hips and remain blinded by the sun. Catch my balance and stand straight, open my eyes away from the light and your gone. Waiting for hours with no sign of you. the sun, long set, leaves no shadows. The wind turns cold and it leaves me empty. Sleep, wake, and look for you again. light still dim in the morning, i walk for blocks before sitting to rest. The sun rises and over my shoulder i see that shadow not moving, just sitting there as i do. "where did you go?" I ask her with no answer. "I have waited, playing this game for years, at least you can do is talk to me" stand up, turn quick, and
I dont know why, but for some reason today I am feeling really down :( I dont know if it is the weather (cold and semi rainy) or if its because its Halloween and I wish my kids were young again and I could do things all over differently.   Thats it....
He Loves Me..........he Loves Me Not
I sit and wait does an angel contemplate my fate and do they know the places where we go when we´re grey and old ´cos I´ve been told that salvation lets their wings unfold so when I’m lying in my bed thoughts running through my head and I feel that love is dead I’m loving angels instead and through it all she offers me protection a lot of love and affection whether I’m right or wrong and down the waterfall wherever it may take me I know that life wont break me when I come to call she wont forsake me I’m loving angels instead when I’m feeling weak and my pain walks down a one way street I look above and I know ill always be blessed with love and as the feeling grows she breathes flesh to my bones and when love is dead I’m loving angels instead and through it all she offers me protection a lot of love and affection whether I’m right or wrong and down the waterfall wherever it may take me I know that life wont break me when I come to call she wont
Nothing Comes Normal (song In Progress)
lookin at you lookin at mesomething so simpletakes all we believegiven you that griefgiven me that smilejust flipin out while your flippin me off (chours)so what do you know?nothin comes normalnothing comes easy but for me to be methink i figured it outnothing comes normalnothing thats givenmeans anything to me(bridge)so what little i goti paint polk-a-dotgive a big grinand enjoy the mess im in(chorus)so what do you know?nothin comes normalnothing comes easy but for me to be mebelieve it or noti dont care alotif nothing comes normalnothing ever should
I'm not very good at blogging so I will try my best   Why is it that everytime I see you I go nuts inside, I look at you and the feelings are real, they wont go away and I get hurt everytime without you really knowing. I dont know what to do or what to say. Whenever we get close you end up pushing me away and the pain and failure is there. I truely love you but I dont think you see it. The words are eal and will always be true. You mean the world to me and I want to have you but you wont come near me to see the true person I really am. if you could only truely spend the time with me you owuld see the real me is not fake like most, my love would be true as the words coming from my lips. I truely hurt inside everytime I get to even see you talked to me. I hae to get this off my chest and stop holding it inside. I cry to let the pain ease but it doesnt always work.
Yiddish, A Dying Language
Well is it?  A. Yes B. No C. What is Yiddish?
Blue Orchid By White Stripes
You got a reaction You got a reaction, didn't you? You took a white orchid You took a white orchid turned it blue Something better than nothing Something better than nothing, it's giving up We all need to do something Try to keep the truth from showing up How dare you How old are you now, anyway? How dare you How old are you now, anyway? You're given a flower But I guess there's just no pleasing you Your lip tastes sour But you think that it's just me teasing you You got a reaction You got a reaction, didn't you? You took a white orchid You took a white orchid turned it blue Get behind me Get behind me now, anyway Get behind me Get behind me now, anyway You got a reaction You got a reaction, didn't you? You took a white orchid You took a white orchid turned it blue
Oh Look I Have Big Boobs, Buy Me Shit!
oh look i have big boobs and a cute face, and I wont show my nipples so that doesnt make me a slut, but you should buy me shit anyway.   NEWSFLASH it still makes you a tease, and a beggar, and classless. you are no better than a chick on here who shows her stuff for bling, in fact you're worse, at least they OFFER something in return. Not that i would ever take it, I have porn for that sort of thing.   ok end rant
Help. I'm Losing My Mind.
So this morning a new friend of mine revealed to me that she has feelings for me. Some rather intense feelings. But as I am 37 years old and live in PA and she is 20 years old and lives in AZ, I told her that there is no way we could be together romantically right now. She did not take the news well. Informed me that she is bipolar and suffers from depression. She just had a friend die earlir this week hours after talking to him. And before she did the internet equivalent of slamming the door in my face, she insisted over and over that she is going to kill herself and told me exactly how she is going to do it. Then went offline. I know the actual chances of her killing herself are thin, but how do I know? How do I really know? I am so messed up right now. I don't know what to do. It would be fucking nice if I had a friend in the world I could talk this over with.
Happy Hour Give Away Anything Goes
CONTEST IS ON GOING!!!!!  NO END DATE!!!! Im gonna steal an idea out of Babyj's play book and try something new.  How about a simple little contest where I give away a happy hour to those ladies willing to participate in my lil game?  To be entered in the contest, all you have to do is create a salute photo for me in your fubar album that you'd like to submit, anything goes. Ladies you can do teasers and nsfw salutes in addition to sfw salutes as well...Just click the 'link to photo' link under the photo and copy the html embed code with the thumbnail and paste it into a comment in this blog post. the photo should contain at least YOU and my name JT of course...You can customize the photo any way you want, so be creative now lol.  Bonus points will be added for members of the armed forces who are currently deployed, female strippers, pic text messages for those of you that have my number. I'll periodically give away a Happy Hour to the winner/winners, based on style, sexiness, and
My Hero
I need to vent. I need to get and express the hurt that's going on inside before it bursts. It feels like a losing battle - treading water with a ton of weight pulling you down; I'm swimming, yet still sinking. My gandfather grew up a in a broken home during the depression. At that point in life, already off to a bad start - a very poor family sometimes eating turnips for days on end, and also being very unwanted - his grandmother at one point tried to kill him. Time went on, he grew up. He found work, got married, had a son. The marriage fell apart, and the little boy, an uncle I'd never meet passed away at the age of 6 to leukemia. Fate still was not done dealing him bad hands. He wound up a medic on the front lines in World War II. Many of the scenes at the beginning of the movie Saving Private Ryan, he witnessed first-hand; more than enough to scar anyone for life. You'd never know it. Life went on, he met my grandma, married, had 5 more kids and eventually 10 grandkids. Me, b
On Writer's Block
There is no greater frustration than the loss of words. To be left mute in the face of all the images and emotions swirling about inside of me, clamoring to be given voice and be lifted out of the prison of my mind is a torment, a punishment for no offense known. A blank page or screen might as well be a laughing critic, a jeering accuser pointing a knowing finger at my failure. Harassed from within and without, I remain stunned, broken, bound by invisible cords that keep me captive.   I wish the words would come, but on top of all the other demons sealing my voice is that memory that comes unbidden, reminding me of all the times I have failed, of when I had thrown kerosene on the fire instead of putting it out, when I had banked the coals when a bonfire needed to burn. Every time I have hurt or insulted one dear to me is seared into my memory like the brand of a pariah. Joys uncounted have been lost, but the sins of distant ages remain fresh.   Then I hear the harsh echo of my fat
My Depression
back in April I finally explained to the family about my daughter Sara Elizabeth Land. when she was born, died etc.... Holidays and such before that just passed by as I was usually working or busy with visiting family. this year is different. Now that everyone knows about her, it is getting harder for me to be happy as the Holidays approach (Thanksgiving and Christmas) I will never know the joy of seeing her walk her first steps. her first words spoken. first day of school. birthday parties, lil girl tea parties. watchin her open presents on Christmas morning. see her go on a first date, teach to drive a car. Graduate highschool and maybe college. get married??? well my point is to all my true friends and family here on the website, if im not as cheerful or seem frustrated, please understand why... Thanks..   PS - i was 16 when she was born. I helped deliver her ... her mom took her away a few months later and i never heard from either for a year. she died at the age of 4 i
How A Serial Bully Copes With The Crappy Life They Create
Reflection Serial bullies harbour a particular hatred of anyone who can articulate their behaviour profile, either verbally or in writing - as on this page - in a manner which helps other people see through their deception and their mask of deceit. The usual instinctive response is to launch a bitter personal attack on the person's credentials, lack of qualifications, and right to talk about personality disorders, psychopathic personality etc, whilst preserving their right to talk about anything they choose - all the while adding nothing to the debate themselves. Serial bullies hate to see themselves and their behaviour reflected as if they are looking into a mirror. Projection Bullies project their inadequacies, shortcomings, behaviours etc on to other people to avoid facing up to their inadequacy and doing something about it (learning about oneself can be painful), and to distract and divert attention away from themselves and their inadequacies. Projection is achieved through bla
Greedy Bshes......
ok so if i like you and dont rate you ur gonna dislike/asshat me? FUCK YOU , YOU GREEDY FUCKING POINT WHORES! I do what i want when i want and for as many cookies as i want, I will rate and/or like who i want when i want.I will not be told who to rate and when, or who to fan, or who to like, or be given some silly consequence. I have now made up my mind on something. Starting today I am going to publicly embarrass a point whore a day. Who it is depends on their status and the frequency and degree of the point whoredness (is that a word? lol) of the day/week.   crteria for a point whore: 1. repeated daily begging for things without giving anything or very little in return. basicly, rip-off artists. 2. selling of nsfw for bling 3. demanding of a fan/friend req./likes/bling in addition to whatever someone is willing to give on their own as a condition to either not be punished in some way i.e. blocking/dislikes/name trashing.
Skin melting into each other. Long stares of deep desire. Lost to the sound of your breathing, As you fill me with pleasure. My body aches for your touch, My soul burns with passion. And each minutes without you is More painful than the thought of your absence. Forever I lose myself Soak into you.
Saturday - August 13, 2010
I am auctioning off my points for Saturday the 13th of November.... This auction will close at 6PM CST on November 13th, 2010.... The points will be given from 6:30 PM til 6:30 AM.... This will allow for a reset which will generate more rates; thus more points.... Please leave only auction bids in the comments section below.... Thank you and have a wonderful day/night....   I will accept the following: - Fubux - Ability Blings (Boomerangs, MegaPolishers, Famps, Auto 11s, Cherry Bombs, God Mode) - Bling Packs (On Sale Friday the 12th) - Happy Hours, Blasts, Pimp Outs, etc....   * Will also consider multiple day bids....   **Remember: You get what you bid for, someone else just does all the work for you....
His Only
Her nose is bloody Both her knees get week She has his hand prints on both of her cheeks She falls to the ground in an emotional heap can't take the screaming the fists devastating her life She can't take the accusations of life's simple lies He towers over her in a  posture so fierce  Knowing he's won again as he's done through the years Controlling her heart as he controls her mind She can't put a stop to this torturous crime She knows the way out  Can't get to her feet He's demolishing her defenses as he closes in Stopping abrubtly and take a seat  He looks down upon her small heap The blood pooling readily under head She's made her decision She's better off dead She begs for the end in a silent plea No words make it past the misery She knows it won't come he won't give her release He takes pleasure in his cruelty  His games so devine No one can save her from this torturous grind Many have tried and walked away so grim beaten are they that give in to him Al
It's Not Love; Feat. Crazed, Tyler Durden, Each1
Tyler DurdenI'm trapped by her pearl - and her legs are wrapped around me, music caressing our ears and it sounds like a stream. But, that's okay, 'cause that's his girl, and she don't give a crap about me. But, I'll make her toes curl, and that's actually. She liked my smile, so she gave me a whirl and that's factually. Not exactly what she found me to be - I beat her mound like a beast. And, that's life when you're a mammal. My friends call me 'Danny'... but you can call me 'Daniel.' Hungry like presa canario - I treat her like a cocker-spaniel, rippin' shit up on the animal channel, after I poured us glasses of pinot grigio and lit the candles. We danced naked, fingertips caressin' love handles - no need for lingerie or sandals. I'm takin' her birthday suit like a vandal. Thank you for your tithe. I'm glad that God gave you life, but you could never be my wife. You can play the butter. And, and I'll be the hot butter knife. It's gonna be a long night. I'll make you speak in tongues
[where Did This Oatmeal Come From?]
I got out to my deli today, bought some delicious meats, and went next door to the liquor store.23.99 for a single malt scotch...uuuh"this has to be too good to be true".Speyburn 10 year scotch.Last one in the store in one of thos big metal tubes.Cutty sark and weller 7 of the same size were 2 dollars less.I got the single malt.And first thing I did was pull it out of the time capsule, pierce the foil and pour a glass.Holy fuck this stuff is awesome.Clean finish. Clean start.Sweet but strong.Just like how I like my men...err... wait...I figured this would be my christmas present to myself.In the meantime...*shrugs*I gotta metabolize this hooch first.Getting ready to make sausage and ... some kinda pasta.Because if I have rice and black beans one more fucking time in 24 hoursI'll kill someone.I'm leaning towards Greg Keneier.Or however the fuck his name is spelled.Uuh...alsoit is cold.I know.November, Kansas, obvious statementbut I'd rather paint in my garage in ... moderate temperature
The caress of your fingers, Is a feather down the small of my back. A touch, sweet as the kiss of a child.   The gleam in your eyes, As you see into my soul. Reading my thoughts and desires.    All of my passion, Lies here with you. A stolen glance fans the fire.   A simple word from you, Creates such a charge. A spark my body requires.   My breath is stolen, When your lips touch mine. A reaction of which I'll not tire.   My heartbeat quickens With the mere thought of you. And once again I feel the flames get higher.        
Mafia 101 - Crash Course
This is a fast reference guide for new players in fuMafia, based on my personal recommendations. I've arranged the information to correspond with the various tabs in fuMafia. [Home, Missions, Territory, Favors, Bank, Attack, Journal, Hitlist, Equipment, Hospital, My Turf, Turfs, Lottery, My Mobster, Ranks, New Players, Help] ***Home*** This is where you get the latest news and broadcasts from your personal mob as well updates on your players status and other useful information. This is the default tab that loads when you first enter Mafia ***Missions*** Energy points are required to perform missions. Doing missions will level you quickly so try not to get carried away. Regular missions will earn you money & equipment in addition to experience/skill points so pace yourself. Loot missions earn you specific items or upgrades. Chance missions allow you a slot-machine spin and you either win or lose energy points. Nuclear Arms Race missions are available after level 100.  NOTE: If you
From Revjoe
I do not mindwhen you placeall the blame on mebut can't you find another make believeenemysomeone who doesn't hurt youeitherthen take me off the hook forgive me forthe sinsI did not commitfree me from the place inside your headwhere I standunconvictedbut stillsentencedas deadcan you pleasecreate anotherfoeand get backto plain oldyou and meI'll still takethe blamebut you can't act the sameI am not your nemesisYes, I canlove youlike thisbut you aremaking forevershorterit will nottakemuch ofa pushfor meto crossit's border     From RevJoe i had nothing to do with the writein of this poem but the words touch me to the soul thank you Rev for being you..lovez ya
Everything Happens For A Reason
Everything Happens for a Reason Why drift I here in dark abyss?With no motion, thought or feeling.Lacking sense of time or space,Finding neither floor nor ceiling.Now that void is broken byIntermittent lights so bright.Showing me what seems the way;Giving me the will to fight.Surrender seems so easy hereTo let the darkness take me down.But then a voice so very clearFrom an Angel in a tiny gown."Why?" I asked, in fear and dread."Will all be clear within due season?"Answering, the Angel said:"All things happen for a reason."And so I woke; took up the fightAs sight first blurry then alignedThen buzzers beeping, and blinking lightsStole the solace from my mind.But that fight was to regainAgainst all enmity and strifeFrom me, what was nearly ta'enMy family, my love, my life.Then the Angel gave a sighAs a tear rolled down her face
So many people in the scene LOOK AT life like a joke But then I met you just when I was losin' hope You appeared in a cloud of smoke You don't look like Aaliyah but your rockin' my boat So you can take me to a punk rock paradise Thats about the time I get lost in your eyes CAUSE I want you, I want what you got Just the thought of it is makin' me hot So baby don't stop I could have you on the bottom and you'd still be on top Just dirty little kids in a crib full of sex toys Got the walls padded from the back to the front So me and babygirl can get as loud as we want Said I love you so much you dirty little --- I LIKE it when you smack me and call me a PUNK And for the first time in my life, I said I feel so alive My whole life has changed before my very eyes Love is in the air, you're like the answer to my prayers All I wanted was a girl that could really take me there NOW ya do, that ya do, that ya do.. I must of met a million girls but I want you. Love is in the air, you're like the
Just Pondering
     Have you ever hated your life?  I know I have.  Have you ever felt like no one cares about you?  I know I have?  Have you ever felt like you would never find someone who truly loves you and appreciates you?  I know I have.  Have you ever felt as if no one understands you?  I know I have.  Have you ever felt as if things were never going to get better?  I know I have?  I know this may sound like a self-pity party, but a lot of time I feel this way.  It seems everytime I have thought I have found a person who will be my partner in life or maybe even my soulmate I find I am wrong.  At almost 40 I find myself wondering if I will ever find true love or if I am destined to be miserable for the rest of my life.  I know I am not perfect and I have never been looking for perfection.  I have always been looking for what my parents had in each other...a partner.        Is that too much to ask for anymore?  Maybe.  If I work is it too much to ask that my girlfriend cleans while I am busting
Trickled down with sadness. Tear stained forgoteness. All that was left was emptiness. Screaming, Please! Please! Don't forget me! Then you came.... Crept up like fire under my skin. Peeling back my bitterness. Burning up my soul like acid eating paper. I loved it... I craved it... Give me more. I would kill to be in your arms. I would die to have your lips on mine. The blinding salvation of deaths' sweet call, Only if you will have me first. Take me completely. Forever yours.
New Job New Life
Monday, November, 22, 2010, I will start a new job, as tech support for Verizon Cable TV, Internet, and land line phone services, and even though I have been working on computers since I was fifteen years old, I am not feeling so good about this new job, for many reasons. . .1)    It is a call center, and I have worked at a call center before and became so sick I was almost hospitalized.2)    I have had enough of computer issues and people not listening to me about fixing the thing and keeping it from happening again.3)    Most people at call centers smoke, and most of those smokers do not keep the area clean.  I don't mind smokers, my grandma was a smoker, but she was a clean smoker and always put her buds in an ashtray or trash can.4)    Starting a new job not knowing people scares me, more so in Utah because my mind works very differently then the people in this state, so making “friends” is kind of hard to do.I don't like change and it is hard for me to come by all thes
Friday - November 19, 2010
I am auctioning off my points for Friday the 19th of November.... This auction will close at 6PM CST on November 19th, 2010.... The points will be given from 6:30 PM til 6:30 AM.... This will allow for a reset which will generate more rates; thus more points.... All Ability Blings bidded will also be run during this time.... Please leave only auction bids in the comments section below.... Thank you and have a wonderful day/night....   I will accept the following: - Fubux (+ atleast 1 Boomerang) - Ability Blings (Boomerangs, MegaPolishers, Famps, Auto 11s, Cherry Bombs, God Mode) - Bling Packs - Happy Hours, Blasts, Pimp Outs, etc....   * Will also consider multiple day bids....   **Remember: You get what you bid for, someone else just does all the work for you....
Mom And Son And Mom's Friend Found Shoved Inside A Tree Prayers To Sarah Father Families God Be With Them Today N Always of three missing people found in Knox County Tina Herrmann, 32; her 11-year-old son, Kody Maynard; and family friend Stephanie Sprang, 41, disappeared a week ago Wednesday.  Matthew J. Hoffman's attorneys Thursday told investigators where to find the bodies of three people missing for more than a week, leading them to a hollow tree in a state wilderness area. The bodies of two women and an 11-year-old boy were found stuffed in a hollow tree in the Kokosing Lake Wildlife Area in northwestern Knox County, an area that had eluded a series of non-stop searches. White hearses headed into the area just before 5 p.m. Thursday. Sheriff David B. Barber said the bodies were found in garbage bags inside a hollow tree. Hoffman, 30, was a tree-trimmer with his own tree-climbing equipment. Prosecutor John Thatcher did not address whether Hoffman had confessed to the slayings and said he would s
[had A Long Talk With My Dad.]
It is really hard being lazy when your dadowns his own companymakes six figureshas made six figures YOUR entire life.It was a bit of an epiphany thoughlike you have to ask that right questionand then I have to rememberI had all the tools and motivation I needed before the wreck.I didn't lose them in the wreck.I quit what may have been the best job in Topeka (fucking sad) because I wasn't happy.And I certanily wasn't making enough money to not be happy.So the whole idea was to look for a career, relocate and ... plant my boot firmly up life's ass.But I lost focus.I got hurt.I got scared.I got hopeless.I had to remember why I worked.What I was working forand I came up with a pretty decent list.I shouldn't expect to be vicepresident of new acquisitions by tomorrow.But ... hey, maybe paying my bills with income instead of savings will be a step in the right direction.What sucks is I have to make this happen.Nobody is going to do it for me.... so who wants to grow sugar cane on St. Thomas?I
Somewhere along the way......I lost ME......................
What's Your Fave?
