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The purpose of this poem is related to my own life and how there was a girl trapped inside and noone knew how a Grown woman held so
much hurt and pain inside. So here is a poem from that inner voice inside that was never heard. The title plays along with it because
so many people have said that they know what I went thru and my response is " Can you?! Thru my EyEs! Noone can ever see 100% all the things that
you have went thru in LiFe...


    For so long I have felt like a stranger hidden in disguise
Can you figure me out by glaring into my brown eyes?
    Tell me what my soul has thirsted for in the past years?
Can you total up yesterday's painful grieving tears?
    I'm trapped inside a cold dark world of durange madness.
Can you please help me to understand why all the sadness
    Thru my eyes is a lost child reaching for the divine light
Can you see the helpless child inside of me triin hard to fight?
    Time keeps slipping and no one can hear little girl cry
Can you answer the questions I have and explain to me WHY?
    Molest, Rape, Hatred, ReJection, Drug-Abuse andlow Self-Esteem
Can a world get anymore heartless, bitter low-down and mean
    There's feelings of imprisonment deep within my heart
Can I ever get to recooperate & have a fresh start?
    God release the grip the enemy has held on me
Can I be that Mighty woman of God that YOU want me to be?
    They say only time can heal and open wound
Can I be procrastinating about this or is it just to soon
    Heavenly father I ask that you begin to heal thee
Can Christ grant me the potion to be healed internally
    One day God will help me to break down the brick wall inside
Can I finally get that chance to turn into that beautiful butterfly
    That day is coming real soon for that little girl inside to play
            CAN FLY AWAY

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