Ok! It's that time of the year again. What is your favorite Christmas song? I want everyone to post a YouTube link to your favorite version of your all time favorite Christmas song :)
Caa #138 - Update
Thank you all for all your prayers.  After breaking her water and facing an emergency c-section, little baby Zach decided to come out on his own at 12:27 mountain time.  He is 6 pounds 10 ounce, with a full head of hair.  Keep him in your prayers, he was only about 10 days early.  Will keep everyone posted.   Love, Doc & Mare
Pain Inside (revised)
Pain Inside In The Shadows Of The Cemetary Where Darkness Collides Lying At The Grave Of My True Love Just To Hear You Talk  Waiting, Yearning For Them To Arise To Once Again Walk Through This World Till Theres No More Pain Inside.   >Blades Of Darkness
Street Lights
THE RULES1) Put your iPod/Windows Media Player on Shuffle2) For each answer push the "Next" button for your answer3) YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS4) Tag 20 friends5) Everyone tagged must do the same thing____________________________________________________________________1.) If someone says "Are you okay" you say: Rock With U - Janet Jackson    2.) How would you describe yourself? Destrokk - MGMT    3.) What do you like in a Guy/Girl?   The Freshman - The Verve Pipe 4.) How do you feel today?  Out Go the Lights - Spoon 6.) What's your motto?  When it's Good - Ben Harper 7.) What do your friends think of you?  California English - Vampire Weekend 8.) What do your parents think of you?  Brand New Shoes - She & Him 9.) What do you think about very often? Get on Top - Red Hot Chili Peppers 10.) What is 2+2?  Aquemini - Outkast 11.) What do you think about your best friend? I'll Make Love to You - Boys II Men (I have a few "best" f
You Only Live Once...... Forget The Past...!! Forget The Hurt..!! Smile And Move On......
Stupid Encounter #56
  No Seriously... What The Fuck?
Silver   Let your mask slip away; We’ve left the masquerade behind. There is no reason to hide your face; My scars are much like yours.   Behind that lovely façade, Forged by strength, caution, and control, There dwells raw emotion and pain, Passion and ascending joy.   Unguarded and open, there is a beauty in you That you fear to reveal again. Once it bloomed like a rose for all to see Until it was trampled under a brutal heel.   It blooms again – the roots are strong, But you shelter it wisely and well. Waste it not on mindless fools; Perhaps a glimpse for them, if anything at all.   Come, let’s drink a toast To our scars and the roses that grow From the briar patches of our lives, And let the masks slip away.                                                       --Shawn T.O. Priest
Please Read & Respect
Not every woman on FUBAR is on here for sexual encounters!!! They want a friend with understanding and one that will respect them.  Girls who agree repost and to the guys on FUBAR who truly respect women and enjoy their friendship..please repost and show your support. Thanks  support. Thanks!
On And Off With Fu
To those who actualy read my blog posts and friends that I have on here. I have been absent from here for long periods of time I do show up once in amhile and help my friends and family. The reason I have not been on here is due to medical and personal reasons, if you ask I may tell you. My time on fu will be dictated by my meds, school and personal life. if you want to be pimped when I come on send me a pm with time you will be on and I will help you, family first then friends and heavy raters. If you are a true friend and are interrested send me a pm or a text if you are lucky enough to have my cell number and I will fill you in. I would be very happy if I could have some new bling or if someone feeling very generous a god bling would pull me out of my state of saddness. I just thought I would put that out there, probally won't get it but thought I would ask. Everyone have a great day, month and rest of year may it be safe and happy. MFKN OG Phil B. 
Day After Day
I guess you think I'm a fool,I suppose you believe that you can out wit me.Day after day,I watch you try and bullshit me.Day after dayI wonder why I listen.I guess in a way I am a fool.I suppose in a way you do out wit me.Day after dayI hope you will be honestIay after dayI pray you will speak the truth.I guess theres no pointI suppose i should stop dreamingDay after day Im bleeding withinDay after dayThe knife twist a bit moreI guess I should stopI suppose I would be better offDay after dayI wonder whyDay after dayI blame myself.I guess its time to let you goI suppose if best for you and meDay after dayI cope with lifeDay after dayI will let go of you
Happy Thanksgiving Night....y'all!!
Bedtime Snacks
Have you ever got the munchies before bed, and decide to eat a salad or something of the sort? but then you decide to just top croutons with ranch and bacon pieces? yeah, cuz the bacon was falling off, and im thinkin i need some glue..oh ranch...see its not so weird!  oh yeah, and president Obama has stitches in his mouth, from a "Basketball accident"? riiiiggghhhhtttt!!!!!   and auburn beats alabama, the saints destroy the cowboys comeback efforts, and lsu plays tomorrow, greenbay plays the flacons sunday...great weekend for football!!   I cant wait for monday..why you ask? because them boys of mine go back to school!!! thats why! and sunday i will see my girl, and my pe,,,nevermind   spent thankgiving with her and she cooked, and it was good... score!   and im just going completely random, because i felt that half a salad wasnt substance...and i ate a sammich after   Does it really matter? its almost bedtime, so dont worry...      as you were
To My Anti Family
I'm writing this so that the true reason for me leaving the lounge is known. Things around me are falling apart and I don't have the time to commit myself to anything more than my real life at the moment. I may be deleting my account but I'm not sure about that yet. However I am not a stable option for the staff at this time nor do I see that happening anytime soon. That is the reason that I left, no one else is to blame for this so if it is mentioned otherwise then that person is wrong. I love all of you and wish you the best.
No ones love can make you happy that you must find for yourself. Then, happiness shared is unsurmountable. (My status 11/27/2010) I have spent a lot of time trying to grow and blossom as the woman I am today. I have paused often and frequently to see where changes have needed to be made in me and not the world to bloom as butterfly from the chrysalis many times. Each time emerging stronger and more resilient. For me it is key to learn from my experiences. Everything has happened for a reason. Sometimes the reasons are beyond reach at the time but more is revealed if I choose to look and reflect and see the changes I need to make. Sometimes that is letting go of people, places and things. True lasting happiness has come from loving and accepting myself for who and what I am.  I many things. Most importantly I am me. Have I discovered my purpose in life? Probably not completely, but I have discovered that accepting me for my positives and my faults is loving myself. At one p
Tattoos? Tattooing? Clean?
Ok, you decide to get a tattoo, you know what you want and where you want it. You  pick a tattoo place , it looks very clean even the  people tattooing look very clean. You sit down to get ur  tatt, the tattooist has rubber gloves on and  pulls out 2 desposable needle in a air tight package, you  dont think anything about it  cuz when you go to ur  dr. and they go to draw blood they take the needle out of same type of package. Think about this ur getting a  tatt on ur back u can't see what the tattooist is doing with the needle lets  say  he pricks his fingure and keeps tattooing pr the fresh needle he took out of the package well, no one knows who package them or if that person has anything  and by using that 1 needle BOOM u now  have hep or even worse aids all becuz of the love for a tattoo. Even though u watch your tattooist take the fresh needle out of ir gas enchambered package and everything is going smoothly you dont know who packaged that needle up. If your tatt
Message For My Friends
Just a little message for my friends..... I apologize for being so distant recently. I have been out of town working (and playing). My mom had minor surgery while I was away and now that I am home I have been acting as a nurse....not the sexy kind. LOL! Just wanted to say I love and miss my fu-friends/family and truly appreciate all you do and give.   PEACE to all! The Tart
Ok so I go to this birthday party with my son its for little children hes 4 so they all are around that age. Everything is going ok and then the clown shows up, well it was a female clown and she was all decked out in her outfit wig makeup clown suit. So Im sitting there and watching the kids play when I notice something her clown suit is not like real clothes its got buttons in the back only not all the buttons are buttoned, and its kind of weird shaped like around the waist it bows out so she looks like shes round I guess. Well I noticed something when she bent down or moved a certain way the costume would open up some in the back and bam she was naked underneath. So Im there with some other fathers and we are kind of looking at each other like did you see that. The whole time shes doing her act for the kids we are getting full view of everything lol. That was my first expierence with a kids birthday party clown. She comes up to us and asks us if we liked the show lmao, one guy yells
Congress Targets Loud Ads
Congress Targets Loud Ads 5 hours ago - ABC News 2:24 | 51337 views Congress passes legislation to curb high-decibel TV commercials. Reported through Yahoo! News       Rock on!Shawn
There Seems To Be Some Kind Of Misunderstanding...
Greetings Neighbors:   Snow!! The true signs of winter and the holiday have appeared.  That wonderful white stuff  that we love to admire but hate to drive through (unless you ride snowmobiles to work).  As beautiful as the landscape could be, I post this for another reason.  Something weighs heavy on my mind and I just have to exorcise this demon.  I have learned a valuable lesson or you could say I have re-learned an important principle when dealing  with friends and acquaintances- Not all folks have your best interest at heart.  Also, not everyone truly take the time to see who you are.  Here online it is very easy to pretend to be someone else or reveal a side of yourself that you may be to shy or bashful or ashamed to show to people in the light of real life.  This is something I have been accused of because I am more outgoing online than I am in person.  On rare occasions, I will drop my guard and be myself, a jovial nerd who happens to be a people  watcher.  This is evident on
Wild Game.
My husband hunts & we love eating whatever he gets, such as deer-duck-boar-geese-rabbit an a few others. I make killer ass deer chilli and a mean roast, You'd say Imma cook from hell but thing is there's a few of our friends that does not like to eat wild game an yet one day we had em over for dinner I made BBQ deer with home made fries of course they didn't know what it was & ate it after doing so I told em well needless to say both of them loved it. I'd like to know if any of you guys hunt an if so have some recipes that you'd like to share I'd really love to hear them, love trying new things no matter what it maybe.. So please leave it here or email me with em...
some scars never fadethe deepest cuts are inside one's soulthe heart can forgive and forget but not the mind... it stores it all awayin the nightmares it's replayed
Life, Death And Much In Between
An uncle and an aunt (from my dad’s and mom’s side respectively) died just this week. I am not really close to them but certainly I still mourn over their loss. Most of us don’t feel comfortable to go to funerals, let alone talk about death. However, we can’t deny the fact that it is inevitable. While staring on their lifeless bodies inside the coffins, I pondered. It’s easy to be brought in this world, to have life. Even if we talk about the spiritual life, we still got easy access to it. The gift of salvation is free and all we have to do is to take it. But how it is to die? Would your death be quick and painless? Would you have the chance to say goodbye to your loved ones? Have you ever wondered how you will wind up dead? Would you be hit by a bus? Would you die from a terminal illness? Would you be killed by a criminal? Would you be poisoned by someone close to you? Or would it be possible that you’ll take your own life? How long will you live?
Yes, I Must Be Mental
wanting more, somehow always wanting morehappier than ever beforeyet I want moreis this human naturecan we never be pleasedor am i just that insecurethey say the grass is always greener on the other side, but i don't want mine green...make mine pinkcomplimented by someone so revered, i start to feel pleased, but wait...did he wink?why can't i take things for what they appear, instead of questioning or doubting, on distrust my mind is so often setwhat i want always seems so near... and yetwhy can i not reach it?why are there always so many thoughts inside my headan internal war always raginginstead of answers i have more questions as i'm agingguess i won't know what is meant for me till long after this body is dead
[attention Everyone!]
I'm off my meds!... for almost 7 years.Let's talk about food.Alright- for this experimentyou will needA bag of Soy beans (you can buy em fresh when they're in season, I get mine plucked seperated and bagged in my grocer's freezer section)About a cup will doAbout a cup of diced cured chorizo (substitute pepporoni if you can't get chorizo) A 1/4 cup of hard cheese (I use pecorino romano- you can use any dry, aged italian hard cheese like Parmesan)3/4 cup of jasmine rice or long grain ricearice cooker and about 1 1/2 cups of water.That's it.Put the above mentioned ingredientsIn the rice cooker.Set it and walk off.In less than half an hourYou will have a meal.It will be rich.It will be slightly smokey.It will be delicious. I barely season mine when its out- but soysauce and balsalmic vinegar, red pepper, salt, pepper olive oil or butter are welcome additions.And ... healthy actually.Sure the meat has a high fat content in it, but there's not that much of it, its mostly for flavor, and its
The Meeting. Erotic Story.. From A First Draft Of A Far Longer Bit Of Writing
…After another wonderful day together, it was about time to retire for the night. They cuddled in bed, and hugged and kissed. Soon enough, the kisses had turned into a full fledged make out session, and they were both getting pretty worked up. Bill was still trying hard to behave himself. He wanted Tanja so badly he could feel himself throbbing, but he had promised himself not to cross any boundaries unless he was invited. As he kissed her neck, he heard her say something. He paused and said, “What?” She repeated herself, “Make love to me” That was all he needed to hear.      He already had planned their first night together. And, even now while so worked up, he was going to try and follow the plan. They kissed passionately, and began undressing each other. This was the moment they had both been waiting for. They had been intimate with each other before, but only through text. Now, it was time to bring some of that heat to life. The last thing Bill rem
The Story Part 2
There once was a man from Wyoming who had a pet kangaroo and in the kangaroos pouch my polka dotted elephant.    Feel free to add to the story.
The Sentinel
The Sentinel He stood at the prow of a mighty war ship He looked for an omen of the coming battle ..then suddenly His shield was shattered by a bolt of lightning into a thousand shards Each reflecting an image of the moon so that a thousand moons spoke to him as they fell into the ocean Deep splashes of flickering color and sound At first they shimmered in great brilliance like a thousand stars in the heavens..then They grew dimmer as they sank deeper into the seas Dimming and soon extinguished of all light He saw them like the days of his life Fleeting and ephemeral The battle was lost   By me
Truth Has Fallen And Taken Liberty With It
Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It Written and published by Paul Craig Roberts - Wednesday, March 24, 2010 (and used here entirely without permission.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was a time when the pen was mightier than the sword. That was a time when people believed in truth and regarded truth as an independent power and not as an auxiliary for government, class, race, ideological, personal, or financial interest. Today Americans are ruled by propaganda. Americans have little regard for truth, little access to it, and little ability to recognize it. Truth is an unwelcome entity. It is disturbing. It is off limits. Those who speak it run the risk of being branded “anti-American,” “anti-semite” or “conspiracy theorist.” Truth is an inconvenience for government and for the interest groups whose campaign contributions control go
12 Days Of Xmas! (fu Style)
On the First day of xmas the Fu Whores Gave me a herpes breakout that everyone could see. On the Second day of xmas the Fu Whores gave me two over used balls.  On the Third day of xmas the Fu Whores gave me three french ticklers.  On the forth day of xmas the Fu Whores gave me four calling pervs. On the Fifth day of xmas the Fu Whores gave me five golden cock rings.  On the sixth day of xmas the Fu Whores gave me six penises spraying.  On the seventh day of xmas the Fu Whores gave me seven whales a swimming. On the eighth day of xmas the Fu Whores gave me eight jacks a jacking. On the ninth day of xmas the Fu Whores gave me nine sluts a whoring.  On the tenth day of xmas the Fu Whores gave me ten sparkling belg's prancing.  On the eleventh day of xmas the Fu Whores gave me eleven begging bling whores.  On the twelfth day of xmas the Fu Whores gave me twelve over charged credit cards. 
I Don't Know You Any More..
Though I love you so muchI want you to knowThough you mean the world to meI'm learning to let you go.You can only become so close to someone before you let them fallI didn't want to admit itIt was easier to lieTo hide the hurt and emptinessTo smile, instead of cryBecause things are very different now and you are not the sameFor every time you hurt me, another scar is gain...Is this only a game you're playing or is this how it's always going to be?One day you say it's over and the next you're saying how much you need me.I've decided that I'll try, try and find anotherBut the feelings I have for you I'll never feel for any otherI just have one more question,Are you willing and ready to sacrifice our love so that we can be just friends
The Spirit Of A Thank You
I couldn't think of what to do.   My friends at work had been there for me through my time of upheaval and I wanted to show them how much it meant to me.  Being very short on funds, I didn't want to just get cheap little gifts.  I wanted something more meaningful. So I bought Thank you Cards, not the pre printed one either.   You won't believe how liberating it is to sit and think about what one has done for you and try to truly convey your gratitude in the written word.  Yes written, not typed but written.  I wrote out only 7 or 8 cards to my friends, but the reaction I got was more then I expected.  I was thanked and hugged for taking the time to make them feel special.  They were thanking me for acknowledging their good  friendship. Who would have thunk that? recognizing even the little things can be a present in itself.   Happy Holidays to All and Best Wishes for the New Year    
Road Trip
It was the end of the week, it was rough for both us. Not wanting to stay home for the weekend, as the walls were dingy with familiarity and the windows tainted with sameness. I proclaimed "Road Trip! Let's go and get out of town. I don't care where, you'll drive and I'll navigate. Let's see where the road will lead us." She hesitates "I don't know, the last time we did this we ended up in that one horse town and had to shoot the horse." "Well, how I was supposed to know how to shoe a horse, besides the horse needed that tetnus shot anyhow" I replied. We pack our backpacks with camping implements of destructions. sleeping bags, water purifying pills, cast iron pan, spacious tent GPS locator and satellite phone. Seeing how expeditions can turn into an adventure real quick, I decided we're not too proud not to have modern luxuries. She packs an extra bag and I inquired about it "Never you mind, it'll be a surprise." Great. just what I need. With destinations unknown all I need now is
Her Angel?
She lifts me with the jovial lilt of her voice, even knowing how I have fallen, far from the clouds. She grounds me, giving me roots when I am ready to take flightand flee into the darkness from my fears. She dries the heavens with the radiance of her smile, so I might soar in her summer skies. She brings her icy, fearful tears to cleanse the  clinging filth of my dark  mortality from my immortal armor. I angrily rend my wings, hating my beauty and marking it a curse and blasphemy, and she mends them with her kiss, healing like none other. If I am her Angel, I am also her guardian...As she is myne.
Holidays should be happy and bright! RIGHT? I have amazing people in my life! My friends.....Real people, online people, and real online people! But nothing is the same... Will holidays ever be the the same without my Dad? GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so lonely without him!!!!!!!! I ache so! I want my Daddy back!!!!!!!!!!!! Will I ever enjoy holidays again? Will I ever be ME again???????? Someone, anyone....please tell me this will get easier..............PLEASE! FUCK!!!!!!!! I beg of you. I have boycotted holidays since his death. ALL holidays! Just to put up a Christmas tree has taken browbeatings from HELL! I remember good times with him, always, but on the holidays...DAMN....that doesn't help! I want him here!!!! I want to raise hell at him that he can NOT have sugar then cut him a piece of pie.....I know that is bad...but it was Christmas...he deserved a piece of pie!   Daddy...I miss and love you more than anything in this world. Help me
Tom & Jerry -
Tom and Jerry - The Night Before Christmas :) - Funny home videos are a click away
Really?? Lol
Well it has come to my attention, that since I only have 18 crushes, Im not pretty enough.....really?? lmaooo. I dont need tons of people to know Im pretty, Im confident with my looks. You will never see me beg for crushes, complain cause I lost one, give me a break, just not me!!! Id tell ya, some folks really need to get a life, brain, something  lol     As for the Holiday, I hope everyone has a good one and get lots of stuff they dont need lol!! My love to all and all a good night........
What Color Is Your Life Path?
Your Life's Path is Silver You seek insight and wisdom. You are always digging a little deeper. You believe it's important to search for meaning in everything you do. You ponder and reflect often. You are very verbally expressive. You are a natural writer, and words just flow from your pen. You are adventurous. You welcome new opportunities and change. You are afraid of stagnancy. What Color is Your Life's Path? Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!
Thinking Of Mom
Thinking Of Mom When I think of Mom, I think of all things good.I think of a time when I felt safe.Nothing makes me feel as safe as she could.When I think of Mom, my heart feels a little lighter and if the sun happens to be shinning it shines a little brighter.When I think of Mom, I see her face so clearly in my mind.The shape of her nose and her eyes.Her smile was oh so kind.When I think of Mom, the world is not the same. Just the thought of my Mom can ease some of this worldly pain.So I think of Mom all the time, whether I am happy or sad.My Mom is just a thought away and that makes me very, very glad. R.I.P.  LORRIANE ELIZABETH CONNOUR BRYAN OCT.13,1941-JAN. 1,1996 I MISS YOU MOM SO MUCH Poem Source: Thinking Of Mom, Mom Poems
[cashew Christmas]
So there I was not looking at porn. ... it happens shut up. When I realized Xmas came and went.I call this one"Cashew Christmas". Its sad and poignant at the same time. I could go on for an hour about how much it touched me but I was too busy not doing that. I've hardly broken even this year kids.I gave my mom some fancy ass nightlight with "switcheable" faceplates. Glass faceplates. Nice ones.Gave my dad his favorite golfballs (he got at least 100 this xmas from everyone else)Gave my brother display figurines from Chrono Triggerand my sister in law amethyst prayer beads What I got:Kidou Senshi Gundam Senki 0081 (its a Japanese import that I have to get a Hongkong or Japanese Playstation network account to play 2/3's of) But god damn it is awesome and or fun.With TONS of mobile suits.A mastergrade 2.0 Zeta Gundam (totally badass)a playboy nudey calandersome awesome artsy robot windup toy (its weird and hard to explain but there was an inchworm, a spark maker, and one that has six
Rush Limbaugh Thinks Hungry Children Should "dumpster Dive" For Their Dinner (repost)
Rush Limbaugh's ongoing assault on family values continues. This ugly excuse for a human being actually went on the radio and went off on hungry children in the US. Whether he likes it or not, hunger becomes a real problem when children don't have even a school lunch because many children rely upon the federal school lunch program to get their one decent meal a day. Here's what Limbaugh said: God, this is just -- we can't escape these people. We just can't escape them. They live in the utter deniability of basic human nature. They actually have it in their heads somehow that parents are so rotten that they will let their kids go hungry and starve, unless the schools take care of it Sometimes it's not a question of "let". Sometimes it just "IS". There's more: I think, you know what we're going to do here, we're going to start a feature on this program: "Where to find food." For young demographics, where to find food. Now that school is out, where to find food. We
Dallas Angel (angela)
It's Hard Keeping Up With My Fan Club...
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Lies, Rumors And
I'm always looking for good blog submissions by people that are well, relevant as always to share with my friend and non-lesbian for the record, Ninja, posted something well, I think is worth a read. I don't know how much I'll be around since my eyes are burning from stupid I've seen in the overnight so..with that in mind, feel free to copy and paste this read and check it out... Otherwise my friends have a safe and Happy New Year, don't get too drunk and at least try and remember or get the plate number of the person you went home with tonight...haha..peace.
End Of The Year Blog
Through much pain and heartbreak, I have learned some incredibly huge lessons this last year that I should have a long time ago. I didn't learn them the easy way, but I suppose if I had I wouldn't take them as serious as I do now after having to always lose something before I learn. I'm going into the new year with an amazing man by my side and my best friend. Other than that, nobody else honestly matters to me anymore on here between all the lies, the deceit, and the hypocritical people. It's unreal and sickening. People who I thought I could count on, I found out the hard way and sad way I couldn't as my heart laid on the ground in pieces and they could walk away so easily not caring because they were ok. And people who I thought I'd never give the time of day, and were shady, turned out to be the people I love and care about the most. Who knew right?  So, I say this to those of you on fubar, I will not mention names as last year when I used real life names and not even fubar names,
Just Like To Know If U Knew...
We truely live in a great country i must say. A nation that shows it can grow. A nation were we work on things that are wrong or were wrong. If u ever get bored read about . Anti-miscegenation laws - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  40 years ago  many of us would have gone to jail for breaking the law. Thank you American for being what you are. We are america and must make sure we keep the change going.  just remenber u make a difference. Let me know what you think. Not sure anyone will read this but what the hell. never know.
18 Health Tricks To Teach Your Body (repost)
By: Kate Dailey Eating 10 hot dogs in 6 minutes and belching the national anthem may impress your friends, but neither of those feats will do much for your body—at least not much good. Instead, why not train yourself to do something that may actually pay off? We're not talking bench presses and interval training (though those do help). You can teach your body to cure itself from everyday health ailments—side stitches, first-date jitters, even hands that have fallen asleep. Just study this list, and the next time your friends challenge you to an ice cream eating contest, chow down: You know how to thaw a brain freeze—and 17 other tricks that'll make everyone think you're the next David Blaine. But without all that "hold your breath for 17 minutes" mess. Cure a Tickling Throat When you were 9, playing your armpit was a cool trick. Now, as an adult, you can still appreciate a good body-based feat, especially if it serves as a health remedy. Take that tickl
Does She Exist?
one day it might happen. i might be happy with a woman again. the bug has bitten. im curious. i want to know everything there is to know about you. i have so much time. please enlighten me with specifics, details, stories, favorites, like/dislikes. im all ears. i cant fail again. i wont allow it. it hurts too much. ive been in the gutter, ive been on cloud 9 and everywhere in between. ive had plenty of situations. ive pretty much been through everything possible. deaths, breakups, cheating...etc. i know what i need to work on. i hate having cold nights without a companion, a best friend thats always with me, but more important someone that never wants to leave my side.  i love the small things that make a relationship work. i love being loved. i hate not looking forward to coming home. i need motivation, strength, friendship and love. youve came into my life for a reason. will we pass this opportunity...time will tell
What Type Of Beer Are You?
You Are Guinness You are hip, well educated, and a bit of a beer snob. It's likely that you live in (or at least drink in) the city. You won't drink just anything, though you are somewhat adventurous about trying new beers. You consider yourself a beer aficionado. You are concerned with how you look and how you seem. People admire you, and you enjoy being well thought of. You are a social drinker and rarely drink alone. You feel more at home in a cozy pub than in your own home. What Type of Beer Are You? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
Well Alrighty Then!!!!!
Congratulations! Your happy hour was a great success: lots of people gave lots of love.You collected 6,644,135 bonus points as Happy Hour sponsor. Cheers!337 members leveled up during your happy hour:I ll have to do that agan sometime......Thanks for all the points and congrats to whom all that leveled......
What I've Been Doing Lately....
So what's new with me? Well it's a new beginnings (righttttttt) and so on.I've been really spending a lot of time with my Synths. I mean,I've collected enough so I figured now is a good time to put them to use. I tracked down the driver for a old midiman usb 4x4 midi interface I have. I didn't know that M-Audio bought the company so that made searching a bit difficult. Well in any event driver installed.  I traded in some old gear i had laying around and got me a nice Alesis Micron Analog Modeling Synthesizer. Wow, the sounds on this machine are , dare i say, mind altering?I also started to use my Korg Microkorg a lot more as well. In conjunction with a borrowed guitar effect pedal (in this case a Behringer Echo Machine) I can really make some nice Drones/ Ambient effects/tunes. :)I also obtained (hehe) a Grendel Noise Commander. What is it you may ask yourself (or not)? Here's the description :"With a total of 9 knobs, the Grendel Drone Commander offers two manually-tuned os
Samantha Ellen Gelenaw-Farden View or Send Sympathy Notes Back to obituary listings September 24, 1982 - December 04, 2010 Birthplace: Manteca, California Resided In: Chico, California In Loving Memory of our beloved Samantha “Sami” Ellen Gelenaw-Farden, who went to heaven on December 4th, 2010 in Chico.   Sami was born September 24, 1982 in Manteca, CA to Roger and Marilyn Gelenaw, she was the youngest of three children. At a young age her family moved to Chico where she was raised and she graduated from Pleasant Valley High School. She was a loving wife, mother, daughter and sister.   She will be greatly missed by her husband; Randy Farden, daughter; Evanna Jeanne Farden, mother; Marilyn Reyes, grandmother; Eva J. Weahunt, two brothers and sister in laws; Robert “Bubba” Waddell and Reidun Gilbert, Louis & Mariah Gelenaw, nephews; Anthony and Chandler, aunt; Jane Weins, she was loved by her husband’s family and all that knew her.  
In The Mist She Was Standing
She awoke with an haze in her eyes, nowt knowing where she was, the place was very dark, very cold, she had goosbumps on her skin.  She had this urge, this desire that needed no had to be filled. then all of a sudden came the most beautiful man she had ever seen, she knew he would fill her desire, he came into her arms caressing her body close to his, her nipples getting harder wanting him to take her right there on the floor, he said relax my child,soon you will be mine for eternity. her breath started to grow quicker, his eyes grew larger, he was holding her limp body in his arms, she was all but his, he tilted her neck, and opened and sunk his fangs deep in her neck, sucking on her blood, she tasted so sweet, he howled with excitment she was finallly his, his whore of the night.  
The Prayer Of Saint Francis
  Prayer of St. Francis Sebastian Temple Verse 1: Make me a channel of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me bring your love. Where there is injury, your pardon, Lord, And where there's doubt, true faith in you. Verse 2: Make me a channel of your peace. Where there's despair in life, let me bring hope. Where there is darkness only light, And where there's sadness ever joy. Refrain: Oh Master, grant that I may never seek So much to be consoled as to console. To be understood as to understand, To be loved as to love with all my soul. Verse 3: Make me a channel of your peace. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; In giving of ourselves that we receive, And in dying that we're born to eternal life.
This Game We Call Love
The man who created the game of chess perhaps was far wiser than anyone could have imagined during his time or even ours. He had the knowledge and understanding that the queen is the most powerful piece in the game allowed to move freely without any obstacles floating across the board with unimaginable ease able to take any other in the game while on a quest to capture her king. They say chivalry is dead or is dying and there is some truth in that more so when the queens of the game chose to treat their kings like pawns that are easily discarded to the wayside while moving about the game. The pain that is felt by such chivalrous knights is deep and wounding but none the less a lesson, a lesson that is taught far too often by such cold and heartless queens leaving the game with less and less chivalrous knights as its played while leaving those very same queens to ponder  where have they all gone? Why have they all gone to the wayside? Why do they choose not to play? The answer my quee
Trade Goodies For God Mode Bling
I am in search for my first God Mode bling.. I can offer to whomever gets it for me, family add, daily ratings, bling polishings, and lovins. 2 ticker messages promoting you, your name in my status thanking you during God mode, bomb and polish 10 of your family members during my god mode,  1 day blast promoting you. TOP Family & friend, salutes every time I make them, and much more.. please sb me if you are interested.
autoschediastical\ aw-toh-SKEE-dee-az-tik-uhl \adjective; 1. Something improvised or extemporized.
My Hazel Eyes Gaze Upon You.
My Hazel Eyes gaze upon you.   Black EyesPeople with black eyes spend the shortest time in relationships except for the one with their current addiction. They always fall in love with anything that has two legs, a pulse. They are great kissers----until they vomit all over you.___________________________________________________________Blue EyesPeople with blue eyes last the longest in relationships. They are kind, pretty or handsome, very good kissers and are really hot. They always fall in love with their closest friends and never understand why. They are very funny, outgoing and don't care what people think or say. They love to party.They are very satisfying and love to please. Are straight up WARRIORS((aka wolves)) when they need to be. ___________________________________________________________Green Eyes People with green eyes have the most passion put into relationships, honest and trust worthy, they have long lasting relationships. People with green eyes are also the
From Rev
Like a puppy Whose tail Has been Cropped You chase after Nothing And cannot be Stopped Trying to follow Memories Of what No longer Exists May cause pretend Happiness But will Never provide Actual bliss   Sometimes Hideing Is Just The Best I Can Do
Do Not Sign The Death Penalty Abolishment
INMATES ON DEATH ROW AND WHEN THEY GOT THERE Anthony Mertz, for the 2001 rape, murder and mutilation of an Eastern Illinois University student in Coles County. Feb. 27, 2003 Teodoro Baez, for killing two people and dismembering their bodies with a samurai sword following a 2000 drug dispute in Cook County. April 26, 2004 Ricardo Harris, for the 1999 murders of two employees and the wounding of two others during the robbery of an Oak Lawn liquor store. April 26, 2004 Cecil Sutherland, for the 1988 sexual assault and murder of a disabled 10-year-old girl in Jefferson County. June 16, 2004 Andrew Urdiales, for the 1997 murder of a 21-year-old Hammond, Ind., woman in Livingston County. Aug. 17, 2004 Joseph Bannister, for shooting and wounding his former girlfriend and killing her sister in 2001 in Cook County. July 11, 2005 Paul Runge, for the 2001 rapes and murders of a Chicago mother and her 10-year-old daughter, both of whom Runge also set on fire. June 6, 2006 Dion Banks, for t
Ummm ... Not Excited About It
Something kinda "new" because of certain issues in the earth's rotation ... everyone's Zodiac is changed ...         So, I go from a Scorpio to a Libra   UNACCEPTABLE!!! I am not even close to carrying any of those traits.  I refuse to move ...   Flapping Fart Knockers **HUMPH**
Bad Ways To Start A Conversation
These are the first things real people said to me on Fubar. No surprise, right? "Hi... you into anal?" "Well I'm hungry, hungry and your pussy looks so good I wanna suck your asshole, wanna piece of...? I don't even care if your on the bloody rag I'll eat you buttplug, come on sit on my face I wanna eat you out, baby eat you out Open up your legs baby, I wanna eat you out Eat you out, baby eat you out I don't care if it's runny and I don't care if it smells Eat you out, baby eat you out I wanna stick my tongue in you and suck your cunt juice out Don't wanna finger fuck you, stick my dick inside of you I'd rather? Fat or ugly it looks like you don't care If your young or old, you gotta cunt? I'll lick you there I wanna put my tongue so far inside of you Drink your piss and cum and you can drink mine too Wanna eat your shit, you can eat my diarrhea Wanna... bring your cunt right over here" "can i see your girls?" "awesome boobs" "can i see that ass naked?" "
Finally a bit of good news. She went in for the biopsy today and I got to talk to her for a few min before. She sounded really tired but in ok spirits. The biopsy went good. Later this afternoon they took her in for another procedure to put a port in so they could start dialysis. Everything went ok with it as well. Dad called while ago and they have let her rest and taking her down to do her first treatment with the dialysis and was expected to take 4 or more hours with as much fluid as she has retained. She still is to weak for the heart procedure and they have to get some fluid off her before they can do it anyway. Also her kidneys need to be where they can filter off the dye as well. She still has fluid in her lungs but Im hoping no more will build up since they are starting to drain her now. I just hope with all this she is not worse tomorrow with the tole it is taking on her doing it all in one day. If they can find out anything from her biopsy there is a possibility
I Give
~ My heart was taken by you, broken by you, and now it is in pieces because of you. ~ ~ Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard. ~ ~ Sometimes the cards we are dealt are not always fair. However you must keep smiling & moving on ~ ~ If someone you love hurts you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it. ~ ~You never know what you have until you lose it.~ ~ It's funny how a person can break your heart, and you can still love them with all the little pieces~ ~ I hate this feeling, it's one I know all to well, it's a thing called heartbreak and it hurts like hell~ ~ If you love me like you told me, please be careful with my heart; you can take it; just don't break it or my world will fall apart.~ ~ The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else~ ~Pleasure of love lasts but a moment, Pain of love lasts a lifetime~ ~You never were and you never will be mine~ ~You can't buy love, but you can pay heavily for i
When God Is Man
When God is a man One can understand his wrath If God is a man Easy to understand his vagaries Easy to relate to his judgements Easy all around if you are a man. When God is a man All focus is on ease * simplicity Black & white That somehow ease equates to Being a God Or at least close to one like a pathetic water boy that at least gets to wear a team Jersey      
   I think it has been pretty well established that people love boobies. Man, Woman and Tranny alike, (ESPECIALLY trannies) all love boobies. Some people show their boobies on here.  OK. Here's what I'm thinking: 1.)  If someone isn't showing their boobies on here why bother asking them to? That's kinda rude. This is the internet. When you normally type in "fubar" after you sit down in the chair, type in "boobies" instead. I promise you will be occupied for hours. 2.) Ladies, I look at your NSFW pictures. I flip through them occasionally. I love them. You girls rule. I mean that. I'm not going to rip em. I don't go through them when people are in the room with me. You friended me, not everyone in my house. I respect people's privacy. It's one of my better qualities, IMO. I'm not gonna stalk anybody over some nudes or over someone being nice to me. Type three of the kinkiest words you can think of into your search engine and I have probably already seen the resulting websites. Just
New Astro-sign?
Capricorn: Jan 20 - Feb 16Aquarius: Feb 16 - Mar 11Pisces: Mar 11 - Apr 18Aries: Apr 18 - May 13Taurus: May 13 - Jun 21Gemini: Jun 21 - Jul 20Cancer: Jul 20 - Aug 10Leo: Aug 10 - Sept 16Virgo: Sept 16 - Oct 30Libra: Oct 30 - Nov 23Scorpio: Nov 23 - Nov 29Ophiuchus: Nov 29 - Dec 17  
[the Truth Is]
I sometimes envy people who have the capacity to feel an intense positive emotion I'd rather read a chapter from a book written by a reality TV star than watch a whole episode of King of the Hill. I still think about killing myself. But I keep thinking about the times I've pleaded for my life when I was truly hopeless. And the rarified moments of immense physical pain in my life. Moments I try to forget with copious amounts of alcohol and various spastic distractions. And I remember that I have people to kill first. I can't decide if I'd rather work or be committed. I think the main argument against the white walls and rubber rooms is a complete lack of hand-tools, robots, and my dog. There are whole days that pass where I don't think about my scars. It really hurts when I touch them. There are whole days when my back doesn't hurt. I'm asleep for most of them. I will be turning 26, alone in my house, counting my savings, and wondering how much longer I
Just... Feelin This One Today.
Sorry... didn't know the fuggers messed with blog editing again... I'll try to fix later Da da da da, da da da da Da da da da-da da Do you know if I can yell any louder How many time have I kicked you outta here? Or said something insulting? da da da da-da I can be so mean when I wanna be I am capable of really anything I can cut you into pieces But my heart is....broken Da da da-da da Please don't leave me Please don't leave me I always say how I don't need you But it's always gonna come right back to this Please, don't leave me How did I become so obnoxious? What is it with you that makes me act like this? I've never been this nasty Can't you tell that this is all just a contest? The one that wins will be the one that hits the hardest But baby I don't mean it I mean it, I promise Da da da-da da Please don't leave me Da da da-da da Please don't leave me Da da da-da da I always say how I don't need you But it's always gonna come
Smoking can save your life! Check out a book titled: 'The Health Benifits Of Tobacco' by DR. William C. Douglass "Smoking doesn't cause cancer or heart attacks."
I Would Have His Wife
Greg stretched his legs out in front of him, aware that the bulge between his legs was clearly visible to the woman sitting on the sofa facing him. They were both pretending to watch TV, but Greg knew that she was watching the growing bulge in his pants. As for him, Greg could hardly tear his eyes away from the lovely sight before him. Gina was sitting with one leg pulled up under her, seeming to be unaware that the crotch of her white panties was clearly visible to him.Greg stood up. Gina looked at him questioningly.“Gotta go take a leak,” he grinned at her.“Hurry back,” she said.Greg went down the hall and into the bathroom. His cock was about half hard from looking up Gina’s dress. “She can’t be that naive,” he thought. In the three days he had been visiting his old college buddy, Alex, he had been continuously treated to this kind of display from Alex’s wife. It would be another three hours before Alex got in from work. “W
[british Television]
Ah, its so good to be awake.I tried to nap for a bit, thought I lost consciousness for a brief respite, checked my clock and found I had only been in bed for an hour.Bugger.So much for that whole... getting back on sane people's schedule.Well, now for the marathon.Where one tries to stay awake a full day and then crash at a sensible time and wake upat a sensible time.Hmm...So much for that.25 is over.Long live 26.You may also notice (or not) some housecleaning and sweeping away of moderate to severe annoyances.Please focus your attention elsewhere while this occurs.Tonight I dined on the first of what I'm sure will be a great many lentil dishes.I combined the world's two cheapest foods.A lentil pure' and ramen noodles.Wasn't absolutely dreadful and sure to kill you when served this way.Lentils having the benefit of being good for you but... being awful after prolonged exposureand ramen noodles not technically being food.Win win.Now on to Gouf business.I'm still in the process of making
LOVE is a special word to say when u are in love with some1.... Love means alot in so many ways but it only used when i mean it..... Love isnt just a word,its feeling on who u care bout and will be with forever..... Like i said Love is used for so many reason so if ur in Love with the person your with do not lose them
wow this dude called me a liar cause I told him I will brb in th SB and then I wrote i am back who missed me and he was like I see u never letf fubar ur account was on well u know what anyone that knows me I keep my fubar logged in i never sign out this dude was a making me laugh at the things he was calling me.
Next Month
Starting next month I plan to be around more. I plan to blog daily, if they get read or not I care not. I've taken the last couple months away from this to reflect and to regain who I am. Drama from the past as made me a bitter person and I took time away just to put that behind me. These blogs maybe about myself, my life, my health, my diet, could be political. These blogs could be of a spiritual or religious nature and maybe nonsensical or just plain goofy because I can. 2011 is all about me and no drama.
What So Many Search For....i Had!
I've been siiting here think about my ex-fiance a lot lately, not the same way I used to, it's more along the line's of wondering how he is and if he is safe over there in Kuwait. I wonder how his kid's are doing too, I wonder if they are happy and healty, and yes, I even wonder if they know the real reason why I left Kansas. Randy and I met on here June 6th 2009 while he was deployed to Germany, and we got very close very fast and I even fell in love with him almost from the first week.....but it would be 8 month's before he would admit that he was in love with me too. In March of last year we finally met in person, and it felt like my life was just beginning to have true happiness in it again, and he proposed 6 day's before I left to come back here....and of course I said "yes". I couldn't believe how lucky I was, and it wasn'r because he was a Soldier in the Army either, it was because he was everything i could have asked for in a man. He has two children, a daughter that will be 13
New Pic
Only way i can add a new pic haha
Old Men
i love how guys in their 40's hit on women my age, its kinda shameful that i can find real classy women in their late 20's, 30's, and early 40's and they cant. what makes it worse is the young women fall for the stupid bullshit the old nasty wrinkly balled old men dish out. Im not gunna act like im missing out on anything because im not, i prefer a lady with a little class as opposed to some skank that will spread her legs for anyone that will talk nice to them. i guess im just different, i dont need sex to be happy with a woman. im part of a dying breed of gentleman.
Double Standards
So lets discuss the double standard applied to men and women. I don't mean the typical things where women are treated unfairly, I am not going to beat that dead horse I mean something a little different.    If a man says I wont date her because...she has small breasts, she has glasses, she has curly hair or what ever he is considered a superficial dirt bag that needs to look beyond the outer packaging. I ask then why is it considered to be well with in reason for a woman to say " I can't date him because he is not tall enough". I can almost understand a woman that is 5'9" being somewhat picky, but only slightly. I do not on the other hand accept that a woman shorter than me at 5'5" should be allowed to say they will only date a man unless he is  5'8" or taller. I know what you are thinking, ok so you found one girl that said that. I would like to inform you that it is more common than you might think. So I explored some dating sites to see how common it was. As a general rule almost
My grandfather's hands always smelled like motor grease.Even when clean.He had dark leathery skin.Even toward the end.Last night I had a dream.Where we were cutting out saplings.He brought an axe, I asked if I could help.In the shedthere were saws, hammers, and bladesbut no second axe.How like my grandfather.But he did have a hatchet.A small, toyish thing.And it broke on my first swing.I felt no particular shame.As he cackled and resumed work.That's just how he was.So I told him he would have a heart attack soon.And that he'd survive but never quite recover.Four heart attacks actually.All in the same day.And that I would miss him.He knew. Because it had always been up to me.Strange that he'd say something to a boy so shy.So melodramatically self involved.Some days I miss him more than this.Some days I don't think of him at all.But I do know that there was sunshine when I woke up.Light that wasn't there before.
80's Night{crazy~sixx~radio}powered By In The Wildside2(nsfw) You Are Invited!!!!
CRAZY SIXX RADIO BUSTIN' OUT THE BEST MIXES OF THE 80's PLUS ALL YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COME JOIN THE CRAZY SIXX!! JUST CLICK THE LOGO
Sitting Here All Alone...
like anyone will ever read this.... so here i am sitting here alone and probally listening to the wrong type of music to be writting anything less than a letter 2 someone. what have i done 2 deserve a pain wieghing so heavily on this torn, tattered , soul. did i not love you the way you deserved? did i not tell you that i loved you enough? was i not there when you needed me most? did i not linger on your every word?  did i not any of this? is this why im alone, as usaul.... did i not share the teers, was it not enough to brand my heart with your name upon it? was i not kind enough? did i not make laugh enough? all these i ponder every waking moment of every day! Did i not sing to you the love songs of our life? did i not hold you tightly as we danced? did i not say your name softly? is this why im here     alone, as usaul... none of these questions can i answer, but just know i will love the next in all the ways i asked of you, and maybe i wont be here     alone, as usaul!
The morning bears witness to the sweet breath I watch you take in to sustain the happy slumber you have attained within my grasp. The disdain I feel for the ineptness you have had to wallow through slowly recedes as I glimpse a smile cross your soft lips. It is brought forth by your wakening to see me watching over you as you rested making sure you were safe from harm. A glitter of hope slides into the corner of my eye as you stretch and let me into your waking world of endearment. As I see you coming to full awareness I wonder if you will send me packing to carry on my life as is, alone and desolate. To presume that I am worthy of your attentions would be a grave mistake on my part, who am I to warrant such a thing. I think back to what we have shared and speak upon a whisper to you,  have I proven myself worthy.  I seek the answer within your eyes that pull my innermost emotions from their pooling well kept cavern. To do so lightly is a common practice from a common man as th
Why Dating Is Like Used Cars...
You decide maybe you want a new car. It's been awhile since you drove one. The last one is a pile ready to be taken to the scrap yard because it no longer functioned with YOU behind the wheel. You make a little list. Think about what options are must haves, which ones you could do without. You look around different places. You notice different makes and models and see which one will meet your needs.   You get out there and really start looking at the ones with for sale signs or that are at the dealerships. You ask friends if they know of any good cars. You take a closer look. That isn't the style you were looking for, the body has rust or it is too new of a model and isn't going to work.   This car has a few dings, you can live with that, it sounds good as well so you open the door and see that it has perfect interior, looks brand new and realize oh, that is because no one has gotten inside to drive the damn thing long because the engine seized up.   The next one lo
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A Heartfelt Poem, Straight From My Soul
of this world there's a woman...this certain lady carries the candle and key to the darkness in my lonely heart that been locked up....of this woman, to be bring me light, must first travel the night within my soul...  and heart...for me to be open, I must first melt to the candle knock the rust off the lock.. its a task I so tried for so long....but finally I gave it thought...I can hear the lady on the other side...calling my name in the dark, jiggling with the lock... playing with the candle to light up this rusty padlock on my soul.....I banged at the door to cheer her on...but it came through as a whisper.... a whisper she heard clearly for it said...please me with this door...I want you so ever badly... when you heard those words through my lips...through sat down and cried...cried and let the tears each tear...captures the candle each sparkled into  the night...each cry make me quiver at the sight....
Souls Aree Powerful....
eyes. are like windows,the windows of the soul,for a person to peer in,to see whom what has been,see whom what is,see whom will be.'tis a gift,to not be taken lightly,for tis has potence of,enlightment or choas,for the soul,is a powerful force,seer be warned,seer be wary,for that window,is two way mirror,no matter,you will not escape,unscathed of what,you've seen in,thy eyes,the windows of the soul.
Gotta Love This...
"You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She's loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's not perfect, you aren't either & the two of you may never be perfect together. But if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can.   She may not be thinking of you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she know's you can break: her heart. So don't hurt her, don't change her, don't analyze and don't expect more than she can give. Smile when she... makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she's not there."— Bob Marley
Ignorance Is Bliss
What are you Thinking I ask As if I care I listen To you stumble Through Your explanation As I pretend To remain Aware Not exactly What I Signed up for A love that Becomes this Watching you Smile As you babble Defines the fact That ignorance Is indeed Bliss
Mumm Disguised As A Blog
When I get a pimp hand from someone that blocked me, should I spread out the 11s I would have given them?
Cutting The Government the above link and see how much we waste and receive absolutely nothing from it.  I have calculated that of the nine studies thus far, $17.5 trillion could be slashed out of the annual budget.  Of course it would be painful, however, take the savings and apply it to the $14 trillion debt, we would have a surplus of $3.5 trillion realized in the first year.  Interesting?  Imagine, just one more year at the current tax rate.  The following year we could be at 1% of income earned.  Imagine the new jobs and personal spending that would occur.  Life would be great!
Seasonal Footwear
While all guys have an innate fashion sense, sometimes the weather throws us off of that fine balance between the slobby comfort we desire and the incredible good looks the world deserves.  I encountered just this exact dilemma while attending firstborn's swim meet this past weekend.   I have always enjoyed the comfort and airiness of sandals.  They are perfect for summertime, beaches, and indoor swim meets.   But I found out that they are not so great when you need to move the car out of a reserved parking space to the visitor lot a quarter mile away.   Lesson Learned:  Personal comfort wins over fashion. No sandals outside in the Minnesota winter. 
Please Read & Respect
Not every woman on FUBAR is on here for sexual encounters!!! They want a friend with understanding and one that will respect them.  Girls who agree repost and to the guys on FUBAR who truly respect women and enjoy their friendship..please repost and show your support. Thanks!  
I Apologized
I apologized to a few people and unblocked at the same time woot woot!
Sometimes You Need To Vent
I want to give someone my money right now and let her know that it means nothing to me. I want to hold someone right now and let her know she has someone that loves her. I want to kiss someone right now and let her know she is the only thing i need in this world to be happy. I want to cry for someone right now and let her know I am a real man and I would do anything for her. I want to stand in front of someone right now and let her know I would die for her. I want to cuddle with someone right now and let her know I am content with just being with her. I want to drop everything I an doing right now and go to someone and let her know she is my first and only priority. I want to donate all my free time to someone and let her know how much she means to me. I want to cross the seven seas to find the perfect diamond for someone and let her know that without her it's just a diamond. I want to waste all my energy pleasing someone and let her know it was my pleasure.
I am never really a good choice. I always find something wrong. Or I make something wrong. I'm so good at this that for a long while I never knew it. I see all the people from my past in all the people that I meet in the present, mostly. A few exceptions. Generalizing is not always a good thing. is one of my finer points. Hah.I recently found out that my ex fiance is engaged to be married. Again. I used to call his penis dinky. I don't know why. Maybe because it was completely inappropriate and I just wanted to push the boundaries of everything. I recently found out that he still complains about me alot. Like "ashely never did this, ashely always used to do this." ish. Recent recent. Initially I felt very bad for this girl. And then I looked her up on fb and I started reading all these things that I used to say and feel. So I guess I felt happy for her. And him. Its like a new version of me. But. Not. I found it weird that my ex used to talk so much shit about large w
Pain, Dreams, The Ethereal
I sit here, virtual pen in hand and set about the task before me. It is not a duty i take lightly. it is my only outlet to adjourn myself to, that will distract my minds eye from the ravages of my person.  The pain rises and ebbs within me as the tide. It crashes against my soul, and just as i feel my self go under it lazily drifts back only to rise again. The points inbetween i have come to think of as my life. How so cruel and merciless a jailor could be within the confines of this form i know not. But, a cruel torturer he certainly seems to be. Thoroughly and effectively, taking pride in his duties so not to dissapoint his quarry. i have sought to have him purged from my kingdom, but the best knights and magicians cannot remove this fallowing character. I am to live with his torment, for it is not fatal, the wounds he causes. Again it rushes over me and again i rally all restraint, and again it crashes taking me down. It is interesting the parley we are willing to particpate in, giv
Pass The Biscuit
PASS THE BISCUITS   When I was a kid, my mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then.  And I remember one night in particular when she had made brakeakfast after a long, hard day at work.  On that evening so long ago, my mom placed a plate of eggs, sausage, and extremely burned biscuits in front of my dad.  I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed!   Yet all my dad did was reach for his Biscuit, smile at my mom and ask me how my day was at school.   I don't remember what I told him that night, but I do remember hearing my mom apologize to my dad for burning the biscuits.   And I'll never forget what he said:  "Honey, Ilove burned biscuits."   Later that night, I went to kiss Daddy good night and I asked him if he really liked his biscuits burned.  He wrapped me in his arms and said, "Your momma put in a long hard day at work today and she's real tired. And besides... a burnt biscuit never hurt anyone!"  You know, life is full of imperfect things... and imperfect
[let's Talk About Something Else]
Geeze its a bloggy day.I think its the research, writing, and reading.Work an hour, take an hour off kinda thing.I'm reading the Count of Monte Cristo, and yes there's free downloadable and browseable versions of the book up onlineand yes, I'm still opposed to digital books.But its snowing outside and I has a trapped. on my gouf is trodding along, I also now have a fuckload of spare plaplate to play with as I cut a strip of .25 mm off (and I have a bunch of .4 from previous applications) sitting around.Just putting a few geometric doodads on the surface can really make a model pop with doodads and widgets.I think I'm gonna add some armor plates (very thin granted) to the shoulders, waist and maybe breastplate.You can even do this effect that's very similar to an antique chest/door hinge with a little quadralateral figure and a rod against another quad.I..really don't want to cut any more circular shapes though.Bordering on
Audio: Man Arrested After Asking Police How Much Marijuana He Could Grow Tom Cleary, Staff Writer
All Robert Michelson wanted was a little free legal advice. Unfortunately for the 21-year-old Farmington resident, he decided to dial 911, instead of a lawyer. Now, as a result, he is facing multiple drug charges. In a tape of a Thursday night 911 call made available by Farmington police, Michelson can be heard asking how much trouble he'd get in for growing one marijuana plant. The dispatcher can be heard advising Michelson that he could be arrested, at which point Michelson can be heard thanking the dispatcher and hanging up. Police were able to trace the call back to an address on Waterville Road. Narcotics officers from Farmington went to the house and reportedly discovered that Michelson was growing marijuana there. Michelson allegedly admitted that he has spent "a lot of money on line buying everything he needed to grow marijuana, including the seeds," police said. Officers seized a small amount of marijauna and numerous items of drug paraphernalia for smoking and g
Oh Really...
There is nothing more hilarious than a woman who tells me I am wrong about women... Really? Well let me ask you this... Who knows more qualified to work on cars... An auto mechanic who takes a bus to work every day, or someone who happens to own a car? Ladies, just because you have a pussy doesn't mean you know a single thing about other pussies. So I am telling a girl about how another girl was driving me crazy... Then I make the statement, "This is the kind of shit that drives me crazy about women." She said, "Most women aren't like that." How the fuck would she know? Does she date women? Does she fuck women? Does deal with the emotion swings of this woman then that woman? No... I am dead certain that most women know jack dick about other women which is why women don't have many friends... They fucking hate each other too. The best part is when a women will tell you she is the "exception to the rule" but is 30 years old, single, and lonely... Yeah... Loads differe
At Work And Been Thinking...could Something Be Wrong With Me?
   Ok, so I am at work, but then again, if I am not at home and sleeping or doing anything with the family, this is were I am. It's not my favorite place to be, but it's where I am, and I am getting paid, so I can't really complain. Well, I get to go donate plasma tomorrow, for an extra 25 dollars, which I guess is better than not getting nothing at all. Which in a way, I could use the little extra cash, at least until I get my taxes filed and see how much I could get back and all of that jazz. I did some thinking today while I was awake for a short while.... I really think that I am done with dating for a while. But I am planning on going on vacation this summer, even if I gotta go by myself, I really think that I owe it to myself to do something like that. Am I wrong with wanting a vacation even if I gotta go by myself?     I know this much, I owe it to myself to take a vacation after everything within the past couple or so years I have gone through. I think maybe get away from this
Love And Friendship - What Is A True Friend?
Got to thinking this week, I know a dangerous thing.  I'm new at this, so forgive me.... Recently I got hurt by a guy I cared alot for.  The funny thing is, like an angel, I made a friend just before it ended.. That friend has been absolutely wonderful.  He stood by me and listened to me cry, he helped me to be strong, to hold to my values when I wanted to sell myself short.  In just a few weeks he has come to mean alot to me.. So as I sit here and think of him, I got to wondering, how long does love truly take?  I have often told people to beware of infatuation, that soulmates don't exist.  Lately I have begun to wonder if I was kidding myself.  Friendship is a wonderful thing.  Never before have I felt that I can just call him, depend on him to be there.  I am very independent. I never lean on anyone for long... and I am not used to having someone that knows what a friend truly is.  And in teh same way, although I would do much for my friends, I have never truly done all that he h
You Are Not Popular
Seriously, I do not appreciate people who judge me based on who I rate/comment/bomb or whatever. EVERYONE has something negative to say about everyone...I'm sure someone in your fam list talks to someone associated with someone you don't like. WHO GIVES A SHIT. Grow the fuck up and enjoy this site. So some girls/guys out here get more than you do on fu that's cuz they play the game a little better than you do. Don't hate appreciate. Learn. whatever everyone just get over yourselves because no matter how popular you think you are on this're not that cool in real life. Sorry to break the news to you but as much as I love fubar (I'm on it every day), it's only a website. How fucking rude are you that you are a top person on this site and you can't appreciate the people who kissed your ass to get you where you are? seriously...It's disgusting. I'm not a top person by any means...but I fully appreciate the people who have helped me get to the level I'm at :)  I do not believe I
Read Me
I don't feel old enough to have a kid turning 21 on Valentine's day.......     thats all!
  If a mumm or blog poster use a word that no one has ever heard of before, is the mumm or blog poster under obligation to provide a definition, or should the commenters, google, or look up the word in the  dictionary?
He did love a good opera. Every act a burning suite of passion, every song containing a shrill plea.A whole lifetime of vengeance, infidelity, and melodramatic absurdity in only a few hour's time. His mute companion to his right like a delicate celestial flower, practically hovering in a cocooon of silk and sheer white cloth, numb to the spectacle, unflinching against his appraising hand on her chin.Meanwhile, the crowd stirred against the scene, abuzz with a swill and roll of emotions. Like a tide of excitement and tears lapping gently at a nearby coast. But nothing sustained him like the glittering golden hopelessness of lady Chelsea.At least he thought her name was Chelsea... it was the name her father cried as a sword was plunged into his spine. She hadn't uttered a word since, and had barely made a shriek the last time she tried to murder him.That last attempt was nearly a year ago.Had she perhaps given up on trying?Or was she simply waiting for him to get comfortable and drop
At the temple, there is a poem called "Loss" carved into the stone. It has three words, but the poet has scratched them out. You cannot read Loss, only feel it.     Kept on Corsets Marco China White ...and now Robert as well as so many others who are face/nameless.   While we may or may not know these people they have gone from Fubar and from our lives.  I guess this is a reprise of my blog "Coming to Terms." It dawned one me today that maybe something should be said.   Few on here honor the memory of those lost. While some of us just talk to each other via our computers we tend to foget that these were and in my eyes are real people. Real people with real emotions and real problems that we know very little to nothing about.  We need to take the time to talk to people, really get to know them, to allow ourselves to care not just call them names and block them. Maybe thier anger at you is a way to say " Hey I need a friend" I'm as guilty as everyone else I hit that b
Words From My Beautiful Babydoll
 Loving you makes me so happy. you loving me back the way u do is my miracle. eternity together is my Heaven     3/1/2011     I love my Baby Boo, he’s all mine…..He loves me like no other, tells me all the time.                                           2/23/2011  He takes care of my heart, body and mind….I crave his touch, he’s so fine.  His love pumps my blood, his words are my air, When I look at his photos I just stop and stare.  I think to myself “how lucky am I?” For the undying love of such a wonderful guy.  He’s my best friend, my love, soul mate,Finding him at last was pure fate.  With my broken heart healed and a smile on my face, A future with Rob I know is my place.  I love you endlessly and will all the years through, Thank you for making my Fairy Tale come true.                     31 baby…FOREVER Love, Michelle   Everywhere I go, Everything I do...Sleeping or awake my heart is full of you. I feel you all ar
The Limo
The Limo Copyright Ms. Cleavage 2007 We are together in the back of a lavish, new, black limousine, driving from a delicious dinner back to our hotel room, when traffic in the city comes to a complete halt. The night was warm so we got out of the limo to wander around and we make some small talk with the driver who stays seated in the car but with the front door open. You are wearing a long black gown with a deep plunging neckline. The top of your gown is loose fitting which becomes flirtatious to men as you turn at your waist to allow even more of your breasts to become exposed; yet never allowing all to be seen. As we chat with the driver, a gust of wind comes through the canyon of the high rise buildings and blows the loose fitting top of your gown to expose one of your breasts to the driver and to me. Your nipple is suddenly peaked with an erection as the wind whisks across it. The driver and I look at each other and simply smile. We both silently agree between gentlemen that wha
Too Effin' Early....
vallachie: you look so good mmmmmm 4:41am more To vallachie: thats kind of creepy but thanks 4:41am reply vallachie: im sorry 4:42am more To vallachie: the first part was fine...but i recommend leaving the mmmm part off 4:42am reply vallachie: yea your right     i started my day by teaching a lesson....i guess being up at the buttcrack of dawn really can be fruitful....
[i Deserve A Treat]
This be Gouf post.K- let's just say this real quick.I cut out 12 demi-panelsfiled em to look about the same.and then I build a booster on my gouf's calf with a 3part half-shape fame.End reuslt.     You can stop asking "wtf is he talking about???" There's a progressional how-to in my plamo folder.I'm pretty -fucking- stoked after that.And I think I want a treat. ... I dunno what that'd be since I'm broke.Moar update- I perused last week's classified (yeah... I know its sunday morning and I'm just now looking at a paper I bought 7 days ago) and was not impressed.So I bit the bullet and sent resume and cover letter to the adult mental health care agency/facility here in town.Keep your fingers crossed.but don't hold your breath.Who's up for a third cup of coffee and porn?
Fuckin Whores
oh yes im innocent im innocent im an angel all i fucking hear and im about sick to death of this  shit all i see   is shit lies bullshit fucking drama whore attention whores oh no ill fucking bone anything with a pussy or a dick regardless if it has a boyfriend or a  a wife or i dont give a fuck  ill do what i want and i keep seeing this and it's making me wanna throw up i swear to god it makes me sick and with my mood im in fucking ignorant  bitches need to be slapped many one in particular i swear to fucking god if it doesn't stop someone will get there ass kicked or buzz killed i dont give a fuck honestly im sick to death! of this and now i say no names no ones going to hear who it is assuming all you want i dont care dont like what i have to say dont read it dont comment  someone is so full of themselves that they think they are the shit they are wanted they give it up so fuckin easily no ones gonna have much respect that i can see i swear to god if i see it one more time my fuckin
I Wish....
I wish I didn't still love you. I wish I didn't still miss you. I wish things were different. I wish I didn't think of you daily. I wish I was as important to you, as you still are to me. I wish I was your someone again, your anyone. And I wish... I could just forget you and what we had for I fear its something I'll never find again and that breaks my heart over and over and over. Happy Valentines Day
What Is This Love.
What Is This Love?      With each new life experience,  The more certain I am that love creates lunatics!  How can a single emotion cause such profound madness?  Love makes you do and utter things that you swore you never would  Love makes you dance like a trained organ monkey on the street…  Begging and hustling for some spare change and a smile  What is this word called love that turns grown, robust men into babbling idiots?  Can the mere touch of a woman’s tender hand alter the mind of a renaissance man into a drooling toddler?  Many say that the power of a pen and paper is mightier than the sword  But this force named love can stop a raging river from advancing down a mountain spring!  How can such an emotion free a person’s soul…  Yet capture a man’s heart in it’s clenched grasp?  A man in love is a brilliant fool  Love does n
I am going to ask you to just tell me some songs that i could down load (If I dont already have them) in a few of your fav types of music.. This will kinda serve as a request blog for Area 51 to get a better Idea of what people want to hear..   so, take a moment to list a few songs by artist and title for me.  and I will be sure to get more music that people want to here.   as you were
Just Writting...
contrary to popular belief I am not perfect, I am not a saint, I am not a mind reader, I am not a millionaire... what I am is an imperfect bitchy broken mess with a heart a mindset that cause me a lot of pain and happiness all at the same time... A girl with a mindset that everyone ELSE needs to be happy and my needs and wants will come later or that the people i am caring for will take care of my needs... and in the end there usually isn't enough of anything left for me... Why is it that no one can see that all i want is for some one to love and care for me as much as i do for them... i want them to think of me before themselves... goodness knows i think of them and their wants and needs before my own... why is it so hard for others to do the same... I am tired of feeling used and abused and bitchy...
Worth Repeating: Approved Drugs, 10,008 Deaths; Marijuana 0 (repost)
Photo: As It Stands Over a 10-year period, more than 10,000 people died from taking FDA-approved drugs, while zero died from marijuana, which is considered by the federal government a highly dangerous Schedule I drug with no medical uses. Welcome to Room 420, where your instructor is Mr. Ron Marczyk and your subjects are wellness, disease prevention, self actualization, and chillin'. Worth Repeating
Stupid Encounters #62 Don't Fuck With A Nerd!
Note his Stats: Status:I can turn anyone into a billionaire but are you willing to put you life in to it and the thing is to become a billionaire nothing is free but I can do it in less then a year but there are always repercussios to get there 11:50pm iC51NerdGo...: you should talk to my buisness consultent... see what we can do for ya 11:50pm KING OF KINGS: well would reather talk to you and only you 11:51pm iC51NerdGo...: you know what thats ok if you can't talk to my business consultent then your not serious... Im a business woman 11:52pm KING OF KINGS: well you know 11:53pm KING OF KINGS: it is up to you weathere you want som kick ass money 11:53pm iC51NerdGo...: no its up to you if you want some kick ass help I got money coming out my ass you see how many God Modes I bought myself? 11:54pm KING OF KINGS: yea but I mean I have one guy willing to design it for 100 bucks 11:56pm
So I've been getting a lot of requests for recipes and such from a lot of people looking to learn how to cook, or improve their skills. To this, I will happily oblige! I LOVE to cook! I was born and raised in New Orleans, and in my momma's kitchen. She's an amazing cook, and I have learned many things from her, and many more on my own. In this blog I'll share some of my favorites, and let you know where and how you can tweak them for your own desired taste. Some things are not changeable, as they will change the consistency of the sauce or meal.   If you have a certain request, just let me know!   First thing you will find in almost every recipe that I make is chopped seasoning (onion, celery, green onion, bell pepper). I absolutely cook with this RELIGIOUSLY. It is the base of almost everything I cook, and the flavor you get from using fresh chopped seasoning can't be duplicated in any jarred/canned food or sauce. Almost every grocery store sells fresh chopped seasoning already mi
Just thot id give sum of u girl out that a lil heads up on sumone.  About 4 monthes ago I started talking to what I thot was a nice person on here.  So we became pretty good friends and started to exchange text and talk on the phone sumtimes. So anyways as time went by he went on to tell me about how he had mental health issues and was having thots of killing  himself and others. So I continued to be a friend to him while he went into a hospital and tried to get help. He left like two days later.  He did some favors for me on and off fu and always claimed this was out of the kindness of his heart and that he was being a good friend.  Well he started asking me to send him pictures that I did not want to.  I told him sorry I dont do that.  Now u see heres the thing when u say ur doing sumthing as a favor expecting nothing in return then thats what i assume u mean.  To me that doesnt mean Im gonna help u then start being a bitch if u dont give me what I want.. anyways long story short I b
The Dream
Asleep at last The days events ebb  quiet now  it wont last, drink it down  savor the nothingness  She is here, I feel her waiting  watching Allowing me my pithy lull What torments will she grace me with tonight Time  I go softly   I Lie on my back in the company of the darker sister within Beg her for rest, its been days     Dark dreams consume me Your scent creeps into the air like a rapacious invader   Impossible Flashes of your silver grin hit me like lightning  Pulse races like a trapped thing under my skin  Manic to be freed   Panic No, not this Anything else I'd rather a million dreams of pain and gore than this   "Baby" Your voice Your thick disarming voice So perfectly male Deep, rolling from your lips Stirs my blood like a tempest   The weight of your hands on my wrists  Skin trembles against yours  Heart rages inside my chest so fast too fast dizzy now   Your leg slides between mine until it can go no farther Waves of electricity j
What Black And White Animal Are You?
You Are a Skunk You are confident about your place in the world, and you've happily carved out your own niche. You have a strong personality, and you have no desire to lead or follow anyone. You don't think that you are strange, but others tend to think you are a bit eccentric. You are brilliant and a rule breaker. Social graces don't come easily for you. What Black and White Animal Are You? Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself
im a bit guilty of caring what people think about me. i say i dont give a shit a lot. all fabrications. i do care. im guilty of trying to make everyone happy and be likable to everyone on here and in my life outside of here. most people are misinformed or judge me too quickly. some people simply dont like me based off of what other people say about me. some people dont like me because of the people im friends with. my whole life, ive been taken advantage of. people misuse the fact that im super generous and will do anything for my friends. i like to help people and for that i seem to get walked on more then a treadmill. doesnt really seem fair to me. i never ask for anything from my friends except to be a friend and be real with me. if people would actually take time and get to know me they would understand that im not a bad person. pisses me off that people are accusing of doing shit i havent done or trying to get my account deleted for a blast that was approved by fubar. those are ju
Todays Thoughts
Sunset   Shadow crept slowly, lengthened and spread Sound was a whispers night crawlers fed Quietly leaving it's place in the sky It sank out of sight, I heard a loon cry.   Colours of crimson, violet. blue Oranges, yellows their colour so true. Light slowly faded, dark was on like a glove Sun's other cousin came shining above.   There followed a symphony unique in it's own You realize quickly your never alone. Owls cry good evening, wolves howl ado The miracle of life is really seen by so few.
A Mom's Cry
JDRF WALK  February 27, 2011 Mall of America     Dear Family & Friends,   On February 27, 2011, I’m going on a 1-mile walk at Mall of America. I’m sure most people don’t write you to announce their walking schedule. However, this is an important event for me, for the hundreds of thousands of young people, like my daughter Triniti, who suffer from diabetes. On February 27th the walk to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will take place. I will be there because I want to find a cure for my daughter's disease.   Triniti was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when he was two years old. For the past six years living with diabetes has been a daily struggle. Each day, we test his blood sugar four to four-six times a day. She also receives bolus' through her insulin pump throughout the day. Often times, she doesn't want to check her blood sugar and get bolus' but she understands that she must take the insulin to survive. But insulin is not a “cure&rdqu
Next You Get Pulled Over!!!
A Florida senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he pushed it to 80 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left. “Amazing,” he thought as he flew down I-75, pushing the pedal even more. Looking in his rear view mirror, he saw a Florida state trooper, blue lights flashing and siren blaring. He floored it to 100 mph, then 110, then 120. Suddenly he thought,   “What am I doing? I’m too old for this!” and pulled over to await the trooper’s arrival.  Pulling in behind him, the trooper got out of his vehicle and walked up to the Corvette. He looked at his watch, then said, “Sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes. Today is Friday. If you can give me a new reason for speeding – a reason I’ve never before heard – I’ll let you go.”   The old gentleman pause
some girls don't wanna be talked to like cheap whores. around here that will cost ya ;) $3.99 per minute to be exact. should have learned some respect douche.
Keeping The Light. (part 2. Holding The Light)
- People come to me with their problems.Forgetting that I'm a tradesman not a hero."A maiden chomping razorbacked beast is terrorizing our village! We can pay you in cabbage!"Or I can buy the skin from a reputable source..."The mind-stealing slug is making all of our children mad!"Spend the money you would've burnt on hiring me and place salt around the edge of your town and on your children's cheeks before bed.I'm not doing this for the fame, the fortune, the castles, the titles.I'm here for the wonderfor the craft.The other day a mercenary approached me. Or ratheran assassin. What's the difference really? One flails wildly in battle for their gold, the other uses discretion in their targets.They're both hired killers.He asked me if I was interested in a rare prize.He certainly knew the right way to approach me...but what he was hunting...I daresay I was interested in skinning.Though... the pelt of a living god... an upright, walking, talking one at that.I'd have to wonder how that wo
I sometimes find my heart lurching in several directions, searching for that one thing that will create a feeling inside me unlike any other.  What will it be today? A song, perhaps? Maybe a piece of writing, or the soft, sensual touch of a lover. I yearn for the sensation to well up inside my soul until it floods my entire form, filling me with the life I so desire to attain. What does it mean to truly live? That life found me today in a song by one of my favorite bands, 30 Seconds to Mars. It reminded me to live my life on the edge, to take risks without giving thought to the consequences that would follow. I have been stuck in a rut for what seems like decades in a state of despondency that has eaten away at my soul like a cancer, slowly feeding off my emotion until eventually I succumb to its relentless harassment. I tried to suppress it, and have been for 3 years now, and told myself that it would just go away with time, yet here it remains in the forefront of my mind. My comica
My Heart Aches So Much
SOME OF YOU HAVE READ MY BLOG ABOUT MY GRANDMA AND WELL HERE IS AN UPDATE    My grandma has been in the hospital since christmas eve 2010, and on christmas morning she suffered a massive stroke leaving her paralyzed on the whole right side if her body and her cancer started spreading more..She forgot who everyone was and couldnt even talk much but she tried and tried to remember my family.. she sat in a hospital dazing and not knowin what day it was or for that matter not knowin that it was a new year... she was fighting for her life when they had stopped feeding my grandma and had given up on her.. my mom had fought with the doctors and finally my grandma was transfered to another hospital..  In the new hospital they gave her food and treated her like any other human that is in there.. my grandma changed and she was talkin and she started remembering who we were with some help, she still didnt know what day it was or the year but she was remembering her past and the people in it an
The "l" Word
s-you-apart Have you ever been in love? Horrible, isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens your heart and it means someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses. You build up this whole armor, for years, so nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life...You give them a piece of you. They don't ask for it. They do something dumb one day like kiss you, or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so a simple phrase like 'maybe we should just be friends' or 'how very perceptive' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a body-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.
so this dude shows up in my shoutbox and the conversation goes like this: 12:47am  vallachie: you look great mmmmm 12:50am  To vallachie: thanks. 12:51am  vallachie: your beautiful and its so nice seeing you 12:52am  vallachie: i love your sexy eyes and dark hair 12:57am  vallachie: what you up to 1:06am    To vallachie: fixin to go to bed 1:06am    vallachie: oh ok 1:07am    vallachie: would you be offended if i said i was aroused by you 1:09am    To vallachie: yep. 1:09am    vallachie: ok forget i said that then lol 1:09am    To vallachie: too late. 1:10am    vallachie: well how bout im sorry 1:10am    To vallachie: how about respect?   ok. first of all the dude is 48. older than my dad. no offense but that's gross.   i could expect this kind of crap from a teenage kid, but this blows my mind.   and to top it off..this is the 1st time he's spoken to me.   where do guys get the idea that its ok to speak to women li
::day 2::
Of doing the Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred as part of my regimen to get me prepped for Academy...and FUCK!!!! Am I feeling it. But I'm lovin it :D
I Knew It Complete When I Wore A Younger Mans Clothes.
Not like I was ever a man. I think if I had been born a man I would've been some barbaric, angry fool attempting to justify all the justifications in the world today. And then I wouldnt be alive to speak about it at the presnt moment. HAHAHAHA. Not really. I would just fuck people up and get away with it. Because, well...because I am me. And male or female...I would get away with some shit. At least thats how I see it.CAUSE I toot it and boot it. hahahahah. Are these people serious? I think the fact that "musicians" have so much money plays into the fact that they never have any "STDS" oooh. thats an unheard word. So...fuck lil wayne and eminem and red duce and chris brown and the rangers. you know you all have syphillis. Pretty soon doctors are going to start ignoring the oath and leaking their info to the tabloids. I make up my own words for shit. Like this rangers song "number one dime" sister says its "you stay on my head like a fitted cap." i sing it "kitty cat." because tha
To All My Fu Family and Friend's,I will not be on as much in the next few weeks,I am Moving to Ft.Worth,Texas,I will be pretty busy getting things ready for my move.I Hope Everyone Will Have A Great Week.I will be back as soon as I can. Much Love to Everyone..Hugs! Lora AKA Texas Willow
Sorry Everyone!!!
Hi guys n girls, thanks fo all the love. my page is blowing up right now so if i dont say hi back its not that im ignoring you its hard to talk to 50 different people at one time....
A Helpless Soul?
While you SCREAM at your woman, there’s a man wishing he could whisper softly in her ear… While you HUMILIATE,OFFEND and INSULT her, there’s a man flirting with her and reminding her how wonderful she is. While you HURT your woman, there’s a man wishing he could make love to her. While you make your women CRY there’s a man stealing smiles from her…   Sadly a lot of people go through domestic violence without even the smallest hint of it happening to them by the people closest to them. What could be so wrong with that person that they decide to stay and take the abuse rather then leave and get out of the situation? Truth is a lot of the people going through it feels as if they have no one and no place to turn to. It's the hardest thing to be out in this world and this society during these times. for some they feel trapped with nowhere to go so they tend to stay because only half the time it's bad. They find themselves trying to focus on the good a
Did You See
Did you see the White Horse Ghost rider that appeared on a video taken during the time of the Egyptian riots? The 19th chapter of Revelation talks about the appearance of the White Horse and white ships. Did you see the video of the white ship that hovered over the Dome of the Rock for all to see?       dome of the rock   White Horse Ghost rider
Psalm 37:4
"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."(Psalm 37:4) …He has our best interest at heart…He is always with us…He never fails us…Delight yourself in the Lord…He will lead you…He will guide you…He will direct you…He will enlightened you…"In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."(Prov.3:6)…If you are looking for direction in your life…acknowledge Him…He gives good counsel…God is our delight…He loves us…He protects us…If you are going through a rough place…call on Him…don't aimlessly seek direction…call on Him…don't dwell on hurts…dwell on the all encompassing power of God…choose to be happy…make it a definite choice…dwell on His provision…dwell on His help…dwell on His promises…delight yourself in Him…Let these thoughts sink into your
Friendship On The Fu
In a comparison of personal relationships, friendship is considered to be closer than association, although there is a range of degrees of intimacy in both friendships and associations.   People have several different types of friendships. Best friends, Friends with benifits, a person you know by repution but arent really freinds with, we all have a few frenemies, and I could go on and on.   The hardest part about being that close to a woman is because well, we are some crazy, catty bitches who enjoy keeping shit stirred up, not letting things die down, hiding in the bushes like a hungry lioness to pounce and devour your best best friend.   When I was little friendship was about who could jump rope the best, play hop scotch better, was it longer in a game of tag, whoever was the better hidder in Hide and go Seek.   Now as my children are getting older (my son is 15, my middle daughter ie 13 and my "baby"is 10) I notice how their ideas of friendships differ from the way ours did
Am I A Taco?
so, its late at night, no one is looking, and me and roK are rocking out to the sweet sounds of Kenny Fucking G.   and roK says...."fuck you Oprah"
Chicken Quesadillas
This is a recipe that is a GREAT way to use up that left over grilled chicken, or even a perfect excuse to grill some. Remember, when grilling chicken breasts, the longer you marinate them (use Italian dressing) the juicer they will stay! It also gives it a little zest of flavor, so you don't feel like you're just eating cardboard! What you will need: Tortillas, size doesn't matter at least 2 large chicken breasts, grilled blended cheese (Mexican or taco) Pepper Jack cheese (you can just use the slices or you can shred it. the easy way is break up the slices) 2 large onions (very important to know that the color will vastly change how these taste. I do not recommend sweet onions. White or yellow work wonderfully) Margarine Pepper Optional: Jalapenos Salsa of your choice Sour Cream taco sauce These are used
Most Annoying
Who besides me, is the most annoying on fubar? 1. Religious, or antireligious mumm posters 2. Political mumm posters 3.  Attention whores 4. Point whores 5. DJs 6. Juggalos 7. Gloaters on others' misfortune. 8. Admin  .9. Bouncers 10. none of the above  11. All of the above, except for 10.
Complete Confusion....keeping With The {cc} Trademark
I think I may be suffering from an identity crisis...perhaps...maybe, but if I was..would I know?   All my life, I have always thought of myself as what I wasn't. I wasn't a conformist, I wasn't a follower, I wasn't a teacher's pet, I wasn't a dumbass....I never wanted to fit a category, I wanted to be unique. I've succeeded at that...however...who am I? Any time somebody would ask me that, I would always answer the same: I am. I don't define myself, I let the people I know do that for themselves. But...someone should be able to classify themself somehow, right?  Everyone has their own impressions of others, everyone thinks different. But everyone has an impression of themself, or at least how they wish to be...or am I wrong? I don't. I honestly...don't...think of myself. At all. I exist, that's all that matters....or is that crazy?
Missionaries, Political, Religous, And Social
Do you have any kind of patience for those who try to convert you to their political, religious or social point of view?  Or do you tell them to STFU?  Or do you just laugh at their tiring attempts?
I Am A Perv?
Someone, whose name will be not revealed, complained I am old enough to be someone's grandfather with some of the pics I collect.  Does any one really believe that I stared having sex when I was about thirteen and I had child that did the same thing at the same age?
Wow Ppl On Here Need To Grow The Fuk Up
Well I haven't been around and I heard from a friend of mine that a rumor was going around about why I haven't been online.  1st off I have no fkn clue who this chick ninja is and why she's sitting there telling ppl that I said that smoke was stalking me,  SHUT THE FUK UP AND GET A GOD DAMN LIFE.  2nd my reason for not being on is none of anyones god damn business.  I have stuff going on in real life and I don't need to explain a damn thing to no one.  I think it's pathetic that ppl feel the need to talk about ppl they don't even know and claim they have proof that I said this.  OK BIOTCH where's ur proof cuz I haven't been on fubar in like a month and a half and I haven't even been on yahoo.  So stick that in ur fkn pipe and smoke it biotch.  Now feel free to try and start shit because I could give a rats ass what u or anyone else says.  MIND UR GOD DAMN BUSINESS AND GET A FKN LIFE!!!!  I have better things to do then fkn argue with someone online.     Rant done fuk u and have a ni
:D that is just having a good day, and i wanted to share a smile.   gross right?   ha.   sarah.
New News About The Ghost And What It Is ????
I am sooooooo sorry for being away from my friends on fu, the few of you who really care, but my life is up to it's azz in turmoil right now. I have been notified by my surgical transplant team that they will no longer see me since I have been declared officially in remission and transplant unnecessary. Also, I am permitted to return to most normal activities (I didn't mention fu to them) and only call if I start experiencing strange happenings. GOOD=-=I guess? My new way of thinking has me seeking a newer way of life and therefore am returning to my Art business and this will involve a major move on my part. Also involves major money, something I don't have. My absence is created by my searching for funding sources and ways to make this move by the end of May when my lease here in NY expires. I am one very busy person right now. I will try very hard to check in once a day from now on but won't be here long. If you want to get ahold of me go to your search box and key in Richard Shwe
Sexual Intamacy
Ok I want to hear from the ladies and well as gentlemen on this subject. Define sexual intamacy in your own words. I will give my definition after some have given theyre definition.
Caa #140
Please send angel prayers and healing for Mare's mom who had a stroke yesterday.  We will keep you all updated.   Love,   Doc
Friday Rush Hour Trip To Birmingham
Snappy title, eh?  In October 2005 I was fortunate enough to get to see Ronnie James Dio perform in what I  believe turned out to be his final full UK tour.  He was, as you'd expect, excellent.  To get there, I had to drive across central England during the peak of the afternoon/early evening rush hour traffic on a Friday, into England's "second city", not knowing exactly where the venue was or what parking may or may not be available.  This is the result of that journey.  BUT.  I wrote this to the tune of Alice Cooper's "I'm So Angry", which can be found on the CD "The Eyes Of Alice Cooper".  (it's getting on a bit now, so you might be able to find a free download). The  success of this directly led to me starting to write songs aswell.  Sadly, I'm still not a fast enough guitarist to be able to share the fruits of that particular development with you; but, all considered, that is probably a bit of a   relief for you!  If you possibly can, play the song and read along to the timing of
[i Might Be Baking]
Alright...I kinda threw some stuff together.I'd expect some crazy.I did come up with probably the best chocolate cake donut mix ever.... so I'm gonna see if it bakes >>Why baking?Cuz frying is a pain in the ass.And I'm not very good at baking (this is a lie, my soda breads rock)AnywayI put in about half a table spoon of gingera sprinkle of cayenne pepper1 1/2 table spoons of cocoa powdera table spoon of coffee creamerheavy sprinkling of cinnamon2 cups flower1/2 cup sugar1 egg1/2 cup water (again the whole not using milk thing >>)and some baking soda325 for 50 minutes.If nothing else, I've still got a choco-cake donut batter to make.I'm anticipating it won't rice too great and will be pretty tough.I can live with one batch of bad experiment brownies.
Pain In The Ass
My 9 year old nephew has this little female friend, that I swear is the most obnoxious kid I've stumbled across in quite some time. The kids start school at 8:30 and can't even be at the school until 8:20, yet every morning she's ringing the doorbell at 7:15 to wake him up and get ready. Fuckin why? When he walks around the house trying to get ready, she follows him everywhere, including attempting to follow him when my sister says she needs to talk to him alone. I'm sorry, but I see no reason she needs to be there that early. She knows on Monday-Wednesday mornings he's at his dad's. Does that stop her from ringing the bell that early? No. Worst part is she'll text him at 6:45 to tell him to be ready when she knows he's there. If he's at his dad's and doesn't text back, she just comes over and rings the bell for no reason. After school when he's with me, my nephew has to do his homework before going out to play. He tells her right away he has to do homework, and she still comes over 5
What Iam Looking For In My Other Half
someone who not overly possessive or controling blunt honesty even if i dont want to hear it or even if it hurts faithful iam a hopeless romantic and i want the other person to atleast be some what romantic as will i believe its the little things that counts iam down to earth and want the other person to be must have a good sense of humor and personality i cant stress this enough you must be very affectionate open minded and understanding must be a animal lover must know when to be a big kid and when you need to be responsible also another thing that is very imported is the fact iam a nympho and i need it atleast 5 to 10 times a day so you must be able to keep up and open to try new things because doing the same thing over again is pretty boring in time some of the same interests would be nice also another stress factor is this you must have a income i dont care if you dont work as long as you have some kind of money coming in because i will not ever again support anot
Caa #140 - Update
Just heard back that it is good news.  It was not a stroke but a siezure due to extreme;y low sodium levels.  They are switching her meds and watching her but she is coherent and aware of everything, sothat is good news.  Thank you all for your prayers, they worked wonders.   Love,   Doc
Chiva Chiva ! Bet He Never Thought That'd Come Back And Bite Him On His Ass...   Rock Legend Arrested for OD'ing in Front of Son 3/14/2011 11:55 AM PDT by TMZ Staff      Former "Social Distortion" drummer Casey Royer was arrested in Orange County last week -- after the 52-year-old punk legend allegedly OD'd on heroin in front of his 12-year-old son.Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Casey was watching TV with his son when he experienced an overdose ... at which point his son ran next door for help ... and the neighbors called cops.According to law enforcement, his house was littered with garbage and drug paraphernalia -- including needles -- when police arrived.Casey -- who currently sings for the punk band D.I. -- was immediately hospitalized nearby and survived. He was arrested soon after.Casey was officially charged today -- with one count of child endangerment, and one count of being under the influence of heroin. He's currently being held on $12
*smiles Sadly
Sometimes through strange and hard times...   WE JUST NEED TO FEEL LOVED AND APPRECIATED............................ or we lose hope and often give up.   I'm so close.....................
Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard
Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard by David Moser University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies   The first question any thoughtful person might ask when reading the title of this essay is, "Hard for whom?" A reasonable question. After all, Chinese people seem to learn it just fine. When little Chinese kids go through the "terrible twos", it's Chinese they use to drive their parents crazy, and in a few years the same kids are actually using those impossibly complicated Chinese characters to scribble love notes and shopping lists. So what do I mean by "hard"? Since I know at the outset that the whole tone of this document is going to involve a lot of whining and complaining, I may as well come right out and say exactly what I mean. I mean hard for me, a native English speaker trying to learn Chinese as an adult, going through the whole process with the textbooks, the tapes, the conversation partners, etc., the whole torturous rigmarole. I mean hard for me -- and, of course, for the man
The Next Day... Written By Me, Enjoy
THE NEXT DAY:I am thinking what did I do.. omg how did I allow myself to fuck this perfect stranger like I did.. hmmm but am now desiring more from this man.Don't think I got his name.. I don't remember I am still in shocked at it all. All I am doing now is getting ready for work and getting wet at thinking of it again.. going over in my head being in the car..What should I wear today? What if he comes back? I mean I whispered to come back but will he??At work I am involved in my work but every now an then I think of him and damn my panties are getting soaked.. shit and can't change them yet...I am about to get ready for my hour lunch when he pops in again..omg he is here .. shit what do i do.. He comes over and and smiles and says hello. I tell him I am going to lunch, he asks if he can join me?I tell him yes, all awhile thinking omg what if he can tell that I have been thinking of him...We have lunch and still there is time before I get back..we are in his car again.. back to the sce
First Blog; March 16, 2011 Dear Fubar, I hate you, you're flawed. The way you make me ache for rates, comments, friends, fans, and drinks is appaling. Yet, I love the way you introduce me to new people, especially cute military men ;)    I feel a little bit pretty these days, because of all the attention. But at the same time kinda like a hoe because of all the "dirty old men" that are into. Good thing I'm intpo dirty old men...   Well ttyl Morgono
I believe in angels, The kind that heaven sends, I am surrounded by angels, But I call them friends.
When You Send Me A Text
R2D2 yells at me. When you send a text stating REDCROSS to 90999, you donate $10 to the American Red Cross. All proceeds of that donation support disaster relief for those affected by the Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami. The bling is still a nice way to give, especially if you got the credits as a gift and don't know what to do with them. I'm not saying buy them for me - buying them for anyone helps. Watch your language, R2!
Wesley's Bio
First, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Wesley Siau and I am hairstylist. I have been licensed since 1986. I moved to Greenville, SC in 1987 where I went to work at Superior Cuts on South Pleasantburg. After a short time I left there and went to JB White Hair Salon where I worked and learned new techniques to improve my skills. After 3 years there I left and went to HairPlus where I further learned more skills. In 1999, I ended up working with Regis Hair Salon. I worked for almost year there but decided I needed another challenge so I applied for a manager's position with Regis and was transfered to Hilton Head Island where I continued to work for the company 5 more years. While there, our salon won the Director's Award and the sales doubled under my management, including the retail sales. Still, I needed more education to improve my talents and skills so I went to a barber shop where my cutting skills greatly improved. Two year later I was ready to open my own salon there on
So Yeah Apparantly
I have been having major "dizzy spells" on occasion lately to the point that even though I can't see anything and just seem dizzy My family says the other night My eyes rolled up for like 10 seconds or whatever. I have to go have an MRI this week about the pressure on My spine they found in a previous xray anyway so I was hoping they could just add on tests but apparently they can't. What else is new? So I just called and set a message for my primary care doctor to call Me about scheduling a test. I really hope they find a simple solution and don't put Me into the hospital again. I'm really NOT in the mood for that bs. Oh well I guess I'll wait to see how it goes. I'm putting 20 to 1 odds that it has to do with the pressure on the spinal cord they found though which will mean surgery. Yippee fucking skippy. As long as they get this shit done soon I don't care. I have an upcoming charity event for our family operated pet charity to take care of and can't afford to be laid up. Okay ye
fugacious \ fyoo-GAY-shuhs \adjective;    1.  Lasting but a short time; fleeting.
Not Just A Dream
Not Just a Dream   I am sitting here, my head in the clouds, I dream of you and my heart pounds so loud, Yes, I will see you again with no doubt.   My priorities used to be all jacked, But thanks to you, I’m getting back on track, I hope that one day I can help you back.   The future is not clear, certainly untold, Until we meet, my bed will remain cold, We’ll be as one again, I may be bold.   Love, hope, giving me strength and desire, Thoughts of you fuels my everlasting fire, I always want you, for that I aspire.   I always will love you like no other, Please, deny the rest one after another, My love is so true and it will smother.   I feel that I need to be this selfish, Everything about you, us, I cherish, And without you I would surely perish.   Love getting turned around with you in town, We’ll be making turns, going round and round, Always I smile even though sometimes you frown.   You begin to tap your nose as you think, Making s
The Pathalogical Liar...
ok, time to vent... So, this past month someone has made me feel like total shit. Stupid fights, name calling, stupid accusations, everything. I was seeing this guy who, as usual, at first seemed amazing. I had a ton of fun hanging out with him, and loved being in his company. Then all of a sudden *poof* he was all of a sudden working like 22 hours a day, with no time to even message me to find out how my day was going. I knew something was up, gut feeling, but didn't have anything to back it. So whenever I'd ask to get together or to just talk, I would have my head ripped off. "I'm working, what's wrong with you? What don't you get about that?" ... only to find out by one of their best friends that he was now chasing his best friends little sister who is 14 years younger than the guy I was seeing... This made me feel so sick... Then I hear from his SISTER-IN-LAW that he told her I wasn't his girlfriend, I was some stalker who only went to visit him because I threatened to kill myself.
Angel Dedicated To A Special Someone
There is a angel watching me he helps me calm these wild sea's there is a angel who guides the way who holds my hand and tells me its ok there is a angel here and far  who will catch me as i fall there is a angel watching me chasing the devils out my dreams there is a angel who stands by me 
The Sun Standing Still
I thought this was pretty interesting, its a good read.   The Urban Legend NASA APPEARS TO PROVE GOD'S WORD For all you scientists out there and for all of you who have a hard time convincing many of these individuals regarding the truth of the Bible ... here's something that apparently gives evidence of God's awesome creation and demonstrates that He is still in control.   Mr Harold Hill, President of the Curtis Engine Company in Baltimore, Maryland, and a consultant in the space program, relates the following development. I think one of the most amazing things that God has for us today happened recently to our astronauts and space scientists at Green Belt, Maryland.   They were checking the position of the sun, moon, and planets out in space, where they would be 100 years and 1000 years from now. We have to know this information, so we won't send a satellite up and have it bump into something later on during its orbits, since they're impacted by these astronomical issues. We
So I just realized I have feelings.  I'm not sure how to feel about this since I don't like feelings.  So many people have too many feelings and I am not a people.  I kind of like being the insensitive one that isn't afraid to speak the truths they see everyday.  Anyway my face leaked and that pissed me off more which made my face leak more.  This having feelings shit sucks.  I don't know what to do about it.  I want to scream.  this blows.                 END RANT          
[that Was Tedious]
I had no reason to get out of bed today....*shrugs* take that for what its worth. Snowed. Couldn't paint.My free trial on the Realm (first graphical MMO ever) expired, $7.00 a month to play a sprite game from 95? ...16 years ago?Oh and my crazy ass granny threatened to take me out of the will and told me not to come to her funeral if I didn't visit her. I explained to several people that I didn't appreciate her threatening and demanding tone, and that I noticed she only pisses and moans about this shit about me, and nobody else (especially her grandkids that don't live in the state any more).Hmmmseeing a trend here? I fucking hate living here.I hate most of my family.Tada~Tell you what- how about I go drive across town, do some stupid errands for you that probably didn't need to be done because you're old and crazy and like to waste my time, and not talk about anything or do anything I enjoy doing.After all, I'm so fucking pleasant to be around that I'd DIE for the chance to be your da
Just A Little Annoying
just a tad annoying when you do things for someone on here over and over on multiple accounts over 3 years and they pretty much just use you its so rare when i delete someone but when they act so self centered and no-longer even bother with the pretense of being a friend i just feel i have to sigh lame
Please forgive me if I have been a bit emotional lately...LOL...Yeah I know, it's really nothing new. However, I have been going through a lot lately...death of loved ones, illness of loved ones, peri-menopause aka pre-menopause...PMS...severe depression, now, my wonderful neighbors of 12 years have been forced to move to SOME god forsaken place up north. He was a Vietnam Vet, ex-con, spent time in prison for murder....a bar room brawl. And I fucking adored him!!!! I knew I was safe with him around. He adores my family...including my brother which has caused so much grief in my life. But he always helped when needed. And NEVER bothered anyone! NEVER gave up on my brother...I did, many times! Just proves you CAN NOT judge a book by its cover. He had heart surgery, lost his his home...I have cried so much today. I will miss my John.
Weekly Meeting
Weekly Meetings Starting very shortly we are gonna start having weekly meetings. This will be a time for all the officers to get together and discuss everything that has gone on in the fast week. This is also a better way for us to keep up with what's going on with teams to make sure our Hottie's are following COC. I haven't decided what day the weekly meeting will be on, but once I know I will let the rest of you know. Meetings are gonna be held on YIM because there's a few people who have a problem with the lounge loading and what not. On that note, I need for every officer (that includes SWAT, team chiefs, deputy chiefs, and promoting) to send you YIM name in a pm to the homepage so it's on file and we can start sorting out the meeting. Please leave a comment stating that you read this. Also let me know what time zone you are and when is the best time for you (ie Weekday or Weekend and day or night)! Thanks for all your hard work ToniaNicole per Chief Founder
Sick Of Fuwhores!
It's pretty fucking sad when females on this site (not all) feel they can charge people bling credits, bling, fubucks ect... for access to nude pictures of themselves. Has anyone ever taken the time to look at some of these girls salute pics? seriously, there are girls on here that have no business being naked in the shower let alone CHARGING guys to see nude pictures! Just the other day I saw a newbie come in and within 6 hours she was fuwhoring. How is it that a guy and a girl can join the same exact day and a month later the guy is a level 24 (if he's lucky) and the girl is a 28? Its bullshit that the females are allowed to fuwhore at all. I think if a girl is fuwhoring, she should be banned for life.
Auction Want In??
I'm holding  a auction Have to have no less then 5 ppl. Leave comment if u want in PM me w/ur  pic. and entry fee and what u will be offering. The one with the most rates over 100 wins their  choice of Rang, vip, or 25 bling pack I will also  pimpout the winner once a day  4 a week, winner must be online durning that week. no nsfw pic plz all have to be safe entry fee: 2.5 mil  If u decide  u want in  hit me up in a PM aution will run for one week. I will post the rules in auction folder. Starting Wed. April 6,2011 to April 13,2011
Wrote This For A Class. We Had To Write About A Dream We Had.
I’m in a car with a few of my friends driving quickly to the Cinema. Music is blaring through the car’s speakers. I remember it being something metal and fast paced, possibly Black Dahlia Murder. Either way, a song is playing loud and fast as I’m driving quickly, my fingers drumming rhythmically on the steering wheel. Conversations are had around in the car, but it’s just a mesh of noise with the music and the rush of traffic.                 Shortly after we all arrive at the Cinema to find it packed. There are literally cars everywhere, but none of us in the car seemed surprised by this. Whatever movie we were off to see clearly we knew that it would be a huge success and constantly draw a good sized crowd. We manage to find a parking space and get out of the car and walk toward the theater with the other masses of people. It’s all just noise and talk. No dialogue sticks out to me; it’s just being on auto pilot and wanting to get a good seat for t
Will The Cavs Ever Retire Lebron's Number?
I was looking at ESPN 1st and 10 today and they had the debate on if The Cavaliers would retire LeBron's #23, and I agree with them on this one: It will never happen, so they would have to let somebody else wear that number, because of the way it ended. That bridge was burnt down to the ground, and the whole city of Cleveland (or the whole state of Ohio) hates him so bad. So them retiring that number: ZERO CHANCE
Not Always Right | Data Protection Can Be Hellish
Office supply store | Champaign, IL, USA (I notice a very well dressed woman checking out laptops.) Me: “Can I help you with anything, ma’am?” Customer: “Yes, please. Could you tell me about the facial password feature on these laptops?” Me: “Sure. Certain laptops we carry can use the webcam to recognize several facial features unique to each person. Eye distance, mouth width, things like that.” Customer: “Well then, that’s it.” Me: “Ma’am?” Customer: “The apocalypse is coming.” Me: “The apocalypse?” Customer: “Yes. See, the Bible says that when the government starts taking over our personal lives, the apocalypse will come.” Me: “Ma’am, this has nothing to do with the government. It’s just another security feature.” (She pats me on the shoulder.) Customer: “That’s okay, son. I speak to God every day. I’m glad to know
March 31, 2011
Not doing this for ratings, but to merely point out that ignorance is abound. 1) because it's hip to put your age at 69, though you're not 2) vips' scrollin with there like/rate/fan/add collage pic, but are friend locked 3) people who friend lock to block their galleries, but not realizing you can still access through the salute pic. 'Ass-Hat! Lmao!' 4) those who post nsfw only to act shocked when they're naughty bit pics are commented with just as equal comments. 5) drama queens, & kings 6) fan/add by someone who immidiately blocks you. 'WTF! really?' 7) guys pretending to be girls to rake in the fu-bucks 8) #7, being obvious about it by putting from the Philippines. 'Need I say more.' 9) Dudes, stop using your dick as your default pic. The ladies, or other guys, will look if they want to. 'Eye rape!' 10) people abusing 'Bi-". It's a made up badge so those who use it won't feel discriminated as being gay. 'For shame....' 11) Haters... 'Folks, please abuse the block button
Some people think that they're the only one with a capacity to love or to feel sorrow or pain.  We all can! Hardly worth getting on my soapbox... :/   *leaves - takes soapbox with me*
People Are Stupid
Some people love to show how stupid they really are. This moron (Nixxie the Prude) got pissed off because I simply told her that her claim of the Phillies winning by Grand Slam today was wrong. I explained what really happened, and was never nasty. This is the exact conversation between myself and the sports genius of fubar....   To Nixxie The...: grand slam? 1:00pmreplyNixxie The...: yes  1:01pmmoreTo Nixxie The...: it was a pinch hit single, they only scored 3 in the 9th - i just finished watching  1:20pmreplyNixxie The...: wrong  1:20pmreplyNixxie The...: how you gonna tell me 1:21pmmoreTo Nixxie The...: it was just on tv 1:44pmreplyNixxie The...: um really arent gonna sit there and tell me what the final outcome was. the last hit was a hit to the outfield not a pinch hit 1:45pmmoreTo Nixxie The...: a grand slam is a 4 run homerun. so no i wont tell you what the outcome was - i'll let yahoo do it (sent link to sports page) 1:46pmreplyNixxie The...: i know...did yo
Republican Sen. Dan Hall: "they Ruined Our Neighborhoods With Integration And Segregation" (repost)
Berlin Is Not Above The Arctic Circle
It just feels like it is, according to Pastor Bob from First Presbyterian Church who made his trademark grits at today’s Breakfast with the Boys at Bethany Lutheran.  In our conversation at table while we were eating French toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, fried onions, fruit, orange juice, and coffee he referred to his growing up in the capital of Germany where the social meeting place was the ice rink – that is, the ice that formed over the river much of the year.  After morning devotion and local news with Pastor Gerald and Alan, Pastor Bob was on the way out with his teenage daughter Kristin and we double-checked a giant world map we’ve got out in the hallway.  It turns out that Berlin is indeed NOT above the Arctic Circle; no national capital is.  Pastor Bob wasn’t pulling my leg or anyone else’s with that story, at least he said he didn’t mean to.   And I can appreciate that, for I don’t try to mislead anyone either when I’m reciti
My Angel Is You
You lift my spirits and still fill my soul with desire. Your heartfelt talks bring me hope, Your words of confidence I inspire. You believe in me when I am weak, And softly whisper "it will be OK". I believe in you,your honesty has brightened any gloomy days. Its your true nature and gentle touch, That I have given my heart to you. i will always protect you, i will be your shield. Through this life and after I will always be true. I fell in love with you at first sight, And for you there is nothing I wouldn't do, I can say to you with all my heart, I never believed in Angels until,I met you.
The Empty Hours Of My Life
The night passes quietly, even the rats seem muted, scurrying in and out of my cell, reminding me how freedom is just outside of my clutches. They seem to be toying with me, teasing me, how could you know so much squeaking visitor? Of course it is not me that is familiar to you it is the cell, more aptly put it is the smell. A rat puts its nose up in the air as if to acknowledge the thought. The stench of death hangs over this cell and all its inhabitants.  Soon the sun will rise little friend. The sun will rise and we will sleep, you and I,only I envy that your eyes will see another Parisian sunset, mine shall never see again. You fear the fall of the boot, I fear the fall of something altogether as deadly. The coughing and muttering behind me in low voices tells me my fellow condemned must think me quite mad, at this point, and I fear they may be right. For who else but a madman would ever find himself here, bearing his soul to such an audience. The sun will soon rise, and my little
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: - Knowing when to come in out of the rain; - Why the early bird gets the worm; - Life isn't always fair; - and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place.. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing
Am I
Am I Am I the one that crosses your mind in the morning when you first wake? Will my name be the words on your lips if it is the last breath you take? Am I the one you will be missing if I was gone? Would you just simply move on? Or would you go to someone looking for what we had to keep you from being sad? Am I the one who will make you cry when I am gone? Will there be a hole in your heart that won’t mend or will you simply move on? Am I the one that makes you smile? When you sit down with me for a while or am I just there to fill the time until somebody else comes down the line?    Am I the one that’s first on your list or am I just the one who I will always be second best?
A New Experience
I have been away for the past week talking with lawyers and bankers.  My aunt as some of you know is nearly ninety and suffering from Alzheimer's and recently went to the hospital with congestive heart failure and pnuemonia.  This hospital stay caused some questions to be raised concerning the handling of her finances by my cousin who has power of attorney for her.  It now appears that my cousin has used her funds as if they were his own by making loans for personal use such as cars, home remoldling and in one instance to pay a judgement against him for hitting a pedestrian.  It looks like the amount he has used for himself may be between 48,000 and 80,000 dollars.  The amounts represent her being able to stay in her home with sitters from one to three years.  Based on our findings,  our lawyer has requested that he remove himself from all accouts belonging to her and that he present a detailed accounting of his tenureship of her accounts.  At the same time our lawyer has engaged an ac
Not Always Right | You’ve Got A Bad Doodad
Home Security | Kansas City, MO, USA Me: “Thank you for calling [security company]. How may I help you?” Caller: “Yes, my keypad keeps beeping! It won’t stop. Why is it doing that?!” Me: “It’s probably trying to tell you there’s something going on with the system. Press the status button for me.” (The caller pushes the button, and it announces the issue. Her front door has a low battery in it.) Me: “Well, ma’am. It appears that your front door has a low battery.” Caller: “But what does that mean?! I don’t understand!” Me: “It means that the battery in the sensor on your door needs a new battery in it.” Caller: “I don’t get it. I’m not that technically inclined! You need to explain things better!” (This goes on for several minutes. I explain what the sensor is, what the problem is, and describe the battery. The customer is continually saying she does
If Only
If only I could hear her voice one more time.See her smile, her beautiful eyes.If only I could hug her again.And tell her that she meant more than I said.I miss her dearly,But now she's gone.With the angels above, She sings her song. 
You're My Penny
 As I step up to the Fountain of Life,  My pocket I pull a penny in strife. I flick it in, believing as it goes, One day I will get it back, this I know.   A true happiness is what you deserve, A happiness that only I can serve. So when the penny makes it back to me, You will understand, we were meant to be.  
A Shining Star
There is a star shining brightly tonight in heaven. The star with the bright shine is Pekingese with Angel Wings. In memory of my dearest friend Greg. He passed away 10 yrs ago today. I know you are up there taking care of the littles that have passed. The star and Rainbow Bridge are shining bright because you are.  Miss you so much.
I wonder you become friends  talk and share things then all of a sudden stop talking to ya...won't even say me if I plan on stop talking to ya I would at least tell you and why ...still share occasional Hi how are ya...
Angel & Demon Abilities ( * Updated *)
Angel Abilities Level 25-27: Get a new status option; GoodLevel 30: Reveal those who have crushes on you!Level 31: Give all of your points to another user for 12 hours!Level 35: Let somebody rate profiles and pictures as fast as they want for 15 minutes!Level 40: Ability: Pimp out up to 3 people per day! When you pimp a member out, they get extra attention and are viewable across the top of every fubar page for up to 5 minutes!Level 51: Ability: Reset someones 11s!More good abilities to be announced! Demon Abilities Level 25-27: Get a new status option: EvilLevel 28: Sh*tface or buzzkill 10 people per day! This lets you control someone else's buzz meter!Level 30: Reveal those who have crushes on you!Level 31: Cloak another user so that they may view/rate other regular users anonymously for 30 minutes!Level 35: Screw with how a another member's name is displayed for 5 minutes!Level 40:  Reset members 11's counter and let them continue rating 11'sMore evil abilities to be announced!
30 Day Song Challenge - Day 19
Day 01 – Your favorite song (Somebody to Love - Queen)Day 02 – Your least favorite song (Lips of an Angel - Hinder)Day 03 – A song that makes you happy (Fuck You - Cee Lo Green)Day 04 – A song that makes you sad ( Behind the Wall - Tracy Chapman and Wreck of the Day - Anna Nalick)Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone (Best I Ever Had - Drake)Day 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhere (Antes Muerta Que Sencilla - Maria Isabel)Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event (Prozak - Dexter Freebish)Day 08 – A song that you know all the words to (La Vie Boheme - RENT)Day 09 – A song that you can dance to (Feedback - Janet Jackson)Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep (Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen or Rufus Wainwright)Day 11 – A song from your favorite band (Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The Beatles)Day 12 – A song from a band you hate (Just Dance - Lady Gaga)Day 13 – A song that is a
The End
     Every where he looked, he saw a void of gray, shapeless shadows. If he moved, they seemed to move with him. If he reached for them, they’d retreat further. He’d hear murmurs all around. Any way he turned, there would be nobody there. He’d walk for what felt like hours, and nothing would change. He could have just been walking in place for all he knew. It didn’t occur to him that he didn’t grow thirsty, or tired, or hungry. He had no real way of discerning the time. There was no sun or moon, and therefore, no day or night. It seemed to be a forever gray twilight. He had no way of knowing where the small amount of light came from. It was just there – giving enough light to see that there really wasn’t much to see.       He’d hear soft cries in the distance. Snatches of conversations floated around him – accusations (those were the loudest), crying, arguments, and apologies (these barely audible). He could never hear the words; j
Broken Pieces
a heart beats inside that a certain person tries to find...but nothing is there....nothing but broken pieces and scars are left to can you tell if something is real we all need something to lean against....don't bother attaching the pieces....they will be back together one day
30 Day Song Challenge - Day 21
Day 01 – Your favorite song (Somebody to Love - Queen)Day 02 – Your least favorite song (Lips of an Angel - Hinder)Day 03 – A song that makes you happy (Fuck You - Cee Lo Green)Day 04 – A song that makes you sad ( Behind the Wall - Tracy Chapman and Wreck of the Day - Anna Nalick)Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone (Best I Ever Had - Drake)Day 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhere (Antes Muerta Que Sencilla - Maria Isabel)Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event (Prozak - Dexter Freebish)Day 08 – A song that you know all the words to (La Vie Boheme - RENT)Day 09 – A song that you can dance to (Feedback - Janet Jackson)Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep (Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen or Rufus Wainwright)Day 11 – A song from your favorite band (Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The Beatles)Day 12 – A song from a band you hate (Just Dance - Lady Gaga)Day 13 – A song that is a
moratory \ MAWR-uh-tawr-ee \adjective;    1.  Authorizing delay of payment.
Shoutout To All The Ladies On Fubar
Sending a shoutout to all of the ladies here on Fubar. I salute you, and keep your head up and don't let anything or anyone bring you down! Continue to stay strong and remember you're beautiful inside and out.  Always keep God first in your heart and accept people for who they are.
Read This Last Night! I Didn't Write It But I Wish It Would Have Happend To Me!
Kate and Linda were sitting at Kate's small dinette table one summer morning, discussing the neighborhood gossip and local news. Their husbands were out playing golf, and as was their wont, Kate and Linda got together to chat, shop and generally goof off. Each was wearing short shorts and a light blouse, as the summer weather was quite warm. "I tell ya, honey, that husband of mine is a real dud in bed sometimes. I dress sexy for him and talk sexy, and all he wants to do is shove it in me, jerk a few times, come, and roll over and fall asleep. I really do miss the wild times I used to have when I was younger, you know?" said Linda as she slowly sipped at the cup of coffee in her hands. "Exactly, I mean... I love Roger dearly, and wouldn't really want to spend my life with any other man, but jeeezus, I do get HORNY once in a while." Kate responded. "What's the sexiest thing you've ever done, Lin?" she asked almost shyly. Linda looked at her for a few minutes, gauging t
Tired (what I Think Of Myself)
Why am I not good enough? Why do I have to fight to smile? Why cant you see that I'm more than a pretty face on ur arm? Why do you choose drugs (or other girls) over me...?Am I just not enough? Why am I only beautiful on the outside?   Why am I a failure? Why can't I do anything right? Why do I ruin everything I touch?Because if I touch it it burns to the ground. Why can't I smile without faking it? Why can't I be happy? The answer is...I'm not good enough. I'm worthless and I'll never amount to anything. I'm no more imortant than a grain of sand. I'm not special in anyway. And I have no right to be happy.  I'm tired of fighting to get up in the morning. Of trying to find a reason to smile. I'm just tired. So tired. 
An S.a.s. Soldier's Prayer
An S.A.S. Soldier's Prayer I bring this prayer to You, Lord for You alone can give what one cannot demand from oneself. Give me, Lord, what You have left over,Give me what no-one ever asks You for. I don't ask You for rest, or quiet,Whether of soul or body;I don't ask You for wealth,Nor for success, nor even health perhaps.That sort of thing You get asked for so muchThat You can't have any of it left. Give me, Lord, what You have left over,Give me what no-one wants from You. I want insecurity, strife,And I want You to give me theseOnce and for all.So that I can be sure of having them always,Since I shall not always have the courageTo ask You for them. Give me, Lord, what You have left over,Give me what others want nothing to do with. But give me courage too,And strength and faith;For You alone can giveWhat one cannot demand from oneself. Lt. Andre Zirnheld, SAS, died in battle July 26, 1941,the preceeding was found in his uniform.
Caa #141 Update
He suffered a concussion and nerve damage, but the doctor said that he will be okay.  He is looking forward to competing in two to three weeks as long as the doctor releases him. It seems that he was expecting the bull to move left, and he was sitting for it to do just that, but the bull went right, and when it went up the horn (sawed down, thank God) hit him in the head, thus the concussion. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and pray for his continued recovery.   Love, Doc
Gettin' It Off My Chest.
Beautiful eyes and infectious smile Sit back and stay a while I’ve got a lot of things to say Things you can’t hear. You’re too far away I’ve given you everything I’ve got And I know that it isn’t a lot But I mean what I say deeply Things you don’t share. I’ll try and say this briefly When I’ve needed a shoulder to cry Waiting for these tears to dry Where have you been? You’re definitely not here. I’m at my wits’ end How can you expect me to stay When you give nothing away Don’t tell me that you feel You don’t show at all that you care. Your emotions cold as steel Belittle me if you must Say it was only lust I won’t endure anymore You’re lying to yourself. Go ahead, settle the score I’ve been patient and calm To your wounds a soothing balm And what have you to say You don’t—only silence So why should I stay?
He would sacrifice the sapphire of his eyes, that she may wear the jewels of his undying love. Move the soaring jagged monolith which is his heart, that her feet know a path paved as sure as the floors of heaven. Transform his soul into a furiously burning pyre, that the warmth may cause the garden of her heart to blossom with her beauty for him to wander within. Were it not for the humanity of her smile, he would swear her ethereal as the mists upon the glens of Avalon. The tragic chaotic beauty held within her eyes, was equaled only by the awe that enthralled his immortal soul as he contemplated the constellations.
Digging in the dirt softened by the night's rain taking in the smell of the earth planting my seeds, looking forward to the flower's birth this is what keeps me filled with the illusion of me being sane   listening to the birds singing from their trees watching the seemingling awkward flight of the bees when i garden i can almost forget his face i can slingshot all my bad memories into outer space   with new life, the old life can sleep burried deep inside the caverns of my head are my dead   giggles,... you thought this was just going to be a happy little musing, didn't you?  
you know i hate my dreams for the most part.. My beleifs are that dreams can tell you anythign you ever want to know, if somethignmajor is about to change in your life the way tyou wake up can tell yo uif it is a good or a bad thing.. well usually my dreams piss me off or just make me sad... always callign me a loser a fuck up that i will never amount to anythign more then I am rioght at this moment in my life.. even when things change for me I fall back down where I am at.. tonight while I napped I had another dream that proves to me that i am scum, just a bunch of BS thinking.. but unfortunatly they are almost always right.. tonights dream was about my ex's family.. what was real fucked up was that fact that i didnt see my daughter.. even in her eyes when she gets older and hears all the thoughts that her mothers family has to say i will be a disapointment to her.. it just sucks knowing this.. so i have to do somethign to change this but in my current power there is nothing... I will
Team Mother Pt 3 Finnish
“Alrighty, big boy,” I gave him a slap on the ass, “ride’s over. Cory, hop on!”Michael gave one of my nipples a quick suck before climbing off. Cory rubbed his hands together as he waited for Michael to get out of the way, then took his place.“Looks like I’m getting sloppy thirds,” Cory observed with a wry smile. He didn’t seem the least bit bothered by the idea of putting his cock in my pussy along with the gooey loads of his two good friends.“Lucky you,” I said with a flirty giggle. I’d been thinking about this moment all day. I was looking forward to taking on Cory’s fat cock more than anything, and I noticed the butterflies were at it again.“I don’t think we’ll be needing these.” He pulled my panties down. With my legs together, I lifted my feet straight up into the air so he could get my increasingly wet lingerie all the way off.I was left in just my stockings and black high heels
Hahah What The Fuck Ever
Lets Play A Game..........
It's called Ask Tiffany Grace!!   Are you having boy problems, girl problems, both?? ASK ME!! Want some cool clothing advice, dating tips, money saving tips, car problems, sorry I know nothing about cars...but I'll try ;) It doesn't have to be about my music, but of course you're welcome to ask those questions too!! Just go ahead and E-mail me your question, I'll be gathering questions and answering them on YouTube! WANT A SHOUT OUT??? LEAVE A NAME AND OR A WEBSITE AND I'LL MENTION IT WHEN ANSWERING YOUR QUESTIONS! If you're shy, you can sumbit your questions through my website under contact: This is going to be very interesting.....or very disturbing I am not sure yet. :) XOXOXOX TG
Useless Info
When driving on the interstate at 70mph and a bug flies into your windshield.......     it takes 3 days to come off.   This includes using wiper fluid right after it happened and every day after, one long night of rain, and a morning of slight rain and your wipers on low.     Thought I'd share with know, just in cases.  
First Time......
Its the first time we meet....... Its been building up for weeks. Anticipation, lust, desire, love, animalistic needs. You know exactly what I want. The short tight skirt, no panties. Clean shaven and dripping in need of me. I tight top showing off ur cleavage, nipples hard with desire. Flawless make-up. Just the way i want you.   You knock on my hotel room door. Im shaking with desire as i go to answer the door. Our eyes lock. It feels like destiny, your everything I need! Everything I want! Everything I desire. You step in the door. As it shuts behind you, we cant hold back. Our lips meet with passion. Our hands roaming wildly with out control. Our bodies become one. I push you to the wall with our lips still locked. Our tongues dance in unison. No 2 people have kissed so much alike. My hand slides up ur thigh and into ur skirt as I have u pinned to the wall. I can feel your heat and wetness before i even make it to your tight pussy. My fingers slide in effortlessly. You moan in de
Two Brothers
Two brothers sat on the shore They saw that the tide had washed up new shells on the shoreline They could see some were encrusted with pearls There was one shell that appeared empty One brother gathered all of the pearl encrusted shells and began to take his treasure home to protect it from theft The other brother picked up the hollow shell A gentle breeze blew in causing a whistling sound to eminate from the shell He picked up the ordinary shell and held it to his ear He closed his eyes and he could hear all of the mysteries of the ocean He heard trumpets echoing through from a far shore He heard deep cries of ocean birds.. life and death of many from other times and places He smiled as he strolled carelessly down the shore Sometimes I tell a story and no one is there to hear.. smiles walking carelessly away
Hannity Goes All-in On The Birtherism, Keeps Insisting Obama Hasn't Produced A Legal Hawaiian Birth Certificate (repost)
Fox News is pretty rapidly becoming the Conspiracy Nutcase Network, what with Glenn Beck going all-in as a John Bircher, along with Sean Hannity's headfirst dive into the swamps of Birtherism. After Hannity's initial foray into Birtherism in defense of Donald Trump on Wednesday, he devoted both of his subsequent "All American Panel" segments to defending Birtherism again. On Thursday, the panelists included former Maryland Gov. Rob Ehrlich, poli-sci prof Caroline Heldman, and ex-Imus producer Bernard McGuirk. It went like pretty much like the first foray: HANNITY: First of all. What's the deal? Produce the birth certificate it is over and done with. Chris Matthews wants it. MCGUIRK: This is why Donald Trump should throw his hair into the ring. He legitimized this issue. People say why not just show it. The other thing it took away is that Joy Behar was conspicuously silent. She is a bully she will go over -- she will go after Sharron Angle, Donald Trump she has nothing to
The Fact Be Known To All
1. Ladies, be very careful who you talk to. Chances are your talking to a guy who you would never even speak to in real life. Or would never speak to you rather. You don't know them. Just because you spent time chatting with them, even on the phone or yahoo messenger, web cam, doesn't constitute a relationship. In the right psycho's mind, you paid attention to him, so there for he becomes obsessed! Regardless of how you perceive it. The same go's for the men. There are just as many women psycho's. 2. There is a very good chance who your talking to is married, in a relationship or just a lonely person taken or not who is not satisfied in there life. Someone who waits till there wife is asleep or at work or husband as it might be to get online and chat. Its easy to connect with a stranger, where you have no history, and it feels good, but your living a fantasy more times than not. Is it worth the risk? I think not!!! 3. Especially on a site like this, which I would ventur
Is "eminently fuckable" an approprite compliment?
No words needed here...couldn't paste a video in here for some reason...???... Sooo...I commented on this...the video...s h o u l d my comment...(but...ya never know around here...nope!!!)...
I'm Sorry
I'm sorrythat i bought you rosesto tell you that i like youI'm sorryThat I was raised with respectnot to sleep with you when you were drunkI'm sorryThat my body's not ripped enoughto "satisfy" your wantsI'm sorrythat I open your car door,and pull out your chair like I was raisedI'm sorryThat I'm not cute enoughto be "your guy"I'm sorryThat I am actually nice;not an assholeI'm sorryI don't have a huge bank accountto buy you expensive thingsI'm sorryI like to spend quality nights at homecuddling with you, instead of at a clubI'm sorryI would rather make love to you then just f**k youlike some random guy.I'm sorryThat I am always the one you need to talk to,but never good enough to dateI'm sorryThat I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car,but when we went out you went home with another guyI'm sorryThat I am there to pick you up at 4am when your new man hit you and dropped you off in the middle of nowhere,but not good enough to listen t
A Day At The Beach 2
The creatures head has been emptied of all thought, and it exists for a single purpose. It stops as if confused and looks out on the shoreline, almost in a daze. A unfamiliar smell is here. Within seconds the unholy link between all the damned rotting creatures causes them all to stop too. Each looking at the surf, and standing motionless as if in a trance. Her moment is coming, she thinks to herself as she lays motionless on the beach. Her moment to strike. She thinks to herself,,,and as the seagulls rise into the air, she alits to her feet. Coming up with a piece of driftwood in hand. The birds utter their sick call of feeding and descend, dozens of zombies fall at once, as she crashes her whole body weight behind the wood into the fiend before her. His body like the others crumbles to the sand. The rest of the whoard look around around uselessly trying to see her in the bedlam that ensues. Not wasting any time she grabs a piece of broken glass and cuts the head off the unwitting cre
Shadow Land
Torn apart inside, no place to hide Why do I do this, what is it that i miss? Someone from nothing but pain, and shame only desires to be loved, but in the end they all seem to be the same. Not like you didn't have enough already, they tear you apart even more. They say when you get a cut it hurts worse than anything. I think they are wrong to have someone lift you up so high you start to love again and then let you fall like you meant nothing to them hurts far worse. I could stand a thousand cuts than to take the pain that I take from each one that has done this to me. I'm their angel one that will listen to them one that will love them and talk with them. An in the end I'm tossed back to the shadows once again to hide the bruises and the scars enflicked once again. So back to the shadow lands again I go til I'm needed once again.
Why did you fail? Because you emulated the emasculated. Because your heart is a wasteland of the dear departed. You long to fail again. And I lie in wait. I crawl. I see. I am. The one you want to be.
Update- Good/bad, Amended
Some of you know life has been somewhat of a roller coaster for me this past 6 months-year -  from getting divorced and the circumstances surrounding that, to moving to another state, family stuff, being hurt at work back in Dec and the most recent below. First the good update, the bad then the thank you. My shoulder(s) are slowly getting better after 4 months, many Drs visits, pain meds, a month and a half off of work, physical therapy and a huge injection in my right shoulder , hooray! Progress is still very slow. Still have good days and bad days but the pain is decreased, although not by too much. I should have better range of motion and less pain. Still taking meds to sleep and never seem to sleep well enough. I haven’t had as much shooting pain down my arms though, which seems to be a good sign. Physical therapy is going okay, it seems. Makes me tired and sore but my strength has shown some improvement. Just still a little afraid they’re going to take me off restri
Online Bs!
   Why do men?women feel the need to lie over the internet more so than in person? Is it to much to ask for a bit of honesty? I am so tired of guys thinking I am looking for a relationship on here or when I do like someone and THINK they feel the same because THEY tell me they do only to find out they are nothing more than liars. I don't ask for anything from anybody on this site or any other site, just HONESTY. I am a very straight forward, honest, trustworthy and sincere person and yet I seem to get poked and a few times stabbed in the back. I am tired of trusting in men in general because it seems when it comes to any online they are either hiding things or just straight out telling lies, then they have the nerve to act as though I done something wrong when all i did was give my friendship, love and sincerety to them.    I do have private pics on here because I am proud of my assets if you will... at my age I should be. This does not mean I want just anyone viewing them. It does no
"sfw" Contest
Teets 'n Knees (boats 'n Hoes Parody"
TEETS 'N KNEES!CHORUS:Teets 'N Knees!Teets 'N Knees!I gotta show off my Teets 'N Knees!Teets 'N Knees!Teets 'N Knees!I gotta show off my Teets 'N Knees! 1: The Captain, the Milk Man, the SLDCJust a few friendly faces in the PDP2: FuBulls and Hot Wings, I'm buying a roundWhile I'm checking out 4Chan for what can be found1: Bright blue Speedo stretched on her hipsHoly motherfucker, get a load of those nips!2: They're ashy, and crusty, and out in the breezeDon't look now, it's some Walrus Knees! CHORUS:Teets 'N Knees!Teets 'N Knees!I gotta show off my Teets 'N Knees!Teets 'N Knees!Teets 'N Knees!I gotta show off my Teets 'N Knees! 1: FuSupport's bitchin' about my picsWe all told Thornz to SUCK OUR DICKS!2: Had to find a default as a jokeGoogle Image Search nearly made me choke1: Browsin' the fatties for someone to useWhen I saw all the folds I knew I found my muse2: She looked like a head on a pile of meatAnd I loved how she showed off those ShoulderTeets! CHORUS:Teets 'N Knees!Teets
2x4 + Your Head = Her Fantasy?
Dear Ninja...I find my self asking the same question over and over...Why am I so nice to people who walk all over me? I feel I have people who are friends with me for only one reason. Basically, I have many kiss ass people on my list. People who think they can use me to get something in return. I have very few true friends who know I am not this way...I guess it just irks me a bit. How do I stop being so f'ing nice to everyone? I think people would go into shell shock if I suddenly stopped being nice...its just how I have always been...Is a mass blocking spree in order here? Sincerely...Too f'ing nice to c*nty people.   Dear too Nice, You can actually be TOO nice. And when you bend to the whims of others, they will eventually walk all over you. Sometimes, people will even do it without realizing they are. For all those people who ask for things and don't bother a simple "thank you," grab your 2x4 and swing away. I don't see the point in blocking them, but deletions, hell ye
NEVER MISTAKE MY KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS. It takes a lot more heart and courage to forgive someone than to hold a grudge. I'm too nice, I'm too forgiving, I'm too generous with my heart. These are characteristics that 99% of you lack, so when I hear these things said about me instead of getting pissed that you think I'm weak, I feel proud. Because at the end of the day, when you have NO ONE to stand behind you. When you have NO ONE to vouch that you're a decent person. I will be the only one around trying to convince the mobs to put down their pitchforks and torches to give you another chance. So the next time you want to talk about how I'm too much of this or too much of that, just stop. I'm stronger than you because I know what it is to be a REAL friend, to be a REAL person.
Having That Shrinking Feeling?
DEAR NINJA, OK MY QUESTION IS THIS. WHEN I AM IN A GOOD MOOD ON FUBAR AND TRYING TO GET RATES AND SUCH. IS IT WRONG OF ME TO RUN AROUND FUBAR NAKED WITH NOTHING BUT A GOD MODE ON MY NECK AFTER JUST GETTING OUT OF THE SHOWER BECAUSE THIS CAUSES PEOPLE TO LAUGH AT ME BECAUSE OF SHRINKAGE. SHOULD I STOP TAKING A SHOWER FIRST OR WEAR A FAKE ONE.   Dear incohenrent guy, First off, STOP E-YELLING! Might I suggest totally removing the caps lock button from your keyboard so you won't be tempted to abuse it so much. Caps are used in typing to STRESS A POINT. Whenever people talk to me in all caps, I want to pick up the phone, call them, and yell, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU YELLING AT ME?? It's pretty annoying, and bad eyes is no excuse. Adjust the webpage settings to zoom in so you can read (hold CTRL and scroll up on the mouse), or get to the doctor and get reading glasses. Either way, LAY OFF THE CAPS. As for your question, as long as you aren't broadcasting on cam, no on
In A Relationship, Married Or Not... You Should Read This!
In a relationship, married or not... YOU SHOULD READ THIS!   I got this off a friends facebook page, an wanted to share it            MARRIAGE When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I've got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn't know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn't seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why? I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn't talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn't love her anymore. I just pitied her! With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our h
How I Feelright Now. A Poem.
May 1st, 2011, today im feeling...heartbroken(not cuz youre leaving but because you gave up on us) unworthy(you chose an xbox over me and that hurt), exhausted(from a year of trying), lost(dont know how to feel...happy but sad and scared all at the same time.) a poem: Broken Promises. You told me you loved me I told you I loved you too You said together we'd always be I said I would be true You promised you would hold me You promised you'd be there I promised I'd cross the stormy sea To give you my loving care But you never kept your promise You aren't the way you used to be You just gave up on us And you just gave up on me You said let's take a break You said let's just be friends But please for my sake Just say the truth, cause it's the end You promised every day That you would be there You molded my heart like clay Into the shape of a broken chair You promised to me That we'd always have our love You said to me I was all you could think
I cannot comment and have no stat..but can i blog? testing
Through The Ages
Tonyte as the moon shines across the sky, lighting up the black velvet night, I long to be with my soulmate and lover, I long to hold him so tight.. Long ago, ages past, I remember the battles side by side, always protecting one another, on our horses we would swiftly ride.. I can still smell the outdoors on every piece of his armor, when he'd reach out to me with his arm, I can still hear his words as he pulled me against him, vowing to keep me from harm..As the wind blows across my body, It reminds me of his hands, always they would caress me ever so passionately, as we lived our life throughout the lands..I can still feel his lips over my body as he rained his kisses upon me, I can still remember the look in his eyes, so passionate like the stormy sea..I can still feel all of his strength and hear his amorous words that he always said, I can remember all the fierce desire, as he'd take me upon our bed..A bond thru the ages we've always had, our eternal love has lasted this long, For
Preachin To The Choir
Dear Miss Ninja,I am in trouble deep! I know you're going to be upset because I was always your little girlBut you should know by now I'm not a baby. You always taught me right from wrong. I need your help, please be strong. I may be young at heart But I know what I'm saying. The one you warned me all about, The one you said I could do without, We're in an awful mess, and I don't mean maybe. Please don't preach, I'm in trouble deep, I've been losing sleep, But I made up my mind. You've guessed it, I'm keeping my baby. Signed,miss ciccone   Miss ciccone, I'm not your papa, so I won't preach. I don't care if you want to keep your kid, I just don't want to be the one paying for it. So as long as you aren't living off my tax-dollars, I'm going to tell you to do what the hell you want. The day I start supplementing your little drunken night spawn is the day I'll start demanding you get off your ass and get a job.
Trying To Catch Up
At times I get that feeling that I'm years behind in life. Like some of this i'm dealing with personally should've been dealt with by age 19 or 20.  I ask myself that, just part of the long thought process on how much i've sabotage myself.  I lived life as a teen with no care for anything.  Everything was a whatever.  All because I truly believe I'll end up killing myself eventually.  So why go through this or that?  Why spend time worrying or just thinking about things that my peers were spending hours trying to perfect.  Who cares about college? Fuck the prom.  What homework? What I need a license for?  Just take the bus. Blah blah blah is all i heard but ok.  Ok mom, you'll get the A's & B's. Ok teachers, I'll take the SAT and fill out scholarships. Just leave me alone, ok?!? So now years go by and i'm still alive.  Damn! Guess I didnt have the balls to end it all so now i'm behind the times trying to catch up.  Now that pisses me off as I look in the mirror. Pisses me
Where Is My Mind
With your feet in the air and your head on the groundTry this trick and spin it, yeahYour head will collapseBut there's nothing in itAnd you'll ask yourselfWhere is my mind?Where is my mind?Where is my mind? Sometimes, ppl can do nothing 2 stuff like time-flew, grown up and being thrown 2 the shity world. Find a job then keep the food on the table. Wanna catch somebody 2 talk but dnk dial who. Lying on the couch,keep changing tv channels wiz the warming beer. Sex r not superb. Pot r not hot. Feel like good life is taking a bow. Im the walking dead, lost in ur chaos head, where is my mind?
First Ultrasound
Since I can't upload any photos [due to no VIP] this is how I will post pictures of my baby. :)    
Hal And The End Of The World
Everyday Hal would get up at precisely 7am. Take precisely 2 minutes to sit and contempate his life. Noting a pad any changes in his routine. Extra stops on the bus. whether some one was particularly loud at work. Anything that needed correcting. He would weigh in, then having corrected his timetables he would look at his watch. check the time against the 3 clocks in his simple bedroom.  The wall clock, diigently set to the time clock at his job. The clock radio,with atomic time set to self correct. and then the simple alarm clock, that he brought from his childhood into adulthood. He would wind the alarm clock, place it caerefully on the night stand and two minute drill over, stand and go into his bathroom. Complete his morning constitutional and shower in 10minutes. Then at 7:15am enter the kitchen and make toast and coffee. At 7:32am on his watch. he always checked his watch, Hal would arrive at the bus stop. Hals entire life was organized and by the time on his watch.
Lay Me Down To Sleep
Lay Me Down to Sleep   I never meant to hurt you Is all you that you could say Then you just turned around And just slowly walked away Hearing you say good-bye Brought pain beyond compare Thinking you’re not coming back Is a pain I just can’t bare   The tears just keep falling No matter what I do With each lonely tear drop I can only think of you What could I have said or done To have kept you here with me This empty space you have left Is killing me slowly   Now I lay me down to sleep A broken heart is what I keep On tear stained pillows Is where my lonely mind goes My tears fall without an end My broken heart just won’t mend The loss of you cuts so deep As I lay me down to sleep   I lose a little more of you With every tear I cry As each tear drop falls down A small piece of my heart dies Without you here next to me The nights seem to never end I pray that with the sunrise You’ll be here when I awaken
Oblivious Reckoning
I spent my halcyon years imagining my death.Beatific in its timing.Deific in execution.Poetic in undertone. As I got older, and catastrophe continued to strike in prettyrandom patternsI realised there was no point in hurry or design. Just cross your fingers.Maybe it won't hurt as bad as that time you closed your fingers in the trunkmaybe you won't see it coming. Wouldn't that be nice?Like an unexpected gift from an uncle you never knewor that crumpled $20 that went through the wash three times.Its there.Its spent.Then you get a very dark, empty dream. You never lack, or want, or wish again. Some call it peaceothers think it terror. I'm going to live a darker shade of forever.
I Miss You
It has been a year now since you passed away and it feels like it was just yesterday that I last talked to you.  It is your birthday and I cant help but sit here and think about how much I miss you.  We were the closest any brother and sister could ever be and before you passed away we were the last of the kids in our family.  Now it is only me left and I feel so lost without you.  I miss being able to call and talk to you when I'm feeling down and out.  I know the pain of losing a loved one never fully goes away and right now it feels like it will never let up.  I wish you were here right now cuz i could really use your help sis.  You were my best friend for 29 years.  In my eyes you will always be my best friend and advisor sis cuz i know that you are with mom and the rest of the family watching over me and trying to take care of me.  I just wish that I could see you again and hug you one more time but I know that will only make me want more of the same.  I love you Diane. Please giv
You Just Can't Make This Shit Up!
Several months ago, I came across a joke called "Waxing Woes", and up until now, I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever read.  I couldn't believe someone could possibly be so spazmatic or idiotic...until now.   Tonight, I decided to do a little "routine maintenance" in the nether region, and started the prep for the project.  I got out the waxing kit, laid out the appropriate sized strips, baby powder (to keep wax from sticking to the skin - OUCH), and appropriate tools.  I took the lid off of the hot wax and placed it into the microwave. For those of you who do regular waxing treatment, you know what a pain it is to run back n forth to the microwave as the wax begins to cool, constantly reheating for ultimate hair removal.  Tonight, I had the "brilliant idea" of getting it EXTRA hot in the first place to skip having to do this (the start of my idiocy).  I set the microwave for 5 minutes, and walk away, intending to check on the wax every minute or so until desired temperatu
Well Written Police Report
Orville Smith, a store manager for Best Buy in Augusta, Georgia, told police he observed a male customer, later identified as Tyrone Jackson of Augusta, on surveillance cameras putting a laptop computer under his jacket... When confronted the man became irate, knocked down an employee, drew a knife and ran for the door. Outside on the sidewalk were four Marines collecting toys for the "Toys for Tots" program. Smith said the Marines stopped the man, but he stabbed one of the Marines, Cpl. Phillip Duggan, in the back; the injury did not appear to be severe. After Police and an ambulance arrived at the scene Cpl. Duggan was transported for treatment. The subject was also transported to the local hospital with two broken arms, a broken ankle, a broken leg, several missing teeth, possible broken ribs, multiple contusions, assorted lacerations, a broken nose and a broken jaw...injuries he sustained when he slipped and fell off of the curb after stabbing the Marine. Now that was a well w
Blood Lust Part 3
                She stood on the balcony of her condo, basking in the ivory glow of the full moon, the air lightly chilled as the smell of him lingered in her senses. She stood there as the wind blew sending her long platinum locks flowing behind her; she closed her eyes and inhaled the scent of musk. Lost in the dream of memories from the last encounter, she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist and start nibbling at her neck. The musky smell of muscle and sex filled her senses; he pulled her close pressing her against him and the growing hardness of his cock. She laid her head back against his frame as his hands caressed her full plump ivory breasts from behind as she rubbed his hardness through his jeans. Lost in the growing heated moment, as he lifted her top off and tossed it a side, he pulled her on to his lap as he sat in a chair. Her legs spread open wide his hands sliding down her chest, and down to her wanting pussy. She moaned at his touch as he started to stroke and tea
So... As you may have noticed, I am back after a couple months of fubreak.  On the off chance that anyone's curious about my life while I was gone, here's the cliff's notes update.   In January, I was in the hospital getting some large kidney stones removed via surgery.  One of them popped out of the incision they made in my kidney, and is floating around in my body somewhere - they say it won't cause any problems there.  We'll see.  I still have one large enough not to pass on its own; they're keeping an eye on it and if it causes more issues it'll have to come out the same way.  The biggest issue about the whole thing is that I lost my contract at GM - apparently my being in the hospital was inconvenient for them.   I spend much of my time on Facebook playing Island Paradise and Zoo World.  I've finally regained some of the energy that I've been missing the last couple of years and am attempting to clean the house while I'm home. My kids were tested for the gifted and talented p
well she looks not that in pain
You Need To Get Off Fubar.
I'm going to talk to you about Fubar.   LOL.   You need to get off Fubar.   In doing so you will cease to say the following abbreviations:   LOL, ROFL, FML, FTW, BRB, BBS, BS, FOCLOL, and FOCROFLOL.   This behavior is turning you into a drippling turbospaz.   You dirty window licker.   "Pervy Texan likes you!"   Nobody likes this.   :(   You don't have 852 friends.   You have about 4.   And that's good. :)   4 friends that you talk to is better than 852 friends that you don't want to see but are happy to look at.   Why have so many friends if you cringe every time you hear the sound of your sb?   One or more of these "friends" are looking at your photos right now...   And judging you.   I'm not.   I don't think that my taste in music is more eclectic than yours.   I don't think that your tits looked good in that photo so I should probably stop what I'm doing and masturbate to your image.   I don't think you've gained weight.   Some of you may t
Science Saves My Soul - By Philhellenes
Three summers ago, I was staying in a caravan a long way from the nearest city. It was usually pitch black at night. I had given my word that I would not smoke inside, so at 1 a.m. I stepped outside for a cigarette. After a few minutes of standing in the darkness, I realized that I could see my hand quite clearly—something I’d noticed that I could not do on previous nights—so I looked up, expecting to see the glow of the full moon, but the moon was nowhere in sight. Instead, there was a long glowing cloud directly overhead. The Romans called it the Via Galactica (the Road of Milk); today we call it the Milky Way. For those who missed the lesson at school that day, the basic facts are these: Remembering that 1 light year is equivalent to 6 trillion miles, our galaxy has a total diameter of somewhere around 100 thousand light years. Our Sun is located towards the edge of one of the galaxy’s spiral arms—about 26 thousand light years out from the central
Lil Freak. Who Is My Daddy?
Freak!!! How??? Questions like this are thrown to me from time to time. Answer it or not, all depends on moods. Self—talker, movie geek, nerdy gamer, etc. Most important of all, I’m fucking easy pissed off. Surely, there is a big F word branded on my butt. What?  Not Fuck, its Freak. Lots people curest and kicked me out of their life. Some of them suggest me to make an appointment with the anger institution. “Ur almost 21 ,but still act like a teenager , don’t know how to control urself and do everything  u want at will” someone said so. And till now, I won’t deny it. U know what. I even have a Tee printed a word “Kidult”. I give no shit wiz the middle finger. Yeah, GO n Fuck urself!!! LOL. Chill. Chill. I’m trying not to bomb anyone. Still on my way to learning.
Are You Sure You're A Man?
Call me a Bitch if you like...but decide to mark my photo's (that were for 'friends only') NSFW, just because I won't talk to you the way you want me to, flirt with you because you're flirting with me, or show you any attention is fuckin ridiculous. I mean seriously, are you a man or what? You fuckin Drama Queen (yeah I said Drama Queen because a true man wouldn't act like a Bitch). Get the fuck over it. Then you decide to delete you profile... WTF.  In the future, if you send ANY disrespecting messages to my SB or PM will be an instant block. I don't like blocking people, but apparently these men are as bad as some of these crazy ass women who get too caught up into the internet. GET A FUCKIN LIFE!!! It's getting nice outside go meet a real person who will give you the attrention you desire from the internet. Use your witty pick-up lines with them, uh wait your DUMB ASS WOULD BE IN JAIL OR FUCKED UP!! This is the interent, it's for Trust I'm not going to let yo
How I Feel
the way i feel that im alone if your bf or gf dont talk to u and u feel ignored what do you do i mean is hard that you and your partner is states away but u dont know whats going on when you are not around and when you talk to them they dont talk back what do you do i feel empty when the woman i love ignores me or dont talk to me have you ever had that feeling why is your partner is ignoring you or dont want to talk to you i feel like there is somethin goin on but i dont know but all i know is you got to have faith and hope to be in a relationship cause without that the relationship wont last long and i want people to know about her im on fire for her longing for her need her with me to be whole again im lost without her i need her by my side to give me strength to give me confidence the passion the drive without her i am worthless and nothin basically whithout my and the person you are with we r nothin but a lonely empty shell needing and wanting your soul mate and the one i miss is m
Hoaroscope Lolz
Your Daily Horoscope (Gemini) You are likely to get even more unusual or interesting phone calls today, but people are a little less warm and fuzzy than yesterday. Someone is likely to call up to demand to know where you have been, what you are doing and why you aren't paying them more attention.
Poem About Child Abuse
      Tell me what I did to make you treat me so cheaply, What did I do to make you so angry and make you beat me, You could see I was broken up inside and you just threw me around, You left me lying dazed upon the ground. I did not dare to meet your eyes but prayed you would see what you had done, You picked me up and told me "we’d just have some fun". A lump lodged uneasily in my throat, my eyes glistening with tears, My tiny body exhausted, yet knowing the worst was near. I wanted to scream and fight you and run for the door. You broke me wore me down.. but still wanted more, incapable of movement,frozen to the core. Bit by bit ripping my dignity, You left me on the bed shaking and broken. I prayed someone would come, please let someone waken, I would lay and go to a place where when I cried for help someone would come, And where people didn't hurt people who love them "just for fun". I’d talk to my friends who’d come and rescue me from the
Love's Journey
Some say love is like an addictive and habit forming drug that gives us a feeling described as superhuman and the power we can overcome any obstacle in our way. For most of us that is the case it’s a feeling that we would pay any price to continuously have. For others it’s a magical potion or spell something that were not sure really exists but will by any means necessary pursue  in hopes of capturing its alluring secrets .In either case we find ourselves in an unending struggle to obtain its unearthly treasures and the exhilarating feelings we get when we are in love. It’s a journey everyone’s willing to take regardless of our passed experiences in what appears to be for most a never ending campaign in search of eternal bliss. For those of us lucky enough to find such exhilaration we are ever eager to share how we came upon such a fortune of feelings and wealth perhaps thinking in some strange way that what has worked for us is surely the answer and path for e
What Is Your Fine?
This is fun to do. Just read the 'offence' and if you've done it, you owe that fine. You don't have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine. NOTE fines to be added once, not for how ever many times you have done it.   Smoked weed -- $10 Did acid or pills -- $5 Ever had sex at church -- $25 Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you -- $40 Had sex with someone on Fubar/MySpace/Facebook/Bebo etc -- $25 Had sex for money -- $100 Ever had sex with a Puerto Rican -- $20 Vandalized something -- $20 Had sex on your parents' bed -- $10 Beat up someone -- $20 Been jumped -- $10 Cross dressed -- $10 Given money to stripper -- $25 Been in love with a stripper -- $20 Kissed someone who's name you didn't know -- $0.10 Hit on some one of the same sex while at work -- $15 Ever drive and drank -- $20 Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk -- $50 Used toys while having sex -- $30 Got drunk, passed out and don't remember
Using Multiple Credit Cards On An Account
Accounts that use multiple credit cards under the same card holders name and address will usually not be flagged if a CCA is approved. If you are flagged and your purchasing is suspended, fill out a cca and explain that you use different cards but they will be under the same card holder name and address. This is standard for any online purchasing. If the information on the card does not match what is registered with the card, the card will be declined. If you use multiple gift cards, the best way to avoid purchasing suspension is to send a quick PM that you updated your card with a new gift card and the personal info is the same and the last four digits are XXXX. We will note this in the account and you will avoid any hassels. If you are using multiple cards with different names, you will be shut down and asked to submit a CCA from the card holder authorizing your charges. We do not allow this activity unless you are married and we have a CCA approved. This is t
Separation Of Church & State (repost)
Separation of Church & State USA is NOT a Christian nation and never was. It is a nation of diversity founded by those fleeing religious tyranny and the only country with a constitution against the combination of church and state. It was founded as a secular nation and its Founding Fathers intended to keep it that way. The United States of America is based on the notion that all men are created equal and stands for "freedom for all" despite one's race, wealth, or religious views. Pledge of Allegiance "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." That's the way it was originally written in 1892 and the way school children recited it for more than 60 years. The words "under God" were not added until 1954 during the McCarthy era when Senator Joseph R. McCarthy took advantage of the Red Scare to force his personal religious views on the USA. He convinc

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